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fiNHOULD tcccivo a preference overall Tills now
3 'n existence:
First Dccauio tlicy arc composed of Vegetable
,ractB, free from minerals; anil may be taken at
all time with perfect safety by young and old, with
out restraint from occupation, temperate living, or
fear of taking cold.
Second Because they arc compocd of such
medicinal extracts, as have hcon employed by all
the most crlebratod and rospcctable Physicians for
irwro than a century part, in purifying tho DIood
and Animal fluid of the body.
Third Because they may bo employed aa a
mild or aetivo purgative, according to tho quantity
taken, and their operation will not bo attended with
griping of tho bowels, sickness at tho stomach,
prostration of tho system, &c, as are produced by
other pills.
Fourth Because they possess a combined action,
not possessed by any other pills, mixture or prepar
ation whatever. Their first effect is in correcting
all impurities with which tho blood and fluids of
tho body may bo alluded, and by their gently opera
tive effect, removing such impurities from the sys
tcm. Fifth 'Bccauso they arc tho terror of Quacks
and Impostors, for most persons arc obliged to take
tho SarBaparilla Blood Pills, after taking their vile
and destrucivo nostrums, to counteract and prevent
their mischicvons and baneful effects.
Sixth Bccauso they are tho only pills in which
Thyeicians havo sufficient confidence to recommend
to their patients, and employ in their practice, as
they know they uro Anti Quack, Anti Mercural,
Anli Billious as well a3 a good and safe purgative
and purifier of the Blood and Animal Fluids.
Seventh and last But not tho least important,
bo because they aro prepared by a regular ApothC'
cary and Physician, attested dv Drs, Physic, Hor
ncr, Chapman, Dewccs, James, Gibson, Jackson,
Coxc. Hare, &c., &c, which alone is sufficient to
entitle them to great confidence.
Certificates and Recommendations from Physi'
cians and others accompany tho directions around
cucli box.
BCy Price Twenty Five Cents a BoxJi
Prepared only and sold Wholesale and Retail at
Dr. LEIDY'S Health Emporium, No. 101 North
Second st.,a few doors below Vino street, Philadel
phia, also, sold by
J. Gilbert & Co., North Third street above Vine
G.S. Clemens, do Sd do do Wood Et.
J. It. Smith & Co. do 2d do next tho Red
Lion, and all respectable Wholesale and Retail
Druggist's in Philadelphia.
They aro also sold by:
J. F. Long, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
J. W. Rohrer, do do
W. Ebcrman I.itiz.
J. W. Oakly, Reading.
J. B. Mozer, Allentovvn.
P. Pomp, Easton.
And the principal Merchants and Drugists in the
Uniicd States.
For sale at tho Health Emporium Bloomshurg
by D. 8. TOBIAS, Agent.
Bloomsburg July, 13, 1833. 11.
COMMUNICATION. How few they aro that
happen to be afflicted with Couch or Colds
pay attention to them. How many thousands from
EUUi neglect shorten tlieir days, and hasten their fi
rial-dissolution. Parents neglect them in their chil
.Iron m.,!hia C . .
ijii;m,iiuw iync; ana every attcntifBK',,:Wlvv
tion, and iiQiiarcoa-wV ?u. nu.tnanovr irfuTr
own children to tho grave, having died from some
affections of the Brcat and Lungs, which weje neg
lected in their first stages,
Coughs and Colds, whether existing among young
or old, ought at all times be attended to early, and
.not suffered to continue any length of time, for tho
Xungs once affectcd.diseaso soon makes rpid strides,
ending in tho most fatal of all diseases, namely Con
VATIVE for Coughs, Colds, Catairhi, Influenzas,
Shortness of Breath, Whooping Cough, Pain in
the Breast or Side, all affections of tho Breast and
Lungs, and arrest of approaching Consumption, is
the roost popular mcdicino used throughout all Ger
many is becoming equally popular in the United
States, and has established for itself a reputation
not possessed by any other medicine for tho samo
class of diseases. (See certificates and recommen
dations from Parents, Physicians, and others, accom
paning the directions.) It is a preparation perfect
ly safo and harmless, pleasant to the taste, and may
be given to the youngest infitit. It is warranted
free from mercury and tho mineral?, and is a prepar
ation of a regular Apothecary and Physician, attes
ted by Drs. rhysic, Chapman, Gibson. Jackson.
