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ST.. YEAR W 4roVn7
''''F',ll:ll:iti SUii6%:ltirTi•,i
Yell IS screed to subscrilwrn 11l th.
arty at 125 a ante per week. Yearly 11111)Beribers . will be
charged $6 00 in advance. Those persons who ueglectti
pay in advance will be charged $7 00.
Tits Trouintsen is also published weekly,aud is farina h..d
subscribers at the following cash rates
Single copies, weekly....
Vireo copies to one Post Mice
Teo Wliien to One Post °nice
A. Cure Warranted.
Dyspepsia has the following Symptoms:
Ist. A constant pain or uneasiness at the
pit of the stomach.
2d. Flatulence and Acidity.
3d. Costiveness and Loss of Appetite.
4th. Gloom and Depression of Spirits.
sth. Diarrhoea, with griping.
6th. Pain in all parts of the System.
7th. 'Consumptive Symptoms and Palpita
tion of the Heart.
Bth. Cough, with Phlegm in the Throat.
9th. Nervous Affection, and want of Sleep
at night.
10th. Loss of Appetite and Vomiting.
11th. Dizziness, Dimness of Vision, and
Loss of sight.
12th. Headache and Staggering in walking,
with great weakness.
Out of the thousands of cases of Dyspepsia
that have used Dr. Wishart's Great American
Dyspepsia Pills, not one of them has failed
of a perfect cure. We warrant a cure in every
case, no matter if of twenty years' standing,
Sold by all druggists everywhere, and at Dr.
Wishart's office, No. 10 N. Second street,
Philadelphia, Pa. All examinations and con
sultations free of charge. Send for a circu
lar. Price $1 per box. Sent by mail, free of
charge, on receipt of money.
I, ELIZABETH. Munson, of Brandywine,
Del., formerly of Old Chester, Del., do certify
that, for one year and a half I suffered every
thing but death from that awful disease called
Dyspepsia. My whole system was prostrated
with weakness and nervous debility; I could
not digest my food; if I ate even a cracker or
the smallest amount of food, it would return
just as I swallowed it; I became so costive in
my bowels that I would not have a passage in
less than from four and often eight days; un
der this immense suffering, my mind seemed
entirely to give way. I had a dreadful horror
and evil forebodings. I thought everybody
hated me, and I hated everybody; I could not
bear my husband nor my own children, every
thing appeared to be horror-stricken to me;
I had no ambition to do anything; I lost all
my love of family and home; I would ramble
and wander from place to place, but could not
be contented; I felt that I was doomed to
hell, and that there was no heaven for me,
and was often tempted to commit suicide,
so near was nay whole nervous system de
stroyed, and also my mind from that awful
complaint, Dyspepsia, that tnyfriends thought
best to have me placed in Dr. Kirkbride'e
hospital, West Philadelphia; I remained
there nine weeks, and thought I was a little
better, but in a few days my dreadful com
plaint was raging as bad as ever. Hearing of
the wonderful cures performed by Dr..Wis
hart's Great American Dyspepsia Pills and
his treatment for Dyspepsia, my husband
called on Dr. Wishart and stated my case to
him. He said he had no doubt he could cure
me. So in three days after I called and placed
myself under the Doctor's treatment, and in
two weeks I began to digest my food, and felt
that my disease was fast giving way, and I
continued to recover for about three months,
and at the present time I enjoy perfect health
of body and mind, and I most sincerely return
my thanks to a merciful God and Dr. Wis
hart, and to his great American Dyspepsia
Pills and Pine Tree Tar Cordial that saved me
from an Insane Asylum and premature grave.
All persons suffering with Dyspepsia are at
liberty to call on me or write, as I am willing
to do all the good I can for suffering hu
Brandywine, DeL, formerly of Old Chester,
Delaware county, Pa.
Da. WISHABT'S Office, No. 10 North Second
street, Philadelphia.
Da. Meatier-1 have been a constant sufferer with
Dyspepsia for the last eighteen years, during which time
cannot say I ever enjoyed a perfectly well day. There
were times when the symptoms wore more aggravated
than at others, and then it seemed it would be a great re
lief to die. I had at all times en unpleasant feeling in my
head, but latterly my sufferings so much increased that
I became almost nntlt for business of any kind; my mind
was continually filled with gloomy thoughts and fore-
Wings, and if I attempted to change their current by
reading, at once a sensation of icy coldneES in connection
with a dead weight, as it were, rested upon my brain;
also, a reeling of sickness would occur at the stomach, and
great pain to my eyes, accompanied with which was the
continual fear of losing my reason. I also experienced
great lassitude, debility and nervousness, whibb made it
difficult to walk by day or sleep at night. I became
averse to society, and disposed only to seclusion, and
having tried the skill of a number of eminent physineas
of venous schools, filially came to theconclusion that, for
this disease at my present age (45 years) there was no core
in existence. But, through the interference of Divine
Provid once, to whom I devoutly offer my thanks I at last
found a sovereign remedy in your Dyspepsia his and
Tar Cordial, which seem to have effectually removed al
most the last trace of my long list of ailments and bad
feelings, and in their place health, pleasure and content
ment are my everyday companions.
