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    i5: 1614 I.'
4 60 / I N
4 4 7 4 84.,
Foust, for $B,
POISONBD BY MATO3FAI —A. little child of
Alria Craitz, residing gear Lynoport, this count
died last week from eating the heads of matches.
The victim was burled on Saturday.
Tag annual convention of the Emeriti(
Beneficial Association will be held In heading at,
the 7th and Bth of January next. Allentown w 11.
be duly represented.
Tint LeWalt Valley ‘Vorklogmen's Bene
lal Association propose to hotel a Grand Bali a
44 3 1 In Cat tsntjun, on the even-
lug of Dece
HON. War. 11. WITTE has p
hotel property, and 95 acres of land of Lewin
Schaffer, dee'ot, near Fort Wtt,tilnicton, Mont
gomery county, for $1 1.1160.
WE notice (hut Puttee, who figured consple•
uously in tie. It r , rcble swindle, Is itilrerilslna e
"Noble Charity" again. We hope our citizens
' be fooll‘b enotp:li to throw tbelr moth.)
•••-•,.:. win
PkopEßTy St —Tlootias Stenkol sold a
Muse anti Lot, On eaq hide ro t
Mrs. Ellz4beth Llehtennot lloer for .74,500.
MN. Elicibeth Liehlenwallorr sold her Hon,
tied Lot on North shin nt Turner street, t Tho..
Steckel lor $4OOO.
"lON. DANIEL M..SNIINEIt, formcrly Presi
dent Judire of tip! .J•id Is Irl lustrlet r•omposerl of
Montgomery nod Iftiel countlo4, fro= r-tirf..l
from the pract i ce of lof N,,ri s o o nod di , —
posed of Is hi lor librr ry . :1.• hss remor,o hi
family to GettysburLr, wlo-re he Ims token up hi
°tit Of the 43 students at p-e eat ;turf nine. Owl ,
theolot:lea I ..11317-;`4 , _. tbe - I ,lli-t.', , ran 54,m inn re.,
a Philadelphia. The I's II term ha , Just and
a {ladioli hti !Olen accorded +:11.1 . 1ItS 11 , 4 , 1
the 9th of January Lem, Muni their studies MIT
be resumed.
hif.:F.TINO OF Cerizass —On Saturday n
lernoon bee. 214 at 2 o . oloelt, the citizi an
Kutztown and vie:nity will meet at the Pub
Be Boone of I)ai i.‘l Ziatin'errala in that Bar
ough, for the r • "I . fir_!,tri Coteint
ny for Ilse but • .rig of hl st faro Ice,.
A FINGI.II.` character nand d Pretz, ha ,
Just died In 13 ca (111111iy: 1' 0 , P1 .-, ...1 Of eoesal
erahle wealth relieved from the neee,sity 01
labor,'lth tim ara, pas , ..:l In % , riting routi,at
epitaphs for hi tub which he had prepared n ,
expense, and In Imph t ng art angetmmts for hi.
lemlse even to t, engagement of the preneltiq
- and the making c his shroud.
. ,
TIMM? is a pap , r on our exchange 11,1, the
editor of which Is probably not aware that he has
subjected himself to a heavy tine for triesonlttine
through the math, enclosed In 1114 paper, tin
handbill of an ad ‘ ertkit,g patron. The p, riall
is $5OO for evy handbill or separate :olvertisin L
heet so sent , . din thi - instance the aggrectit
'mild 'ld foot up,i.o more, probably, than the offe A
log heiment Is worth.
Lewis \VAITI& - i:0:. are b lila ing ^ 1....: -L,
wagon-for the Persevermee Fire Company of
Bethlehem, In the spring. the Perseverance boy
prOpose to have another wagon of different styl,
constructed for their use. lye believe Allentown
started the system of making the Steam F Ir.
Companies horses' pay for their feed by hauling
freight and doing local express work, and now It
dented by all the fire erg iniza
tikse"' e stiley which awn horses
vi tb ,
tO Te
—At. an elt ction for officers of
N'. 333, A. V. 1., held at 11t it
ermine. the to r•vviit Lirrthren . 1 ,
for the M
'on: on St. John', 1).,
—ltro. Henry A. Wilit
—Bro. Constantine J. 11
—Bro. Lew is F. Sett rn
casim r—Brn. Alum. T.(
erc tary—Bro. Francis Z.
, and well fonndorl to,, that
made Jill 'Fittr far the Ko!ni r
high, with the intention, in of
erectinz hla , st.
( tion is directly oisposit, th •
Furnace, sold a slim: t,'ne i.
Wi. trust Mr. Fulmer to is
and he will nt one.. • 1 i
❑aco. Every fum.t,,
ben, fit to nur bormzh 3,0 b:1
ACCIDENT I 41 rile
4 on the ,ts
name Is unkomrle, nh,.e e La r
killed him. Iris
ble maim r. Coroner 51..,e,
Ili hody, which was C.'
by train No. 5, and he had ;.
Poor House. DeNnir, d to
of ago, and lied. in hl , potif,
cd aliser watch, a tie 're
tus and one dollar
HEN) RT of coal transpo
Valley Railroad for week e
1872, compared with same t
Total Wyoming
Upper-Lehigl .....
Beaver lifea.:km
' Mahanoy
Manch Cheek...
fime time 1871
Tne Blograp: ical Eu
tylraula, which,l now - bp•
cation by the Ga;axy P
Philadelphia, Is to be cow
leading men of the.preser
and will always ben work
The steel portraits' of th •
professional characters
tato, will be perfect li..
beat photographs. Tit
hitherto unoccupied in
•oe of the Advau
• • the anther!
n opal CI
.81001203.110 t to
•, •
r; kpowiedeement
"'''' cause of Protection; w ,
. 4 :!,-., , ,gerii r i-rto the fron men of El
...4".41*t10p of nacho mini
I l Orhery of-the Great Pkot
4 4 # 1 14:fittlorf, although eh
. ": 1 .::: ticted "JO itabeeilhe , to lb
b , ::'ol,lfir4fitor late Pieehliititil
. ? ??4,` , ,:t.s,;4';Jiltrilitikt`ed, c m ck wee talked .Of
4 1 4 ;,tiC l iioifird . ; k l l ace on the Court House
V.1,4,14k10. itigi'l.o*aidi o the eof dar.sentirni
f'f:P.s:o.Y.4ll9.otect, ep al e to ve been nhendonect
..,At i ...l4A guata f isas j . me i' le, althookar:irto I:) ,
illikieilii,ri floes ' ti I" 6 made
..,'', 'llicideT kthe I. ~ egt..s , swb?ever !PI m?.6:,
2 -, ,, , i , - -,, m i ticrliid ,,, • ed 10 pittiOg an itiSlj* ,
‘ 4,;1:0 ; 4 4 - ~ ~,te e pie f the qour, ; .. f' ,
14 — e. '"• : 1,t ji4 , l': cor,OPP. will be . '
— : - . 1 -
114 'r N. 4 11 q''' - ''''' ' tiWenl. Illitlrb*:
'. 4 ,' - - :' , 4.4i t i.,i - ; -' i '.;:'' „.-• - . ..,--- ' •
..'"-?,.:.... - : . ..i:.ii: ; , , ' ;', .2 - -,::: ) ~:', , ,,Y,'".,:-•;-.'i,,,'"?,t- r t '.: . •
o publishers.
receive their papen
favor upon no by
oving will please send its
well as the new.
• Claus' Agent, had to ernpl ,, t
turday, so great was the rash.
—Wm. B. Yonng,,leal estat.l
en Danthlaser's propoity ou
et, above Linden, to Thomas B.
nry FWmer Ln
0 1 , r . y h.• 1
ho ~ , vorcsi it, or
^,, p'r , V in y I
'il~•ranJ Fn nmi
vo lor !:,.'2!:tl.roo
-6'r.: !'ir.x
ia train N,,
;r 13. p, ‘v I o.r
, I , lli 11 ,
d iII u hllfr
to r, to All, otow
coo reytql to t ht•
ut ' t rt• years
ti nn old rttion
CoPLAY. —At a meeting held by the White
hall Land, Loin and Building AF.soclation, on
Tnesday evening, at the Copl three loans di p0, , e.1 of IL.nre. At the meeting
prevlon- , to this one, the olllcerS for the annual
term w.!re eieeted.. Nearly all the members of the
former Board were re-elected : D. II Kline, Teeas
urer, and A. F. K. Kraut, Secretary, vice Edward
S. Kohier. Esq., who resigned.
Out VIC a ppar,
(ruts !!) mom..
I over the Lehi tfl
December 39th
last year:
For Year
IV 07
20 14
6i 02
The Mental Literary Society of this place and
Stentten held as third meeting for this season last
idea, In the Sternum public school building.
The president, J. T. Stewart, occupied the chair.