Horner, Dewccs, Coxc, James, &c. a circumstance
alone sutucient to induce a trial of it
Dr. N. U. Leidy, Proprietor of the above mcdl
cine, confidently recommends it to all, and assures
all most positively that it is an invBluablo medicine,
and would not himself recommend it, but for its
known efficacy.
Prepared only and forsaloWholcsalc and Retail at
Dr. LEIDY'S Health F.mporium, No. 101 North
bocond street a tew doors below Vino street, Fhlla
ndclphia also, sold by
J. Gilgcrt & Co., Nrth Third street ahovo Vine
G. S. Clemens, do 3d do do Wood at,
J. R. Smith & Co. do 2d do next the Hed
Lion, and by all respectable Wholesale and Retail
Druggists in Philadelphia.
They aro sold by:
J. F Long, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
J. W. Rohrer, do do.
W. Eberman Litir.
J. W. Qakley, Reading.
For sale at tho Health Emporium Bloomsburj
by JJ. o. TOBIAS, Agent
TUB subscriber informs his friends and
the public generally, that ho continues
arry on the 1500T and SIIOEJ1AKING
BUSINESS, at his old stand, in Blooms
burg, and that besides the hands ho has
employed on common country work, he has
a liret rata Uity vroruman on lino iioots an
Shoes. Thoso who favor him with tlieir
custom, liiay depend on good work, and
neat tit insurod,
Jmid28. 8
" The lift of the flesh it in tin blood,"
to faith the scriptures. Leviticus c. xvii.
v. ii.
R. LEIDY'S BLOOD PILLS. What licttcr
than ficrlnturo testimony can wc havo of tho
fo of the flejh donendipa-' upon tho condition of
tho blood 1 If impure or diseased, tho flesh must
of courso bo diseased thcrouy, and tne wnoio sys
tem partake of such disoiwe. If the doctrino lie true,
and thcro is not a doubt of it (for it is a fact aceee-
ded to by all, that tho scriptures, arc true beyond a
doubt,) then it bohoovo us to guard ngaiiikt tho
consequences of such impurities, and thus preserve
tho flesh healthy. If tho flesh bo healthy, consti
tuting as it docs tho principal portion of the human
yody, then must tho wholo body bo healthy.
In vegetables onlj can we find the mcdicino where
by all impurities of the blood may bo removed.
bpwarus OI ono nunurcu ycara experience oi uiu
most celebrated, thdvUost and best phyticians have
proved certain vegetables to possess purifying prop
erties. I hoso vegetables win not hero do namco,
and Dr. Leidy wishes to remunerate himself, and
profit by the long, laborious, and costly experiments
necessary to bo made, that tho active principles of
thoso vegetables might bo retracted and reduced to
such form as makes them easy, sale and pleasant to
be taken.
These vegetable? arc contained in tho justly cel
ebrated Blood Pills, manufantured only by Dr. N.
Leidy, a rogular Druggist and Physician, attested
by Drs. Physic, Chapman, Jacksoi , Horner, Gibson,
Dewccs, James, Hare, Cox, &c.
Tho ubovo Pills may bo employed as a mild or
active purgative. Their action is easy, and may bo
employed by all persons vmder all circumstances.
They will at all times bo found serviceable, when
the least sickness is present. I hoy require no
change of dint, restraint from occupation, or fear of
taking cold from their use. They aro daily prescrib
ed by numerous physician?; certificates of the fact
accompany the directions. They aro tho most afi'ec
tivo purifier of tho blood and other fluids of tho hu
man body ever discovered, rcrsons Having once
used, will ever after, aa occasion may acquire, havo
resource to them.
Price Twenty Five Cents a box.
Sold by all respectable Druggists and Merchant
throughout the lnion, and in tins city only at
Dr. Lcidy's Health Emporium, Second btreet be
low Vine.
