Pennsylvania telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1864-1864, August 10, 1864, Image 1

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OTHCE ra - lED BT., NEAR wltivrat
hutlui LS Iltuawkra l 9 Earven tiff'
dty at 12 cents per wpe.k. 7,earitsiibectibetil be
charged 30 00 in advance . Those persons who riegiecttt.
pay to aayanast be charged 17 . 00.
Ida Trutopitils ..070pcibILstwd vretAdy, and is nirniatort
snLic,Tibera at't4:lfollowlng cash reins :
single ccp:ce, ........ ...:..51
litirce copies to one Post (Met
Ten copies to ono Post Oi tic
11~EDIC'A L.
THESE Bitter have performed mars cures;
have and do give better satisfaction; have more tes
timony; have more respectable people to vouch for them '
than any other article in the market.
We dely any one to contradict this assertion, and will
pay $l,OOO to any one that will produce a certificate pill,-
Mined by us that is not genuine, Holland's -German Bit
ters, will cure every case at Chronic or NOITOII3 Debility,
Diseases of the Kidneys, and dis*asop arising from a dis
ordered stomach. Observe the folluWing symptinas, cc:-
stilling from the disorders of tho 'digestive organs: Con
stipation, Inward Piles, Fullness of Blood to the head,
Acidity of the Stomach, Nausea, Heartburn, Disgust Tar
Food, Fullness.° sweight in the Stomach, Sour Eructs tidns,
Sinking or liutteriug at the pa of the stomach, Swimming
of the bead, flurried and Milieuit breathing, Fluttering at
the heart, Choking or suffocating sensations when in A
lying posture, Dimness of vision, Dcts or webs before the.
Sight, Fever and dull pain in the head, Deficiency of pers
piration, Ye!tonneau of ilia skin and eyes, Pain in tho side,
back, Chatit,limbs, &c. , Sudden thistles. of heat, Burning
in the flesh, Constant aginations of evil, and groat de.'
pression of spirits.
Bemeinher that this Bitters is not alcoholic, Conte uo
tam or whisky, and caret make drunkards, but Is the
bast Tolle In the world.
Prow the Rec. Levi O. Book, Poem of tto Baptist:
Church, Pemberton, N. .7., formerly of the North' Itaptiat
Church, Philadelphia. , .
I have known Headland's German Bitters favbralgy fur
number of years I have need them to my own familyf,
and have been so pleased with their enacts that I was to-1
duced to recommend thorn to many others, and know that
they have operated inn at! Mlngly beneficial manner. I
take great pleat:tire in tlaus• publicly prociallning : this
fact, and calling the attention of those alliktted is
diseases fur winch they are recommended to these' Mt. ,
tern, knowing from experience that my recommendation
will be sustained. I do ilia more cheerfully as Hoof.
land's Bitters is intended to benefit the afilicted, and is
"Mot a runkdrink." Yours truly.
L.EVI G. liIECk.
From lieu. .1. Newton Itrwein, D. D. Etter of the. En'
cyclopedia of Religious Knowlede and Christie:m*oMM..
Me, Plailahelpinal
Although not disposed to favor or recommend Patent
eloniclues in general, through distrust of their ingredients
and effects, I yet know or no suing:ant reasons why a
than may not testify to the benefits ho believes hlmsblf to
have received from any simple preparation, in the hope'
that he may thus contribute to the benoill of
I do this the more readily In regard to iloodand's Ger-,
man Bitters, prepared by Dr. C. M. Jactmon, of this city
because I was prejudiced against them fur many years,
under the Impression that they were cbtelly an alcoholic,'
mixture. lam indebted to toy friend, Robert Rh:petite
ker, for the removal of this prejudice by firciper;
teats, and for encouragement to try them when suffering
from great a i pil lung continued debility. The use oi
three bottles of these Bitters at the beginning of the
present year, was followed by evident relief and resters_
lion to ft degree of bodily and mental vigor which I had
not for six months before, and had alumat despaired of
regaining. I therefore thank God and my friend for di
recting me to the use of them.
From Rev. Warren Randolph, i'a,ter of Repast
Church, Gerntabtoval, Peen.
Dr. C. M. Jacason:—Dear Eir:—Personal experience
ambles we to ray that I regard We German Bitten, pre
pared by you, as a moat excidlent medicine. In cases of
severe cold and general debility I nave oven greatly belle-
Ilttact by the use of thiaßittent. and doubt Dot they will
produce mailer eifecas on others.
Uernmeiewd, a.
Frocaßve. J. IL Tumor, Palm of 3egphpZ u. E
Church, Philadelphia.
Dr. C. M. Jackson:—Dear Sin—Having used your Ger,
=LIM Bitters in my family frequoutly 1 am prepared to say,
ituu. It has beep of great service. 1 believe Makin most
MAO of general debility - or the system it Is the s.afeat. afel
moat valuable remedy of whielt 1 have aay knowledge.
'fours, respectfully 3. li. TURNER,
No. 72 0 3 - N. Nineteenth Street:
girrom the Rev. J. IL Lyons, formerly Pastor of tha
Mambos (N. J.) and Mlleetowu (Pa.) Baptist Chitrohes.