No. 453 North Second street, Philadelphia,,
Formerly of Woodbury, N. J.
Dr. WisbarLi's Office No. 10 North Second street, Phila
Philadelphia, January 22d, 183,
J3x. VirtastAßT—Sir:—lt is with much pleasure that I
am now able to inform you that, by the use of your great
American Dyspepsia Pills, I have been entirely cured of
that most distressing compgaint, Dyspepsia. 1 bad been
grieviously afflicted for the: ,last twenty-eight years, and
for ten years of that time have not been free from its
path one week at a time. I have had it in its worst form
and have dragged on a most miserable existence—in pain
day and night. Every kind of food that I ate filled me
with wind and pain, it mattered not how light, or how
small the quantity. A continued botching was sure to
follow. I had no appetite for any kinds, of meats what
ever and my distrers was so great for several months be
fore I heard of your Pills, that I frequently wished for
death. I had taken everything that I had heard of for
Dyspepsia, without receiving any benefit; but on your
Pills being recommended to me by one who had been
cured by them, I concluded to give them a trial, although
1 had no faith in them. To my astonishment, I found
myself getting better before I had taken one-fourth of a
box, and after taking half a box, I ant a mil 'man, and
can eat anything I wish, and enjoy a hearty meal three
times a day, without inconvenience from anything I eat
or drink. If you think proper, you are atliberty to make
this public and refer to me.
,I will cheerfully give all de.
alrable Information to any Otte who may call on me
Yours, respectfully, JOHN H BABOODE.
For sale at Dr. Wisbart.s Medical Depot, No. 10 North
Second street, Philadelphia, Pa. Price One Dollar per
box. Bent by mail, free of charge, to receipt of price.
I, Samuel D. Haven, have been a great sufferer with
chronic Dyspepsia and Inflammation of the Kidneys for
three years. I employed three or four of the moat emi
atintplsgiciarut of Philadelphia, also of Burlington county
N. J.: ey did all for me they could, but auto no pur
pose, I was .constantly filled with awful pain and dis
tress, and with constant belching of wind and sour acid.
My tongue was covered with a white coating of mucus
until it cracked In large furrows, and was dreadfhlly
sore i Ohl I °Mimes wished for death to relieve me of
my gaireri for I had lost all hope of ever being well
again. elt a subject of prayer to God that he
street me telo22]BFhpligiell Or medlobe that
" I " I'm 1 4 UPIE Kg NAM Si
. . .
VOIVI !Willi . . •
• 1,14/4 . ' • - -
• ,
. • • ~ 1 , 1 / • •
~ ••
• • .•.
$2 00
5 00
15 00
Dr. Wishar's in the Philadelphia Ledger, of a great cure
made upon Mr. John Babcock, of 1028 Olive street, Plaits
dolphin, by the grdat American Dyspepsia Pills. I went
to the Doctor's °Moe. and placed myself under h treAt
ment, and told him if he failed to cure me, it would be the
last effort I woutd make. It has been am weeks since I
commenced the use of his medicine, and I am now a well
man, free from all 'pain and distress, and can eat three
hearty meals a day with comfort, and, feel perfectly well.
Dr. Wlshart, I want you to publish my case, as I want
every poor dyspeptic suffering as I was, to call on
.me., and
I will tell them of the great cure 1 have received from
your invaluable medicine. SAMUEL D. HAVEN.
Corner Venango and Lambert streets near Richmond
street, formerly from Wrightatown, Burlington county,
N J.
The above are a few among the thousands which this
great remedy has saved from an untimely grave.
We have thousands of letters from physiciams and-drug
gists who have prescribed and sold the Tar Cordial, saying
that they have never deed or sold a medical which gave
such universal satisfaction.
Prepared only by the proprietor,
No. 10 North Second street; Philadelphia, P.
Sold by Druggists everywhere BmjylB-eod-d&*
lAM happy to offer. to the public a large
and splendid assortment of
manufactured by
These Pens are well finished, elastic, and will give en
tire satisfaction.
Second street, opposite Presbyterian Church, Harrisburg
Pa. ap2B
Market Street, Harrisburg.
Will opon on the let of April
Almanacs AlinanacS !
13 A. R'S . •
English and Gerniau tancaster
for the year
1 6 .
For case, by the gross, Dozen, or single, at Schaffer's
Bookstom D. South Second street, Harrisburg, Pa. sq 29
DorTrrv.n. -
.IVaind street, between Third and. Fourth,:
Wines, Beer and the beet quality of liquors constantly
on hand. A share of the public patronage is respectfully
solicited. [oc3d6m] • JOHN DONNRR
Very Convenient.
TAKES pleasure to ittforin his friends and
Customers, and the public in general, that he has
opened a wholesale ana retail Variety, 'Notion and Jew
dry Store, No.losXdfarket street, (theme Eby if ' Ku 's
Building, Harrisburg, Pa. _.
