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Borrowing Money to Pay Bounties
The bill legalizing negotiations for money
to pay bounties having become a law, our
cotemporaries throughout the State are en
gaged in its discussion, some assenting to, and
others dissenting for its provisions. A candid
view of the subject will not fail to convince
the dispassionate citizen, that the .- : bill
fairly covers the whole ground sought to be
reached. It authorizes counties, town
ships, cities, boroughs, wards, and school dis
tricts, to assess and collect taxes(to,liquidate
the indebtedness growing out of thepayment of
such bounties. The Legislature could not go
further. It could not compel any district to
pay bounties, any more than it could ,centrol
the amount of such a bounty. It is optional
altogether with the people, how large'such
bounty shall be, and, indeed,' whether such
bounties shall even be provided for. 'l'lte
tybill merely legalizes the action of those who
desire to be liberal on this subject. But
here it must stop, as no law would be consti
tutional which aimed at compelling the au
thorities of any district to provide a •bounty
for those entering the army.
—Of course, the great object of the people
of each district will be to avoid the draft.
This is all right and proper. But in doing so,
we beg to warn the people against two great
errors. The first is, to avoid the delusion of
cyphering a district out of the draft. It must
be borne in mind that the Government wants
and must have men to fight its battles. If
one district contrives by good management to
escape contributing in men what it fairly owes
to the Government, the cause of the nation
is just robbed of so many supporters, and in
proportion it must suffer. The second error
to avoid is, not to borrow money to meet
bounties, on too long a credit. On this point
the Lancaster Examiner forcibly remarks that
the people never will be better able to pay a
good round sum in taxes to meet bounty debts,
thall now; therefore, borrow 'and levy your tax
in such a way as to, pay it off in one or two
years. No one will „object object to paying now.
Everybody will pay willingly, because all ' are
able to pay, and feel that a good and patriotic
cane is served by it. If we do not pay, our
children after us will have to bear the burden.
Let us not leave them local legacies of taxa
tion in addition to the great: National debt
which will be for them and their posterity to
discharge. A. wise foresight indicates the
policy of paying as we go in this matter, and
the county, city, ward, township, borough or
diStriet that shall follow our advice; will see
the day to rejoice for having taken it. •
At Them Again.
The Evening" - Bulletin indulges in another
fling at the Philadelphia delegation, in the
Legislature, in its last edition. These attacks
ars becoming so frequent and so bitter, that
we are induced to interpose for the purpose of
protesting against their farther repetition.
Philadelphia never had an abler working del
egation in the' Legislature than she has this
session. They are alike efficient On the floor,
and industrious in committee. Hence the
folly of malting a personal issue .with these
gentlemen on a subject of vital public. inte
rest. It is not the best way Of' reaching the
judgment of a legislator. If
-the Bulletin and
its friends are opposed to what it calls a
"mammoth railroad scheme," the way to make
their opposition effective to petition 'the
Legislature, protesting against the passage of
such -a bill. But why this measure should be
so odious to the Bulletin, puzzles more than
one of its good friends in this vicinitY: Cer
tainly no one will deny that the enterprise is
called for by the groWing pop:dation and trade
of the metropolis.' In fact, it is an enterprise
designed expressly to benefit the business
and workingmen of Philadelphia, >byaffording
them' a cheap and :certain communication
tween their residences and places of.bu.siness.
As we declared a day or two,sitice, we have
no personal interest in the railroad 'bill in
question, now before the Legislature. Inoue
sense, we do not care whether it becomes• a
law or whether it is defeated. But is a mat
ter of principle,. - wp,cannot refrain from at least
confessing that the measrire, is one of utility
--that those in the 'Legislature, who are la
boring for its passage are actuated by a pure
motive to serve their constituents'—and";that
the surest plan to secure the passage Hof the
bill is, to continue indiScriminately abusing
members of the Legislature.
Personal and Political.
From information received through various
reliablesonrces, it is now known that the
exact place in which the body, of Col. Dahl
gren was biiiied was a,matter of public noto
riety in Richmond. There is hardly a doubt
but that when Ould made an excuse for not
complying with Admiral DWgren's request,
suggested on the ground, that the place where
the body was interred could not be found,--he
deliberately statedwhat he knew to,be false.
The estimation put upon Dir. Jeff. Davis in
North Carolina is shown by this observation'
in the late speech of Gov. Vance.
! , If every man in this county.. (Wilka) who
had : used abusive language towards Jeff. Davis
anitthe confederate government were• to be`
put hi jail, he would have to address his entire.
audience through prison bars."
General Lee . has declined a present of a
house_ which
. the'dity Sour . lcil. of Ri c h mond
proposed to purchase for him..
Mr. Stantoulas just- broken _up a ring of
- horse contractors, — by dir , owing- one
, of the
' leaders into the Old Capitol priSon.
Very few officers are now in Witshingto.n,.
imperative orders to the front having lieen
Pea- • '
Paymaster W. P. Norris, of Plnladeliiiiis,
died of Memphig on, the 2211. .
A National Bankrupt Law.
