Pennsylvania telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1864-1864, October 14, 1864, Image 3

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NorriCE 11.13VEILTISER.S.—All Adver.
:Business Notices, Marriages,
to secure insertion in the
fr,LEGILAPII, must intrariably hr mecum.
fj.tti with the CA Sl'.
A:lvertisements ordered in the regular
16T..ning Edition are inserted in the Morn
ing tiltiition without extra charge.
God and our Country!
Lincoln, .Johnson and the Government.
Ile is a Freeman whom the Truth ➢fakes Free!
In compliance with a request made by
w any prominent citizens of Harrisburg, in
correspondence which has already been
published, an oration discussing the leading
issues involved in the great struggle now,
} •Dino
on in the Southern States, for the tri
nuaph of Barbarism, Treason and Rebellion
on the one side, and for Christianity, Civiliza
tion, Law and Peace on the other, will be
delivered by the
la the Court House, in the City of Harrifiburg,
All in favor of the freedom of speech—all
opposed to the shacklinfi of the body or the
_wind in the chains of slavery—all in favoi of
the just rights of labor—all opposed to bar:
tering in liftman flesh—nll in favor of the
policy of the National Administration to put
on end to the Slaveholders' war, are invited
to be present and thus testify their , abhorrence
tor the treason of the Southern Nabob, as well
as their defiance for the sympathies of the
British Aristocrat.
The great object of this meeting is to cele
brate with beComing respect and proper en
thusiasm, the late signal and glorious triumph
of Law and Order in Ohio, Indiana and Penn
Seats will be reserved in the Bar of the
Court Room for Ladies.
By Order of the Union. County Committee
.1, B. WIESTLING, See.y.
,1 7 74.':413 COUNTRY.
A STATE LAW of Ohio entirely probibits.the
sale of liquors on election day.
.Would that
we had a similar law in Pennsylvania. ,
named Sykes, of White township, Indiana
comny, died on Sunday last, from the effects
of eating freely of chestnuts on Saturday.
THE barracks occupied by the Invalid Corpsi
and located near the Cotton Factory, have•ro.
ceived a coat of paint, and present a neat and
attractive exterior. A few additional build
ings are being erected. These barraclis af
ford excellent quarters for our brave veterans.
THE sale of condemned ordnance and other
materials belonging to the State of Pennsyl
vania, will take place at the Arsenal, in this
city, on Tuesday next, 18th inst., at 10 o'clock
The stock consists of cannon, gun barrels,
carriage axles, tires, hub rings, strap iron, &c.
IMPROYEDIENTS. --New buildings are stil
being erected in various portions of the city,
for business places and residences. All who
have the means should build a house, how
ever small, and avoid the payment of high
rents. "There is no place like tome"—even
though it be of the most humble character.
building is now tinder roof; and workmen are
busily engaged in erecting and completing
the stalls. When finished, the new market
house will be far superior to those in Market
Square, as it is larger, and the interior is be
ing finished in the very best style.
SOCIAL BALL.—A social ball, under the
management of officers of all the fire compa
nies in the city, will be given at the Hope
Engine House, on Thursday evening nesit, for
the benefit of disabled firemen. This is a
most worthy object, and should receive the
patronage of those who delight in dancing.
Box KILLED.—On Monday a •boy named
Cherry, aged nine yearsf was run over and in
stantly killed, by a railroad car, at: Altoona
He was standing on the bumper of a car,. (a
practice indulged in by many Harrisburg
boys,) and, jumping from the train when in
motion, fell upon a pile of cinder, rolled back
upon the track, and was killed.
A GAME or FISTICTIFF. —A hand-to-hand
tight took place between two colored "gem
men," in the lower end of the City; last eve
ning, which resulted in one of them sustain
ing serious injury to his nasal appendage, and
the other having his frontispiece considerably
battered. A Dinah was the cause of the
GOD AND OUR COUNTRY !-A grand attraction
is presented to our citizens for their enter
tainment, this evening, on which occasion
Rev. J. Walker Jackson will speak in the
Court House. Rev. J. is one of the most elo
quent orators in the country; ind:all who at
tend will hear the best address of the cam
paign. Turn out hear the truth. -
IMPROVED .RAII.IIOAD atil.--fir. Edw. Burke;
or Philadelphia, has invented an improve
:tient in a railroad car, by which, in ease of
accident, all the car doors will be thrown open
by a self-acting arrangement, which works as
soon as a collision occurs. The car doors, in
this arrangement, are on the sides of the cars,
,Did a lever, running along the length of the
cnt, opens each ear as soon as the collision
occurs. The design of the improvement is
to prevent persons being burned to death in
the cars when a lire occurs from collision.
Mr. Ewixo has again been making himself
conspicuous in the upper end of the county.
He made a speech in Jefferson township on
last Saturday, in which he took occasion to
abuse and vilify Mr. Jonathan Enterline, one
of the most respectable, intelligent and peitee
able citizens of that neighborhood. It an,
pears that Mr. Enterline has been the enroll
ing and notifying officer of his township, and
because he did his duty, he was made the
subject of an outrageous abuse from a man
who had neither patriotism or disposition to
deal fairly and squarely with his fellow-men.
