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8JlTVltli.1V, JUJVE 1838.
The idle litols in I'Mlailclphia.
The commotion in this once peaceful city, caus
'cd by the late disgraceful t iots, appears to havo almost
entirely subsided; not, however, without having
produced oh tho public mind, a deep and lasting
impression of the folly and madness of a few individ
uals attempting to bravo tho curront of public opinion
by enforcing their own peculiar doctrines and polr
cy, in opposition to the prejudices and often repeat
t.1 sentiments of tho great mass of society. That
every man has n free and undoubted right, un
'der our government and laws, to discuss any mcas.
tore of policy, or express any opinion ho may cn
tcrtain, at all times and in all places, if, by bo doing,
'lie docs not interfere with sound morals) and th'j
pcaco and happiness of his neighbor, no otto will
deny. But, whenever he touches llicso rights, he
oversteps tho bounds of reason and justice, and true
freedom of speech and action, and falls into licen
tiousness. It is not maintaining an " inalienable
right" of his own, but infringing Upon tho rights of
others. This is not UUrlV:
On the other hand, in no. case have wo a righl to
'take tho law into our own hands. It should always
be left to tho administration df the proper author!.
lies. To their decision wo should submit. But
by saying this, we do not Admit the right to arouso
tho passions and prejudices of tho people by cither
publicly discussing sentiments which they abhor,
or enforcing customs upon them, by precept 'or ex
'ample, which tliey consider as detrimental to tho
well being of their domestic firesides. Thus it was
with tho Abolitionists of the city. They knew
thev wcro Braving public opinion. They knew
that 'tho doctrines of Abolitionism and Amalgama.
tionism, as tatlght by them, was Universally de
tested bv tho community in which they were; and
thev must have been aware that tlieV were enkind
ling a flamo that neither law nor justice could con
trol, if they persisted in promulgating their doctrines.
But notwithstanding they did persist, and the con
sequences that followed, arc, in fact, of their own
seeking. We do not justify tlio, people in the
'city in tho course they pursued td put down these
fanatics ; they ought arid should bo punished ; but
.at the same time, we dd think that tlio principal
leaders of the Abolition cane, who wcro tho first"
Qccressors: should receive their reward from an
"equal hand of justice:
Federalists of '98 and Whigs of '33 the same.
Tho Whig Legislature of Connecticut lias chcted
General Kimberly; df New Haven U. S. Senator,
in the place of the Hon. JohnM.Nilcs, whoso term
"of service expires on tho 4th of March next. Gen,
Kimberly is endorsed by tho whigs throughout the
country as beinc sound and unchanging in his
whig principles." This is true. Gen. Kimberly
was a Federalist of tho John Adam's school, and
still glories in the principles of that party ; ho must
of course be a "sound and unchanging" whig, one
in whom that party can have the utmost confidence,
He will be a good acquisition to the Federal corpse
in tho Senate; for a man, who, for forty years has
steadily maintained tho principles of that party.
will not bo likely to abartdon them now;
Tho dovemor has issued his proclamation offer
ing a reward of $500, and the Miyor of the city of
Philadelphia, $2000, each, for the apprehension and
tonviction of tho participators iri the burning of the
Pennsylvania Hall:
Tho West Branch Bank, at Williamsport, has
commenced operations. Many of the notes are al
ready in circulation. John Cdweri, Esq. President,
T. Coryell, Cashier.
A barn in Kingston, Luzerne county, belonging
loCapt. A. P. Winchcll, was destroyed by firo a
few days since. Fire supposed to have originated
from a lighted cigar being carried into the born
Loss estimated at $200 besides tho building.'
We once knew a loafer who was guilty of all
manner of tricks to obtain a living without work
kecuso an honest neighbor of being thecauso of his
degradation. Why sol says the neighbor. You
have exposed my character. Thus it is with the
Federal party.- Th'o Democratic party, by exposing
the selfishness of their political career, havo thrown
them out of power, and the course they havo pur
sued to regain it, has rendered them still more ob
noxious. And liko the loafer, they would like to
cast tlio odium of their guilt upon tho shoulders of
those who have heretofore exposed their conduct,
and now prevent them from usurping tho rights of
the peopl6,
An Irishman by tlio name of John O'Neal, of
Kingston, was committed to jail in Wilkcsbarrr,
.Luicmo county, a few days since, for attempting
to kill his wife in a drunken' frolic.
