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I havo Buorii upon tlio Altar of God, eternal hostility to every form of Tyranny over the Mind of Mail." Thomas Jefferson.
Number 20.
-dm' !
le, i
g bo
uttt in!
Next door to Rodiso's Stage Omen;
published every Saturday morning, at
TlVOp OLLARS per annum , payable
Half yearly in advance, or Two Dollars
Fifty Cents, if not paid within the year.
No.suoscriplion will betaken for a shorter
period than six months: nor any discon
tinuance permitted, itrilu all
i 'are discharged.
ADVERTISEMENTS Hot exceeding a
? square will be conspicuously inserted at
One Dollar for the first thrccmscrtiolis,
' ' and Twenty-five, cents fpr e'very sitbsc
(fiicnt nserlion. fZP A liberal discount
piade to those who advertise by the year.
' LETTERS addressed on business, must
be post paid.
i X 3f. Mussclman, "& Co;
i f E8PECTFULLY announce to tho public
- Mm, that they have just received and opened
i splendid assortment ot rituaii uuuus in tnc
: rtorc-room adjoining Gross's Hotel, in Bloomsburg,
'.- where they will feel happy to wait upon all those
H vvllo may fed disposed to give them a call. Their
stock of Uoods is very ortciiRiw, and nave been care
fully, selected; and they flatter themselves on being
ablo to sell better and cheaper goods than have hcre
tofoYo fiecn offered to tho public tu this vicinity.
Among their stock will ho found the follow ingsupe
'rior articles of
Superfine blue, black; brown, olive and
teel-niixQil broad cloths, cassimcrcs and
gattincttsfj canton and woolen flannels, rose
blankets! a ccncral assortment of calicoes,
morinoes; circasians and bombazctts, mer
ino camlcti tartan plaid, figured and plain
silk velvc'f, silk and valcntia vestings, brown
& -Black " pilks, pinigces, merino and tlitbit
dress handkerchiefs, crape and merino
shawls, flag and bandanna handkerchiefs,
figured. and plain bobinett, book muslins,
iaconcttiw mull muslins. Irish linen, linen
h and cotton diaper,Canton& Italian crapes,
ft fancy cravats, stocks andshirtcollars, gloves
of all kinds, hosiery, prunella and morocco
m shoes, cotton and silk umbrellas travelling
k oaskefsJnnd a general assortment of tlo
m mestic' goods, such as muslins, checks,
m lieldngsfcoilon yarn, &.c.
at 6U& 8 CJEWJCS per yard.
Thoyhavc also a geifcral assortment of
Bar iron, steel, nails, spikee, sprigs,
in i 'scrcwsi'hingfs, 'locks, latches, glass aad
prasariburcau. knobs, knives una jorks,
Blrt sP9ns.tJai.nPs brass andiron candlesticks
buckles, augers, flat irons',, hand and pan
mrt nel saws", frying nans, tvoflle irons, curry
jiij combs, shovels, dripping jians, coffee
iters mills, iron'squares, brass anilirons, culling
knives, drawing knives, scissors, razors,
1(1 t spectachs.i shoe pincers, plated spurs
,rl gimbletsfiknitting pins, shoe lacs, steel-
,gIiK yardtj and a general assortment of brush
bw -(,111
China, Glass
&b.oce:rxes3 liqtjoes3
v laints. Oils,
"brugs & Medicines
saffi1 assbd gneiss
jL &C. &C. &0. &.G.
TmWespeetfully invite those who arit
their assortment.
trjp'Canftte forever selling $10,000
iiiorlh of goods.
All kindf of COUNTRY PRODUCE payment or exchange.
Bloorruburg, August 20, 1837.
A very extensive assortment of Cedar Ware, jiurt
received, onu lor sale at mo new more 01
J. T. MUS3ELMAN, & Co.
Bl'wmwburg, August 2fl, 193T.
County Treasurer.
E nfo authorized to state that HUGH Mr-
WILLIAMS.IIsq. will be a candidato at
the next election for County Treasurer.
AUg. 2U, IBH7.
To the Electors of Columbia county.
T mv fr1fiiiu T nfliT mvflplf n rnmliftni fn'r
...J -..w. ...J
and respectfully solicit your votes at the ensuing
election, if successful, I pledcc myelf to perforin
the duties of the office with impartiality and fidelity.
