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I have sworn upon tlio Altar of God, eternal hostility to every form of Tyranny over the Blind of Man." Thomas Jefferson.
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Volume I.
Next dooii to Uoiiison's Stack Ornci:,
published every Saturday morning, at
TWO DOLLARS per annum, patable
half yearly in advance, or Two Dollars
Fifty Cents, if not paid within the year.
No subscription will betaken for a shorter
period than six months ; nor any discon
tinuance permitted, until all arrearages
arc discharged.
ADVERTISEMENTS not exceeding a
square will be conspicuously inserted at
One Dollar for the first three insertions,
and Twenty-five cents for every subse
quent nscrl'ion. CF.4 liberal discoinl
made to those who a-'lUcrlise by the year.
LETTERS addressed on business, must
be post paid.
The Gentleman's Magazine
The proprietors have much pleasure in announcing-
the reading public, the complelo success
which has attended tho establishment of this Maga
7jnc a success far beyond thcirutmost expectations,
and considerably exceeding the prosperity of any
publication in America. Thb daily increasing sub
scription list, and Tim sumi'.hour chmmeniutory
notices of the, attest tile merits and tho
lopuIarity oftho Gentleman's Magazine, each num
ber of which contains more
linn any olhcr monthly publication in tho United
Original Talcs of Powerful Interest. Humorous
and Graphic Delineations of Men and Manners.
Novel Sketches of Foreign Lands; Poetry; Charac
teristic Studies; Essays on Popular Subjects, and
Uiogrophical Notices of Celebrated or .Eccentric
Persons, with manv Original Anecdotes.
Tho Lives of Paganini, with likenesses; Princo
Pncklcr Muskau; Dickens, Boz, tlio autlior of tho
1'ickwick Papers, with a likeness; Dr. John Faust,
tho Sorcerer; Tho Uuchcss oi at. a mans, anu
Zinirha. the Nesro Queen, luve alrcaily l)een given.
The new Publication are reviewed in full; liberal
extracts made from rare and valuable work present
ing a complete account of tho Popular Literature of
uhj uay. iiu viiiniii wuiy i.ii.t i.uv v..
wise to bo obtaincJ, will be given, with the music,
in every number.
The GentL-urm's Maeazino will contain seventy
two extra sirxdittavo pages, of two columns each,
forming, at the clcso of thirycar, two large handsomo
volumes of Ono Thousad Seven Hundred and
Twenty-eight columns, cacli column containing
more than an octavo pago of avcrago proportion,
and each monthly number has moro reading matter
than a voluino of a novel. Tho work is neatly
printed on good paper, and stitched in a neat colored
cover. Several .engravings will ,bo given in tho
poursc of tho year; and tho proprietors pledge them
selves to produco an agreeable book an epitome
ofLifo'sndjunctivcs aLUerary Melange possessing
variety to suit all palaics, anu suiiiciciii imBicav iu
' . - .1 l. .!.!
rmiinand a Place upon uiu uauui u ...wj
Rtnilnmnn in tlio United States.
production, Embracing every possiblo variety of
PICTORAL DISPLAY, and executed lu hrst
stylo of Art, by J. Ajiams, of New York, accom
panies tho OcTODEIl NuMllElt.
Terms S3 per annnsn.
To induce subscribers to forward their names
immediately, tho publisher begs Icavo to oiler tho
following extra inducements for Clubbing, tho
advantages of which proposition can only remain
in forco till Christmas next. Tho subscription to
tlio Gentleman's Magazine will, for a singlo copy,
ic invariably Three Dolhrspcr annum, payable in
advance but a five dollar bill will produco two
copies to the same direction, or a club of Ten Dollars
will command five copies. cct l'';il
Insurance Company.
Capital authorised by Law, $250,000.
mHE public aro respectfully informed, that this
l ijompany win muiiu uummiuc, ih i
Tnancnt or limited, on property and effects of every
deecription, against loss or damogo by fire, on the
most reasonable terms, at their offico in Chester
nio.orn .iimtir. PiMinsvlvania.
il ..... I , V ,
mi uu r,r r.nlninlmi countv arc hereby in-
, X VV tii.i v - -
liv tho above Company 01
o..... .iriniinn of property, can bo eilcctcd by
applying to tho undersigned agent,, in Caltawissa
im fMimvinfr nrn tho annual Iiatcs of Iiibiuanco
n l.n S100. unon tho most Common description
of property, viz:
Stone or unci; diucumg
Frame or Log do.
