Pennsylvania telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1864-1864, September 27, 1864, Image 2

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Abraham LineoLai
OP =Roza
or =mmuiltmt:
-- John Walker-Jackson
At a meeting coriposecl of the most respect
ahl4:9nen in - the dity of Harrisburg, in which
Our . ixteehanics merchants, financiers and
manufacturers participated, and where a large
body of veteran soldiers were present to ap
prove of the proceedings—at an assemblage
composed of such material, Rev. John Walkpr
Jackson responded to a call for his testimoo,
in favor of the cause of the country;by briefly
uttering a few cheering words to the heroes
present, and then , adding a sentence or two,
assuring the people to whom he talked, that
he believed, in the sublime justice of the
cause of the Constitution and the Union.
This wait all. And yet for this,. the malignants
of the traitor sympathizers in this city haye
been howling in the path of Rev. Jackson,
,covering him with the filth of their trea
son, and fairly raving with madness be-
cause he, as a Christian minister and
a patriot, dared to speak for the country, and
the success of the war in which his countrly
men are involved; that liberty and Christian
ity may survive the attacks of slavery and.
treason. We do not here Offer to defenif
John Walker Jackson. The purity of his'
character—the lofty .perfection of his Chris=.
tian walk and conversation—his high tonpd
patriotism—the unbounded generosity of ;hi s,
soul—place him as far above his assailants, ai
are the stars above the filth in the gutter. He
is fob his country, r it Se t -he believeS
Odd; , „He is against the,*peraies of that
country, because they seek td erect a
nationality on, the barbarity' which, bar
ters God's image. ShoUld' 'they succeed
itithat scheme, how long would it be imtil•
they 'organized to barter in if not to ignOre
Christ's religion. It is the contemplation ,of
such facts and possibilities which impel good
men like John Walker jackson.t.o take a-posi
tion in favor of the country. While doing ,
they only fight the devil in closer qithrters than
when in the pulpit—and" Who ;*ill say that
such is not their legitimate work? •
information of the Peace pemocracy, we
would notify, theta that the cairkpaign in Vir
ginia; just now looks as though. the State would
be carried for Lindoln by the time the Novein
ber election arrives.
Those two excellent campaigners, Grant
and Sheridan, with p. host of valuable auxil
iaries, are visiting many of the principal
places, and with very convincing arguments
are demolitihing the Chicagb.platforiu and
showing it up in all its deformity., Immense
tTnion processions, with mitsid !qui' banners
and ,the thunder of cannon, almost daily pro
claim the supremacy of the.COnstitution over
the doctrine of State Rights and the demon
strations are making converts by thou-
We call this _ carrying the State for trAiacoln,
because every , bemodistio stump speaker de
clares that the war is °lily io peiTetuate the
Power of the present Executive, and...we give
them the benefit of the
is apparently goiug very fai-,,t for 11v. Lincoln.
A few more grand rallies like that in the
Shenandoah valley, and the "Old Dominion'?
may be considered'as Lincoln all over.
In Philadelphia, on Saturday night last, 'as ti,
procession of loyalmen were passi4g 'Dem
ocratio Headquarters," a number of soldierS
who were in line, were" grossly instilted and'
bintally assailed by the Cops. The datai;io
iu return gave, their coWardly assailants a
taste of a "free election or a fair fight. , !
the soldiers who participate in civil de
monstrations in favor of the poternmetit h are
to be insulted and attacked, the sooner pie
plan is made .ptVic by 2 „ the, Cops, the,beiter
for a "free fight and a fair election."
Dox'm Aoars.—We cannot altogether har
monize two statements now made by the
Democratic press. They urge that !the army
is for 110014119; and in the next ,bre,athe state .
that X",incolp :officers have. coerced the
diers' sentiment for the present administra
flow We can scarcely make the end of this
Story agree.' It, loweter, is abont on a par
with the record Of McClellan when compared
with the Ohicago platform,. and consequently
will go down easily with the gullible one of
the party. s. ,
Sotorzus' Yarn.—The Deprotacy iretend
to claim the •,;)te• of the.', soldiers, although
their leading organs throw obstacles :in .lAex
way of giving our brave defenders theifFht
of saffrpge. They will get that vifte:9.iderie
*Tattle did last fall in lowa,l4N4Liiii,
ham did in Ohio, when he was beaten by the
largestrlnajority that ever consigned kinaii to
prii ete life in the ,
WRA2 - 11FpgrrrritroTt7s:-FSVe hold Tu.
selves ready. f t4liv`e, from Mc Clellan's record"
that he .firpoi. 4ifrary arrests—that he was
to suggest a ctiaft-and th'at he edviked gen'eFal,
f`manciPation I . The copperhead' orators, iho
have been roiring o' mt," r inCligriatio4;94. fitese
` topics,MT* MOW roar as gently as-ste
.. 4 ,
'oyes. • • .. I.' , , ~ : :.' P .- il ,, :
Tam LAST Secretary of the Treasury Ili
,d 4
a Demooratteddnafirstration could not raise:
3310114inionglilii*ket ihe ordinary expenses
of the qiiverzt4l . o4;ed was a beggar in tiii
market at 12 paima44
.r..4, l 3k f tktos e "y hoi.. 0-r
no repetition of such IC foul 'disgrace keep ;out
of power the 31i64 141 iii bio3;#lo4l9biccl
. i - ,
The Danger of Northern Invasion Dia
One of the darling objects of thOse who are at
the head of the cut-throats in the South, now
in arms against the constitutional authority
of the land, has been, and was until lately, to
effect ..n footing in the States north of the.