The indications are that Congress will not
pass a bin:a:rapt law during this, and proba
bly not even at the next session. The mem-.
be - m . of the present Congress have yet , to et-'
hibit the evidence that they have a high
regard for the prosperity of that large'class of
business men who "went under" simply be
cause they could not reach their debtors after
such as these had taken up arms in opposition
to the Government. The men who were made
bankrupt by the rebellion should at least
have an extension to pay their debts until the
war is over, the Federal authority again ac
knowledged in the revolted States, and a pros
piet thus liad 'of making 'colledtions - in the
South. • , • ^.
If Congress, at its present sissicin, Mid
passed a. well digested' bankrupt law, we be
lieve that the business of the whole country
would have been largely benefitted. There
are thousands of men, active and energetic
business men, who are compelled to stand
aloof from the industrial pursuits and mer
chandising, simply because they are hunted,
down by hungry creditors, who will not per
mit them to advance a step in prosperity.
Whilst this state of, aifaip continues, the'bu
siness of the country must of course•ilaffer.
We now want all the active energy and.enter
prisi,that can be thrown into Mildness. 'We :
want these for the creation of sources of reve-
nue; . for the developrnikt.. of your nation*e
sonreps, and 'for :the; di . Pansion of', oar
commercial facalities and power. If - Congress,
however, will not assist in removing the load
which - hangs on shoulders and holds so
manygood men down in•penury, we must lose
the services of all such people. But let us
still hope that wiser counsels will prevail, and
that a law contemplating this relief to thou
sands of honest men now staggering through
life with immense loll& of debt, will be passed
beforo many months have elapsed.
The EmploymLentof
Lieutenant General-Grant- has already ac
complished one good work, in ordering all
idle officers to their commands. If it is true, as
is rumored, that the Major Generals so long
absent from the army are to be placed in ser
vice, it is another cause for congratulation.
The people could never rightly understand
why officers receiving large salaries should ke
allowed to remain inactive. Hence, the an
nobncement -that 'Frenibiit, and
others of like and legs grade, are at once to
bee - ordered to the army, will give universal
satisfaction. It will be particularly pleasing
to see M'Oleilan and Fremont in the field, as
there :is a sort of military and 'Aft* ii
valry between these gentlemen, which can no
where be so splendidly adjusted as , in a strug
gle to put down the rebellion. The personal
friends of these officers, respectively, deny to
each other any merit for either rival, , Qne
side alleges that the other is deficient in mili
tary force and ability. Let both, then, take
the field, and by the 4plows which they give
rebellion the _coming slimmer
_establish not
only.their military reputation, but fix them
selves-forever in the gratitude of the American
—While Lieutenant General Grant is thus
ordering idle officers to the front, we trust
that he will not omit to give the post'of Har
risburg a thorough combing. There - are offi
cers at this post who have been wasting a
large amount of valuable•time, and who should
be immediately invited to take part in the
contest where . powder is burned, blows given
and work done. There is no denying the
fact, that at this post there has been a great
waste, owing to the number of *officers in ser
vice here, a number which could be reduced
at least one-half, and the interests of theGov
emment greatly subserved thereby.
r:i:~:i}:i~M:ni~',s.\J:r:a ~~~Rf~?~~Y:\: ~~4 ai A :iel i7.\~:~
• WEDNBEIDA:r, March 30, 1864.
The , Senate met at 11 o'clock,, A. , m., Speaker
Panim - y in, the Chair. ' ,"' •
A. number of petitions were presented and
appropriately referred.. . „, . .
Mr.. FLEMING, • (Judiciary,) as committed,
Senate bill; entitled A supplement tO an act,re
'atingle interpleading, : , r,
Also, (same,) as committed,
476, an act 4o.authorize,the• commissioners of
Lawrence county to borrow:money and effect
a compromise on their .bends.
Mr. CO.NNELL, (F.Mance,)_as amended,
House bill No. 32, an. act relative to the,,pay
nierit of tlie interest on
Mr. FINSET, a supplement to an act re
lating.tOlhe payment of bounties to volun
teers,. approved March 24, 1861.
Iteferredtii the Committee on the Judicliky.
wonnuNGTON, a supplementib an
act, entitled An set; re/41761 0 the; sale and
conveyance of real, estate, tipprcived 18,
. .
Referred to the Committee withe Judciary.
Mr. GRAHAM, tui act 'repealing a *pOition
of the act-O•T April 1,..11163, in,.regardtothe
.gituatbflands imrpbseslt! . .;
Referred to the Committee on Education.
-.. Kr. FLEMING, an act to incorporate the.
Paxton_ turnpike road company. • .
Referred to, the . Committee on Roads- and.
:Mr. LOWRY offered' a resolution instruct
ing the Committee on Banks to'''bring in a,
bill compelling all State 'l to redeem,
their notes in the legal tender'of, the Goyern
ment, if desired by the 'holderirthereof
PostriOned `for the . preier--16 yeas to 14
Mr. HOPKINS offered trresphition instruct
ing`the Committee on Federal Relatiotag to
bring in a joint resolution instructing our
representatives in Congress to 'vote for a
... . , •
prOpositzton to pay non-commissioned officers
and sOldiers of the aim coin or its' equiv
dud. • IF
CRAMPNEYS moved to "amend so as
to reipearthe law to -inquire into tlietepecli
eney of so doing. -
discussion ensued, partipipaiha ,- in by
SON, when a substitute, offered by Mr. NICH
OLS, was adofited, and the Senate adjourned.
