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vertisements, Business Notlees, Bar
riages, Deaths, *c., to secure Insertion
n the TIELBOBAPII, must invariably
be accompanied with the CASH.
Advertisements ordered in the regm.
liar Evening Edition &reinserted the
morning Edition without, extra ohge.
nviarrnana Rants.—The following are the
for advertising in the TELEGRAPH Those
log advertising to do will find it convenient
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Notices .....
Notices.. ........
t:ti, es each insertion
Monday afternoon, November 24, 1882
LOST—on Sunday, Nov. 28, es set of dark
brown Furs, between the sth Ward House Tav
ern and River alley, on the route down North
to Third, down Third to Pine, down Pine to
River alley. The finder of said property will
be rewarded by leaving them at this office.
n 024-1 to MRS. TIILEY WYENT.
Ma. Sovnza requests us to . state that no person
was robbed in his shaving saloon on Saturday
evening, as stated in our local columns of this
morning, at least he has no knowledge of the
CONDEMNED governroeit horses are selling in
Washington city for less than a dollar. If the
fast riding which some of the cavalrymen in
this locality are indulging in, is not stopped,
there will be a lot of condemned government
horses fur sale very soon in Harrisburg.
PORTON= PUBLIO Sam —The sale which was
to have taken place at Brant's Hall on Saturday
evening last, of certain property late the
estate of Charlotte dec'd, and now
used and occupied as a hotel, on the corner of
Walnut and Sixth streets, in this city, will be
sold this evening, in Brant's Hall, at 7 o'clock, with
out fail. The terms of sale will be made known
by the trustees, Jacob b. Boas and John Brady.°
PASSIM THROUGH.—Four companies of the
Tenth 11. S. Infantry, passed through the city
on Saturday evening, en route to the front of
the Army of the Potomac. These companies
have been stationed in western forts for some
years, and have seen severe service on the
the plains, many of them having been engaged
in the battles last summer. The detachment
embraces companies A, C, F and H, and is
under command of Major Hayden, Lieut. R. H.
Hall, Reese B. Fleeson and M. Q. Boyce.
regiment Is formed of three companies from
Fayette county, five companies from Westmore
land county, one from Beaver county, and one
from Greene county. The field officers are not
yet elected. The 169th regiment is formed by
four companies from Crawford county, two from
Mercer county, one from Butler county, one
from Clarion county, and two from Erie county.
The following field officers have been elected :
Colonel, L. W. Smith ; Lieutenant Colonel,
Samuel Wickersham ; Major, William Smyth,
of Butler county.
WA Mumma, TH. Wourao, not only for the
beauty of our ladies and bravery of our men,
but we defy the competition of any other city
of a like ability with Harrisburg, in the mat
ter of the increase of population. For exam.
ple, we have the most reliable information for
stating that in a circle of two hundred yards
within Harrisburg, and in the space of less
than sixty days, seven blooming, beautiful
babies opened their eyes to the light of the
world, at once the joy of ' their happy mothers
and the hope of their proud papas. Four of
these children are boys, and three girls. Beat
this, whatever city can?
A Noun= Ratm.—A local reporter, as he
goes delving through the city, accosting his
friends for items of news, and running into all
sorts of danger that he may be able to gather
facts of terrible import and incidents of a sen
sation order, occasionally gleans items which,
while they may not interest the "rough mass,"
have about them a pleasing and a beautiful
interest. For instance, the other evening,
while enjoying thegenial hospitality of a friend,
and sharing the good cheer with which his
ample board abounded, the matron of the house
exhibited to us a wollen stocking (we like the
old name better than the polite "hose") and a
wollen mitten, which were the firbtahe ever had
on either her hand or font. With sixty sum
mers having shed their rays in her path ; with
the bitter winds of winter that blew rudely in
her face, and through some remarkable and
sorrowful changes, she has preserved these
mementoes of her earliest infancy. And sueh
a stocking and mitten I One would almost
think that they were made for a fairy. Yet
the good dame who wore both, has lived to
a healthy old age, to see around her the repre
sentative of a third generation. She says that
the stocking and mitten are to be buried with
her, and thus the relic of infancy with the trem
bling relic of old age will go down into the
grave together.
