Pennsylvania daily telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1857-1862, November 15, 1862, Image 1

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The DAILY Tastaitaru is served to subscribers in th
City ate cents per week Yearly subscribers will b
charomi $4 00 in advance.
The lstsowarn
L l. also published Wier) e, week during
the session of the ' Legialattote, ind Aeingr t lit during the
reruatteler . the year, and furnished' to aubseriber- al
the tobowing cash rates,. VIZ:
dingle übsoribera per year Semi Week'y. 61 60
fen 44 . 46
.12 00
Twenty " u it •t • ..74 00
mingle subscribers, *featly 100
-- • - --
It subscribers order the discontinuance of their trews
papers, the publisher may continue to send then( with
all arrearages are pant.
It subscribers ne4letst or refuse to take their urines
pens from the otilke to which they are directed. they are
responsible until they have settled the wile and ordered
them discontinued.
13 mimeos (garbs.
Consultations in German and Nag Hill.
nov3 dlm
my 1.0 y) NEAR MARKET'.
Th a , to a First Class Hotel, ILA located In the central
part u We city. It is kept in the beet manner, and 118
patrol a wal find every nerosmoaation to he met with 111
the thin how% in the country. te.3o-dl[
tairParticuiar atteotiou paid to Printing, Killing and
Binding of &inroad thanks, ilanifeete, °hooka,
Drafts, itte GARDA printed at $.., $3, $4, and $5 per
hound In elegant etylo. 120
Tin and Sheet Iron Ware Manufacturer
AS always on Witt a lull assornueui
of 110 and Japanned Wire, (laming and Parlor
Stovee i•• the host osanuiaciu t a, Natio- Spootln., Roof
ing and Galvanized Iron mandiae.tured ,rnd put
up at real: nabla rates.
$j nu: airing promptly • tteuded io. apr3o-411y
F !lie Old Wallower Line respectfully
hdorms the public tleit this Old Mille Eranaporta-
Von Line, (the only Willow T Line now in &fief ‘nnio in
this City,) is in successful operation, nad prepared to
carry freight as low as any other Individual line uetween
Philadelphia, Harrialinrg, Sunbury, Lewisburg, Wil
liamsport, Jersey Shore Lock [Lavin and all other points
on the Northern rattle, Philadelphia and Erie and Wil
galsoasirt and ninra Katiroads.
Harrisburg, Pa
(lauds sent to the Ware House of Messrs. Peacock,
Zell Si iuchin in, No. 888 and 810 Market street an ove
Plilleoelphia, by 4 o'clock, P. M., will arrive at
llerrleburg, oetdy for doh% ery . next motkoing:
Li A 8 removed his Boot and Shoe Btore
AA. froth the turner of necood and 'Walnut sireeta to
Next door to Haynes Agriculture Mare, where he intends
to beep all kinds or Boons n'hoes, Gaiturs, he., and s
large stock of Trunkt;, and everything In his line of bu
siness ; and wilt tie thaustat to receive the patronage of
bis old cwitomera and the, public in general at ins new
place of busloves. all kinds of work made to order iu the
beet style and by superior workmen. Repairing done at
abort notice. raprldtfl JOHN li. 81,11 TH.
Lock Haven, Jersey Shore, msport, Mun
ey, Uniontown, Watsontown, Milton,
Lewisburg, Northumberland, Sun
bury, Treverlon, Georgetown,
Lykenstown; Millersburg,
Malilax, Dauphin
The Philad elphla Depot being centrally locate I, the
Drayage will beak the Lowest Rates. Toe Gond.tteaor
'ON through with each thin to attend to the safe de
livery of all goods Intrusiedko the tine. Goode deliver
ed at the Depot of
Freed, Ward Ai Freed, 811 Market street, Philadelphia,
by o'clock, P. M., wii b aelivered In llarriebarg the
next morning.
freight Always as Low as by Any Other
Philadelphia an 4 Beading Depot;
oct2i-dtt Foot of Market Street, Harrisburg.