Dr. C. IL Jackson :--Dear feellt apicasurellms„,
of my own accord, to bear town:neap mum excellen c e of
the German Bitters. Some since being much af:
Aimed with Dyspepsia, I used them with 'eery ..hediVal
wig% / have often recommended them to persons aqui
(*babied by that tormenting disease, and have hoard: II OM
thgun the moat flattering tectistamialn as to their great
.9111110. In cases of general debility, &Ise/love it to be. a
topic that cannot be en:passed. S. N. LYONS.
From :the Rev Thotns.s Winter, Pastor of . Roatibrottgli
Baptist Church.
'Dr. Jaoksont—Dear Blr:—I foit It due to your excel
lent preparation, 'Wetland German Bitters, to add my
testimony to the deaerved reputation it has obtained. I
ha*e for years, at times, been troubled with great disorder
In my head and nervous aystem, I was
. advised by a
mend to try a bottle of yOMAi§iinati Bitters; did to. and
page experlencedtreat and'unbipected relief; my b,: e a t ,h
bas been very instririally bell:nified. • • I coondontly reecm.
mend the article where 'Meet With cased sunhat te
Own, and have -been assured by many of their good ef
fects. Respectfully yours
T. WinEit, -Roxborough, Pa.
From Rev. J. S. Herman, of the 'German Reformed
Church, gutgtown, Berko county, Pa.
Dr. O. M. Jackson:—Respected Bir!.—T have been
troubled with Dyspepsia nearly twenty years, and have
never used any medicine that did me as much good as
Hoothond's Bitters. lam very much Improved in health,
4,lltpr having taken five bottles.
• Yours with rawest,. & gERMAN.
Laxage (holding nearly 40'14 ..quiPlOtY4 0; - 64
hotge , —helt dot . • 45 00
Small Elze--75 cents seer bottle—ludf dos. - 4 00
ekliekthat the signature of "C. it. JACKSON" . 15,0 the
.4.PRER of glen. bottle.
sb o iad, your menet druggist not have the ardele; do
Get be put on by any or 140 Intoxicating previntli!Xla that
be egreked to t ug owe; but song to. us, end we will
reneerd• li•Ourely paeload, .by Oipresg,
Principal Moo-80 Manutac;•ory,._
NO:: 831 A E"Cir-- - .S TIIP. ET, •
JONES & Enna, •
• Summon to C. M. Jaitkimict
• Pnoriztrdits.
for male by Ornailins and Dealers In every tows m tha
VONA *Wm varliNawk,
- 7 - 77*"" - '"'"777 - '''''" * . =--- .. '-ii-z. ''''.•% ' •:-.:'="- - - - -
, .-- . —,_ -- ------------ .—....----- --...----...,--- ----- , ,------ - - -- ..._____
. ..... _ . . _ .
~ .. .. . . .
, '''' •i '. -' ' ' ' 71' e.:: '4:,A .' ''' •' I ii.: , `-".
.• .-% .A- i l lt.d i l ,-, _. -. * 411 . ____.
. ~,.• N -"' i A.
..img: .- .m.. _. . liaarne—shilLY TELIXIIIU
• • - . -", - •
• Thethltoiring ate the rates I'M advertising
3...) • • - IIZAra. ' Those hartng advertising to do win ant
- • ..
.....‘ .
_ __ -.-__. ' • -a% " •, . VII
' oft' /.1 , - - - - -. . '
, ~ ... .
. in, ...,,,,
...„....., .....---,- • .
_. , . veniett-tfor-retbreate..
11 . , .--....-. . - ' , 7 •'.
• • ''
' ..
, - .7qt S' ,_ ' '
. _
~ 01( • ~, ± , •:., : i a
...„ .
_...z...._ : _ ,. . .
.1in:e.....7 7.... 7 .. th.....°1f0' .'5 .
i cri: : ti:tle . l:' k ur : b a l : 'qual
. . TOR A HALF WAN.. "il Olt elltti
• - N. $ 30 - One day '
. . . 1 ' • •
. - ~n_),,. , , _
_4_••, > _ . '..- _ : ._ •-• Two dahri BO Tim da
. :-. • ' _...
;,.• . -' -. ' .: • '
~- • - <,.?.... w-, „. _
. One month 3' 00 One mug; ' •
~ .. . ru-c)
t. - -_....- -- ' . Two months 450 Two monlsl
, ' ' • • • • . Three months •14 60 Three months....
_ . ... , •'-. , One-year' --IS 00 One year - --;
. • ,; - Admirilitnara `Notices
~ . d - t i4,.
10 00
Pennsy*amid- Rail Road
. •
TEE Passeywit Trains'of thei, Pen.R.4ylvatin
kidiroad Corapani:4lll dlpart, from and arrive at tar
riaburg ea f °win ,"
THROUGH:EMPRESS TRAIN leaves Harriaburg daily
at 2.46 a. at., and arrives at West Philadelphisat 0.05 A. Y.
FAST LINE leaves Harrisburg daily (except Monday) at
8.00 A. u., and arrives at West Philadelphia at 10.10 A. M.
Passengerii take breakfast at Lancaiter.
