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TE,,RSIB.-6aratun Susectrenow.
The Dams TSLIGRAPH to served to subscribers in th
City at 0 cents per west. Yearly subscribers will b
charged $4 00 in advance.
The Titanium Is also published twice It week duriol
the session of the Legislature, and weekly during tit
remainder in the year, and furnished to subscribers al
the foliowing cash rates,
dingle -übscribers per year 60
..12 00
Twenty ‘, w 44 .{ oo
tingle subscribers, Weekly 1 00
If subs, Mere order the discontinuance of their news
papern, the publisher may continue to send them until
all arrearages are paid.
If IlUbsoribers neAleot or refuse to take their lumps
pars from the office to which they are directed, they are
responsible until they have settled the bills and ordered
them discontinued.
Eusiutss Curbs.
Th's Is a First Class Hotel. and located In the central
part of the lily. it Is kept In the best mintier, and its
patrons will dud every accommodation to be met with in
the best houses in the country. se3o-dlf
s - srPartioular attentiou paid to Printing, Ruling and
Itioeioe or Railroad Blanks, Manifests, volioloe, Cheeks,
Drll4, Am Came printed at $2, 113, 114, and $5 par
n,,,,,amt to eiagatit Riy 10.
Tin and Sheet Iron Ware Manntactarer
NO. 112 MAR.KEI 87118E7,
AS always ou hand a full assortment
• • of nu and .I.toanno.a Ware, Cooking and Parlor
Stoves ol the boot utanulac.potoo, Uutte- Elpoutiu4, Root
ing and Goloo,azed Iron brutal mono& lured .tad pot
up at, reso,,nable Mee.
sr Repairing promptly attended io. aprBO•dly
% i F the OW Wallower Liue respeettully
it informs the publie th t this Old Daily fransporta-
Unit Line, (the only Wallow - r Ltue now in existence in
this City,) Is Is in successful °potation aud prepared to
carry freight as kili as any other individual hoe between
Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Sunbury, Lewisburg, Wil
liamsport, Jersey Shore, Loch ilay..n and all other points
on the Northern Central, Phdadelphia and Erie and Wit.
hiumasport and Elmira Railroads,
L. A. iIUIiNCII„ Agent.
Harrisburg, Pn
floods sent to the Ware Reuse of Messrs. Peacock,
Zell Si 'cabman, No• 808 and 810 Market street au eve
ki, td7, , Philadelphia, by 4 o'clock, P. r. , will arrive at
Harrisburg, ready for delivery next morning.
HAS removed hie Boot and Shoe Store
bow the corner of Second and Walnut streets to
Neat door to llaNne's Agriculture Afore, where he intends
to keepoll kinds of Boots and Shoes, Gaiters, &c., and a
large stock of Trunks, and everything in his line of be
shwas ; and will be thanalni to receive the patronage of
his old customers and the pubils in general at his new
place of businsss. All kinds of work made to order in the
best style and by superior workmen. Repairing done at
short notice. lapr2cilf] JOHN H. SIIITH.
Leek Haven ) Jersey Shore, Williamsport,
Umontown, Watsontown, Milton,
Lewisburg, Northumberland, Sun
bury, Treverton, Georgetown,
Lykenstown, Millersburg,
Halifax, Dauphin
The Philadelphia Depot being centrally located, the
Drayage will beat the Lowest Rates. Toe Conductor
ggoaee►s through with each train to attend to the see de
hvery of all goods Intrusted to the lino. Goods deliver
ed ante Depot of
Freed, Ward a Freed, 811 Market street, Philadelphia,
by 6 o'clock, P. b delivered In Harrisburg the
next morning.
freight Always as Low as by Any Other
Philadelphia ant Reading Depot,
oct2l-dtf Foo of Market Street, Harrisburg.
WOULD respectfully inform hie old
patrons and dou panne generally, that he will
oontinue to give Instructions on the PIANO FORTE, NE.
LODRON,NIOLIN and also in the science of THOROUGH
BASS. He will letb pleasure wait upon pupils at their
homes at say boor desired, or mesons will be given a
Ms residence, In Third street doors below th
german !Wormed Church. deolh-d tt
At Litiz, Lancaster Co., Pa.
Affords superior advantages for thorough and
accomplished female education. For circulars
and Information, apply to
WE have received an assortment of Wal
lets adapted for carrying safely and con
veniently the New Currency, with lot of
Ladies' Satchels, Ladies' Companions, Purses,
Portmonnities, Segar Cases, Card Cases, Wri
ting and Sewing Cases, Portfolios.
at Keystone Nursery, adjoining the
city of Harrisburg.
Oct. 18, 1842..
COAL Oil Lampe perfected, "Cahoon's At
tachment" fitted to any lamp, prevents
the breaking of chimnies. For Eale by
Cur. Front and Market Ste.
DANDELION, Rio, and other preparations
of Coffee, warranted pure, for sale by
Corner Front and Market Sta.
