The Columbia Democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1837-1850, November 25, 1837, Image 4

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Next noon to TJoiufco.Vs Stack Oitick
published every Saturday morning, at
TIVO DOLL AllS per annum, payable
half yearly in advance, or Two Dollars
Fifty Cents, if not paid within the year.
No subscription will be taken for a shorter
period than six,mohthsj nor any discon
tinuance permitted, uiftil all' arrearages
arc discharged.
'ADVERTISEMENTS not exceeding a
square will be conspicuously inserted at
One Dollar for the first three insertions;
and Twcnt'if-ftvc cents for every subse
quent nscrlion. iCT'A liberal discount
made to those who advertise by the year,
LETTERS (tddrcsscd oh business, must
be post paid.
Thc Gentleman's Magazine.
Tho proprietors have much pleasure in announc
ing to tho rcadinc public,! tho complete success
'which has attended the establishment of this Maga
lino a success far beyond theirutmostcxpectatiohs,
nnd considerably exceeding the prosperity of any
publication in America. The daily incKasing sub
scription list, and TiiESCMsnocs commendatory
notices or tub muss, attest the merits and the
popularity of tho Gentleman's Magazine, each num
ber of which contains more
lian any other monthly publication in tho United
St latest
Original Talca of Powerful Interest. Humorous
'and Graphic Delineations of Men and Manners.
Novel Sketches of Foreign Lands; Poetry; Charac
trristic Studies; Essays on Popular Subjects, and
Biographical Notice's of Celebrated or Eccentric
Persons, with maiiy Original Anecdotes.
The Lives of Paganini, with likenesses; Prince
Puckler Muskau; Dickens, Boz, the author of tho
PickwickPapors, with a likeness; Sir. John Faust,
the Sorcerer; Trio Duchess of St. Albans, and
Zingha, the Negro Queen, have already been given.
The new Publications are reviewed in full; liberal
extracts made fromraro and valuable work present
ing a complete account of the Popular Literature of
the day. An Urigmal uopy 'tight song, not oincr
n ise to bo obtained, will be given, with the music,
in every number.
Tho Gentlenian's Magazine will contain seventy
"Iwo extra sized octavo pages, of two co1umr.3 each,
forming, at tho clcso of tho year, two largo handsome
Volumes of Ono Thousail Seven Hundred and
Twenty-eight columns, each column containing
more than an octavo pago of average proportion,
and each monthly number has Inorc. reading matter
than a volume of n novel; , Tito work is neatly
printed on good papcr,and stitclic'd in a neat colored
cover. Several engravings will uo given in tne
course of tho year; and the proprietors pledge them
selves to produco an agreeable' book an epitome
'of Life's adjunctives a Literary Melange possessing
variety to suit all palates, and sufficient interest to
"command a place upon the parlor tablo of every
Gentleman in tho United Stages.
AN ENGltAVEZ) TITLE PAGE, of supcrio.i
production, Embracing every possible variety of
PICTORAL DISPLAY, dud executed hi fint
style of Art, by J. An.vtis, of New York, accom
panies tho OcToiiEn Nu.Mnr.ii.
Terms S3 pcY aniamri.
To induce subscribers to forward their names
immediately, the publisher begs leave to offer the
following extra inducement) for Clubbing, the
advantages of which proposition can only remain
in forco till Christmas next. Tho subscription to
"tho Gentleman's Magazine will, for a Binglo copy,
be invariably Three Dollars per annum, payable in
advance but a five dollar bill will produco two
copies to the same direction, or a1 club of Ten Dollars
will comniand five copies, oct l4-3t
Insurance Company.
'Capital authorised by Law, $250,000.
IIE public arc respectfully informed, that this
Uompany will make insurance, either per
manent or limited, on property and effects of every
description, against loss or damage by firo, on the
most reasonable terms, at their office in' Chester,
Delaware county, Pennsylvania.
Tbo citizens of Columbia county arc hereby in
formed, that insurances by the above Company of
Avery description of property, can bo cH'ected by
applying to tho undersigned agent, in Caltawissa
Tho following ore tho annual Kntciof Insujanco
on the S100, upon tho most Corrfmon description
of property, viz:
Stone or Brick dwelling
Frame or Log do.
