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BM - AA - ER, PA...
Wednesday Morning Oct. 15th 1873
ONE of the working members of
the Constitutional Convention,
writes usthat it is almost impossible
any more to get a quorum with which
to dobusiness; .that the. convention
will not complete' its labbrs for weeks
yet, and he is disgusted With the
Convention and much of its work.
Judge Black, the ablistatnember of
the Convention, ;<resigned for
like reasons, and ()thin talk of do
ing-thv same. The - COnvention will
cost the .Ilomnson wealth :altogether
one million of dollars, and every day
the session is protracted the proba
bility of any good arising from it
decreases. Those who are responsi
ble for the delay deserve to be pun
ished by a years imprisonment, and
we regret there is no la tothat ef
fect. After . each grabbing fifteen
hundred doll irs iaddition to the
salary allowed by law when elected,
- S majority of these reformers are now
endeaioring to squander as much of
the Commonwealth's 'money as pos
sible. The reoord of absentees will
be valuable for future reference._ It
won't be long until these chaps want
office again, and. then the people can
settle with them.
TEE Harrisburgh Telegraph well
says that if the decision of Judge
Acheson' in the case of the
-Commonwealth vs. Mueller is
right, and the Local Optign
law is practically a nulity. Men
who want to sell liquor can ,set up a
distillery and brewery in every town
and sell at pleasure. The law was
not well drawn originally, and it was
amended so] often as to render the
meaning obscure in some_pitices
perhaps, but the, intention of the
Legislature evidently' was to secure
a total prOhibition in counties voting
against license. • Good laWyers in
the Legislature so understood the
law, and the decision of - .tadge
Acheson will be a surprise to most
if not ali of those who opposed
its passage, as well as those
who supported it.. If this decision
is to stand, the sooner the lair is re
pealed the better. Better 12)tve a
well regulatedlicense system, than
have distilleries-multipliej and *his
key distributed by
.the, wholesale by
ufacturerii Who are': nOt . .. 'sibiect
tio . the stringent reg,ulations -of the
license law.. •
Wn the . metnbers of 'the CPe
stitutional Convention get through
their labors at PhiladerPhia, if they
ever do, they propose to go-out two
-and two together into all the cumin
vies of the commonwealth in the ca
pacity, of missionaries instructing
the people in knowledge and duty.
It will be a grand sight to see some
of these old fossils and young foe
traveling over the State explain
ing the - work of the Convention.
They will be prepared . of course to
satisfy the people that they had a
right t'eAake twenty five hundred
dollars out of the State Treasury for
doing the work they agreed to do
for one thousand dollars each, and
that the expenditure of one million
dollars and one years time was right
and necessary.
There is an earnest desire on the
part of the people generally to see
thePe_gentlemen, and we hop t e
pilgrimage will be undertaken. The
two that come to this county won't
be neglected, and won't forget
their visit soon either.
Two members of Gen. Grant's
-Cabinet, Delano of Ohio, Secretary
of Interior, and Robeson of New
Jersey, Secretary *l . ' tie Navy are
anxious to obtain seats in the Sen
ate of. the Vnited. States u nieces
sorcb iirician and SitelfOia, Deni
er-rats. If tl4 RepubliCanit °ribose
Stites desire their Services in the
*nate, their places in the :Cabinet
‘ % ein be supplied without any difficul
IT is offiaiallrannotmeelthat four
of the RepubliCan meinbei•s4f Con
gress from Ohio are drawing salary
at the rate of five thousand dolls:*
a year.... They • position to
work for the repeal of the "grab" law
consistently. How many mmbers'of
the Pennsylvania delegation are in
that position ? there , one? If
so, the people would like to hoar
from him. I -
TIIE failure of Jay Ci)oke - tt
was entirely owing to the advapbe-,
client made to the Northern *Pacific
Railroad, - land the the
firm to dispose of the bonds.9f the
Railroad' s Company. If suirtoient
money could have/ been secured to
complete the road, Jay Cookii.would
have realized millions from this in
tptments: Below we Rive Ail esti
*late of The New York Tripine of
the 'costa Constructing the road and
the value*f the lands donated by
OA Government. It will not be
many years until the road is finished
and fortunes realized by all connect
esrwith the enterprise. The Capital
forti*Aailway,isi $100,000,000
$ 4 1, - 0130,000 of which were required
to - be €l:tbscribed before thecharter
was granted. Only $200,000, how
ever, were - required to be paid in.