Reader, is not this incident beautiful f,
oustomed as we are to hard, bare facts, lye ft
least thought so, and therefore nee needle of
our "adorning" locals. . ! a
strange that notwithstandieg the vigilabce of
the police, the pickpockets still infest the city.
Gen. James had his pocket relieved .of $5O on
Saturday evening.
Lunn Rae BUM—Mrs. B. G. Peters receiv
ed a few days since a barrel of the largest red
beets that we have ever seen. They were rais
ed by Mr. John G. Harner, near Marrietta,
Lancaster county. The largest on the top in
the barrel weighs eleven pounds, and the others
are correspondingly large, the molt of them
averaging six pounds. The beets are perfectly
solid, and of deepest red color. They are
without doubt the largest ever exhibited in
this city.
Peck's company of drafted men attended divine
service in a body in the United Brethren church,
at Churchville, yesterday morning. They were
in full uniform and presented a fine appearance.
Alter service they were served with some re
freshments by Mr. Hess, when they started on
their way back to camp. The company was in
charge of the Captain, John F. Peck, and First
Lieutenant Jacob fattish, both of whom are from
Swatara township. This was the first company
of drafted men from Dauphin county taken
into camp.
S 4111
X•r L..% ii
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3 IP
notice that several of the regiments of cavalry
in c imp in this vicinity have received their
horses, and we notice also, that unless the city
ordinance is enforced, some of the dashing cav
alry officers will make a race course of the
streets of Harrisburg. Yesterday about the
time the afferent congregations were dismissed,
and the street crossings were crowded with
people, several of those brave cavaliers came
dashing along Third street at regular Gilpin
speed, rushing as if the rebels were behind
them. This fast riding by the officers is emu
lated by the men. Since these cavalry regi
ments have received their horses, we have
heard of several animals that have been se
riously injured, and one horse was killed yes
terday while being furiously ridden from camp
to water.
' V
X r ...
1 BO
There is an order of the War Department
against all such furious riding—and there is a
city ordinance providing against the same of
fence. It is our duty to insist that both are
enforced, and it is the sworn duty of the officers
of the camps as well as the officers of the city,
to see that this order and ordinance are not
violated. If these rash cavalrymen are not
checked, we shall be called on to record some
dreadful loss of life, in which the innocent will
be sufferers.
—Some of our Carriers have lately appealed to
us, that we in turn appeal to the patrons of the
TELEGRAPH in their behalf. Our Carriers com
plain that a number of the subscribers to the
TELEGRAPH, at the end of the week or month,
invariably tender in payment for the amount
due, a One Dollar Note. In reason and common
sense, this is not fair. The subscriber can
easier provide himself with six or twenty-five
cents, than the carrier can with seventy-five or
ninety-four cents. A moment's reflection will
convince any reasonable man of the injustice of
asking the Carrier to make such change.—
When a dollar bill is offered the Carrier, the
result is often an unpleasant bicker, while
the Carrier must run through localities in
quest of change, to his own loss in time, and
often to his;own loss in discount. Will our
reflecting and reasonable friends endeavor to
save our Carriers from all this trouble?—
Quite a number of our exchanges come to us,
of late, reduced in size, on account of the ad
vance in printing materials. Although our
business has been severely affected by the same
cause, we shall endeavor to hold out, and fur
nish the same size of paper we are now doing
for the same price. In consideration of this,
we dare appeal to our subscribers to deal fairly
with our Carriers, and in return the Carriers
will be expected to deal promptly and cour
teously with the patrons of the TELEGRAPH.
