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Union State Central Cominittee.
The members of the Union State Central
Committee are requested to assemble at the
Jones House, in the city of - Thiniabtow on
WEDNESDAY, the 6th day of , April next, at
8 o'clock,'•r. M. Punctual attendance is re
WAYNE M'VEAGH, Chairman. ,
W. HAT% Secretaries.
March 31, 18641,
The Attitude of the Copperheads in the
• Legislature. " •••• •• • •
The copperhead leaders irrthe Senate' made.
a bold effort, yesterday, to escape the 'Oditim
of their past action. The men compOsing the
minority in the .Senate, are responsible. for
the increase of the State debt by givingto for
eign bond-holders gold in paying the interest
on those bonds when the currency issued by
the National Government should have been
alone tendered. It was a grind plundering
scheme arranged between the Copperhead
leaders and our British creditors. ;; It was per
sisted in, when the judgment of the Legisla
ture and the wishes of the people of the
Commonwealth were clearly against such a"
payment. But the opportunity was teofavor
able for dealing a fatal blow) at the. ;National
currency. It was too grand a chance to im
pair the national credit. Hence, our English
creditors, instead of receiving the; six per,
cent. interest due; were actually paid at..the
rate of nine per cent. By this course the Te -•
mocracy in , the Legislature, backed by a
Democratic State Treasurer, increased the State
debt a million of dollars.
Now mark the dodge of the Democratic
leaders to escape the odium of their action on
the interest question. They now propose to,
pay the Soldiers in the field in gold-or its equi
valent in notes. This is a bait to the soldier.
After having voted to disfranchise the soldiers
—after having'gone all lengths to degrade and
disgrace the soldiers, these same men begin
to shift their positions, and now advocate a
measure to impair the financial, operations, of
the National Government, by proposing
that the soldier's shall be paid in gold. A few
weeks since" these men insisted that . we were
morally bound to give the English gold or its
equivalent in payment of the interest on- the
bonds held against the State. Now the same
men assert that the American holders of the
five-twenty bonds have no more right to gold
than the Soldier ; and - that .if the'
`soldier .i¢
compelled to take greenbacks - at their full
value, so'Slionld the holdereof the t5-20!s' be
compelled also to take the-same paper in pay
' ment of theirixiterest. This is the logic of the
Democratic leaders. It is a Rusillaninions at
tempt to escape the odium ,which they earned
i a overpaying our English 'Creditors : If .they
clan delude the soldieliiith the iaca that they
are his friends,their.first, object will be gained;
and if they eau destroy thetnational honorby
depreciiiting the national 'credit they will
have accoMpliihed their full ptirpese:,:' .
In forcing :this proposition, on, the :atten
tion of the Legislature, the :Democratic' lead
ers have no idea thifit They'do
not make ,theoffer to ; pay tirseldiergald,
good faith. ,They are not . interested in -the
personal success of Our fighting Men .such
a degree as to' seek . the increase o t f his 'pay: ,
What they, are after is to . play t uponhis_prejti-:'
dices—to delude him. with the idea Jiiat, the,
Democratic leaders are anxious for his wel
fare, in order that the soldii3rs thus' deeeive,d,
may be induced to support the Denmeratie
candidate for the Presidency. Should the Welt
succeed, and a 31'Clellan _WoodWard--bc
made President the first effort of 'the 3)enio,a
arctic party would be,to disgrace the
He who-has but acifeeble,Aseernment, can
easily diseover the bytirigy of thetMove-.
ment It is a bold game, but it Won't
4.l l aY_br, two, ll
we;ii, theprint 60044.,
on the HOpkine gold scheme. ;Its: perusal :
will infcii_in: , the reader of . the hyPociisrof the.
Democratic leatlers.*.the *gate, and exp,pse.
the shifts to whicli;#Ley:rebortte. male capi
Sal fox.traitorous clione's
now leading in opposition to the . Grovel:zit
ment -
Appointment 'by GevOrnoiFlour ,
James P. Parrott was aPpointei:i
spector at the port of philadelPhia this mom
big' This appointment cannot fail to give
general satisfaction, both .as regards the prac
tical qualifications of Mr. P., and. the pakript,..,
ism - with which he has conducted. himself
during the fearful sianggle, of; the ebuntry
with a wicked rebellion., Mr.. Parrott was
Adjutant of the Corn Exchange Regiment,
was wounded at Sheppardstown hi.a skirmish
which took plaoe immediateli j aker the battle
of Antietam. At .Antietaan,'Adjiitant Parrott
behaved himself with great:courage. - He was
taken prisoner at Sheppardstown, and suffered
g - reatly in the prisOn dens at Richmond:
Hence his appointment is - only: that - racogni-'
tiou which Governor Curtin ei - ef eitends to,
nd which the soldiers always deserve.
The Ainiy Cif tliu Potontae..
Accounts from Washington itiate that "all
intercourse with the Army of the Potomae
_the part of civilians, correspOndents, tourists,
hucksters, ike., ;has been restricted byLieut.
