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saran E SinEEON.
/HI DAILY TIMER.II4i* ilclllnelf 10 subscribers in the
city at 12 cents Week..:7Ceatly stibscribers will be
charged $6 00'in advanoe::j Thafii,persons who neglectto
pay in advance will be cokine4..irpepo.
wiitai,4jrn smatepa.
fse ThizoltiPHiSalsopnblisbed weekly, and is furnished
subscribers at the following comb rates
single copies, weekly / ...
[tree copies to one Peet Once,
fen copies to one Post Office
PURSUANT to an act of the General As
sembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, en
titled "An Act relating to Elections in this Common
wealth," approved the 2d day of July, A D., one thou
send eight hundred and thirty-nine, I, W.W . JENNINGS,
Sheriff of the county of Dauphin, Pennsylvania, do here
by make known and give notice to the electors .of the
county aforesaid, that an election will be held in: the said
,ounty of Dauphin, ON TRE.SECOND TUESDAY OF
OVIOSER, A. D.. 1864, (being the 11th day of 'October)
at which time District and County Officers, as follows,
are to be elected, to wit :
One person to represent the counties of Dauphin,
Northumberland, Union, ttnyder and Juniata, composing
the 14th Congressional District, in the Congress of the
United States.
Two persons to represent the county of Dauphin in the
Reuse of Representatives.
One person as prothonotary for the county of Dauphin.
One person as Register for the county of Dauphin.
One person or County Commis.louor
One OrSOll for Director of the Poor atiitilouse of Em
One person for county Auditor.
that the places of holding the aforesaid election
is the several words, boroughs, Oil:trims and townships
within the county of Dauphin, arc as follows, to wit :
The election thr the First Ward in the City of Harris
core, shall be held at the Public School Rouse, at tne
corner of Mary's alley and Front street.
The election in the Second Ward, oball be held at the
Rouse at the corner of Dewberry; elley% and
Chestnut street
. . -
The election for the Third Ward. shall be held at the
School House in Walnut street, between Second and
Front otree.s.
The election for the Fourth Ward, shall bribed at the
Public School Ilonat in State street, beta/pen GdeOnd and
Third streets,
The election for the Fifth Ward, abate at the
sows belonging to General John Forster, OLL %a State road
leading r lam the reservoir grounds to the Pennsylvania
State Luanne Hospital..
The eleltiou in the Sixth Ward, a all be held at the
Market Haase In West Harrisburg.
For the township of Su onebanna, at Miller's (now Nis
ley's) school house.
For the township ef Lower Swatare, at the school, house
No. I,ln Highspire.
For the townsliship of Swatara, at the locust Grove Inn
For the borough of Middletown, at the Efrfek School
house. In Pine street, in said borough.
For the township of Londonderry, at the Public Moose
a Joseph Welper, in said township.
For the township of West Londonderry, at the house of
Christian Neff, in said totnishir.
For the township of Conewago, erected out of parts of
the townships of Londonderry and Derry, at the house of
Christian Foltz, (now Jno. S. Folts,) In said township.
For the township of Derry, at the public house of Dan- .
lel Baum, in Hunsmelstown, in said township.
For the township of South Hanover, at the public house
of George Hooker, in said township.
For the township of Fast Hanover,' at the public houes
of Maj. Shell, (now Moyer ' s,) in said township:.
For the township of West Hanover, at the pahlio,licuise
of Jacob Rudy, (now buck's,) in saidlottruship... ,
For the township of Lower Paxtion, at the public hodssi
of Robert Gilchrist, (now Swelsart's,) in said township.
For the township of Middle Paxton, at the public house
of Joseph Cockley, In said township.
For the township of Rush, at the house belonging to
the estate of tile late John McAllister, dec'd, now occupied
by David Rineal, in said township.
For the township 'of Jefferson, at the house of Chrisdan
Hoffman. in said township.
For the township of Jac au iyat tho house nolv'occu
pied by John Bixler, at Bixler's mill, in said townithip. ;
For the township of Halifax, at the North Ward. School
House, in the town of Halifax.
For the township of Reed. at the new School House on
Iman's Island, in said-township'.
For the borough of Millersburg, at the windOw next to
the north-east corner on the east Mee of the tie* Bellow
House, situate on Middle street, in the borough of Mtl.
tersburr, in the county of Dauphin. • -
For the township of Upper Paxton, at the window next
to the north-west corner on 'the; west side of the New
School House, situate on Middle street in - the Borough
of Millersburg, in the county of Dauphin.
For the borough of Uniontown; at the public house of
Jacob Hoffman.
For the township of Mifflin, at the public house of Mi:
chez] Enterline, (now Benj. Bordner,) in Berrysburg, in
said township.
For the township of Washington, at the public house
now occupied by Matilda Wingert, in said township,
Flit' the township of Lykens, at the publictiouse Of Sol
omon Loudenslager, (now Nelser,) in the borough oeGrats.
For the borough of Gratz, at the public house of Solo
mon Loudenslager, (now Keiser) in said borough.
For the township of Wiconisco, Who School House No.
6, In said township.
I also, for the information of the electors of the county
of Dattphln, publish the fottowteg sections of acts of the
°mem! ~ s sembly, enacted during the session of 1853, to
Also, sections 1 and, 3, page 104, pamphlet laws, ap
proved the 18th day of March. 1867, vizi—"Thatthe ettf
sans of the towhshiP Of Londonderry; in the zßuutY ot
Dauphin, formerly embraced in the Portsmouth election
district, together with such other citizens of said town
ship residing west of the public road leading [Aim Port
Royal to Niosley's mill, in said township, shall hereafter
hold their general and special elections at the house of
Christian Neff, In said township."
'Sac. 8. That said district shall hereafter be 'gown as
West Londonderry election district. -• •
RIISII TOWNSHIP,,—Pkice. of Eta*
Wherea's the place of holcluig Ine'elections in. the town
slitp of Rush, Dauphin cOunty,WatbY law at Raked Douse
cumber three in said township: And whereas, Mere is
no such School house, thereforo 7 Soction 1. Be it enacted
by the Senate and. Houle of hepresentatinesor the.Comnunf,
utecuth of Penruyivatsiain Cinerca..Auchnbiy ma,' and tit is
hereby enacted by the authority of the tame, Thai the
general and township elections of Rush Township, Dauphin
County, shall be held at the house belonging to the estate
of the late John McAllister, deceased, now occupied by
David Rineal. Page 88 pamphlet laws, 1858.
I also make known and give notice, as in and by the
lath section of the aforesaid act lam directed, that,
every parson, excepengibstices of the peace, Wholahail
hold any office or appointment of profit or trust under the
government of the United States, or of this State; or any
city, or incorporated district, whether a commissioned of
ficer or otherwise, a subordinate officer, or agent, who is
Or Shalt be employed under the legislative, judiciary, or
executive department ef %is State or the United States, or
of any city or ineorperaied 'district, and also, that every
member of Cmgreee end thefttate Legislative, entbf the
select and cowmen council of any city, commuestotmks of
any incorporated district, is by law incapable of holdihg
or exercising-at the same time the office or appointment
of judge, inspector or clerk of any eleetien . of
_this Com
monwealth, and that no inspector , or judge, or othek off!.
ear of any such election, shall be .eligthie to any. office
thou to be voted for."
Also, that in: the fourth section of the act of Arteetnidy,.
entitled "A* Act relating to executions, and- for other •
purposes '
approved April 16; 18hr, it is enacted MIA the
aforesaid 13th seetKFC so construed as to
prevent any militia Wilder or borough officer from eery
lug as judge inspect= orclork-at any general or special
election lu this Compleowealth " , .•
Also, that in the tut section of 'Mid art,. It is enacted';
that every general and. pecial elections - shall he opened
between the hours of eight and ten in the forenoon, and
mall continue without interruption or adjourment until
'oven o'clock la the evening, when the polls shell be
closed "
No person shall be permitted to vote,at - the electiop,..
ea aforesaid, but a white freeman of the , age of twenty 7
one years or more, •who shall have reskiedin this Stale
at least one year,
and le the election district e erhere
offers to veto at least Lon days immediately. precedillif
such election, and within two years paid ; a state ofcohn
tax, which shall have been assessed at leasttith - dart *-
fore the election. Bata citizen of the Unitid<States who
bas previously been a qualified voter of this State and re
moved therefrom and - returned, add who Atoll have.rh
sided In the election district and paid Mita
.ehall. be entitled to vote after residing in this Shath-tdx
months : Provide. That the white freemen,_citiwfs" of.
the United States, betweet, the ages of Si And 22 . yore,
and have resided in the election district' ten'days ed
aforesaid, - shall be entitled to vote, although they ahall
not have paid taxes.