• WEDNESDAY, MarCh 30, 1864:
The Rouse met at . . 10 o'clock, - and spqnt the
entire morning seision'irf th`e corisidbration
and pastigeof lazious bills:lqt' the private
'eri.Sd#r of yesterday, remained =dis
t didjoutuol till 3 r. M.
Xi) iteregrap4.
A Fight Between United States Soldiers and
ST. Loins, March, 29
- A special dispatch. to the Democrat, from
Charleston, Coles county, says that the Cop
perheads came into that town to attend
court yesterday, with guris . concealed in their
Wagorus, and armed*With pistols.
Some soldiers in the court house yard were
drawn into an affray, and a general fight -oc
curred. The county sheriff sprang from the
judges' stand and conntenced firing a pistol
at the Union men. Mayer York, a surgeon
of. the 54th, was one of the first victims.
The Union men being outnumbered at the
court house, ran to the houses and stores for
arms, and they were fired upon from the win
dows.:.' /Din or. twelve .were.rlvounded. CoL
Mitchell, of the 54th regiment, was badly
wounded. Oliver Sales was killed. James
Goodericb, Win., Hart, L. C. Jeffreys, and
several Soldier t belonging •to. .the 54th, were
wounded severely.
The 54th regiment arrived in the afternoon,
and formed.on the square. Nelson Wells, the
man who'fiied:'the first shot, Was instantly
killed. John Cooper, a prisoner, was shot
while trying to escape.
Colonel Brooks, with a squad of men, went
in pursuit of a gang of Copperheads about
seven miles distant.
Captain Williamson has some twenty prom
inent secesh implicated na= h affair under
guard at the Canal House. Colonel Mitchell
had a conference with the Hon. 0. D. Frarik
lin,and Judge.Conatable,,who.seeme4 very
anxiouslhat steps hhoul4l3 eta n -toprevent
any further outbreak.
.t4ll.lpdp 174.1;ti,
Lowsvtrzu, March 29.
In pursuance of dirediims from General
Schofield, and in accoidance with General
Grant's orders, Kentucky has been divided
into two diStrictS.
- - .
The Western dietriet comprises all between
the. Nashville railroad and.. Cumberland river,
under General Ewing, with headquarters on
the, railroad. The Eastern district comprises
all between the Nashville railroad and the Big
Sandy river, under , General Hobson, with
headquarters in the field, the whole to be
under the *command of', General Euxbridge,
with headquarters at present in this city,
That part of Rentuck3r west of the Cumber
land river belongs:to the 'Department of Ten
• .
.. The express train which left LOuis - Cille on
Monday morning for Lebanon was captured
by guerrillas and two - passenger cars were
burned. A guard of seventeen Federal sol
diers on the train surrendered without firing
a gun. This guard has been ordered to Louis
ville under arrest.
Federal scoutslave 'proceeded for miles be:-
yond Bull's. Gap, and rePort no signs of
Longstreet's forces.,
Gen: . Vaughan has been appointed provost
rnars,hal of Louisville, vice Major Fitch, Rho
rejoins ,hiS rogiment:
Later Nev'vs , 'From Europe.
Revival of a Holy Alliance.
The steamer City of Manchester arrived
this morning with Liverpool dates of thel.6th,
and via Queenstown on the 17th.
The Kangaroo arrived buten the 16th.
The London Times cityarticle says that
the idea is preyalent,that a reduction of the
Bulk rate of - discount nbt be far distant.
The Times . and Star.advised the Danes to
accept Lord Elleaborough's advide and sub
mit to the terms propOsed by, Austria and
The folic:mine telegranis have been received:
(logEnnacizs . , March 16.—The superior.of
ficials 'and mayors, in. that portion of Jutland
occupied by the Allies, have been conveyed
to headquarters to . receive requisitions for
supplies intended to be forced upon the in
Thtrenemy yesterday kept up a heavy fire;
one battery was directe,(l. against our left and
the ships before Sonderberg. 'The result was
unimportant. • ,
Cruasketti, Nerviny, A•Tnrch 15.—The Stor
thing opened to-day. The king announced
bill for an extraordinary credit of 15,000,000
rigsdalers to enable the Government to give
material aid to Denmark in certain,emergen
The King:also desired liberty of action for
all eventualities', and an authorization to em
ploy,tha regrdar army an l navy in. aid of ,the
denrandif found necessary.: >,,t-.•
Roam,' March 13. 7 —The conflicts between
tho Papal and French troops continue, the
populace siding with the former.
The Pope's illness Continues.
. 14rvrapacm, Mari* 17.-rr..ship Ellora,
frOm Newport, Wales; for New York, took fire
off Newport, andwas scuttled on a mud bank.
'The amps garrY :Wai'reti,' - for Boston, and
iietex; ,Ban,Primcisco, 'have put
back 4 to , Liverpool,i -both ...having mutinous
Crewsboar,d t
The Gorki Herald of thel7th, says: Accounts
from Sheffield state that-178 bodies 'had been
. .
recovered,' but 258 persons ere returned as
dead or missing, consequently 80 bodies were
swept down the stream and will not be recov
ered until after many, days. ..._
Yesterday afternoon the pimps at Spittle
well, Montrose Pits; broke, and-fourteen,men
were drowned. • .