J. R. Smith & Co.'s 2d st. near tho Red Lion.
J. Gilbert & Co.'s 3d abovo Vino.
C. Clemens' North 3d above Wood.
F.Klctfs 2d and Callowhill.
For tale at tho Health Emporium Bloomsburg
by D. S. TOBIAS Agent.
Bloomsburg July, 13, 1839. 11.
ESTE Subscriber hereby announces
to his friends and tho public, that lie
has purchased that old and well known
lately owned and occupied by STOUFER
5- 1MRTMJ1N, situated in Bloomsburg,
Columbia bounty, whore he has com
menced tho business, and intends to carry
it on in all its branches.
He will shortly have a number of elegant
various patterns, finished for sale; and will
Slasc Coaches, Coaches, Coachccs,Giggs,
ouitoesjiuggics, Dearborn It agons,
Skighs, cc. tyc. -c. fyc,
f every variety of pattern to order, on
hort notice.
tiZpRepairs o f all hinds will be vromnl-
hj attended to
Ho also manufactures ELIPTIC and
other CARRIAGE SPRINGS, and will
warrant them to bo equal to any made in
this country.
Ashe has mado arrangements, for pro
curing the best material, and will employ
none but first rate workmen, ho hopes to
be able to turn out good work, and thereby
obtain tno continence ol those who may
furnish themselves from his shop.
Orders from a distance respectfully soli
Bloomsburg, Juno 4, 1839. 0 if.
12 dozen Glass Boxes,
12 dozen Lockets,
12 dozen Lead Pencils,
12 dozen Toy Prints,
12 dozen Sand boxes, with tho sand,
12 dozen Fifes,
12 dozen Doll babies,
12 dozen Conversation Cards.
12 dozen Toy Watches,
12 dozen Brass Watches,
12 dozen Hair Pencils,
12 dozen Breast Pins,
12 dozen Finger Rings,
12 dozen Spoons,
12 dozen Pass Books,
12 dozen Tooth Harps,
12 dozen Sloel Pens,
12 dozen Tea Setts,
12 dozen Evcrpoint Leads,
12 dozen Head Bauds,
29 dozen bunches beads,
25,000 Fish Hooks,
12,000 Slate Pencils,
Just received and For Sale at tho cheap
Health Emporium, Bloomsburg, by
June 1.
For Chaps, Tan, Sunburn, Soro lips,&c,
For salo at
Tobias' Health Emporium Bloomsburg.
, : AND
Thfcshisis IflacMwe,
THE Subscribers take this method of informing
their friends, that they continuo Manufactur
ing -Threshing Jiachincs and I'orlablc Horse
I'oxrra, on tho most improved plans, made of tho
best materials and in tho most workmanlike man
ner, and which they will wanent to Bland with faro
usage, and not injure the gram by breaking it.
They have Furpaseed all others whero they havo
been introduced, in Pennsylvania, A'irginia and
Aorth Carolina.
Frail's IPalcnat Smut,
OR, f
Improved. An article of great utility to Millers,
for cleansing tho grain for preparing it for flouring.
These machines are manufac.ured of cast and
wrought Iron, and aro suppoicd to last an hundred
years. I hey are in general use in tho state oi XSow
1 oik and in part of Pennsylvania,
and all kinds of Machinery, cast and fitted up,and
all sorts of
kept on hand, and sold by wholesale. All of which
will bo sold oa tho most reasonable terms, by
Bloomsburg, May 25, 1820. 3ml
PTjnilE Trustees of this Institution aro happy to
announce to tho public generally, that it 13
now in full tide of successful operation. Tho win
ter term has met closrd; and the semi-annual exam
inalion. have civen more satisfactory cidcnco of
the excellent Qualifications of their teacher, E. W,
Coxklin'o, than any ritEriuus recommendations
could havo done.
The summer term willcommcnce on Wednesday
tho first d.iy of .May, and continuo twenty-threo
weeks. It is very important, that all who wish to
oin tho institution, should bo present on that day,
or as soon after as possible. .
In ordci to make the school a public benefit, by
offordins to all parents who desire tho opportunity
of civinc their children a first rate, education, the
terms of tuition have been given at tho following
low rates.
