Pennsylvania daily telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1857-1862, November 22, 1862, Image 3

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u the TELEGRAPH, must Invariably
be accompanied with the CASH.
Advertisements ordered in the regu
lar Evening Edition are inserted In the
morning Edition without extra charge.
nveansiao Ram.—The following are the
for advertising in the Taratoaarw Those
in advertising to do will find it convenient
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Inistration Not!Oes, 1 thne a week, six tl
inge Notices
,rat Nett es each Insertion—.
Saturday Afternoon, November
Tim Sum of $2,500 le daily converted Into
pickle at the Philadelphia mint.
REV. JAMES COLD= will preach in the Luther
an Chapel, corner of State and Fourth Streets,
to morrow evening at the usual hoar.
To DAY we could look aloft, and be greeted
with a sight of a beautiful blue instead of a hor
rid black and and cloudy sky, such as we were
overcast with during the past week.
Itsv. A. R. Jozuss, of the Wyoming Confer
euce,.will preach next Sabbath, in the Ridge
Avenue M. E. Church, It JO A. M. and 7 P. M.
The revival continues. Preaching during the
week at 7 F. U.
Gov. errant.; was unable to leave the Execu
tive Mansion part of yesterday and to-day, on
account of sickness. While he is not seriously
indisposed, the over-work of his Department
and the daily augmenting duties and responsi
bilities of his position, are sufficient to rack a
man of iron nerves.
War has decided that, under the tax law, Rail
road Companies have a right to add three per
cent. to their charges for transportation of
passengers, under their a;reentent with the
War Department, thus increasing the rate from
two cents to 2 6 106 cents p • wine.
"Dui ETANING Houle," "Her Bright Smile
Haunts Me," "Ernanie," solo from the Opera,
and "The Hour for Thee and Me," are the
titles of some of the pieces of new music just
received at Knoche's Music store, 93 Market
street, All the new publications are received
and for sale as soon es out of pleas.
cludiug the stock already arrived at Pittsburg,
and that which to on the way over the different
western railroads, it is estimated that there are
fifteen hundred car loads of cattle now waiting
transportation wit, over the Pennsylvania rail
THANKSGIVTNG.—The Governors of the follow
ing states have recommended Thursday, Nov.
27, to be observed as a day of general thanks
giving and prayer: Pennsylvania, Delaware,
Maryland, Vermont, California, Oregon, Ohio,
Illinois, Indiana, Rhode Island, Maine, Massa
chusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Wiscon
sin, lowa, Michigan and Western Virginia,
MAJOR JOHDAN.—From information received
in this city from Col. Ludlow, commissioner on
the pan of the United States Government for
the exchange of prisoners, we learn that Major
Jordan will be exchanged with the officers of the
Fifty-fourth Pennsylvania Regiment, and he
may therefore be expected in this city in a
very few days.
am. _..•
Tama who did not purchase a turkey this
moring, as a donation to one of the two com
mittees who are preparing to give the soldiers
in the hospitals in Camp Curtin and within the
oity limits a Thanksgiving Dinner, will have
only one more chance to do so. Wednesday
morning will afford them this last oppor
tunity. Let it not be said that while we are
making merry and rendering sincere thanks on
the occasion referred to, that the sick and
wounded soldiers are in want for a single article
of food that will cheer and enliven them on
Thanksgiving Day.
Tint BAPTIST CH1711011. - It will be gratifying
to many friends in Harrisburg, who have con•
tribttted towards the erection of the Baptist
church edifice, to know that the audience
chamber is now completed.
The congregation design to finish the interior
of the building the ensuing spring.
The audience chamber will be dedicated on
Monday evening, the 24th Mat., the exercises
commencing at 7} o'clock.
A discourse, appropriate to the occasion, will
be preached by Rev. Warren Randolph, of Ger
On Tuesday morning, at 1071 o'clock, a dis
course will be preached by Rev. Reuben Jeffrey,
D. D., of Philadelphia.
The Pennsylvania Baptist Convention will
hold its thirty fifth annual meeting with. the
Baptist church of this place, commencing on
Tuesday, Nov. 26th, at 21 o'clock.
The opening discourse will be preached by
Rev. W. B. Wood, pastor of the church.
Ministering brethren of other denominations
and the citizens of Harrisburg generally, are
cordially invited io attend.
