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    ( iP Etitgraft
i Business Notices, Harriefes,
Deaths, atc., to secure .:insertion to .the
DEar—v. GRAPH, must invariably be a coom -
petvled with the CASH.
Advertisements ordered ill the reggilor
Ev. /ling Edition are inserted in the)Orp
1,,g Edition without eitra charge.
ARE YOU ASSESSED If not,. attend to
it at once. The election takes . place in 'two
weeks, and every voter must be assessed ten
lays before the election.
DON'T forget the Union meeting to be held
st Halifax, to-morrow (Wednesday) evening.
THERE will be a grand - Union meeting and
torch light procession, at Reading, on Satin•-
Jay evening next.
THE= will be a sale of two hundred con
demned Government horses at Lebanon, on
Thursday of this week.
Cows KILLED.—The Lebanon Valley train
ran over five cows, and killed four of them,
near Lebanon, a day or two ago.
LIME quantities of grapes are now offered
for sale by our fruit dealers. The prices are
as varied as the quality of the grapes.
A GREAT Union mass meeting will be held
in Lancaster on Wednesday, Oct. sth. Ar
rangements have been made to render the oc l
casion such as will be an honor to ;ORO:wise:
FOURTH WARD DnArr.—A meeting of the sub
scribers to the Fourth Ward Draft Relief As
sociation will be held at the hall of the Hope
fire company, at 7 o'clock this eve.nlng., -Rjery
member is requested to be present. • `
TsE Conomm PEOPLE of this city.are invited
to attend a public meeting in the Masonic
Hall, Tanners Avenue this evening, to elect
delegates to the National convention to meet
qt Syracuse, N. Y., on the 4th of October.
Tim Diu .—The turning of the wheel con
menced yesterday. Up to this time the, draw
ing has been made for four delinquent
sub districts of Dauphin county. There was
a large attendance on the part of our citizens
to learn who were the "lucky ones.'" The
-drafter" is no respecter of persons- T rich and
poor, black and white, having to furnish a
full share.
, •
ANOTHER OUTRAGE.—''Another .ueinocratic
meeting broken up !"
"Where at ?" • -
"A large crowd of Democrats scattered, by
Union soldiers !"
"Where, where !"
"Union officers participate in the distur
"Good! good Where did it all happen ?"
"In the Shenandoah Valley."
"Git out!"
COTTON Goons are coming down in price in
New York. There has been a great decline.
The Express says: "Wholesale dry goods mer
chants seem to be rivaling each other to see
who can sell the lowest, and if the retailers
will only find out the recent large decline in
prices, then the public will reap the 'benefit.
The proper way to break up the speculation
in produce and merchandise is for consumers
to buy no more than they actually want for
immediate use, and our word for it lower
prices must rule."
A Bazar Eforranfoox. -- One of our Pittsburg
exchanges gives the following account of "a
brief honeymoon," in which the "happy pair"
are old stagers, who are well known here
among the patrons of Sanford's Opera House.
The paper says : "Edward Washington Hall
and Miss Lucy Olinetop, of Sanford's Minstrel
Troupe, were married at Wheeling on Sunday
evening last. On the following .Tuesday, it
appears, the newly wedded Mrs. Hall gaTie her
new "hubby" the slip, and ran off in the
company of a Captain, with whiskers, who
had been casting sly glances at her on several
evenings while executing her beautiful piron
efts and delighting large audiences. We are
sorry for Edward Washington, and' hope he
may have better luck next time."
THE PREP 0' DAY, as performed at Rouse's
Theatre, last - night, was a perfect success, and
the large audience present gave positive evi
dence that the efforts of the management ren
dered full satisfaction. The grand, scenery
and costumes, the fine cast of characters, and
the excellent manner in which each pert vas
rendered, form the theme of conversation,,
among play-goers to-day. We are pleased to
learn that this grand drama will be repeated
until further notice, in order that our, citizens
generally may have an opportimitttO4itness
it. We would say to all, go to Brant's Hall,
and see the Peep 0' Day. •
We would suggest to the management that
some method be adopted to prevent improper
characters from occupying reserved seats,
which should be entirely allotted. to persons
who are known to be respootiablel By some
means, unknown to the gentlemanly manager,
a number of cyprians have succeeded in ob
taining "front seats" during the 'last evening
or two. It would be well to give this matter
extra attention, as all the reserved seats can
.be filled by respectable people, who will not
attend if brought in contact with those of
doubtful reputation. We know Mr. Rouse Will
see that the latter are excluded hereafter.
Tim DRAFT. —The draft foi thiki - Distirict
was commenced yesterday afternoon, at the
Court House. The quotas of the First,
Fourth and Fifth wards of this city were
drawn. One hundred per cent. Was added,
to provide for contingencies. 'The following
are the names of the persons drafted:
H G Lewis, Christian Sweitzer,
E A Burrowes, Henry Wolabeu,
Washing'n Martz, c'd. Henry Hail, c'd
Thomas Shay, Henry MuSser, . ,
George Siniger, Isaac Miller. ''
W J Berkstresser, Conrad Klirte,';
G W Dehart, Peter Madden,
Joseph Wenerich, Charles Pefferbyi
John II St Clair, Win Paika:7!,,.: -,,
Fred'k W Ensinger, Wm Steger, '
Patrick Kenney, George L Dickey,
Charles Hopewell, c'd Rev J E KesslerJ ' I
Christian Stnrtz, OsiVald Stephen. 1 .
