The Columbia Democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1837-1850, April 28, 1838, Image 1

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l have sworn upon the Altar of Cod, eternal Hostility t. emj form f Tyranny o,cr ti c ,,d of Ma,,.'ThomaUcflcren.
rViiJiibcr li
'a.T Do'jn to Rotilfox'a SrAonVOrricfc
rorjr.nwM JiEMOCIMT w)ll be
j)r''l"ht,i rrmi vtiuniay mormng,ni
J fflf ycrtrhf i a hance, or Two DatlahA
o nibxrrlpiton null betaken for n shorlci
t, " o fn nix months ; nor any aiscom
tii.vanre permitted, until all urrearagee
ore disrhurn'l.
hinrjHirirEMF.KTS not exceeding a
square ieiH be conspicuously inserted at
One Dollar for he first thice insertions,
an I Ticcn'yfiDc tents for every stibse
qwii' nserfioin liberal discount
f tha 'c o 'hose i6ho nlvrrtisc by the year
'JXTTERS u Idrc.iscd on business, must
bciost paid.
From the rialtinioro UhrOnieriC...
oiajr of hc American 2jiHv-
Our hearts tire with our native hud,
Our son,': U for her glory;
Ilcr warrior's wreath is in our hand,
Our Hps broatho out her story.
Her lofty hills and valleys green
Arc smiling bright before us;
Anil liko a rainbow eign is seen
Her proud flag waving o'er U.
And there are smiles upon our lips
For thosu who meet their foomen,
I Tor glory's star knows no eclipse
Whrn smiled upon by woman.
iFor those who bravo tho mighty deep,
And scorn and threat of danger,
pYYVvo Exiles to cheer and tcaia to weep
For cvVry ocean ranger.
)nr hearts are with our native land,
I Our sonV- is fur her freedom; ,
M pwi Arrtfor Uc galiftnj.lml.
,wlu. C bono. 'II leikd"''srii)'
Wc love c taintless air'wcfnsalhc,
. Tls f atom's endless power,
We'll U ic fir him a fadelet? wreath o
Who Iwns a tyrant's power.
They ttffif Francs's beauties rare,
Of 11 flK.V nrn.l ,!.,!, I,.r..
... , - ............,,
ipf ScotBid's lasses KnglainL's fair,
V lifid not all tlicir boasted charmi,
'1 Vwjh lords above thi-m hover;.
Our ji)y lies in Freedom's arms,
A nccman for a lover.
Tm th4 Itoeton Transcript.
Tis mv
Vet boldljU
With the olinncsAof Cuto,
My fork i I my ha
ISA one in te balketl
M (tt you alsVgo1
. (yllh sorrowll a'k it,)
Slill I peel yelpr nol
I rould rnlLh a eolJ
I in hungrt I find
You mayfjo to the Old One!
'vo madtjupmy mind.
Mniioavciit: to la ye
Atjoncc to the ground,
Sctj'na crud ; I'll math yc!
Perhaps f
c re uiwound!
LiJ's make an IikJi
( 11 ere a no need fo peel yc,) '
'TliU let in tho lition,
To jjdge if yo'crc mealy. ,
How wholesome! how turfy
JUtfiells through the mUt! 1
JCJood bye, my swi cl JIurph'yl
Oh, who could rcustl
blest Eden,
had been
oils tho forbidden,
Nhould have Mn.
For who in hts senses,
Would long lo in doubt,
'Twjtt narthaiul potatoca,
Or Kdcn withbuU
md nelf-sufficicnry generally proceed
' ricucc of tho World and ignorance of
j8 lately foughtyt Dahimoro between
Fiiey Weapon, fists anil finger nails cause,
ilp luileliate by om ol tucm resnoctiug
o aedtlt Uiq folks " did ut kiuw which was
lJfltirin Keitzer was acrutomed to spend !
the Fiunninr ut ;i fh.iriniiijr villi), fitu:itti) to
n inoft roiilantir part of (tcriiiaiiy, a enn
siilernlilu distance From thu ntnin 1 1 is
ensile, fliaiulinc al tin tup of nn oiniiifiicR,
corri'spontliiijr with liiw lari- forltincj it w.'is
iirtntiB ninl flcfiunt, nnil siluniril some
nvu-p(l yards tlistant irom the village winch
lirVnircd' io it.
