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Jack's Book Store, corner of Third and Market
tro 4 ts.
kyso..at Weirs Agency of George L. Waiter,
liarket street, near Fifth.
Tn Mems.—Under the ohange of sohedule an
the different railroads, the time of closing the mails
at the /lassie:airs Post Office, April 26,1863, is
as follows :
_places between Her
-snug, Leek flaxen end lAbnizs, N. 1r st 12.00 MI.
fur Leek Haves, Williamsport ad Lewisburg at II
For a/141mM between Har-
Manus and Baltimore, Md., an Wiabington, D. 0
~ a t
2,00 gt.
F or wmungton, D. 0., BaltSmore s Md., and York, Pa.
at 9.00 m.
NAHr.--,WAT An places between Harris
burg, Xastowand PLiladelplia,viaßeading, at 7 . 00 a• m.
For Reading and Pottsville, at 1220 p. m.
WAY MATh..--tor all pieces 'between Han-144ft 4.,a
Philadelphia, at 6.30 a_ m.
ler Philadelphia; and Lancaster, at. 12.00 m.
Tor New York, Philadelphia, Lancaster,, Columbia,
Marietta and Bainbridge, at 2.44 p. m.
For New York, Philadelphia and Lancaster, at 910
P. m-
WHIIY.—WAY MATh.—lfor all planes between Harris
burg and Altoona, 12;00 m.
For Jolundowa, Pittsburg and . Brie, Pa., Cincinnati,
Columbus and Cleveland, Oldoi 2.46 p. m.
Poe Pittsburg, Hallldalsburit, Afloat* Phillipsburg,
Tyrone, Huntingdon and Lewistown, at 9.00 p. m.
Per Meobaniesbarg,Clarliele,Sbippeneburg and Shun
berebnrg, Pa. at 7.00 a...m.
Way 16 0,. —t0r all places between Harrisburg and
Hagerstown, MC, at MN p.m.
Par Sileodale Porges,Bliwood,Pinegrovo and Summit
Station, at 12.80. p; m.
Imes aouswe.
For PrOftrlei, Linglestown, Monad& HM, West Him.
war Mast Hanover, Ono and. Jonestown, on Monday,
Wednesday and Friday, at 7.00 a. m.
tor Liaftra and Lewlaberry, on Saturday, at 18.80
117 - oMseriours.—Prom 5.30 a. in. to 8.00 p. m. San..
day from TM to 8.80 a.m.. and from 8,40 to 4 . 00 p. m.
Tan grnrsarms.— This important inatitution
met with a very sudden . tsollapse yesterday by the
breaking of a wheel. The accident however was
quickly remedied by another wheel being put on.
Taw regular monthly meeting of the Ladies'
Union Relief Association will be held Saturday
afternoon at 4 o'clock, in the looture room of the
Presbyterian church, Market square.
Mazatlan of Company E, Pint Regt., P. V. if.,
will, please furnish E..T. Jones, Orderly. Sergeant,
with their full names, age, residence, and occupa
tion, immediately.
Wit. H. Munn, Captain.
PLANET DISCOVEREDers James C. Watson, of
Ann Arbor, Michigan, has discovered'anew idenet,
Whieb, he says, belongs to the group between
Mars and Jupiter. It shines' like a star of the
tenth magnitude.
Swuttalrto run GOVERNMINT.—A cage was be
ing investigated last week in Philadelphia, wherein
some of the Union League patriots were detected
in siinHilieg the gOVernMent in the measurement
of leather—making fele° returns and taking pay
for more than they were entitled to. •
A rumen near the city has kindly volunteered
to put up tomatoes for winter use for the soldiers.
Ladies having cans belonging to the Ladies' Relief
Society, and those willing to supply cans, will
please send them to Mrs. S. D. ISgram, No. 15
Market street, before Saturday morning.
Coassenos.—Our report of the different hospi
tals in this oity in our yostorday's paper was isoor
root. It should have been West Walnut street,
2 admitted, 1 returned to duty, 51 remaining;
Chestnut street, 14 admitted, 5 returned, 74 re
maining; .Mnlberry street, 2 admitted, 1 returned
to duty, 87 remaining.
VERY tfaccourcumania.—Two negroes in driv
ing across the track at the railroad depot yester
day, were suddenly brought to a stand stall by the
breaking of the shaft of their buggy. The horse
hitched to the vehicle fell on. the track but was
removed in time to escape being run over by a
freight train which pushed directly after.
A NEGRO Snov r —On Saturday afternoon last
two negroes, named Win. Bigbey sod Witte. Brown,
living at Macedonia, an out of the way plaoe about
four miles north of Mifilintown, got into an alter
cation, which resulted in the death of the latter.
It appears that the "green eyed meneter n jealonsy
was at the bottom of:the difficulty—Brown charg
ing Bigbey with tt too intimate rlation with his
ifeatctofft.—A passenger on the last night's S
o'clock train.frem Columbia informed us that at a
short distance below .Highspire, a huge stone was
thrown with great forae'thrOugh' the Windew, soat
tering the broken pieces of glass over the palmitin
gore. The force with which it was thrown was suffi
cient to have killed any one' had it struck a den
prong part of the body. None but *villain of the
worst kind could commit suck as not no matter
what might have been the cane. •
Tan Democratic meeting to be held at the Court
House in tills eity to-merrow evening, will be ad
dressed by the Hon. H. C. Dean, the great Western
orator. We assure those who intend to be present
that it will be a pleasure to listen to Mr. Dean,
who bears the reputation of being an orator who
never fails to make himself interesting. At the
late Lancaster mass meeting he occupied the atten
tion of an audience made up of every sex and age
for , over three hours, sad on- his withdrawal was
cheered vociferously and begged to continue.
A meeting of the Democrats of the Fourth ward
was held at the tense of Owen M'Cabe on Wed
nesday evening, 23d inst. The meeting was or
ganizitd by electing Wm. F. Osier President, and
John G. Albright Secretary. -
The meeting was'eloquently addressed by J. B.