Men—An Assistant Surgeon in Me Exemption Mar- '
ka.—On Saturday evening Surgeon General
Bing bad an intimation that one of the late
examining Surgeons at Camp Curtin, Asst. Surg.
Thomas C. Pollock, had been guilty of corrup
tion in office, by which many false and fraudu
lent papers of exemption were issued to the
drafted men. Up to the 6th of this month, or
thereabout, Asst. Surg. Pollock was engaged as
one of the examining surgeons at Camp Curtin,
and up to that time his certificates of physical
disability were legal and formally recognized
by the chief of the Transportation office, to
whom such certificates were usually directed,
with the view of providing the exempted
drafted man with the means of returning back
to his home. Oa the 6th of November Surgeon
J. P. Wilson, by order of the War Department,
took charge of the examination of drafted men,
and had the business under his exclusive con
trol, Assistant Surgeon Pollock being released
of all such duty. Notwithstanding his having
been relieved from this duty. Assistant Sur
geon Pollock continued to issue these certifi
dates, and the chief of Transportation not hav
ing been notified of Pollock's relief from duty
as an examining surgeon, issued transportation
to on who brought certificates of exemption
from Pollock: The fraud was not detec
ted until Saturday morning, when a large
number of exemptions had already been re
ceivedand of equal number of drafted
men were illegally discharged.
It is nnderstOod that Pollock is to be arrested
when the matter will be thoroughly investiga
ted. There is no doubt of the fact of the fraud.
Its extent is all that is unknown. It is pre
'awned that Pollock furnished .himself with
blanks bidere he formally retired as an examin
ing surgeon, and it is now alleged that these
certificates were sold to some of those engaged
in this city as exemption brokers. The sum of
money realized by this disgraceful business,
large as it no doubt was, will not remunerate
those engaged in it, for the loss of character
and position, because the Surgeon General will
push the case to its fullest extremity, that jus
tics may be meted oat to the dishonest sur
geon and his associates in crime. No blame
can be attacked to the Chief of Transportation,
Who should have been notified of the change.
iPtunoVitial;i4 , Alattiltdegraph, filon6cip 71.ftentoon Noventbtr 24, 1819
of the army hospitals hi Washington city, was
intetred yesteiday morning in Middletown.
flis body had been:embalmed in -Washingt4n,
and was removed to Middletown on. Thursday
RIORIVED THEM Hossus.—The Sixteenth Penn
sylvania Cavalry, stationed at Camp McClellan,
received their horses on Saturday, and are very
busy drilling them, preparatory to marching to
Washington, where it is expeCted they will
take up their winter quarters, instead - of in the
vicinity of this city.
CovrON SHIRTS TO as. Duman= WITH.—A
coremporary says that a society is about being
formed, the main feature of which is to adopt
measures to procure a substitute for cotton
shirts. The young gentlemen engaged, in this
have under consideration the adoption of single
breasted vests, to be buttoned up to the, neck
It is to t e hoped that the ladiesilll not be left
out in the cold. They certainly should not be
compelled to shift for themselves..
HAPDSOMII Passraxios.—On Saturday after
noon, Captain Wm. H. Spera, of the color
squadron, Co. C, 17th Pennsylvania cavalry`,
was presented with a splendid sword, belt and
sash by his company, in token of their appre
ciation of his merits, and the kindness of the
gallant Captain to his men since first mustered
into service. The presentation was made by
orderly sergeant Herr in a suitable speech,
to which the Captain warmly responded,
pledging himself to draw the sword in his
country's cause, and use it in the ranks of the
brave. This fine company is from Lancast:r.
A HABEAS CORPUS CASE of considerable im
portance to drafted men in the several counties
of this State, is now pending before the Presi
dent Judge of this Judicial District. The case
has been postponed several times, and is to
come up for a final hearing before his Honor
to-morrow evening. It appears that the Com
missioner of Lancaster county, under what he
conceived to be his instructions, drafted a larger
number of men than the ascertained quota of
his county, the surplus to be substituted for
any in the draft who might afterwards be ex
empted. One of the men thus substituted,
John ilarkley, was brought before the Judge
on a writ of habeas corpus, and as the question
will test the right of the Commissioner to draft
more than the ascertained quota of his county,
the decision of the court will be awaited with
some, interest. We understand that the decision
will affect between' three and four hundred
men in Lancaster county alone.
