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    more exerted against that portion of the people
who are bob/ and virtuous ,enough to oppose
despotism. The Conscription law will be so
enforced as to take Democrats Away from the
polls and leave the unconditional supporters
the admmialration to do the voting_ In addi
tion to this, the Cbllecters of the Ports, and
other promideat officials,will organize millitary
companies in our towns and cities, which the
government will supply with arms and ammu•
nition, and these organizations will _undertake
to keep all opponents of the •adinieistration
from the ballot-box, by violence or intimida-.
tion. Should these'and other like means fail
in subjegatint the people, thenthe last re
source of the infernal conspirators against
the country and its liberties will be the effort,
upon the plea, of "necessity"—Lbe rams populi—
which all : tyrants have invoked since the world
began, to. prevent the next Congress from
meeting! Then, ineeed, will the climex of op
pression be reached. And then let the admin
istration and ita partisans "stand , front nilder. l , l '
The flood-gates of popular wrath will be open
ed; and when the tide begins to rise, .and surge,
and roar, and sweep onward, - let these • flee
away from its fury and.power who have been,
and ere} yet, deliberately breaking , down
those shores and dykes , of law which have thus
long restrained the repressed rage of* patient,
but indignant Teeple I , , •
4-.,•;;.*.t0t.f:. mon.
00111pallnieStIODIS Will not be published lathe PAtitIOT
LID thUOX unless accompanied With.the MOO of the
sotkor. -
W. If: Kmossuss, Esq., of - Towanda, is a duly au
thorised agent to collectimeounte and receive enhecrip
tie= end advertisements for this paper.
NOY/OMM 22,102. •
Pis. 37 Pal* Roar, N. Y., and S State St., negto2l,
Are 0112 Agents for the PATRIOT AN UNION. in those
cities, and are authorized to . take Advertisemente and
Subscriptions for ns at onr Loubst Rates.
Aseesmd-hand Moans Pimes,platen 80,A1 by 26inehee
in good order; can be worked either . by hand or steam
power , Tome moderate . Inquire at this omee.
,TG Members , or the Legislature.
TheiDAhw PAirsror wrrri Thnow will be famished 'to
members of the Legislature gluing the .aession at TWO
Members wishing extra copies of the DAILY /WM=
AND Unto, can procure them by leaving their orders
at the; publication Office, Third street, or with our re
porter, in either Hquee, the evening previous.
TRH PATRIOT AHD Maim and all its business
operations hereafter be conducted exclu
sively by 0. Rims Err and T. G. ?OIefEROY, un
der the firm of o.Beannrr Sc Co., the connec
tion of If. F. M'Reynolds with said establish-
meat having ceasedon the 20th November, inst.
Novnatint, 21, 1862.
beznoeritue. County convention.
By direction of the County Committee, the
Democratic Countir Convention of Dauphin
county will meet at Harrisburg' on Tuesday,
the 21st day of April, at 10 o'clock, a. m.
Meetings for the selection of delegates to said
Convention will be held - in the several town
ships on Saturday, the 18tlif April, between
the flours of 5 and 7, p. m., and in the several
towns and wards between the hours of 7 and
9, p. In., on said day, at the usual places of
holding delegate meetings:
• Secretary pro tem.
Harrisburg, March 28, 1863.
The report of the committee appointed to
investigate the bribery alleged to have been
attempted in connection with the election of
U. S. Senator, will be published in the PATRIOT
AND 'Union to-morrow morning. Persons
wanting extra copies will leave their orders
prior to 9 o'clock this evening.
Forney's Comment.
Forney's comment on the Report of the Com
mittee on the Conduct of the War is unique.
It concludes thus:
"The report ought to be read by every clue,
and cannot fail to command the attention which
RS fairness, its unanswerable facts, and the well
known abzlity and INTEGRITY of its authors de
serve that it should receive."
As an old friend of ours would exclaim, with.
both hands raised above his head, "Gracious
Heaven !" " The ' , fatness" of the report-:-
mark' that ! Its "unanswerable facts"—pticlt a
pin there ! " The well krown ability and IN
TEGRITY" of Hen. Wade, Zachviah Chandler,
and John Covode—ture down the leaf and
pause for breath ! What man save Forney,
the mendacious wretch wbo charges Democrats
with "living upon thepubliecalamities"—who
but the miserable parasite that clings to the
administration for bread and writes for the
privilege of plunder, could havo written a
_sentence so replete with falsehood and unmer
ited encomium? There are many base men in
the world-many " base and ' unscrupulous
wretches, many corthorants and birds of vile
propensities in. the adminstration ranks—but
Forney is the dirtiest, buzzard, thy most die
: ado bi ed of them all.
