Daily patriot and union. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1858-1868, December 20, 1860, Image 4

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Bmm CHICKENs—A Goad One—We, were
dining. the other day, at one of our leading
restaurants, when our attention was directed
to a neighboring box, by the peculiar order of
the gentleman who occupied it.
“Bring me a spring chicken,” said he.—
“Mark you, a. spring chicken. I want some
thing tender and delicate, and a. spring chicken
isjust the thing.”
The order was fulfilled, and the gentleman
siezed knife and fork, and made an assault upon
the dish. He tugged away desperately for
some minutes, and at. last called the waiter
again. > ‘_
‘ “I say,” said he, somewhat peltishly, “didn’t.
I order you to bring me a spring chicken ‘2’?
"Yes, sir, and I did so.”
“Do you mean to any {his is a spring chicken ?”
pointing contemptuously to the dish.
‘ "Yes, sir.” ‘ '
“Well, then, air, will you be‘ kind and obli
ging enough to inform me what wring that infer:
nal. tough fowl was batched in .9”
This interrogatory was too taught?» the
waiter. As he chuldn’t. tell the age of the
fowl, he removed it, and returned with one
more tender. ’ '
'tiFunen” M’Gnmn, ofPitteburg, was, many
years ago. very popular, both in his private and
ministerial life, with all classes and denomina
tions. He was a. genial, warm-hearted old
highman, fond of a. joke, and the following
wee one of' several good ones on himself,'whioh
he relished veranueh in telling:
He was riding out on the Butler road one hot.
suggmer’s day, when he stopped at a. house by
the wayside. to get a drink of water and rest
awhile. While in conversation with the woman
of the house, he picked up a Bible and asked
her if she read it often. ‘ .. _ -
“Yes,” she replied, “I have read it through
oftm" ,
“And do you understand all you read in it,
my good woman 1’” said his reverence.
“Yes, I do,” said she.
“Well," said he, “I have been reading and
studying it all my lifeyand I find a ggeatg deal
in it which I cannot understand.” ' e .
“Well,” said she. "if you aré a' fbo‘l, is that
a'nyyreason that I should be 2”_ :' ‘ .-. f . .
Sure enough, What c'budeilher M’Guire'say'
to that. ‘3 7
A Bonus Pumas or inns—The Prince by
his detention at sea. missed seéing the Bel-kin
Wei-heck style of individinl who‘ tried' to as
sume his titles end ptesogetiges during his
ahsejnée‘; Eor,on:the:llthl¢iéjniher s. young
gentleman‘of respectableveppesmnoe and ad
dress presented himself at the, gate on.oastle
Hill. » The sentinels stopped! him, telling him;
it is! theEen‘ti-ance o'uly- for the foy‘sl' family;
on .yhichh the stranger said.“ I am; the Trims
etf Wales.” The sentinels, .think'ing Itofijfis
gentlemanly manners, that _this F 415 the truth,
presented arms and vin‘e'rqgi'tteil .hinktm pass. .1!)
this fly he passed seyefal sentinels‘ :2 but inone
ofthe interior passages ‘bf ~the' «issue 1161’ res
met by one of the. seryant‘shyho inquired his
business. "I an; the Ethane.“ Wales}? ghe
Heidi," ~slid am going 'to .see my m‘other the
Queen.” The set-vent saith hev‘wopldfiiocom:
psiy him, and @l393?qu sub‘erint'endeht', they
dissented the strangerjeto be. an insengyohth
of some twenty yesr's‘Zof‘v ngeimaiin‘e'd Herding;
who had been recently' ‘dis'eharg’ed from a pri
vate lunatic asylum :aslcnf’ed...- ’ v
Makes the only seam formed by 3 Sewing Malchiue, in
which ml: stitch is independently locked and without
depgmlence upauyhe other stitches for strength, and
tho_ only seam that will admit of the thread being cut at
everx fourth atitch Without injury to’ thé seem in wear.
Ia ndnpted to all varieties. of fabrics, sewing equally
well the angst Swiss mnslil; or the heaviest cloth or
loathe}, and requiring an. adjwtment [6: any kind of
”yin; ofihe; than thé‘adaptgtiop 9f paedlel and thread.
flown fiamordinnj spools without rewinding, and fasten:
its own seams, thereby saving time and thread. It will
new common spool cotton, silk and ”linen thread, with
equal facility. 7 .‘
II no simple that m intelligent child of ten years mm
mail! )eam to opergte it, It is more easily kept in
ordér .flm'n any othexj machine, and need not be 'thken
qua-tic ‘be oiled. ‘ ' I
lake: the only stitch that cgnnot be injured by washing
and ironing, and the only stitch that forms an elastic
uni durable sesm. Fabrics put together by this stitch,
may wen; but and drop to pieces (tomoriglnal weakness
or hit-{l usage, but came apart or give guy at the seems
they pennpt; they will hold together' when the cloth 0,1-
difoih’ronnfl them hangs in rags 0}: fitters. V _. ,
GHATONEY A: WALTER, General Agantl, 18 Fifth
strut. Duisburg. ‘ .. .
11:. {Aug}. KEMBL‘E, Fourth and market streets,
Agefitirfihéfgisburg, where thelunchinegmay 3t p.ll
times He pix-$1: ija'iypgrafion. _A n , ‘
lap2B-dky}!_ __ . . ‘ '
mm um noun 9; 111! 431) mu!- "nuns
RDAD DDD'or'gc'
mmdmigned would respectfully inform the Public
tint Inc has Men the ' above Hotel, formerly known us
“ TEE M 35108 HOUSE,” which helm: refined and
no? maligned tthughout. ‘ . ~ x
v 1- GMQsprqunciou and ootnmodioufindfumishodv
fitfiggg'gonvenienco to be foundinthb beat Hotels in
“O {l73' .l " ‘ ; . _ l . -
1'8: FITED'ST’ATES" in admimblylocated for the
conga do of travelers, being under the same roof with
the éhgijln'gig. Railroad Depot, and 9““ gnvingbmh
mum um! plumage of luggage. M paws will be
qua-mm randy: filo ‘f UNIIBD STATES" a. plenum and
Mm‘fiame‘gee to glltho my favor it with. their
p. ‘." Chargél moderate,
mil! '_. . ’ H. W. KANAGA. Preprletor.
BJL‘LHL E B 11:0 U sE,
; 63051.80 TON,Ploruno;
1110 than won ham iid‘hng mbfiihed Hotel in
now madam ‘ thorough‘ mow-tion, and being in n
Winston newly furnishedfllnder’ tho propri owl-ship
of [gag-9|,“ J. Boner, who)” Fun‘ In mama 6!
tb hem for _the last than yum, guy! is wall'khm in
[flM.,._ 1‘ f ‘ ‘ '. ‘ , ’ ,
W m- the Imm finfioingo'which it u- on-
WM“, common! In. Bolton to the pull!“
w y. :1‘ 7.4!"! d. H W Bbmlu.
