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    fcC? Wc have been requested to Ktute that
Mr. Jacod Hahts-el, a mclfibor "of the
Grand Jury from "Miftliiiviltd; was fed iilto
a support of the bill lo creel FircJ-.riroof
buildings att)fttivillc) hy inisrcprfcsciilntibns;
'and tliat wfc may d.vpccl'froru him, ;ind rtnc
or two others, a similar tioininuhicatioit to
that of Mr faJft'ci. IvnifssJ.Kit. The (jt'iooo,
which arc borrow ed froln the llanlt df or
Uuimbeflaiul and for which the ptinjilh at'd
taxed to pay interest, is a luimbittr scheme,
now completely exploded, and which will
only nrouSc" a large majority'of the citizens
"of the county 'o a knowledge of the devices
which arc tisddby the "eonsdrvativo" party
to thwart their Wishes, and operate against
Their interests.
ICT'Wd have not yet fixed tipon'a m:cu
h.n day of publication. Our next number,
"however, will bo issued on Saturday, when
wc shall make such arrangements as will
best corrcspond'ith the' diflerent mail alul
'stage routes, and thusafl'ord the greatest fa
cilities for giving an early circulatiun to our
paper. We shall spare no reasonable exer
tions to please our patrons ; nna should our
list warrant the undertaking, wc shall pro-
cure a Carrier to deliver the Dhmociiat' to .
all our County subscribers on the day of its '
pu1 -ligation j
A J I r. . Lj A 1 uu IWV.NUU. 1 lit; uriiiucniui: f
members of the legislature held a meeting
1n the state capital at Ilarrisburgon the 30th
Tjf March. Isaac Lnr.T, Esq. presided,
assisted by PmT.n Nr.wiiAni), William F., and Hamilton Auiiciis, Esq'rs.
as Yiro I'resTdcnfs. and Messrs. W, T.
Rogers, William English, and William
Gari'il.'iiA, as secretaries. A committee
was appointed to draft a preamble and re
solutions, Who reported the following which
were unanimously adoptrd, and signed by
toll the democratic members :
The democratic incjnbprs of tho'jctrisla
turc, in tho capacity ,of ei.iizens and mem
bers of the party, being" deeply imprsed
with t'jf propriety and expediency of ail'ip
ting inc ""tu'ris Uj ecnro-a eo-oprn'ation and
"concert of alion of the whole party, in
relation to tho approaching gubernatorial
election, would, without adverting to the
cause of the Into, unfortunate divisions,
which resulted in placing a minority gov-
Priinr in tllf phr,,- nf al-tln rlnnm itcnnlnni
that the fuel is 1 nuwn, to induce everv '
mcaiber of the great democratic party to
.'exert his influence- to prevent a similar re
sult. Thcreftirc. , . . .
11 solved, 'lM'at it be. rV-commcndcd to
tbc i''uincrafii: citizens ol the several conn
lieu of tH I'ommotrvealtl", to make" choice
of, and elect, according to 'the csinhlipVd
rules mil customs a . number" of delegates
equal to the number of the members of the
senate and house of representatives, to
which said count' or counties may be enti
tled; and said delegates to meet in conven
tion at Ilarrisburg, on the 4th day of March,
18U8, to nominate a suitable candidate to
bo supported by the democratic party for"
the ollicc of governor.
Tr. Citors. Our grain fields, owing to
a cold and backward spring, have a very
salid complexion; and unless warm rains
and sunshine give a helping hand to vege
tation, wC cannot, frpm present appearan
ces, anticipate much of a .harvest for our
CT Oil Sunday last We had a severe
snow storm, which continued from early
in tho morninsr until night. Some of our"
folks arc almost despairing for warm wea
ther. Tfic very large sum appropriated by the
Legislature of Virginia, at its last session,
in aid of Wdrks of the internal improve-'
mcnt, furnishes c!orie"hf?ivo evidence that the;
"Old Dominion" is wide awake on the"
subject. Wc leant from the Richmond
"Whig that lia total amount of appropria
tions in favour of varipus works is no less
than four and a half million of dollars!
