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S.ITUlib.tY, JVOYEMltEIt 17, 1838.
The troubles in Canada We again com
menced. The Patriots have arisen in con
"siderable numbers in different sections or
he country, and some fighting has already
lieen had, which lias resulted against the
Patriots. Although the Patriots appear to
'have an organized opposition to the Gov
ernment, yet we do not think, from all a'c
courils, that 'they have any 'chance of suc
'cess. The 'revolution will undoubtedly
soon be quelled, and hanging,, banishing and
'fleeing from the country will again be the
'consequence. ,
Contrary to the expectations of every
one, the election in the State of New York
has gone for th6 Whigs. They have elect
ed their Governor, Lieut. Governor, a. ma
jority of tho members of Congress, and a
majority of the house of Representatives,
but tho Democrats have still a majority of
the Senate.
We understand that a very serious broach
iias occurred in the Canal a short distance
above Cattawissa bridge, Several hands
nro now employed in repairing it, but it is
not expected to be completed under several
days. We are informed, that the breach
lias been caused by the negligence of the
Supervisor in not slopping a leak which has
for some time past been increasing in the
bank where it has now made such havoc.
Milch iri'cohvenleco and damage will proba
bly arise to boatmen and their employers,
in consequence of the breach, as large quari
Vtties of coal, iron ore and merchandize are
now laying above and below the breach, for
should the canal bs closed by ice before the
repairs aro completed, which is very pro
bable, they will be compelled to remain
whore tlioy are through the winter, or be
transported by land, at a great expense, to
their place of destination.
, Tho Wheeling Gazette states that the dif
ference between the highest point attained
by the wator at the llood'of 1802, and the
lowest point to which it has been this sea
son, is just forty-four feel, four and a
quarter inches, as ascertained by actual
, TJie,River and the Weather." Under
this head the Pittsburg Gazette of Monday
afternoon states that they had a trood deal
of rain lately in that rep-ion. that thn nnnmr.
autca iiiuicuiuu more, ana mat it expected
to see the river in good navigable condition
by Wednesday or Thursday.
. JJuiliImz and rents in St. Louis Tim
St. Louis Republican says about six hun-
ureu nouses nave been built in that city this
season, a comiorlablp tenement lor a. Tarn
lly residence .rents forS-lOOtoSSOO. Stores
on Main or Front .street rent for S1000 to
62500, and other buildings in nronortion.
And such is tho influx of population that
these high rents aro kept up, notwithstand
ing the great number of buildings that have
l 1 .:n i ' ' "
uvuii uiiu uru auii ueing erecicu.
A Piuncely PnnsiiNT. We icarn from
tho Courier des Etats Unis, that the Prince
ile Joinville. in rratuful
hospitable .atlqntions which ho received
tmm Ortt An T I nr. . v.
..uiu ww,, u WIIIIU HI WCSl I Ollll
has sent to the colonel a costly snuffbox o
gold onriche"d with diamonds. This linn1
somo present was transmitted to Col. de
..uussy mrougli tho hands of Monsieur di
TSaligny, secretary of the French Legation
who has himself received from tln Prin .
superb dressing case of plate containing one
uuimreu pieces.
t In Williamsburg Col. eo. on Thursday
ci'finiiicr Ins), liw iha n. n n..i..
Mr. George Marlz of .Shamokin township,
, luniiuniucnanu co., w miss Melissa IS.
daughter of the late Uzal Hopkins, Esq
ol ,ue loriticr place.
Miiiwiiiw, nil fcwctnw
UlbU In Greenwood townshin.
Monday 22.1 ull. Jr. Jesse Robins aged
Sibout 35 years. .
At tho residence of his son. Jqhn Do
naldson.near I- airfield, Adams county, James
Donaldson Esq. lalo Protlionotary of Oo
Wnnbia county.
7 Si
lToULD rcspectfuly inform the citi
zens of Bloomsburg and its vicipity, that ho
still, carries on tho above business, at. his
old established stand, on Main-street. Hav
ing received the latest Philadelphia and N.
York Fashions, in connection with his
Highly Improved Patent for Cutting
Garments to fit every shape without a pos
sibility of failure, he feels assured that work
executed at his shop will never he com
plained of, and by close .attention to busi
ness, hopes to receive n share of public pa
tronage as heretofore.
attend to any business connected with the
Office; and in particular, the writing of
Bcrtis, Mori gagCS, and all other
conveyances and articles of agreement, in a
legal and handsome style.