It would occupy a great amount of space to enumerate
the articles composing my stock. The purchaser find,
through my experience of thirteen years in the busmen,
that 1 can sell goods equal to the jobbers in the Eastern
citiea septas-dem*
raUNDERSIGNED will commence
ting Shade and Ornamental Trees, Vines, and
such Fruit trees as are fit to plant In the Fall.
P. S.—Persons who were furnished with tree last
Spring that were warranted to grow, can have the :same
replaced that missed. [oclBl J. MISS.
gio our fine and extensive stock of Photo-
A. graph Albums and Photograph Card Picttire; we
have added BEAUTIFUL ENVELOPE , for the reception
of card pictures. They must be seen and will be admired
Akil-Ptiotographers supplied at the very lowest whole
sale price, and their card printed upon them for $1
thousand, wholesale and retaiL at
QUEENS and GLASSWARE, a well se
lected assortment, just received, of the latest styles
SAPSAGO. English Dairy, Pine Apple, Nut
meg and New Yotk State Cheese, Just, received at
mys successors to W Dock, Jr., : es Co.
HAMS, test received this morning, at
Successors to W. Dock, Jr., .k.OO
Suitable for Banks, Offices, &0.,
At t3cheffer's Bookstore, Harrisburg, Pa se29
ocavoct, a fine chest Of English Breakfaiit Zka, at
(Successors to Win.- Dook..(c)
octl 21 South Second street, Harrisburg, ta.
CIDES VINEGAR—Pure Cider Vinegar
can be bought by" he barrelor small quantity et
jug BOYKR BOIlltiElt•
etat, just reeetvedand for sale by
sept 26 fkOccessor to W. Dock dir Co.)
comprising Manly, Chow Chow, Cauliflower
Mixed Pickles; Garbing, Walnuts end Onions. For sale
wholesale and retail by SIEMER & FRAZER,
errs mooomern. to W. Mole. Jr.. 00
VALENTIA RAISINS, a new. hivoice, at
RUIT JARS, of the latest Patent Grit-.
Tent ?stook) jut rewired and for os4 low st
110 TO k zwria
``. T HE' N I 6 - 14-4'6 4 ANA O. it,,E t* . E . ll: '---.-Trebster
An unfaMing cure for Spermatorrhea, Seminal Weak
ness, Nocturnal irmiseions, and an diseases caused by sett:
pollution; such as Lou of Memory, Universal Lassitude,
Poi= in the Back, Dimness of Vision, Premature Old,
Weak Berta, Difficulty rey:at/Any, Trembling, Wakeful
ness, Smiptions on the Face, Pale Countenance, Insanity,.
Consumption, and of Dir eful complaints caused by di
partinafrom the pan. of statism
nigKtiis medicine is a simple vegetable extract, and one
on which all can rely, as it has been used in our practice
for malty years, and with thousands treated, it has not
failed in single instance.: Its curative powers have been
sufficient to gain victory over the most stubborn case.
MirTo those who have trilled vcith their constitution,
untili they think theuiselves beyond the reach of medical
aid, we would say, Despair nogg the CHEROK/18 CIA) will
restore you to health.and vigor, and after ill quack doe
tors have failed I
Price, $2 per bottle, or three bottles for $5, and for
warded by Express to all parts of the world.
Pamphletsentby mail free of postage by
Ds. W. It. MERWIN & CO.,
Sole Proprietors,
• nols-deod-4m No. 63 Liberty street, New York.
Cures in from one to three days.
Compounded from Roots, Barks and Leaves.
CHBOKEEE REMEDY, the great /Miura Diuretic,
cures all diseases of the urinary avant, such as Inconti
nence of the Urine, hillisrunatiol' of the Bladder, Infiam
otatien 4f the . Kidnap, Stone in the Bladder, Stricture,
Gravel; Gleet, Garwrhea, and is especially recommended
in those cases of Fluor 41hus (or Whites in females) . where
all the oh/ nauseous medicines have failed:
gar It is prepared In a highly concentrated form, the
dose only bciug from one to two teaspoonfuls three times
per day. .
Aar it is diuretia and'alteratiie in its action; purifying
and cleansing the blood, causing. it to flow In all of Its
,origiwil purity and vigor; thus removing from the system
all pernicious causes which have induced disease.
CHEROKEE INJECTION is intended as an ally or assist
ant to the CHEROKEE REVEDY and should be used in
conjunction with .thatmedietne in all cases of Gonorrhea,
Glees, Finer AOug .4 7 Whites. Its effects are heading,
soothing and demulcent; removing all scalding, heat,
obordee and pain, instead of the'burningand almost un.
endurable pain that is experienced With nearly all the
cheap quack Injections.
asp By use of.the CHEROKEE , REMEDY and
CHEROKEE INJECTI ON—the two medielnei at the same
time—all improper discharges are removed, andthis weak
eneti organs are speedily restored to vigor and
. . .
s3.Price, CRERDEEE REMEDY, $2 per bottle, or
three bottles for O.
l ea.. Price CHEROKEE INJECTION, $2 per bottle, or
three bottles for $6.
Sent by Express to any address ou, receipt of.