Gen. Grant. No passes whatever are issued
to citiiens. This is one of the most whole:
some orders yet.issued in reference to this
army. time that it was relieved of the
embarras' sinent.s which have:Se leng hung over
it like an incubus. iiiay soon, therefore,
expect to hest good `news: from the gallant
Armyof the Potomac. f*T_
A Mrs. Cornelia Hill, Who Alied r in Mahloe;
Conneetieut v -last week, wael;boX•n;:inAkiie,4
and died on the .day of =the Month,'-and.
the same mouth m, the year. A , remarkable
Removal of the State Capital.
The efforts of the: moneyed men, specula
tors, politicians„stock-jobbers, bummer and
zdvanturera toiiffireveAlie:Capital of Pfn*ryl- - ,
vania from its,present loca . tiou 4. the city of ..
Philadelphia, ire beigiUninsto attracithe
tion of the people in other:Pqrtions iheltioin
monwealth. It teas hoped:4lM the scheme of
removal could be carried out before the whole
matter was fairly brought before the people.
With her money constantly to-back her in her
projects, Philadelphia has been flattering her
self.that it retinired - bnly a t?idiinheitifyi at
onceAsecure thiS remoial. :But the project
ikbeginning-tot.attanot thee-attention of -the
people:in all -pests,:4 - 4 7 the n Stilte, and if we are
not greatlyMiste ‘ kintingp+iii opix4o4 Oa*
who have blien'secretly•atirbik
ness will shortly raise a storm about their
heads, which will ittleast• cool their ardorlor
this removal. , -
—The following article from the Pittsburg
Gazette puts this matter in a light which
cannot fail to win the acquiescence of all who
have the real, nterests of the Commonwealth
at stake: r •-. •
Thefirst thought that suggests itself to our
mind : is that the removal, is not called for by
the „people.„ With the sole exception of,these
whoteside in PhiladelPhia, thelocation of the
caPital isaccentable to the t peOPle of :the whole
State. , Itis centrally located, arid,' whether
correctly or incorrectly, they think - the 'loca
tion, a good-one. Philadelphia only desires
ihp removal, and we do not need' ne of their
own lawyers to.tell us that their motives' for
_desiring it are selfish. It is Philadelphia
agehmtlhe rest of the State. What'the peo
ple do riot ask for,' should not be done, at least
, nothastily
. .
While we rejoide at every evidence of the
. .
prosperity of our sister city, we submit that
it is not
_generous in her to seek to degrade
the remainder:. of the'State 'into a mere prii
vincial appendage, - while she carries offall the
honors: Philadelphia isalready a 'Mighty
city, while the country,on the other hand,
needs developing. Instead, therefore, of re
moving the seat,of government and the pub
lic buildings tOPhiladelphia, the citizens. of
that city should feel. proud to see every eounty
in the State honored withthe location of some
public institution—a college, or farm school,
or military academy, or some beneVolent .in
stitution. Such a policy would go far toward
opening up the vast resources of the interior,
and, would besides do much to break down
the antagonism of feeling rhich now, exists
between country and city. , 'Philadelphia can
well afford to be generous and just., Indeed,
if she were only , ,to consult her own interest,
it is her true poliby to build' up the country,
in every legitimate way. •
It is not best to centralize power in a coun
try like ours. The evil effects of the'central
izing policy,are , seen everywhere throughout
th - e whole world. Paris is France; Londonds
England. ; . ."4The blessings of , grolernment,
like the delkof hea,Ven,.shonld be distensed
equally mpoir . :llite, , riehlandithe poor, tht, high.
and the lew." Philadelphia already exercises .
more influence upon our legislation than is
right and proper:, This she does : through her
heavy capitalists 7 —her money, Would she ex
ercise less inflnence--would the, morals °tour,
legislators be, improved:-it' the capital of the.
State were legated, within her limits?
Even rere it wise to remove the capital at
that time Li. -surely not now,
we are in the midst ota great,.national 'eon r .
vulstion which is shaking the very fonds**
of sociatyt . The public :mind alreadi
sufficiently . excited,:, Mid, to suddenly nproot
one of the landrearleiSOf the Stati.,
add to _the agitation. Changes 'like the one
proposed-should beLynade, if made at when
men could calmly consider ; the' reasons for
and 'against. CleaTly, they coild not do so
now. s.; rse.".9.
iFor the honor of the • State and Philadel
:phia, the capital, not be removed,* the
strap judgment: manner that, is threatened:,
If done now, every man, woman and 411ild,ln
the land2vvoiddlnew that. Ring had &Me it,.
The question shgnld first go to the, people in
some shapejor,,their consideration and
1: Where islan item of expense ceiiiider
,edsq Our beautAful public haildnigeatqleiria 2
' %burg post the. State not,lesS,. - ,we presinne, than
,'a• quarkg of a Aillion of, dollars. Who is
pay for,the nap I hnildings?;(and ifs the State,
.why him/4 , A e'VeilsewAs'a we, . 6 :44Y !riv!P;;
foitY;BidlliCTO . ".1 • ; ; i• ;'
Finally, all thearguniente erred in savor Of;
the reraoyel.Pf the:capital to Philadelphia can
be urged witli,,equal favotof
its Nno* to Pittsburg. we
it. Wil,are
~more Modest than the Qiialrer
•City, and notnear so selfush. -
We .haVe,treated , this, subject with some
• • _Seriousness, although hasiily. , We have reason'
L to believe thatTAiladelp)iio is in earnest with
her.prOjeot,„und s ,,if the people,of, tie interior
do •not,a4sh to waken up, some fine morning
.andfind,Fhiladelphia marked , on their maps as
the capital ef i 'PennsYlvania, they should
`once' haup and,doing
Personal, and -Political.