Alter the regular business had been transacted,
the exercises were commenced with select reading
by Miss Pursel and Miss Amanda Lerch. Both
ladles favor d the audience with appropriate se•
teOtions. To...question, Is the farmer more useful
thin the mechanic? was discussed at length by
Messrs. Pure ti , Hemel, and Krout in behalf of
th: affirmative, and Messrs. Laubach, Cooper and
Williams on the part of the negative. Mr. Stew.
art and his associate Judges gave a decision .In
favor of the affirmative. The Literary Budget
was read by Miss Clara Robbins. The editorial
received marked attention, and some of the con
tributions were received by the audience with
gr •at applause. • The question to be discussed
De.rt week is—Does the printing Press work more
good than harm?
17 11
39 09
48 19
28 14
opedia of Penn
rvpared for publi
Wog Company o
to Its record of the
. tory lu the State,
luable for reference.
.eipal business and
. the work will noo
ses, taken from the
terpriee ON a field
terature of renuFyl-
day next, the 20th
her Days, bes bi,,o
f the English Church
h of this country, as
let em Times enables tie to give our readers the
benefit of the following test experimeot : "In ae
cordauce with arraugernents made, this morning
at 11 o'c:ock representative of two rival manta
factories of tire extioguishers had a compeettlye
trial of the merits of their apparatus on the n
ewt lot belonging to the North Penn. Railroad
C'ompary, opposite , the residence of Robt. Q.
+ayre, I sg. It large number of railroad men, as
well as t they eitizeyis Interested lu such matters,
were present to decide tiPort , the practicability of
putting out fires by concentrated gas projected
from a receptacle strapped to • the. back. The
sod lu behalf of the
urch, with particubilt;'
•Jouaries Iu forclito
•t forth by the Arch.
en adopted by the
these two pow
tbe ufferlog•
1 0:1 delphin
e to erect* Iron
orate Oreeiey as
kal settle& In the
test was under the supervision of Rohl. H. Sayre,
Esq., Superintendent and Engineer of the Lehigh
Valley 'Railroad. Two piles' of barrels (22
barrels In each pile) were erected, shavings pat
In them, and the , whole saturated with
,coal 011.
At a,word-from Mr. Sayre the man with the ex
"tingulshers on their backi w.,ot to work, tied put
out the Ares In less than two minutes. The Bab
cock (New York) extinguisher and the Gardner
,(Philadelphia) extioguisher trace the competing
parties , . The Gardiner man had the fierceet fire
to contend with, and . be, managed well and got.
Itlant . , quickly, bitt not quite quickly as the
fibt 7 nek, whose Bre, however; was not of one
foifitb the magnitude of that of the Gar.liner. -
7.A 0- *'''coFic Plan relighted blas pile, *O4 :1 , 44'A
04 'aga very satisfactostiy. -ye are 'of . the
,' (Plop -Oa 'plot'tiocktlififetitipe H
5J??"1:41 ifir.:l44o44ii; —Um 14%I! Vnt
cold a 44 .;. - Aithit 1.
4 '
: . .
btedix commend
'alley. We think
it to perpetuate the
Inlet would be eml
et the entire clause ,
fund voted against
LAST week n blast at the Iron Bridge, on
tic C:'ilete: R. - ft. threw • alone of about 80
ogotoet o bolt of the bridge, and
ha it off. This occasioned the loosening of
tie iron bars. The passenger train from Alburtir
was flayed and the passengers walked to the other
side of the valley, where they arc taken to Cala
aanqua by a special train. Mr. Chapman, thr
zioperlutendent of the railroad was speedily on
hand, and said that ho would trust the passenger
ears to run over without the engine, which was
barely dOtIL
A suttranur..—Tho (Alter day the:, boys In
Prot. Bernhard's school were pleased to treat
Prof. Branlllc, the German instructor in the pub
-I.c schools, rty handsomely. The Profressor
was attending to hie ditties in the room, when the
boye appeared to be conducting themselves out of
order entirely, and Mr. Branl k very properly ro
twimsoded them. Suddenly the door opened and
a tremendous turkey, weighing 25 pounds, stalked
into the room and [hew dlrectly at the astonished
Professor. A string was attached to the turkey's
leg by which it was restrain d from doing any
nudity barn, to Mr:Brat:lllk, and as soon as order
was rector.;.!, Oliver J. Schmoyer, on behalf of the
.boys presented the turkey in a German speech, to
which the recipient responded. The whole was a
well cousliyed and executed surprise, nod ono
man is llnk not to be hungry on Chri6tmas Day.
liAnN BORNED,—An extensive loss was
sult2rtd TuAdav by Mr. Peter Buis, of Allen
Northampton county, about half a
mile be " .. """uutie of Stemtort, at the Lehigh
river. The barn vrae—tnt.t..„ uroshnity to the
rallro , d, and It Is semnsed that a Fps ra
locomotive wag carried Into the stables below and
on account of the high wind prevailing at the
lime, the flatnev were soon spread through the en
tire hiti,dito:. The floe broke out II a. in. nod by
p. to. the Iltrae and commodlotiq barn, with all
II! craln, er,p-, &e., wag In a help of ruins
current or the what at the thee was In nn o
'she llreetion front the bullding4, or the con
ieritti,.n would hive been extensive. The barn
in the Leenuon Insurance Company
which on!y p covers the loss.
A VEN I.:lllnr,n A LLENTONIAN. Eb•
I,r the very 11:e..1 lady tvuone regular (I,atii no
tice ~pp—tri in the iii:OISTEIt tO•dity, 'viii the
aq !ow o , Henry I.:`,fier the founder of the File_
.!..osb rn. Ebner has re;Oded in 0113 city
•inee the year 17113, a period of nearly 81) years.
sn r a- 4 < a native of Euvsland and was born In the
dly of London, her father, Dr. Rohe, having
been It praetising pity-Irian In that city. When
sh.• ettilLfrated to th'in country with her parents,
.he was so young that she learned to walk on
shipboard. After a short residence In Philadel
phia, she removed to thin city where she lived
,„;:y.esruptflly until her death. We doubt If
glie leav e ; teltlnd her another who has lived In
Allentown wit:matt' Interval during an egna
length of time.
Tr n week a letter received at 13Able
hem poet marked Nothln4 • Ong., and ad
clre?•sed to "Beillieltem, near Ja;ugaletn, Penn
s%ivanla, L'aitcd States." This Incident calls to
Mind 010 Dart that in early years, the Morrylan
gettlm, of part of Pennsylvania laid out the
entini.ry on the plan of Judea, in the Holy Land,
and gave the towns, according to their locations,
orrespomling names. This city was called Jeru
•alent, ring In the only place In tit; original set
mnent tit. has changed to mane; Ern tuo
us an tn,) Bethlehem and Naz Lreth, retaining
ielr first al peli , ttlons. The n titer of the above
.tier most 'late had at hand .when Lbe direction
WaR SliperBrribed, the first published map of old
Northampton county. It Is Interesting to have
these old frets in our history refreshed to our re
V ork., at Lebanon, have been engaged for the
1,14 few daYs shiPpine. the blowing engine and
naeltlnery fcr the new furnace of the blessrp. Bu
s'iong 1, Co., of Iti•ading. The ()indite Is a double
. ital , with steam cylinder 24 feet In diame
ter by stroke, all 'parts being made In a
assive sty le, so peculiar to thls Immense estab-
11 411meM. The furnace for which this et glue Is
attended, Is of the' class known as banded brick
cupola, of which there are but few In this coun
try, those at Glendon, designed by Messrs. Firm
stone, being about the only ours In the State, are
11 feet bosh 56 feet high, and have a duplicate set
of Lint ovens and boiler, which are all made to In
terchange with the hot blast and holler of the No.
1 furnace in operation. In the designing of this
for Lace great care has been t xerclied In economy
of eosstruct , on, with an eye to stability and a
material reduction la the cost of building an an
thracite furnace, which has thus far been a heavy
drawb ark to their conArnetion. llo.e far success
twill nt4•nd them retnalns to he se•m.
SMART BOYS —A gaol! joke i • told cfa lit
t!t., four y, at-old fellow who, liaTiag disobeyed
his father, was about to Incur . flu penalty of a
.adtchintr. The father deliberaty'y prepared a
rod, while hls son stood a sad and silent specta
tor. As thr. p Inuit approached to the unpleasant
ante, the hay eared at a brisk ma toward a
nei , 2llborh.: 1,11. The tither ra sued, and fur a
time the younz-ter hi-ere:l,d the distance between
them; but gradnally his , drength began to fall,
,t he reach it the and he:rati to as•
rend, he -eon uel tile vantage ._round. Nearer
.and nearer the Irate father a ppi .etelted, and just
the top of the hill was reached, and he came
iiittliti Of the was
Iv cu fat' from the boy quickly
',teed 10%ohlt, the trrottud; and with
an east of countenance exclaimed,
that—makes a fellow—blow—don't It t"
This "eh int; the mu' Jaet" was so extremely
ludicrous that the father laughed heartily over
the strategy which !Vs hapeful. son exhibited and
the rod tyis not med.