13014.T.Tx;,*.faxehl.6.It' is - ateted that 'three
- EruOm; "men -yrer;:ivhich:ha - ,ye been-at eit
ehOt at . tresieance the.. commencement Of hos
tilities, are plaCedmiarthe Commatid of the
Aus4rian A4miral,:to operate' #t" concert with
the ,Mettja i n equEvdrop,,
The Prussiens . conipleted the erection and
anniyinenibf threiS' batteries at qummekark,
on the Wemmigbund, on,saturday night. The
Danes, immediately opened fire from the en
trenchments at Duppek -The Prussian' batte
ries-•replied the'folli* - big - day,_
VIENNA, Mir& 16.—T114 Vesielia - Aisoke Zei
tun:g of to-day publishes a dispatch from Ber
lin, stating that Denmark is disposed to ac
cept the armistice and propositions in three
essential points, but _is 'only disposed to ac
cept part of the, conditions attachcl• to the
I ._
A telegram from SL,ltannnond states-that
there was no Traidsh bleckading Nuaclron in
sight, and - It - wit§ the ' - generit 6pAnion that the
Danes were unable_tp ..effeet. a continuous
.blockade-of the „Prussian ports. ' , 1..- . 1
The -Post' &Pk t§,popespoullencoi sags ::..It' is
evidently the interitroji of Aus4in and'Pruisia
to occupy _eventually Copenhagen, and there
dictate terms of:petice:. c , -
g*74imv, March 15.—At 5.30 this
ro,Ormaillii3 island of Off - Men was occupied
.by thi.Prassians, who were- ferried across the
Heiliitimhafen. The whole Danish -fOree' on
the island, 0011Sieting of 100 men, togethet
.with, the commander of a gunboat, were taken
Bram, March 16.--The embassy at Yoko,
hama have - officially informed' the Federal
Coiancil thiit the japaneSe Government will
send fresh' anibaesadors"to Europe; for the
purpose of determining the powers to Modify
their treaties. '
'ST::..*/ - EME:}3.Bl3trltG, March 15.—The Journal
de SC - Pitersburg repeats the rumor of the re
vival of the Holy Alliance, having the charac
ter of a coinbßiation of sovereigns to destroy
the liberties of the people, or a coalition of
Europe against one great power.
NEW YoRK,. Maich.29
Forrest near Columbus, lily.
Gino, March 29.
The rebel Forrest with a force estimated at
7,000, is reported within eight miles of Colum
bus, Ky., last night. They cut the telegraph
wires between that place and Cairo yesterday.
About forty more prigobers, captured by the
rebels at Union-city, &lived last night. They
report tliat only 250 prisoners were captured
with Col. Rewiring, and :Pluiles of them are
escaping every,day.
At Newport, Pa., on the 28th Inst., by Rev. Mr: Kelley,
Mr. GEORGY S. Damara, of Landisburg, Perry county
Pa, to Miss ALWILDA L. Stumm; of Harrisburg. *
Vidunteers Wanted!
rrIHE highest bounties wili be paid. En
I quire at the Pennsylvania House, Second street,
mar3o4t* Committee.
Two HORSES, Two Carts. and Two Wa
goss—suitsme to haul lumberL.either single or dou
ble. Persons in want of teams will find a bargain by
calling on, JOHN AI,COAH,
marek-dlur Broad street, west Harrisbu rg.
11 - 71ffiL be sold, at public sale, at the resi
v deuce of. Jonathan Venrick, on the corner of
Fourth and North streets, (11nrr's Cottage,) on Thursday,
(to - morrow;) his entire stock of 'Household and
Kitchen Furniture' such as . Beds, Bedstoadsand Bedding,
Tibia% Chairs, Looking Glasties, Bureaus, Wash Stands,
Carpeting, Glass and Queensware, together with a great
variety of other articles, Stoves, Tubs, &c, tog numerous
.to insert.
Sale to commence at one o'clock P. M.
mar3o.dlt* DANIEL BARR, Auctioneer.
Two Boors Below Helker's Hardware Store,
yaluabla Farm at Private Sale.
THE SIII3SORIBER offers the small TART&
on which hr insides, at private sale. ''' in situated
three miles from the city cf H . arrisbarg ; is well improved
and in a good Mato of cultivation, and has a line Young
!Orebard ; a good retain; spring and wauld be well adapted
'for a dairy farm. tiner29-d3vl D. B. ELDER.
Will be sold, l a t public, sale, at the residence of Mr.
Henry Shanabrough, on the corner of Brady street and
Reiley alley, his entire stock of Household and Kitchen
Furniture, consisting of Beds, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Tables,
Chairs; Stoves and Pipe and a great many.othor articles
too numerous to montkai. Sale to commence at 2 o'clock
to-morrow (Wedneaday) afternoon. • .•
mar 29 ENSMINGER do ADAMS, Auctioneers
ALARGE and splendid' Book Case, 'with
Glass Sash above and panels below. Inquire at
BARR & CO.'S Auction Store, First Natiohal'Eank.
mar29.dtf • •
Practical Wa - tch
no, 51 Nartet Street, Harrisburg, Pa.
TE? sizavTßEl, _
4: 1 1 1 EI Ala, KINDS OF JAWET.,RY
Hss constantly on hand a well selected and elegantly
assorted stock or
Both in Gold and Silver Cases.
Also, a Ono a t wortolent of -
Constantly on hand,
Of all descriptions; all of which will be sold at the
*a-, Call and examine the goods.