The government granted the com
pany 47,00 1 000 acres of land esti
mated at $125,0:02,000 in value.
On this grant the company intend
ed to negotiate a loan of $100,000,-
000. As the cost of the road would
not exceed $85,600,000, $15,000,000
Would remain with' which the inter
est, on botids could- be paid accor
dingly fell - due. Thus with
$200,000 'to start, on, the company
proposed to compllte the enterprise
svthtmoney derivtid indirectly from
the, govOument..: — The laud sold
would pay for the - work, and the
company would really have all this
property: , for nothing.
ST is time the evernment would
dispense with th 4 service of spies
and informers or excial detectives,
acthey are now •.ternied. Hireing
men to betray theirlellows, to com
mit crime for the purpose of detect
ing it is wrong in theory, demoral
izing in practice and contrary to the
genies of our institutions.:- Only
thieyes engage in'Ahis disgraceful
business, and they...only because it
is safer and more profitable than the
purquit ofltieir chosen profession.
Atitbeir reward depends on an arrest
and l convidlon, the-innocent are as
aptlo suffer as the guilty. Perjury
is fart of their trade; and many an
in&cent man has been ruins that
they might secureZtbe penal fol
lowittg coiiiiction.: If Gem , Thant
would disiidlrge every detective in
the employ of the Gbvernmeng and
every offickt who employs thew, he
would in the judgetheat 6f , the
fu re, p9rfOrm the wiaesr and
griiitest aatiot his life.
Zia ex tion of Capt. Jae and
throe otheModoe chiefs, fit the
murder of, Canby,will coirtince
the that so far as they are
concerned orderers cannot Ocape
the full p '- . lty of the law. 1):, this
respect thele is, and will contigpe to
be, a difference between Re4o4nen,
and their i@ghbors, the pale IsCes.
While the latter are almost always
acquitted or pardoned, the f ormer
seldom escape. It is all right, to
hang ignorant savages, and pardon
their intelligent conquerors for the
same offences in the estimation -of
- many.--people. . The' hanging of as
many prominent white men would
have aroused the sympathy of the
whole country, and overwhelmed
Gen., Grant with petitions for par
don. The Modoc nation - was eiter
rumated d their chiefs all :hUng
with the ipiwoval of the whole,eoun
tryi-: Justice esquct be said -to,
..wikierimisimmomminm..4l : 14 4
TH ERB seems- to be a very General
impression tbatlib p ,, Wksco . e Conk
lin* of New York, will receive the
appointment of Chief Justice of the
States at ; the opening of
.:eonghoits.:f 114. iran able - 1 awy efra
man of brilliantgartsaila one of the
plait elkticitit ;114.iii iD iheleCiatitry,
but not .the bestman for that posi
tion. -If-Gen. Grant would -appoint
`7iV.7llAlDkarts`iie igrktier Ate
best men of the country of all par
ties.. Evils is the_e,hoiee qt t large
majority 4 o€ the Bat is eve - Statil
in the Union, and this should go far
with the. Prestdent;tti his
s'legOork. :Next,
.so Al/Arta,, Cooki
ling ia.perhapa tie.basAlnam.nlyaea.
Doris started on his much
talked of voyage aorossthe - Atlantic
in a balloon last 1434, -- and cheie
was a general feeling of relief. Un
fortunately he found an opportunity
to jump out before the balloon reach
ed the ocean and our hopes are
dashed again. itis,a pity the bal
loon should make the voyage with
~3 .. ~
d..,... , d:~t
. _ •
,' y A . , •
. • - • T.l v.-
•,• . `' .: , ,4 , - 7 ~_ ,F, r ; r i g „."T ,J-:r; - .: 1 1., ji~....L'.►. 3 4;/. i
1. tt,, . __ ,_- ,_ , . .t. ..c- , _L - "7. .7.1. i-i i r 4. ~..r.t, -' :, .4.14. a :...) Emu.
rk, .