'tJOULI) respeatliilly inforin obi
patrons and the public generally, wlll
Continue to give idettnetlone KAM. rogE,
LOU ONii VIOLIN and alas in the sOtene7'et 41011.0[1413
Bezel 9, win WM. pientitire waft op.!, tbeir
twines at qtly to)l)r Aleired fl• • • •
hb teridellee, r.ird , up
Berman• 1",,,t,
WE have received an assortment of Wel
lets adapted for carrying safely and con'
veniently' the New 10furrency, with lot of
Ladies' Satchels, Ladles' Companions, Purses
Portmonnaies, Segar Cases, Card Cases, Wri
ting And Sewing Cases, Portfolios.
'ELLER'S DRUG STORE, 91 Market St.
'FREES, at Keystone Nursery, adjoining the
city of Harrisburg.
Oct. 18, 1862.
COAL Oil Lamps perfected, "Cahoon's At
tachment" fitted to any lamp,. prevents
the breaking of chimnies. For sate by - -
Oor. Front and Market Ste.
DANDELION, Rio, and other preparations
of Coffee, warranted pure, for sale by .
Corner Front and Market Sta.
A VERY choice article just received, a❑d for
sale by WIK. DOCK, Jr., & CO.
NOTIONS. --Quite a variety of neefu
mod enterbilain,! • rticved--4.:heap—at
-30 ~tlg,Vll!ft›.
Lemons and Raisins, just re
1 calved and for sale lowNICy
tett Corner Front and Market-streets.
EIGS, Dates, Prunes, Raisins,' and- all
Mode of Mete, at JOH' WISEN Store Third and
at. myl
CHOICE lot of Tobacco, for sale at rearona
ble prices, by NICHOLS 8c BOWMAN,
novil " Comer Front and Market Mo.
)1: oAilp/0 , , 'lll
tilillis . i ,
' liio A_ tit d ., ) , 7_ ; ,.. . • • . .
_ ..., \
,-- ,..- „ ;,- ,3 •
~.....----- -
-, ------. .._, •,,,, . -____--_-. • .
~- ------ -------r- • - ,-,,,,, ------_-- .., . b
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l 1 I
. .
. ' 1 11111
allti .-_-- - Jr .' :-*P..;-- -'4 ,1„ (1 . ' .,... ' 1 . .... :.. ' . .' t
' 4 ~....1 1t 4
....., . • • ,
..v... I . 4
. , , .
-_, canal.
EIAS discovered the most certa in, speedy
and effetonel remedy in the world Tor
. .
No Mercury or Noxious Drags. T :
A Cure Warranted, or no ',Charge, in from one
*to Two Days.
Weakness of the Back orLimbs, Strictures, Alfeetiens
of the bidneys and Bladder, Involuntary discharges, Im
potency, General Donny, Nervouspess, Dyapepey, Lim
goer, Low Spirita, Hontlasioh t'il Ideas, Palpitation of the
Heart, Timidity, Tr.embllngs,lelinnAtati . of :Sight or Okldi
um, .Di Man,N
01 the Head, Throat, difft Or. *111„ AIU•
dohs of the Liver, Longs , ' Stomach or Hetvels-,thime ter
rible disorders tinning from the Solitary' ffiltite Of .Youth
-those maw and solitary prat:Mims more tatel to lir
victims than the song of .. yreu s to the Mariners of la st.
nes, blighting their moat brilliant hopes or anticipations,
rendering marriage; &0., initiosible.
Young` Ken
Napo:Ally, who have becomh the victims or Solittiry
Vice, that dreadful and deldrustlya habit which 'annimi
ly sweeps to an untimely grave thenrands of Young
Men of the moat exalted talnnts and brilliant intellelt.,
who . might otherwise Ittarti entranced listening Senates
with the thunders ef eloquenee or waked to ecstasy ibe
living lyre, may cell With fell confidence.
Married Persons, or Young Men contemplating mar
riage, being
.awtwe of physical weakness, organic doblii
tyoleformitiee, SM.,,ipeedily :oared... ✓
lie who places himself under the care of Dr..l. may
religiously confide In his honor as a gentleman. and min
ddently rely upon his skill as a Physician. i
•:-- !•;-' rganic W ass
I .„, e ,ii i t,:ii, aiii,d, and Intl vigftr , ltellote4
TinCdietrenthigAffection.-wlaich Mindere ! lle mis
hie and: marriage impossible- is:this i ..: , %** paid by the
victims of improper indulgencea. , -" ! 4 _ rporBs : are
aPPligiliPirnil excesses from but T: 3- ititiogy, of the
„, ' rottneespesicee that may eliiiiie' .;:itho that
4 4 . - 7 - • - Tds the suttlect will pre4ind 41' it 400 peer-
Sk', , l l ... getiOn is Mat sooner syltfores lnto tut.
