Pennsylvania telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1864-1864, September 05, 1864, Image 1

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ruzzasnzp;. .
.41 - 9./OUNG . AND EV/i*N0,...:,
Y.G t . t) G
Thsli.tiLyllux4o?-1 Nerved to ahb cr>fitcr~ la 4,tio
any at 12 Celitit per :.week. Yea l lltspliseNtheb,* be
charged 16 00 lit ii.d*anoe. , Those litt#oilnittlitilinglecttO
pay in adman s(111 ~he charged fer, • ,
THIE TfLEeßA . Plijo*publishedwadir,iiiid iiirurnisbad
subscriberi at the follfraicg.imeliAtea:
single copies, F .eekry: . f . :44
Three rag's i 0 one4o6ifita", •
Tea motes to oue P.F4kpifice
mithirlAy Nangla.V
D R AF T !!_
BOUNTY!.' :For-one y'ear's ;ger
vice only. Tien mustered immediately
and paid cash down s4oo...Come , vinaly; urinattnads.
Any pe , eon beinmaz,2o mete will be commissioned a
Second Lieutenant; 25 men a„,/trat Lientenant; 41Imen a
The above willbe-fixecitted to the lettim 'Apply to
Random:4'lam ; :611 Chestnut-4k,, 'Phila.
Captains of 'Companios and. Commandeo of
,Iquada : •. - .
frlfiE undersigned arepreparedlo secure for
1. all Volunteers
l'he Bigheit Loco?, Cush and Goverpment
B looks I' • .
Committees can betrupplied'itith credits tbetheir town
ship or county quotas". • •
zr Enlistment papers promtitiy:inade:orrtNnd 'men
alien led to until mustered in, clothed' arid equiPped, by
Pennsylvania 'Recruiting Agency. ' • HIEWES
°lnce. Parke House, Market street, between Third, and
Po 1, th str et Harrisburg. '
/or Two of theitirm have commissions to recruit in
States in Kbellibn ' [aug23-o.wl?':a
115 South Seventh St. Second door; loqr, i?ocirrtlATo. 10
sw-Prafted Men froth the City Or any„pirt4of the
Stale will be furnished with dubstitutes at OhoFt • notice,
and on liberal terms. , „
ger Men Enlisting, either as Sulistitntes VoI ‘"lci ers,
will receive the largest Boan,ies, which wig" he paid • to
them In cash as soon as mustered •in. ,
Agents will be liberally paid at this Office.
. 1111 S. V; DIAIEIt, NO. 13 111AlatiTTIEET,
BEING desirous of. closing Inn:, Summer
Stock of Millinery Goods, offer:SAT 'tSAlp at greatly
. _.
re timed prices, such ns .
Constapq on hand, a spl,did..ensortinentot
elms, . .
.. A
llfoot., x - , •.
foot. , BKIIITS, -
BELTS}.: .' ' 1. •
Dealers will do well to call, as groat bargains can be
had at wholesale. ' jel4 ly
T AM happy to offer to the public) a large
1.. and splendid assortment of
manufactured by
These;Peila are well finished, °haft; and will give 'en
tire satisfaction.
scuErnies ROOK STORE,
Second street, opposite Presbytetbui:Ohtirch, Harrisburg
. - .
OF the Old Wallowa.. title , restfully :ieko in
k,/ forms , the public that this ore galliVantpertation
Line, (the only Wallower Line.:._ now ill in this
city,) is in successful opeOtion • and carry
freight as low as any othet individuol4ln*lftn
delphia, Harrisburg, Sunbary,lewipb* . A. iihakaspart,
Jersey niere, Lock Haven and all - otiteir,! ` via pn the
Northern Central, Philadelphia and Erlialid 11 . !kiesport
and Elmira Railroads.
.. ,
Goods sent to the :Warehouse of ItieSSrs.: Peacock4 - 7,en
%Hindman, NPR. 803 and 810 Market street, above Bth,
Philadelphia, by # o'clock-, P. a., will arrive at Harris
burg, ready for-delivery,-next morning. [apBo-.amyl_
LIMNS and pertsiict4 under or over . che re
quired age, who have been enrolled in this '(Ldth)
District, or any other District. in the Siate;,4M. have their
exemption' papers made out at rates fired - by - law;
‘'New is the time to put in a 'substitute and 'avoid the
Persons who
are not liable' ter - draft, and. who; wish 'to
enter the arbsy as substitutes, can obtain the highest pre
r Olllll. " " ' .
,luslnessi transacted by mail at legal rates, and cost of
trav ol thereby avoided. .
onli..lit once, or:address by mall'
Attorney at Law, 3d:skeet,
Harrisburg; Pa.
jy9-eod2o/ 08 .
J S a,:lieo9PleverNo:
Very couverfien arid •• reqesilitig fOr.34vatidv having
fever or great thirat x - • •
Its porta ., ility cenoaillaniVg - it fa;traNcliFs.•
Its conventettee pte...nice - Nviki , nn - LpTnciated•
No sugar required . ; one titbre T spiitintslstinply dissolved
a glass of cold water andAt; is done:. „.• _
jel7 91 market street.
CI -40A a l CO: lEr FA 9
/N D. W. GROBB' I - o . Bacit;
Market Street, .Harrisburg.
ow resuioisiitthr.: '
10 I,OAKS AND O'l.rb l xiLA.Brs.,
Will open on the let of April. mar2i=4l)
' • ' :14 Market street,' italTisb4.4
MR REASONS pe.rfectlY 'Efatisfactb to
L , my. 4381.10 I hiVe taken the agency of the above oat
excellent Pianos.. .The public la Invited to opine and m
enthe tor themselves.'
,A.tew Schomacker do Co's PlinCiS on 'hand,,iist7wlll be
deol low.
~- nim.2s-tf ,
EEF TONGUES.—Fine large beef tongues,
.1-1 , sued by J. It laithener at Co. and for sale by
SUISI:Ekt, tea'
, •.:CireeSOra 10 W. Deck.