Extract from a letter dated
Wrr.LiAnskavr, March SO, 180 S
0. Emmert , & Co.: 'My neighbors --
and want your weekly paper. and
promise a list of ten more Subscribers in that
vicinity in a few days. Please find enclosed
$4 00 for the . two papers now ordered.
These gentlemen affirm that the people cm
posing the opposition to the Democratic party •
have always failed when in power to adminis
ter the affairs of the government, either State
or National, to the Belief — action of the people;
that they have ever 'disregarded the principles
on which the government is based and upon
which-11e perpetuity - depends, and have con;
tinnally labored to centralize the whole power
of goenrionent at Waßtington, &c. The Union
League huinbng received' no encouragement
here—Lett? honest Pomanry say it is merely
another name for Know-Nothingism, Lamp
lighters, &c.,and that a party without any
fixed or defiite rule .for• its government, not
daring to run their machine for two conSeou
five years under the same'ntune, is not entitled
to the respect of any loyal man in the land.
These gentlemen are greatly pleased With
your labors in bottling the vile Abolition party
and with the manner in which - you hurl back
upon them their hellish lies. The Democrats
of this county will sustain the Government to
the putting down Or the rebelllon and to the
turning out of powee of the present Abolition
rulerstat all hazards_ 'Beater Clymer is the
choice. of the people for Governer. '
In haste, yours truly, F.
Thil3 letter is a fair sample of: many others
of which we are in the daily receipt. The
spirit of the Democraoy throughout the whole
State ls 'encortraging; And; if no mistake is
made, . we shall carry the election next fall by
an OTerirkphaing.ll/83001.1C
The 176th Regiment
(In the Telegraph of April let, is published
wbat purports to be resolutions adopted by the
176th regiment Pennsylvania draftsd
a men.
These resolution, whatever may have been
the intention of ,those who prepared at adop t . ,
ted them, are publiabed for[the purpo Of iv*
peaebing the patriotism and fidelity to pfincti•
pie and duty of the Democracy of the North.
,This being the case it is well enough to scruti
nise the political anticedents of the officers
who, we presume, , lvere • about the only mem
bers of the regiment interested in getting them
up. Taking Col. Lechler's word for it that the
"regiment is 4eaidlidly Demoeratio," we may
bepermitted to doobt whether the men. were
.particulirly consulted, on the subject, or• had
any idea of the use that was to be made of the
reriolations, Oven if they were carelessly read
to them. , We don't believe that any Democrat,
whether in the dress of , a private citizen or a
prirate soldier, woulddeliberately indorse the
4 ` Indemnity Act " or the suspension, in Stites
Where the adtainistration of justice was unob
structed, of the privilege of the, writ of habeas
corpus. This, whatever Col. Lechler and the
resolutions may say to the contrary, we don't
The Colonel tells us that there are but
"seven Republicans out of the thlrty-six. offi
cers whose names are attached to the p,roceed
ings," and in the preamble to the resolutions
it is stated that the reginient is composed of
"citizens of Lehigh and Monroe counties." The
Colonel does not, inform us what his own poli
tical sentiments are, but we 'strongly suspect
he is a very black Republican, or a very fishy :
Democrat: We have, hoVever, some reliable .
information in regard to several of the " offi
cers whose names are attached to the troceed
ings,"'and on the bit furnished us, Which is of
Monroe county men exclusively, we rind one
Abolitionist, One Wide-Awake, five Republi 7 .
- cans, one Democrat; one Of uncertain politics,'
and one unreliable Democrat—that is; a fishy,
fellow, of whom you,can .never say preeisely
where he, is to be found. We suspect, there
fore, that Col. Lechler was mistaken in saying
that only seven lof the thirty-siX offieers Who
signed the resolution's were Republicans, for
it would be remarkable if not a single Repub
lican,., or, 'which is r worse, a fishy Deinoeriat,
could not be found among the twenty-sii of
cars Of whoa we have no account. We'look
upon political proceedings from camp, fur
nished by -commissioned 'officers, as very much.
of a humbug—a pretty little arrangement , ol
their own to secure favor and promotion ffroin
Abolition heatiquartera at Washington and,
With these remarks we submit.a letter from
Monroe county, as our authority for the 're
marks we have made i
STROUDSBURG, April 4, 1863.