Bloomsburg, Nov. 17 1838. 30
CAME into the enclosuro of the subscriber on
Friday, this 9th inst. a
Brown l-lor'so
with a Star in the Forehead, ami n white snot on
his Nose. Tlio owner is requested to nay charges
and take him away. ' t
Fishing Creek, Nov. 17 1938.
THE Assessors of each township in Co
lumbia "county (not including, the Assistant
Assessors) are hereby notified and required
to meet tho Board of County Commission
ers, at the Commissioners' Office in Dan
ville, on Thursday, the 20th of November,
1838, to receive such instructions as will
enable them to proceed iri pursuance of a
resolution ol the Legislature to exhibit stat
istics of Agriculture', Manufactures and
Commerce, for one year, in their. respective
townships, so that a return may be made
thereof to the Secretary of the Common
November 0, 1838.
A Certain Cure for tho following complaints:
Aft Colds, coughs, asthmas, consumptions, toil-
ting of the blood and all disorders of the breast and
lungs. It is extracted, from herbs, roots plants and
flowers, by a Physician who resided upwards of four
years among tho difl'erent tribes of North American
Indians, and with unwearied diligcnco used every
means in his power, to acquire knowledge of the
different remedies, used by them for tho euro of con
sumptions and complaints of tho breast and lungs,
to which they arc more subjected than any other na
tion, on account of the mode of living, and being
exposed to tho inclemency of all weathers. The
above medicine for talc at.
Tobias' Health Emporium in Bloomsburg.
THIS well known.mixturo throughout the TJ
nion, is a suro tciucdy, for depraved Appetite,
Hartbum, Water Drash, Flatulency, Jaundice,
IN'ight Sweats, Dysentary, Dowel Complaints, and
other Directions of similar origin and especially for
the Fcer and Ague For sale at
Tobias' Health Emporium.
Docl. Godbolds Vegetable Ihdm of Life,
STOItthc cureof Consumption. A certain remc-
dy for it which can bo proved by people not
tell miles from this place For sale at
Tobias' Health' Emporium in Bloomsburg.
Tjnj crommended by Phybiciaus especially for sick
KU& People For salo at
Tobias' Health Emporium Bloomsburg.
Blue Smaltz and While Frosting
For salo al
Tobias Health Emporium Bloomsburg;
SALVE ' . .
Certain cure for Frobt bitten Limbs, which t
can prove by people in this Town. For sale"
Tobias' Health Emporium in Bloomsburg;
cnEDvrons take notice t
That I bavo applied to tho Judges of tho Court of
Common Flcoa in and for the county of Columbia,
for tho benefit of tho Insolvent Laws of this common
wealth, ami that they havo appoiitlod tho third Mon
day of November noxt, (being tho I'Jth day of the
month,) for heaaing mo and my creditors at tho
court nouso in Danville; at which timo and place
you can attend if you thinK proper.
Danville, Oct. 31, 1833.
Gentlemen and Ladies, Look Here.
OSE Tooth 1'astp nnd Compound Chloijne
.Tooth WobIi, for cleaning and prwcrvimr tho
Teeth and Quins and Clouimn the inouUi. for salo
TOBIAS' Heulth Emporium.
And all kinds of country Produce, taken
pjyriieiit for Newspapers, at this Office.
!EMooini8lmrg Arcade.
fKHE Fubscribers respectfully announce to, the
puunc generally, mai nicy nave jusi rectn cu,
ml now opening, their
which, with their former stock, embraces an cxtcn
sivejassortmcnt of .Hoasonable MerchandiV.o for tho
accommodation of purchasers. Their stock of
now consists of all the varieties of coarse, fins and
Cassimcrs, Sat
. tinctts, Silks; Mcrinocs,
, Ginghams, Calicoes, Shawls
Ribbands, Laces. Linens, Mousse
lino dc Lian, Muslins, Vesl
ings, Blankets, Stocks,
Umbrellas, and
a largo variety of other substantial and fancy
articles in the Dry (Joods Lino too numerous to
mention In an advertisement.
Fur, Cloth and Seal Skin Caps, of all sizes.
es for Male and Female, largo arid small.
Groceries & Suiqnors,
Sugar, Coffee, 7'eas, Spices., Me
lasses, Brandy, Gin,Rum,lP'ine, eye.