ASOIIIO ELNOTIONS.—At s stated meet '
,44 8•11COVI Lodge, No. 469, A.
iloopersburg, bald 1..4 evening, t .
lowing oflle3rs were elected to serve for t .•
log Masot year commeneng on Bt. J. ho
W. M.—Bro. Enos Erdman.
B. W.—Bro. Jacob J. Jacoby.
J. W.—Bro. John A. Loras.
Treasurer—Bro. Charles Moyer.
Secretary—Bro. Milton Cooper.
At an election for officers of Lehigh Lodge, No.
820, A. Y. M., held on Tuesday evening, at their
Hall, at Trexlertown, the following were elected
to serve for the ensulog Masonic year:
W. M.—Bro. Atigustus T. Schick.
S. W.—Bro. Joel T. Hartzog.
J. W.—Bro. Amandns W. Held:
Treasurer—Bro. Robert H. Fogel.
Secretary—Bro. James D. Scholl.
At an election for officers of Blatlngtou Lodge,
No. 440, A . Y. M., Thursday evening, st their
Nail, to Blatington, the following brethren were
elected for the ensuing Masonic year:
W. N.—Bro. David McKenna
8. W.—Wm. G. Grosscop.
J. W.—L. Q. Bmltb.
Treasurer—Daniel Thomas.
Secretary—Philip Woodriog.
HOLIDAY losas.—Tbe local business of the
city Is assuming an appearance redolent of holi
day suggestions. Purchases for Christants will
soon comnaence, and tbousaqds of hearts will be
gladdened the prestnt month by tokens of love
and friendship that will express the sentiments
of the givers more eloquently than words. Pro.
-bablv half the young gentlemen that throng our
fashionable thoroughfares are reflecting and seek
ing for the suitable gine for their fair frlends,who
especially those freshly
are full of great expectations. Many husbands,
fastened, are vesting
,bout on a similar iiiiittovurevv.,.....vons
apq loge
particular as to style and quality of the offering,
but they must stake something on tho happy oc
casion or lose caste. Wives and maidens are not
looking around as persisteatly as their male
friends, but they are not wholly Idle. They
have their own Ideas of fitness and know how to
fashion graceful gifts with their own fir hands
which the recipients, If adequately appreciative,
will prize above all the Jlmeracks and gewgaws
which money can purchase.
Where and what to buy Is a puzzling question
with the majority of people, and a little advicb
on this subject will be regarded as seasonable and
appropriate. The variety of presentable wares Is
stalest Illimitable. In the articles enumerated
this market is unexcelled In the richness and do:
sirableuess of Its present exposition, as our adver
lug colutnes will show. Those who have the
fancy articles of the season will not hide them, It
they are sensible.
Ronan ON SMlTH.—Sninb is probably ono
of the most timid gentlemen in this city, and we
believe could he convicted by an impartial Jury of
having a lively imagination. At least his clam
bers are Oct of the soundest, and therefore when
any unusual noise occurs at his donate'', Et the
hours when ghosts walk abroad, he Is out of bed
in a twinkling and, armed with a poker, searches
(ter the causes which produced the sounds that
disturbed him. We have It upon reliable author
ity that he was thus awakened last week, but this
time there was occasion for alarm : the sounds
were loud and seemed to him unearthly. Indeed
he was so much bereft of senses that his poker
was left lying in its accustomed place and he was
drawn, as If by a spell, unarmed and unprotected,
to the lower regions—that Is, the lower story of
his house. Upon gaining the ground floor and
opening the door of the front room, a scene of
confusion met hie gaze which is seldom the lot of
mortal man to look upon. Elephants were away.
lug their trunks In. mid air, threatening total
annihilation to a lot of tigers and lions which
were savagely fighting for the mastery, and whose
terrific howls made n dismal uproar. Here and
there were horsemen galioping In the distance,
with guns loaded, waiting for a chance to take a
shot. The gentle lamb frisked about, NOXIOUS to
get out of the way, and there were hundreds of
Anima's of Innumerable varieties worrying over
the scene and eager to retreat to safety, and even
the very air itself was alive with the shrieks of
the feathered tribe. As wonderingly he gazed
upon that scene, he heard the firemen's trumpet
in the distance abd soon steamer after steamer
thundered past him, followed quickly by hose car
riages. The firemen were heard to curse some at,
the " false alarm," but agreed as they had steam
up they might as well have a squirt, any how.
No sooner said than done, and the contestants
which were responsible for the run were quickly
deluged with stream after stream, knocked hither
and thither, and 80 badly demoralized that they
went home peacefullyeven before the firemen did
and order was brought out of chaos. As after a
murder, or a robbery, or a fire people are always
anxious to see the house where the affair hap
penedoo, we suppose, in this case, they will flock
to the spot where such an unusual event occurred
The place Is at 733. Hamilton street
JURY LIST.—The following are the Jurors
drawn for January term of Court, commenelne ,
on Monday, January Oth, 1873, to continue two
GRAND Junons.—Charles H. Blank, yeoman,
Saucon ; Monroe Schaadt, farmer, South White
hall; Davil Pair, wheelwright, North Whitehall;
Benjamin F. Kline, lumber dealer, Allentown;
Stephen Berner, farmer, Salisbury; Reuben Bohm,
c Irpenter, Allentown ; Chas. Corwin, merchant,
Catasauqua ; Charles Bernhard, Innkeeper, Upper
Milford; Benj. F. George, machinist, Lowhlll ;
Francis Deily, farmer, Hanover; Joseph Kiefer,
contractor, Copley; George Ueberroth, farmer,
Salisbury; Charles W. Rau, real estate agent, Al
lentown ; George Kuhl, confectioner, Allentown ;
Henri J. Scbmoyer, farmer, Lower Macungie ;
Albert Dankel, teacher, Washington; Jonas P.
Gaunter, farmer, Upper Macungie; Samuel Ratt
ler, lumber merchant, Catasauqua ; Jacob Heller,
miner, Upper Macungie; Phaon Bear, merchant,
Upper Macungie; W. J. Reichard, shoe dealer,
Allentown; Philip Woodrlng, tobacconist, latlat'-
legion ; 11. H. Buck, wheelwright, Catasanqua ;
Chas. Brame, laborer, Allentown.
PETIT JURORS, FIRST Wass.—Chao. Scholl, Inn
keeper, Allentown ; Franklin Peter, farmer,Low
hill ; Elf Feastermaeher, merchant, Allentown;
John McLean, yeoman, Allentown; A. W.DeLong,
freight agent, North Whitehall; Richard Deily
coal dealer, Allentown ; Samuel J. Kistler, J. P.,,
Heidelberg; Thomas C. Bre in ig, J. P., Upper Ma
cungie; David Davis, clerk, Catasauqua ; Owen
Roth, farmer, Lower Macungie; Jonas Re:, far
mer, Weisenburg ; Wm. A. Roney, shoo dealer,
Allentown ; Isaac Y. Krause, machinist, Lower
Milford; Wan. H. Lanbach, merchant, Getman
qua ; Henry Deifer, Jr., brewer, Allentown ; D. B.
Bastian, farmer, South Whitehall; Gee. J. Gin-
Unger, plasterer, Allentown; J. T. •Bnrdge, mer
chant, Allentown; Isaac Puff, shoemaker, Allen
town; Daniel Peter, shoemaker, North . Whitehall;
David A. Toothier, briekmaker, Hanover; Mole'
IL °reit!, farmer, Lynn Win. Bachman, black
smith, Allentown; Edwin Mickleyouperiatendent,
Whitehall; Levi Biern, merchant, South White
hall; James Anthony, contractor, Slatington ;
Daniel Rhoads, weaver, Copley; A. S. Keck, coal
dealer, Hanover; Ephraim Long, farmer, North
Whitehall; Tilghman Selp,eabicet Maker, Allen
town ; Samuel A newalt, hatter, Allentown; Wm.