In the list given in the Whig wc notice the
"Richmond and Peterburg Itail Itoad Co. 200,000
"LoHisu Hail Road Co. 120,000
I'orhnnti.ha'nd Rminuku Ttuil Road Co. 60,000
North Western Tcirnnikf. 05,000
Iifcanoke, Dunvilln and Junction Kail Itoad, "120,000"
Dismal Swamp Canal,
Falmouth and Alexandria Ilnilltond
I,ynchburg and Tcnnestee Kail Rornl,
, City point Rail Iload,
Now Shenandoah Company
Baltimore and Ohio Bail Road,
James River anct Kanawha Co.
Besides smallersunu.Air various turnpike roads.
Halt. American.
The Intelligencer and Jlntimasome State
Democrat, havo been consolidated, and is
now issued nndcr tho title of the Pennsylva
nia Intelligencer and State Democrat, and
conducted bjr Samuel II.- Clark. The word
"antimasonici"' hai been eased off,- to ron
dor tho title a littlo" more palatable to the"
"Whigs, (hey having now, no paper, publish
ed wh& (hett avowed principles, at the seat
of government Pa. Reporter.
An Jruh Rank failed. ThsDubWnAg
ricnltural . Hank stopped payment on (ho
l oth, vhieh created a great s'ensatioh. Ma
ny opulent Individuals had sent in large
sums td'fcuslain'it, a'nd among others 'CJr'es
hitln K'tit in i?25,000. The secretary states
the liabilities of the bank at jOJMOjOOO, to
tiicfel which there were assets of 080,000.
Iltckncll's Reporter.
"Tlio silken tie that binds two willing hearu"
MAUUIED On the, 11th inst. I;v Ste
phen Haldy, Esq. Mr. Samit.i. fe.r.xilrm to
Mtts Si;SA. HXt'cicboth of Koarlng creek
township, Columbia county.
On Sunday the 9th inst. at Frceburg, by
the llav. J; Seibertj dipt. John Ri;U-8nv-iie.t., rrpno'i, to Mis3 I'iiedi;
Ann IIu.msii, of Union county-.
On the Olh itit., in "Stras'-urg township,
Lancafter .oouiitv. bv ibn T.'. A' n
, ; ll-"T accrc
tan ollliet. ommonwealth.toMiss Salomk,
(laughter of the late Dr. John S. Carpenter.
,"In tho midst of life w c arc in death,"
DIED On the 15th instant, in Hemlock
towriship, Mr Matthias Avi'm-.ton, (son
of Ilrltis Apnleton,) ated about 30 years.
, On tho Kith inst.. in llenilock tdw-nship,
Joan U6aTi:, a'r",d 2S years
On thcUIkl in-ilani, in Madison township,
John iSwtsiir.rt,.ii,ieA 2"2 years.
On 'J'huroday afteniodn last, Mr. JAcoff
D wis, an aged and respectable citizen of
this village,."'
VI-'EItS his professional services to tbc citizens
ol "OolumbM countv. Ho will also attend to
business in tho s?vt'rM courts cf this Judicial district.