Ewing, Esq., and others.
The meeting adjourned to meet.lit the house of
Mr, Hare, in Canal street, on Saturday evening,
Sept. 30._
Twaxxs.—The regular "local," who has been off
duty for' two weeks past, desires us to return
thanks to Prof. Applebaugh and his band of guitar
ists and violinists for the compliment of a mag
nificent serenade. He says that he was serenaded
when dre.ftod and is now similarly t rea t e d when
sick, aid begins to think that in some respects it
pays to be sick and conscripted and miserable gen
erally. 'He cannot say with the expiring IViirabeau,
"let me die to the strain of deliOlons music," as
he "isn't on that;" but, if be must go into the
pegging out arrangement, he desires no better final
accompaniment than such . music as that which
cheered his soul toward tho "Wee MAW hours" on
Thursday night.
DAME ArFame.—Before Alderman ilenne.—
The dirterent eases on the doekei yesterday . r►ere
all fer drunkenness, and after a bearing were dis
Juba Aldew, arrested,by ,T.ilamtaand,
arrested by Essig; Lewis Stine, arrested by Mas
sey ; Mary Thompson, arrested by CampbelL..
Tim. Hamilton, colored, was arrested, charged
'nil w a llas als old By net from Ben. pone
stable. Tim, on stealing the net, offered it for
sale at another- stable, which happened to be owned
by Mr. Peters, wharf+, it was recognized by the
hostler. The net being almost worthless, Peters
did not prosecute, and Tim: was discharged.
Ewzi A. 'BISHOP, Seley.
Tits Lint Swam—The Friday last,
which preceded the equinox, wps much, more de.
strnotive than at first supposed. Our excl2angee
give accounts of its being experienced all over the
country. The %Minors Sun says "From the city
some eight or nine miles northward, Whole fields
of corn were prostrated, which will make the task
of saving it very laborious. In the direction of
Pikesville, in Baltiwore county, the storm appears
to have spent its greatest fury in the destruction
of growing crops, fencee, trees and barns. On the
farm of Mr. E. F. Abell, a bath and several fine
trees, together with, two largikfields of corn were
leveled to the ground., 'The barn on Mr. Newman's
place, near Pikesville, was blown down, and the
shade trees on the lawn leading to the residence
of Mr. Armstrong, in the same neighborhood, were
prostrated. The storm extended as far around as
the York road, where the corn suffered considers=
bly." From aceoucte received from different sour
ces, the storm must have heel very destructive ill
the interior of our own State. The Lucerne (Pa.)
Union says "the hardest rain storm that has vis
ited our valley this year name upon us jest Thurs
day, and continued, almost without intermission,
until evening on Friday. So . severe was it that
the streets were flooded with water, and in some
places wallas wake the water. ran half-10g deep."
The storm was very violent in York State, doing
much damage along Ape rivers and canals. On
the /few York and Bdei railroad the rains under
mined the railroad bridge at Sand Creek, betwien
Hancock and Port Deposit, thereby causing a stop
page of all trains. Trains will be unable to pass
until a new bridge eta be Greeted; but passengers
and mail matter are exchanged in the meantime
so as to owns but little detention.
counterfeits era at present in. eirialation 2s :on
the Exchange bank, Toms river, New JerseY.—
Vignette, spread eagle, shield, Ake. 10s on the
Bank of Syracuse, New, -York. Vignette, council
of war with Indians. be on the Farmers' and Mti
chanics' Bank, Middletown Point, New Jersey-
Raised from is. Vignette, boy catching a horse.
50a on therßedford Commercial Bank, Man. Imi
tation: Vignette, female child, ie. 6s on the
Pocassett Bank, Fall River, Mass. Vignette, In
dian on raft—on left end, five silver dollars. 5s on
the New England Bank, Boston, Mafia.
Vignette, female, city, Sc. Os on the Bank of
Owega, N. Y. Vignette, three cherubs, five gold
dollars mid Indian princess. Os on the Brandon
Bank cif Vermont. 2s on the !rattan' Bank, Phila.
delphia—has been put into circulation recently. It
is an altered note from some other bank. Vig
nette, a girl lending two olives, trees, cattle, canal
bent; cue it thobookgvound; oval portrait o€ "a
girl OA the right• end; telegraph, oars, bridge on
left end.
All of the above notes are neatly executed, and
are well, calculated , to deceive. . The ~n.nmber of
counterfeits on the postage currency is really as
tonishing. There are no less than nine different
ones on the twenty-tive ceet , denomination. The
ten's and five's also have been detected. All this
currency is to be called in; and a new kind is to
be issued to take its place. It is now canceled at the
rate of POMO per day.
The recent accident which occurred. on the' North
ern Central railroad, was at a point about fourteen
miles above this city, and was °cautioned by a de
fective rail. The early morning train coming
north was proceeding , at its usual rate at 4 o'clock
on Sunday morning, when all of a sudden tho'frout
passenger oar, in which there were but few persons,
jumped the track, causing the oar to be thrown
with great force against a stone wall. Every seat
in the ear was torn up, and a lady from the South,
name not learned, who, with her husband and
three children, were proceeding nerthward, was
killed. The conductor 7 Mr. henry Diffenbach,
was engaged for aobitt Hie* aftsmerds *epistles in
removing the broken.ear from the track, but was
obliged• to give.up on, account of having received
internal injury, evidonood by ',pitting up blood.
Ile was removed to his house, at Sunbury. The
name of the brakesman, who was also injured,
was not ascertained. The rail which proved de
festive wan with_n one hundred yards ni the watch
man's box. The locomptive, as also the baggage
and express .oars, being very heavy, passed over
the rail without any trouble..