The general election shall be held and conductedli.the
easpectora.andjadges.pb . mod aa aforesaid,-and-by-elerta
. hecelnener provided. f ) •
Noverson shall be admitted" to VOW. Whnie name Is:
MCA CORadaed In the list af , taxable inhabitants furnished
by the commissioners unleasiSirst, he produces a receipt
for the payment within two yearst„ of a state or -county
tax, assessed agreeably to the 'constitution, and &rosette
factory evidence, either'on his own oath or affirmation, or
the oath or affirmation of another, that he has phi' such
a tax, or on failure to produce a reOMPLi Shall make path
of thepayment thereof ; Or, Sceond,;, if teelai_te a veto by
heingan elector between the aged .yr_gl• 22 1ealle
ihwdepose an oath or affirmation that be has I•aldect n
the State at least one year before his application, and e
smshAtroof of his residence in the district as is required
by MS act, and that he does verily believe front the aa.
.. . . . . .. _
. , , ~ ~„., ,
- - - - • ' •
. - ~. ..,. . • .. 1
.. 7.....,....„,,,.;
...,- 0." , ; : -
.`;.,:••,., . ,- - • , -',,. I r .-.-. . ... • _ " ' ' .... ,:;" f, ti ifis/170 L :1;1....'11 - U - n
; F ... :. ;* . - ' . ' . j ' I
•• -.. t :V:- ' ,'.r.'.l.
::::::...::::,., .:
. . 1 .7 .1 2., ?, '.. ''..; rii.'- - - - : , .'' , - 'ji L.
, (
-.... ... .• •
. ~ ...-, •-. ~ • ... , . . ,
. .....- :-. .... • --- •'
. ,?: ••.:. ...A.': •..' . 'I ..., ''ri 1 , -: e- ' • .•. -, .., .- - . .1
11l rt-1 '•''' . , . - . , r..f.:' , ... --L- -, - - '--,, -, ' i
.L a .2'; (",...0 P-3L ;...'. , . :.11.A-1 '. :., - , .... 7.
q.r .-..........._ :,..,:.: \ 2 ,, 2 ,..•!!!!/ // / / Xi,,,,... ..:;-: . -r, •; .: :!: l';'.-- ;It at ' ; ,,,_.:._7. ',.' .b ..,.T....;...
- ' .:.. .'
„..., :cot, 1,_, Tt .;;),.t::-...1-z;^;_;•.-.-&-;
.; , ."":"'':' 1 ..., .„ ^ . - . :... 7
.., . •
i s. 2 7 1 17,‘„,..... ‘
ro, "
~.L .?- ' •, ..- s i 4, -- - ~,.
.. ; ; .11 ~._,,,... -,., t
-- 7 :;' 17 '
.; -
.0. ..
1 1,
~. 1..•3, • , 1 , 0 4 ~.j! 1
• I ~,.1 - :( 7 ' •-•-• '
. . ,! ' '-' .I'i ;-.,..-- '-_'.; -.. - 1.: , :,....1 ~ .,1 ':' , 11 , ,,' , . : ' - • - ' • • ''' .:. .. - J - - - ' . --- f
...i..'::': J::
Si 60
... 400
counts OM hint that be is of too toptaforesaid, and give
seen other evidence as buretpaired bythis sot, Whereupon
the name of the person so admittedlo vote, snallbe inser
ted in the alphabetical list by the inspectors and a note
made opposite thereto. by writing. the. word 'tax if he
shall be admitted to vote by reason of having pai d tax ,or
the word 'age,' if he shall be admitted to vote by reason,
of such age, and shall be called out to who the clerks,
shall make the like notes in the list of voters kept bythem.
" In all cases where the name of the person claiming to
vote is not found on the list furnished by the commission
era and assessor, or his right tolnitti; whether found:
thereon or not, is objected to by any qualified citizen; it,
shall be the duty ef the inspectors to 411:11011118 such per
son on oath as to its qualifications, and if he' claims te
have resided within the State for one year or 'mire his
oath will be sufficient proof thereof, but shall make prod'
by at least one competent witness, who shall be a quail.
fled elector,
that he has resided within the district for
more then ten days next immediately preceding gala
election, and shall also himself swear that his bona fide
residence in pursuance of his lawful calling is whine the
district, and that help not remove into said ' distlict for'
the purpose,o6voting therein.
"Every pertionNitalilled as aforesaid, and who shall
make ,due proof,' if required, of his residence and pay
ment of taxes as aforesaid, shall be admitted _tit vote! in
the township, ward, or district in which he shall - reside,
If any person shall prevent. or attempt to prevent
any officer of any election under this actfrour holdliagesch
eleotien,, or use or threaten any violence to any'such offi
cer, or shall interrupt or improperly , interfere with him
dr the execution of his ditty, or shall block up the win
dowor avenue tow window where the same nedat'
holding, or shall riotously disturb the peace at suctrelee,
ton t or shall use or practice intimidating threats, force' r
violence, with a design to influence unduly . or overawe
any:elector, er, to prevent him frooLvoting, or to reitriiin
freedom freedo of choice, such a person, on conviction„Shalt. '
bp tined in any sum not exceeding live hundred dollars,
arid imprisoned foe any time not loss than one mouth ohm
more than twelve months, and if it shall bo shown to the
Court where We trial of such offence shall be had, thPli.
the person so offending was not a resident of then eitzt,
Ward, or district, or towreshipitihere the said offente
committed, *and not entitled to inotatherein, then bit eon
victioo, he shall - , tio;Lisitnitinced: to. pay a fine of not less
than one Inmdred it or more than one thousand dol
lars, and be imprisoned not less than'six months or more
than two years. '
' mite - ease theperson wile shall have received the second
highest number of- votes for inspector shall not attend on
the!dayof eleetion, then! the person who shall have re
ceived the no nhighest number of votes for judge at the
spring election shall act as Inspector in his place.-.
And in casethe perste who shall have 'received the high,-
eltnumber of :votes for inspector shall not attend" tt
perste elected judge shall appoint en inspector in: his
place, and in case the person elected:shall not attend,lhen
the inspector who received the highest number of:'rotes
shall appoint a judge in his place, or if any vacancy shall
continue in the hearij'for the space of one hour after the
time fixed by law for the opening of the electiee the
qualified voters 'of the township, ward, or dist ilet for
Which said officer shall have been elected, at the
place of election, shall select one of their nininlJer to fill
such vacancy.
"It shall be the fluty. of the several assesaree, respec
tively to attend at the place `of holding' every general,
spade or township election, during the time said - eXClitin
is kept open, for the purpose of giving inforciatioh te- the
inspectors and judges when called on, in relation to:the
right of any person assessed by them to vote at such
elections, or such other metiers in relatiou to the assess
ment of voters as the said inspectors, , or either of them .
; shall from time to time require:
missusa Or BST Ufa 7QUGH'
Pursuant to the : Provisions contained in the 76th section
'of the net :tifereefaid, the judges of the aforesaid dis
tricts respectively take charge of the certlffeafe or
return of the. LeleCtion of their respective dlstricts;_and
produce`_ them at a meeting of one judge from each dis
trict, ,'the', 'city ef, Harrisberg on the th ird: day
after the daf Of the election, being 'FRIDAY, the .14thtiaji .
of October, then and there to do and perform the duties.
required by la* of said. judges.
Also; that where ajudge by sickness or msvoldahloac
e,ident, is-unable to attend ',Such meeting of iodate,: then
the certificate 9r return aforesaid shall be taken climate
of by one, of the inspectors or 'clerks of the election m
said district, who shall do and perform the duties required'
of. said jualges unable to attend. . .