Law olTico in the i;a-ne room witli the printing office
of tho "Columbi.i Democrat.7
Bloomtbnrg, April 20, 1S37
V virtue cf sundry wriu t'f Venditioni Expo
nw, issued out of the court of Common ideas
oi v-oiumoia countv, nnn toinoiliroctctl, will beci-
poc.l to pubhe sal.-, at the court-house' in DanviiU
iii th.c afternoon, the fjjlowing property, towiti A
Situate in TJIooni township, Columbia county, ad
joining lands of William Clark, John Count r, John
Vance, Conrad Adams, & others, containing ElUil
T V ACHES, more.or lees, whereon is erected a Loj
fffWIa house mm, if&
w'nnT'Vw"",'"? 'an' an 0n l'lc l"rci"'sus
cution, and to be sold at the proiicrty of Frederick
KanWainl Peter ItanU, Executors of tho estate of
1'ivdrriek Itaiilz, doe'd, ALSO, : certain
Situate in Hearing Creek township, Columbia coun
ty, adjoining lands of John Cooper, J.llurly, Adam
Starks, Leonard Koi'p, O'corgc btine.itnd others, con
taiiiiiigSE EST -SEVEN ACHES, more or less
w hereon is elected one
About forty-six acres arc cleared land. Seized, taken
in execution, and to bowId as tho property of Jacob
Itoup,- Ily . .-.
SherifT's oflicc, Danville,)
April 20, 1837. $
Valn:il)lc Kcal Iropery
fALS w ill be received by tbc mbseri-
ber, at hU residence in Espvtown, until the
Fourth dati of Juhi next, for renting, for one or
more years," the following property, to wiu
A Croocl XMrm,
situate in IJIi.iai township, about two and a half
mil, s froni llloomt.burg. Alw, a
situate on said farm, together with a FULLING
MILL AND FACTORY", on the same premises.
Also, a
8 JO
with ncfcbsary ouf-lmildinpw, m Bloomsburg, now
in the o'-cuj auey of Mr. C. B. Fisher.
(Cj "The preference will bo given to thosowho will
rent the w holo property. Possession given on tho
first day of April next-
Espytown, Arril 20', 1837
The Siihscrillier
ESECTFULLV informs his friends, and
tho public generally, that ho continues to ma
Chairs, Bedsteads,
His shop is near Mr. McKclvy's storc-houso, at tho
Basin, on tbo Pennsylvania Canal. Ho will be
thankful fjr favors, and uso his endeavors to jdoaso
April, 20, 1837.
At tbe office of Ibe ''Columbia Democrat."
Trahsportatiori. Line.
T'lIE KIBSC'RIIIER rcvpcctfully Informs tho
public la general, that lie has taken that lame
ami commodious warcbouo, formerly kept by Hen-'
ry Walter. Esq. hud recently by Mr. Burk, where
be is ready to rcccivt mid forward prodnco of all de
scriptions from llnrridurg to Philadelphia, as he is
prepared nt tlio opening of tbo natation to run a'
line of L nion cana decked boats of tbc first class, to
rim froiii'cacli place and deliver (roods iri llirrn hn,l n ,
I half diys frotn tbo time of dcpaiturc. Goods will
iiw rcccivcu ni me wnrcuouoot Jabez llarraucns, re
ecnlly I!on.all ft; lfovoudf, Vino street wbarf,
Scbmlkill, 1'liHadeIpbia.
X, DiGniiids will also be received at ibn nbnvn !
pl.lrcyiid forwarded by tbcpamo lino in connexidn
wiibtbo fc'iisfnicbimnii cnnalpacket and frcigbt boat
, compiyloNonliuniberland, Williauisport, Danville,
fund Wilkes-Uarfc, and ull other inlcniiediate places
aIo"3 1110 Susquehanna. y this lind merchants
I inay lio assured of .hu'viiifr their goods forwarded im
: mediately instead of bAving tbeni King in the ware
house wailing for trannc'iit boats, as Iras been tbo
cavj forlhct"ly. ' Tlio subscrib.T will endeavor, by
strict atntidn to merit ft share of the patronage,
which is mokt respectfully solicited;
Harrisburff, April 20, 1837.
Military Trainings.
THE enrolled inhabilrtnts re. iding within the
bounds of thv 1ft Drigade.Mh Divuiou, Penn
sylvania .Mililia.aroherejy co.innandi'd to meet, n
grcrablj to law. f.,r tho ..purpoi:- of training, exerci
sing aim ni.-prclioii, in lIutlaliniM, to wit:
Tho Ut IKitt.ilion of the'7tU meet at
Straubstown. on Monday, tbc 8th day of May next;
and tbo ohm leer Company attached thereto is to
meet at the same time and place.-
The 2d Dattalion of the 7thlIogimcnt,tomect at.
