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    MUtlSnjj.'" 1 ' '1 ." "J. ' '"" ' twtfe&al
r mtiT nnn MDit tinin n
"rnrrii '!"'ot" Kah
To CorlitKsi'dtoimBi
A " Journey to Ihc Tabiarack Stvamp'1
is received, un'd shall appear Id bur hcAti
53in'co mlf last vc liavo r'ocelv'eu n budget
tof news from. Canada. Although tii'e sia'te
tnents of'the viirions transntitioiiri arc tori-
"tradie'tatorv. vttheV all d?ee-,ilmln Woody
'sanguinary war is beiiii'; carried bn b'fetweci'
tlie Royalists arid Patriots I'd tin Extent thai
almost slackers belief ButcVefV, burnilW
.hnd devastation, appears to be trie 'dider of
the day hv both rlai'lies lhe bath of eiibh
.traoked by blood, and. lighted liy tile iilrld
blaze of dwellings; The ttoyaiiatS rilhrd'er-
,ing and burning vVhcrecvcr the" find tiny
resistance from tlio and the patriots
taking revenge bv cblntn'lting like atfti of
'i . . ... ,t".!., .1 i .Lit. i
uevastaiion. unuer wieic circumsianres
what will be ihc fate of the ptribts time
nlone cun determine Believing that e.V'cfv
thing relatilig to them will be interesting to
our readers, vVe have rHadc tiopiovld extracts
from our cxbhangs papers, atld shall cbiitin-
mo to keep them ridviaed of tlld progress o'f
'the revolution.
Thellcr, whose mysterious escape from
ihc prison at Quebec, in cotrip'ariy with
Dodge and others, a short litnc sinr-d) crea-
'ted so much speculation; has arrived iii New
York citv. His account of It is hair breadth
escapes from detection attd arrest, form a
concatenation of e'verltS alrridst incredible.
Ho was secrc'ted in Qtiebeck, after his cs-
"bajie from prison, by a ddy laborer; although
fa reward of 60,000 was ofiere'u for hit; ap
The" Anlirriasonle National Cohvcritio'n
which lately tibnvHned in Philadelphia, no
minated Gen: Wm. II. Harrison, of Ohio,
for Prefdent", and Daniel Webster of Mas
Sachu'setts, for Vice ProsItfeHt This will
make the linion complete be'tweeit ihc liar-
tisonites ami the Hartford Convenltohlsts,
provkle'd thfi godlike Dfliilel will consent lo
play second fiddle to the Ohio granny.
The Massachusetts andDcldraii elec
tion's, says tlie Wa'shirigldil Globej make it
manifest that the great principle on which
the Adiiiinislratidti rests its policy is making
new conquests, and must in the ehil j prdve
irresistable ' every where. Even in Now
York, where so niarty sinister hHd fcelfish
, interests, and such a mass uf money and
fraud were concentrated against it, US prri
gress since last ycaf, has been wonderful.
We have no dduht thirty thous'and suffrages
, beyond thoB'e of tlie lltsi year) have befeh
thrown'by Ihe Democratic party) and a gain
bf 8000 made on that of the Opposition,
notwithstanding the additions niade W them
by frand and corruption by false ballots
and imported voters. So Id Massachlisctti
the Democratic party has gloriously vindi
cated its principles, and made at least ten
thousand prbsolyles since last year. Dela
ware is revolutionized, and for the first time
Sends a Democratic .member lo Congress,
and a tnajdHly of Reformers to the SlatcAs
semblyj Tlie Ndvembcr Number of tiie Genlle
Turn's Magazinc&nib to hand yesterday.
We have had no time to read its contents, but
from a fiddly examination 6f its pagss, wo
find it retains its ustial interest to the miscel
laneous reader.
, A New Continent. A ilow c'dfS tinertt
Jhas been discovered by the French Explo
ring Expedition to the South Pole, situated
In the south of Soutji Shetland. This dis
"Vover'y is considered of real service to the
Inautldal tirfd geographical science.
TheSlai.e Yif Dcleware has electedColoricl
Thomas Robinson, Democjat, to Congress.
