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I have sworn upon tlio Altar of God, eternal hostility to every form of Tyranny over the Blind of Man." Thomas Jefferson.
Volume II.
Number 8
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Pillow thy head Upon this heart.
My own, my cherished wife 1
And lot us for one hour forget
. Our dreary path of life :
Then let mo kiss thy tears away,
And hid remembrance (Ice
back to tlio days of halcoyn youth,
When all was hopo and glee.
Fair wa3 the early promise love,
Of our joy-freighted barko ;
Sun lit, and lustrous too, the sldei
Now all so dim and dark j
Over a stormy sea, dear wife,
Wo drove with shattered sail,
But Iovo sits smiling at the helm,
And mocks tho thrcat'ning gale,
borne let mo part those clustering curls,
And gazo upon thy brow;
How many, many memories
Sweep o'er my spirits nojv! .j
How much uT happiifcffi Sift gncT-
How much of hdpo and fear
Breathe from each dear lov'd lineament,
Most eloquently here!
Thou gentle one! few joys remain
To cheer our lonely lot ;
Tho storm hath left our paradiso
Willi but one sunny spot :
Hallowed for'er wilt be that placo
To hearts like thine aud mine;
'Tis whero our childish hands uprp'arcd
Affection's earliest shrine.
Then nestle closer to this breast
My fond and faithful dove!
Where, if not hero, should bo tho ark
Of refuge for thy love
Tho poor man's blessing and his curso
Pertain aliko tome;
For, shorn of worldly wealth, dear wife;
Am I not rich in thee
r T
lllochadc of Vie Inland of C'uracoa.
Early in tho picscnt century the Hon,
John Murray was entrusted by tho vice-ad
miral commanding in chief on the Jamaica
station with his Majesty's frigatoLa Fortuno
and two eightecn-gnn sloops, in addition to
Ins own frtgato ha. rrancluso, ior tho pur
poso of capturing (ho island of Curacoa,
then a Dutch settlement, laying off the
Spanish Main, and which tho commodoro
pledged himself to subject to tho British
crown in a given space of time. It was
my good or ill fortuno (I have hardly made
tip my mind which) to be first lieutenant of
one of these sloops; The proclamation o
blockade was made in tho Jamaica Gazettes
and notice given, to brother Jonathan that
any vessel found within a certain distance
of the island would bo subject to capture;
but this did not check tho philanthrophy of
'our Yankee friends, who could not brook
the Idea of people being starved on compul
sion, and very charitably used every means
in their power to counteract our cruelty by
sending- them provisions at five hundred
per cent, increased cost. Commodore
Murray, finding that the strictest blockade
did not effect his purpose and that tho go
vernor and garrison, With truo Dutch obsti
nacy, choso to live on without showing the
least symptom of surrendering to his Ma
jesty's forces, now adopted the novel mode
of landing a destroying party, from fifty to
one hundred men, generally commanded by
the first lieutenant of ono of the squadron,
with orders to burn every thing . intended
for human food, shoot , down all kinds of
cattle, leaving the glorious stm to complete
tho work of spoilation; and to cross the
isjand in the most rapid manlier, by seizing
all the horses in our line of march; and part
of the squadron moved round to re-embark
tho destroying party after having accom
plished tho good they had been sent to do'.
Tho Dutch boor of a governor could not
see tlio humanity of these proceedings, and
wilfully shut his eyes to the advantages, to
bo gained in becoming part of the great
British empire. Ho, with unparalleled im
pudence denominated our gentle proceed
ings, the acts of bucKanecrs, and informed
our commodore that ho would hang up on
Fort Amsterdam, as a pirate, every En
glishman caught in those destroying par
The following night tho first lieutenant
of La Fortune with his party of lambs, bo
ng busily employed in this work of des
truction, were surprised by the Dutch com
modore, at the head of his flying camp, a
bout one hundred men, selected from the
crews of their frigates in the mole, and
kept encamped in the centre of the island
under this active commander, for tho ex
press purpose now effected. Our party,
only half their number, flew to their boats,
leaving thirteen of their rear-guard prison
ers, in tho hands of their exasperated ene
my. As no doubt existcd-of Mynheer, the
governor, tullilling his humane determina
tion of making the innocent pay the penal
ty of tho guilty, I was ordered aWay at mid
night, with fifty men, under the guidance of
a Dutch rencgado,. named .Horsier, to seize
all tho principal men I could catch, to an
swer with their lives for those of our cap
turcd men. The first estate pointed out by
that most exemplary traitor, Mynheer Hoi
sica, was surrounucu uy our men, ami a
seizure of ten horses offected, upon which
we mounted tho officers and worthy guide,
forming a small body of cavalry. The mas
tor of the mansion, with his wife, wore do
clared to be in tho town of Amsterdam.