A J Wickert, John D Hoover,,, ; ~•• I
james B Stuart, John Zollinger, -, ' !
1 ohzt IJ Christ, Michael Mast, k. 1.
Henry Kell, e'd Washington Kelly, i '
George 37 1 Weaver, John waggoner, ~.
Morris Fritz, Diudel Jackson, cord
William Schomburg, Michael Shaney,. _
Josiah Ross, Sylvester Ellha, • N •
Joseph B Sterringer, -. ohn B Rice, •, 1
Win Scott, c'd - Wiliiam Metz.,,,,. : ,
is -1 ' , a:
Joseph McAfee, Henry Beichler, !L, .
Joseph Gibson, c'd Capt M C Tate,
John Andrew, W 36,31 tosser,
Henry Romick, John Segar
13ohn Shoop, Wm H Smith:
RicKiiiifferitig, 'obrd' Glife) - Pr - 3isi, (cord)
George Obty, , ;. k iii, :. George H Morgan,
Theo Gietze, ~ , Henry.B Wood,
Wm Rupert, Jeff Jenkins, (cord)
David Moyer, John Albright,
Joseph Lebo, „ Jbaeph Smith,
Samuel Cline, Wm Young, col'd
Albert King, Daniel Kline.
Christian Blessing, R Solomon, cord
Peter Green, Charles Grelb,
lictbert,Railey,, cord Jacob Fe ssler,
Joini Riley, ' John Casey,
Paul Stephenson, J J Maglauchlirt,
Daniel Butler. col'd Martin Howald,
4 3 - ohkWall, George Shinier,
I,!Tli atfilir*rt, , George Poist,
Ile kites; eord James Wired,
John Finnin, Joseph Pople, cord
James Burls, col'd Daniel Huber,
Albert Hodge, cord B Tucker, cord
Martin Bates, Andrew Slayer,
George P Davis, Samuel Snyder.
Perry Johnson, cord George C Barnitz,
Lewis Allen, col'd Thomas Swoyer,
JOhn BitteS, Cord Henry Rozell,
Patrick Garland, Henry Dyer,
Wm Pierce, John Foster,
Jno Thompson, cord 0 J Carter, col'd
Theo Murls, col'd F Washington, cord
Wm G Clark, Hersh S waltzer,
Henry Jackson, col'd Patrick Brett,
Joseph Barger, Jeff Graham, col'd
F K McClain, George Fry, cord
James Kelly, Ebenezer Meade,
John Hinton, John Pinknev cord
T Williams, col'd Wm Laway,
Lybrand T Nolan, A McGlinsey,
Andrew Moyer, John Holtzendollar,
Amos Garverich, Michael Mulgachy,
Caleb jester,‘: ' Christian Holler,
John T Holler, Henry Fink,
George:Garverich, Peter Bevinick,
Willbiie $ Meade, Charles Spickler,
George Wallower, Henry Grozier,
David Dodge, F Morg enthaler,
James McManus. Jacob Witilower.
John Dehaven, Josef& H Miller,
Philip Entricken, Simon G Ward,
Daniel Fogerty, Isaac J Wilcox,
John M.' Kinney, Rich'd J Peters,
John Bucher,:.. ~, ~ Thos M'Granaghan,
Chambers Dubbs, Samuel Doan,
john Dewyer,s. i , ~ Chas W Moore,
John Orth, John Shaffner,
Jos H-Bowman, Kersey Hambright,
Samuel Miley, George Ballard, '
Francis W Casserty, John Shelley,
John B Lemmen, Thad T Gowen,
Andrew Hart, .David Backenstoss,
Patrick Brogan, John B Zarker,
Michael Morzolf, . Thos G Smith
Levi Bryan, James M Hart,
James, Fahs. John Cornelius,
Henry Mower, Andrew 0 Baker,
Jos Davis, John Akins,
Isaac Wheler, John A Gramm,
P - Beaver, ‘ Isaac Wells,
Thomay Taylor, James McLeester,
Andrew M'Lauglin, Win B Able,
Simon B, Oyster, John Madden,
Michael C Sausser, Wm Doan, .
Charles Myers, Albert J Fager,
John C Martin, George Bowers,
John H Newman, John Collom,
Christian Switzer, lEchael . Nelley,
Edward Fitzgerald, Samuel Cole,
Win Peoples, Samuel Hanamill,
... .
Win Jones, , • - Taceb Dysmger,
Jos B Floyd, . Ferd Buckingham,
Samuel Neisley, ' Edward 'Senno.
The draft was resumed this morning, and
the rinota of the Sixth ward was drawn. The
following is the list for the
Michael Smith, " Henry Earl,
Jeff Washington, c'd Larry Bentz,
Peter Hays, William Given,
Amos Price, George Shultz,
W Henderson. c'd Andrew Hedrick,
Oscar Johnson, " Bernard McGrew,
Wm Conley, Christian'Hile,
James Drakee, Samuel K Detrick,
Reuben Gross, Joseph Fisher.
David Martinet; John Claney, •
Charles Blaney, Santo Anderson, cord.