Ohifi ; ' - an4' . Snsgilphimiktivfire, - , . theNn.
iplgti) the banditti ''whoic. .? . ' ominand
in the . robberies and assasditat: /. • %. hicli''so
hugelY delight their brutal piiiki 9 , Th w
path illaroughthe Shenandoah valley has been
a favorite hunting ground for traitors. For
almoSt three yeaf§, - I,libilfein" doihrnalfillThrthe
Army of the Potomac found it impassible, to
guard that road from traitor trespassers.--
'While 21.'ClellatiVaafaiiiing 'WWI nigh' that
hirnself,, to thil ni4 tfif the' sick and shovel
around Washington,c . ity„7. 3 eknninsed himself
by the exploits_ of, .1,45 - stWordinates, in the
Shenitidoili 'RIMY. When Pope 'erkleavored
to close the door,• such soldiers as Fitz John
Pnrtei absoliately interpcised to give thii rebels ,
free ingress. 'Arid 'thus the events •.ftk that,
portion of the territory of. the country • deVnl
ted to w4r,,Were but 's
series of diVieters stud
humiliations, from which the country has sit . -
fer'•Cii ; inCalculably in the loss of men andrepu
tation. But . at length the operatichis of tile
traitors in the Shenandoah valley have beOn.
effectually counteracted—their favorite` had
a ll
most, able foraging' leaders , defeated, mid
all hope even of the -invasion of MarYliriKl
fbrever llissipatek, As long as Phil Sheridan
is in the Shenandoah -_valley, • the incursory
bandg of rebels which:hive spread such desq-'
latiorr and. Ofected-'Sneli.: destruction in that
region, will keep at a safe distance atdeast be
yond the yeadh'nf his rifles anll:sUbei•s '.: i ~.
--It has been suggested to us, whether.ti;
fact that ;therebels have: been, corapleildy:
routed and siparted ont 42f the'-Skerfa4Tt..
valley, will , not- renderr it , ;unnecessary. 4fortr.
ganise," (ii",itt go la a draft for,: e
State'Griard. As long as the door to ' 7 : i
em invasion was.. SCE.inefie4tually gUariled.asl
was the region of the'Sbentnifloaivalley,it ei l ;
camean isiperativeduty*the Governmentias,
wellleS4e:•authoilties of .the StateSlOn'.ine'
,path . featiiiic , northward,' to malt% every litz
rangement necessary 'to meet the •emergen 7
'dies which were Illi. - ely„to grow out Of ,slncl. 03:.,
invasion. ButPaS•all dariger of snoli! ific noWiat end i ..we presunielliaf the ;
gardzation of *e ;State Guard least
postponed to await events which, tract;
stead of niakiiigitneded
• aikrY orga4REL
remaining milithxy li material 'of tie State;
only devolve the . pleasing - duty of welcom
back to their homes, as victors over trait.
the legions that, are now in the field beyo
the borders of the State. a
, -
Democratic ftpodiitioit to iliegTorS Fig
irtrilot 'the Army.
One of the favorite points of copperh ' d
opposition to.,t4e G.PY.CAmqllb l l4s„,l 3 e9n e
tenacity with which De cacti
, f4kid rA,
tarp eontiluled:thati obVilitiit nit e
fit it
terated-ta fighkittitof . , I l leh 7 -*MutiAtr, ig
norant prejudice hit,s,been created, on this .
subject,` and Maki ,itioe'd lailiitisied fi/nii
his faith in theVvovernment, by his raisapr e-
Auinsion of ;the effe i ts oficompellingthe negro
to Siliaie , the horriirs, oir it wax 'to ', Plit 'do
' .11f IV , * s tLi Si q
:., ..-
a wicked rebellikin. ,But iyheilf illiicypAQtif al
effect of including the negrOpopnlafiion` in till
quota on i the dieft, is lifthighrhams- , i9' 4,
white men of a district, t14,4i4,474)4e.,. , 5 , ,
miserably mean the' opposition of tkii:Dcqin c -
racy to the negro really becomes.'._:We h vg
had such an exhibition In thiecity,fdfir g'
the drawing of the., draft. Tuttri.W.: r-
GUMS were included in that•drawing. tw Y
four of Whom were conscripted in the'Fo li,
and seven in the First ward It the rieipa
cratic leaders of liarrialairg;:had - .1;e94 1 c,ttn
grated, the negro would have been .641ued
from the conscription ; ind thirty-Due rtoltitti en
conscripted, to make up for tht thirty- o ne neg es
who are now on the rolls to, al up the : quo* a her
city. One single instancelike this of thejus ce
and the practical operation of the`policy 4nt ,
doge rebellion ,. exhibits in their true ii4lit
;folly and meanness which have all along ; 7
acterized coppoirliead opposition. We' nt
ttie,Whiti men of the entire Sate ici a n ex
i t e
the_ fi?dtPOf this' disc , a Kiev affqrj, k , 1 3 ;
index to Copperhead. treasoniiiri - lontub
In this cbtlection we deem dtdnly-nj# to;,
r9*4 4l PieDonlOP*ats wh° fieTeic;6llKk.. by'
having been draftid; that ha d not haeritior,
a Democratic thity Oonncil; exterrivktodi in',
Harrisbuig!woiddlalei beesi ' te
itabSTer' ! eOr
want plain Men r io Considei: iins'fact, ,Etndlin
stead of growling at the national aii,,
put the blame upon the. &maw:rows ind.
deugh-faces who are the'r'eal aithors of he;
drat ,
President J o ineoin on crieriaT,3lle6i/4n,
The Coppinhead papers v ase ) pamdlng' two
notes of thankatalfeCiplkul waittent by Pies=
ident'Lincolm Thefollo l ivirlOßtlfelqltors':
' '•
. : ' '•
*,i0 46:4 i,s ' l i i ilcl fg6 •
idalsaVAerieral George.l
. Me.s.tki ~,- • ,
' ' ram satisfied, that 7F4s9if, - It i. perl 014
have done the bes.499. i ffit ,-, 41 1 :19,9.?
sayhetter fighting ,wHate t v9F ne.. Ten t I
sand thanks.for it., h ' - d , ILr. i,.k . .010 1,
~ „ wrastrwevroN,.. JulYliA, 1 86 t
, Najog General ' George;,.%, MaClellatt; , C
r 4 11 4.4di1ig*W9. 1 % tisk•Rot , P4l ll 4 : .01 •:.
' AVastuaexviiiiheiake ion fhe ttelief i Your'
, disPO..t9 3.ll o lo f 112 • mad
. . -I .fpfterday , laftern
ur i
gave ma, ', BtfmaanSid MA heroism - 940 ,
Pfetecosalad XVII! ie, eadiforacoa".-twill',he; ap
,eiatede,', I, . ,•, . , ': 11, • ,J.:,:. , A. lig'ilaais
• Bitt'the Little Itlaaketfel , 4iapeis: takeqii
care do conceal the important fact' fat' his
approval was based-en 14eClellan's own st 4 ste, •
/mini of what hieUd',"aciil6 ! u' {body tiver ,
', u 'f ' '' "IF E a) ei,i&ati - ottp 1
,dpubteji tAxat,-G*Ler . s., - , P opz-,
ing for his , perfesaarneefa. , Blreiiiimaelm not
then taught lioy letpSiieteV"iviti'''gOieioUg
enengli l to aceept 1601014N' rhS' i 04ttoiti'
, - , ,:,, ~ •• kg - • I ) ,
as trutlibid. ; Subsegyint, rexp a rag,. made
before the Committee of InVOStiglitiOn ShOrZ '
that the reportil : *ere inirelitiblic• from' b e s
ning, i tia end, and illiatlo:l44hilad - ' 'ee
gr(l Yu. Peatvfl... --;^ .- ~..,,, )ii. : mucre.irir, !J.