The foliirxipt; is the bill allowing the soldiers to vote
AN ACT ; to, regulate, elections by soldiers in actual raillery
'Sibyl:N - 1. 'Bs it'enacted by the Senate and House of Rep
resentativssofithe ,Ouranzontoealth of Petsitsylognies in Geis
oral Asselisblistect, and it is hereby enacted by the authority
of the rome„Thit.whenever any of the qualified eleccors bf
this Commonwealth shall be in any actual militaryserviee,
under a requisition from the President of the United
Stasi; or by the authority of this Commonwealth, and as
such, absent from their place of residence, on the days
aliPtunbabrhtw for holding the general er Presidential
*motions with*, this, State, or on Mao days for holding •
speciat eleatient; lo ' ell vacancies sucili elsetprs SIFAI be
entitled; at such tithe; to 'clients, the right , of auWrage,
as fully as if they were present at their usual plaCes of
elections, in the manner hereinafter prescribed, and
whether at the time of voting, such electOrs . .chall be
withiii the liis of this State or not ; and the right of
Noting abal no libi, liealfected, in any manner, by the ihct of
the voter having been credited teeny ether locality then
the place of his actual residence, by reason of the paytnent
to him of - local such other locality.. . • . :.; .
SEO:.2. , A.. poll shall be opened hi each compel:qv:COM
posed, it; irhe a or in part, of Pennsylvania soldiers, atthe
quarters of the captain, or other officer Ahereofi, and all.
electors, belonging to such company, who shall be within
one mile of such quarter; on the day Of elooqaxy and nst.
Prevented by order of their eommanderskAle: proximity of.
the enemy, from returning . 4o their, company quarters,-
shall vote at such poll, and at no other place; offlceie,
other than those of a company, and other voters, detach
and absent from their companies, or in any military or
naval hospital, or in any vessel, or navy yard, may vqte
at such other polls as may be most convenient for -theM,
and when there shall be ten, or more, voters at any pi
.who shall be unable to attend ear company tioll,'ibith it•
proper place ofeleetion, as aforesaid, the electors ii t
may Rea 4 , - Pont at such Pisoo •Ami.: they marsabealtaid
certify lathe , pal-book; which shalble a - meow!, of 'the
proceedingpii said election, substantially, in nianarfaind
form, as hereinsfter directed, - ... . ~., . I , :
. 1 , f
Sac. 3. The polls shall be opened as earlyl
riaineCtiall' s
DU said day, and remain open at least threii•hortis,'and, tiff,
necessary, in the opinion of the Judges of the election, h
order to receive the votes of all .tite;•electors, they may
keep the polls, "open until seven &deck in the afternoon of
• said day; .protlaination thereof shall be Made "at, or he
fore, the opening 'of the polls, and' be hour before clring
Sac. iti Before 'opening the poll, on the day ite4icin,
the electors - Intend, at each of the plates afereard.: ill
eloot., vics.eolee, three persons, present at tte"tl4'-"aild;
having • the qoarukatiotet of electors , /Or - thK„.ltolips lor
said election, and the judges so elected stralategh'ltPilhipt:'
two of the persons present, who shall be quiliftsd,.to act
as clerks of said election ;.and the judges shall prepare
boxes, or other suitable receptacles, for the indlots.
San 5. Perm any votes ehall be received, said judges
and clerkashill each take an oath, or of irreith that be
will perform•the duties of judge, or clerk; (tislftb case may
be,) of Raid election, according to law, and. to the, bail of
his abilities, and that he will studiously endeavo r -`to pre
vent fraud, deceit; orabusec in conducting the same, which
oath, or affirmation; any of the said judges, or clerks, s 6
elected, or appointed,, may administer is each other ; and
the same.shall be in Writin d g,' or„partly written and partly
printed, and signed by 'mit judges and clerks, and certified
to by the partyadrninistering-the same, and attached to,
or entered upon, the poll-book,,audthere signed and cer
tified, EIS aforesaid:: ''• • i
Sac. 9 Atl eli cti6 i sball be by ballot, and the jgdges
of eledides may, and challenge of any voterr,
-examine, under, oath;
_or affirmation, the applicant t 6 ote,
(whichJOltutation, any of said judgesink/ ad:
ministerain reaped,- to his right to vote, mid hisguallfica-
UM* to ' vo4: l i b li eparticaler ward, precinct, city bo•
rodgk - to 1- or,county of ills State, in whicit he
clai ' maiden ; atid before receiving any, vote, the
judgati, or a malority of - them, shall be satiafied;thit such
applicant is a qualified voter of such, place.
Sso. 7. BetaratiPoll-beoke shall be kept, and separate
re innitnisdgfor the voters of each city, or county ; the
poll-books shall name the company and regiment, and the
place, podvorlosPital, in which such election 1s held •
;time county NA townshipy city, horeugh, ward, imaseinqt,
or election digital of each voter shall hatendomed oppo
-ite his name on the poll-books ; each clerk shall
of add poll that _there may be a double-list cf-
Sac S.' ttoiti-tic)titial have written, or priritell; or
• partly written and nigillY tabled 'thenton, thermunes of
;Of The7ONeriiwhicEt,mptipropsriy be voted-fen , c mid
' election , for which the wild elector desireelo vote.
SEM 9. That the judeslo whom ttitY tieket ihall.bade
liffired, shall, upon thereceltitilieregic prengtumpirith an
audible , volm, toe name of the elector,' and if up' obJcictlen
Is maibrito him, and the judges are sathifieit'that -raid
elector ire citizen of the United States, andlegadly Matted
according to the constitution antlaws of thial•A4lo, to
voutuzaaid eh:oton, *all immediately p.ut.saidlicket in
ttipt 14 on: ouktrmaplacle therefor, without , WOW*
the neawiohatryougaplud for ; and the clerktehall op
- ter th e of the Maar on the poll-book of his count',
ward, precinct, city, borough, or township, and county of
his residence, substantially, in pursuance of the form
• ,
"THE. UNIO N—N OW AND EOR•E Vi Volt Webster
, ,
• • 1, T. O (r. '
:-........,.......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....-...-.-....",....:,.....,--a-..,..e.r,...., -
I SEO 111 At the close of the polls, the eunibee of voters shall
be counted and set down-at the . feet of the het .ef voters,
and certified and signed by the judges; and attested by •
the clerks.
Svc .11; After th'e'poli-bcsika are 'sighed,. the ballot-bot
shall be opened, and the tickets, therein contained; !shalt -,
be taken out, one ate tinie,-bp one,of the judges. who,
elisgread distinctly, .While the ticket ; rernatis inhis hand,
the name, or names, thereincontained, for the several
officers voted • for, and then 'deliver it' o the second 'Adger, '
wbo shall". Ortininethe , same, and. pass it . to the :think
judge, who stall stringthe vote for each county, upon_ e
separate thread, OM carefully preiservethe name ; the same
'Method:shall be 'pursued, as to each taken, out, until. ail.
the votes are cotuttei. '. - i - - : - ~ • • -
Sec. 12, Whenever two or more tickets shall be found,
deceitfully.. folded, or roiled -together, neither of. such .
tickets shall be counted; and if a ticket shell Contain,
more than the proper number of names, for . -tlitioinie '
once, it shall be considered fraudulent, as to all of the
names designated for .that office; but no further. . . .'
- Sub. 13. As a cheek In .eounting, each clerk shall keep
'a tally list for each couto.ty, from which votes shall "have
been received, which bey- list shalt - Constitute ei part of
the : , '' - . --. .. '' ''
• '...• rr
. ••
Sac. 1 , i,„ Actin the.emanation of,
_tare tickets be
coMplided, the nainber , of votes for, each. Person, in the
county poll-booksas aferesaftl • shall be enumerated under
the inspection of thejudges, afid . set dOWn as hereinafter
proyhted, in tbe form of the poll•book. , - . : • !' ' ,. .i..... i
Bac. 15. The following shall be subslantit ll y th e form
of the poll-books, to be kept by the . Judgerfaild i elerki of
the election; filling in the blanks 'carefully i- , 'i , -_: ,, , •
• Polthook'of theelection,' held 4011 the sedone" Tuesday,
of October, one thousand eight, hundrel& - )md; I', ••., ~ .., Or
Other election day, as the case may, boa by the ,qualifiet
electors of ''county , tor City,) Stiaterif Pentfaylvitutis
in company . -, of the- , • '''.nreettlisellif Pennsylvania
volunteers, (or as the ease may'be;) held , ail (na'ming the
pAce, postor hos,pital,) A 11, C D and, E ,114.being ; dbly
eleceed"aajudgei of said elechon; and J. X...iiza . l i. if t , , Ing ,
duly appointed as clerks of said electiort,; Were. Sever ly
*wort, or affirmed, as per certificates lerweillitiinturned.
