Pennsylvania telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1864-1864, November 04, 1864, Image 1

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IS prrausazD
Tax luny TN1141141111 la served to subscribera in the
city at 12% cents per week. Yearly 'subscriber' will be
charged SO 00 in advance. Those persona who neglect to
pay In advance will be charged $7 00.
tas rsinGnaraisalso published weekly, and Is furnished
subscribers at the following cash rstes
Single. copies, weekly.. ~,.
Three 2opies to one Post Office
ten fipples to one Poet °Mee
II hen will Wonders Cease
LL cure any ache or pain in, from one
sixty minutes I
It acts like magic upon the absorbent and glandular
systems, reducing swellingsand regulating the secretions
and excretions. It is of a diffusive, penetrating nature,
exerts Its influence from the periphery to the centre or
the nervous organism, thence by reflex action its power
is felt throughout the entire system, restoring the circu
lating fluids and checking disease with invinciblestrength.
No matter what the pain, apply the medicine and you ,
will find instant. relief. It is an internal. and external
Cures almost instantaneously, Headache, Earache, Neu
ralgia, Deafness, Sore ' throat, Colds, Bronchial Affections,
Aetbma, Dyspesia, Diarrhoea, Dysentery or Bloody Flux,
liver Complaint, Kidney Disease, Diseases of the Bladder.
and Genital Organs, Cramp, Cholic and alt spasmiltho'
pains, Fever and Ague, Burns, Bruises, Cdts, Sprains and
wounds of every description. It proves itself the mastery,
a's the testimony of thousands prove its meritorious worth.
Sold, wholesale and retail by
S. A . KUNKEL, druggists, Sole Agents,
118 Market street, Harrisburg.
The foliuwing letter from a soldier,:in refoience to tho
ottleeny and powerful restorative qualitities of DR. Mc-
BRIDE'S RING OF PAIN, speaks for itself
Sept. 14, 1864.
Messrs. h. Kunkel et Bro., druggists, Harrisburg, Pa.
Weals would inform you that I received thebottfeS
of ueSrldeli Great Pain Killer, and enclosed waa t i.firat
live dollars more, for which send me live bottles addition
al to-morrow. .1 leave fur camp 'to-paoirceic, - '.1,4 rue
know whether you can supply me wittiOn the army. I
am iu Company H, 202 d ttegiment 2.1%. I have been in
very bad heulth fur upwards of four years; ituftwo of the
out-dollar bottles have cured me completely, and have
made me feel like a man. Besides, I have cured a num
ber of my comrades of various diseases incident to camp
life, and can recommend it to be the best medicine the
soldier can provide for himself. _ _
Yours respectfully, •: JOE. E. WRITE:
4 All orders fromia distance promptly attended toty
The following certificate is from a well-known citizen of
HARRISBITRG, Aug. 30, 1864.
TO THE PUBLIC gives me great pleasure to recom
mend to the public the medicine prepared by DR. J. J.
MoBRIDE, which he calls the "KING OF I'AL.V." I was
induced to use it as an external remedy fora bruise, which
it relieved Immediately, and subsequently cured entirely.
Its succ ess
. induced me to use it internally for Diarrhoea,
vcith which I was afflicted in a chronic form for nearly
eighteen months, and to such an extent that my kidneys
were seriously deranged. The medicine has cured' Me,
and certainly thdis saying u great deal in its favor, when I
reflect how many other remedies I tried without experi
encing anything but temporary relief. For my part, I
shall always keep asupply or it in my house, believing as
I do that it is a molt invaluable 'amity medicine.
The unexampled side of Ma medicine proves it to be
the most wonderful discovery of the ago in the medical
The undersigned are the sole agents for the State, and
will supply it wholesale and retail.
S. A. KUNKEL & EEO., Druggists,
118 Market street, Harrisburg
4ei. lbj
suck liaven o Jersef Short, - Williamsport, Mttn
cv Uniontifwn, Watsontown, Milton
Lewisburg, liorthtiniberitinil, gun
- Miry Treverton, Georgetown •
Llkenstown, Millersburg,
Halifax, Dauphin,
The Philadelphia Depot being centrally ionated,"Die
drayage will be at the lowest rates. The Conductor goes
through with each train to attend to the safe delivery of
all goods intrusted to the line. Goods delivered at the de.
pot of WILLIAM E. BURR, 812 Market street,
Philadelphia, t - 6 o'clock r. x,, will be delivered in Har
rlsburg the ndit morning.
11 0 re t Always as Low as by Any Otlisr
Linn. •
Philadelphia and Reading Depot,
octili-tf Foot of Market street, Harrisburg.
OVRERS.—The undersigned offers at wholestjiG to
the trade, a choice lot of the beet /tatters ever brought' to
tlarrisourg, viz: french Brandies, Holland Oins, &etch,
Inc!, Courtiers, Wheat and Old Bye Whisky; FOlietfli
and DUlreniie Wines, such as Champagne, Claret, Catawba,
tee. Ali liquors warranted, as represented. Landlords
cud others will find it to their advantage to call and ex
runine the assortment at the store, ou South Second
Street, two doors below Chestnut.
TION. SAtrOES of all theceliffirated stianiffacturers.
s sums,
OLIVk 0114
every description.
surf:SYRUP of all grades and prices, and the best selected
stock outside of Philadelphia.
All goods guaranteed as represented.