Brick or Stone bams,
Frame or Log do.
Brick or Stone Grist
Frame do.
30o 40
000 75
750 100
02i ol00"
75 to 100 "
Merchandize and furniture contained in houses,
and gfain and utensils in mills and barns, in pro,
portion. Information can uo nsu iy upi-.jmi, v.
thcr personally, or by letter post paid, to
Caltawissa, Scptcmbwr 30, 1837.
TJ7UR CAPS, jua received, and for salo ot tho
JJj new & choap ktoro ot
J; T. Mussclman, Co,
Oct. 11, 1837,
From Philadelphia, by Rail RoadS,' Canal
to Harrisburg, iorlhumocrtand, Dan
ville, Caltawissa, Bloomsburg,
Berwick, Jnikcsbarre, Mil
ton, Williamsport, and
intermediate places.
PASSENGERS can leave tho West Chester
Hotel, Ilroad street, Philadelphia, daiy, at 0
o clock, A. M. reach llorribburg at 4 o clock, P. M.
of the same day ; Northumberland at 10 o'clock A.
M. of tho next day ; and Wilkcsbarro on tho suc
ceeding morning at 0 o'clock ; when Coaches will
unmcdiatcy start tor Carbondale, Tunkhannock and
Montrose, and thence to the Western part of Jcw
York stulc.
RETURNING Tho Boats oavo Wilkcsbarro
daiy, at 10 o'cock, A. M., and arrive nt Booms
burg at 4 o'clock, P. M. It arrives at Harrisburg at
o clock on tho following morning, and reaches
Columbia in time to take tho morning Cars foi
Phiadcphia. , ,
The Boats also arrive at Williamsport, on the
West Branch, at about 9 o'clock, P. M. of tho same
day on which they reach Northumberland and re
turn daily.
The Boats on tho above lines liavo been repaired,
and aro now confidently recommended to tho PUB
LIC as a pleasant, comfortable, and convenient mode
of tnvolliu . E A T may bo taken in Philadelphia
at the north-east corner of Fourth Sc Chesnul streets,
at No. 200 Market street, and at tho West-Chester
Hotel, Broad street.
FREIGHT may be forwarded by Rail Road from
Orrich &. Nobles and J. J. Lewis & Co, Broad street,
and by Capt. McCabc3 Lino of Union Canal Boats
to Harrisburg, where they will bo received by the
Susquehanna Lino Irom Jabcz Harrasdin, V tno street
Wharf, Schuylkill.
Wilkcsbarro, Juno 10, 1837. Agent.
"FT AUGE MAPS of Mississippi and Alabama
Git T I ! . 1 , .1.. T T 1-
xLJi snowing mc I'uiuic aim iuu mui.ui nanus,
Indian Reservations, Land Districts, Townships,
Streams, etc., Engraved from the Government sur
veys and plots in tho General Land Office, Wash
ington City; by E. Giljiax, Draughtsman in tlio
General Land Office.
F. TAYLOR, bookseller, Washington City, has
ust published (aiid secured the copy right according
to Law) tho above Maps, which will be loumi iniin
itcly more complete mid accurate than any hereto
fore published. Thoy are publisbed on sepcrato
sheets, each containing nearly bix square feet, and
will bo found especially useful and valuable tothoso
interested in tho lands of cither stale, as they show
every item of information which is in possessiou of
tho Land OHico relative to water courses, townsnip
lines, Indian lands and reservations, land' districts,
&c, and will bo perfectly accurate and precise in
these noints. They can bo sent by mail to any part
of tho United states, subject only to single letter
postage. Price, two dollars, or thrco copies of ci
ther will ho sent by man lor live uouars. a uucrai
discount will bo mado to travelling agents, or to any
who buy to sell again.
Editors of newspapers, any where, who will
civo tho ahovo advertismcnt (including this notice)
ono ortwo insertions, suau receive y return uuui n
conv of each map, if they will send a copy oi the p.x
per containing it to the advertise.
Washington City, Sept, 9, 1837.
To 7'ravcllcrs up the North Branch of the
gA8SENGEKS by thoSusquehanna.lloat Lino
from jforthtunbcrland, arrivo at Wilkcsbarro
lilOltT UOUltS rooncr than hi the Mad Line
of Stages, and reach Montrose TWENTY-FOUlt
horns sooner. P. Mc. C. GILCHRIST,
Juno 10, 1837. Agent.