Reading, Writing and Arithmetic,
$2 00
Unglish Grammar explained and illustra-
led, including the above,
Geography, with use of Maps and Globes
includingUho aboc,
Natural Philolophy and Chemistry, with
use, of AjVaratus, including tho a-
bo vc. i
2 00
3 00
4 00
Latin and Grrck Languages, including
all tho abbvo,
Tho Gcnpin and Trench Languages
5 00
will be
taught, but sit extra charge of $5 00 per quarter
will be mado'for cither of them. All tho members
of tho school are required to exercise themselves in
written compositions and declamations, and will bo
expected at tho cloiio of each term to givo n public
exhibition of their proficiency in all. tho branches
they may havo purnued.
Persons al n distanco aro informed, that upon ap
plication to tho President, board will be furnished
in respectable pmato lamilicR. on moderate terms,
lly order ol me noorii.
D.M. 110LLIDAY, Pbes't,
Jnnrr C. Born, Sccr'y.
Danville, April 10 1839.
the World for good Mill-Stones
and Boiling Cloths.
flLLKHB wishing tho abovo articles, aro
requested to call and cxamino my Stock,
ut Danville, Columbia County, Pa., or at Lew
istown, un tho Juniatta.
Danville, May 20, 1833.
HIS lino lias commenced running regularly be.
,tween Wilkos-lJarrc, Iprthumbctland, Will-
amsport, Harrisburg to Piladelphia and all inter
mediate places. The DoaU lo4e Whilkes-Uarro
daily, at 2 o'clock P. M. and arrive at Northumber
land noxt morning at 7 o'clock A. M. and Harris
burg the following evening at 0 o'clock; whore pas
sengers will remain over night, and tuko tho mil road
cars at 8 o'clock; A. M. and urrivo at Philadelphia
by 2 o'clock, P. M. At Northumberland tho North
and West Branch boatls connect : This lino arrives
at tho junction of the Juuifta in time to coniioc
with all tho western lino for Pittsburg.
Returning paBbengcrs by thislino will loavo Broad
street, Philadelphia, ovory day at 8 o'clock A. M.
and arrive at Harriburg at 3 o'clock P. M. North
umberland next morning 8 o'clock, Williamaport
by 7 P. M. and wilkes-llarro by 7 o'clock the follow
ing morning through in '18 hours.
To famliox moving west this lino offers groat ad
vantage charges upon freight very moderate, and
poisons with ther families may rely upon having all
thnir goods tuken with them,
Faro to Northumberland S 00
" Williamkpoit . 0 00
" Duncan's Wand 3 60
" Harrisburg 4 00
" ; Philadelphia 8 00
For freighter piswgo apply to
Phccnix Hotel.
Wilkea-Barre,My7, 1839 If
HE subscriber informs the public, that ho has
taken tho store lately occupied by C. 1J. ish
or, at' tho lower end ol Maine street, where ho in
tends to permanently locale lumsoir, and has just
opened on extensive assortment of KI3W GOODS
lately purchased in Philadelphia, embracing almost
everv article usually kept in a country store. A
inong which are,
Consisting of Broadcloths from course to
tlicjincst oj superfine, lierscmcrcs, oat
tinct Is, Sillc3, Ginghams, Calicoes
Cambrics, Mulin3, Ribbands
Factory Cotton Cloth,
bleached and un
unbleached, vcrv cheap and of the best quality, and eve
ry variety in the Drv Goods Lino. Also, a
general assortment of
Crockery, Kass; CSiirsa
Gfcwccn's Ware.
All of which he will dispose of as cheap, i
not cheaper, than ran be purchased at any
other store in the rounty.
BCT All who ate desirous of purchasing
Eiiod and cheap goods, arc requested to call
and oxaminc for themselves beforo they buy
elsewhere, as he feels assured no one will
go away dissatisfied with his prices, or tho
quality of his goods.
All kinds ol UUUWTKY I'ltUUUUB,
including CASH, will be received in pay
Bloomsburg, May 18, 1839.