Particular attention paid to all orders from a distance.
tioude cursfully packed and delivered to all parts of the
city free ,kf.titiargo. SHISUR fq FRAZER,
ntvf , VIICRASUOTS to IR, Dock, Jr., St Co. .
1848.!' Wartitntod the Finest 'Sherry Wine to thtt
coeutr) • Vor sale it • 811.11:11.Elt
I %yin Lt.* . I r
EREL, jtist racolved, at
XTEW FISH—New No. 1 and 2 Mackerel
.1 1 11 In barrels, half barrels and kitta, and'by the pound,
at (angel SHISLER •Fs FRAZER.
124: KEA'always on band, uf the best quality, at ;
QALAION.—Fine salt Salmon, at
ter, successors tit Dock, Co., have on knind
35 dozen hickory baskets. 'Price $o 50 per dozen- ' io9
Manufactured and for We by
606 Cherry street, Philadelphia.
9x14, well seasoned. Inquire of
• G. 8. RENDER;
At Vagler'e Poser store, Market st.
HAMS, lust received this mooring, at
.1617 Successors to W. Dock, Jr. & •
icoN at fun* SIOVICR ft• ROPRPICR
'aiiltablf3 for Banks, Offices, &e,,
At Solitrtie.Oßookstore, Harrisburg, Pa
calved,' I Sne chest of. English Rteaktaat Tea, at
IReepaasara to Wm. Dock. Ir 3
. ,a:g: ':0:1:. : t„
%Pt atiatfultrbried Beat, at
fly' • , BOYER & ROBRPER.
E€l9/OhlY MESS SHAD.--We ieceived a
men lot time morning, et
$1 60
4 00
10 00
A - Cure Warranted.
Dyspepsia has the following Symptoms:
Ist. A constant pain or uneasiness at the
pit of the stomach.
2d. Flatulence and Acidity.
3d. Costiveness and Loss of Appetite.
4th. Gloom and Depression of spirits.
sth. Diarrhtea, witkgriping.
6th. Pain in ail parts of the System.
7th. Consumptive. Symptoms and Palpita
tion of the Heart.
Bth. Cough, with Phlegm in the Throat.
9th. Nervous Affection, and want of Sleep
' -
at night.
10th. boss of Appetite and Vomiting.
11th. Dizziness, Dimness , of Vision, and
Loss of sight.
12th. Headache 'and Staggering in walking,
with great weakness.
Out of the thousands of cases of Dyspepsia
that have used Dr. Wishart's Great American
Dyspepsia Pills, not one of them has failed
of 4 perfect cure. We warrant a cure in every
case, no matter if of twenty years'rstanding.
Sold by all druggists everywhere, and at Dr.
Wishart's office, No. 10 N. Second street,
Philadelphia,..Pa. , , All examinations and con
sultations tree of. charge. ,ISench far a eh:oi
ler. Price $1 per box. Bent by.mail, free .of
Charge, on _receipt ot money.
ELIZABETH EBANSONr'of Brandywine,;
Del., formerly of Old Chester, Del., do certify
that, for one year and a halt I suffered every
thing but death from that awfuldisease called
Dyspepsia. My whole systere was Prostrated
with weakness and nervous debility; I cauld
not digest my food; if I ate even a cracker or
the smallest amount of food, it would retutm
just, as I swallowed it; I became so costive in
my bowels that I would not have a passage in
less than from four and often eight days; Un
der this immense suffering, my mind seemed
entirely to give way. I had a'dreadful honor
and evil forebodings. I .thought everybody
hated me, and I. hated, everybody; 'could not
-bear my husband nor my own childien, every
thing appeased to be horror-stricken to me;
I had no do anything; I lost all
my love of family and home; I:would ramble
and wander from place to place, but could not
be contented; I felt that I was doomed to
hell, and, that there was no heaven for me,
and was Often tempted to commit suicide,
so near was my whole nervous system de
stroyed, and also my mind from that awfril
complaint, Dyspepsia, that my friends thought.
best to have me placed in Dr. Kirkbride's
hospital - , Westr. Philadelphia; I remained
there nine weeks, and thought I was a, little
better, blit in S . , few days my dreadful 090-
plaint was " aging as even Hearin-gat*
the Wonderful cures performed by Dr. Wis
bruit ti'reat American Dyspepsia Pills and
his treatment for Dyspepsia, my husband
called on Dr. Wishart and stated my case to
him. go said he had no doubt he could cure
me. Soln three days after I called and plied('
myself under the. Doctor's treatment, and in,
two weeks Megan .yo digest my food, and. felt`
,that my disease Vali fast .giving way, and_ I
continued recofi3r for about-three months,
and at the present time.l enjoy perfect health
of body and mind,: and I most sincerely retnrn
my thanks tb mereiful God and Dr. Wis
hart, and to his great American Dyspepsia
Pills and Pine Tree Tar Cordial that saved me
from an Insane Asylum and preMaPtre &ave.
All persona suffering with Dyspepsia are at
liberty,te can on me oswrite, as I am willing
to do:4111 , the good I. eau: for
.auffeking hu
manity: 'ELIZABETH'S
Brandywine, Del., formerly,Of Old. Chester,
Delaware county, Pa.
Dn. Wisruirr's Office, No. 10 North Second
street, Philadelphia.