.MOUNTJOY AC:CDMMODATIOPti leaveti Harrisburg at
7.20.4. cryanecta at Lancaster -with I accom
niedation train, and and arrives at .West elphiai at
12.25 P. 11.
burg at 12 20 P.. M. ; Columbia L 56 and maim at
Lancaster.2.3o counspung with. fast. Hal Least At
Lancaster for Philadelphia, and arrives at West Philadel
phia at 5.30 P.N. -
MAIL TRAIN leaves Harrisbarg at L2O P. 11. ; Lancaster
at 2.47 r. ii., and arrivesat Wset Philadelphia at 5.30 P. at
bia, leaves Harrisburg at 5.25 r. ta., and Arrive's - at West
BALTIMORE EXPRESS TRAIN leaves Harrisburg daily
(except Monday) at 2.10 A. N. ;. Altoona, 7.35 A. M., take
breakfast, and arrives at Pittsburg at 12.30 P. ,
daily at 8.10 s.a.; Altoona at 8.20 A. M., take breakialst,
and arrives at rittsbur. at 1.00 1., N. -
MAIL TRAIN leave:Harrisburg at 1.30 r. N. ; Altoona
at 7.15 P. N., take suppisr ipid arrives atllttsburgat 1230
FAST LINE leaves Haritsbirg at 3.50 r. 3r. ; Altoona at
8.3 b P. st., take sapper, and arrives at Pittsburg at A.. 00
A. X.
9.80 •. K., arrives at Harrisburg at 11.10 A. K.
Ptiladelphia at tea and arrives at Harrisburg at 110
P. N.
110117 NT JOY ACCOMMODATION No. 2, leaves Lancas
ter at 0.25 r. at. ' connecting there with Harrisburg Accom
modation West , leaves Mount Joy at 7.00 P. M. and arrives
at Harrisburg at 8.20'e. at.
Rapt. Middle the. Pained it R.
Harrisburg, May 15, 1.88.1.-41tf ,
Northern Central Railway
Colmecitons made with trains on Pennsylvania Railroad,
to and from Pittsburg and the West.
MESE TEAM DAILY to and from the North and
Wost Branch &Sou Plo t, aa, Elmira, and all of Northern
New York.
ON IT and after MONDAY, MAY 16th, 1864,:
vj the Passenger Trains of the Northern Central!
Railway will arrive At and depart from puTiabarg and:
Baltimore as follows, via:
HALL TRAIN loaves; Zustnary daily- (sasept
Builds y) .... . .... .......10.20 A. it.
" leavesg.. ........ ... L2O S. Y.
4 * arrives at Baltimore 8.40 P. x
EXPRESS TRAIN leaves Sunbury daily (tireept .
• Bunday) ....: —ll4 r. is.
•• leaves Harrisburg (except
- Monday) 2.50 A. K.
" ' arrives at Baltimore daily •
(except Monday) .
burg 7.00 A. at.
MAIL TRAIN leaves Baltimore daily (except
Sunday) 9.20 a. as.
•• leaves Itarrisbovg Lae r. a.
, ,
arrival at Sunbuti. 4.05 P. N.
HIP/tHir l'ltAl2s leaved Haltilasta daily 9.30 P. N.
a arrives at Harrisburg L6O A. 3c.
•' leavee Harrisburg dally (ex
cept Monday) 8.1.6 A. IIL.
arrivesat Suntrary 5.681 IL
Cmart. .._l2i.- (except Str .e.
dig) . 8.00 r. x.
.• arrives at Harrisburg 7.50 P. Y.
For further intiination.apply. at the °Moe, in Pennnyi.
vtuna Railroad Depot J. N. DoBAIIRY.
Ihmisinirp., May ln, 1.1164.-01 . Gen. itapt.
ON AND ..ASTER MONDAY, P r tovember
18th 1808, the Passenger Maize will leave the Phila
delphia •and Reading Railroad Depot, at. Rurlabarg, lbr
New York and Philadelphia, as follow; viz :
EXPRI=3 LINE leaves Harrisburg at 6.80 A. sr- on ar,
rival of dab Pennaylvanialtaihead Exprea a Train sr.,
West, arriving in New York at: La A. N. •A iileaping car
is attached..tu the train through from' Pittsburg without
MAIL TRAIN leaves Harrisburg at &GI) =tying
In New York at 5.30 r. K. - and rlillidapbla at 150 It Y.
FAST LINE leaves Hitrrisborg at tog P. tr., PAM* ill
Now York et 10.25 r. sa., end PalladelpU* it 'COO r.
FAST LINE leaves New. York ai 640 A. n., and . Phila.
delphiwat. fLIS s x , arzlvtag at Harrisburg AVMS r
TRAIN leaves New York-if 12.00 noon, and
Philiulelphiant,23o P.. ar., arriving. od Harrlatnnt , at- 8.20
• EXPRE4 TRAIN leaves New , York at 7.00 P. le t lir;
riving at Harrisburg at 2.00 a. z and connecting 'with the
Pennsylvania Express Train for Pittsburg- A-sleeping car
is also attached to this train.
Connections are mado at Harrisburg with trains on the;
Pennsylvania, Northern Central and Cumberland Valley
radroada, and at Reading for Philadelphia, Pottsville,
Wilkeabarre, Allentown; Eamon, Acc.