Particular attention paid to repairing of line Watches,
such as Chronometers, ,Duplex and other celebrated
Watches, • and* ,all Maids of 'Jewelryry, neatly repaired.
None but the most aimpetent workmen employed, and
the whole matter under my own personal superyiston.
, , •It 4. B. ZIMM.E.R.KAN;
mar2Bl No. 52,14nrket 'Area, acijOrking Bmnt's Hall.
, - , Harrisbut, I*. 2
"[I M xiaderaigne liabing opened a Marble
1. Yard in this city, - beg' leave to inform their' friends
and the pith° in general, that they are prepared to fur
Monuments, r -
Tombs; - - . •
, 2
And House WOrk In Makble and Brown Stone
Give ." t llll :g u H a 'l te = i t t c N .
11. &
N. a—Lettering neatly none in English or Gennii#
rnar2ittily - • .
rrloo known in this city to eed
mendation, , IfinSe by
And many other distinguished citizens. The undersigned
offers these superb instruments at prices - that cannot fail
to command.public pattonage. •
• It 13.—N0 OLD stock on hand: •
Also, Spilt Agent for the'uniivalled '
Chickeringts and several other of•the very beat makes.
Nene but perfect instruments semi' -
Can and see largest stock out - of great Cities.
inar2B-tr -S. WARD, , Thini stretallfitsin Store.
LOST—On.yestcr44 afternoon, March 28,
on Ifarketstreet, a roll of Bank Notes amounting to
$100: PotOs except $l5 of United States notes.
The above ruwarO ho paid by retimeng the money to
mar 29430 - - .• THIS OFFION.
CuY oga Graps,
,YEAIt old Nines, well rooted, for sale at
1 Keystone Nursery, at 50 Dents each; $ l4 per dozen.
mar2o : , .JACOB
• .
.VEINCH BF4.I•TS--A rare lairota i jipil ja
r -caved at SHISI,BR k FRAZER,
[obi (successors to Wm . Dock, jr., k Co.)
_l2l...ers of the folloFing named ertieles,
... _ _ ..
The`Adams E?Epties CompsuiL3 1
, .
Claiming to have a lien thereon for the costs and expenses
lif,transportation and storage thereof, will proceed to sell
the same to pay said costs and charges, at the expiration
of thirty days from this date,
March 224, 1804, sinless sooner called for.
Lieut ( Anglin, 1 box R A Kinsloe, 1 pckge
A Alleman, 1 box W Kosher, 1 pckge
Wm Anklin, lbox Dan'l Kohn, 1 "
Wm P Anderson, 1 pkge - T L Lindsay, 1 box
Lt Sam'l Adams, 1 box N Leavenworth, 1 box
Capt Breckenridge, 1 box F Lewis, 1 box
A L Bachofer, I box W P Lilley, 1 box
If Bordenharty 1 box S Loughrey, 1 box
31 H Brown, 1 box If Liebtrue, 1 box
Dan'l Bash, 1 box -, Jno Lehman, I p box
Wm A Barton, 2 boxes' AE Leidy, 1 b bag
Wlt Boyer, 1 box ' W Myers, 1 box
W Barges Ibox ..,', ~ 1 tillino, l bor .
G 13130yir,.; box , I ' , V. V Branner, 1 box
.VAlttickiey, I box "It Miller, 1 "
11 Bennis, 2 trunks II S Miller, 1 box
It Brown, 1 box H. J Madill, 1 trunk
A H Bums, 1 pckge Nancy Moyer, 1 trunk
N Bordley 1 " Jll Mumma, 1 outing
D Bolton, 1 " A Mosier 1 b bag
Win Boyles, r...i - . Miss X Mills, 1 b bag
D A Bartlett; I Pckge E Myers, 1 vallie and bdle
Dr Bennett, 1 " Jno Morgan, 1 pckge ‘
L Bette, 1 pckge C Miller, 1
J Bretz, 1 " J W Marshall, 1 pckge
D L Baumgardner,) pckge LI, T A Martin, 1"
G W .K Beatty; 1 pckge Fred Slyer, 1 "
James Bird, I.pckge A Miller, rbondie castings
Mrs E Burgett, 1 pckge L Miller, 1 pckge
Surgeon Cuyler, 2 boxes Lt A C blensh, 1 empty lyas-
James Carmichael, 1 box ket
S Childs, 1 steam gongs Jno Maine, 1 Nix
W E Conrad, 1 box H C Messer, 1 pckge
J A Conway, 1 box Jae Mitchell, 1 "
Mrs Jos Crisswell, 1 bundle ) Millard, 1 piece iron
M Clark s 1 bag C R M'Curdy, 1 box
C G Calhus, 1 box 'PP M'Elratb, 2 pck - ges
C B Campbell, 1 box Prof M'Coy, 1
Jno Cadnell, 1 c bag Collin If'Cordy, 1 pckge
I.' Clay, 1 b bag H K M'Clizre, 1 lot castings
Rev A A Castleman, I pkge A H Nelson, 1 box
P Carpenter, 1 pckge G P Naugle, 1 box
J C Cutter, 1 pckge . Morgan Nash, 1 box
W S Cart, 1 pckge Miss M Norris, 1 trunk
Daniel Cohen, 1 pckge R G Gicott, 1 pckge
K A Compretos, 1 pckge Win Page, 1 box
Cllta.s Conner, 1 box A B Picket, "
PCain, 1 p ly. , x George W Phillips, 1 box
J M Donn, 1 box H. K. Parsons,) casting
S R Davis, 1 box C Preach, I box.