.-, .::....i 1 7-7 . ._:„. l ---- :.) '.'. ;', i : . . • , _-• --- --- T,.., - .• ...._.. --' , - l ite:tt ad; tirli:i4(4t . .;:•...,=•,.'.:5 -,,i - :...;...:: ,:.., ': ". '... .' ' -"'''. ' .•
I , PNITP,, :I; • ~•,,-• 1.,• - •1•;...1, , .1•• • .
1 r P,,, ~.",1 , b .., , "..:,11A1Crty 1 bf:01...(: -. Jr:.k.:i ...,, \ , .;
~,, „ pi ) .- „a:la. i-Z1.4 1 . 3 414,.,..i '..', ,I.' . - : . ;
~ .
.....- '-- ,
',"` ' ' '.'"- it C'' '' 'l' '"" I.l,trti",- 0 .' ' ;1: "-"C''''“ : "( l.4 : 2 ts- 713 "I''''''4 5 -:' ..1...' ` ...'1.4 \% . ) '• '- il .-' 4 ' 1 6 11 r 4; . ;// ; : '-'1":. .. ';.1',4, - '1.C44r. f-
r'l ' l'-';If • 4?1 : :417 ' ..
. ' ! , i.l" f:tir,ei ~ 1 1.- e itin illi 41,' 0 Iir i ler, , e.,..riri -, i
&OE : ~, ',.,"1.?,'6i):11.ti '.0.1:1 - i..ViXti h.Vi....-.., ..!
.. ..-
7 , :,1" .. i I i ~ . • '-' .
' t i . s -
~. ..,,,,,. - r - '... ,'', • , :1111 . W,g 3 ; 4 , 41 ,65-;•,' 1 ,." ' .- ri1di.1.,9 W . l ' t .:..!"w 4 :
~,, 14 , - T :1 , ;
iI: r - -
1 - ' 1, . -,......; -- r•ii,4 : B` . ' - ,: - .153 :: 't: 'lc
. .v.V . ,•• .1 ' -:
•-..,:, .(1 ~
• ' "k*'‘ e V 0, -
.../- .----'A..'- 4 -0-' .•,_ f '''',..* : ,'". - . - -'' , ,
• .'. ' ' - ' I .'" ' ' - ''''' ''' '• ' ''t . "AL ' 9111 1.0 .-.. ,1111 ' ;11-lA , , 71 0 .T„ ,- ,; ' .;:.,-:-.: - -,,,,'';'''' ''' 4 -' -,. '. -" ".; - t', , r! "4.,5: 'U, ..' : ,V-,.:r...,, 1
~ . , . --.. • -
, ,- -. ... . >,.. --.--.,-.- -...--:,... - --di, : ....EL-3. iilfq.:::.:+.SP.l.•ll :LW' i , • - -,"... if
• ... • ', '
. __ __•_._.— ._ , . •
. ,
:~~ , ~~
$l , O
•.:::;' .- 04.,.*•4*;:-'.;: . 4:4;,-ta*:.-- : . : i.
TT - N - c 4 l;•At*takip GOOD,
• .
• - of ttle • •' t
HolvAiuL. & HOPE EXPRESS comP4Ny.
HE artiaes - deßeribeil, ,I,olll d irt g
schedule, hdidrig,beeti consigned : to the_ /low
Hope Express;Company, and the consignees,
.aiteci due •
and legal-notice,- mit having taken them away ; : nerd faild
ike.cott.l acid tx`Penires of carriage, will be expolied„.to
public sale of eatery , at the Markot House, on.BATIJKDA'Sq
SkIiTS:IO3ER 24; 1,86 f; Toe sale toconincienceairi
in the fOrenonn • of said, day : , •
1 him, Capt Jos Hutehinsou - Thrille, neutame: " ;
/ boa, U 11 01elock kpkge,
1 box, Peter Renshaw. 1 rox;",Elizabeth 'Whew:dug
1 box, Ai:Coughlin . 1 box, Mr-811; Tarady
1 e bag, Geo. L Kridor 1 bottle, Chaaßutheri
1 pkge; Cato Mlthirty,i 1 box, Thos J Tomer
1 odle, cost and boot art 1 box, Chas Buttekeheiser
no name lW Drapes'
1 lot pipe, A L,Battles. 1 pkge, MI, McDonald i
1 box, no name . • - 1 pkge,• Gee T Barlitharti
1 box, H G Wolf: ' 1 box,Chas..Titylor
1 box, Capt3Vllariand 1 trunk;..P:W.
I box, Geo 13 -Daily 1 trunk,. RellallY
-1 p kg, R•F ,Leiseuring' 1 lids; D Pito
1 box,, Kohler • . 1 bor.,' WM Drehel -
1 hoz,.L P Mills .. - • I bol, Peter J Wertz • '
1 box, tr Morton • 1 pkge, Vogle ' i it,.
1 e bag, W Ellf - Porter 1 pkge, j'Yomingp • •-' . • I
1 tidle, Henry Lander 1 pkge, Lieut W-S BiGydr
1 cast, It Flap& 1 pkge,' Wm MOMS • !
1 pkge, Goo H Russell I•plhge i Ws - 13 . 1 tig:' I
1 pkge,,Geo Voght , , 1 pkgeiCricirge , BOiclitri;
1 box, B Resencrentho 1 pke, Mural
I box, eapt_li ilf.Buccigreli rtorixf.Patriak Planta - an
1 box, Id A.Steventon-.: ' 1 Dottie; Jane Schulte
I.Phge, Wm it ItOset- ! 1 pkgo. no name •
1 pkge, o e;d, J F.libersole 1 wheel, Capt Dodge
1 box, A,F -Pennepacker 1 box, no. name
1 box, Leah Lees., 1 p box, Isaac Herring et
3 boxes, k. P Hardwick 1 box, no name
1 Vox Gspt J-Keim 1 pkge, B Anthony
box,-J'siith•lt Brown 1 pkg.; J A Minh -
1 box, Rubt r Crisman 1 box, Wm-1, Ea 1e -•
1 box, Joe g.usggs.i . 1 born, John 'Newer' mrs
b •x, J E Spahtingt . 1 box Mb, t:apl, ; lOhdison
1 box, (rept J Retarder , - 1 phge, David Pdppc tr . '-
I box, A.L Bryant . • 1 do Wm Carnes t' ,
1 box, John W Hopkins 1 do Elber-lieMi" nor
1 Lox, dery Radabaugh 1 do•:+ldesS , C 'Jo' nes
1 pig. • oil cloth, no name Ido r La - alai' Bet ler
1 pkge, D Jack Ido Aaron ifolall ISS -
1 !clap and h alt, M Reedy 1 do. ;:Jut fre Free born. •
1 pkge,' Wm P Patterson I do Acorn Welt MO§ .