RESPECTFULLY informs tho public
that Ikj has removed his establishment into
the shop lately occupied by C. Aahlcr,
Esq. where he intends Keeping on hand
all kinds of
mutic ol tne ucst oi material, anu goon
i.., ! . ! 1 1
workmanship. He manufactures, a now
and approved
atent Horse GolIain,
acknowledged by all to bo superior to any
over betore made in this county
He also manufactures LhA I Ilhll and
of any description that may be required.
All of which will be sold on tho most
reasonable terms, and ho will also bo reads'
to do any work in his line, on short nolice,
and eohcits a share of public patronage.
Bloomsburg, May 18, 1839.
Br. Srandreth's
FjflHESE pills have obtained a celebrity for rur
Jt ing mo?t diseases to which tho human system
is liable, unexampled 111 tho history of tho liculm
art. They expel by tho action of the ttumach and
and bowls, all bud humours from the llluud, causing
a freo circulation of tho fluids, and rosloroj asound
stoto of health.
Tho thousand 1 who use and recommend them, is
proof pontivo of their extraordinary and beneficial
Tho suliscribcr has received the appointment of
Agent, for tho sale of Dr. Itraudetli's lms in
Uloomsbiug. None uo genuine that an) offered fur
Hale, without a certificate of appointment signed by
tho proprietor and countersigned by Branch Grten,
general agent; and no certificate is ever givon, to
thoso engaged in tho Urugbuiiiiioes.
Bloomsburg Aug. M 1833. Iyl7
HE subscriber grateful for past favors, returns
his sincoro th miL.i to his numerous friends
and cuhtoniers, nnd would now inform them, that
ho has just received from New Yoik, tho Itepoit of
New "orlt & London
ron TnE srni.vo .in scjuitu of 1839,
together with tho drafts of tho numerous changes,
both aa regards tho style of Making and Trimminc,
ne wall as Cutting gnrmcnts. Ho ii therefore ful
ly prepared now to turn out work in tho motl supe
rior dtylo of cut and workmanship ,and rotpectfully
soliciU a cuntinuanco of nublic favor.
Bloomsburg, April 13.
ior puunsninga new paper tntic borough
in Hi ,i .
oj uamsburg, entitled the
State Capitol Gazette.
llr noLiinooK, iiEM.oen. (c Uiuttox,
THE Subscribers propose to publish o ncwpa
per in the borough of Harnsburir. with tlm
title of tho " State Copitol Gowtle." Tho Goxctlo
will be devoted to tho support and advancement of
democratic piinciples, based upon the political and
philosophical truths oi universal equality of right;
and tho sovereignty of tho pcoplo's will designated
by tho voice of tho mnjotity that all civil govern
ment and law cminato from the people, exist only
uj mcir ussujii iuiiiiiBein, uim iiiui incvitavo All
unalienable right to remodel, alter or abolish cither
at thoir pleasure, whenever they may derm it no-
cossary for their wclfaro and happiness, and that ev
ery thing which tends to weaken or subvert thoso
principles, goes directly to sop tho foundation of our
republican institutions, and should be checked with i
a prompt hand and vigorous energy.
Measures and not men, chall ever bo tho rule by
which tho political courso of tho Gazctto will bo
gorcrncd. Wc shall never quarrel with our polit
ical brethren about tho individual whom tho major
iiy may luiriy brii'ti, iu carry uuiany measures con
sistont with our democratic piinciples. Is ho lion
eft is he capable, aud will ho obey tho voice of hi
constituents, shall bo tho leading enquiries a.i to tho
qualifications of a p&ndidate for office. If capable,
htiiicbt and willing to acknowledge tho supreme will
of tho majority, every individual in society shall
havo an equal claim on us for our countenance and
support. Wo abhor all fuction and combination cf
individual intctcst to accomplish individual purpo
poso3. Every thing of that sort, shall reccivo horn
us a most hearty and decided opposition. Honesty,
economy ami strict accountability in all public
functionaries, and their disbursements of tho public
moneys, shall be freely examined and fully discuss
ed. ThcGa7Clto will sustain tho administration o
the General Government, upon (he principles pur
sued by its present patriotic and enlightened chio
magistrate Martin Van Diircn, and will cheerfully
lend its support to his re-clcclion, to complete his
measuio of two terms of oilicc, inaccordanco with
the uniform practice excreted towards his republi
can predecessors. In disciiBting national policy,
wc shall advocate at all times every mcasuro tending
to f trengthen tho bonds of the common Union, and
to promote tho peace, security and happiness of lliol
whole, so far as it can be done widiout compromit
ting any rights that may belong to an individual
state as a separate and indcpcndcnl sovereignty.