.Mr. Robinson's majority over his federal
opponent id forty .three The democrats
'also claim a majority in ihe legislature, so
that after neSt March vVe will have a demo
crat in Uie United States Senate from D61e
waro, in place ofR. II. Bayartl,
J? short scssion.Tha Rhode Island Leg
jslattire closed their SCfisjrm oil Saturday
iiiyit after a session of'eicht or ten days'.
For die Colunilln Democrat.
Vtm THI' utlMinV (II.tTH."
nfrrisfocruag JlibiAnl! ot' rt Qilhr'fel a-
mon&t the Purl's of Speech:
A efcincif wrt '-AI'A of In-: cliier 'irtTts oV SjSttciV,
Who intligrintitty Votv'd that tlie sthollct they'd
rSllljKeiihtc'tho Vifi, i Otciare iVk tio lipid
Tlmt tub small jjarls of La'ngutigc Uch tnors tmvo
TiAl toicy'r'e dtilvri be6iioU!4'iIarg4 as tny Lord.
Ami fiVat in a sentence have claim'd to be heard."
(Juolli the Votl!,'' My Lord Iouii, 1 with you do
'(And thebo litfe t'lcbiiria niy rc'scntjlient feHall e6o.)
Thst Preposition itld Adverb, aiid'Articlc too,
Are too poor to hold c'onVcivj with great me or yob.
Participle, !ny cousin, ia ils6p.iitc poor,
And Mb but three rU'uhgfcs of drb?8 to bc'suro
lloe'efyour Attorney you'll ceVlalnly viatA,
So Ui'o Adjective pe.iscs tllo' certainly scant.
If you, in your groAthcpi, Ivill 'cohilcnccn'd1,
Aild is'ilt'er iuy ceusiii Levcca to htt'end,
I vow Mib shall never insult your degree)
Or publicly ne.m'c tliy 'Atlorney'or tlieei
And Ihcrt, In reld'ti, I expect HotU sec
Yortr loW-brcd AttoViley n gallanting me."
Sfii'I'ie Ktjuth ' Ti tSc ''arg'ilin I glf.dly kc'ti'ie,
A it't onb alight addition if yon Sro agreed.
If I i.hotib! bv flclt, (I 'ccrtn'ovledgb your clianno,)
I'll seiul niy Atlorm-y) 'viUi my co"at cTarms'.
And I liope my 1'ilclity you'll net (U'spute
Il'iriy Soh rliolil't Address yb'i j Ijttlo to boot ,
1'brlnowdo asjure you llintPro id ai good
And as true to yodr lovo us liia Father has BliJodl
fautbelrig At leisure, I sure will dltcnd ,
And mako trly obeisance, nor deputy1 tend
If Pro lacRs for bliis'ncsi your cousin's at hand
And Sure he id private beside her may stand."
" Agreed," crlia tile' Verb;" dnd let's add one tliitifi
more, j .
Kdf discahl tH'5 ltrsdn vlio 'erica All ! encore!
Our friend Interjection wu'll sulTer to pass,
And rdoiie ho may sob and crj', Oh ! Alas!
Tlib plan was hiloptcd in llio'Autochil's hall
That he and his rtmtrisS ishouid rule over all!
Hut the sly Preposition over-hearing tlie schcrhd)
(Ulckly buminbnd lliil friend who of liaml ilid'nt
Hi discloieJ'to tl!b' Adkrb' arid Article icci
Pho.pldu which tlie Noun and the Verb had irivikw.
Says the Article, " I nu so little rnd poor,
That Icah do but small matter caVo waitatth'eiloc'r.
Tj'it now, Id plagild 'eii!, you surely tire bciitj
I'll do wliiit I can tec; to Inllle then) relcrlti,
If tlley order rt'c llacUncy, I'll: fetch tlicm a rlor'so5
That's balky lidfipaveii niid Hny tliin'i vforsn.
If tht'y heme in their gr.indor, and feay, In an llo'Jr
Wo intend to e'H out for a long raJri-y tdiir,"
Tlie " h" from the " an" beforo hoiir I'll take,'
Aiid caliso 'erit the particular tour to maker'
Tho Adveii! fl'ifclafed, if lief powbf was Brrlail,'
'J'he rooro yjrcf ? fili6'd uio it.V.nd tender italh
If the Noun and his liiistreej resolve now to wellc,
" Now" shall bo missing ar:d?o!niorroiy shall balk.