Baggage checked through. Fare between New - York
and Hartiaburg, $5 ; between liamixturg and nihilist
phta, $3.36 in No. loans and /Bait No. 2. t
For tickets or attor Information apply to
J. J. CLiriEt,
- fUnetral - Aarent. Han.. labrira
N.JI - NORTE and Northareat for Philadelphla,New York,
Reading, Pottsville, Lebanon, Allentown, Easton; de1. , .",&0.
Trains . teat* Harrlabarg for Philadelphia , , Novi York,
Reading, rattail - tile and all Latennedtateatationl, at LOO
A. Load- 2.00 r. x. • '
v'York Express leaves Harrisburg at 0.80 +l. Y.,
arriving at New York at L 45 the same day.
A special Accommodation Passenger train loaves Read
ng at 7.15 1. N. and returns fromHarrieburg at 5 r. N.
Fares from H arrisburg: To New York, $8.46; to Plata
delphia $3 35 wad $2 80. Baggage checked through,
. :gowning, leave New York at 6 a. ft.,12 noon, and 7
e. (PittaburB REPrista arriving at Harrbeinarg at/ 1. N.)
Leave Philadelphia at 11 and 8.80 P. N.
Sleeping cars in the NOW Mirk Expreen Traintignosb
to and from Pittsburg without change. ••
Passengers by the Catawissa Railroad lean Iritsagoa
at 9.60 s m, and 2.10 r. sr,,, for Philadelphia , New-York,'
and all way 'points.
Trains leave Pottsviikiat 9.16 u. N., and /80 P. N., for .
Philadelphia; Harrisburg and'New 'York.
An Accommodation Pasatutper train leases Redding as
' 6.004. nt., , auliaeturus from Philadelphia at 6.00 r. N.
..spay-All the above trains run daily, liinaday =opted.
• ,atiunday train loaves Pottsville at 4:80 a. N., and Phil = .
adelptda et &111 r: .
Commutation, lame, Beason and Enure= !OMB at
veduced-rodertdrom &timbal% .
tit) panda WOO allowed to each puma • - •
cd • '' M IL %
Ciasaral Ilapesintaidasi.
, t 1)
MOND AY, May, 16th, 1864,
bury daily (except Sun
day) at... 7 30 A. x
burg dally (exceptSuaday)
at 4 0 0 r. L
T Et-E 1i.11.1 0 N - 7 N Oaf .104. ND F` OREVE It":" , 77 - Webster
TUISDAT, Aug. 9, 1864.
AgreEably to the proclamation of the Gover
nor, convening the General Assembly of this
Vononai3altb, to meet hi their respective
chambers at 12 o'clock', a., this day, the Sena
tors asserriliitti inn - their chamber, and were call
ed to order by Mr. SPeedtp,r. PENNEY.
The Clerk called the rhlf,'when the following'
Senators answered to their names: _„
= Aftsars, Bucher, Chatnpueytt Connell , Dunlap, Fleming,Matz, - Graham,
ilopkins, Householder, Johnson, Kinsey, Latta,
L3wry, fiPCaadlevs M'Sherry, Montgomery,
Nichols, Reilly, Smith, Stark, dtein, St. Clair,
Turret!, Wilson, Worthington and : Penney,
THE (1017KRNOle8 4110CLAM&TION.
The Clerk read the proclamation of the gov
ernor, calling the extra smsion. fror which
EC) aoflB3 proceedings.]
The Oletk of the House of Representatives
being introduced, announced that he was di
rected to inform the Benet° , OUtt the House of
Representatives had appointed' Messrs. Slum
and Boman a committee, to inform the Seri
ate that the House is organized.
A committee from the House of Repreimntee
Oyes being introduced, their chairman, (Hr. .
Slum Philadelphia) announced that they had
been directed to inform the Senate that the
House of Representatives was organized and
ready to proceed. to business. '
Mr. FLEMING moved that a committee be
appointed to wait upon the House of Repre-'
eentativee, and inform them that the Senate
was also organized•and ready to proceed to bu
The motion periled to; and Messrs.
'Fisansciand KINSIY,..-weie appointed as am&
jitr. lIIRRELL moved that a committee of
three be appointed, to act in caujunction
a shnilsr committee on the part of the Rome
of Representatives to wait upon the Governor,
and inform him th at the Ltgisiatnre is organ. ,
The motion was agreed to, and Mom. Tea-
MILL, 0 natal and
,41IN Were npodAted aB such
committeA - •
TURRELL, from the committee appoil l
ted. to wait upon the :Governor, reported
that they had ditcharged that duty, and that
hie Rue Head had directed thorn to inform
the Senate that he would make a Qom:tunics
tion'in writing body forthwith.
MESSAGE iaox "ritll GOVE2NOR.
The Secretary of the,On.;', l 7 ) .mn.attk besew
Introduced, Dusented meMg .w e writleg hem
the Governer.
The message was mad.
[See House proceedings. ,
On motion of Mr. LOWRY, five thousand
copies of the message in English end tbree
thousand in German were ordered to be printed
for the use of the Senate.
On motion of Mr. NICHOLS, the subjects
recommended by the Governor.' for legislative
action were referred to the appropriate com
an motion of Mr. EINESY,
Ordered, That, when the cienate adjourned,
it adjourn to meet to-morrow morning at
ten o'clock, and that that hour be the rega
lar hour for the morning sessions until other
wire cidered.
The Secure then, on motion of Mr. STEW,
TUJOIDAT, August 9, 1861.