Mclancholi.A. liltto daughter nf Mr.
Barnes, of Norfolk, was bitten by a favor
ite spaniel about five weeks since, ami tlio
wound healing over no further notice was
taken of it; but at tlio beginning of last week
its most horrid form, which terminated in
its death in a few hours.
The New York Gazette says "Frank
Johnson, the celebrated colored- musician,
arrived with his band from London in tlio
Philadelphia. Tho visiters of Saratoga, to
whom Frank is favorably known, Will be
glad to hear that ho takes his old station at
Hi'o springs this summer, prepared lo greet
tnem with iionuon s latest, and in improved
Imposing Spectacle. The Lowell Ad
vertiser states that a concourse of peorile,
probably four thousand in number, assem
bled upon the banks of the Concord rivdr
on Sunday aftcrnodii; td witness the admin
istration of baptisih by the Methodists to
about sixty persons.
Murder. A mulatto; named Miller, was
murdered on Saturday, at Duncan's Island,
in the Sus'quekannaii, it is believed, by tho
keeper of a public house there, named Sil-
hammer, who had accused him bf robbing
his bar of gome change. Silhammer was
seen near him, and Miller was observed to
fall, having been stabbed in the breast.
ThtJ supposed murderer is in Perry couilty
The Jails in Texas are Said to be secured
by doors of linden plank, with a hasp arid
staple, fastened with a boiled carrot.
The Liverpool merchants liave formed a
company with a capital df 500,000, of 20.
000 shares of ib each. Four steam ships
are td bo built, of 1000 tons each, which
are to keep up the communication between
the two countries every lortnight;
Upwards of thirty thousand pounds of
maple sugar have been manufactured in
banuwich, New Hampshire, tho present
year, besides large quantities in Lisbon,
Franconia and the neighboring towns. The
maufacture is far beyond tlio consumption
in those towns.
A man in New Jersey ale. a shad raw on
a wager oi live uoiiais. lie must have a
scaly stomach.
A. Mr: Lu'sk, of Columbus, Ohio: has in
vented a self propelling machine, which,
when placed in the water; will go up stream
o'r down as fast as a steamboat;
Thb battle of Bunker Hill lasted four
hours, steady popping. It began between
two and three e. . and continued till after
six in the evening a long time for ono to
stand up and be shot at.
Tfeniihdous Hail Storm Ono df thb
New Orleans paper's states, tin the authori
ty of a gentleman fiom Alexandria, on the
lied River, that a shower of hail stones re
cently fell there, which on an average were
as big as, hen's eggs. Vdts be to those whb
were Walking 111 straw Hats.
The GirarJ Bank has subscribed for brie
hUhdred thousand dollars of the temporary
Idan of tho state, authorized by the Act bf
Assembly of the 14th April last, at ail in
terest of 4 percent perarinurri.
Proiiint: Mr; Frederick Sanders has
just been tried at Clevclarid, for grand lar
ceny, and sent to tho penitentiary tor six
vears. Sanders committed the offence bh
Friday night oii Saturday was arrested
and an indictment found against him by the
grand Jury on Monday ho was tried and
convicted, arid on Tuesday sentenced:
The Prince de. Joiriville; "son bf Louis
Philippe, King of the French, attended by
several French officers, arrived in this city
yesterday. We regret to learn that the
Prince's stay will be veiy short, His Ume
being limited on account of the necessity of
his early return to Europe. Hq has taken
lodging's at Brown's Hotel. Globe.
Gen. Hunt, tho Texan Minister, left this
city for Texas on Wednesday last. This
gentleman made a very favourable impres
sion on all who formed his acquaintance
during his residence here. It is not oxpect
cd that he will immediately return to resume
his functions near this Goverment.