Nitta Thomann Moans are employed in the
hospital service of the United States army.
COMMIAMONZB Boutwell has decided that an
apothecary's license covers all articles usually
sold by apothecaries except apirituons liquors
and tobacco.
Twartrr of the drafted men of Montour
county absolutely refuse to submit to the draft,
and have so far defied the efforts of the Marshal
to induce them to yield to the law.
13 0 /STEMMING ACCIDENT. —On the 29th ult.,
Wm. Stonebreaker, a citizen of Rayne town
ship, Indiana county, was instantly killed by
the falling of a tree. He was engaged in gath
ering in his corn, and while in the act of hold
ing the bag to have the corn thrown into it, a
tree, near by, fell out of root, and he was
struck on the back of his head by it, killing
him instantly, while the person assisting him
escaped unhurt
RAILIOAD Elsormer.—The annual election for
President and Directors for the Hempfleld rail
road, took place in Washington, Pa.,on Monday.
The annual report was read and adopted, after
which the stockholders elected C. M. Reed,
Esq., of Washington, President, and Joseph
Henderson, Wm. McKennon, of Washington
county, and James C. Clark, of Westmore
land county, and S. Brady, T. Sweeney, and J.
C. Acheson, of Wheeling, Directors. The meet
ing then adjourned.
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Novannia TWINTY-11118T was the festival
of the patron saint of music, St. Cecilia.—
This saint was a Roman lady who lived and
suffered martyrdom in the early part of the
third century. So skilful was she in singing
that she has for centuries been regarded as the
patron saint of music, and several churches
were built in her honor in Rome. R. Cecilia
was a favorite subject with the old painters, and
inspired Raphael with one of his divinest con.
captions—the celebrated picture of the saint in
the gallery at Bologna.
e5...52 26
Suramt.—A man named Richard Sproata, re
siding in the vicinity of Washington, Pa., com
mitted suicide on Wednesday morning by hang
ing. The deceased was a single man, between
the ages of thirty-five and forty years, and
resided on hie father's farm. A short time
previous he had sold a lot of grain and some
hogs at a figure which he subsequently found
was too low, and this had given him considera
ble trouble. He was discovered suspended by
the neck, in the stable, near his father's resi
dence, and the only cause assigned for the act
is that above alluded to. Animals in human
shape are better out than in the world.
Tux 808818188 AT Hista's Horia..—The fol
lowing note from the proprietors of Herr's
Hotel, fixes the amount of property and money
purloined by the burglars who have been re
cently at work In that establishment :
Mr. Local Editor of Zelograph:
AB exaggerated stories prevail regarding the
losses sustained by the recent robbery at Horr's
Hotel, we beg leave to inform you that the
entire amount stolen amounted to but two
hundred dollars in money and three gold
watches. Please make the correction in your
paper, and oblige CorLi & Urn.
Two hundred dollars in money and three
gold watches is pretty good at one haul, and/
we think, requires no exaggeration.
A Tammy DIATH.--Joseph Kellerman and
family, who immigrated from Bedford county to
Anderson county, Kansas, about four years ago,
were again proceeding further west, when they
were overtaken by prairie -fires, which consum
ed him and his wife and two little boys. They
had resided in Anderson county until about the
80th of October last, when they started for a
point some fifty miles west of their late resi
dence. They were overtaken when they were
about ten miles out and everything on or be
longing to their wagon, was devoured. Three
of the older children were driving the cattle
and succeeded in escaping this horrible end.
The fasts of this terrible death were communi
cated to the Bedford Inquirer.
STRINING Tam Fa= ma Rom..—The secret
Provost Marshalls of Boston, New York and
Philadelphia, are procuring the names of every
officer whom they notice lounging in the rum
shops, gambling hells, and side walks of those
cities, which are immediately forwarded to
Washington city, and there, when found to be
absent without leave, or having absented them
selves over a period fixed, such officers are at
once stricken from the army lists. One hundred
have already been stricken from the lists, and
their names are shortly to be published.