Tat To:1AM). CROP .—There has never bean be
fore solarge a quantity of tobacco under Cultiva
tion in different parts of the 'State, particularly
York county, as during the recent season. An in
formant says : earliest tobacco has already
been cut, and, judging by the fields, the prospect
for a large yield is encouraging- The prospects
of a very large tobacco crop in Kentucky and In
diana are also encouraging. Nearly every farmer
in southern and western Kentucky hem more or less
ground under cultivation in this great staple, while
in Indiana► the area of ground 'slanted in it is at
least one half'greater than any 'previous season,
BAD END.—A little boy, seventeen .months old,
named Andrew Mayes, son of4fenry Kadin., re.
siding on the' railroad - near Lewiatown, was run
over and killed on Monday by the ballast train.—
The little fellow had gone
,out of the house and
ripen the trackWidietit the 'knowledge of his
mother, when the train suddenly came around the
curve and the tender struck him upon the left tem
ple, literally mashing in the skull.
DRUCCUATIC CLUB Mmerzsas.—The Democratic
Clubs of the respective wards, in this city will
meet weekly as fellows, viz :
PIM Ward—On Saturday evenings.
Second Ward—On Monday "
• Third Ward--Qn Tuesday "
Fourth Ward—On Wednesday ",
Fifth Ward—On Thursday , - ' " • •
Sixth Ward—On Friday "
By order of the City Executive Committee.
Cleo, F, WEAVER, Ssc'y,
Naw PALL GOODS.—We have now received and
are opening a beautiful assortment of new style
dress .goods and other goods.
Splendid assortment of new delaines.
All colors of plain alpacas.
New style of plaid dteis goods.
Pine black - bombaziffei. ' '
Black and colored permeates.
5 pieces of black silks.
50 pieces of bleached and unbleached muslins.
JO-4.,heavY linen for sheeting.
5-4 heavy linen for pillow oases. •
4 1-4 grey linen damask for table covers.
White linen table covers and napkins.
Blaerilpaeas, ail qualities.
White linen : apdjuimstiched pocket handker
10 dos. Balmoial'iltirts, 'from 1 , 2 50 up.
Large assortment of hOop skirts.
Hoop skirts at 75- cents, $1 00, $1 50, and all
• •
White eenibeie waling and jaoonnette, nansooke,
Irish linen, Swiss timeline, an 4 a great many other
new gooda. • • • SrLIMY.
romsylvania Militia, sad Awaiting Claims,
United States pension, bounty, arrears of pay and
Subsistence claims, &c., kc made out and col-
ittmay at Law, ofdae, Third stre e t, ifarrißblligf
Pa. oct2B-ly
The Democratic citizens of the county of Dau
phin, and all others who are resolved to restore in
all its integrity the Constitution of the United
States, under whose protection every American
citizen enjoyed as a birthright, protection of life
and property, civil liberty,' free thought, free
speech and free action, who are opposed / to extra
vagance, waste and corruption in the administra
tion of the State and General Governments, and
who desire the speady re-establishment of the
Union as it was, and the consequent return of our
national prosperity, are requested to meet at the .
following places, to wit:
Lykenstown—At the public house of David DR
termer:, on 'Monday evening, September 28, at 61
Berrysburg—At the publio house of Tobias
Weist r on Tuesday afternoon, September 29, at 1
o'eloek. •
Fisherville—At the public house of . John Miller,
on Tuesday evening, September 29, at 6/ o'clock.
Jefferson—At Hoffman 's School House, on Wed
nesday evening, September 30th, at 6/ o'clock.
Millersburg—Mass Meeting at 10 o'clock, a.
on Saturday, the 3d of October.
Halifax—At Halifax on Thursday evening, Oc
tober Ist, at 6/ o'clock.
Reed—At the public house of Wm. Warner, on
Friday evening, Oat. 23, at 6/ o'clock.
East Hanover—At .Major Shell's, on Saturday
afternoon, Oct. 33, at, 1 o'clock.
Linglestown—At the finblic house of Benjamin
Gassy, Saturday evening, Oct., 3d, at ci o'dock,
Hummelstown—At Baum's tavern, on Monday
evening, Oct. sth, at 61 o'clock..
West Londonderry—At Buok tavern, on Tuesday
evening, Oat. 6th, at 6/ o'clock.
• Londonierrp—At Koltner'e tairetn, Givicebuts,
on Wednesday evening, Oct. 7th, at 6/ o'clock.
Uuiop Deposit—At the public house of George
Rocker, on Thursday evening, Oct. Bth, at
Conewago—At FoHee gore, ort Friday evening,
Oct. 9th, at 6.1 o'clock. •
Harrisburg—At the Court House, on Saturday
evening, 00.1.0 th, at 7 o'clock.
Middletown—At Centre Square, on Monday eve
ning, Oct 12th at 7 o'clock.
Meetingit have been called an the 28th of Sep
tember at the Cross Roads, in Washington town
ship, and at Dauphin, at the public house Of C. A.
Rhoads, by the citizens of those localities. •
Distinguished speakers Will be in attendance at
all of.tbe above mimed meetings.'
Ob'n County Committee.
Wm. C. MTADDEN, g'eo'y. r
Don't fail to procure Mrs. WIN4OW'B SOOTHING
preparation is the prescription of one of the best female
physicians and nurses in the united Matte, 614 has keen
used for thirty years with never failing Belay and Bus '
case by million' of mothers and children, from the fee
ble infant of one week old to the adult.
It not o nly relieves the child from pain, but invigo
rates the stotach and bowels, corrects acidity, an
gives Übe sad energy to the whole system. It will al
most instantly relieve
We believe it the beet and surest remedy In the world
CHILDREN, whether it arises from teething or from
any other cause.
Full direetions for using will accompany sack bottle,
None genuine unless thefts simile of OTIRTIf3 & PER
KW, New Ypp s is on the outside wrapper;
Sold by all Medicine Dealers.
