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    I havo sworn upon tlio Altar of Cod, otcxnal hostility to every form of Tyranny over the Mind of Man." Thomas Jefferson.
Volume I.
Wumlier 44.
Nzxt door to Hobison's Staok OFFICE
published even Saturday morning, at
' 'TWO DOLLARS per annum, payable
half yearly in advance, or Two Dollars
Fi'flv Cents, if not paid within the year.
JVb subscription will be taken for a shorter
period than six months nor any discon
tinuance vcrmillcd, until all arrearages
arc discharged.
- n n VP. 7? TISEMENTS not exceeding a
sauarc will be 'conspicuously inserted at
One Dollar for ine jirsi wrec fic,
, Tmrnhi-five cents for every subse
quent nserlion. ICF A liberal discount
made to those toho advertise by ine year.
LETTERS addressed on business, must
be post paid.
Tw mirsuancc of an order of the Orphans'
Court of Columbia County, will be sold at
Public Vendue, on Saturday, the lUlli (lay
March, ncxt. nt 10 o'clock in the forenoon,
the following described real estate, laic the
nrnnnrtv of Nathaniel Edcar. lato of Hcm-
Wk trnviiHliin. deceased, a certain tract of
' situate in the townshisp aforesaid, Columbia
county, containing
more or less, adjoining lands of Isaac Shoe
. maker, Andrew Shoemaker, and others
The improvement are a
The land is of good quality well watered
and fenced. Conditions at the time of sale.
By the Court,
Jas. Donaldson, Clork.
Feb. 17, 1838. 43 4t
BY virtue of a writ of Ven. Exponas, to
.me dhected, will bo cxposid tq public
sale, at the court-house, in Danville, on
Wednesday the 28th day of February,
at 10 o'clock, A. M. a certain
eituato in Derry township, Columbia coun
ty, containing FORTr acres, more or less,
whereon is erected
A Eios: House
iM jjiBAsaa w&mss o
Tho land is all cleared, and adjoins lands of
David Derr, James Clark, John bpringcr,
and others. On tho premises is an
TiTTTf A Train
:and a well of water near the door. Seized,
taken in execution, and to bo sold as tho
property of John Doak.
WM. KITCHEN, Sheriff.
February 10, 1838. 42 3t
WHEREAS, tho honorable ELMS LEWIS
President of tho Courts of Oyer and Ter
miner and General Jail Delivery, Court of Quarter
Sessions of tho Peace, and Court of Common Pleas,
and Orphan's Court, hi the eighth Judicial District,
composed of tho counties of Northumbcrland,Union,
Columbia and Lycoming ; ana tho lion. William
Moxtoummit and Lr.osAnn Rur-tnT, Esquires,
associate Judges in Columbia county, have issued
their precept bearing date the 18th day of February
jn tho year of our Lord ono thousand eight hundred
anu UHliy-eiyiH, uuu iu uiu umuvwu iu. tiuiu.i.i,
Jl Court of Oyer and Terminer and G n
eal Jail Delivery, General Quarier
Sessions of the Peace, Common
Pleas, and Orphan's Court,
IN DANVILLE, in tho county of Columbia, on
tho third M ndav of April next, (being the ICth
dn ami to continue ono wcck.1
KflTICE is therefore hereby given to tho Cor
oner, the Justices of the Foace, ond Constables of
tho said County ot Columbia, mat tlicy uo tnen ami
there in their proper persons, at ten o'clock, in tho
and other remembrances to do thoso things which
to their oflicos appertain to bo done. And thoso
who are bound by recognizances to prosecute
Hgainst tlio prisoners that aro or may bo in the jail
of said county of Columbia, ate to bo then and there
to proxecute against thorn as rhall bo just. Jurors
are requested td bo punctual in their attendance, n
grccably to their notices.
Dated ot Danville, tlio 10th day of February, in
tho vcar of 6ur Lord ono thousand eight hun
dred and thirty-eight, and in tho G3d year of
tho independence of tho Unitod States ol Amer
"Sheriff's Office, Danville,
Fb. 10, 1933. 5 45 Ot
was foukto,
A THREE DOLLAR Shinnlastor; the
owner can have it by calling at this office,
and paying for this advertisement.
Bloomsburg, Feb. 17, 1838. 4a
THE snbscriber wishes to engage for one year,
from the first day of April next, the sorvices
A Wagon-Maker,
iiich nn one a? can make One and Two Horse Wa-
fcons in a finn and substantial manned. Also :
for the season, who can como well recommended as
a good workman. Hither of tlio abovo will obtain
reasonable Wages by applying to tho undersigned
Henry ft ells.
ltloomsbuTg, January 'Vt, 1838. 40-tf
rifRlIE partnership heretofore existing between
J3. the undersigned, trading under tho firm of
Joncph Lemon, it Co. was mutually dissolved on
tho 15th of January, 1833. All persons having de
mands will please to present them for settlement, &
tlioio indebted to the firm arc requested to mako inv
rnoutaw payment.