0. BARRETT & Co.: Gentlemen— * * *
Col, _Lechler is a stranger to me. Ido not .
know him: He is not from our section of
country, and Jam glad of it. I will give you
It description of the officers from our. county
(Monroe) - whose names are attached as partici
pants' in the proceedings of the- 176th regi
ment, published in the Harrisburg Telegraph..
Maj. Wm. Schoonover • Abolitionist.
Adjlt. Joseph T. Walton . Wide-Awake.
Capt. C. 11. Warnick..... ...... Republican.
Capt. Joseph Nicholas Republican.
Capt. Samuel IL Keller. Democrat.
let Lt. William Loder, quite young—uncertain.
Ist Lt. Harvey Bates Republican:
Ist Lt. Levi Smith Republican.
2d Lt. Godfrey Ruff Democrat--unreliable.
2d Lt. Jos. P. B. Primrose. Republican.
There are only two .Deikocrats among them,
and, considering that-their commissions come
from the Governor, (but not their understand
ing,) and- various other influences brought to
bear upon ambitious • officers in the . army, we
can scarcely be astonished at any foolish thing
they may, do. Very respectfully, &c.
For the Patriot and
MESSRS. EDITORS :—For some time past the
Abolition papers have been publishing resolu-'
tions denouncing northern Democrats and stig r
matizing every one who does not sing mans
of praise to his Imperial Highness the Aboli
tion President, and endorse all'his ultra mea
sures without hesitation .or mental, reserve
tion--which resolutions purport being passed
with great unanimity by certain Pennsylvania
regiments. The folloling extract from a sol
dier's letter, published in , the Hollidaysburg
Stendard, will give your readers some insight
into the manner" in which this kind of- public
sentiment is manufactured. He says!
, 4 A piece of political trickery of this ; kind
was practiced on our regiment ,a few days ago.
Some of the Republican editors at,home wrote
to some of their political friends in the regi
ment asking them to get up a set of resolutions
,denouncing the Copperheads" -of the North';
denouncing peace propositions; branding
with infamy the .Democratic State Senators
whq refused to give the legislative ball to Jehn
son and Wright; extolling the ,Governor of
,Pennsylvania, and endorsing the measures of
the -President's emancipation and conscription
acts. The resolutions were. dratted; and en
dortied in the following manner: The regiMent
was convened before the Colonel's marquee.
The meeting was organized by calling a ram
pant Abolitionist to the chair. The Colonel,
by request of the chairman, stated to the regi
ment the object of the meeting, after which
the resolutions,were read. Immediately after
the reading some one proposed that the reso
lotions be endorsed by the regiment : just as
.they stood. A vote was then taken, and I
Suppose every Republican in the, regiment voted
fox them. There was no negative vote offered,
consequently we who could not conscientiously.
endorse the resolutions, as they stood, were
compelled to lookers on in Venice.' I
suppose the resolutions will be forwarded to
the different Republican county papers for
publication as unanimously endorsed by our
regiment. Bat the truth is, if a,negative vote
had been taken,we would have sent up as loud
a nay,as the endorsers did a yea." ,
Resolutions of this kind have lately been
published as emanating from the 84th regi
ment. These - who know that the original field,
staff and line officers, with one : or• two excep
tions, were uncompromising Democrats, to say
nothing of the fact that four-ftfihs of the pi-
Tates belonged to the same political family,
would naturally be surprised; but the fact
must be remembered that at this-time there is
not a single one of the original field officers in
,the regiment,' and only two line officers—lieu
tenants. Some were slain in battle, •others
wounded,. and many compelled to resigh from
ill-health. The resolutions purporting to' be
passed by the regiment are the production of
the new officers, ivho are lookipg forward to
promotion, and do not empress the sentiments
of the brave Democrats of the 84th. This we.
have direct from one who has partiolpated in
all the battles in which that excellmitregiment
has been engaged. BLAIR tOURTY.