Swincfordstown, on TuCiilay, tho Otb day of May
nest, and the Washington Hide Battalion o'f Volun
Jecrj, commanded by Lieut Col. obcrt P. Maclay,
isto melt at the "ame tlms aiid place
Tho 2d UatUUion of the -13d lieginicnt, to meet
at-Mifllnburg,.(;i Wednesday tho loth day of May
next; jnid the Volunteer Companies attached thereto
are tojuaclaltli; same lime, and place.
'J lie HtJJaltalion of tbo 43d Keaimcnt. tn men
at Lewisbur,', on Thursday, the ofMay
act; and tbc Independent Uattali'on of toluntecn,
eo.nfcianded by Lieut; Col. Jam'ei S Dougal, is to
1 eo.nfciandedby Lieut; CJl
mrct ai me same timo and place. ' '
Tbo first Dattalion of the ! StH ncgimerit, tomet
at Milton, on 1'rid.iy, tbc 12lb djy of May next.
The 2d lialtalion of the ISth" Ifegiirient, to meet
at Waihingtonville, on Saturday the 13th day of May
nc.-.t; and the Volunteer Companies attached thereto
are ro mc- l at the s.irlie time and p'mco.
'I ha 1st Uattalion of the 7Ut ltfgimcm, to meet
at Orangeville, on Monday, the 10th day of May
next; and the Voluntrer Coiiipaiiiesat.tached.lhereto
are to meet at the 6ame time and place.'
Tho 2d Battalion of Hie 71st .Regiment, to meet
at tb6 public house of Jojii Yeager,yiItoarinvircjfvjl;
tovvntbij), on Ti.esday, the ;ii!uiclicd thereto is to
meet at tlie tame time and place.
Tho Ut Battalion, of tho 'loth regiment, fo meet
ntSunbury, on Wednesday, tho 17th day of May
next; and the Volunteer company attached thereto
is to meet at the tame timo and place;
The Northumberland Independent Battalion of
Volunteers is to meet ol tho f-amc time and place,
and on thasarrc day AN ELECTION will bo held
at the public house of Ocorge Prince, between (he
hours of ten in tbo forcnoo'n and sit in the after
noon, to c!ci.t by ballot one person for MAJO'K, for
said Battalion, iu'tlie rdom of Frederick Lazuras, r
. The 2d Battalion of the -10th licgimcnt, to meet
at the public house, of Samuel Hcrhst, in Little Ma
Jiony township, on Thursday, the 18th day of May
ltt Brigade, 8th Division, P. M
Brigade Inspector's office,
Limestone, April 20, 1837. 5
V . 1 1
"ILL be for tervico durinithe present season
ending on the first of Julv next, at tho sta
ble of tbo subscriber, in Bloomsburg.,
Pedigree, and Certificates, ice handbills.
April 20, 1837.
f-fi AVIIITE .t Vi'.- H VGER, respectfully in
2J t fjrm the J'rinftrs of the U. fc"., to whom
tbey have been individually known as established
Letter Founders, thatthcy have now forflied acopart
nersbipin said businet-s, and from their united skill
and extensive experience, tley hope to be able to
give Mtisfaclion to all who may iavor' them with
their orders
f The introduction of machinery in place of tho te
dious anil unhealthy process ot casting type by hand,
a' desideratum by tbo European founders, was by
American ingenuity, and a heavy expenditure on tbe
part of our senior-partner, first successfully tfecom
jilisbed.' Extensive Uto of tho machine to cast Id
ler, has fully tested ard established it superiority in
every particular nverth sv rust by lb old pi oces.
