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The subjoined proposition is made by
"the Editor of the Boston Mercantile Journal.
Wo second his motion. Headers! You
who are in favor of the motion, say Aye!
Those who are of th'e contrary opinion, say
No! If the question were put in this form
to the body of the people, we believe it
vfdUldbc carried Without a division, and
almost unanimously.
The ship Pennsylvania is launched, arid
we hope she will not be.suflcrcd to remain
inactive, rotting at our dockyards. The
fihin, if she is so fine a specimen of naval
architecture "its has been represented, and
wo have no occasion lo rdopbt 'it, should be
sent abroad She shbuld visit many, ports
in countries where our merchants are in the
liabit of trading, and her tremendous Lattery
Vould be more effectual in" causing the
'stirs fcttd stripes" to be respected, and to
secure to 'Our American citizens honorable
;and courteous treatment, than could be ef
fected by thb most ahle and diplomatic cor
respondence. Wc hope that a year vill n'bt elapse
Lefore this noble ship, completely equipped
and manned, will leave the American shores,
tinder the command of a gallant officer, and
wend her way through the waters to Bri
tain's fast anchored isle. Let her visit
Portsmouth, and anchor a day or two in
.the Downs. Let her show herself in the
North Sea and Cattega't, and stop at Got
tenburgh, to cxchartgO salutes with the
Swedes, and afterwards tit Elsmor'o reci
procate civilities with the Danish Crombcrg
Castle. We should also be much pleased
to havlfi her visit Constradti the famous sea
port of the Czar Nicholas, and we doubt
not that the Rossian despot would give her
a hearty welcome to the waters that wash
the shores of his empire, but her draught
of water is so great that she would not be
able to pass "the grounds" at Copenhagen
without a vast deal of trouble.
"On herreturn, she mightlook in at Cher
bourg, 'France, and passing through the
channel, make her compliments to the
TVIonsieures at Brest; aud on her way to the
Mediterranean, show the Portuguese at Lis'
ton, and the Spaniards at Cadiz, that Bro
ther Jort'athan, as well as John Bull, has no
contemptible notion of ship building. She
taight afterwards touch at Gibraltar, Bar
celona, Port Mahon, JUalta, Sicily, Naples,
Alexandria; and, returning, call at some of
the ports of the Barbary Power. Then let
her proceed to the East Indies, not forget
ting to tarry "nday or two at the Cape of
Good Hope. Let her astonish the civilized
inhabitant, and uncivilized natives of the
island in those regions, and keep ihiriotirin
until she reaches the great seaport of the
"Celestial Empire," fc enable the Chinese
to contrast tho beauty) strength and
magnitude of tho American "barbarians
with the illconslructcd, utleoiith-looking,
Indifferent war junks, which Constitute the
mafino force, of this remarkable nati&n.
Let her visit Manilla, and afterwards pro
ceed to the western coast of the Amdriban
continent; stdp at Callaoi appear off Valpa
raiso, and double Cape Ilorri on her return
to America; Let her show herself off Mdh
tevedeo; rdst a few days in the harbor of
Rio Janeiro; heave to for a few hours in
the cutter roads of Pernambuco, and then,
hey! for Boston!
Who will deny that a cruise similar in
it3 general outlino lo the above would bo
of greater service to our navy, and tho
commerce of our country, than to suffer a
specimen ot Ship-building of which wc
4iave great reason to bo proud, to lie a Use
less hulk at our quay t
'The BniTtsu Queen. We have hoard
the inquiry whether Queen Victoria is at
liberty to marry whom she chooses. Be
foro she came to the crown, she was by law
prohibited, with tho other members, male
or female, Of the royal family, to marry
without the consent of the King. Being her
self sovereign, this restraint is of course
rerriOVed, and there 5b no oilier person
whose consent she is required tb Obtain.
By a statute of the 1st of William and Ma
ry, hdwever, it is provided, that any person
v1ft) "shall profess the "Polish religion, or
marry a papist, shall bo excluded and be
forever incapable" tb iilllbritj possessor en
joy the crown and govcrnmbrit of the realm!
and in such case, the people would bo ab
solved from their allegiance, and tho rrown
and government would descend to such per
bou, being n 'protestant, as Would Inherit
the same, in case the persoh so professing
Br marrying were naturally dead. With
this exception, we are not aware that there
is any restraint upon the free choice of a
husband by the-Queen, independent "of the
will or consent of any one.
