Daily patriot and union. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1858-1868, September 28, 1863, Image 2

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    country is bleedinir at every pore, and sneer at
the mere suggestion 'orponee—ccdishonorable
peace," as they term aiLideas of settlement—
as though it would not be more honorable in
them to offer, and in the rebels to accept, such
terms as would save the country, rather. than
to continue Kthis cruel war"—ots though it
would be dishonorable in them to offer terms
of amnesty and settlement to their fellow-radi
cals orthe South, whilst chastisinithern with
the sword—as though it would have been dis
honorable to receive Mr. StePhens"as• a peace
commissioner, Of ttms juilLin_thalcapacity
Mete proposed to - FlaWiThittleon.) - Why,
gentlemen, had -Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Seward
exerted themselves - as zealously and as dili
gently at the right time to put down secession
as did thisrebel &ohm* it is my solemn be
lief that the Union never would have been se
riously disturbed. -••
The Emperor of Russia, with all his power
and pride, , thought it, no dishonor to offer
terms: 40 the rebellious Poles. The United
Stately When in better hands, thought it a dis
honor to send a peace cominissioner , with its
army-into Mexico. "It is the practice' of say-'
age nations only to compel defeated 'leen:ten
abjectly -to sue for peace." The privera. of the
conqueror never are so imposhigaglvhon litup
by the rays of mercy. •
As for honor, where distinct nations or races
are at war with each other, the idea 'is all Well
enough, and no man would hold it higher than
myself; butit can have but little application
where a country is at war with itself—where
the same people fight each other. The United
States are at war with the United States.
What conterns the honor of one section can
not be entirely separated from that •of the .
other. ' Any settlement will'be honorable that
saves the country, and the sooner made the
more honorable. Ihenor the late President,
Mr. Buchanan, for ;his' earnest and - Ceaseless
efforts to avert the calamities of secession' and
war. I shall honor Mr: 'Lincoln for any efforts
which he marmake; - Whetiter successful or not,
to terminate thia fratricidal , strife ; and I am
quite Linen he never 'can be' diaireeed by 'any
efforts to that end:
Immediately after the election in 1860; the
gathering Storm liortentons and terrible, was
obvious to all who had eyes to see ;' and'hdro
was the Point at which' the men now' in anthb
rity could have accemplislied great Work 'for
this nation by Condeasion- and comproniise..:—
But they persistently 'refused to do • this and
for that theymnstimewerto the country: They
must not imagine that if they succeed
ting down the insurrection in the'BOuth; that;
therefore, they ii be held blatheleis 'before
the world. I maintain, gentlemen; and I think
the facts will sustain me, that these men could
have averted rebellion afid.civil war by honor
able meant; and as they will 'Surely net give
back the country in any better condition than
that in which it was before the war began, they
must answer for the vast' sacrifices of that
war—crin3e enough' to sink any party or set of
men to eternal oblivion.
I was then your representative in the senate;
and was so convinced of the danger to the
country that in December; 1860, I declared in
that body the opinion that, "Without compro
mise and settlement our destiny is inevitable
dissolution, civil war and• anarehy are before•E
us." I promptly joined that smallbody of men,
headed by the lamented Crittenden, who had
determined to save the country, regardleswor
sectional, party or personal considerations.
Lib be concluded in our next.]
The several County Committeel of Su perinten d e n c e
are requested to communicate the nand and pest office , '
addressof their Mei:Oars to the Chalimari'of the State
Centrni. Committee. ' . . .
CHARLES 7..BlDDL4.,:cliar4ineai
ROOMS 144 S. Sixth Street, Seehad Story.
abEirM/24--Bblt. CRADLES I. BIDDLE."
See.reftsi—J*ll3 F. ilie.;..a,:Esa. 1
Trieswret --Col_ WlLLtim - 11.'KEICHI13111.
The oileirs are initieielaneeftiiily t atihebeeiiiittei
Tueiday; Brp tier 9.
bEddl , -barr, Snid-r octizfiV rtii be aadreiheif by Nan.
W 01Yrrier andlika. Wm:
- • -
Texam, - Aecestreier ConntY. ; , • tf .% I ' •
Louden, n osi , nty.
St. Angtistine, -- Canibriirmimity. •
Webster, Westmoreland. county: .; • • - •
St. Claireville, Bedio-d county, ,
Shancondfle, •
Serino, Columbia ommiy. • • - -•- • • •
' • ITednesdstg l iSepleissber 30:"
Fbyette pounty.' [To Be - ladritoled by 'Tx-
Gov.Bigler, Hon. .1 .; S. Black, Hon. Illestet
nier e -Hon. H, Yeteitar, Hop. „ i lidoirtgommy •
and Whom. • , , !
Bloody sii, , Bedfail. comity: • ' ,
New Ath.ne, Clanoaaonnty ' • •
' Thifleday, October •1.
Ceelirau'e Mills, Washington county.
Union Grove, Wasiiingtot" minty, • • • .
Buena Vista. Bedford •county. •
Lawhetnirg.'llikin eminti.: [To be addriosed by Ron.
Wib..lC Witte, Cor. Sane and Hon. Ohas: W. Oar-
Tigwi •-
Isessretti, DierthamOces county. (To ....addressed by
Allen Crag :Et ,of branch Ohunk - ,1). If Heys 3.
Eft., of Banton,- and Omit. Oiisn'Bieci;of Itazireth.]
Bustleton.Plallidelping cityc: [To beaddressed by HOn. •
Jaw, W...Wsll„ol„New,Feney4 d Whom.]
Quake town, Basle tegaty. [To be - addressed by Joel
Cook and others ] • -
Tyleraborg: Clarion comity.
West Freedom, .Clarion cminty. •
Conneautville Crawford ;county,. [Po be addressed by
Fron. G Chnrcb, Hon. Wm. A. Gsibral,li, Col. Jas.
II: Kerr ] • • • i •
Chamberaboitu Franklin. -comety. [To.be add - Mond by
Hon Aervida4 S. BI Hon: Holster Clymer, Ron.
Writ. H. Witte, HOD. Charles R. Backalew, Ron.
Samuel HopburnotiidN.‘A.: I,giabetton; Ifsq.]
Fibiaj-,lloebeit s. ' • •
Beltilek tewaisbig; - Payette _ n o
Pleasentifille, Bedford.aousily. i-.• • ; • •• • ,
Mt Plossaidi Weistinoreioull L
Hontingdop,Huntingto7 county- . [To be addressed' by
'Ron. Win.'Biglei and titberi..] '
Jeliereeril Irerk meaty. —• '
Chatektown, Cumberland county.- :.. . • •
. - -;. . Saturday, October 3. , .