Number and names of -the eleetersostollugiand their
county, ,city, borough, township, wardf r orptechun; of resi
dence: -` . ..
No: I,' AB, , , • county of '•• ' ..; toiiid, hiii of - , r .
No. 2, CD, .! •. county of -• ' tbarn.sbip of .. . , i ,
It is hereby certified that the ; number 4l.theig*rgiff
• county, Pennsylvania, ting:a t thieAleel an,
amounts to • ... . _. ....
. t .
, .
A B, r.litigek
. . . CD, of ..
g N i ,tlection'.
Attest. K, - -' -- - '••' ''
'T , ' 14i Clerks. , : . ,- .. -!
Portia of certificate of oath of judges .and clerks : , , •
Bre, A B, C D and E F, judges of this eleetiOn, and A if.
and L N, clerks thereof, do each r severally eviear,:,(or,
affirm,) that we will duly perform the duties of fridges' ,
.and-clerks of :said election, severally acting as above !set
forth," according to law, and to the best of our abilities,
and that we will studiously endeaioir to' pOrient finsd,
deceit,' or abuse, in conducting the same: ,•.• ' '
._^.•v+ :: . A,B . • ;' ;
.0• • .
E F,ltidgl. ~..,
J .11_ , • •'•
L I„ . Clerics. l ] , _ , • • ..
I herebileelttfYi that .0 Di E.F; judger, ..ead Jg' taut
L M, clerks, were, beforeproceeding to take.anyotet at , '
said election , pet' duly sworn, or affirmed, St
~, Misaill„7. 1
Wittiethim , y , hoelidlhis 1 - •' • " '' dike& '.. .. -' - - , Anne
Domini one thousand eight hundred and -•:
.. ~ AB, Judge of electio
I certify thit A B,:juden, ":erereasid, was also so svi ni
(or affirmed) by me ; , .' '.. ; : '..,',.. :-.
Witness my hond,, before written, 1
I.E. Clerk or electio4..
• Esc. 16 . . AzetAtrii,.2re r . writing, shall be made in ch
poll-book, setting
mber ; fog* jet words, at h, the whole
- lengt
l' ca
nu of beets' citt 'for *kelt lifflee,"(eteept; belle te re'
jected,) Iliediateetir etchDeffiery:iikited-liii, and-thi t s'
ber of;v0fell Coen to eack berioilorotielehltitrehin *;
which retarnsbell.. be .certlfledas correct r , signed: : by e
judges, and "etteeted by' the' "cterlie t..riabbetalin sh i all be
substimtiallYeethlloycat ' '''. '-' ''" ' : "'" . ''" :' ;
At an election'held b y the electors OfeciniPielY ' - ' I ••;.:
of the . regiment, of Pennsylvania soldiers, at (nSW,
tog the place where tore election is held) there were . ntias:•,
ing - number in-wort
`ntlength) ' ' ' votetcast FM '
the office of governet'rttwtdch AB had voips,
CI) had , votes, ,, for Senator, votes whre
cast, of. Which K F hid. - votoi, G 11. had . , ,
votes; for Representathmt, •''" • • votes were casti of
which J White r vol tea, L B had :•• . 'votes;. and) in'
the Same•manner as to *my other officers votedlfor. i ; 1 •L
At the end' of :ihe rot urn; the judges shall certify; in:
substance, as follows , g icing, if officers, their rank and .
number of their ragimel it, if privet* the number of their
regiment and compasy., yin:, •• ' .! • r ,
\ , • •• . i ••
...4 true nit:envoi the 'election, held AS , aforesaid, on the
' • • day of ' ' • , Anne Domini one thousand eight
hundred and
. ,
AB, Captain company - A, one hundred and thirty-first regi
ment, Pennsylvania.- volunteers .
C D, company A, one hundred and thirty-first regiment,
' Pennsylvania' volunsteets
E F , company A, one hundred and thirty-first regimint,,
Pennsylvania voluuSeers •
L °terra,
:Sze. 17.. , After can raising. :the'tiiires; - iii Mariner afore
said, the judges shall. ut, envelope, one of the poll•
books, with its tally 11,4, : A1id return city or arm
ty, together with , the , ticketa nisi' tiUmmit. the sdm
properly sealed up,And.directed i ftbroligh the nearest past
office, or b.leapressotisoon,Wi,pearkbAthertaqter, to the
prothonotary of 'hkelconrt of etrinlpinitai,of_;tlte Mtn,
- es - bounty, dia whleh -such , ehitithrelt - eve voted,, tt ..
not in the - •roilitrarserrase:_ , afbankiddi.
.. itig , :thied etof '
cougly,fdi.whiakioo post book Mgi t er,Kansi,l, haler
pollhook,' 'of hal d - eitY, er tittehl.4, rep d,in an e. , nyclime,
and sealed as ufdresed, midi fatten . ihreCtO, Shal p he
delivered to. one of the: comtatesioaers, -- heranna fter re
vided for, if suell.commissionweelpaag .tha san or in, ten
dayk and if not so called TOP, M•sarnti shall be :transmit-
bed by mail, or by'espress, as, sem? . as peon)* thjereaftar;
.to the Secretary of :the COmitiolivreilth; Who , ' sh'ali re
fully preserve. the same ; WC olittentand of .ItbS4 tper
prethonotary, deliver-tO said miothonotaiY, wider • his d
and official seal, a Certified dor or of the return of mites, so•
,transmitted. to, and received by bins, for said city, or
Tsang of which the dereandia i
nt s picstisnin 1,
Sac:lB. It emit be the da ty of the nvo ra rry .o the
lionitY,'t6 whom such tem ..rid shall he, -
~,,nketer, •
;Wan return judges attire (-same ' goied3r, RROPY ' ; . fiel..",
under his hand and seekagothenwthrh ;of :vihne/sit , rt , -.
mitted to hint by the indlif.9l . er.44wejetAon,,asafor 14
or as officially certitindlOy r the „Kee pp of the, „C: arilnen-,.
wealth, as aforesaid, hi:self gaI:MM. ty. • ' :,-
-- Sze. 19 . The returtiliriVelireirilieseiv , end counties, all
adjourn to meet at the,p!t , , , new direr bid bylaw, 0 rt e.
third Friday, after anyleMial'Or prer ndentied ..eke t ,..... 0 4;,
for the purpose-of countr,heittli,.:Sblifierri' , TOW; and
two or more - counties in'n'ttainected 10. -the 'dente t he'
.atipether.ef thejudges,,..f, r ia, eset , .:eem i t 3 r,. oho . be. ost
.,poned, in such case, until the I'ridayfoia,;.rwing , ~ '': t ,
Sac. 20. The return_ jedge§,A4Ao,4 4 _h,e4V - AnChide,. n
Voltr eattottrittlea, the 'tie:else - returned, - a , nd thereuPun
shall proceed, in ail, retrakelaVla the like man 'nor as is prei - -
I Tided by law, in easel , steroid/ the votes aha. ll hav e been,
given at tikostal.plac set' election .:. .: , Erfrokk tit' irnak the
several avoid COutts of thia - C ommonwealth shall het ,'e the lathe'
1 Power and authority
.to investigate, and den . nnlin4, ai l
'questions of fraud or illegality in relation to. tk, 1 V(ftg Or
the soldiers ; as are nom , vested in said eourttr - W, Ithfrkaret
to questious of fraud a nd illegality, arising frorna, ;he.yellill
• of persons, not in mllidary service, under the Rea, WI , lawn
ridating.thereto.• --. , .