AVERY oboice etejt •37 and for
sale bygir&,
MOTIONS.- Quite a variety of usefu
a:A enterlaima, “tict.s—tobes,
-Ay 4FIP - Vott's .1, ...•
VREBEL Lemons and Raisins, just re
calved and for sale low by
1014 Oorner Brost and Market strews.
IrMB, Dates, Prunes,Raisins, and all
Mad, of Nuts, at JOHN WEIN Store Third and
&lad. isyl
(WOKE lot of Tobacco, for tole at rearona
%dble prices, by NICHOLS & BOWMAN,
novB Corner Front and Market St&
- ,
.. ..
...,... - . . .. ~ .. .
• .
No 41 0, '-\- '• ~ % i4,,,, t ,
/0 1' . : "
, .
:1 - _ - _- . --p - 7,-- -- -
Ig : i,,, ,
le •
. il
• ____,*,...,4,....:.
.....,.,,,,,4,..,,.,.,...„.),, ri t etap
. 1
. .
HAB discovered the most certain, speedy
and &Menai remedy in the world for
No Mercury or Noxious Drugs.
A Care Warranted, or no Charge, in from one
to Two Days.
Weakness of the Back enkLimbis, Strictures, Affections
of the hidneys and Bladder, Involuntary discharges, Im
potency, General Debility, Nervousness, Dyspepsy, Lan
guor, Low Spirits, Gonfuskee qJ Ideas, Palpitation of the
Heart, Timidity, Tremblings, Dimness of Sight or Giddi
ness, Di BMW of the Heed, Throat, Nose or dant, Affec
tions of the Liver.lh Stoma* at Dwishi—those ter
rible disorders arising fro regs,
nt the Solitary /labile of Youth
—those NORM and solitary practams more fatal to the Ir
victims than the song of : yrene to the Marinate of Ulys
ses, blighting their most brilliant hopes or anticipations,
rendering marriage, impossible.
Young Mill
Kanedally, who have become the victim) of Solitary
Vice, that dreadful and destructive habit which annual
ly sweeps- le an untimely grave tboumnde of Young
blen of the most exalted talents and brilliant,,intelledi,
who might otherwise have entranced Details Satiates
with the thunders of eloquence or waked to ecstasy - the
living lyre, may call with full confidence,
Married Persons, or Young Men contemplagug inar
siege, being aware or physical weakness, organic debill.
ty, deformities, &c., speedily cared.
Ho who places himself loader the care ol Dr. J. may
relimously.counde in his honor as. a gentleman,:and con.
gdently rely upon his skill is a Physician.
Organic Weakness
immediately Lured, lad hill vigor Restored
Tide distressing AllooElon—which renders lif misera
ble and marriage impossible—is the penalty paid by the
Victims of improper indulgences. fauns persona are too
apt to commit excesses Irma not being aWaris of the
dreadlul come. entice that may emu°. Nevi, *ha that
understands the subject will pretend to deny that The pow
er of procreation-is last sooner by time falling into im-
proper habits than by the prudent Besides being de
prived the pleasure@ of healthy °Opting, the Most se
ricer( and destructive symptoms to both body slid mind
Arlie. The &miters becomes deranged, the Phylical and
Mental Functions Weakened, lase of Procreative Power,
Nerviowf Dyepepida, Palpitation of the Heart,
Indigestlea, 00ustitufkrakk Welty, a Wasting of the
Frame Clough, tkersumptioni Decay and-Death.;
Nice, No. 7 South Frederick Street.
Left band Mde gaingporn Baltimore street, a. few door.
tram the carrier. Platibtiti Obaerve name and number.
Letters mast be pakilluld contain a stamp. lb. Doc
tor's Diplomas bang in his office.
A Cure Warranted in Two; Days.
No Mercury or Nauseous Drew,
Dr. Johnson,
Member of the Royal College of Burgeons, Laudon, Grad
uate from one of the meet eminent Oolleges in the United
States, sad the greater part of whose life has been spent
in the hospitals of London, Paris, Philadelphia and else
where, bus effected some of the moat astonishing aura
that were ever IiDOWD 'many troubled with ringing in
the head and ears when asleep, great nervousness, being
alarmed at sudden sounds, bashftilnees, with frequent
blushing, attended bomethnes with derangement of mind
were oared immediately.
Take Particular Notice.
Ur. J. aldreee iii d nave diSturankikuselves
by improper indulge ce and solitary habits, which ruin
both body and mind, unfitting them for either besineu,
study, society or noort.ege.
These are some of Ma sad end meancholly,effecta pro
ducsd by early habits of youth, via : Weakness of the
Deck. and Limbs, Paha in the Head, Dimness f Sight,
Loss of Muscular Power, Palpitation of the heart, Dye
pepey, Nervous Irratlbilay, Derangement of thelligestive
Functions, General Debility, Symptoms of Consumption,
Merreux.—The fearful effects on the mind are much
to be drended—Loss of Memory, ConfllBloll of Ideas De
pression of Spirits, Evil Forbodtrp, Amnon to tiociuity,
If Distrust, Love of *Anode, Timidity, to., are some of
the evils produced. •
Tao of persons of all ages can now judge what
111 the cause of their declining health, losing their vigor,
becoming weak, pale, nervous and emaciated, having a
singular appearance about the eyes, cough and syteptoms
of consumption. .