Limestone, August 2G, 1837.
7E linvc been authorised to announce STE
PHEN DALDY, Esq. of Uattawissa, as
n candidate for County Commissioner at the next
Aug. 19, 1837.
To the Electors of Columbia county. '
7ELI0W-CrraENS: At the solicitation of
' many friends throushout the county. I offer
myself as a candidate for the office of
nt the next General election, and would feel grateful
for your support. JOHN FRUIT.
Madison, June 3, 1837.
To the Klc'clors of 'Columbia county:
BTELLOW CITIZENS: At the solicitation of a
J number of my friends I liaNe been encouraged
to oiler a Candidate Tor the office ol
at the ensuing General F.lecl'on. If I should be so
fortunate as to obtain a niajorily of your suffrages, I
pledge, myself, to far abilities will admit, to
perform the duties of tho office with iiitegritf and
Roaring Creek, May 20, f837.
To the Iilcctors of Columbia county :
BTELLOW CITIZENS : At the urgent solicita
' lions of numerous friends, I offer myself as a
andidatc lor the office ol
Should I be so fortunate as to receive a majority of
otcs, and procure my commisMon, I pledge myteli
to execute the duties of the office with fidelity and
impartiality. ELIAS McIlENKV
May 13, 1637.
n rn-piit iitimlipr nf mv fripuds nuil villvisli-
1 rigam olh-r mysOllas a candidate lor the
Office of Sheriff
of the county of Columbia, at (ho next general clcc
lion, ll you would uc so goou as 10 givo me your
votes, there shall lack nothing on my part to do my
duty with accuracy and mlclity.
YVlLil.ilA.Vl iviiuiiwr.
Danville, Juno 24, 1837.
To the Freemen of Columbia county.
TTNELLOW-CITIZEN : At the request of ma
Rj ny personal friends, I solicit your votes at tho
approaching election lor me
Office of Sheriff.
Should a majority of your suffrages elevate mo to
tho station I pledge myself to discharge the duties of
tho office with correctness and impartiality. In ask
ing your support, tho subscriber is prompted ny a
dctiro to promote tho public good; and ho hopes that
liis largo family, his poverty, and his inability to sup
port himself by labor, may obtain him tho votes of
those who can feel for tho wants of an honest and
Qualified neighbour.
Orangcville, July 2!T, 1837. .
IJELLOW-CITIZENS: At tho request of my
friends I offer myself as a candidate for tho
Office of Sheriff,
at the ensuinfj general election, and solicit your
votes and interest. Should I bo elected I shall en
doavor to morit the favour, by a' correct and faithful
fulfilment of tho duties of tho office.
Madison, July 20, 1837.
ITklRlME COFFEE, at Twelve and n half
I Cents nor Pound, and a superior quality
of SUGARS nt Eight and Ten Cents, for sale at
tho new and. cheap storo of
Bloomsburg, Aug. 20.
T Twenty Cents each, tor saio at uia encap
etorc til J.T. MUBSBIjMA.'x, cs v.e.
I observed a notice m tho "Keystone," (under
one which I 'published,) signed by Air. I. C. Gil
christ, Agent, stating that the Susquchaunah Boat
hmo would carry passengers m less tunc han tnc
Mail Stage which is not the fact. It will bo un
derstood that .the Boat leaves Harrisburg ono day
before the Stage; yet wo havo taken Passengers
through to Wilkcsbarre in time for the Montrose .
stages, i'iot.wihsanding tho tnrdyiinnncr in which
'the mail is brought from Harrisburg to us at Nor
thumberland. If any other persons had the convey
ance of the mails from Harrisburg to Northumber
land than those connected witli the Boats, I would
engage to start at the same hour with the Boat at
Harrisburg, and deliver the mail and tlie parscngcrs
TWELVE HOURS sooner than the Boat Lino
possibly can do, if.
When the Company runs a stnee from Northum
berland to Wilkcsbarre, the mail can arrive at Nor
thumberland from Harrisburg by 11 o clock, A. M
but when the Boat runs above, they then keep
buck the stage at Northumberland until 4 o clock 1
M. and sometimes as late as 7 o'clock, I'. JU.
Thcseare facts, which, if the Post Master General
u no aw arc of, it is time he was made acquainted
wftli them'.
rrtvlni nassencers ivtshinir to take Ihe slase at
h'urlhumicrland. to so through to Montrose, will
he lutcen on in lime lo secure scats in the Montrose
stave. nolwUhslandlnir the dclan of the Opposition
lit timVlllg III tltWtllUCUU'tU, IVHUfcl llliyt
upon a regular tine Jvr starling.