It is those inflammatory speeches against the
government, and government officials which
is prolonging the war, and sacrificing
has a the
lives of our fellow citizens. Mr. Ewing
perfect right to make Democratic speeches,
but he has no right to abuse his government,
vilify her officials in the honest discharge of
their duties, or outrage the feelings of peace
able and inoffensite citizens.
THE return judges of this county mei, in
the Court House, this Morning, to add tip the
votes of the various townships, wards, bor
oughs, &o. The figures will be found in the
official table published elsewhere in our col
Sonsiarekns to the bounty fund of the
Third ward, in this city, will meet at the
Franklin House on MONDAY Evening, the •
17th of October; when the several committees
will make their filial reports. • •
ocl3deodtd) Pres't Third Ward Association.
THE 2018 T .11,zunitutir.—A rumor has been
,cuffentio-day, that the six compariloti of the
201st regiment in Virginia, were capfured'on
Monday last. We have no confirmation of
the rumor, but have received a letter from Co.
I, dated Monday evening. We trust the re
port of the capture is without foundation.—
The letter alluded to will be published to
OYSTP.ES. —Our friend Evy, at his well
known stand on Second street near Mulberry,
is now prepared to supply his old customers
with fresh and prime oysters, direct from the
markets of Philadelphia, New York and Balti
more, at the old prices. He is determined to
continue his trade for the accommodation of
amities, and only asks for a fair share of pat
ronage. We can recommend Evy, and we
are confident the people will sustain him. He
has a fine lot of oysters now on hand.
SffAKSPDABE'S great tragedy oflib.csrria will
be performed at the Theatre, this evening,
the occasion of Miss Kate Denin's benefit.
That lady will appear as Lady Macbeth. Mr.
Meeker,„the , talented . tragedian, sustains his
great cbstractet of Macbeth. Miss Fanny Den
ham will sitig several songs, as Ilecate. Mac
duty will be personated by Mr. Crossen, and
Banquo by Mr. Alex. Fisher. Sam Ryan, Mr.
Rouse and Mrs. Rainford will appesif as the
Witches. Maxima has not been performed in
Harriet:a:6g for a number of years, and we
know it will draw immensely. To obtain a
comfortable seat it will be necessary to go
early. In order to give due effect to this great
tragedy, no other will be performed to-night.
In rehearsal—the great plays, SEA of lan;
Muds - Mum Warts, who was recently re
leased by the rebels, reached his home in In
diana, Pa., on Friday last The Register says,
notwithstanding the many vicissitudes of his
prison life, Major White loath tolerable well
—a little thin in flesh—and is rapidly being
invigorated 14 'the' healthful 'air of freedom,
which he is once again permitted to breathe r '
Four different times, during his captivity, he.
made „efforts to escape, but was foiled each
time. Once he was at large some three weeks,
eliding search, and had reached a point with
in twenty-five miles of Knoxville, when he was
again caught. The Richmond authorities
constantly imposed harsh treatment upon liiu
—subjecting him imposed,
life in dungeons, and
sickly places, without room for exercise, and
without fire in winter.
The Middletown Journal, a neutral paper,
speaks as follows, of the address delivered in
that place, on Monday evening last, by ova"
patriotic townsman, Rev. John Walker Jack
" TEE NATIONAL UNION atm was addressed
on Monllay evening, by the Rev. J. Walker
Jack - son, of Harrisburg. The hall was crowd
ed to overflowing, and the meeting was one
of the most enthusiastic ever convened in
this place. The speaker seemed to excel
himself, and for two hours he held the large
and•:jitelligent audience completely spell
bound. in short, it was one of the most
logqal, able, interesting and truthful speeches
ever delivered in Middletown. This is the
expression of all who had the pleasure of
kearing the great orator on Monday evening.
Several pleasing, patriotic and very appropri
ate songs were sung, with a happy effect, be
fore and after the -address.