Young Men
Who have injured themselup by a certain practice in
dulged in when alone, ,a habit frequently learned from
evil compaulons,hr at school, the abets of which are
nightly felt, even whenasleep,tind if not cured renders
marriacebnpostable, and destroys both mind and body,
should apply Immeandely.
What a pity that a young num, the L hope of hi coun
try, the darling of his parents, should be snatched from
ell prospects and enjoyments of cite, by the consequence
of deviating from the pathef nature and indulging in a
certain secret habit. Such persons Kw, before tiontem-
Phtling .
reflect that a sound mind and areththe most neces
sary. requisites to promote ainnubisi happiness. Indeed,
without these, the journey through life becomes a weary
pilgrimage.; the prospect hourly (Lukens to the view ;
the mind becomes shadowed with despair and Ailed with
the melancholly ndlection that the happiness of another
becomes blighted with our own.
Disease of Imprudence.
When the misguided and Imprudent votary of pleasure
finds that he bas imbibed the seeds of this painful
ease, it WO often Wenn that an ill-timed sense of shame
or dread of discovery, deters him from applying to thoifi
who, from etueation and respectability, can alone
friend him, delaying till the conetitutional symptoms kh,
this horr d disease make their appearance, inch 118
aerated sore throat, &sassed nose, nocturnal pains Is
the head and limbs, dimness of sight, deatnem, nodes on
the shin bass and arms, blotches on the h'llll4 thee and
extremities, progressing b
lot s rapidity 'till at
last the palate of the, month or the bones of the nose fall
is, and the victim of this awful disease_ become, a horrid
object of commiseration, till death pate a period to his
dreadful sufferings, by sending him to 6, that Uadiacov
vered Country from whence no traveler returns." '
It is a isielanalolly fag that thousands fall victims to
this terrible dismal, owing to the usiallfullnese 6f Igoe
' act pretenders, witty b y the use of that Deafly Pohon,
Net cur y, rale the constitution and make the residue o
life miserable.
Thealth, Thrust not your lives, or to the care of the many
Unlearned and Worthless Pretenders, destitute of know
ledge,name or character, who copy Dr. .ooheson's adver
vertiements, or style themselves in the aciwunipere,
regularly iklucated Physicians incapable or Curing, they
keep you trilling month after month taking their : filthy
and poisonousurss cot 'pounds, pr as iong as the emallest
ibe can be obtained, and in despair, leave yin with ram.
ed health to sigh over your galling disappointment;
Dr. Johnson is the only Physician ,advertising.
His credential or•diptinnao 'hart hangs in his
gin menedles or treatment are unknown to all others, I
prepared from a life spent lo Use gr eat hospitals of Su
rope, the first in the country and a more,, extensive Pri
vate practice than any other Physician in 114*rid.
Indoratannit of the Presi:`
The %any *cabana cured at this Institutton year al;
ter year, and the numerous important Surgical Qpera
tions performs& by Dr. Johnson, whammed by tbe re
portars of the uldan, ,, .'Clipper," and many other pa
pers, notices of, which have appeared again and again
before the public, besides his standing as a gentleman of
character and responsibility, is a su fildent guarantee
lathe afflicted. •
Skis Diseases bpeedily Cared.
Persons writing should be particular in directio g their
wa n t o tiajactituttim, inha following manner :
Of the thilliniore Baltimire, Md.
COALoit amp Shades, Wicks, Chim-
DWI, for 800 IoW b 7 magus/ BoWItaN,
octa Corner Front and Market streets.
()UR newly reptetilnhed stook of Tollet
and Fancy Goods is rinsurpassed in Ibis city, and
leafing confident of rendering satisfaction, ye would no
goolifidly invite a Will. .IEILLIII,
U 1 Market WO* two doors east of bar* Strait, WWI
aide, .
s tl , REM FISH every Tuesday and Friday
at . JOHN Ward fitore, comer of Third sad Friday
• puny
A rumor having reached Yorktown that
2,000 rebels were at. Gloucester Court. House,
twelve miles above Gloucester Point, an expe
dition was sent over from Yorktown to recon
noitre. The force is commandedby Col. Davis,
and consists of infantry, cavalry and artillery.
A brisk northeast storm has prevailed here du
ring the day. •
Lieut. Cooper, of the 3d New York infantry,
died here on Saturday night of typhoid lever.
His remains left here this afternoon for Coopers
town, Nevi York where be belonged.
The opening bide for loan were very numer-
One, and occupied over three hours. Several
times the amount - advertised was offered. The
Government will probably get three. per .cent.,
and fraction above pal..
c4e Ctiegrasp.
• —.—
List of Pennsylvanians Smoke-
Correspondence of the Tekgraph.]
Smonarrown Hamra',
Nov. 14, 1862
Smoketown is a hamlet of six or seven small
log houses in Washington . county, Md., about
ten miles south of Hagerstown and three miles
north of Sharpsburg. It is one mile east of the
turnpike road. leading from Hagerstown to
Sharpsburg. It is easiest reached from Penn
sylvania via Hagerstown, whence hacks run
daily to Sharpsburg, Smoketown and the battle
field of Antietam. Smoketown is on the mar
gin of the battle field.