A C Ditsworth, 1 box James Powell, 1 pckge
J NV Deal, 1 wheel Wm Pool,l pckge
lil Dickson, 1 b bag M. Quite, 1 "
J S Dacia, 1 pckge J 11 Realer, 1 box
X Dugan, 1 pckge D Reyater, 1 box
tan L Dawson, 1 box Serg't Rose, 1 "
.7 0 Denkor, 1 box Robert Renshaw, 1 box
Jno Dean, 1 pckge H Repley, 1 box
A C fiexter, 1 pckge H Reichard, 1 box
Mrs J Diffenbaugb, 1 pckge Capt .7 Rebror, 1 pckge
Gl3 Dectuut, 1 pckge .7 K Rinehau, 1 box
C R. Dounough, 1 bag Thos Reeehorf, 1 box
Ir Boman, 1 b bag - Cant , D M Real 1 box
Thos Eaton, 1 p box Wm Report, 1 MC&
H Ells, 1 pckge Reese & Co, 1 bundle
Ensign R D Evans, 1 pckge Jas Robertson, 1 pckge
R A Follett 1 b bag H P Rodermal, 1 "
Jno Fritz, 1 b bag Fred Ride, 1 b bag
J Id Fumes]; 1 keg J Emery Round, 1 pckge
G J Flick, 1 pckgo J G Swank, 1 box
S E Flitch, 1 pckge W Smith .1 box
Goo Funk, 1 pckg' e T Swtneford, 1 box
J . Freiman, 1 salidle XIV Sherbondy, 1 bog
Jargib Fleming, 1 pckge ' J qr.' - man, 1 IInX
H Fatilk, 1 bdle trees ' MISS A Settockey, 1 trunk
MA Flelden, 2 Owe 4 h Struhe, 1-bOx
H Guipo, 1 box_ ,Ino alieetir, 1 box
M Good, 1 bundle b' E Steers, 1 box
G ly Griskold, 1 box Henry Shroyer, 1 box
S Gross,) box Geo Smith, 1 box
M Gutsworth, 1 box ' Capt Stillwell,l box
J Greenly, 1 k sack M E Sturgeon, 1 h trunk
C Gregg, 1 pokge Peter Sharpe, I C bag
Lt W Garret, 1 pckgo - J Snyder, 1 pelmet
A Gibbon? 1 pokge A T Smith, 1 pckgerl ,,,
A Gibbon, 1 brlle 0 Shays, 1 pckgo'' 7 •-• •
S Gordon, 1 page N Stella, 1 pckgiC, '
Capt Goben r 1 box R N Short, 1 pckge„ ,'"
Chas Hagan, 1 " Mrs J H Sullivan,"l - pckge
.7 Hoffer, 1 box " Rich Schilling, 1 pckge
J Herr, 1 box Surgeon In Charge Hospital,
.7 H Hock, 2 boxes 1 pckge
F WRansil belle gang Tiger, 1 box
A Hester, I castingV D Tingley, 1
Geo Xing; I belle Jas Taylor, 1 box
C Habor, 1 pokge R A Taller, 1 c bag
1J N Hick, 1 " . J S Thomas, 1 pckge
J B Halm, 1" S Thomas, 1 pckge
H C Kicker, 1 pckge , . C P Thomas, 1 pckge
Sam') Haines, 1, ", . WH H Thomas, 1. pckge
LiZeie Hoene; 1 pckge John Underwood, 1 pckge
Al 3 Hamilton, 1 " Lt T /4 - Utley, 1 sword
II C.Hallotvell, I " Qapt Va/Ildwatara, 1 box
G Hanover, 1 if. 0 Valentine, 1 box
JasP HoWir, 1 ii Col J H.Wells,l box
R B Hays, I '-.' Jun A Witmer, l"
Serg't R Haerid, I box Peter Wagner, Ipckge
' Jacob Huxall,l pokge .7 A Wendworth,l pckge
. A 11Halberstadt, 1 gen Mal Jas Wren, 1 box
A J Henderson, 1 package Hon David Wilmot, 1 box
Jl4l Jordon, 1 package N 011 Wheeler, 1-box
W J Jones, 1" " John Wallace,) box
J Jones, 1 pckgo Capt Watmnugh, 1 stove
Sergn A L Jones, 1 box ..13 F WW I ; b pckge W W Jackson, 1 box White & Sutton, 1 pckgo
Sef2l T V Johnson Jr, IT H Wilson, 1 pckge
11040...... 0 W Warden, 1 pckge
Sulzeou J iiMg, 1 box Chas Wallace, 1 e bag
Dr Xing, 1 pckge W Witmer t l keg
Jas Knox, I box Lt F A Whiting, 1 pckge
Wm Keenan, 1 box Win Welsh, 1 pckge
Abe Eisler, 1 box Louisa Young, 1 pckge
Dr R R Kelm, 1 pckge lil E Zechman, 1 pokge
Chas A Knox, 1 box Four black bags, 1 carpet
A King, 1 bundle hoops bag, one box and several
P Kline, 1 pckge packages without marks.