Qhe pr6minencewith which recentpolitieal
'events' havoi' of Benjamin
E:;.Bulta!x : h@f9Xe the country,is causing
*Vita to bediscustedin political elicleshere
With unttual It is' worthy of note that
the pc:Alt464 WeatheiCo4ira a e geiti4tOtPeak
laia"name with Innimpaii•Fespect Of late, which
is' , `a pretty. good evidence thathe is looming
up very prominently a 'Candidate for the
Preazaoncy. ' l'h6 conservative intriguers are
just :djaicovfiring, Ara l he ikka very dangers
dan=4thittlielnight Possiblyhe too arbitrary,
&c. AU the stabi'alan4bia which the Copper`
heads " have. beeneir`ctilating About Gen. Ent
ler since he went , .MtO the : W m: , are, 4 6j,.V 43 jug
retailed by-the' coritervatives . .who claim t d be
Republicans. _9
The Cincinnati Gazette remarks that "the:
prOiii•acted and heated`straggle in the (Ohio).
State DemOcratic Corivehtion, seems to have
been over a 'difference og - 9pWcizi,' ;whether
Mr. liallandigham or tkeneral McClellanis, the
best representative of the peace- and surren
der Thimociaoy. We are a Olifige'd to declare'
our iastonishinaht that, neariy. one-half Abe'
Convention disputed Generid MeClellan's,
pre-eminent k to, this character... .
The Cincinnati Enquirer . lays.down. , the'
“prilielPles"' of the 'Ohio "Democrady" ✓ in
this ',here can be no war tinder the
f Oonstitatio.n for.lthe cgerciorr:of a Sovereign.
State. The bemocrapttetand.bk the Conati=
tution,, and i . e!ii'qt that such a •War'cihnibt
proseciAid for. ; any legitimatg or ; just pur
ipose, or in:auyjust-mannee' rOn tins plat :
form' the Ohio . 'S.ThiniocritcY" run GeOrde . .l3."
McClellan. '
More then the number of votes hrilina
rib- polled in times of peace were cast insev-•
er o al Counties in l'ennessee at the recent
taxi. reineretereii.'thiiik
nruhtteraoktile..mlim„,ererOgignt A l rtheiretel
may, it is clear that a very large proportion
of the population takes an active interest
the reconstrii4ion.
A soldier lay...4rta lady's' hause, badly wound
ed A - Wjor-General rode to the door. His
oiderlf took his horse. Hsgot - off, went in,
and sat downby the'dying inan!a•Side: Taking
out a little beiok, hifire64 from it:—"Let.not
your heart be troubled," &c. He then,knelt
down and offered up a prayer to God forlhat'
dying soldier: Arising' from his knees, he
bent down and kissed him, and said:
G—, ue shall meet in Heaven." He
then fodeiliff.'-Tlint-EFeTie-tZiftklinjor-Gen
eral Howard. ' ; 1 ' ;
A 'TeateTS,Paerß9tx:cii-a.guri: o A.s.P9 o iineu
of t,h.O.,handlieirk of: arSontheni..lp.dy—a pair
o$ knit pautihoons, in crochet work. 'Thizi
twitirliivas firmly and neatly /done,, and the
maker was Mre zW.,H ,Mtkokie,, of Coltimhis,
Arkansas. During the.hlookade•in that-region
her husband neededn-pair„,of pantaloons, and
as there was no cloth to be had; she toolvher
crochet needle, and, with pientiof homespun
yarn, got up an artidie ecjilal 'to anything a
tailor cciuld turn - btit=liiiiidsome, , A -appear=
-once, and good for "threti,yptiva pr, Ann ,war. 7
The Copperhead press is already at'lvotit
predicting. , it• defeat of liientanarite Genorai
Grant in his coming campaign iwitti,itheArmy
.Of the Potomac; this, too witfiont the -sliglit--
. aist.evidence that sucks result is Co benppre
hendedJ All beeause Gen.(3l.4it. would not
accept the Copperhead , zioniintition for the .
Presidency! - :• • 1 •
The, Official returns oflthe election in New
_Yolk on the question of e t nienilini e th e eon•
stiettkion soldiers to vote , ate com.
For, the Amendinent
Against the Ardendment..
Majority • 410 716
JudgePearson,Of'Noith paiOtia in a re
cent Imbeds cepys cnse,cilepidePthat the re
cent act of the.Ribel Congieeis, tel;conicript
perserui who have furnished . s . nbetittdes for the
war is unconstitutional. • • -
The Atlantis IntelligAncer of the 9th inst.
says: '‘{Mrs. White, of Selma, Alabama, sister
of irs.; Lincoln, hitiarriVeilfrom Washington,
having siriugg%d through, IV rebetumiptra,
the bnttons •of which' were. , gold, and worth
$1,000!" • .• •
Paul liorphy, the . &ass player, has :return
ed from Paris to Nev.iOiltitiaa. He went to
Paris shout four years ago 'is a loyal man,
beat all the European's ciiati, ind was flat
tered and honored immensely t, He made his
late visit as a'Rebeli got beaten at chess, and
attracted no-attention.-whatever:
request of, Ganeral , Grant, the dig
inissarof Colani3l . ( tra 118.13' been. rei,okod
Illeetipg of the State.99l.„Coshantttee
By the call at the`headkof .;oux column? to
day,. will be seen that the i raemlo ! ra,9l*e e .