Assorted in prices and quality.
assorted, from tho smallest article to a smith's anvil:
from a nail rod to a crowbars and from a spatablo
to o spike.
Gig &CoacliAfakers4Finding oiTrlmihings.
Saddlers' Finding and Trimmings
Wood Slovcs,Coal Stoves and Stove Pipe'.
Steel of all Muds.
China, Glass,
Queen's and
Salt, Cod Fish and Mackerel.
5Is,Paiiiis,. J&rugs, Bye SlufIS,
In great variety.
And generally all articles called for in country
stores; which having been carefully selected snd pur
chased at tho lou'ost priefs, will lio ottered at low
latcs for cash, or in oxchangq 'for country produce.
The highest price in CASH or GOODS, ulways
paid for country produce. .
November 10, 1838- 29tn
Physician & Surgeon,
Informs the citizens of Bloom and vicini
ty, that he has located himself in the village
of Blomsburg, whrio ho "will always be
ready to attend to all calls for his profession
al services.
Oilicc next door to Uobisons Stage Office.
Oct. lli 1838.
Tho subscriber has left his Book ac
count and Notes in the hands of Iddings
tlarklcy,Esq.for collection. All pejsons in
debted will please call immediately and set
tle, or theto will be cost, as delays are dan
gerous. C, B. FISHER.
One Two Horse Wugon,and a Sled with
Cast Shous,both nearly now, which will be
sold Cheap on easy terms, by calling'on
THIS valuable Modicinc is a certain euro for
young children, i) cholic, oomuUions, rnt
liHne.;s, griping, dUonlerod bowels, green stools,
sour vomitings, &c Fornalo at
Tobias Hudth Emporium, Bloomsburg.
t"(ir tho CJumbin Dcmoaat.
The Pennsylvania Eiepw)rlcr
Is published at Harrisburg twice a week
during the session of the Legislature,
and once a week during the recess.
THE Reporter will continue to be (as it hereto
fore 1ms boon) an unyielding advocate of the
principles of thn Democratic party a supporter ,of
tho great and vital rtuostions of frco mivommcnt
identified with the success of tho Administration of
tho General Government and an untiring oppo
ncnt of tho Federal aristocracy, which t.ceks, in tho
election of one of its favorites, to inflict upon the
country the curso of a National Bank, to bo govern
ed in its operations by nd oUier views than tho ad
vancement ol the interests of a favored few at tho
expense of the interests, tho rights, and tho liberties
of tho rntmy. Against such a party and such all en
gine cf political evil, the Reporter will bo foUnd act
ing with, the body of tho people.
As tlio ensuing scsion of tho Legislature will bo
one ofmoro than ordinary, interest to tho people, tlio
F.ditors of tho Reporter luivo mado arrangements
which will enable them to civo a more full and
complete lmtory of tho proceedings in both houses
than they havo hcrctofoic been enabled to do. Ev
ery exertion will be utod to make the Reporter a
medium thrriugh which tho people ihall receive a
iuu rccoru ot too uoings ol mclr representatives.
Per annum $3 0Q
For the session 2 CO
Any agent or other person forwarding $10, or
becoininyr roannnsiltln lliiTi't'iiK, clvtll Imtal.
forwarded as may bo directed, during the session of
tno Legislature.
Person forwjrJing names of sutacribcrs aro re
quested to ho particular in stating whether tho sub
scriptions aro to continue for tho year or for the ses
sion. . DOAi' & COPLAN.
Nov. 5, 1838'.
THOSE works have been published bv
us for six years. There arc now more sub
scribers for them than for any other paper
puulishcU in the linitcu States; eerlainlv
. .1 n . '' t i .
more man lor any otner jiaper puniisueu in
mis JJisinct. J Ins larffo ami iticrcasui
subscription is conclusive evidcrtce of their
uselulness. 1 hey are invaluable to all who
led an interest in tho proceedings ot Con
gross. No other publication gives them
so full nor so cheap, It is, indeed, the
cheapest publication in the United States
perhaps in the world. Our position at the
seat of Government enables us to print them
at 0 low a rale. c are compelled to pub
lislt the proceedings of Congress in detail,
for our daily paper. This done, it requires
comparatively, but a small additional cx
pense to change them to the forms of the
Congressional Globe and Appendix. If it
were not for those circUmstaiues, we could
not publish them for four times the sum
The Congressional Globe is made up o
the daily proceedings of tho two houses of
Uongress, and.the speeches of the members
condensed. 1 he yeas and nays on all mi
potant subjects are given, It is published
weekly, with sinall typo, on sixteen royal
quarto pages.