John H Borden, Cyrus Baum, :
Charles Yingst, • George Hackett,
Martin Grout, . William Gibson,
Hansford Delaney, c'd John II& Garverich,
Samuel Harts; William Anne,
John E Smith, John Stager,
Senn W M'Clellan, James Delaney, i
Lewis Frick, William Pastager,
Aaron Harris, James Burns,
Michael Forbes, John Taylor,
John Strohm, John Cooper,
Adolph Snyder, Nathan Hartley, ,
David S Rohrer, Henry 'Willoughby,
Dan'l Askins, cold John Hiller,
Abraham Hughes, John Stabler,
Vincent Grainger, Win Nicholas, •
George Bowsanan, Mathe*Steckley,
Chas H A Gable, Paul F Troup,
Cyrus Blair : , George Lehman,
James Carrigan, ,
William Cox,
•Lawrence Shelp, James Armstrong, c'd
John Johnson, Nathaniel Lehman,
George Eorbes, William Freeman,
James McAllister, Jacob Carpenter,
John 111 Hisey. Enas B Jones, ,
- Charles Davis, Robert Kennedy,
George Forman, Robert Locker,
John Bates, Henry Herman,
John Miller, John M'Clintick,
James Stepsel William Shell,
Isaac Hutchison Philip Delmire,
Robert Wise, Richard Allen, c'd
James Gray Hiram Holleman,
Patrick Burke, ' - 'George Lehmer,
John Lowl y Samuel Flickinger,
DeWitt C. Miller. - Dennis Sullivan,
John W. Neiman, Alex Barber, c'd
Wm Hartnutt JOhn Manley,
John Dasher, William Shaffer,
James Margret, Charles Sollars,
Henry Moore, • Thomas Hagan,
W Beck, Henry Freeman, c'd
W MeClintick, Robert Down,
Wm Fortney, John Winters,
Jacob Wilson, ' George Miller,
James Blaney,, IlLongnecker,
"John Rush, Daniel Bolt,
Charles Stewart, , Theodore Bell,
John Dingier, Hiram Nailer,
John Tracy, . 1, ' Augustus - Slog,
Charles Smith, col James Phillips,
Thomas Patterson, do John Alcorn,
Geo Cole, col George Krider,
Frank Hnak, George Hoffmaster,
Geo Yellet% col d , John Straub, It
,Frank .Jolieph T. Brown, F e
Geo Blomenstine, Charles Burge, ''"f
Thomas Donley, ,Franklin Freese,
Charles Barn* . . - Henry Wood,
Lenard Bask, Wm B Gotschall,
John Mel:foiling; John Gilman,
George W-Phillips, , -George Spripk, •
B F Myers, , Jacob Metering,
Frederick W Yinist; Edward Knepley, • ,
• • Geer& Diiiger,
Frederick now - AA William Atkins,
M hn M ood,
;tunes , • oses
William, , eenro -Robert Porter, -
Josenh-lnamigan, John Birder,
JosagyiNifflnT, lifartin Noma,
,p a t r i c kfk aish , Fred Moss.
3. Z aVI 6iiiL:l4lowore
at lipberry, this - 'county, a man
named Robert Gardner, was . attacked In his
horelle byDantdi Mil% assisted by John Don
. nelty , and another man whose name is un
khO wii, and ; : murdered in a most brutal and
'shocking inaniter. The weapon used 'by Aikin
axe; with Which 'he not only *Daly
seTeng rho:Vos4 Of Claritior from his' Way,
:Ls ..+X - 1:1, (.1 u 47.
t•titi h24.40'74,4 44708
but hacked the body in other parts t .
pieces. On Monday an incrust vat
when the testimony disclosed the fact that
jealousy was the ruling motive for the commis
sion of the horrible deed. A verdict was
rendered in accordance with the facts. Aikin
effected his escape, and he has not yet been
arrested.—Miners' Journal.
Pninornvartra STATE Fern.—The interest
with which the public mind invests, political
affairs at the present time should not absorb
it so completely as to make it overlook or pass
by with indifference other . public events of
moment or of local advantage. It should be
kept in mind that our State Fair is to be held
at Easton on the 27th, ending on the 30th
inst. This is a matter of interest to thousands
of the citizens of Pennsylvania and New Jer
sey, and from no public exhibition can they
derive more useful information, or find so
much real satisfaction and enjoyment.
SUBSTITUTES wanted by Sullivan S. Child
SUBSTITUTES.—Persons desiring to go as
Substitutes will do well to call upon Sullivan
S. Child, Telegraph Printing Office, Harris
burg. sep27-dlw
FETTLE AND Aous cured in one to three days,
(never fails,) by using Dr. Rogers'• sure cure.
It is purely vegetable. Call and get a box
this week at White Hall Hotel. Circulars
free. .sep26-Iw*
t'ELLING oinE AT COST. , - —Persona in want of
Dry Goods will find it to thtfir advantage to
call on Mr. Augustus Lochman, who is selling
off his stock at greatly reduced prices See
advertisement in another column. sep26-3t
NIA, will meet at 10 o'clock, , this morning,
(Monday, Sept. 26, 18610 in the Senate
Chamber of the State House, and continue in
session three days, to examine candidates for
the post of Medical officers in Pennsylvania
regiments. JOSEPH A. PHILLIPS,.
sep2G-Bt] Surgeon General Pennsylvania
To THE LADIES. —Eyery lady should have a
package of the Wt.9 id's Sovereign Balm for the
teeth. No toilet table is complete withal:it ,it.