Brick or Stone barns,
Frame or Log do.
30. 0 40 ml Li
000 75 "
000 02 h "
Iblo 100 "
C2i to 100"
75 to 100 "
Brick or Stone Grist
Frame do.
Merchandise and furniture Contained in housesi
and grain and utensils in mills and Barns, in pro-
portion. Information can to had by applying cf.
tlier personally, or. by letter post paid, to
Cattawissa, September 30, 1837.
JFor' Sale or Trade.
A am AND
''ILL bo 4old very chpap, or given in trade
fora Dcaibourn WnsKon, or for Uount.y
Prodtlee. Enquire of tho Editor ofthtS "Columbia
jJ0mocr.1t 'or to J. 1. .MUaabJiMAr", 6c uo.
Bloomsburg-, Oct, 28, 183.
fjfrjll CAPS, jUst rDocived, dud for eule at tho
la1 new a cilocri store oi
Ji 'F. MftsstUnun; $ Co:
Oot. 14, 1837.
taken in payment for subscihttons at the Of-
flee of the Uolumtiia ucmocrot.
WoiUHsburg. O t. 89, 1837.
From Philadelphia, by Rail Road Canal
to Harrisburg, Northumberland, Dart
vtllc, Caltawissa, Bloomsburg,
Bcrtvibk, Tlllkesbarrc, Mil'
ton, Jnitiamsport, and
intermediate places
PASSENGERS can leave the "West Chester
Hotel, Broad street, Philadelphia, daily, at C
o'clock, A. M. reach Harrisburg at 4 o'clock. Pi M.
of thesamo day; Northumberland at 10 o'clock At
M. of the next day ; and Wilkcsbarro on the suc
ceeding morning at 0 o'clock ; when poaches will
Immediate) start for Catliondalc, Tunkliannock and
Montroso, and thence lo the Western part of New
York state.
RETURNING Tho Moats cave Wilkcsbarro
daily, at 10 o'cock, A. M., and arrive at Blooms
burg nt 4 o'clock, P. M. It arrives at Harrisburg at
C o'clock on tho following morning, and reaches
Columbia in time to take the morning Cars for
The Boats also arrive at Williamsport, on the
West Branch, at about 0 o'clock, P. M. of the satnc
day on which they reach Northumberland and re
turn daily.
The Boats on tho above lines ha'o been repaired
and are now confidently recommended to the PUB
LIC as a pleasant, comfortable, and convenient mode
of travelling. SEATSmay be taken in Philadelphia
at tho north-cast corner ofFourth & Chcsnut streets,
at No; 200 Market street, and at the West-Chester
Hotel, Broad street.
FItEIGHT may bo' forwarded by Rail Road from
Orrlch & Nobles and 3. J. Lewi; & CoBroad street,
and by Capt. McCabos Line of Union Canal Uoats
to Honisburg, where they will be received by tho
Susquehanna Line from Jabez Harrasdin, Vino street
Wharf, Schuylkill. .
Wilkcsbarro, Juno 10, 1837. Agent.
To Travellers up the North Branch of the
PA8SENGERS by tho Susquehanna Boat Lin"
from Northumberland, arrive at Wilkcsbarro
H1GHT 110UHS sooner than by the Mail Lint
"f Mage, and rcacli Montrosd TWENTV-FOUR
horns sooner. P. Mc. C. GILCHRIST,
June 10, 1837. I' Agent;
F a very superior quality, neatly bo'umt; and
printed ?m cold-rdcrd paper, with coloured
designs, for srflc at the cheap store of
J. T Mussclman, $ Co.
September 16, 1837;
Steam-syrup BEol&ssos
F a very superior quality, for t ale at tho new
and cheap store of MUSSELMAN, & Co.
Sept. 5, 1837,
UEENSWAIIE, of every variety of figure
and price, just received & for sale by
J. T. Musselman. .S Co:
Sept. 30, 1337.
h Bushels of Flax-Hied wanted, and
the highest price paiil, by
.. T. Mussclman, fy Co.