If llicy purpose to be timely, tftftVie shall wait,
Arid their Lordships thall feel what it is" .to' bo late.
If th'eVy liopo to c greatly obliged by afrierid,
A fator rhoit Ecttucy I surely will send.
And wen thby declare that they fairly have cam d,
'J'he " fairly" to foully Shull surely bo turn'd.
Tho' niw to tho Koun the Verb lovely appear,
I'll cMhge the- wefd " lovely" lh Ib!i3 than a year.
And he, and somo o'thcrs, shall shortly find out,
Tint f.ll is not golden that glitters dhoutt
In short, I will alter tirnr, nianncr and Wif
Till rights are rcstor'd that were plundcr'd td-d'iy.
Tho Conjunction dppchrrd and declat'd his resolve
To plague them a long as tho earth can resolve,
My limits arosioallns you all know full well,
But still if wt turtKltn they onward- shall telh
Bdt if it continues by adding sonic more,
A Disjunctive I'll send to deilroy 411 before:
That cunning tild Fcx, Pf'c'pdiiilioathen roso
And said he had power and-will to oppose;
Says ho. tho' my office is nfll of high grade;
My power resembled a Killer liy trade1.
My clasd ministerial citn no'cf legislate)
But govern by rUlo rmito as cfcrtairi as fatc'i
And e'en if Lord AO un should como into my range,
He'd feel that his case rVa's beyond hope or change.
And wHcri Mistress Verbcohsijuehtial doth talk,
And sets out alone, unattended, to walk,
Without cither iTduh. or his noble son Prd,
Tho lack of my gallantry quiclily she'll know:
She tells that my nttm'o has btcn thang'd to be slit's
Or she my fcompanlonillip ne'tr could endure
SIid then says I'm Doctor, her prido to sustain,
But tlie momcntsho goes, I'm Preposition again".
And SO cliif will find me1, uncharging, unchang'd,
For thds m d se'nterlco my pla'cG is arrang'd.
And whenthfey prdclairh they will rule over tlieoj
I'll strike out tho brer' Slid writo under mo.
And when they set Out With d cddcll in fine state,
Commencing tho journey, they p'isfi tlio largo gatc
Instead of a through, an tigdliht I will send 'cili;
Ahd thus a misfortune will surely atieiid 'em'.
And when they start forth to go over tllb run;
And wi'tir tho chesnut-tro yonder, for fun,
My subjects I'll clntugo in an instant you scd,
They shall pass tho riln ' under' and ' over7 the Irfcc;
And when they IrCquUSt me their garden to save,
By Ihlvin"- around It, tight through it Pllstave
And if they ihould go upoA couch torcposo,
They'll likoly lay ttndsr in yntt may suppose.
And when towards their homo they would gladly
And Uioealher ia stormy and freezing by chance,
' Toward shall givo out, and a from Ukcliii place,
Just in tho middle of this rainy race.
And v hen they go rjuickly 16 inbmi't on a hdreo
ril fet them TitfiCunZiy oV'tSUttCTJ Slill worse.
Or whcti before carriage, sulky or gig,
Tho horses are ordcr'd, with servant to rig,
I'll mustormy forces with virtues so kind,
And neatly tho horses all fasten behind.
Ins'hdit,, thoen 'thousand ,suclt prdntta liat I'll play
Will make them repeal rdtfhcjr laws of to-day.
And tfru thoy vVil'l feel, tw tho gredt folks shouli
s know,
Tit he poor dro their equals while livlrig below.',
Wo learn iliat ANDREW ii. MILLER.
Esci.. of Gettysbtirr",has bpen appointed, by
tho i'rcsidenUif tlie U. Slates, Associate
Judge bf the Stip'renio Court of the '1'crrito-
ry ui v lsuuiisni, ;iiiu uiai no win unter up
on its duties lh a week or two".
Counterfeit live dollar, nolec 'of the Bank
of Pennsylvania are in circulation, the en
graving is said'lo bo had, the signature of
the President anil Cashier tolerably well
douo; ,
Tho Legislature of N'ew Jersey on Th'uts'f
day last as was expected re-elected Samuel
L. Southward, Whig, to the Uuitcd States
Senate for six yetirs from tlib 4 of March
' .. . I 1 " ! ,, "
Eruption nJMountTZlnn', Mriuht Etna,
accordion to a letter from Missina, has been
in eruption .during the whpje. ofj(A.UgusJ.
