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ziND E VEIN' 1."\" Li,
4t: RGE 13E1tGNE R e
TELEGRAPH. is s:Tveri to subsCribers in the
cents. per weal:. Yearly subscribers will be
00 in advance. Those persons who neglect to
vance will be charged $6 00.
L.; TELEGEAPIIiS also published weekly, and is furnished
‘lbscribers at the following cash rates;
aria copies, weekly._ ..... •
...... • • • •
$1 60
copies to one Post Office .......... 4 00
c pple-.; to one Post Office 10 OD
Cherokee Remedy,
CEEROSEEE REMEDY, the great Indian Ditiretie,
Ores all diseases of the urinary .organs, such as Inco
nence of the Urine, Inflammation of the Bladder, Inflam
mation of lb Kidneys, Stone in the Bladder, Stricture,
Gravel, Gled, Gonnorhea, and is especially recommended
in those cases of Fluor liens (or Whites in females) where
el the old nauseous medicines have failed.
4r. It is prepared In a highly concentrated form, the
dose only being from one to two teaspoonfuls three times
per day.
gg.. It is diuretic and alterative. Ire Its action; purifying
on cleansing the blood, causing it to flow in all of its
N ipinal purity and vigor; thus removing from the system
,iI pernicious causes which have induced disease.
CHEROKEE INJECTION is intended as an ally or assist
sot to the CHEROKEE REMEDY and should bo used. In
conjunction with that medicine in all cases of Gonorrhea,
Girt, Fulor Arhus or Whites. Its effects are healing,
soothing and demulcent; removing all scalding, heat,
cbordeo and pain, instead of the burning and almost nn-
endurable pain that Is experienced with nearly all the
tiny. pock Injections.
arlly the use of the CHEROKEE REMEDY and
MIEROKEE INJECTION—the two medicines at the same
time--all Improper discharges are removed, and the weak
evil organs are speedily restored to full vigor and
4g-For full particulars, get our pamphlet from any .
drug store in the country, or write us, and we will mall
ire, to any address, a full treatise.
I fs_ Price, CHEROKEE REMEDY, 22 per bottle, or
three bottles for $6.
r - a.l'rlce CHEROKEE INJECTION, $2 per bottle, or
twee bottles for $5.
o,..Sent by express to any addreis on receipt of
$1„ Sold by all druggists everywhere.
- -
Sole Proprietors,
arlo-ecdly No. 58 Liberty street, New York
An unfailing cure for Spermatorrhea, Seminal Weak
ness, Nocturnal Emissions, and all diseases caused by self
pollutioni such as Loss of Memory, Universa/ Lassitude,
Pains in the Back, Dimness of Vision,TPrematuro Old Ape.
Weak Nerves, Difficultg of Breathing, Trembling, Wake/ul
nas, Eruptions on the Face, Pale Countenance, Insanity,
Consumption, and all the Direfill complaints caused by de
partingfrom the path of nature.
iltsT•This medicine is a simple vegetable extract, and one
which all can rely, as it has been used in our practice
for many yearssfaii4 thousands treated t it has not'
Toiled in a single instance. 1 . U3 curative powers have been
sufficient to gain victory over the most stubborn case.
SalrTo those who have trifled with their constitution,
until they think themselves beyond-the reach of medical
id, we would sey,Wespair tiot l the CERROKEE CURE - Will
restore you to health and vigor, and after alt quack doe
tots have failed I
..14 . • partio.ulars, get a Circular from any Drug
Store in the conntry, or write the Proprietor, .who will
mail freo to any one desiring the same, a full treatise in
pamphlet form.
SirErices $2 per bottle, or three bottles for $5, and
rorwarded by express to all parts of the world.
ZirSel.l by all respectable druggists everywhere.
DR. W. R. lIERWIN & CO.,
marl° madly No. 59 Liberty street, New York.
11QEGS to inform the inhabitants of Harris
_l3 burg and vicinity that he has removed to No. 29
North Second street, two doors from Walnut. Thankful
for the confidence and patronage bestowed on me during
my stay on Market Square, I hope to merit a continuance
of the same at try new stand.
tr which I claim the undeimentioned advantages:
Ist. That from the peculiar construction of the Oiasies,
may assist and preserve the sight, rendering frequent
change quite unnecessary.