AND CHEROKEE CURE, are sold by all enterprising
Druggists in •_the civilized vidrld. Some' unprincipled
dealers, however, try to well worthlosaloamPounds in the
place of these ; those which they can purchase at a cheap
price, and make more money by selling, than they can on
these medicines.. As y ou value • your health,. aye, the
health of your future offsprincii, do., not be deceived by
such.unprincipled druggists, ask for thine medicines and
take no others. If the druggists' will not buy' them. for
yon, iaolose the money in a letter, and we will send them
io you by capres,, securely sealed and packed rrom
•• • ,
Ladies or gentlemen um' ad.:loss ,us to: perfeet confi
dence, stating fully and plainly their diliesos am& symp
toms, as we treat all diseases of a ehrottio nature in mate
or female. Patients need not bolts* because.:of their
inability to visit ns, as we have, treahlii patients. success
fully in all portions of the civillied ON by Correspond
Patients addressing us will please state plainly all the
symptoms-.of their complaints, and write Postornce,
County, State, and name of Writer,' plain, and inclose
postage stamp for reply. • •
We send 0ur,32-page pamphlet free to, any - .address.—
Address all letters to the proprietors,
DE. W. R. MERVIN' & CO,,
nols docd.4m No, 63 Liberty street, New York.
ing at QUEENSTOWN, (Loss' HARBOR.) The well
known steamers of the Liverpool, New York and Phila
delphia Stearuship Company, (Inman Linc), carry iug the
U. el. Mails, tire intended to, sail as follows
CITY OP EALTIMORK Saturday, Ntivember 19.
ETNA • " ' December 3.
and every succeeding Saturday, at noon, from Pier 44,
Payable in Golder its Equivalent in Currency.
ciTEERAGG, ' $3O 00
do to London, 55 00 do to London, 34 00
do to Paris, 95 00 I do to Paris, 40.00
do to Hamburg., 90 00 I do to Hamburg, $7 00
Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Br. men, Rotter
dam, Antwerp, Ste., at equally low rates.
Fares from Liverpool or; Queenstown: Ist Cabin; $75,
$B5, $lO5. Steerage $BO. Those who wisti to send for
their friends can buy tickets here at these rates.
For further . information' apply at the. Company's
Offices.. JOHN G. DALE, Agent,
ocl4 15, Broadway, N. Y.
Diaries ! Diaries !
FOR 03 5.
ALARGE assortment of Diaries and Daily
Journals for the year 1965, for sale at Schefferis
sues store, 21 South Second street, Harrisburg, Pa.
And Bill Holders,
For sale at Boheffeea Bookstore, Harrisburg, ya. ' se2E
FE cents per lb. cash paid for good mixed
Raga. SOHIESTRIVS Bookstore,
sept 26 21 South Second street. Harrisburg, Peona.
IptIITTE4, BUTT - AlL—Fresh' roll butter
ffmn.Snyder aounti meived every week. Also
eggs at Ony4l 1 ROYER dr. KOERFER.
Soldiers' Portfolios.
A LARGE assortment at
801 d at Whelnsale or retail et lout price&
Cgeßn--43hoioe new crop. Cheese, just
receival AS MUSLIM !t FRAZER,
Sannessort to W DooK. Jr... rtr
MESS SHAD.—Fine Mess Shad of the sea
son, in half barrels and Zits, just received at
Sucoessoiti to VP. Dock, Jr„ & t:o
POCKET BOOKS, Wallets and Purses for
wile cheap at BCHEFFEWS 13ookaterp
Ralfßarrel, Jar or Dozen, at
no/ i ) (Successora to Wm. Dock. Jr., & Co.)
RIED PEACHES, Apples, Blackberries,
Currants, Cherries, &c. at
nol • necessors to W. Cook & Co.
A new Invoice of fine salt Salmon, just received
and for Bale by SEMLER t FRAZEE?,
sept 26 (summer to W. Dock a? Co.)
AFRESH supply of liHohesket!)s Celebrated
Sup Cured Limn end Dried Bee; et
n 025 1 BOYF.B r¢ ICOICRPE#.
ANIOHENER'S excelsior lump, of this sea
AN.j sows curing. Just received gut for sale
.F Iglu.
deal traceneerce to Wel. Dock it• 3r.
. .
VIEWS LEMONS, just received wad for
Bale by Ina] SHISIAR As, FRAZER.
MOMTO, KETSUP, by the galion, quart
„IL or plo,t at • OMEN it FltalillYi
Renovo And Empoilum
rraggyrr i r iows FOR SALE
ri 111 C nat i tp - ELrmA ANIi ERIE LAND
COMPANY, , cantered by an act of the Legislature
of Penntlylvanta, otters for sale Choice tots for dwellings
and businemi purposes in the above new towns on the
line or the Philadelph ia and Erie% Railroad.
RENOVO has been Wetted 'as the she for the exten
sive shops for building arid repairing the rolling stock of
the Philadelphia and Erie. Railroad, of which the Penna.