CLNII.GEISEN ON TEM STllMP.—Sayaral clergy
men-in. ,
this county, impelled by their honest
convictions and by the very deep interest they
feel in the welfare of the country, in this,
the hour of its peril, hare taken the stump
and made earnest as well as effective address
es in behalf of the Union cause. They have
not regarded this act as being partisan.—
When the very life of the country is at stake,
those who enrol themselves upon its side are
not taking party ground. There can be but
one party among honest men when the coun
try is on one side and its enemies on the
other. If it be partisan to stand for the coun
try at such a time as this, what sort of a party
must that be which is in opposition to it In
the diyi of the Revolution, clergymen were
not ashanded to lift up their voices on the side
of Liberty and Humanity, nor did Washing
ton and his co-patriots scorn their aid. They
were not abused and vilified for being patri
otic, nor did the sturdy, upright soldiers of
that day, with their high-toned sense of duty,
regard them as being out of place in speaking
and writing for the patriotic cause. And why
should they be so regarded now, any more
than then? There cannot be any reason for
it except that there are more Tories now than
then. Liberty and Humanity are as much at
stake to-day as then. The issues involved in
the present contest are as grave, and the re
sults that hang on them as grand as any that
impended then. The men of the Revolution
were fighting to establish' 'a 'country, we to
maintain what they establi i shed; and except
that our appeal in this home struggle is to
ballots, while theirs was to bullets,. there
is no difference in the broad, non-par
tisan and purely patriotic character of
its objects. But the clergyman does not lose
his civil rights in becoming a clergyman. 'Ha
is still a voter, and has all the rights as well
as responsibilities - of a voter: ''Nay, more;
having a weighty influence from his Position;
as such, is he not bound as a Christian man,
to wield that influence for the Bight, for Lib
erty, for God and for Humanity, and make
himself a. living example to those who natti
rally look to him at such a time as this ? The
abuse and vilification heaped upon these men
the gross and brutal assaults made upon them,
and the coarse, ruffianly epithets hurled at
them, are meant but to deter them from pur
suing the course they have begun. The lead
ers of the copperheads are fully aware of the
immense moral weight of .the influence .ot
the clergy, and that their appearance , at
the hustings at such a time is evidence
that the moral sense of the community, is
upon the side of the, Union. Hence they
have nothing for it but to try and break down
this immense weight by exhausting the' vo
cabulary of Billingsgate in abusing and de
nouncing those who use it. l'erhapa those of
us who haVe been so long in the political
ring as to become callous to abuse of all
„kinds, have paid less attention to this filthy
quit-pouring than it demanded..: know
how hard, to sensitive men, it is to bear.
.But after all, it is best to pay no attention to
it. Men cannot fight with skunks. The only
alternative is to avoid them. Their nasty,
odor will offend the nostrils of all who come
within smelling distance of , them; but we
have neverheard any _remedy for it. It is a
nuisance, but cannot be abated by any attack
upon the filthy creatures ; themselves._ Every
kiddy friloivethat'Alis .moral character of the
Clergymen. 'referred to is above reproach.—
There isnOt a stain upon their names, nor
can any ; revectable man. be' .made believe
aught against their reputations as high-mintl.
ed, lionhable; upright men.
REPUBLIOAN Isvicreme.--All young inui de
siring to join the Invinciblea will meet at the
old Mount - Vernon Truck House, tomorrow
(Saturday) evening at seven o'clock. 2t
SOBEETIONG TO WEAR. —With the approach
of cold weather, it is natural to provide cloth
ing suitable for the season. The reduced
prices, and large assortment of dry goods,
comprising ladies' dress goods, cloaks, shawls,
balmorals, S:c., including cloths, cassz
meres, over coatings and gents' shawls, at
Bowman's cheap store, offer to buyers more
than ordinary inducements, No. 1, corner of
Front and Market streets.
Limn ARRIVAL. —The undersigned takes
the pleasure to inform the ladies of this city
and vicinity, that she has received this day a
large quantity of CLOAKS and . CIRCU
LARS, ranging in price from $6 to $25. This
stock comprises the very latest styles and best
qualities, all of which have been purchased
since the decline in gold, and are offered at
lower rates than they can be sold for by any
other establishment, in the city..
Boger's Old Stand, No., 13 Market street.
sept23-tf •
Cloaks and Furs ! Cloaks and
Furs! •
We will open next week the cheapest and
largest assortment of Cloaks and Pars in Har
ris'orut, all bought at greatly reaced 'prices.
Beautifril muffs at 4 50 and"ff dollars,- Splen
did cloaks as low as 9 and 10 dollars. Black
cloth for cloaks as low as $2 50. White all
wool flannels as low as 65 to 70 cents, worth
90 cents. 4 by 4 bleached muslin 55 cents,
worth 75 cents. French merinos, black al
paccas, black bombazines, all at reduced
500 doz of woolen and cotton, stockings,
children's wools stockings as low as 15 cents.
Cassiraere forboy'Swear. The greatest bargins
in black silks. We have now in store a very
large stock of goods, and will sell at less than
wholesale prices, in order to reduce our stock.
Bargains in Irish linen bought at auction.
Call and judge for yourself. S. LBWY.
Ds. lifßamfs King .of Pain should be kept
in every family. Will sure Headache . , Tooth
ache, Earache in three minutes: Diarrhceo,
Bloody Flu; pain in the Back and Side, Indere
motion of the Kidneys and Liver Complaint
and Palpitation of the Heart. Sole agent for
the State, S. A. KUNKEL & BRO.,
118 Market street, Harrisburg.
All orders from a distance promptly attended
to. sept2o4l
Kromer's (Uphalles) Hair Dye
Boxes larger than Dyes that sell for $1
Wens/sawn to please... ; This article has been
thoroughly tested by ,Dis Gramm of New
York, and Professors Booth and Garrett of
Philadelphia, who pronomace it free from all
poisonous ingredients, and the material com
posing it will not injure the most delicate
hair. Sold by Druggists and Fancy Goods
dealers everywhere.