I will remain this week at the White Htilb Ho
tel, where yon can send for it. (Circulars
free.) DR. S. ROGERS.
The Greatest Invention of the
Is the Pearl Cement, manufactured by S.
Rogers, (08 Chestnut street, Phila,delphia.—
It is truly wonderful. Mr. Rogers is now: in our
city, and will remain a few dayS'at the . White
Hall Hotel. Our citizens should avail them
selves of this oportunity to call on him' and
procure a supply of it.. (Circulars free.)
7,A1-'3 - lit every age of the World,
the professions have been- slow to admit the
value of new discoveries, or the expediency
of adopting them in practice. It is not to the
legal profession that we look for reforms in
jurisprudence, neither do we- find the advo
cates of medical reform among physicians.
Each deprecates whatever is found to innovate
upon received opinions and established usage:
Hence the opposition which Medical men too
often exhibit to the use of private remedies,
whatever their acknowledged value, or great
efficiency in the cure of disease. No medicine
has ever done more for the relief of human
suffering than OSGOOD'S INDIA. CHQL&..
GOGUE. The promptness with' whie.' it
cures Fever and Ague, and eradioates bile
from the system, is its best recommendation.
Sold by all druggists and medicine dealers..
Dsorzsa is PainEs.—The New 1 York I Sun'
says : The prices of dry goods and provisions
are going down in New York. large auc
tion sale of domestic goods, on Tuesday last,
showed a decline of from oto 16 per cent.;
the retail market has not yet been sentiibit
affected, but that must sympathize sobn 'with
the downward tendency in prices, - as the Fed
eral victories increase and the premium on
gold grows beautifully less. G. 1 4 .. Bowzaan,
No. 1, corner of Front and. Market streets,
has just returned from New York with a:
handsome stock of ladies' seasonable dress
goods and a general assortment of dry goods,
including foie cloths, cassimeres, over-coat
ings, ladies' cloakings, shawls; .ko„
These goods have been bought at..the decline
prices and will be sold at small profits.; C.
L. Bowman respectfully reminds 'and says to
the public that he has at all times used his
best efforts to procure for , the patroni of
his establishment dry goods at- the• very
lowest prices, and his- efforts .and ?dis
position have been assisted in that direction
by the fact of purchasing one or two stocks of
goods from persons who desired to go out of
business. Having some ten or twelve thousand
dollars of these goods in amount on band,
which, when purchas4 at one-third less than
the wholesale rates at that time, he now pro
poses, and will sell, commencing this day,
(Monday,) Sept. 20, 1804:' Fast colored mad
der calico, at 25 cents per' yard, worth 3p . to
40 cents at wholesale; delainea and poling
at 25 and 35 cents per yard, worth 40 an 50
cents at wholesale; and all other goods in
cluded in this lot of ten or twelventhoutjand
dollars at the same rate of low prices. (He
will make a liberal abatement'in price to those
who suffered by, the late rebel lire at Chem
bersburg.) The public can depend upon,; the
conditions of this advertisement being strict
ly, adhered to. We challenge any dry goods
house in the oily of. Harrisburg to comp* in
low prices. ;
Cloaks and Fiiks;l'ClOaks aind
Furs! •
We will open next week the ohein it iltid
tp-.41 9.1 %,
largest assoitment of Cloaks and Fur* in
xisburg, all bouglit at greatlif reduced prites.
Beautiful muffs at 4 50 and 5 dollars. Splen
did cloaks as low as 9 and 10 dollars. Black
cloth for cloaks as low'as $2.50. White all
wool flannels as low as 65 to 70 cents, worth
90 cents. 4 by 4 bleached muslin 55 cents,
worth 75 cents. French merinos, black al
paccas, black bombazines, all at reduped
500 doz -of- - woolen and 'cotton: ittigs,
'children's wools stockings as low tial.s cents.
gassiniereforboy'swear. 'The greatelithafgThz
i f
k silks. We have now in Ore. a ivory
.. ;:e stook 'of goods , aridikill, 1 " iiiiiti!than
. itiojesaleprices, in , Orderlo re alicliiriiicick.
Bargains in Irishliden: bolig tf: at %nation.
Call and judge for.M.self; - =f- S. WIWI%
Ds. M.l3Emz's King of Pain shOuld be kept
in every family. Will cure Headache, Tooth
ache,Earache in three minutes. Disrrhiso,
3looly Flux, pain in the Back and Side, Tnii fra
mation of the Kidneys and Liver Oomplitiht
and Palpitation of the Heart. Sole agent!, for
the State, S. A. KUNKEL !it BRO.,
118 Market street,, Harrisbnr!.
All orders from a distance promptly atten; ed
to. sept2o- '
i ss.
The greatest tremble to persons in the Army, espee y
in this season, Is Dysentery, which (by death or by '
Why) weakens the service more than the Rabe do.
Very many have found, upon trial, the DYSENTERY
DROPS are among the very bad preventatives and lam
that are to be had. Every officer and every soklier
should carry it with kilo, and thereby . Amenably ' re
himselfa&ust a greet danger. It Is prepared In E . e.
burg by MRB , 1.. BALL, at 17 Pine street, between rid
and Front . Take a phial with you. PrlCe 26 =M.