2d. That they confer n brilliancy and distinctness of
tam, with an amount of ease and comfort not hitherto en
joyed by spectacle wearers.
ad. That the material from which the Lenses are ground
Is manufactured specially for optical purposes, and is
ruse, HARD AND BRILLIANT, and not liable to become
4th. That the frames in which they are set, whether in
geld, sliver or steel, are of the finest quality and finish,
.tad cmaiticarszu PERITOT in every respecL -
g,th. That, from their peculiar color, they prevent a id
wrifulty of light affecting the retina, and therefore
strengthining the optic nerve and rendering it less liable
. .
to imaurosis.
c ,.:4t,antly on hand, a large assortment of achromatic
tws, ro
Spy Glas.e es; Opera, Marine and Field GIRO-
Micro : open and Views, magic Lanterns, Barometers':
es; Stereos,'
Taermometerst Magnets , t...., no.
ndsle s Institute will be permaneht
Rememher.tnat .
five doors from the Buch
er Souse.
at No. 20 North Secol:.4 street,
DR. B. M. 9 -11, DEA,
-RESPEOTFULLY informs the citizens of
11bb Earriabtirg and vicinity that he has removed his of
ere from Market streetto Third street, next door to. the
Patriot and Union office, where he is prepared to accom
modate all who may desire his professional services.
aprtt •
CAN be bad at
aOl2l WISE,
Third greet, near Walnut.
tiGS &C. •
144,03 (Successors to Wm. Dock, Jr., & co.)
A PURE and powerful TONIC, Corrective
'and Alterative, of wonderful edlcacy hi diseases of
Liver Complaints
Headache, General
: • Debility Nervousness, De
' pression of Spirits, Constipation
Intermittent Fever, ,Acidity of the.
Stomach, Nausea, Heartburn, Disgust for
Food,. Fullness or Weight in the Stomach,
Sinking or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach,
Swimming of the Head, Difficult Breathing, Yellow
ness of the Skin and EyesiTever and Dull pains in the
Head, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest and Limbs,
will cure every . case of Chronic or Nervous
Debility, Dise.ces of the Kidneys and
Diseases arising from a disordered
Stomach, Good for Male
or Female, Old
Or Young.
The most beneficial medicine" kriovut ;vices better satis
dhctlon and cures more die than any other prepara
tion olTered to the Public. Prepared solely by B. A. KIJN
KRL &-BRO., 1.1.8 Market street, Harrisburg.
For sale by-Druggisti and. Dealers everywhere.
Counterfeits e=e
As Kunkel's Bitter Wine of Iron is the only. sure and
effectual remedy in the known world for the permanent
cure of Dyspepsiaaud Debility, and as there aro a number
of imitations offered to the public, we would' caution the
community to purehase none but the genuine article,
manufactured by S. A. Strax.EL & Bizet., and has their
stamp on the top of the cork of every bottle. The very
fact that othersare Attempting to imitate this valuable
remedy, proves its worth and speoN volumes in its favor.
' The Bitter . Wine of Iron is put up in 76 cent and $1 00
bottles, and sold by all respectable druggists throughout
the country. Be particular that every bottle bears the
ac simile of the proprietor's signature. •
This Wine includes the most agreeable and efficient
Salt of Iron we possess; Citrate of Magnetic Oxide com
bined, with the mostenergetio of vegetable tonics, Tallow
Peruvian bark. The effect in many oases of debility, loss
of appetite, and general prostration, of an efficient Salt of
Iron,,combined with our aaluable Nerve. Tonic; is' most
happy.. 'tenements the appetite, raiseithe puha; takes
oti musculor flabbiness, removes the pallor of debility,
ant gives a florid vigor to the countenance.
For sale by all respectable dealers throughoit the
ountry. .
DRS. WYETH and CREAMER, Eclectic
and Electropathic physicians, respectfully offer
their professional services in all the various branches of
the profession, for the treatment of all acute and chronic
forms of disease.
The remedial means they employ in the treatment of
diseath consist of Magnetic Galvanism, Electro-Magnet
ism, the Swislish method of Localized movement care, a
few Ecle.etio medicines when deemed neceseary, _ and in
fact all the natural curative agents that. may, successfully
be brought to bear upon the disease.
They do not wish to be understood as arrogating to
themselves any superiority of professional skill, but they
believe the remedies they employ in the treatment of dis
ease far superior to those generally employed byphysiciens,
from the fact that they act In perfect .harmony with the
laws governing and eentrolling the human system.- To
this, and the factrhat they confine themselves to no par
ticular pathp or system, they Attribute their success In
controlling disease.
The principal agent they employ !lithe treatment, of
disease, namely, Electricity, is'an agent wonderful in its
phenomena and powerful in Its effects for good or ill It
is an ever present, all-pervrding principle, governing all
things, from rolling worlds down to the invisible particles
of gasseous matter.: We sec it in the lightning's flash and
hear the manifestations of its power in-the muttering
thunder. It is the cause of all decomposit4on, recompo
sition and transformation. It excites all motion. It is the
exciting cause of life, growth, decay and death. It
causes secretion, excretion digestion' It lays hold of the
crude food in the stomach , ' converts it into a state of tin
idity,, transmutes it into arterial blood, and sends it on its
important Mice of supplying nutriment according-to the
necessities of ihe body. It Is the nerve vital ny.l 4 , the
great agent through , which the mind acts upon the body.