JNO. AIROMER, Sole Proprietor,
403 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Drunkenness Cured.
The inebriate may now bid defiance to the
tempting cup. . Dr. Zane's antidote for strong
drink is a certain cure for drunkenness. It
creates a dislike for strong•drink, and - can be
administered without the knowledge of the
Descriptive circulars' Sent to any. addresi.
For sale by all respectable druggists in the
United States and Oanadas. Price $1 per box,
or packages of six boxes for $5.
JNO. J. KROMER, Wholesale Agent,
403 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Dr. Rand's Specific.
The oldest and most reliable Medicine for
the cure of Spermaorhcea, SeminslWeakness,
Loss of Power, Ztc. This medicine has stood
the test of over, thirty years, and his always
proved a success. '
Dr. BAWD'S SPECIFIC is exhibited in the
form of pills, made up entirely of substitnces
that have a specific effect upon the generative
organs. Most -persons associate the idea of
operations upon the bowels from taking any
kind of pills. The Sexorrio of Dr. Rand is
not intended as an evacuating medicine. Its
medicinal virtues ere expended entirely upon
the impaired regenerative organs. • The pills
are not unpleasant - to the taste, and many
persons masticate them with impunity before
swallowing them ; which plan we would al
ways recommend, as affording the 'speediest
way to get the effect of the remedy.
Price $1 per box, or six boxes for $5. Sold
by druggists everywhere.
JNO. J. KROMER, Wholesale Agent,
403 Ohestriut Si., Philadelphia, PAL
. .
Dear Sir:—With your permission I wish to say to th
readers of your paper that I will send, by return mad,
all who wish it (free,) a Recipe, with full directions fc7
making and using a simple Vegetable Balm, that will e
fectually remove in ten days, Pimples, Blotches, Tan,
Freckles, and all Impurities of the Skin, leaving the some
soft, clear, smooth and beautiful.
I will also mail free to those having Bald Heads or Bare
Faces, simple directions and information that will enable
them to start a full growth of Luxuriant Hair, Whiskerii,
or a Moustache, in less thauthistydays.
All applications answered -hy ' return mail without
charge. Respectfully yours, •
THOS: F. CHAPMAN, Chemist, /
jylfi-d&w3m 881 Broadway, New York. •
swallow two or three hogsheads of "Ruche," "Tonic
Bittern," "Sarsaparilla," "Nervous . Antidotes," dm, &c.,
an 4 after you are satisfied with the result, then try
PIO PILLS--and be restored to health and vigor in less
than thirty days. They are purely Vegetable, pleasant to
take, prompt and salutary in their effects on the broken
down and shattered constitution. Old and ming can take
theta:With advantage. Imported and sold in the United
States only by JAS. S. BUTLER,
No. 427 Broadway, New York.
WAgent for the United States.
P . a—A Box of the Pills, securely paelred;_will be
mailed to guy addresit on receipaorprice, is ONE
IX: I 4LAR, Post'Pgdd ;— lnoue the igent if
entire satisfaction is not ' r. jyls-diliwitra
To .
donautnptit'e sufferers mill rechWe a.tidnahle p °scrip
ticei l' ot Oimentagtiony.Aspigkai Bronchitis,
and all throat and. Lung arectionn- (free of charge,i by
sending their address to
Rev. EDWARD. A. 'WILSON,. Williamsburg, Kinga
county, New York. [sepl9-tidcw3m
The greatest trouble to persons in the Army, especially
In this season, is Dysentery, which (by death or by dies=
bihty) weakens the service . more than the Rebels do,
Very many have found, upon trial, the DYSENTERY.,
DROPS are among the very beet preventatives and cure;
that are to be had . Every officer and every:aoldleA
should carry it with him, and thereby reasonably .Ineure
himself against a great danger. It is prepared in Harrisi
burg by MRS. L. BALL; at 27 Pine street, between Secotalt
and Front. Take a phial with you.. Price 25 cents.
riGr Ermervic Fr= can nu Comm! I—Dr. Locitrow
having become eminently successful in caring this ter:
ribie malady, invites all similarly afflicted to call or send
for circulars of references; and testimonials of numerous
cases cured of from one to tweuty•foue years' standing:
lie devotes his attention especially to diseases of the Car;
ebro-Spinal Axis, or Nervous System, and soltelts an in ;
vestlgation.of his claini to public oordidenos.
He may be consulted at die 'private residence, No. 44i
West 42d•street, daily;'from /0 A. it. until 4 r. it,, ex4Pt
Saturday and Sunday, Address all letters to
. . DR. V. B. LOCICROW, New 'York:
Care of P. a BoxdllO.
Zannyart's Troches.
. _
For ihe care, 0arrE.4u,..3, Throat Di&
eases, sm., ere rehommended to
ministers, singers and' personswhose vocation
calls.them to speak in public. Manufactured
only by O. A. I.P..annvart & Co., Harrisburg,
Pa-1 to whom all orders should be addressed.
Sold by druggist every where.
