Daily patriot and union. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1858-1868, September 24, 1863, Image 2

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' Enin•
0. BABSETT & 00., PROP 088.
Oimminsi settees wifliedtterfithlialledin the Prrzios
s ID taros nnleee a,o*Pai4ed w4th the name of th
author. ••• •
• . 011 k G . OVERNOIL, •
J. WESLEY AWL, Harrisburg:"
CHAS. R. ZIEGLER, Reed township.
JOHN RAYMOND, Middletown.
T. A. HAMILTON. (8 years.) Harrisburg,
JACOB BUCK, (1 year,) Upper Paxton.
JOHN BITCH, West, Hanover.
JAMES WCORKIOII, Jr., Harrisburg.
,"IMPORTANT NOTIOR.—MODir of the news
papers in the interior of the State are printing
the name of our candidate for Supreme judge,
Walter B." instead, of Walter if Lowrie,
which is the proper way. This mistake, espe
cially if carried out in the printing of tickets,.
may be the meatus of deriving us on• the count
of thousands of votes. Let editors and printers
at once look to this, and print the name here
The several Oonntyikunmittees of Superintendence
are requested to communicate the names and poet office
* address of their members to the Chairman of the State
Central Committee.
Rooms 144 S. Sixth Street, Second "Story.
Ckaisman•—son. Csaat SS J. BIDDLI-
Secretary—JAxis V. &Kam, Esq.
Tregsaret--Col. Wil.f.fais H. Kswitronirs.
The officers are In attendance daily at the Committee
Thursday, September 24.
Washington Square, Witi'Spain township, Montgomery
county. [to be addressed by Hon_ Wm_ U. Witte.)
Benton, Columbia county.
Oxford, Chester county.
Clintonville, Venango county.
New Bridgeport, Bedford county.
Wailielea, York county.
Friday, September 25.
Cookstown, Fayette county. [The several meetings in
Fayette county to be addressed by Kon. John L.
Dawson, Hon. Samuel A. Gilmore, Daniel Keine,
Esq., Col. T. B_ Searight, John Fuller, Bag , C. B.
Boyle, Bag., Wm. H. Playford,Zsg., and others.]
Saturday, September. 20.
Pyan'a Store, Bedford county. [To be addressed. by
Hon. A. IL Ooffroth, Hon. Win. Bear, G. Span&
Rag.. B. F. Myers and John Pointer ]
Monongahela City, Washington county. .
Perryopolis, Fayette County, •
Pleasant Grove. Washington county.'
Marshall's, Darer, York county_ (Evening.)
Pottstown, Montgomery county. [To, oe addressed by
Bon. tihas. W. Carrigan and Vim H. Witte.
ltichhill, Greene county.
Monday, September 28.' -
Stroudsburg, Memos county, [TO he addreesedlyThon.
J. Miles, Ron. W. A. Porter,•and others.] ,
Fletcher's, Bedford county.
Belknap, Armstrong County;
Tuesday; September 29. . • •
Middleburg, Snyder county. [To be addr999)d Hon.
Wm. H. Miller, Hon. Ilieeter Clymer atidSon.
11"glerI '
Texas, Armstrong cbruity: •- ),
Wednesday, September 30. - • •
'Uniontown. Fayette county- ,[To bn addressed by
Coe. Bigi,or, Ron_ t S. Black Iton. 'Mester Cly
mer, Hon. H. D. Firratar, Eon: Wane Montgomery
and Where. -
, Bloody Run, Bedford county. . • . -
Thursday, October 1.
COArlia'l 51411-11.rasbillir" a unty. - •
linion Grove, Washington - county. • '
Buena Vista, Bedford county. .
ILutatown, Begins county. [To his addressed by Eon. J.
Glancy Jones , and J. Lawrence Gets. of 'Beading, in
the 'English language ; and T: Boaenthat, 'Read
' iug, A. L. Babe, Meg., of Allentown, and Mr. D. B.
Sehoollor, ef Laneaater, in Sermsal
Lewisburg. 'Union county. [To be ad eased by Hon.
Win. K. Witte, Col. Kane and Hon.EbaS. T. Car
Friday.. October 2:
Baltliek townehip,„Payetta eannty,
Pleasantville, Bedford county.
Saturday, October 3.
Plough. Tavern, Berke County. ,
Eitut , s School House; Fayette county.
PiesPerW, Waabingtea eetutty.
Bimbleville, Cheater county. '
Bowman's, Lebanon'county. [To be addrened - by Hon.
Wm. H Miller.]'
Newtown, Backs county.
WoOlbary, Word cpanty.
Pore. York county..
Bellefonte. Centre aountv. [To be addressed' by Hon.