Plough Tavern, Berke county.: . . - -
Gaut* Oaks* Mom% Papist° county., ~. - , ~...
prmipesiticWitthington county.
RimbleViMe, °Meter county.
Bowman's, lie , lbenem.minnty. [To be addressed by Hon. '
Wat.giddiller.]- ,i:
Newtown,.Bicks county. , . , .. . .
Woodbury, Bedford 'iotinty.. ' . ..
Toff's. York county -• • ' • '•' '' ' " • •
Bellefonte. Centre county-. -, ETe, be liddreefted,by Gen,
Win. H Witlo, Col. R. P.,* sue Andlfl. IL Reynolds.]
Hellertown. Northampton county. [To boaridressed by
W_ Rosenthal.. Zig, of itieding,'Tal ;111.11nmo 'and
04 1 - W. U. Busier, lir litOrmiul: B.' J: roi l . Blida
ABM and A. g. Itneelkt; In Angllsi.]„ -
Ordeal! ,Point„ Cumberland cswity. , '
Solelbibrg. Bedfordl count* -- - ' - - ' '-.
Maiebilten, Chester county,: • ! .. : , •
Hratlitowso(94'..coluiV. , '
Intomet, voigig_!sima*-7.,
__,,l4:ll,4fi r osei r l -
zing ay-, A: R . - Dillena3: Attiotolnk, le:qs.]
Willas ti =imi , :beistraire ecianti. ' (Tivevilnir ).” [To - bi ..,
by o=4 Iblobw.antir,Brq., et Pbabdel- ‘
Ala ; Charles. D. Many :mg ,of Median, .11
old - 3 -
319114ibmh .lelti cf ifsoteamter i - • - -
5 ' . -
Woinibli7; Bed f ord C44 t 7. - - . .• - : ' '
. ,
it*lkolils VAioßer 6. '
b i di l ic4tai.a county, .' ilii" V0_61411448414 by Ras; if,
.7in &Verner leiratiM. - Mester Oly.
• AnkarpOOn- Debbi.L: OnsiannOtt Is. 'Julundent Sal I
- N lip Pte, nodi At en4DilkalMakftaa
Dry ll
..._,P•TittitT• . , ;., . - , ,
g a p , wariana *•ol.m.x._- . crii 'be ' J addrensed
by AU AVM& Bon, 'Anson /P. Illifteim,
• Am 61101 M. iIIIIIMIMM of PAIN; lo o kiime opm ,
. of -Tr
o nitl i ttit Iti r a l '="?. of .f i ,,F lial P ir .g. ,
and ' . . ebe o a , 1 - -
Greensburg. Westmoreland- county - :l'ro-.1,6 addressed ,
:- byriateiri.4lfittor, illwilfn az dharinmiand otbannj
lossitufAßo4FoilloWl4tzirt ; p,i) ..nil ~ :'.l •. !- :,..
ri I.4Mitiltr 01 1 4 1 00 1 b4.6 •-• '' 1 ,.. - 1,1.:;.
Oniliele. CalabeTaffAry . TaP 4.lbe ad
... ,drussiLbv Lk . on. wuk. A.
p.i„iiie . . -Wi-11.-Witio
, SOL ifOrirdak lariar, licilbc‘
1 -A- 1114 x*Tmuk s _tt il Ili 1):i Al i iii 4 .lo4..in,
, n i tti o %trr il , *:' , , fig#: 1„
. . ing.. and GA l CWliiatolVilds. 9 ' - -.._
_ -1 ' :
Daft t4
Dorloslymut iloskssioasto.. • (Tolle faltooriodslir mon
-4011g•APIAILIPO., . 1.., 9.1. 4 ,em....iitita".,,
Xi • Annitnif e9noktY• ii i= 1
mum, R.:41 Jr.a; 0.1,. .; ! ,:,,-; di ~.e ti j lest .1
Pone) Olgard.4 o 4 ll lT. .•.'.' • -) bv 1. , 1 el., , tuti Nift
461 1
_.. . 1 . - 1-
MO m rum, comity •-• .IJts't --U3 fp,
8 *a, dininty.. ;,...,..••• ~: b.,. -. t, Ith •
New Columbus, Lamm, eounty. [To be addressed by
Gen- Sturdeyant Manly Woodward and'. B. Chase,
MONDAY MO .N e E .2: . 863.
.1 4
0. tililitluer 00., 110#11,I8 S.
Communications will not be published in the PATRIOT
ND If.TAJDN DRUBS Rslo94lripted Dame 'Of th
auth6r„l t ;
'W A,L Tllit • 11.• OW R
or AiLzalizim'COUNTY.
DANIEL D. BOAS, of Uorriolanrg.
J. WESLEY AWL, • Harrisburg.
CHAS. H. ZIEGLER, Reed township.
' auNurtie,
3OHN RAYMOND, Middletown.
T. A. HAMILTON, (31ears,) Harrisburg; 0
JACOB BUCK, (1 year,) Upper Paxton.
lAMBS; 80nNix11-; segeraml.
DAVID UMBERG ER; - Mower' Paxton.
JOHN BUCK, West Hanover.
YAMPA 'M'CORMICIE; Jr.; Harriaburg.
TO ~PEngql l4 l.*:,.PrfOglits 40 1 .! )
DarbircarrArrr Non - a*.Many: Oldie news=
papers in-thiiwterior,Of the•Stgite ire ;printing;
'the name of Our candidate s ' for Stiptenie Judge,
".Walter ,ot !Welt , er Lo.writ,
'which the proper way:'' This mistake, espe
cially if carried out in , the printing of tickets,
may be the means of dePriving no on the count
of thouaando.of votes.. Latnditora and printers
at once look to this, and.print:the, name here
after WALTER 11.. LOWRIE.
DeclinitiOn of Hopi:in Alilcks, Esq.,
As ; slime errors occurred ; the letter.
ilermen. Alricks, 'Esq., declining the: Hominar ,
Lion for Senittor in this district, which wepri
lished ye,eterditY • morning;'Werexinblink to
day opt tite,rolgth pagei..w,ith the proper cor
rections. " • ;'
Ettaxa.—ln the leadingartiole in Saturday'd i .
PATRIOT Ann I:l4doir , on Taiatidn,
odour. " ly e find, Pennsylvania tOdloil: with
a permanent . National Tax of $34,00Q,00."1
The figures' should iead , thirty-four
To tofftF deke y end t)?0, P i FUrgiN
50, 0 0 1 ),..ths*iuPtolir:cd .i141a0601410. -Dauphin •
county, is Tut, down as "eonetsixth,"...insteadi
of one-afilica of the' State enttMeratiott ;-
and in aiMihei Piragra,oll, lowei
in the salaam, , 4 , 4 e three .hundreli ,millions
or.national debt'! , shottiotread•three;Vhousand .