Bead the following testimonials from some
of our eminent clergymen:
Fr4B:RwsmaG, Fej Bth, 1,864.
13. - A. Ban - razz—Dear Sir: d :71tave !need
Brown's Bronchial TroCkei,;: , l l 7lstar's lxiaenges
and other preparations - for lielraimem and
throat troubles,- anti in ceroparisoi,,with then,
all, can cheerfully commend your !own as a
most admirable svecific for public speakers
:ind singers, in cases of boattenesS,' coughs
‘u, I -ye found - th,Pl!.. ..rsving in
co.* of aced. toot effectually, .
yours tr u ly, . T. 13013LNSO.N,
PAsiar et N. S. Presbyterian Church.
OP-I agree with Mr.,Robinaou as to the
.•, alas of Batinvaree Troehes. <•
Late Pastor of 0. S. PicAytellan Ohilreh.
• ihniranotd, Jam, 1864.
To C.A. BarnivkaT---Diar" the habit
of speaking very irequently, and in places
where the vocal organs f.;:.• %try , much taxed,
I have found the tteg.l,4l - sOme.ganleexpecto
rant, _and that wark has Been supplied in your
excellent Troche;;.,
I'consider tlient . very far superior to any
Lozenges that ;1 have ever fried, in removing
from its too frequent use, and, impairing th
effectiveness' of • the delivery of public at..
drosses, Yours, ace.. ,
Pastor of the Loottst St, Methodist Clhuroh.
To a. A. litrittvtaT--Dear Sir: Having use t.
your Tdelies, I any. free to say they are
the best I have ever tried and take great
pleasure in recommending them to all persona
of with sore thrciiit "or huskiness of
voice arising from ppAliciiieakingorshigtng.
Yours, &0.,G. •G, MAW,
Pastor of, Rige Avenue Methodist Church.
, .
DiSTBICFr 0.17101,
Iliaanamone, Feb. 29, 1864. j
To 0. A. BAstwiriur---Dear Sir : I have
found your Troches to be invaluable in re
lieving hoarseness and in strengthening the
muscles of the throat. They impart clearness
to the voice, and are certainly - of great bene
fit to all publio sneakers. HERR. •
MATRIMONIAL!—Ladies auil Oen tlernen,
if you wish to marry, address the 'undersigned,
who will send you, wlthoutmoney and without pries,
valuable information that will enable you to marry happy
and speedily, irrespontve of age, Wealth or beauty.
This information will cost you nothing, and if you wish
to marry,. I will cheerfully assist you. All letters strictly
confident's'. The desired information sent by return
mail, Ind ntilliestforn. 'astrid. Address • -
' 5,4441. 11 B. LAMBERT,
ociBd&w2m ' - Grbehpbbitc King's county, N. Y. 1
less than 30 days, the worst *see of NERVOUSNESS,
Impotency, Premature Decay,•Semlnal 'Weakness, Insan
ity, and all Urinary . .sexual - and Nervous Affections, no
matter from wh*ctiuse produced. Price, One Dollar per
box. Sent, post-pkid, by mail, on receipt of an order.
One Box will *Peot the cure' tet •utost cases. Address
• ,TA.1114 & BUTLER,
• lylb-d&w3re General Ageiet, 429 Broadway, N. Y.
syir A Pirrsiotmoulti.Vraw or MArtatidt!—Containing
nearly 300 pages, and 130 fine plates and' engravings of
the , Anatomy of , r.he Human Organs in a state of -Itcalth
and disease,,with a treatise on early errors, its deplorable
consequences anon the mind hod body, With the author's
plan oftreatment—the only'rational and: succeasfal Intake
of cure, as shown .by, the report. of - cases treated. A
truthful adviser to the married, and those contemplating
marriage, who entertain doubts of - their physical condi
tion. iient free of postage to any address, on receipt of
25 cents in stamps or postal currency, by addressing Dr.
LA CROL7, No. 31 Maiden Lane, Albany, N. Y.
The author may be consulted Upon anyot the diseases
upon which his book treats, either-persOna/ly or by mail,
and medicines sent to , any part of the world.
Cherokee Remedy,'
.i,. , ,'HEROKESS(BILVEDY, *great, Indian Div/read,
cures*.disecise i t : : -.. gf l the . urinary organs, such as inconti.
new hiti4e,fi* infIAPPI4.4 of the Birokk",4lV47*-
=Non of Ms Kidneys, Stone in the Bladder, Stride"
Gravel, Meet, ansiorhea, .and Zy recommended
in those cases of Fluor Album (oroW/ates in females) Ida;
all the Old 914 US OtatfmadiONSes bask fatted
/Or It kparedf 41y . oc,cohomitrated form, the
dose only being frem-eneio two teaspoonfuls three Limn
per day
Kir ft.n ` i 4nrinin.Aq ' iiiti;rative . s . i4 ua action; 'purifying
and cleansing Sehlinid,„nansing it to VA , is all of Re
original purity thus removing from the system
allAernicious ceases witleit have. induced disease.