I i i ii.i2 '. , ' ~,, .4; .i.31.!t,d1.211
~- V . TT' , tritizi v4l /PW,t-P l iifisflt93;9 //9
atia l
the State of Maryland in favor of, i et
,pilai of Abraham Lineolrano , 4 1Lifli - rc pa "C
.. , ,
fi • ilkartrniorlraTekbOClAlldklaYfy4, 4 30tti l ity
liOld F 7o t /Wl ll 4 6 i4tk a iiiti
:T,ll Jrito.
•ftorrq .
• !"' . .71 if c a.. Lati
.F3l.l....titiEuicti 00R1
root• as 07113 0.1qty..i,...1
.11‘.:4111 krsifid-t
lr~~.i. .l'
A Hard Road to Travel. from Philadelphia,bound to Port Royal, S.
_L ' = ,_.., .... -• ; s - Biltrßitatirittr i Nterafttilltr , ir ' 0 :1 lwrelPaded vilr cest,x-puty.inz. - here - L tbs. _
having a somewhat difficult journey along his r harbor this morning, in a leaky condition,
' having been run into outside the capes by an
political course. His record is being dissect i belonging to the navy,
„, i unknown vessel which
eel, and the latsfoints, so carol carried away the schooner's bows 1 and pnthe
by the Cbmtighional Investighti4 - ebtaiti" I reaterV part' of her rigging.
.., Since wilting the above the 14tin_ e
tpe, are beingkrogght to light. Theenuit a rc: - •S- • • •-21.,,. "lagx., sotarlt 'rehirriedsfrom some ca ritiknown.-
andtplitical aranter of the erte,r - at i ir auto ... rt . ~isq . ' ' " 1 " , . , 4
- .
2, eing, ooke -filter in a liberalinahner, an ik ;*...' i i. .:'
-he g bless of_the Napoleon o
fs'cusied c . An Easterir . vit s . ?-..\ .";'': l '''' ,p7l‘ , -.l',P"' / , .- - S
4 ,
- Ilia - West is t 4 .......,,A44
0 7., ,
yli . .
George B. McClellan has shicwi , 4 :), , . is . ',.4birs---uszox TROOPS MOVa7G—AOTIVE PRE=
capable of doing great things. Probably no PARATIONS oonco ON—THE MILITIA C kl - T.T . D
other - Gerieitar(hfesars. Porter and 'Buell may '"our. ' - ''''-- . - -
have been exceptions) conldhave kept 150,000 .. T Lours, Sept. 25 . ,
•inen idle around Washington for six' ihorithd. Jbe Shelby's r‘bel'cavaliy force, said to be
while 60,090..ef tlaP.e..lleT.Y blockaded the
_Po-, 4,000 oK
_DAV strong,.giceupied_Fredeiicks
liiiiiac. town, twenty miles east' of Pilot Knob, yes-
No other kftgrWleiplillisve leen< Stopped terdak . J '1 -
. ! ,q ',li.,f :1! T.:l:i.ff I. .'
it Yorktown by a feigned resiatance; no other Shelby's desi has not yet been developed.
*tintldhalarAtialtroiwatienintriffY'ffrthentrtillff Wfirt i Oig';'d - - rtlieDilitfittbflir
of aliekilTWß,lb., r kept it ,there sin,weeks in a Logisk topica brigade of Gen. A..• k, Smith's
swamp .; keptrt there till sick; weary and weak, troops 'down liSt.night; and - otherwise made
it was driven back thirty miles. No other, preparations to meet tho enemy. Pilot Knob
.after. raining alt army. , and wasting a year, is well fortified and garrisoned. Cape Girar
couldlurve asked another, army and• another dean; OR the river, can stand' S. seige, and the
year. No pther,' with om , i:offensive ,
weapon only damage the rebels QPlA•dP,is.femPorarily
in bie,handr, could -have stubbornly_ remained tp cut the Iron Mountain Railroad.
on the defemaivein defiance of repehtek de . When 'General Price. crossed the Arkansas
minstrations of its folly. '..„ ' , river';, &Sine dhy,s sinb.e,' at LpcnSt ,pOint. his
None but he, probably. , ,,wearifig Ake utd- forces moved towards . Batesville,. evidently,
form of a soldier, the stars oft h Major. Gen-, with the design of joining Shelby in the-north
eral, could have dared totieciptit,' nomination east of Arkansas, and, 'Yeith - the . ' combined
for the Presklency offered by „a, Convention' commands;toinl'adeMiaspuri from the'dcirith
,avowedly,oppokidie; the, war, arid madennan- east. The force occupying Prederickstown is
imons by , ttuiLintereession of , Vidlandigham. doubtless the , advance of 'the 'column, which
None butllC7, l accepting a r donbitffil liOnprllreric p estimated to be frog . 10,000 to 12,000
thesenien .. 'eould'have'refused:the stipulation. Strong•' ' •
that accompanied it, No one but, lie ,could:, 'T 'The milittow operations here are active,. and
have taken Mr. Vallandighana's , bennt3r
, irhile troops are already moving :konthWard.- The.
denying Mr. YallandighanN prineiPles,, and 'bh?,cksmith'ihnpsare - busy
,all day Aljbeing
havrngji,avd, hie party,for p.ffice while profess- QaTalry horses, ordinance is tieing sent 'to
mg perfect independence ' , •of -his , party's different points, and everything , is , being -put
-wish' These were great things - to-do,-but in fine trinviCor finmediate active servit. , •
Gen. - .lMCClella:n has ,donfi ,:thera.witli . 4! an . .Brigadier Geneihk Pike - Jai efdlfolk4( all'
4a:city:that coup:panda aatonisjnient . - Ahe:enrolled. militia. deneral, Rosecianstrvill ,
issue an appealito.4norrow, , calling , fheiretp,l6 i
tnliNi'", - ; > s i '''. ' q ' '' , '''' .•-, '
.'MaJer'qq,neial ViaisaTri_,,e4 .l lere l lii-dair
-,The,trains on the Iron aleuntain Railroad
are still , rniining,i and, So far asis knoWn;-the
railroii&Widt been molested.