It is the cause of all causes except the first great catalog
the Infinite Mind which created It sad brought it into use.'
These may appear like mere assertions, but they are
facts,admitting of strong and irresistible proof. Is It then,
to be wondered at that an agent so Wonderful in its phe
nomena, so powerful in its manifestations and so intimate.
ly connected with all the operations of the Mumma sys
tem, shonid be almost absolute In its power of controlling
.disease? Certainly not. It is a natural sequence and
follows as surely as day follows nigtkt.
Among the thsceses 'Which are found to yield readily-to
Electricity, in conjunction with proper adjunct treatment,
.may be mentioned the following; Incipient Consiimption,
:Paralysis, Elpi.liptic,• Hysteric and other Convolsione;
Neuralgia, in Its worst fones,- - Rhuematism, inflammatory
and chronic; all diseases of the nervous system; Dyspep
sia'cured in a few treatments-"all diseases of the urinary
and genital organs; Female Cheeses, Asthma, Piles and
Prulapsus Ant; emaurosis and. all' kindred affections. of
the eye; Anietus, buictures, all skin .diseeses, &a,
pelsous oiling will' be told .whether they can be bone
fitted and no case taken where some 'relief cannot be af
forded. Consultation free. Office; Smith_ Second street,
below Chestnut, Harrisburg, Pa, Office lonia from Bto
l 2 d 1,4 to 6 and to 9 e.x.
ALEX. R. WYP;TH, M. D.,: •
Lt! J. MILTON ClUaldE,R.
Photograph Albums.
Photograph AlbUMs.
PhotograPh Albums.
Photograph Albums.
rl:largest and cheapest variety of PRO
12'0GRAPH ALBUMS In the city are constantly kep.
trvaluable property, corner of Second
aTi Pine streets, being flfty-two and a half feet on Se:
cond and one hundred-and sixty-elglit feet on Pine 'street,
running back two hundred add ten feet to Bartuira alley,
t h e ft being space for four fall building Iota; and a most de
sirable site fora Governor's3diunsion or public buildings,
For particulars enquire , of MTh REIJSRAY, corner of Se.
cond and Pinest teats. numittf
3jW.W.W and lith'S PORIL—A choice
article of Was Beef and Fork at
sp9 (successors to Wm. Dock, Jr,
GE umsoi vurripus,
ITIBLBSE Bitters have performed more cures;
hive and do give bettersatisfactien; have more tes
timony; have more respectable people to ;vouch for them,
than any other article in the market.
199 defy any one to contradict this assertion, and. will
paysl,ooo to any one that will produces certliffiate pub
lished by us that is not genubie.; 'Holland's German Bit
ters, yet cure every case of Chronic or Nervous Debility,
Diseases of the Kidneys, and diseases arising from a dis
ordered stomach." Observe the following symptoms, re
sultiing from the disoniers of the digestive organs: Con
stipation,. Inward Piles, Fullness ,of. Blood to the head,
Acidity of the Stomach, Nausea, Heartburn, Disgust for
Food, Fullness or weight inthe - Stiffiutoki, Sour Eructations,
'Sinking or fluttering at the:ffit of thestoreach, Swimming
of,the head, Hurried and difficult breathing, Fluttering at
the heart, Choking or suffocating sensations when In a
lying posture, Dimness of vision, Dots or webs ,before the
sight, Fever and dull pain In the head; Deficiency of prs
piratlon, Yellowness-of the skin and eyes, Pain in the side,
back, chest, limbs, &c. ' Sudden flushes of heat, Burning
in the flesh, Constant imaginations of eril, and great de
prussion of spirits.
Remember that this Bitters is not alcoholic, contains no
rum or whisky, and can't make '4unkappa, but Is tie
best Twee in the world.
From the Rev. Levi G. Beck, .Pastor of the Baptis
Church; Pemberton ? N. J., formerly of the North .Baptis
Church, Philadelphia.. - ,
* * * * *- * *
I have known Hoofland's Gerinan Bitters favorably for
a number of years. I have used them in my own family
and have been so pleased with their effects that I was in-
duced to recommend them to many ethers, and know that
they haVe operated in a atrikingly beneficial manner._ I
take great pleasure in thus publkly proclaiming this.
fact, and calling the attention of Woe° afflicted with the
.e.y.B for which they are- mconamented to. these Bit
ter's, knowing from =pertains .thif:tuy.reocimmendation.
will be sustained. I do thia"mOke 'cheerfully as Hoof
land,s Bitters is benefit the aftlieted, and 'is
"not a rum drink." YOurs. truly..
From lky. J. Newton Brown, D.M., Editor of the En
cyelopedir Of-Wiens Knowledge aMkOhristian Chroni
cle; Pldlahelphia. • • • - -
Although not disposed to favor or. recommend Patent
Mehleines in general, through distrust of their ingredients
and effects, I-yet know. of no snftleient - reasons :why a
man may not testify to the benefita l t .r 3 a pgieves himself to
have received from any simple pro ion, in the hope
that ho may thus contribute to the benefit of others.