Wm. H Witte, Col. H. , aim and B. H. Beynolde.]
Tuesday, October 6.
Indiana, Indiana county.. [To be addressed byHon. W.
H_ Witte, Bx licrvernor Bigler; Hem 'Mester Cly
mer, Hon. John L. Davison, H- 1.. Johnston, Isq
Hon. H. D Poster, and -other eminent speakers.]
Thursday'. October 8.
Carlisle, Cumberland. county - EA rend rally, to be ad
dr. wed by Ibr-6-overnor Wm. Bigler, Hon. Wm A.
Porter, HOU.' MSS; W Clarigan, Hon.W 'Witt%
bee. Northrop, Esq.,Knn. A. V. Parsons, and other
distinguished speaters 1, -
Downingtown; Chester (minty: -
Doylestown, Backe county. [To be addressed by Hon.
Chas. W. garrigati I - J. :
Kittanning, Armstrong cot : lnty.,
Powell's, Bwiford County. •
Friday, October 9.'
Epringileld. Payette county. - ' -
Bowser, Bedford county._ _
Saturday, Oetaber.lo.
Yeliow Tavern, Beika county.
Bawson's Station, Payette county.
Hatboro', Montgomery county.
atarogrovel Snyder county. [To be addresaed by Hon.
Wm H. Witte, Geo. Northrop, Esq., and, Son. C.
W. Carrigan.]
Tinicum, Bucks county. [To be addressed by Dr. Bldg,
and Hon. Chas. W. Carrigan.]
Monday, October 12.
Bending, Berks count,.
lreyttovn2, Turk county. [Evening.]
. Blair County. _
•The Blair county Democratic Convention
was tie/t at Hollidaysburg on the 15ts, Hon.
7 ame 4 S. A6a,:Erosident. It was considered
j uexpe gi si o.4 o Aczninate a county ticket atjbe
present 4iMe. WS will publish the resolutions
another time. "'
. .
An we ' a r e ait "Mai county matters, we may
as well adtt-thekw - Moilidaysburg correspond
ent informs us that - the Abolition meeting held
there on the 18tit was Sifted` thing in. numbers
, and ,enthusiasm—that it was addressed by a
blackguard from Baltimore, s very profane
wretch' named Matthews ; 'he'was followed by
P.' v.. Shannon, of Pitisbtirg, Who informed
the audiezuse that ha waa.born in Westmore
land county, was once a Democrat and now an
Abolitionist, &c. The fizzle ended with a short
speech by a Bev. Myers, from Clarion. The
Baltimore Plug rather disgusted some of his
own party.
Governor Curtin and Arbitrary Arrests.
The convention at Pittsburg, after nominat
ing Andrew Curtin for re-ehlition, passed a
resolution full - endo ing all t4e arbitrary ar
rests an ~;' ', , • r "- f Set* ary#ll ;
and upo 4 ,,; .'"(.lat .ws' no tandilt is
recent r, e , '
~11 Or ' , ur l ', d glgow e,
CAI ~ 'it p. . ged h - •
.7% elf to ei " unVuegtfOn
ing support of the administration," in what
ever they may do. Thus he not only endorses
-411 >4lo.f.tniqttitieg perlettlibld:fn the past by the
them in the future, no .matter what wrong or
outrage they may commit
-The President, bylis recent proclamation;
has deprived ue of that sacred writ of liberty
for which the peoples of the world have battled
-for more than three 'hundred years ; he hae
practically abolished' the courts to which we
have been wont to resort for the protection of
our rights under the law, and plated every citi
zen at the mercy of the thousands of petty
officials that now swami throughout the land.
These officials, as every one who has come in
contact with them must feel, though wearing
the badge of servitude to Lincoln, have not been
clothed with infallibility. They are not above
the average of fallible humanity. They are
composed of men subject to passions and preju
dices like men in other positions of life, good,
bad and indifferent; and when they are bad,
their being If dressed in a little brief author•
ity" only serves to bring out, into bolder relief,
their worst characteristics.
Under these cirountstances, is it not proba
ble, nay is it not certain, that many violation,
of law and interferences with the rights of in
dividuals and of States will be committed?