, General News
More about the ,Charleston epsdition. A
rashingloniten4 April 7, in the N. Y.. World
Y: I i
i •
Official information lately ?oohed the
War Department, that the movement against
Charleston had been initiated by theianding of
a small Federal force near the foot of James
Island Private letters have been received to r
night from Commandei Jolin Rogets, second in
command under Admiral Dupont, and also from
General Hunter to his relatives, dated Friday
last, fully forroborpting the re44.,aootounta p/ the
landing of our farces on BC John i t I,lsland y and the
Withdrawal of the enemy',. picket.. They speak
in the most /sanguine manner of the contem
plated movement resulting in great success, no
less than ,the 'fall of Charleston. • The*Depart
ment will probably have official, dispatches. to
morrow. i
The bread riots in Richmond, noticed in our
paper yesterday, appear to be confirmed. Simi
lar riots lave occurred in Savannah, and per.
haps other Southern-cities. The pchor•in the
South are evidently suffering , greatly for want
of food. •
The town of Jacksonville, Florida, was,burnt
by order of Colonel Rust, of the negro brigade,
when cat the eve , of evacuating the place: He
carried all the Union families with him.. He
alleges the burning of 'the town was in reialia-
Lion for some rebel outrage. ,
A Cincinnati dispatch, April 7, says it is re
ported that the gunboat Lexington and another
boat Shelled the town of - Florence, Alabama,
on the `2d instant,' and drove away . a company
of rebel cavalry stationed there..
In retaliation for firing into the , gunboat St.
Clair, on the` Cumberland river,' on the 31tit of,
March, Captain Fit; With a, gunboat, went
to dip town.of Palmyra, on Saturday.last, (4th
April,) and, after giving the inhabit i ants time
to leaie, burned the entire town. ` '
A 4ispatch dated the 7th, from headquarters,
Arm* of the Potomac, says' there are indiea-
Lions that the enemy on the opposite• sideJof
the river are in possessipn of information from
. ,
some'quarter unfavorable to their cause.
' In : regard to the ;Yazoo expedition a Cairo
dikipatch of ;April 7, says Reports infregard
to their azeo Pan expeditiOn are still eontie l t 7
ing. The Preponderance of evidence.is that: it,
is not abandoned,. Last week while the.steataer
A. Da Hine. , was passing dotin Cold Water . -R
wee fired into by guerillas, and 'Several Ilia
. -
hand's arid one engineer The Captain
was mortally wounded: • . •
Adyices from General Quimby'ti expedition
to . the 30th ultimo, state that no progress lad'
been made in the reduction of Fort GreenwOod j .,
Our forces were still in front of tbe enemy,
and there had been considerable skirmishing
between the pickets on shore. The rebels were
greatly strengthening their works. They have.
received and Mounted more heavy guns, and
are well supplied with ! ammunition., It is the
opinion of well informed officers that our gun
boats will not succeed in taking the fort. The
country along the Tallahatchie is, occupied' by
two regiments of rebel cavalry and swarms
with guerillas. The first reconnoissance of
Haine's Bluff by gunboats was made by Admi
ral Porter. The object Was one of reconnoii
sauce only. They proceeded within, range of
the rebel batteries and fired shots over at them,
but the shots were not returned.
From Nashville we have intelligence that
Gen. Mitchell, with 850 cavalry, went out on
the 6th, on the Lebanon pike to Green Hill,
And dashing into a rebel camp, where there was
a large number of conscripts, on the sabre
charge, he took fifteen prisoners, killed five..
and captured all their arms, horses, equip
ments, &c. 'The rebels were composed of parts
of Morgan's and McCown's ,bands. .Among
the. prisoners are Capt. Brady, , of the Eigh
teenth (rebel) Tennessee Regiment and a
lieutenant of Morgan's cavalry. A still-house
containing fort 7 casks of liquor was dgetroyed.'
The place, had been used as a conscripting,
rendezvous.. One man was wounded on our
side. Gen: Mitchell's command made a march'
of fifty-five miles in twelve hours.
, Gov. Buckingham's majority r in Connecticut,
wilt probably not exceed 2500.