Tim Barren Crunics.—lt will be gratifying
to many friends in Harrisburg, who have con
tributed towards the erection of -the Baptist
church edifice, to know ' 'that the audience
chamber is now completed.
The congregation design to finish the interior
of the building the ensuing spring.
The audience chamber will be dedicated on
this (Monday) evening, the exercises com
mencing at o'clock.
A discourse, appropriate to the occasion, wil l
be preached by Rev. Warren Randolph, of Ger
On Tuesday morning, at 1011 o'clock, a dis
course will be preached by Rev. Reuben Jeffrey,
D. D., of Philadelphia.
The Pennsylvania Baptist Convention will
hold its thirty-fifth annual meeting with the
Baptist church of this place, commencing on
Tuesday, Nov. 25th, at 2* o'clock.
The opening discourse will be preached by
Rev. W. S. Wood, pastor of the church.
Ministering brethren of other denominations
and the citizens of Harrisburg generally, are
cordially invited to attend.
Tae Ray. Da. Lamm, one of the three Epis
copal clergymen arrested and sent north from
New Orleans by Maj. Gen. Butler, preached two
admirable sermons yesterday, in the Episcopal
church in this city.. The circumstances under
which these gentlemen were arrested are as fol
lows :—When thm.Britler occupied New Orleans
to avoid that offence of praying for the President
of the Confederate States 64 on the one hand,
and the necessity of the using the words Prest
dent of the United States" on the other, they
omitted entirely that part of the service of the
church in which the prayer occurs, commencing
morning prayer with the Litany. This plan
was pursued for five months, when Gen. Butler
demanded the use of the regular service, in
cluding of course the prayer for the President.
Refusing to acknowledge militaryauthority over
Parochial affairs, the churches of these gentle
men were closed, themselves arrested and sent
north on parole. Our view of the case does not
justify these clergymen in.their course, for, hav
ing altered the service on the inadequate author
ity of a local convention, it should not havers
quired military force to restore its use to the
standard of the General Convention of the
church, the only authority in the matter of
alteration, and that which these gentlemen
vowed solemnly to respect. Dr. Lacock's ser
mons yesterday were most eloquent and im
pressive. Any suspicion of the disloyalty of
the preacher were satisfactorily removed by the
distinctness and fervency in which his firm voice
responded to the prayer above referred to, and
to that invoking the Divine blessing on our
soldiers who have gone forh at the call of our
DEa or Prisms. Smarr.—The death of this
Dauphin county soldier, elicited the following
tribute from the pen of another Dauphin county
Where hi that youthful face,
That young and noble form,
Who ventured with us in the race,
Rebellion to disarm ?
HIS place is vacant here ;
His face no more we'll see,
Until the sweetest melody
Of angels we shall hear.
He was the captain's son,
And was his mother's joy;
But now alas his race has run,
That mild and gentle boy.
He's gone we hope-to dwell
In that bright world abovU,
To help the angpls there to , swell
The anthems ofHod's love.
C. H. 808.
" WINDING Up."—Nearly all the drafted men,
claiming exemption, have been examined, and
ere long those " passed " will he in active
service, should they not be retained near this
city over winter.
Of all kind's attended
Aar/rag-at Law.