Agreeably to the proclamation of the Gov
ernor, convening the General Avetubly of this
Commonwealth to meet at their respective
chambers at twelve o'clock at-, this day.
The members of the House of Representatives
assembled in th e ir hall, and were called to or
der by Mr. Speaker JOHNSON, who directed
the clerk to call the toll of menabers, when
The following named members. answered to
their nainea
. .
Mestere. Alexander, - (Clarioh,) Alleman,
Bahama, Barnett, l3ech, Benton, .Bightun,
Billingfelt, Boileau, Bowman, (Cumberland,)
BOWthan, (Lancaster,) Boyer, Burgwin, Coalman,
(Erie,) Cochran, (Phaladelphla,) Coleman, Den
nisson, Ellis Birder, Foster ' Glass, tuber,
Guernsey, Hakes, Haslett, Henry, Herron,
Hill, Hoover, Horton,Hnston, Jackson, Kaiser,
Kelley, Kerns, (Philadelphia,) Kerns, (Schnyl-
WO:Kline, 14e Lilley; Long, M'Clelhm, M' Kee,
It' Manus, lidldurtrie, Mayer, Marsh, Miller,
Mkalmer, Musaelinan, Myers, Negley, O'Harra,
Olmstead, Orwig: Paircoast, Patton, Potteiger,
Price, Purdy, Reed, ilex, Bice, Riddle, Robin
son, Sharpe, Shimer, Slack, Smith, (Ohelltfin,)
Smith, (PhtladelphiN) Stanthirgir,
Sutphin, Walsh, Watt, Watson, Weaver,
Weiser. Wells White ,:Whttley, .Windle tad
Jokumii, 5pe.26.42;_-
The following communication from tbo Sec
retary of the Commonwealth; with the accom
panying . groclamatrou of the Governer, was
&kit or PitiIINSTLYMILi s
&unman:me, PA., Anstalt 9, 1864.
Hon. HN C. Joessox, Speaker o f the Rouse e/
Sze.-1 havelhe honor'obansmit herewith
the Prochnstation of the •GoVernor, convening
the GendialAsiehtbly' Commonwealth,
on Tuesday, 'Atigieß 9, a: . n. 1864, at 12 o'clock
noon. Very RespeOfully,
Your obedleat seriant,
Secretary of the Commonwealth.
Pennsylvania, ss:
In she name and by the anthisity of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Andrew G.
Cartin, Governor of the said Commonwealth.
A Proclamation:'
WzmalLs, An extraordinary occasionrejoices
that promfit legislative action-be had, to mike
the military power of the Commonwealth im
mediately available for State and National de
Therefore; 1, Andrew G. Curtin, Governor of
the Commonwealth of Penupylvanhi, by virtue
of the powers vested .in me by the Constitution,
do hereby convene the General Assembly of
this Commanwealth, and require the members,
of the Senate laid !louse of ilapresentstlves to
meet in their raspective houses In the capitol,
at Haeriabint,,on, Tuesday, the ninth day of
August, 1864, it twelve o'clock noon, of that
day, than and thara to deliberate woe, sad
adopt itch inedsores at-may, in their wisdom,
ba or.naardtd by tlfet_naltencles or the occasion.
In teetimonY'_where6f, hereunto set
my band and ciatirodtlieGrest4eal of the Com
monwealth to' be ifilied at Harrisburg, this
first day of August, Id the - year of •our Lord
one thoriaand -eight hundied and siziy-four,
and of the lisdepisidenc, or the United - States
the eighty-ninth. r' •
fl CURTIN. [L. a.]
By the Governor:
Secretartof the Commonwealth.
coMISITTairOF 1101111 CATION.
Hr. COCElRAlKPalladelphla ) Imove that
a committeeottillt-iippDinted US wait upon
a ayr r
Are Governor ni - tirn thit _this Howe
is now iq SersirinvAikreeatily to the call of his
proclamation ! - -
The lotion vas agreed to, and Itessts.,Cocu- i
lAN, (Philadelphia) Perron and EresaaFr wore
appointed as the committee. _
Mr. SMITH (Philadelphia.) I move that a
committee of two-be appolopd to hifoini thri
Senate that the House is now in session, blpur
suance gi_the Governor's proclamation.
Thri'Mtion was agreed to, and Messrs. Burro,
(Philada)phiris) and Routarsoz were appointed
as the oomtnitpe.
Conaisting of Nam nom and KINSIY,
being. Introduced, announced that the Senate
was organized and ready to proceed to btulneca
under :tho call, of the Governor.
113,38A01 MOIL Till MATZ.
llie'cierk of the Senate being Introduced;
presented - two extracts from the journal of that
body, which were read, as follows :
. IN SNNATE, August 9, 1864.
Resolved, That Messrs. FLAMING and Kuser
bestcommittee to Inform the House of Repro
asitetatires that the Senate is now organized and
ready to proceed to business.
Resoled, That Messrs. TURIRELL, GRAIIAM
and &tint be a committee to wait open the
Governor i in 804w/odors committee_
a similar com
mittee of the Rouse of Representatives (U the
Mouse ritual appoint sivdb.a committeetjand in
form him that the Gmferal Aesemtrly is now
organised and ready to reeeiv,e any communi
cation vrhich he may hem &to matte.