The following list was In chief part furnished
me by the chaplain, Rev. Isaac 0. Sloan, copied
front the book of the hospital. The remarks
appended to some of the names are from the
books or added from personal knowledge of this
correspondent. Persons desiring further in
formation, especially concerning the de ad, can
address the chaplain, an excellent and obliging
man thus, " Rev. Isaac 0. Sloan, Smokstown.Bos-
Sharpsbuiy, ild:" lam persuaded heinill
give them every satisfaction in his imwer. It
would be well to enclose a postage stainp for
the returning answer. -
It is not probable that all the names in this
list are perfectly correct, but, as the nigne of
the company and regiment is added, the Onion
in most cases can be identified. The letter'stands
for the company, the figures for the regiment.
It Is probable that some ethos° below 14 may
be of the Reserves, though not so designa
ted on the books.
There have been over 600 patients in this hos
pital and about two hundred others connected
with the establishment as officers, nursers, &c.
There are nearly five hundred here still (Nov
10.) Besides Pennsylvanians, there are': many
New Yorkers, Ohioans, and representativesfrom
every state in the Union. The majority of them
are wounded men, but there are also many sick.
There have been about 160 amputations. The
deaths up to this date have been about 126.
Wm. H. Freadenburgi co. D, 111th regiment ;
right thigh amputated, died Nov. Bth.
Nathaniel W. Read,' co. F, 111th regiment ;
left thigh amputated.
Joseph Gerald, co. I, 111th regiment,; left
arm amputated.
Lieut. Pt S. Bancroft, co: E, 111th regiment ;
resection of head and neck of humerus. Lieut.
B. had a secondary hemorrhage on the night of
the 2nd inst., which was veiy serious. He has,
hiwever; - wonderfully recuperated since, and is
now doing well again.
11itliin M. Blanchard; co. D, 111th regiment;
*guided in right thigh.
Datias Aber, co. D, 111th -- regiment ; right
aratfamputated. . .
• , k-fGoo. Qtugle, senior, co. B; 111th regiment ;
**tided in right thigh is doing well; has also a
son` in the service and in hospital at Aleiandria.
John Dougherty, co. K; 111th' regiment;
wOunded In left thigh.
Derret Brassington, a). D, 111th regiment;
wounded in lefteknee. •
Robertilearn, co. I, 111th regiment; wounded
in right elbow.
.Alex. Patterson, co. S, 111th regiMent;
wounded in left lung.
Fred. Clark, co. F, 111th regiment; wound
ed in head.
Curtis E. Briabee, co. F, 111th regiment;
wounded in left thigh.
Chas. Sodergreen, co. F, 111th regiment;
right foot amputated.
Henry Koon, co. H, 111th regiment; wound
ed in left leg:
Lieut. William H. Todd, co. E, 111th regi
ment; gun shot wound in left leg.
Serg't. Ashbell Orton,
co. I', 111th regiMent;
gunshot wound in right foot.
• Henry •W. Tracy, co. F, 111th regiment;
wounded in left knee; going about.
John E. Alben, co. F, 111th regiMent;
wounded in left leg.
Daniel W. Keen, co. I, 111th regiment; gun
shot wound in right elbow.
Wm. Corey, co. G, 111th regiment; wound
ed in groin. •
Daniel Cronan, co. G, 111th regiment; wound
ed in breast.
John Anderson, co. Di 111th regiment;
wounded in right thigh ; died Oct. 14th.
Chas. Stroger, co. E, 111th tegiment.
Wm. Thompson, co. F, 111th regiment,
David Parsons, co. F, 111th regiment.
Oliver Roberts, co: F, 111th regiment
Albert G. Irish, co. F, 111th regiment.
K R. Ellington, co. F, 111th regiment.
Stephen Allen, co. 0, 111th regiment.
Sergeant E. Sherwood, co. U, 111th regi
Gerold H. Fox, co. H 111th regiment.
John Renner, co. 11, 111th regiment.
Andrew Marsh, co. 1, 111th regiment.
' Sergeant Wrn. Caldaell, co. K, 111th regi
went. •
Daniel Sanity, co G, 111th regiment.
George Eionherd, co. 0, 111th regiment.
Matt. Johnson, Co; H, 11th Reserve regi
From oar Morning Billiton.
Foams MONROB, Nov. 16
W66HINGTON, Nov. 17
town Hospital, hid
E. Choris Sweet or Lovett, co. C, 71st regi
ment; orthography uncertain.
Win. J. Fulton, co. H, 2d Reserve regiment;
wounded in arm.
James Patton, co. E, 2d Emma regiment;
wounded in arm.
John Masterson, co. B, 106th regiment;
right leg amputated.
John Cores, co. F, 72d regiment.
Thomas Bush, co. 0, I2th regiment.
Bowers, (dead) co. I, 49th regiment.
John McVey, co. K, 106th regiment.
Jacob Bice, co. C, 106th regiment.
Thomas Kehor, co. B, 107th regiment.
Frank Martin, co. D, 72d regiment.