Office : Tbird Street, Harrisburg, Pa. [0271y
Giusti Somali—The' Liederkrant,
Association will give a grand soiree at Frisch's
new building, coiner of Market and Fifth
streets, on Thursday evening next. A good
time is anticipated. n24-Bt°
Jonas Whdcomb'e Remedy.—Prepared from a
German receipt obtained by the late Jonas
Whitcomb, in Europe. It is well known to
have alleviated this disorder in his case when
all other appliances of medical skill had been
abandoned by him in despair. In no case of
purely asthmatic character has it failed to give
immediate relief, and it has effected many per
manent cures. Within the past two years this
remedy has been used in thousands of cases with
astoniihing and uniform success. It contains
no poisonous or injurious properties whatever ;
an infant may take it with perfect safety. ' •
A SIIETOIL—We knew John Lindsey in our
boyhood days. His family at that time lived
in McClaysburg, now State street in the oity of
Harrisburg. John was known throughout the
neighborhood as a boy of strict integrity, and
had the best wishes of all who knew himi
His mother, the only parent living, was poor,
and supported herself and son by washing.
Years fled on—the boy became a man and
married. The same upright conduct that
characterized the boy continued in his man
hood, and to-day we find him surrounded by
wealth and all the luxury that money can ob..
fain ;- but better far to him than money, is the
proud consciousness of having ministered to
that mother's comfort and happiness in the
evening of her life, and within the last three
years his whole family have been purchasing
their dry goods at the cheap store of 'Trick &
Bowman. n242t
To the Afflicted.
The undersigned would respectfully inform
those who are afflicted with Rheumatism, Dys
pepsia, Consumption of Liver and Kidney,
Coughs, Fevers, . and all diseases arising from
impurity of the blood, that she is prepared to
furnish Mrs. Westhoven's German Vegetable
Medicines at ,very moderate rates. I have also
on hand a quantity of invaluable Salves for
Sore Eyes, Frozen Feet and Piles. References
can be furnished as to their wonderful efficacy,
whenever called upon. There need be rio ap
prehension in regard to my c mpetency to ad
minister it, as I have had it on hand for the
past six years. As they are now sold at reduced
prices, no family should be without them over
night. They can be bad at any time at my
residence, in Pine street, between Second and
Front. (aul3-dlm) MRS. L. BALL.
PHELLADELI'iIIk, Nov. 3, 1862
Mrs. Ball :—I feel no hesitancy in acknow
ledging the virtue of your medicine. its sooth
ing influence and healing power. For several
years I was afflicted with" dyspepsia, and during
my stay in Harrisburg you cured me in the
short space of one month, of that annoying
and - distressing disease, and at the same time
also cured me of a running "scrofula, which had
existed for over one year without ceasing.—
During . my 'years of affliction, •I applied fre.
quently to doctors of medicine, but they proved
ineffectual. I have the utmost eonfidence and
belief in the power of your medicine, and would
say to those afflicted, who wish to enjoy life in
its natural element, with a system renewed to
vigorous nature, to try your medicine as I did.
Yours, truly,
64 North Eighth Street, Philadelphia.
This delightful article for preserving and beautifying
the human hair Is again put up by the original proprle.
'tor, and Is now made withthesameskill, careand atten
tion, which first crested its immense and unprecedented
sales of over one million bottles annually. It is still
sold at 25 cents •n large 'bottles. Two millions bottles
"can easily be told in a year when it is again known
that the Katbairon is not only the most delightful hair
dr easing In the world, but that itchtanees the scalp of
scurf and dandruff,' gives this' hair a lively, .rich,
luxuriant growth, and prevents it fismltanting
These are considerations' worth knowing. The Ifathairon
has been tested for over twelve years, and Is warranted
as described. Any lady who values a beautifel head of
hair will use the Kathairon. It is finely perfumed,
cheep and valuable. It is sold by all respectable
dealers. throughout the world. -
New York.
. .
rove mankthurs)dikwilm
Ake no more unideasent and unsafe Medicines
*or nn plealant - and dangerous diseami, nee'
Which has recelred - thti endorsementof the most
la now offered to afflicted humanity as a certain °urea
the following diseases and symptoms originating from
diseases and abuse of the Urinary or Sexual Organs.