, ,-t.t.r4pmer Mhaneg) agar Dye
Boxes..larger: then 'Dyes that sell for $l.
WASBANTED to please. This article has been
thoroughly tested by Da Czturon of New
York, and Professors Booth and Garrett of
Philadelphia, who pronounce it free from all
poisonous ingredients, and the material com
posing it will not injure the most delicate
hair. Sold by Druggists and Fancy Goods
dealers everywhere.
JNO. J. KROMER, Sole Proprietor.
403 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Drunkenness Cured
The inebriate may now bid defiance to the
tempting cup. Dr. Zane's antidote for strong
drink is a certain cure for drunkenness. It
creates a dislike for strong drink, and can be
administered without ,the knowledge of the
Descriptive circulars sent to any address.
For sale by ail respectable druggists in the
- United States and Canadas. Price $1 per box,
or packages of six boxes for $5.
MO. J. KROMER, Wholesale Agent,
403. Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Dr. Rand's Specific.
The oldest and most reliable medicine for
the cure of Spermaorhcea, Seminal Weakness,
Loss of Power, Itc. This medicine has stood
the test of over thirty years, and has always
pro - red a success.
Dr. SAND'S SPECIFIC is exhibited in the
form of pills, made up entirely of substances
that have a spedifie effect upon the generative
organs; Most Igkacins asseciate . the idea of
operations upon the ; bowels front- taking any
kind of pills. :.The. SPECLEFICI of Dr. Rand is
not intended as an evacuating medicine. Its
medicinal virtues are expended entirely upon
the impaired regenerative organ& The pills
are not unpleasant to the taste, and many
persons masticate them with impunity before
swallowing them ; 'which plan we would al
ways recommend, as affording the speediest
way to get the effect of the remedy.
Price $1 per box, or six boxes for $5. Sold
by druggists everywhere.
JNO. J. SitOld7,l%, Wholesale Agent,
403 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.
lees than SO clay; the worst cases of NERVOUSNESS,
Impotency, Premature Decay, Seminal Weakness, Insan
ity, and all Urinaryi-Sexnal. and Nervous Affections, no
matter from- what cause produced. Price, One Dollar per
box. Sent. post-paid, by mail, on receipt of an order.
One Box era' perfect the core in most cases. Address
. ,
iy14412.2w9ni General' gent, 429 Broadway, N. Y.
To Consumptives.
Consmnptlvtraufferers wlll receive - a valuable prescrip
tion for the cure of Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis,
and all throat , and Lung affections, (free of charge,) by
sending their address to
' • Rev. ;EDWARD A. WILSON, WS/lanuel nrg Kings
county, New York'. (sepl.9-dsr.w3m
“A Slight ,Cold.” Coughs.
Few aro aware of theimportance of checking a Cough
or "starxr mu)" in its first stage; that which in the be
giia=itiCfita niidreTeneglected ; l c
T7och& give
sure and almost immediate relief. Military Officers and
Soldiers should hatid as they can be carried in the
pocket and taken al • Diclisian reclaim. auglo-dawlin
. .
~a— C elekirikted Haft Dye
27i:eerily Harmless, True : and. Reliable Dye Knoum.
Tbis splendid Hair ,bye is perfect—changes Red, Rusty
or Gray Hair instantly ton Glossy Bieck or Natural Brown
without injuring the Hair or staining the Skin, leaving the
Hair soft and beautiful ; imparts fresh vitality, frequently
restoring its pristine color,,and- realties the ill effects of
bad,Dyea. The genuine Is signed WILLIAM A. BATCH
ELOR. All others are mere imitations, and should be
avoided. gold by all Druggists, ke tractory--81 'BAR.
qLAY ST, No 'l.
1147 . 081LO*: traw Toare cuax 701 osegamo rtui st,fiß,
11!ilitary Bn*Less attended To
Bounty, Pension, Back Pay,
.Subsistence and Wittily
and War °Una, generally, made out and collected. Per
son residing at a distance Can have their business trans
acted by mail, by addressing.
'EUGENESITYBER, Attorney-ut-Law,
ell-dly Third street, Harrisban. Pa
This celebrated Toilet Soap, in such universal de
mand, is made . from the c h oicest materials, is mild
end essiolli*Wit hilts natuni, fragrantly scanted,
and , extremely . ..beneficial : in ite action upon . thexkin.
For sate by Drugghp! and Yancy Goods Dealers.,
Bainivares Troehes.
For the cure of Hbarseneas, Throat Dis
eases Ao., • ate apes:daily:recommended to
ministers, singers and persons whose vocation
calls them to speak in public. Manufactured
only by C. A. Bannvart & Co., Harrisburg,
Pa.-, to whom all orders should be addressed.
Sold by druggist every where.
Read the following testimonials from some
of our eminent clergymen:
'• Einsissuae, Feb. Bth, 1864.
C. A. RtUistraim.-Dear Sir: I have used
Brown's Bronoldid Troches, Wistar's Lozenges
and other preparations for hoarseness and
throat troubles and in comparison with them
ail, can cheerf ully commend your own as, a
most admire l* lipeC t ific. for ! public speakers
and singers, in oases of hoarseness, coughs
and colds.. , :I them serving in
time of need, most effectually.
Yours truly,- .T. H. ROBINSON,
Pastor of N. S. Presbyterian Minh.