The valeotiic eiiiission apopdred on the. eas
tern side, of the Cone, oii the summit of
the irranlt crater' and tlie lava rah in a di
rect lln'e toVail;s Cassa Ingl'csc; hu'ti when
within' Ihd. tlislhiice of a gun shot of ,tliis
place bhanged lis course, and fell into the
val del bove, where however; it uia no
great dutilage. .. . . ,
Preparing for a Contest. In he Toron
to (U. C.) Patriot we Observe, an advcrl.ise
nient offering eight dojlara bounty to young
hie-i who will join ati independent regiment
ior iweive iuuiumu, wniciMvniuo.piaceij on
tho same footing 33 regimeril,!! of the liric,
vviin iruu 1.U1UU3 auu a ii'.a sun oi ciums.
MRPJEIin Thursday Idst; in Dan
villc, by tile Rev: Di M. IIalliday,r. Hob
crt 1'ouncr, of this town to Miss Issabella
Best, of the former placet
., 0"ti .Tuesday tlie bth Infit: b'y "Wbi. II.
Mticncli, Esd. M'r Daniel ICriegh, of Cat-
awissg. Columbia bounty; to Mrs. Eliza
beth Foster, daughter of Mr. Pliilip Stam-
bdttch df Coal towhshi i;
ji; NoalllttrabsrtJiid
. YIDL be hot for at the house of Charles
Doebler,.jn Bloomsbnrg; on Thursday tlie
yutn ot mvemuer insi. , , ,
- M Eight day ISrusi Mlislcbl Clock,
cost one hundred arid llftv dollars.
Marksmen frorh, Nbrtlidniberland, Union
ahd Lycoming wilibe iri atfBn'Jancet Rules
arid regdtatibns as on s'lrriilaT occasion's.
Milton1, 1oV. 10th, 1838.
Bank Note luisf.
A Ten mil on the Wyo
ming Rank, was lost by the subscriber oh
Thursday last, between his residence and
tlie public house of Daniel Gross in ulob'ms
bur'g. A, .very liberal reward will be allow
ed to the Under on roturninff it to the owner,
or leaving it at tlib office of the Columbia
November 24, 1S36. 31
Oysters! Dy't'ers!
TIj(E Suhscriber lias just received a srjp
nlv ol ASisnov vvsicr.'?! iresh and
fine. He Has made arrangements to have
a regular supply during the winter.
J. It; MOYEit.
Novcrriher24, 1838. Oh
Military Slectioni
THE Enrolled Inhabitants of the 71M
Regimciitt P. M. are hereby potilled that
an 13LISC T1UW Will be licltl lor tlie
First Ba;tallon,at tho house of HENRY
BITTENBENDER, in OrangHvillo.
For the Second Battallion, at the hotisi
of JOSEPH SHARPLESS, in Cattawissa;
Saturday, the' IGth il'dy of December ri'ea7
between tlio hours of 10 in the forenoon
and 0 in the afternoon, to .Meet, by ballot,
one person for Colonel for said Reginibnt,
in the room of Eiias Mcllonry, resigned.
The Majors bf said Regiment will super
tend thc.clectionts of their respective battal
lions, and make returns, to me agreeable to
the Mlh section of tho Mjlitja Law. ,
JlricrJnsn.lst llritr. Bth J)ib..P. M.
Inspetor's Office, Limestone, Nov.17,1638.
DocU Godbblds Vegetable lialm of Life,
ETtORtho cure of Consumption. A certain rcmcr
dy for it vhich can bp proy.ed by pcopio not
ten nines irom tnis place i- or sale at
Tobias ilealtli Emporium in Bloomsbdrg.
cco'mmendod by Physicians especially for sick
Bi pconlo For (iala at
TobiM' Healllt Emnoriurh Bloomsburg
. . . :-.