ICfniou State Central Committee. :are Aram
. pi l qiieL to asaerable ilkN.o 3l .icitYloni,W9dP, 4 l34l%
k unti, instaut. 7,9j_equasted to
urge + every raemter of tlie l Cominittee, the
neeekiity of a punctual atra , ce,
nosast proaaang,impOrtarl.C43 will 'be broug•
lefor them for consideration: .
BEPOiTike k k OitTitii
THURSDAY, liar& 31, 18644,
The S'enatb 'Met &t lOreircitik,'"A.. tr.; Mr.
T'Pealier Peritwar , in the Altair.
A..number , of pOitions wempesented i and;
comragte - §if.X6TA
`.! " r , ,
06 following bills were read in,place:i,
'11.14 KINSEY, an act increasing the mileage
pitor,e6nstables ,i1013nolot• gompty. f
ST.4:IIS, alantiplement,Multri iet,to in
' cariporate ibb Phcerox hotel of;Willtesbarre.
Mr; 1:M4,440t foffliO,relief of Jarfais
Mille , Of liincester.ccuAy.
' . 1,1 co r: NICHOLS, an Broad.
street, Philadelphia,
Nymocix;, .to', 140ortioratii:.the
ColOersport andi timesidlle nalrOad: Coin
p Mr; T , AIVIBERTONi art,itOtrfOr tlib u relief of
E.. Carroll; ‘lfio*.iiioiiiii.O.'W.J•pfreftie.4l:
• Xi. STEIN, ate act Ito , ineetporate -the'
Northland coal libtl:#ql l ' - .'atharkY• •- . ' ' '
14.7151INSON;;Eumict , te' anie thejlitee .
of lioldWelectionsin-thelOwnshipof Wirth,
celn4e ' OPUB-ti r : . :... c.".j . “.' - ''.: '.
The.bin to regUliteiii4etiimis•by:SelPiiii iii
the actual military.seriice wasttaken up and.
considerolat length. , After' the rejection of
numerous amendments offered 1:q•-the Dein- inipede the . piegieris. of the• till," it
,itie passed iinally , brthei following. vote: .
4- The yeas and nays were ~_reqinresl by , Mr.
WALI / C.E, B,lyl,34 l ,Az . .4tpuigg; i ttyX Were
as' follow, viz:* ..• .:„. .1 , ,, -, : - , ... , : . . .•.
YiAs i —lidessrs. Clummneys,-Connell,• Sina
/LT, rienlll i fralucct>. ` l 4°K IfP* '9 l :dir ,
Nieliols, Ridgway , St: Clair, Turrell , uson,
Woithingtat:iml it.6oAoyi taker-48,-
- .Noarapaxa,,Dear4l4ek^ilgq . 44 A ; Clymer,
Gliatz„ Hopichis,.. faamPeiNkri,., Latta, Muut
-6317,x0y; ift,sinSlt , * isthit 4 ark': Rleinhind Wall
- So the bill e pessed finally:,.-. :4:0,, , 1.
' The Senate ttlierivro.' , - ' - ) , L I Adjourned.
, t t
'HOUSE oraw4gßngirjr4g:
• • r• • - • "
- P 4" 71161 4, 1 ' , A „ hr ,glB4.
TMe House 1'441 1 4'12X4Pg - 4A!
he following Vvere
pAssed g .T.. {II .
act to legaizeKail.l4oilie r kr the fay
Me of bonw Taliga c4ls i t trolihted.lo / vo tul"'
leerl3 bYAbe , dountk conimiattionisrs.of_Venaugo
6b u i a ty...l . ;
-.Au.adt,iiiithts i *lUg thy managers of' ph r i s t
Mr. ,, AVOlipresentedv the aetoort , of the coin-.
in:tit - L(OV ivicOm was ' , ..referied: that vortiouLof.
the Gi*FliOr's atnAat*gp4o:fgating to he
Gettysburg cemetery.
Five-Ithousand': copies •in English and two
lhousanct . :70 , iire i 'ordered to- -be
House . 54, aeurtplement to the iiet
npvropriatiMethe:lidhtary iszcifthe seterat
comities of the Commonwealth to the relief
.frincl.afrthe.saidicomitics;. was discussed And
Kr? SMITH (Chester) moved •to suspend .
' - thee to talnS, up the bill to enable
banks of thilt
cari.p 4 irg,tiii. i the'iisiness of -bs.n:lt
ring under tha.laws of: t4 9. l gted St The motion, requiring. a two-third. vote, via.
Tiot . , . r
nimiglKf 'petitions- were ,presented i,
resAM,place and report 4
, 11 .
Atomized till to-morrow morning. •
J3[) ,EciegrapQ.
The cepperhoWEtight-in Coles Courdy, 411
Troops Sent to the Infected District.
CHICAGO, March 36.
