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hua.nci it SJio I'o.-?e, and subsetliiently
sold oul to his partner. Pation conducted
tho business about a year, become embar
rassed, and ultimately failed. Ry this fail
nro David R. Portcr'lost his whole cStatc,
which had been invested in the Works, and
became responsible for tho debts of Patton
and Porter. These debts wore to be and
should have been paid by Edward B Pation,
In Fcbtu.irv 1819. the creditors of tho late
firm drove Mr. Porter to tho last resort of
tho Unfortunate debtor, I was his counsel
throughout tho whole of his difficulties. At
that time ther6 Was not a whisper against
him of dishonest or dishonorable conduct.
Tho only sentiment evinced was a strong
feeling of commiseration and respect. As
evidence of this, in the fall of that year he
was blected a member of tho Legislature
from Huntingdph county, and received eve
ry vote cast in tho township of his resi
dence save one. If this fact is not tho very
highest evidence of character, I should be
at a loss yhcro to look for it.
In December 1824, Governor Shultzc
appointed him Prottonotary, &c. of Hun
tingdon county, which office ho held for 12
years. As an officer ho was a man of ex
traordinarv industry, intelligence, and at
tention to business. In private life, moral
aud exemplary in his conduct and deport
ment. I never heard a dishonest or a dis-
Ji-nnrnlilfl nr. I imnntpil fn hlrri. until after he
was nominated a candidate for Governor of
Respected and esteemed by nil whose
opinions were worth having, and who knew
Lira intimately, a man of extensive read
ing and reputation; seldom excited, but al
ways firm . .
Frnm rtn inlimntn np.nunintnncB Miith Da1
.t,l T) Dnrlap Cit mnrll lltnn nnrf lllirit nf n
e'entdry, in,prospcrity and, adversity, I know
him to bo a man of strict integrity, of sound
morals, a pure Heart, ana at a clear anu dis
criminating iimiu.
Our Court is in session, and I start to
morrow for Clearfield. I snatch a moment
from ardent duties to briefly answer you
With tho highest respect,
Your ob't scrv't.
Why do the federal party, In the conduct
bf the prcscnt campaign, avoid all reference
to first principles utterly refuse to discuss
the measure and policy of the present stato
administration ? Why do they strive to
make the choice of our rulers turn upon
private scandal, rather than public consider
ation ?
The appropriations of pub
lic money made by the feder
al legislature of 1835 0, and
approved by Joseph Ritner,
i see pnampmei taws or inai
I.,. ,
bmmcnt, ( See Journal II. Ri
nal IL aT
stssion 1837-8, Vol. 2. msrc
45,) amounted to 2,807,514 78
l no ordinary revenues of
thebaic from canal tolls, stock
dividends, licences &c. (See
sumc vol. of House Journal,
pages 44 and 45,) during the
1837, amounted to $1,736,
511 69, which takon as thd
medium year, the ordinary
revenues during tho three
years of the present adminis
tration will amount to , 5,200,535 07
ine nencii ,m ttio statu
treasury, occasioned by tho
extravagant appropriations
under onr present rulers
which must bo provided for
before another dollar can bo
given to any of the improve
ments in progress, (See ad
dress of the Central Commit
tee who refer tP public docu-.
7lien(S tO nrOVE all thp. JV,n
in this stem,) will amount to 3,850,080 0d
i'hns tho ASTOUNDING PAf!T,n.
pearB, that the prolligato and Wasteful a'u
ministration of federalism under Cinv, Pit.
iior, will havo EXPENDED at (lib end of
JVVVoars ,elIn niul Plunder, SEV-
liimiiiN iMiiiLtutSfj THREE HUN
SaB!?i? mnA rtS F0UR TIIOtj-
ENTY-FIVE DOLLARS and eighty-five
'3;?"d V " VAST EX PEN-
TlT'PrTli? i, . i i TT;,. A'
r: T "",c urougni a ounuIiK
miuiu oi rail road or canal INTO USE ! !
tit iZv, 1 1 onn,yvana ! It is to
V VfSiiR u ,reiu!nu ,v Aa 1 &
i . ,T --j' ""wio aim aw-
tlaVltS the Fenns. ( in Tinnniliic !, U
T, V i """'r'"! " i UK- I
gy Ueattys and the Stonebrakers. nrn nil
ill rpntml .1 j: . ' 1
-. r, ' . -.i-'""" v.,u,ui-n;i ui i
100. rortcr. Ynurtrnnsm-iT in ni)llMPii I
"vwivu UUU11IBL 111(1 IiriVTITf ihnvnntni nil
. -, -"; Kiuiuiuu
audmado nANKRIIPTVm.