James Gates, co. F, Bth Reserve regiment. I
D. Rogers, co. C, 88th regiment.
Wm. Tickner, co. D, 90th regiment.
George F. Schindler, co. B, 107th regiment.
Edward Fulton, 72d regiment.
John McVeigh, co. K, 106th regiment.
W. H. Berout, co. A, 90th regiment.
Grames, co. A, 11th Reserve regiment.
Henry Means, ix,. G, 2d Reserve regiment.
Sergt. Lewis orney, co. B, 90th regiment.
McLardy, co. B, 90th regiment.
Moses Call, co. B, 107th regiment.
John McCallom, (dead,) co. H, 2d Reserve
Wm. Chambers, co. 0, 69th regiment.
Christian Gerauld, co. D, 182 d regiment.
Thomas Sprowl, co. G, 132 d regiment.
Geo. Cator, (dead,) co. H, 132 d regiment.
Theo. Woof, co. A, 125th regiment.
Wm. A. Dibble, co. C, 106th regiment.
James Geist, co. G, Ist Reserve regiment.
Joseph Devlin, co. E, 20th regiment.
Benj. Palmer, co. A, 71st regiment.
Wm. Leumus, co. E, Ist Reserve regiment.
Wm. Nolan, co. I, Bth regiment.
Austur Horton, co. I, 12th Reserve regiment.
Lewis Lewellyn, co. G, 4th Reserve regiment.
Robert P. Luster, (or Sutor,) co. E, 11th Re-
serve regiment.
A. H. Rhoads, co. K, Ist Reserve regiment.
H. McCaslin, co. E, sth Reserve regiment.
Geo. W. Carney, co. B, 10th Reserve regi
M. J. Sullivan.
Thomp. P. Beatty.
Maj. Wm. Briner, 3d regiment.
John Hall, co. G, 9th regiment.
J. Lindly, ca. E, 10th Reserve regiment.
Thomas C. H. Lewis, co. E, 10th Reserve
W. H. Maek, co. B, 11th Reserve regiment.
Geo. Spindler, co. H, 11th Reserve regiment.
John H. Harris, co. 0, 12th Reserve regiment.
Jacob A; Hamlin, co. H, 12th Reserve regi
Geo. Sugar, co. K, 90th regiment.
Jesse Collins, co. B, 90th regiment.
McLaughlin, co. 0, 90th regiment.
Alfred Seney, co. B, 90th regiment.
Daniel Redigar, ho. H, 88th regiment.
Wm. Gallagher, co. K, 88th regiment.
Geo. W. Green, co. C, 88th regiment.
Aaron S. Boyer, co. H, 88th regiment.
Cornelius Vanhorn, co. H, 90th regiment.
Alex. Ferguson, co. G, 88th regiment.
Enoch Funk, co. A, 11th Reserve regiment.
Henry Blake, co. H, 56th regiment.
Aintrlir GlThousti; - 007 0,-142415t -reghnerit.
Lemuel P. Weaver, co. F, 121st regiment.
Aaron Hartman, co. A, Ist Reserve regiment.
Wm. Hollingshead, co. A, Ist Reserve regi
!Edward Little, co. D, 6th Reeerve!regiment.
S. S. Ives, ce. H, 6th Reserve regiment.
John Bebb, co. H, 4th Reserve regiment.
George Hunt, (died, Nov. 2d,) (xi. A, 132 d
William Vickers, co. H, 90th regiment.
D. G. Allen, co. B, 111th regiment.
S iml. Bans, co. I, 9th Reserve regiment.
Connell Weig, co. A, 20th regiment.
Francis Elliott, co. K, 20th regiment.
H. W. 13aily, co. A, 107th regiment.
Ewell Henninger, co. 0, 107th regiment.
Mark McGeath, co. 0, 30th regiment.
F. Rochel, co. A, 30th regiment.
Abner Crosby, co D, 7th Reserve regiment.
Chas. Cockerell, co. A, 9th Reserve regiment.
John Beckett, co. A, 9th Reserve , regiment.
Chas. Poets, co. I, 3d Reserve regiment.
H. McGuire, co. G, 8d Reserve regiment.
Chas. Etting, co. D, 107th regiment.
B. Devoit, co. K, 30th regiment.
George Mosier, 00. A, 30th regiment.
Jacob Weyer, co. I, 11th Reserve regiment.
Job. Rohn, co. D, 11th Reserve regiment.
David Mars, co. A, 11th Reserve regiment.
E. G. Sheffer. Ist Pa. battery.
Joseph Bowen, (or Bower,) co. I, 136th regi
David Davis, co. K, 136th regiment.
Chas. W. Moseman, co. G, 88th regiment.
James Reidy, co. G, 88th regiment.
W. H. Mastin, (or Martin,) dead, co. I, 131st
W. B. Nemser, co. F, 131etyegiaient.
Jacob Noble, co. G, 181st regiment.
Joseph Clark, co. G, 181st regiment.
Chas. Kauffman, co. E, 131st regiment.
Jacob Alter, co. G, 131st regiment.
John Sales, co. K, 9th regiment.