Railroad Company are now lessees It is 92 miles west of
Sunbury, and 196 miles east of Erie. The town is beau=
Wally satiated osthe margin of the west branch of the
Susquehanna river,. In the county of Clinton, and is sur
rounded by. romantic and attractive scenery. The Rail
road Company are erecting an immense Locomotive
Round Route, Repair Shops for Cars and Engines Car
Building shop, Irpn and. Brag Furnaces, and Dwellngs
for the Superintendent and other officera A splendid
Hotel, with which are Connected arrangementrfor feeding
pimengers on the 'IIIQI4 extensive scale, has been. com
menced„ All these buildings are Of, the most permanent
and substantial - character, of brick and iron, and' are in
accordance with the inimense business' anticipated on the
completion of JIM; great Railroad, .so long anxiously
looked for, and now an acciimplished . fact—the last tail
connecting' the Susquehanna river with Lake Erie baring
been laid on, Saturday, July 2d, 1864.
A Company has been chartered by the Legislature for
supplying the town with gas and water, and the water
werks are nearly completed , . Churches will be erected
immediately. The situation of RENOVO is entirely
healthy, and as the dimensione of the town are limited
by nature, the value of the lots must appreciate greatly
in the course of a few years. . , .
_ .
EMPORIUM will certainly be the most important Coin . -
mercial point between Lock Haven and Warren, a dis
tance of 158 miles. It is near the centre of the railroad,
47 miles west of Renovo; 139 miles from Sunbury end
149 miles from Erie It is near the Junction of the Drift
wood Branch of the Sinnemalroning, with West Creek,
Portage Creek and . North Creek, the Valleys of which
•streams make it the most accessible point on the Phila
delphia and Erie railroad te a very extensive district of
country. The moment the projected railroad connecting
with the city of Rochester, N. Y., shall . be completed,
Sew interior towns in the State will surpass it in business
capabilities. An excellent graded road now connects it
with Coudersport, the seat of Justice of Potter county.
It is also connected with Sinethport, the seat of Justice of
McKean county. Emporhimls fhb County Seat of Cam
eron county; it has a handsome4hiurt House, and lthe
Land Company have just completed p large and comino
dious Hotel, which will immediately he opened to the
public. The Railroad Company are about to erect a hand
some and permanent Pasasenger Station at a central point
near the Hotel and Court House. The place is healthy,
and excellent water is abundant is in the midst of
one of the linnet White Pine regions in Pennsylvania.
As a manufacturing town it has great, advantages; coal,
lumber; stone, bark frit tanneries are abundant, and its
railroad communications with the great fakes and all
pointa Of iinportince in the . seaboard are unsarpassed.
This place was selected thirty years ago as a point of im.
pittance, and a town laid matxitti the prophetic name of
EMPOBIUM, but the diffichlty''of accent has prevented
lurdeVelopedeat so entirely , that it is mainly known for
the excelience of hunting and trout fishing intim vicinity.
The completion of the Philadelphia and Erie railroad
anisaeon make it apiece of great importirice ae a distri
buting point for goods of all kinds, , and It offers great
advantages for persons of moderate capital: who desire
to identify themselves with the early history of a thriv
fag, town.
fAthographic Maps of beth towns are now ready, and
Mr. GIDEON J. BALL, General Superintendent, will
furnish all necessary information on the premises, or by
. He may be addressed to the care of H. P. MUTTER,
Secretary and Treasurer, Philadelphia.and Erie Land Com
pany; No. 205 . Walnut street Ph iladelptda,.or at Ronovo,
Clinton county, Pennsylvania..'
..W. G. MOORHEAD, Pres't,
. .
Phila. and Erie Land Olio.
H. I'. Rtrillat., BeffellarY inurrreasurer. WU-dam
'SEAL AND :APP . A s• •
DB. 00 DUNS'
FOR the cure of Coughs, Colds,Sore Throat,
Croup, Bronchitis, Asthma, and all similar com
The object of this Medicine is to soothe and ease the
cough ; to dissolve the congealed phlegm that adheres
and sticks to the throat, which excites hacking, hawking,
and coughing ; to relieve the irritation in the throat,
which is produced by catching °Old on the slightest ex
posure. It,expectorates the diseased matter that has ac
cumulated In the Lugs which retards and oppresses the
respiratory or breathing organs, heals and nourishes the
lungs and bronchial tubes.
This medicine gives tone to the atomaeb, it purifies and
cikailates the blood, which. causes oppression of the
chest and difficulty in breathing. : •
Good News for Mothers and Children.—Here is the
sufferer's balm ; keep it in your family, sickness comes
as thief in the night, and your child is suffocated by the
awful disease, Croup, or similar complaints. Here Is a
preventative—it is nature's friend.
,These Medicines are prepared and sold by
Indian Medicine Man, near the corner of Third street and
Strawberry alley:
Also, for sale at the Drug Store of
Corner of Fourth•and Market streets, Harrisburg.
All orders should be addressed to DR. S. COLLINS,
Harrisburg. •
These Medicines are purely Vegetable. , • noIT
UNDERSIGNED respectfully informs
T l .Yie public that he has located himself at Hummels
town, Dauphin county, Pa., where he has the best. facil
ities for burning lime of the first quality of stone,
of the best quality for mason and plaster . works,
and is preparecl to furnish, In any . quantities,
lime or lime stone, at the Lebanon Valley railroad depot.