; mn.nvAznn 1. r'"'6 "?ul
... .wuliTOU aiK minions , and tut. hut h J:-"' ' ""i Ud'1' accepunem, and as CON- ,,,m 01 's an, and are now feeding nnnn ;V" mhci, can produco no offect
?iSnr"JB d& Gov Rit,ler 10 NEW EESSED LIUELLERS let then, stand fortune, a young man, and loZl ratfve- IfT' IT f.m0n, t.1' hiS-minded, iSi
WUKtvN which will increase itfn Pfin-i'v I k'e,,tr, lv a stranger in tlin fnnni.T ii.. I o anu justico Jovini? veomnnrir r c?....
aPWLixt IIIITm.u.
lers Would make vou hftlinvn. ii. r..i "
uwiiin luinjjiuna vnnr i i
oaths of eggy Realty. Stonebrakers &c.
r 7 . ...r ""r "u man tneso I
Kpp.T ..". '
Out detection i ' i "'- i - iw- mwr Mri,k,soi j;'p ,"j -UZ17"Mui-
mraast unanimous vote, in the townihin in iii nr r i . ' , rar ,.r ,ms ;oarn irom tho Niles Intelligencer, that tho last to bo dritn fZ rt 7 .' aro 1,10
Tvhich he rJL. BocIuJuoyZX ffl? f fraid"lcnt '"-'vency "-is utterly W of Olutfon has the s'amoftte! iRfiutof ffir ISSnot" PrinCiplC3
Wo pnblish this week a letler from the
r-. i.i- r:-i 1 n.. -I .. t
" j. . . . ...... ........ . . . V. . Vfll 1
Hohorablo Richard Rush, to the signer8 of
t AfUrWa tit flin cnrt.wtinr A i!n..L.nn I
- J ... - n 1 1 in aou1'
Mr. Rush has just returned ,from England
after an absence of twd years in tho service
l me united atatcs. ins opinion as to the
lirirtnr of the Hank of tho Ifnitnil Sinina (,.,
thcrCforo peculiar weight from his opporlu-
nines oi judging oi uie cncct ot mat instHu
tion abroad. But the letter speaks for itself,
which wo would reqeommend to our read
ers. Heading Democrat.
Sydenham, near Philadelphia. )
September 14. lflns. C
, j
T)i3An Sin.
It was only late last night that I received
nur favor ofthfi 12tli insf. nml T
j . . "HU, M. J l,
Washington to-morrow, for tlin mimn r
. o - "-.I'wau vi
I . t i i m 11 rr In nln.n t . . ......... .. .. .. ,j .J . , ...
Lriiiiiu u u, bi.ju uuoiuuoa uuunccieu Willi
a irusi i nave laieiy oeeu discharging abroad
for tho United States, so that I have only a
low moments to oiler you a brief reply
turni ig aside from other public engagements
1 have read tho address to the Anti-ma
sons of Pcnnsvlvnriin. irillii" Unoilinr. r.
uw" -i iMa, ui niu 'iiu ui una monili, winch
yon havo been so good as to send mo. As
you aro pleased to ask my opinion on the
suniciency oi mo reasons it assigns for op
nosiii!? tho re-election nf finvpmnr T):i-
I can havo no scruple in saying that I think
uiciu ampiy sunicicnt, 1 Have tho same o
ninion of tho terrible abusp?
sonry may be turned, and has been turned,
it- T l . .