CHEROKEE. INJECTION is intended Mt' an ally or 'mist
antic the CHEROKEE REMEDY and should be used in
conjniictiOn with that Methane Mall cases of Cionerrhea,
Gleet, Ilwor Aq#(4or Whites. Its effects are heating,
soolkingcisi removing ' " all Scalding, hest,
chortles and pain, *Wed of the burning and MmOM
enduiable pgsn Shat is experienced. with neirlyl4lthe
cit'eap guack injecciens
By the use , th.a . DEINIRORIE REMEDY and .
CHEROKEE terii ;medicines at the game
timeLall Mipmper• dirchsigen are removed, and the weak
oiled organs „are speedily restored; to fall vigor', and
WFor fall particulars, get Ourliimpthei from gni
rug store the country, or write usOind we will man
free, to anyAddsyse, is full treatte . ,
..016Pricei,GaRicssa maay, :$2 pOr bottle, or
IMPrice CRERORICE iI4.LECTION, $2 per bottle, or
three bottles for
11%-Sent by .exprees , 1 ,Y.,444reas on ree'CiPt
1916.801 d by all dragtists eyerywhere, - • ,
DR. W. S. laßNStrhi
- . . Sole Poprietors,
fluirlit-oodly N,o. 69 Liberty street, New York.
•j: I A risplmOriaspli 0
00)1701711D1140 MOM
An unfailing cure, for S - perinatorrhea, Seminal Weak
. .
nem, Nocturnal RI/tinier'', and an diseases caused by self-
P elkal° n; •itich':ns PM* , Memory, Universal Lassitude,
Pains in the Back, .Diottiets of Vision l Premature ad Ape
Weak Nerves, Plltictqty efareabting„
, IW7lkiing, Waketia,
nets,ErtiPtions on the Face,', pale Cossatenassoe,— lissanity,
Coraunspiim, and all the David complaisite caused by dr
pareingfro". the Path of PAP rd.
sip-This modielne is a simple vegetable extrac.,
n whiuli .111 nen relyi it it has been Used in our practice
formate , yearn, mid with thousands treated, it has not
failedln a single instance. Its curative, powers have been
sufficient to gain victory over the moat stubborn case. •
All rlothose wheihave trilled with their constitution,
until they thin k igerneelveit beyond the reach of Medical
id, we would say, Despair not t the Caseouns cuss will
restore you to health amkvtger,.aad after ellquack 4 0 °
all : quack
tors have failed . . ,
Sark . * rtdi particwian get ti Moiler from any Drug
Sterols:the Country, or write the Proprietor, who will
mail' .' t°
pamphlet form. . „ • • •
one desiring the IMO, full treatise in
sir Prices $2 pet tattle, or ' three bottletr Our. $6, and
forwarded by express to all parts of thaworld.
#1•Sold by all respectable is everywhere.
DL C 0.,,
100 , 104001.1 • - No. OS Liberty street, Now York.
P ropi3sals fok
.5-20 BONDS
WASEUNGTON, Oct. 1, 1864.
figEALED offers will be received at this e-
1.., partment, under the act of Congress, ap
proved June 30, 1864, until, the noon of Fri
day, the 14th inst., for. blindk,of the United
States, to the amount of fwty' Millions of dol
lars. The bonds offered. - *ili bear an interest
of six per centum, patible semi-annually, in
coin, on the first days df May and November,
and will be redeemable at the pleasure of the
Government, after five years, and payable in
twenty years from Nov. 1, 1864.
Each offer must be for fifty or some multi
ple of fifty dollars, and must state the sum
including premium offered for each hundred
dollars, or for fifty when the offer is for no
more than fifty. Two per cent. of the princi
pal (excluding premirira) of the wholo.arnormt
bid for, by each bidder, must be deposited, as
a guaranty for the payment of subscriptions if,
accepted, with the' Treasurer of the United
States at Washington',
.O.r. with the Assistant
Treasurer at New York, boston, Philadelphia
or St. Louis, or with the designated Deposi
tary-44, Baltimore, Pittsburg, Cincinnati,
Louisville, Chicago,- 'Detroit:: or Buffalo, or
with any National Deposit Batik which may
consent to transact the business without
charge, for which deposits; duplicate certifi
cates will be issued to the, depositors by the
officer or` bank receiving them—the originals
of which must be forwardedovith the offers,
to this Department. All-deposits should be
made in time for the certificates with the offers
to reach Washington, not later than the morn
ing of October 14, as aforesaid. No offer, not
accompanied by its proper certificate of de
posit will be considered.
The Coupon and Registered Bonds issued
under this proposal, will be of the denomina
tioas of. $5O, $lOO, $5OO and $l,OOO. 'Regis
tered Bonds of $5,000 and $lO,OOO will be is
sued if required.
All offers received will be opened on Friday,
October 14th. The awards will be made by
the Secretary to the highest offerers, and
notice of acceptance or declination will be im
mediately given to the respective offererS:'_ln
eases of acceptance, bonds of the description
and denomination preferred will be sent - to
the subscribers, at the cost of the Department,
on final payment of installments. The deposit
of two per cent. will bo reckoned in the last
installments paid- by successful offerers, and
will be immediately returned to those whose
offers may not be accepted.