WASELIIKETON, D. 0., Tueeday, sprit 6, USW I
The following officers , having been reported
at the headquarters of the Army for the offen
ses : hereinafter specified, are hereby notified
that they will stand dismissed from the service
of the United Statesunleee within fifteen days
final date they appear before. the Military
Commission in session in this City, of which
>Gen. Ricketts is President, and make satisfac
tory defense to .the charges against them
Desertion -.-Seconcl Lieut. Agustus A. Hagar,
61st Pa.. Vol.; Second Lieut. Alex. M. Wright,
3 dPa. Cay.; First .Lieut. Wm. H. Goodman,
6th Pa. Res. Corps ; First Lieut. L. D. Forrest,
6th Pa. Res, Corps.
Absence Without Proper Authority.—Capt.
Dennis McGee, Ist Rifle Regt. Pa. Res. Corps;
Assistant-Surgeon R. W. Rosi, 7th Pa. Res.
Corps; Lieut. G. S. Baker, 16th Va., Vols.;
.Capt. Jos: Williams, 80th N. Y. Vols.; Capt. D.
J. Culbertson, 13th Ohio .1Vols.; First• Lieut, R.
B. Scott, 65th N. Y. Vols. . ,
E. B. TOWIMEND, Aset..Adjuk.-Gen
The following Pennsylvania officers are ea
pt .from being dismissed ; under a' former
order, having made 'satisfactory defence:—
Oapt., Charles Arrow Smith, Bth Pa. Reg.;
CapL (Calvin C. Moses, 68th Vol.
It is reported at New Orleans that 'the rebels
have begun to evacuate Port Hndson, Don't
believe it.
John W. Hoirlapd,of Pittsfield, Mass., recent,-
ly appointed Commissary of Subsistence in the
army, has absconded with $16 ; 600 of Govern..
ment inoney,,and a Jame amount of securities
whioh, were'placed in his hands while actieg ebe
Division Quartermaster.
All the contracts for iron-clads (twelve in
all) hive beets awarded. The prices for these
will range from $280,000 to $400,000. They
are to be finished , and added to the navy in
about six months. -
By telegraph yesterday afternoon We have
the following
Mr. Henry P. Leslie, carpenter U. S. Navy,
and stationed in the Naval Academy yard at
Annapolis, as superintendent of ewovernment
buildings, grounds, &c., has received directions
k from
s the Navy Department to purchase and
plant trees at suitable points , in the yard and
otherwise improve and beautify it.
John Tucker, late Assistant Secretary of
War has publiehed a pamphlet, addressed to
Secretary Stanton in vindication of his official
conduct, recently aspersed by the Grimes In
vestigating Committee. We , wish him a happy
deliverance. This is oar own ' language,— no t
that, ef: the telegraph, whieh , ,inakes out ; Mr.
Tucker to be as injured innocent:
The following dispatch has been received at
Headquariers, St. Louis, April 7th, 1863:
Maj. Qen. IL W. Halleek, General-in-Chief:
.General Blunt telegraphs from Leavenworth
as follows: Major Ransom, jot the 6th Kansah
regiment, informs me that,he h destroyed
Hicks's bands of guerillas ini Jac ks on count ,
Missouri, itillii)g 17, and hangitcg ,tvto w o
were engaged in the robbery:of thb Sant Ga t:; ,
He also recovered some of the contrabanAs,
and captured twenty one of the bushwhackers'
horses, and seven guerilla eartips, with all
their equipage, ammunition, &o.
; I i (signedi) . S. R. cIItTIS, MO. Gen.
The New South, April 4th, containsa Charles
ton rumor to the effect that Admiral Porter,
commanding tie MisSissippil flotilla,. had been
killed on board the gunboat Layfayette, in an
engagement before Vicksburg. We do not
credit it. •
The Knights of St. Patrick, an Irish associ
ation, held a meetinglit the Academy of Music,
New York, on the evening of the 7th,
.for the
turpbse of considering and ieliering`lhe wants ,
of the people of Ireland, who, are said to be in
imminent danger of stagvation. 6-mural :14'-
Clellan was present, and before the meeting
was organized was loudly, called on for a
speech. He finally yielded to the:ealit and made
an address of some length, the• substance of
which oippears in the Tribune as follows :
Gen. M'Clellan expressed his sympathy with
Hie movement. He said he had departedfrom
his lanai rule—to avoid vast asserctblies—be
cause he knew that thitt had neither party nor
political purpose. [Applause: "Bully for
you l"I He had peculiar reasons for slava
thizing with them; he sprang from a kindred.
