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I liavo sworn upon the Altar of God, eternal hostility to every form of Tyranny over the mind of Man." Thomas Jefferson.
Volume I. BliOOMSBURG, COLUMBIA COUITY, PA. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1837. . . Number 26.
Nuxt door to Romson's Stack OrncE.
published every Saturday morning, at
TWO DOLLARS per annum, payable
fiulf yearly in advance) or 'Two Dollars
Fifty Cents, if not paid ivilhin the year'.
No subscription will be taken for a shorter
period than six months; nor any discon
tinuance permitted, until all arrearages
are discharged.
ADVERTISEMENTS not exceeding a
square will be conspicuously inserted at
One Dollar for the first three insertions,
find Twenty-five cents for every subse
quent nserl'ion. CJ"A liberal discount
made to those who advertise by the year:
LETTERS aadrcsscd bn business) must
be post paid.
Vnioii Agricultural Society's
THE annual Cattle show, and exhibition of
Agricultural products, and articles of domes
tic manufacture; will ho held in McEwimsville,
Turbut township, Northumberland county, on
Tuesday tho 24th day of October next, when
to tho full exto-' of tho funds of tho said society
will bo awarded to tho successful competitors.
Viz: For every specie oT LIVE STOCK. In
this pirticular, committee on premiums will more
especially direct thir attention to those animals
that may have been obtained and nurtured with a
?icw to tho improvement of Stock within tho bounds
of the Society. - .
2d. On every kind of Domestic Manufactured
articles of Iron, Wood, Wool, Cotton, Flax, Silk,
Hemp, Furs, Slliriff, &c. In this department,
Cloth manufactured of Wool, Silk, &c, produced
within the limits of tho society, will bo entitled to
a preference over those whoso materials may bo of
foreign origin. Provided that no manufacturer rc
rcivo a priynium for an article of manufacture of
the samo. description or kind upon which no receive
a premium1 formerly, unless a special improvement
over tho fdrmcr article shall bo so manifest as to
fntillo himtoti i Impi - 'cmcrft being the object of
tho 8oclciy, !t will not lo deemed, sufficient that
tho article be tho best exhibited to entitle, if it
should not exceed articles previously exhibited from
tho same factory J , , , ,.
3d. On agricultural products. Tho products of
the Field and tho Dairy. Tho successful cultiva
tion of the vine; and also tho manufacture of Sugar
from materials, tho growth of tho district comprising
the Society will bo iutercstino; objcctH, of premium.
Also samples of Malt and Vinous Liquors, of tho
materials tho growth of tho district.
VTfio fact that good ploughing is at the basis of
good and successful agriculture, inducqs the society
to hold out premiums for the best specimens of
ploughing (40 perches) to bo performed at the
Cattle Show, l'rcmiumswillbo awarded foruscful
improvements & implements in husbandry.
No animals, or specimen of manufactures that
pbtained a premium at a former Cattle Show, shall
again be a subject of premium; nor will a premium
bo allowed for any animal raised out of tho limits
of the society, except those i' '.roducpd for tho pur
pose of improving the stock and which shall have
J been within tho bounds of tho Society at least one
I year previous to tho exhibition.
J he best flock of sheep, raised Ity an individual,
(not less than ten) taking into view their breed,
ilhealthful state, and tho quality of their wool, will
also be the object of a premium.
To encourage the production of Barley, tho com
mittee on grain will award suitable premiums to it;
successful cultivators.
Successful experiments in tho cultivation, of all
kinds of Crops, Grain, Grasses, Vegetable, Vines',
Trees, &c. communicated in writing, will be laid
beforo the committe as subjects of premiums
.will ba held, commencing" at 1 o'clock to' continu
if expedient from day to day, in order that oa
Ifericultultural implements. Grain and vegetable
ifcos ol supenor quaiuy, auu uu wuu
L 1 : 1 ! .,, ..II llipm nrul thus dis
pim liniuuvi-'U uiiiiiiaiD, muj w.
tribute them throughout tho country This fialaojlrrs
district, and have improved stock, &c, to cxposo it
ijur sale, anaincy me ramiuij
: The committees of Vigilance will please to exert
their influence to increasa tho funds of the Society.