uiai i expressed nerctoiore When called up
on bv mv fellow citizens, but cmum in i,
a political antimason when I saw that party
iuuiii;ni ibcu vuii jjruicipics more IUI1
of political danger than any masonry threat
ened j and had it been told to mo that Gov
ernor Ritner, whom I as one delighted to
support m da, on me ground ot Ins anti
masonry a faith opposed tb monopolies
comoinauons and concentrated power
wouiu nave acted as tie has done, I should
havo thought it impossible. LET HIM
Unless an adhemno moot to the doc
tek to nut.!. rosTKuiTY. we are at a pe
riod when snnckles ot this kind have becom
justly objectionable with the enlightene
.n.uU(iHU-i u.v. i.u4i, n jiuiu jmuuii
of them among ourselves to be cherished
nnv lnlirrnr ? Ts tuts tut; t iun nr.. m
il , 1.1 T .1. . i
mruugiiuui inu wumi. is me great patron
any longer i is this the land of all
oTiiEns wnnitE such shackles atiu to be
borne ? He an antima3on, he worthy to
be supported by Democratic men, he hold
:.,!,, .. rtit. i i ir
; wi.uwunv iiiuu, iic Hum -
ing to a faith that plumed itself upon equal
iif?llts and frco nrivilcrrea nmnntr nil. mill
"b",'" uinuiig an, uuu
that uniformlv dcntiiincnfl ns n nrimnrv
ment of its creed corpoiate dictation or su-
unacr whatever band or tie it
i . . . . .
KS' r V' H of
neciing rennsyivania, who goes to the polls
at tho apnroachinr dnnlnat.
rt -; M"w vi cvciy rtV
I trust that tlin iliir. io nni .l..i:..i i. .i
calamity of his nlpniinn o o.i mi .
Home reasons airainsi it r,m r, ... ,
, "Dwi,uiiu nine, 1110
cogenti as embodied in your address: but
. a--- iiuuiciuua ami
i.,w ,OM,cr mat would make it dotiblv
ilnnlnrihln In ... 1 ii . .
r ' . "'. " "v "umoio opinion our
loreign affairs are m a critical state. "Vhen
vU nave iiau oiiiiculties from this souice
luraier v. i ue Dariv ot i ;nvr.n, r:.
- i i ".uuiyi iniiicr nas
iiuv uucii me one to rally rouud the princi
...v yjugm mey to tail un
uui us uxiiuunuins and keen nir nn. ? t
ous could not possibly bo nturnnn., i,
Ol T . 1 j I. . . . T
i-"" 1 ictrci uiar 1 nave not a i mn
ftuiiii votes 10 give against him,, and for Gen
Porter instead of one.
I renew to von mv rto-ir
1 -masonic inends around you, assurances of
., . . . v uiu 10 our an-
uiu lurnicr nna nrasnnt ,.i.
, . , T wu, Willi
whiuh iot your and their, sincere and
laiuiiui servant,
Wo offered in our last paper the
JSP bels- whicI' not been accepted.
Tfiey embrace all the charges of fraud and
perjury brought ngainta Gen. Porter, and
wprcseed in clear, unequivocal lan
mu v.! ""i:Huvocai ian
b""Su hdv are noi nice the tcchnicni nnit i
inkling offers on tho other side, which the
"lu" BIi 'y are oltered to be aecepted, afo
, e, Jaineu away ; but tliey meet
v.- b--i"v ivniuaaiv. i no con-
dllimi on w l io wa nfTnro.l i.
, :f ' "i" Hiuoe uuia was,
that if not accented, tho nrnnnirntnr r ,w
1 :. .,...,' .. " "
1 LI 111 11 1 UK 111 Wlllfll llintf ln I n u 1 I
--------- hiusi anu
WOllld fitnnil hnffirn dm l,i: r .i I
: r . j'uunu no coiiicssed I
Iibe ers. Tbv in,,ni,i,i ...1
...m" . 1' - "ey
T.l nir nrtn --.iic,.
ijiiuiv. hi ( ansiHTIOMo i
Tho Ritner almlitim, n... i
""kng a great parade about their hettin
"Mbw '""" "'""piuni-u.
X:-W"":rmt V0, " .'1 K.
lovers of their country, as wli H .,!i mouths a while, by examininirtlin fnlftvin b alatme.d for Susquehanna on account of
i luivcniiv iinno. m o .i... uui ui ino o ner su ni !.: . . uiwma uuroau nnpii tint
, will see in tho nublm -hnm-i-J 8tatement, which reflects the highest r.lmrn,.. ine P i na"1ea which appeared last
acts of Governor Ritner a mnn ,i,' r?r f Gen, Porter; and abundanilv show.J 1 . ln v' Pectator:of this place, said bv
one more nhinMimmMn j mat he possesses the nrimMnlo h ,;.i,:t. "a PaPor 10 " only the "beirininr nf n mi.