S. Bachman, plasterer, Upper Milford; Jobn
Lewis, Iron master, Allentown ; John 01;, mer
chant, Upper Milford; Erapcis Schwan!, limier,
Upper Milford; Mosea Wells, carpenter, Allen
PETIT Junoae, SECOND Watre.=-Jas. ' *lse,
brewer, Allentown ; F. 11. Jacoby, constable, Up
per Macungie; Henry C..'Hoye!, luniteeper,
over ; Daniel Jt Bcblougli, carpenter;Allentown Allentown;
Henry German, truirChiut; Welsenburiti "Jobai
George, Merchant, Heidelberg; jot' T. Elictiog,
merchant, Upper Maeda& ; Henry Balder, shoe
maker, Upper liellferd flThat.Kehenbach,usaierk
Hanover; Jatiotta Dilllnger,fannera:ower, Mul
ford; Henry Brophy, Totinder:-UPPee Mieungle;
Wm.,Hagel, tailor. Whitehall I Allen W. Kalper,
innkeeper, Allentoin; Florentiou Herthle. laborer;
Hanover I A.aroo Kt Kleitelberger, (Armer"lmmit
Joel 'Snyder; farmer. I.ynnitTilghinan Helabardi
carpenter, Allentown; ,flolompo Bear; yeomen,
Allentown;. flOhisti4 Ilf,,tiiipp, teacher, Welaellr .
borgi"- - Aaren Saeger, farmer Upper Macungie t
i t eni P l-Ditt ' i i ,.._• it' : 114 ... t ,4 1 1. 17 ` 1. 16 1 ..k.0 - 1:i Ntil_._•.'4,wik'
earpailai;Cantlauqua i liell ty Miller, onsub aisif.• . ,
er,•4llVatOna 1 • Jobn ..TacCiti;;K P., Sagoury i '.
' 1 ,' -' ; ' --"-------- -- •
Abrig4pi Oloiir, (viner i es:o*i Jobidatllabli `,' l ; gammon's justly celebrated walnut candy,
ma r c hlAli9 o ;er ki/Ircl 1 1; I /T90 4 ..14 11 4 PIA.: , 1 4,rbilde.isinizr nog et , rgretroCrrour Jelf
ter, : Bram" 1, 'Josialejtj,rattillf mercbaut, , r, Upper l, roasted ..otiott, arid other cAndyof this no. =
Macaitgla 1, ?rani* Wifel4l, B;;-WelleoBitritt
,ll,fita4ifolei sale lii V 7 : 1 : 1 13m . 1 !1! 1119 .
Wm. - Q0u5 . ,',..44 'delAeri Allentiiirof " lilrlati_ 0:411,*14 iLi.litisVea Wry iroentinnquct=
1011 007;ilki , 0 1 14tiliilVii i ; As* fedfnimS, ~ ' whoilerkrr, lel/5414101.441e1et
' illo , ri F l 'il: 4l . lm *Ptitt: 8140 :IA ir poi tml r ,, : : Mtiesise r Viritlctiltdentin4;Anist varied Blocks;:
4 1444
( * l ir '°- . fl i rt rAtigglitiVige # 4 ;0 , 1 1 1 11 f,r1rililvrolal fp 4134 - Ir . !ictiing..Nat
''' . . r
,i 14444; ripialiiiititii4lipittb there f ore ilikijbil' pe b
ti• ... , • ...
tit -4 1 0 # 490 ",; ', 1' 4 .• : ' • '.
:;',,,,, ,
,_',* :*- fr,lr , *gt . ;* l t•#9?AlW ', . - 4 , • ' ' •
-14 4a..z.':;,111r4,:l .:::tzt -. ." 1 :11M;4:4 - 14.fai . ~!. . 1 : - • :!••• •, • ,:', .'. . •. • t' , L.l:. - ..r •-•..,-'-_,,
'' * ‘-' 4 441i. •-•••• •••, ;"',':'.. ---,,: v4'iy •.(v.p . ' - .-?..44.4 ' „ ~ ',.., ~
,'• 1: ,
- ' '--- , ''skk'pkia.." , C . ' •. , ' ,l - , ^: •
~~g ~
We regret that Allentown did not altogether
escape that loathsome disease Small Pox. Nine
cases were reported, the Health Oilletlr immedi
ately Inspected the premises, visited the patient,
ordered the house fumigated and allowed no one
to visit the pralines but the Nurze and Physician.
,proved fatal. The Health Officer
upon inveetigatiod Wbers the eases originated,
found one case from Coplay, one from Cataallin - -
qua, and one from Easton. Considering that
with fifteen thousand inhabitants only nine cases
occurred, where Reading and the neighboring
towns surrounding us had cases by scores. It
speaks well of the Sanitary condition of our city,
and the efficient working of the Board of Health.
It is now for you, Gentlemen, to select twelve men
for the coming year 1873, the present Board re
tiring on the second Tuesday of December 1972.
A. V. Montt, Secretary.
Steam Heating Company feel chagrined at the
failure of the Sixth Ward school house heating
apparatus. It will be remembered that a man
named Colt received the contract. for the job,
but be failed to do the work as It should have
been done, and not being a responsible party
the Board of Control bad no means ofredress.
Another man named McCann undertook to
doctor it, but he made it worse ; and to-day,
after an expenditure of s2,ooo,—one-half the
contract price—the Board has practically no
thing with which to heat the building. The
heater is the New Haven Company's patent,
and, notwithstanding the notorious fact that
it was batched in setting up, their reputation
will suffer unless they allow that their heater
will do what was claimed for it, if properly
set up. They therefore .offer to make the
heater do Its work, and, after the Board o f
Control is thoroughly satisfied that it will do
what they require of it, then, and not.until
then, they will demand Hip balance, $2,000,
duo on the contract. The Company claim
that they will not make any profit on the job
—their only desire being to give the Board 01
Control a satisfactory return for the money
expended and to save the reputation of the
Company. They have beaters in buildffiga
larger than the Sixth Ward building and they
have no fears that they cannot heat the latter.
If the heater is allowed to remain as it la,
or if it is taken out, the $2,000 already ex
pended will ,he almost a total loss. If tilt
Company therefore offers to make it work at
an additional expenditure of $2,000, and will
not ask for the money until their job is pro.
flounced 'satisfactory by the Controllers, then
the proper course to he pursued by our School
Board appears perfectly plain. They have
nothing to lose and everything to gag" If,
alter the New Haven Company has made the
necessary alterations, the heater fails to work,
the Board will then be no worse off than it is
to-day. If it proves successful, the balance
of the amount of the original contract, $2,000,
will be money well invested. We still have
faith in this heating apparatus and are con&
dent that it will give out sufficient heat and
save fue! if it isallowed fair play. We, there-
fore, hope that an early meeting of the Board
of Control will be held and that the members
will promptly decide what they are going to
do about it. They have had cause, we know,
to be disgusted with it . ,. but disgust will not
heat the building, and if#c believe it is the pre
%railing opinion that the building ought to be
The Academy of Science,
The third meeting of the member of the "Acad
emy of Natural Sciences, Art and Literature of
Lehigh County" was held Thursday. The presi
dent, Mayor Good, called the meeting to order.
The secretary not being present, on motion M. N.
Bernhard was appointed secretary pro Xern. Mr.
Henry Gabriel stated that in consequence of sick
ness in his family ft was impossible for him to
stay, and begged to be excused. On motion of
Rev. J. W. Wood, the gentleman's request was
The committee on memberships being called
upon to report, Mr. D. 0. Baylor; onbeha if of the
committee, reported progress, De said that quite
a number of our prominent citizens bad been
spoken to, and as far as the committee was able
learn everything seems to augur well for the pros
perity of the organization. The report was re
ceived and the committee instructed to begin the
canvass of the city and county for members and
private contributions immediately.
The committee on standing committees reported
the following, viz,—
Committee on Library—Messrs. Eli J. Saeger,
R. E. Wright, T. H. Good, Rev. 8. K. Brobst and
B. F. Abbott.
Committee on Ornithology and Zoology—E. J.
More, tomb Klurop, Wm. El. Werner, D. 11. Klein
and Jno. F. Hoffman.
Committee on Mineralogy—H. G. PutT, Geo
Heffner. C. W. Donneobaner, Joseph fluntnoi
Dr. O. G. Rimer. • '
Committee on Botany—R. K. Haehrle4 A; B.
Longaker, Dr. Wm: Herbst. A. F. K. Kront and
Theodore C. Yeager.
Committee on Archteology—E. D. LeWaring,
J. Allen 86ager, Joo. Mohr, Jr.. G. W. Delis and
Rev. J. W. Wood.
Committee on Membereblp—Renry Gabriel, M
N. fiernbird, D. 0. Baylor, T. Bustler, R. K
'ollebrle, Alfred J. Bre!nig and Dr. J. P. Barnes
Committee on Property—Trueteee of Academy
Committee on Instruction •nd Lectures-0. A
Ascbbacb, T. r. Emmene, C. M. Runk, B. A
Bridges and Geo. Kuhl.
Treasnriti . -4. A. R. Baldwin.
Committee on Physiology—Drs. R. A. Grim,
Geo. Romig, Constantine Martin, B. S. Apple and
M. J. Hornbeck.• . '
The report was accepted, the- committee dis
charged, and the secretary ordered to notify the
; members of the different committees of their ap
• poltitment. ' •
. A paper Which bad been handed to Her. J. W.