Blootnsburg, June 10, 1837.
From Philadelphia, by Rail Rpad Canal
to Harrisburg, Aorummuerianu, uan
: villo, Cattaicissa, flloomsburg,
Bcrivi'tk, inikcsbarre, Mil
Jon, IFilliamsport, and
intermediate places.
ASSENGERS can leave tho West Chester
Hotel, Uroad street, Philadelphia, daily, at C
o clock, A. M. reach iiarrisourg oito ciock, r. -u.
of thb same day ; 'Northumberland ttt 10 o'clock A.
M. of tho next day; and wilKcsuarro on me suc
ceeding morning at 0 o'clock ; when Coaches will
immediately htart for Carbondalo, Tunkhannock and
Montrose, end fhence io tho Western part of New
York fctatc.
RETURNING The Boats leave Wilkcsbarre
daily, at 10 o'clock, A'. M., and arrive at Blooms
burg at 4 o'clock, V. M. It arrives at Harrisburg at
5 o'clock on tho following morning, and reaches
Columbia in timo to tako tho morning Cars foi
Tlw Boats also arrive at Williamsport, oh the
Vcst Branch, at about 9 o'clock, P. M. of the same
day on which they reach Northumberland and rc
urn daily.
The Boats on the above lines havo been repaired,
and are now confidently recommended to the PUB
LIC as a pleasant, comfortable, and convenient mode
h'f travelling. SEATS may be taken in Philadelphia
at the north-east corner of Fourth & Chcsnut streets,
at No. 200 Market street, and at the West-Chester
Hotel, Broad street. '
FREIGHT may bo fonvarded by Rail Road from
Orrich & Nobles and J. J. Lewis &. Co, Broad street,
and by Capt. McCabcs Lino of Union Canal Ooats
to Harrisburg, where they will be received by the
SusqUclianna Line from Jabcz Harrasdin, Vine street
Wharf, achuylKUl. . .
y. Mc. u. uitiuiimo i ,
Wilkcsbarre, Juno' 10, 1837. Jgtnt
To Travellers up the North Branch cf.the
"BrA8SENGERS by the Susquehanna Boat Line
! irom AoiiiiuiiiuenuiHi, u. ...v-..
ElGllT HOUltS sooner than by the Mail Line
of Stages, and reach Montroto TWENTY-FOUR
hours sooner. i: uc. j. vinculum ,
June 10, 1837. Ag-
The Subscriber
AS Suit rnilvnl from Philadelphia, a
assortment of GOODS, which havo been
purchased very low, and arc now offered to custom
era at reduced prices. An oxccllent article of Cor
fee is now offered at twelve and a half cents per
pound fast quality of New Orleans Sugar at ten
cents, ana second quaiuy ai agm nmof" t"
Ho has also a large and full assortment of
Iron & Hollow-Ware,
Which ho offers at tho lowest prices. Tho public
aro respectfully invited to call and oxamme his as
sortment., . ,
03" AH kinds of country produce will bo taken
, exchange tor good,. C. B. FISHER.
Bloomshurg, Aug. 19, 1837.
tfmV a superior quality, just received and for sale
W by tho subfecriber. j, d, iwuu"
Bloomburg, Ang. 8,. 1837.
THE SUBSCRIBER returns his acknowlcdg
ments to his friends for theirlibernl patronage,
and would respectfully inform the public in general,
that ho has fitted up his establishment, in Cattawis
sa, near the bridge, and
n a very superior style, which will render comfort
and convenience to nil who may favor him with their
custom. His TABLE is supplied with tho luxu
ries of a bountiful market; his BAR well stored with
tne cnoiccsi j.iquors; and liis si AUljlAU con
tains plenty of prqvcndcr, and is attended by a care-
lul hostler, lie solicits all lo give him a call, and
cclsconlident that he will render satisfaction.
Cattawissa, June 17,1837.
literature, Science A General News.