These errors' were otielloolied'
reading the
The Tfrant - tondeinned by his own tarty.
'~7ie • , pi: • A
Albany Sigiermfirt, an opt-And-out Abe-,
lition.paper, on the subject i of arbitrary arrests .
ata'snispenslan , Jhabeas mum, says :
f . •
renders 1411' linew ' that ye have been.
ofipoiteeltem'the'start to' sucestreine
snreth o t rthe Obterninent as a rbitrary
(which" weie wisely_ abandoned,) marshal
except `in extreme vases, aka the diaff,,nizlitile
attsbintili ntsci . intriie the
agishsed neeetisity suspension 'ollie wilt,' of
habeas 674: ' '' •
4 .l l 9*,do'hot hesitate to declare , that'
tempt o n the partof the
infringe upon the r)4l2tei Of the citizen, will hoi:
candidly condemned, as Inficed it wil). not fail
to meet the severeet reeeatujent."
Ron It. Stanton, a laading,l4l3olition:
politioian in thelitsto ofiNewiYork, iezpressed
Minna' Ardently at the Cooper Institute as fol-
I think. that , we ,want soldierly and I.,be—.
neve that. gm *ogre makes p geed. soldier,
believe, toe, in retribution, and ',believe that.
this rebellion would read magnificently in his—
tory if its lastexpiringlife were trodden outeof
it by the tong keel of the negro." •
Bays the Albany Allua : •"There was a time
when the hopes of. the Countfy'Were centered
upon the long head. tof!Statesmen• in, the Cat4T,
net_ Now they are placed upon the tong hie.
of negroes.
What Gov:uilin' DID 'NOT do, tiad
what he MD DC.
, ,
The friends Of liey. Qurtin evidently dp, not
feel very sanguine of his .4leciion, or they
would notlresort tnthe miserable 'shifts they
de to boleter'him pp. A , this moinent they are
pulling the ' " Soldiers ' .priend' i ; string with
great energy, but to ,littletpurpose. They seem
to have settled( down in 4he conviction that ,
only a very stre4 military feeling in his faici
and a general belief that his election la neces
sary to preserve: the Nation (Hearn save the
mark !) can 'secure his "election lietice:
they resort to every 3:settee ioPre4R9? suck ' A
feeling and inch a belief., , Therople are sn
suredfiby them - that' •he •is - Teri 4 .4 loyal" and
Woodward' Is very disloYal— . 4hat the "Preuiderif
ds24-es'ile,oloeo4-.*4-"!!1"is the *Cation, of
Woodward more them anyibrhog. eke ; that hie,
election wOuld tonfirin!thiPadminietration; pitta
down tie rebelliton.';eh life of t4O,
nation, while -4140 1 1 would OrAll•
pie tba ineideni; ineurtf the independence
the floutherre . 43cqs4eraAT,' Otog o'4FOci tent
frightesAhem.44lKtlieopporkaf , Onsac
mainly false in itogaid to - Cartit; HAI Inithetly
!aloe in relation' to 'Wiindletird.. whet,' 0;
that? ? It le: RI: .csAx!inapa by Ir. ‘0.44
can be elooted,.. atd.withozoloto ?they', do not
sample to 'moos it. , 'NAP( their cOurse.wiffer
4 P." 114°- ~ 1 1/ 4 f u li li oOßF;li t illig,
soldiers. They TheY themAhitaegtin, #§0449
the Palleideet • with. 201000Rtandps-24ust
li-444.91W RA& hot* dooei. ewer 1 partaidger
dray: etoobt,ho . nettrer iiight3=dhetliiattetlithe•
Ri x 01%711" sen t
oreovvocrerit. to raise - oeete4 igiedifr
body of troops to protect the frontier, and
many other thine* rel r d ,1]
faisa. These are things which GOV. Curtin did ,
not do. t u - what he did do, to entitle
him to eon each and support
,of the col
re a — the ' le. 0 ,1;•',•; • Ezz ., 1 .
Her"_'a ea i' , gue of some•-Of the raise
•• . • P
``orti,. a he did permrtn„au we find
. . •
tin the Tiraslonan, publiakid g ip -town of
Bellefonte, Centre county, Gov. I 'home.:
Who appointed contractors that eibthed thp
.iiinewasentibeassa- iiksheddy,irenethem blank
ets thin as eirfarnished them shoes with pine
shaviDg stiks,,_ and fed Them on rotten herring
and Stinking . Beef ?,A. G. Curtin. •
Who rode. over the terrible .battle field at
Gettysburg, and, on hearing a wounded officer
exclaim, "this is an awful slaeghter of _Penn
sylvunians," remarked "it mattered little, there
were plenty, more , to take their places'?" A. G.
Who attempted to force. the Stale, militia in
to the•servioe of the United States for six months
•or longer ? A. G Cordial.
Who keeps that, miserable pack of shoddy
contractors, horse thieves, and public , robbers,
that furnished the three: months men ;with rot
ten blankets and worthless,clethes,,ttill •in em
ploy ? A. G. Curtin.
Who approved a bill that took from the tax
payers of Pennsylvania, eighteen millions of
dollars, and gave it to the Pennsylvania rail
road company ? A. U. Curtin.
Who transferred the 'State and its Legisla
ture into the hands of this plundering corpora
tion'? A. G. Curtin.
Who made • an' iigteemext with this same
company, by 'which it was to pay the State
' $76;000 per annum-:--concealed that agreement
and afterwards surrendered,it to the Chi:army,
with out! even prishrving a 'copy or meMoran
dum of A. G. Curtin.. .
WhO the sOll df 'our 'State to be
irivadeli b the Confederates, and then said he
had no ,power to defend the' State iihett
sands - ;#pori fhotisendi Wein- oitliens were" on .
hand really , to repel an kovasion z ankiikoitiot
onrherimel.' A. o.l;Nititi. ' : '
-W i l l /0 'to lraOhlaxteti, like' a Patir
misivoble r begggr, and tli4re on bended. 'knee"
ireplkedfather Abribp,ra,tO allow hiß:.cciaio-'
teslt. our Shi,te Capitol' Cottiu,
Whi64stitcd in this town, on the night cf ,
eliettun,, ti*t i 'l4is his heel ow rratiiiwitoka
6'4 wquiftlOeP it there far OrfF.
VF4r 37 q
(.wo pewittk-,-09.44k4gis of .Redei - ‘l,Au ,
thority to enter the Capital of our ; State aud
drag from their homea,bone.st„, patriotic Ott
zen* and juograOrate them in,Ple loathsome,
cells of military, prisons, without warrant,:or
mouse ? A. G. Curtin.