LvtjiiU'ss ohlijred tlio Damn to quit tho
castlMjir a fpw ilnya, anil lo leave his lady,
a yoitrXtuiil cliarniiug wninon, umler the
proteeiii of liia most fniililul ficrvauls.
Ilo had Mt linelt absent ahiAe two days,
when, as Wo baroncs was just tjoing" to
bdl, a stidifeVoise was heard in an adjoin
injr apariiiiem yJhu called for her servanls
lint no answer vins returned, while tin;
iv ise (jn w lou.lrfuvory iniiiii(c. Not be
ing able to c"o'iei what could he the
raiife of ihls unusuaVinroar she slipped on
a niglit pown, autl to the door to see
wllat coul.' o casion UfkS increasing noise.
Any women less imjtaid than herself,
would have tainted at t'a), dreadful sight
.WlW,-J1iewf)cheld on'rjli.WS ihe door,
I wnnt her man servants lay halt tiaXuon
the (lour, with ihcir brai is tla.--l;ed out;"the
whole apartment was lilled with strange
men of a most horrid aspect; her woman
was kneeling before one of them, and in
that very moment was pierced through the
heart by one of the midnight minus.
When the doot was opened, two of these
barbarians rushed towards it wild drawn
swords. What man, however great bis
courage, would not have been appalled by
terror, and either attempted to save biinteif
by flight, or throwing himself prostrate at
the feet of the robbers, have conjured thoni
in save his life! Jiut the baroness neted
'Are yon here at last?' exclaimed she,
with apparent rapture, flying towards her
aggressors with an eagerness that surprised
them, and made them pause, just as they
were ready to strike the fatal blow. 'Are
(vim lutrit tittl'idl i Vfliiittiofl tli rtiwc tnin
lors like you
"'Wished!' voarcdloutono of the hiutder
ors 'what do you mean by that? I'll teaeb
He brandished his cutlass; but his com
rade arrested his arm.
'Whip a moment brother, let us hear what
she wants ol us.
'Nothing else, my bravo lads, but what
is agreeahluto yourselves. 1 see )ou have
made quick work here. You are men of
my own mind, and you will not lcpeiit it,
if you will listen quietly to 'mo for a lew
'Speak!' exclaimed the whole erew.
'Speak! but hebtief, vociferated tho most
terrible of them; 'for we shall soon scud
you after your people;'
'1 doubt much whether you will, said
thu l.uly alter you hear what 1 have to say.
'I am married to ihe wealthiest
in ihe country, but the wifu of the mcaiiu&i
licggard cannot be more miserable man
iiiybelf, as my tyrant is thu meanest and
must jealous wretch on earth. - 1 halo him
more bitterly than words can express,
and have long been anxious of breaking my
letlurs, and paying my l rant in liioouu
coins, 1 shuiild lime eloped long ago, li.ui
I. been able lo liilect my escape. ' Aly ser
vaiils are all ln spies., and that fellow yon
der, whose skull you have so bravely Han
dled, was the worst of all. My loimcntor
oven compels mu lo sleep alone. 1 urn but
twenty two years old and may, al least
flatter myaull of iiotbeing loudly ueaiitut.' of
parbimji cliurms, eiiould any one ol you
do willing lo take me with nun, 1 Mioutd
not hesitate to lollow Imu; ..o mailer uheiii
er Ins lesideiict! bo in a cavern or a Milage
alu-iiouse. Nor will you repent of hating
saved my lifu. You ate in a easilu auipiy
stored Willi (r.Jiw, but it is impossmle
you can be acquainted with every secret
iclcss in it. 1 will discover lliem loyou,
and jou may treat mu as you have (reared
my woman, it this Ucscmery iloes not nuke
yoil six ihonsaiid dollars riouer.