Da Whoraity-1 have been a. COtuttalltxa4brig 'with
Dyspepsia for thelast eighteen yeara, 'during which time
I cannot say I ever enjoyed 'a perfectly well day. There
were times when the symptoms were More , agpavated
than atnthers, and then it seemed It *Mabee great re.
lief to die. I had at all times an unpleasant feeling in my
head, but latterly my sufferings so much -increased that
1 became almost thatfor business of any kind; .m Mind
was ContinitillY filled with gloomy thought? and • Nee
bodings,and if I attempted to change theitcurrenCbY
reading, armee a sensation of icy - ix:di/nese - in connection
with a dead weight, as It were, rested upon my brala;
also, a feeling of sichmess weed occur atthe stomach, and
great pain to my eyes, accompanied. with which was the
continual fear of losing my reason. I also experienced
great lassitude debility and nervousness, which made it
difficult to walk by day or sleep at night. I became
averse to society, and disposed only to seclusion, and
having tried the skill of a number of .eminent phynietens
of various schools, finally came to tlie Conclusion that, for
this disease at my present age (45years) thereweano cure
in existence. But, through the -interference, of Divine
Providence, to whom I devoutly offer my thanks, I at last
found a sovereign remedy in your Dyspepsia Pills and
Tar Cordial, which seem to have eff , -ly removalal
most the last trace of my long list: of is "and rind bad
feelings, and is their place health,' pleaanra and , conteut;
meat are my everyday companions. • , i
No, 453 North Second street, Philadelphia,
Formerly of Woodbury, N. J.
Dr. Wi.shart's Ogee No. 10 Mirth Second street
, -
'rata watt me. maw H. sustmos
No. 1028 Ommieraturr„:
Plilladelphia. January 220,1.063,
DR. Wisizawr--Sir.l--It is with much pleasure-that .I
am now able to inform you that, by thit use . gyour great
American Dyspepsia Pills, I have been entirely entred. of
that most distressing complainctoyepepsia„;- had boon
'grieviously afflicted for the Wit twenty-eight years, and
for ten yearn of that time .have not been Rule from its
path ohm week at a time. I have bad it in its worst form.
and have dragged on a mnstmiserable eMstence—in pain
day and night; Every kind . food that I ate
with wind and - pain, it Mattered not how : , light, or how
small the quantity - A 'continued belching was sure to
follow, I bad no appetite for any kinda of meets 'What
ever and my-tlistrere was so great for several mouth" be.
fore I heard of year Pills, that I frequently wished for
death. I had taken everything that I had heard of for
Dyspepsia, without receiving aarbenellt; but on your
Pills being recommended. to me by one who had been
cured by them, I concluded to giVethem a trial, oleo:nigh
I had no faith in them. To my astonishment, I found •
Myself getting better before I had taken one-fourth of a
box, and after taking half a bor,•Lass a well man, and
Can eat anything I auk, awl enjoy a hearty meal three
times a day, without inconvenience ppm anything I eat
or drink. If yon think proper '
you are at liberty to make
this public and refer to me. I will cheerfully give all de
sirable infermation to any one who may call CM me 't
Yours, respectfully, JOHN IL BABCOCK.
For sale at Dr. Wishartm Medical Depot, No. 10 North
Second street, Philadelphia, Pa. Pride One Dollar per
box. Sent by mail, free of charge, on receipt of price.
Samuel D. Haven, have' bee a great sufferer with
Chronic Dyspepsia and iniiiriniation of the Kidneys' for
three years. I employed thAM by:lbur of the mast emi
nent physician)) ot Philadelphia, able of Burlington county
N. I.'::.They did all for me they iionid,:but au to he pur
pose. I was constantly Med - 4U awful pain and dis
hes; aoperithoonstant bekatog of wind and BOW acid.
My top
_e 'covered with. a white ,watittg of mem :
until larto ' ninety; and Was "Needfully
sore I Ohl I ofttlmes wished for death W relieve me °f
ray safe for I lladloat all hope of ever well;
again: 17 kia * 1 5 4 %00 prayer to Mat' he
ilulwould =direct, me to ' a . - phyaletaa or wiediemelhat ,
lin IN. I' told *Plod s4vatilossoVel
.. • .
,_ • i
... , . .-
.. •
. . .
/ • -". • ..
- ' ' ' 15
' •
'• s '':•''' •••• it.. I/IEI4 s _ - - . 3. '
. .
, . , • - s' k ' Z', - -' 'Si.. - 7
% ... ..- . ' 1....... • 44r , - - .. -- s
' '..
~ . - - , . ' s ir..
-'; . 17.' , ••••...,,1''' A , V'tillf, A ,- :::
. „.
. ,
44 ' :Is '. ' . - ~.s , --I.!' 7.., 1 ,,,,-..... . • ••,:_-_..- ~. - . -, ,
. ..„
• ,-ryl" )
. . .
' 411
. _
.....- , .,__t , _-' , •7;* ,'-"t!-!--7--:: ...:,-:_...' .
.:. '„ '..i '.'. ' :,.:- , - ,•. - 2...-- --- • • .-.- •
, '., , '
,' ' - •
-A ' • '.'. ' ." .. " ' ~ '
• - ,5-1., : „.„„„, 'A,.
__ -:,47,_.,..„--t--..---- ; ,..., , . • ....,'...:.
L.: ,
, __. , ,
. , __.
._. i.. -
:. -..4'.: , ,' • -..;
.. - .!.' ,
BY G860,-B-
Dr. Wiahar's in the Philadelphia/Lodger, of a great cure
made upon Mr. John Babcock, of 10:28 Olive street, phili
delpbta, by the great American Dyspepsia Pills. went
to the Doctor's Office, and'placed myself under b treat
.ment, and told him if he failed to cure me, it/Would bathe
last effort I wontd make. It has been six .weeks since I
commenced the use of his medicine, and I am now a well
man, free from all pain and distress, and :Mtn eat three
hearty meals a day with comfort, and feel Parfettly well.