David Lamely, co. K, 131tk" regiment.
Redeman, co. I, 88th regiment.
Joshua Githin, co. V, 88th regiment.
Geti. BrOwning, co. B, 88th regiment.
Jacob Lister, co. F, 90th regiment.
Fred. Hyler, co. D. 181st regiment.
A. B. Greenawalt, co. B, Ist Reserve regi
---- McCauley, co. 11, let Reserve regiment.
John Balt; co. F, Ist Reserve regiment.
R. H. Gregg, co. 1, 1024 regiment.
Jacob B. Gribame, co. 0,142 d regiment.
John Byers, co. E, 142 d regiment.
H, Hay, co. 0,142 d regiment.
Wesley Griffith, co. 0,142 d regiment.
Arthur Crowell, co. 0, 1424 regiment.
H. Hendrick, co. H, 3d Reserve regiment.
Win. Hazlett, co. K, 3d Reserve regiment.
Mark Hans, co. A, 82d regiment.
James Jaquett, co. K, 3d Reserve regiment.
J. Read, (or Rodd,) co. K, 3d Reserve regi
B. Shires, (or R. Slive,) co. D, 3d Reserve re
M. L. Shepard, co. B, 3d Reserve regiment.
J. B. McGrew, co. 0, 11th &serve regiment.
Orin Leech, co. C, 131st regiment.
Geo. N. Seely, co. 0, 131st regiment.
Christ. Peters, co. K, 181st regiment.
Win. E. Pusan, (orthography uncertain,) co.
K, 131st regiment.
Wm. C. Smith, co. K, 131st regiment.
James L. Krider, D, 7th Reserveregiment.
John Cober, co. D, 7th Reserve regiment.
L. W. Hamilton, co. E, 3d Reserve regiment.
Joseph M. Reed; co. G, 3d Reserve regiment.
James Quinn, co. K, 2d Reserve regiment;
very low.
Wm. Beget, co. B, 142 d regiment.
L. Keener, co. A, 8d Reserve regiment.
Daniel Wood, co. F, 7th Reserve regiment.
, Edward Dillon, co. E, 6th Reserve regiment.
JOseph Dolpher, (uncertain,) co. K, 91st Int
-1 meat.
m ara tua go. B, 8d Reserve regiment
Owen Hollis, po. 0, 107th regiment.
Lieut. P. H. Murray, co. A, Bth Reserve regi
ment; compound fracture of thigh; doing well.
M. H. Herman, co. G, 28th regiment.
D. B. McCormick, 9th Reserve regiment.
Chas. A. Meeker, co. B, 12th Reserve regi
Wm.J. Folton, co. H, 2d Reserve regiment
James Strumbel, ea. F, 6th Reserve regiment
Wm. Malone, co. F, Bth Reserve regiment.
Edward Brogan, co. E, 9th Reserve regiment
A. Manshard, co. E, 4th Reserve regiment.
Geo. W. Carney, co. 13, 10th Reserve regiment
Geo. N. Corey, co. F, 10th Reserve regiment
Wesley McDonald, co. E, 9th Reserve regi
John Ball, co. G, 9th Reserve regiment.
R. Fuller, co. D, lst Rides; convalescent.
John Henry, co. K, 13th Reserves.
Abraham Lewis, co. H, 3d Reserves.
Christian Bogart, co. F, 4th Reserves.
Leonidas H. Hunter, co. H, 7th Reserves;
Charles Beighner. co. H, Ist Reserves.
Calvin Basim, co. 111, Bth Reserves; right leg
amputated; doing well.
In all 201
Names of Pennsylvanians who have died in
the hospital up to November 6th, (latest record
in book:)
Muses Sherman, co. G, 28th regiment.
McCallom, co. C, 2d Reserves.
D. B. McCormick, 9th Reserves.
Jacob Rice, 106th regiment.
Geo. Hopkins, co. H, 132 d regiment.
Bowen, 126th regiment.
Wm. Rhodes, co. A, 23d regiment.
0. Sherwood, co. K, 132 d regiment.
P. Rothermeel, co. G, 132 d regiment.
Gerauld, co. D, 132 d regiment.
F. Martin, co. D, 72d regiment.
W. P. Boyer, co. D, 88th regiment.
John Anderson, co. D, 111th regiment.
M. Moyer, co. G, 132 d regiment.
Capt. E. G. Roussell, co. G, 72d regiment.
Wm. Clarke, co. A, 111th regiment.
George C. Gerauld, co. D, 132 d regiment.
Joseph Winder, co. C, 107th regiment.
Robert Sutler, co. E, 111th regiment.
E. Conner, co. I, 11th regiment.
Jacob Strubig, co. 11, 28th regiment.
Henry Otten, co. A, 3d Reserves.
John Anthony, co. H, 7th Reserves.
F. Valentine, co. A, 124th regiment.
Chas. Chase, co. F, 132 d regiment.
Wm. Malone, co. F, Bth Reserves.
John Byers, co. C, 142 d regiment.
Henry Martin, co. E, 142 d regiment.
Samuel Barnes, co. F, 9th Reserves.
George Hunt, co. A, 142 regiment.