Joseph Lemon,
William Lemon,
Jonathan Ltmon,
Isaac Lemon.
January 27, 1538. 40 It
npHE PROPRIETOR of tho North Branch
U Lino of Mail Stages would inform tho traV'
oiling public that ho has reduced the f.ire to TWO
DOLLARS for through passengers, and four cents
a milo for way passengers. Leaving Northumber
land daily at the arrival of tho Ilarrubure StacO'
frjl' or seats at ftorthumbcrlanil, apply at II. II
Burr a Hotel. Hetumiiiir lcavinz Wilkcsbarra
oveiy inarning between 0 and 9 o'clock ; for scats
apply at tlia Hotels of li. Korhor and George P,
H(ocle, W'iiKliarre.
William Robison.
Blocaisburg, January 2T, 1838. 40 tf.
d-reai Shooting Match!
rpnUE public aro rospectfullr informed, that on
Ji TUESDAY, tho S7th day of FEDHUARY
next, ine lamous
brought to this county from tho state of Now Yotk
by Mr Valentino icidleman, will bo shot for at
Uloomsburg, Columbia county. He is a full-blooded
Devonshire, of a bright cherry red colour, and
woighs,m common running order,
27.30 FOUNBS.
Ho is certainly tho largest and handsomest animal
oi the kind ever introduced into this section of cmin
try; and thoso who would do3ire a prize worth coiv
tending for, aro invited to attend on tho abovo day
and exhibit their skill.
JUarksnien from all tho adjoining countios are re
quested to attend.
Bloomsburg, January 27, 1838. 40 4t
Look at This.
PIRITS, for renewing and cleansing Jjadies &
Gentlemen's wearing apparrel, and rostoreihg
them to their original colour ond brightness. This
aicollcnt Retiovator novor fuils, no matter with what
arhclo the garment may be stainod. It removes
all grease from the collars of coats, spots and stains
caused by lime, paints, tar, oil, &c. &c. for sals at
J obtas a Jlcallh Jimporuim.
Bloomiburg, January 27, 1838. 40 3t
FTnilE subscriber would respectfully inform th
li nul lic that ho has taken his son WILLIAM
SNi'DER into co-partnership in his Tannery, and
that tho business will hereafter bo conducted undor
tho firm of Daniel & William Snyder, at the old
established stand in Bloomsburg.
Daniel Snyder.
Bloomsburg, January C, 1838. a 37-lf
r good quality, and for sale at the lowest pri
ces, always on hand at tho old established
Tannery, adioininc Snyder's Hotel. The subset
hers would respectfully solicit a continuanco of th
liberal customs heretofore enjoyod by tho senior
Daniel Snyder,
William Snyder.
Bloomsburg, January C, 133. 37-tf
Aii Apprentice
TTS wanted lrommedlatcly by the subscribers, to
EL tho Tanning busmen. A boy between it anu
7 "yea rs of ago will obtain a good situation by ap'
lying soon.
Daniel Snuder,
JFilliam Snyder.
Bloomsburir. January 0. 1838. 37-tf
Neaty exeeulid at the Democrat offite.
LL persons indebted to the subscriber by bond,
note, or book account, Or otherwise, arc re
quested to call and settle the samo before the frit
day of April, next. Ho is determined to havo old
matters justly nrrangcu; aim tnoso who neglect nt
tendinu to this notice may rely on strict legal pro
ceedings for the purposes of settlement. There is
no mistake. UAINIUIj BYiJUK.
Bloomsburg, January 0, 1838, 37-tf
E EMPLOYMENT will bo given to 20 stone cut
IA tcrs and masons, 20 drillers, 20 common la
borers, 10 wood choppers, ond 10 teams, at llnUge
No. 1, Cafawissa Rail Road, by tho subscribers.
ochuylcr, rick, iy Co.
Catawieaa Furnace, January G, 1838. '37-3t
of a cuperior quality, just re
cicd, and forsalo at tho new and cheap storo o
Bloomsburg, Feb. 3, 1838.
LL persons indebted to the subscriber on Book
account or otherwise for one year back, are
requested to mako payment prior to tho 25th of
March next.
Bloomsburg, Feb. 3, 1838.
ALLERSHAMP'S Cough Sirup and Family
fills, lor sale at
'Tobias's Health Emporium.