Commencing May 20, 1837.
flic SATURDAY CIIHONICLE is a family
newspaper, published on a sheet of tho largest mam
moth size, anil issued regularly lrom I'luiailclpnia,
every Saturdny. It is entirely unconnecteil with
party polities, and sectarianism, anu is zealously de
voted to the cause of Literature, Science and Gen
eral Intelligence, as. calculated to entertain and in
struct every branch of the family circle. The de
sign of the publishers is, to furnish a newspaper that
shall instruct as well as amuse, and cnligliten uic
middle-aged, as well as entertain, and direct to prop
er objects of htudy, the mind o,i youth, ,-inoir un
precedented siicces's during tho past year (having
obtained a very extensive circulation not only in
Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, but in every State
of the Union) induces them to believe that their
plan of publication is a good onf, and during the
succeeding year, they will continue i pursue it
zealously, with such improvements and modifica
tions an may from time to tinio be sugestcdr
General Contents of the Chronicle.
Talcs and Essays pn Literary, Scientific and
Moral subiccU Sketches of History and Biography
Reviews of new publications Stories from the
Classic writers Popular Statistic of the Woild
Ladies' Departmcnts-Original Communications
from somCof the best writers ol I'huadelphia and
clscwhcro Mcdipal Lectures bcicnce and Art
Aericulturc and Rural Economy Popular Super
stitions Curious C.ustoms and Manners Euro
pean and Domestic Correspondence Articles on
Music, the Urania, and other amusements varie
ties, amusing incidents, &c. and a carefully prepared
synopsis of tho Current is ews of the Day, both r or-
cign und Domestic
Attractions of the first Volume.
A regular correspondence from Europe, furnished
by an able and eloquent writer, now on a tour
through Europe, and engaged expressly for the
Chronicle. Of this correspondence more than forty
letters have been furnished.
A scries of articles oh Medical subjects, embracing
lectures on Anatomy, in familiar language, from the
ncn of a distineuished Physician of Philadelphia.
Tho republication, in a supplementary sheet, of
he choiccit and best articles of tho several London
Annuals, for 1837, embracing articles from all the
prominent English writers of the present day. The
cost of theso Annuals at retail is about $30 their
principal contents havo been furnished tho readers
of the Chronicle gratis.
Tim renublieation of the inimitable Pickwick Pa
tiers, from the pen of the best comic writer of the
i-iro. Charles Dickens. Esn.
Original contributions on Litoraturc, Science,
Law, Education, Poetry, Political Economy, &c,
from a number of the vary best writers In America.
Extra Attractions for the second Volume.
The publication of tho original articles, written
for tho Premiums of $350, embracing a great num
ber of compositions of merit. Tho original talc, to
.which will be awarded the prize of $100, will proba
bly be published in the first number ot tho second
volume. .
Tbe European Corrcsporidcnce will bo regularly
contmued, as will also the Stories from tho Classics,
and indeed all tho attractive features of the first vol
ume. Tho notes and observations of a literary gen
tleman, now on a four , through tho Western and
Southern States, aro also promised for publicaUon m
the Chronicle.
Choice literary selections will bo furnished from
tho London Monthly, Bcntley's Miscellany, Black
wood's, aid other European Magazines, care being
taken to select tho very best articles, "winnowing
tho wheat from thp chair," from tho great mass of
English Literature, and not to allow their number to
interfere witli our usual varioty. Advantage will bo
taken of every cir?umstanco calculated to add in
terest to tho columns of tho Chronicle. Tho pub
lishers being determined to allow non to outstrip
them in the "March of Improvement." During the.
past year tho publishers havo paid", for original con
tributions, premiums, correspondence, kc, more
1000 Dollars,
And a still larger sum will bo expended, for similar
purposes, during the publication of tho second vol
For a single copy for one year, $2, in advance, six
copies for $10; or three copies for $5. For sir
months, ono dollar.
(fj Small notes on all solvent Banks, received at
par, in payment of subscriptions. Address (post
Matthias & taylor, Publishers.
On the first of Juhi. 1837, will le published, beau
tifully jirinlcd, on good paper, and stitched in it
wrapper, extra, large royal octavo, the hbst
NUgBtn of anew 1'eriodical Work, entitled
The Gentleman's Magazine.