Who pardoned .thetAbolition miscreants; 'at
Bloomsburg, after.theyikad been foundfguilty
of:rioting by,judge, Land jury 2 A. G. Curtin.
Who gave vvreepite tfea-i negro murderer iaa
Philadelphia, and at the same time , refused , to
grant a few. days to; lanlriahman convicted .of
:the eameoffence 29A. G. Curtin. ' ; • r
Who-took an odth before high ileaven,lewear
;inrihat hh - wiluldizOttviike, nor givelie
encie , for 'ally irnanitdr offiee in the gift" of
the people, nufetin lie - be an American: born
citiien, nor V .iii:be'a - Roman- Catholic ? G.
Curtith ." n:. .•
Wile took an okflibefore high Heaven, Wear=
ing that ir eyeir elected' 'or appointed ''to any
official' station conferring on hith'the pewer to
, Ste;''he ' WOuld!'•feinoVe• all FOREIGNERS;
oiROMIN CATHOLICS frotii office
,or place; and that in no` case would he appoint
snoh toe( 'office . in his' gi ft l A. G. Catkin.
Who itiebie fo keep the aboVe infinious'oaths
'sacred and inNiolate f tbroi44: life?' A.O.' Car
•was the, j Er;stEe'e,teetarY'Of State under
Kniovi , :Nothing GOveinor? A: 4: Ciirtin:
'Who traveled -.over this *ate in 1854, Or
' A
:gaming R./tow-Nothing lodges ' ? , A. G Cdr
Who took ' an oath to proscribe`:yonon
corn of lent. 'birth-place A.
G. Ctirtin. ' • , • '
• !, : , 1:
- RAE,* APROAP-Ilia* -1 0 ,!•APS,-7F4*,. EltC •
CoriespoaderiieJiithe,Petribt sAa Ttmork.
Ia 1 . a ; rfs4lllKMVP'oltilli4. -14 ,41/141 ;
0- 13eptemb!r12 isns.
Those philii9t edwntrymen of mirk or rather
that ; partieniar eisss.of, oat eountrytnett ? who !e-,
joiee at the maghittide pfrionr puhlie upswity,
the, number- of •our;stoldiets:and' oar slain,' speak,
in the same tioatW of thelgreat efar and the greats
comitry; 'as if it a 'kreat country to toni
niii eye* its aridas aimi a gitatsealli—suelftfiiii
'be greatly refreshed by a toot throagh Eutope at
:the present time: I ,
'stational trinity will and 'encouragement
'fittin'the hot that •our great eenntry 'has afflicted
Wh4l9;WOrld. / The're'!i not a littliipeeplo-,"Or'n
little king'ior,a, lttkle family which hat) not .!cifeS94
more or lees; aud,there are few, laborers ,in
ised Europe whose toils have not, in Istime remote
diredt wity a Veering upon-ear oar "
been it month in Holland; telgriim; an" ,
the Rhine countries.. ,1 fled to diem that I might
escape the gossip_ of, war. hen,l left
..gario said
confidently.," I will . rend no more journals; d.will
deny, myself an American, that none may interro
gate me Wpm onekseiolutlon ; I will speak with no
compatriot,' be he consul, contractor orPPreside n t's
my earl gild my' eie's to all that
tsEina tO'thi::Vnited Rta"t t e's, aud .perebittioe yf'49la
have, resumed. ; my daily, drudgery ugain, , the. war,
will have finished, tad I: may expetience-a tithe - of
that pride which was my 'privilege' of 'eold-r:-eitlier
the flag of the ritinblio acknoirledgehl ifvoi, °rushed
couimenweeyltlis, or pence. Proclaimed whedier , oyit
one,. two, or a ilczep,soyereigoties.',! •, ; •.,
• natusel, bas.given us a type.of featurcand.
fate. Sunibc is notbettsilinown 1Y Ibis 'wool end
elibtiY, than ivedthis North.AMeriairii
less MUrke'd Cliiiire,6ol`siies: I was CUMnioned fr'oui
Rhine steamer " Hohenzollern," by the stabl
summons sit • .!: • ' •.1 I
, ' , Weli iliiir arelott•Amerienes getthir
the 'vier' 1) " : " ' w!,
Ii was s man 71rItlk ens, eye, eotahatite w
kep,.a . rea ; ti4okpljpii,; 6,44 6 liering-,8pi46,4,
looke4,ta kma conaaotota tot Lbrd Johatitossel
the onerside andiron Sayers on the other.
Tiderirliositinl the :;rieinty'dropp4ll
!deistand i thii t re*et and ,
••i • • .
finnire.andttp v *Alo ? xi4iont any , fi,ireFitn
apol o gy sytia4oftver•Rrisii: •prolenged Aind I ;
ting tenor 4 g Ob !pwhitt a lad war ! 9 • • I
The higie.t , altad. so. bid for the; soot
w z yr ico , o v);
iiAoll4 *gal
aIIePPrt ." SOfPft!PPI,:EiPci "14, be 4OrPhik, 4 rig 4.1
/4'4 grestcountrY, and n;ntightsi:o rgi sit 4 sio
LOCh it nThirt
HOW; Ii minds 44:eiiatar that anoaiee "Ai
4010 0 41Atiti.Mic /or Atirr+LeYr!
fi:.41021 iwgino intsat l lo4c l Ossollriend.. •
jobniertiortinigolv, Maw iltesi!ity have lan
1 4 1 0 1 !* thilifigiffiPr 4; 1 , gt*Or s
o l4ll l 4 l , ll9 iatLV:
`,.'m 07'0 , 1 4. rY berrinfte . .
0 1 03wmieri towYbPsPANFelkh4!(Aks6b9eccod,,
OCILMISMeIIiaILuj iv v174;3 fil !PI
" Des futile pour Anterique," said & eel
Flammand In execrable French, and I turns
,AWhen did „Toe come from America 7" said a its own great colonies. I found the Hollanders as
latnitspait to me in the city4liague, "Hekaps shrewd as.the French but flora honest, and as dog
my brother ;he got in day re yesterday with godly br as the English . without the tatter's
'file wife and eavouthildren ili;fw ing I.:: 1 ‘ Asti '` , Thik . , unto* Amsterdam
„... _
... ? „,„at,ty.„yar scared hki 0.,, „ 4 a d w• ,ke ' ~Qua mt . ' tin ter Wo n t dog pit cf
1011 "tarp+ 1ei . ..".