I pkge, Josata De Boor 1 do no.namo
1 c bag, no name . 1 do f Carl Mayen.l.l.' • i
J. pog Lieui it B Bally .1 do TheofFnap- erherst
D Conrad . 1 do John 11 Be ryhill
c.bag,,Capt P a Willa • 1 do Henry Sac'
I coat, no nairie • —I do John Disci who ;
Geo Hight; - • • - '
The above articles Will be exposed to - ,publ 'ln. pale, as
aforesaid, aocordttig 10-the provoions of the It • s*tion
of' the nut of Assembly of the CommmOnwenitli gann- - ,
s.ylvanta, appr .vt'd the% 16th day of March, A.: 'D. •1;658 ;
with a req arements of which the Howard 'and Rope
Expr• ss Company have itall raipects. complied. 'The .act
ol'ASioinblris as follows': "
'Commission merchants and factors, and t tli c.oumtiou
cart is a, or other persons having a lieu upon g oticta; *area
and mercnandite, for or on account of thg costs and exl
penses of curia.%) or storage, or any ocher charge arising
irom the.transportation, keeping, or stooge of sucillipro. •
perry, In casetue owners or cOnaigneesshith not pa! i o • die.-
eharge too amount due for such cost, c &Maga;
storage, or other charoes nereinbeiore named, miv, ate
the expiration of -ninety days from theinotsce Atoliebithlter
pro ided, proceed:to sett toe same, or so much 1-bere if. as
may be neeetsary to discharge said lion, at publiictutojon:
Provided, That notice of sale shall be giSO , ) required
for Sheriff's Sales •of personal property, and that . thirty
days' notice or said lien be given to t,oe owner., r
of Use prverty, if they cannot be so fouud, tb at the same
shall be advertised weekly in some 110WillapPir nithliShed
in the moper city ior county to which the goods, war a
or merchaucisa have been consigned, for four cocsecu
two weeks before the sale, toe residue of money arising
fr. -111 such sale, after deducting costs of transportation,
Charges and storage, ad ver Using 'and sale, to bo
jeot to tho ordvr of the owner or owners of such prdperty.”
GEC. bERG-N ER, Agent
aug27-dts7 Howard and Hope Express Company.
Northern Central _Railway.
IDITBLIO NOTICE is hereby given that the
FREIGAT-und BAGGAGE described in the follow
lug list remains unclaimed in the Warehouse of the
Northern Central Railway Company, at Harrisburg. Con
signees are hereby notified to come forv.ard, illy eh art.'s,
nod take their
. property . axe.), or 11l be sold.
according to law. J. N. DU BAltItY, Gen'l Snot
GENSBAI, Sorsacrrratirarr'6 Orrloll,l • •
Axistum , 15, 1864. )
No 1, ,Williamsport, and Harrisburg check 145, ,one,
black trunk
No 2, glint& and Harrisburg check 20, ono box, lieut.
A Miller, Harrisburg
No 3, Baltimore and Harrisburg check 20, one box
No 4, no check, one box, J Barratt, Lockport, Niagara
Ce, N Y ,
No 5, no dheck, one box, Licut A Scott, Harrisburg
No 6, no chock, one box, no marks
No 7, no check, one box, Jacob Weaver, Pittsburg
No 8, no check, one box, Reuben Farringer,
No 9, no check fair leather trunk, do t
No 10, no check, one box
Capt Pnitilps, Harrisburg
No 11, no cheek, black trim k, S SJ, St Joseph's act de
my, Phila 4
no 12, no chepk, fidr.leather trunk, no marks
No 13; no cited, fair leather trunk', CaP!LYmfaii Ifer
No 14, no check, black leacher trunk, no marks
No 15, no check, black leather trunk, no marks
No 16, no check, one box, Jno McGee, Harrisburg
No 17, no check, one box, Geo L Stephens, Harrrsburg
No 18, no check, one box, Newport station, P ' a t
No 19, no check, one box, Daniel Robison, PhiladelphiaNo 20, no check, black trunk, Jno Gemmel., Lewis
town, Pa
No 21, Danville and Harrisburg check 512, f air leather
trunk, Wm H Barber, Hilton, Pa
No 32, no cheek, black trunk, no marks
No 23, no cheek, fair leather trunk, W S - Scott, Holda
ll°, Ohio,
No 24, nti check, fair leather trunk, lhga McDaniel
No 25, no check, black trunk, Sarah
No 26, no check, black trunk, G S An gill, Bingbamp
ton, Y
No 21, Williamsport and Hanisbur g check 92, fair
leather valise, no marks
No 28, Baltimore and Harrisburg chi eck,4B7, fair leather
valise, no marks', '
No 29, no chaclC, fair , leather valise , no marks:: ::
No sO, no check, black trunk, Jn o E Monroe, Lancas
ter, Pa
No 31, no check, one box, Michr.el Trump, AllentoWn
No 32, no check, one box, no rr Arks
No 33, Scranton Mid Han labor g check 259, One box
No 34, no chetk, one boa, hits black, Prosperity, Pa,
No 35, no Cheek., one box, Henry Will, Reading
No 36, no check, one km's, no malks
No 37, no check, bag or saddles, no marks
No 88, no check, saddle, Ignatius Fioomer, portage
No 39, no check, black bag, no marks
No 40, no eh ck, black b ig, Mary Foster, Ha rrisburg
No 41, no cpeck, black bag, no marks
No 42, no check, black bag, no marks
No 43, no ,check,; black big, no marks
No 44, no check, black bag, J Shactle, Je racy, Shore, Pa
N 045, Williamsport and Harrisburg sock 36 black
g, no marks
No 46, no check, black bag, no mark& '
No 47, no ch. cic, back bag, no marks
No 48, no check, carpet bag, no marks
No 49, no check, saddle, no marks -
No 56, no check, bag, no marks
No 51, no CDVOZ., 9UO_DOX, no mark s
No 52, rio cheek, one liox, no marks
No 53, no Check, bittittoX, no marks
No 54. no checlr,'fitlx leather trunk, no n larks
14J Fleming, one &nide thing
A L Babcock, 1 bdle rope
N el even barrels nuts
D /11 1 / 1 4 , 81 1 - SAK ll.9l lakera
iriiitor4onsharxei, insulators
Neisonligraie,kte?,ftsto boxes bittenat
S sarkkA r iphesimokrardware
H HawkinA-dmii granite block
Nicholas - ft oienxccoandries
Aib , rto e... . 04 , 14 , tw0 bores it.