- - - IP . Ab A. • • k AI • n 0
passengers, vlifsn there lari)
oitoila 0 , 4 ,, g 0pe, If
Donaldson bad oFily taken a few
membarsConstk t ptic•n al Con
'ention add left them in
when he jumped -out, ;we could for
•giire him for th 6 •flisappointment
caused, by failing to so himself.
There were so many menibers that
embarrassed in making his selections
howeveri , % e - : . t.>
Hrimo robbed the Indians of
:iiiiithiii:tiieyliel44 * elii: Or we eon._
eideresi worth taking, oar policy
now is to . eiterininkte therii. 1 Their
constant complaints are 'unpleasant
tine-delad - m'en tell lao '4l'4, ' IV
Modocs won't trouble any more,
and it won't take long' o dispatch
the other tribes. Extermination is
the - Christian policy of:this
~ mest
Christian country, and "the El ooner
the job is done the better. It makes
little difference what tribe comes
litlt,-Aa - ir, , won't' be Jont until- the
work is complete. Capt. Jack will
not be lung ahead" of the last Red
man in reaching the happy bunting
ground. , poubtless be. and all his
race will enjoy any future that sepa
rates them forever from their white
Hox.. and John
Blown have severed their connexiO
with - theliarrisbirgh Patriot, and
that paper will hereafter be publish
ed by the Patriot 'Patiiiibitig - Com
pany. Under the managemen
Myers And. Proivn; the Patriot. nlia
a high rank among the Democratic
organs of the State, and wielded
probably more influence in. that
party than- any of cateMporaries.
Major John H. Filer who has had
control of the editorial department
for years, is one of the. best writers
connected with the Press. It is not
,whether he remains or not,
but we`p:esuine the 'new company
will retain him in the position he
has ..00.1014;.lieittg:-..:
Tali press of entire country,
leys the . Boston Journal, with sin
gdlar unanimity approve • the pru
denon and wisdom of . Ppakiflnt
Grant in the recentlinancial
mein. Tim indep,eudent, an.d,34Fi
• ali4tAiati ;
ooratic joarn 4 e
AS a role, as hearty in theif praise of
We Chief Magistrate 4of the nation
as those which are distinctly friend.
ly 'This: - is
creditable to journalism, and .we
note rA IMO gike. and
trust that the day may not be die
whrnlqugfustgll°l!!iir?" PP
did in their 'editorial comments .as
are getaditit inbilirlitinte inter;
course% with each other.
'1, 1 ;
Tluc 81 1jrtliPg .)PYilig,ten„ that
tfiree hund L red and fifty deputies of
tf~e` Fre n have pec ged
themselves to support thiiiiOtfori for
the reStoialitin ofthe 7 monarchy puts
a far more serious face upon French
affairs than was generally supposed
to be : immediately impending.
With ;inch s disposition in the As
sembly, a President with no sympa
thy with the form" governMent of
which he is - tlfeleief official, and : a
singular indifference of a large por
tion of the pe - Ople, it certainly looks
as if the days of the French:lepub
lie were numbered.
THE officials soncerned are muck
troubled about the responsibility of
hanging Mrs. Surratt, and each is,
endeavoring :to throw the blame on
some one else. Ex President John
ston is on his way to Washington on
the hunt of testimony to refute the
charge of wilfully disregarding the
re/oMmpnciatiOni ratio Made' by
the court that tried her. The hang
ing was .disgraceful and it is no
wonder all connected with it have
troubled consciences.