Builders, dealers mid Contractors supplied with lime or
stone at the shortest notice. . Having ample. sidliitgs and
trestle work from the quarries and kilns to the depot, he
is always prepared to fill orders, shipping either by rail•
road or by Union canal. Address D. S EARLY,
00224.2m*. gummeistown, Dauphin. eouhty, Pa.
ed in small sums to be applied to: investment in these
$5O, $lOO or $5OO securities.
We act as agents,in this city, in correspondence with Gov
ernment agents, for procuring these securities; especially
by receiving deposits of small sums, to be so applied.
Interest of 4or 5 per cent.-Will be allowed on deposits
exceeding $2O. rands above the amount of all such
deposits will be kept in the Harrisburg Bank, and a de
posit can be withdrawn at any time by the owner. The
business will be solely of this nature, and conducted on a
fair,open and explainable to all, as set out, with the
mammary information as theseto securities,in our circulars.
These U. S. Bonds and Treasury Notes are the safest and
most convenient for investment, bring the highest rate of
interest, and can be sold at any time for the amount on
their face, together with the accumulated interest, or at a
premium. Very moderate commissions will be asked.
M. M'EINNEY & Co.,
Office Raspberry Alley, Near the Court House
Harrisburg, Oct. 21, IBo4.—dtf
Steam Engine and Machine Shop,
(J. C. Moltzl Old Stud.)
r undersigned having taken the above
i ll Ep, respectfully solicits a share of the public pa
tronage. --
Particular attention will be paid to repairing of Steam
Engines, and all kinds of machinery. All work will re
ceive my personal attention, and satisfaction guaranteed
'epic) dly
• E. C. GOBIN,
oar Bounties, Pensions and Bach, Pay collected at legs
rate& [sentidSm*
Valuable Building Lot For Sale,
North, 21 feet front, and 131 feet deep, running to L
XI. MO alley. The lot will be sold cheap, Ind op ear
terms, ' Inquire at THIS OFFICE. selOdtt
vtPORTEMONNADA and %general, variety of LEA
B GOODR Nit received at
From the 201st Regiment.
Cam , ligAz PoaT ELT..swoam,
Anits.azgoam, VA.,
Nov. 24, 1864-10 P. M.
for the the wicked," is a trite saying; and on
this quiet, holy Thanksgiving eve lam sit
ting here in our. Sibley pavilion. (as the boys
term it,) With overcoat on, to keep myself
comfortable while penning a letter for your
columns, while my mess-mates are bumming
around the city, visiting the theatre, festival
and the churches. Now, permit me to state
that, although I am enveloped in the com
fqrtable great-coat Uncle Samuel presented to
me amionth ago,, you must not conclude that
lam suffering from cold. Oh, no; we have a
snag little sheet-iron stove in the shebang,
(if Wald cost but fifty cents)—and it fires up
as readily as a smart Baldwin or Norris en
gine—but I "can't see" the propriety of
dropping my peu and picking up an axe at
this time of night I Well, the life of a soldat
is certainly a queer one, in many respects; and
the necessity for getting used to this thing,
that thing, and one thing or other," is self
A large concourse of people assembled at
the Washington Street Methodist Episcopal
Church this morning to hear apatriotic, sound
and intellectual discourse, delivered by Rev.
Mr. Buckingham, formerly a well-known
Methodist minister, located at Gettysburg,
Pa. lam under obligations to our worthy
Chaplain for a synopsis of Rev. Buckingham's
remarks, and permitting me to copy the sub
stance of this highly interesting discourse
from the private journal.
Rev. Buckingham based his remarks on the
Proclamation of President Lincoln. His first
proposition was:
"We should thank God the nation still
"After three years of war—wounded and
bleeding at every pore—attacked, not onlyi by
open and deadly foes abroad, but by sneaking
and cowardly traitors at home—yet the nation
still lives ! Her capital is free from the grasp
of those who sought her destruction. No
enemy treads its "sacred soil," except in
He dwelt, at some length, upon the emanci
pation proclamation:
"We ought to thank God that Liberty is
marching on, with rapid strides, letting the
oppressed go free ?" Rev. Buckingham also
dwelt upon our educational interests—our
common school
,• system—the grand medium
through which the poor man is enabled to as
cend the ladder Of human greatness. Quoting
from a certain author, he said: "Show me a
willing slave, and I will show you a degraded
being!" He resumed: "The South, acting
.on the principle that knowledge is power,
in a selected few, and keep the rest in igno
rance, that they mity • control them more
readily; • Hence:. - thetr inveterate hatred or
everything that attaches free to it"
Quoting from the Richmond Examiner of a
recent date, the speaker read:
"We have got to hating everything with the
pre-fix free ! From free negroes, down and
up through the whole catalogne—"free farms,"
"free labor," "free will," "free thinking,"
"free children"(!) and "free schools"—all be
long to the same catalogue of damnable isms!