,Respits,..are - oirculating to-night that part
of .thel force winch occupied Frederickstown
ye4teridli,ii ciaptrik6l Cape GirardeatiAti-day,
but thl,tia dcsibtfill. They' may . be :demon
strain in ;that but the. post is tbo
strong tole-taken by cavalry. --:
Getteral•Moivei; With 'a part of lit k I..Pth
Army Corps, left Brownsville, on tha,Auvall's
Bluff I",ntiLiitle Rock Railroad, a: le* daps
-ago, ireh northerly direction, and Shelby will
'have io lable after his rear. The situation
will probably develop itself in a few days. : ..-
1 , 1/4.1 % 2 4. 1 ath t'')
,Or r .1.; li Probember't Rom Merl . ,
• Attheareeent election in Itenneylvitia to
affiNt4,tilight or Voting afi. the gallant spl
clfeis the field, the stronghbld of CottP'pr7
headism, pdcelellanism„ .Huberism and,
;0 1 40.09f1tIMR 01 40 1. ' 0 4 . ciaism, , •.;
the hours•P f cOna,,4 e ; and defender.
of. the reboil:gum:Mae and murderers of our
bravesoldiere,ytffire a ImajOtritt
ifar 2,00 p
against lite - soldiers! The county of;,Colum
bin,'ll,o*largely:lcienrio,cratic," the home of
that , intense Copperhead rand demagogue;
Senator. Buckalew,iandixttwhich county Jeff
Davis's famout - I.‘Fiabiiig'preali'-',Confedera4y"
is lobated; - alsp„, gave a:10004ii of
, • _1 .
against 4s*ltliera! Thee , f ds and suP
porters, of • and enemies of 'our
brave white aoldierk polled ogee hundred ' ifsd.
fi ve thc * .e6 o , *'k t O r oct , cin'd - 41k:three votes:
in gao4l4l•4o44:aitaitsi granting the in:eat-
amble- privilege (I:emoting: to.. the 'heroic de,
fenders' lizeur ,9 , 011itrrit ' Repentber,
thiTall'Utthead - vote% were polled hy,rden
who style themselves Democrats,, not a single
Republic orUnion. man having
against ' ' • ,
.But..lee us thank ih's.-braVe land: patriotic
Union - men in the Keystone State, that
aPpealed at the'polla . . u to do justice td Their
friend; and by : a maitaity.of nearly
w loom co -
, ,
decided in favor of the just rights o f tlie gbi
lent men in the field. The - Old .. . Guard, the
star that #aveisets; liberty-loving . :.,
~' I
, ~ 7.Lilitoi,STE,R, -COUNT'S : 11'3' , - 1
'141 13 40,*.AM4 1 /# ll3 -Strevelli, 'tbe r Ob4M:
pion, of ,univer ~iteedom i Si4 , ,tbe.righbyff.
man, gave a majoitity of) ' IN 1 ':` , i- ,
/ 4 r7;1 1 1;€00' ..... Ati: ) , ; ., . ,
in favor of the. goldiers ! EnnadelphiS; 'die
bbth-place of Agiericon Liberty, rolled 'ail a
,i*itiiiritY ', Of l ebventeen' thOusand;'`spli rio4l k i,
Allegheny nine thousand.for the„riglil., - d
every'Republiqui , 3county in the fitabe,. frqm
the DelkiViire' to, T4fil4e,grik'rerde*WO'q with
ni. the tiitblirilik efforts 6 01114 ,GAPt9}4, 9n. 4
are put 'down treason , austirebea IMI
and save the life of the nation, and theref re
made powerful efforts to, clothe them with the
right of rauffrageiJ a The glorious, result is be
fore ris, , axid,:the ' 4obilterFi l ' col fail to qee
who.'Ste tli,filir - realWiends;l:. "''''' •': - '
Itt r
, fli,. . rirfW:r 1, , •. ,
', I , ; , ~ •V , ?. ~. -., •.
' , i'' t'i • • . ' . ' :':' . .t ,
Y.WI ~.. i...
'r.., Ia!
~~~lGr ijk~t~~l~;~ul~
The'. ' 'Fish" Rhfer
;sl'4ofliglllo::Riiiiikid .',lx : itii4 . :llo:'qhafil eli
-...„ - N i.i.„..,.:. :, f3d,v , h,......: I .•, , t -:
On .11611.7cladg .Npti o,' „Mobie
•,. • c WksimrroN,seEst;
u pt.. 2 .0
'Pu'i Navy Department 'l4s :7i4AN.4',4 0 . fans
from Admiral , Earrint, 1 otthe stones s:dia l ea
peditior - up;Fiehv ibri t Oinel )partieula4 .of
yrhiet,•litite*e/t4Y, 0*;01 - „tblisheil,:, "On , tli
return the Teasers Net e atlikikk&t.46/41r.4itr'S
Bluff, at one , of thel sharp rbends of' tita‘A er,
by sixty pr seyeirity*lliilil;'whqledliirid felled
Weil 4piiik,Al'o`Atiol44..,, -, ; . • •:,,,,:,
, . ~'Xliearewas.rtAuped.troni ourhowitzersvl.
our •retielulonetteditirrough, with 'one.- oirt4pri
atid '.it6 4 , VCS*;;WOTI, ~ o 0:, the' §tba) l l l Eilit I , the
snielfetita4 utvih*,b, was ktineked.'Oreg.b rd;-"
ant:loore boat I oft the Tritowlost by being,
tumitteitt beltFtlan'thayyessel and the bank.
, 4 ...... , i',lPO*l4`'PihpUlt,u4p'n:tp '.'3o i the
i 1
itry, 79 -. rtteenttlist;Ani Jo, i sueefgei ehlt
gagettriu raracLiting torpedoes', and thia9 4i,
EnteueddiSclitit' 'ftettp,,hrtintY,?#.!' , ' ri=". h
'4 , iirl;YAk., l ' lc i i ...27:—,l 4 lLe i gniLo434' . ort
Ideragriaroini °bile on.the 17tir,,astbea fak
mom i ng „,,..