Ido this the . More readily In regard to Hoofland's Ger
mandlitters, prepared by Dr. C. Di. Jackson, of this city
bbeause I was prejudiced against .therst for many years,
under the impression that thiy were chiefly an alcoholic
mixture. am indebted to my friend, • Robert Shoema
ker, Esq., for the removal or this prejudice by: proper
tests, and for encouragement to by them when suffering.
from great and long continued debility. The use of
three bottles of these' Bitters at the beginning of the
present year, was followed by evident relief and restora
tion to a degree of bodily and mental vigor' which I had
not for sixanonths before, and had attest despaired of
regaining. _I. therefore thank God and my -friend for di
reefing rue to Ihedse of them. '
From. Rev. Warren Randolph, Pastor. of Baptist
Church, Germantown . ; Penn. - •
Dr. C. M. Jackson:--Dear Sir:—Persoual experience
enables me to say that I regard the German Bitters, pre
pared by you, as a most eXceUent 'medicine. In cases of
severe cold and general debility I have been greatly bone
fitted by the use of the Bitterm.and doubt not they will
produce similar effects on otheri
Germantown, It.
From Rev. J. a Turner, Pastor of. Redding 3f. E
Church; Philadelphia.'
Dr. C. M. Jackson:—Dear Sli:—Having used 'Year Ger
man Bitters; in my fatuity frequently I ma prepared to say
that it has heel of great sertice... hellisve that, in Meat
cases of general debility of the system It is the safest and
most valuable remedy of-which I have any knowledge.
Yours,vespOctrully J. a - TURNER,
No. 726 N. Nineteenth street.
Front the Rev. J. IL - Lyons, formerly Paitor of ths
Columbia (N. and:Milestown (Pa.) Baptist 'Churches.
Nirs , Roottems, Y.
Dr. C. M. Jackson:—Dear (coin epic/ewe thee,
of my own accord, to bear testimony to the es:Celesta of
the German Bitters. Some years since being- much at
flicted with Dyspepaiio Used them with very beneficial
results. I have often.reonzunentied them to persona ,en
feebled by that tormenting
k d Nara, and have lo*rd for
- them the most flatteringtesilinonlals as to their great
Ix asses of general debility, I behirce it to be a
tonic that cannot be surpassed. . IL LYONS-,
From the Rev , Thomas Winter, Pastor of Roxberellgh
Baptist Church.
Dr. Jackson :— Dear Sir hat h' 'due to" ,
your excel:
lent preparation; Brief:land
. 47km:tan Bitters, to add -, mg'
to the 'deserve& reputation it has obtained. I.
have for years,, az times, been troubled with great disorder
in my head and nervous sphinx . ' I was advised by
friend to try a bottle of your German Bitters; did so, and
have experienced great and unexpected relief; my health
has been very materially benelitted.. Loontldently recom
mend the article where I meet with =ea similar to my
own, and have been assured by many of their good ef
fects. Respectfully yours,
T. WIINT'PER, Roxborough, Pa.
'From' Rev. J. S.. Berman, of the Garman, Reforpied
Church, Kutztown, Barks county, Pa. ,
Dr. ". C. M. Jackson :— Respected Sir —I have' been
troublecipith Dyspepsia nearly twenty years, and have
never used any medicine that did the as much good as
Roofland's Bitters. lam very much improved in health,
after having taken five bottles.
TOWS with respect,
-I.4rge Size (holding nearly double quantity,)
per bottle—half doz $o 00
small Size-75 cents per bottic;,half doz. 4 00
See that the eigruature of "O. JACKSON" Is on the
WRAPPER of each bottle, •
Should you neareat - drUggist not have the article, ,do
not be put or by any of. the Intoxicating preparations that
may be Offered in kb place, but send to. us, and we will
DMR/41"4, securely packed, by orpresa._
Principal Office and Manufactory,
NOOo•faar: to O. At. liookooncE
Foi dole by Druggista!tuld Dealers In every town in the
Ilnitoolltattot : mylo4.4ily
Pennsylvania Legislature.
IWlZlW:.l%. 4 .M4: 4 4:4pf . f.lfirfinLe);M&
TUESDAY; May 43, 1804.
A large number of, private bills were con
sidered and passed. Arrkung th'em,
Mr. FLENCENG called up. and had passed
the House bill to increase the rate of taxation
in the pity of Harrisburg.
330 ZefenraPo.
FroiM Washinigtim.
ConvietiostAind .Slispension. of Commodore
, . • - . Wilkes, . .
' WASH IN GTON, May 3.