J hoy aro as follows:
Kortlumhirhnk Countv David Watson, II
ftjuW Tnt.n -inrent. Jas. 1. Sanderson, John
v iftfeart, David Ireland, J. It. Priestly.
Columbia Co. Win. Dale, James M juanou,
oscph llrobst, Valentine llcst.O. Cameron.
Union Co. Dr. llaskins, James Merrill Eeq.
enry Oyer, Jas. K. Davis, Thomas Uiugan,
hveomine Co. John Burrowcs, Esq., Gcorgo
dm. John Cuminim. Esq. A. Woodward,
inarlca Lloyd; Samuel Jtogeru, Ucnjamm uear,
iuranam uouom, uoi Jacou mccdit,
AH nn.1 nrtna iiilmnln,! fill-t lift AllCtlOIl.
iUEt bo exhibited for inspection at 10 o'clock, A. M.
lnTn.vtl.l-. et nnilin illl.n ,iiTl.tlltnil mill Tfl-
Jiauons to govern mo procecuings oi uic uujr uu
j-tituted, and notice given in duo time.
..-. .. ..!!.. T .1-.. 1...
By order of tho 13 our J.
J. V, MURRAY, Scc'ry.
From Philadelphia, by Rail Road Canal
to Har'risburg, Northumberland, Dan
ville,'' Caltawissa, liloomsburg, ,
Berwick, ffllkesbarre, Mil
ton, IVilliamsport, and
in term cdiatc places.
PASSENGERS can leave the West Chester
Hoto , Broad (trcet, Philadelphia, daty, at G
o'cock, A. M. reach HarrUburg at 4 o'clock, P. M
of the samo day ; Northumberland at 10 o'clock A.
M. of tho ,ficxt day ; anil VVilkcsbarre on the suc
ceeding morning at 0 o'clock ; when Coaches will
i-J r. n..i.-..i.i 'P....1.1 .. 1. 1
illlllllUIiUUJ BlUll IU1 uaiuuiiuuivf Jl Ullliu.liiucjv UI1U
Montrose, and thence to the Western part of New
York state. ,
ItETUKNING The Boats ,cavo Wilkcsbarro
daiy, at 10 o'cock, A. M., and arrive at(llooms
burg at 4 o'clock, Pi M. It arrives at Harnsburg at
5 o'clock on the following morning, and reaches
Columbia in timo to take the morning Cars fot
Tho Boats also arrive at Williamsport, on the
West Branch, at about 0 o'clock. P. M. of tho tamo
day on wliich they reach Northumberland and re
turn daily.
The Boats on tho above lines havo been repaired,
and aro now confidently recommended to tho PUB
LIC as a pleasant, comfortable, and comcnient mode
of travelling. EA T may be taken in Philadelphia
at the north-cast corner of Fourth & Chcsuut streets,
at No. 200 Market street, and at the Wcst-Chc&tcr
Hotel, Broad street.
FREIGHT, mav bo forwarded bv Kail Road from
Orrieh & Nobles and J. J. Lewis & Co, Broad street,
and by Capt. McCabcs. Line of Union Canal Boats
to'Harrisburg, where they will bo received by the
Susquehanna Linqfrom Jaboz Harrasdirr; Vine street
Wharf, Schuylkill.
Wilkcsburrc, June 10, 1837. Agent.
ARGE MAPS of Mississippi and Alabama
B A showing the Public and the Indian Lands,
Indian Reservations, Land Districts, Townships,
Streams, &c.. Engraved from the Government sur
veys and plots in the General Land Office, Wash
ington City; tiy IS. Uilmax, urauglitsinan in tne
General Land Office.