Principal Oilke, Pey etneti New York
Price only 25 cents per bottle.
my23-114,43m ,
A GENTLEMAN, cured of Nervous
Debility, competency, ematwe Delay and ITouthfitl
errori , actuated by a desire to benefit others, will be
happy to furnish to all who need it (free of charge) the
reeled and directions for making the simple Remedy
need in his ease. Those Wishing to profit toy 1i expo
rienco—and 'possess a valuable Remedy—will receive
the same, by return mail, (carefully. sealed,) by ad-
No. 60, Nunn street, N. Y
Aug 14-3md&w
THE AGE. Fartners, families and others can purchase
no remedy equal to Dr. Tobias' Venetian Liniment, for
dysentery, colic, croup, chronic rheumatism, sore
Animas, toothache, sea sickness, cute, burns, swellings
bruises, old sores, headache,musquito bites, pains in
the limbs, chest, back, &o. If it does not give retie
the money will be refunded. All that is askedis atrial,
and use it setording to the diiactions.
DR. Tastes—Dear Sir: I have used your Venetian
Liniment in try family fOra number of years, and be
lieve it to the best article for what it is recommended
that I have ever used.. For inddeusittaekof croup it is
invaluable. X Ualre no, hesitation in - recommending it
for all the uses it professes to cure. I have sold it for
many years, anc it gives entire satisfrction:
QUAKERTOWN, N. B.j Hay . 8,18 5 8. x. .
Sold by all Draggista, Oftlce,sll Cortlealatetreet,
jyBl d&wlm New York
A Friend in Need.. Try it.
pared from the recipe of Dr. Stephen Sweet, of Coruna
the great bone setter, and has been used in his
practice for the last twenty years with the most aston
ishing success. As an external remedy it is without a
rival, and will alleirlitte pain more speedily than any
other preparation. Nor. all Sheuniitic , and Nervous
Disorders it ie truly infallible,' and as s. curative for
Sores,Wonnde, Sprains; Bruises, its seothinr, heal
ing said powerful strengthening properties, excite the
just wonder and astonishment of all who have ever
given it of trial. Over four ,hundred certificates of re
markable 'cures. performed by it - within the latt two
years, attest this fact.
Sae kiertiaemeat. d&w
By ordering Calomel end deetruetive minerals from the
supply tables, has conferied a blessing on our sick sol
diers. Let him not stop here. Let himorder the dis
continuance of "Bleeding,'” and the use of--BRAND
BETH'S PILLS in the place ihereof. Then will
commence a "new ere" lu the gictice of Medieine,
which Would then become emphatically
I 4iave fer thirty years taught that no diaeased tee
- • .
tion could be cured by - mercury or oMitie. That
the human bOdy could only be "made whole".by "veg.
etable: food”—Aninaal food being, in fact, condensed
vegetables. BRANDP.STIVS PILLS shottld be in
every Military Hospital. These Pills cure BILIOUS
DYSENTERY; ' ' aid all fevers and Affections of the
Bowels, sooner and mcre surely than any medicine in
the world. BRANDRETHIS PILLS in these eases
should, be taken night and Morning. Read directions
and get new style
Dr. D. Drava , eth, Nero York
SIR : I was a private in Co. F, 17th Regiment, New
York Vols. While at Harrison's Landing and on the,
. ,
Rappahannocknear Falmouth, I and many of the Corn
Rimy Were sick with Nu mss di arrhoea. The Army Sur
geon did not cure us, and I Was reduced'to skin and
bone. Among the Compahy Were quite a number of
members who bad worked in your Laboratory at Sing
Sing. They were not sick, because they need Brand
reth's Pills. These men prevailed upon me and others
to use the Pills. and we were all cured in from two to
five days. After this our boys used Brandreth's Pills
for the typhus fever, colds, rheumatism, and in no case
did they fail to restore health' -
Out of gratitude to you for my good' heal th , I send
you this letter, winch, if ~eceseary, the entire Cora-
Reny ‘would sign.
ISM, reglieetfulbr; yonn,
ROSCOE K. WATSON. Sing Sing, N. I.
Principal office, 294 Canal street, New York.
Nor sale in ILarrieburg by 4EO. H. BELL.
IP °
TG GLASSE - S.—A cp endid
• Assortment Of New Looking Glasses, just received,
at W..IIIeOOHE'S Music Store, 93 Market street, where
'they will be sold cheap. Call and examine, mrl 3
%_oc fiRADITB, and at 13aEaneole prices, for ilikl6 by
WM. DOUI, aft., & (.10.
Pursuant to an act of the General Assembly of the Com-
monwealth v of, pennsylvania, entitled An - Mt relating
to elections' n this Commonwealth,” approved' the 2d day
of July, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine,
I, JACOB D. BOAR; Pied, 6,1110 eisenty, ,Dauphin,
Penneylvonia, do hereby mike known and give notice to the
electors of the county aforesaid, that an election will be
held in the odd county of Dauphin, ON THE RICIOND
TIIIISDAY OF OCTOBER, A D. IS6B, (being the lath day
of October,) at which time 'State and County Officers, as
follows: are to be *lecke' , to wit
One person for Governor of the State of Pennsylvania.
One person for Sup. e e Judge of the State of NAlL
One person to represent the counties of Dauphin and
Lebanon in the acetate of-the State o` •Perinsyirania.
Two persona to represent the comity ed Dauphin In the
House of Representatives
One person for Sheriff of Dauphin county.
One parkin as Recorder of Deeds, Ac.,- for the' county
of Dauphin. .
One person as Tres mrer for the county of Dauphin.
Two persona for Count:) , Commissioner.
One person for Director of the 'Poor and Muse of Em
One person for Ccounty Auditor.
that the .places of hoiding.the aforesaid general election in
the several wards, boroughs, districts and townehips with
in the county of Dauphin, are as folllows, to wit
The electiou for the First ward in the , city of Harris
burg than be held 'at thi Public School House at the corner
of Mary's alley and Front street.