Kotitiurs of this discripiiou are indeed
villains ol ihu blacKesi dyo, but net ei the
less they cease mil lu be men. 'i'ho un
expected leuurof tlicir priboner's addios
ihe inoru ihau couiiuoii cliurms ufaouug
female, only slightly ilret.sud all ibis pro
duced most singular tllccit in iln hearts of
iiiuii wlne hands were just niuiued with
blood. They formed a ring, and consulted
apart for a lew miiiuios. The baroncs
stood some distance, but made not tho loan
attempt to escape; she heard several of
lliem say, 'Down Willi lierf ami tho faive
w ill bu ui nn imlt' lint it scarcclv cbaiiL'ed I
. 7 .' . . " t
hercolour, assho also reniurU-d, on li.o
other hand, thai Ibis proposal Was o gee ted
toby the rest. One ot llie band, who'
Beottitxl to Iw eantaia of tjko boaditti now J
en t iin to Irer anil nbkfil her if her worda I
niuhtl.erehcMlon; whether see was really;
desirous ofelopum from her lord anil aecoui-,
I , . 1
paiiyiiij; iliem & wlictherslie wns willing to
summilcr her peisoh m any one for ryijoy- '
? ,v.,U r.',,,1,e'1 ! n""Stioi)3
in inii ainrmaiivc
ami not only endured, ;
mu ruiurnuu llie KISS Ol I in in iberi
what does not extreme necessity excuse,
Having by these means gained 'the confi
dence )f the robbers, their lender said to
her 'Come, then and show us the se
cret tcccssos of the eastlejl know it is dan
gerous to rely on ihe sincerity of woman
or your rank -we shall venture it for once,
but on may rest assured I will cleat e vour
head lo ihe shoulders, though it were ten
times more charming, if you make the least
attempt to escape, or iuipic-c upon us.'
''Mien my bead will he perfectly .safe,' re
plied the baroness, smiling, as if she really
burned with an eagerness for plunder, and
a long wiKiicii lor escape.
Snatching up a candle.shu conducted them
lo every apartmeni; opening every door,
closet and chest, unasked; assisting in
emptying their contents; diverting ihu rob
bers with Ihe most jovi.d sallies of humor;
jumping with apparent indifference over the
dead bodies of her mangled servant; coii
YeTMnjj with every one of these plunderers,
as if thcywvrc old acquaintances and man
ifesting a degreOHif satisfaction that could
not but remove evefVuspicion.
IMtite, money, jewls, uii'Lcvery thing val
uable that could be found wereiww collec
ted, and the captain ordered his ban'fylo pro
pale instantly for quittinu the castlevllen
his intended mistress suddenly luid hohfof
his arm. ;
'Did I nol tell you,' exclaimed she, that
you would nol repent of "having saved my
life, and that I should prove nnself your
ical friend, you aro dexterous enough m
emptying the chests j on liud open, but
yourhiix ejes could never discover the
secret recesses of Ibis castle.
'Reciei.' what? wheref"' eageruly reclaim
ed the whole band.
'Ho you imagine,' rejoitxylV"; harDivcsM.i.
that t!fv5ft)Liv.isf
Iftihlcaiiii'ies CoiilVift m setffet icissi'-g
-mc;, nefe, ami yiiu will bojn see Jinl.
bliitiljyou Mere.' So saVifi, i$ie baroneL
pointed to a secret siriii!i in the baroirs
writing desk. The roblieis ojued it, aijd
shouted with joy and astonishment on dis
covering six mittens each containing two
hundred ducats. ,
'Uravo!' exclaimed ihe captain, 'I see
now lliat thou art an excellent woman, thou
shall Ic-Jtl tho hie ol a duchess.'
'You Will he stiil better pleased with me,'
interrupted she, laughing, 'when 1 show
you ihe last, but principle hoared of my ty
rant. 1 can easily preecivu thai your spies
have informed you ol his absence: but lull
me have ihev also told von that he received
the day before vesturday, ten thousand dot
Noi a sy'l dilc, where aro they?'
'Under lock and ke , ou would never
have found thu non chest in which they
are, were 1 not leagued Willi you. l'ollow
uie couirads, we have made clear work a-
bote ground, let us see what we can do un
der giouud. l'ollow me in the cellar.