And yet our provincial Governor, instead of
stretching forth his hand to save=s (alien from
injustice; pledges binisell in advance tc
plaud the act of tyranny, and in that way en
courages its repetition. Think of it, fellow
citizens ! A Governor of great' Common
wealth of Pennsylvania, who . has solemnly
sworn to . support the &netitution of the State,
and "see.that the laws see faithfully executed,"
'pledging himself in advance to sanotiou and
encourage the nOlitia* power in trampling
upon the Gonstitutien; and violating the lawe
made to carry out its provisions! This is a
subject in which all are alike interested. It
reaches every fireside in the country.' Any
one of you who'niay incur the spite or malice
of one of Lincoln'statinionais at any time lia
ble to be dragged from his home and, without
warrant.aad without cattle, tlfroWn into some •
guard' house or Fideral'llititlte, there to await
the pleasure of your ; persecutors; and your
Governor, whose sworn duit it is to see that
the lime are enforced and the rights of every
citizen protected, stands pledged to sustain ,
these violations of : liberty and'law, and turn a
deaf ear to-your appeals for justice. Is such
a man worthy of your Supporta the coming
election ? Is such nmanworthy of being Gov.
ernor of the Keystone State.? Are yon willing
to. entrust your Wee and liberties in the keep
ing-of such a recreant son of Pennsylvania 2
In all our Constitutions, National and State,
it was carefully provided, by the wise 'handers
of our Government, a* fik military should et
alt times be subordinatellireivil law ; and, np
to the present evil - hdur, no • serious attempt ,
has ever bee!L made to override• this ftnida
mental prinoiplo. A aria construction of our
Constitutions, and a strict- observance of the
laws 'made under them, have heretofore been
considered the great,Pallaqiem'of . our liberty;:
And yet to-day . we have a - Governor who has
tamely given np all the reserved rights -of the
State and the people to a Central - Military
pnwer,lirading ISfore his fellOir citizens, this
Criminal pusii4niMity 'as virtue, and asking
their suffrages on aeamtnt.ef it I - Great God?.
Can such a craven plea elicit from. • freeborn
PennsylVitalantiAny thing but Contelaptl gad,
the spirit of freedom entirety departed: from
us,?. Kato the heroiebiood which admated our
ancestors in- hattling-f.for4heir rights, ceased
to cattle through the veints• of their deal:tend-.
ants ? 'Are we wtiripe hejlayetil
citizens, let, us, all go .to the palls . InActober
nest ankly. env ballots, sternly answer - NO
Judge Woodward's Speeek.=The State
ment of Wm. Lewis. - •
Thai renega(lo Ociln, L the !Olt:0000o ranks;
Lewis, o f. the Hantingden G/oher, some, time
linos published in his.papers statement in re-
lation to speech . ' Alleged iby the Abolition
press to have been Made by Jadge'Woodward
in the Is,eferm Cciiiventiain, in 1837. The state
ment was copied into the rolegraph l aid hap
pened' to fall under‘ the observation of a re
spectable end' reepOnsibli, citizen, frbiu whom
we havureeeived the.folleiing communiCation,
with fullauthority to give his name whenever
properly called for : • • •
For , the Patriot mid Onion.
Massie. Entrons copy of 'that vile
. , .
Sheet, the garriebnrg:Daily„ Tetegraph, the
organ of Shoddy and Herse contractors, and
all the other "loyal' . ' thieves who are now
sucking the life brood - orthe nation, fell aeoi
&niftily into my hands ( tie other 4py. It is
dated September 17th, and. L find, in it an tali=
ele purporting to -be. copied from the Hunting
don Globe,' headed a Webilteard and h Know
IVbehisig peeek" In this article Mr Lewis is re
presented as saying that he:Was foreman in the
Keystone office on the Debates—that he handled,.
corrected and revised every sheet--that Mr.
Woodward's speech was reported correctly,
and much else not worth, noticing. The arti- .
els is so ful of barefaced falsehoods that / can
scarcely believe that it ever appeared in the .
Globe, and more particularly 'so, as the editor
of that sheet knows just as well as I and a
number of the old printers of this place know,
that Mr. William Lewis never was “foreman on
the'DebateeOf the Reforni Convention," that he
never handled "every page and corrected and
revised every sheet" of the .werk ; that there
never were "twenty conipositore" employed
on the Debates it any one time, and that no
forme were giett`hw for weeks before they
were worked off." , X ,further know that , the
aforesaid William Lewis worked on the ...Leba T
non Courier at the time the Debates were corn
meneed,and that h!), went to columbus,Ohio, be
fore they were finished; and as Mr. L's memory
cannot be so treacherous that lie has forgotten
all this, I feel confident that- he never could
have penned or permitted that article to appear'
in his paper ; but in case I' am mistaken in'
this, and that Mr. L. did really, publish this
string of silly falsehoods, then all that I have
to say is, that he is in a very fair way of catch
ing up with his Abolition Shoddy colleagues in
lying: one. IMP Crr -
vert," he may be somew
_or- ids
zeal in villifying honest me and distinguished
41et ittememberetthibt I inereoideci
t pia the last • :Mid that T. ,
.40 englited in the ~ r "y Of `the :Debates
*obi thoriiieginning to 444 Cid-At:the:publics
,+k • .
tion. Warty further. Wei! requ i re d to
show that the article el *rift& of una
mitigated falsehoods, I could refer you to 41
number of gentleuicA of this city, and am ong
-theur-4widevvltribralhdesnertive-effteient , fere
man on the State Printing for a number of
'yeah pact. AN OLD PAIKTS3.
rrisburg, Sept. 21, 4.863.