Tho Gazette will also tiupport tho administration
of our worthy Executive of Pennsylvania Gover
nor Potter, 'ind its editors will ever cherish the pnn-
ciplcs which triumphed in his election, and which
through all the desperate and dangerous machina
tions put m requisition to defeat his inauguration,
by a reckless and abandoned party, established in
the executive chair, as the landmarks ofourrcpuUi
can safety and happiness. It shall also bo tho study
of the editors to promote tho best interest ol our vast
chain of internal improvements, and urging toi
Fpccdy completion all tho links necessary to secure
its immense connection, and to turn it to lasting
and profitable use.
Our foreign relation? shall bn attended to, arl
tho public seasonably advised of every transaction
abroad, calculated to affect their political interest,
or awaken in privnto life a spirit of enquiry and r
scarch in tho various fields of philosophy, median-
ics or literature.
The Gazette will bo printed on a fine double me
dium ehect, and new type; and every attention 1
stowed to render its mechanically execution perfect.
Tho Hist number of the. Gazette will appear olj
or about tho thirteenth of June. Persons liowiuff
tho propowls will bo punctual to return the same 17
tho thirteenth of May. Letters by mail, post paid
will receive prompt attention.
JW. U. ItUljUliUUlV,
HarrUburg, March 15, 1830
Tho State Canital Gazette willbo published twica
a week during tho silling of tho Legislature; &nJ
onco a week for the remainder of the year, tho fol
lowing prices in advance :
The wholo year, - - - f 0 m
Tho session only, (twice a week,)
Wood Letter Cutter and Engraver, Ao.
21, Franklin Place, Philadelphia,
ESPEOTFULLY announccs"lo the Printers'
of tho United States, that he has commenced!
tlm in!iiinfapiiiro of wood Icltrrs. I
Wood Letters of every description, from lour w
thirty four lines Pico, or upwards, made tnorucrif,
tlm ihnripsf ulitire. Ornamental Letters of rnlirch
new and most splendid patterns, for heads ol new
papers, title lines.&c.fiom two lines great primer u
any size larger. t
His typo will bo made of materials of tho W''
nasorlment. well seasoned and nrcnarcd by machine
ry. invented for tho purposo which insures tne awn
exact adjustment. .
Specimen.! will he pubhhsod as cany as iiu.
ExccutcdwRh neatness and promptitude.
for newspapers, fac-similcs, ornamental and jW!
rules, &C.&C cut with tho greatest accuracy in tjp
mctil or wood.
Old cast metal cuts, ornamenti, cVc. enstvi
ever, and mado equal to new for half their uri!"
cost. .
A 1:1 1 f. t, fi v ,nnn "1 i'TC"
nn lli. mn.t nnnrivn.1 C0flir!tl. OrdfrS 1
country promptly attended to. All letters must
postpaid. .
rt-.T'.Hlrtr Afnmftra inllin rnlinlrv wllOWllI
ilUIHl"l iwv.u ......w .
Il, ol.n o.lcorli.oni.nt K fpOT itlslTllOllfl. 3lW
ward a paper containing tho samo to tho i,e''
tiser, will bo paid therefor in any of tho abovo
tioncd materials.
April 87, 1839.
nnvp T7fiT?nrvi' 'rn iNOTHKli t'ul
. ,-i-ir:
jy v'n a.w4iV4a-a. w -v
Tobias' Apothecary
McaKfc Emporium,
Lower end of Main-street, Bloonwm
Where you can always ohtain Frp
Goods and Cheap Articles, lie
careful and not get cheated and huy CG"
terlei4 articles for GictmmilC.
o Snan. Wash I311
I 1 aim
1 mill UUUJf, nuani i ' - 1.
Ladies' Soap and Hoalinc Soap, for'
Tobias' Health EmjiorivW-