The election in the Second Ward shall be held at the
School house at the Corner of Dewberry alley and Ches
nut street. •
The election for the Third Ward shall' be held at the
School House in Walnut street, between Second and:Front
The election fOr the Fourth Ward shall be held at the
Public School House in State street, between Second and
Third streets.
The election of the Fifth Ward shall be held at.the house
belonging to General John Forster, on the State reedlike&
Mg from the reservoir rounds to the Pennsylvania State
Lunatic Hospital.
The election in the Sixth Ward shall be held at the Market
House in West Harrisburg. •
For the township of Susquehanna, at Miller's (now Niev.
lay's) school house.
For the township of Lower liwatara, at the echoed house
No. 1, in flighspire.
For the township of avatars, at the Locust Grove Inn.
For the borough of Middletown, , at: the Brick. School
House in Pine street in said borough.
For the township of Lerodonderry, at the Public Moue
of Joseph Helper in said township.
For the township of West Londonderry, at the hone of
Christian Neff, in said township.
Fer the township of Conewago, erected out of mats of
the townships of . Londonderry-end. Derry, at .the house of
Chriatian Fold , (now Jno. 8.-ffoltzi) in said township. .•'
For the ,
township of Derry, at the public house of Daniel
Baum, in Useauteistowirt
For the township of South Hanover, at the public home:
of George locker township;
For the township of East Hanover, at the public house
of Maj. Shell, (now Boyer'ed in said township.
For the township of Westanover, '
at the public house
of hicob Rudy ; (now Hudiffei,) hi ,
For-the towmhip of .Lower Paxton,, at the public haunt
of Robert Gilchrist, (now Sweigart's,) in paid township.
For the township of Middle Paxton, at, the public house
of Joseph Coakley, ire said' township.
For the- township! of Bush, at Ihe house belonging to
the estate of the late John McAllister, decd, now .oexiek
pied by David Rineal, in said township.
For the township of Jefferson, at the house of Christian
Hoffman, in said township ' • "i
For the township of Jeckeon, at the home now occupied
by John Bider atlliv.hirin mill, in laid township.
For the township ofhalifiiii,.it the North Ward School
House, in the town of Halifax. • " "
For the township of -Reed, at the new _School Nova ion
Duncan's Island, in said township.
For the borough of 'Millersburg, at the windOw next
to the northeast 'earner an' the east aide of the new
school house, situate on Middle street,lin the borough
of Millersburg, in the county of 'Dauphin: •.. , •
For the township of Upper Paxton, at the bans, of G.
Tenzer. in the borough of Milleisburg. ' '•
Per the township 9T Mifflin, at the public house of Mi
ehael Interline, (now Benj.- Bordner,) in Berryeburg, in
said township. .
For the township' f Washington, at the public house',
now occupied by Matilda Wingert. in said township. - '•
For the township of Lykans, at 'the public bowie of Salo
mon Loudenslager, (now Keiser%) in the borough of
Gratz. . .
For the borough of Gratz, at the public house of Solo
mon Loudenslager, (now Keiser's,) in said boroughs ! • •
For the township of Wiconieco, at the School House No.
5, in said township. •
1 also, for t 17.4 itifethiateri of the elsoters of the county
of Dauphin, publish the following sections of acts of the
General Assembly, r enacted during the session of 1863,
to wit: .
Also, sections' `1 and 3 i 'page 1,54, pamphlet laws, ap
proved the 18th day of March, 185 T, via LTheittlelt Citi
zens of the township of Londonderry, in the county of Dau
phin, formerly, embraced in the Portsmouth election die
trict, together withluch other' citizens of said township
residing west of the publid road leading from Port Royal
Nigglers Mill,•itr said township, shall hereafter 1191illbeir
general and special elections at the house of Christian Neff,
in said tow midi." • '
Sec. 8, That said district shall hereafter be known as
West Londonderry election district.
Whereas the place of - holding the elections in the town- -
ship of Bush, Dauphin county, was bylaw at School house
number tires in said township : •tAnd ithe'reas;" - there is no,
such school house, therefore—clectionl. 1.. Be it enacted by
the Sendeopid House of Representatives of the Common-.
wealth of Pennsylvania in General aslembly met, and itis
hereby enacted by the authority of the same' That the
general and township elections.of Rush townsh ip, Dauphin
county, Mantis held at the house-heloeging to the estate
of the late 'John 'McAllister, deceased, now occupied by
David Bitted.' Page lea paniphlee laws, 1858
I also make known and give notice, as in and by the lath
section, of the aforesaid let I am directed, "that every per
son, excepting justices of the peace, who shall hold any
office or appointment of Profit or trust under the govern
ment of the United States, or of this - State; or any city or.
incorporated district, whether a,commissioned officer or ,
otherwise., alaboidinate officer, or aged, wile is or shall
be employed inder the legislative, jaidielary, or ementive
department of this State or the United States, or of any
city or incorporated district, and also,- that every : member,
of Congress and the State Legislature, and of the seled and
'common council . ..E.:4'lllly city, comniitudohers of any inciiipo-i
rated district, is by law incapable ef holilit* or exercising
at the same time the office or appolntment.of judge, inspec-.
tor or clerk of any election of
: this Commonwealth, and
that no inspector 'or judge, or ether MUM of any such'
election, shall be eligible to any office' then to be voted
Also, that in the fourth section or the act ef Assembly,
entitled "An Act 'iclatleig to' executions, and for`other
purposes," approved April 16, 11340; it le enacted that the /
aforesaid lath. section "shall not • be so construed as to •
prevent any militia officer or borongh officer from serving
as judge inspector or clerk at any general s pecial elec
tion in t his CoMmonwealth:" '
Also, that in the ad dectlifiu of said set it hrenactod
that "every general And special election @hall be opened
between the hours of eight and ten in the forenoon, and
- shall continue without' interruption or adjournment until
seven o'clock in the evening, when the polls shall be
• awed:" ••
The specid election shall be held and conducted .by the
inspectors an i jou es elected, as aforesaid; and by clerks
appOinted as provided.