race; and he had seen their bravery in Mexico,
'Maryland andifirginia: Referring to immigra
tiun, he said that What Was Ireland's loss had
been our gain. Her aoldiers, in every field,
from those of the Revolution to those of the f
present sad rebellion, had upheh the honor of
their adopted country. [Cheers.], Fbr gene=
rations, our 'fathers had worked to.e.siablish' on
,this broad . continent one nation, onefree gov
ernment, that might be the refuge for'all, froth.
foreign lands. He knew that he expressed the
thought of every one who listened, when he
said that all tur energies; all our thou'ghts, sll
our minds, if 'necessary, the last 'drop of our
blood must be given to uphold that nidty, that
nationahtiy. [LOud' cheers.] He &included
expressing hisithanks' to the meeting, amid ,
gtent appledse. 1..•
The official returns df the 'St. Lotilo
for 'Mayor, !fie„ give qhauncey,l.
'Abijilitionist, a piajority,ofl2A47. 'The entire
radical' ticket was , elected by - about the , same
majority.' • •
L r
The follo i wing ,dated New York,
'April 8, gives the latest news from North Cap.
The Evening Poet learie th it on :the 4th in
stant Gen. Foster was at%Little Washington,
N. p., with a bkigade. regitnent ofNorth
Carolina and some other troopi were virtually ,
surrounded by the rebels; ivho have 'ereCted
batteries on Tar River, between Newbein and
`Little Washingtqn, which thei naval force of
wooden' gunboats are unable to pass.
It„ is understood that a battle has taken
place betweeu Gen. Fester and the rebels, but •
nothing definite is . known of the fight, which
was evidently conducted by the rebels from
their batteries. Gen. Foster's•means of defense
are deemed ample, he having a fort and len.
trencbmente, with sufficient ammunition and
provisions.., '
Large reinforcements are in• transports below
the batteries, unable to reach General Foster
for want of some naval force competent to take
them. It is reported that GenerV. Foster sent
to Fortress Monroe some time since for naval
reinforcements. It was expected that troops
would be sent to him from Suffolk.
A Washington dispatch says that letters
have been received from officers attached to the
Charleston expedition, written on the eve of
the; departure of the fleet, expressing them
selyed confident of success, and saying such is
the, general feeling among both officers and
men` attached to the fleet. The government
has not Yet received any information regarding
events in that quarter.
A , Milwaukia, Wiebonsin, dispatch, dated
Apia Bth, says the returns indicate the elec
tion of Jullge ,dottren (Dena.) to , the Aupreme
Bench. , .
WEDNESDAY,' April 8, 1863.
• The Senate was called to order at 10 'o'clock
by the %SPEAKER. •
Messrs. DONOVAN and ODATZ Pressited
petitions from GermantoWn in favor of , dUmmy'
engines on the Germantown road. '
hfr. DOWRY, from the Committee on i Federal •'
Relations, reported the House bill, declaring
th e 224 -of Febru4y, and such days at3' the
President of the United States shall bY Prb
clatnation fix as days of general thankagiving:
public holidays ; which was taken up and
Bills cousins - ann. •
The bill authorizing the Provernor to pur
chase five acres"of ground ih the vicinity of
Harrisburg for the erection pf a magazine, and
to remove the combustible material from the.
Arsenal, came.up in,order and passed finally.
' Mr. ItIDGWAT, ,on leave given, 'introduced
a bill' to secure Second street, in Philadelphia,
as a public highway ; also, a supplement - to,
the Germantown passenger railway company;
also,, a bill to incorporate the Philadelphia
sch'ogl house building association. • ,
Mr. TURHEI4, called ; up the bill empoiver
'lug school directors to select sites for School
houses, r hich was discussed and negatived.
Mr. STARR called up Senate bill No. '456,'
a supplement :to the act relative to; decedents' ;
estates, which passed to third reading.
Mr, CONNELL called up the ha) to) prevent
frauds upon travelers, which,,after a brief,dis
cussion, was negativd. , ,
Mr..LOW RIC, ,on leave given, introdaued
bill to enable citizens ,of this :Commonwealth
in the military and naval service to vote. ,
Oa .motion of Mr. SEERILL, the .Senate, re
sumed,the,consideration of the bill to prevent
the obstruction of crossings by locomotive
engines and ,cars, which was discussed and
peetperodfor the present. ,
Mr. STEIN introduced a. bill to incorporate
the Pennsylvania peat company..