SrpfinW 2.
INE, Brandy t Gin,-Cordial, Ac. just re
ceived, and re.uly for delivery to customers,
at very reduced prices, by
.. J . Musaclmun, y Lo.
Sept. 30, 1837.
N assortment of HARDWARE, just opened
anu tor huIc at tne new cheap store of
J. T Mussclman, Co.
Sept 30,1837.
IT ADIES' FUR CArES, just received, and for
SLA sa'e ut 'he new & cheap store of
. T. Mitssehnan, & Co.
Oct. 14, 1837.
LEIGH WHIPS & BELLS, just received, and
for salo at tho new & cheap store of
J. T. Musselman, $ Co.
Oct. 14, 1837.
just received, and for sale at tbo new
and cheap store of J.T. MUSSELMAN, fc Co.
Oct. 28, 1837.
AMLET, for Cloaks, for bule very cheap at
tttu iiuw c& citi'aii siore 01
Ji T. Musselman, ij Co.
Sopt. 30, 1837.'
fSSv 1ieccs of aortcil Calico, j'ust received,
jsSaS' ulm Jur nueai ipe cneopitore or
.. T. Musselmun, Co.
BIoomalurg,OcUlor21, 1837.
HE snbsrribr at the Constable's sale of John
H German's property, in I'luhlng Cro'i k town
Miip, Columbia county, purchased the1 following ar-
Helen, viz:
mc 1l onna Sorrel Mare, $0
e i73aaslle Clock, 7
Jand lminglrftsaidmae u nd clock in tho possession
'of said John German, he hcn-liy cautions all persons
againft purchasing or Uiking nn asiguii)cnt of the
same ni uicir pern.
FvWii" CVfclr, Oct. 31, 1837.
f ig AS just received from Philadelphia, a fresh
JSL assortment of GOODS, which have been
purchased very low, find arc now olfercd to custom
ers at reduced prices. An excellent article of Cof
fee is now' offered at tivtkt and a half cent per
pound (Irs? quality of New Orleans Sugar at ten
centf, and second quality at eight cents per pound.
lie has nbqa largo and fu assortment of
Iron & Hollow-Ware,
Which he ofters nt the lowest prices. Tho public
aro respectfully invited to call and examine his as
sortment. Ojr All kinds of country induce will bo taken
n exchango for goods.
Bloomsburg, Aug. 10, 183"7.
V a superior quality, just received and for sale
by tho subscriber. . U. U. F1SI1EK,
Bloomsburg, Ang, 6, 1837.
US I1 received, and now opening at the new tt
cheap store
fl8 Yards 0-1 Jlerihos;
5450 Yards a-4 do.
il&OO Ao. Blenched Muslin ;
5J0.1 do. Brown ia:
4000 Yards Now Stylo of Prints, at
Irom Of to 28 cents per yard ;
30 Pieces 1)00 yards of Sattinetls ;
Blue, Brown, Olive, Black, Stpcl-nuxed,
Dr.ib, Claret and Invisible Clollis.
All which they arc determined to dispose of very
cheap for cash or country produce.
J. T. Musselman, $ Co.
Bloomsburg, Sept. 30.
very extensive assortment of Cedar Ware, just
received, and for salo at the new store of
Bloomsburg, Auguat 20,1837.
FRIME COTFEE, at Twelve and a halt
Cents per Pound, and a sdperior quality
oi auiiAJia at liigni ami Ten ucnts, for sale
the now and cheap store of
Bloomsburg, Aug. 20.
A. LL kinds of GRAIN wanted, for which the
-ClaL highest market price will bepaidrat the new
anu encap store, oi the subscribers.
Bloomsburg, Srpt.2, 1837;
f BLENDERS his professional sen ices to the citi-
IS 7cnsof Columbia county. He will feel crate
ful lor business entrusted to his care. Office in the
same building with tho 'Columbia Democrat.'
Bloomsburg, Miry, 1837;
legislative Keystone.