le o -perm be permitted to vote at the election, as
aforesaid, but a white freeman of the age of twenty-one.
yearn qr mere, who shall have resided in Ibis State it least
one year, and in the election diarict Where lie offers to'
vote at leastten dayrimmediately preceding such election,
and within two years paid a State or county tax, which
shall have been assessed at least ten days before the elec
tion. But a citizen of the United States who has previ
ously bean a qualified voter of this State' and removed
therefrom and returned, and•who shall have resided in the
election district and paid taxes, as aforesaid, shall be enti
tled to vote after residing in this State six months : Profit.
ded, That the white freemen, citizens of the United States,
between the ages of 21 and 22 years and have resided in
the election district ten days, as aforeeafti; shall be entitled
to.vote, although they shall not have -paid taxes. ,
"No person shall be admitted to vote whose name is not,
contained in the list of taxable inhabitants furnished by
the commis/do:Mrs, unless: First, be produces a receipt for
the payment within two years of a State or county tax, as
sessed sereeably to the constitution, and give satisfactory
evidence, either on his own oath or affirmation, or the oath
or affirmation of another,that he has paid such 'a tax, or
on failure to produce a receipt, shall make oath of the pay
ment-thereof ; or, Second, if he claim a vote by being an
eleetor between,the ages of 21 and 22 years, he shall depose
on oath or affirmation that he has resided in the State at
leastone year before his application, and make much proof
of his residence in the district as is required by this act,
and that he does verily believe from the accounts given
him that he is of the age aforesaid., and,give such other ey
!deuce as hS Mildred bY this feet, whereupon the name of
' , the person so admitted to vote, shall be inserted"in the al
phabetical list by the inspectors, and a mote made opposite
thereto by writing the word 'tax,' if he' shall be admitted
to vote by reason of haying paid tax, or the word 'age,' if
he shall be admitted to Sete by reason of such age, and
shall be called out to the clerks, who' shall make the like
notes in the licit - of voters kept by them.
all cases where the name of the person 'claiming to'
vote is not found on the list furnished by the commission-.
era and assessor , or his right to vote, whether found there
on or not, ie ob jected to by any Clinaified citizen, it shall
be the duty of the inspeetora to examine such _person on
oath as to his qualificatioos, and if he claimwto , bave resi
ded within the State for one year or more, hisoath will be
sufficient proof thereof, but shall make proof by at least one
competent witness, who shall be a qualified elector, that
he has resided within the district for more than ten days
hat immediately
.prec e ding said election, and shall also
himself swear that his bona fide residence in pursuance
of his lawful calling is within the district, and that he did
not remove into said district for the purpose of voting
'Every person qualified as aforesaid, and who shall make
due profit, if reenited, of his residence and payment of
taxes idaforeatidpiltall beadmitted to vote in 'the town
shin, ward. or district in which he shall reside. ••-•
"If any person shall prevent or attempt to prevent any
diem el spy election Rohr this Rat from . holding such
election or use or threaten any violence to any euelinfflcer,
or shall interrupt or improperly interfere with him in the
execution of his duty, or shall block up the window or av
enue to any window where the same may be holding, or
shall riotously disturb the peace at such election, or shall
rise or prattles inthiffiliting threats, force - or violence,with
a design to influence unduly er overawe any elector, or to
prevent him from voting, or to restrain the freedom of
choice, Inch a person, on conviction, shall be fined in any
sum not exceeding five hundred dollars, and imprisoned for
any time not less than one month nor more than twelve
menthe, and if it shall be shown to the • court where the
trial of such olfenceshall be had, that the person so of,
fending was not a resident of the city, ward, or district, or
township where the fetid offence was committed, ROO, :not
entitled to vote therein. „then en conviction, lee shall be
finesentenced to pay a not l eas than one Vandred dol
lars Dr more than AIM theweand dollars, and be ima risotto
not less than six months nor nacre than two rears.
case the person who shell.have received the see m
highest tinuitierofivotei fisfsicisr shall not attend on
the day of election, then the person who shall have re
ceived the next highest number• of votes for judge at the
spring election shall act as inspector in his place,—
And in case.the person who shall have received the high
est number of 'setae for-inspector ahitil' hot atte n d, th e
person elected judge shall appoint en inspector in his place,
and in case the person elected shall not attend, then the
inspector who received the highest number of votes shall
appoint a judge in his plice, or if any vacancy Shall Con
tinue in the board for the space of cum boor fate; the time
fixed by lair for the Miming of the' eleetion,`the qualified
voters of the township, ward, or dietrict for which said of
ficer shall have beeo elected, present at the- place. of- else
tion shall select one of their number to fill such vacancy.
"It shall be the duty of the several assessors, realm'
tively, to attend at the place of holding every g eneral,
special or township election, during the time said election
is kept open, fo r the purpose . t giving information to the
inspectors and . jsidgei when called on, in relation to the
right of any person assessed by them to vote at such elec.
hone, or such other matters is relation to the assessment
of voters as the said inspectors, or either of them, shall
from time to time seeptise.ll
Pursuant to the provisions contained in the 76th section
of,the act lint aforesaid, -the judges of the aforesaid dietriete
Shall respeCtively take charge of the certificate or return of
the election of their respective districts, and produce them
at a meeting of ono judge from each district, at the city of
itarriaburg, on the third day afterthe 'day of election, being
FAIDAY, , the 16th of 00 601110 R, then and there to do and
perform the duties required by law of the said judges.
Also, that where a judge breicknees or unavoidable acci
dent is unable to attend such meeting of judges, then tha
certificate or return aforesaid shall be taken charge of by
one of the inspectors oftlerldi'ef the election of said dis
trict, who shall do and perform the duties required of said
judges nimble to attend.
tliven under my hand, in my °face in Harrisburg, the
2d day of Rapt mber 4 A. D. 1861.