V a very superior quality, neatly bound, and
printed on gold-edged paper, with coloured
designs, for salo at tho cheap store ot
J. T Mussclmad, Co.
September 10,1837.
Steam-syrup Molasses
I a vc
,-cry superior quality, for sale at the new
cheap storoof MUSSELMAN.& Co.
and cheap i
Sept. 5, 1837.
UEENSWARE, of every variety of figure
and price, just received & lor sale by
T. Mussclman. S Co.
Sept. 30, 1837.
HusheUof Vlax-Hced wanicu, nnu
tho highest pneo paid, by
t 'l Mussclman, S Co.
kv. Urnndv. Gin. Cordial, &c. just ie
ceived. and ready for delivery to customors,
at very reduced price, by
J. T. Mussclman, to.
Sept. 30, 1837.
The Subscriber
AS just received from Philadelphia, a fresh
. assortment of GOODS, which have been
purchased very low, and aro now offered to custom-
cm at reduced prices. An excellent article of Cor
rr.r. is now offered at twelve and a half cents per
pound first quality of New Orleans Sugar at ten
cents, and stcond.quality at eight ccnlspcr pound.
He has also a large and full assortment of
Sron & Hollow-Ware,
Which he offers at the lowest prices. The public
ore, respectfully invited to call arid examine his as
sortment. (Hj All kinds of country produco will be taken
in exchange for goods.
Bloomsburg, Aug. 19, 1837.
F a superior quality, just received and for sale
Iv tlio subscriber. U. 13. rlolluit.
Bloomsburg, Ang. ti, 1837.
USP received, and now opening at tho now &
cheap store
ffttS Yard'3 G-4 Merinos;
ffGO Yards 3-4 do.
EOOO do. Bleached Muslin ;
SOIVO do. Brown do.
4000 Yards Ncw S(yl0 of Prints, at
irom U to Uo ccuts per yaru ;
30 Pieces 900 yards of Sattinelts ;
Blue, Brown, Olive, Black, Steel-mixed,
Drab, Claret and Invisible Cloths.
11 which they aro determined to dispose of very
cheap for cash or country produce.
J. T. Mussclman, $ Co.
Bloomsburg, Sept. 30.
ge -
very extensive assortment of Cedar Ware, just
received, and for salo at tho new store oi
Dloomsburg, August 20,1837.
RIME COFFEE, at Twelve and a hall
Cents ncr Pound, and a superior quality
of SUGARS at Eight and Ten Cents, for sale at
tho new and cheap store of
Dloomsburg, Aug. 2G.
ALL kinds of GRAIN wanted, for which tho
highest market price will bo paid, at the new
and cheap store of tho subscribers.
Bloomsburg, Sept. 2, 1837.
TENDERS his professional services to tho citi
zens of Columbia county. Ho will feci grate
ful for business entrusted to his care. Office in tlio
samo building with the 'Columbia Democrat.'
Uloomsburg, May, 1837.
Esisfc of betters
Remaining in the Bloomsburg Post-oJJhc
September 30, 1837.
Ecnjamin Iloycr, Mary llrown,
George Uccrs, Peter Hruglcr,
Hopkins Uoone, John uictrich,
Elia3 Dictcrich, I homas Ellaot,
Aloxandcr Emit, Daniel t ulmcr,
Mary Fulmcr, Aaron Gcirhart,
Miss Abigail Goblc, Gcorgo Groh,
Michael Hawk, Henry llagcnbuch,
Johnllowcr, Uzal Hopkins,
William Howell, John lluslct,
Jacob Hcinbauch, Miss Anna Kendig,
Gcorgo Knorr, John Jacoby,
Jacob Lciby, Mrs. Mary LiKcy,
Uenjamin Mcrrcl, Alex. iNowauowsKi,
Overseers of tho Poor, Daniel Purscl,
John Robison, William Snyder,
Henry Trimbly, Rev. Tobias,
Thomas Vance, Charles ashug,
Thomas Wright, Thomas Weeb,
George T. Volcot, 3 uanici w raver,
Jacob Wagner, Henry Wcrtman,
Josia M'Clurc, James Yeoman. 45
October 7, 1837.
JUST received' and for salo at tho store of the
subscriber, splendid assortment of WOOD
STOVES, both Plain and with Uoilcrs. Also on
assortment of round and square Coal Stoves; of
different sizes. C. D. FIBHEH.