Wood by a friend of the Society, containing some
very excellent suggestions,-Wis read by Stet gen
tleman. The hints embraced therein mot with
the approval of the mentApg, and the document
*iie referred to the Committee'on Instruction and
lActures, with lapkructLous to.consider the feasi
tiluty of the plat. presented. •
moilon It vas resolved that the papers of
thisitity be requested to publish the proceedings
• •
of Ibis
I Then being no further. boalueeN the society
istljnurnoillo meet again on Friday : ea . 27tb.
• • .! :••• r r!'
*L P, B. Palm, Bamuel Ap. ,
Me, IL A. Odra, 0
B. D. Lawall and • Aug. Weber,
Council Chamber, arch in, 72 for th e la Selec e
purpose of organ B. G. •
was elected Preel A. V. Moser, G D •
and Health Officer. From date of organizst •
to present handing In of synopsis six hundred
and eighty-two nulsances,hare been absted, con
,slstlng of Cesspools, Slake, filthy alleys, gutters
&c. Three German citizens have bPon granted
licenses to cleanTesspools.
One hundred and five have been reported with
certificates of Death : of these forty were females,
sixty-five males. The ages ranging from ninety
nine years, 8 months to 9 months. List of . disea
ses were Accidental, Affection of Spine., Apoplexy,
Cancer of Breast, Cancer of Duane, 'Cardiac
Dropsy, Cerebra Spinal Meningitis, Cholera Li
foram, Cholera Mortls, Confluent Smell-Pox,
Congestion of Brain, Consumption, Convulsions,
Dlptheria, Diptheritic Croup, Disease of Liver'
and Kidneys, Eotriris, Hepatic, Induration., Hp
dropericardinm, lonamation of Bowels, Mem
branous Croup, Meningitis, Old Age, Peripnen
monis Notha, Peritonitis, Pleuritic Effusion,
Pneumonia, Scarlet Fever, Small Pox, Softening
of Brain.
°deem. Thole who-.remit first itffr tui . re titi
heartiest wishes for' a merry Chrlatm
happy New Year;
Contents! Parrivate., 7 •The German Ltl
illricrau Mission School of the roma Ward
l 'ovilebrate its Christine's fert Iva] oiNlu ntleiy
next, "..* ?.. 0
c.ock I '
.: in the evening , in the Pub.
Ile School o
Turner above Eighth.
The Jordan UAL
hall will have Its celegaim Monday. De.
udaY School :.f White
camber 2.3 d, at 7 o'clock fl i t, t ,
the Babel)! house on the Pin stre „ RW I TC' in
way between Allentown and Catasau4ilo
The Union Sunday School of Whitehall
will hold Its festival on Tuesday, December
24th, at 7 o'clock, I'. d., in the school house
mar Has-Ps, Leith's, and F. Newhard's,
near the road between Clapb.yird town and
Helfrich's Springs. All friends of the Sun
day School cause, and th , , parents acd friends
of these schools especially, are very cordially
invited to attend.
STOLEN 110118 E RECoVERED.—Con Sunday
two men drove up to J. Allen Treaters Hotel
in the Ist Ward and ordered their horse un
hitched. The animal was recognized by Mr.
Stnt. Cortwright as one that had been stolen
from the stable of Treater's Hotel on the
night of the Litho' Nov. ult.,the property of Ca•
kb Meeker, grocer in Philadelphia, anal in use
here for huckstering prodUCe about Cie street.
Cartwright clainned the horse, had the parties
arrested and telegralted for the owner's son
who was st Bethlehem. : lot two men in pos
session of the horse gave names of Settenoy.
keffer and Siegfried, and said they had bought
the horse front a man in Easton. They got
a responsible party to go security for the value
of the horse find they went home. To•tlat.
Officer Z••liner of the Ist. Ward went to
ton with them to find the man from w hom
they bought the home.
'rungs young men started to skate from
.his the city of their residence to Bethlehem, by
canal the other day, intending to return In the
evening by the 8:24 train ; bit within two &les
of their destio aloe one of th sir nu row broke
through through the ice. lie veiled lustily for
aid, terrified at the near approach of a drowning
death. lii companions without difficulty dragged
him oat of the water, and the she ter of a neigh
boring farm house was sought, where the pond
inmates exerted the useives to the relief of the
drlpplug skater, supplying him with warm drink
and a dry suit of clothes. He related his narrow
maps from a watery grave, when the lady of the
house told him that the canal had been drawn off
until in no plane did its depth of water exceed
three feet; and if the victim of misfortune had
felt about with his feet a little, he w mid have
stood on terra fire t. This f.t.,!t ice the !veil
tore a somewhat rediculous aspect, and it was re
solved that nothing should be slid of the atrairln
Allentown, lest It should get into the papers.
Georgia, has 5 Iron furnaces In operitlou „yield
log 40 tone a day, and 7 more will be r.tarted
within 6 months. The valiie of the yearly pro
duct of these will be E 2,000,000, and employment
will be furnished to over 1,000 men.
The rolling mill of the Philadelphia and Read
t,,-Ratlrrra-d,Cittmpiny, at R tadlug, PA., turned
ut 1,9i.3 tons 01 : iall-last-nlinTth mitre Mal w.i.s
ever-before me.nufactured at the establl4 an In
the san:e\thno.
The furnaces which have recently been Hullt In
rarioua pelts of Indiana can produee 50,000 tons
of pig a year. Last sear the rolling mills at
New Albany, Greencastle and Terre Haute turned
on. 13,000 tons of rails.
South Bt. Louie will !Live 10 blaat farnaceo,
producing 204),000 tons of pig yearly, en the com
pletion of the prop iced furnace on the alto of the
Union Iron Works.
Steel works are to be eatablished at Cumber
and, Md., to be completed about the middle o
n ert summer.
The Emaus furnace, we arc happy trsay, is
working very satisfactorily, running out about
one hundred nod 11 , ty tons of'No. 1 Iron a week.
We have no doubt Mr. Nlmson, as well as the
stockholders, are gratified at the result which hue
at last rewarded their patience.
We know of but one anthr.tejle furnace that Is
running exclusively on hematite ore and that
James Ilooven APSons', at Norristown. The pro
duct Is of course a very tough Iron, thou_li the
yield Is not so large Ili where magnetic orc is use.l
also. Their iron la sold principally to Morris
Tanker & CO., of Philadelphia, who ink, n
age of twenty tons a week ,nd nee It for the rnan•
ulacture of small ga, pipe.
Brookes' new furnace, at Ifird•horo is .8:ato
.age proportions. It w,lll bv a very handsome
et liclure When 11111slie41 3 tv , ieli will pro')..tWy he
We ILive no changes lo she prices of pl.: Iron ro
There Is n Great de nand in ea rim]: parti of tie
co.ortry for iinr.r.. .1r •g h !) f!.l seat (Mt
to Europe re) obtain txtrive hundred initn.ri for
the Lek.. Superior regions. Persons experh.ncert
In Iron, lead or copper Ores, ritisirow of bettering
their condition, can obtain Information reepec:-
lug the Lake Sup:rior region by addressing the
editor of the Mining Journal, Marquette, M ichl
g tn.
Concerning the mill of the Cumbria Iron Com
pany the Johnstown Tribune Etates that the Mill
has not been rebuilt. Most of the damaged ma
chinery was replaced a few days aftlr the tire,
but the frame work of the mill was not rebaiit
and will not he for months yet, when it will be
done with iron, and not with wood as before, and
the cost will be many hundreds of thousands of
dollars instead of one hundred thousand. The
mill Is not In better condition than before the fire,
for the men are now working at much inconveni
ence under temporary sheds. About 1,700 tons
of finished rails are now turned out per week, the
best work previous to the Ore having been 1;000
Messrs. Brown .1.: Struthers, at their machine
shop in Warren, are building an Immense gang
lend circular saw mill for the Perdido Bay Lumber
Company, Florida, which will rank among the
heaviest saw mill machinery ever constructed in
Northwestern Pennsylvania. The bed plate .of
the gang mill is a solid plate, seven by ten feet,
and will weigh about five tons, on which the su
perstructure rests. The uprights are twenty feet
in height; the crank shaft fourteen feet long,
eight Inches in diameter; the main driving pully
live feet 19 diameter, carrying a thirty-four Inch
belt. The gate or sash is made entirely of steel,
and la supplied with the Barlow patent movement.
There will be a gang of forty saws, making two
hundred strokes per minute. The mill Is to be
wholly of, Iron and steel, no wood being used.
The whole machinery will be driven by a single
massive engine. In additon to the gang there
will be two large circular saws, with a. capacity
to cut 45,000 feet per day. It la expected that
the mill, when In full operation, will turn out
175,000 feet of lumber every day of •ten 'bows,
The weight of the, machinery will ba about 180
tons, and will cost 1135,000. • .