Sac: 21.. lii - eentions for electors of President sa 'di the
President of the United States, it shall be the duty t 1
Seeretary of the Commonwealth, tel ilitY.beferetlitai kw'
'binOr 'all retUrna, received by 441k:rein any electi ct ~...., , I;
aforesaid, who the 'same with the c o '''"
, returns,, and add therete ell such miteinana shah et 'r car ,
Ma tech coMparlhcm,,net to be:Ordained:in, erticL6 for
returns, in - ere rY 945ei:Whore Said military return
such coantlery qhalt nave been, received by said seem • • Ant)" ,
:eta Periodloti"iatoter - IMaimitthig, them to the m roper
prothOnotamin_lhnelor the action of the judges of ' the.
said counties t y ii; , :. .. ...
Sac. 22. All:said - : • eieCtions shall be, subject to coal • milt
In the Stine - Matits is now provi ded by law;'add ,!. in
all cases of contested elections, all legal returns wit leh
stud) have hean'himeMe forwarded by said judge s, in !the
Manner herenbefore prescribed,
.shall be counted and Cl- '
timated, althougVtls- - same„. - inay. not. - have erffied„ , or
been received blitte.pruper. mincers, to he counted al rad
estimated, in the rifa'Wer lterOnbefore directed, bet' Ys, peso% thoeertiiiditataMeleitii6e,i to. - thii persons gripe! r- ,
414P-I;4aVe knlitieribref thrimoter thint:ineeivek at itt
-thassiareturns shall be Babies:WV:tart ad& 'Objections, . as.:
other-retarneerolieblerteirvberrreilftellia diiiiihne.
Sao. 28. It shall be'' the iiiit ) Y.Of the. Secretary,nt, the
1 3014 101 iWMatlt 0.. tatlaeLialis Watedairtalieieriimaa tber
; coxilogsprthis:aqt, withenelt taretraetaliont the gerjerat
election law, as Shall be deemedleoportant to aceeml )or •
the same, and blank forms of oon.beek t , with tally Mates
and returns, as priarefiladiln this act, which, with Owl
;meow peerage stem"- MAat'say l!spenpes.p4 fr, 71
-ea returros,'thallis izygomei,k) l 4 thse„,hiithrei t rg. pi_e: , ,,e • ,
thin, he .fekiiiirdedi litY.MMlienriOntlilt.449 , ' 7 ,or ,
.....COmitionwelifth,V7ope,t,SrßE-0.1b42 .le l at'. - I
=Walla deemeAtiost , • •'-' It!. ilhaute delivery r,ersof„
to the captain, or commending officer of each cow 'Pouf,
or in case of detached voters, to the °Meer having - charge.
of the post, or hospital, who shall retain the sam 0 until
tin 111 W ef Sleetlol4 Mid then &diver the 110914 M judge;
NEW Alifi*TiSkAtEl4TO!,
elected; as provided I,otlilsaci: Prohiided,iirhat no elec.
tion shall be invalidated, ;by reason of t he ne g lect ; , l ° .. T.
failure, of the said Sege . tnlo 0,A116Q the dererY p..k.
poll:booka to the prayer persons; es afor*l . , •
S. 24„'That' tor: the purpose:of Mere etfectualli car
rying. eut " the priiViSIOLUg - Orablitacti the Governorlhall
have power to appoint and commishimr; under the , great
seal of the Commonwealth, such number, of commission
ers, having the qualifications of 'an elector, in this State,'
as hb shWlrdemn , neceittairy, riot ..:seeding ono to each
regime:der retittsylvanla soklwrs, in the SerViCe of this
State, or of theNnited, St..tos i and ,shall apportion, the
trout among the.commissioners, and supply such:vacan
cies as 'may occur' in their cumber. Such commissioners,
before they OA shall hike and autteribe , au oath or'effir
mutton; eld('eafte tlinis.ame to'bn filed ;with the Secretary
of the,Co n , .nnesith, lathe following,: "
,I--- ,r , "': *- 4 - 4 .
ullOitited e.Mmissioner, bidder Ole act" toregulate'elec
tione hy selitibra in .ailual" military` arVice, dd solemnly
swearpfee allirm,) that .'I wilt support the Constiunton of
the Unit% States, and' the Commenwedth of Peru:o33,lva
nia„, and , impartially, fli* and without, refereaca to PAU
cal pre ferences, or results, perfor ni,,to the ' heat/ or my
knowledge an d the dunce imposed , oh tukehy the
.said act; end that I will. studious* mew:route prevent
freed, deceit and Or*, not only, hi the• eb*ticms- to, be
held,,Unddr,theSame, hut in the re turnetherecif,." And :
it any"diatialestpner;lppointed ley; or under' this act,
shall knowingly tdelare.tint• dutyVo knottlitglY" omit; or
fail, to do his duty,Andler.this act, or Mobile any part of
his oath,
,or aldrmallon, he shalt be liable to indictment,
for penurr,- - in Mot 'proper' dohnty, 'and, upon conviction,
shall hevitnisliti by a One, not exceeding opp , thousand,
dollars, or iM enmeet in the penitentiary * atlaher, hot
exiesding On ,, ear, or both, in - ths - diSetetlit - OT , the
Nun , . to t ,, . , , ~-,, , :, ~.111 ~ + 1 !SI r...: .. ~ .
KW ie l lan 1:46 '-:'. e . ':
11F V '' : '
. . its thedu ty__O Mach 00teldiee Awe la
deliver, as far as mineciibiliciit UMW fdur et-tlid: Chiles"
of this et, and_other eximett6llzws, published as hem' ,
inbefore slid ig u tst t wo , blank forms of 101-
boolon tally lliics:aud, iii Viiiilldited , Millen!, *lli :' , l A- ,
honed ire the twentt,thint Malin* ttf tbia act, to the 10-.
mending ofteetepc-seeg conneany r or part. of compa4y,
of PennsylVanU ahhileirs, ii the actual military, of naval
service of the UMW' - Statelc . Or of this State; and to
make seittd,o,,anaugements and - pro.vielyi for,the (Moil
ing a e fipolle, ander thhi - acti l it, shill. also, 0, rttHi .bury of
said nurrisOotters,. as hoc ai raucticahl ,`SLfmr the day
of election, galcallrillphethttludges'of thielection, and
•Plocaredamtle&bfrakticilatiiinthe'rettutur of the elec.!
Mon, saMmdely34,,esuaervs the sartth-not only, from less,
bust trent Alteration antrdeliVer the ' Withibut. delay,'
to the Secietariiititinkroxiiinoliweilit. "' • ' I ,
See. 26. Said itunmilleldoners shall receive, in full cam
pensationfor their,sdrvices. under ,this act, tee cents 'per:
mile, in door to Mg returning frouitheir respectivettgi
mentsileitiztiatitig the : diatan'Oe leittavel by the'. Usbally
t•MieleftsOutlll.anll , It hr lllereltifteltde i the duty-or the .
AudiMicAmaral and Slate l'remz emr Mendit and pay the
accent* therefor, in:the -uXe' ttiAlidiriss other claims
are now ku'dited rual.: *llill,V - laii 4 ; llll' temddinding and ,
other , ollicesit are mounded Ito *tithe _conithissioners,
herein appointed, mitt•M / Lime t titergr all proper 'finatitlea,
to enable them to wry o : ul the deslip ,and l intentlen of
ibis. 40. ' • ' ' ~''' ° z , ' '
..- ..:.' ' ,
'.l.z. z
. 7..2 ._ J." ~• • +.-. a..f.,P., 'li ', •
~,tii0..;4,. zto mere infprinality in the ; Ranger of carry
ing oat, or executing, sayer the' prey - haps of this act,
shall Invalidate any election held Seder-the same, or au
thorize tlitkesturn thereof, to be retested or seteiside ; taw
4 1 41:ithY,11 1 014% 94.,„thOmit. t of; lie/ eoMmileloners, to
yr ae,44 or,vuut any reginteun er,.eorpFutY, or,,part.or com
pany; or the faiturd'of *Ayr lehroplitiy,.or lArt r 'ef con a:
ny, to voWinsi`alidato SOY eleatieit which may be ' eld
under this aet. . . , ~,I G .I . ~, . t
Sac. 211. Pe several Ohms authorized to conduct
sulih:electioni, shall hive - the like powers,-and tleSyl as
well ad hllier persons, who' May attend; vote,l dsoffet to,
vote, at such election,,shall he subjeck to the, Wm petal
ties and des_
iCtionsas am declared or provided in the:
case of elOcUens, tiyithistcltizonk , attheir oval pia of.