AIN agree with Hr. Robinson as to the
value of Bannvart's Troches:
- "- W. 0. OATEELL,
Inte Pastor .of Q. S. Presbyterian Ohureti.
Resnitanma, Jan., 1864.
To 'o.A.•Beinmeza.Dear Sin In the habit
of walking 'pert': frequently, and in places
where the vocal organs are very much taxed,
I have found the need of some gentle expect°
nut, and that want has been supplied in your
excellent Troches. ,
I consider them very far superior to any
Lozenges that I have ever used, it removing
speedily that huskiness of the voice arising
from its too frequent, use, and impairing th
"effectiveness of the deliveiy of public a- -
dresses. Your, &a.,
Panto; of the Locust St. Methodist Church.
To G.A. Bentrazer—Dear Sir: Havinguset.
your • Troches, I ani free to say they are
the bMt I have ever. 'tried and take great
pleasure in mocerunending them to all persona
afflicted, with wire throat or huskiness of
voice arising Vom publk apeaEng or singing.
Yours,t&o: ' G. G. "IWIESTRAW,
Pander ofillage dientie Methodist Church.
Drortug .41170. Rim's OFFICE,
HABEcsistme; Feb. 29, 1884.
'To C. 11. Barcavaar—Dear,Sir:.— I have
found yo.i i.s Troobes to be invtduable in re
lieving h ellep and .strengthening the
insoles o the thr o at. They impart olearnesa
to the voiie,'and are' certainly of great bene
fit to Brialterg•L A. J. HERB
tree Blacksmiths,
xi. Kowa e Factory, near Lewistown. Blacksmiths
can iodize fro SR 50 to $0 00, and helpers from $2 00
IS SS Viper . 1e24-I , 4re
NEW An • N
Lincoln, Johnson and the whole Union hitt.
Dauphin County to the Rescue
Unconditional Loyalty and a Permanent
Peace 1 !
The citizens of Dauphin county who favor the restora
tion rf the Union upon a firm and permanent basis; who
are in favor of sustaining the Government in its struggle
with treason; who ate in favor of the election of candi
dates pledged to the preservation of the whole Union, and
opposed to any terms with rebels in arms except their
unconditional submission to the authority of the National
Government, will meet at the following placat, to wit:
Halifax, at Byrod's tavern, Wednesday evening, Sep
tember 28
Lykans, at Jacob P Hoffman's - tavern,. Thursday even
ing, Sept '29 .
Gratztown, Leuker's tavern, Friday exciting, Sept. 30
Berrysburg, 13Ordner's tavern, .Thursday evening, Sep
tember 291
Washington township, Red tavern, Friday evening,
Dauphin, Spece's Stone tavern, Saturday evening, Oc
tober 1.
Conewago, Foltz' St - ore, Monday evening, October 5
Derry, Hummelstovrn, Tuesday evening, October 4
Union Deposit, Tuesday evening, October 4
East Hanover, Mechanicsville, Wednesday evening, Oc
tober 5
Linglestown, Ammon's tavern, Thursday evening, Oc
toter 6 -
Susqukhanna township, Progress, Friday cc - ening, Oc
lobar 7
Millersburg, mass meeting Saturday afternoon, October
8, at 3 o'clock; evening, 7% o'clock
Middletown, Saturday evening, October 8, at 7 o'clock
Harrisburg, Monday evening, October 10, 7% o'clock,
In Court House
The following speakers will address the meeting
Hon John C Kunkel,
Hon David Fleming,
Hon David Mumma,
A J Herr, Esq,
W T Bishop, Esq,
H C Alleman, Esq,
J M Wlestling, Esq,
A C Smith, E.Eq,
Ralph Maclay, Esq,
Hobert Snodgrass, Esq,
C Young, Esq,
S S Bowman, Esq,
P J Bergstresser, Esq,
Rev A Wieting, and others.
Chairman County Committee.
J. M., Secretary. [sepal-411&weavr
Valuable Property
WILL be sold on the premises, on
THURSDAY, the 20th, of Oct bar, 1864,at 2 o'clock
v. sr, that well-known businsss-stand, the Updegrove
Lock Property, situated five miles above Harrisburg, in
rusquebanna township, Dauphin county, Pennsylvania,
fronting east on the Pennsylvania canal sue railroad,
west on the Turpike, and eusquebanna river, consiEting of
The best on the line of mural, as all boats from the branches
must pass the place.
That cau.atall times be filled with boarders ; arson STORE
attached, with dry-goods counter, shelving and fixtures.
It is decidedly the best situation in the ne.ghborhood for
a store. The stabling cannot be equalled on the line of
canal. It is new, and so arranged that each team can
have a separate lockup; about 30 horses can find room.
Also sheds, largo and commodious, Hay Houses, Carriage
house, Wagon-shed, Warehouses, Carpenter shop, Stone
Ice house and cellar, Stone vault for vegetable; together
with Wood-house Smoke-house, and all in good order ;
summer kitchen, two- pumps never-failing soft gravel
water, one pump in the kitcuen. The andurpinnings are
all stone to the buildings. Ray Scales. A constant stream
of water running, through the hog-yard, and conveniences
for butchering. The above premises are within stone
throw of the itockville passenger railroad depot, where
atop the cars of the Pottsville, Northern Central and Penn
sylvania Central railroads.