Defeat of Gen. Rosman%
The intelligenee.wa publish...444h, while it
confirms the defeat of Gen. Rosecrans, relieves
us of all apprehension as to his present safety.
The telegraph lines being entirely under the
control of Federal offioials, of course the beet
fiee possible is put upon the matter. Gen.
Bragg's official dispatch, however, is sufficiently
in harmony with the other statements' to sat
isfy us that Resecrans is yet formidable, and
that his army, though it has been defeated, is
not demoralized. But looking at the result of
the two day's fighting in the most favorable
light, the fact cannot be concealed that we
have suffered a great disaster, which should
not, and would not, have ecenrred, had the
Army of the Cumberland been reinforced in
time. From operating offensively. Gen. Rose
crane has been compelled to' assume the defen
sive, and all hope of reaching Atlanta and cut
ting the line of rebel communication at that
important,point, as well as of holding Georgia
and Alabama in subjection, and threatening
Richmond, must for the present be abandoned.
. •
Qf course we disbelieve altogether the tele
graphic information that our army will be in
a condition to resume the offensive in "two or
three days." That is sh;nply gonsense, 1.11
heavy lateen of the army, even if.it bas e as al
leged, been reinforced: by troops from Gen.
Great's fOrees, - will-prevent: it ftiorn assuming
416 0/66864W some tinqi. required more
than six Finnan!' preparation After the battles
.of-Stone River, to place thearmy in a condition
to tattoo*, and Gen. Roseerane beet very few,
if say, iiiore'nien in 'those actions than he has
in his recent .battles near Chattanooga. And
,besides this, the enemy, acknowledged to be
ggoverichelming in numbers," and ' , well ao-
Attainited with't.he "country," Which is admira
bly_ etapted to difensive warfare, will be very
apt to Et //impel( is alreriet impregnable ra
tions, from which he will not easily be driven.
While we sincerely hope that we may be wrong
in our conclusions, we can see no reason for
entertaining the slightest doubt of their cor
rectness. •
• curtut on the Stump.
We fear that our estimable Chief Magistrate
—the only real friend, if we can believe hijw
and his supporters, that the poor soldier has
got in this :broad Commonwealth—.most some
times find'himself in the condition of that
aquatic musician we,read of in a popular song,
who, owing to the peculiar fix he was in, could'
I :ear and pitch;" but " couldn't make skimp."
Our poor, sick Executive, hurried by his inex
orable friends from one extremity of the State,
to the other—now jolting over corduroy roads
to meat and discourse to the 14 . unquestioning,"
in out-of-the .:way Places, - and anon sent over
the railroads; at the topmost , speed of the
steanuherse, to enlighten the denizeno of pop
.ulovitintiee •on the intricate questions of the
day, •ever"ote the wing, and ever under the Bur
ire4lancepf a committesiLeur sick Executive,
ire say,,must have a very unhappy time of it;
especially as, from the best information we can
obtain,. hehas not—after alt `the labor he has
offended, and all the fatiiine and mortification
,halntis ondured 7 --Made, a, stpgle convert', to the
that ;Ike ,is an *net , and, Mich abused
man.; lhat the liberty of the negro must first
. be Minted before ifebfive any right to look
' and that the 'Soldier is Lin
coln'a,property,, , These.cardinal *latrines of
the Abolition-party he has nnauceessfully
bored higraft'iii thO r tkor tat mind, and 'be
het ati failed in the objeet t of the 'grand effort'
ihiclileproMised the Aho i lition State Conven-
thin, te,mska.l riches traversed the State, from,
the belaware to the lakes ; he has "mate
sreck after speech ; he . has nutted his warn
services, and proclaimed his owriloYalty ;
law prouti_secl•to be subj9o ,to, the. President in.
things.; he has. proclaimed.. , himself the.
" soldier's friend," in the face of 'his ittoddy
Sontr a acts ; ham not Onvineed a eplitary
. s mala that,he is any otker, than the An
Curtin of• other, days— , the unfaithful 'Chief
Magistratcv stigmatized by some of the organs
of his',olin'Paiky'ai false, dishonest, and cor
rupt, J4e-has " reared," he has " pitched,"
,butite has net been able to "jump" over the.
Wida'and deep' 'gulf which' separates 'him from
the affections and confidence of the people.
Is It Treasokabte ?