erections t and all of , the prop ~ , f
big; and
4 , di
lois Of 'this State, so' far iat' I. , , bid; and norin at
' out with the iitMzions' of ,a " , -toinappiledth y,
shall apply to all electiensM. - this act. ..'. 1
Sao. 29. comps , , _„
. , .TI Iho allowed to any
it.e or 01 t u tor' .1 •
, .
thelseptdl6lehttleri.co_ L inity. ,
isB c , o n ms4 , 44- :deal, - *lot, c fy; co trnft,,Or llii Sta a te .' 'W4 O-lectiort, un
derali thelaNn ot this Staid, he atielltranerait,truidedfately ir
cor ,l,Wakrellf, to the Iletdbfliders and , senktilcalifelne in
the menace, aforranidi frank saidieftiohnoulity. I ,
Sae: al. The- sum.l4 l- gteett ,thousand Idel}are or so
rauCbAhipidecC ail Intilk Pe' IferY; it . heraby apaepna
)rod VorMAhe general reteihei'to be pald'Upon the ender
Or tifeakteketary of the• Commdinvealtte, to carry this law
- into ~ eireilty .., T,i, r -- ..11l ::.,, , ~ :., ' ,.1 - . -, ;
~1 , . , gre .-. 4 e i 1 ,.•
.oed: 81:•itheii`eiiyr-- 458 oilfnion a cared I the
flint Seaton of this 4.4, brailabart.terribi - innobekrdinl he
wonting of, otunpantioritherAf i r or Territety,ior,
for any sufficient andy
. ;:cet, use, s l e sasipamted from
their proper company;orlshall - be 1 'ley hospitaV navy
proveSt7nrf other Anty,
whether within or witkont this to, under s eh.circinu
stances as en r i roff that he try, *in
wuj ia t iv 1 , mpatowe t ,be pre
(19 31 it
sent gt p . la .
s triae day ,
• ( I ntl iOiIIE,A ~. , said-el - ' , et' dam .
tors,..shall have:seright to vote in the tenoning manner..
Sec. 33. The voter, aforesaid, is hereby authorized [be
fore theedsTof election, to deposit his; ballot, or NO 'ts,
prpeatgatgo..-.•• Rfetellsodbbypie gogiemreigetido, we.
- o r rifirsiiitlphitotherdinee hdthevoter maybldo*, n a
sealed envelope, together with a written or pinta or
partly written and may printed, statement, containing . .
the name of the voter x the county, township, boroligtt et
ward, of which be is a resideit; shills written or prned
authority, to some qualified voter in the election 'Wallet,
of which said voter is a resident, to cast the ballots, on ,
tamed in saldWolope, for Niu e on the day or amid es- .
lien. Said eithent and Itittlisititlidwithtdect ' the I
said voter, and attested by the commanding, or s me ,
counnissioned E officef of the company, of which he lea
Ipisppe!, itualagapipe opele„Algl o C-wfts, Lt i
`stoned Oflicilobriett r Oh the - case‘of . ft o ;if
any of Bach olncer.t, , verdantly accessible, dif
otigitir b some other witnesei and there 'll
i d y . ttioisi nifiaiirt, or
,sald iv ,
q v
te en re' so our 'en officers aforesaid, aud
the absence of sue : rp, before name other petson
duly authorised to it 'lister 'lister oaths, by any law of. ble
st a t e . * l ow toomagolited voter in the election district
in wi,v , he t o vote, that he is, in the admit
Wilts rreffl r Nei illnited , States, Or of this State,
idescdtengtme , teti lorislieh•lreibelongrythatea.
* the l.t, bkt_o4 l o,o3 pig ..A4eriperfog ox,persons,.
titrthe eau ; 1 4 aPF only Me,e,ned, that he Win
AA can tirfottilat pbliothldt eV 16"40:,:ned on
' kidWiliettoedittltitlWplabe whatifeSertre, ilhilwat he is
Inotialdiserter,tanittantinitc been PishottcdubW darn' heed
fronutha aervice f entl9l444jf a re, littitActiK4 at ' , • ,
in the State of - • . ~p5. d ,..p9 , el i gt,emihriattig
the ballots, statementOonntnat ' er - 4 nit - ore
'said, tio , ixasent ki.,:thd lionplibillithatiti„ inner o her-
J.Wwep:having.writtell erinfil l ol l i.ileallpftftlaittide, across the
smalekparttheroaf,;fhe wor,de,f Thilers e ballot for '
laiviiihip, (borOdgh or' warti - in t ebotintrAf, ~,
• ' 'Sser;B4.: erector; tor bei'iigh ballot shall be sent,
shall; on Wexler of•electintand Twbilit the pdlis of, the
proper dtiltriet am, ' O ,PNIC -*W e t:Pe. , . I -. NOW, at re-'
calved, unopened, to tneproper„giTo " i ti,„. „,, • ' who shall'
=Ail lame, in the PleaPpertil ele ;,• ' 011jdi and
• ' E gli tbe:bujota tdethwucentdined, l ' . St , with the
:envelope and amEniampodkAperauss othefribadhrth are
depodted i and said. lamp* ilAltnnpolffityak, muivasi the
mine, in gai mine wanner in other ygtwast at, said elec.
tiOn i f 'andthe *mom delivering tiferneurni inky, mi the
' •demitallof 'any eloctor,•be OonipelletirtO Why, on Oath,
that the envelope, so delivered by him, is •in the sand
state as when received hy plan& that the saw hap wat.
beenoedek the Conine Ong!' ,0 11 ,D0 0 4, pylittired,,,
loony bklunglor iiiiY`ti ' inemem ._ : - ''',.l. I .
SEC. 36. The right of any person, thusontelingdd TWO,"
at any INA , electionc7k '.i elleueßtleik lor,lhe Same
; Ruses, neat it could
~. . • Odic were ruteUally
OrtioAlt.t; and for no o e ' . , . `bat
Sic. 3d: Any ofeder'o[tst tat, or a ' at, electiou,
in this State, who rahnillietnse to receive any Each envel
opetomdd,eposit strekballpte, or to comat rug , entivass the
same, and any elector Who shall receive such envelope,
and neglect or refltheto -present the same, to the officers
of the election diatriet,,endoesed op the said env elope, ,
khan' ihe :'ituflity of a onisdeinellor, and on convi tion
th s ereof, shall be punished by imprisonment in the State
pet 'on, not exceeding one year , and by tine not exc ding
gvel`rundred dollars, or,,,either, or both, in the dine r Men
of the Court. i ,
, ~-, . '
' Site .11' . Aiittiiiii.ik jc who shall wilfully, and cbrr4 Ali ,
' ma ke. i n t; -slitmovilidtib ritatiefßldevit,;er make:any iiir,o,
oath, tenet :ling any matter or thing.proehley. in thi tot
:shall be dee,tued,gailty of wilfuLandeo b apetury anti
I „,....i.,....,,„0,,.„,,,„„ :,,,,,..po,n,
menk_in We filatellieditentiafyi / noplix g lite yeirs
slid by filvelLit , ltzeleding 4inectliellettid ' dollars; or bi
either, or both, in the discretionof the OoniK.
..: •
, Sam 33..Thr4 . 4 shall be, the-antra ,f the eweis i ry.of
the m
Cominedivreadah to prepare the ,:iesisrolkfarms,'
to'carrY nut the' iproirisionsbrthli iM" . , and To •ftifitab the.
.Sainellar %elute of the persimaso engaged lithe military
lorthie,aforesaid. , , ,-,..) - r- •i - .., ' i
, Smt 30.-- II caiii4aly ilielfArelectitr, in . naliitio ger
:Vied riforetiald, may be Wittily or naval,.
'or in any veniel, or :haVfllant,',the • statements midi alt.
davits, in this act mentirifted-4 , -witnessat tit
OghbrnikirjAMMtnagrettgriteVln4, cm.