Dr. Wishart, I want you to publish my case, as I want
every poor dyspeptic suffering as I squil, to call on me, and
I will tell them of the great cure I have received from
your invaluable medicine. - SAMUEL D. MAVEN.
Corner Venango and Lambert streets near Richmond
street, formerly from Wrightstovrn, Burlington county,
N J.
The above are a few among the. thousands which this
greaVremedy has saved from an untimely grave.
We have thousands of letters from phyalcians and drug
gists who have prescribed and sold the T r r Cordial, saying
that they have never used or sold a medical which glom
such Universal satlsfactlon.
Prepared only by the proprietor,
91t. L. Q. O. WISHAP,
No. 10 North' Second street, PliDadolphia,Ta.
Sold by Druggists everywhere BreiylB-eod-daew
alLiNs., 1
Octbber 12,1864: f,
Ameeting•of the Stockholders of thii-Baill
will be held M •the banking house on. Monday; the
14th day of November neat, at Mk o'clock A. m.,,for
. the
purpose of taking into consideration, and deciding On the
question whether or hot the said bank shall become an
Association for carrying on the business of Banking Under
the Laws of the United States; and of, exercising the
powers conferred by the Act of the General - Asseinhly,og
this ComMonwealth, entitled "An act enabling the l/anks
of this Commonwealth to beciime. assoolabona for-the
purpose of banking under the laws of the linited.Staieso
approved the 22d day of August, 1864. By order, or the
Board of Directors. J. W. WE R, Costner..
ootl2-td - ' • •
SOLE 4AagNOTT , *(iii: IftfB-= . 017.1 4
TAM hippy 'to offer 'to, t h e &blip it" large
andepleadict asdortinent-of • • , -
ananuractrired by '
These Pens are well flptelted; *Alain ) and. will give ea,.
tire Betbeactien. - • ' "
Second street op'poslte.Presayterian Ohara, Harriapaig:
, ap2B •
C LOAF/ StrOlEit E,,
Market Street, Harrisburg.
Will open on the Ist - or April. Nair2l-dly
„_ „ --
Almanacs! Almanacs - I
, s
English and (kerma'', Lancaster
for the year ,
1 8 6-5 .
Lo tor Et; the_lMlld.
green,:bo - zett, t, or sing b le, urg e ,p tSc a. , h effa
, 21 Matt B
Walnut street,. between Third and Fourth.
Wines, Beer and the beat quality of liquorsconstantly
on hand.. A share of the pnbllc patronage is. respectfully
solicited. foc3d6m . i JOHN DONNER,
Very Conrienteut,.
•• JA 008 T 40316,
!VASES pleasure to info= his friendS and
1 Customer and the public in 'general, that he his
opened a wholesale ana retail Variety, Notton and Jeto
eiry Store, .67e .105% Narket street, above Eby 4 Kunkel's
Huilding, Harrisburg, Pa.
It would occupy a great amount of space to enumerate
the Widest composing my stook. The purchaser will find,
through my experience of thirteen years in the business,
that I can sell. goods equal to the jobbers in the:Eastern
Ogles. sept2g;d6m*
THEITIMERSIGNE. D.: will commence
planting Shade and , Ornamental Trees, Vines, and
such Fruit trees as are lit to plant in the Fall.
P. S.—pawns who were furnished with treerieet
Spring that were warranted to grow, can have the aunt
replaced:that missed. [ool3] J. MISH.
/110 our fine and • extensive ,stook of gkOpe
..4. graph Albums • and ,Photograph Card Pictures, we
have added a BEAUTIFUL ENVELOPS for theveoePtion
of card pictures. They mast be seen and will be adMired
sir Photographers supplied 'at the very lowest whole
sale price, and their camprinted upon themfor $l. •
thousand, wholesale and,retalL at
,sosamtws Boor. It/RE,
QUEENS and GLASSWARE, a well se
lected assortment, jast, reoeived, of the latest sfyles
ice.. acwint & trogant
QAP 'SAGO, Enklui Dairy,. .P,u;ke Apple, Nut
-1...3 meg and New York State Pbeatkinat.ree.elved
My 6 . IMMXIMMIM W 'Doak, Jr., &
- • • • • • - - •
~ciL 0t - •
ludo at ' ' ' BOOKSTORE,
oc.tll 21 South SeobndEreet, Harriet=
NW 'OO 0 8.--THEK . 13.1101=124
ace L received at idelBl SCIFIEFFERT BOOKSTORE.
C IDER VINEGAB,Prire Cider Vinegar am be b,ou 8111.:by . 919 tarrel email rpreatity; • ay..
JylB • • Born ar,lo:rmPlill •
11/ Jut receirld and M
Mir sad a
• r _. -8 4A:•ERAZE 11 , 1
. csli9oooB9pio W,: ; p9 , 9k4 (1.01.47
_ .
teltila_lithaENGLlSß:i'Pl_L a ,..—lii i
. seilerleo4.lso4 l AlY, Chow , ellsriai_l2l= 2
wed Plekles,"Gerhbli, Waburuitegracs.
wholesale and Mail by ' a
1,40 sustaisorm to W. vox
COmpaign Poems. ,
By 101 IN NELL.