The New York Sun, a neutral paper, with
'slightly Lincoln proclivities; contains the fol
lowing :
“Thii IToo. T4ad. Stevens, the Republican
leader'iu the last Cougress, in a speech deliv
pred in Lancaster county,, Pennsylvania, on
Thursday, in favor of the re-election of Curtin,
d the, following t* ts
e;PATPOe iseTk 'Ten • -
'the Uhion as it was, Mid ,the Constitutios
as it is-440 d forbid it ? That may be . Abo
lition doctrine,,but it is the" right doctrine.'
This may be "unconditithial loyalty," but it
innke'l4ficotoniOnly like treason. Other trai
tors never o ia anything so bad as this. They
at least were in favor of the restoration of the
Uniori and the Constitution, but erred in think
ing that it can be better accomplished by peace
than war. The President • and Congress have
placed on record , the most solemn, declarations
that the sole object of the war was to restore
and maintain the constitutional authority of
the General Government in the insurrectiriary
States, and on the faith of these assurances a
million of men shouldered arms and' a mint of
money has been expended. But after two
years and a half of war and the sacrifice , of a
quarter of a million of men, a leading member
of the dominant Republican party publicly dep
recates the principle for which we have been
contending. Other traitors have been exiled—
will Stevens be shot, or imprisoned, or even
prosecuted ?" - •
Hartford "the number of men drafted, under
the Fekieidi conscription law, was 1,127.
Of this 'number, how many, think you rea
der, have gone to th'e war? .
Just—four! No,leSs---no more.
And of these four, two were negroe4o
The Bing of Portugal has, ordered a census
41-,e nopuiatian. Q rr:ractq irever before real-
ARMY QF THE; pg.; , LANPF. * '_
GREA 513'
' ' ''t , • ,
- 4,,, -- . ""' • ~ C t
DZSPRILATE FIGHT -101p 6; * 1 , >: r : BRA"
P. 4 ipOCRIAN 811 a iIRCIII - Lt A Eild
' WASHINGTON, Sept. 23.—Dispatches from
General Roseorans, dated Chattanooga, at 3
and 6 o'cl t ooleitesterday'sftarneon, were re
iwadahls,,mortddagetsom ephiek.--itpappases,
that the enemy's attack upon General Thomas'
corps, Rosecrane left, on Monday afternoon,
was handsomely repulsed, and Gen. Thomas
marched quietly to the position his forces were
about to take when they were assaulted.
The official dispatches of Monday evening
stated that two divisions of Longstreet's corps
wore advancing upon Rescerans at 4 o'clock
that afternoon, but it turned out that this
movement was merely for the purpose of re
connoissance, as no attack was made.
General Rosecrans' order for his whole axmy'l
to concentrate, was accomplished before mid-4
night of that day, and it is now in a defensive
position, which can be easily held until rein-f
foreements arrive. The movements of the
troops was executed in excellent order, and,
although they had been worked hard for seven
days and nights, they were in excellent spirits.
Four thousand of our wounded were removed
from the field after the battle of Sunday.
General'llttle was the only general officer
killed on our side, while Bragg acknowledges
the loss of the enemy in officers very heavy.
The regulars—our reserves—went; into the
battle 1,600 strong and *ante out with only
450. This shows the persistence with which'
our troops contested for every inch , of ground.
Gen. Roseanne has performed wonders in
reaehing 'his present position, after fighting
with his single command against the immense
force of ,picked troop° combined against him.
In two or three days he will be able to assume
offensive operations,
When the last 4ippateh of yesterday closed
the enemy was quite active ; he had been ma
king approaches .ail the morning. den. Rose
crane' men were hi a line and ready for another
Gen. Graham, Who .commanded oae of our
brigades at Gettysburg, and wa,s token,prisoner
and conveyed to Richmond, .has recently.been
exchanged, and reached .here
,this - morning.—
He is satisfied that only two divisions, with all
their artillery, And ~tyro brigades , under Gen.
Pickett, with Wise's legion, have been detailed
to reinforce Bragg. Gen. Graham says, he saw
81 pieces of artillery moving, woes the, bridge
from Richmond, said to be going to Bragg.
The news of the battles fought between
Bragg, and Roseorans was a disappointment to
the rebel authorities at Richmond. They ex
pected to-hear that Boswells had been anni
hilated, and that Bragg had re-taken East
Tennessee. Instead of that, .Richmond is
again thrown into a state of mourning by the
heavy lose Bosecrans has inflicted upon Bragg.