A sp dispatch to the Tribune, - dated
Mattoon, last night, says: •
Four hundred men of the Fifty-'fourth
noisentleave Charleston to-tight-to ate
tack the rebels, who are said to be three hun
dred strong, under the command of Sheriff
John S. O'Hair, intrenched . at Gilladay's Mills,
ten miles north-east of Charleston:
A portion of the Fifty-fourth Illinois is at
Mattoon, that place also being threatened by
rebels from Shelby and Moultria,connties.
Two companies of the Invalid Corps, en
-route for Springfield, have been stopped at
'Chfuleston foratfirriipon duty. .
• _rickets are ont'On idlihe roads.
In the fight on Monday, four of the Fifty
fourth Illinois regiment, and one Union citi
zen were 'Colonel MitchelipAve
Privittes =air() Union citizens were id'itfidlid:
TWO rebels were killed and several
- From Washington.
Wesalwarox March 30.
Gin. - Patrick, Provost-Marshal-General of
the .A.rmy of the Potomac, sent, to this city
yesterday, a notorfoni iebel citiienatict bnsh
whacker, charged with the murder of a son
ofkikator Brown, of Virginia. The proof
against 014 tp,34, posttivs, as thei
&aims intSeked by SeVeM of our`offilerir.
Col. In o
apitol•F grahaw. L oorprOted the.plisoieto.t.ll4)
Old ilsn.ih'i : 6 i
Yesterday,,at the request of, X. L. de,Gepf
rej,, Acting French, ltft'n'ater,', the four 'Men
Who were committed to the Old OapitolPriion
as deserters from the French merchant ser
vice, were sent to New York and turned over
to the French Consul-General. '
No authority has been given by the Trea
sury Department to receive subscriptions for
the Ten-Forty Bonds, except to certain As
sistant Treasurers and designated National
Banks. All representations to , the contrary
are vithout,qny foiindation in truth.
• The State": Department has been officially
advised that the port of .NiApOtadt, in Hole
tein, is now blockaded by the Danish Govern
1.. the President hal signed the bill to carry
into effect the convention with Ecuador, for
the mutual adjustment of claims.
The Senate Finance Committee have - re
ported amendments to the House bill for pay- 1
mg the expenses.of the Legislative, Indicial
and Executive Deinutments, among, them re,
during the appropriations for the Agricultural
Department from 10,000 to 109,000,, and in
ofejtagtg ake appropriations for the Adlntiurt
General, , . Quarter-master General and.:. Pay
`Master Chbrierftl!s office - nearly $500:000, pi a&
dition to.the amounts; already lir the;bill.
The Nat , Department had: received , nifor
;nation that ma -.the,,l4th inst., Off Moiiariito
Inlet, Florida, the United States schooner
Beauregard, captured the schooner Linda,
from Nassau to New Smyrna, Fla., with a
'corgo of salt, liquor, coffee, &e.l also; of the
capture on the 'same day, by the same'tesset
ilkepritish sloop Hannah, of ,Nassau, N. P.
, The-vessel-had' on board a smalloquantity of
Cotton, but the ClaptOn threwitoverbijardl)e
-fgrp being ofipt4ied..
The War in , the Wesi.
errEsuisT AT PADtralL
' ST. LOMB, WEDNESDAY,: March 30.
'rho steamer David Tatum, whidh_n,ached
Cairo last night, 'reports' a.part,of'Foirdst!S
forces crossing the. Cumberland River at Ed
d Ville. A gunboat has bean. sent 'rip the
river to look after the matter.
The Ist Alabama ( CaValry,reported last
night at Cairo; haVoo,riii!aniniousay, Werdiated.
They are 700. strong, and all Alabamians.—
They have , seen bard service. 'They are on
the way to Decatur to recrtdt. '
'' It is reported that large 'numbers of tnion
men in Northern Alabama are waiting to join
the army.
• Colonel Spencer has authority to raise a
brigade there. He thinks it can. he: done in
six weeks.
Alexandria, was occupied by our
troops on the.l§th. The enemy, tinder Gen.
'Taylor, crossed , the .xiver and retreated -to.
i,ghreveport, by'laid. Several rebel manboats.
which wera'there had gone ttp.the river.
• The steamer New Falls City, laden with cot
ton, it is reported, has been burned.
The advance Of Gen. Besx's cavalry, under,
Lax, arrived at Alexandria on the'l9th. The
remainder of the 'aFray_was within two dug'
„march. When it arrives thp.pozabined force
will proceed wetitiiard'hyliuld. Supplies are
'going - by river. • -
7- The retiebi north andlibritliof'RedriVer
,concentrating at Slveveilirt,Ciccept Gen,Hen-•
BISON'S cavalry at Colombia.. - .
The gunbnats made a prize of affthe cotton.
. Captured, amounting to 5,000 bales:
Fort De Russey was accidentally blown up
on the 17th, killing four and wounding six
Coo,Wednesday„ March . 30.ylieraphia
papers of the :evening of t4:2#30, ectidain•nia
The least information 'from Paducah re-
Presents much'excitement aniinigtO'citiiinis,
fearing another attack from_FOrrests • foices.
The merchants and others are moying their
goods and valuables to `a safer Place.
Many exciting rumora are afloat respecting
Forrest's movements.. Several planters from•
the vicinity - of Skipwith's Landing have abaft=
doned their 'plantations and °gine north, in
consequence of the depra , dationa,corinnitted
by the guerrillas. , • • - .