Em. 33%9351 1:9? all-sizes
ufiw?“ «’3 WWW“; 11:, too; ‘
oak-1‘: 89999.”. - hfl‘LWAQu a; co
‘ [.5 H:- Ti: :73 i w; ‘.l
Buzinws (llama.
Respectfully tenders his professional services to the
citizens of Harrisburg yud’ vicinity.
opposrn: THE BRAD y HOUSE.
sep2s-dBcwtf B. M. GILDEA, 1). n. s.
He 15 now fully prepared to attend promptly to the
dime! 01' profession in all its branches.
_ Again an nu suaoxssrm. MEDIUM. Hummus:
Juatlfiu him in promising full and mangle satisfaction to
all who mayfnvor hjmwith a. call, be t a diaeuechronio
or any other nature. Inls-dkwly
w .
W .
A TT 0 [KN 13153;}1e L A W.
a F
W5l mnfilflfie- [our
jails No. 18 Market Strut, Harrisburg.
. . euacnsson I'o x. 3. mm,
_owmmm an, HABRIBBURG
BRASS CASTINGS, of every description, madoto order.
'Ameriean manufactured Lead and Iron Pipes or :11 sizes.
Hydrant: ofevery description made and repaired. Hot and
Cold Water BathS, Shower Baths, Water Closets, Gistern
Pumps, Lead Goflins and Lead work 0r ' every descriytion
done at the shortest notice: on the most reasonable terms.
ractoryagd Engine work 121 genem.‘ All orders thank
runi renewed and punctumy “tended to.
1' 6 highest price in cash given for old Copper, Brass,
Landfill Spelter. ' mylS-dtf
J ‘c. M 0 L T z,
No. I, North Sim]. 3t.,.bé¢w«n deu and Mark“,
Harrisburg, Pa.
Mining ofavory deucxipfionmlda and repaired: Bran!
Cock-of alm,uul~’s largo mmntot Gul'ittings
constantly on hand. - * ' '
All work (lane in thin «manhunt will be under m.
‘an arm-ion. and warranted to give utiafmtion, _
on . - V = ' = '
WM. ’11.“ 'M‘ I L—‘ '
0&0? mum: oawi 51%;; girl. Baum,
=whfi-Sev.’¢uzm "m“ "an-mu"
rub:- AND s'mu swam. 93203110117,
’ “ _E. ‘S. GERMAN, ~
21 sown ,snooxn 3mm, non: onmwr,
3D: ‘t iotthosdioltw‘f'éztlcw “ham kYSo'II
lingo-ad mum: mM'mo, "mm-i
Futon for religion pnbnm’d: ‘ ‘ :7 Mandy,
FRANKLIN --Ho.usl«: ,"
»'n‘AL-I'ln?torii:, Hi).
This pleasant and oommodino Hotel has been tho
roughly tea-fitted __|n_d re-furnhhed. . It is may
titrated on North-Went corner 01' Howard: and. thklin
itmta, - few doors west ofthe Northern 64mm 3.11-
”: Depot. Every othnflomp-il h: thammfo-t 1:! his
guests. G. LEIWG,=P2OW,
_ jun-ti v, (My)! Selim Gm", h.)-
f3l*.- p-01#cttions.
B ANK NOTI C E.—Notlcg ls hereby
given, 11119!th ugfiurglggipo) haw formed an Asso—
ciation, md'prepared‘aind executod a. Certificate, for the
pin-pone of mubllihing in'-Bug 01' lan ._Diacount and!
Deposit»; under the pfovis'ions-oi'the‘ angentflled “An
dot to estnblish 3‘ system of‘l'red Banking in Pennsylm
unis» and-to secure the public againstxlusg from’lnsoh
vent flanks.” upprawq the Maidayof March, A. D. 1860,
midßmk to be callpd THE‘ DOWNINGTUWN BANK,
to bejloc‘ated in Downingtown, tpwcofiaist of a. Capital:
stock‘of Fifty Thousand Dollars, in shares of Fiftydiolr
lara _oach, withjhe privilegg of increasing thesamezto
any amount not exceégiing‘ in all !hreefiundredlhou
and Dollars.
OharlesDowmqg, -- '1 . | David Bhelmire; '-r
John Webster, ‘ William Rogers,
William Edge, V Laxgnnhelman,
Richar‘d D.’ Wells, Samuel: Bingwalt,
I: P: Btugh, Stephanßlstchfqrd
leptemheral‘o‘BO.—aepl 416 m _ _:m “- .'
BAN K N OTI C E.—Nouce ls hereby
. given that an Association has been formedvand :1.
anti cute prepared for the pnryose of establishing}
Bank of Issue, Discount and Deposits under the prov'p
sinus of the not entitled ”Am not to establish a system
of Free Bfinkigg inrennsylvanifl, and. tosecure the grub
licagainst loss from Insolvent Banks,”&pproved the 31:»:
day of March,- 1860. The and Bank to. be «called “ The
Bethlehem Bank,” and to be located in the borough of
Bethlehem, in the county of Northampton, with a. Gapi
talsbock of Fifty Thousand Dollars, in ohm-es 6f Fifty
Dollars each, with the grivilego of gaming the Skid;
Stock to _Two Hundred housaind Dollsrs. 31125-116151 -
AN K N 0101 C E.—Notlce ls hereby
given,»that apassociation has been fog-med 39d 8
cgrtificato prepared, for the purpose of establishing 1,.
Bnnk of’-issue, discount and. deposit, “depths! provisions
of thg act. entitled f‘An Act to establish B._a'ystem‘offiqe,
hgnhng invenpaylvauigsndto aggurejthg publi'e'agaimt
Ida: by insolvent bunks,” a‘pprovedthejzhirty-fim day'of
March;lB6o.‘ The-said Bnhklto be.csl;ed,,the “Inna
lawman-d toting heated-in the city of Phihdglphiq,
and to count-of‘ a;- eagaim stock of ONE Immngrm
1331005 an DOIJLAR , in shares of fifty fitjllhrfi 'eachz
with the-Priflggo o'f in'cteasingflie Lame t'o shy amen
not axe‘neding in all-‘on‘e million of dullnm'. jyzdfim‘
' 'flofioeje hereby men fthnt “ The lumen! and
Mechanics" Bnn‘k‘of'lastOn,” than); of Discount and
Dep'qaite loqgted in shebqrbugh' of Elston, Northamp
ton ‘couni'y, Pennsylvafiinfil‘afing h'upittl of Ion: Hun
dred Thousand Dollars, wi apply to the next Legislature
of Pennsylvania. fer-j. renewal dint-chum; ifin: fifteen
yms, froni the ,B‘x‘xlution; of it; presentehngterivflh
it's presentl up“: ' (hick, powers and privileges, and
without any duration in ‘or increase of the same.
" P. S. MICELEB, President.