We suggest to the government immediately to
detail an officer to inspect the absentees who
are skulking in this city. It is currently re
ported that some of our rum shops, gambling
dens and bawdy houses would afford the ma
terial for a splendid report to the War Depart
Tnaexsorvino DAY—A Word for the Poor.—
Thursday next will be Thanksgiving Day in
this State, as recommended by Gov. Curtin,
and we notice that the cities and towns. sur
rounding us, who have hospitals in their midst,
are making extensive preparations to give the
sick and wounded 'soldiers II generoutentertain
merit of the good things of the land on that
day. While the ladies of Harrisburg are en
deavoring to provide for the Sick and wounds d
soldiers, let them not forget that we have oth- .
ors in our midst beside the Wok and wounded
soldiers who are worthy of scene consideration
and contribution to render them happy on
Thanksgiving Day. We Wive bore the families
of the absent soldier. Mothers with their little
ones, who must not be suffered to go uncheered
on Thanksgiving Day. We have the poor,
too, pining in penury, whose hearts should be
lifted up on Thanksgiving Day. We should
therefore seek out those whose wants are press
ing, and endeavor to lighten their burdens
and cheer them on the approaching festive
occasion. We should remember the precept'
" that it is more blessed to give than to re
ceive". If we all set upon this precept we
can enjoy our blessings with more zest—we
will feel freer and better in the .consciousness
that wo have done a good deed: .
iltimovlumtia elegraph ficiturdcw lftermyon November 22, 1862
Tax Pnocesprims 01 , COVRT.—The following is
a full report of the cafes tried during the Court
of Quarter Sessions which was in session up to
yesterday. This:report enabraceir the decisinn
of each case, with the sentence of the Court :
Com. vs. John Curham. Larceny ; true bill;
Coro. vs. Henry Gensler. Surety of the
peace ; ordered to pay costs and bound over to
keep the peace.
Com. vs. Milton Smith. Feloniously having
in possession counterfeit notes.; plead guilty
and submits.
Com. vs. same. Feloniously buying. coun
terfeit coin ; pleads guilty and submits.
Com. vs. John F. Duncan. Embezzlement;
true bill ; continued.
Com. vs. Susanna Howard. Fornication and
bastardy ; true bill.
Corn. vs. John Scott. Larceny ; verdict
Corn. vs. James Brannan. Larceny ; verdict
not guilty.
Com. vs. Bob Edwards. Disorderly house ;
guilty on third count of indictment.
Com. .vs; Frank Duffey. Lardeny ; verdict
Com. vs. Wm. Smith. Assault and battery;
pleads guilty and submits..
Corn. vs. John McCombs. Assault and bat
tery ; true,bill ; recognizance of defendant for
Com. vs. W. W. Gilman. Larceny ; ver
dict not guilty.
Com. vs. H. M. White. Larceny ; true bill;
recognizance of defendant forfeited.
Com. vs. Wm. Battis. Disorderly house;
continued from last . session ; recognizance of
defendant forfeits +.
Corn. vs. Pasquelle Genett. Assault and bat
tery; guilty; sentenced to pay a fine of five dol
lars and costs, and give security for good be
Com. vs. James Brannan . . Feloniously pass
ing counterfeit money; no true bill.
Corn. vs. Mary Kelsey. Larceny; plead guilty.
Com. vs. John H. Bliffnagle. • Assault and
battery; true bill ; continued.
Com. vs. same. Assault and battery ; true
bill ; continued.
Com. vs. John S. Brown. ' Larceny ; verdict
Com. vo. Satnuel Roberts. Assault and bat
tery; true bill.
Com. vs. SanWel Freeburn. Disorderly house,
etc.; pleads guilty, etc.
Corn. vs. Samuel W. Freeburn. Assault and
battery; not guilty, ,but pay costs.
Com. vs. Rachel Gamer. Larceny; true bill;
Com. vs. Henry Smith. Larceny ; verdict
Com. vs. James McAllister. Assault and bat
tery; true bill ; recwistane.e-of defendant call
ed and lo:whited, and xespited.; • ; ! '
Coin. vs. Samuel C. Johnson. False pretence;
true bill ; recognizance of defendant forfeited.
Com. vs. Isaac Dorkus. Fornication and
bastardy. Verdict guilty.
Com. vs. Wm. Green. Larmny. Verdict
not guilty.
Con Larceny-; verdict
not guilty.
Corn. vs. John Zimmerman. Selling liquor
without license ; true bill .
Com. vs. Edward Wright. Larcemy ; verdict
not guilty.