Persons are requested to call and view the premises.
The title is good and is sold on account of ill health of the
Attendance given and terms made known by
sep2l.-wtsidtmkfr] W. P. HENRY.
(Lancaster Exantiner and. Lebanon Courier insert till
sate, and send bills at once to this office.]
Valuable Real Estate
PTT rl .11. C 8 A. 1.4 E.
THE undersigned will offer at public sale
at Brant's Hall, in the city of Harrisburg, on SAT
-11/4DAY, the 81h'day . of October, at 2 o'clock, that valua
ble FARM or TRACE OF LAND, containing 84 serer. and
20 perches, situated In Susquehanna township, Dauphin
county, adjoining said:city, lands of C.F. Raehnlen, Jacob
Firder, Win. Cotner and others, and fronting on theßead
log turnpike, with a public road running through the
wbole tract, atlording convenient ingress and egress to
all parts of the farm
The improvements are of the best and most subsian
tint character, and the land is in the highest state of col
This property- will be sold in one entire piece, or in four
several parts, as may be deemed most advisable, as fol
lows, viz : • . •
No. I—Containing 18 acres and 130 perches, more or
less, fronting on the Turnpike road.
No. 2—Containing 19 acres and 130 perches, mars or
less, adjoining No:1 and lands of C. F. llaehnlen and la.
cated on the east side of the public rosd running throuxh
the tract.
No. 3—Containing 16 acres and 140 perches, more or
less, adjoining No. i and located on the west side of th
'public road fuoresaid, on which are erected the various
buildings belonging to the farm.
No. 4--Containing •L 8 acres and 100 perches, more or
less, adjoining No. hand lands of J acob Wtn. Col
der and the public road on the east.
A corrected survey and draft of the said property can
be seen at any time before the day of sale at the office of
Jno. IL. Briggs.
TEEMS or s..u.s:—One-third of the purchase money to
be paid at the time, (to wit, April 1,1865,) when a deed of
conveyance will be made to the purchaser and possession
given, and the two-thirds to be paid in live equal annual
payments theresiter, with interest, payable semi-annually
and secured by bonds and mortgage on the property ; but
these terms ef payment will be modified to suit purchas
ers. JM). H. BRIGGS,
sep23-dtutah2w] Attorney for Mrs-Mary A. Coverly.
Will eommenc3 in
A magnificent new Fiction, entitled
- • O
The author of "Aurora Floy," " Lady Andley's Secret,"
"The Outcast," &c.
This, the finest achievement in contemporary romance,
has been secured by TEM Naw YORK MERCURY'S London
Agent, at the unprecedented expense of neatly
'Four Thousand Do/ tars/
Sinthßensons with the puolication of ihe tale In Ameri
ca, it will appear in Paris, Leipz‘g, Brussels, and Berlin,
where the translators and critics pronounce it the best
serial novel of the century.
2'he New York Iffreury con , aining-the opening chapters
of this Great any u now ready at all newspaper agencies
in America. . Usepa-chsw2t,
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given, that in
pursuance of the act of Aasembly of Pennsylvania;
the Bat Washe, 1839, thestockbolders of the
Franklin Bank, ofgton, Penna., will apply to the
nest session of the Legislature for a renewal la its char.
tor, with an increase of ita capital from f 150,000 to
$200,000. • C. M. REED, President
Wassisroraa, Pa., June 24,1864. jet;
the most popular and the purest ever offered to the
puede, just received and for sale by
febl (aacceseem to Wm. Dook,FITA.
IDrIICKgarERS' 8A . 58ET . 5. 7. -§hiOer dt Fa
a l •„,,, x zer tn c ri4;:: Price Ed toci°4•Zem,7;br
FRUIT Ails, of the latest Patent (Grit.
ale s Test Patent,) just received and for sale low at
In can, just received and for sale by
(successor to W. 'Dock & Co.)
lected White Wheat, Fatally Flour, Just receive
and ter side at amass. & FRAZER jy ,
gummier:l to W. Dock. Jr. kvu
MESS SJELfiD,---Piffe M ess Shad of the 5ea
.1.14. Boa, ts half bands and EU Ault received at
44 Se— W- I Ir Jr. &
, wft,t variety at
.102 t suceavare to W, Dog=
T r iai
Rouse's Star Combilation Company,
Rouse's star Cimbination Company,
Rouse's Star Combination-Company,
Re-engagement of
Second night of the great sensation drama, en
ijr.For further particulars see programme
New National Theatre !
New National Theatre !
Sole Lessee and Manager, • K. MARBLE
Stage Manager, - - HARRY GILBERT
Re-engagement, for six nights only, of the celebrated
Irish Commedian,
The great play, In live act;
Marble Heart,
Marble Heart.
T. 11. Ward
Edwin Marble
Remember the great p'ay, translated from the French
of "Le Coeur de Marble," by CharleB Lelly, Esq, entitled
Netter..—Owing to the great length of thia beautiful
play, no other wid be performed during the evening.
Oir For further particulars, see programme.•
PRICES OF ADMlSSlON.—Parquette, 60 cents; ii.
lery, 2.5 cents; Orchestra Chairs, $1 00; Prirate Buie
$5 and $lO.
Doors open at 7xe'. Curtain rises at 8 o'clock'.