M’E. FORMAN,.OIshiet. 3 5930-1161::
BA N K N 0 T I C E.—Notlee is hereby
_ given that an Association has been formed uni A
Certificate prepared for the pu'rpose of establishing a
Bank of Issue; Discount and Deposite, under the provi‘
sinus of the not entitled“ An act to establish a system
of- free bankingin Pennsylvania, and to aucurejhe publio
against loss from insolvent banks,” approved the 3131:
day of March, 13?. The said Bank to be called the
5‘ State Bank," an to be loeated in the city of PhiledeL
£13313, end to consist of a. Capital Itgck‘of Fift' Thousand
11ers, in shame“ Fifty Dollars Each, witfi the privi
lege of increasing the same to any emountnot exceeding
inlall One Million of Dollars; je29-d6m*
15:55: 86% 1112111
: Lynn. nzx'r—A Commodious Two-Story DWELLING
HOUSE, g 1: Second street, below Pine,) with wide Hal],
large Bee Building, Marble Mantels in Parlors, Gas in
six rooms, all the rooms just papered and painted. The
second atvry divided into Haven rooms. one of which is
8 Esth- Thifi, it! connection with the fact that the house
has jut been placed in the most thorough tepgir", makes
it one of the most desirable Home: in the city. Enquire
01' j I ' » E. M. POLLOGK,
, ’ Market Square, Harrisburg.
Also, several SMALL HOUSES for rent.. . dels-dtf
OR RENT—Eton; the first of Apnl
next, the STORE ROOM now occupied by Samuel E.
Zollinger, No'. 65 Market street. For terms apply to
dell dlm ' JOHN B. THOMPSON.
FOR: S A L E—A Light Spring One
. Home WAGON. Apply st_l’n.tteraon7a,store, Broad
street, West Harrmhurg. “31.“:
‘- A number of large ‘size BUILDING LOTS, mfioinlng
the Round Home and War]: Shops of the Pennsylvania
-Bnilroad Campauy, will be 5013. low and on reasonable
terms. Apply a; mafia... JOHN W. HALL.
c'. F; 170 L L'ME R'
I: prepared to do all kinds of work in the
Pays figment“- Attention to MAKING AND PUTTING
TRASSES, nnullgmq maximum, km; m. Re
a: 3% {12:11: That-11113111199 at his residence, in the fear of
hairy Illeyl. use, corner of upberfigzdolggk
\ ' AT THE
0 n”; 5112!? V gunman TORSI
: , . gimme]: {6r fl“ 0310 an 3111105,!“ 31:11:.
"”3313?!” mm. 'Wknoonms Imam swank;
. ginofiutgoulyqfitng-‘ FEW JIJW
t _ . I 1; 7.» I
u'i 'H‘J m I‘m?! .‘
m Aluminum: or LANGUAozs.—There is ngrpving
tandenoy in this age to approprinto the most expensive
"mg or other langmgen, and after I while to incorporate
them into our own; thus the word Cephalic, irhicli is
from the Greek, signifying “for the bend," in. now becom
ing popularized in ofnnection with Mr. Bpnlding’s great
Headache remedy, but it will soon be used in a‘ .more gen
eral way, and the word Cophnli: will baoomo as com man
as Elechotype and many other: whomdintinetion as for
eign words has been worn away by common usage until
they seem “native : to the manor born.”
’ardly Realized
Hi ’11:! ‘n ’crrlble ’eadache this haftcrnoon , hand I stepped
into 1116 hapothecsries hand says hi to the man, ‘ 'Osn you
hoses me of an ’eadache?” “Does it hnche ’ard," says
’9. “Hexceedingly,” says hi, hand upon that ’e gave me
a Cephalic Pill, hind ’pan ms’ouor it cured me as quick
that I ’min realized 1 ’ad ’sd an ’eadache.
ifi‘flssnsonn is the favorite sign by iwhich nature
makes known any deviation whatever from the natural
state of, the brain , and viewed in this light it may he looked
on as s safeguard intended to give notice of disease which
might otherwise escape attention, till too late to be some.
died; and itsindications should never be neglected. Read.
aches may he clusified undervtwo names, viz : Symptom;-
tic sud Idiopathic. Symptomatic Headache is exceedingly
common and is the precursor of a great variety of diseases,
among which are Apoplexy, Gout, Rheumatism and all
febrile diseases. In its nervous lbrm it is . sympathetic of
disease of the stomach constituting.sick headache, of he
patic disease constituting (minus headache, of woi-ms,
constipation and other- disorders of the bowels, as well as
renal and uterine emotions. . Diseases of the heart are very
fregnently attended with Headaches; Anemia and plethora
are also affections which frequently occasion headae he.—
Idiopathio Headache is also very common, being usually
distinguished by the name ofncroom Madac he, sometimes
coming on suddenly in a State of apparently sound health
and priests-sting at once the mental and physical energies,
and in other installed!!! it lOOIPQIPQ singly, Ihenhlded by 49.
pvession of spirits or' acerbityf of»,tepaper.; In most instan:
cos the pain is in the front of. the head, over one or both
eyes, sud sometimes provoking vomiting ; under this class
mayValso hemmed Hermann. _ ,_; _. .7
I In: the treatment at either class of launch the Ge
phnlic Pills have heanlolnd a sure andsal'e "medyllrelie-
Vinyl!» mat with admin “minimum and by its aubtlo
”is": endloating- gamma-ea or which. Headache is- the
mining index. ~ - . _ -
meam‘—Miuus wants yqntn non! ha! a box or Dep—
lnlic Glue, no, a bottle‘of Proxparedßillk-bnt I’m think
ing thaw nét just It mith’e‘r i, hagpgrhgps ’6’“ he “the:
knowing what'ij: in, ' 19, 599 3113.73 nigh dud uni gone with
the flierngndmh’o, Ind want: gone, mime Vof~ that “my“
relaivhdl;agb¢fnr’e., .._ j A .:_ » -'. ‘z 5‘ _
_ Drunk: —‘-;an m’ust inshn‘sfialdinz’a Oeplnlie Pins.
'Bfidg‘tw—och ! mine now Mgr; WWW? suit. here’s the
qptannpr nudgiv me the gin! mama! N. and” about it
u u. ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ' . > - ‘
Constipation on.- Cootiveness.
No one at the “any ill: fluhin Imm” lnno prev-lent,
nelitflevnndentoodi Ind no much neglected mood-Mme".
OM3 brigiuefi'u‘ in cuelensuew or nedenhry babitn; it in .
‘xegarded an a. alight disorder of too little consequence to '
excite nnxipthwmlein renlily- it in the precursor and
compunién-oi'. mnny‘of the _mcnt fitnl nud'dnn‘gerunn din
eugn‘,‘ _n'nd nnlenp early erudicnlediit will bring the nulerer
to un untimely grave. Among the ligMer eviin of which ‘
costivenenn in the Inn! nttendnt us Hendmhe, Colic,
Bhenuntinm, Foul Brenna Pilen and (Mien of) to mine.
while I. long Rein of fr'ghfil‘ul gigmnjueh se malignant
Peters, Abneugn, Dynentery, Diagnhmhbynpepnh, Apo
plexy,‘ llpilgpny Pmlynig, Erin-in', yponhondrinnin,
Mghunhol; unq,innnnity,.flm ‘ ndinul’n theinyrnneneo in
theznyltellfi' 1?! thin sin-min; symptom, .Not In'lreq'lien'tly
the illnennen named _qriginute in ,Oounfipution; but take on
an independent existence unless the cause in irradiated: in
an ml] alga. ,nvom nlllihene .annnidomronn It follows
that the dimmer should receive immodieto attention when
ever,“ oéonrn,and no person nhoula‘neglect‘te-get n box
of cephalic Pilln'on the first appear-nee ersthe comm-int,
an then-timely use will egpel the innidioun apprmhen of
dké'un’é' and destroy thin dangerous toe to-humeu‘ife. ;
A Real Blessing.