During tho ensuinrr session of the lcrrislnture. the
Keystone, will be pnblithcd twice a week, and con
tain lull reports ot tho proceedings in both houses.
It will alio contain an accountju tho proceedings
of the reform convention, which, (judging from
similar bodies in other states and the convention that
formed ou present constitution J, will hardly close
us session ueiuru spring.
The political completion of the legislature and
the important t-ubjoct which will necessarily come
i.i : .tti .i..i. . . ....
wiuru ii, win ri'iiuvr uiu nuxi session peounariy in
teresting. All eyes are turned this way for snecdr
reform in our present defecthe currency. Decided
action rc!ati c to the improvement system is ardently
desired in many quarlers. These two matters of
themselves, form subjects of intento interest to the
people at large.
tin tho 4th ot March, a democratic convention
will assemble here and nominate n candidate for
governor. An account of this, together with the
preparatory movements of the party in all quarters,
will befaitlifully detailed. From these circumstan
ce", there never was a time when a a paper from the
seatof go'vetmcntvvill be of such indispensable valuo
to all the citizens ot tho commonwealth, as for the
ausuing six months.
The terms of the Keystone are tho eamo as herc-
During the session semi vi ce kly $3,00
For tho ycai 3,00
Any person forwardinc us S2.00 hhall receivo th.i
Keystone from the time of subscribing to thoclosoof
tnesession or six copies schttonny oneofficefor
Harrisburg, Oct. 31, 1837.
HULLO W WAKK.jiist received, and for salo
il t me store of J. T. MUSBELMAN, & Co,
Nofcmltor-L, 1837.
Salt ! Salt !
lARRELS ofLnke Snlt. nn.l n Ihtctr
"fe nuantitv of Ground Alum Salt, inst
utiu iur saio at uio cheip sturo or
Nov. 11, 1837.
T. Mussclman, Co.
USI received' and for salo at l,ho sloro of the
OgJ subscriber, splendid asortmcnt of WOOD
STOVES, Itoth Plain ahd with Dolle
rHKOrtment of round and square Coal Stoves; of
uiuciTiH eis. u, u, l-'jaHEIt
Bloomiburg, Slpt. 30, 1837.
C Pieces of Assorted Merinos, double w.1tj
O nnd an assortment of Made Merinos, of avo-
' ""ix nor quality, just opened andor salo at the
"' ""'i -noapniorooi the suDscnhcrs in Bloom
Xn"e- J. T. M I SSELMAN. &. Co.
OuolerSI, 1837,
dife&a EXCHANGE.
The Jsiu!scril)cr
ERY respectfully informs his friends and tho
nubile. Hint hohas always on hand, at his Li
very Stable in BloOmsbiirg, for the purposes of Hire
or Exchange, a variety ol'
Horses, Sulkies,
which ho will feel gratified to keep in readiness for
the accommodation of customers.
Personal application can be made at his residence,
when every means will be used to render entire tat-
lsfcctiouto those who may give mm 11 cnll.
Bloomsburg, November 4, 1837.
THE subscriber begs leave to. inform the public,
that he continues tho above business, In its
various branches, in Selinsgrovo and Milton, where
ic has constantly on hand an assortment of
Blead & Foot Stones,
Mantles, Cciilre-TaJries,
widows; and door-sills,
made to order, on the shortest notice, and in the
best manner.
Tho public arc respectfully invited to give him
a call.
Lettering, both English and German, done in a
neat, bold, and beautiful style.
Seplembcr 30, 1837.
(Tj'Thc Terms, &c. can be ascertained by rallinir
upon tho Editor of the "Columbia Democrat," who
will attend to any orders which may be made by tho
pcjplc of this neighbourhood, and guarantee a
speedy and faithful execution of uny job which may
no specially ordered.
THE subscriber would respectfully inform the
public, that he has taken the store recently
occupied by Mr. McDowell, in Orangcville, and is
now opening and receiving from INcw iork and
Philadelphia, a splendid assortment of all kinds o
which he will disposoofat the most reduced prices
for cash or country produce. Tho public aro invi
ted to call and examine for themselves.