~, 1,,0s t•If'l• r • . .:.l f 1 1 ,... rE I ~,
;: Vilt# o .l; 6 44ll, l3 batf t e re liiiii f#oll . 7_ . ea r
NiOliil6; liAl , 4lpl4s‘o 44 ,Yet ?be AP4
tlaenoity.; i , , i 1,f1 , 1X1..3q %UP. b. tdl o-. I •,, ail odrhe Iff 4. do; 3 i • plat, if cka large'' ;uu 6, OquadrAn in A . ttibe of
offiegif ! ' . : : i .Ailif,,tg K,
GOB rnuit r. I : . ey;
. 0 toi pnq 'T4'4-. .„_
•! q'ttla XLUI rd.' , " ,I -.-...- lIP , .. , ~f . , ~, t !
4 1 /4 . 4Sin °°l Vo f t t fti3Sg ' ' lSFollerrie.
i. ,,
.!!! , .•13 •.7),„Er: ~.r.l r' 01. W It , • ..• i.!!: !Mt ,9‘llll 1
Pq 00 , t ....'''' . •_ , [fl tueresTill: ... 1-fil:tt9tl b..s I
.. - , •.,, ~,,) bes - egni . :, II! ' 'I , • 4 , vd.
Comumnaivallosmio - le, itluitillishek, ith
. . ~ a! !!!!!1; ttg/11l ea
`.., 4•!' ~1., 1 •:! , .i r, .
. ! . •• , ff •?•••if of Nil: ;Ter'' , nit 7 . 1 '''
' ' 3 ' i' °- .er .
i'•!!;:. t!!'.: 11l ,1'.1.4 1 0 ~1. -• dif. ' p 1•' ( 1)1,3 , ..1;:q.i., ,,..: - i.
~,!:• to ~ ifl
• ii.JI -pila otiv 1 4 . - r iVIV. I2 ,7I: Be Pf .2
-- - •
,liii:;:toupw s jogAiam - D*l -, receavea F rt
.. _... '
• , i'ess Miittroei:Aull I°l ' . " P '' '' ' ti, :_p s t! c,,„ !I!
! .tryFiNll . l, !RkPotittc, .30 4 e g otp, 'tared I 'hi
4j: 14* - ervb-Mfi5pch0w,4440 . 4454 , 08 rs,
,Herheleginalatomas zat!pposednto.bo4o . 4 g:.
ton. ITI;10„ , _413 1.., 11 , , ), , i'.741_ , 0t.3 ,I cd.10::1!, , dl., • ' 1
#l,/ 1 liiiWA 4 gRALIKI/ -bS`• waY.... o i tl/ed 4 4#4,5. 1 4 1 0 thn:
•not lattam Dumas steamer P awn, sotrwiizettirgtaget„,sl
It is 112 w 4csßgve4,tc;• egaNishr i eferds t : l in , - ,,
', citoes4v.-to,-+.nBipit4de•RiAgg'39 No:
- t , ", ,t ifiiogitiall/, Portiv 3 Pl.# l 4 4 laitYp- tionneotiliii,, O 4 -:,'
in , aw b erw b ytw a r o a d F iv f ::.: !.. „ 1: ...:.11 - ; ~ , ,,i„ 1 0
:413 4 1 4 8 410 / 100ht sAti f ladtk '1
• / ,-. I • •. , • :.. 6. le ~ , ~ ( i
.ilevia • r
n-Lfa7 , 1,1(4, , c . ~..:eee 1 ,, 7''.'s SO 3 ,1 IbUil./i . .t..ofifil ' ....,-,
El ,ff1:1191 idß I- , 3aeS 01 , - 0/11%/I , ag ditifi ,, MIOLII , I4/ . ....) rdr I,i,
gej Iv ,nu Vatic* B ,y/4.1 V.l beliDlicl. - roc( lellilolsl :di ;,F,e'2
+lie Lower Missi ss ippi.
* Direwruar:Pi. A TAEGE 131CON,76ECE--34-ECF
;, TTONSFOleirtri'M. •
Vicasstrau, Septv . 2.l.l
General Dana-has commenced active operato ns
frarge cavalry force left last night; •iniclr
Col. 'Osborn; which will be followed by a
heavy,force of infantry. The result will pro
bably be known in about ten days. -•
A negro was shot on the 17th, and
two unore .will be shot on the 2,sth'itist,'fbr
The .11;
P a YPßaM ers ale PA3ll4g A
~.NktrOCTS napehere.
Ar ansas, . -
t..- r i ST. Loma; Sept. 25. •
i drs fah from gort4eott, Apk:, says none
irala_rtectently cap
ttreid.,mt 10abiti, Creek were killed or talien
pritoners asid dhly a few wqrhistitinded.' The
ratter have hen 'ent' for., :inree:fourths bf
the rusa i have arrived. at Fort 'Scott. *.
IL I• I .4 .-
Arrival of, Lowy, Prisoners al
„ ,
Asztbotrrow,Sept. AI.
So of the soldiers jrist released frora , the
laibby, Prison have reached WaShingtori:•'',':
It ik,Stated thaVone of thetiniither,;oll e
011 the Way to the place of 'dehvery,. Angsg d''.
liinaself on- sketching the, rebel • defensir
works in the river, and other poinbi orinter- ,
est, f1 5 e,w4.4 ,he • was taken hack to Rich
mond:" '
Warrants have been issued by the authoii
tied here for the arrest of several of the Lake
Erie pirates, who have been seenrin this city,.
' ' ' T.lii'Overliirg . Marl.
..• -.. • . a - , ATcoinsoii, , R.o44/A,:§cpt. WO -
„bi g ,
• 'pownt . of pe'ovqbsind t ,sEsip Anq.ktr A iy a
from - t Utke, "wid.reports the, , ronte , e f
free fromhostiletaildians, and 'ready' for lb --.
, neks: , - The *ails and iquitspi,igerp.lirill,* k fie
sent forwa4l:¢ii regular' tithe , , - • • -•
yeterilitm 10r the Army. I •
• ' • =•""F ,AUGUSTA, Sept. 27.;
P 8 `,.. ". • .
6,4 s,
'•The l / 4 144454144 iioth reuenlisted veterans, eaOlt .
175 , StronwdeftdorryirOnia, to-day.,
• ' nit .1 , ,T ,cll . : ;
r.?. 7 • I
um! Sept.' 27.
Fletir-dulli heavy,' at:sl2;
"anicie "
ntti6'W;il2 ,lias deolining
'444e9e, and ,is ~, red $2 OP.