I . TAYLOR, bookseller, Washington City, has
list published (and secured the copy right according
to Law) tho above Mans, which will-he found infin
itely more complete and a'ceurato than any hereto
fore published. They are published on sepcrate
sheets, each containing nearly six square feet, and
will bo found especially useful and valuable to those
interested in tho lands of ejthcr state, as they show
every item of information which is in posscssiou of
the Land Office relative to Water courses, lownfchjp
lines, Indian lands and reservations, land districts,
&c, arid .will bo perfectly accurate and prcciso in
theso points. They can be sent by mail to any part
of the United states, subject only to singlo letter
postage. Price, two dollars, or thrco copies of ci
ther will ho sent by mail for fivo dollars. A liberal
discount will be made to travelling agents, or to any
who buy to sell again.
j Editors of newspapers, any where, who will
glvo' the above advertisment (including this notice)
ono ortwo insertions, shall rcceiveliy return mail a
copy of each map, if they will send a copy of the pa
per containing it to. tho advertise.
Washington City, Sept, 9, 1837.
To Travellers up the North Branch of the
TTJA8S.ENGERS by tho Susquehanna Boat Lino
B from Northumberland, arrive at Wilkesbarrc
KlGUT HOUllS tooner than by the Mail Line
of Stages, and reach Montrose TWENTY-FOUR
houis sooner. P.' Mc C. GILCHRIST,
June 10, 1837. Agent.
F rf very superior quality, neatly bound, and
' printed on cold-cdecd paper, with coloured
designs, for sale at tho cheap store of
J. T Musselman, $ Co.
September 10, 1837.
Steam-syrup Molasses,
,F a very superior quality, lor saic at ine new
and cheap storeol Muooriijaimi,. vju.
Sept. 0, 1837.
UEENSWA'RE, of every variety of figure
and price, just received 6i for salo ly
.. T. Musselman. $ Co.
Sept. 30, 1837.
Bushels of Flax-Sad wanted, unu
1 the highest price paid, by
. T. Musselman, Co.
September 2.
INE, Brandy, Gin, Cordial, &c. jut re
ceived, and icidy for delivery to customers
at very reduced prices, by . n
J. T. Miaschnuu, .y to.
Sept. 30, 1837.
The 'Subscriber
HAS just received from Philadelphia, a fresh
assortment of GOODS, which havo been
purchased very low, and arc now offered to custom
ers at reduced prices. An excellent article of Cof
tee is now offered at twelve and a half cents per
pound first quality of New Orleans Sugar at ten
cents, and second quality at eight cents per pound.
Ho has also a largo and full assortment of
Iron & Hollow-Ware,
Which he ofi'crs at the lowest prices. The public
are respectfully invited to call and examine his as
sortment. (fj All kinds of country produce will bo taken
in exchange for goods. 1..
Bloomsburg, Aug. 19, 1837.
.F a superior quality, just received am for sale
' by the subscriber. u. i ISllfclt.
Bloomsburg, Ang. G, 1S37.
USP received, and now opening at the new &
cheap store . ,
.108 Yards 0-4 Merinos;
SCO Yards 3-4 do.
:tOOO do. Illcached Muslin ;
JEOaOdo. Brown do.
4O00 Yards Ncw Sty1(! of Print3! at
from Gi to 28 cents per yard ;
30 Pieces 900 yards of' Sattinctts ;
Blue, Brown, Olive, Black, Strcl-mixed,
Drab, Claret and Invisible Cloths.
All which they arc determined to dispose of very
cheap lor cash or country produce.
T. Musselman, Co.
Bloomsburg, Sept 30.
very extensive assortment of Cedar Ware, just
received, and for sale at the new store ol
Bloomsburg, AuguM. 20,1837.
PRIME COFFEE, at Twelve and a halt
Cents per Pound, and a superior quality
of SUGARS at Eight and Ten Cents, for sale at
the ncw and cheap store of
Dloomsburg, Aug. SG.
ALL kinds of GRAIN wanted,' for which the
highest market price will be paid, at the new
and cheap store of the subscribers.
Bloomsburg, Scpt.2, 1837.
N assortment of ilfen'nosjust received, and for
sale at the cheap store ot
Jl T. Musselman, Co'.
Goshen Cheese,
'F a vcrv superior quality, for sale at tho New
and Cheap Storeoftho subscribers in Blooms
burg. J. T. MUSSELMAN, & Co., 1837.
TENDERS his professional services to the citi
zens of Columbia county. He will feel grate
lul lor business entrusted to his care. Office in the
same building with the 'Columbia Democrat.'