Orangcville, Oct. 7, 1837
I. persons indebted to tho estate of Thomas
(lirtqn, deceased, by Note. Bond. Tlnnl.- Ac
count, or otherwise, are requested to mnkn payment
(o the subscriber before the 15th day of November
next; and all persons having demands against said
estate are requested to present Ihem, properly au
thenticated lor settlement, to tho subscriber.
cole Administrator.
Hemlock, Oct. 7, 1837,
KT&W (g-exgpg i!i;0S3o
npIIE subscribers thankful for past favors, have
JEt the pleasure of announcing to their custo
mers, and the public in general, that they have just
recen cd and arc now opening a fresh supp'ly of cheap
carefully elected for the reason, at their new and
cheap store in Bloomsburg.
Come friends and patrons, one and all.
And see our purchase for the fall;
If you'll but call and take a peep,
Surely you'll say, they're very cheap.
Bloomshurg, Sept. .10, 1837.
THE subscriber,! going to remove to the West
on tho first of January next, and would re
spectfully inform tho public that ho is now selling
oil Ma- stock of Merchandize, consisting of
ry Goods, Hardware,
Groceries, Queens
Ware, &c
At cost, for cash or country Produce, or LVmbcr
Cattawissa, Oct. 14, 1837.
LL persons indebted to the subscriber are so
licited to call and scttlo immediately. ntl,r.
wise their occounft will bo nlaccd in u,i .r
omagistrato for collection.
Cattawissa, Oct. f t, 1837.
PETERSHAM and Bearskin cloths, for Over
coats, just received and for sale by
J. T. Musselman, Co.
Sept. 30, 1837.
L ANKET Shawls, and Ladies' Ca
ll ippet, just opened at the now &
es and
Sc cheap
storo of
J J Ti Musseltnan-,' ej C6:
Sept. 30, 1837.
LANKETS; of various sues and qualities
and warranted afresh nrfirlA . ii . .1
1 I, , ... ..v.w, .VI MiU b IUU
utiu im-up store 01
A T. Musselman, Co.
Sept. 30, 1837.
1ONNIT SILKS of a very superior o..tT.
' JllsmCClVOU. ailll Inr unln l ,1. . -.i
' -" '"iii'Mreioro or
A . Mussclman, c? Co.
i'ohnsylvatjia Faritter,
And Common School Intelligencer :
A semi-monthly publication devoted to Agriculture
Gardening, nnd the General Improvement of tho
Mind, published at Harrisburg, Pa. by Dlnjamin
Nothlnjf need bo said as to llieiinporbnce of lln
science nj' agriculture, which being the great luri
ncss of our country, the sure road to competency
anu the main source 01 wealth, lies at tho louimalion
of ournational prosperity The experience of every
ycoj,t and especially of tho last few years, lia
shown that agrictilturc has been entirely too much
neglected fijr the best good of our country. Tho,.
great desiro of tl)0 present ago for the oceuinulation
of wealth, and the prevailing spirit to seek for il in a
new and shorter courfe, than that pursued by our
ancestors, hud led many from the slow but certain
means of agricultural labor, to the more alluring
employments of professional life, and commercial
enterprise, or tfio still more hazardous fields of
speculation and adventure, in which a fao havo
succeeded, pwn ltevnnil ibnir mvn nr.rrlnllmitf
The lesldl oftiilsunnatural stale of things has been
what might very well have been predicted; a great
scarcity of all tho products of the soil, wilh such an
enormous increase in the price, as to cause their
Importations from foreign countries, to the great
impoverishing and discredit of our own.