Corn firm; 'white soaree'at $1 86 •yozillotr at
31'66," Greeeritanegitipf.od. and nominal.
"Ctiiiiiiki"ni444.l4ll.*Bodal 81. •
...: ,
• I
..1111;ti,*#`';(1441 ua 1864 12y , 11.eir. G. G. Rs er
atra%••Mrr. AVCoslitcfr.' a!( . 1 rs
PREIV'EI "" • , ".
`;" ' '
q . 1 .1 01i ttle24thlllSE4 'JACOB r
."114 flirgii are invited. to attend his funeral from, epßPse.,
-PL.Gritrah, in Pine street , at 4 ifoelest t
nacarit y, " - •...rsrp ".„A
,or 0,44, 1 A*11.•
large lot 131114alstliAikOileaalk•
Vin aladctoits just' 4644 . 141 . ift is frOm tre'sr
war, and for rate at gav,,Slr, rietysaAd - Military
Trintmittgatore;.Thitd atiOat; boosol3:4llost,andnalnut.
Orden; from.coatitzs , deatalgiripteipt. ,5t3'02 . 77 7 a. * •
k r
Draft! Draft!! irrb I,
. 4
15; # . , yees iirbparly ,propand by ;
R C 00,Bilf r Altorney at,l4b4 -
FAte , oe t tiki 3.4zsliars, ,OffiCeAn; atita
• ''tiiebt;tob:r,dctorp'abbyp I,l4ocet,garriabuzg, ra. sepr4f..
f srrtv * NV AIiTXO
14: . 444 1 4 1 1 1 &JOWL .112qUirir
44bertIoditestauraigg icotiet of Third avkA'Vahritt
siSgate.,l6o4Rdleeommendatlond Mittredi . _ -I.ti
. R.F.4IT
..• ••- '''' .2 . 31 0.. 1
; o 6 tiataildinvaxijotnint .7( iifilloitzt rftisOrie •
,Ipquirzton tine preptsets- ' tye ;lY
.4 r 4 .• 4
. -
111:,- ,a0,,i.,/
i lOO at,l iIibiILAPELI ail ,!!l9l Jaz f ,
4X7 , 2E iri lt r le , - , 1 ,,14 4 ,Witt4 1 4114.4 M 44 0
lig # 'l 4 l ' ii. Ailizilt ' fiLT Alib i= 1141.1kn ,..... W
~41 394 ‘. L
• ; "n... 1' . ... . • • ....?-, .... . - Ttio . ., ~....e.!!, -:
I , , linosl.'• ,71!114.> 40i1g.c.0 -, w , ' l .5 .ci1r.1.r . 5 NJ: 01 I ,
:!:iv. , i li ~t io aril Cl. ~,,,,0:.., ,r t„.9r1 , 1 - .i. - ,:_,,,,-, i., 70 i 10
J , nu.: [lad , iqie, , ,ta:.(1: - .0.1i ),... :4.-4 ... ! 1. 1 !....
JJ • C044-10JULP..3= .9:4:07i10b-i.:51.111,7A ,1304 . y.iit!1. , ,AL oaj 1
TORONTO, C. W., Sept. 26.
•• • • : r
Sale of Condemned Government
OFFICE AssasTAxx Quanta=Asma, U. S. A., I
HARRISBURG, PA., Sent. 28,;884. f
f zi.
at Government Corral, near umn4town, (on
line or A Leb amitalloyabidlr.Ol4) on H Y, OCTO
VERA 1 ;if;10 OCka A.X,: • OZ..,
,Tix.,sr*peity has llirem iiindstalled as triAtliir, Govern.
ment*trervice, but for private use good bargains are to be
lied. • - ...
Horses to be sold singly ; sale to continue until all ara
TERMS : Eovernment funds
sept27.dtoc6 Captain and Amistant Quartermasteri,
.Pr opo sals -for Stationer y..
, , ZE A D QUpq t rfita. PithITTA, )1
f.ttn4r2imaTElt Gittrenex's Obies,
immerse., PA Sept. 24,1864 ).
g i tELIRS I4- PROPOSAW(Efdibilelli "--ProPo
.LJ,salf. for Siationery) 'a - JU .be,received this t effice, up
to - Maturdayg Oetober Ist ' BP. for-Punishing the fol
lowing articles, delivered at this Office, free of charges for
freight, boxes:and cartage,. "under set of Assembly, ap
proved August 22,1564:q • . .
reams ,Note Paper, faint line, white tint, with not
leas than 5 pounds.per
4 reams Letter Paper, faint Hue, whitelint, withnot less
than 10 periods per ream..
6 reams. Letter Paper, same, in sheets with not leas
than 10 pounds per ream, put up in paper boxes, ream
5 retkias•Cap Paper, faint line, white tint, with not less
than 12potutde per ream.
8,000 -LegaliEnvelopes, white, size 4 by 8% inches, with
12 peunds Per j, OOO,
2,000 .Legal Envelopmt, white buff, same-size, with 12
pounds per 1,000 • .
10,000 Letter Envelopes', white, size 3)4' by r>;.i inches,
with ag pounds per 1,000 • '
2 dozen Mucilage, in bottles; with cap and brush, 2 oz.
and 4 oz.
12 dozen Lead Pencils, first quality.
,10 grass Steel Pens, first quality.
. 48 Blotting Cards, good, ay, by 13 inches. •
12-Arnold's Writing Fluid, pints or quarts.
15 Blank Books, assorted, 2, 3 and4'qiitre, bound,
.good,faintline r .white tint, sine 832 by 13 Thebes.
~ &nudes to accompany each bid, and delivery• in ten
(10) days after awarded. Names of two good sureties to
accompany proposal. • Thu right is reserved to''accept
.part of any bids• or reject all, if deemed for the interest,
of, tho State to do so. JAMES L. REYNOLDS,.
sep2.7-5t Quartermaster General, Penn'a.
FEVER AND AGUE Cured in one to 'three
days—never fails—by vising • Mrs M. Faces' AGUE
POWDERS. Call at Pine street,. near Front No cure no
Pay. sep274t*
NO. 1 .and 2 Mackerel, in; kitts, 'just re
ceived this morning, and. for Ealo low at
(successors to W. Dock, & (so.)
k LOT of fine'double Guns, Glited: DUOlt,
...iv -Powder, Shot, Tips, Powder Ilia-ka,Shat Belis, Slay.
intt•recSlied and for sale at !Avast market prices.