THE subscribers respectfully announce to tho
public generally, that they have just received,
nu now opening, tlicir ,
which, with their fofrac'r stcclt, embraces an. ex'tcn
sivoassortmcnt of seasonable Mcrcliandiyo for tlio
uccommouauon 01 purcmsors. i neir sicca oi
how icdnBiits of ull tho varieties of coarse, fiho and
supcrfiiio r
, Cassimers, Sat- j
. tmelts, Silks, Merinoe'ci .
. Ginghams, Calicoes) Shawlsi
Ribbands, Laces'. Linens, Mousse
line de Lian, Jluslins, Vcst
Ings, Blankets, Stocks';
Uiiihrellas, and
Parasols. . ..
cilil d large variety of cither sulistantial and fancy
..-it-i.. t.. l.- if... 1 . t ' i
uiui;u' in liiu xry uijijus jjimu iuu jiuiuerous 10
mention in an advertisement.
Fur, dl-Jlh ahd Seal Skiii dips; ofHll Sizes.
for Male and Female, largo and srriah
Groceries & Saitibrs,
Sugar,' Coffee, Teas, Spiacs. Gheesc, Me
lasses) JJfttndyt Gin, Hum, I fine, yc.
Assorlcd Iri pilcc's1 ahd 4udlityi
assorted: frbrri dip smrtlleat. article lb a slnith's anvil
from atnail rod to a crowbar ; bud from a spaiablo
Gig &CoachMakcriFinflirlg AtTrimmings.
Saddlers'Flndlng ntid Trimmings:
TPodd Stbvc'$,Co'al Stoves and Stove Pipe,
. Steel- oi all Iiind?,
China, GEassJ
Mcfc'&'s and
Sftltj Cofl Fi&h rtnd ISacbcfftl.
In great variety i
And rrencrallv all artlefeti riiUA fnr !n hn':ntrv
stores; which having beW carefully sclccferl find pur
chased at the lowest prices! will ho offered at low
rates for cash, or in exchango for. cpnntryproduqc. .
The highest price in CASH or liOODS, always
paiu ior country produce
November 10, 1838- 29lfi
Physician & Surgeon,
Informs the citizens of Bloom and vicini
ty', that he has Ideated hirrisblfin tho village
ol lilomsburg, wliete ho Will altravs bd
ready to attend tb' all balls for his profession
al services.
Ofiicd next doof to Rbhi'sons Stage Offitc.
Oct; 13 1838.
the subscriber lifts left his Book ab-
cpunts and Notes in the harids of Iddihgs
Bar klcv.Esn.for collcciion; All riRjsoh's in
debted will plea'pQ call immediately and set
tle, or theio will bo delays arc;dan
gcroU?. C, B. FISHER,
bno Two Horse Wajoniand a. Sled with
Cast Shoes.both deatly new, which will be
sold Cheap on oasy terms, by calling on
Tnniwno ni'nvi.pv
XIJU Lil VT kj U1L11UU1J 1 I
0AnniiXATvi3 on ini'ant drops.
THIS valuable Medicine ia a certain cure for
young children, in cholic, convulsions, rest
lewincss, griping:, disordered bowels, croon stoolsr
..... ..:.: x. .i . 'I
Fobtas' Health Emporium, Blodmsburg
HD till rnttiMc mi Ihn nlmi'n hiuinami n IiIm
uiu cstaoiisncu sianu, on niainstrcei. iiav
5ng received the latest Philaderjiliia-and N.
York Fashions, in connection witft hrs
Iliahiu ItiStirovtul Patent for Cuttintr .
u :r tf i. o i
uuiiiiciiiu niiu uvurv siiaue wnnuui a dos-
ness, hopes to receive a Share of public pa
tronage as heretofore. ', '
. , ALSO : , "
attend to any business connected with the
TTi If . 7mw-l-H. ' - I . it . I l
vmki.l ailVl liLi IJUtl bUlUlt LllU ' YVllLlII)' 111
Jicvusj. , iiJiwrifgHiyeSj anu an omcr
conveyances and articles of agtbenteht, in a
legal.and handsbnie style. .:-v.- i
Uioomsburg, !S6vt 17183). 30
Tljd..Assc?Bors. of each township in Co-
lunibia county (not inrludiiifr tho Assistant
Assessors) are hereby notified and required
to meet' the' Board of,.County Commission
ers, at the Commissioners'. Office in Dan
ville, on Thursday, the 2Sth of November!