Mental; and7hysical Depression,
Imbecility, •
Determination of Blood to the Head,
Confused Ideas,
' . Hysteria,/ -
General Irritability
Restlessness and Sleeplessness at Night,
Animus° of Muscular Efficiency,
- Loss of Appetite,
DYIPe ,sie 2
• Low Spirits,
Disorganization or Paralysis of the
Organs of Generation,
Palpitation of the Mein,
And, le faet,‘ all the concomitants of a Maness and
Debilitated state of the system.
.70 insure the ge n uine, cut thtis out.
Fume I Fuss I !—We have received from New
York a epleodid assortment of Furs at all prices.
Black Cloaks, ready made and made to order.
600 Hoop'Skirts, all styles from 75c. up.
50 pieces of white, red and yellow flannel.
26 dozen of white and grey Undershirts and
25 pieces of new Widnes and
° oilier Dress
80 pair of splendid white (all wool) Blankets.
200 splendid Cambric, Bands, best French
needle work 1'
A very large assortment of ladies, gentlemen
and children's Stockings, (wool and cotton,) all
10 dozen of Nubia', Woolen Hoods, Saatags,
and Chenile Scarfs.
60 pieces of Cassinetts and Kentucky Jeans
for men aid 4oys', wear.
10 pieces of Merinos, (all colors,) Alapaccas,
and ParamattaL • •
Our stock now is large, and bought before
the rise in goods, and those witEing tb buy we
would invite to S. Law!.
[Extract from a letter on the Battle Field.]
a 'a a a a a. 9,, .9
This battle (Antietam) has been the most
sanguinary of the war, and the only one
fought with visible design and upon military
principles. The arrangement of our corps -7
the overlooking position of the commanding
General—the sending into action of the right
and ttie left division—the closing up of the
centre, and final success—excites bewildering
admiradon, and carries the mind to the great
fields of Austerlitz and Wagram, fought by
Na oleon. Of all this have I spoken. The
heart history of such a conflict, purchased by
the life and blood of twenty thousand men,
must be found in the hospital& War has itS
glories—but it has its ten thousand demons
in these human tortures, that make the eye
balls ache—the heart bleed—the lips palsy,
and the brain reel. Tbe sight is at first poet
tively unendurable. The life-blood of some
is still trickling away in silent cahnness—
while the dissevered limbe and maniac brain of
others give rise to sounds God grant I may not
again witness.
Bat ye mothers who here seek a son—or
wives a husband—or sisters a brother—or sons
a fatber—know and be consoled thateven here
the hand of mercy is watchful, and better care
is bestowed upon your loved ones than might
wfirst seem possible.• It was' In the hospital
ere rested the gallant Hooker, that I learn
ed the history of those mythical words so often
seen and so little understood, "S. T.-1860—
X." Anything alleviating the sufferings and
saving the lives of our soldiers, is a national
blessing. I witnessed some astonishing results
from this article.
It is well known the effect of burnt gunpowder
and excitement ie thirst, which added to the
loss of blood in the wounded, creates the ne
cessity of a reviving stimulant. In this par
ticular hospital, the physiciaii were, allowing
their patinae to driskPlantitiTn Bitters, other
wise called S. T.-1860—X, and although the
wounded are most numerous here—this , di
vision having opened the fight at 5 in the
morning—the men•were mostly composed, and ,
there was very little fainting. The article acts
upon the stomach and nerves in a most
incomprehensible manner, superior to brandy,
and without subsequent stupefying reaction.
It originated in the West Indies, composed of
the celebrated Calisaya Bark, Boots, Herbs,
BGc.; all preserved in St. Croix Bum—the S. T.
-1880—X being a secret 'ingredient, not yet
revealed to the public It is principally
recommended for want of appetite, disordered
liver, intermittent,fevers, stomachic difficulties,
&c. I understand it was somewhat known in
the Southern States prevLus to the war, and it
appears art agent of Jefferson -payis recently
applied to the Proprietors for the privilege
to make it for hospital purposes during the
war, to which they made the following reply:
'Nsw Tons,' Jan. 16th, 1882.