.„.5 I 1.-- .1 _ Pa 'an
n et t_ in , y t A aotirruthere are of
".41 iliiti g •Ilibm like ITO Mon 1 " a d . .re Adulkftlutl ano ,o c , has they flit
1,e," .! , -z' -","iipon the Teak, below Rotterdam, or fall from day to day. I saw I, , lroeek, near
as we passed Tynoord. An iron-clad ram, sans Amsterdam, the stable boys ad , . ..g the cows,
turrat, 1%;4h plank shelvins_sidea - eati gaping osn
nob, was moored close in to shoro.
"Yon Americans are instructing us in the art o!:
murder," he said. qest week we eitini:off onb of.
your; Biiidecuis from' Glasgow. s. 'Slum ,was Wilt for
the Danes and traversed the North' Sea success
"You didn't knoiP a Sergeant —L--H----in:the
army,-did—yon.2P waa-tho—queation. oL_a-man at
CObleee. "UWas allot Rielamcmcl. That was
the fourth eon of mine killed in your unfortunate
war." .
• , , • '
"We are suffering terribly ii our nitouhtittiriog
districts," said anotlifit own a cotton
mill, and my people, eight hundred it 'number,
have not had an hour's 'work for seven months.
Whoo is your war goitig to end'?'•'
These, are, some:ef :the _welcomer which,
cans abroad meet now-azdays. -- God help the sin
fat Vanity whieh sees in the dependehoe Of these
11 , 40 F prospriritY;ilestinioriy of
power I fpgirit tioo painfully ' appnrent, to the
whole world, ottr ambition has - useriiii ,00r.
fr,sed9l, ltre•ite. got; erging upon. thit 09101140r5,
of Venice • and'Genosin their palmy days-wretpub.
lits•iiename, tyisnifei. inituerine ••ana iii feet.-I' '
think I can remark; in.thri"tone *Of ,irriYALrirri's; as
; , • • 1•• 1.•
well, as in, Okat of our "retie-41tliviti.O,PI 4 Vigi fil ls o
sktion to resign all rights—eonatitutionak ptlegal,
little Iw/rest—for the sake of ifeeset7lag nor
strength: lest the desire to &be •;• we •
owm•frill''We 1614 'tfrikai;
•" • 1: )1 . I , J
but for'theinnueriee, not for.,the piivt?eges it gave
us. • And;9 3 ! that T have sessisSPAAS• iSusissis •
&seines terrible , piteure tiettist beforistoor
snore Din • imestentrei eonilagrationv ht.... Charleston, f
Digital& lOW 'chi 114W
where i
I'lr r eiK 'fierce ld' o f
II 11 t
.Cf% .411.141
A'PArßikr 411 , ..Pini#ntihr,P10,,r44,miffir; 9 ;•!$,
desiutir..km4, miseraMe,,negress iA wbose,litiestiek
were' to he. obtainedJiis the.rstraggloiere more
likbly• tin twemithitated,:led that aim-lilting wOrdsk of
eimbiliatletividli oat releiiiiefitit'addriesed
• , • „)..,•
our eountrymep ,of the booth, are changerto vie
, ,i • , , 7/1 ,,
' 4 4011 1 :e 909Ss!si4 - 4e9Per ISNSISSsiugSr: 4R: 4 1 0 .411;
'fight to restore:the :Constitatiort4, we do ittgalelts!S•
the trtifonq .trolio, not .o.zpeot. pease ;, are. . despW
3BSf tiblean'nf 'at• - riidtered ltepithlici' beniglilit,'
only •Yt'RicslusS:7l4.° sweep " Sough
pestijencei, banish:, its 041 ;dePisleirk eco enlaecit,
make‘ lead 'example's& our wrath and dunisconsgep
and' aftetwirdil a !Woad, s:Sagllty entripaet!
iiidoi'd i; of I .oi`tiiiiii,•rintlY
domiOOKt" • 4 tifss 'Wad:
, _ the or o tt.,Rll e
0 44 ,4 Pw.jrA , are.41o4tto:obasS40•Yr544 . 9sti Su iis4l
!oar fingers is thsorintle aillogiandi„ta. shake oar,
. -
z ant brand 'at Bercipei and wfien are have done;
to stand' the"riffni . Of - two •tiontinetitiPittiri
OPOP.o.l}4o l 4gfht.ii:fliir 04E SSiASSe•lSOlties'AgS e S3S, , tit
• ; 11400 9 , 14r.0,k1ie feelings WWI Aleenitke me PA
imatela large. portibd,•perhaps di•cone
corintrymelti tb-daf. • Ts itincit possiblerthet Mirth
of the sympathy w,hieh, we have net reatifilkd'lriint
abroad wad ;11#?C i pi:ton ,
ofour.gns r n p ul i o us -411 40° ki:4 ' U P" .1,^19114V bie
that the Staiqq.hp reunited . To.go pa*. rifpr r reFß
worse than to .go ahead. I Still, mist, oar soldiers,
volunteers •or conscripts, go trampling out every
green thing itrid'ffitinting'oir tii2ecilor upatiiribiod
cities and driedilae l liObitik. 'Ow fiatre no' 'ottiritiill
terrtative, ,Tile,,Union must 111/1
To sll aPPSScuisslslfs•bas.e:pg.ussed,S4e PaSise_est4
henceforward our .: path must, be ,to victory', ~ rent
thataloodewhish look towardes from the salt *re
very Mick: '-! .. , 1 ,s.
Franee'eeents fti'Ve deVelopingierprojetit bf
ter!crenoe in conneeqop with ,
, ! i tte
*salon: Of ea deemed he
bag engrossed,, fora wnek , a, lauding' tepeee
of the Parisian junrattls... , Impaniphletissejnit
Poured, said' to %a' hdtted from the' Attifilerieg,
Sailed "'Le Rrerna,k re , .76.1944; et ee**ao - boto
fecl'erei i " which Uigttes.that , / the; tini,hitsiirriliel
09I'e# in 4!noir4ll'.lho. kin2pristtiaajß9r.Whisc.l4 l l
thelgiecte andithi Opinion NationalkOwni attailed
this vehemently, finV liheyluive iio int:Wen - IA in'the
Empire.' If we are to have a W'Sz‘vith PrititSe i , It
. will be . presedid sineohgrisig, eieekorit4l.;
or iiiinibnfigkfi• . The Pen Pi n, Finn
thing to do with the war. The A.rtny.,:andytke,
gospire are ithe; only powers let .graeolt,! end , at
present the ariej , bes nothing on itithende,gold the
Empeioi I. ;tor 41!1:I11;11 . , I t4 1 .i eg t ll*Hiif/
I:ti bco lees , ;0011 ; 404mi, , than
same aebby, t Or.eat nritain. Dap:Aids:iv the prim
vateer Florida; is,:av Brest just
„ nowiluiddergoing
repairs, and n..borresPondent in 'Paris writtat to-me'
that' ' Captain Maffit and his first' Oftioirs p:e . there,:
drlink nightly, it,(nueing theQeeelv~s rglth the /:axe
can, and otherwise getting rid of their two milPims
of pounds.. . ;
Ocr Vi4ttoriiiilhavel been 'hallo& •Wifh:adidatidhs
frOm 'the radiellPreqiet 6q!y!!,t,4; ILO the I.( r ‘,
has; iliii 4 q x .,a4eod i lh3 tune *e are the'.