The Lcller Founifry will hcrcaftqr be carried on
by tbe parties before named, under the firm of White
1 lager, & Co. Their specimen exhibits a complete
scries, from Diamond to Sixty-four lines Pica the
book end news typo being in the most modern light
and style,
While, Hager & Co, are agents for tho salcof tho
Smith and Rust Priming 1'ienoes, which thoy can
furnish their customers at manufacturers' prices,
Chasee, Casos, composing sticks, ink, and every arti
cle in the printing business, kept for salo and furnish
ed on short notice, Old type taken in exchange for
new at 9 cents per pound,
N. B. Newspaper proprietors, who will give the,
above three insertions, will bo entitled to five dol
lars in such articles a3 they may select from our spe
cimens. . ,
Now York, April "0, 1837.
No. 41, North Third Street,
(reneral Stag Office.
Joseph Weaver,
(Lato of tho Orwlgsburg IIotcI.1
ESPCCTFULLY inform. M. f.i.l- .1..
public m general, that ho has taken tbo above
.... ...j iinuuo aim iiiit
nnd Rtiitccl accommodation bf the public,
insuarvyiu anvays i,o stored with tho choiscst
w;iues, and purest liquors, and his tables with tho be6t
viandsthe country can alTord; with obliging waiters
toman his parlors, doublo and single lodging mid di
lung rooms, mid firbt rate cooks in the kitccen do
partincnt, and with his own humble determined excr
tions to please, he feels confident o gi c general sat
isfaction to those who will favor him with tbeirpat
ro.mgc. 6tabling all(1 tttlcntivo 0,
lie crtntrol of tbo proprietor, arc attached to the es
tablishment. April li'J, 1S37
IPTISffiS fx
df Sifnbury, Korllnfmijcrlaiid countv.
KGB leave respectfully to inform tho public,
that he is about to renin in 7 tar.;..... .'i. '
ho lias taken that larec ntul
houc, formerly occupied by M.tthcw Wilson, corner
of alnutaud Third streets,
'-itoirJi5 U JrsJ
In view of the State Capitol, which be intends to
open on the 1st day of may next, mid where he
hopes to continucjto receive that patronage so liberal
ly bestowed on his establish
will at all times be provided with every thing necessa
ry to make hi.i gUcofs comfortable.
it -i .... G. PRINCE,
Harnsburg, Aptil 29, 1837.
The Subscrilicr
ESPECTFCLLV Informs thn r.nWIf Tifi lio
; hai removed to t!ic house f.-irmprlv
by .iolm Bishoiuf,ituale on tbo corner of Old Market
ami Plumb MrecN, New-Bcrlin, Union county, Pa.
J lie House and Stables aro undergoing a thorough
repair, which will . la'Je him to entertain nil those
who may please to fiv ar him with a call, in an ngree
al le and comf.,rtabb iiunncr,
The luvl ig been long engaged catering
for the public-, believe- it unnecessary lo state how
his Bar and Ta! le will bo supplied: sufiice it to w
-.,; ... t tho inarjiet mn.j,iralni
c'iv e the f nine attention.
'J'liankfulforthcmblic favours heretofore received,
he respectfully solicits a continuance of the same, &
an iiicreased-support, as every attention will be paid
to me CQiniort una convenience- ot ins patrons.
New-Berlin, April 20, 1837.
Three times a Week!
THIS Line passes through New-Berlin, Middlc
burg, Bejvertovvn and Adamsburg. It inter
sects at Northumberland, the Wilkesbarrc and Eas
ton line, to and from New-York City the Ilarris
burg and Wilkesbwe, Philadelphia and Pottsville
lines ; and also tho Pittsburg, Ilarrisburg, and Phi
ladelphia lines at Lcwistown. Thrco lime? a week
distance fifty miles, with elegant Coaches, supe
rior Horses, and careful and obliging Drivers, ren
dering it tbo cheapest, best, and most expeditious
route in Pennsylvania, connecting tho Eastern and
Western lines and the shortest passage between the
Pittsburg and Pottsville lines,
I?ARL THROUGH, - - $3.