Com. vs. J. Henry Jones. Assault and bat
tery ; true - ,
Com. vs. Adam Cooper.' Assitult and battery;
no true bill, and Isaac Hoffman, prosecutor, to
pay costs.
Com. vs. Henry McDermott. Assault and
battery; no true.bill ; prosecutor, Samuel Rob
erta, to pay costs.
Com. vs. Henry Smith and Samuel Cuff. As
sault and battery. ; no true hill.
Com. va.,Frank Bell. Aeault and battery;;
no true bill 1 county to pay docket ousts.
Com. Va. Frank and Preston Bell. Assault
and battery ; no true bill ; county to pay docket
costa only. -
Com. vs. John Harman and George Weaver:
Assault and battery ; no true bill ; county to
pay docket coshronly. •
Com. vs. George Heyton. Larceny; true bill;
Com. vs. Ellen Henry and Mary McDoual.
Lareeny ; true bill ; continued..
Corn. vs. George Heytow. Burglary ; true
bill ; continued.
Com. vs. Mary V. Cuff. Larceny ; verdict
guilty. •
Com. vs. John Li. Rodgers. Assault and bat
tery ; not guilty, and Samuel W. Freeburn,
prosecutor, to pay costs.
Com. vs. William Henry. Assault ; true bill;
Com. vs. Joseph Burkhart. Awiault and bat
tery ; true bill..
Com. vs. Simon COpenhaVer'. Larceny ; true
bill ; oontiuued.
Com. vs. Michael Sullivan. Teasing counter
feit notes ; true bill. .
Coni. vs. Vincent!. Grainger. Selling liquor
On Sunday ; no true bill ; county to pay docket
Ce r m. vs. Henry Gets. Assault and battery ;
true bill; rectsgnizanoe of prosecutor forreited.
Corn. vs. John H. 'Burns; Larceny ; verdict
Com. vs. Hatity.McClloskffe• Passing counter
feit notes!; true bill ; motioned.
Com. vs. George Robinson. Assault ; verdict
Com. vs. Jacob M.. Jones and Tom Nathans.
Robbery . ; true bill ; , continued.
Com. vs. John Constant Assault and bat
tery ; no true bill ; Hannah Miller, prasecutris,
to pay costs.
Com. vs. Samuel Johnson. Assault and bat
tery ; no true bill ; Jacob M. Jones, prosecutor,
to pay costs.
Com. vs. Catharine Goodwin. Larceny ; no
true bill.
Com. vs. Robert Assault and:battery ;
no true bill ; prosecutor, Wm. Watkins, to pay
, Com. vs. Mark Patterson and Jonas Stewart.
Larceny ; no true bill ; recognizance of prose
cutor forfeited.
Corn. vs. Rebecca Dorsey. Assault and bat
tery ; true bill.
' Corn. vs. Charles Bouse. Larceny ;no true
Com. vs. Wm. Underhill. Larceny ;no tree
Com. vs. Michael Engle. larceny ; no true
Com. vs. Robert lane. Adultery ; true bill ;
Com. vs. Josiah Bowman. Libel on Govern
tient ; continued.
Com. vs. James Downey. Assault and bat
tery ; prosecutor, Jacob Landis, to pay costs.
Com. vs. Samuel Johnson. Assault and
liattery ; no true bill; Ann Thomas, prosecutrix,
to pay costs.
Corn. vs. John Felon. Assault and battery ;
rio true bill ; prosecutor, Wm. Brown, to pay
Cora. vs. Lewis Russ. Surety, &c. ; sentenced
to pay docket cost and give security for good
• Com. vs. A. J. Wartleld. Assault and battery;
no true bill and prosecutor, J. McCombs, to pay
Com. vs. Jane Madure. Assault and battery;
do true bill; prosecutdr, Lucy Lee, to pay costs.
' Com. vs. Mrs. Blade. Malicious mischief ;
no true bill ; prosecutor, Levi Bieber, to pay
Com. vs. Wm. H. McCall. Assault and bat
tery ; no true.. bill ; prosecutor, John Halen,
to pay costs.
Com. ve—Kate gninlin. Disorderly house
no true - bill ; proeecutrix, Jane Brownson, to
Pay "'as -
Com. vs. same. Malicious mischief ;no true
; prosecutrix, Jane Brownson, to pay coati:.