' I 11 13 DIIUIU If III IIM HIIIinittt ..!....
If any responsible man will take up theie
-A- t 111 A . .I ...I.I I L .1.
.. ... J IVUJJUIIIUlIf . 1.. ILtl.Vr l I H .
bets, tho money shall be forthwith deposit-
eiA nml m nml'nnl.l. tn Un nnUit Uh
ed, and an amicable action to bo entered Uh
tllft Whirnr. in U'e IrtAil In llin ctlnrftmn nflilt
of PcnnsylVania at tho earliest possible day,
ui winuii ii uuii iju rcacucu in uiu tuun ui
... (.:!. . i.- .i.-.i i.. jf
Nisi Prius. Tho money in the meanlimo
to be deposited and remain in any safe bank.
tT 1 :f . ... .i . i
jiicru aro spcciuc propositions, inai cmoraco
nil the charges of fraud alleged against Gort.
Porter, and if theeo propagators of calumny
no uoi, anu oaro not meet mom, at once,
onenlv and manfully thev must nnd will
standbeforo the public, as CONFESSED
All tho charges' made against Gen. Porter
bv'tlin ffillnrrll linnn nnpn'o. nf frniiAtnni in.
solvency, secreting property to defraud crod-
iujii vujmy, iv,t. uio inmupiiaiiuy over
thrown by asking tho questions -Whd has
Gen. Porter defrauded 1 Where aro tho
claims against Gen. Porter, unsatisfied.
No body pretends that (!en.Porter owes
them a cent, except Samuel Sturgeon WHO
HE OWED, and one M' Murine, the son-
in-law ot I'alton, whose improper conduct
occasioned the failure, Who alledgcs that
Gen Porter owes him, BUT WHO HAS
ONE. and as no one but the nersons abovn
named, and whose allegations havo been
PROVED to be undeserving of the LEAST
CREDIT, pretends to have any claim 'a
cainst him, HOW CAN HE HAVE
or Stonebrakers?
Porider well fellow citizens, and
dont suffer a worth citizen to bo SAC
GOGUES, and dont loose sight of the EN
ORMITIES of Fenn's, Steven's, and Rit
nnr'R rp.itrn. in tlin KOfi wlii'oli Itinv nrn art
fully raising about GEN. PORTERS PRI-
TT i i n T.l nti i Tt i rtriir -
vjnii uiiAitauijiiti incse men
DARE NOT enter tho field MANFULLY
anu jjjiir in u ineir iuiivouiviiia ineir
British hank, their apportionment bill, eight
..'ilU.1n n,l,l,l iu .1-T.j .t:. -i
and DEFEND their MEASURES their
nil lions added to the state debt, their Gnf
lysburg rail road, their abolitionism,' Sic
these things, which are the TRUE QUES
'HONS on which merit the deepest con
1 jiuho uii which iiiuru xne iieepesi con
demnalion of the peopIe,our opponents wil
I mil tlUrues nf 7At.l oir.,.r,rl ii,
I UIJl (UJtUia UT HfCHU, OUl SirUgglC 10 VlirOW
nn n'.ii'mn u,r :..nn.nnii.. i.: .i. -
I iu. wj vn,tv uj iiiuuoaaiiiijr utiauivlll llic
tiersonnl rrmitnlinn nf Gen. Pnrter!
i i j - r
I MMimnwd
Bob Cambell, PROTHONOTARY and
iT" Vuu' ..." " have
IIIVW UI ' illllftoin IIIlHTlTTflri 1 w
ave iu-jiurtrie. COMMT5?rat?v i
n " "C 1 . a,m0Sl 10 4?a,.h Tor a week, with
"the most
I nnrnni ,i -" u nti-
viiii i oi uen. rorter's fnnml iu-
i r. . . . "..iuum ,uU
"p, 01 uen' JJavis Es5-deceased. Itis
in these words :
"ltcceivcd. JUlv 8th. iRor. r n
DaVIS, EsO. S12G. ill nnrl nf ,nnA f li-.-.i.i-
f, tj. ' u ' t. ' 1 "u"u u'
ivusbew, oi ueavcr county, assigned bv
in n Irt T I , v. o. i 1 , . o J
ouiiu wiuncuranur, and by him to
charging all bail money. And that the great-
n. nnrt T .1.!- 1 .1 .. . (j1""
i". " uonu was actually advanced
oy mm to his bail long before it became duo,
to Wit:
Aug. 15. Cash to Thomas M. Owens, $100,-
May 2. Cash to Georoo Davis. v.r.n omn
nn ' W4UU,-
May 27. Cash received by John
oioneoraKcr trom James Allison,
"HI b onf then, that thT" We
nesl" bicli the offico holders relicSon
with such seeming confidence i o S 3
"startling affair after all." It turnes ont in
r'??v - - JG2 83.