THE subscriber would respectfully inform the
public, that he has taken the store recently
occupied by Mr. McDowell, in Orangovillc, and is
now opening and receiving from New York arid
Philadelphia, a splendid assortment of nil kindso
which he will dispose of at the most reduced prices
lor casn or country produce. I he public are mvi
ted to call andcxamiue for thcms'elvei
Orangeville, Oct. 7, 1837
Cheaper than cheap !
THE subscriber would respectfully announce
to tho people of Bloomsburg and vicinity, &
to the public in general, that ho has just returned n
second time from tho city, and is opening out his
purchase, which, together with his former stock
comprises a neat and general assortment of
Consisting in part of an assortment of
Cloths, Cassimeres, Satlinetts, Merinos,
Merino Shaiuls i$- Handkerchief,
Dress Bonnet Silks and
'Trimmings, Ginghams,
Calicoes, Lumens,
Muslins, Vcstings, Stocks, Hosiery, J-e.
An extensive assortment of
Hardware, Hollow-ware, China, Glass,
$ Qucenswarc, Crockery, Groceries and
Liquors, Oils, Paints,' Sail, Fish, tj-'c.
All of which he offers for sale at his stora room in
Bloomsburg, on Main-street, directly opposite the
Post office, where tho public aro respectfully invited
to call mid see for themselves, as he intends selling
his goods still a little choapcr than any yet oflered
to tho public, for cash or country produce.
Bloomsburg, Dec. 30, 1837.
Dr. Freeman's Indian Specific,
OR tho prevention anil cure of colds, coughs,
Asthmas, consumptions, spitting of blood,
and all disorders of the breast and lungs, for sale at
ho Drug store of the subscriW, in Bloomsburg.
D. S. Tobias:
Rawant's Tonic Mixture,
."R Vegetable Vermifuge, a latting euro for tho
revor and Ague, on hand and for sale by
D. S. Tobias.
Mead's Anti-Dyspeptic or Stomach Pills,
TOR indigestion, or sour Stomach, on hand, and
for sate at
Tobiat' Health Emporium.
Bloomsburg, January 13, 1838. 38-4t
The Subscriber
KTERY respectfully informs his friends and the
V public, that he has always on hand, at his Li
very Stablo iuBloomtbUfg, for tho purposes of Hiro
or Exchangs, a variety of
Horses, Sulkies,
which he will foel gratified to keep in readiues for
tho accommodation of customers.
Porsonal application can be made at his reside neo,
when every means will be used to render entire sat-
Islaction ot those who may give mm a call.
Bloomsburg, NoTembtr 4, 1837.
''To please tho taste and cheer tho mind."
an Indian Tale.
In a winding of tho river Armidnr, just
before it falls into tho Caspian Sea, lies an
island unfrequented by the inhabitants of
the Continent. In this seclusion, blessed
with all that wild uncultivated naturo could
bestow, lived a princes and hor two daugh
ters. She had been wrecked unon the coast
while her children as yet wero infants, who
consequently, though grown up', were en
tirely unacquainted with man. Yet, inex
perienced as the young ladies were in 'the
opposite sex,' botii early discovered symp
toms, the one of prudery, the other of be
ing a coquette. The elder was ever lear
ning maxims of wisdom and discretion from
her mother, whilo the younger employed
all her hours in gazing at her own face in
a neighbouring fountain. Their usual a-
muscmcnt in this solitude was fishing, their
mother had taught them all the secrets of
the art; she shewed them which was tho
most likely place to throw out the line, what
baits where most proper for tlio various
seasons, and the best manner to draw up the
finney pry , when they had hooked it. In
this manncrtliey spent their time, easy and
innocent; till one day the Princes being in
disposed, desired them to go and catch her
a sturgeon or a porpoise for supper, which
she fancied might sit easy on her stomach.
The daughters obeyed; and clapping on a
gold fish, the usual bait on those occasions,
went and sat upon ono of tho rocks, letting
the gilded hooK glide down the 3tream
On the opposite shore, father down, at the
mouth of the river, lived a diver for pearls
a youth who, by long habit in his trade
was almost amphibious; so that he could
remain long at tho bottom of the water with
out over fetching breath. He happened to
be at tho very instant diving when the ladies
where fishing with the silded hook. See
ing, therefore, the bait, which to him had
the appearance of ieal gold, he was resolved
to sei'e the prize; but both his hands being
already filled with oysters, he found himself
obliged to snap at it with his month. The
conscqence is easily imagined; the hook be;
ing unperccived was instantly fastened in
his jaw, nor could he, with all his efforts at
floundering, get free.
'Sister,' cries the youngest princes 'I
have certainly caught a monstrous iish; I
never perceived anything struggle so at the
other end of my line before; come and help
me draw it in.' They both now, therefore
assisted in pulling up the diver on shore,
but nothing could equal their surprise upon
seeing him!