Sze. 40. it shall be the duty of every assessor, within
this Commonwealth, tumidly, to assess and return, in
UR 'muter now required by Law, a 01114 tat; of ten
Judge or election
TIME -31 1 11 REE CENT:
Opt!' il.oolo4leia.salOrerYttela-coringstaioiliedAtliner d'
private, and. the Asual taxes upop_ pvary commisgioncl;
oflcck knoSiti by theirele4leigh tlie - milittirkitilef& of
the LinitortAtatert, or of thistStatei in the army; ant wffen
"atly'omfasion shall 'occur; the omitted navies, shall be
addeill , byllitch. asienziors,lo the - assesSments and hers of
voters, 0 a tote application of .any citizen.ef„ the ; tiler/iliadistrict,
district, or precinct, - Wherein" Such 'Soldier Alight, Or
worth', llEectiorigltt kf Vltt •if Mit Ju'.•aaaXaktljcsfir
. aforesaid; and, such non - commissioned officer; and '-
iiite , i,'Slottli be - exempttfitird all itthdr-Orilliettilik a r.•
tog their continuance in. scintyservice; and said assessors
shall, in each and evety bese,'Of such assessed soldiers,'
or officers, with Out fee, orrewark therefor, give a:Certifi
cate of such regular, or additienal assessment, to any,
citizen 'of the election distritkee l lorecinet, who may, nt
at any time, demand the same and qpon the presen
tion thereof, to the tax collector of said district, or t e
. tediffirer •of the said corrnti,t it Shia be the duty , f
such officer to receive, said assessed •tar y - of, and from,
'any person offering to pay the sine; for the soldier, Or
officer; therein maned, and to "arehoso; Upon suclficeitlff
cote, a receipt therefor; and it shall also be the duty of
said collector or county treasurer, tereceivetilditisestd
'tax, - from army Raman Mtha may °ATP PaY Psmarlei r
any of said officers , or soldiers, without requiring' a e'er-
Mat e of ,asseitinent, when 'the .name of such persons
shall have been duly sewed upon the assessment boolza,
and tax duplicates, ark give,' receipt therefor, to itch
: person, specially stating, therein, theAransof the soldier,
or officer, whom Mx. is thus paid, ihe year for which' it
was assessed; and'the date or thdlleythent %Skid"; whth
said-certificate and receipt, or receiPte,a i td&shall be pki. •
inalattectidenee, to any eleetion boar provided for py,
this act; before whichilluniame: inky bei offered., Sof the
duo assessment of said tax,,, against, and the pennant
thereof by, ' the . soldier, or officer, therein .iimed ,' °trellis
the same, as afo •.. , reijold, but mid election board shah not
be thereby prechielled from requiring other proof, of the
right to vote, as specified by this act, or the %%Semi elec.
lion laws of . this. Commonwealth; and if Any of said
assessors, oolleetdin;' ni - tiesurers, shall 'neglect, or re
fuse,' to f*lnillY•tslita tuts lillvvisiPlP of.l l 4ik .section; Milo
perform any of the duties,. therein enjoined upon. then,
oinither , of theta, fio, eviliey; , sti offending , shall. be
sidered and adjudged 'guilty:sCP' , misdemeanor in ol
and shall; on eonvictioii; be nned, in any sum not
than.twenty, nor mom Man, twetundred dollars: Ito
*Ai, That the additional assesements, required to' be
made by the ' above section, in thC•eity of Philadelphia,
shall be made, on applicatiqn,of,any: citizen of; ilt!. elec
tion district, or precinct, thereof, upon oath, or Warta
tion, of slick citizen, to be admlniStered • by the armor,
that such absent soldier is a citizen of the election cis-
tract; or precinet, wherein 'such assessment is requi d,
by such citizen, to be made.: ;,,.; s ... .: ~ q••,_ , . r
Sac. 41. This, act shall not spay to theteiactito of
niembeiFef council, ,or to Ward and di - Claim' Officers in
,the city.ff,gliilodel&a.,, , ... ~ ; • , , i, •• •
, • • • ' Speaker of thefifouid of Representatioe4 '
.. .
Speaker of the Henna,
Arrnovse—The twenty-fifth day ; of August, Anna
Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixty-four, ,
, '.. ' • . A. G. CURTIN,
Given under my hand, in any office in Harrisburg, the
thirteenth day of. September,,A.AjMi.
. ~, . .
Sheriff of Dauphin county"
.' . BEERRIPS 4 &OB.II7IIE,;:_‘ ' I ..
Harrisburg, Pa. September 1.3,110. .
Fro l . ll, itIf•CA C - 1/ ftegiPlent•
' • •a CAMP aT•UOvo GAP,-
Friday Evening, Sept. ,
e- Parohed. rout jof
Cam p' Conch this pipriiing at 9 o'clOck,
regular ini.llftrd *der, iii-talvinde&nue.' cif
a , orniOpingouitrrOmor4.assitizithexi halting] the
001willt-afresizaontsd- , band , me4 - 3 -2 r PiAtteo t ie
12 pound Napoleon guns feat-then the pio
neers; followed by the eight' companies t at
present Attached to the • 2', then the entire
tone of the 202 d—then the Keygtone battery
and wagon trait, the rear being brought hp
by twq.compames of 100 days' men. The first
3 milieWere made without halting; we stop
ped at the village of Campbellstown about 10
minutes; then resumed our march to the vil
lage ot,Loudon, encamping in a field close by
the road fora dinner, having made 10 miles
since we left 'camp. -
Loudon is an old fashioned village, contain
ing about6oo inhabitants,situated on the •pub
lic road, o Pittsburg. It was noted in the
days of broad-wheel wagons and team driving,
for the mantifactare of superior whips.
An' iitertstinj little affair ' came all her at
the,London Camp, ; , ,ally by accident. lVe
have a corporal in , o u, r ranks with a heart as
,big as can be foniad'in any big man. Ills
home is John Casey, Jr., 'Mid he hails `from
Path Valley. Well, John Casey, Sr., his
father, I presume, was. on his way, to • Calrip
Cuuch with a wagon load of good
iiiiit us' on the road and turned back tO
dinner camp'and opened his boil • and his
Ataitatcto, and the Ray, that the meinheni of
''l4ll/fftal ,44 0 , bFoo.a ! , butter, Pre
-torTe,,l 9 0g00.,.. 30 ., r ive A cdnlion 'to the
'rooters on: • k 'tc= 'forget to' 'merit},
either, that diir resPecteaKkdonel :mid 'staff
hqnoroil the festive obE'llX4 .;wit4 their;l7:r
-once. Long live old
( 3nari Cast y, f it; th
We , left Camp Loudon', ' , turning '145 eking
Care opuntain, and headed directly Sodth,
marclung.abont four miles, and encamping
in:a:told at Cove Gap, in the public read
from IdoCoimellsbnrg to Mercersbmw, seven
miles from the - fofincf; and about three miles
from the'latteepla&.We shirt for Mercers
burg and Greeneastlethis morning.
The.mist haiigsihliiivily.on Cove Monntnin
tlijo„4kon#l3. WA. RaV _ruin have, before neon.
Fiitighfit is tuipleasan£ to 'think about.
ge of mounthina here (says an Old
nio er) is tait'nfthe chain ranningdi
rectly'sO. • for inanpniles, intersecting the
Blue Ridge etirifidnia. -
' I have much 'more to say, but cannoti this
!limning, writing here on rough stone, stiff in
my limbs from yesterday's marching, lith
nothing but an qlcio. 2 Faber' to Eldr eh
with. Won't. ,l o ur'
it can't tae helped: Wliere!thinitir
I know not-Lb:Tee to find a'oit the march
somewhere. Good morning. More anon.,
P. Ike is notjhere. Put him out to boixrd
firm-woman that lives near Cadip Couch,
paying for, his board and education in ad
vance. A. H. B.
__' • ,
_. ~..,. % AT ova, Dimas Celia,
N , I
W'. iinnalsows, September 24, 11,34.