Thos Moira, 9e4 Hardware
No consignee; 204'brick, no insets,
No'consignee small box, no War kg
No consignee, 44 sheets iron, no ,by
No consignee, package Indigo
No consignee, one boxmerche•Odiee Davig Tamer, Bar
tabor& anglemr
r- .
(i-Tr I : Ni l o! tam A. .4• • „yr, Webster. .
, .
;L . .;
'.IF-ti-EI-F.3zr.,1a::.4i.:;11./.. lar, talolit1;(
.- : ., u: 1 14 ;j,r,.._7,,; 1,0 61d:10 11:1,114111 Oat 1.1.0
b ~PSY.i .~t~s ~ 9~~-f ~
CA , P.::tOt , OP:OI4 - StiI(00.)0p
JV L 1 1.- 4 e 't qit)
The Rebel 'Phperg 'Wet
, r•
min's; Great' Timmph.
kr :
, •
Special to ihe-TellAttpli•:]: ' I
Sept. 4,1864.
. - „ Just ,receive 4 dap ( fpigings of
the victory at , Atlanta. ;:prehwfdterinnit has
elittniea'oiei 40,000 iirigeneiisisfo'gtither with
an immense qUalititf of cannon, ammunition,
small i t , i n ' 5, . 4 %Lt• rirr.t . ..txr!
The rebel a'pm received here are inmdurn
hag over the, :#0 9 i,'Ati.:4;4l4,i4in, peOgive,
-up in:ol9o6r. . !
I shallreetal the oftleialrept of . thelis . tog
as sobn. arri.ves. 1 ,
The F#ll of AtlaXta.'
Nismaityrobr, Sept. 4: '
Majoi• Gen: Dix".NOti ‘l3Ple:auThe following'
telegram from = Gencial 'Thant 'hiis just been
received , , , •
C/TY,POINT: ;Sept. To ifori.,4 M 61,cmtora:
I have received iliclirciiiiidPaPcmof to day.
They conttgn JiAmors_otik ;
but say
the War DepiFtnienthaving
official declines-to ifo r 41111 .
ion from the rumors. I have no'dblibt;
ever, that Gen, Shernian hits 'gain& great'
success there. •': • if
. "Before the dispatch
.-of last (s iight Wag re ,
ceived, announsieg thaocteupitign of Atliir4
by our troops, the fact was known/to
picketso. TheAebels'having . helloed over
• our men thwt- , Sherinitn-had:Vrlii.ol.o4ll4od,
and that tetCer had lost 40 VU9,444, land
thatohr trOsipsi worcm,44anta,-all
(Signed) - , 1 , 1.1 - 38. GRANT, I
• ' s' , tientiiiriant Otinezgap
pur South Western telegrap4 itriesAorttlnue
down, anti thin - crith,a,hoo..y. dozr,,
menced in the at ernomand is aWI-griiling
beyond' Limisville`may dal:page the`h
` so as
to hinder the arrival of the ,details, roin
lruta fora day or two. •
. •
Army of the Potoutae
El-Kee - talon'
~elf Jl3euettApal
A Demonstration by the Rebel _Cavalry
2plarE" of MEER POTOkib, sapt.
a, 6 A.. M... Private Selden b'chandler, of Bat
tery K, 4th New York, artillery, suffered ei
treme penalty of law for having deserted ' his
command Jinxing active operations:
A detail from the Provost 'thuird..of the
Se. ond division of the second corps performed
the sad duty. 'The culpritaddressed his fel
low soldiers admonishing. them . against ;the
crime of desertion. • _ .
He then sat down ort his coffin, when; the
chaplain . made a prayer, atter whioh his eyes
were bandaged. In a few momenta' he gave
signs he was ready, end eight bullets entered
his breast and head, killing him instantly. He
leaves a wife and two daughters tO Mourn his ,
Another culprit named Almritter was to hate
suffered the same•fate but managedlo escape
thrbugh the lines to the enemy a day or two
agyo. Dr: John D. Heritage, 11th N. Y. Vols.,
has been missing — since the fight 9f the 25th
ult., on the -Weldon railroad. It is not known
wheher •he wag killed. or taken prisoner. • ,
Th e enemy's cavalry made their;appearance
on ou r left
. yesterday morning near Reams'
Statio, a,. and after some slight skirmishing'
with mir.pickets fell baek.
Dese.rters come in, nightly, claiming bene
fits under Gen. Grant's-late order giving them
protecthui and empleyment,-if they wish it,
but not f orcing them into .service. Twelve
came in yesterday.., All is. quiet along the
line this morning, scarcely shot being
heard. -
Southern News.
tCorresponden ce of Petersimrg Arpress,
The people residing in this localiq have
just received an idea of Ihe war, .which has
most indelibly impressed it upon their minds.
Heretofore they have only read the newspa
per accounts , and heard ;the rititals of .the'
wounded and convalescent, as:they-would
pass back and forth to their homes.