• 'Loc - mriTT•v, Nyeclnesday, March 30:,--The
business portion of New-Liberty, Owen coun:
ty, was destroyed by fire, on Sunday.
About 100 of Forrest's forces. crossed the
Cumberland, at Eddyville, yesterday.
Wisconsin .xrx ! Ltpu conventiqn.
The Union Convention for choosing Ail
egatesle, the - Baltimore Convention met at
Madison at 12 97.45ick.% Gov. Solomo4
made President. Among the delegates = oho=
sen are Ex-Gov; Solomon,
,Ex-Cietv. Baridall
arid Hon. J. F: Potter. . '
Resolutions were adoptid etdokizing Pres
ident Lincoln andkfavoring his renomination.
T.b.e 13 01114 #0* 1 harmonipus
ihrototikk...,llbilltogiata Igre'riitnAtous
Tor LintOE.
, 30.
FOOND—On Front street, a small smn4
'HWY. The owner can have it by calling at
OFITC &pang
Il t uie re
j cetved ; rigotaZigar•
„! A (sece!...orti4o Wm. R0e.2,,M)
ipogualiSsacevt4lltist 'igathe& -Vveiy
smalpOt.7ltrue choice BUCKWHEAT at
(successors to Wm. Dock, jr., & Co.)
. in...
- VINE No. 1 MACKEREL, Kitts, jnstre
F ce.iVeil at saisiZß. & FRAZER,
• mita ' (auccessora to Wm. Dock, jr., & Co.)
MIME Kettle Rentp44lgs, just received
. _nuidli vs: lgaccdisaltiPEWP&• 1 .& rn-al Cca. ~
11 marSl.d2t* Mrs. T. J. IClErmit Walirdt street
EK-T*d 1)1[.
TWO HOR I S kliir#ll3k nib
gons—suitable to haul lumber--either single or dou
ble. Per Sons in want of teams will find a bargain by
calling on JOHN ALCORN,
mar3o-dlw Broad street, West Harrisburg.
RErdefttll 1.1
36 8 N'Aii rt -- 1-144p1OkiF 9PI
_ .
Two Boors Below 1161ker'r Hardware -.Store,
mar3o-if /la r.P.! _ . •
Valuable Farm at Private Sale.
111474,SUBSCRIBEA offer s the email RUM
_ _ .
on which ht. restdes, at private sale. It is situated
three miles from the city.of Harrisburg ; 'swell Improved
and in a good state or bdltnidloiteaM hes a Ifni-TOM*
Orchard_ , a good running spring and would be well adapted
[marg9.l3tl, .7.4' D. B. ELDEB.-r-
Will bq sold, at public sale, 14,,, the residence of Kr.
Henry Shanabrough, on the corner of Brady street and
Holley alley, his entire stock of Household and Kitchen
,Turn tore, consisting of Beds, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Tables,
-Chaim, Stoves and ripe and a great many other articles
tab ndmerons to pendon; Sale tonorstnionce , a42 o'isloek
to=morrow (iiredriesdaoMtecnoon. , -
'mar29 , - KIMIIINGER a ADAMS, Auctioneerm.
won. SALE.
1 LARGE and agendid Book Casa - - with'
Glass Sash above :ad WWI below. Zwittite at.
BABB & CO.'S Auction StereFltat biratroaalltank.
A. F. ZIMMERMAN, -'h ,
. .
Pra,ctical. Watch Maker,
N0..2 Market Streit, Harris]) , Pa.
S kitAvsft
, . ..1. ..
•. . ,
' . 11 1,.', G k•
" .tirri of YENVEI.4O.
. .
. '
PLATED WARE, - ' , ,
.....,, , ~,,,
Has constantly on hand a well selectiid mid elegantly
asmrted stock of
. ''' • -... ' AND ' SEM_
.0 1. Ri? MO; XNG :rCS :AND ..'SligSS'Ir litiDlS,
Both in Ooldand ItilveirCiMes.'.. , • ~ , - .
Alio, ,a fine assortment of
Constantly on band. ...„..i, 4, . • +: , • :.. ..t ;
.'. mr,.e„-.A.IN - z , ciAaciics,
' Of all:descriptions i allot. whtelt will be sold atttaii. ~
r ld a TET i S. TY CgOir, li g r c AT ' ' : 1 '"
' '
lair * Cal I 'aid esareinerthe &odic, . , : ‘"''
Particular' attention paid to' repairing; of"tneV l Z ,
such as ,Chronometers , IMplix and 'Other' MC '
Watches, itriA, all kinds or ' Jewelry neatly /t O
None but the:Most deMpetent workmen employ 'M
the wholdrniaty:r undtu!' . 4'oiii`poisonal gdpeivlsiciv.
. .• -
marZlii Ne.o. 52 "Mtulket:Street; adJelnlng'Brant'illall.
Harrisburg, Pa.
. .
TIME undersigned having opened a Marble .