WiSHINGTON, Sept.' 23.—Ati 'unofficial dis
patch from Chattanooga' to an army officer,
speaks of' the 'engagement of Monday last,
when Loogstreet's corps 'attitOked the corps of
Thorbas as a complete Unioif victory. The
fact that Thomas was able to join RoSearitns at
Chattanooga on Mondiay night einbraces posi
tive Confirmation of the fact:
FORTRESS himittoz, Sept. 23.—The
mond Dispatch, of the 22d inst., contains the
following; •
enICRAMINGO, Sept. 20.—After two day's
hard lighting...Wm have driven the enemy, after
a desperate resistance, from several positions,
but he still confronts us ; the losses are heavy
on both aides, and principally so among onr
officers. We have taken twenty pieces of sr
lillery and 2,500 prisoners. Signed Bragg.
To Adj't Gen. Cooper.
Roseorans has been heavily reinf9reed by
troops from Gen. Grant's army.
Se.spY Hecac, Sept. 23.—The steatner.phins
has reseed from Livorpool with atitee to the
lath. i
. , ' Rome.
RB. Sept.,l2 --The : exequator of th e Ital
ian °maul hike tees. withdrawn ,. as a reprisal
for 'siinflar' step,Au regard to , , the - Consul at
.... ..-
• ,„ . PETERSBURG, ISSO. 1 — 7 .ttepues 4 , tu the
not of the Western, yoiFirs have been the.
Pailli4, -. .., * ' "
are, - Sept. 12: —.She , Opinione liatio
say that illiiott' (WO Will return to London on
NDON, &pt. 12 —Thee government has
inly resolved to stop the zebelateam rann.
the , Mem.. The - , Florida(Confederite
teer) has.been detained- at. Breati to sat-"
he •French , olalms , against ler. r It Se pos
y asserted that Maximillian hawaceeptecr
tkiollll, *rows.. • • . • •
. , . ,
w Ylng, Sept. 2 3.—The steamship Scotia,
Liverpool, arrived at 'ten o' * oleCli this
0 Anne given a written assurance
to mister'Adams that the, steam rams in the
Us y no t be allowed to - depart:" The
pub p journale ''clitiftrzti the ottani:neat:: The•
shi g Gazette s'iheir can only be`det r ained
by, stretch of ,authority. APplication was
mad to the 31tirseills Tribunal
_of commerce
by , 'e owners Of 'a pia' of ' the cargo on the
shi .B. Wash, 'for enthority to seize the pi
rat Florida, which' is lying at . Brest,, until
the claim for a hundred thousand francs was
sot ,d. The authority way , granted.a Slidell
ha , ;:. one to Brest", to arrange, the, affair. A
Pa. , letter asserts that the legal decision will
be Terse to the claim.' ' •
elollonring is a rebel dispatch :
Antssyow, 'Sept: 20. ''Nothing unusual
aniPired. '' • "
monitors' and Ironii . des are *Wit the
!Mutt by the reegritgales. The'enetny's
s on Morids•lsland are rapidly increasing
ength and e.xtent. ' = ' '-
C r oliTeder r ate - goverhisiolit - hag - effe6ted a
f •one hundred millioas of francst from
in France, based upon the eottoe now
°nutty. The Confedemte• loan - in En
is flat. • '
the first page of our paper we publish
ty full account of the battle on Sunday
• n the forces utAr Gen. Roseerans and
.els under Bragg. The following,' whici"
:tional and socaewhat different, we find
N. Y. World of yesterday
ecialWashington dispatch to the World,
24, says
a p
gist of intelligence conveyed in official
received - to-day, places a more favor
pect on the situation of. Gen. Rosecrans'
an was generally credited yesterday.
w thought from last accounts, that the
f the Cumberland will be fully able to
attanooga until reinforcements, which
be there to-day, render it no longer a
f doubt. Nothing, however, has been
hi ' the engagement of, yesterday, re
n progress at. last advices, though it
n twenty-four hours to hear from Chat-
•••-: T nx Rent. 22 —According. to official
. opatchea received hero, dated as late as five
.'clock yesterday afternoon, Gen. Rosecrans
'.'s corps had
.ad information '•I
eiatforced Bragg 1 of Saturday,
• i`ft wajt subs by deserters
.r`r - 4 th ) 'i • i 's corps had
1 '.,
;Oa 0 o
'tele ..• I ±to day from
-.ffi , I— .rt aooga, which
"+' k in tho DI
.pea a ( terms of the
eneral result of Saturday and
unday, in whicl his represen
ations, the Union army,acnieved a substantial
:ucceas, the enemy lritrimg the moat in killed,
A prisoner, taken from Bragg's army, says
that Mobile has been stripped of troops for
Bragg's army, and that 8004 troops have been
sent to him from char ston ; also that troops
fro • " 's army the late%Kt' in fact,
th - hole ic • y seeeementra
ted e for the kon Rosee s.