IaLISER dt:PROTELER, Market' Scpuira! •
FIVE cents per Ti?..nash paid fox 4 t0...1 mixed
Rags. • • Sca.EFFEws Bookstore
sept 26 21. spnili Becor4 street, Banisher&Kl
good two horse Carriage or- Hack, On
teasonable terms.' The abovelllck , with al good
team, will be Offered for hire until sold, on very reason
:able .terms. Apply at . .
- ,..5ept26-rrst• H J. HOGAN'S Hotel, l'axton st.
. •
YOUR attention is calla:Ito the splendid.
avortarent'Of Extra Note Paper, Envelopes, and fine
StatiOneiy at. SCHEITER'S Bookstore,,
seta26 South Second street : Hirrisburg,
..FEVER and AGUE enied in one day: dare
only one dollar, 'sent by mail on receipt of money.
ressDr. StSPIISNS, Ann
.street, Middletown, Dauphin
county, r 4.
READ! READ ! ! •
• ; WIVAILIONON STATION, Sept. 10; 188.1:
Dr. Srscr.xs--The pills I got from you cured my son Or
a severe fit of Ague. Do is now cured two months, and
had no return since. cheerfully recommend your
sepi26-2t* ' Mrs. HANNAH WEBSTER,
FOR RENT lharctediately, :.on account of
going to wai r ; . to 'a' lamily Without . .children; that
spienaid country seat; owiied and. occupibit Ify Jesse Wing
ert,. near the new..tilarketlitittse;: - The.phase a brick cot
tags. ,
with seven rooms. ''''There is a , l:Mto of good water - at
the kitchen door. The lin, has niter an`acre of land, set in
choice fruit ani the best Variety, of grapes: There is also
a' ood stable the lot. Arrangement mas , he made with
in genteel family to 'tale rent out in board.' I have also; a
large lot extra cabbage and, potatoes for sale cheap, if ap
tilled'ibr 'soon. Apply to JESSE WINGERT. sept26,id3t*
Wall Paper! Wall Paper!!
ALarge and splendid stock of Wall Paper
of all 'styles" and prices, for naleeheap at.
• SCHEPFERSS Bookstore,
sep26 21 Sougipederel street, Harrisburg, Penna.
in,llllll •
3Vilnidn* ' a.deS, nds.
SPLFaiDID. assortment of .'Linen •slisdes
and Paper Blinds, at • • ' • t.'
• ;
.• , . SatIEFFBIPS Bookstore,
sepal ••21 South Second Street, flairisburg, Penna.
•„Selling OW Selling A - 21f111,
S intend '
desirous. or
middle of
_a_ October, I am desirous. or biciebig out m!..S r tock of
Dry , Opili at gre2lly re duc cia .Pr: ( Pet 4r .
• * Next doOr to Tiger's VAinaware, Store.
Very ConN - enierit.
itTS pleasure to inform 'lila friends and
atomera. and the public ip gepesal , that he has
opened whtilesale artat retail , Variefix Notion and Jew
eery More, , lfiy.:los Niii•ket tr. abate Eby Kntilars
'ngt,Nainisburg;' ' ' '
Fltt would'Oedtary a greht Spice to .eyintrjerate
- the artialesmompoglagiiiirateek;. 'The purchaser t ad,
throngharirexperiente•Of 'thirteen years in the business,
that teas 'sell Wietts • eicial to '
tlie jobbers in the'Eastern
• Public Sale. , - •
,WILL be soltlat public sale, at the Court
di‘ I. House; on WednesdaY next; the 28th inst., a E'er
toil saleable lot Of gr .und situate in the Sixth ward,
t'ontirtg.on Sedond street eighteen feet' Our inches, ex
'tending back natery rest; adjoining Property ofMr. Renne
ratte•othera .Fbatietisiongiven immediately.
Sale to commence at two o'oloak; r. la. Terms made
ltnownb7 JOHN W. FURMAN.
W.JI Auctioneer. • 7 F sept2o.2t
. .
41;500 Reward •
,store of undersigned, bavbag beeu
.broken, into on the night or September 20th, and
itbbed of our entire stock of black and fancy drew silks.
,hlack alpeocAs i .kiss linens; kid gloves. alarge number
tit Waterloo and other shawhk-besiles fine dreSs:patterns
tolin4rions4tyles l we offer,a reward FIVE HUNDRED
711:1 . . fqT;FuchinformtitioAk as will, lead to the detic
t, • I t hievee and the recovery of. the goods.
:310 away from the , Brick-yard of the
on:Saturday, , a sorrel, Mersa, four year
inclual i a small cot on bind pasture, has a long tall 4-
:41y.yterson gmurnieg him will receive a liberal reward', Aela s Odal , • PHILIP L1N14.1
. . , ... . . , . .
l'''' , `. ' . 'READY TO-DAY.
~. .. .
, • ,•• BY 'FANNY BERM-
no pp:' 'l6iho. ' Illustrated, $1.50. ,
- 4. 1
to containing mostly trop stories of .the younger
NTENDED, for the young, but interesting
ElYi of : foal l
persons of distinction;' as. Walter. cott, Na
pl:aoki"nthr 'Josephine; .Lord ItyrOn. Dr. Jotunion, Loid
Clieiteifteld's Sbn, Robert Buns, Carlotta , &oak+, An
dre* Jackson, Geo ; Stiphenson, John T t nnteli anti others,
related- in the: itialt i eb! , e style or thu cliginguish e d au-
;.. r p c 2p..t.- ~...._....„ „.:113Proet4t.r.eety New York-.
„ in• p i , 10
.• • .0.•011.1 N •
I ; .0 RN •• &V LAW . •
I ~11. 7 7 •
Oauaaa , nr THIRD trrxraTi ammo MAarcr.
Boactletc Petudons and; Back rat collected at legal
131a*yerBooks,-Hymn Books,. U'
all denominations, in different styles and at afferent
at SWEETER'S Bookstore, •
at fee t !. I l af f *Cfg, ~ enAe• "
19.,040 #COU,
0 4 I t0W9.4 4 010; .SOYMPFDPA tiookstore,
•1 :ACM:Fa - Wing BoOkStore. •
ALT' SAIllidON. ' • I to , „
savoke ot fine , salt wintiifi l kitrlVv
amdltor r eYt by "• J ' Mast " a
L.- ....,
volo r :. : ! pi, 1 , - ( Now& i? W* %
o ,f; le ..? ~.t Tv.: ::. .''.-dIL: ail :NlG!. , ii.) E.i j '.