Since the landing of Grant's' army on the
south side of the James river, our fears have
been excited time and again by the thousand
arid one rumors which would reach us almost
every. gla.y; but ; knowingi thes importance of
holding :this line of road,lvre .felt ne4re iri
the efforts which it was belieVed 'world: be
made by the Confederate authorities to. afford
it protection:
his feelitikofkednilty'waagpatly.shaken,
hOwever, when On yesterday: two weeks ago
We learned thafr Grant` had 'Oddenly Swung
ardnia an enct~r arm3i'co s. 'Seized tfieroad,
and lifixriUded to lortif,fs •The r sal;McPaient
Unsuccessful efforts of our foraited,codtslodkei
the enemy had the effect to still furtheride
press us, and when, during the petit five or
six days, we learned that the enemy were
gradually extending their lines down the road,
hope gave way to a feeling of deep despair.—
.iWe.preparedidriblisorst, And: many, • we re
gret to. say; lam realized all and more. Wan
•they , expeeted.itlL ..
DEBTRucTrox ox! atm RAILROAD
ing,to.Aeam!f, a distance of founmiles,showed
'gullya i had'kene. both'aides of the track
the enemy have scierit fenees . and ctoos, leav
ing,scarcelyka vestige. remaining. ciops,
Iconsisting,chiiitly . of ,c,orn,and. sorghum, have
trben.fed: to „linen add hol:ss r and: the fetiCe4
iileditpon•the railroad sills to: , assist in, the
• ~ . 1
.Urnira3; a K' l. •
The rdadAs- quite' effectiially cdestroyed, , as
far as Mrs.ffennie Matton'S place, a disthnee
of, abotit tivogand three-quarter miles seuth
of Ream's 'Station.: • Above the station I did
not extend my-walk, and therefore canno.t
speak from observation; but from all. It qEm
learn the same destrrietion has taken plate at
least ioltellowl'avern; nialging , . in all abont
ninemiles of.t,he; traokr.clestreged;. but for the
greater portion of the _diat.ance..sills have been
batntanditlietiron heap& - n -.
1 . •:; . r.i ' ;":.,
01.0154 .11.0117.7 • ,
OpinionAboull Ahttikicogo . 7 Rau iffoveffient,
; ~ -
ue• •
AkftVitiii 1 14' 1444F.64fi Predict , '
!-:*ltataitlallta:-Shouid Fall -
; o'4 Et.u.: • ,/".
, . ....•
DXS .•
5-ll .
Defonftviraewsiof A airs.ill tlie.boutit
. !:-.
Ricknondlkanaiiter,eAtitgust •
D, othiNigivhielk can possibly: occur at Chi
.eago .so Jinebientous to us as"...)the • eients
which Aireutakingsplae&on• the Weldonlrail
roa"a,, aminds Atlanta, landmear llaiper's 'Fer
ry. iiivErn. lsupposirik,thatthe.Yankee geace
Deniocrateihrthat,Cothiontion should °tau,
allib'eforeAkeili, 404 nonlinate eandidateis - on
a distinet - ixisisotpeaeh.andviparation (which
is hp tainufausisupposible); yet all that whuld
s i gn ifk i hothi ng; - sa w s , in.. - is Au. as the aution
:shouldrbe - tafrinned by .thbse. ratificatio - n meet-
Angs.whiehritre,toitake place .the Weldon
readidnearAtlantai inn& ontor, about A:oto
maeirt :111 - „T '.•
a ilicAl4tita.*ere.tilifall - i - or Petersburg, a , ' if
filmridirn shouldidrive=Barly bank to Lyncli 4
.burg -...i4ordf Lamy coileEef ithese events shbnld
-bOtAlritherrEdittheTetroteprinciples and*ace
Presidents of Chiqgd,would be at ,the clee
tie , ~ . el, f ai ere last year's snow is,
,sita , !.., • .I. in iiie. W6l.,.for:mothek
i 'M. SF.I. : e. 0" 'trite sweele rawity i ev
er vestige .f opposition. But, on i the
other hand, if Grant's and Sherman's annies
g t ..` , mill iuceacia - ; , '" - Ni:, A l i next
tt i t 0 • : iof
afig* alaii if
k . of ",_ i.. ‘ DebtOaiiiint"-
s ou d still_ be
_pretending to look for Arly
AI I2 TA II PS OrtriPVt:fi ,1411u4/.311*-.iokeklafi at
tmeifirsatstintiof hiut;' atunAig.stritightbawat'
—as for the last low weeks--in this case it
will ,not matter to us izi the least if the Chi4ago
Veniodiats'bidak^ up-in utter confusion, and
the Fremont party collapse, and the Davis-
Wade Rartz wither iip r and 1 4 iiipoin and Sew
ard'reign supreme—nothing would avail— T the
scale of peace would preponderate, and that
;of ; iiar wonlcllkiek the beam,,,;, r,. ', •
In other words, - the issues of peace andwar
are not in AS liiiiis of politicians and states
men•' no, not in the slightest degree: they, are
t in,th,eltifipclsof soldiers. ~• tit-iswteless to vote
war if your l ast
armies are destroyed; useless
to vote peace - if your armies are marching on
41;18:heitVithViia0t7;',i0.441endilii cottqlest.
Further, thomacifkees wt qiatei_?far men te...'
day will 'be peace men in three months, if their
campaign, turn OIA an utter failine; , and.thosti
_,itho aie.foitgeacizaialiy (with ai few exbep
tions) will fop= for war and yell for blood
w.ittkin the same„thr,ee months, if t i tiey see `Tea-
V on' to..lit'eliwi r e.` tliat the . confedera'dy is: reeling
to its Ml. _ .