Yard_ inthis eAy; ISatjukvtt9 Wens. thei r &Jena
and the genenil, map tut**, prepare d, to . fnz=
sucial As
• " HeattAtitones,
4 kud 'louse Wo k ual l tAilzd dB Bfx•
Lire tis a wilt guarantee sattsntetton. ' '
H. ..i.. - ettering neatly none In list' Gertiten.
MO la well (mownilk this city to : need . 69m ,
..A.:mendation.'"in use by, •• • • •
PRESIDENT mii - couf - • • •
90VOAcc0 121.14' ''
I 0”
150 , raltVit
. ,
Anttmany other dietinguteltedsitheena. The undersigne d ,
offers : these sttperbtriald,a . Weep that 'o3tltot fag
to command public pitifonage: - ,
N. it —No OLD stock on hand.
Also, Sole Agent for the utud •
' '
- B4AD,Diritlf - !S C E LEBRATED ?MAIM.
Chielterines and several other of the very best makes.
None but-perfect Instruments sold.
. ... . . •
Call and see largest, Block ont.ofireat
,rmu2S-te S..WARp,. Third streetlinste Store:
• NEW PitiIirADELRHIA., - -. ; •
I O.A. 'o,
• Ort"6.sw w Biocgr,.
Market Street, Harrisburg.
. Will open on the Ist "of April.? Einarsa-ay
20 B.OpexEr,o,"PeEl;L"e',).T•dEfili_:!;ll3rY
SHLSLER kFicsa.sac.
gio it,ww4..8..0.
Ok—On yeaterday.afteinooit,
on Marketstreet, a roll, or:Bank Notesmnounlip&W.
$lOO. all State notes exag4rsls of trailed Statecockg.
Theabovednward• wall* paid by retandn
. • h.,
606 CANS Oki*
Fresh. Tomatoes, 200 Cam Green Com 100
Cans Green Peatkput up by the most...celebrated fret
growers, aruiervery our warnortedlo gbrequftrucekny
sale at ur SHISLIKRAFRAZER, v ...• •
feb2 •- 7 puteesswas to*Wm Dock, Jr.,lk :130.1*
old vineerwOlll4ootect , for- side , at
keystone Nursery, at 50 cants each; $l4 per dozen.
Fiav' ' l4 ,..s rlir tnt e cg ß arti e ntlz t e, ins re,
Teb3 (saccessAkikini.,jr.•, ‘ & Co.)-
ONiT t ET.'b u very lot
acsitiat.tiaii;'ilticraiiatthi t t at -
k :-
(Suctieiiiirilto W. Dock, Jr., k Co.)
A PREYS,- ITTEPSIF4 - 4A &RI labfdar6e.
c-1.4 baggy Just received at
touCateors ALataakiaanMr
ANTED—A. Woman to cook, wash ;LL,I
; • iron. To one that will suit, good wagvii w,..
Co:ored woman preferred Apply to
%.,,,,,,,,,, .
.... corner of Second and Sonti, „r:,..,
AIPrANTED—A single 111 N, wh o under _
Y stands the - Confectionery busine, ,, ;
Iviiiirprk under instructions.
'A3.80 a Chambermaid. Apply to L. J. sp* ,- Second street. bear r,
WANTED—A young MAN, as Bartender.
Aliso, two White Girls, for Housework, at E;I - Riz E
HOUSE, cdrner Third and Walnuestreets. oti:a .
-A-0, OREM !S NURSE (White.)—Enqiiir
B. F. liEerEß'S' Third, near Market st rf•t .
-NAMPA) with or ith
..7 a business man, by tit: , :L - _e o
April, to use in the manufacturing and MeTrar.l.;, t„' .
rikAs in Harrisburg, P. For making money the o",-,,.
XlVrare one and safe. No :competition . For oao
enquire of S. L McCrl.l.lola .
Wagange BmkeriVallarket street, Ilantburg, pl.
febl2-doatsf” ' -
• .• - - - -
A GENTS wanted to sell the Standard 1 - li:;-
joi. tor* of the War. A rare chance to make raz,,-,
Agents are daring from $lOO to $2OO per month. 200 . 6'.1
volumes already eold. Send for circulars Addr,a
soNts BMA. & CAI..
Publishers, Baltimore,
": •
Nroz - /kA.,4.4*
- wAwrs.
de SO
Thiliteasurement of Time and the Record of
Dates Comhined.
110113MIAN, No. 52 Market ,tre, t.
A 211.
• Hassiaborg, has received the . agency Eh Corr
biped Reamer of Time and Recorder of Dates,
to which wonderful piece of mechanism; he respeculLy
Invitee the attention of the public. ' The great wlvar,t,lat
oC thl3 Clod* is, that the machinery of the cal,quin
entirely disconnected with the works of the clock: it
is simple in construction, requiring none of the ri,n
ing nec=Asyut. themitorks of an ordinary cluck, and .t
can be transported without the least liability to ti .mug
This Calendar is self-setting; the 2.1-hour wheel of
clock moves - the Calendar at midnight for the folletvini;
day, and the - mechanism of. the Calendar is such that is
aststiteelf for the long and short months, thus, without.
Amur attention (except to keep the clock wound) it will not
• only - pant out the time of day but also the day of the
week, day of the month and month of the year, giving 31
days to Jan., March, May, July, Aug, Oct. and Dec.; Zo
days to April, Jane, Sept, and Nov., and to February it
will give 2B days for three successive years and uu te‘
fourth year 29 days, thus making all the changes.
eluding Binsextile or Leap Year. inarfli-d2w
WIEERHAS, the Honorable JOHN J. PlLtr. -
sox, President of the Court of Common
the Twelfth Judicial District, consisting or the contnt,s
Lebanon and Datiphba, and the Htmorable S•titi EL Limn,
and Honorable Moess R. Yoaxa, Associate Juitge, in Lau
phin county, having issued their precept, bearing dile !hi!