The amount of accepted offers must be de+
posited with the Treasurer, officer or bank au
tb.orized to act under this notice, on advice of
the acceptance of offers, as follows: One half
on the 20th October, and the balance, (in
eluding the premium and original two per
cent. deposit,) on the 31st October.
The• bonds will bear interest from Novem
ber Ist. Interest on deposits, from their date
to Nov, 1, will be paid by the Government in
One-half of the first installment, or twenty
five per cent. of accepted offers, may be paid,
with accrued interest 'to Oct. 14, in United
States "Certificates of Indebtedness," but such
certificates will be received in part payment
of the first insist ment only.
Offers under this notice should be endorsed
"Offer for Loan," and addressed to the Secre
tary of the Treasury. The right to decline all
offers not C4snsidered advantageous to the
Goverment, is reserved by the Secretary.
oc4-tillocl4 • Segretary of the Treasury
Frain Drvisiott,
. . Wesaiserrox City, OctobAr 1, 1864.
Horses suitable for Cavalry and Artillery service will be
purchased at Giesboio Depot, in open market, till Novem
ber 1, 1884. •
Horses will bedelivpred•to Captain L. Lowry Moore, A
and be suldectod to the 'usual Government inspect-
Ikon beforetelag accepted.
Price of Cavalry Horses, $175 each.
Price of Artillery Horses, $lBO each.
Payment will be made for six (61 and more.
Colonel Plitt Divißioll,
o3tilloal• ' Quartermaster General's Office.
OFRICE St , Piranmernavr Vol.. R. Ealmps,
• WEwraas Drumm or Parma,
RARRTEIBIJELG, Pa., October 1864. )
miunis for presenting recruits, are hereby notified
to present such certificates to a United States Disbursing
Officer for payment, on or before tho day of October,
1834, after which date no daft& of this kind will be paid.
co3dtd rapt. Bth Infantry, Sup% Vol. rbec,.Ser.
SiPECIAL rircrrlc4r.
riILIDE subscriber, intending to make a.cbange
' In his business will eioSe out' his immense stocl of
Fii BOOTS. AND ` SHOES, 410,
Of every description now on. band .at. much lass than
market prices. Persons In want of Boots and Shoes will
sib well to call, as I am determined to close out at reduced
prices. Give us a call. J. C. KIMBALL;
BS% - Market street, next to McCabe's jewelry store,
'-Harrisburg, Pa. „ , sep2B.
distilled from berlat and fittgrant dowers( from the
south of France; conceded to be the most delicately per
fumed and desirable hair preparation ever offered to the
American public. It will restore lost hair. It will prevent
hair from falling out. It will restore gray end faded hair to
its original color. Its continued use will materially thiCken
the hair Bald places will gradually cover. themselves,
and in a short time the hair will grow dark, soft, glossy
and luxuriant. Price $1 00 per box. Sold by
ApothebirieS,' Ilarrtsburg.
- • --
_ As Specimens of thou)ntents of •
The . Harp of , Judah.
Sentlree_of .Postage. Send your addresilo 'OLIVER
InagON Tablishem„ Boston: For : isle
' [segill-teh] o_ol:lll4l;.Philedelphia.
MYER P.1:11.1,11415'
For sale atSeheffer'sHookstore, Harrisburg, Pa. se2B
Walnut street, between Third and /burgh
Wines,. Beer and the beat quality ofdlquors constantly
on hand. A share of the public patronage in respectfully
solicited.. (ocndem) JOHN 'DONNER-
YOUR attention is called to the splendid
assortment of Nerd Note tpo ~ ..107rpelopea, and Sae
Stationery at - - • SCHEME.% Bookstore
sept2o 21 South Second liked,. HerriOing, Penn.
Soldiers' Portfolios. .
A . LARGE assortment at
I .
marD Raid at Silboleeale or retail atilter orloec
PIOKLIb3, a nirevirucle for tabldtlee i lost received
and for ode by
AIN (idicoesears to Wm Dock.-Jr..
DRUM LARD.--lifty fulcinsiiite , kettle
rendered LARD. for sale by tile nriciA 0 1Mi c114
weird at DM ^ BOYER 45:1E0
Rouse's Star Combirtatio mpany,
Rouse's Star CoMbinatio wally,
Rouse's Star Combination Company,
13 1 R.NEVIT,
Being the last night but one . of the present engagement e r
On which OCCMIOII will be performed for the first time . fur
many years, the sublime creation of
M A.ClEf.E'r
Will be presented, for the drat time in many years
To..morro*; S4tumay, benefit of Mr. SAM RYAN
Narics—On and after this evening, the curtain will rise
at half past 7 o'clock.
LtrForfurther particulars see programme.
. .
1111comikuay consists of the best star poi -
9 1 ters, consisting of -
The managers takes pismire in announcing that they
intend making this THE Concert Hall of the city.