Tho house was of tho superior order; and
the mate of the Fortttna, who most proba
bly was seeking plunder, with great glee
informed me, that in a small room he had
discovered threo young ladies, daughtersof
the owner, endeavoring to secret themselves,,
With the utmost speed, knowing tho tender
mercies of my lambs, (something like Col
Kirk's) I hastened to save them, and found
tho two younger sisters clinging to their el
der one, apparently about seventeen, and
all of them in my eye beautiful, half dres
sed aiid frantic with terror. I saw some
rudo ruffians around them, and ordered
them to draw up outside of the house, in
marching order, at tho same time desiring
Mr. Smait, tho aforesaid mate, to put him
self at their head. To this he demurred;
and proposed tho ruin of those unfortunato
innocents. With some difficulty I disarm
cd the monster, and caused him to be bound
to the back of ono of my mounted sailors.
Tlio poor girls, who had fallen with fear at
tho angry altercation and clashing of naked
sabros, now crawled towards mo, and on
their knees watered my hands witli their
tears, bestowing many kisses on them. It
is ono of the few good aud redeeming ac
tions of my life, and to which I havo often
in tho hour of peril, turned with pleasure,
that I used my best endeavours to sootho
the terrors of these pretty innocents, and
lett them, as far as regarded us, hi security
and comparative happiness.
Horsica; whoso angry passions were
roused by tlio escape of tho master, to
whom I judged him no friend, advised, and
in somo measure commanded mo to fire the
houso and out-buildings; but m tho framo
of mind I was then in, I would sooner havo
burned myself, and with considerable plea
sure, his ugly carcase, whoso visago would
not havo disgraced tho devil, displaying all
the bad passions supposed to originate in
that important personage. ''Uosr your
files end move forward in quick lime." And
I with Horsica rode to the head of our cav
alryj Ho advised a rapid movement on
thcncxt,houscfalarge farm establishment,
from which wo put in requisition twenty
moro horses, with the respectable farmer
and his two manly sons.
Morning dawned, and displayed our gro
tesque cavalry, for all the sailors had moun
ted, and word not contemptible horsemen.
Wo had eight Diltch prisoners and Smart,
the mutineer, to guard, with the dread of a
Dutch commodore and his flying camp.
Horsica said, a burgomaster, highly respec
ted and of great note, lay on our route to
tho boats, and if we caught him tho lives
of our captured seamen were safe. "Here
is his mansion," pointing to a good looking
louse not far distant, and we closed upon
it at a hard gallop,
Surround the house and let no one pass"
called I to my mate; and with Horsica and
two seamen rode through a very pretty
garden to the eut door. To repeated raps
from our pikes, an upper window opened,
anu inc ncau oi a lcmate somewnat in a
disordered state, was thrust out. To Ho
risca's prccmptory demand for instant ad
mission a scream of fright from the domoi-
selle was our reply'.
"Time presses," said Horsica, "force
the door,? and a post was instantly torn
from its situation and propelled witli great
violence, as a batlering-ram, against it ;
three sturdy blows bolts, bars and hinges
gave way, and Horsica, with myself, and
two orderlies burst into a good sized room
or hall, the bottom of which was composed
of handsome Dutch tiles. As wo had na
ked sabres in our hands, with pistols in our
belts, it was very natural that tho half-dress
cd iWmcstics should fly in all directions; but
Horsica intercepted an old woman in her
flight, and on pain of instant death compel
led her to point out her master's bed cham
ber. Her exclamations and entreaties not
to enter, were in some measure Judicious
Horsica explained to mo that she said, her
mastor, Mynheer (something) had brought
homo a fair young brido from, Amsterdam
only the previous evening, and urged upon
us tho impropriety of entering tho bridal
Call to him, Horsica," said I, "to come
forth, and surrender himself."
" And lose him for our pains," said the
ruffian, as he threw himself with violence
against tho door, that acknowledged his
power by giving a free entrance.