A spost or NOTIFYING comstrrrrA.
Mit rl ooolll3.Abt, (Philadelphia,) from the
Committee:appointed to notify the Governor of
the assembling of theRRo e, reported that the
committee. had performedthat duty, and that
the All:mentor . had qt,,ted that he would in a
feir motoeu to communicate with the SOONG in
.. 117 . Mug ' • smaskos Fi01(
- The Secretary of the - Commonwealth being
introdaced;prtsented a menage t:Nat the Gov
mnor. - [dee 2d page.]
srgatAL ciottxrrru ON XILtr&RT ORCIALIMMOSP
Mr. WATSON °tared the followlog Telarft
9&ra -
V__ , s _ tile banal. COIIMI-J - -- kaav ..--
=wiz of .the messaimof Abe Governor * refers
to thrthrilitary. orgardzation cd: the, and
is hereby 'referred to a joint ocrialltee of fire.
orefribers of each 1101380, with inatineflona to
report by bill or otherwise,.norsoon as prectia
ble. ' •
- Ott motion of Mr. WATSON', this orders were
suspended a n d the Hduse proceeded to the con
adoration of the resolution, which was read
the second time and adopted.
snout comma on s3' rearrattor7
gr. BIGHAM. offerecl, the following resole•
don: .
/feuded, That so much of the message of
the Goveroor, as refers to revenue be reterred
to aselect committee of 4lre Members of each
Oa :notion of Kr. BIGHAIII, the orders were
Buspended, and the Home proceeded to the
coubideration of the resolution, Which was read
the second time.
Mr. SMITE (Chester.) I would suggest that
the number of the committee on die part of the
House be seven Inetead of five. A special cons
mittee of seven members of the .House has al
reads, bad wader consideration 'tire subject of
the revision of our revenue system ; and es the
members of that committee ,have given this
subject more attention than much wiser men
might be able to give it in a short time, it prob
ably might be well, (should the. SOggestion re
ceive the spproval of the Speaker,) that the
committee already appointed should act as the
special committee wader this remintion. 1
move, therefore, to /ahead. by Striking out
"five," and - Inserting in lieu thereof 6 -'seven:"
EIGRAM. I have no objection to the
The amendment was agreed to, and the reso
letton as amended was adopted. P
Mr. SHARPE -offered the' following resoln
Resolved, That so much of the message of the
Governor, as refers to an. appropriation to the
sufferers at chamberibarg; be referred to se
lect 4ximmittee of five to - act in' donjunctien
with o . gtudlarcotimit‘e.Of the Scmage t if the
Senate appoint such a:committee.
On motion of Mr SHARPE the orderi were
suspended; and tlie - H4tute, proceeded_ to the
oonsidernition of the-resolute:on - whichwas read
the second time and adopttd.
Mini Or DULY larinraN 110.
9 llEttNiiitY offered the following Two
'Mon, which wee : twice read;
Resolved, That, when this Howe adjourns, it
will- 'adjourn to meet ' to-morrew morning at
eleven o'clock, and that that shall toe the stand
ing hour of meeting till otherwise ordered.
Mr. BARLETT nioved to amend by striking
out after the word "Itleaved" and iniett
ingiii lien thereof the following:
That, until otheryfise ordered,. the Horse
will hold morning "iestions from. nine till. one
o'clock; and edternoon sestione from three
seven. ' •
SUITH (lidladelphis.) Mr. Speaker,
I trust that, thid amendment will not be adopt.
ed, bat that the originil proposition will be
carried: If I nriderstand correctly, the .Aintied
which devolve titian ns at - this time are to . he;
performed, nut in this-House, bat in our 'cola
mittee rooms, by the seve ral conimittees
which may be appointed to di est and prepare
such_ bills as wilt tie necessary for our
thoig eonneltign Malt have repiflfted . ,l
trust that eleven o'clock 4111 be the daily hour
of meeting, and that we shall adjourn daily at
one o'clock. When the conunitteee shall have
sibmitted suitable meausures for our action, I
shalt be as ready as any other Member to work
earnestly and peragertngly ; but it occurs to
me that for us at thin time to appoint two
daily guidons of this House, each four hours
long, would be altOgether preposterous.
Hr. SMITH (Chester.) I think it . would
be preferable that we should adjourn to•day'
until ten Veto& Swam:ow =main, u the
'fienate has done, without •noii Inkfrietirly no
tion O 3 to what shall be our *egoist - Licari:if
meeting. By tc-morrow we may, perhaps, be
better_able to not on this question than we are
at pre: eat.
Mr. HASLETT. In view of the suggestion.
of the gentleman from Chester, I withdraw!
my amendment for the present.
Mr. GUERNSEY. lam entirely
- satisfied;
that the proposition of the gentleman from .
Chester *shall be adopted. It occurs to me,
however, that, as usatttra now stand, we can
not, at the present time,
adopt any intelligent
action in this Mouse, until the committees
shall have digested' and reported bills for our
consideration. I think that for us to attempt,
in.this House, to digest the various measures
which it is necessary to pass would be a very
.erroneous method of pn?oeeiling.