Fairfax Callett, esq. has been left Charge'd
Affaires ad interim Ibid.
Negro Suffrage. -Tile Hodse of Rep
resentatives of Connecticut, by a vote of
105 to 33, havo refused to recommend the
expunging of the word "white" in that
clause of tho constitution which specifies
who shall be entitled to vote;
Quite Unparalleled, A man recently died
in the neighborhood of Cornwall, U. . C,
by the name of John1 Tio, being one hun
dred years 6f age,' leaving seventeen chil
dren, one hundred and eight grand children,
and seventy-seven great grand children.
Ho and was engaged against General Wolf
at tho battle of Quebec.
Dislresing Atciderii.-on Saturday fast,
while a number of persons were engaged in
raising thb stceplo of a new Church in
Madison on nearing the completion, some
of tho timbers or suppbrts" gave way, and
the structure fell to tho ground, by which a
Mr. Fierce and a Mr. Smith were instantly
killed, we could not learn their Baptismal
names, but ono of them belonged to Wat
crbury, the other to Madison.
Haven Herald.
From the N. Y Jouthal of Commerce.
Tho following extract of a letter from
Florida would mako it appeat probable that
tho war is again about to bo ended.
Tampa Bay, April 24.
"Every thing is in commotion here. The
Cherokee order arrived last nieht. Col.
Smith has somo 107 Indians. Col. Taylor
49 or 50, and captain Monroe has Alligator
and most of his people at Pease Creek. The
Indians appear to be inclined to emigrate; it
is manifested by their coming in. There
arc about 200 Indians here, and it is thought
about 4uu more will shortly be in. Tins
Will diminish their force consequently iri
the field, so you perceive there is a prospect
of tho term nation of the war."
P. S. A younjr Naval officer has iust ar
rived here (Washingtori,)rro'm Tampa Bay,
which no leu on mc 'tin nisi, just previous
to leavincr, an exnrdss arrived from Gen.
Taylor at Fort Gardner, stating that 400
Scminolcs, men, women, and children had
come in and surrendered to him. Tliey be
longed to the bands of Alligator and Coa-
choochc. My mlormant thinks there are
not more than 250 warriors out; but thoy
aie of thb most determined character.
Some three or four express riders havo
been recently killed, ono at Fort Arm
strong one at Fort King, and one near Fort
A few days since, some lb or 14 Indians
attacked about the samo number of soldiers
belonging to tho garrison at Micanomy,
whilo bathing in a ppnd and killed three,
and severely wounded one.
A horribta affair occurred in New York
a. few days since. A woman named Sarah
Kerrin, perished under the following cir
cumstances: "It appdared that Kerriri arid his httoily,
consisting of a wife and two children, a
few days since moved into town from Har
leam, and located in appartntents in a house
on 3d avenue', si couple bf doors abdvb 7th
street. The testamony of several who
know tHem is somewhat al variance, some
attributing to the husband, and some to the
wife, habitual drunkenness; but they agree
in one thing, to wit, that the husband was
grossly drunk on Saturday eveningj add thb
Wife wa3 not sober. Between 9 ind 10
o'clock on that evening a woman.resdingin
the house passed through the entry, Where
she found Kerrin seated with his two chil
dren; and when she passed the ddor of their
room, which was ajar, she perceived that the
room was unusually light; arid filled with
smoke. She asked Kerrin what was the
cause? to which hp answered, 'ph nbthing,
only my wife is burning!" The wornan
entered the room ana tound the wretched
wife lying on the floor, her clothes nearly
burned olfofher, and her body-in a dreadful
condition from tho effects of the firo. She
instantly alarmed the neighborhood, arid the
miserable moman was soon relieved of her
smouldering garments; ahd the fire, which
had communicated to the ddor and a trunk,
was put out. DUrihg all this time Her un
natural husband did not movp a finger to
assist, but appeared w.holly indifferent to
what was transpiring;
"The deceased, though mosi horribly burm
cd about the chest, breast, shoulders and
arms, was not wholly insensible after being
relieved from the horrible situation in which
she was found, and she at that time stated
that her husband had set her clothing on
firo by throughing a lighted candle in her
lap" ..