On Wcdnsday evening last, as Mrs. Dai
Mas mother of the Hon. G. M. Dallas, and
Mrs. Al6x. Cambcll,'wefo reluming to the
citv in a carriage, their" horses took I right in
the vicinity f Brown street, arid rah off a't
the top of their 6pceo. Mrs. Uamuell was
thrown out and severely injured. Mrd.
'Dallas remained in tho Carriage tintil the
horses were stopped, but when femoved in"
& house, was scarcely able to speak, and
8oqn after expired. It is behoved ihrtt she
died of apodlexy, fcjulrtnft from extreme
-terror. Mrs, D. was an amiable and ac
complished woman, universally esteemed
artopwd.- oaturacy (,hron.
This has been a favorite motto withNlio
Bank fficn, the whigs and the anti-masons.
They fnadc a show of repealing a stat'cjlax
which "expired by its own limitation, "and nn
lieu of it incorporated tho United States
bank'with a capital of thirty-five millions of
dollars, which is at present levying month
ly, a heavier tax upon the pcdplo than was
collected yearly under the law which Ritncr
and his friqnds pretended 6 have rdpehlcd.
The first effect "of the establishment of .the
bank was to increase the currency of its im
mense issues of notes, and consequently the
prices of things were immediately raised
upon the people; let every industrious man
ask himself how much more ho had to pay
for tho means of living since Rimer's no
tax party came into power, than he had to
pay before. Troc, wages increased in a
degree, butit'isttn invariable tiuth that when
money is depreciated and the prices of
things enhanced, the rise m thopricc ot la
bor is postponed to the last. Every indus
trious man will find by making this com
parison, that he has paid more tax to grati
fy the bank, duririgth'e list eighteen months
than he would have paid under the law im
posing a state tax had it.bcen continued, in
eighteen years. This is one of the devi
ces of the monicd olicrarchv. th'cv nroceed
uboh the presumption that by a little doub
ling, they can cdnccal their oppression of
the people. Let every man ask himself
now mucn tax he is now paying monthly to
gratify 'he cupidity of the bank. Let him
keep an account of his losses upon shin
plasters; he is forced to receive them as hiO:
hcy but he wants to get quit of them, and
thpy are often laid out not because a pur
chase is desirable, but because he cannot
affix to thci'n the" value of money. There"
is not a farmer or citfzen of any description
who is not now monthly paying more tax
under tire shinpla&tcr government than he
paid yearly tinder the law, And the matter
will not end here; there arc already numer
ous counterfeits in circulation, this loss
will fall some where all will have to be
paid by the people. Tho amount of tax
which is in this way assessed is incalcula
ble, ahd yet Hither and no taxes "is the
motto of tho administration which is now
draining the people of their money, and re
velling upon their industry .--Fa. Repor.
Worth remembering. We agree with
the editor of the Mountaineer as to the im
portance of the fall elections, and at the
same time cannot withhold our entire con
fidence that victory will porch upon the
democratic banncr True, every democrat
should bo impressed with the importance
of the result, bbt he should enter the field
with the inspiring reflection, that the party
is now united and that the united democra
cy of Pennsylvania never were and never
can be defeated. Tho Mountaineer raises
its bannbr for the coming contest( with the
following inscription. -Kcystone
"Be iT remembered:
"That the success of constitutional re
form: The curtailment of comorate privi
leges: The restdratibh of" a sound consti
tutiorial cUfrdncy: -The improvement of
the Judiciary: The freedom df the press:
The preservation of equal rights and public
morality: The extinction of irresponsible
money corporations! The election bf a
democratic governor in 1838: The pros
tration of political anti-iiiasonry and the ex
plosion of tho self-styled whigs: Tho" tri
umph of republican principles and the
permanent ascendency of the democratic
party in Pennsylvania, arc questions which
Will be affectedj greatly deeply and cs
oenlially affected, as regards their ultimate
decfjsjoni by tho fall elections of 1837!
This is our firm belief, calmly and deliber
ately adopted; and for the advancemcnUof
the foregoing phnciplce and measures it is
our prido and our" duty to cdntdndi And,
therefore, we nail our flag to the mast; where
it rriust remain until it shall proudly wave
in triilhiph or "fall in tatters around.1'
Several gentlemen "down east" have
formed themselves into a company, to ob
tain what relics they can from the wreck of
the first American frigate ever built, viz.
the Warren 32 guns, wrecked at Penobscdt
Irt the revolutionary war".
TniRTKKN Reasons An old English
paper contains thirteen objections given by
a young lady for declining a match the
first twelve being the suitor's twelve chil
dren, arid thd thirteenth, the suitor himself.