The following vigorous line 3 are freim the
pen of John Neal, of Portland, Maine, whose have appeared but rarely
for some years past: •
The Lord hath said It—Let my people go I '
And earth and sky have answered with a shout
Of rolling thunder prayer—and trumpet song;
Witteliannered pomp and nations on the march,
Forever now repeating, Let them . go t •
Thou art the man! The Lord „bath called thee up,
Up from the people—out fiom all thy kin=
And set thee on the outworks or a World,
Where lighted thunderbdits and 'charging hosts,
Withgtinnents rolled in tile*, may try thy,faith I
'lint now lid sank' to thee; unveiling chief,
Thou chosen of the Lord Thou man of Goo
Annointed for this mighty work, stand fast!
Lift up thine eyes ! Vie visiorplOatbir,,
Up to the hills, whende thy salvation focirth,
And the embattled: legions Ofthe pit
Come thundering on, 0 chief I and thou Ash see
Chariots and horsemen and the Lord of Hosts,
The God of- Jacob marshalling- hfs power
The Lord hath said it—Let Mypeopl4ol'T -
And after many a plague MO swept ,
With war's tempestuous glory, and with fire,
There comes a midnight cry throUgh all the camp;
And lo 1 in every house cine'desid't ' Enough!
Wilt thou notsay, . O herd, it is enough!
To the DestroyiugAngol—Stay thy, hand I
Put up thy glittering sword! It is enough 1
Or shall the earthquake heave, the thunders roll,
And thy great heritage be castaway,
Our citiesiald in ashes, surging dime,
And Pestilence and Death ep the lanil,
Our thst•bbielall destrOyed, our Elope,
Our glory and' our strength forever 'quenched,
Because in madness we rade to hear
The voice that namq.eratict people I '
. .
Rash man, forbear Touch not
the lArk—forbear
Lay not thy tremblingliadds upon onr strength,
Lest thou and all thy-kindred De CeiteMned , • ,
To ashes on the spot I-Lby jeapiniirri I . • ,
Avoid the secret plate of thunder ; fly
Fly while, thououaYesi'l for to i the way. is Meal; ' •
Art thou the man;hTesolute and slow, , . • ,
To grasp the flashing thunderbolts that lie
4ong our country'a path? Art thou thalami, - -•:'
To seize the helm, and guideour strip ofistidS ..,
Through tumbling oceans of . tempestnoogi tire •
Through darknessandthroirgti storm - , unfaltering—thos
Thunderings and lightnings are abroad. The earth
Grows hot-beneath our tread - ; the very skies, -
The everlasting Macs, the Heavenly Host
Are troubled with portents, and. every sea
Out-thunders with a Voice that will be heard,
The voice that sayeth —Let my people gy I •
At such anhourorpuldst thou, presumptuous man!
Aspire to stay the upidar with a word?
To murmur, •I'eace! tic still!" when God himself
Holds council overhead, wild whirldirind—gro—
And horror of great darkness (righting thrones,
And overthrowing empires with a touch?
UnhapPy Man ! Wourdst Up rebuke the sea I
Or to the nations say, ".EM np thy swing!. . .
RememberesFthon.that Morahroh-of the Fist;
The smitten of 1 1 M,Lerd,..who.frorelii throne
Of golden pomp , and power, wont forth. to graze,
b •
Forsaking palaces, : to ad with beasts?
Or him, the towering Saul, who wont astray,
Until - the Spirit-of.the Lord withdrew,
' And ho and,alt tho.frinoes of his house •
Went down iii darkness on Gilboa's top?., .
-Heat, Wort firtgotted?—shall we o'er forget 2
then thou west called to lead our warrior host,
commissioned. Item on high, and clothed with power,
And in the fore-front of the battle set,
To prove thy manhood—thou didst turn and flee I . ,
And when the shouting of the captains rose
A long way off, and the rebellious power . . .
Came surging on with banners dropping blood:'
We, looked about on ea - el:Y . B,ldg in vain - • ! • .
IFor the stout champion of our holy calm : .
In vain—in vain-4Lir he tiad left th e
'Far in advance he rode, - With banneruddenehed; '
!Not soiled nor.shattered--huirionirtki the-rear
And leading the retreat! Our chmispiOn, - hell • '
The Lord forgive him for the mighty. wrongs;..
And id hts own good way and time,
To him and his the weakness thst. betrays - ; •
And show the world how vast and sorrowful
Our disappointment was, when Ring before
The onset and the sb.ock, our champion fled,
Our Joshua—yea, - our iblvid;.ishile the ;host
Of:shouting rebe!s'trampledon our strengtn.
No cloud by day, a cloud thou vast by night ;
No pillared brightness to reveal our way
Through the deep darkness of Egyptian skies.
But ever blazing where the sunshine blazed, ,
What wonder that we lost thee, and that thou
pidstiose thyself for aye, presumptuous man?-
Affairs. at liarßet , s• Verryi,
. ,
s'IMPATICIZEB Oorgarkar)" , r6 LEAVE war.—
, THE SOLDIEBEe 01 5 .4/053050;TE:E NEW
PE] EZAII ECGEGIiiRtEiW ) "OT i jo /pE" THE" - SOL
•FlaneT, VIC; 1864.
Ma. Enrion:--BeLisiivingthata few items of
news from this ' disiriet would i not be uninter
estingle your -readers, I take the liberty of
trying my hand at the business. _
; Brig.-Gen. J. D.:Stevenson is in coirunW.
He is a plain, unostentatious gentleinan;
perfect soldier, and has hlgheart in Ate clause.