The N nal Repubtican of this Afternoon
states tliaV ommodorelgilites has been found
guilty by , e 441: Court Martial on every
count andlentenexito three years suspen
sion witho Ipay, ,
Wesnaxlmort, 11/1t,1)1,• /SO.—General orders
No. 33.-- 3 ht a -patFak.'general court martial
recently erravenidlrt...the of Washington,
Commode. Chailes4Wilkes of the navy was
tried upeg. the ,follewing charges preferred
against lam- by the Department.
• Charg --!.. ,Disolioiclienee,of lawful orders of
his supe apex. while in the execution of
his office -•-+.
Charg ~ ,Iniubordirulte conduct and neg
ligence, earelessinxibeying orders.
Charg Disrespect and disrespectful
language his.snperior Officer whilst in the
executio fliii o ffi ce.
Charge • Refusal , of obedience to lawful,
general or4qrs,and. regulations issued by the
Secretary of f - the naVy
Charge 6. Conduct unbecoming an officer
and constituting an offence made responsible
by article 8, of the articles adopted and put
in force for the government of the navy of the
United States.
Of each of the charges the accused was
found,' by the court,,,gnilty and was.sentenced
in the following terms : and the court does
hereby sentence ;:the, accused, ' Commodore
Charles Wilkeirt,o-be - publicly reprimanded
by the Secretary of the navy; and to be sus
pended from.duty for :the term`of three years.
The finding:of -the court`in this case is ap-
Proved, - and:the sentence is,confkined.
In carrying Vito execution thatpatt. of. the
sentence which • requires that tOommOdore
Wilkes shill be ,publicly - -:reprimanded, I
hardly need say more - to an officer of his
aze and experience in the service, than
that the promulgation - of such charges, and
Of the decision upon them. by a court, com
posed of officers , of the highest rank in the
navy, constitutes - in itaelt a reprimand suffi
ciently poignantotnid severe to any one• who
may have the desire tor preserve untarnished
his record - in the service. ,•' "` . •
The Department Would gladly have been
spared the unpleasant duty. has devolv
ed upon it inthis case, but the-appeal made to
the public by the accused in the papers which
the court has• pronounced to be of an insub
ordinate and disrespectful character contain
rug remarks and statements not warranted.
The facts renderedit necessary for the de
partment to-tolerate the disrespect and sub-
Mit to the unfounded aspprsions ,or refer the
case to the Investigation and decision of a
court martial. GIDEON WELLES,
Secretary the Navy.
Movements' of Garibaldi.
• • • LONDON April 24.
A telegram from Gibraltar on the 23d says,
an Austrian Squadron of five ships-had just
rjailedifor the German ocean. .-
Madeira advises to April 10th, say that the
Florida and U. S. ship., St. Louis had-been
there together. The St. Louis was allowed
twenty-four hours start 4U-the Florida:
Gamer. Barrenr..—Garibaldi -finally quitted
London.- on the 22d, proceeding to -the-resi-
deuce of the dowager Dnchess,,of Sutherland.
near Maiden Heald, where he would remain in
retirement for a few days, embarking for Cape
Rea on the 26th.
The Prince of Vales wentto. London,. and
paid an hour's visit to Garibaldi. The Gen
eral breakfasted with a party of "Americans at
the S. Con.sul's 'on tile 22d. •He expressed
himself warmly in favor of the United, States
in the struggle with the slave power and
would go there at once and - tender his ser
vices if they :were needed, but: was glad to
learn that they weraubt. He remarked that
England and America united in sentiment,
and could keep the peace of the world.:
The limes affirms that 'the. advice •to Gari
baldi was simply on account of his health,,:
and-not in any way political. - •
The , Dcilly News asserts that 131,e,viait had,
political motives. • . . • ,
France proving a faithless friend :toltaly,
Garibaldi issued a farewell address to the peo
ple of England, and offers his heart-felt grati
tude. 'Re says his primitive object was to
think England for her sympathy, and this
is accomplished. He regrets - the necessity for
his departure, and hopes, to return'- again at
no distant time. •
Tice Rebel General Forrest a
Cold-Blooded Illurderer-Let
ter from Geilietail Shialey.
The 'following letter" from Major-General
Stanley, which appears in the Cincinnati Com
mercial, describes the character ,of the rebel
General Forrest, and gives an incident of his
gramittLIITEES FraiT Drvisimr Fourern A. C.
Mars Smgctal: Tenn., April 21, 1864.