C. H. Boyd (or Bogart,) co. I, 4th Reserves.
W. H. Martin, co. 136th regiment.
I would be happy to say that this hospital is
supplied with every thing that the sick and
wounded soldiers need. But this is far from
the fact. There are some noble men and wo
men here who are doing all they can for them
with their limited means ; but there is much
suffering for want of even the neassaries of life.
Many of them are very destitute of clothing—
there is perhaps no great lack of blankets ;
but few of the tents are supplied with bed
steads or cots. The most of them are lying in
tents, on mattresses placed upon the ground,
with some straw beneath them, or slightly
elevated on boards. Some of the men have
no upper garments, or only summer clothing.
Some, when convalescent, have been unable to
go out on this account ; others may be seen
going about in their drawers, having no pants
Icons. It is to be hoped, however, that the
government will soon be able to supply this
lack. Bat many of them are without suitable
underclothing, or without a change of them.
And those who have suitable shirts and draw
ers are afield to put them off and let them go
to wash for fear they will never see them again.
A man who bas worn a woolen shirt for a time
may be compelled to put up with a muslin one
the next. Let me appeal to the wives, moth
ers, sisters and neighbors of these men through
out the State to send on to them, immediately,
or as soon as possible, the needed supplies.
The most of these men have been shedding
their blood for their country. Let them not
feel that they are forgotten or neglected, when
suffering from wounds and sickness.
I received from an excellent lady, Mrs. Hus
bands, of Philadelphia, who is laboring day and
night in the fever ward of the hospital, and as
I was informed, without any other compensa-
tion than the satisfaction of doing good, nurs
ing the poor sick boys with the tenderness of a
mother, the following list of things most need
ed at this time : Woolen shirts, drawers and
hose, brandy and wine, home made bread, but
ter, milk and eggs, applebutter, preserves, ho.,
lemons, apples, onions, tomatoes, oat meal,
mustard, pickets, gelatine, tea. Another lady
also mentioned to me another article of great
use and much needed, viz : condensed milk.
Anything sent in packages or boxes may be
marked Rev. Isaac 0. Sloan, Smoketown Hos
pital, Hagerstown Maryland. Arrangements
are made for the forwarding of all articles so
directed. Let the patriotic and benovolent be
stir themselves, lest the men who have fought
our country's battles perish through our ne
glect. The winter storms are coming down
upon them, and It is pitiable to see the poor
fellows who are able to be out shivering, half
clad, around their fires in the open air. But
few of the tents have stoves as yet ; and the
few stoves already in have been purchased by
the men themselves or their friends. Few of
these men, however, have any money; many
have not been paid or months. This is some
what of the condition of the Smoketowa Gen
eral Hospital. How it may be with others in
this region remote from the great cities, I know
not. Bat something needs to be done, or the
men will suffer and die for lack of things need
ful under the circumstances.
I cannot close this communication without
expressing my profound respect for those he
roines of benevolence and patriotism—the noble
women who are toiling with such self-sacrificing
devotion in this obscure and isolated place for
the sick and suffering defenders of their calm
tut In addition to Mrs. Husbands, already
mentioned, there is. Mrs. Lee, of Philadelphia,
to whom a sick soldier never applies in vain for
a bit of toast, or a cup of tea, or soup, while
she has any to give him. From morning till
night, seven days in the week, this lady stands
over and around an old rickety cooking stove,
boiling, stewing, toasting and roasting, with
such a lack of implements and means as would
perplex almost any other housewife ; and yet
with such a cheerful spirit and unwearying as
*tufty as to commend the admiration of all
who come near her. The same may be said of
Miss Maria l& C. Hall, of Washington city, a
young lady of fortune and high accomplish
ments, who is here drudging like a slave
in the service of humanity and country. She
has also a worthy co-laborer in Miss E. E. Ty
son, of Baltimore, who I am sorry to learn has
been sick f o r a few days past, doubtless the re
ardt of toil and exposure. Mrs. Harris, of Phil
adelphia, has also been a leading spirit in the
work of benevolence here ; but has now, .as .1
learn, transferred 'her headquarters to Harper's
gisata tinting no,
Raving procured Steam Power Presses, we are prima"
ed to execute JOB and BOOK PRINTING of every
description, cheaper than It can be done at any other
establishment In the country.
_ .
Font lines or lase constitute enhalf square.
tight lines or more than four constitute a square.
Kali square, one day ... .: ... ..... 50 25
one week
.. 1 25
0 sue merit] . . ...... • • ............. 210
" three months
if six months. 6 00
Otte year
....le 00
One Square ' one day
o 60
one week 2 00
" one month . .... .
... 5 00
4. r three MOLab ~. ..
. 10 00
If six moth • 15 00
" one year 20 00
Jar Business notices inserted in the Loco/ °down or
before Marriages and .Deaths, EIGHT GENT 2 i'gj L INE
for each insertion.
NO 69.
Oir Marriages and Deaths to be chargod as regular
Ferry. These good ladies are not in the pay of
the Government, but are voluntary laborers or
the representatives of certain benevolent asso
ciations, such as the "Christian bommission,"
or the " Soldiers' Aid Society," of Philadel
phia. The same may' be said of the Chaplain,
Rev. Isaac 0. Sloan, who seems to do good for
the love of it.