'Have voti Goldsmith's Greece!" Shiil
a gentleman a few days sinCc in entering a
bookstore in Market street. "No," replied
a lad, smartly,'' "we don't keep it here,
you can get It at Mi1. Webb's jewellery."
Ihtlti Trans,
Literary "Sediments j" -Tho office
imp of tho Amesbury. Courier absconded a
day or two since, leaving the following card
in tho cditor.'s sanctum; (I am not going to
serve as your devil longer", I havo found
employment rfiore congenel to my Utlerary
pursuits) namely ivooa uioppem
ThO Ohio papers predict that wheat will
sodnboddwn to almost 70 cents a bushel
in ;that state notwithstanding speculators
have been coritractiug for a new crop at $1 ,
If such should prove the fact, the bite will
Is in tha right place tbU tim.
The Liverpool correspondent of the New
York Evening Star, communicates the
following affair of tho heart:
"There has been an elopement in high
life. Mr. Conroy, son of Sir John Conroy,
(equery to the Princess Victoria) has bolted
off with Lady Alicia Parsons, the beautiful
daughter 'of the Earl of Rosso, an Irish
peer. 1 ho elopement was in this wise:
Three years since, the youthful pair met
at a quadrille party at Tunbridgo Wells,
vhere tho Duchess of Kent and Princess
Victoria were spending the summer. D'
Isracli insists that there is such a thing as
"love at first sight" snd might quote this
as an instance, for it is certain they were
mutually smitten, and thus they continued
until some days since. TJiey met where,
how, and when they could Love, you
know, will do all these things. It is like a
hydraulic 'power always finding its Own
level. At a late Almack's ball, Lady Alicia
and Mr. Conroy . were again partners in
the mazy dance. lie pleaded his suit she
blushed a 'good ('leal and scolded a little.
He spoke of marriage she of tho pain it
would give her papa. He wispercd "Gret
na Green'' and the lady sighed he talked
of flight, and she putted his cheek prettily
with her fan, he said lfc had a carriage
and four in readiness at the end of Oxford
street, and she "saying she Would not
consent, consented;" Sd,aWaythcy went,
and tho next day but one saw them in
tho little parlor of Gretna. They have not
yet beeri reconciled to Lord Rosso, but no
'doubt will. Meantime 'tis the town talk:
sinco Brinsley, Sheridan ran away with"
.Miss Grant, the rich heiress, there has
been hothing of the sort in London life.
There never was a bolder or more suc
cessful trick than tljnt Which Wa9 played off
by the Biddle riicnin 1831, when they as
sumed the name of whigs. There never
was a more wicked or deceitful one, for
their plans and purposes were the anti
podes of those entertained by the men of
the revolution who contended for freedom
TrOm European pdWer. "The tree is well
known by its fruit.1' The whigs of tho
revolution fought tO emancipate, tile coun
try from the shackles of British rule.
Their strength was in their God, their in
tcgrity, and their own right arms-. They
succecdcdi Thd whigs of 1834 hoisted
British standard, declared that We shbuld
bo subject to the power of British nristocra
cy, and they have succeeded hi bringing
thd Country at the feet of the mighty British
bank, and the influence which controls its
destiny; 'Phc whigs of '76 Had to contend
with the open arid iibbld fd'ci dqtially with
the secret and subtle snares laid for them
by their lory friends. With the latter,
even to the preterit day, thd contest has
been carried on,. The tories became feder
alists after the adoption of the Constitution,
blue lights in tho second waf, and Whigs
in thb contest bctvVcch the fcouritry ahd Mr.
Biddle in 164. The latter had Credit a
broad, and was willing and able to destroy
whatever came in the way df his plans at
home. The Biddle party gave the whigs
of the revolution tho titles of tories, and pro
claimed themselves the real Simdti Purcs,
the drily gcnuind whigs. Every Hartford
CbhVtintion matt hccahiri. all nlrinHn h wliiir
Daniel Webster hailed as a trucblUe whig,
Josiah Quincy was a whig; and Arnold, had
hd lived and been irt this c"ountry,(wc do riot
mean to coilplc his conduct with the others,)
wuuiu mosi certainly navo been a whio'.