,Mr. CONNELL called up the bill to punish
the fraudulent-,receiving of money on deposit,
whi c h passed finally.
Mr, WHITE called up the supplement to the
act.. of 1862, to provide for the adjudication
and I :op:ail:Lt of oer.taio milikary claims,
after dismission, was , postponed for the. pre
sent., Adjourned until afternoon.
The Senate met at 3 o'clock. , '
In...CONNELL called up the bill to provide
for the payment of troops of the reserve bri
'fade, first division of Pennsyliania
for services rendered in quelling the riot in
Schuylkill county, which passed seconi reading
and was leid over.
Mr. CONNELL called up the bill 'to !litho
rise the 'trustees of ' Young's burial
ground to exchange and sell certain parts
thereof. which passed finally. •
Mr RIDGWAY called np House bill NO. 727,
to incorporate the Conloeming railroad corn
pany, which passed finally'
Mr. BOUND called up the House bill; ihoor.
.poratieg fecompany ' to Construct a boom in the
Susquehanna 'river at JerSeY, &tore, Nreeming
county, which was discussed in committee of
the whole, and parsed committee.
WEDNESDAY, April 8, 1863.
\.,Tkeilfinee wairealied tororden tit 9 i a. m•
Mr. HABVEYI offel-edresoption to the
effect. thati during the retttaini giomesions of
this House no member shall be at liberty to
speak *more than five minutes attime:
On motion of Mr. GROSS, the t i me: for speak
ing on general questions was extended to ten
On motion of Mr.•FINCENT, the resolution
f was further amended by adding thereto, "'ex
cept on joint resolutions on the State of the
On motion of Mr. BROWN, (Warren,) the
words, "and twenty minutes: et ,a time, shall
be, allowed each gentlemanfon the act to erect
the new.county of Madison," were added.
The resolution as amended was finally
adopted. _
An act incorporate the Inn an d.oal bridge
company of Montgomery county, Passed
The supplement•to the act itteorporating ;the
borough of Bbiltlehem pissed finally.
An act,to :incorporate the. Atlantic navige;
tion cempany. [A , company, empowered to
build and , own steamers for the transportation
of passerigeis, mails arid nieichandisnoi"Dela- 1
ware bay and 'tributaries, and the Atlantic
ocean.a Passed finally. ' •
Mr..GROSS read in place an act incerPortt
ting the Grain Eleyator company c c Pittetturg .
Rule strapendedn, l palofed fan*. •
Mr. KAINE, (io place,) auppleinen,t ,to• the
act incorporating the •PittebUrg and ,Contielle-f
vine railroad company. Passed finally.
.sir. PAMPA; (in pisee,) `a supplement to
the set, to , encourage manufacturing OperatiOns
in ithe State of Pennsylvania. Laid' on the
table. N.
Mr. COMIRAN, place,) an act. to pre
vent street Peddling bytoung fen:tales; in streets
of the city ,of Philadelphia. author
izes the arrest of all females under ttie age of
18 years found peddling on the streets of Phila.
'Mr. COCHRAN movedfa 'suspension of the
orders to Alio* the consideration. of the •bill.
Not agreed to. f
liticlii'MUßTßl.E offered i.,be' fellOiving ; rer.
selntien `:.• , •
.. *volved, That pit plerk be authorized to
purchase postage ti t ,
and &cu.l
month, and furnish them to the membersointil
the close' of this seision', a n d pay ioi• them out
of the contingent fund. Agreed/0Y t i ;
Mr. SMITH, (Philp., :in place") an .act to
inebrporate the Manaynelt and Ito#ury water
coMpany. . Passed finally. '., ~ , .
Mr. pEtIO; o f TE pace / _ ) an, act to jneoi l
p °nate ' the' Xork; TTanover and Maryland Line
railroa,d company, (connecting betweencoluni
bia; on t4e 'Pennylvtpia railroad, and• Hanover,
in Yorkoceunty-18 milesin length.) . ,f., • -
Mr. DELLONE moved / to suspend pita orders._
to onsider the 'bill. Agreed to.
Mr. C,OCHRAN • moved to postpone the con
sideration of the bill lot. the present. NM
agreed to. " ,'
• The bill was then read a second time and
laid over fpi' third(reatiiii,; : , ,i ; f : ,
*lr BENEDICT offered' the! following 'joint:
resolution : •
Whereas, The Halide ofßePresentatiten Woe
directed their clerk to purchase stamps to be
put upen the lettere aid dociimente until the;
clone of the , present session, to be paid for out
of a contingent fund; therefore, , .