1838, to receive. .such, instructions as w,ill
enable them to p'rocped in pursuance of a
resolution oi,mc,ijr;rrisiaiure to exiuoii stoi-
13 tics, oi agriculture, iwauuiaciyres and
Commerce, for oho year, in their respective
townships) so that a return may be made
thereof to the Secretary of the Commdn-
wealtht .
' i . ' it- Commissioners.
NbvbmbcrOi IB3S1
A Certain Cure for tho following cdmpfiinbr
Colds, coughs, .nsthmas,, consumptions, apitV
tins of the blood anil all disorders of the. breast anil
lungs.. It is cxJi.tcte!!, frdni Kerbs; roots plant? and
llowers, ny a l.nysiraan vuo resided upward ot;lour
years cmong (IiediftrcnttribtH pf. Nprtii Atncrieaii
Indians, cpd wih Unwearied.', d.iliftcpte ijised ivery
means iii his power, to aqauilc. knowledge of tho
diffcrb'nt remfcdies, usi!d by them for thjvcuro of ten
sumptions and complaints of tho breast and lungs,'
to which they are moro subjected than any otheana
tion, on account of tho mode of living, and bring;
exposed to die inclemency of all weathers. Tho
above medicine forsalo at
Tobias' Health Emporidni in Bloomsbnrg.
F"pniIIS wcjl Snown mixture throughout the V-
Jjj nion, is a sure teinedy, for depraved Appetite,
llartlmriii Water Brash, Flatulency, Jaundice,
Night Sweats, ,Dyse,nry, Bowel Complaints, and
oilier affect.ipns .of similar origin and ospectally for
tho Fever and Agus For nale nt
Tobias Health Emporium.
. ( For the Columbia DcmocratI,v,
The Pennsylvania Repfffer
And sate journal.
Is published .at Ilcrhsbjir'g twice a iceek
during'.lhe session- of the Legislature,
ana once a iveex airing ine recess.
nnHE Reho'fter will continue to bo ("as it hereto.
H fre h38 been l an unyif Idtrig advocate of the
i j . .. . i
. I . ' I 1 1 . i r . .1 .u i -
nent ot tho 1- edtral aristocracy, wlucn seeks, m tlio
cloction of one of its favorites, to inflict upon the
ctl in'its operations by no other views than thoaii
fnncynent of tho interests of a- favored few at tlio
expenso.)f tlio intercsts..thttnchts. and the libertlos
of the many., 1Affjjrisl..suc!id party and such an en
fiino of polidcEl cvJl.tUo Hcportfr will bo found act-i
Ing with thp body of thp pcop!'. ' ii
As thp ensuing essic.n of tho Legislature will, ba
one of mora than ordihtfry interest to die people, fho!
juitors ot too, ncporwr nao ,niaue nrroncment'j
which will enable- them, to civo a more full and
complete history of tho proceedings in both houses!
man mey liavo Ueretotoro Ueen enatiled to.uoi IiVt
cry exertion will be. used to make tho ltcpi rtcr a
medium tarougn wlucn tlie people ghall xcccivo a
tun record ol tlio doings ot tluxr rcpr56entativc.
i'rr nnnum Vo tin
rorthosesfion. 2 (10 i
Anv agent or other pefsfcn forwarding SI0, or
brcoirilna renoneible therefor, shall havo six coptrai may be ditccted, during the sosMon of
the UfiuSlaturK
, (,Person3 forwarding names of subscribers nro re
quested to bo parUqujar in fctating Mother tho sub-
penpuons aru 10 cujuiuuu igr uiu year orjor mo ses
sion. . . BOAS & COPLAN.
Nov. 6, 1838.
naroyed .Aperient Seidlitz Powders, ,
ttjBtCWD in liigMesUmation for indigestion, lif-ut,
IS bnVn and billious affections. 1 "nr sain at
'J'bbias' Health Emporium, Rloomsbursr,
Fp'r sale at .
Tobias' Hcclth Ernporitim B'looni-burc,
By Uie Box, and one box will last a wh ;lc
year. !.Fpr salq by .... ,
loutas' Health limporltim Bloomsburg,
And all kinds of caunlry Produce, tskst?
m payment for Newspapers, at this Offi-