0367+i !9}lB_ :,•4.! -
~ ,U l-Y-F4JR•TmImNTs.
-AttaCtiOn !
=:1.3 AHEAD!!
N 0
if, RS. M. MAYEA,
Hr. just opened her new FALL STOCK o:
la a Mot assortment or
" T ' lt , IDIDZINGS
Constantly_ on band, besides everything usually- A.un
the largest furnishing esti.blishments in the courary,
Ariuy Supplies.
• • • "%'' HARRISBURG, Pa, itept. 22, 1161,)
QEALED PROPOSALS (endorsed Propog.
Li Sale to supply Wool) will be receirfid at Hitt office tit,
to THURSDAY, 12 zt',,,,eptember 29, 1561, to furnish ttie
flowing articles of sutiplies; be'detirer, dat the Carp
of the Pennsylvania - State Guartt'td, Carlisle, Petnsyli a
eta; in such gnat:aft? and at suchlime as may be disco..,
from this canoe:
The same to be laspecied :as priivided roe by act of As
aewbly. Two goad sureties f..r the faithfa' formalice
Of contract will be rcqoired. Names to be gyms in Vto
poaal, and the ligEit Is reserced to Kleett all bids, if deem
ed for the interest of the State to do so.
5er.22.d51.] Qu'artermai:Cer Don't of rettusylvan;a.
- -
W.ISAIII , IGTODI CITY, September 2, 18,4_
Will he sold ut Public Auction_ to the highest bidder,
to time and places named below, viz :
York, Pa.,. Thursday, Sept. lb. 1691
Altoona, Pa., Thursday, Sept. 22, 1861.
Lebanon, Pa., Thursday, Sept. 29, 1864.
These Horses hare been condemned as until for tac
cavalry service of the army.
For mad end farm purposes many good bargains ma:,
Homes sold singly.
Traits—Cash, in UMW States currency.
Colonel First Division,
Quartermaster General's Office
EIAERISSCRO, September 3, 1864.
The following notico4s pobliBheil for the informatiou
all interested : ,
Volunteers will be accepted and counted on the quotas
of the present call, up to the last practical moment before
the drafted men are accepted and sent to the rendezvous.
Townships and sub-districts which have' not filled the.r
quotas 'are urged to de so at once.
All timelhat can possibly be given, will be &Rowel,
but tile draft will commence as soon after the sth of Sep
tember as practicable.
Credits will liezh'en, and Government bounty paid to
volunteers until further orders,
By order of Capt. .EIICITARD L DODGE,
A. A.l". IL General
Captain and A. A. A. General.
Captain and Provost Marshal 14th Distriet of Penna.
Harrisburg, August 31, 1864: sept 5
_ rrtaT _Dram;
wAsHIN9TON Clit.f. August 3 . &., 186-I.{
HORSES! 1101tS;RS !
Horses soitable for Cava'tumid Artillery servioe will be
puichaied at Giesptiro Depot, in open market till October
Horses will be delivered to Captain L. Lowry Moore
Q. H., and be subjected to the usual . Government Inspec
tion before being accepted.
Price of Cavalry Horses, $175 each.
Price of Artillery Horses, $lBO. each.
Payment will be made for six (6) and more.
Colonel First Division,
Quartermaster General's Mire.
MILE Directors, of the Poor of Diuphin
A. county Will offer at public letting, on the emises,
the MILL belonging to said county, on TUESDAY, the
4th of October 'next, for the term of one year, to commence
on the firstiday of April, 1865, said letting to commence
'at 1 O'clock r m. 'On said day, when attendance will le
given and terms made known by
• . DANIEL SEEESLY, , IMrectots.
' . • JOHN KRAMER, S• •
Attest—Amos FISLER, Clerk.
Sept. 19th, 1864.
Stead - Engine and Machine Shop,
(J. C. 3ioltz's OM Stand.)
ritHE unclersioned having taken. tbo above
1. Shop, respectrlnly salicits u share of the public pa .
)'articular attention will be paid to repairing of SteaLe
Anginas, and all kinds or in9chinery. allicork will re
naive my Personal attention, and sattafaction guaranteed
THE norm PROPERTY known *as the.
In this city, is offered at private sate on accommodative
erms. Apply to
- •
' LL PERSON Sltitiebted. to the und er
.Cl signed., will *see cell-on. N. S. Bower, Alder,
of the Fifth ward, Barrislfurg . ,' and make settlement, s' 1
have placed my , accoMitt he.,, haiyis for collection.
segt.s-4i2awt.t] 'Itz.AAC F. STBEI
ASNALIAttt superior lot of noxigy, just
received, at • & FRAZEE 'S.
mit; Boitan lk Biscaftt; Roston Butter
cane; Boston 4:1 . 1 , .460r Cracken;'Biatton Crackers.
Trenton Batter Crekers, just received at
bon' • ItC,TER k NoKRP.IO:C•
CEM VINEGAR—Than Cider Viriegirr
can be bought, by tile banel or mall quantity, at
i9lB Brrigß gog-kne•
cesiect; a Sae chest of English ilreakfain Tess at
(Scecessorti to Wm. Pock, Jr
ALARGE assortment a Photographs of
Generale and.raneypionres for sale CHEAP, at $ 1
zrq2o. . Harrisburg, Pa
PORTEIdONN.AIES, and a general variety of LEI
=ER. wow% just received. at :± •
BERGNER4 looK Mita
, RREP AND TONGUES —a fresh Ai t .. , nice at teal] SRISLER & RitAzEiv?
A MON.—Fine salt Sahaon, at
- 9 1 111 6 SITISLER k rutzva
rkll.ll'D FRUIT of all kinds at '
a., • [ as] . _ • KOKRPNic
FINE GROCF I RIES of all lazuli, at reduce
Pit* at" - ' ' SIIISLEA
FAMILY GRO&RY, opposite the Cotter,W4tie.
,AfEss SHAD and FINE NEW' li&OK.
- " L ' a • . 112 Just received, a ,
1718, so s. 46211 PER .
6 - ur ,=.- ---
suTTEß.—i . reEd .: I t c z kittt o
il •
w pm s a il o r county receZd every ; ' A .a .
. 8 14 ' (111.94 i
Harrisb:irt- Pa