A r •el dispatch 11 s been intercepted on the
extreme front of the army of the Potomac,
wherein the ketielisfolfmaidegof the army of
Norther? V irginian r is informed from Richmond
that Am u engine/ Ataimoritui on.asturday
and - Sunday, capturing' tivinty - preees of artil
lery. and 500 prisoners.
The Star and Vatibrial Republican, in their
late edition :this afternoon, have accounts evi- ,
dently derived from official sources. The
longer out', from the Evening Star, is as fol
On Saturday, the 10th, a demonstration was
made by the rebels in , strong force, which ap
peire to have been repulsed by the loe under
General Thomas with the advanta te on the
Federal side.
On Sunday an engagement commenced late
in the morning. The first gun was fired at 9
a. m. l but no considerable firing took place un
til 10. Previous to 10 o'clock General Rose
anne rode the whole length of our line. Soon
attar, the battle oommenced.
, General Thomas, who held the left, began to
call for reinforoemente. About 12 o'clock word
came that he had been forced to retire.
The second line 'of reinforcements were then
sent tollitn, and hl 7 ooelell Whtdo corps, which
:was on the right and as a reserve in the centre,
was - sent to ,his aeeistance., General Wood, of
Crittenden's corps, and Van Cleve, who held
the front centre, were also ordered to the left,
whetifthe fury of the canon& Mowed that
the enemy s Tome was'massed.
• Their places were filled by Davis and Sheri
dan, of General ArCook'e corps. But hardly
had these divisions taltern their places in the
WNW when the rebel fire, which had slack
ened, built out in immense volleys upon the
This lasted about,: twenty minutes, and then
Van Cleve, on Thomas' right, was seen to give
way,.but in tolerable order,.soon after which
the lines of Sheridan and Davis broke in dis
orchir, borne 'down :' , by the'enemy's columns,
which'are said to have consisted of Polk's corps.
Tptese r tro divisions ;were I tial only divisions
thrown into much disoider. ThoSe of Negley
and Vitt Cleve' were .thrown into confusion,
but soon rallied and held their places, the first
on the left and the second . on the right of
Thomas' corps. Davis and Sheridan, late in
the day, succeeded in rallying about 8, 000 of
their forces, and joined Thomas,
General Tlitiinas, finding himsolf out off from
the right, begfighi hiti divisions into position
fOr ind,ePendent fighting, his line assuming the
form of a horns shoe along the crest of a
wnodeciAdso. 'He,was soon'joined by Granger
from E,Ossville;a4 a division of Gen. Al'Cooh
and Gen. Steadman's. division, and with these
!omit - firmly - maintained the - fight - until after
Our troops Were ss'immovable as the rocks
they stood on. The enemy repeatedly hurled
against them the dense columns which had
routed Davis and Sheridan in the morning, but
every onset was repulsed with dreadful slaugh
ter. Failing first on one and then on the other
point of our lines, the rebels for hours vainly
sought to break them. Gen. Thomas seemed
to have filled.every soldier with his own un
eonqustable. firmness, and Gen. Granger, his
hat torn :by btillete,:•rede. - like a lion wherever
t4O contest: was WAWA.: Eveiy division
mender ~ boie *Nisei( gloriously, and among
them Generals Tuchen, Hazen and Parker es
peohilly.distinguiehed theithiaelves. Turchen
chargettitroughlhe-relieLlines with the bay
onet, and beingzstiiktittiided, fought his way
back again, Rade* who had two horses shot,
undw him onvSntgr4T,TAVltiog his men in
pap line,. madia.4ltem lie down until the enemy
was ul se upon theki,,Viiksuddenly they rose,
au :denietred :Weir tire with:, Sock effect that
the tiestiniting columns fall back in confusion,
IWing j 4he*Oftudeovel'id When
..night::. fell air body,issf , -herees stood on the
ante gronnd ifenided by theiiiig the morning,.
their.„*4lii.l4:tinhroken.—...Theirdiutses are
not yet eatimpted... - ••
Gen. Thoinis telegraphs (Monday forcnoony
that the troops.are ishigh ,spirits.,lie brought
off all finfied. Of siokin wounded at
Crawfish Swinge, "idolu ox dAng our main hospital,
teenibt iglittodui. ( i'
•• • The -umber, Of *prisoners ~taken. by• the
enemy will hardly surpass 2,000, besides the
oti-wAgigrzot An9re't,h,u 1 0 0 . 00 could
• litiYti 'fallen - IHW ffigir ,
rebel„ Flippers wg have tient ,800 to
,Nashville. • Most of our losses in artillery were
• ticestioned bylhettlling of all the horses.
den Thomas reared. to Roseville on Sunday
night, after the battle had closed: Gen. Rose
' liratis had *lied orders for all' his It eops to be'
ooncentrated tor* at Chattanooga.