This folly and these 0 ils havo now becoino ap
parent, and many of those, who. having been lured
by tiio examples and success of others or the prospect
held out to their view, from tho producing to tbo
consuming class, and being disappointed in thcircx
pectations, are now disposed and are making arrange
ments lo return to the hone t, tho healthful and tbo
independent employment of tilling the soil whcia
they arc sure of being amply recompensed for their
Pennsylvania is emphatically an agricultural
stale, and has thus suficrcd low from the late fluctua
tions and chanires, which have embarrassed our
country, than any of her sister states. Her soil is
not surpassed by any in the world, and her German
rind other citizens arc justly celebrated as being
among the first farmers in the Union. It has thero
foro been considered pcculiaily proper, that in tho
heart of this garden of our country, r'n agricultural
paper should be cstablhlicd, to gather up the expel
ience of intelligent farmers fron all quarters, and
send it abroad, noLpiily ricr our commonwealth,
but to every part of the United States. For tho
purpose or doing this, nnd supplying what has been
considered a desideratum among the periodicals of
our btates, the publisher has been induced and en
couraged by numerous friends of agriculture and
general improvement, to establish the Pennsylvania
l arincr. Ho has, received assurances which lead
him confidently to expect that its columns will bo
enriched with contributions from some of the mos
distinguished scientific and practical farmers and
gardeners, hi our own, as well as some of our sister
slates, which with extracts and republications of
standard and new works upon the science of agricul
ture, will render it both interesting and useful to
every fanner who desires to excel in his most lauda
ble cmploymcut.
Pennsylvania has established and is now maturing
a sys'lem of general education by common schools,
which is intruded to carry the blessings of knowledge
to every man's home, and place within tho reach ol
c cry child in the commonwealth, tho means of in
struction and improvement. This object is all im
portant, and our menus, being ample, it is confidently
hoped lha'f the plan will continue to bo improved
& carried out, tilt the minds of our citizens sholl bo
as Jiighly cultivated as their fields, ond tho harvest
of intellect be as rich and abundant as that gathered
from the soilf Then shall Pennsylvania be indeej
the Keystone of our ITn'on, bearing n polish net
equalled by any state or kingdom in '.he world.
Tho evcrfts of tho last few months havo shown
that an incrcasintr interest Is felt in this denartment
and therefore it cannot bo doubted but that the
Common School Intelligencer, will be welcomed as
aco-laborcr in so important a work, ond being made
the vehicle of communication between the friends of
education, aid in the proper arranging and develop
ing oi me system, anu tie the means or doing much
To the advancement of these objects, and to tho
dissemination of useful scientific inliirniMinn calcu
lated to expand Iho mind and improve the heart,
shall tho eohmr s of the Pennsylvania Farmer and
Common School Intelligencer, be exclusively devot
il, , find it is confidently expected that a g'eneroiu
public will award to it a liberal support.
The Farmer and Intelligencer will be pnnfed up
on fine white paper and with new type, in royal
quarto from, each number containing eight pages of
matter. It will ba commenced in the month ol
November, or as soon as a sufficient number of sub
scribers are obtained to justiry the expense, and re
gularly issued during the first and third weeks of
every month, at ONE DOLLAR PER ANN I'M
payable before the issuing of tho sixth number.
Any person who will procure and forward ten res
ponsible subscribers shall rcceivo a cony, or eleven
papcrswill he sent to any one office for $10.
Postmasters and others friendly to tho object!
aro requested to act as agents in obtaining subscri
bers, and forward tho names to tho pub!iher on or
before the firbt of November next.
Harrisburg, October 21, 1837.
r. H. Smith,
WOULD respectfully announco to the pub lie
that ho will bo in Bloomsburg on Monday
""UhoSOth instant, and remain for fen days, at
Mr. Daniel Snyder's Hotel. Ho has Just received
a great variety of tho best selected
which aro warranted not to change- colour, while
... uifwuiiuns aro guaranteed to answer all the at
namcntal and useful purposes for which they at'
Tho perfect satisfaction of his numerous custo
mers in DanvlHo, during a year's professional ser
vices, is tho only recommendation which ho pre
sumes necessary to secure the calls of tlioso who
decayed Tccth.may rcquirt) tho attendance and k.'f
,6f n Surgeon Dentist.
UfiT Mceived, a hamlsomo assortment of BilW
& t ur Hats, which will be sold cheap at th
Hoto of.
AR IRON, Just received, and for salo nt tli
new Sc cheap store of
A T. Musselman, Co,
ovcmbcr 4, 1837,