THE announcement of a new periodical, in tho
present state of affairs, may create some feel
ing of surprise; but having contemplated an altera
tion in tho nature of.a very popular monthly pub
licatjon, 'Every Body's Album,' the, proprietors deem
it best to proceed ill the perfected arrangements, and
produce a periodical embodying the most wholesome
points ot the old work, but conductcdwith sufficient
energy and .talent to ensure the success of their new
arrangements. 1 he respectable and extensive sub
scription, list of tho Album, to which is de
signed as a successor, will at once place THE GENi
TLEMAN'S MAGAZINE in a circulation equal to
that of any other monthly work in tho United Stales,
and guarantee the continuance of its publication, with
the certainty of payment to the enterprise of the pro
prietors. Tho contents of tho Gentleman's Magazine will.
in every respect, be answerable to the meaning of the
title. We do not pretend, in our literary pursuits,
to fly as "caglcsoar, above. Jlic ken ofman," nor
shall wo be content with merely skimming tho sur
face of tho ground; our pages will, not bo filled with
abtrukc predictions, nor shall we display the brilliancy
of our critical acumen in matters "caviare to the mil
lion." In short, we do not mean to be profoundly
learned, nor philosophically dull. Wo wish to pro
duce a gentlcfnanly agreeable b,ook an epitome of
life's adjunctives a literary melange, possessing
variety to suit all palates, and sufficient interest to
command a place upon the parlour table of every gen
tleman in the united btatc.. t
In the varied and ample pagc qf contents attached
to each number of tho Gentleman's. Magazine, origir
nail articles will be found, 'rifiiip'somc of the most
ce'ebraled writers of tho day ..Essays, Humorous
nnd Didactic Graphic Deingfltions of Men and
Manners. Free nnd Spirited -Translations, of tho
lighter portions of the Literature of continental Eu
rope. A Series of Original Biographical Notices of
tho principal stars in the Dramatichcmisphcrc. The
Current Literature will ho reviewed in lull, onano- ,
cral extracts made from rare and valuable works.
An Original copy Right Song, not otherwise to bo
obtained, will bcjrivcn, witlltlfe music, in every num.
bcr. . ' ,
The Gentleman's Magazine will contain seventy
two extra sizcd.octavo pages, of two columns each,
forming, at trio close of the year, two largahandsomo'
vo.umcs of Ono Thousand Seven Hundred and
T enty-cight columns, each column containing one'
third more than an" octavo pago of average propor
tions, Spvcral engravings will bo gh en in tho course'
of tho year; and the proprietors pledge themselves
that tho Gentleman's Magazine shall bo the largest
& the cheapest monthly work in the United States-
fjjrtWO Journeymen, if good workmen)
H and of sober and industrious habits, wiltind
constant employment and good wages, by applying
to the subscriber, in Bloomsburg, immediately.
August!, 1837.
A Journeyman Potter
WILL meet with employment and liberal wa
ges by niaking immcdiate application to tho
subscriber, at Espyfown.
Aug. 19, 1837. "
AN APPRENTICE to the Blacksmithing bu
binces. A Bpy between 10 and 18 years of
age, of good character and steady habits, will find a
situation by applying to the subscribkr, at Ins rcsi
dcnconearEspytown. jqhn HAZLET, Jr.
July 8, 1837.
my Dicr Elizabeth, .
I feel sory to larne that I am not permitted to
co'mo nnd see you .openly, but my mind and my
heart is with you every day, yes every hour Ol
hope the time will arriie, when wo my join hands
and hearts and pass on in pease, cheering each oth
crto our far journeys cnt unUll the gates of ever,
lasting life, shall bo opened and .admit
glorious presence of our Lord I will conclude with
a few waymes
o let my name in graven Btand
both on your heart, and on your hand
f,pal me upon your arm and warn
"that pledge of love for ever there
N B do not bo unesy about the bearer of this
letter for nothing will be said
and I will remain your lover till death ,
J German
Answer to the Prose.
sir your hart I never felt for
your hope is gon a stray ,
by joining hands and harts two
Copper for Dros will Never Do
Answer to. waymes '
I let your name ingravin stand ' !
your oath you took and Lyes havo told
you. sealed it upon your hart and ware
that pledge of the Devil is ever thcUabelh'
Steam-syrup Molasses,
OF a very suporior quality, for sale at tho new
and cheap store of MUS6ELMAN,&Co.
Executed at this Office,