Erxrrzn States Senator Ingalls, of
Kansas who has just returned home
denies ibe reporia - telegraiihed from
'Washington that he, while in that
city, Made itrenuoils .efforts to have
certain Federal office holders re
moved and his own particular
friends appointed instead. He says
he neither asked nor obtained any
officiall3banges whatever, and that
his visit to' Washington was for' an
entirely different purpose, being the
extension of postal faciliti4s in West
ern Kansas, and matters involving/
the. interest' of Reid* on the Sac
and Fox and neutral lands. '
~.-.,_ #
. .
Penniylvailia Elects Gordon Mack
. y - Tpt 25,000 Majority.
y Y. 80,000;11A11 . 011,ITY.,
A 4
Ohio is Coos, - With - Sbe_Olaitees fu Fs'
von of i .tho Slate
bin tart togobiohly
' ilegiok i y . " - ‘ eirirdix piAsed o
vii q t - y, ;not only is our own
4SO = i'; '; but thrptigko4 the„.. whole
Sti < :;. ', ''aoli , for supreme Judg%
antliktaclie ' for, „ State 'Treavyirer are :
both elected' by- mijorities 'varying
from 20 to 30,000. The Legisla
ture-Avill bpltisinbliianifind-:',,at the
. .
present writing, we art - l‘clined to
the belief that all four of oiir mem
, ._,....,
berivot-the-Asembly- ate-elected.
In our own\ county success has
Pi'awried --, our Ofonta,', , - This bOipg
the "os""os"year" in pollticii, ki r ere
lead tic fealUrf .uhuiiiial - am'onnt 'ii l of
"slashing,": put . we are- glad toj be
able . tkiita4el - thtt tio,c whote iicket
lII i
.419 probably i gone 'through. Tij ere l
ay be an exception to this in the
oase.:oflir. Shit - ads; PA.' Co/amiss ion
er, but at preientwriting we belie*e
him to be elected also. s
1 • • ? : •
from four precincts are not in yet.
Against him and Mr. Mann, our
candidate, for Tre.asureri the fis: rc es t
Assaults were made, 'and the Demo
crats were generally ready to trade
, person on their ticket fur
votes for Ifurstitild P-atton'.!
The Repulilicanauf Beaver county
may doff , i t ui ate themselves on the
victory ju achieved, and the De
mocracy may make up, their minds
that' her:gaiter - their occUpation in
this county-is go'ne. -
• •
—General - IC-I*: MEM* is 'a
,pro able
memberof the Massachusetts tegislatuie.
—The Richmondl3tatf Jotnmaisays that
many of the ,beit white',people in the
State ate lathiikAtemilikaa*,,,paXtit:
• —Thuprlffixhilti. a ;beologia
cral Olisse in the constitution 4stMichigan
baalteek rejected by the' OttStitationtil
* i ir
i11ek5666V36.14117' obik-
V 7 Coacladed,, 4)4l ..Pg. *off and
Mr.. Dr * tbesstropomere, wil l be ez .
• - - 4 °X 9 4 l l4Willa
. lltab during Bachanan's
died yesterdey . hilissitettoe Au
j9lllB.otLKTbitd Wed
;ohneettsViStritt lave
piermot BOalon, foratoPireacialibtite
vacancy Canoed by Mr. Whiting's death.
—The "Ti s mstitutionAl Convention of
Michigan bag declined to admit the eligi
bility bf women to any public officlt what
ever excluding iibioa even -from the
School Boards.
-A. strong effort, is being made in
itiessaabugettato induce , lanvernor Wash
burn to pledge himself, in case of re-elec
thin, not to sign any bill modifying the
existing prohibitory law.
—Alaxander H. Stephens and Herschel
V. Johnson propose starting a new dajly
paper in Washington on the first of De
cember, to advocate the refunding .of the
cotton tax. Don't they wish they , may
get it ?
—At the Republican State Convention
recently held at Milts Judge M'Cown
introduced himself follows. am
Judge M'Cown the old be bar of the Brazos
bottom,the father of twenty fouVchildren
born in lawful wedlock, and the grand
father of forty-six grandchildren.'
—The New York .)emocratic Statp
; Contention met on Wednesday tut, ant
Horatio Seymour was chosen permanent
President. 'ln taking the chair he made
a speech recommending affiliation with
the Liberals. A resolutiqn was unani
mously adopted excluding from the State
Committee any.,man who voted for or re.
zeived'back pay in Codiress.