The Allentown Rolling Mill Company Is get
ting ready for operation a spike factory lo a
now building above the mills. The machines will
soon be in readiness to begin manufacturing, and
the new depaitment will comprise -every appliance
that can be brought Into reqlsitlon In the spike
making business. Thia co lion now owns
i llit
blast farnacess, rolling mills, s ke factory, ma
chine 'bops, foundries and ore mines, the whole
under the general superintendence of •*r. L. H.
Ciroas, though each 'division bas lii 'particular
Geo. Lilly, of Mauch Chuck, one of the direc
tors of the compahy, says that of the capital upon
which the enterprise Is, conducted, $BlB,OOO Is
paid In and that capital could toe Increased to
$10,000,000, that pelog , the limit. Though the
Strident Ohl Is as above ststed, tbe_proporty at
be Compete) la worth at least f,wo . millions .of
'dollari.":ThelOas or several largp sums have pro..
vented the iloqtbiolders friim - reoebilng . Olt *ads,
'ozotittneasurate with the Bali:into of business . done
— fitilliliCritilAte 1 00 8 01. n, two' casec . (CaboVtbe
' 0 4 . 01e *, - ! . " 1 4 : 01 : 4 Nakb7 11 1,„.•,.. ,Ni*i*R.
11.)'situOuntlrig to easily , fotw , butsd • tlimitand
4thinc.... Al tiiiiteit4l:4:4ilid lhokle*
F4:14w4 -3 RPrRAIID -1 0% 4 ,41ethia .':':,. :'...•-- • .
. , .. .
0. W. Cooper, i l r ''' . :' ,
.106 cortnntttee :froTit the
present by Invitation, when the subject of night;
eel:lnnis was taken upend discussed.
On Motiod of Meters. Dlllinger and Blowier,
the following wan offered
Vi r llEßEAti t The Board of Trado or this city, at
Its styled meeting In November, by a nuatilnioui
,vote r. commended to this Board the organization
ofsn, number of night sviumls and lu such lo
eslitl se 1.1 the Judgment or this body was
deem& ad vhable„ i,no
ed Opytnas, Such "Won way favors' iy prat tut
the corn i.talessrs. Cooper. 9 .tior and 11 Wed!,
the I of
irade; thereforeß lnted
Rendered, That the bs:
give notice b y p u bn ee m ee larhbe. tuthorlzed to
this city; that application for atthl.lY, Papers of
schools shall be made to the City tilupeAll. l6 uch
prior to January lst,prox., and that Ilf a eutlfeTa
number apply the necessary arrangeMents will
be made to establish such number of schools as
the number of applicants may make necessary,
Provided, that no application will be considered
unless the applicato mu years of ago
and under two, ty-t son of employ
tnent be prevented .e upon the day
The President reported to the Board Om' in con
formity with the resolution of this Board of Dee.
3d, inst. he ''ad nntill d Mr. Sydney that
.I , lk on heaters t't the Sixth Ward bui.ding was
:tondemtlert and that lie removal was desired ; and
that he hunt recelet d a reply from Mr. S. that he
had CO not died McCann :Ind nlno that Nleilutin re
fuse-1 to remtiVe the s , nu•; Ittid 111 It the New Ha
ven Steam int; Company propo4,tl to put the
3•lrrit tii d order for $';,000, and that they
ft tutirtql r.o money unit (idly approved by this
board. Whereupon, on motion of Metier' Erdman
and Kiocry it r..tvi
Ile.olvtd, That the New Haven Steam Heatlner
;mnpany tp. permitted to pnt steam heating
pp %rams in the Sixth Ward building In working
order In accordance with their offer of Novernber
sth, 1872.
All voted ye and adJrrnrned.
FIVE nuNortgp pot,Latta In plain engage
meat and wedding rings is a handsome stock to
select from. Watches In nil styles end quAlity of
movements; diamonds, pearls, emeralds, rubles,
and other gents ; all priced sets of heaut'ful work
manship; Whitby Jr , In great variety, and every
thing else that humor imagination cur copinre
In the Jewelry line, at Keller. Bro.'s, 737 Elam•
Men street.
An Dun Cat of Lovelinos. —To ha entire ly boa u
tho hair shonlit tie ahead tat and luntrou.. Thin l
alk•ointely ease tint to complete I , ve:lnt.s. The moat
recti . ar remitter, the most brilliant c )mplegion and poor
' liod teeth fall of their due effect If tho h sir be thin, dry
or torah. On the contrary the plaineat far,. if It be hit
eturasotinteil by , 117C1In.nt and allk to trees, , . la ~pt to 1,o •
pre,' the beholder with a ammo of actual heanty. Thar
crowning ornament of her sex Is, happily, within the
roach of love:y Iranian, and being an kllFlCTlMltlating as
she lovely, oho lontiago discor , red that LTON'el KA•
TIIAIRON was the Bllre Inane of securing it. No propa.a
-t on for the flair ever enjoyed a tithe of Ito popularity
and no wonder, nines It pro itt,en such gratifying rtatol,..
Applied to the waste it - q 1 Farren place', of th,i a,alp. t
fructtfles and eurichei them with a new and ample
growili. It la not, of amino, pretenden that it will do
this tribe capacity for reproduction in ex;lnct, bat no look
it remains that woodorful rohabilitant wilt
propagate the germ of the h iir hw life and activity.
The Octal Piefo fai Annual. —flostettor's United
Stoles Almanac for 187,1, for dtotrlbutioa, profits. thronah
out the United Statee, and all civilized mantrlem of the
Western Hemisphere. is now pribli.hel and ready To,
delivery. in the &WWI, Gerrit., Preach. Non mintier,.
Weleb. Swed.,,ll, Bel and, Bohernire wed Spaniel] len
gnagett, and all who wish to understand the ten,. Pnli so'
phy of health eller:od rend and pondor the valuator, so a.
gestiona it contalne, n audit' .n to en admirable me I•
cal treatise on the cause , , prevention and cure of a get at
variety of dimmest , , it embraces a Dug° amount of Infer-n
-ation interacting to the merchant, the mechanic, the mi
ne-, the fat mar, the planter, and professional man t and
the rah ulatlon• have bowl made f, sqch meridians cud
latittulea as are moat boilable for a core 'ct and compre•.
pensive NaTtortah ALFIND•R.
The nature, norg. and extraordinary nanitury effecte of
floetotter•a ht , ,mach Bittere, the staple tonic and a•teru
-o of mon. than half the (3111141 a., world, are tally cot
forth In Its pages, which ore at,o terspersol %yin
t .rial II astration-, v01u.,h , 0 recipe.. for 'the liou.s
and farm, Lontorona uneodoten, and other lontructiye
atonAing rending matter, orighonl and selected. An,
the A ndoak to appear wit Cr.e opening of the year.
will he one of ties moat use'ul, and may be land
asking. The prop, totems, Minor, ,tor S.l
Pittsburgh, Ps., on receipt of a two cent stamp, mull
word a copy by mail to any leers ..11 1010 cannot trot
ono in Lelghborhood. The Bitters are no it in ovo.
city. limo and village, Rod nro ortennlyo p tined thr,.ugl
not the entire mall lied world.
Dr. /1. D. Lot yaker offers the service to tl
altliet el, elate •ially o, thorn Qttlferlatt (rin Chet"
ltt-ea.te I. Ila Will al glad to err and talk with toot°.
hall eve Ili+ Pe.tetire la Plainly tleelare
~ liteurahle if
, it. lo Ka. hi Cho. , can ;V hid. he tui t ion .k
he tviarantees to do all Eliot ran I , door by ilaWo
paaln • a11 , 1 . .11. plit Athol .If ex iv ,. i.incal mh ill. gal •
by malty year , el itrarttee in tr , ll in; a1 , ..aN0 I 110 Val
eu+aali Th, Nklll, halt;
been yam. aartatroltA eortitleatek. that ma) I
41,11 at!1V111 - I.•tv :utile , are
foe publication, trhieh one k °awl to nit hero. ,h
llolthtY. No (-al , t ektiti,n proatie,heir peltl,eattot
lot( [hey aro pa , rattea .14 Tv eveltete.• chat man
who tut ye ,l•aall.• her. !MVO b
proit ,, .•:.pplie.t.e ho •ti t ro4ourro.. ntetlo...l
heett re..tored t health 40,1 the enjoy meat if all Ile bio
MY+. Ely (E•.r. Ely), .111.,11Towu, I . A. ca...cer Of Lb
J. Ja:on,on. A:lantown.
3f jib,. u , .a•• 11,11. rn , Ilanorr•r. Chrouic 13ro,chitie.
Hours . Oa brie!, Al the town. Doran,.n.
Of the MOW]
Nathan Eberhard, liothlo•heyn. l'ancer.