'Bless my eyes!' cried the prude 'what
have we got here? This is a Very odd fish
to be sure! I never saw anything in my life
look so queer. What eyes; what terrible
claws; what a monstrous snout; it certainly
must be a Fanlano, that eats women; let
us throw it back again into tho sea, where
we found it.'
The diver in tho mean time stood upon
the bank, at tho end of tho line, with the
hook in his mouth, using every art that ho
thought could excite pity, and particularly
lookingtender, usual in such circumstances.
Tho coquette, therefore, in some measure
influenced by tho innocence of his looks,
ventured to contradict her companion. 'Up
on my word, sifter, says she, 'I see
nothing in the animal so very terrible as you
aro pleased to apprehend ; I think it may
serve very well for a change. Always por
poises and sturgeons, and lobsters, and
crawfish, mako me quito sick. I fancy a
slice of this nicely grilled, and dressed up
with shrib sauce, would be very pretty ea
ting. I fancy mamma would liko a hit with
pickle abovo all things in tlio world; and if
it should not sit easy on her stomach, it will
bo timo enough to discontinue it when found
disagreeable, you know.'
Horrid, cries the prude, 'would tho girl
bo poisoned! I tell you it is a Faklano, I
havo read of it in tvcc'.y places, it is every
where describe as the mostporn'KMous ani
mal that ever infested tho sea. I am cer
tain that it is tho most insidious, ravenous
crelures in the world, and is sure distor
tion if taken internally.' Tho youngest
sister was now therefore obliged to submit:
boti assisted in drawing the hook with some
violence from tho diver's jaw; and he fin
ding himself at liberty, bent his hrcst against
the broad wave and disappeared in an in
Just at this juncture the mother came
down to tbo beach, to know the cause of
her daughters' delay. They told her eve
ry circumstance describing the monster they
had caught. Tho old lady was one of the
most discreed women in the world. She
was called tho Ulackcycd Princess, from
two black eyes she received in her youth;
being a little addicted to boxing in her li
quor. 'Alas, my children, ' cried she, what
have you done? The fish caught was a
man fish one the most tame, domestic an
imals in the world. We could have let
him run and play about the garden, and he
would have been twenty limes more inter
esting than our squirrel or monkey.' 'If
that is all,' said the young coquetto, 'we
will fish for him again. If that Le all, I'll
hold three tooth picks to one pound of snuff
I 'catch him whenever I please.' Accor
dingly they threw in their lino once more;
but with all their gilding, paddling and assi
duity, they could never catch tho diver.
In this state of solicitude and 'disappoint
ment they continued for some years, still
fishing, hut without success, till at last, the
genious of the place, in pity to their dis
tress, changed the prude into a shrimp, and
the coqutte into an oyster,
At this season of the year, when caughs
and colds ar the ortlerof the day, and scarce
a family is to be found, some of whose
members are not afflicted with them, the
following remedy communicated by a Rus
sian, as the usual mode, of getting rid of
these complaints Jn that partof Russia from
whence ho came is simple. It is no other
than a strong tea of elder flowers, sweetened
with honey, eithci fresh or dried. A basin
of this tea is to be drank as hot as possible
after the person is warm in bed; it produ
ces a strong perspiration, and a slight cold
or caugh yields to it immediately; but the
most subborn will require two or three rep
etitions. An Ohio paper thinks that the editor of
tho Lancaster Eagle, a fellow weighing three
hundred avoirde pois, ought to be "tried by
a court of justice."
He had better bo "tried" by a tallow
chandler. Prentice.
Vollairo, speaking of the impossibility of
fixing any standard of beauty, or defining it,
says, if you ask a tode what is beautiful, he
will tell you it is his wife, with a speckled
back and yellow throat.
Tho world is so ful of foola that he who
would avoid seeing any, must shut himself
up, and break his looking glass;
There is a man in Michigan, so long that
it takes him three hours to get straight
Wonder if he isn't the fellow who was
forced to kneel down to unscrew tho weather-cock
on the Old South Church of Hol
stoni Yes, precisely tho same and when ha
came to straighten up again, his head cams
in contact with the moon, and knocked it
into a cocked hat.
Going the Entire.h. fellow was recent
ly met in great haste, going towards a pill
manufactory in one of our northern cities.
'Hallo, Jim, which way now, so fast!'
'The fact is 1 have taken two boxes of
fashionable pills, directions, boxes and all,
without doing me any good. I'm going
to swallow tho agent now to see what ef
fect he will have.'
Street CottoaoT. 'Hallo, Jakel wish
you happy Netr Year.' Thank'e; sir
wish ye April Fool."