Send on the supplies.
Thousands of years ago the pillars of Memnon
were famed for giving musical sounds. Sounds
like those of bells have been heard, at different
localities, to come from the depth of the ocean,
and now we hear of musical mountains and
singing sands.
Five such localities are already on record.
The first is Dschehel Nakus ( ell Mountain,)
upon the peninsula. Sinai, on the shores of the
Bed Sea, northwestward of the city of To.—
The celebrated traveler, Sectsen, of Oldenburg,
was the first European savant who ascended it.
He found it consisting of a brittle white sand
stone, covered on two sides with loose sand.
This sand when brought into motion, produces
the sound. The traveler, when ascending,
passed over this region of loose sand, and he
soon discovered that the noise it made in glid
ing down the slope became by degrees louder
and louder. When he reached the summit such
a frightful sound was heard that it shook the
whole mountain, and he himself became excited
in the highest degree.
Some time afterwards this same mountain
was visited by Mr Gay, of Oxford, and more
recently by Mr. Ward, both Englishmen. They
give very neatly the same account of this phe
nomenon. All ascribe the cause to the fact
that the sand glides down the bare mountain
sides. Ward heard at first only a feeble tone
like that of the flute ; suddenly it became strong
like that of an organ, and the whole bill began
to vibrate. The sound became louder in pro
portion to the quantity of sand set in motion
by the steps of the traveler.
Alexander Bums visited, in 1837, a similar
hill. This way the Rey Bowan, (the moving
mountain,) which is also about four hundred
feet high. Its ascent is an incline of about
forty degrees, covered with a layer• of sand,
surrounded by a still deeper border of lime and
sandstone. Gliding down on this sand, it emits
a loud, hollow tone, similar to that ot a great
drum. This was already known in the fifteenth
century. A third mountain ot this kind is the
"El Bromador," the yelling, barking moun
tain in Chili, in regard to which Charles Dar
win made similar observations.
.Charles Mayer, in his book " Towards Sacra
mento," mentions another to exist in Califor
nia, and recently a fifth locality of this kind
has been discovered by Hugh Miller, upon the
small island Eigg, on the western coast of Scot
land. According to Miller, a geologist of great
renown, a stratum of colite exists on this island.
This substance, when reduced to sand, becomes
a white, mealy mass. Miller observed, that on
every step he took, the sand gave a peculiar
musical sound. It is, however, not proven that
colite sand alone produces sounds. The above
mentioned Mr. Ward says that the friction of
the sharp edged grains of siliceous sand, ex
posed to the rays of a trophical sun, caused the
resonant quality of the sand.
" TERRE Is a step from the sublime to the
ridiculous." This distance is not greater from
the poetical to the prosy. Somebody wrote
some rather pretty verses about "Love." Some
other body borrowed the metre a)d taking
"Soap" for a theme, wrote some wicked verses
in parody. Here are the two pieces
We are young,
And both are loving,
You love me,
And I love you ;
Each, each other's
Faults reproving—
Some in me,
And some in you.
What is best
For us to do 4•
Live and love,
Continue loving—
You loving me,
I loving you ;
Each, each other's
Faults reproving—
You reproving me,
I you.
This is beet
For us to do.
Nero 2bvertistmotts.
11 Henry C. Shaffer has a largo lot of
Wall Paper and Window Shades on hand,
which will be sold very low. Call and examine.
Paper hanging personally attended to.
oct27 No. 12 Market St., near the Bridge.
A LOT of Fine Sweet Grapes, just received,
andfor sale low, at •
r I F all desirable varieties, at the Keystone
or The weather and season are favorable,
and they should be planted as soon as possible.
Oat. 18, 1862. J. KM.
A T Keystone Nursery, adjoining the City
Oct. 13, 1862
OF select kinds, strong, stocky and vigorous,
two years old, at Keystone Nursery, Har
Oct. 13, 1862.
LIIBRICATING Oil for all kinds 01 ma
ehinerv, in convenient paickages, for sale very low
Cornor Front and Market street..
SUGAR cured hams, just received : art
for sale, by NIOHULS & COWMAN
rep 17 Cor. Front sad Market Street.
DEBT PENS in the world, for 750;11 25
$1 AO, $2, $3, and $4, for gala at
febls-3 , SCHEFFKR'S Baakaters.
EXTRA FINE jest received.
WM. DOCK; Jr , & CO
SUPERIOR non-explosive Coal Oil for sale by
Cm Front and Market Stfeets.
.11. A; PPM, 0/Imps and LOOlOllB, at.JQHN
We want soap,
Both need scrubbing,
You soap me,
And I soap you ;
Each, each other's
Rough hides rubbing
You scrub me,
A I scrub you.
What is best
For us to do ?
Live and rub,
Continue rubbing—
You rubbing me,
I rubbing you ;
Each, each other's
Rough hides scrub
You scrubbing me,
I you.
This is best
For us to do.
Cor. Third and Walnut Sts