Bloomsburg, Sept. 30, 1837.
rmilE Co-mrtiicrshin of Davis t Williams, con-
Jj tractors on tho Caltawissa Rail road, was dis
solved by mutual consent on tho 11th of August
last. All persons having demands against said firm
will call on E. Davis, who has assumed to pay the
Oct. 11,1837-
THE subscriber bogs leave to inform the public,
that ho continues the above business, in its
various branches, in fcchnsgrove and Milton, where
ho has constantly on hand an assortment of
Head & Foot Stones,
Mantles, Centre-Tallies,
mado to order, on tho shortest notice, and in the
best manner.
Tho public aro respectfully invited to give him
a call.
Lettering, bolh.Enalish and German, done in
neat, bold, and beautiful style.
September 30, 1837.
CTjTho Terms, &c. can bo ascertained by calling
upon tho Editor of tho "Columbia Democrat," who
will attend to any orders wJiicU may be made by tho
people ot tins neighbourhood, and guarantee u
speedy and faithful execution of any job which may
bo specially ordered.
THE subscriber would respectfully inform the
public, that ho has taken tho store recently
occupied by Mr. McDowell, in Orangcvillc, and is
now opening and receiving from New York and
Philadelphia, a splendid assortment of all kinds o
which ho will dispose of at tho most reduced prices
for cash or country produce. The public aro invi
ie'd to call andcxamino for themselves.
Orangcvillc, Och 7, 1837
ALL persons indebted to the estate of Thomas
Girton, deceased, by Note, Bond, Book Ac
count, or otherwise, are requested to make payment
to tho subscriber beforo the 15lh day of November
next; and all persons having demands against said
estate aro requested to present them, properly au
thenticated for settlement, to the subscriber.
Sole Administrator.
Hemlock, Oct. 7, 1837.
jpiAPT. HIRAM A. ROOT, ofCaltawissa, late
Xlj ly from Tomkins county, New York, shot
across tho Susquehanna river, ranging the enormous
distanco of four hundred yards, and killed a Crane.
The feat was done on tho 28th inst. on Col. l'axton's
farm, in Bloom township, in the presence of a num
ber of spectators. This is but onoofthomany mir
aculous feats that Mr. Root has performed with his
rifle; but he is a first rate marksman, and those who
excel 111 this art, can have a chance to try their skill
with Capt. Root, on a bet of from Ten to One hun
dred dollars, string measure. He will bo found
at the public hou.50 of S. Brobst, in CatUwisaa vil
lage, where ho will bo very happy to wait on any
Gentlemen who may favour him with their custom.
Cattawissa, Sept. 30, 1837.
fTTIIE subscribers thankful for past favors, have
Kj tho pleasure of announcing to their custo
mers, and the public in general, that they havomst
received and aro now opening a fresh supply of cheap
carefully selected for tho season, ut their new and
cheap store in Bloomsburg.
Como friends and patrons, one and all,
And sco our purchase for tho fall;
If you'll but call and take a peep,
Surely you'll say, thoy'ro very cheap.
Bloomsburg, Sept. 30, 1837.
ETERSHAM and Bearskin cloths, for Over
coats, just received and for sale by
J. T. Musselman, $ Co.
Sept. 30, 1837.
LANKET Shawls, and Ladies' Capos and
Tippets, just opened at tho new & choap
storo of
J. T, Mussclman, i$- Co.
Sept. 30, 1837.
LANKETS, of various sizos and qualities
and warranted a fresh article, for salo at tho
new and cheap storo of
T. 3Iussclman, Co.
Sept. 30, 1837.
AMLET, for Cloaks, for salo very cheap at
tne new cc ciieap storo ot
J. J. Mussclman, $ Co.
Sept. 30, 1837.
Tun Costume of ourAsiemcAn FATrtfeiia.
Tho dress of tho venerated John Han.
cock, is thus described in the bdok entitled
"Familiar Letters on Public CharacJBIs,,,
"At this time, (Juno, 1782,) about noon,
Hancock was dressed in a red velvet cap,
within which, was one of iln'o linen. Tho
latter was turned up over the lower edge of
tne veivcione, two or three inches. Ho
wore a blue damask gown, lined with silk;
a white stock, a while satin embroidered
waistcoat, black satin sniall clothes, whito
silk stockings, nnd red morocco slippers."