• -
The late butchery at FOrt Pillow - by
rest, seems to have filled the communitY,
with indignation eagl„ earpzise. To 'those
in the front of our army who know For
rest, there nothing at all, a.stonidi
ing in . his conduct, at Fort Pillow. I.
know that this very much reopeote4,,confed-
-- Webster
crate hero has;' upon a former occasion, COll
desgended to become his own exedutioneer:
To .show the style of the man Jeff. Davis and
the Cincinnati .Enquirer delight to - honor, I
will relate the., Sollowing, which Was stated to
me last" summer bYsti - rebel-titizen Middle
Tennessee, tvinan. Of high standing in , this
enniinrurily,.*ho:had. it from his 'nephew, an
(Sleet' serving wader . Forrest. About the
middle of the summer of 1862,. Forest align' is
ed the pod of Mnifreesboro, commanded by
Brigadier {general V. T. Crittenden, of Indi
ana. Thir-garrisonAva,s compesetl:mostly of
the 9thMichigan,and 2d Minnesota Infantry
and the . 7th Pennsylvania Cavalry. After
some little fighting,
.the troops were surren
de'red. A mulatto man. who-was a. servant to
one 'of the officers of the Union Jorces, was,
bro*ght out to Forrest on horseback.. .The
.10ter Mquired of him,', with many" 'oaths,
'what he Was doing there?" - The mulatto
answered that he was a' free man, and came
out as a-servant-to an offlaernaming au of
ficer. Forrest,,who was 011.. horseback, delib
erately put his`hand to his holster, drew his pis
tol, and blew the man's brains out. The rebel of
fiber stated that the Mulatto man came from
Pennsylvania, and the same officer denounced
the act as one of cold-blooded murder, and
declared that he would never again serve un
der Forrest. This murdered niiia was not a
soldier, and, indeed, the occurrence took place
befor the 'United States Government deter
mined to arm neg,roes. Of the truth of this
there is not the shadow of a doubt, and it can
be established any day by living witness.
Your obedient• servant,
D. L. STANLEY, Major General
Markets by Telegraph.
The flour market is dull, but prices are un
changed; small sales at $7 25 for superfine,
$7.50 for extra and $7 75®8 25 for extrafamily.
Rye flour is steady at $7;. for corn meal; pri
ces are nominal. There is not much demand
forty/heat, and only 4,000 bushels sold at $lB3
®l. 90' for red; $2 05 for Kentucky white.
1,000 bushels rye sold at $1 60. Corn is very
quiet, and yellow aells readily at 51 37. Oats
are strong at 90c. Crude petroleum is steady
at 35@,36e; refined at 55k®574; free at 63@,
64 cents. Provisions are held firmly; sales of
mess pork at $27 50®28; hams in pickle at
16i017c, sides-at 14, and shoulders at 12k.
Lard is dull at 14k®144,. kegs at 16®161c.
Whisky moves slowly at $1 25,
Stocks inactive and dull; Penna. s's 97V,
Reading-. railroad 64k; Morris Island 83;
Long Island 46; Penna. railroad 654; gold
$1 77, exchange on New York par.
Stocks dull and lower. CaMberland prefer
zed '62'; Michiguit Sonthein 90f.d0. do. guar
anteed 130; New York Central 130; Read
ing 128; Hudson River.. 1391; Canton Co.
35; Missouri 669; Erie 1111; Michigan
Central 135; Harlem 233; Quicksilver 68c;
1 year certificates 981; 5-20 Conpons of 1881
105/ ; Gold 1774 t
An Important Act
AN ACT imposing adrt.tional texas for Sate
•purposes, and to aboliskthe Revenue Board.
.t-sortear 1:. Be it enactect - by the Senate and Hulse
of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsyl
vania in General Aramibly nut, and hereby
enacted by the authority of the same, That in ad
dition tolhe taxes now imposed by law, here
after , every railroad, steamboat, canal, slack
water navigation, or other transportation com
papy doing business within thdsCommcinwealtb,
shall, by its president - treasurer, •cashier or
other fivancial officer, make quarterly returns'
to • the Auditor General, commencing upon the
first day of July, next. Said returns shall be
made within thirty days after the termination
of each quarter, under oath or affirmation, and
shall= fully, and particularly state, the entire
number of tens of freight ttafflc carried or
moved by said,company or corporation during
the three months ending on the first day of that
month; 'and said company corporation own
ing or managing said railroad; steamboat,
slackwater navigation, or other transpor
Cation company, shall pay to the State Trea-
Surer,for the use of the Cosamonwealth,the fol
lowing taxes, to wit: Upon all tonnage carried
upon or over their respective lines ot transpor t
tatlon ,tolregraduated as f glows: First,upon tl e
prodifcts of mines, for each ton of two thousand
pounds, two center: Second, nook this producis
of the forest, Olt unimal or vegetable food, and
all the other agricultural prod,ucts,thece cents.