Mn Doch, Tres hrtt, vn . Caner,.
Jatuoron, Bothloht•rn. nro .t ry Catarrh.
JAM.", Moan. Chrome Ithommttletrt.
Mr, J. Earner, Sztlinhory. Scrofula.
E. A. Ilarlacher. Chacer Tumor.
Mra. W. s. Mluulcb, Salisbury. Fom. nod Ep
Wlittnitn, Lanark. Tumors of
Abralism !Clatter, New Tripoli. f the Neck.
Mrs. F. It. Serfa•s, Slatington. Fein. Com.
Mr, E. Welndout. Friedensville. Cancerof the Breast.
Catherine Amoy, fientreville Cancer side of Ow Face.
John Levan. Siegfrieci'm Broltse. Polyp. of the Nose.
Mrs. rodereneto. Allentown. Cancer of the Breast.
Thomas lints Hoke:Ammon. Tumor.
Mr, D. Krebs, 3fallanny Ciy. Cancer of the race.
P. J. Shootnakor. Sin Tamer.
Catharine Itarematt, Weatlowly. Cancer of the Nose.
The above persons may all be referred In, or rertlticat,ol
may be +eon at Dr. Lonsaker'n office, Hixtli street, he.
twee,, Hamilton and Walnut. Allentown Pa.
Kramer's Corner Store,
Yon ic4l fled nee of tl.o iao.t complete cloche o
tIOURNI.I. 0 0001)3 to be levied In the city. and at
Alen STK/ PF.S.
ALL WOOL DELAINIS(eII Wldthe A itaalltlei)
Crape Vets, Mourning Handkerchiefs
Collars, &o.
price. :n /Mg, and Squire :otter tb 411 last.
Cal: •nd Examine
fIUNBICKER—GA' GElt..—On Timmlay lath
nlng, December 121.11, at the residence of Mr. Peter
Weikel. by the Rev. S. G. Wagner, Mr. David
Finosicker, of Upper Providence, Montgomery
Co., to Mien Kate Gauger, of Pottsgrove townvbip,
ntme county.
13.L11 E.—Died In thlaeity, Decemberl4, Jacob
Kline, aired About 75 years.
131iRY.--In Nth city, nn the morning of the'
12th Inst., r. Bessie, daughter, of James nod
Annie Merit. aged 2 month' and 25 days.'
Dearest Bessie, thou-host left ne,.
Here illy loss we deeply feel; -
Bak 'tla Obtlst that has bereft ti
Hecan - all our heal. . . .
EDNER.r...Iia tbla 04, &Manua. licielan Ebtier,"
elite of gem ginp3r, decOmilld.boM hi the,ciitor
Loidon, England, Nfigsollo.7B9; Wert Deem./
. .•• ..•
, , ,
- ,
4 -'4S*WV,P4. 4
625 1
~. •
N. R.-Sole Agent for PLUM/II & CO.'S OE &amp ORGANS.
Wetti Stibinttpctitinto.
for the &coed gee lot Female areoadery School la
ty aged. A PPlicatto In must be mole to
FREDERICK waineuzimur., Beot'y. •
One thousand dozeit loose polisher and
and one hundred end serentl•Cve straps of gold pistol%
sliver plated •nd tinned belie, at 49 per eent. below lh•
Presest cost, to close them out, et the Hardware Store of
• • M. S. YOUNG & CO.,
de . 619 31w " 1 4.!I HAMILTON STREET.
By virtue and In pursuance of nu er..., .
Orphans' Conrt of tho County of r *thigh.. do onCel
exposed to public ante, o n wankini) A y; ib e Tl 4 .1. .._
of JAM) • BY, 18 - 3, at one o'clock In he afternoO n k' ''''
lift uremia... , a certain tfOTRI, SPAN ti and lot 011
ground, with tho appurtanareas, situated In Rolm, ro
*lsogon. In the rounti of Lehigh afornaald , bounded
ott ,ho a rib by lot of Peter Freund, on the end by t a
Laltigh RI r, O tbe eouth by lot of Robilltookel. on
thn weal by the n
Lehigh Valloy Railroad a contaluingo3
feet In trout by 20 feat In depth. The improvenienta
thereon ci-ned3t of it large
30 b, 12 feet, with bactemeet attached, rear building 20 by
IF, It frame teuemoot house, frame shed, and other near*.
i o g n t b h o e i l ßea g l K
te s of Jxcoeb ena s a a y uan deceased.
late of INC/m.l.lmi 4. coma). woman' I.
Terms on the day at too place of sale and duo attend.
' , cc given by
By_the C"rt—A. L. Rona, Clerk. tdll•lgdataw
-rem., the Hun. A 1111(terge oitositsz. Pres.dent
Judge of •. bled Jwilot 1 11 0 1.trict of PeunaylYsot
aut0p.,4,1 of Wm couuties of hehlgh And Northamptoo,
and JAM,. Pry And David Lauer, EnOrliree, As4oohrte
Judson of the Cott tot Common Pieria of the county of
Lobign. twd h) virtue of their °dicey, 3s:inces of the
Colirt+ or Oyer twd miner .04/ °ellen' Jell Delivery',
and Coor , of fieneral Cla .tor Sessions In and for the said
county of Lehigh, hare, by their precept to me directed,
ordered that a Court or'Cinarter e.esione of the Peace,
oyor .d ..ornouer and Common Plea. and General Jail
Deilvery and Orph ns' C un ter the said County of I,e•
blob nr hold. at Altant.own, commend, g on AIONDAY,
the aI.X rti day of JANUs ItY. 117', to cantinas TWO
AOC-Chi therefore hereby given to the Jastlces of the
Peec., and Constables of Wm county of behlab, that they
are by i t., d crept commanded to he there ntldu'eloch
thu fors... ra pt day, and oil
rolls, reeorde, In
coleition errao.infliio r, and oil other remembrautmo, to
nodne thloan which 'n %belt ogles. aro apoertaloi
also that Clore who are bound by ceeogntsances to
prosecute agelnet the prlitonoro toot are of then shall be
to the Jell f the cold conoty of Leh's( n, are to be Oleo
an., there to prortecuto them me shad b.tjotet,
ulvett rand, my band at Allentowd, this nth day of
De, mbor, in tits year of oar Lord ono lionsond e.ght
htlndrecl and ens elaty.lwo.
EN W. FAUST, Shenff.
Sherltre (Ace, Allentown, December 11
The Most Beautiful
Ever offered in this city, can be fonud et
Goode just received expressly far
No trouble to select presents from our ex
tensive stock of
Every device in Fancy China Ware, and an
in.ggpse assortment of goods which it is ne
ceslllry to visit, the store to fully appreciate.
The Imporiout mid wo'come fact la proclaimed to the
pubic ttont
Fall and Winter C lothing
ho porotman.l a' WoVertu' ILductlo • for
Ready-made, in Endlass Variety.
surrs 'FO ORDER
cho.ce Maleqal and Superior Workmanship
Sql•q°ll4o.o, /hidthrall°. for o, lf.mea.nremput sent
nu ttiowizattou to
6112. R 13.15 CIIEETNEIT ST., FiIILA
. _
Commencing. AIONDIY, DEC. 2.
laving dote Wood to clone out their eotlea stock of
Will offer ❑•e same at prices to nit all who are In w Ivor
WINTER POPLINS. reduced frum I Oto 2:r.
ROLLED POPLINS, reduced from MA. , le el.
BLACK SILKS, reduced from $3 to V.
FINE DRE.S.I FABRICS, reduced from 72r. to 3710.
PI 31'n IRi SR POPLINQ, reduced from 02.60 top 73.
Il LACK S. LKS, reduced from $1 to 05.
FANCY SILKS, reduced to 51
SEAL SACKS. reduced from oto 450.
SEAL SACKS, reduced from 8:23 to 875.
5011 SUITS AND COSTUMES et 30e. on the
A large stock of
AL the Reduced Rates.
Oct 0-3mw
The Board of Directors of the Lehigh County blatant
Ft 0 loos-once Cornea. y having made an Aseeesmast to 1
cover the losses eactalped by recent Are., hereby give
notice that Collect-ro will attend at the following. named
t 'nee and places fur the purpose of receiving from the
holder- of policies in said Company, the amontus of their
respective a ..... mettle,—
Yoe Upper ZROCOD, at I r riodensville.itecember 17th, cud
' at Barton's tonal. Coopereborg, December Wm.
For Lowe , : Saucer'. Northampton comity, and the tow,.
ships of Haycock . Sating field, Bedminster and Durham. cf_ooll‘ FOR TUE HOLES/OATS!
at the office of heavy D. Pearson, Eq .in Upper Sanctus, 0,,,A
•tic ampler if each week dark*. the month Cl December.