Mr. SMITH (Chestet)'moved to:amend the
restitution of Mr. OUBINBBY by striking out-Ali
after the. word "resolved" and insertingthe
following: • -
Tha4 when this House adjourns, it will ,
bourn 'to meet - to-morrow morning at ten
o'clock. -
Tl.B amendment of Kr. Burrs (Cheater,) waa
adopted,' and tbe resolution as amended was
agreed to.
• salamis os nut Goys:moa t s xi/Baas.
Mr. COCHRAN, (Philadelphia.) . Offered the
followio'g resolution *deb was twice teaull .
Resolved, That ten thousand copies in Rugllidl
of the message of the Governor be printed -fed.
the use of this House.
On motion of Hr. ROBINSON, the researation
was amended by . inserting after the - word
"English" the wards. "and tbree thenserut
German." '
Mr. MILLER (on leave) read In place on act
for the organisation of the National Guard of
Refarel to the special committee on th9eab
jeot of the military oiganisalion of the_ itatp.i
Mr MILLER. I will state, in connection with
the bill•which I have just presented, that itarai
prepared by some gentlemen in Philadelphia
who are fully competent to frame such a mea
sure; and I ant glad to observe , that, bk. many
of its fe%turea it accords With-the recommend
&done embraced in the message •Mile - Gov,
error. I think that it hot bill suitable for the
emergency and one which will secure us an ef
fective military organisation.
On motion of Mr. SHIM, (Chester,) the
House •
J 39 TeregrapQ.
Murder of Ken, 'Women and Childrep
Pr?Rr Znearrar, August 7.
Four hundred Indians attacked a train of
nine wagovs, a mile east of Plumb creek;this
morning. They killed all the men. with the
train, burned the wagons and•drove ,o
Two women and four children are supposed
to have been taken prisoners.
The Indiana afterward attacked another
train three times, near the same place, but
wewe.dxiven. off.
a^hey - also _burned 27 wagon- ;If -point-Man
chez: = 0 drove, riff the stock. At dnik this
evening a body of Indians attacked Boyd's
Rancho nine
miles from ivy° en Woed•river.
There seems t. have been a C.?
of the Indians .to make a dash neerted plan
on Places
around a out here . 11 the same time.
Col. Sumner with 80 mounted men started
for the place where the trains was burned, and'
klaj. O'Brien started from Cottonwood with e
company of troops to cooperate with him.
About noon another band drove off some
stock from Dayton and were chased by a small
number of troops to a bluff, where the indians
were found in force. After a ahor4 skirmish
our men were retreat.. .
Passengers by the r atage coming, east to-day
counted eight dead bodies and. others are sup
posed to be hidden in the grass.
. - Maw Yosw, Aug, a.
The Commercial Advertiser saya,jti iat, tale
grams have been received from Wasliiilliion.
announcing that 'Generals Dliermatt And
Thomas-:have both - - telegraphed 'to the War
Department that Atlanta will be ours
by the close of this-ilia&
The Anticipated Raid .on Buffalo.
, .
. Burremo,:ing. 9.
The Commercial Adoertiser has further par
tieulara about the rebel raid on this city.
appeara that the Provost Marshal of Buffa
lo, from various reports; was led to believe
that the rebels in Canada' had organized an
expedition to burn Buffalo, and to destroy the
canal locks at LockpOrt.
He laid the Matte*, before Gen. who'
stated that he was aware of the'existenbe - of
such a. plot, but was unable to proviele*ny
Means to defeat it; at the same time he: ad
vised that such measures should be- t a k en
tore as the exigency might require. • The
public are unadvised of any meal of`defence
havittgbeen taken, but Major Fargo-
tested against the .removal - of the 74th Vigi
ment 'from here, whielfhas just been or an
ized for 100 days service. •
••_ _ . •
English -:.Order Relative to the
1•• NAIaRKYTem Aug. q•
Aug ;
of the Adn@ak
recently communicated _ to Minister Ada* at
London -anntioi that:no 'Vessel whatever, is
allowed come up trait river Thames above
Galleon's, with powder, live shells or ocombus
tibia atone onboard:, without speeW"pienibi.
sion from the Admiral*
Applications are to be niadeby foreign ves
sels to the respective consuls lie' to the ar
moments for loading and safe custody of
the powder, an.
PItICE:'TWO= ._STS. ~-;
iha resolatioa as amended was adopted.
atm, u ruin.
The Indian War.
.2 20
.. 100
.—. 1.46
.... 226
, 01
9 90
11 00
et 0
a - 25
Warrisse hw_ 76
Auditor's Notices 1 50
Puneral Notioeseachismitios., • 6 0
sir Etwineas notice. uiserted to the Lad apbsnem, or
betbrolfanisses and yeili, Agfa! Clam pm' Los for
Accident to the Steamer Vial.,
Ainabri, August 9.
The steamer Vanderbilt, while crossing up
the Hudson river this morning before day-
-light, ran into a tow of canal boats, sinking
three of them, and damaging her bow con
siderably. She was ran ashore and the pas
sengers were taken off by the steamer St.
johns. Noboby was injured on the Vander
bilt, but two men on the canal boats are be
lieved to have drowned.
. Barges have been sent down to bring up
the freight, which received little damage.
The accident is attributed to thick smoke
from the burning woods, which hangs in
thick folds over the river,
From Fort Monroe,
FonT MOITSO2, Aug- 8.