—The people , of California, is order to
have the election of judges removed as kr
as possible (row political influence, have
agreed upon a constitutional amendment
providing that a special election shall be
held for Judges of the Supreme Court.
The candidates are to be nominated by
Oonventions called expressly for that pur-
P ale.
—lt does . not seem to be generally
known that the national banking act cln
tains a section by whih every stock
holder is responsible at laWfor double the
amount of stock I , : owned -by him Of
course this makes th& stockholders of
every national . bank in the country liable
for as much again _as the tull cash capi
tal of thier respeaive instituti)uc;
~, '''' --It seems difilittlt l: to lieep the' mein
•-berstottilit Conititnifonal 'Convention op
to their work of constitution -Making:
They persist in running away to attend_
'to other ' matters. In the simmer thek
ffind-it too warm
-for comfort, and the con
vention adjourned over ' for the'-,Seation,
Mow that they have (nominallylre-assem
bled, there are other things tn•dlicomfoTt.
them, and many of •them ' so persistently
keep away that recently a member offered
a resoltition to expel those:who ire'sbsent
rnoie Usti two days in succession . . - - I
, “
—Gen. Bujler 1, not dead, nor yetis he
sieePing." He ii .oreadtiann i Qpnced f .b.3''
the newspapers in lila (nterelt as a condi. - -
dati for Governor of - italstichusetta, at
the :nett election for _that office ,' - and his.
frletideare perfecting theit,:pians to ie-•
cure ` `his nontiaailoi. 'Ai 'election - for
United • • . • . S 4
States Senator, in the place of Mr.
, • .
Sumner, tikes place next'year, and it is
said the General lutes squintiriCfor 'that
'position. ' HIS ' refusal to . .teeed,e' to the
Wishes. of many' of his supporters, and
:bolt the nomination for 'Governor; - has
contributed to his strength in not ft- few,
counties throughout the State. ' .
—Governor C. C. Washburn, who is
agaiii a candidate for re-election io WiE
cons in, opened the State rAmpaign by an
able peech in Fond du lac" onlast Friday
nigh . He first showed the general pros
peril of the State, and then, passing to
a co sideration of the subject of traespor
union, be urged that it become absolutely
necessary that railrolds shall - be compell
ed to stick to - their legitimate( business,
and:ll o longer dictate' legislation or-who
shall be elected to office. He showed 'the:
danger of voting- subsidies 'to railroads,
and recommended -a lai and • also an
amendment to the StateConstitation liir.-
iting such donaticins to five per cent. of
the aasesaed ,valueo of the property of, the
locality making them. He expressed his
sympathy for -tbe..reform movement : Jn
California, but saw no necessity for.a sep
arate. political movement of that charac
ter in his own . State. Speaking , on the
subject of the tariff, be
.said he did not de
sire protection for any class, and that be
bad no otjection to the I ,Teinoval of . the
duty on coal, iron, slit agar lumber. even
though be is.personally)atqesteil in the
latter conmodity l . , . , . ,
1,0C4L APE WS.
:14evidigIfilat ROO IliPUrigh: l 44re,% l 44'
Going West—Mall, 449 a. 4 ; Accoaranodatio
6,10 p. m.
Going Ettst—Accoiiiiodation, 9,19 a. m; Mail,
p. to; 84 11 14 11 . PAs; - - -
Arrival atial:l of Nan,.
. 'Weirternisallleatiea at 3.45 it,ni.; an'ries it 3 p.m.