Arrivals & Departures :
Leaves Northumberland every Monday, Wednes
day and Friday, in tho afternoon, immediately after
the arrival of all the stages : arrives the next day at
Lew istovvn. in time to take tho ktago or packet-boat
for Pittsburg. Leaves Lcwistown every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday oftcr the arrival of the boats
and btages fiom Pittsburg, and arrives at Northum
berland tho next morning in timo lo take any of tho
ttages or boats that lcavo that day.
Tbo proprietor has made arrangements to meet
tho ililferent lines so as not to detain passengers at
cither end of tlfo route. Every attention will be
paiil in order to render ease and comfort to passen
gers. An
Accommodation Stage
Will at all times bo in readiness at New-Bcrlin, to
convey passengers to any place of destination, or to
intersect any other line of stages.
New-Bcrlin. April 89, 1837.
No. 70, North Third Street, Philadelphia.
(Between Raco and Arch streets.)
John V. Hart,
J. A. Cxnmnings,
Francis Hart.
No. 25, North Third Street, PlilladelpUIa.
Augustin Stevenson,
Robert T.JDoran,
Joseph Rank,-
...... laieiy occupied by J, llaugawout, situ
atcd.ntbeboroUKliof I'ottwilld, Sclnuikill county,
1 mr..yUania. TJ.o l.uil.lirifr is very larRc, of brick
three ttorics, and situate in the centre of tbo town,
on Mam street, lniinr..i
,r. 1
or THE
Democratic Review.
N the firft of July, 1837, wil) bo published at
Washincton. District nf (:li,:.
crcd hlmultincously in the princrjile eitit'of the X.
nitcd fetates, ti new Monthly Mngaiinc, tinder thd
aboyo title, devoted to tho principles of the Demo
cratic party. ,
It has bceti apparent lo many of the rcflectini?
mcinbcrB of tho Democratic party of tho I'nitc'd
States, that a periodical for the advocacy and dififu
sion of their political principles, similar to thoe in
such octivo and influential operation in England, is
a desideratum, which it was very important to sup
plya periodical which should unite with the at
tractions of a sound and vigorous literature, a po
litical character capable of giving efficient support
to the doctrines and measures of that party, now
maintained by a large majority of the people. Dis
cussing the great questions of policy before tho
country, expending and advocating tho Democratic
doctrine through the most able pens that that party
can furhish, in articles of ercater Icnoib. mr,
I denied force, more elaborate research, and more ele;
i vated tone than is possible for the news-paper press,
I a "iSMinc- Of this character becomes an instrument
of mappreciablo value" fdr the enlmblnnmT, j
formation df public opinion, end fur the support of
the principles which it advocates. Bythcso means,
by thus explaining and defending the measures of
the great Democratic party, and by always furnish
ing to the public a clear and powerful commentary
upon those complex questions of policy and party
which so frequently distract the country, and upoil
which, imperfectly understood as they often are by
friends, and misrepresented and distorted as they
never fail to bo by political opponents, it is of tho
utmost importance that the public should be fully
and rightfully informed, it is hoped the" periodical in
question may lie made to t xert a beneficial,' ration
al, and lasting influence on the public mind
Cthcr considerations, which cahnot be loo highly
appreciated, will render the establishment and suc
cess of tho proposed Magazine of very great impor
tance. In the mighty struggle of antagonist principles
which i3 now going on in society tho Dcmbcratic
Parly of tho United States stands committed to tho
World as tbc depository and cxcmDlar of thosn
cardinal doctrines of political faith with which tho
can:e the 1'cnple in every age and country is i
dentified. Chiefly from the want of a convenient
means ot concentrating the intellectual energies of
its disciples, this party has hitherto been almost
wholly unrepresented in the republic of letters, whilo
the views and policy of its opposing creeds aro daily
advocated, by tlie ablest and most commanding cf
f iris of genius and learning.