177,011 AS BRiGH.AM, Agent-
March 22, 1.8134..-412t.stw . .
TETIELEAR S, the. Honorable JOHN J. PEAR,
V V son, President of - the Court of Common Pleas in
the Twelfth Judicial District, consisting of the counties of
Lebanon and Dauphin, and the Honorable Samna. lams
and Hopomble Moses R. YOUNG, Associate Judges in Dau
phin county, having issued their precept, bearing date the
23d day of February, 1884, to me directed, far holding a
Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Delivery and
Quarter Sessions of the Peace of Harrisburg, for the county
of Dauphin, and to commence oar lunar/ MONDAY Or APRIL
mix; being the 25th,- day of amil, 1864, and to continue
two weeks— :
Notice is therefore hereby given to the Coroner, Justices
el therreare,.Aidermen and Constables of the saidcounty
of Dauphin,: that they be thee and there in their proper
persons,: at .10. o'clock in the forenoon of said day, with
their. records; itieruisit ions, examinations, and their own
remembrances, to do those things which to their office
appertains to be done, and those who are bound in recog
nizances to prosecute against the prisoners that are or
shall be in the Jail of Dauphin county, be then and there
to prosecute against them as shall be just.
Given under -my hand; at Harrisburg, the 28th day of
March, in the year of our Lord, 1864, and in the eighty
einthyear of the independence of the United States.
W. JENNINGS, Sheriff.
Semmes OFFICE •
Harrisburg, March 28 , 1884. I. mar2B-d&wtd
93 Market street, Harrisburg.
10.0 R REASONS' perfectly satisfactory to
MYSELF rhave taken the agency of the above most
excellent' Pianos. Thepubllc is invited to dome and ex
andne for theinseivek .
• Atew Sehomacter . & Co's Pianos on hand yet will be
sold low - mar2s-tf
Taylor, or Ballet Grape.
STRONG, 1 yesx old vines, of excellent
(white) Grape; either for the table or , wine, at 50
cents each; $5 pet - dozen ; at Keystone Nursery.
Putr2o rl r. . . • JACOB MISH.
'lllla,materwrny Grape.
YEAR ola .vines,, at $1 each, .or . • $9 per
dozen, at Keystone.Nntsery. • • .
The subsCriber, about to retire from business, offers
his entire Brick Yard for sale, containing nearly ten sores
of land, situate in the centre of this city, together with
elflike fit - tures, consisting of two 8 arch kilos, capable of
burning 170,000 .Brick in, each, 24 wheel barrows, 2 self
shifting cl a y tempering Wheels, 4 sheds, 4 dwelling houses,
'and stabling for 6 horses;l frame aim Pressßriclt press,
[tnar24-eodtil C. XIIENCIL
2il BOXES SPERM. OANDLES,.. of a very
J superior make, just received and for sale by •
. - • . MUSLIM It ming.
febl (successors to Writ. Dock, Sr & Co.)
CANS / 2 56 , 811 Peaches, 600 C
:Free 4 i Tempi:ova, 200' Cant Green "Coin, 100
Cana Diem, I'ee3 Rut up •by the most celebrated fml
ca rr e inv efi j ev,ery can warranted to give 'on' tactic]; fo
813151Eft & FRAZKR,
reb2 , (stic9eir.ore to Wm. Dock, jr., & Co.)
gifofortl - SX111014:- . -- FINE SMOKED
''' ,l4444l9 lWi t r a fiki i i
febB (moms= to Wm. D ock, Jr, )
WANTED—A. GIRL to do general Rou se _
work in a small Dually. Apply to
Adams EXprejs
y.:_. ~
WANTED to hire, for a term of one ye ar
two acres of good ground well adapted t o
growing, for the purpose of cultivating the Rhubarb
ground can be cleared in November, IS6i
PPlantNo objections to forming a co -partnership
owning land in or near Ilarnsb or ' z. ' n
Address J LLAMENT, Millord,yike county. r 4 .
wANTED Black Oak and other Bark s , de
livered In Harrisburg, Pa., near the depot . . Tb a
highest market price in cash paid for any amount,
For information call on S. L. McCll.l.ocl3,
Exchange Broker, 128 Market street, Harrisburg pa .
A GENTS wanted to sell Wu btaltuard tu g
. 61 tory of the War. A rare chance to male !ton e;
Agents are clearing from $lOO to $2OO per month.
volumes already sold. Seed for circulars Johirc&o
Publishers, Baltimore, Sid.
The Measurement of Time and the !Word td
Dates Combined.
AF. 21:11ilitERMAN, No. 52 3 larket street
Harrisburg, has received the agency ,•1 Co—;
tined Measurer of Time and Recorder of Dates,
to which wonderful piece of mecltani=m
Invites the attention of the public. The great advantap•
of this clock is, that the machinery of the c•alenfar
entirely disconnected with the works of th., c!, I:, that it
is simple in its construction, requiring nou, of the
ing necessary to the works of an ordinary c:••••;.; and a
can be transported without the least Judah ty 10
This Calendar is self—setting; the 24-hour I
deck moves the Calendar at midnight for the rel;••a
day, and the mechanism of the Calendar is :;:ch that
seta itself for the long and short months, thus, anh ou ,
any attention (except to keep the clock wound) t a:3 not
only point out the time of day but alal the day of IL •
week, day of the month and month of the year, g:v11.431
days to Jan., March, May, July, Aug., tha. an:l lice ;
days to April, June, Sept. and Nov and to F.l Tuary
will give 28 days for three successive years and et ;ha
fourth year 29 days, thus making all ti.e char.ffas.