Box Office open from 10 till 12 .8. xi., and from tali 4
e. It., when seats can be reserved without extra charge
and kept until end of first act.
icompany consists of the best star pot
ormers, consisting of
The managers takes pleasure In announcing that they
Intend making this THE Concert Hall of the atty.
HARRY WELT s & CO., Proprietor
BILLY Portrait, Business Agent. au29d
Business Agent—
Stage Manager.....
leader or Orchester
OPEN every night with a first-eiass cote
lacy of nude mad female artistes. The Forform
ance embraces every variety of legitimate amusement,
ouch as
PANTOMItri , 'S,
Admission, 25 cents. .ts in private boxea . 6o came.
Doors open at 'Z. To cothmonce :aft o'clock. inEidtt.
Real Estate Sale.
the premises, late the Real Estate of George Hof
&bower, deceased, situated in West Pennsbore township,
Cumberland county, about two miles southeast of New
villa, near the Cumberland Valley nallroad, and about
three-fourths of a mile north of the turnpike, adjoining
lands of Brice J..Sterret, Geo. Rea, Samuel Helitienower,
John Myers, George G. Davidson, sod lands of the heirs
or said decedent, a tract of
Good Limestone Land,
containing 103 acres, 131 perches-38 acres of which are
cleared, and in a giod state of cultivation the remain
der is covered with excellent timber.. There_ iserected
on the premises a . .
a new and large BANE BARN, with all the necessary out
buildings to make a comfortable home. Also a YOUNG
APPLE ORCHARD, with a variety of other choice fruit
trees on the premises. Any person wishing to 4riew the
property before the day Of sale, will be shown the same
by calliog on Samuel Beitiebower, residing thereon.
Sale to commence at 111 o'clock, at., on said day, when
terms woll be made known by
Agents for Lbe heirs of said deceased
Public Sale
Urx bitturday, October 1, 1864,
?THE subscriber offers for sale, on the prera
1. ises, a VALUABLE TRACI. OF LAND containing six
acres, more or less, bounded by lands of L. Koenig, J.
Wenrich, A. Ninenger, and others, situated in Busquenau •
na township, Dauphin county, Pennsylvania, one hall
mile tram the city line.
The improvements consist of a
Frame barn, a large Carpenter-shop, Cardamum:me, aua
other necessary out buildings. The buildings are all
nearly new, having been built a; Rhin a few years also,
well of extelleuz never-failing water at the door, and a
stream or running water through the place. The land is nil •
der good cultivation and good fencing. Al! kinds of choice
fruit—apples, peaches, pear; plums, grapes and rasp•
Persons desiring to view the property previous to the
sale will please cull on the undersigned, residing en the
Me to commence at 2 o'clock r. M. when terms of sole
will be made known by JOSI Pli SIIEESLEY.
romises, en From street, in this city, adjoining the
ist'ISCOPAL wawa . , and now in the possession of
Charles Bud, Esq. The situation, iu all respects, is one
of the most desirable, for a private reiiaence, in the city.
Possession may be had on the Ist of. Octet:sr, ensuing.
Apply to tho Trustees of the Old School Piesbyteritut
Treasurer of the Church.
Harrisburg, Sep 17, MI
Millinery and Fancy Goods.
Air. J. HIBBS, at No. 8 Matkel,Silaar e ,
next door to Feha's Confectionery, lteppe .Oxistant
iy on nand the latest styles of Bonnets, Hats, :Ruches,
mowe r s, Bawer's, a/c., together with a line assortment tit
Dress 'Trimmings, Laces, Embroideries, follits, Cues,
Handkerchiefs, Hosiery, Gloves and Variety Comm io
All the latest Designs of Dress Patterim direct from
New York Bazaars. Dress and Cloak making - neatly use
cuted. Thankful for the patronage bestowed sines het
opening, she trusts, by a strict attention to business see
tier endeavors to give general satisfaction, to continue i.
receive a share of the public patronage, SYL-d3m
WT extensive and finely located .HOTEL.
AND, at the corner or Pennsylvania avenue and
noes street, Harrisburg. It is Li:direly new, and in tjte,
midst of the most thriving portion of me city, arid frolfhi
on both of the above named streets. It contains sixty
spare rooms and alt of the most improved modem hate:
appliancee_ecoging.ranges, hotand cold water for Laths,
the basement is large, commodious, and one of the best
in the city for a Restaurant. For information, address of
apply to OLIVER EDWARDS, Agent,
Sept. 3, 188 , 1.—yseplimi for Geo G. litvggi..
His S. A. KUSIIEL :-
Sir :—I take pleasure instating that your "DIARRIICE
MIXTURE" exceeds anything of the kind that I ever
imagined. I was very much troubled *tilt cilarrlices, and
could find nothing to help me in the least, until / took
your ...ALISTURE. 77
I give you this certificate, hoping that, if you see:propdr
to use it, it may be the means of extending a knowledge
of the matchless value of your medicine. - -
Very respectfully yours, 31. B.4EFF3tIES-
Fallen Timber, Calabria Co., Aug. 27; -I.2o—fiii22o-du
Soldiers' Portfolios.
AsaiiimE assortment at -
Sup{ Sold at Wbotessisor voted( *Lie si!,"
QUEENS and GL A SSWARE, a_,w'en se
lected anortmea, just received, ar,l4. lawss etgtes