JACOB D. 130A8, Sheriff of Dauphin Co.
SHERIFF'S OFFICE, Harrisburg, Sept. 10, 1802.
SOF' Tlit
Septembq Nth and 10th and October Ist, and
2d, 1863.
Norriatown is about 11 millet' west of Philadelphia, on
the Schuylkill river, and is accessible by railway to
every portion of the State. • •
The Ground,' are beautifully situated, containing 28
sores of ground with fine large buildings thereon erec
ted, together with , large amount of sheddlrg. The
track is said to be one of the beat half mile tracks in
the State. Th. premiums are the heaviest ever offered
by the society, amounting to about $7OOO. The pre•
miums for all grades of cattle exceed $lOOO, five of
which are $3O each, /9 from $25 to $l5, others running
does to lesser rates. Beet herd not less than 15 head,
first poeminm $4O ; second - premium, $2B: '
Horses for all grades the premiums exceed $1350.
The highest 1100; 22 -between $2O and $80; and others
ranging froni $l5. $lO and $5 • For Sheep and Swine tIM
premiums range from $lO to $5 and $3; !
Per Poultry there is along Hilt of premiums from 12
to $1 each. In the following classes most liberal pre
miums, are offered : Ploughs, Cultivators. ,Drills, Wa
gons, Reaping and'Mowing Machines, Clutters. Corn
Shellers, . Cider Mills, Pumps. Buckets, Tin Ware,
Leather and its Manufsetutee.; Gas Fineness Marble
Mantles, Butter, Flour, Grain and Seeds, Vegetables;:
and also for Dome'tic and Household Manufactures,
Cloths, Carpets. Satinet, Shirting, Sheeting. Blankets,
Flannels, Shawls, Knit Goods, Needle Work, &c.
Bread, Cakes, Preserves, Jellies, &e
Large premiums are offered for every ',nifty of Fruit
and Floweret The Floral Tent will be, the largest ever
erected by the Society; and will form One of the most
attractive features ot the exhibition. Fruit, Grapes
and Wine 4111 befekbibited in this department.
The. Pennsylvania Railroad e au& liorristoyrn Railroad
have arranged to carry artieles for exhibition to and
from the Exhibition freight free; requiring the forward=
lug freight to be paid, which will be repaid shipper
when goods:are returned:le the,siation whence shipped.
It is hoped to effect the same with other important
roads. , • •••
NYeareions at reduced rates will be ran on all the
- Entries cambia made at. the office, in Norristown, after
the. 4th .day of September- All articles must' be en
tered on the books on or before Tue. day evening. Sep
tember 29th Exb'bito-n must become members.
liabiteralsip $l.O0 2 with four Coupon Tickets each, one
of which will admit one person to the Pair once.
7 A List of Pretnituns and Regulations can be had
by addressing the Secretary.
....“ _
THOMAS PANOX, President.
.A. Raoul' Lonaanza, Secretary, Z .
Norristown, Pa.. S • an 23
- Yes, a Positive Cure!
Only ten pills to , be taken_to Went a ann.
They are entirely vegetable, having no smell nor any
unpleasant taste, and will not, in any way, injure the
stomach or boviele of the most delitate.
Cures in from two, to four. days, and reoe.nt cases is
twenty-four hours. ,
No ozi,t.skri/tte teoubleeto cha n ge whitlow
Price male packages; $2; Female, $B. Sold by
D. W. 011088 & 00.
880'4 mail by DBSMOND & 00., Box 151 P
0 JanB-dly
LO.O D ! "B 00 D !
Which produces -
fa eared to the public ail a positive aura. Dadaism all
impurities of the blood and brings the system to a
healthy action, cure those Spots, Totters, Scales and
Copper Colored Patches.
The Bimaritaa's Boot 'and Herb Juices Is the most
eertain•reMedy ever prescribed. It remove. every par
ticle of the poison.
Ia many Affections with which numbers of Tamales
suffer, the BOOT AND HERB JUICES Is most happily
adapted, in Ulcerated Uterus, •in 'Whites, in bearing
down, 2,5,141,ng of the Womb, Debility, and for all Cour
plaints incident to the sex.
Keep out of hospitals. Here is's cure in any cane for
$5. Price $1 per bottle, or six for $5, with full direct.
Lions_ Sold by D. W. saROl5O s 00.
Sent by Express carefully paeted by
jazie-ly Box 151 Phila. P.O.
m p i te r u s SEWING
WHEELER & wupisorrs.
NEW OFFICE, Market Squat. e,otimt to Colder']
• Office.
lir Call and sea them in operation.
A general assortment of roseliineey and needles con.
'tautly on hand; r
Will exhibit and sell them, and, also db all sleds t
machine sewing on these machines in the beet manner.
The patronage of the public in respectfully whetted,
A highly Concentrated Vegetable Extract,
OR. 1100FILA1vws
A rthiOrdered Liver, Stomaeh or
. r
Th 0011.4011 of our eitizena are suffering teem VOMIT`,
MAIM LIVBR DISEASES. and to whom the folloWiefs
qdeations apply—we guarantee
Dyspepsia.and : River Disease,!
Do you rise with, a coated; tongue mornings, with lid
taste in memoir* and your appetite for breakfast? DM
you feel when you &Agin np.someak and lan guid you can
'warmly get about ! Do ynu have./ dizziueas in the head at
times, and often a dullness, with . headache occasionally ?`
Are your bowels costive andih egalar, and appetite change
able? Do you throw np wind from the stomach, and de
yOu swell up often ? Do you feel a fulness after eating,
and a sinking when the strmach le empty ? Do you have
heartburn occasionally.? D 3 you feel low spirited, anik
look on the dark side of things? Are you not unmmully
nervous at times? Do you cot become restless, and often
lay until midnight before you can go to sleep ? andthan at
time, denh , you feel dull and sleepy moat of the time.
Is your skin dry and scaly ? also sal ow? In short; is not
your life a burthen, full of forelxidings ?