Life on Wheels'.- The Messrs Lyons,
Coach Makers of tliis city, are building a
small moveable village for the Utica and
Syracuse Railroad. This company havo
now oh their road Iwo steam engines which
drive the piles upon which the road is built
aud saw them bfl' at tho proper level, the
rails arc then laid, and the road completed
as they go along.
The 'village,' consisting of d number of
neat looking cottages; is to be placed on tho
road in the redr of the pile-drivers, for
dwelling houses for tlio mechanics and la
borers on the road. Improvements will
never stop; arid we shall yet see the time
whert one. may take a tea-kettle in his hand,
put a few chips in his pocket, get astride of
a broomstick and go where he pleases:
Utica Democrdt.
Severe Sentence. Tho Wilmington
(Del) Gazelle says "The trial of John
Kennedy, who was arrested a few weeks
ago in this citv on a charge of robbing Mr.
Thomas Vandever, while on his way to
market, Wasjjlosed on Wednesday last when
tho jury retumed a verdict df guilty. He
was yesterday Sentenced to pay the state a
fine of five hundred dollars, to stand on tho
pillory for the space of one hour, shall be
publicly whipped with thirty-nine lashes on
tho bare back well laid on, imprisoned for a
term of two years, and upon expiration of
such imprisonment, to be disposed of as a
servant to the' highest and best bidder or
bidders for the term of ten years."
The soldiers are sent to watch the Cana
dians, but who are to watch the soldiers?
They aro uncertain people it seems from
the folldwing :
Desertion of d ibhdle company. The
"Queen's Own,' a company stationed at
Now MarKet; Upper Canada, safely arri
ved in our harbor last night, heartily sick of
the Queen's service, They had to' travel a
good many miles through the woods before
they could got an opportunity to cross tho
Lake, during which time they sold their
guns to good Radicals to obtain provisions,
Rochester Democrat,
HarrishiTg and Lancaster Hail-road.
Tho tunnel on this road is now nearly
finished and they will in afewdays be ablo
to pass through, tliUB completing tho com
munication from this place to Philadelphia:
This will lessen the time of traveling and
especially, In stormy weather render it more
pleasant, as the passengers hav6 for some
l.. i i? .j i, . i
iiinu uuuu oougcu to wain, over me tunnel.
Great credit is due td tho managers df this
road and to the enterprising contractor Mr.
n r-i .t. ! i.
this tunnel has been executed. It is bnd ot
tuiuaiii uuiuuruu lur uiu manner in wnicn
tho finest specimens of workmanship of the
uinu we oeusve in the union. Key stone.
Jl Hard Place. Mr. James Black, beinir
interrogated upon his oath, before Allegany
county court how long a man could live in
Old-town, in that county, without fighting?
answered "Tho. Angel Gabriel himself
could not help fighting if ho wero to live
A Decided Move. It is stated in the Cin
cinnati Gazette, that near two hudred voters
Harden county, Ky., have published a
pledge tliat they will vote 'for no candidate
wlio treats at elections, or suffers others to
do it for him, directly or indirectly. A lit
tle more of such nerve would mako election
treats unfashionable'. Good.
MARRIED On Tuesday evening the 29th Ult.
by tho Rev. J. D. Patterson, Mr. ENOCH WOL
VERTON, of Rush, Northumberland County, to
Miss NANCY, daughter of Mr. James M'Ninch,
of Dcrry, Columbia county.
On last Sunday, by the Rev. D'. S. Tobias, Mr.
of Scidletown, this County.
"Aye this is love, tho steadfast and the true!"
On Thursday, 19th ult. by the Rev. Joel Ander
son, Mr. ROBERT PARKS, of Indiana, to Miss
OBLIA DILL, of Williams county.
Twenty five years ago, Mr. P. courted the lady
whom he has. now married and was accepted by her.
Parental interference broke off the match, and pre
vented theft Union at that time. , Twelve years af
terwards ho.saw her and renewed tho engagement.