HARRY WELLS & CO., Proprietor
BILLY Pours'', Business Agent. au29d
QUARTMEILLsnia OmenaLL's Orates,
WASHINGTON CITY, October i n 1864.
WILL be sold at public auction, to the
Wheat bidder, at the time and places named be
low, viz:
October 13, 1864, '
October 20, 1804,
October 27, 1864,
at each place.
These Horses have been condemned as unfit for the
Cavalry service of the Army.
For road and farming purposed rnany good bargaina
mar be had.
Horses sold singly. Sale to comment at 10 o'clock
A. M.
TERM: CASH in United States Currency.
By order of the Quartermaster General.
_0.3.41326 Colonel In charge Firat Division, Q. DI. G. 0.
Piano-forte Playing •
Is .Richardson's New Method.
The best Book for Young Pupils of Piano Mosta
Is Richardson's New Method.
The Book by which to Learn Easily and Thoroughly
Is Richardson's New Method.
The Book that makes Piano Studies Attractive
Is Richardson s New Method.
The best Book of Exercises for Piano Practice - -
Is Richardson's New Method.
The Book that is given to Pupils by Teachers
Is Richardson's New Method.
The Book that contains no Dry and Tedious Leesons
.Is Richardson's New Method.
The Book that Interests both Young and Old
Is Richardson's New Method.
The Book of which 10,000 are sold annually
Is Richardson's New Method. •
Richardson's NA , Method for the Piano.
Price $3 75. °LINTER DITSON a: CO., Pub Sabers, Bos
ton. Sent by mail, post-paid. For sale by J. E. GOULD,
Philadelphia. [se29.teh]
No. S Market Square, Keit Door to Felix's Confection:el)
TiAS just received a new and carefully se
lected supply of Millinery Goods, such as Strpr
stud Felt Hats, Bonnie ; -Feivets, Feathers, Flowers, rib
bons, Ruches, .kc , all. of which aro of the latest style.
Also, a variety of Zephyr Mamie., Nobles, Gloves, Stock
ings, Collars, Laces, &c., with a full assortment of Dress
Trimmings and Dress Patterns, which she will sell at prices
that cannot be computed with: ' " • -
Dress and Cloak making will be promptly.attanded to
under her own direct supervision. ' oct3 d3m.
To Builders.
HARRISBURG, Oct. b, 186 i
SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at
this office until 12 o'clock of Tuesday, 18th inst., for
the erection of the proposed extension of the Capitol
building. Security to one-fourth of the amount of work
will be required, and each bidder must accompany his
proposal with the names of his securities.
Plans of the extension can be seen at this office. where
specifications can also be had on application. Bids most
be addressed, 'Proposals for extension of CapitoL"
A. G. CURTIN, Governor.
JAS. Y. BARR, Sur. Gen.
HENRY D. MOORS, State Tress.
Is a pleasant, healthy beverage.
Very convenient and refreshing for invalids having
fever or great thirst.
Its portability recommends it to traveler,..
Its convenience at pic-nice will be apreclated.
No sugar required; one table-spoonful simply dissolved
in a glass of cold water and it is done.
if 47. • No. 91, Market street
Almanacs ! - Almanacs !
13 A. S
English and German Lancaster
for the year
IS6 5 .
For sale, by the gross, Dozen, or single,. at Scbelfer's
Bookstore, 21 South Second street, Harrisburg, Pa. , se29
11 for sale at Scheffer's Bookstore, 21 South Scc - •nd
street, Harrisburg, Pa. octl
GAME OF SOLITAIRE, together with an
assortment of other Games, at &toffees Bookstore,
21 South Second street, Harrisburg, Pa. octl
,000 L B
b S. CODFISH, , of the *b-
Just receiyeu
and for sale by rated S 4
for SHI rg :LER az d' FRAZER
febl (successors to Wm. Dock. jr. & C0:1
FLOUR! FLOUR Fine Family Flour!-
100 barrels of the best brand of flour In this city.
Every barrel warranted or money returned, and delivered
to all parts of the city free of charge. For sale at
DRIED FRUIT of all kinds at
Onv4l BOYAR. & /COSRPEr.
Draft! Draft!!
D -
RAFTED MEN entitled to exemption can
have their papers properly prepared by
E. C. GOWN, Attorney at Law,
Late of the Provost Marshal's 00lee. 01Hoe in Third
street, four doors above Market, Harrisburg, Pa. sep27-t,
E. 0. Gosix,
°Dram ts Tama nu" ABOVE BIARKET: -
Bounties, pensions and Back IV , 00110otea
rates. - feepa-113m*
.L l l ST
DA113.01? SHODDY
Jut received at rdelBl SORWFF.II 4 B Boogsvuty.
• c x "kit
For ado at.SohetTer's Bookstore, Rarristourg, Pa. 14146
001KE 1 1: 'BO BUCKSKDryt
PORTWI. ONNATEkand: a general' variety
TREE GOOM just metved at .. • ..•
DO YOU idalta good _Gold Ten I# go,
4, ow at isauiVouria duoYwor,. itorrisbust Wag
, .