--'"e UHI.-I uu
mis case.
case, as will be seen by tho above
nent.liko all other preceding attacks
tho integrity of Gem Porter? dur hi
imoaof hi n,Wr.Si .i....i!la, s
uPon thQ integrity of Gen. Porter
ll,u .urnes. 01 ,111S adversity, that the closer
"""""biihuii uuu ins ana rs, the clearer
a no )ici m.l -r-. . ' . UL.aAcr
""'"-"v "iiuu iiiuuucsi io mo public
And wo challenirn ihn whnU i.- .1 -l.. '
, . V oiaiu iu SHOW
1 1 1 1 1 1 M 1 1 1 V 1 M 11 n I tithn t 1 .1
" ""i" ui iiaa ims5eu mroucii the
imn niaciiml.. n.:. n.. . 6
7 iiviiwuM us uoii. i -oner -Pursnril
hvn em nf t,nii. ..:n:.. . ., PUI?.UC(
r" V ...nans who robbed
Knnt sn nir n mrnoi.. r... t. . ..
, - p iiiub Will Ore I
mnnppr,! i.: ...V 111 aU
tsaasssssss '
Wn J?0.-.Wo learn by the
IMonroe Rlich.l Times l mt d,n r
Washtenaw.hayo been closed bv inhmnJ
fl&W 'f ny Will,JUst SteP down t0 our SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY
office we will give them an onnnrinnii,, nf . "uvnix.
I l.iij.:.- r .. .. 1.1. V " I I lilt rinmnn.! . T-! 1 i .
ery honorable man is actuated 'in fif a.IoKuc-. The names of 49 individuals nrn
ccipi. il UH131 po oviueni 10 an uiai uiacit
cuard opposition to Gen. Porter aro hard
...... . t. -ll I.IL-I.
run, when, giving up every thing else, cling
to tho allegation that six years aftei his fail'
ure, he received back 9120 of securities
which ho had assigned to his bail for their
protection, as "tho evidence" of his dislion
csty, anu uaso an tneir nopes upon the
grave chai'gc t But they aro as uiifortunato
in this as they have been in every other as
sault upon tho reputation of Gen. Porter;
anu it turns out that tho patriotic oilorts ot
that oflioial scoundrel in tho receipt of three
uoiiars per day irom too vjoinmonwcaiui,
andjin possession of no inconsiderable sum,
!l ! Iiilinvi1. iihnpqlltr rnnlifznil litr nimlpr-
fciting the small notes of this borough, Jwho
. . - ti t . : 1 .1 ..! -1 . : .. i... j l. ..i i
waa Bum iu jrniiauuipiim uy inu uuiiiiiuaia-
tion to procure tho engraving of tho famous
receipt it turns out wc say, that tho patri
otic cltorts of this notorious villain, arc
litrtiic laliAr tncl" in Tnenrili T?ithrr nnrl liii
kindred gang of incendiary abolitionists.
t r r I I . . . . I 1
iir. uwens snows inai a certain uonu,
llin 1iat llnml iif ICiilrln anil l?ttbsnl tv.nq in
be approyriated to whatever balance of the
'. el- ...l1l.i. i 1 o. ...
Hiuiiuy lur which uu uuu uiuiii;uiuiwi:i n cru
lmil. which nlintilil bo unpaid after the i-nl-
lection of the other bonds, and the balance
of said bond to George Davis, Esq. in pay
of money which P. had borrowed of him.
Mr. Porter was anxjpus to pay his debts
and as his debt to Davis was lor borrow
ed money which ho felt in honor bound
to liquidate with his first means, and as tho
said bond vould not become quo until April,
1823, ho scraped up and advanced to
George Davis, in ihe spring of 1821,100
in i. i. r...i..t -C, which wiia iu uu luiuuuuu uiu ui
the bond, then assigned to Davis, when col
lected. This Mr. Owens testifies "I
know that in May, 1821, ho, Mr. Porter,
loaned to George Davis 100 dollars to here
paid when it could be raised out of said
bond." On the 8th of July, 1825, Mr.