HoofiandlN Verman Bitten
Will cure emery case of
Observe the following Symptoms resulting from
Disorden of the Digestive Organs :
Constipation, Inward Piles. /trines or Blood toths Head,
Acidity of the stomach, Nausea, Heartburn, Disgust
for Food, llzt/nen or Weight in the Stomach, Vox
Brat:rations, Sinking or Fluttering at the Fit of the
gtor g agb, swimming of toe Head, Hurried EA
Difficult Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart,
Choking or Suffocating Sensations, whezi in
a lying posture, Dimness of Vision, Dots
oy Webs before the bight, Fever end.,-
' Doll Painizi 'the Head, Defieienew co
•Peosprriction, Tellowswe of the,
- • Skin and Bye', Pain in the Side,
• Back: Cheat, Limbo, die., dec..
Sudden Plashed of Heat,
Burning in • the Flesh :
Conetant Imaginings
3114101nd great DIN
premien of Spirits.
There are marry preparation' Rohl under the name of
Bitter", put up in quart bonito, compounded of the cheap
est whisky or common runs, 'costing from 20 to 40 <mita
per gallon, the tastedieguiled by Anise or Coriander Bred.
Thie class of Bitters has caused, and Will continite to.
canoe, as long as they caw be sold, hundreds to die thn
death of the drunkard. By their. um the system is kept
continually under the influence of &scholia Runniest/I or
the word kind, the desire for Liquor is created and kept
up, and the result is all the horrors attendant upon a.
drunkard's life and death.
- Nor Bane who desire and Will hate a Liquor Bitterns, we.
publish the following receipt; Get One Battle Biroftendrs.
Getman Betters and mix with . Three Quarts of gas&
Brandy or Waisky, and the result will be a preparations
that will far excel in medicinal virtues and trueercoilanes
any of , the numerous Liquor' Bitten in tbe mieltel4-endli
will colt musk `ferfsA. Tonlwill 'have all the viiteuis nib
Hoefidaids's Ititc/frin boilnectiOni Fith a goeit article et
Liquor. at a much less price than these inferior .pzeipark.
tious edit.
Hoonand's German Rittera
Brisk and Energetic Feelings,
&e. ete. ace
From Broken down and Delicate Constitutions,
Prom whatever canoe, either ia
14. - JETh/IMI7I - Y
That will restore them to their venal health. Bach has
been t,he".esee in thOusande of instenoes, and a. lair ,trtai is
but required to prove the asiertton
-nuttitgloutin -
R A. 431-
' The!Proprietors hive thousands of letters from the most
eniment •
• ' '
• • IatiWYZR3,
• ' • PLEYSICTAMt. and
Testifying of min personal knowledge, to the tem..
fidel effects and - medical virtnes of theselt•tters.
Prom Bey. J Nfirton.Brovin, D. D.,. Editor of Envoi°-
. "pelts of Bidigious Ititowlege.
Although not .dispow•O t. favor or recommend Pat.
ent htedielnes lo general, througb , dist.rhst of their ingre
dients and effects; I yet know of no sufficient reaRODII
why a man may not testify to the benefits he believes
himself to have received frac any simple preparation,,
in the hope that he ina7 'thus contribute to the lomat
of others. .
I do this morereadily in regard to "Roolland'e German
Bitters;" prepared by •Dr. C. - V. JaCkson. of this' city,
because I was prejudiced against them for years, under
the Impression that they *6* 4 , 6011101 1 -0
ture. lam indebted to Ley friend. Robert Phoemaker,
Esq., for the removal of this prejod;ee by proper tests,
and for snoop raponent to try them when suffering from
great and long continued debility The nee of three
bottles of these Bitters, at the beginning of the resent
year, eras followed by evident relief and resterstien to
degree of bodily and mental vigor er!ii •zb I bad net felt
for sirnionths before, and had almost daniired of re•
gaining. I therefore thank God and my friend for di
renting me to the lase of them
Philadelphia, Jane 28,1861.
In Young or Aged, Dlale or Female,
Are speedily removed, and the patient restored to health.
Thane anffaring from MARASMUS, wanting away, with
gevreely any finh on their bones; are cured in a very 'tort
time, one 'bottle in such eases will have a moat surprising
Having suffering children u above, and wishing to raise
Them, will never regret the day they commenced with
these Bitters.
And those working bard with their brains„ should ,1
ways keep a bottle of 1100FLAND'8 BIT 8118 near
th em , as they will find much benefit from its use, to both
mind and body, invigorating and not depressing.
And leaves no prostration
AtteOtat, Soldiers
We call the attention of all having relation@ or friends.
in the army to the fact that HOOP!. tierman Bit
ters "will cure nine;tenthe of the dieemies induced by ex
posures and privations incident to eamp,life. In the lists,
published almost daily in the newsnapere, on the arrival
of the rick, it will he noticed that a very large proportion
are suffering kona debility. Every ease of that kind emus
be,read by cured by Hooflandfs Gorman Bitters. We have
no.hesitation in stating that if these Bitters were freely
used, among our soldiers. hundreds of liv,s might be saved
that otherwise would be lost.
' The proprietors sre daily receiving thankful letters from
stiff• rers in the army sad hospitals, who have been restored
to health by. the use of these Nacre, Dent to them by their
See that the Signature of C. M. Jackson,
ie on the WBAPptit of each Bottle.
OR HALF. DOBBIN for $4 00
Should your nearest druggist not have the article, do not
bq put off by any of the intoxicating Preparations that
may be offered in its place, bat send:to rim, and we will
forward, securely packed, by express.
Principal Mee and Manufactory,
No. 413t;AjItCH ST.
GP 1 4 6 T XI eh Or •JO 1V OS
• ,"
(ougouloipum I}.J ACKSON & C 0.,)
117- For tipe by Druggists and Dealers in every t9r a jq
the United States may26dy
WILL ,41VE 1'03:7
Those suffering