Fur Upper ifilfmd, at Carl.* hotel, in Bionaville. Dee ,
- Lower :Miura, at Sivt Mgr'. Hotel, Lfineport. Ds. '
cember 14th. and at Du thrneu'e hotel.. liosessosok. De i TO PURCHASERS - ! . , •-...
cern.): r 19th.
For Upper and Lower Raceogle. the bolder, of policies Elegant Broom e .. Vases, Toilet Betts. Statuette,. Bunte n
will be called upon for payment per neatly. by the Col- , Card Receiver*. Fusee/ Flowers end. „glower Stands..
Rounds Leather awl Ileutiekle• Qoaaick Superb ,Deeke am p
For Wuleenbur . at Nat lor's hotel, le Ilynereseaville. • Work Boast. Muulkerchlef and Clove noires; New elyie'
Ducemb r 11th, and at Acip's hole', in Aelpsiowo. Uettem. .: Fancy floods. Heir and I Oreautents, bholL let,
bar 17th.
• Valcantte. and Fine French /*Wally. , . .
For Lowh : ll , Freya hotel, In Lyon Valle/. December • 1
18 th.szzAr. GINGII.4ir anc1..8.LPALf,04..p14.111LLL4.9.
For North Whitehall, at Leksborger's hetet. le 11•11 t. I 41P•CiasIng out st Rod . uold Prises.,
etsville. December 19.1 i, at Woodring's hotel, Decedabor 1 T_T r‘TxoN• ~ •. .
21 th. and Evan DILI'', hotel, December kid.
~., , . • .
For Washington. at Um *floe of Alexander Peter. Req.. t .
December 2fAtt
For Hu detberg. at the pilot of Joel P. Geiger. Eml,, 21 South - Ehgbth'Stteet,,.
Decmber 2lat.
Fur ....nth Whit. hall, at 11use's hotel. at Derneyeville. A3Oll 011 n 17 404:1140Rillat ...-
December lthb, at.J. coby's hotel. Welber-Pa &Acton. ye. . . .
comber 17.'t, and as Albrlght'e hotel. December 1&h. • Pii /LAPELPOTIt ' z''''• .
. -
Fo Whitehall. at Illlttrloy'a hoteLdtecember Bite, and• -
at Koch', hotel. in Mont. December 90th. .
Per Hanover. at Relobard's homt, Riltersville. Demme
bar 18th.
Mar cisliebary and 6M.UN A at Oreber'e hotel. Dr camber
9th. and at fiblpe's hotel. Biases. December 2114 h,
Bach persona raiding le the city of Alleutowe and own
the into. rty •Itnete outside of wild city. sad intoned In
Oil. Co., petty, will be c.lle.i upon f r tucyment by the
Col F o r
tor per•onal tr...
For tl:loaud, Rockliiil and Milford townships. in the
county of Backe no the attics of J D. B. Reinhard. &q .
In 'Free , bettereville. on December 'A lb.
Fur Allea. East Allen, Moore and Lehigh towethips. is
the comity of Northampton, at the Eroddereville hotel,
December 2 lb, and a, the Beenville hotekDinteMlbar 3 al,
pet meat to be mad,' to W. ti. 11nmated. Req . - - -
For Carbon county. at the omen of•Tholeas K• 11111101114
PIM .la Lehighton. on December 19.1 aid me.. - • '
For Berke conotv et the Fieetwoo4 hovel. paymeet•to
heralds to Jonas 18 1- . on December 19th mod pDtb.
1 Ita alteotiott of holders of pfille&• litit wleg the for acid.
Compote, is respectFallY Nailed to the to cktreet t
from Bullion Bof ,Lo Act of Incorpnret.loao saw Weft , • - ' ' ' '. 4 :C:C Fi,
pawl, ti wit:—
'• An each aid every ii,oigiber. of the.Coappego e iludiflz: ,-, • ' •--
. withlo. % ty daYe Of WI Baraktallt,or sgbaziWy,.
luta he treasury hlcrhopir 1 alr propilr i ' ,
'snob amnueo Numersed. ~ :.111 utileCalifilloolB.9B.B9tVellat
he, Ma or they VD peitect_affi akillkni. dliu)14,1.411041:
umiuswitatA. awegict ..!..,,,
. ! : .: , : ,, :, ,, ,;.. .. t. ,,, ;:..,.... . „.iii ,.. 4,
... /I,°-o!!,rHo ilifi ' Ai s ,f;ft,iiii. , * , ' . ' ~;,
40000.1 , 09204u.rd-I! ~U. ' ' ''..:^-• ~rt.''..; ; r ..l
•••• 7 , .r.,.: , , .i• ' • '"',..,.:.:.'';',:-,,,'Aityp.:,l:4i,,j;,it.':
' ''''-:,',..' .. :'''''.';'''.l;' ,. .' ''.,;'..7 , - ,• : . ,-,:'••
' • ' ,''.r.'!.::',......;;;;;',..,...
:: 1.
-~5:; ,V~~'Yr'
VOTICH IN MRS : . 1.1014111111
4 -N ' the alldenifaid have : . elated . enteelferi for th
VerrrießtMO : .'A b N u ES 3 `Fain li t il l
1131100 ATI , != t at have sootitiopel leQ Mlle 0, ..
mon Plan of Lehih Minty for charter of itteort rit
The 'Melee of wears banshees IlLed If be 0111,
otatre office. one An ea. ellettott reamer be
the contrary on or be ottik the ant ear 'Ol neat ItlML:ea *-
e , l ti rt-ir will be maw an entree for. • •_,
en yl' .111eckner. Qhaa.W. Weber, i t . : et; ; ler .
Illiam Roth. Joined o. More Pall • Elandrle
It. Beefier,
e John P. ggn,....#ltrod . Zee*, .Joel . , ,
14% rt 3 e!t h . a. K lt i olt 0. . k l i e r l d :I; n . lant4r4 •
oaell3-w. .
Allentown. Pa
11 THE c HO i DAYS.
We Invite all °omit.
Museum of Ceramic m I
Oct 9-3 mFa.Sw
Holiday Goods
;Jewelry, Watches, Silverware,
902 CHEN Jr r )
ono of the biudsomo■t stocks of
ever alar' to the Ladles
Black Merino. Caahmeres cheap. •
SprclAL—A brigs Panel,' of Sage Colora la Salk' \-
Caahmeres. •
We are gelling oar Silk Corded Poplin. alga.
One cane of Eitope Braced. Silk. only SO eta, wo
Block Alpacas and Mobalro. pure. 37.1, to id.
LYJNS BLACK SILKS, BOUGHT 1 1, 111. ( 1 / 1 811.
Berge aIKB IN BLACK SILK 11.96 , Ol 37, 51 50 . 1Y1.7
Et co 113.
Special Notice
In again fortnndinv our Annual Omahas to oar hie.
nun patron., tr., lo.a lean. to 1411130[111C11 that ntollng our«eelrns •
Wend to onlarge our lihowroomx to moot the
mantle or a arnatly Increased bualoona, it becomes
nary to radar.. our tonnonan preatunn to maklagg,
etltteratlemet We aro thorntoro, otl4rlng spotlit! Indura.7.,
toonta to purabitrorn., the prenunt
titr e
N 2 Vt?‘ _,P2l% e 2q •
v oni kp .
Manufacturer of Real Hair Goods
is now manufacturing elegant Ilrat vality• Real Hair
liwltsbes. 2 or. 24 Inches. 8003. 1 or. 33 Inches. 813 go.
Coronet groat Braids. Ufa. Winger Pude. Bln asst. ihm. •
Shalt Hair Switches, memuring 28 and 30 lochs., WY Oh
.3 00. $l6O, OM Seen length Uwltches from. 134.1 ,t
800 00 . All leagthstlatural water cur'. from $lOO to litslM
sash. All goods Warranted as represented , andrx changed
If not sathrastosv.
Particular attention paid to ordarr.
Ladles enclosing orders y ltlt sample of Flair and
will be fairly and honora bly dealt with:
Combings made up to Or der.
keomplete line of all the latest styles of, Rah good
constantly on band. •
A. fall assortmeat of Read maseta.
All hair need. imp_orted direct an d warreetod to be of
the tut 11111114 i louse Ladlesn attendance Who will
Maraca sustomers cadre'. the bra i d.. /to., to their bead, ,
w Ithotts extra charge..
Call and examine oar Goode.
er •ddresei •
A. B. LA . ,) , IBERTSON,
818 ARCH St., Philadelphia.
D:ALmi 4 • ';
Diamonds, Watches,
Jewelry, Silver
c S a i ffs lv p i iN r uu: ll: a d on ;
1"4 0. 1 47'41 • 4424,1 1 r 1.114°
WAMO 4.1
lissikw/etkih . A"'•
• '• • 1 , 40'; • r
city to call upon ul •nd sea