Agent of, ac.:
Dear Sir.—ln reply to your communication,
offering us - "Fifty thousand dollars for the re
cipe and right to make the Plantation Bitters
for your hospital purls:am during the wart"
we beg to say, your price is it liberal one, con-
Adering it would cost us nothing to comply,
and that otherwise we can derive no revenue
from the Southern States ; but sir, our duties
to our Goieriiinent and our ideas of consisten
cy would not allow ns to entertain it, although
it might please us to wage the sufferings
of your Misguided followers.
We remain,
Very respectfully yours,
- P. H. DRAKE & CO.
These gentleman give the historY of certain
ingredients to their article for over two hun
dred years—showing that through all changes
of the.medical profession and its practitioners,
strength, composure and cheerfulness have
been derived from these sources. Dr. Woods
in the Washington Hospitals informed me that
one patient was fast winking and crazy, and had
not slept an hour for two weeks,- until the
Plantation Bitters came to his knowledge,
when one day's trial gave him a night's rest,
and he was now &at recovering. I am sur
prised our Government has not equalled Jeffer
son Davis-in - energy, and adopted this invalua
ble article In all our hospitals. The weak
soldiers cling to it like a brother. - As a lay
member, I can bear witness it is "good: o
take," and affords more energy and life than
anything I ever tried. Success to the Planta
tion Bitters. •
But I have digressed. In my next I shall
speak of gathering in the wounded, burying
the dead, U. NICODEBIUS.
nov6-d&wlm eod&eow
Oorner Front and Market Streets,
ERECT I VELY invite the attention
11. 1 of gob poblio to their large ant well Woofed
atm. of
NEsing MUM
W. now offer for Bale'
Stewarte, Lovering& Golden Syrup,
White and Brown Sugars of all grades,
Green and Black Teas,
Coffee, Spi•zea and Fffavoring
4-• . [attracts.
• 4 . c., &c., &o.
We invite an examination Of our superior •
, ,
Unequalled in' rallied, by any in'the market, to
gather with au kinds of
&c., ace., Btc
ire have the largest assortment of
lu the city; also, all kinds of
&ill and examine at our Old stand,
I s
Oorner Frost and Market streets.
nov6 dlor2in
r . well known
In English and Getman, enti be had by the
dozen and single copies at
OR SALE.-A House and Piece of Ground;
J. in the. First• Ward of this city. For fur
ther particulars inquire of W. BABB,
nolo-dlivo _ Auctioneer.
ASMALL to of extra, just received andlifor
sale by WM. DOCK, Jr., & CO.
KVEBAL Hundred, from six. to twelve feet
ka high, for sale cheap,,Ut the Keystone Nur
sery. - - noel-dtf
TiOBA.OXI and-Anus of-aLkinitsi for
J. by "' =wow o BOWMAN. .
fle Corner Front nod Xarket Street..
Nri 2bvtrti9ttiunts.
Nor Abratisemtnts
Princes Melodeons &0.,
Of every kind
Large Pier and Mantle Mirrors,
Photograph Frames and Albums.
at the New hiusie Store of SILAS WARD
au dly N 0.12, 1, orth Third Street, above Market.