"A 00 4 98 447 Proß93!h not ' tY, `9r 8 0) 1 4 , 44q . ',14
those of your seeders. wio esteem ;did. opinions ;Of
strangers overtonob, may pliased to know thit
We - occupy :ii better` positiOn ' than at the date 'Of
Bali Run, No. 1, or after the expleito Of '43 , 4li T eral
p o p e .
.During my run through; tAelow'countrio , s,
I saw'afew American vessels , in the docks of Ant-
Werp, upon the ;quay.at .Rotterdsish.-ont of
the steimers;;at ltistent wan freighted milk :seven
hundred Belgians, coal minerp, who go to occupy
the lands of !be' Illinois railwiy , ocmpany . They,
had been. °11.1',40
cute grow, I toveroolt Tattivihet tite7 wool 4 l;,c4ibi
uied-foir war pprposeS, and threctthousaid
KiittsooolirB !geiteittlittlit•
eeeing geuti # > d 1y ti#deptdotthe any'
that at pr,;i/ i rit , ;Minere in get, five
Per 0 1Op but *at there new leivieelol4oLood Pa
pers ,to worig,tyt one dollar and:, half.; Isußel
glum' - they gel two or` three i fraud 'per day, - and;
work 3ti ihiete f lWq thousand feet behiW the Curries,'
down vier
baekand the gee of o qulliki! tolngorokoa 00 0 :
w4IM w 0114111 06 110 1 we of thoAnwth tlplazing outs' :
of men, it may be welltoask,rin New oftbeei end
gratiorne-g--areire ribc,"also,tadiy , offlfor war mate- .
risco 1 ft'tf`
L•i o v, ,
_;l4l_;th_J3,4 L.
it ue Yl n 44? i ff f r. ARY'rre? be, ad journed,
miyoh '`Loor.rlioir•of gOor l l 4l, and, oof ggq94 , l ,
agriesuot tined any,llottor4 r WWI& tioilised
have daythi fo' do• With thi eiklmail,i , air eke: Is
very jealous otAustria, and bett-iit them "-ona'
Inge iiitedOClSbiddtt:' ll ±1,6,
t a4! e tt'in r 9M ll, .. , a t g l i' ll i i !Ftr ,9ll l ° r lrr"i n PEIPIe
i!biebrattinworgg,klPrOlfet;lffit onavAiseed t ior
Breach; aid , tb- Polamlel shows. th a 'futility Of imit
poneleal . tifeattatitinik in theiehittlild'Okiiii:. ,4l l'ile
Pint 0.:11 cif • tc • It t ,• -1.
° Pilaff #ll .M 99 ,1 19 U t , MRTO' . . , ,,
Pliotomf, toms AwitS*lo o . o f Alla* kingdquku ictbst
of Bollimidpiiihighltiltalab64llll4lWll
a itittidititalkipoireamo464, 4 1 1.4 kt
iseux, proportionate to its population, than any
Anee a dettriehing trade with
ill •
7 lei
- which stood in ludiorona eblemwity With their tails
buckled to the ceiling, lad t Was obliged to remove
old ladies would exhibit their china caps and give
me to smoke, oalumettfaillioa, from the most gor
gotworpipint.: - There •one• traveir by - canal, g$
dog-trot a hrough
* ~
" A lan
`i o not - '1
In Wht.
- r9Ur# t/
NEW liAy.
1,,, 6 I,li ,
f t 3 Asie...e r
-p ~ a-4 i
_ 1-1 - •
" digitiiiifi l iE44' fib* toAdfiliihk2
W 411 " I a 14 1 . 1 thei - R hi/
.. A - _TO- -A— _can' B-A
the •G'civertiment has reeeivedlloriiiits 'news
from Roseeranis; but , the detaite cannot be eta
ted. The rehel army, lt , appears from the
lateet.telegrams,, has .not. mo/psted Itosecrane
in ltis•preeent•position., ,Therels in Washing.
toh`, cig piths' etdeit of olieerftthress regarding
our,fy,tore, oitoTe*eftte. ,„• ~
The, Government is very much dissatisfied
tory orders to ,min.rfor*lio.seciline;, but iv4ci,,
- .1+
- 4 0 Zilfej f:4;11 qt,Ostor,aine r : armY - rePreeeK
that all is 'quiet.
'ttiiirtnif i tiilig l feine : - these.' Glorious news
from Ilesecrams,7 , but , the people eanl be told
what it is. ,:`tY,ol7:kilkal* , 410Patijiguidi With 't46 ;
regarded peremptory orders, &o il Pray,•
,f 9 "? :Ropeczens issued ?. The Cincinnati
zeta": lia)ritta 114-14thi4.iiiiiCfent;, ? days,bWiie;
titt torliWgigiP' c ff ' # olll 4;
niesit , ";haveleod ' , Amon to.be , -0, - diseatkeepd , " ,
with.their,, , owndelanMt•lnote , foe,44Bol4 .
Bu it tlf i d o, tt• Jr}r
't 1/ 14144.0144.4: 4 140 4, 41 , 14
moir'Ar avrozw6:
fEZ ,07-'1011:1111TY'S,
fliM:WW4AgtOigg r gke,,Z*,:tg*.liffie, l lo,:' ,
'"ThatArsuy , oft thn4PoXnaren motion ,
Transports are loading withwg'fiellit
and it a &MINOR iib'MnishilibliMf 1Z troops
will embark without, delsr.:, . R
111:0415firt4On ipts4o'llF:desed,;( l on'
above Fairfax, tearing up , &hi Tctrattki, ,, fixing ,
Petrel *4l(4ellilifPdalittis itavaphi .
bridge 49iii4WAK 014
repaired: The, traine , armagnindranningq
The GoTernmepp - igsrpakescpossession of the
Biwitatiore•aud:Ohio irailroadc, Nopore, trate'
bditll,lffltad &Ai
ftelkl.b4a thiirik r ebafr,:Vaii4tut'of: (r44pB .
remaining tor Olio defence of lichniond.