Sastern, mall .• . le&vee at Sp. In.: arri, t ix; -6 a
be' ittentiir of theylbliele dir
to`' Ibiloithig New'divrti , enente
......hlih'igiiesir ti•i . th' e Brat' time in : TEE
. Aitciiii4rito RAI:0AI triAai : ,
Perattlia:-lietii'Yeiziell ` ''' ' .: • ''
' : lteir 1
Bklifr i rdo-aanesuptsiank.i..f.pti.i.t...,..)46lll
Weter's Notite-J. I. Stokes.—.7e4t
Liss of A Issatente l -Joka -C.3lert: . '.:LAsIlt
Notice ohs Viackey.... ... ......... .....3s3t
litst, otOmaes44oins Vitriltiii - '''
•' '' ' - I - le
Bpectal Nptk*- 7 91111LegtL ;ilbeekart i : ' ~......d.13-St,
ilpecal Notices-I3peys_rer 4k 50ki5.......................6.
Spatial 24011-t-A.4ll:Denald ' I . t....... 1131
ppecial Neticar 7 _ RA. Qc9Ae it ............ r .....,......... 4.7.
13 dal Notiels- ' nape .:. . '.' .y. - . J..: .".11-11ta
. ottrer-t..... Wa 4 4..;,_.1..w:4.6..... -- --,.., - . - ..;ilsitit
nj.—T. G. 5a1e01ate.,,,...,... ............,......:.,Isogi
Notioi-430welliawi...: , f. ::: t i.:;..... - t'.4:::t,
‘ meigi
1 ‘••• 4#l , ne w , ....:
ss.eatlie i',,iiar'' /pine li i iirri v fo,r Ni. i
it Speyerei'akSitii 4 i. - ''
~ s , y l , ; . .. ~,,,, J.._ ~ . -.. .4. iii I
') 4 ' ANTIC II I4. Ta.ll,77Pign2llgll of the
,ilerfPr 09nu.t1 ; 41V 101 0t4p 11 11,08 . 4! are
`regpeated.e inset at the ceiirs . donee ln
-Beaver, Park* 7 ardii 0- 41- /? 1 , 1 0: . 4 4. 34.
- A rtip'atielidietioe is requested , ` ' " :
`,• l( ' ''' '- . ' : jAil: DAtltif . AAti, Preii.':
B._,Evitird SeereterY.
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Smith, Rochester, P.a. • • notB-2w
-On motion of A. m. Brown, esq., l of
Pittsbuigh, H. R.,Mooie esq.,. of Beaver,
was admitted and qualified "to' practice in
the SuKeme court of the State, on last
Friday. The court is now in session - in
Pittsburgh. -
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A Child Mriiiderer at "Atm.—lr
win S. rwler, the man who• murdered
two of .I?iehilciren in,cur neighboring
county (Columbiana) some time last 7in T
ter, and who hail been iu 'the New Lisbon
jail ever since, e,capedlrom that_ institu
tion on last Thursday k
night one weals
ago. ago. He, and a man named ()awe% the
latter awaiting trial on a pharge of horse
stealing, left together; and both 'are` Still
at large. 'A - reward of live hutidred dol=
lars is offered for the arrest of Pottet,-and
two hundred dollars - fbr 04walt. 1 -AU
following descriptions have , bees , Amp;
shed by Sheriff. Morris: Porteri.3s.yelus
of age, black eyes, long black , shainidark i
mustache, ,with •Ittdian *attire/,
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wore a flat-topped ,cap. • • • ; •..
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v, LEL Kennedy., deceased hago34o4d of
o f
the -130 re stook of goods In store to sir,
Robt. Patterson, Of Beaver. The consid.
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Women's illfghts.--.lllbat are
They l--It is doubtful whether fenace
constables would be found effective (a,.
cars, particularly in California, but i t
Wrightman's precinct, San Joaquin
connty, a woman lately was elected to
the office of constable, or would ha vk
been only the election officers refused t o
count votes for her. It is thought, flo w .
ever, that if she wants the ` office she can
have it - by appealing`to the courts, it is
asserted that undeithe California co.ligi
tution every citizen, except those
r i
victed of certain crimei, can-hold office;
and that Women are citizens. re is i
great this'll of loose law, however, nouns
about on this Stlbject; a few, good, solid
decisions by tbe courts, and not by the
platforms and conventions, are very
much needed.
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maneuqy injured by disease contracted
in the service, are provided for as well u
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