eluding Bissextile or Leap Year. mar2,:fla
Notice is hereby given that anl
appjcat fm
poration of the Second German Reforme
city of Harrisburg, has been filed in the Cot of
Pleas of Dauphin county, and that a charter will e 4 •
at the next regular term of the said Court.
bo shown to the contrary. J. C. Y a N.;
rpm UNDERSIGNED respectfully in form
1. the public that he has purchased the
Late the property of T. J. BURNETT, decease
he will continue the business at the old stand. %Lc- I.
will constantly keep on hand a general aSSOCtIllaa
HATS, CAPS , &c.,
which will be sold at reasonable rates
A liberal share of patronage is respectfully
mar2B4l2m 11. II I ONu,
3EC R. 0 S. "E,
Wasmints, Claims, Covasam Securax, Check,
VOUCberS t &c., cashed. , mar2'l,
Moving I' Moving
IkS this is the time to ptepare-f ca Afovinz.
it - would be well, if all having to move coo 71
gattiecup their surplus Furniture sad send it to Barr •
ducistousud•Boruiturelitiximi, - whore the highesA
cash will be paid-for:di - kinds ofsecond-hand [unlit
or exchange for new.
NEIN FIDLNITURF. of the fittest quality a:v.v
marl 9 Auctloner.
ANY person furnishing information of tits
whereabouts any deserter from thy 1 - n:ted
States service will receive the above reward ..-1!1 con
stunications stridleconfirkntiai, and so RCIOW 771 Cr& -
timed. Address 801 13,
mar24-dayrtt Harrisbum I'3
Will be sold, on TUESDAY, the 29th day of Mari b, 1)-
on the premises on which the subscriber now r,.1,a.e.
Susquehanna township, Dauphin county, 2!: mite; ;fir:
Harrisburg, on the road leading from liarei,horg to p...
36,000 Feet of Dry Lumber.
comprising Hemlock, Joist and Scantling,
planed Flooring, Boards, Culling Boards, Planks and tar
den Paling, 200. mortised Locust and Chestnut
a lot of Board-Fence Posts; 5 dozen bushel mud
baskets; 100 bushels of seed potatoes, of varses
and a variety of garden seeds and other artic:es over
looked at previous sale.
Sale to commence at 1 o'clock, P. N. when Urals -
will be male known by if! W. /101 , 1 , 31 AN
N, 8.—.4 credit of six months will be given on
amounts above $lO. toar23-dlw
CE. Whereas, the partnership here
tofore existing between W. Dock, Jr., and Josept , :-
Shisler, under the'name and style of W. Dock, Jr., x
Ca, bas been dissolved by the death of W. Dock, Jr., el.:
the atom, as heretofore carried on by the said firm. La;
been purchased by the undersigned, notice is herie•Y
given, that all the business, as heretofore carried un
the late firm of W. Dock, Jr & Co., will be continued 3.!
the same place by the undersigned, under the name
style of Shisler & Frazer, who will settle and pay iI Me
debts and liabilities of the late Arm of W„, Dock, Jr.. x
CO., and receive all accounts due the said firm. Thar.'.:
fat for past favors the new thin will be grateful far the
continuance of the Public patronage.
Gottschalk's Farewell Clone"
in America:
'VIA% STRAICOSCIT respectfully inforni>
the citizens of Harrisburg and vicinity that
eminent Pianist and Composer,
Mr. L. M. G-ottsch.alli.
Will give in this city his
- On Wednesday, March 30,
When he will perform`several of hie latest comp:en:a-L_
which have caused - so great a sensation in New York. Boz
to Philadelphia, and all the Western cities : Mr. 6? . .7 . ,
SCHALK will have on the occasion the valuat4e
ance of
tinvdshed Prima Donna.
SIG. CARLO - PATTI, the — young and h i g h! '
talented Violi r rother of Adelina and Carlotta I",..tti
MR. BEHRENS, Musical Director and Cenducter
Admission ((including reserved simts) as follow
of the Bar, $1; to the floor, 75 cents. The ale of
commencing on on Friday morning, at W. Knoche's )1U
Store. Doors open at 734; Concert commence at 7 ,
o'clock. mar2.2-dtd
}WANT TO ALL.-It will restore the Hrto heath- the intemperate to . temperance.
Rhubarb Wine will do it all. Don't think the reading ".
the advertisenteat will do; we don't claim that.
YOU will go to Qi K. KELLER'S Drug Store and get sect
of the Wine and examine it for yourself, it will - et
right; I will warrant you on that. Orders roc wine
wine plants taken and tilled by our authorized agen';. l
K. KELLER, Na 91 Market street, Rai-rimer& Pa. •
full particulars apply to or address the above.
Miltiatd, Pike county, Pa.
Wholestla Dealer in Wine Planta.
Tobacco Seed,
miaow SEED can be bad, at 60 cents per ounce ,
Market greet.
TIT.AALS I ITAMR !! Michener's Excelsior
JUL Jost cared. Received ai for sate at
mar 4 legtocomors to W. Dock, Jr., & Cal