He formerly commandedthe SeventhlgissoTi
Volunteers, and froth" his bravery' in many
battle fields c".and)esiteCially at the seige of
yicksbur g , reeeivedlis, promotion. It was
well earned. _Hifi whole heart the work.
, A general court-martial has been convened
at this place for' the trial of 'Lieutenant
Charles D. Dougherty; of the FifthNeW York
,Artillery, and several other cases. The fol
lowing is the detail for the court:
Colonel Samuel Graham, Fifth New York
Artillery; Major Townsend Daniels, First P.
H. B. Maryland Cavalry; Captain H. Kolititter,
One Hundred and Eighty-fourth. Pennsylvania
Volunteers; Captain I. T. Cresby, Sixth New
York, Heavy Artillery.; , Captain Gallagher,
P.O. B. Harylancl.Cavalry,; Captain J. W.
Pruington, Feurth United States .C. ; First
Lieutenant 'Thomas Dick, ,Hixth New York
Heavy Artillery; First Lieutenant S. F. Mills,
First P. H. B. Maryland Cavalry ; First,
Lientenant G. C. Divens, First P. EL B. Mary
land Cavalry ; Second Lieutenant George W.
Hartle% Fifth New York Heavy Artillery ;
'gaptain H. L. Emman, Fifth New York
Heavyartillery, Judge Advocate:,
A New York McClellanite having been in.
the camp of the sth New York Heavy Artillery,
on Maryland Heights, and being so indiscreet
as to use language which would have been
more properly spoken in Richmond,was caus
ed to leave the camp in rather a hasty manner,
the boys having suppliedthemselves with tar
and feathers, to which they intended tob.treat
Thp,saldiers are at , the base at
temptmade by. the copperheads to• defraud
.them of their just rights as 'electors, and
eould they get those men into = their hands,
who attempted bi.. cast '3lcOlellanlvotos tor
them by wholesale_ fraud,. and perjury, they
would convict and punisli - thern summarily.
I hope you are not hifieep in ` theold Key;
stone -, State. You left' thousands of. Union,
votes at home in'October. Have a full. vote
out in November, and . our good' old State is;
good for forty thousand' majority for "Honest
Abe." • The soldiers ' in - the „field are doing
their duty, and demand that iheir.. fri9o ll, AP
Ihonie.'lshotdd.: stand niiiigully .IV the work-,- -
vlliiehlieink done:l44Di be wel l . tONI I 1
.::r , -• • • - • •
A rape lamed Foley had a ball• given to hiei
c i:
la itePNlastßatarday, for the benefit of bis
si, lamily- On going home' /ken the -ball
wi the proceeds (248) in his pocket, he was
robbed ad murdered.
--- Webster.
Later From New Orleans.
The steamer Ilionferq, from New Orleans
on the 25th ult., has arrived. A letter from
Gen. Ulbnaus! department states that the
'rebel agent of exchange NA commuhi6ated
with Gen. Lawler, stating•that a large num
ber of prisoners, intended for exchange, were
on board steamers, which, on account of low
water, were ashore. He proposed - landing
and marching them over, to be exchanged for
the same number of rebels, to be sent up from
New Orleans..,,
The exchange will be effected at the mouth
of Red river, The rebel officer also informed
Gen. Lawler that a Captain Lee, of Quantrell's
guerrilla% with 100 desperadoes, dressed in
Union uniforms, was just beyOnd Atchafay
laya river, and that the rebel Gen. - Sizith had
sent word to his Col. - COniinaiid#rk that dis
triet not to recognize nor permit them to cross.
If they succeeded in finally crossing, the
Union forces were not to consider them as
Confederate soldiers. Gens. Ullman and
Lawler will probably finish them up. All was
quiet at Forts Gaines and Morgan.
The Chairman of the County
Committee of Both Parties.
In order to insure more correct and com
plete returns of the ensuing election for pub
lication,in the papers of Philadelphia amain
the Loyal States, the Associated Press resp-ect
fully requests assistance of the chairmen of
the clifferent political committees of the seve
ral counties. All the telegraph offces through
out the State will be held open during the
night for the reception of returns, and by an
arrangement between the county committees
and the telegraph operators, it is belieVed
that a reliable estimate of the result may be
published on the morning after the ,election.
The vote should be compared with that given
in the October election, together with a state r
ment of the gains and losses. •If this course
is pursued, it will furnish a data to show how
the State has gone on the home vote. In
order to obtain these results, the Assopiated
Press have received the endorsements of the
chairmen of both the Democratic and Itepub
bean State Central Committees, as well as
that of the publishers and editors of all the
daily papers, connected with the Associated
Press in Philadelphia. It is desirable that
these returns should be as accurate and re
ceived at 'as early an hour as possible. All
messages shorild* be telegraphed to W. W.
Felton, Agent of the Associated Press, Phila
Trial of the Copperhead Forgers.
The trial of. Col. Samuel North, New York
State Agent, of Levi Cohn and M. M. Jones
I.Was commenced to-day, before • the -United
States Military Commission, of which Gen.
Doubleday is President and Col. Foster
Judge Advocate.
Messrs. R. H. Gillette and J. 1), BrPherson
appear as counsel for the prisoner.
The above named parties, together with
Reeves and• Schofield, are charged with con
duct prejudicial to good order and military
discipline, and of fraud towards the New Yo,rlr
electors, in that they forged the names a •of
ficers and soldiers to what purported fb be
ballots of said soldiers, to be used at the elec
tion on Tuesday next.