Davis refunded the one hundied dollars
with its interest, viz:
Int. for 4 years and 2 months. 25
And Mr. Porter then gave him the fol
lowing receipt, If wo had tho Common
wealth's plate, wc would give the fac sim
Her "Received, July 8th, J825, of George
T)nv!n. I2B. ilnllnrs in nnrl of linnil nf If Iililn
and Russeli, of Beaver county, assigned by
me to John Stonebraker, and by him to
George Davis.
Dolls. 125 00
Mr. .Davis is unfortunately dead, or the.
Commonwealth's nlnlc. would minn l.t.
ra0l" i Mr'i Pwns' elicits truth-
, , ,ulj;U( ,io . -rta
j.iiu.iinai ne wno runs mav
rn,,i nBli n ' nlr ,r
cannot h.; 'e '" Wn 8 ,001'
Ihe above reccinf wn rmm.1 -t.
paperaof Georre T).avi. P!cn u:- j.
- . oiuwu ilia un-
mu.iy wim a siaiement and calcula
tion, showing the appropriation of every
dollar of tho money collected on that bond.
"'erascais o publish this state
mum i
omic." J ho names nf t(i
V g'VT ii- 0 ll0y "foriI"'rly oppo-
fiPIl .Inspnll l?liiln ...t...l. i
r .1 r " . 1 no uouot true
XZZ?r: miS"
...... -.j uuucu, uminoy have,
with soma two or three exceptions, "form-
t ft , "Avviinvus, iorin
crly and umfomily "opposed," also, eve
ry democratic canilidmn i,t i,-. !..
the held since 1835. W shnnt.l
tho leading Ritiierites hero to be doing a
"slim business" nuln..l ;r i.i ? .
, . . .1 miiv uumu noi
nlllnin in ihn nnnnl.. I... it.
exertions thev aro nmirr u. r J.
.. . . . . , . . . . I.UUIILV. IV I r I ( v f .... I
. , M'6t noli III uuu ai
,lM w,1 ""g"' xmiy allege that they "for
merlv opposed Josnnh T?iin0i. .
? rCcolleVic.tcd B first two heats RU-
L'" n,n' ht?fWa lhis countv ti "ot em-
one-fifth of tho voletrf, and tho lut
xm- ",y .aboSt c-foMh, many bf the
lio -r 11 . I .U 4 , ,Ur 11 nl!1V
.1," V r ov; W?If At tho pres.
, 7 H"6,0 de'octacy of the
IT" ly t0 b 08 fin.nly unttcu a '''ever has
heon or. any occasion, and it i, . .,V ..i
been or. any occasion, and it is our settled
opinion that Gen. Porter's majority will ox
ceed the arirestmninr, .
her by Gen. Jackson, or Mr. Van Huron
m his county. Tho loathsome abuse 11
neuunon him. nnd i ..
loyejlto injuVVismoTd r
,n frinH. J t:. " """"""r. oy
i ,r ' 1 !.tne.r,' C?J P"''-" "o ofTect
i" - iima. iikiu arn vni snmn
nnnlinimn 'PI ' u
who recollect the davH of h.i ,m
I e,r Wltn,esses H'o struggle 0f that timo
i .i ,u ,ccrai party then
nlnVs; n" ?ro now em-
Gov. Ritner has ran for Governor
THREE times already, and has been bent-
en ivvujU. ho is now running th
FOURTH ( mo (n hn Ih-mMi
people of Pennsylvania arc heartiivftired ol
him. Gen. Washington only ran TWICE
and why should Joseph Ritner be thrust
down tho people's throats FOUR TIMES?
What has ho dono for his country to givo
him the right of being baited on the public
for his iifo time ? Can Thaddcus Stevens,
Theoi Fenn, or any of tho other Govern
ors answer ? Too much of a good thing is
more than the people want, but too much
of a had one is insufferable. The "old man
of the sea" did not ride Sinbad the Sailor
with moro pcrlinacy, than Ritner does his
own good friends. Gladly will thoy shako
him off their galled shoulders. A'cy stone.