A tall genteel looking youth in the act of
arming himself, met my view. Ho was a
gitatcd and pale, dropped the sword ho was
drawing, pointed one hand to tho bed, in
which lay his bride, and raised tho other
with an air of entreaty to Horsica. I caught
a glimpse of a fair hand and arm, throwing
the sheet over her face, as unablo to bear
tho view of armed men in her bridal cham
ber. To the young Dutchman's demand
of what ho wanted, Horsica replied, "Him
self, as hostago for the lives of thirteen En
glish seamen, held by tho governor under
senloncc of death according to his procla
"I am a non combatant," said tho youth
'and not answerable for tho governor's con
Horsica pointed to his military accoutri
ments. "It is the militia merely to enforce
order, and protect -us against our slaves.
Horsica said fiercely, "This is trifling! Se
euro him with tho other prisoners.
. And as our stout orderlies proceed to bind
his arms behind his back.his wifo conquering
her sex's fears in tho extremity of distrcs.s
threw herself at Horsica's feet. Ho rough
ly repulsed her, and pointed to mo as
nominal commander. I never yet could
rnsiqt irnnlln woman's nleailinff OVO, and
least of all then, that I saw this lovely girl
at my feet, her light auburn tresses partly
shading'thc beauty of her strongly agitaicti
and heaving bosom, her blue eyes fixod on
mino with such an imploring look oi an
guish and entieating for mercyl I did not
understand tho lauguago sho uttered, but
tho soft voice in which it was conveyed
went directly to my heart, while tho natu
ral graco of her movements, graceful be
causo they wero natural, her unaffected ter
ror, conquered by her affection for her
youthful lord, spoke eloquently without
"Horsica," said I, in strong agitation,
'I cannot consent to the slaughter of this
interesting creature's youthful husband."
"And yet you will be tho murderer of
thirteen of your countiymen. I will not
accompany any other parly commanded by
boy this business requires men. If
this man is liberated, I shall instantly return
to tho commodore, and tell him that the
tears of women, aro estimated more than
the lives of your comrades."
This uttered in a harsh tone checked my
romantic feelings, particularly as I was ful
ly alive Io the importance of my prisoner
Then, said I, "speak in a consoling tone
to this afflicted girl. 0 that I could make
he: understand me! Say, her husband is
in no danger, and will be tenderly treated,"
and I took her fair hand to call her attention
to Horsica. "What he said I know not;
but the tone it was uttered in grated on my
hearing, and produced a wild hysterical
scream with a frantic movement to clasp
her husband. Tho orderlies, who had
bound the youth's arms, would haverepul
scd her, had I not called out in a loud tone,
"Monsters, dcsistl" and I hastened to un
bind his arms with which he clasped his
beautiful and youthful bride.
"Oh, myn Godt," said Horsica, "the
boy is mad! seize, and bind that prisoner
to the stoutest man that rides, and draw
mg near mo he hoarsely said, "Will you
load your soul with tho murder of thirteen
comrades, disobey vour orders and lose
your commission for a woman?"
I felt the good sense of this remark, tho'
it grated harshly on the excited state of my
mind, and I closed ray hand on my eyes to
shut out this cruel scene. The devoted and
affectionate girl was in an instant at my
feet, embracing my knees, and watering my
hands with her innocent tears, and I sham
ermy manhood by letting mine fall upon
her lovely head. Tho infernal hideous
voice of Horsica, "All is ready," roused
me to my duty, and as I tore myself from
her grasp her maddening shrieks harrowed
up every tender feeling in my heart, and
pulling my hat over my eyes, I sprang up
on my horse, and ordered a forward move
ment in double quick time. We reached
the boats, that had fortunately just touched
the beach, in time to pievent the ficicc at-
tackv of tho Dutch commodore's flying
camp whose vanguard hove iu sight as our
rear-guard rc-embarked. I threw myself
into La Fortune's barge witli the prisoner,
Smart, who came ashore in her as her of
ficer, and now, with his arms bound, faced
mo from tho bow of the boat. He main
tained a dogged and sullen silence, which
accorded well with my frame of mind. As
Horsica had urged on mo the necessity of
shootiinr the horses that had rendered us
such good seivicc, and somo angry altorca'
tion ensued, tho wliolo ot tlio prisoners
went oft' to La Franchise in the commodore's
barge, tho young burgomaster, looking pe
culiarv mournful at parting with me, his
only friend. Arrived on board the La For
tune, Captain Vansittart inquired with great
surprise the causo of his mates dogredation,
and on my explaining his conduct, expros
sed tho greatest horror and dctostation.