The robbers followed her, but look the
precaution to guard against any Midden sur
prise In polling a sentinel al the entrance
of tho cellar, which was secured h asuou"
iron trap door. The baroness pretended to
t.ike no notice ol this, leading the band on
ward to the most rumoui recesses of the
spacious cellar, Having unlocked the door
a large iron chest was diseoveied in a cor
ner; 'Here,' said she giving a bum h ofkey s
to the caplam, 'It v whether you can open it
and take its contents in Imu of a dowrv, if
you obtain ihuconseti of yimr-coinpauious,'
Tho robber tried one key idler another,
but none lilted tho keyhole. 'Lei the try,'
said she, 1 hope I shall bu more succussml.
1 fear least the dawn of morning Hah!
bah! 1 now eouccivo why neither you, nor
myself can open it. Excuse my mistake
welcome us your visit is io me, the joy of
your imexpacted arrival has, nevertheless
disconcerted me a little, I have taken the
wro ig bunch of keys. patience only
two minutes 1 will bu back in a trice,'
With these words she ilo w up tho slairs,
and In font two mmtiles were elapsed, thu
sound of her footsteps was already heard
from the court yard. On coming near llie
cellar dour, she exclaimed with pretended
joy, thoimh out ofbrualh.'l have it! I have
loimd it! ami in tlio same moment ooumi
od suddsuly against the seuiiniil at the en
trance ihrowimr him heudlong down the
cellcr slairs. The trap door was bulled
with the quickness of lightuini and the
whole baud were encaged In Ihe cellar. All
ibis was tho work of a moment. In the
i ,i ,..,. ,.. ,.,.,, vr.l ei.i.
n-si j.l.icc she b-w over lie i-mirl-j ard, set
ting lire to a soliury stable lull ol stiatv an I
bay, and the dunes bLized instantly aloit,
Tho viitfihtuan ia tlio oeyurxuv vmacob-iaiWvk
served Ihe blaze, and rung tho alarming
bell. In a few momenta the castle yanl
was crowded with neasants. Tl,,. hmL
iovhiuu Willi llUilS.11113,
ordered sonic of them to
flames, while she. conducted' theTest to the
baron's armory, and havint: tlistrihuied
swords and flre anna amonust them, desi
red them lo surround the cellar and the
ord. rs were obejed, and not otic of the band
escaped his well merited l'aie.
Not many I, ours ago, I heard Uncle Hen
jamin discussing this mailer lo his son, who
was complaining of the pressure, Uely
upon it, Sammy,' said llie old man, us he
leaned on his Malfvviih bis gray Jocks flow
ing in the breeze of a May morning, '-murmuring
pays no bills. 1 have been an ob
server any lime Litis lifiy years, and I never
saw a man helped out oV 'a hole by cursing
his horses. JJe as quiet as you can, for
nothing will grow uudei a moving harrow,
ami discontent harrows llie .nind. Mailers
are bad, 1 acknowledge, but no ulcer U any
the better fur fingeiiug. The more you
groan the poorer you grow.
' Hepining at los.-es is only putting pep
per into a sore eye. Crops will fait in an
soils, and wc may be thankful that we have
not a famine, besides 1 always took no
tice, tliat whenever 1 felt the' rod smart
ly, it was as ninth as to say, 'Here is some
thing which 1 have got lo learn.' Sammy,
duilt forget that your schooling is nol ovei
yet, though Von have' a wife and two chil
dren.' ' Aye,' said Sammy, you may gay that,
it ii-iiotlier-iH-)aW and two apprentices into
thu bargain; and I should like loknow what
a poor man uattJearn heie. when ihe great
est scholars and law ers are at logger-heads,
and cant lot their lit eVltdl what has become
of the hard money.
Softly, y.iinuiy, I am of?!S'han you.
1 have not got these gray liairssJjd ' this
crooked back, without some burdeiV
yearling or a' wheat Ian and when the Jer-
fcey women used thorns for piiiS and laid
their tea pots away in the garret, l cu may
rtEary ljjenc seven things :
I'irst, iliat yffU have rfvc( loo little, and
spent loo much. I never taught von io be
a miser, oui i nave seen votl giv ing your
dollar for a 'notion, when you might have
laid one hall aside tor charily, and one hall
aside for a rainy day.