They are also charged with falsely and,
fraudulently issuing papers and sending
blanks, which purported to be signed by of
ficers and soldiers in the military service of
the United States, authorizing certain parties
to cast their votes at the ensuing State na
tional election, with intent to defraud the
true elector of his rights.
Mr. Gillette, one of the counsel for the pri
soners, pleaded the jurisdiction of the court,
arguing that the court had no jurisdiction—
first, over the parties; second, over the sub
ject matter; third, that the matter was not
within the jurisdiction 'of the National Gov
ernment; fourth; that it' waft a subject over
which the National Government had never
legislated, and fifth, that there was no law of
the Federal Government authorizing the ju
risdiction of a military courtl for the trial of
any one not in the military service of the
United States.
Mr. Gillette argiied that the Federal tribu
nals had not, in any way, or manner, author
ized the trial of persons by a federal court,
for crimes committed against the laws of any
State or States. Itthe :localised had commit
ted a crime it was only - a violation of a statute
Of the State or NeW York, and consequently
the tribunals of the United States have no ju
risdiction. •
If an offence has been committed, it is
against the laws• of New York, and that same
law prescribes the penalties and modes of trial
and . punishment. If an offence is committed
in any other State %ghat a law of New York,
under the extradition law the party charged
with the crime is liable ; to . ,be taken to New
York. . _
If the parties here ciiarged have not com
mitted a crime against the State of New York,
it must appear affirmatively the crime is one
against the statute law of the United States,
as it has been decided there can be no
offence against the United States unless it is
specially made so by statutes. It is not , as
serted that the prisoners have commit
ted an offence against a statute of News York.
New York Stock Market.
Stocks heavy. Chicago:-.end R. I. 994.
Cumberland preferreil-51W; Illinois Central
scrip 1264; lifichiganNOtithern 74; New 'York
Central 122; Reading 1331; Hudson River 121 i ;
Canton Company 34; BEssouri 6's 60; Erie
998; One Year Certificates 95i; 10-10 s 94i;
5-20. Registered 101 g. 7
IN Louisville, Keptuel7, the other, day, a
man, .With the ntradstl!lttsnig,'stived":fotr boys
whd were • drifting ova the - falls, by jumpmg
into a boat and pulling out to them, and row
ing back against the curt-int.
, 24,has,made its aiiiitarince in market in
weticatki iu large qtLp#tiogy . and. finds ready
isale, because it is cheap.. 5$ burns well.
.Ftel must come down.
Iran Richmond' 14 7 hiry tilitiis 2 'tlial Mr. Lin
coln's re-election is rendered absolutely cer
tain by the react rebel raven's.
- -
YORK, Nov. 3
NEU , Yos.s., Nov. 3
rpfrZAUDITOR appointed by, be;•Pypileri§;:.
-I- Court of Dauphin county, to distribute;anpne.those
entitled, Abet:dance rennuningia the hands ett. 7 Bseitiar •`-
Giaasbrennes, adminianator of William SViiitttl: t s i or r •
Lewitt Paton' township, deed, will meet - Our - ea
interested at his office% in • the city gtHeMiiimtit gn
Wednesday, the sixteenth day of Novemberneat, at 10
O'clock A. ar. , of which they are hereby notified.
H. M. GRAYDON, Auditor
Mcaulay, Oct, 23, 18*1-daaw3wirwlt,
.. ... _.. .
'The following are the rates for advertising In the Tan
mum Those havintailfertislng to do will And It eon -
venient for referenoe: ' 7 • .
Aar' Tour lines or' lemi Colmlltrlie mie-half square.
Eight lines, or more tistniestr, constitute a square.
FOR A BALM Watt,-, - r1)13 ems swam
One 011 7 $ 30 ..; day 1 5 00
Two days 6O Two days.... 100
Three days 75 Three days.... ..... 1. 25
One week
One month 3 00 One month 8 00
Two months 4 50 Two months 9 00
Three m0nth5....... 5 50 Three months 11 00
Six months 8 00 Six mouths 15 00
One year... ... ..• ..../5 00 One year... - 25 00
Administration Notices 2 75
Marriage Notices 75
Auditor's Notices
Funeral Notices, each inserti
jar Business notices rose
before Marriages and Dea
each insertion.
Markets by Telegraph.
Pi:Mum:Emma, Nov. 3.
The opening figure for gold was 228, a de
cline of 20 per cent. from the opening figure
of yesterday, which has checked the upward
movement in breadstuffs, and there is less
doing; sales of 4,000 bbls. flour at $ll 751 g
12 25 for extra family, inchiding_ 2,000 bbls.
to the Government at $l2 25012 98. The
receipts are extremely light. ":1%(o -sales of rye
flour or corn meal. The wheat market is un
settled and prices arebarely maintained; sales
of good red at $2 60, and 2,500 latishile Ken
tucky on private terms. Rye is quiet at $1 70.
Corn is in limited supply, and yellow sells at
$1 70. Oats are steady at 88c. Cotton is at
a stand. In groceries but little doing. In
provisions trade is dull ; sales of mess pork
at $43®43 50. 100 tierces new pickled hams
at 214 c, and lard at 23c. Petroleum has ad
vanced to 44c for crude, 68®70 for free.
Whisky sells slowly at $1 75®1 78.
NEW YORK, Nov. 3.
'Flour heavy; sales of 9,000 barrels State
$9 50®10 35, and Ohio sll®l2 25; Southern
$lO 90@15. Wheat quiet; sales unimportant.