1,1 tbo test two aSsaults our troops fougbt
With ' bayonets, "their , being ea-
The latest information that has reached this
city . is from Chatiancioga last evening, and was
to, the effect, that. Gen. ,Rosegrans would con
centrate on Chattanooga last night. General
,Iltimtias 'had been' engaged with, the enemy
pinit' to 5 p:ni4eaterdity, and it was therefore
questionable whether he would be able to rental ,
Chattanooga last night. There were indica-
Lion's that the army were contemplating a. dein-
Onstration on another part of our lines last
Wasfaxerrox l Sept. 22.--The long expected
order for the octronee. of the Army of the Pete,
mac was delayed until too late to prevent the
reinforcement of Bragg and the defeat of Roe
eerans. General Ralleck 'has now given it, and
if the movement .be made with energy, un
trammeled. with any subsequent directions
from the War Department, there may yet be
consummated in Virginia a victory that shall
shatter the increase of mach• impending dis
The situation on Che'Rapidan has undergone
no material change on either side. The enemy
is reported to be , fortifying the approaches to
Orange Court House and Gordonsville. Lee's
whole army, it is estimated, is now composed
of A.P. and P.. H. Hill's corps, the latter evac
uating Richmond lately to reinforce Lee and
Hook's division of Longstreet's corps, with
Stuart's 'cavalry, -making an aggregate probe
bly,of forty that:Man& men
According'to private advicee received by the
Fulton, the active sieo of `Charleston, se eon.
ducted during the past few, weeks, would seem
to have been positively suspended. The Moni
tor fleet were doing nothing, and had been si-
lent for several days. .
Notwithstandinethe condition to which Fort
Sumpter was reduced, .the iron-clads appear to
have found it impossible - to - OA Fort Mofiltrie
and the obstruotions beyond, and further effort
to reduce that fortress was therefore scarcely
worth the necessary expenditure of life and
General Gilmore's big guns, from the ho
tariee now erecting at the head. of Morris
Island, are capalPe of hurling on Charleston
storm of derustdtion indefinitely more severe
than what the monitors cogAd fling from their
lighter artillery at &pointul' nearer.
The possession of Morris Island certainly
enables us to maintain a complete blockade of
Charleston harbor; and is a position from
which our land forest_ can operate with in
creased facility and success. But this, if we
may accept the opinion of prominent officers
engaged in the siege, is all the good it has done
the iron. clads_ They move forward no longer_
general Gilmore is still 'ostensibly preparing
to renew the bombardment of .Charleston.—
Whatever the result maybe, Cha*lston will he
taken, if at all, by an advance of the Union
troops overland, not by }he iron.clads moving
victoriously up the harbor.
Another possibility is suggested in view of
present contingencies. Active operations be
fore Charleston being thus in abeyance. a core.
bitted naval and land movement on Wilming
ton, N. C., is hinted at.
Notwithstanding all these reasonable cot
jectures, howeyer, General Gilmore, who is in
the habit of doing strong things in a quie•
way, may astonish the country with an ofd.
cial bulletin, some fine morning near at hand,
Proclaiming that !Charleston is taken."
The New Orleans correspondent of the Wor2!
under date of 15tit September, says :
It is unnecessary to predict what the move
ment upon Houston (Texas) will be—but it has
been ordered from Washington and the march
may begin to-day, Washburne crossing his
men at Berwick Bay. There is not the enthusi
asm on the subject that there was a few days
since ; but the movement will be made—n 3
matter to how little profit, since the employ
ment of the same force against Mobile might
possibly effect the immediate reduction of the
place, and so hasten the close of the war. The
administration has hardly recovered from the
flight about the nearness of peace after the
fall of Vicksburg and Port Hudson ; and it is
thought, no doubt, that a Texas movement
now will " set back" the affairs in this depart
meat upon nearly the same basis they re.stei
on one year ago. •
The registered enemies an getting prirre
notices to - leave. There is nothing new to-day.
A dispatch from Pond Spring, Gs., rith in.
Stant, to the Louisville Journal says :
“The Southern• journals claim a largely su
perior force. I have just seen a late Chatta
nooga Rebel, now published at Marietta, Geor
gia. It contains a call from the Goiernor of
the State for all who can supply themselves
with arms to repair to their nearest railroad
stations for transportation to Bragg's army.—
The Governor informs the People , that he has
already,sent 15,0 00
. men.
• ' , The' Rebel exults over the effects of tha
call, saying that the stations are alive wit::
men who desire to be sent forward to Bragg.
Lee's corps has already joined Bragg."
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