Com vs. Henry Boston. Malicious mill
chief; no true bill ; prosecutor, Miles Clark, to
pay costs.
Corn. vs. Joseph Alleman. False pretence,
no true bill ; prosecutor, E. Colbaugh, to pay
Cora. vs. John an*Mary Reilly. Disorderly
house ; no true bill ; the prosecutrix, Ann
Doyle, to pay costs.
Ciatt. vs. Samuel Robinson, Don J. Williams
and Z P. Boyer. Conspiracy ; no true bill
prosecrtfor, S. J. Ramping, to pay 009%.
Cora vs. Jacob seffey. Passing fictitious
note ; no true bill ; prosecutor, Chas. Halsted,
to pay costs.
Com. Joseph Smith Disorderly h use ;no
true bill ; prosecutor, Chas. H. Lake, to pay
Com. vs. Aaron Haskins. Larceny ; no true
bill ; recognizance of prosecutor called and
Com. vs. Mrs. No Name. Larceny ; no true
bill ;-recognizance of prosecutor forfeited.
Com. vs. John. Saxe. Larceny ; no true bill;
recognizance of prosecutor forfeited.
Com. vs. George Dodge. Larceny ; no true
bill ; recognizance of prosecutor forfeited.
Corn. vs. Sarah Black. Larceny ; no true
bill; recognizance of prosecutor forfeited.
Com. vs. John Meier. Larceny ;no true bill.
Com. vs. Nathan Wilcox. Larceny ;no true
bill; recognizance of protecutor, Aaron Briggs,
called and forfeited.
Coro. vs. John No Name. Larceny ; ignored*
recognizance of prosecutor, John Learing, called
and forfeited.
Com. vs Florian Neifer. Larceny ; no true
Corn. vs. Joseph Meier. Larceny; no true bill.
Com. vs. John Fees. Larceny ;no true bill.
Com. vs. Andrew Wilhelm. Larceny ;no
true bill.
Corn. vs. M. Mier. Larceny ; nu true bill.
Com. vs. 'Josephine Debaugh. larceny ; ig
pored; recognizance of prosecutor, John Mul
crery, called and forfeited.
Com. vs. John W. Williams. Larceny ; ig
nored ;recognisance of prosecutrix, Mary Jack
son, called and forfeited.
Com. vs. Christiana Lehner. Larceny ;no
true bill ; recognizance of prosecutor, Charles
H. Take, called and forfeited.
The regular term of Court of Common Pleas
will commence next Monday, the 24th inst., at
which a number of important cases will be tried.
Of all kinds attended to.
Office : Third Street, Harrisburg, Pa. [0271y
To the Afflicted.
The undersigned would respectfully inform
those who are afflicted with Rheumatism Dys
pepsia, Corkumption of Liver and Kidney,
Coughs, Fevers, and all diseases arising from
impurity of the blood, that she is prepared to
furnish Mrs. Westhoven's German Vegetable
Medicines at very moderate rates. I have also
on hand a quantity of invaluable Salves for
Sore Eyes, Frozen Feet and Piles. References
can be furnished as to, their wonderful efficacy,
whenever called upon. There need be no ap
prehension in regard to my competency to ad
minister it, as I have had it on hand for the
past six years. As they are now sold at reduced
prices, no family should be without them over
night. They can be bad at any time at my
residence, in Pine street, between Second and
Front. (aul3-dlm) MRS. L. BALL.
I'IUMIAILPHIA, Nov. 3, 1862
Mr•s. Ball :—I feel no hesitancy in acknow
ledging the virtue of your medicine, its sooth
ing influence and healing power. For several
years I was afflicted with dyspepsia, and during
my stay in Harrisburg you cured me in the
short space of one month, of that annoying
and distressing disease, and at the same time
also cured me of a running scrofula, which had
existed for over one year without ceasing.—
During my years of affliction, I applied fre
quently to doctors of medicine, but they proved
ineffeglual. I have the utmost eonfidence and
bellefin the power of your medicine, and would
say to those afflicted, who wish to enjoy life in
its natural element, with a system renewed to
vigorous nature, to try your medicine as I did.
Yours, truly,
54 North Eighth Street, Philadelphia.
They purify, strengthen and imigorate.