Third, upon merchandise, manufactures and at'
other articles, five cents. In all cases where
the same freight is traasported over different
but continpons lines of transportation, then
the tax hereby imposed shall be paid by the
seVeral corporations carrying the same,
.each in
propeation to the `distance carried, es `stay be
,adjusted among them:elves; the State. Trea
surer bekig and he is hereby authorised to col
lect the whole .of said tax from either of the
"companies carrying the. frieght asr he
-elect: Novieled, That freight shipped through.
and over one or seve al lines of transportation,.
shill-be chargeable with but one tax as afore
!no. 2.' --That every, private banker and bro
ker, and every incorporated and unincorpora
ted banking-and Skiving institntion, and deposit
and trust company,_ evert, gas comp . spy, ex
press company,bridge Company, insurance com
pany, foreign insurance Company; biiilding and
Rind' assent:titan manufacturing, mechanical,
alining. and quarrying company, and all. Other
companies and corporations doing business in.
this Commonwealth, except those specified in
the first section of this act, net paying a tax to
the State upon dividends uncter . exigting laws,
shallannually, upon the first day of-November
of each year, make a report to the Auditor Gen
eral, under oath or affirmation, setting forth
the amount of net earnings or income 'received
,by said individuals or corporations from all
sources during tee pyrTding year; and upon
such net earnings or locome, the said individ
nab; or corporation,. as;the case may be, shari
pay to the treasurer, for the use of the State,
within sixty days thereafter, three per centum
upon such annual net earnings or income in
addition to the taxes nowimposed by existing . ,
laws: Provided, That institations, individuals
or corporations pityingounder this Section are
not to be also taxed under the act of the six
teenth of May, one- thousand eight hundred
and sixty ono, relative to private bankers and
broker - is, and the . act of the ninth - of A
D. 1856, and fist of May, A. D. 1861, except so
far as the-licenses-therein. required _relative
- to foreign insurance companies: provided fur.
then That any . corporation .which has_tailed to
make returns to the Cormaionweialthois re-
rated by 'the act for AprW twen*fitat, A.
x.',1858. entitled An act for the Aetter se
curing to, the,9ommonwealth thereiiinent of
'taxes due by Lueorporated loini;eudee, may
ST BA .p_Offl
The fellof4;ag ere the ratea-for advertising, Lu the 'lms.
Those Navin : alveftising on ;Rai h v—e
vanien tlor refereak.e.... .
Four Linea or lei,. -c c lostitnto
!Ines mere then nar evastitnie a sluar,.
roe A RAI.P BQW4S-:.1: SaiZ:AP.X.
One day 7 3J l llea 41
0!::: ..%‘y., ... . .....$ a,,
Two days... 59 I Two day..... . ... 7. tit'
Chree .4ers , 70 Three- day. .. i 720
One week 1 S One week' - - 2 Its
tele mental 3 00 One month • 8 CA)
Two months 4.50 Two months - " - 9.00'.
Three months 5 50 Three, months. 11 CO
Six Months 8 00 Six months - 10 0
One year 15 00 One year , .. 25 00
Adminietratten Notices $2 25
Marriage Notices
andimes N0tice5...........,
Funeral Noticie each insertkaa
garessiness notices inserted In the Local Cohavoir
before Marriages and Marini - Elio= CEng reit. Lceir for
nuke each return within sixty dAys efier
the pareage of thla act, any law to the contrary
aotenthatanding; and all delinquent comma:A
railing or relating to make lull returns and
payment to the Szate.aa required by the getirral.
taws of thia Commonwealth in teiati , m thereto,
3trall .have all their rights and privilege
elated forfeited by proclarhadon from the ewe-
Sia 3. That every president, Areasurrr,
cashier or other officer cf any company incor
porated; or that may berelfter be incorpora;w.",
which pays interest to its depositors, bond hoid-
ere. or other creditors, upou which, by the laws
of the Cemmonwealth, a State tax is iwpmeci,
shall,; before payment of the same, retain from
aid ciepoeitors, bondholders or creditors the
amount of State tax inverted by exisilug
and alkali pig ever the same to the Skate Trea-
,carer and that all tha larva regulating the mode
of such payment in tegard to treaenrsre of county
dee, •clti , s and bortughe ee aid the same are
cceretT txt.nthd to the tio4ncial c. cre the eof;
cud thy are lac roby it quircd co CucleGt and day
over the taxes due to the State on inch pay
ment of interest, as provided - in this stctton, to
be done by t facers of ineoroorAied COMpMllut;
And ILL MU Of any officer neglecting or rtLsing
to retain the same, be shall become pe t s:n A ily
liable for the amount.