Nint YoSept:26.—A ppatch from l as3i=
ville, dated the 2 1 gititppli Wreport from rebel
mispners that qe# 2 Joe ohns novas killed is
- raTAilia t llf: t‘r ,
41 • - • t.;
New YORK, Sept. .—A - clvreee by the Ca
tawba from NeW Orleans; ripert the capture,
off Ship Island, of the, rebel blockade runner
steamer Alab Fut, frtunlllosttAiCtor Mobile, and
thii, iio64.. k .ki rudl4itesiinr lilost
goimori , ww. 444.$,N)ilinp - of
..4), ‘ ,,,
our 'opt,: 6 f ailgit' 'A.o** ' 7 This Os
' " ONO ril rf # - . '7 , lftiLl z" • , ''. , -
44. , ...,-,., :4 , 45'. - 30 .Mkr.1 4 ): •-,t
... •,..
-TlMl'Z'xilm:..;. ,:..; ; ; 5 . - . :. ,"
Ain! YORK - 1 4.. 6 15 14411 '
xigielifliamship North
Star, from Aspinwall with dates to the 17th.,
has arrived , fife qiiio s;lewoQoja treasure.
The, U.,niretk SAitis at, Safis iji,M'qtellatkFill
sail' CiPday . ' l lterciNeit 'Orleitie With. 'a' sm ooth
bore gun itr*Rhlnlga4ll tiehildieind throw
ingialtdihdtof4oolPoinda. ', '; ": ' 1
i. IL :' sl 'v c,'i' .4 ..?, ":
ri 1At t latiO010) 1 / 15 4/0 3 ). 1,1 4 .1-
c ..a , LliilEßOOSiOliliii i•r ‘-<• ':, .1. - T. ,
to , giANCIINS 'n-k.Z.Wi.M.,..... - Atig4...Cifet? T
snd - 1115 - febiff athocrib i oapt i ald st Ctitaierland
Gap by Gen. Butritlide, hats arrived' at Johk
son B,l,elanil. . , ,
%TheiNitibidli e4edi of :i3siuiiiii;: , says that
Burnside reached a point-where it was expected
kisifitaiiiiiiiria aif fivilikiliiteitti , ontiie
ca, nor, sintiisecraie, IgirraliyWiiiii . ix
rivr ,g4Thativklip t . nelt i geppo, potters, %bathe
froit i- Wmtei deoteMittratife 'flair li t lieliged
o.:t f 0qi ...., 1, 1 9 - 1 0v
, Ifu tr. r . .1 !,1,-striy, -
iii°4C; ll dielitoli:o
the nniircial, says - Ammer' Champion,
whit witszbttenedlttilKetaphie; on the 28d, ha d
On ~board .000.141e84114's; and s3o,Qo4 l Wot,th
Of quartermaster's eteies. , • =
NEW Toix, seft. 27 A 11ientphis% letter;
dated eayeqiiat'S. fortnidabl4-
do egainethlobils az a
a feint against Texas will not interfereyritha.
The iroteltidefreili'the gpe
rate with a large laid force.
The:suite letter gale that General Shetinan'i
corpy is .on. ltie :ay to R9eeerene, and iiitait
tiima a raajaiL , t4litr:ltTlitikeoix 4 ,s , cerise, iiideo
therroutit fUk tlid same dtatinatiom
SUCCEED HIM, &C. • ' '
NEW YORK, Sept. 27 The Heralars Wa4tii
ington dispatch says it it( ruinored . that Gen.
Burnside's resignation has been aoceiftW and.
that Gen. Hooker is tholight O ni-his
, .
sor. ,
By the recent exchangs,ls,ooo soldiers re
leased on paiole will be reinrneil 10'41:ay.—
Fouri hundred. eiteltanOd:"ciaieley'iribied on
Satuxday,at the payalryeampAstpAs paroled
oemPat, Annapolis, and about . as man more
are on their way. :.• .
BY THE..n/tdES,.
(iv , 0141 3 44414444., "
- 'KILLED, p,OOO - irctuNwvic r t gym( BATTERED
- BY THE itaitiro- REBELS elqiron`milairri,
• - g
#odzeluttiCc •
, SHpro4i2ka.-The 'Ga2ot4 . l . pub..;
Behan full aool i pttOf,' l t e te‘ittgelf of 14104 ii
mid ' 'Mot : 'lt confirms
geneial . atalir T oftit
iitake,4; ai* - Wee Berea broth destruction
by=the Mile oredefeue.e.of,-T-houffit:7?°Wk.irf
B FIY . ; f7 l V o4 l ti 4 1 91 '44314...gcl
" , 41 1 ,4 1A5i, AfTe Pee 4 , t"?O ,' APAP:9O I 96IO4n
1 # 11 V,.3017.541,4thbrA54 iOckiumkttaa463,4oo
wounded. meurcerloebiii
artillery. will not ..fill'ehort_
tifmitWei baggijge Big
Wzioporviespotrwstowsubutetwar Yi t6l44
mu*, Stf_not
real IslihofttentigAcL4dstheolesilio;fitili
eagivegliletiorrafe &Rpm imeeleute the
Asupte.thoclobsoliA *la
fie PlirtTalvileT 'of the winded are tki
names of Lieut. C. B. Madden, Company F.,
79th PeansYlwasfa ; Col. T. B. Stanley, of
NOlbrifillivision, slightly; also, Grett. Stead
man, ,Cols. Scribner, Croxton, and Bradley.
file 15th Ohio . has but 176 of 450 effective
.eft. &toe regiments are almost annihilated.
General Garfield telegraphis from Rossvilla
on the' evening of the -50th, as follows
Thitinats,.l44ft Beilath. Brannan's, Rey_
nold's, Wood'froted Palmer's divisions in good
order, and has 'Maintained 'almost the exact
position occupied in the morning, except that
the right has swung back. Lytle-fought a most
terrible.-battle, and -teasiedsonaged the enemy
badly. General Granger's troops moved up
just in time, and fought•rotrOcently. The
fighting was far fiercer tharieuxy I ever, saw
before.% Oar .men not only held their ground
but at many points drove the enemy splen
didly/f Loirgstreet's Virginians have got their
bellies full; Nearly every division in the field
Lad exlinisted Oteir ammunition, Turchin
charged,t* rebel , hne arid took five hundred
prisoners, become enveloped, swept around
behind their' • lines, int:Font their way out in
another place ' but abandoned their prisoners.