Phyaician—Well, Mrs. Jones; how is that headache 2'
Mrs. qus— Gone _! Doctor, all gqna! ma pill you sent
cued mo in just twenty‘minutes; sad I wish :04 would
animate so that “I can'hgiy‘bj‘lh‘ehhnndy. . _ V..= ~
Physician.—Yol can get fihqm at any Dmggilta. can
for Oeyhalic Hill, 12hr]. Wernewrfiil, Ihd I ruwmmcngl
mammal] canes ofnelunnhe - - ~ - ' ' a - »- .
Mix. Janet-71 shall uni for a bondinctly, and- 11111
tell a}! my «inflating friends, I'm-they are 3 real blasaing.’
I'me» Minions 'ov Do’ums Sunn..—Mr. Sphlding‘
has sold two million: of bottles of his celebrated szpi'red
Glimmnd'it is estimated that esch'b‘ottle saves.“ lent ten
dollar- worth,“ broken furniture, thus‘m’aklng an aggre7
gate or tmmty millions of dollars reclaimed from to a! loss
by this ultimo = inwntiun.’ 'anlng' mods his lilac a.
household word, he now proposes» to 'do- the world still
grater servlcs by curing all the ‘aching hoa'fs withxhis
cephalic Pills.-snd if they are as-good as his Glue, Bend
aches will soon vanish sway like Lsnow in July.
313-0“; IXOHBIIBN‘P. uni the mental care and anxiety
incident to the close attention to basinele or study, are
among the numerous causes or Nervous Heedache.‘ The
disordered slate of mini und’body incident to thiedir-trele
ing complaint is a. fatal blow to all energy and ambition—,-
Snneren by this dleotder can always obtain speedy relief
from these distressing attacks byusing one of the Cephalie
Pills whenever the symptoms appear. It quite“ the “jet-l
tested basin, end gnomes the stained nnd juring marvel,
and relaxes the tension or the stomach which always ae
companies and aggnvates the disordered condition of the
brain. ' .
ha:- wmn'a uowmu.—Sy'alding's Cephalic Pills are a
certain cure for Sick Handnhe, Biliou Hudaqho, Nervous
Headache, Continuess'nd Ge mal Debiflty.‘=
Gnu-r stcovxnt.—Among the most important of all
the great medial clls :oveties of this age may' he considered
the “stem of vaccination for protection from Small Pox,
the Gephallrl’ill for relief of Eulmehe, and the used
Quinine tenths rpi-evantion‘of Revers. either “which is
A pure specific, whose benefits will be experienced by enr
faring Immunity long after main diecoverers ere forgotten;
ifi'nm'yon ever have the Sick Headache? Do you
remember the throbbing temples, the fevered Draw, the
loathing and disgust at the sight of food 1?» new totally
unfit you were for pleasure conversation or study. One
of the Cephnltc Pills wont-1 ’hwe relieved you from ell tbs
misting which you. then experienced. For this and Lther
panes” yen shank! almyw have a be: ofthem on hand In
use as occasion requires. V_ .
#595 i
~ ea; - m
NervousHeadach e
fillflas 0‘;
By then“ or these Pill: the periodic attacks of Nar
vnus ”Sick Headache Ins, be prevented ; and if taken
at the commencement of Instant immadmo relief from
pain and sickness will be obtained.
gl'hef lgldpm mlfin removing the Nausea and Head
ache in which females are no subject. ‘ .
They net gently. upon the bowels,- removing Couive
ӣB5. . , . .
For Literary Men, Studenh, bulimia Females, ma
angpemnu of udenmry habits, they are vnluable u a
Lazan‘uo, improving the uppm‘ta, giving 3m and m'gor
toghe digestive organs, and restoringthe natural elasticity
am; strength of tho whole system. '
gm carneuc PILLS are the result or long investi
gufion Ind naturally conducted expeflmenta, having been
in in many yam, during which time they have prevented
end relieved I vut.amount of pin and enlisting {from
Head-she, whether oxiginetingin the aroma system or
{win Agog-aged mt: or the stomach.
They an entirely 7e
getnblo in tha‘ -
:3: :hken at 911 times with prtaqélg;:?:non’ “‘1
“:54”: m!“ of ‘.‘.“, CM “4 ”s9an of «1‘ out ml.-
gr. “.39, and": u.auay In adm ‘i V 1111;4-
cluldmlo ‘ . mam "um 10
BIWABII or cofifirnnuxu g ‘
The. genuine Inn in sign-turn! of Henry 0‘ 3!,“th on
uehhox. . :1 ..
son by 111-mm- and an other denier: in mam“...
Lino! filth but by mail prep!!! on my“ 9" the
, mofimghofl'yomndab. .1, V- 2. »
" , _mRYC.-:~SFALDING,
S .
.. ..mmuwn
,5 ’.‘.:57'1'13'3-‘l‘3l‘3'A‘. -—~;.~! :‘w'v‘l lii-i .41.:
6H): Guild.
Many, since the great discovery of Prof. Wood, have
attempted not. only to mutate his restorative, but pro
fess to have discovered something that would produce
results identical; but they have all come and gone, be
ing carried as"); by the wonderful results of Professor
Wood ’s preparation, and have been forced to leave the
field to its resistless sway. Read the following:
BATH, Maine. April 18, 1859.
Poor. 0. J. Woon a 00.: Gavan—The letter I wrote
you in 1355 concerning your valuable Hair Restorative,
and. which you have'publlshed in this vicinity and else
where, he? Elven rise to numerous enquiries touching
the facts in the case. The enquiries are, firsti‘is-it a
fact of my habitation and name, as stated in t 6 com
munication; second, is it true of all therein contained
third, does my hair still continue to be in good order and
‘ of natural color? To all I can and do answerinvarialgly
yes. My hair is even better than in any stage of my life
for 40 years past, more soft, thrifty, and better colored;
the same is trhe of my whiskers, and the only cause why
it is not generally true, is that the substance is washed
on‘ by frequent ablation of the face, when if care were
used by Wiping the face in close connection with thfl
whiskers, 'the _same result will follow as the hair. I
have been in the receipt of a great number of letters from
all parts of New England, asking me if my hair still
continues to be good; as there is so much fraud in the
manufacture and sale of various compounds as well as
this, it has, no doubt, been basely imitated, and been
used, not only without any good effect, but to absolute
injury. I have not used any of your Restorative of any
account for some months, and yet my hair is as good as
ever, and hundreds have examined it with surprise, as]
am now 61 years old and not a gray hair in my head or on
my face; and to prove this fact, I send you a look of my
hair taken off the past week. I received your favor of
two quart bottles last summer, for which I am very
grateful: I gave it to my friends and thereby induced
them to try-it; many were skeptical until after trial,
and then purChssed and used it with universal success.