' Sccoiujiy, that on have gone too nun !
upon credit. I always told you credit was
a shadow; it shows thai there' is a siibstam e
behind, which casts the shadow; but
small body may casta greater shadow; ami
no wise mail) will lollow the shaduw'aiiv
further than he can see the substance. You
may now learn that you have followed ihe
opinion and fashion of oihers, until von
have been decoyed into a bog.
l ninny, iijat j on have been in inn
much haste to become rich. Slow and ea
sy, wins the race.
' Fourthly, that no course of life can he
depended upon as rdvtavs prosperous. 1
am afraid the younger race ol working men
in America have Inula notion that nobody
would go to ruin on this side lite vaer.
I'rovinence has greatly blessed us, but we
hate become presumptuous.
Fifthly, thiii you have not been thankful
enough lo God, for his buuefus in past
' Sixthly, that you may bo thankful that
our lot is no worse. We might have famine,
or pestilence, ur war, or tyranny, or all to
And, lastly, to end my sermon, you
may leuru lo oiler, with more underrtaud
ing, the prayer of vour infancy, Hive us
this day our daily bread.'
Tlte old man ceased, and Sammy put on
his apron, and told Dick to blow uwuy it
llie lorgu iH'tlows.
A miny ftcM may bo added to show the
hiolli.'ioncy of cardial puiu.hnHMit. 'i ho rrimiiiut
rrturns oi'Oreut llrltaiii show, that theiu Jus bmt
Ipih horse-stealing within tho liibt suvca vcur.
without any execution wlutevor.than in tho preceding
poven yeuw, with forty-two otecutiaiii tlut thcr.
ha been lusa slicep-stoaling duriiy the four yeai.
cl.ipi.ed smee tho auoliltoii of capital puiushniciit.
tluu during tho fuur previous years; that thero have
boon fewer arts of burglary and houe-broaMng in
luat mhw huii iiiiijf iivu qArauituits. IIIUJI III
three your oading with 18:30, when thitty-su
persons sullered death for Ihoso oflences. Hut not
o of oilier crimes for w.iich cupttal punisbiiiciu
ktill continue), for they have nearly all,
Q'takeii LounTS'iir, Hum! yea and verily.
Penelope, tho spirit urcth and movctli mo wond-
nusly tjuc oru laee tocivave onto mo, aiuliecome
. u)j nh. and i.ono of uv bono. Hum!
x'rulv. Ouo.!iau,u alutsaid wt.s.'ly am; inasmuch
' ait wmiea, taat a unit jwd for im.t to bo
nusly tjbesi crh lliee toclvave onto mo, and become
could tell you sioues ojlho ibjof.cfiinrV
nenjiil :u(iiAU-'Vll
io Amrn Su'WJ.ioJDwyi majLto-iwr-li.r'n
We have never viewed a greater shecta
cle than dial which the mighty stream,
rolling tis vast floods alonu our city td
to the deep, now presents. The Mississip
pi, even in its mildest mood, is terrible.
When it pours along it9 dark waters be
neath the nemlc gleainings of a mid-sum''
mer s Kiui'et ; or when its gliding ripples
are burnished by the silvery effulgence of
the midnight moon, its course is still migh
ty, fearful, resistless; and wo think of its
far lonely journeying, and tho sreucs it has
witnessed, and we look Upon its placid sur
face shadowed by the Toresls of its banks,
and it seems to us in all its majestic mag
nificchce, only as the giant slumbering from
his labor.