Ho was then about forty-five years of ago.
A hint to wooeus. 'Women,' observes
some writer, whoso name we do not re-j j
member, "may bo compared to fruit: thdso
that fall to tho ground of their own accord,
arc gencrclly tainted, and good for nothing;
but those that will not fall witjjtfuba good
deal of shaking, are sound and worth Hav
ing." .iiood. Let Lord Byron say what
ho will of bread and butter, girlhood iq, a
beautifel season, and its love its wntrp',
tincakulating, devoted love so exaggerat
ing in its simplicity so keen fiom its fresh
ness is the 'very poetrv of attachment: aS-
tcr years we have nothing like it.
" Comment on the Times., Such is
the head, of the paragraph in, .which- thq
Star first announced that 'a man un town
was turning a grindstone for a dollar a day.
lie sits, or sat at the corner of'Eldridge and
Stanton, turning away without noticing the
passers by anu the bystanders who saluleu
him with all sorts of wit and attempts at
wit. In the same ward; wa understand
another is seated with rod, line, hook, bait
and sinker, angling in a pail of water for a
dollar a day. Each of these industrious fel
lows, having nothing to do, . is paid by a,
club of persons who have nothing else to do
but to make up a purse, and pay each his
dollar regularly at night. iVr. Y. Sun.
From the Baltimore American.
Among tho petitions presented to tho
House of Representatives on Monday, Mr.
luams presented ono irom moro than 3,-
000 women of the city of Boston, against
the annexation of Texas to tlio United
States, which he asked to bb printed witfl
the petition offered some days sinco by
Mr. TT'ise , from certain women in Halifax,
in tho Slate of Virginia, praying Congress
to furnish husbands for Nothcrn Females.
Ordered accordingly
The Speaker presented the memorial of
James II. Causlen, of the District of Co
lumbia, declaring that he had commenced
proceedings against the bank of the Metro
polis, in the city of Washington, lor non
payment of its notes in specie; that an inj
junction had been laid by the District
Court on the proceedings; & that, m his
opinion, the ban!; hail lorleitcu its charter
Wherefore, the petitioner prays that tho
charier be declared forfeit. The memorial
was laid on the table.
Unprecedented Punishment. Tho N. York Sun
of Tuesday states that Capt. Samuel R. T. Adams,
of the ship Austerlitz, was on Saturday brought be
fore Judge Bctts, on a charge of most inhuman treat
ment of u man named Collins, who acted as steward
or cook on board his ship. It appeared during the
cursory examination which took place, that while tho
Austerlitz was lying at Key W est, by Cupt. Adams
order, an iron gag was put in Collin's mouth, and h
was hauled up to tho rigging and two hundred and
fifty lashes were administered to him! Thojonly
rcofou or excuse gnen by Captain Auams lor this
extraordinary and cruel degree of punishment, wa
that his colleo had not been sulhciently clear!!
Judgo Bctts held him to bail in $1000, for his ap
pearance to answer tho chargo at the next session of
the court.
A letter irom Havana, dated September 25, says,
"Tho captain, mate, and crew of the schoonc
Jemima, of New York, arrived hero in the brig
Augusta, of Boston, yesterday; they were taken olf
tho wreck 011 tho 10th instant. Tho schooner was
thrown on her beam ends in a violent calo of wind
on tho 14th inst., in lat. 3142, Ion. 74, 56 west,
from Carthagcna, bound to New York, had on
board somo barrels of sugar, tobacco, and cocoa
nut j. Nothing saved, not even clothing, papers.
&c Two of tho crew aro colored men. who. altlioucli
fortunate in escaping with their lives, aro so un
fortunate, under tho existing laws here, as to bo
thrown into prison."
Tho lato cashier to tho Copenhagen Theatre has
been convicted of defrauding tho establishment of
70,000 dollars' The sentence is loss of honor and
his right hand, and hard labor in a foi(ress till tho
money bo restored, or the criminal dies.
A Mr W. M'EIroy recently married a young girl
in Patis, Ky. and soon afterwards ran away.
Tho father of tho girl advertises him, and requests
all editors "friendly to young unmarried girls, wi
dows, and old maids," to copy tho advertisement.
A steamboat from New Orleans to Louisville, a
few days ago, picked up a couple of mulattocs,
swimming in tho middlo of tho Mississippi
Tho mackerel fishery of Now England lias tliii
ypjr proved on entire failure.
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