Bat the worst of all these abominations, is the
modern system of "free schools l" The New
England system of free schools has been the
cause and prolific source of the infidelities
and treasons that have turned her cities into
Sodomy and Gomorrahs, and her land into
the common resting places of bowling bed
limites 1 We abominate the system, because
the schools are free !"
The eloquent divine then read an .extract
from the Muscogee (Ala.) Herald. [I would
respectfully call the attention of every intel
ligent man, woman, child, and mechanic and
working man, or "small-fisted" farmer of the
great, free North, to the language of .this
aristocratic Southron and infidel.—A. H. B.]
"Free society! We sicken at the name!
What is it but a conglomeration of greasy
mechanics, filthy operatives, small-fisted
farmers, and moon-struck theorists? All
the Northern States (and 'especially the New
England States) are devoid of society fitted
for well-bred gentlemen !" [Such as the rant
ing nondescript who makes use of the sense
less language we quote above, I presume
H. B.] "The prevailing class one meets
with is that of mechanics struggling to be
genteel, and small-fisted farmers, who do
their own drudgery ; and yet, who are hardly
fit for association with a gentleman's body
servant [slave.] This is your free society !"
[What do you think now, of Southern chiv
alry—Southern rights—and Southern views.
0. ye white trash of the great free North !—A.
The remainder of Rev. Buckingham's dis
course was interesting, winding up with a
reference to the future glory of our country,
and a speedy termination of the rebellion.
He was followed by another speaker, (whose
name I do not remember) who said :
"He desired to build a monument to Jeff
erson Davis, President of the Southern Con
federacy. He wanted the foundation laid
deep in the earth, and the summit raised as
high as Monnt Atlas ! He would not build it
with polished marble—zior of granite—nor of
live oak timber—but of human skulls—and
on the apex of the monument he would place
the ghastly skull of Jefferson Davis, there to
remain as a memorial of one of the most
wicked rebellions the world ever witnessed—
led on by the arch traitor himself!"
These interesting and patriotic discourses
were listened to by a large and highly inter
ested audience.
The boys of the regiment were nearly all
away from camp to-day, by permission of
course, rambling over the city and enjoyed
themselves generally.
Hoping that you and your readers enjoyed
yourselves vastly, on this, our National holi
day, I wil bid you all "good night, friends—
good night !" More anon, A. H. B.
P. S.—ln my last an error occurred in re
gard to the present population of the city of
Alexandria. It should read 12,000, instead
of 1,200.—A. H. B.
Nov. 25, 1964.
EDITOR TELEGRAPH—Dear Bin—ln my per
ambulations around the city, to-day, I found
a tall shoemaker, belonging to Company B,
hard at work drawing wax-ends at arms
length, and handling the peging-hammer
briskly, doing work for his comrade, rolling
a quid of tobacco from one cheek to the other,
over head-and-ears in business, and where do
'you suppose his shop is located? Why, sir.
tight ist the middle of the Potomac, in a
7iEM .PsI
The following arelhe
ettern. Those baying a,,
venicut for reference: BROTT HALL.
tar risen tineF or VEB' 7-77 '
Eight or more Om Inn '7 Irp, • ,, nt• a
ooe 31.rthle day $ lilj
Iwo ..... 50 I T.o ..... 1 00
• -
Three ...... 1 25
One week . .... 2 25
One month 6 GO
Two months 9 00
Three months 11 00
Six months ' 15 00
One 25 DO
. ..... 2 75
Three der. 75 1
One sceek . . ..... 125
One month . 3 00 I
Two months. 4 50
Three m0nth5....... 5 50
Six - itiohths ' .. 8 00
000 year 16 00
Administration Notices
Marriage Notices
. -
Auditor's Notices
I . :moral Notices, each insertion
air Business notices inserted in the Local Cam; or
before Marriages and Deaths, Enna Caws eke i rv s for
web insertion.
"block house," built on the bridge oonnecting
Alexandria with Fort Lyon on the height
opposite. yes, sir, between hours of duty
our tall friend, George, is busy as he can he,
mending the boots and shoes of his fellow
soldiers; which is not only a great conveni
ence to the men, but a source of profit to our
fellow-citizen G—. Propel your business,
friend, and may your shadow never grow less!
In the same bazaar with our respected
shoemaker friend can be seen another Harris
burger, private H—r, a tailor, also of Com
pany B, plying his vocation, altering the new
"duds" just issued to the regiment ; some of
which fit the boys to aT, and hers that won't
fit; and which, in some instances, like the
Irishman's blanket, must be cut off at one end
and sowed on to the other; to make the gar
ment longer, or vice versa. Fun aside, these
two men are very useful members of Captain
&Marron Company, and find plenty to do,
and they do A with a will, and satisfactory to
all concerned.
In the thriving locality just referred to, the
men indulged in piscatory amusements, a
week or ten days ago, to some purpose, taking
a daily supply of fine, fresh Potomac fish—
perch, catfish and eels; but the "cold snap"
of the last week put an end to the sport. The
finny inhabitants of the turbulent Potomac
have sought elsewhere for a "local habita
tion," and fishing, consequently, is virtually
"played out," much to the regret of the
`sojers" belonging to the 201st regiment.