28d day of February, 1884, to me directed, ire tot!
Wirt of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail De , icery •i :
ii gnirrier Sessions or the Peace of Harritbunj, ter thee , twit
of, Dauphin , and to commence Minted= 5143:c0.ts Art.ii
tzar, being the 45th day of Apnl, 1884, and to e•ei•in •
Arro weeks. •••
Neils° Is therefore hereby given to the Conner,
of the Peace, Aldermen and Constables of the said many
of Dauphin, that they be then and there in their imn er
prisons, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of silt i:ay, nit!,
their records, inquisitions, examinations, awl thi•ir nun
remembrances, to do those things which to their office
appertains to be done, and those who are bo. . nnl in 1,1 , ,
nuances to prosecute against the •prisonect that a e or
'sladf . tie in the Jail of Dauphin county, be then and ityri•
tOjirriterecute against them as shall bojust.
' elven under my hand, at Harrisburg, the 2tillt day at
In the year of our Lord, 1864, and in th ev,hir
iditleyear of the independence of the Unite 1 Stale,
• W. W
Sennuar's Orme;
Harrisburg, March 28, 1864.
w. w:
93 Market street, Harrisburg.
OR REASONS perfectly satisfactory I.
tame taken the agency of the above mo-t
exaslatiat, Thoputilic isimlted to come aid
amhte for Utemselvea
. A few Sehoutacker dc Co% num! On hand yet tv:l
g4I4.IfPW- rutir2:•
IA!)N 1 now.
UNDERSIGNED respectfully informs
T. publiA Nit..he iuiCbas eS the
-1111.T' ; A:4D CA.I I ST0111:
tete the property of T. J. BIIREETT, decease.l, and
11.11.1,1il eenttpme
t hee busineskek the sed stand, Wi.cro
will - conaltinCy keel)! oniiiindiAlkenettd azsortment
H A T..Sr,. Sz c . ,
which will be sold atiresionalde rates.
I . fr`.9lFaAsharoec,patron,sge is respectfully Factwz
..1;1 Aitsit-,I B
Warrants, Claims, Government Securities, Checl.i.
Vouchers, &c., gashed. mar2Sd2m-
literalism T Moving
i tS this is the tizne.,to prepare for. Moving.
ft. wonid be well e all having to more weal.
gather up their surplus Furniture and send it to Barr',
Auction and Furniture Rooms, where the highest price iL
Midi. will be paid for all kinds of second-band furratnn.
"akehange for new.
NSW FURNITURE of. - the Ablest quality always
• I?`ESE R . TERs.
A ITYpesson furnishing information of the
Ala_ whereabouts of any deserter from the rimed
States 118PriOe will receive the above reward. AU aim
itsitications sfrfUron,fiderdial, and no names ever )11C71-
BOX. 13,
mar24-41awtf Harrisburg, Pa.
"VOTlCE.Whereas, the partnership her&
£ tofore existing between W. Dock, Jr., and Josepou
Shinier, under the name and style of W. Dock, Jr.,
CO.; has been dissolved by the death' of W. Dock, Jr., iirt
the store as heretofore carried on by the acid firm. h. ,
been purchased by the undersigned, notice Le here .
given, that all the business, air heretofore carried r,
the late arm of W. Dark, & Co., will be continued
the same place by thikunderaigned, the name a..d
stjle of Make& Frazer . , who will settle add pay all ti - e
debts and liabilities of the late Arm of W. Dock, Jr.. s;
Co:, and receive all accounts due the said firm.
1111 for past favors the new Arm will be- grateful for
continuance of the public patronage.
exusruiN S. FRAzEr..
IbarlENMr •
raOETANT T0_•.414-i- - -It Will restore the
to health, the intemperate to temperarre.
Rhubarb Wine rdildif it aIL - 'Don't think theTeadiug
the adv. stiaetnent;will, doi. we don't claim that But
you will go- b C. K. KELLER'S Drug Store and get soul ,
of the Tule and examine it for yourself, it will ,et
right; I will warrant yon on that. Orders for wine
twine plants taken and tilled by
our authorized agent. L.
K. 'gnus W.R, No. 91 liarket street, Harrisburg, Pa, re
fall particula rs apply to co' addresis the above.
IMford, Pike county, Pa.,
Wholesale Dealer in Wine Plant'-
Matinee* Seed.
*„,, , 'TOBAI;XX) SEE can be had, at 60 cents per ounce.
_Market street
. mitr2l:4-00.
AABISTEAMS !!---Michener's Excelsior.
Just, cured. Received and for sale at
_ .Yuck,
olia"4„ . „ , (sa seetsors to W.Jc, L Cot.
Iyclgr, or Bullet Giape.
. I TRONtI , y6ar old vines, of excellent
mats fach;44.P.Ptc!!LlN a"Cer".n° Na j r l e art NEM
(whherffrape, either for the table or urine, at av
EffiXaltirsiasy Grape
-3CP.A2000=8,, stp a ph, or $9 Pex
-L "/ 01 4: 1 4 - 4- * " Nurdery—