In the Name and by the Authority
WIIKRZAB, It is a good thing to render thanks
unto God for all His mercy and loving kind
-01368 :
Therefore, I, ANDREW G. CUMIN, Governor
of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, do re
commend that THURSDAY, THE 27 thDAY OF
NOVEMBER NEXT, be set apart by the people
of this Commonwealth, as a day of solemn Prayer
and Thanksgiving to the Almighty :—Giving
Him humble thanks that He has been gracious
ly pleased to protect our free institutions and
Government, and to keep us from sickness and
pestilence—and to cause the earth to bring
h i lk
forth her increase, so that our Earners are
choked with the harvest—and to 1 so favor
ably on the toil of His children, t t industry
has thriven among ns and labor bad its reward;
and also that He has delivered us from the
bands of our enemies—and filled our officers
and men in the field with a loyal and intrepid
spirit, and given them victory—and that He
has poured out upon us (albeit unworthy) other
great and manifold blessings :
Beseeching Him to help and govern usin His
steadfast tear and love, and to put into our
minds good desires, so that by His continual
help we may have a right judgment in all
things :
And especially praying Him to give to Chris
tian churches grace to hate the thing which is
evil, and to utter the teachings of truth and
righteousness, declaring openly the whole
counsel of God :
And most heartily entreating Him to bestow
upon our civil rulers, wisdom and earnestness
in council, and upon our military leaders, zeal
and vigor in action, that the fires of rebellion
may be quenched—that we, being armed with
His defence, may be preserved from all perils,
and that hereafter our people, living in peace
and quietness, may, from generation to genera
tion, reap the abundant fruits of His mercy,
and with joy and thankfulness praise and mag
nify His holy name.
Given under my hand and the great seal of the
State, at Harrisburg, this Twentieth day of
October, in the year of our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and sixty-two, and of the
Commonwealth the eighty-seventh.
Secretary Qf the Commonweal h.
ALL persons are hereby warned against de
predating or in any manner trespassing
on the Farm of Mrs. C. Mish, adjoining the
city, and under the management of the sub
Iff" I have arrested several of these petty
thieves and nuisances, and made them pay
pretty well for their sport. Hereafter I shall
not only punish to the Went of the law, but will
publish in the Telegraph and other papers the
names of all offenders.
Oct. 13, 1862
144 RUBIA MILLS. 144
144 Greene Street, New York City.
Put up In tln foll Pound papers, 48 in a box, and Lin
bulk. Our prices raugefrom 8 toBo cents. We put up
the following kinds:
We bel eve our Coffee to be better than any ground
Coffee now in use. All orders addressed to ns, or to
our agents, Messrs. PLUM & Yonne, 188 Chambers
Street, cor. Washington Street, New York City, and
Mears. Yuman]) & DoAan, 181 and 101 South Water
Street, Chicago, 111., willieceive prompt attention.
of this Monster among Native
VATemican Hardy Grape, for sale at the
Keystone Nursery. The clusters frequently
weigh a pound and a half, and the berries are
larger than the Celebrated Black Hamburgh.
The quality is also good—equal, at least, to
the well known Isabella. J. MISH,
Henry C. Shaffer has a large lot of
Wall Paper and Window Shades on hand,
which will be sold very low. Call and examine.
paper hanging personally attended to.
oct27 No. 12 Market St.; near the Bridge'.
ALOT of Fine Sweet Grapes, just received,
and for sale low, at
Cor. Third and Walnut Sts.
FThird Street, next door to Bradly's Barber
CA.TAWBA GRAPES, cheap, wholesale and m
ini!. nol2
FAssortment of Coal Oil Lamps, shades,
Chimneys, for sale very low, by
Corner Front and Market Ste.
SUGAR oared hams, just received an
ter sale, by NNlHolii & BOWMAN,
atp.ll Cor. Front and Market street.
M Mackerel, jantreeeived, and for eale,
nov6 Cor. Front and Market Ste.
10, Dandelion and other preparationg
of coffee, fresh and pare, fur sale low, by
Corner Frof.t and Market streets.
an 29
POBACCO, Cavendish, Congress and
Twist, for sale low by
Corner Front and Market streets.
NEW Orleans Sugars, white and brown,
Just received and for sale low by
1.110H0L9 & BOWMAN,
Cor. Front and Market greets. ",
I N variety, at Keystone Nursery, Harrisburg.
Oct. 18, 1882.
„EL to3nineitest