In the United Slates Mogasine the ntlcmpt will
be made to remov e this rcproa.-h.
The present is the time peculiarly appropriate for
the commencement of 6uch an undertaking; Tho
Democratic body of the Union, after a conflict whicli
tested to the ntlt-tmbit its stability and its principles;
have fcucccedcd in retaining possession of the execu
tive administration of thecountry. In tlio consc"
quent comparative repose from political strife, the pc
nod is suspicious fororganizing and calling to its aid
a new and powerfully ally of this character, intcrfc-
niigwitlinoncco-c'peraiingwilh all,
VjtO-oruinain -num. t uuv
luorit, In ai urarii point ot view,
Honorable to tho
country, and fit to copo in rigor of rivalry with its
Lnropcan competitors. Viewing the Lmglisli lan
guage as tho noble heritage and common birtjiright
of all who speak tltc tongue of Milton and Shakes
pear, it will be the uniform object ofits conductors to'
present only the finest productions in the various
branches of literature, that can be procured; and to
diffuse the benefit of correct modeh oftasto and wor
thy execution. .
In this department cxclusivcness of party, whicli
is inseparable from thopoliucal department of such d
work, will have no place. Hero wc all stand on a
neutral ground of equality and reciprocity, where
those universal principles of taste to whicli we are all
alike subject will alone ba recognised as the compoii
law. Our political principles cannot be compromised,
but our common literature, it will bo our prido to
cherish and extend, with a liberality of feeling an bl
assed bv partial or minor ievs.
Astfio I'nited States Magazine is founded on tho
broadest bais which tlie means a'nd influence of tlio
Democratic party in the United States Can present,
it is intended to render it in every respect a thorough
ly National Work, not merely designed for ephem
eral interest and attraction, but to continue of perma
nent historical value. With this view a considera
ble portion of each number will be appropriated to
the follow ing subjects, in addition to the general fca
turcs referred to have
A general summary of Political and of Domestic
Intelligence, digested in theorderof theStates com
prising all the authentic important facts of tho pre
ceding month.
General Literary Intelligence, Domestic and For-
tin." . ,...
General Scientific Intelligence, including Agri
cultural Improvements, a notice of all new Patents,
A condensed account of all new works of Internal
Improvement throughout the Union, preceded by a
general view of all now in operation or in progress.
Military and Naval News, Promotions, Changes
Movements, eicc.
Foreign Intelligence'
Biographical bituary notices of distinguished per
sons. ....
After tho close of each session of Congress, an ex
tra or an enlarged number will bo published, con
taining a general review and history of its proceed
ings, a condensed abstract of important ofiicial docu
ments, and tho Acts of the session.
Advantage w ill also bp taken 6f the means con
centrated in this establishment from all quarters of
tho Union, to collect arid digest such extensive sta
tistical observations on all the most important inter
ests of tho country as cannot fail to prove of very
great value, , .
This portion oi the work will bo separately paged
so as to admit of binding by itself, and will bo fur
nished with a copious index, so that tho Lmted
States Magaziho will also constitute a Complete An
nual Register, on a scale unattcmpted before, and of.
very great importance to all clatsct, not only as afj
fording a current und combined view, from month
to month, of the subjects which it will couiprisc, but
also for record and reference through futuro years?
tho value or which will incrcasewith tho duration of
tho work." . ....
In return for a" remittance of $50. eleven copiea
wnllbeeont; for S100, twesty-thrco copies. Ibe
certificate of a postmasters of the romlttanco of a sura
of monoy will boa&uSicimit receipt, all dangers of
tlie mail being at the rik of the publishers.- . t
(X3A11 communications will be auJieesod post
paid, to the undersigned, tho Publishers. ,
WnjhinstomD. O. April 201837,