Wait till wo set sail," for the signal was
flying on board tho commdore, to hojst m
the boats, and make all sail; "and I will
teach him a lesson that ho shall longrcnjcm-
ber, Sir. Evans," addressing his clerk,
"disrato Mr. Smart to landsman," and to
tho first lieutenant "When tho signal is
oboyd turn tlio hands up for ' punishment,
and 1 will give that monster live dozen."
I afterwards hoard he punctually perform
ed his promise. I begged for the jolly-boat
to drop mo on board La Franchise, for I felt
most anxious to interest tho commodoro for
my young friend, tho burgomaster. This
request was complied with, and I stepped
on board La Franchise as she bore up for
Fort Amsterdam having directed the Rein
Deer, by signal, to cruize to windward of
tho island.
So many years havo elapsed that memo-
y's log docs not cpablo me to describe pre
cisely tho person qf the Hon. John Murray,
(whoso sister, Lady. Augusta, was married
to his Royal IIighnes3 tho Duke of Sussex,)
but I remember well, that on entering the
cabin of La Franchise, a tall slender gentle
man, much emaciated in person, and look
ing in extreme ill health, rose from his easy
chair, in which ho was rccliningin hisdres
singgown, and with courtly addiess answer
ed my, bow, saying, "You arc the officer, I
presume, who commanded last night's party
on shore.'
I again bowed (affirmatively;) ho resumed
his scat, and motioned me to take ono near
him. . ,
"I am far from well," said he, "and very
weak, which must be my apology for only
seeming rudeness.''
This was unnecessary, for a rrtqrc finish
ed gentlemen, with polished urbanity and
suavity of manner, it had never been my
good fortune to meet. ,
"From Horsica's report, I judged your
feelings wore too susceptible for the irk
some duly imposed on you."
"I hope, Captain Murray," I rejoined,
"that I carried your intentions hito execution '
in uiu musi luiu-jiu iHunuur auai r.iiuumaiiiii
ces would permit. Horsica's advjee appear
ed to me to spring from the disposition of a
demon, and I feel assured, not only from
your appearance, but from the high .charac
ter for humanity you bearj that were you,
sir, in my place, you would have acted in a
similar planner." 1 ;
He replied, "at your age I should, My
remarks are far from intending to convey
. T 11 '
any censure; on tne contrary, i nigmy ap
prove of the feelings you evinced, and have?
liberated the youngest of your prisoners, on
his promise to put the burgomaster's and
other letters in possession of the governor
in two hours. I have also addressed him,
with official information, that those, whom
the fortune of war, has placed in my power,
shall be hanged in sight of Fort Amstedam,
at the hour of noon, that is, should but ono
English prisoner suffer death in accor
dance with the proclamation the governor
had communicated to me."
"0 sir! would that you had been pleased
to have made the youthful burgomaslor the
messenger, perhaps It might have saved
from madness a lovely and most interesting,
female. Had you witnessed the .agony of
this picture of innocence and youthful beau
ty, as with clasped hands and , streaming
eyes she knelt at my feet, and with all the
devoted and intense affection of woman's
heart, implored for the safety of her youth
ful husband. Capt. Murray," I pursued,
"had tho world's welfare depended on his
death, you would havo liberated him." ,
The commodore here leaned his faco on
his hand, which prevented mo from reading
his mild and benignant countenance; but I
saw, from the excited state of his nerves
displayed by his agitation, that he was
strongly affected; and being warmed, I went
on to state the unutteiable miseiy and agony
of grief that sho was now suffering, conclu
ding with the following appeal. 0
"Captain Marry ,1 havo porirayed what 1
have scon; but for your future peace of mind,
and for your soul's sake, harm not that
young nian'o life." ( ..( ,(
The commodore raised his head with a
slight look of surprise, sighed very heavily,
and motioned mo to ring the bell Ho seemr
ed near fainting, and his servant presented
a restorative draught. lie again bowed to
me, which' I construing into a dismissal,
rose, and witli a low obeisance retired
heartly glad that 1 was riot loaded with Xiq
samo heavy responsibility that preyed so
much on his susceptible mind. , , . .
I found the squadron under a crowd of
sail, standing for Fort Amsterdam, distance
threoJcagues, with tho oxception of the
Rein Deer, who had hauled her wind, and
with tack, and half tack, took' short board