Tdri tlirl.iln trinri linvn M-e, ifiWifl ikn I
that was once so sacred; and havd gained
iouowcrs by it. "My lather was a whig,
& I'm a whig," is the cry of many persons,
in a few cases of the really well-intentioned,
but deceived; equally with those of the de
signing. Thd whigs df '7b5, such persons
should rethember Won thd ddUritry from the
power of kingcraftj we beg pardon of the
"whigs" for speaking of royalty thus and
establish republican institutional
A great -many of the best things said by
the celebrated Burke were uttered ih thb
course of those debates, when the foolish of
the time emptied the benches at his rising.
He being an Ir'lshmailj his being of the
middle order, and his being totally above
the calibre of tho fashionable trifles who
would listen to nothing but an epigram,
CoulU understand nothing but a double
entendre, often left him nearly alone with
tho few necessary attendants of Ministers
on the Treasury bench. On one of these
nights he animadverted in strbng tcnnS
on some acts of tho Cabinet. George On
slow, who probably thoUght thai ho had
ndW a chance df distinction by grappling
with Burkci and showing, if hot his wis
dom, at least his zeal, started up and said,
haughtily, that ho must call the honourable
momber to a sense of his duty, and that no
man shbuld be suffered in his presence, to
insult the sovereign. Burke listened, and
when Onslow had disburdened himself df
his loyalty, gravely addressed the Speaker.
"Sir, the honourable member lias exhibited
much ardour but little discrimination. Ho
should know tlidt; howdverl riiay reverence
the King, lam not at all bound nor at all
inclined to extend that reverence to his
Ministers. I may hondur his Majesty, but
Sir, I can bc6 rio possible reason for hon
ouring," and he glairccdroufid tho Treasury
benf-, "his Majesty's man sl'fvarit nnd
maill-servarit, his ox and his was."
The Tnxian Congress have passed an
Saturday, August 10, 1837.
The Ificc of the "COLUM
BIA EIWOCKAT'(' is removed
to the Building adjoiiiih? W.
RoMsoh's Stage Office. LAW
Office next tioor.
JCfOur court commences at Danville
on Monday next.
In another column wc publish the call of
the Democratic Standing Committee for
the election of Delegates to represent the
different Townships in County Conven
tion, for the purpose of forming a ticket to
be supported at the next general election.
Let every democrat take an interest in tlicsd
primary meetings let union and harmony
in the party procure and sustain the nomi
nations of candidates and Democratic Co
lumbia will have no caue to fear the irtnve'
ments of the Opposition.
In Philadelphia, Flour is selling at $8 56
and $9; and Wheat at 91 00. Whiskey
31 cents per gallon.
In Baltimore Flour and grain arc thd
same as above, and Whiskey 33 ccrtts irt
Shin-Plasteks. It is estimated that not
less than $800,000 of this despicable cur
rency arcin circulation in the City-ofPhil1
adelphia; and thai about the same amount
of counterfeits accompany thfchv. It is im
possible to distinguish between the genuine
and thb spurious, for all are so meanly ex
ecuted, and the signatures so little known to
thd public. It is Irtipbssiblc tb conjecture
the evil consequences which must result
from the circulation of these rags; and wc
can Uhly hope that amongst the poorer class
es of community thb injury may nbt prove
so baneful as we arc induced to apprehend;
tOfhc Yobilg Queen of England seoms
disposed to inculcate tho soundest princi
ples of morality in Her administration tif the
affairs bf government. She has issued a
proclamation prohibiting all public houses
and restaurateurs fro'rii selling drihkablds or
eatables ort the Sabbath during Divino ser
vice; and threatened severe punishment to
all whb do nol attend public worship oil the
Lord's day. The proclamation is lengthy;
butitstrongly expresses the virludus feel
ings of VicToniA, and her full determina
tion to compel her subjects to thb practice
of piety and morality.
iGTOn Sunday last the Mbthodist Epis
copal Church of this place was dedicated to
tho Worship of Almighty God Several
Clergymen were in attendance, and a great
concourse of people assembled to witness
the ceremonies.
The construction of thb Episcopal
Church, (St. Paul's,) is rapidly progress
ing. The walls arc nearly finished; and in
a week hence ii is expected to have this
noble edifice under roof. When comple
ted, it will bo an ornament to oUr town,
add an honor" to its builder, whose industry
and enterprise saves neither time nor ex
tra expense in hurrying tho dreratidns, and
adding a finish to the original plan.