I 'will ask as a favor, that you send me a. test by which I
i can discover fraud in the Restorative, sold by many, I
fear, without authority from you. A pure article will
insure success, and I believe where good effects do not
follow, the failure is causedhby the impure article, which
curses the inventor of the good. I deem it my duty, as
heretofore, to keep you apprised of the continued eifect
on my hair, as I assure all who enquire of me of my un—
shakon opinion of its valuable results.
I remain, dear sirs, yours A. 0 . RAYMOND.
Aaron’s hmxyq Nov. 30, 1858.
Poor. 0. J. Woon: Dear Sir :—I would'certalnly be
doing you a great injustice not to make known _to the
world, the Wonderful as well as the unexpected result ‘I
have experienced from using on: bottle of your Hair
Restorative. After using every kind of Restorativee
extant. but without success and finding my head nearly
destitute of hair, I was finally induced-t 0 try a bottle of
your Hair Restornltivel Now,'cander andjus’tice compel
me to announce to whoever may read this, that I now
possess a. new and beautiful growth of hair,rwhich I
pronounce richer and handsomer than the original was.
I will therefore take occasion to recommend this in
valuable lerf to on. winning feel the necessity of it.
Respectful y yours, ' REV.'S. ALLEN BROOK.
P. 8 —me testimonial of my approbation fo'r'your
valuable medicine (as you are aware of) is unsolicited;
but if you‘ think it worthy of a place among the rest,
insert if you- lush; if not destroy and say nothing. ’ '
Your-s, Jno., . Riv. S. A. B.
Dart 444 Broadway, and sold by sill dealers'throngh
out t e world. - , _ . ‘
0. .7. WOOD' & 00., Proprietors, 444 Broadway, New
York, and .114 Morkct Street, St. Louis, Mo. ‘
And. sold by nil, goo. Druggilts; and. Fancy Goods
Dealers. ' ' ' ' ' ' 110174185th ,
HUNT’S “WM 03‘ ROSES 2’ a. niobium! delicate
color for the cheeks Ipd .lips, flan-41:01} “(431101!
BUB OFF, and whé‘n once spplied rez’n‘uii‘as din-able for
years. mailed {no in bottles:for,sl.oo. - . ‘
danllnfi whiteness to the complexion, India. _ amy
thing 8 as uséd fox-this purpose, mailed freq formal)”.
HUNT’S “ BRITISH BALM,” remov‘e} tui‘ freckle'l,
gunlmrn and all eruptions of thqskip, nailed £ll9 for“
can a. - ‘ ' ' ' ,
strengthens 9nd improves its growth, I: s infirm fall
ing_off, find warranted TO MAKE THEM CURL,
mulled free {or $1.00.. _.‘ ; ~ - ‘ "
HUNT’S “ PEA‘RL BEAUTIFIER,” for the teeth and.
gums, cleanse! anwwhitans the'teeth, harden: the gums,
purifies the bran}! efi'ectually,_ PRES'EVBVIIS THE
3:313ng A‘ND PBEVENTS TOOTH7AGEE, moi-led nee
0r..~ ;. "--4“'
gmafi'of orange blossom {lnd 0010ng, mgim.fyge to;
This exquisite perfume was first used by the PRINCESS
ROYAL OF ENGLAND, 'on her'jnarriage. HESSRS.
HUNT is 00. presented the PRINCESS withmii stepm
cflse of Perfumery, (in which all of the abuse articles;
were included.) in handsome cut glazes withgaldstoppers,
valued.” $l6OO, particulars ofxwhichiepgmed in the
public prints. Allithe shove articles sent pm» me.
press for $5.00. Cash can eifher‘uec‘emfiae'y the order
or be paid to, the express sgseti on delivery of goods;
‘ ‘ ' ' _HUN'B & 00.,
- ‘ ‘ .- v ' Perfume'rs to'the gee”;
Rims-r Brain, Lennon, an 7.0,? Susan me,
The Trade supplied. ‘ PEIDMLPKIA. 7
aepd—dly - ‘ ' ‘
W ' fifimlmem.
1 '/,./’v ‘ - ' -
. 4;? Elf-Par
. «gnnexx I‘9 .
05% WWW “3%
3‘: Save the Pieces! 9':
A: accidents um happen wen in welhegulatedfami-
Has, it in “admin-gm? ii) in.” name than and conve
nient My for reflux-his Furniture, @Ol3, _Ggopkegy, he.
meets all such emergencies, end no household can nflord
to be without it. It}: always ready and upto theptlgk
in; point, Theme in no'l'enger n-no‘céuity for lluiplns
chairs, splintered veneers, headless ”done, 9nd broken
undies. It is jut the article for cone, shell, and other
Dwailm work, so popular with Edie-of refinement
on as e. ,_ , . , - = l
,Thlu hdmi‘rabla prepardtien is nied” Golgi, hein’g’éhemi:
at? held in whtion,_lnd {owning the nimble
qu itiea of the bent cabine -malern’.Glue. It any be
used in the place of ordin‘nry'mucilage, being vastly
more adhesive. 5 ~ ; _ :: . » ’
«warm. m 'nvxn‘i Hanan ”
N. B's-A Btu-h 11:me each bootle. Prue, 25
cents. . . ~ 1 . g' ‘
Yunnan.- DIM,NO. 48 03m: sn‘zhn, Nzw You:
Address 7 I
HENRY c; HARDING an ('lO.,
‘ Box No. 8,600; New York.
Put up {or Dealers in easel contaminated; Ei ht
and Twelve Dozen—a beautiful Lithogrnp 'c Show-gani
accompanying each Regina.
1]? A single be le of SPALDING’S PREPARED
GLUE will save ten timel its' cost Annually to every
household 9 , ' ' '
Sold by}: pennant Stationers, Dmgglaug Hurdm
Ind Furniture Dealers, Grocery, and Inc] States.
Country merchants should make I note of SPAM)-
ING’S PREPARED GLUE, when muting up their list.
It. will stand my elimste. _' ' . .
tent-dandy ’
V 0 .T I G E .—The undersigned having
1 i opened In Salish ”5 Cwefil 5939911“ Boy-in
thegLectm-e Boom 0111.1“ Wfl'fllmlfly called the
uUuiteq Brethren Ohmrch,"my J's-out,- bgtwgp Walnut
ud- Loeuatgtmta; iI pump!!- ta mom pupil: mar
instructthem'ili‘the bung]!!! null! taught immunol
of that chanotpx. Ith number 01. nupfl- mummm
twenty-flu. ‘. ‘. ‘. v .:i -,»x ‘::"i"
n Fofinfil‘rmntloh “Ehn'mfi Ema; 850-. upplfio
BY. ‘. OBINBDHMI . 9V5, -. ~ . u '.OXJIOI'IOIIUJ
to ",j, Mali-fin A, 1..; .uunémtxmam
C 0 o P E R’s‘GELAmelT'flé‘bém
Km'snnuasmwms 21m
; 1 “WM-loam- $11,: (:2:;
I: ginESWfi‘VEJ
As spenent snd Stomachic preparation of IRON puri.
fled of Oxygen and Carbon by combustion in Hydrogen.