' There is a trial of great interest going on
here in Alexandria, the county seat of Fair
fax county. A notorious bushwhacker, named
Binns, who, it is said, belongs to one of the
"first”"families of Virginia, murdered a Union
man in cold blood, at Fairfax Station, a short
time since. He also led a small force of Union
cavalry into an ambush where M.oseby's men
were secreted; for which fiendish deed he
was promoted to a lieutenancy by Illose. He
afterwards threatened to kill every Union
man he came across; and, in order to make
good his hellish intent, he killed an inoffen
sive man, and was captured before he got on
his horse to flee from justice ! Judge Brown,
of the Civil Court, is trying the caseoand loyal
men inform me that the evidence is strong
against Binns, and no dohbt he will be hung,
as he deserves to he.
Yesterday a detective of tl2 e U. S. Government
"reined up" his foam-flecked carger at our post,
and in answer to my inquiry what made the
animal sweat so freely, he remarked: " I was
back in the country, some eight or ten miles,
lookingitifter some suspicious characters; and
while riding quietly along the public road
leading to Washington, across the country, a
ruffianly looking bush-whacked dashed into
the road and demanded "your money;" "well
I suppose I must"—said I; and reaching into
my pocket, as if to get out my purse, I drew
my navy revolver, and shot at the rascal, the
ball flying through his hand ;. whereupon two
accomplices came out 'from behind some
bushes, which admonished me that it was time
to "git;" and I did so instantly, escaping two
shots from the interesting friend.s I so n_usere
moneously left in the highway; much to their
chagrin, I presume, and to the astonishment
of my faithful horse here that helped me out
of the scrape, for I tried his metal sorely.
There are several gunboats at anchor in the
river below; but the names of the craft, or
their capacity and commander's names I have
not learned.
The large military force in anaround the
city of Alexandria is under comm dable dis
cipline, owing to the excellent mill il {try regime
of General S. Slough. Occasionally an un
principled and vicious soldier is picked up on
the street, and instantly marched to the guard
hSuse, opposite the Soldiers' Rest, in the vi
cinity of the depot. The guard .house in
question, is an ordinary three-storied-building,
with two extensive wings, painted drab color,
and over the front entrance has the following
insignificant sign, painted on the brick wall:
"Horace Birch& Co., Dealers in 'Slaves!" It is
a veritable slave-pen—where many a family
of colored people have been tremblingly hud
dled together f sold to the highest bidder, and
sent away in chains, perhaps, to be separated
forever, hundred miles apart! What an in
fernal relic of the peculiar institution! No
wonder, that the soldier hates it as he does the
Lazaretto, teeming with disease and death ?
How repugnant and humiliating that infernal
. sign appeared to the eyes of us Northerners,
standing there in the street gazing at it!
The U. S. Paymaster has been "around,"
visiting the hospitals, and it was extensively
rumored by the boys of the 201st that we will
be "attended to, " shortly. "A consumma
tion devoutly to be wished for," dear TELE
TRAPH—for green-backs and grey-backs are
scarce alike around cur camp!
There is some unaccountable dely in the
transmission of mail matter between Harris
burg and Alexandria,going north. We receive
papers and other matter from home on the
tollbwing day on which they are -mailed at
Harrisburg, whilst our matter going north
ward is a day or two, behind time- -in fact, a
fellow might sling a mail pouch over his back,
and walk the distance almost as soon; and
that too, in these days of steam and railroads !
The delay is, evidently, at Washington
city, where an unusual amount .of matter
daily accumulates. There is great complaint
made also by some of the men connected with
this regiment, in regard to the abstracting of
money from letters sent here by their friends,
and we have every reason to believe that this
robbing of the poor Union soldier is done be
tween Baltimore and this place. Some from
$1 to $l5 are missing. Privates Rose, Rich
ards, Yoke, Young and others of company I,
have been victimized. Boys get your friends
to obtain a money order at the Harrisburg P.
0., and you will get the money without fail.
At the request of my friend Yoke, I addressed
a note to the P. 0. Department at Washington,
and received a prompt reply to the effect that
immediate inquiry will be made into this mat
ter. Please inform, and greatly oblige us, by
stating whether the registration fee paid at
any specified P. 0., will secure the loss of
funds transmitted by letter '1
This evening, on dress parade, the boys
looked SP
lended in their new 11. S. clothing.
A friend walking along with me, up to the
parade ground asked, "what regiment is that?"
"Why the bold 201st—don't yon know your
own crowd, B—?" "Did you ever!" was
his answer, in astonishment.
Colonel Awl paid the officers a deserved
compliment, in a lengthy confab with them,
on the fine appearance of the men on this oc
casion. More anon. A. H. B.
Two isms, named Rogers and Stanton, trap
ped two black bears a week since, in Bartlett,
N. H., on Rogers' Mountain.
Tnr result of the British Colonial Confer
ence, will be embodied in a bill and present
ed titha different local legialatorea for action.
1 60