Sao 4 ( ..f :That the treasurer of each county
and city, the bargees or other chief officer if
each incorprated district or borough of this
Commoblealth, within ninety days after the
crissege of - this act, shalt make return, under
oath or affirmation, to the Auditor General, of
tike amount of scrip, bouds or certificates of in
debtoess outstaudiog by raid county, city, dis
trict, baronet or incorporation, us tie stiall'ti.•
, stid on first day of Jaalvoy, one
ctlowarsd tight hnasred std si.tq -four,
and 'of each succeeding year theteafter, to
.ether with the ratty of iotereet thereon at
each of those periods, under the penalty of five
thousand doll , rs, the amount to he settled by
the Auditor General, awl the amount thertof
surd' for and collected es debts due by defaulting'
public officers are oolitbttd: .Prcrvided, That on
Ehe receipt of said return's the Auditor General
shall proceed to settle the 'Accounts of each
cenoty, city and borough with ,the Common
wealth,. fix the State tax due and unpaid, and
crania:it notice of the amount by mast' to offi-
cars pliking said returns; and it tire auinunt tio
tound , dne shall not be paid within sixty days,
the Attorney General shall sue awl collect the
dame, with htterest hem the tlate of such settle
ment; and hereafter it shalt be the duty of the
treasurer of every county, city, borough and be
corpurated district in this Cotemonwe aith to de
duct the said State tax, or dividend on pay-
meat :of any interest, on debts c tie by the
county, city, borough cr incorporated district,
awl pay the saute over to the State Trea'nrer
withiW thirty days atter the said interest or
dividend has fallen due. •
Sao. 5. not in case any cfficere of any "cor
poration, or any person or persons requird by
(Ira act to 'Asks return under oath or effirmn.-
don, shall falsely make such returnl he or they
dhall, - oyi conviction thereof, bq heid guilty of
pillory; and in case he or they neglect and, re
fute to 'make any return required by this
act, he:or they shall be liable to the Conan:din
wealth for a penalty of five thousand dollars for
every such neglect, to be stied for as ether
shines now are; and if the said corporation, or
company upon. notice given, persists in I#s.-re
fusal to make return and pay over the tax here
by imposed, it shall be liable to an additional
tax of one per centnm upon the amount of its
gross receipts; and that the Auditor General and-
State Treasurer, or.any agent appointed by teem,
are hereby authotisud to examinelhe books and
papers • of any corporation, company, individual
or individuate, to verify the acturracy of anyre-
turn made to them, or either of them.
NEw Yorig, *ay 3
Sete & That every incorporated company'
whose lams extend into any other Settee, and
every corporation created under the lees of any
other State, and holding and enjoying any fren
ehisese property, railroad, career work or privi
lege whatsoever within this State, shall make
the same returns to regard to the trutrage of
such portion° of their lines vs de within this
State as if the whole waa within; and if any
president, treasurer or other financial ollioitet re
quired to necks retains shall, after demand for
thirty days, sill neelect and refuse to make
tie r.4.turns or pay over the amennt of such tax,
the same shall be handed over to the Attorney
General, who shall forthwith institute proceed
tugs to annul the corporate franchises of such
company or corporation within this State.
SEC. 7. That so much of the forty sec'tind
bectfon of the act approved the twenty-ninth
day of April, 088 thousand eight hundrid aud -
forty-four, as provides for the abatement ot lire
per centum on the amount of State taxes paid
lit teen, days prior to tire first of - September, in
any yeir, be and the same Is hereby repealed;
and hereafter it shall be the duty of tbia'Audie -
tor General to add five per centum penalty,to
each county, on alt State taxes remaining ui.pre!d
on the first day of August, one thousand ere ht
hundred and sixty-five, and-of each year there
utter, which shad be charged fri the . duplicate
against each deliequent tax-payer in arrears on
and after said day. rb at iu addition to the rexte
already imposed by law, all appeinted
to en office Webs Governor or elected under
the provi-100 of any law ot thivCorumouwereth,
the gressiecelptis of wfrote cffics shall exceed
six hundred donors and nut exceed twerve
hundred dollar% 'shall pay into the treasury of
the State a tax of one per centum; and on all
amounts over twelve hundred dollars and not
exceeding twentrfive hundred dollats, two per
centum; and en all amounts exceeding twenty
five hundred dollars, five per centum annually:
Provided, lhat the revenue derived 'lrma this
act shall, so far as necessary, he first applicable
to the payment of the ordinary ex.penies of
Government; and the, reeidtte not needed fir
such purposes ehall be transferred to the sink
ing fund, as directed by the act of the twenty
emend of April, one thousand -eight handfed
and fif y-eight.
EEC 8. That so much of the act to reduce
the State debt and incorporate the Pennsylvania
railroad company, approved twenty niutia day
of April, one thousand eight hundred and ferty
-four, and the several supplements thereto. re
quiring the appointment of revenue commis
sioners hem the several iudlcial districts of the
State, be and the same are hereby repea'ed; and
that all the powers granted to the raid board,
and the duties enioined thereupon, shall here
after be vested in a State board, to conga. of the
Auditor General, the State Tria-terer arid the
Secretary of the Gminionwealth; and that all
acts of Assembly Inconsistent with the provi
sions of this act, be and the same are herraby
Speaker' of the Th.neei-cif Repieventativee.
- - kpaiker of the Striate.
Approved the 39111 day of April;. 1 F64.
.. i ' s