It mar, therefore,, be affirmed most cata:-
gorically, and received as an .andunt, that the ,
doings of the 0/dingo; or of the Bailin:lora, or
of the Cleveland Convention, or of all them
that put together, are of no consequence in
the world. The election in November will
not be governed by- the action of those poli
ticians in August, but by the military situation
in November.; and the election in November
itself signifies just as little as the Conventions ;
,because the issue. of war or' peace must be
governed,knot,by the wishes, policy, or pro
testations of, the., party in power, but by the
sitnation, of.. the invading armies at the
close of this' campaign ; and by the pos-
J sibliity or impossibility of procuring
. 11 fresh
army to undertake invasion nest year.. Which
the same thing as ,to 'say that the Yankee
nation will fight us upon, this, argument just
so long as it shall be able to fight us, and 310
longer. Whether under Lincoln pr McClel
lan, in, a constitutional war, or an uncousti
tugonid, the whole. quarrel between us, and
every part of it, :and the time of ending it, and
the terms of settling it—all abide the
itableWagOr of battle.,
Therefore ,r while the whole, of the enemy's
country is hanging te i day upon theutterences
of the telegraph wirek,,,i-i-Aager to know, not so
much whether,there is to be peace or war, as
who, are to have . the profits and spoils of peace
or war, forlorn. years to:come—the people of
the Confederate States may.await those revel-
Mims, ,not with calmness only, but with utter
indifference. It matters not to us what men
are to rule and to rob in that country the next
four years; and as to their being for peace or
for war, that depends ,not upon them,. but
upon us; we shall .cause: them to be for either
one or the other, - precisely in proportion as
we shall drive back their armies, or be driven
by them. ,
Yet it is not strange that there is so much
curiosity here about the action of those Con-,
ventions. It is impossible to avoid looking.
to them for something that may serve as
kind of sign,.showing what our enemies them
selves (or_ one party of them) think of their
chance of eenquering us. To this extent their
proCeedings , maY serve, as a, sign, at least for
the ';day which is passing over our heads ;
hardly for to-morrow; still less for , next ,
- velitber; least of all or neat year.
if the Pea•eb Democrat's priwail- at Chicago,
it will prove that the Democratic party gen
erally Oinks : War' prayed out, and believes it
will have better' hance of coming into place on
a,peace than. on awar piatforni; yet even that
peace iSlatfOrni could not stand up against the
dapttire , of Ktlanta and Petersbarg—would he
wept ilightLikiii eitiimunit , by ' the4o
tare of Rid:mond. So, if the War Demo
crats prevail;_ . ,,and all the parties • contending
for power to advocate war.until "the suppres
sion of the Rebellion," yet that could not
stand against‘the defeat of Shorn= and the
t totiorp,f)
:L s f,;•:, 81;;: -. i. "+'_:,' ii':.L.Z.:',.*!:
, : L-,
re-appearance Of t rant's beaten - iertola4t,re
*ifecta,-at.Washingtou.i rt
Even As signs, thenicer weather-vaneh to
show. how the wirid. blOivs - at any given !rect..
merit; those indidaticins are fallacious ; espe
cially-in a season of change and ten:ll)l3st like
the present. Aboordiagly; whiler we a,wait
the next news,coming from .the North, itwas
well to, AT *AA our xemtisillutt, :whatever :that
news map be thisirsk.cif - &iiitiairiber, - it isrld
its'sigiliii6ribB be eat of dkte On the
first of October, out of the memory of mah CIII
filie first of Novemb9.4-41 1 4,brNeW Year's: day
be with the days before.the
. The, Nagy; Department last night receilied a
ilespatph announcing the burning,of the II:
s; Frigate , tianiirvine'r stcire-ehip,. at Noz ,
folk, , VaT., ttitle all Iter - storeS: IrCattile of fire
not yet knownnor any patticulars. .•
Markets by Telegiraph. -
Pume.psirte, Sept.:3.
' - the'decliftetifgOldimirthe latiivio of Sher
man's victory has unsittled i tliti ibreadetuffs
market, and:priuss have a.deoKed down Ward
tanden4. ..1 he sales
,Of flour were of - the moat
limited character,iitay•itib barrels fancy being
reported at $l3, and 500-;iriels fair at $ 2 k
. ,
the trade; sales range from' $lO 50 for i 3 er
fine up t to $l3 - for extra 4araily and - 1 dy.
brands. BTU flour is held at $lO 50'nerlbar
rel, but we hear Of no transactiOns. Nothing
doing in Corn Meal. 'Wheat is quiet at , ,5
•(x. 2 '55 for ' ofa, and . $2 65@2 70' for l t ew
Westen and Southern red;'Whiteliinges om
$2 80 to 3 00. - Rye steady' le $1: 85gt 88.
Corn firm; sales of Western milmd - at $1 - 72,
and ;3rellaw held , at $1 73:: - toats:are steady at
88c for new: Quercitron bark firm at $5l per
ton. Nothing doing in provisions'. but Mar
ket steady. . 'Whisky, dull at SILBSO - I''Si for
're-filled 'beEritliii; - and $1 8701 )Is - for biight`
Westeril'intrreiiii6lvania. • - -2. • . -
The Sword that, my brave Clark. 30.
" , They hive sent me the sword: that my bratre'beytwore . ,
On the diiald , Of his yonng rentiwn."
liciffor'those who lore me - J - . G Clark. L - 80
WrrehalL be known above: Song and Cho.. J. G. Clam. 30
"Under the - 4033 the waters run, • • • t
i • Under theirs our epiritatie, .
The genial glow of the summer sun t
Wu] loOderf their fetterd by and by."
- •
. . .
Do they pray corn:to at home. Song and pho. Flak 30
-Tenting on the Old - Camp Dround. as mum - with eat
applause by the .t antatinson ramify." '• . tBO
Tony Pastor's Med,ey: Adai t ted to tho ~ popplurgelody,
The Conage,by,.the :ea." - t 30
Mute Stoill'Wityldw:''A )11611:9 SOlig 4;4'0'0. ' Frank
iWilder, -!""". , L =
t 30
EatancipatAcei - : ,-Song,and:Chorun Dedicated
era of Freedom. : - , , 80
The Weil ne an d popritar elMet, m usic sent by bail!,
'on receipt Of - • - - - •
• 20 -2.x.cnknas, rzecz , irrw 7011.8.
THE attention , of the pilbli9 called to. the
advantages offered by thiq corigiany for
Prolltablp I.4vestment„
The extent and value of its; . ' -
G D. _;M - N .r)
coupled with ; proOeici for working them, make it the
mestrdesirableptoperiy over offered to the public.