The Appendix contains ih'e speeches of
the members at full length, written out by
themselves, and is printed in the same form
as the Congressional, Globe. It is publish
ed as fast as the speeches r.-yn be prepared.
Usually there aro more numbers firinted for
a session than there are weeks in it.
Each of these works iq complete in itself.
But it is desirable for every subscribers to
have both ; because if there should be any
ambiguity in the synopsis qf a speech in
the Congressional Globe, or any denial of
its correctness, it may bo removed at orice,
liy referring to the speech in the Appendix.
Indexes to both arc sent to subscribers, as
soon as they nan be prepared alter Ihe ad
journment of Congress.
For one copy of thcCongressfonal Globe, SI
For one copy of the Appendix, SI
Six copies of either of the above works
sent for 65, twelve copies for 810', and a
proportionate number of copies Tor a larger
Paynicnta may be transmitted by mail,
postage paid, at our risk. The notes of any
incorporated bank in the United States, cur
rent in the section of country wheio the
subscriber resides will be received. But
when subscribers can procure the notes of
banks in the Northern and Middle States,
they will please send them.
'I'd insure all the numbers, tlie subscrip
tions should be here by the lltli of Decem
ber next.
No attention will bo paid to. any order,
unless the money accompany i4, or unless
somo responsible person, known to us to be
so, shall agree to pav it before the session
expires. BLAIR & KIVES.
Washington City, Oct. 31, 1838.
For salo at
Tobias' Health Emporium Blcbtnsburs.
T 1
By the Box, and one box will last a whole
year. For sale by
Tobias' Health Emporium Bloomsburg.
"Warranted to bo good, also LOCO FOCO
MATCHES, good, For sale at
Tobias' Health Emporium Uloom'suurg.
, , PIo Ointment.
I alinodt imiueduiely ri'iuov the pain nnd al
lays tho intlamadon, and bv attondlne to tha
ull diioetiont, tho buffcror will bo aneodilv relieve.)
from the unpleasant olW-tiou. Call at
Tofittw' Health Emporium, Blooinsbnrg.
TIIU democratic patty of Pennsylvania lias jail
passed through a licry conflict, and roine out
not only unscathed, but completely victorious
another proof of tho purity and Mobility of
mcir principle. Notwithstanding their tr.uinph.
uiey cannot for. arty loiiglh pf tirpp, rposq jn Ihc
lap of victory, for their loos oro most jiiMi'uous, ami
over watchful, aud although routed, will again rally
"H "no mupant, to oppose, tiic prn cij.Ies or
ui.-niuc.racy, enmity to winch, being the unit Ootid
that can even for a moment, hold them together.
Wo mut thprcforo remember, that tho price of free
dom is unceasing vigilance.
Iri spito of the runlcett corruption, and, or frauds
innumerable, wc havo electnd a democratic Gov
ernor, and a majority in tho ,h'oae of representa
tive, Buificicntly large, to give us th's control in joint
ba!lpt,nn(l secure to Pennsylvania a .democratic re
prcfcntalivc in the United States ticnatc,
1'ho fraudulent elections, which will probably bo
contested; the unheard, of malpractices on the public;
works, which require searching examination; tho
aloption by the peoplo of tlio amendments to ouf
maiuronsuiuiion.iu'lucn, will require tmportant je
gislilivc enactments, to meet the changes thus madi)
m ttio lunuamcntal law together will! the concur
rent net'em of tho senate with tlio Oovr-nor, In ma
ny ofhis important appointments, will all render
tho coming session of the legislature perhaps tho
must iiiipoitani ever neui m fennsylvania, ami
cause their proceedings to be unusually interesting
iv every man m mo community.
TliB editors of the ICevstonc. Intend to
crcuscd attention to tho jiroccodings of this session,
and note every movement of interest to tho public.
They will have competent reporter in both houses
of our legislature, as well as at Washington city,
thus eii ibling them to give as full reports of all im.
portant legislative proceedings aj their columns will
admit. .
Tho Keystone is llio largest paper published l"rt
Harrisburg, and bclnc printed on 6niall type, regu
larly gives in it columns pearly onk tuih.ii morn
reading matter than any oth.r political paper in thq
state. This wc havo 'been enabled to do from tho
very great cncouraccmcnt wc havo lcccivcd from a
generous public. Thankful for there favors, tlio
editors hereafter will snare no nains or cxnenso to
render their paper interesting and valuablo to the
public, and serviceable to the1 great and triumphant
caasu of Democracy and Freedom.