Editor' Telegraph : This morning at 8 - ,O'ckick,
as we resumed oar march from the camp at
Cove Gap, the skies portended ' rain - , and we
thought me wouldiget a gratuitous sholwer
bath ; but, thaaks tgtlie clerk oi.theyi,eather,
a slight wind sprung up, and Burin the .en
tire day the weither was delighiffl, swie a
slight shower - at noon.: i - ... :. 1 5: . : , - 1. :
hpolg after floolk of wild: pigemm layered
around and over nu ! the , , .-. ;be
we started, and had the 'Uniekn . of
Harrisburg (Messrs. Poultiiii;':Nyni, ' 27; .n,
141e1Z44 alia.'"aleno - ..viiiibak,,aixia -
icitild hive - Made the ' ,, festlieo -Syto p
purpose, .:-..7.`4_ F.
Resuming our parch :from Cote 'Gip we
marched along.tlwpablia _road leading oti - t4
and were kinftAret4e6l tat" h 0 ..e...ioketPiena
.of Wit toifh. a- lii3reersturg has 4,,niAca
cation of thrift, and prosperity. ' t num4ers
about 1200 inhabitants. The good Union
people gave us many delicacies, and took no
Pal ig: the things given. We are particular.
.STlACol . lltlgfittitt
The following are the rates Ibt adverthal w nf fi ln the Tara
einami. Those do 'find it con.
venient for reference: . _
,a- Four Mice. or l iessoloneotante Sue-har*squaro•
Eight lines, or more than i6M.Anintiinte a sinira.
- won A - ziAn'ln.: -- ; - 77 --- TeIMM S SOM II - 37, ..
One day $ 30 One 4ay.., S. 50
Two days .. 50 T,w0.5ay5.::.'...:.....% .1 00
Three days 75 Three days 1 25
One week
* ... . . ... . 125 One wepk.. . . •••• • - 225
One month * . 300 One month 600
TWO - M=44 ~.T. ... - 450 Two m0uth5,... , ...... 900
Tyree months.:.... 5 50 Three Mestahs.:'.. , ....e. 11 00
Six months .. 800 I Six months 15 00
One year.. .. ... 15 00 One year 25 00
AdmillistrAiion ii . otices 2 76
... __
Auditor's Notices - 1 50
Femoral Notices, each imertion. -..
..:' ..4:..... __ . 60
jar Business notices inserted in the Local Column, or
before Marriages and Death; EIGHT CENTS PEE Lunt for
each newton.
ly indebted kr Mrs. Rhodes,. (a clever lady
that has a saucy little lJnion flag ; floating f r o m
a front' windoW other neat residence,) for the
fresh water, bread, butter and gelatine apple
butter she dealt out to Company I(saao). pro
miscuously. Many of the good people of this
beautiful village done the same.- ,
The band under the leadership Of bur friend
Augustus Balt Esq., is doing finely. 'The mem
bers of the band were invited into the house of
Mrs. ,Murray, and partook of a bountiful re
past; when the gallant musicians returned the
compliment by the execution of a' piece of
music to a favorite Schottish air.
We left the Hagerstown pike near. Mercers
burg, and marched over a country .road
through a small place called'Shirapatowtt, en
camping for dinner in a wood cloSe fo A tCav
alry company's encampment. The. company
in question is styled "Warren Scouts," com
manded by Capt. Warren. We are at
point just - twelve miles from the POtainac
river, on the road to Clearspring, Md. We
will leave this road during the afternoon, and
head for Greencastle. I must take some din
ner, now, and will give further particulars at
our camp, this evening, wherever that maybe.
AMP 11117 X ,
Two Birt.F.s Fnola MAirmuin Lutz,
Fuss - max Comas, PA.
After leaving Shimpstown camp, contrary to
the expectation, we marched only two miles
further, and encamped at a village styled
Camp" Hill, directly in front of a prominent
knob of Little Cove Mountain, known as
Casey's Knob. The mountain is about two
miles distant westward, and on its summit is
one of a line of signal stations which extend
clear down to the Potomac. river. ..:We.en
camped early and shortly after 4. o'clock we
saw men signaling from the top of din ICtiob
with a signal flag, no doubt informing' silme
other station of our presence in the meld at
Camp Hill. -ae
Here we were rejoiced to hear of another vic
tory by glorious old Sheridan over Early's re
treating horde of infidels? mid we not sl eut,
huzza, and "tiger," then, to some fpnrpose
You had better believe it !
..I inquired of a lady, "Did the rehs do any
mischief when they came through
_here last
July?" "Not much, sir; they only robbed-the
stores and fitole as many horses as they , druid
lay hands on!"
On passing a Small place called Clay-lick
Hall, I aceosted a gentleman with, "How far
distant is the Potomac river from this point ?"
"Twelve miles, sir." "Now answer me a ques
tion in return," said he; "Hew many Union
votes have you in this moving, army, here?"
A comrade at, my elbow replied, "About two
thirds of ' 3 the soldiers in these' two regiments
are ready and willing to vote for Thick-Ara
ham!" Should'nt wonder if the man spoke
the truth! .
Autumn is approaching apace—for the
many hued - tints--russet; rea p - orange
and crinison—are visible: among the tdliage
that meets our eye in every direction, us •our
column moves along. To-night, the- Ng . 0.11 is
whislling, among the uplands here as. it. pre
'pthairg's dirie - for . the faileiettttliglktitctiTril
children- on nature—that meat litedn , bew-tium
bared with the things that werel ‘!the'sere
and yellow leaves."
I must conclude by saying than our . line is a
full mile in length, and makes averynapOsing
appearance. A. IL 'l3..a=
Corporal company J.
Appointment of Route A L OVit
Special to the Telegraph.
• "The -Postmaster General to-day appointed
Major John Lockhart, late: of the 76th Penna.,
Baxter Fire Zouaves, route agent on the
POMP. railroad between your eity.'.and Al
toona. - •
Major Lockhart has been in £he service
since the outbreak of the rebelfibn, was
amongst the first to rush to Nine; in the three
months service, and has been wounded, seven
different times. His 'appointment is a credit
able one, and the position he will fill "'with
honor to himself and 'credit to The Depart
ment: • • . IL G.
Aryl - vat of the . •INlezus
NEW Xos.F.,Oioßt_. 26.
The gunboat Nereus hes lirrik•ed - from As
pinwall, whence she conveydd tligroittif Star.
The steamer Moses TayloreurhittlitrFanama
on the 6th for coal, sailed,onutbe,l2th : for San
Juan, whence she would take California pas
sengers, per steamer Golden ituli, r &Di New
On the 27th of August, the gunboat.Wateree
arrived at Panama from Callao, 0 .440n0u1d
sail in a few days for San Francisco,
Gunboat Nereus, on her outward Pa:Stage,
collided with flagship Powhattan, dding her
some damage, but not sufficient.toke her
go into port,
A fight occurred at Panama e eeu two
United. States sailors named, Fastet end Mat
thews, in which the latteriwaalrirkEid f .
The Legislative Assembly at. Famine has
asked of the Executive of UniOn' to -dismiss
the French consul for_ open- hoatilitrte the
country,. ' '
Steamer Golden. Age sailed on - th 7 r,I4VA for
San'Praneisco with the North Stgr l s' paSsen-
The sioolKotmarSt. Marys Viaa , at 41311SnIft,
and the Narraonsett was expeeted,dagy c from
the coast of Maio).
• New York Stock Ifli4leets.
NEWYens, - sep..'26.
Stocks are lower; Chicago aria'ROcnsland
951; Cumberland coal 57i .141incrie,Cirktrall18,_,
Michigan Southern, 72k ; , (liAthrteed
134; New York Central 11,41.; )4117;i;
Hudson. river 1101; 'Canton] pany - 284;
Erie 93k; One gear- cages:Sae§ •94fiall'en
forties, 95; Five-twenty coupons 105;fkinpon
6's 106 i; Watered sixes - of - 1868 120: Gold
1 anT
Oga l ftL S O•C:.,
Nita - tif t .-
,Lp . avy; Pe a
, ' ;'ea V
6WPifikrai • it 70` Gold
.1161.~.01k Natiptio pEOi: gaT on
w compriain,g flailing, Chow Chow, Caohnower .
Mixed Phlres, Gernnn, Walnuts nd Onions. For sale
whionato and Mail by Sl FRAZF.R,`
aty6 traecomara to W. book. h., &