Datailed Inforfnation In regard to its e xtent and 'OM
pec!aoari he had 011ie be cif the undersigned,'agentof
the company, WV° will receive subscriptions to stock
.74E:NYC 4 1 4 .1 .4 9 g1•1
Mice Third street, netc HaTfe4tutd rripbarg, ta."'
augs-dliaawlxit . , •. . , . s '
Sir z—i.titlvi pleasure srtaiingthat your "%SARUM&
.m.i.x.ttrEE , ! exceeds anything of tho hind that :I • ever
imagined. I was seay inuotrifoubl;al with diarilkea; and
could ftnd- nothing to kelfatite In the least, anti/ I:took
.yona "b115.1`1133.31 - '-i :
-,I give yon this sertipeolo; hoping_that, you sae proper
tO Mak, IV may bo - lhiimeans of extending a knowledge
of irio inatoblea of your 'medicine.
Very raeliret.fullpyours, H. 13. JEFFRII.IB.
Fallen Timber, CtUriblift CO , Aug. 21, 1861 --lanlSOdtf
SMOICED - "SALMON.-FINE " , gxtoitmir)
• SALMJAN, just received at
read ' Mammon! to_ Wm. Dock.; Jr., &410
ALL kinds of hauling with wagons or carts
will be promptly done by calling on
, corner or Second street and Meadow Lane.
PRIME LARD.—Fifty firkins fine - kettle
iendered LARD, for sale bylhe firkin or nound, Just
waived at • [JyIB] •, BOYER & KOREPER.
Foa aaleyrhelesale xt
: sinsusn k TRAZEk
DIVS succt!eporsto - k
kir% just received this morning, at
' • "" 'BICISLItR. & ZItAZER.
• Jell' Stmeemoriro W. Dock. Jr., & Co •
bhportant Act.
AN A CT cahbitng the banks of this' Common
'Wealth toleconte aleociations for the purpose
of banking under the favre 1 of the United
States. -• • ':
Swum 1. 'Belt enacted by the Sen;ate and Rowe
of /fermentative! 'of the CommonMealth of -Penn
sylvania in 'General Assembly met, and it is hereby
enacted by tic inithority of the same, That any bank,
incorporated'or organized by authority of.this
Commonwealth, which shall become an associa
tion for carrying on the business of banking un
der the iiiwge - of the United States, shall be
deemed:Whey° 'stirrendered its charter, if it
shall tte've complied 'with the requirement , of
thisract:'''Pi6idtd, That every such balk shall,
nevertheless;•iiii Continued a body corporath for
the term-of three years alter the time of such
surrender, for the purpose of prosecuting ',and
difendiogsulta by and against it, and , of bna-
Ming Wto'cicise its concerns and to dispose_
and-convey its proptnty, hitt not for• the par
prisn rof continuing, under the laws of this
Cciramonwealtb;'ll4 -business! fur which• it was
established. 1 , "
sae. 2. When• a bank, at-a% meeting tbe
stockholders, hattiroted to, bectimiseich mob'.
ation, and its directors procured the au
thority of. the owners of two-thirds of the
capital;stock, to-make the "certificate , maalred
therefor by the laws"Of the United 'States4 the
cashier shall thereof-rui;'-t)Orty,
days, in such newspaper the meebrer4St the
stackboldericititiy arid, and sand4lkavil ic tit
bo edotietii flytftbdt i ati;rcaaerwifaeitiwaufhpa -
Sao. S. Every such bank shall make, and
notify to the State treasurer its election to be
come an assodoton, as afoinaid, on or before
the first day of January next ; and before be.
- ivirt - 14Ifilli 111 t'' 6 ill Oil
_-, ... -- _ - _ ~....___ _
The'Sollowtnierethe4stes foe ado' ntlehig in the Übe-
ORA.I.H. Those having advertising to do will fin d it con
-4 venient for reieranoss la :41 4 fit i 6: l 6 ll . „ re
Ay; lour lines or le constitute
Itightlines, or more feinittatirissntdihs.
l ion A MALT SQUASE. , 1! .}..Year" l .. lV l9 5 '
1 0$0 dik........: .:. .$ SO. •One aar.......:4-4 0 0
Two days ' . 50 Two deys,-------- 100
Three days • 75 Mini days:..... 1 20 .
One week .... .:.. . 125 One week ....'.!:. ••• :r o
( 4knlrLir:ki, , ..:ic::: 170 ( 41,111*5.:***..„.9.00
Three m0nth5 ........ 550 Th ree months. ....."
..1- 0 0
Six months'.. . :-.•:.. 800 812 mentb5.....,.;,..' II GO
One year. _. _ - --lb 00 One year • woe
Adminletrntiolahitiets , '.l 15
Fa Mir 14%5, each fnse -t
la- Business notices in
before Marriages and .Des
eacb wertioe:-
ing entitled:to the privilege of this , Ikt, shall
surrender to the State treasurer the wale car
tificiatei of exchange, receivedlpr loins in coin
from-said bank , tO'theCommtitwealtb, - tinder
the act entitled "Au act to -,fastide fer the
payment of the interest ' on thestatii. - debt,"
approved the thirthith4lejeltifilatiOy, e,gh
teen hundred and sixty-tbree;ftat h eeWith the
interest which may bete setinedihelisori and(
any Of said lourkgr which , shalt4(otellitie re
rcellen fir icons , ih coinly.fikibiank -to the
CoMmonwealty; any , of tsaid!UpWe
before being entitled-to 'the 'priviligei!iff this
.act, shall pay into the treasury of_ the State, in
the manner and at the rate now-required by
the twenty-first sectiowof thelect of April six
teenth, Anno Domini one.thousand hun
dred and fifty, for the paybieritlef 'tilx - bit' bank
dividends: a"tax on the frill einount of ail ac
-Cried -pfireta, surplus funds; Contingent fund,
..tinpriofit.and loss of such batik, nrideo what
118100apcount ..the same 1.40 y be
clawed - aid arranged, as if such accrued profits
badbeen d ivided r on the' day"Ter deolaring divi
dends by said bank, MAU*e thietttday of
:January aforesaid .