Uircumstances prevented their meeting until very
recently, but true to their engagement neither party
over married until last night, when was consuma
ted in happiness, the early pledgo of their youthful
hearts. Wo give them our best wishes for a pleas
ant prosperous pilgrimage through life. Franklin
DIED In Liberty township, iti this coiihty, on
the 28th of April last, MICHAEL DEARMOND,
a Soldier of tho Revolutionary war, aged ono hun
dred and fivo years.
V a good quality, by lO lOO 1000
or lOOOO fresh burnt, and laying near
the Canal i or sale by ,
Bloomsburg, June 2, 1838;
Found near this village, has been left at tills of
fice. Tho owner can have it upon app!ication,and
paying for this advertisement.
Juno 2.
f BjnllE subscribers offer their
remainihrr sloclc of
Goods at COST, till
Friday Saturday, the 15th WhJtine
neit, on which days they will offer at
Dry Goods, Groceries, Q'tieens Ware,
Hard Ware,
in shor, every variety of Sloro Goods;
SALT by the Bushel or Barrel,
LIQUOR of all kinds by tho Barrel;
SUGAR by the Barrel,
NAILS by tiie Keg, &c. &c.
All thosp rA'VEBTHV will do well to call and
make settlement, on or before tho lGthday of June,
after .which timb all accounts unsettled will be put
into tho hands of a Justice of tho Peace for immedi
ate collection.
Bloomsburg, May 26, 1838.
JUST received, and for sale, a quantity of first
rate STONE COAL, by
Bloomsburg, May 26.
Mais! Mais!
JUST Received an Assortment of the
latest New York stylo of Drab, Black, Russia,
Silk and Fur Hats, of various qualities and prices,
from 2 Dollars to Dollars.
Bloomsburg1, May 20i
PALM Soap. 3 or 4 kinds of shaving Soap,
Wash Balls, and Ladies' soap, for sale at trie
cheap Drug store, by
D. S. TOBIAS, in Bloomsburg.
Have bten performed in this city, and
throughout the country.
ton. LEXDY'S
BEING a conccnlraVcd fluid extract of Sarspa
rilla, combined Willi .dther vcgctablo extracts,
which renders it as a medicine, of great utility in the
cure of all diseases arising from the impurities of
the, blood frorrj indiscretions ..arid iroprudencies in
life, and constitutional diseases formed or produced
by tho Injudicious liso of mercury, Arsenic, bark, or
quinine. In short, it is un invaluable remedy for all
Rheumatic Affections, Gcncrul Debility Ulcerous
Sprcs, Whito, dwellings, Diseases of th'p ivsr and
Skin, Ulcerated sore throat, Ulcers of tho Nose, Ca
ries of the diseases qf the Bones, Scrofula or King's
Evil, Erysipelas or St. Anthony's Fire, and all un
pleasant and dangerous- affecUons consequent to
Syphilis, Lucas Venereal, &, ,
So effectual has this medicine been in the cure of
various diseases fur. whiqh, .it is recommended, Uiat
ii is lar superceding an otner preparations of Sarepa
rilla, Panacea &c.
It is now employed by numerous physicians and
has been introduced by them into many hospitals,
infirmaries, &c. throughout tho United States.
It is a preparation of greater strength (conse
quently of greiter efficacy) than any other extract
nuw mauo, is also mucn cheaper, being but one dol
lar per bottle; which is sufficient to make one Gal
lon ol Hyrup of fearsparilla, and is bought by dif
ferent druggists for that purpose.
Numerous certificates havo been received and.
published from time to timo, but in consequence of
iiiu tjiL-ui. i-ajiviisu aiicnuing newspaper publication
of tliem, the most incredulous can be convinced of
tho superior efficacy or Dr. Lcidy's medicated Sars'
parilla, by calling at Lcidy's Health Emporium,"
No. 101, North second strcc; below Vine, sign of
the Golden Eagle and Serpents, whero certificates
and references can be given to hundreds .of instances
of tlio most remarkable cures ever performed by any
'medicine. .