Corn firm; sales:of 14,500 busheLs $1 65(41 66.
Beef firm. Pork firm; sales of $2,000 barrels
at $4l 50(p_42. Lard firm at 21®23.1. Whisky
ANOTHER meteor has fallen at Hubbards
town, Mass. It was discovered on the 9th
ultimo, and on examination proved to be a
mass as large as a hogshead, of a gelatinous,
light-colored semi-transparent substance. A
specimen was presented to the Natural History
Society, of Worcester, on Monday evening,
anc although tightly corked in a bottle it had
diniinished considerably in bulk, and was
partially dissolved. It was of a light straw
color, and had a strong odor of sulphnretted
hydrogen, with a sulphurous taste, A chem
ical analysis will be made.
Muss. is a new institution in the Custom
House of New York—to wit: a corps of guides.
Four men march among the great pillars and
intricate passage ways of the buildings, and
direct strangers to any department of the cus
toms. There arc so many branches that per
sons who have occasion to visit are some
times unable to find what they seek. The
guides wear signs on their hats.
A "Spscrwrii Barcs."—The 11. S. Chris
tion Commission have received from Nevada
a silver and gold brick, worth $2,900 in cm
rency, as a contribution to the cause. It is as
much as a man could conveniently lift, and
no man could conveniently carry in his hat.
We believe it is one of several bricks of the
the kind the commission has or is to receive.
—Philadelphia Ledger.
As exchange, quoting the declaration of the
opposition journals, that Gen. M'Clellati has
perfect self-control, remarks: - "We never lieard
of his losing his temper but once, and that
was when Col, Metcalf, of Kentucky, told him
that his friend Jeff. Davis was not a gentle
man. That put him in a great rage." .
TEE Democrats have made a gain; in Con
necticut--that is a sort of gain --and being
wholly unused to that sort of thin, they crow
over it. The victory consists in their gaining
two towns and losing nine towns; but as they
did not lose all the towns in the State, they
are jolly !
WFIRREAS, the Honorable Joint J. Pses•
sox, President of the Court of Common Pleas in
the Twelfth Judicial 'District, consisting of the counties of
Lebanon and Dauphin, and the Honorable Samar,Labots
and Hdnorable Mom R. Yototo, .11,wociate Judges in Dau
phin county, having issued their precept, bearing date the
23d day of August, 1884, to me directed, fer holding a
Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Delivery and
Quarter Sessions of the Peace of Harrisburg, for the county
of Dauphin, and to commence os THE 3n Moaner OF . No
warm{ a - mar, being the 21st day of Novembei, 1864,
and to continue two weeks.
Notice is therefore hereby given to the Coroner, Justices
of the Peace, Aldermen and Constables of the saldconnty
of Dauphin, that they be then and there in their proper
persons, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of said day, with
their records, inquisitions, examinations, and. their own
remembrances, to do those things which to their office
appertains to be done, and those who are bound in recog•
nizances to prosecute against the prisoners that are or
shall be in the Jail of Dauphin county, be then and there
to prosecute against them as shall bejost.
Given under my hand, at Harrisburg, the 21st day or
October, in the year of our Lord,lBol, and in the eighty
ninth year of the independence of the United States.
• W. W. JEIWINGS, Sheriff.
Harrisburg, Oct. 21,1804.
I...ampe's Herb S'abre,
I:FAS proved the most effective cure of
■ RHECTMATM GOUT, has proved the best remedy
Of Animating and Btraugaening the nerve's of Ladies af
ter Confinement,
Ras prayed the best salve far
Price $1 per bottle. Six bottles for P.
Dr Lampe's Universal Herb Elixir,
An infallible remedy against Cramp in the &which,
Indigestion, Cholera, Diarrhcea, Giddiness . , Voraisbag,
Headache, Palpitation of the Heart, Epilepsy,. Asthma,
Piles, Cold Fever, &c., &c.
Price $1 per bottle. Six bottles for $5. •
' D. FR, LAMPE, Goslar, Kingdom Hanover, is the in
yentor of the most wonderful cure ever known. He
commenced his practice twenty years ago by 'only resole-
Mg such patients as had been considered incurable by
their physicians. After taking his medicines, and sub
jecting themselves to his treatment., they regeined .thei ,
former vigor and good health, and ,
The name of Dr. Fr. Lampe soon:became the most re
nowned of European doctors. Hundreds of thousands
of sufferers have availed themselves of his wonderful
Medicine and got relieved.
Imported by Dr. MOOR & CO., 486 Broadway, N. Y.
For sale in Harrisburg by D. W. GROSS & CO., T. M.
Wrisazas, The undersigned has' bi3eit duly appointed,
by the Court of Common Pleas of Delphi'' county ; an
Auditor, under the 6th section of the act of AiSembly
approved the 22d. day of August, lB64, "to ascer
tain and determine the fair market,value " of each share
of stock of the said "Bank of. Middletown," as provided
in said section; therefore,
Notice is hereby given to the President Directors and
Stockholders of the said Bank that he' will meet at the
Banking House of said Bank, inldiddletownom Tuesday,
the 15th day of November, at 10 o'clock .1. N.;
. for the
purpose of performing the duties of his mid appoint
ment as provided by the aforesaid actof Amembly_.
oclabdeod3w JOHN H. BHlHOS., : Auditor. - •
1 60
In the Local Odom, or
EIGHT Mina mg Lams for
0c22 ddrwtd