Bloomsburg, May, 1837.
List of 'Letters
Remaining in the Bloomsburg Post-office,
September 30, 1837.
Benjamin Boyer,
Gcorgd Beer's,
Hopkins Boone,
Elias Dietcrich,
Alexander Emit,
Mary Fulmcr,
Miss Abigail Goble,
Michael Hawk,
Mary Brown,
Peter Brugler,
John Dietrich,
Thomas Ellaot,
Daniel Fulmor,
Aaron Gcarhart,
George Groh,
Henry Hagcnbuch,
Uzal Hopkjns,
John Ha6lct,
Miss Anna Kendig,
John Jacoby,
Mrs. MaryLillcy
Alex. Nowokowski,
Daniel Pur6el,
William Snyder,
Rev. Tobias,
Charles Washug,
John Howcr,
William Howell.
Jacob He'mbauch,
George Knorr,
Jacob Leiby,
Ucnjamm Mcrrel,
Overseers of tho Poor,
John Robison,
Henry Trimbly,
Thomas Vance,
Thomas Wright,
Thomas Wccb,
Gcorga T. Wolcot, 3 Daniel Wravcr,
Jacob Wagner, Henry Wertman,
Josia M'Clurc, James xeoman. 10
BEltNAltD KUl'ERT, P. M.
October 7, 1837.
UST received and for Side at tho store of tho
QjJ subscriber, splendid assortment 01 u uuu
SrOYISS. both Claw anil wiiu iiouers. mi 1
assortment of round and squa 0 ("00 Mover, of
dillc.cit sizes. t". B. FISHER.
Bloonioburg,Scpt.30, 1837.
THE subscriber begs leave to inform the public,
that he continues the above truniness, in its
various branches, in Selinsgrovo and Milton, where
he has constantly on hand an assortment of
Head & Foot Stones,
Mantles, Centre-Tables,
made to order, on the shortest notice, and in the
best manner.
The public are respectfully invited to give him
a call.
Lettering, both English and German, done in a
neat, bold, and beautiful style.
September 30, 1837.
fXjThe Terms, &c. can be ascertained by calling
upon the Editor otthe "Columbia Democrat, who
will attend to any orders which may be made by the
pcoplo of this neighbourhood, and guarantee a
speedy and lailhlul execution ot any job which may
ho specially ordered.
THE subscriber wo.uld respectfully inform the
public, that he has taken (ho store recently
pecupied by Mr. McDowell, in Orangcfille, and is
now opening and receiving from New York and
Philadelphia, a splendid assortment of all kinds of
wjiich ho will dispose of at the most reduced piiccs
lor cash or country produce. The public are uni
ted to call a.'iu examine for themselves.
Orangevillc, Oct. 7, 1837
LL persons indebted to- the estate of Thomas
Clirlon, deceased, by Note, Bond, Book Ac
count, or otherwise, arc requested to make payment
to tho subscriber before the 15th dav of November
next; and all persons having demands agaiiut said
estate are requested to present thenr, properly au.
thenticatcd for settlement, to tho subscriber.
Sole Administrator.
Hemlock, Oct. 7, 1837.
4""1APT. HIRAM A. ROOT, of Cattawissa. late
lyfrom Tomkins county, New York, shot
across tno sue-quelianna river, ranging the enormous
distance of four hundred yards, and killed a Crane.
The feat was done on the 28th inst. on Col. Paxton's
larrn, in Uloom township, in tho presence of a num
ber osprctators. This is but pne of Uicmany.rnir
aculous feats that Mr. Root has performed with his
rillc; but he is a first rate marksman, and those who
excel m this urt, can havo a chance to try their skill
with Capt. Root, on a bet of from Ten to One hun
dred dollars, string meas6re. He. will be, found
at tho public house of S." llrobst, hi Cattawi'ssa vil
lage, where he will be very happy to wait on any
Gentlemen who may favour him with their custom.