They create a healthy appetite.
They are an autldotOto change of water and diet.
They °vermin( effects of dindpation and late hcmis
They strengthen the system and enliven the init.d.
They prevent Mteimatic and intermittent tavere.
They purify ' the breath and acidity or the stomach
They ours Dyspepsia and Constipation.
They cure diarrhea, Cholera, and Cliolers‘Morbus.
They mire !Ivor Comp Mist and Nervons Headache.
They are the 'beat bitters' lri ibe world. They make
the weak Lman'strong, and ate exhausted nature's great
restorer, They are made of pure SI. Croix Bum, the.
Celebrated thillsayailark;roots and herbs, and are taken
With tt e pleasure Of a bi were ge, iwithout regard to age
or time of ray. Particularly recommended to delicate
persons : requiring. a gentle stimulant. field by all
Grocersthuggista, Haas and . Saloons. P. H. Drake
& Co., 202 Broadway, Nor York.;
Nun tAbvtrtistmtnte.
93 Market street, Harrisburg, Pa.,
I N:3
Ai makers, from $2OO upwards.
MENTS, FROM $45 to $lOO.
Guitars, Violins, Accordeons, Flutes,
Fifes, Drums, Banjos, Tambourines,
Violin and Guitar strings and musi
cal merchandise in general.
hand. Music sent tiy mail to any part of the
j -
Suitable for looking glasses, and all kinds of
pictures always on hand.
A no assortment of best plated
`Orom manliest to largest sizes..
Any style of frame made to order at the
shortest notice.
febl9-sresly • 98 Market street.
SM-1.8 6 0-XBl
RE language of nature and experience de
-1 monstrates, that whoever would enjoy the
pleasures of food—the beauties of landscapes—
the joys of companionship—the richness of lit
erature—or the honors of station and renown—
roust preserve their health.
The stomach is the receptacle of all nourish
ment, and the fountain from which all parts of
the body, derive sustenance. The effect of foul
injurious food entering the stomach, is to de
range the digestive organs, and produce headache,
loss of appetite, unrefreshed sleep, foetid breath, low
spirits, feverish burnings, constipation, incapacity to
perform any mental or physical duty, 4c., and are
the symptoms of that horrid disease
Which assumes a thousand shapes, and points
towards a miserable life and premature decay. The
Medical Faculty has labored for generations to
discover reliable appetizers and the proper
Means of overcoming stomachic derangements.
Certain inzredients have been long known as
partially effective. Among these were
An invalid physician, sojourning in the tro
pical island of St. Croix, observing the habits
of the natives, gathered the recipe for the final
accomplishment of this most important end.
The article was first used as a private medicine,
when its salutary effects becoming known, ill
was brought out under the name of
They act with unerring power, and are taken
with the pleasure of a beverage. They perform
most wonderful cores in stubborn cases of Dys
pepsia, Liver Complaint, Nervous Affections,
Loss of Appetite, Intermittent Fevers, Diar
rhoea, Sour Stomach Headache, Fever and
Augue, Weakness, Mental Despondency, &c.
Al a morning appetizer and after dinner tonic, they
should be in every family. They are a delightful,
exhilerating stimulant, without any subsequent stupefy
ing reaction.
"Roomamm, December 28th, 1861.
Messrs. P. H. Ditaxs.—Gentlemen :—I have
suffered terribly with Dyspepsia for three or
four years, and tried many remedies without
effect. I had to abandon my profession , and
suffered greatly from everything I ate. I have
now tried the Plantation Bitters—they helped
me—l continued their use, and am now nearly
a well man. I know of several similar cases.
Respectfully yours, Rev. J. B CATHORN."
Intelligent persons and physicians can judge
of the efficacy of the Plantation Bitters from
the following partial formula.
Was known and need hi Germany for Dyspep
sia, Chronic Diarrhoea, Cholic, Dysentery, and
diseases of the Stomach arid owels, as early as
For Inflammations of the Loins and Spleen in
Dropsical and Biller.* Secretions, or
Obstructions of the Abdominal Viscera.