A SwiNDLErt. A. W. Sterling, a mer
chant of York, Pa. who has made consul
crablo fuss in tho newspapers by offering
1500 roward for thb' restoration df$18,000
which he stated was stolen from him oh
tho 25th ult. has been caught in his own
trap, and foiled in a base and villainous" aU
tempt to defraud his creditors, and rain thb
character of a respectable person whom he
had committed on suspicion His adver
tisement mentioned "three $1000 bills oh
the M6chahicS' Barik of Baltimbfe;" antl
that institution hating no such notes in cir
culation led to his dejeclibn.
fcCJWe havo been requested to stato
that a Methodist Camp Meeting will bo
held on tho farm of William Girton, Esq.
In Hemlock township, on the 15th of next
A serious breach. occurred in tho Canal
abW nine miles above Berwick, on SatUr
'day last, which has entirely suspended nav
igation. Wc havo no idea when it will be
repaired; and wo can only regret the loss
which it occasions to proprietors of boats,
and the great delay and vexation to rri'cr
Tcantilo men who depend upon tho public
Improvements to receive their merchandize
and transport their produce.
fCT Persons havo bedn employed In re
moving the grass which wo last week no
ticcd as covering the bed of the canal above
Berwick, and when the breach above men
tioned is repaired, we may anticipate tlio
re-opening of navigation.
)C7V. S. We have just been ivformid
that the breach above noticed has been re
repaired that the Water was let into the
Canal on Tuesday and that the entire
North lhmch division will be in naviga
ble order this evening. Wc hasten to an
nounce this pleasing intelligence to our
readers ; and only hope it may prove cor
rect in every particular.
ICPOur readers arc referred to the ad
vertisement of Messrs. Pdrdy, Welch, Ma
comber fc Co. from the New York Zoolo
gical Institute, who intelld exhibiting at
Bloomsburg on tho 2d of September next.
It will be ancxtensivo and splendid con.
corn; ahd wc feel assured that the cntcrpri
sing managers will receive a "benefit" in
this village. As bills arc circulated among9t
the neighboring villages, wd ddem it unne
cessary to notice the collection of "nature's
wonderful creations;" but wc cannot avoid
mentioning that the exhibition will be ren
dered doubly interesting and attractive by
the accompaniment 'of the B oston Bkasj
Band, composed of sixteen performers, and
under the supervision of Mr. Edward Ken
dall, one of the most eminent musicians
now living. Those who conic either W
"cxpltrd the great museum of nature," or
to enjoy the "soft sweet dharrris" of music,
will def lainly Hdt be disappointed.
Alth'dUgh Nearly s'dvehty years have c
lapsed since the publicttion of these cele
brated lett'drs, the English people seem de
termined to unravel the mystery of authdr
ship; and the motto bf nominis urn
brti" is destined to provo unavailing. Sir
David Brewster, a distinguished author and
philosbphbr has undertaken to identify
Lachlean Mclcane as tho author; and from
notices.of his intended publication we have
little douhl but that his-research has accom
plished the object. As wc have always
hdaflily participated in the spirit of that
"great unknown," and admired the style
alid principles of his writings, nothing in
the literary world could afford us greater
pleasure thai! tb assist iii irrimbrlalizing his
real namc ilis whold object sdclned the
enhancement of liberty and equality, and
his zealous and satirical efforts in the cause
of tho people against the corruptions and
managements of prostituted rulers, should
render him an object of love amongst the
honest and of admiration amongst the learn
ed. Wd may nbl'icd some df Sir David's
disclosures" in obr next number.
t7Bloomsburg is improving much in
appearance. Several buildings "are being
constructed, and if the hints of our corres
pondent, published a fortnight since, have
any effect in inducing cleanliness and the
removal of rubbish, we shall in a short time
have thd ileatcst village in Ndrthern Penn
sylvania. jC7f$omo tattling wag has played offa
hoax upon our neighbour of the "Register"
in regard lo our "valedictory address to
the Antimasons of Union county." In our
editorial capacity in Union county wo were
never ebnCerned in ahy other papers than
"The Unlbti 'i'imes," and a German pa
per which wc styled "Dor Jackson Her
ald." Both of these papers were demo
cratic to tho backbone they went "tho
whole hog" for democratic candidates and
democratic principles; and they zealously
opposed all kinds of Bank Wiggery and
Antnnasonic Humbuggery. Our neigh
bour's experience, tob, in thd tactics of
that party should havo tbhVIfibed him of
his erroneous statement with respect td
"pocketing SHOO" of Antimasonic cash.
Poverty crowns tfio labdra of all that fra
ternity; and, on this" account', tho "Regis- j
ter" could easily give a flat contradiction to
all reports "to the contrary notwithstand
ing." If such a hoax were perpetrated bn
us we would inkify tho author as a satisfac
tion for his mischievous trick