Cattawissa, Sept. 30, 1837.
f TTfHn subscribers thankful for past favors, havo
Jl. the pleasure of announcing to their custo
mers, and the public in general, that they have just
received and aro nowopening u fresh supply of cheap
carefully selected for tho season, at their new and
cheap store in Bloomsburg,
Come friends and patrons, one and all.
And eed ourpurcha'so for the fall;
If you'll but call and take a peep,
Surely you'll say, they're very cheap.
Bloomsburg, Sept. 30, 1837.
PETE RSIIAM( and Bearskin cloths, for Over
coats, just rocelved and for tale by
J, T. Musselman, 5 Co.
Sept. 30, 1837.
?LANKET "Shawls, und Ladies Capes and
I ippets, just opened at tho ncw & chcup
store of
Jt 77 Musselman, $t Co.
Sept. 30, 1S37.
LANKETS, of various sizes and qualities
and warranted a fresh article, for sale at the
new and cheap store of
J. J . Mussetman, ey Co.
Sept. 30, 1837.
:MLET, for Cloaks, for jalo very cheap at
tho new &. cVap rtoro of
J. T. Mu-ne'man, Co.
Sept. 30, 1837.
From the Memphis Inquirer.
Text. 'There is a way which secmeth
right to a man, but the end thereof,' &c.
We hope It will not he deemed sacrilege
to quote here this sublime precaution from
the Oracles of Divine Truth, as a text to
discourse from in the manner which fol
lows, although in aid of subjects of a some
what secular nature, appertaining however
to morality:
It may. seem right to,a man to neglect
paying his debts for the sake of spending
or speculating upon his money but at tho
end thereof is a bad paymaster.
It may seem light to a man to live be
yond his income but at the end thereof is
wretchedness and poverty.
It may seem right to a man to attempt
to live upon the fashion of the time but
the end thereof is disgusting to all sensible
folks and ruinous to health, reputation and
It may seem right io a man UJ, attempt to
obtain a livelihood without , industry and
economy but the end thereof is hunger
and rags.
It may seem right to a man to, keep
constantly borrowing of his neighbors, and
never willing to lend but the end thereof
is very cross neighbors.
It may seem righttoaman to be al
ways trumpettirijj of his own fame the
end thereof is his fame don't extend very
It may seem right to a man to trouble
himself very much about his neighbor's bu
siness but the end thereof is great negli
gence of his own., ,
It may seem right to a man to be con
stantly slandering his neighbors but the
end thereof is nobody believes any thing
he says. , ,
. It may seem right to a man to induleg
ids children in every thing but the end
thereof is his children will indulge them
selves in dishonoring him.
It may seem right to a man to put off
every thing which ought to be done to-day
until to,-morrow but tho end thereof is
such things ars not done at all.
It may seem right in a man to attempt
to please every body but the end thereof
is he pleases nobody.
It may seem right to a man to excel
liis neighbors in extravagance and luxury
but the end thereof is he excels them in.
It may seem right to a man to take ori
(y one .or two glasses of rum a day but
tlie end thereof is a drunkard.
It may seem right to a man to take
newspaper but the end thereof is that'
man and his family arc totally ignorant of
the oidinary occurrences of the day.
It may seem right tp a mart (0 obtain
his news by borrowing and stealing of his
neighbors but the end thereof is annoy
ance to his neighbors, and fraud upon the
It may. seem right to a man to pay eve
ry body before he pays the printer and the
minister but the end thereof is he pays
the most needy last if he pays them at all.
It may seem right to a man to worship
the creature more than the creator -but tho
end thereof is -an idolator.
It may seem right, to a man to bo inces
santly occupied in hoarding up tho treas
ures 0 this world but tho end thereof io
he has none in the world to come.
To conclude- it may seem right to a.
man to further extend his discourse, at
the expense of tho patience of his reader
but the end thereof is here!
Newspapers. There are now about one thousand
newspapers established in tho United States, from
'inch are issued at a moderate calculation, ono
hundred millions printed shecta annually, which if
in one continuous sheet, would roach four timo from
polo to pole, and if cubodird in a boo'i from w uuld be
equal to issuing six vcluiuc e .r' uic 1.
every u. utoni tin. vc .
Auj. 10, 1837,