Was unknown to civilization until the middle
of the 17th century. Humboldt makes favora
ble mention of the febrifuge qualities of this
article as an Antidote to Fever and Ague, In
termittent and Malotions Fevers, in his exten
sive South American travels. The Countess
wife of the Viceroy of Peru, having experienced
the beneficial effects of this Bark, tent it to
Europe in 1640. It was sold by the Jesuits for
the enormous sum of its own weight in silver, and
was thus called Jzsurrs' POWDBIL In 1658, Sir
John Talbolsemployed it with great succesa in
France, in the treatment of Fever and Ague,
Dyspepsia, Nervous Affections, Loss of Appetite,
Weakness and Debility, Palpitation of the
Heart, Diarrheas, &c., under the name of Eng
lish Powders ; and in 1679, he sold the secret
of its origin to Louis XIV, by whom it was di
vulged. It is now a standard remedy in all
Pharmacopoeia, and is employed In preparing
the Plantation Bitters.
Chanwmill' e Flowers, for enfeebled digestion ;
Winger-green, valuable for Bcrofnla,lthentnatism,
and Nefmtic Affections ; Lasonder Flowers, aro
matic, stimulant and tonic, highly invigorating
in Nervous Debility ; .zbeits, an aromatic car
minative creating flesh, muscle and milk.
Much used in nursing.
• 8. T.-1860—X.
Another ingredient of remarkable and won
derful virtue used in the preparation of these
Bitters, is a native of Brazil, and as yet un
known to the commerce of the world. A Span
ish writer says :
000 0 a" administered with St.
Croix Bum, never fails to relieve nervous tre
mor, wakefulness, disturbed sleep, &c., and that
it is used with great effect by the Brazilians,
Spanish and Peruvian Ladies to heighten their
color and beauty. It imparts cheerfulness to
the disposition, vigor to the appetite, and bril
liancy to the complexion."
We withhold its name from the public for the
To the above are added Clove Buds, Orange,
Carraway, Coriander, Snake Boot, &c., all pre
served in perfectly pure
The tonic properties of St. Croix Rum, and
its powerful invigorating effects, have been long
known to the physicians of the world..
Bilious, Intermittent and Chill Fevers, en
gendered by the change of water and diet of
travelers, particularly upon western rivers, are
prevented and cured by the Plantation Bitters.
They are also reliable to prevent sea sickness.
Pmnanszvate, lot Month, 16th day, 1862.
" PunzarszoFawn. Wilt thou send me
another dozen of thy Bitters , ? Nothing has
proven so beneficial to my invalid wife or my
self, as the Plantation Bitters.
Thy friend, Isaac HOWLAND."
novel wed mat Oindow
N. B.—The secret of the immense sale of the
Plantation Bitters, is their guaranteed purity.
The St. Croix Rum, and every article used, is
warranted perfectly pure, and the money will
be returned if not as represented.
The Plantation' Bitters are put up in unique
quart bottles, and sold by all respectable Drug
gists, Grocers, Hotels and Restaurants through
out the worl. Be particular that every bottle
bears the fac-simile of the Proprietor's signature.
nov4-dewlm-eadaeow 202 Broadway, N. P.
T HE well known
In English and German, can be had by the
dozen and single copies at
FSALE.—A House and Piece of Ground,
.12 in the First Ward of this city. For fur
ther particulars inquire of W. BABE,
nolo-dlwo Auctioneer.
A SMALL lot of extra, just received andtfor
I& sale by. WM. DOCK, Jr., & CO.
SPLENDID assortment of Coal Oil Lamps,
of Glass, Braes and Tin, for Bale low lry
• ora. Corner Front and Market streets.
QBVBRAL Hundred, from six to twelve Batt
la high, for sale cheap, at the Keystone Nur-
Mary. noel-dtf
JAVA, Laguna ! and Rio Coffee, choice arti
cles just received, by
novB Corner Front and Market Ste.
Gem 2twertistmtnts.
S. T.-1860-X
Nor 2lboatistments.
Princes Melodeons ?sou
Of every kind.
Large Pler and Mantle Mirrors,
Photograph Frames and Albums.
at the New Music Store or Si AS WARD,
aue.l4.dly N 0.12, borlh Third Street, above Market.