Sanctioned by the highest Medical Authoritieshhothin
Europe and the United States, and prescribed 11l ‘iheu
practice. . V
The experience of thousands daily proves that no PW
psration of Iron can be compared with it. Impurities "7
the blood, depression of vital energy, pale and other'lse
sickly completions. indicate its necessity in almost every
conceivable ease. ' J- ' - ,
Innoxious in all maladies in which it has been tried, It
has proved absolutely curative in each of the followrng
complaints, viz:
In DBBILITY, Nnnvous Assoc-nose, Emcurxox, DYS
rsrsu, Cossrlrmos, Dmmnou, Drssnrsnv', marries!
Gossuumon. Scncru'nous Tussncumsxs. SAL-r .'linllnl,
Mlsms'rnumou,Walrus,GnLosoBls, leanournerrs,
Gnome Hormones, Rnsm'rxqunrnum-rrssrlsvns,
Pursue on was Foes, an. _ _ g
In cases of Gannon. Denim-n, whether the result of
acute disease, or of the continued diminution of nervous
and muscular energy from chronic complaints, one trial a:
this restorative has proved successful to an extent which
no descripl ion or written attestation would render credible . ;
Invalids so long had-ridden as to have become forgotten in
their own'neighborhoods, have suddenly re-sp'penred in the
busy world as if just returned from protracted travel in u
1 distant land. Some very signal instances of this kind are
\ sttested of female admirers, emaciated victims of apparent
1 maxesmus sanguineous exhaustion, critics! clan-ages, and
that complication of nervous and dyspeptic aversion, to air
end exercise for which the physician has no name.
In Nnvons Arrncrrons or all kinds, and for reasons
familiar to medical men, the operation of this preparation
of iron must necessarily be salutary, for, unlike the old
oxides, it is vigorously tonic, without being exciting and
overheating; and gently, regal-Lily nperient, even in the
most obstinate cases of costiveness, without ever being a
gastric purgniive, or inflictinga disagreeable sensation. . a
It is his letter property, among others, which makes it
so remerknbly eflectusl nndlpemsnent sremedyfer Piles, -
npon which it also sppenrs to exert n distinct and specific
,_ notion. by dispersing the local tendency which forms them.
In Drsrlrsn, innumerable as use its causes, I. single box
of these, Chalybente Pills has often sniliced for the most,
‘ hibitnsl cues, including the sttendnnt Costioeness._ -
1n unchecked Dumas, even when ndvnneed to Dress
nit, confirmed, emscisting, and nppsrentiy malignant
‘ the ed‘ecis have been equslly decisive and nst‘onishing.’ "
. In the local pins, loss officeh “dimength, debilitating
cough, and remnant hectic, which gencrslly indicete is.
omssr'oossunmon, this'ieuiedy nu sluyeu' the sin-m
or friendsnnd physieisns, in._soven.l very gratifying-sud
interesting'lnsts‘nces. " ' _A _
, In Eonorotonbmcnluounosrs, this medicatsdEh-on hos
'had far more thanhe good effect of themost emotionallyl
bolsnoed prepnr‘ntions of iodine, without any of their we
ginown linbilities. ‘. '- .~ : , ‘ s , ‘ .
1 " __lhe attention 0! females emot be too confidently inviwi
_to this fertiedy end restorative, in the cues peculisrlynf
:fectingthem., ; , ; . _ ' .; . .., -. V ,'.
g In Begonia-Isl, both chronic snd mimicry—m the
lstt'érflowever, more decidedly—Rhee been invariably well
Eimported,‘botli neuilevipting pain Indlfoduoing the rival-e
!lsn‘gs’ and stillness oi the joints and muscles. _ y _
g In lmnulnnm Plvsse it must necesn'nrlly'he n greet
“ii“; #54999W5. ”9‘9““?! #944! PM" in the
new settlements ofthe West, will probsbly he one of high.
jrenosvn ind usefulness." ~ ' ' ‘1 ’ 5 ‘ ' "
‘f Np remedy has evenbeen discoveredin the whole history
of medicxne’,‘which eneris' such prompt, happy, sud fully
restorativejefl'ecis.‘ Good. appetite;- coinp ere digestion,
rapid acquisition of strength, with In: unusual disposition
for neflvo nndche'enhl eiez’éiso, immediately follojw its use.
. Putiup in nest lief mehl boxesconuining ”pills, price
60 centsper _box ;_ for sale by druggists end dealers, 1 Will
be sent flee to snynddrehs ‘on're’celpt'bf‘th‘e price. All
ietters,;orders,,eie.,ghould bendarusedtm :i l- : ‘ I; -.
= . R, D.,].QO‘KE chQi,.,General Agents. ‘ _
my23-‘ddzwly' ' 'v ‘ '- *~ -20 cedarfltreet, New York.
«mm <
5323“ ’W T 1552?"
_. <—,~ a“
$3 "-36%“?
gomaPl-Rfifzfifigf :
.x , ,‘ ....‘.. ~,-v-:"'l ~.-A-- '
- . ‘ 'PEA’NSELVANJA.‘ '« - : '
- Apommcmms, DRUGstTsj GBOCEBS AND.
ngcgmms 12111115 ygpnmysnnnny AND, PORT
= wonnn's 12mm. JAMAICA AND. ST. 01101:: mm.
I :29; leave to "can the atjgntion o_f .the citizens of the-
Um ‘ 'smes‘m'the ’above‘Wm'ls and LIQUoga, im
portedtby Uponr’xo'Wonll,’ of NawlYorh‘vs-hose name
it familiar. ill evegy pm; qt" this cpuntryjbxj the .pux-ity
of 'his~celébrat‘ed' Sonmmx Saunas. 'M’r. Wpushin
hlnv lettegz t 9 mgr, speaking of thehpurity of hi 6 WINBB'
and LlQU'tms7 hays; ilirl‘zwu‘l qt‘gke mz' ,repntintgonru a.
man, my'gtlndifig' as I; merchnlfi; of bitty ye'm’ reli
-den_ce,ln the Citynoflflgw: Yoxzk,-tha.t alltho Burn)! and
Wums which I Bottle are placing: imported, and of_ the»
b'gst-gnflity; and can he relied'qpon by évery Eureka“. ”
ENE"! bo’gtle has the promigtqr’l name. on; glwu, n'ml
a:fs‘c*aizhilb of his: sign‘nfiure on the .ceptificatp. The
public gteir'edpeotfullyiipfited'h' can and examine for
tllxemsélveq. For 59.19 a]: ”151;. by 911_Ap9tb9oadnmd
Qrdcers in‘Philadolphis. "j ’ _ . V _ .
g, 7 , ~ t a GEORGE H.‘ ASHTON,
_ ' ' ‘ No. 832 Market pfireehl’hihdglphil,
' g - ‘ ' 8019' Agent £O7 Philadelphia. _ >
:Read the following from .the New: ork Gm‘n'er : ..