Sae. 'I. At a-W9UPSefriilesiegifit"fre of
any bank', as &ferias an; stockholder
shall be allovied toc tdi ji everY
share of such capital "steckheld , (hrtilta,er
her, on the question whether, or }r said
bank shall become ouch an asanktioaos afore
said, for carrying on the biiii)sesartfpankint, -
and of.eierc sing the powers conferre d this
sot . ; , and every stockholder,,'lTheiAl..ubsent,
likeY'Vete by Proxy, made sat ,soy, me after
*lima; 041 become a law; aiisara.exeCtator,
adisinietiator, or tinsteet,:he,lts, apt such
share; or shares, of such- cult stock, may
vote personally, or by ploxy, wftleinit incurring
any responeihility biernoViotePite 'l
- Exc. 5. The court of common . 4ileagoof the
proper county, is ascertain and
determine, by the appointment of one armors
auditors, not exceeding three, and Shall certify, '
to, the president and direetorsiiiii Said bank,
what was the fair market value of theehares of
such bank, at the time of payirg_the last divi
dend;, and if, within said thirty :days, any
stockholder, who has nOtioitted in i l ivTti# such
authority, notifies, in writiog;.theiheaidelit, or
cashier, of his desire to .entrander
upon receiving the . value thereef f att he deter
mined, such bank sbail,within ihfrty digst here
after, pay such stockholder ac
cording to such valuation; with interest,. frosit
the time of paying said dividend, upon his sur
rendering his shares : Prod/kei t That, :notice
`shall be given of the time of meetin g the
auditor, or auditors, , appohitetllinBeri the pro
visions of this section; in .one ,meranewspa-
Para, of the PrePer. county,, 4/9494 to dr
president, diret,tors. and' steekkoldirs au&
fixo• 6. When; in adjusting theotthares of
stock of any stockholder, in a bank, surrender
'print charter under the parolitientraf this act,
to the value of the shares of an asseciatioa for
,banking, under. he,lawli of the Tinned .Btates,
'there shall b
o o fractional Shares - cif' fluielaCk of
ing blink,l id& frail
Videhereeshate beetatesnaerastatireticatr- as -
.shall bare been ascerts&&tiejte - AeLlelpe of
the shares of refusing stockholdstys in sakkback;
and in entre there shall' be no refteltdr Stock
holders, then the value shalllieasegrtalried In
the manner directed in relation to rrefusing
stockholders; and upon the payment °Couch
value, with like interest as is directed to be
paid to refusing stockholders, the miner' of such
fractional shares shalt deliver- the .' certificate
thereof, and transfer meld fractional_ idnuts to
such bank: Provided, That the directors of the
bank and such stockholder may agree upon a
camas the value of such fractional Wares. and
the payment thereof shall have the same.effect
as if the value had been ascertahad,intite mode
herriebefore mentioned.. I
Sac. 7. The capital siocketsfreh lbankehall
be reduced to the extent of the par-- value of
the shares so surrendered, and may be further
reduced to any amount fixed by authority of
the owners of two-thirds the capital stock, by
truchate and cancellation of shatee,'br rednc
-lug the par value of each share, , or to both
methods, as the directors nay determine •,
Provided, That such bank may, if it deem it
expedient, instead of reducing ifs capital stock,
to the amount so appraised, dispose' of the
same to any person, or persona, at the: par value
thereof, without any reduction of capital.
Sac. 8. When the charter of any bank is ear
-1 rendered under the provisions of this act, the
members of the board of directors, last in of
fice, shall forthwith deliver up all their plates
and dies, to the court of quarter sessions, in
the county in which the bank has been estab
lished, and the court shall cause than to be
disposed of; in such manner as shall lie deemed
expedient, In order to prevent their use fer any
unlawful purpose; the members-of tbe board,
who wilfully refuse, or neglect, so to do, shall
be deemed guilty of a misdemeapor t - and seve
rally punished, on conviction, in the 'proper
court, by a fine, not exceeding fiee hundred
Esc. 9. No such bank shall re-issue any of
the notes fur circulation, issued by it daring its
existence under the laws of this Cinnmon wealth,
'for more than one year after the time of filing
the notice, provided , for in the second section of
this act.
Sao. 10. The bank tax, imposed by the lewd'
cf this Commonwealth, shall be Raid by such
bank, up to the date of its becciming such as
sociation, in proportion to theftimeil silica the
next preceding payment thefeof.
Sec. 11. When a bat k furnishes to &Auditor
Get era satisfactory;evidence, - b4 the oaths or af
firmations of the President and CaShier, and by
the exhibition of hisbooks, or otherwise; that all
the requirements of this act have been a Jr:wiled
With, In relation to such bank„.and that it has
become a banking amociation, under the laws
of the United States, the Anditortieneral shall
certify the facts to the Governor, who 61111
cause notice thereof to be published in some
newspaper in the county where snCh bat kls
located, at least for tioVe weeks; and- tbe char
ter of the bank shall, thereupon, be deemed
to bi surrendered, subject to the provisions of
the first section of this act. =
Sao. 12. When the charter, cling ilanic shall
be surrendered to the CoMniqiiweeltb, under
the provisions of this tie/ i o d ic Tea l
and personal, of the salltzbe'At, 441,1
ately, by act of law, andAtitniintltlay:_convey
ance-or transfer, be vested jn and become the
p-oporty of the Aida asitnifilifibli,lor carrying on
the business of banking; formed as-Uforeiaid.
See. 13. Nothing in this act sluttl-he con
strued as releasiwanch association from its
obligation and dischargtatiffilo
tiee..incurted,by Wittlt. hemm in g
such association..
" ' 1 Rattretec; .
_ 13pestec of the House of BeorotebtstiveL
JOEEtt rultilff,
speaker of the Senate.
A:mom:P.-The twenty-oeumd day of Ao,
gust, Anno D3mild one , Uri.thoeight him.
died and sixty-fotat. CURTIN.
in the Local c. is, or
Esurr.Cong ago Liu for