In the Name and by the Authority
Wninses, It is a good thing to render thanks
unto God for all His mercy and loving kind
ness :
Therefore, 1 - , Asinazw G. Coaxer, Governor
of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, do re
commend that THURSDAY, THE 27th DAY OF
NOVEMBER NEXT, be set apart by the people
of this Commonwealth, as a day of solemn Prayer
and Thanksgiving to the Almighty :—Giving
Him humble thanks that He has been gracious
ly pleased to protect our free institutions and
Government, and to keep us from sickness and
pestilence—and to cause the earth to bring
forth her increase, so that our garners are
choked with the harvest—and to look so favor
ably on the toil or His children, that industry
has thriven among us and labor had its reward;
and also that He has delivered us from the
hands of our enemies—and filled our officers
and men in the field with a loyal and intrepid
spirit, and given them victory—and that . He
has poured out upon us (albeit unworthy) other
great and manifold blessings :
Beseeching Him to help and govern ns in His
steadfast tear and love, and to put into our
minds good desires, so that by His continual
help we may have a right judgment in all
things :
And especially praying Him to give to Chris
tian churches grace to hate the thing which is
evil, and to utter the teachings of truth and
righteousness, declaring openly the whole
counsel of God :
And most heartily entreating Him to bestow
upon our civil rulers, wiedom and earnestness
in council, and upon our military leaders, seal
and vigor. in action, that the fires of rebellion
may be quenehed—that we, being armed with
His defence, may be preserved from all perils,
and that hereafter our people, living in peace
and quietness, may, from generation to genera
tion, reap the abundant fruits of His mercy, `
and with joy and thankfulness praise and mag
nify His holy name.
Given under my hand and the great seal of the
State, at Harrisburg, this Twentieth day of
October, in the year of our Lord one thousand
eight h undredi and sixty-two, and of the
Commonwealth the eighty-seventh.
Secretary of the Commonwealth.
A . persons are hereby warned against de-,
predating or in any manner trespassing'
on the Farm of Mrs. C. Miski, adjoining the
city, and under the management of the sub
Or I have arrested several of these petty
thieves and nuisances, and made them pay
pretty well for their sport. Hereafter I shall
not only punish to the extent of the law, but will
publish in the Telegraph and other papers the
names of all offenders.
Oct. 18,1862
1 4 4 RUBIA MILLS. 1 44
144 Greene Street, New York City.
Put up in thvfoll Pound papers, 48 in a box, and ,in
bulk. Our prices range from Bto 80 cents. We put up
the following kinds:
We bel eve cur Coffee to be better than any ground
Coffee now in use. All orders addressed to us, or to
our agents, Messrs. Puna & YOUNG, 182 Chambers
Street, cor. Washington Street, New York City, and
Messrs. Poisson & Doris, 181 and 101 Sonth Water
Street, ChteagO, 111., will receive prompt 'neutral.
ITYESof this Monster among Native
nerican Hardy Grape, for sale at the
Keystone Nursery. The clusters frequently
weigh a pound and a half, and the berries are
larger than the Celebrated Black Hemburgh.
The quality is also good—equal, at least, to
the well known Isabella. J. MISH,
Henry C. Shaffer has a large lot of
Wall Paper and Window Shades on hand,
which will be sold very low. Call and examine.
Paper hanging personally attended to.
oct27 No. 12 Market St., near the Bridge.
A LOT of Fine Sweet Grapes, just received,
ACIL and for sale low, at
Cor. Third and Walnut Ste.
Third Street, next door to Bradly's Barber
CATAWBA GRAPES, cheap, wholesale and re
tail. nol2
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Chimneys, for sale very low, by
Corner Front and Market Ste.
SIIGAR cured hams, just received an
Mr sale, by NIOHuL3 & BOWMAN,
sop 17 Cor. Front and Market stead.
3/11: Mackerel, just received, and for sale,
nov6 Cor. Front and Market Ste.
R.lO, Dandelion and other preparation&
of coffee, fresh and pare for sale low by
NICHOLS a wiwnex,l
Corner Flout and Market Area* P.
frOBACCO, Cavendish, Congress—and.
11 Twist, for sale low by
Qom' Front and Market Argots.
"VEW Orleans Sugars white and brown
.A: 1 1 jut receivedand for sale ow by .
Cor.Froni.loid Banat greets.
I N variety, at HeYsterou HeraelY, Harrisburg.
Oct. 18, 1862,
ELLER's DRUG STORE ie the 0.434 ii
AIL to.avilPatee Indictiner.