. .. ... TERMS.
for the Koyfiorie yearly, twice a week during t.q
session of the Legislature, and once a week for thq
remainder of the year, - . 3 0(1
During tho session of tlie Legislature, only, twico
a wcci;, - ... - 52 0Q
Tor f'k months, not including any part of tho scst
sion of die Legislature, , . - - ', . $1 0Q
prrs sent in ono packet and to ono direction, for
the price of five' as above; or. fifteen papers sent as
above for.the price of 12; or 2G.papcrs cent as above
for tlie price of 20. ' ,
fj'All Tostmasters, and other democratic citi
zens, aro rpqucf-tcd to reccivo and forward ubpcjip
tions to us. PACKfell, BARRETT &PA11KE.
Harrisburg, October 25, 1835.
WHEREAS, tho honorable ELLIS LEWIS
President of the Courts of Oyer and Tec
miner and General Jail Delivery, Court of Quarter
Sessions .qf the Peace, and Court of Common Ple&s
and Orphan'; Court, in tho eighth Judicial District
composed ot the counties of Northumberland, Union,
Columbia and Lycoming ; and, tho Hon. Wiiliak
Moxtooiicrt and LfOXAnn RurEHT, Esquires;
as30ciato Judges in Columbia county, havo issuctt
their precept bearing date tlio 25th day of August
in tho year of our Lord one thousrjnil eight hundred,
and thirty-eight, and to me directed for holding
A Court of Oyer and Terminer and G il
eal .fail Delivery, General Qifertcr
Sessions of the Peace, Common
... Pleas, and Orphan's Court',
IN DAN ILLC, in The county of Columbia, on
tho third M mday of Nov. noxt, f being tho 19th,
day.) and torconUuuc ono wcekl ,
NOTICE is therefore hereby ptt'fyi to tho Cor
oner, the. Justices of the Peace, and Constables of
tho said County of .Cqlumbia, that they bo then and
there in their nroper persons, at ten o'clock, in the
forenoon of said day, w'ith their .records, inquisition
aud oilier remembrances to do tho.-.u tilings which
to their offices appertain to bo done. And those
who ore bound by recognizances to prosccut
against tho prisoners thatro or may be in tho jai.
of kaid county of Columbia, aro to bo then and tbcr3
to proccute against (hem as shall bo just. Juruns
aro requested to bo puuetual in their uttendanee, a
greeably to their notices.
Dated at Danville, tho 18th day of October, it
tho year of our Lord ono thousand eight h. j.t
prod and thirty-eight, and in tho C3d year ol
the independence of tho Um'd Stutes of Amer
ica. WILLIAM KITCHEN, Sh riff.
SheritT's Office, Danville, 7
Octs 19, 1838. $
Remaining in the Post Office ct Blooms'
burs, Oct. 1st. 1838. .
Mr. Darkley EJ.
Samuel Dcitlcmnn,
John Dower,
Daniel Buss,
John CaldwtllJ
Lew W. Cqos,
Joseph Coleman,
Robert Cutlicart,
John Cox,
D. M. Davis,
Elizabeth Dunham,
Gcorgo W, Decker,
Isaac DriblebU,
John Eadger,
John Elliot, S
Rov. J. W.Eyer,,
C. 1). Pislier, 1
Joseph Fahr,
Daniel Gross Esq.
tjolomon Hackiiin'n,
Wm. G. Hurley Ewj.
William Hilborn,
Abraham Honpt,
Pilul llopper
Joseph Hopper,
John Esij,.
Samuel Jacoby,
Mark Klimer,
Goorgo I.narr,
Jahn C. Morris,
Dr. Calian .Mayor,
Joseph Maust."
I.'ewiS II. Maus,
Cjol. Jolin Pureel,
Jolin Riehards Esq'
Sidney S.Slntor,
Mow Stecrheer,
E. & M. Springer, .Smith,
Aim Wvnrtt,
Clara tfolls,
Horah Washington,
(ioorgo Zigler.
Person's calling for Jotters on the abova
list., wilt please unv they, are advertised.
Bloomsburg 8. 1888.
Improved Aperient SeitiUtz Powdtn,
. turn anil bullous aitectlun. IW , .1. .,1