As wo supposed, both of these meetings
of democrats at Reading and Pittsburg on
llio Ifllri wnrn inimnnen. 'Plin nrrnmi..t.
...... - .......w..,.u. "gElUliiUU
number was over SE VEN THOUSAND!
buch an evidence oi zeal anu devotion to
ihn inlnrfiflt nml nrliipinlns nfrinrlv. lli CA
cralists CANNO T produce ; but it is be
cause tney aro meucinaiiy in their objects
nnrl llin nrppil nf ilnmnnrnntr in T.TJ17?. RrTV
mi EQUAL RIGHTS', that tho demo-
crais raiiy wim so mucn enmusiasm and u
nanimity to eUstain their party. This being
the ditlcrcnce, democracy is suro to bo tri
umphant a party when united,, that has1
NEVER yet been TWinJdnnsyl.
vania. Ibid.
Wo can PROVE by ihe! most respecta
ble evidence that, when the great abolition
convention was held at Alter's Hotel in this
placo in February 1830, during its sitting,
Governor Ritner TOLD a gentleman that
he considered that convention a FINE
THING tqat ho would now get, the sup
port of tho abolitonislsj the 'Quakers, the
anti-masons and the wliig?, and that ALL
UNrrED wolild secure his triumphant
reelection. He said also, at thesamo timo
he cosidercd that the ADOLITIONISTS
wcro treated VERY BADLY m not hav
ing the REPRESENTATIVE chamber
given them to LECTURE IN. Wo
make these charges distinctly and POSI
TIVELY wc. DARE any of Governor
T?itnnr'H mlilnra. TiY TT AVI.7 TTV TTCi 1 T V
to deny them if thev do, we are READY
with tho most CONVINCING PROOF
to establish them before the world.. Ibid
Tho new works commenced by Ritner'd
administration, not a mile of which is fin
ished, will, it is estimated, cost for their
completion 15 millions of dollars. In tins
cBiiihhw, tub amount rcrjuirea to moke, the
rail road, now about being surveyed from
Chambersburg to Pitlsburg, is not included.
I his road alone will cost 15 millions more.
I owards its survey If, thousand dollars have
been appropriated. The state debt has in
creased under him Iintr.,, r. a n :n?
r ,i n -...11.1,11 w uuu u millions
of dollars, while the work for wli.Vt, ,
fai h of tho state is pledged, will take 30
millions more, which the records 'prove.
Look at this farmers and savlwh.U.prr w
you arc willinrr tn l,nv
- j. . , , imiua ninri-
Cacea to enrich i mnmioni l tr.. ,.
i . . r.ov,iii, luiiiipi ianKC0
administration Chunibcrsburi Tel.
The Convention of (he Protestant Episco
pal uiiurch.
The Gennrnl Trt:..i ...
it,: nu. i T. " convent on or
his Church, held at St. Andrew's in which
twenty-twoof the States of the Union I!
fullv renrcseninil. nlnc,i a. i-u . ru
day Evening last. The attendance of Rish
ops, Clergy and Laity during the emiro
session, wore unusually lare: nnd ih
ceedini?s worn i-nn.1.,,l .?.:.!. .. , 1
harmony, p.oty and brotherly love, worthy
tho admiration and omnlnio r .u' A,
n world. The Rt. Rev. iJi.L
world presided in the preliminnn, J "T
me-s, and tlm l?v n'r ivl " ' '""I""
from du.. rw..;"7!
i. a , ! ' ,uu a ooicmn pravor.
ho Assembly piocee-dcd to b.isjness. Many
affairs wore d nnc,i r i i. '. mdny
. " ,1 "wumii ui mo 1'rotCStant
Episcopal Church. The proposed aS
noxl Convention, to"bo held HAS
ir, l oik ai 1 ennessee, was c octed i Min
s.onary Wisliop of Arkansas . We " r
that wo have not sufficient space in our fol
limns to furnish the entire particulars of this
wll,rUWt tff,h
ent and promised lesults of their meetmg
'""Jv wrotucte,
Sl)Ccic Jlfniifi'mrit in. - v .
nulleth, ,,:; 7C 1 rT; 1 Cleans
t , , - ' J " "liuuuyu mijf UJUHer,
Montrose Volunteer.
and Indians on iim rgU'6SOltl,e6'