Hut when the beautiful spring time ia
oVer, and the balmy moonlit evening of
summer is past, and autumn's shadowy
glory is ho more; whrn winter broods over
desolated nature, then it is that the " tcrri
ble Mississippi" assumes all its Tearfulness
f aspect, and wo realize thut Vyc are gazing
upon the mightiest stream, with but a sin
gle exception, that flows upon our globe. i
All then is iinmingled grandeur, sublimity,
magnificence. Turn yoiir eye even now,
over its troubled surface, and what a specta
ele of grandeur docs that mighty mass of
volunied wateis present! The opposite shorn
is desolate, and bleak, and cheerless the
naked banks rise steep from the rushing
stream, mantled with icp the trees are
'earless and drear, at intervals through their
hare, wcathcrhoaten trunks yOu catch a
dimpse of an ancient mourid upon the"
onooih prairie, while far1 away m the blue
distance, standing out against the dim cas
crn horizon, aro perceived the long line
of white elifls, or the rounded summits of
die hlufis, sweeping away from the viewi
Bloody Island in the mid'st of the rushing
stream atretehes out its barren, sandy
"bores, sad and gloomy as a grave yard! ahl
i giave yard ' and when tlio nss'ocialiiins
oiuiweil.vuiti: cat,.nji ,0T rn perttcj
,, inirmjj im-'i'"f appfllaUQUjsuatii.-
jr'mMuiei:jX gravo yanijflet j't jcn? '(he
! i i.-vrr.ii i if rii i ni i . inn m . .
viHe wliajover our VijJ w respecting llfa
scenes it, -has witnessed, (ho nauio U
appropriate. St. Louis IJihtfotJii.
The anecdote now going the faututs.'nf did
brUss, from a London paper, of General
vv:,..c v,,l..;.. u i ' . i .uivi.o iu mu i; uu Jiuian. wno
'nmplained that an Enslishinan" kiwi kcd
iiim dotvn whenever lie atleinptr-d to rise
'My friend, when an Englishman knocks
von down, never do you get up until h hr.a
gone away,' rjminds me of a story of
Sergeant Davy. Tln Sergeant having
abused a witm ss. as sergeants will atmso
iviljie.'ses, was on the following morning,
whilst in bedinfonned that a gentleman
wished "to speak to ' turn: the sergeaitt
concluded that it was a client, desired that
be might be shown up: the visiter, staling
bis name reminded ihe sergeant of the abuse
which lie had heaped on dim oil thd
preceding day. protesting that ho could not
put up, with the imputations, and must have
immediate satisfaction, or he should resort
o personal chastisement On this the
sergeant, raising himself up said, Dtttyoit
won't aiiack mo surnly, v li.le I'm in bed,
will you?' 'Co tainlv not,' said the aggrieved
party; I should never think of attacking
a man in bed.' 'Then I'll bo shot,' said tho
siTgeant, : s he laid himself down, wrapping
the clothes around him. 'if I get out of bed
while you aro in th's o viu' London
Practicability ol working iron fiom the
raw material with anthracite coal, has long
been considered a dosidciatum, especially
f t Pennsylvania, a country abounding a
hove all otheis, in tho articles of Iron ore
and anthracite coal. Wo aio gratified td
learn that Mr. I'a ic O. Driant of the Norlh:
ern Liberties, Philadelphia, has successful
y effected the object at Manaynnk. The
gentlemem concerned wiili him, tire, vyd
understand, perfectly satisfied with the sue
cess of tho experiments which Lave been
made. Iron of a superior quality has bectt
produced wi'h n very small consumption of
fuel. Mr. Hriani is of opinion tlal it will
not require more than one pound of coal to
make one pound of pig iron, hoingiess than
uio half ihe quantity of coke, from the bi-
urn i n n u s coal, which has been usually en
ployed for the same purpose. Mr. llriant
formed his plan, and mentioned it, hefo.o
iny account was published ol tnc expert
molds made by Mr. Crano in Wales.
Simer. uauy aav
rtmi IIciiiiiKos. A boldier went Into a shod at
Brighton to purchase wine trifling article, and
ivwcrving sime reJ herring! lying on tlio counter,
a.4d what they were. To which tho shopkeeper
iruHrd. 'SiaUicrj, my friend!' 'Aro they bo
"j lined tho bub of Mars; ' then I'll take thera tt
.WW r..' And wal! ed oflTwith his prisoners, t
t'ic great ainufce aeCf llwbVUjlkk)CitoWti
P .1 . t T