See. 1.. Be 'it enacted, 4.e., That the' State
Treasurer be authorized and directed to pity
the said clerk as a, contingent fund so much
money as may be necessary, for , the purchase
of said stamps. , The bill passed finally. • .
Mr. SHANNON called, up an act to, enable
the county of Allegheny to compromise 'with
its bondholders. Passed finally! •
Senate bill, entitled' "An act relating to bor.-
poratiens'for manufacturing purposes in the
Cotamoniealth of Pennsylvania," was con
Mr. SHANNON Mated that this bill was
originally framed for the co n ntrof Allegheny,
but had been unanimously amended So as to
include the whole Commonwealth of Pennsyl
vania in. its provisions. • , ,
Mr. TRIMMER was opposed to the princi
ple' contained in this bill—that .of, delegeting
poWer to one man. It did not suit the mining
districts. 'He was opposed to any corporation
holding large bodies of land.
Messrs. IVPMURTRIE, BROWN .(11fircer),
spcike in favor of the 'bill ; and Messrs., NEI
MAN, LABAR, ,BROWN (Northumberland),
GRABV.R and others spoke against it, as in
apiolicable to theirponaties. Passed finally,
Mr. HOPKINS (Washington) offered it resco.;•
don asking the Senate ; to, return to the House
"An act for the powent'of the beard of mill
tar elss,7 pasliedra few 'days ego, that it'
mi ht be reconsidered in the }busk; as he
ha sincelearned that the-original duties •of
the l board had ceased, and therefore that addi
tional pay for duties ; they now, perform was
The resolution was discussed at length by
bIeners.SHANNON, BROWN(Mertier), SMITH
(Closter), and others, in opposition, When the
: resolution passed. ,
. NO. YOUNG (City Passenger Railways) re-
Toiled, as committed, a supplement to the act;
incerporating the Delaware County passenger
rail Way., Adjouined Until' 4 o'clock p.'m. •
The House met 'at . : 24 o'clock, p t . m.
Mr; PERSHING, from t committee hp
,pointed to 'investigate into n egations -, of at
temted fraud and corrupt' n in the election
of Jnited,States Senator, in ;he ,absence of
the' chairinan Of the' committee, Mr: 'Wsitz- '
TIED, submitted ,tq the , liouse their : report,
,Imh h recites 1,14 evidence of T. a. foyer, Dr.
ey, Mr. Gra e ber, ; and others, and concludes
by expresSing an opinion of the guilt of Gen.
Cameron ' . ' . ..,
Mr. BROWN (*ai `stated 'stated thit there
,would be a minority report trete the commit
tee I that the, 'minority of the committee had ,
been denied access to the evidence before the
committee. ! ,
.• ( !.
,I . I •
Mr. LARGER denied that the gentleman
had been denied'access to the evidence. ' ' ' -'
Mr. BROWN (Northumberland) , 'offered the
following amendment to the resolution of the
cominittee l "for discharge: ,
Resolved, That the. Governor be instructed
to institute criminal prosecutions '.against
i - pon Ot‘inero,n; Willkam Brobst, John J. Pat
tersen aid Henry Thomas.
,Aer a long and excited discussion, in which
1 the friends of the , minority claiined that the
repoirt should not be adopted until the report'
of the minority has been heard, '
Mr. BROWN withdrew MS amendment.
Mr. ROWLAND'mbyed that 10,440 copies of
the report of the majority be printed in English
• and !t,wo, thousand in . German,' for the use of
the tlouee. ' ~ •
• Mt.. .BROWN (Warren) moved to amend the
metion of Mr: ROXI,ANI:O by , inserting, `'and
the report of_the minority," which was declared
out of order, inasmuch as there had as yet
been no minority report. ' • • '
The motion of Mr. ROWLAND was agreed
to. : •
Mr. Smith (Chester) called up an act forlbe
payment of money in lieu .of military service
by those who conscientiously scruple to bear
arms. Under 'consideration when the Hou'se
adjourned. .
• • •
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18613. maces cause be shown to the contrary. ,
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i road and Mining Dom Palsy% are hereby'notified that
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