Prepared only and sold Wholesale and Retail al
Dr. Lcidy's Health Emporium, Bd street, below
Vine, No. 191.
. . D. S. TOBIAS".
Bloomsburg, 'June 2, 1838'.
The Tictory Won,
FTBR Jong, tedious, and expensive experi
ment,. Dr. Leidv has discovered a method
whereby tho virtue of Vie Sarsaparilla is extracted.
so as to bo formed into Pills without destroying ifs
Innumerable attempts have lieen .made to accom
plish this important object, but all failed. It is im?
portant, because Ae Sarsaparilla, as, a medicine, in
all diseases to which .mankiqd is subject product
iveKof more real good, tlidn the wtioie catalogue df
mcdicino in Use.' . ,
Ask all resp'ectablo pHysiciana the quesdon,
'What is th'o most effectual purifier of the blood, and
the most popular medicine uscd1",they .will answer
unanimously, Sarsaparilld. What better roconl'.
mendatidn con be asked 1 t ,
. . . . DR; LEIDY'S .
Price, Twenty-five Cents a Box.
They must surely command a preference, for they
are not composed of .Sarsaparilla alone, but contain',
in a concentrated stae,- in th.e form of a 'pill, thq
virtues of the .principal ingredients cpntained iu the
compound fluid, extracts, syrups, and other prepara
tions of Sarsaparilla.
They are highly recommended by numerous pliyi
Kiciahs, and others, (sec directions around each bot
tle; in
Rheumatic, Affcctidns,
Schrofula Erysipelas,
Jaundice, Heartburn
Diseases of tho Livcr,skin
bones and glands.
Pain of the sides, along
the back and spine o
ver the region of the
heart and stomach.
Inward fevers, bad taste
iti the mouth, fo'u breath
Flalulenevl Indiircstion.
Dice- ous sores of the noso
throat and body. ,
Scaly Eruptions and
blotches of the skin. l
Dry and watery pimples
and pcsiulcs of the
face and body.
Tetter and ringworms.
iSwqllings.and hardening
of the glands of tho
neck, in the groins,
breast. &c.
Stomach Coughs,
Liver complaint.
Sour eructations and Acid
. ities of the stomach
Want of appetite;
and all tho whole train of diseases resulting from
impurity of tho blood, constitutipnal diseases pro
"duced by.Mcrcury. or other minerals, dr tlio conse
quence of Syphilh , Luei Venerea, &jc.
For convenience' of takirig, as wed as making but
Small bulk, being in' flat squara boxes, convenient
for carrying in tho pocket oi. for travelling purpose ,
they must be preferable to all other preparations of
Sarsaparilla. . . m
For sale, Wholesale and Jctail at Dr. Lcidy's
HcaltliEmporiurd, 2nd ncarVirie strcctjPhiladelphia,
For sale hj D. S. TOBIAS.
THE. Books and Accounts of John S( Ingram'
have been placed in my hands for. collection.
All persons indebted to him for subscriptions to the
' Columbia Democrat," or for Advertising and
Jobs, are requested to make payment to the under
signed lefure the first of July next, as after that
date, I am instructed to institute legal proceedings
for the collection of the same,
Bloomsburg, May 26, 1838;
Gentlemen 'end Ladies come
the handsome
look at
RENCH double rectifiel,and scented with tKa
Otto of Rose, fur salp, at
Tobias's Health Eniporiuni.
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for salo at the Health Emporium by
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JSpiritsTerpehtiiio, Cocoa prepared Chocolate
for sick people. A fresh supply for sajo at the Health
Emporium in Bloomsburg, by
EltCURIAL Ointment, Sulphur do, Siriinla
do. Percipcda'to do. Red, Cetrin do. Tarlar
Kinetic do, mid nil other kinds of Ointments, for
salt) ut tho Health Emporium, by
D. S. TOBIAS, in Bloomsburg.
(gJMOKED HERRING, Sugar crackers, ahd Wa
w3 ter crackers, for rale by
U, S. TOBIAS, in Bloomsburg.