The. United States steamers Eutaw and
American arrived this morning from "Pensa
cola, and are at Quarantine.—Their crews are
healthy, but they report three cases of yellow
fever at Pensacola when they. left.
General Grant arrived hero from Washing
ton to-day, at noon, and after remaining here
for three hours, proceeded on up James rivet.
The flag of truce steamer New York arrived
here this morning from Philadelphia, where
she has been for some weeks undergoing re
pairs. She sailed.hence tor Allow' Lauding
this afternoon, with about flftyrebel surgeons
for exchange, in charge of Major Mulford. •
Great Fire at Waterford, R.I.
Pannonscs, R. 1., Aug. D.
Evans, Seagrove & Co's mill, No. 1, at Vfra
terford, was entirely destroyed by fire last
night. The mill was running on army wool
lens, and had twenty-three set.; of machinery,
employing four hundred and fifty operytives.
The loss is ovor $400,000. Insurance on ma
chinery and building„ $106,200; on stock.
The Accident on the Baltimore
and Washington Railroad.
The latest report from Annapolis Junal2on
states that none of the passengers were in
jured by the accident yesterday, beyond a few
slight bruises and scratches. All proceeded
to their destination.
Election Returns.
YOBS, Aug. 9.
The following is the official vote of York
county on the,amendment allowing the sol
diers to vote. For the amendment, 4,26;
against it, 3,881. Majority for the amend
ment, 381.
Death of Gov. Francis: of Rhode
Psornanscra„ August 9.
Gov. Join4rovnt Francis died to=day.
• AT
Book and Stationery Store.
Embracing every new and improved style of
at pidees4k.suic all eircumsaancea
Comas Ling or a fine amour eat of Weatennolm's Sup
Poona, Salves.
- • • „ autos PAIOS„
'From Newton's celebraunt manufactory. gory WNW
with a portents&
w"Pm . ...7r• r!ASES
Together with every article usually found in a that
Book and Stationery estahhahment, at
eitll2l BERGNER'S, al Market street
• Asimr.AsT QUART.-
UNTIL further orders,' one ...
sixty-five (165) dollars per bead will be p._
delivered at the Government stables atHanisburg, Pa.
bald horses to be sound in all particulars, not len than
(5) five nor more than (9) eine years old; Vont 143 i to 16
hands high, full fleshed, compactly built, bridle wise end
of size .afficieot for cavalry purposes.
These sfecifications will be strictly adhered to and rigidly
enforced sn every par
Payment made on delivery of (7) seven horses or over.
Hours of inspection from 8 a. at. to 6 r. are. vataise..
mend is argent and an immediate reaponee,bisoiiclted.
X O. RElol3Xlintil,
,-apt. and -Abaft Qr. Yr.
Jy26 dtf
Draft! Draft!! Draft!!!
A SEM and persona.under or over the re-
Quired are, who have,boen enrolled in this (14th)
Distrkt, or any other District in the State; can have their
exemption men made out at rates teed by law:
Now la the time to put in a substitute and avoid
. the
Persons who are not liable to draft, and who Wish to
enter the army as substitutes, can obtain the highest. pre
Badness transacted by mail at legal rates, and. 'Oat o f
travel thereby avoided. •
Call at once, or address by muff,
. •
Attorney atLiut: street, - •
Harrisburg, pa
1111 Market street, Harrisburg. --
VOR REASONS' perfectly satisfactory to
MYEHLF I have taken the agency of the above most
escalate POlO.Oll. he public Is Invited to come and m
oraine for thetas/thine, • • -
A few Schomackeek Co's Prelim' on hand yet will be
Mil low, r 5 multroxf
__ _ _
111.111ineiry /limed- Fanc'y Gocids.
- • .
_ , .
.J. HIBBS, , et We . 8 Tolarktot-liktare,
17 3112 4,n haar the !skeet lates t° FtBstlizyleori"rof e6:148.40.11=566314141itttabm.
Flowers, Ribbons, ka., together with aline assortment of
Dress Trimmings, Laces, ElubletedOritnir Dolleig,'-Ostga,
linnilkerehieilt Hosiery, Gloves anti- Variety- tilooeis t o
neral. ' •-, :.:. i '.. .1:, ') -" - tl
All the latest Designs at limo tlatilmikir from tbas
Now York Winans :PrestliliiiCl* neeily.eielp•
Med. Thankful Wr tbo patreinigirbesto slues' tor
opening, she trusts by **riot etrenthet eici.bitihese end
her endeavor , to give iflttlajkoaatofacticat, arattottatio to
twelve a spare or "IR pabtba patranaie, _-, jf ._
NEB 0 0 EA-6TECII 111Q13141,111
. •
Jewt ritnefred at rdelal EMCF7I7I4 110174COMIL
MEAL,Alwayl 011 Ouid, 4:41 Um, bestimiltri, • .
SIOADI Q.YBTERSA•Ektriartn6ASktiailre
Oysters, spiced, and Our sale by thitgeltanya i i
l e law
pill. SI
or len gauntly. Ml_4ltis Y
laribmote aw• Deck 4
"'kw Horses Wanted.
--Rovi .„ Ta ce.: a j oz 26 os e4 tr lB64 s. L,
ihntidred end
kr all
• .
the 1- ,
Al 't con..