Enormous BUSINESS son on New YouMntaAnm—
.We are happy to inform our fellomeitlzens that there in
one place in our city where the physician, apothecary,
and country merchnnt, mnrgonnd pnrchuoilmre When
and Liquors, ole pure as imported, and of the beet quality.
We do not intend to 'giveon’elnhornte description of- this
m'prchent’s extensive business, although it will well re-‘
pey‘enf stranger or 'citizen to visit ’Unouno Wonn’s
'extenq ve warehouse, Nos. 18,-'2O and 22, Bénver street
and 803.117, 19 and 21, Mnrketfield. street.‘ His atoek oi
s2l!!!pr on 'hand ready for shipment could not. have
been less than thirty thousand men: the Brandy, some
ten thousand cases—Winteges of 1836 to_lBs6;,and,ten‘
thousand ca’see of Madeira,‘ Sherry and Port Wines,
Septeh end .Irish Whisky, Jnmnicnjnd st. Croix Rum,
some very old and equal to anyin this country, He also
had three’lnrge cellars, filled with Brandy, Wines, Jno.,
in; caska, under Custom-House key, ready-for bottling.
ML'WOLFWS sales of Schnapps last year amounted to
one hundred and eighty thousand dozen, and we hope in
less then two years he may be equn‘lly inceeest' with
his Brandies and Wines. V _ _
ms business merits the pafronug'e’of every lover of
his species. Privatefamilies whmwish pure. Wines and
Liipors for medics] use ‘ahould send their Orders direct
to Mr, Woun, until every 'Apotheéury lithe him make
up‘ their minds to discard the poisonqun, stuff from their
ihelvos, and replace it with Woun’s pure Wine and
Iquggs. ‘ ,1 :.~ . , ‘c
Wé'iuiderstend Mr. Wou's, for the accommodation of
3mm dealers in the country, puts 'u'p ss’aorted cases of
Wines antmquors, Such a men, and such a met-chain;
shimld‘bé unstained. againstvhis len-(ofthpusmds 0:19p.
patients in the United Statesfiwho sell nb‘thing 511% but
£sl.lan, ruinous alikertohnmsn health find happiness.
For sale b'y 0. K. KELLER, Druggist, sole agent to:
Harrisburg. sepMszGm '
X A. N H 0 0 D
.’ i HOW LoBl‘,_ HOW RESTORE 1),
‘ Jim Rubi-irked, in ad smm Envelope;
Week-gene; Sexual nobility, Nervoneness and- Involuntary
Emismone, prpdncing Impoteucy, Consumption and Mental
and Physical Debility. ‘ .
The important fact that the Awful eomqueneol of Aali—
almeenjey be efisctually removed withoutinternul medicines
or the dangerous applications of caution, instruments,
medicated bougies, and other empirical devices, is here
elem-l; demonstrated,'nnd the entirely new and highly
anceeesful treatment, an adopted by the celebrated author,
fully explained, by means of which every _one is enabled to
cure himself perfectly and at the least poseinle cost, there
by avoiding all the advertised noelruml. of the day The
Lecture will prove a boon to thousands and thouuands.
isentunder sell to any address, post paid, on the receipt
of two nostalgia stamps, by, addressing Dr. CHAS. J. 0.
KLINE, 480 'ret Avenue, New York, Post Box 1,586.
' - aisle-dawn ‘ _ ~- '
A prime lot just received by
01:30. QWM. DOKC, 33., g: 00
BLACKBEBRlES,justreceived by: » . :
01MB. ' WM. DOCK, .18., a; CO,
’LKOY‘BUOS‘of an endless Variety, for,
tho' ’lmlilalnont Ind instruction of qu- litth gnu, a
s‘ l'l'Eß’Sßoohton. : 2 - s *
‘ .U-M-P-H—REst g . ~ i {it
flat-lint ’ 2 f sWFQfmsm; .
3,.» , - ‘ A - A9l» "##3##.
SMO‘ SMOKEfiLV'Sgim-l-g "SLI"
’ufiziahfiéfi-‘gw‘fifi‘fi'i 91mm?“ 33“"
.‘1 .; AYER BAISINS—WHOLE I V" " v.: ‘.i ‘.~
qugwmmemlmm A???” “a
{PM} rm afig'lV-te-«ilhsg‘3l3(::x::aME.W‘-h§. ‘00:
The attention of Invalid}, Physicians, Clergymenfi
scientific men, and therpublgc fuel-ally, 1s respectfully
solicited to the merits of this c emical preparations con.
taining IRON, SULPHUR, AN!) 'l’HOelPI-lOBOU , and
which is identical in its compofiltlon With the Emma:
Globule, or red blood. In all diseases accompanied. with
. D E B 1.11 I T Y , -
pale _eouutenence and nervous derangement. mum. of
the blood show a deficiency of the red globules. Buddy
complexion and a rosy tint of the skin, I! .always indica
tive of health; while a pale, wax—like ekm and counte.
nance,—which evinees adeflciency of the regl globule -
accompanies adiseased organism. Preparations ounlbu
have been given for the purpose of supplying the red. glo
bules, but we contend that IRON alone, SULPHUR alone,
or PHOSPHOBOUS alone, will not meet the deficiency
in every case, but that a judicious combination of all
‘ these elements is necessary to restore the blood to its
normal standard. This point, never before attained, has
been reached in the BLOOD FOOD, and its discovery
ranks as one of the most scientific and importsnt of the
age. Its efi‘ects in 7 -
are to soften the cough, brace the nerves, strengthen the
system, allay the prostrating night sweats, increase the
physical and mental energy, enrich the blood by restoring
the locking red globules, increase the appetite, restore
the color, and clothe the skeleton frame with flesh; The
BLOOD FOOD will be found a specific in 311.0H80N10
DISEASES of the '.FHROAT or LUNGS, such u Asthma,
Branthitis, Coughs, Jno. Public speakers and. singers
will find it of great utility in clearing and strengthening
the vocal organs. In Dyspepsia, Lwer Complaints,
Dropsy, Epilepsy, Paralysis, Scrafula, Gravel, sc; Vi
tus’ Dance, Fever and Agile Jno., its efliciency is Inn-kw
and instantaneous. In no glass of diseases, however, are
the beneficial effects of this remedy so conspicuous as in
those harassing V '
to which the gentler. sex ere liable,.-snd which tend to.
wards Consumption, such as suppressed or difliqult Men
smuztim, Green Sickness, Whins,‘acc., especially when
hese complaints are accompanied with polesessasdingy
hue or pallor of the skin, depression of spirits, ability,
pelpitntion went of appetite, and nervous ipro‘strnth-I.