Another brigade Was attached just at the close
of the fight, and,. its ,ammunition being ex
hausted, Weed, in With tite bayonet tind drove
the openly,. taking,two ,hundred prisoners, and
their'lniVe yet, On-the - whole; Thomas
and Granger have "done the'` enemy fully as
=itch to=dayiis they have suffered from
him. They successfully-repelled repeated corn-
Msedt tobleitelnost Ilercely made by the rebel
armyrfrequently.pressing- their front and both
flanks at the same time.
. 'go abr.
14 , t f
Ve.l •• • • •
Unlc v.pqr.,.Sept, - S everal,4s. hundred
guerril4q,ese,reitlirwhenter,, Tenn. , yeeter
'day, and - eaptureCaeinemppliee. They will
attiWiteseenure'A line '. of communication s .—
The yebel ',papers nqw•admitjhat they sent
large retnYoreements,both of men and generelei
to Bragg riq to :the late battle.—
, ThorAitsinnondieh says that “heavy rein
formtente';' were ~sent:lto Bragg, and a rebel
to legro ut 3 froM lattlafiald sae that, Long
stfie74l44o. ~(1?:70). attseked i xtre tankeee.
thietimeatiolisitizgriera4r4it, will be ob
• seritik is not throffielfr iitiolobittands one of
I „7 li t teietyigioiliATireotarmyloSviTsinia.]
AW L arie tti (Ga.) Re bel . says - that General
Arm was, t'sttrroweiek • bisigalaay ofi higher
Military , Went; and bankett3byt larger army,
%%he.durin g his
MareerZ;;;;lr egso :foie& an ex
oilematinever Jeff. Davis;i thstihe would "snatch
l'Axtmatkfttga Ahn, clutches of the Aliblition
iiktersnlin4o4c auCtaiiied arigis - pf .the, :South to
acoohijitith We lierOtive no mention in any
of_thi :rebel' pipers of General Joe Johnson
having been on. tho field -with Bragg, though
there is little doubt that he sent up reinforce
meni4l,4 , . , - • ,
, 4 , 4 0 Nil vbx lICTED*IIO9IF9RWItIq•
A letter Apr tka, Chicago ‘.2?rAtme,.dated the
14th„his. the fallowing : ,
~....n . , •,
'll is ' rumored it'Pfterso's 'corps is
witki l ti l kli; 4474,riarcit of, us, and, it ao, what
Et,..,0344, oil lirmy j wiolloll have hers in a short,
tinutorAtii: utikside.-.911 theleft•' llo o .4 ecrans in
the centr-e e and I r al'Aitersou.,ott the right.
A ;twounnoiaaance ~from Chattannooga, on
the 24th, discovered the enemy in force in our
front. The:knowledge gained by the reoon
noisaanee t is important,
iATlelt 1 1 41.0i16111101ANS,
... , ~
Wasnriciron; Sept: telegram from
Gen. Roseira i n,s 7 dated, last ,night,,states that
he made ' a rscorrhoihtiece lit force along the
enemifi Hiles jelifiedm - afttrnoori, arid found
hirWin force. The enenty'did Mit resist the
advance of our -rgarunoiteripg party, which
returned tah.eadqUarlers after.hay . ing accem-
Pkiehed • dig :9 6 ietlk--er the. PeTettLetit, which
proved,:to be-of considerable importance.
Leumvaide, Sept. 26.—Soraps of informa
tidk front 17 pateiehgerslint .arrived. lead to.the
belief4lWe Slierininoiroorpifrorn 1314 rent's army
jolairrGen. Researans on Tuesday or Wednes
day, and thip, Bulnside'e, corps,has more re
cently effected a junotion.
Secession reports by iffe,G9kpevine telegraph
are lei eAleit iteitt4 sereetlthat Burnside's
forcati l h c ave.,been captured, but nothing:Aid
palmed over the hires indicating'such an eeent,
en4.4.trialla l 4943Pinarsfaise- •
Thalticiim4id,, , lfh4) of tlie:_23d says : "Sit
itated as Roseorans is, the victory that does
vlotiineln•lthe-jettpture qiispersion of his
whole army ia 9, Lo st If he is per
mitted to'holti-,Rhailaisheia then,' our victory
wilt "iiithotttittefit a ,'"ard we have only to
mourn that have died in
Tliinoduil chiefly that they gallant . Hood has
seal M his faith witiVhislifeit'blood."Roseorsus
tiluskaot only be beaten i t battle, b ut he must,
be deStroied'or r iltiVere from 'East 'Tennessee,
else the battle had escwellnot hare been fought.
If this sqoighOld its-'n4-,-WrinChed , from him
now, Jfaccily V", *meaner. If he holds
it, he holds poent,irdippai, froth widch, he may
Istmayintoment ;strike at &bowery; vital" of the
chithileracy. He holds a region pestilent with
disaffection-,.theft nerds only the: resenoe of a
Yankeettrmy to ripen into " full brown trea
sen, t he ho , lda, the. , country that must supply
meat for cui , iirmy, 2- nitre mills,
and coal encl.-Waif-I%W our manufac
ttiringtstitblieflittientWl • Ihe'possession of that
itanntry.Ag;ingisien i Salite.'neCessity to us.—
prise for which Bragg is contending.
Until he has *On it;"lre dart but rejoice with
fear' over ; what he has done.
Should-hewia, it:will be the superheat achieve
melit 'or 'the war."
FORTRESS Monson, Sept. 24.—The following
deaths, of FimitqlystiliCtroopis are reported.
In the CheHapeake Hospital: •
John English, 8d Penn's. Artillery.
At:tilePplrok`,llooftia, at Portsmouth, Va.:
Jaegi....*natiti,•lo , ..fflean'a. Artillery.
Oeorgillain, 21st Fenn'a. Cavalry.
4 'JUNO.
An ! , ajlng,,Serit.:,2s,-The prize steamship
Juno, arrivedt to-night. She wailOaptured on
the' 22d;- off Wilmington, N.;G. , by the
, gunboat
Connecticut, after a chase of foiti r
,I4Ours, dur
ib g.wiiich the Connecticut fired ' thirty rounds
of shell and solid shot.. T Juno, hove over
board part oLher carivi- - odticin. She is an
iron. aido.osrht3el e toaMer, built at ;111:istol,.En
lattid;Le#PrZW4A0414 100 of 400 horse
power., • Her. cargo rooandsts* , of 200 bales of
oottoni a lanajel torattstiAnd ‘ : . a, small quantity
of Lurpetignit„whigb i: together with the vessel,
is valiyuLlibllß/000:100.4,da
eivg, - •
• - •
4t.litto i t . tr
Lok-itAlitirifszßVngr. ,
WILL-PB-11.111rD AT •
Ort 6 4*** 4ll:;:
Oct 5.
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further particulars inquire on ten premises of
Attorney at Law, Third Owe.
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