We have the utmost confidence in recommendingfhe
BLODDFOOD to all who maybe conscious of trio s oi
vitality or energy; and to thosewhose mental or built
powers 'are pros’trsted through over-use, either of the
mind or body and we deem it our duty to soy flat in all -
icases of Weaimzes and Emacianan, and in all diseases
of the Kidney: or Bladder, this preparation has I. claim
upon the attention of sufl‘erers which cannot in over
estimated. A faithful trial will bevfound the molt eon.
vinoing {roof in regard to _its eflioncythnt couldhepsheoi
, for. Wth the above remarks, and irith the numerous
1 testimonials we have in its»favor,-we alter the. “BLOOD
FOOD" to the consideration of the afflicted, knowing
that itwill be acknowledged as pre-eminent over oil other
prepanfiongmntent or oßicinnl‘, in int of. usefulness.
circulars givingkthe .’l‘heory upon wliiioh this remedy is
founded, also certificates of remarkable cures win he
sent free when desired. We forward'th‘e-BLDDE) FOOD
to any part of the United Statesor Canadss upon receipt
of price—sl per bottlefiso for six bottles.; Be careful in
all cases to take none ut thathaving our foc-simile sig.
nature upon the mpper.: Noneotheris genuine.
yrepued only by 4. ; . 0111.11qu “DIIQQNT,
~ ‘ ’ ’ ‘ ' No. ‘O9 Biondwfif‘flevj York,
Andsold'by them, and by all respectable bmfiim'
For sale by C. A, BAJSNVABT,O.,K,KELL _ _nnd D.
W. GROSS & 00.,‘Rarrisburgj: ' ' fend-eowukwly
PURIFY ‘TQE 3.15091)!
fiVfiimits ”
Thehigh land envied: eelebtity'v'vhleh ’th'eee‘ pro-cm!
bent Medlciqee‘ heve-eoquirea for sllqu lnvnlnhle.em
my ii: an the'biee'ueé’which the firofwi hjéiito, 1,“
registered the melpmtioe of filling not ammunition
lary, bu}: unwdrthyefithem, , i _ . .. , r ,
' ’ --‘ IN’AISIE OAS!!! ' ' " ’
0! Asthma Antenna Chimingkhemuetilm, Afletionl
or the Bladder and Kldne‘ylwx.
muons. Inseam,» rmynn COMPLuxflgs,
In the South Ind Went, where these dxleuel prev!!!
tltxgyjlllhbe. {bum}; igzflnagigai .Plantelfii fer-1m g
o era 1! o'onceuae “ape! cine; w . ”ye ;) L
wards herald": tli'emi” ’ 7’ ‘' W _
nvnnmss cenps AND opuensédnogc, .V .
00:13an nvmons Inna? ms. ‘
DISPEPE}§.e-:-.-Nq penupgyith his {lief-reusingflme,
should delay Ising these Medicine; immediate I! -V K
Emptié'fls of the Sléin, mined“,- mitifleiley.‘ ‘
Inn}; AEDIAGUI.7_FO!.:thI§ mean. of. .tlwam
countiy these Medicines will be fqund a, pie, Igeedysnd
certain remedy; " Other niefliclné: lenire‘ the-untenab
ject to a return of the disease; a. cure 311,311,010; Medl
cines is permanent. _ . ,-
Try,the_m._ Be afilaflefl, mdbe curedsv . .
Fouwnss or Go uxlon— ‘"' ' ‘ ‘
. . r_ z GRAVE!» . , 4'5"
Headaches of every kind; Inward Fever,“lnflimml‘tory
Rheumatism, Impnre.Bloo&, Jenndice, Lou's o'pryetite.
: Mesoiniui. menses—Never; fails hp‘sgsdloste ,on'
tirely'etl the efl‘eets‘of Mel-duty infinitely sooner than
the most powerful preysntion of. Serupmllen 7 3.211
..AFI‘EOIIONB.‘ :4, :3
Pliny-JIM: original proprietor of these Medicine
wss,cured of Piles, of thirty-five years’ standing, bythe
the use of these Life Medieinesrslone. ;. v »
o; PAlNB'in' the Heed; Side}. Bs‘ék,’l.imbs, Joints end
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use, #111,1‘95‘119 as relief 1.37 the??? Meshes”.
;Rush of Blood 'to‘ the Head, .Sclujvy, William:
Swellin'gi.;.:.i "§= -‘.
Hones-nu, or Kxxu’s EYIL, in its Worst forms. U 108!
of every description; , z .
T Wo’mts of‘-l .kin'ds sie‘efl‘eetuslly expelled by then
Medicineeu 24:91:38 ,willldo well to sdminister them
whenever their existence is suspected. Religiyill-M
certain; ‘. *. : , ~ - . v
‘ And thus remove ellidiseese'from‘the system.
‘. , ,legnsphun sonnet :1 v-z:
DR; WILLIAM B_.‘ Mpnrsm, .
335 Br‘oadwaf conie: of Anthony street, New York.
117'!qu iv. Ilflpxessssts...» - .djll'lw'dfiwly
m ..
- >lO4 MARKET smnnnr, T
Where every description of Ladies’ and Gsntlsmen’s
flag-manta, Piece Goods, Jno., as_!)yed, Claimed, and
finished in the best manner at the shortest notice.
{5% cé/
lOUNDED 1862. __
BALJ'IMORE, MDI.‘ '~-' “
The Largest, Most Elegantly Furnished, Ind Pupil".
.lommerehL College in the United Staten. Dullgnfll
nzpregsly for YouuglMen design; tv pb’mln I. Tnonouou
Imam-10A» Buexnss Enuouloufin theshortent peedblo
time and at- thg least expense. ' "-‘
A Large and Beautifully Ornamented Circulu, eon
tulning upward: of SIX SQUARE FEET, with anon“!
on Penumsmr, and 5 Large Engraving {the flnentof the
kind ever made in this country) repreaen ingthe Ihterio:
View of the College, with Catalogue otfitingfififl'fll $O..
mll bejent to Every Young mm on Appueiflgnfifli
n!031k0l.; v- ' '
Write immediately and you will receive the pack!”
by. return mail. Address,
:an2s-dly] ~ 11. x, LOIIEE. BAL'HIOBI, MD-
J‘U-S T RE Gag 1v E] p!
INK FOUNTAIN 1 nix mummy:
A very ingenious attachment to any metnuiofpen, by
which one dipfiof ink in sumcient vto writé a. when
119-se- For sale. It SOHEFFEB’S BOOKSTORE,
V‘P9 ~ '1: "‘1 "' ' NoJBMu-ketat
=foi' Bfuklhitha’ nto. A guperior uncle for It}.
Mg°mwg4 Wm. >
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_.DEI E 1). AP PLE 3 AND‘ 13141.13}?
~betl§EAgus-éf°'~“lf 1" int. DOOKJIZ, i; no "
KELflER's DRUG STORE is the-plains
: v to hu‘v Imm ‘n‘r Tugmndrlquy. 5.111 .‘.: A ; '.i :
*FiNfiéfiOPIMENT‘SJ "if? 33'
. 11. . USTAEDH¢O°O , o's "
‘ Ems ‘ - GSTOREE‘E’W'_
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