bite than by the prodent.r, i tresheihn tie
! I , oofttelltatues of healthy '-, - .the', *Oat Se
riattgand-dedireetire symplonie t o. 7 . b ody liiik mind
arlise; ' Tlistiiiitain becomes de .- ''..,, tile PhYeicar a• d
Mental Meth= Weakened, Lose of ProcroatirCPOW r,
;Undone irratibility , Dyspepsia, Palpitation of, the Hee t,
Indigestion; -oOnstitailont I :Debility, it! Warding e l the
Frame, Cough, Donsumptlon, Decay and. - Death.
Office, No. 7:South Frederick .Street. I
Left band side going-from:Ballimore street, a few door:
t rem the corner. Fall:net to camerae UPOIO and number.
Letters must be paid and einftain a stamp. The NC
torls Diplomas bang tulle bike. ,
A Care Warranted ' in Two - Days.'
No icreury OT: Nauseous Drugs,
Dr. Johnioe, •
etloinber of the Royal Cottage of surgelies,•London, Grad
uate from one of the most eminent Colleges in the United
States, sad the greater part of whose life has been spente
in the hospitals of London, Pans, Philadelphia and -eli e -
where, has effeCted some of the most astonisning suites
that were ever known • many troubled with ringing lin
the 001,1 and ears When asleep, great nervousness; being
alarmed at sudden sonuda, bashruiness with mic
blushing, attended sometimes with dera ngement *of End
' ware cured Immediately.
” a •
iy a ks. partioular: Notice.
Dr. J. addretises all those who have injured themsebres
by impreper indulge as and solitary habits, which rein
both body and isducloutittling them for either business,
study, society or mare•go.
These are slime of tile Sad and minima° lly Wrens pro
dnced by early habits of yeah, eis : Weakness of Me
Dick and Lunbe, Pains in the Head, Dimness f Sight,
Loss or idUlCulkir Power, Paithation of the he i rs, Ws.
palmy. Nervous 'brand ty, Derangement. of theDgeshve
Punchona, General MAIM kOmPlonul of Coosomfolagor
kateraur.—The reartul effects on the mind are much
to be dreaded—Loss of Memory, Contusion of Mese , De
freemen of Spines, mot Foitiodings, Avers on to timely,
Salt Distrust, Love et molthide, Timidity, An., are some of
the eons produced.
THOWANDtI of persons of all ages can now judge , witiat
in the camee of their donating health, losing their vier,
becoming, weak, pale, oervoUs and ethadateci, having! a
sin Oiler appearance alums the eyes, cough and ay midi:tau
of eonsampuen.
- Young men
wit„ leave i g iuied themselust qy a certent practicej i lt.
auto= tit whoa alone, et habit frertnently bJD urned to
evil couiliautons, br saheb', the sabots of which sire
nightly felt, even WWI laeledip, Mei if not oured rend ;s
marriage impossible, and dtletroye both mind tom bo ,
'ald apply immedlittely,
wh i a, a pity that a your 4 than, tilejrnpn of Inn Win
try, the darling Of his parents, about be snatched irtm
all peepacia aniVelajoyinents of Ills, by the sonsequence
of devielipg from the path of nature and 'steels's& to a
certain eletiret habit. Such persons NWT, berOrs'iXtrae -
reflsat,thata sound nundtuut, body eredthe meat
e ,,,,.. aut b itee to promote connubial happiness. lii ,
Without Mese, the journey through Mc becomes air y
pilgrimage ; the prospeet hearty daeliena to the view ;
the mind becomes shadowed with despair and tilled alb
the mciancholly reticent= iittsit the happiness on anottior
becomes blighted with our own..
Wean of ,Impradence.
When the. raisoideal and imprudent votary of pleia e
Inds Wet he bee _imbibe" tats of th is foollikbi si •
wee, it often hap= that an th-tinied sense of Alba e
or dread of dboceiery', deters him from applying fathoms
who, iroMeitioatirm• and orespeetability, can aldne *-
friend him, delaying till the einntitutional ajmptems on
that horr d disease make their aPPliariore, such as; ul
oerated sore "throat, datelined nose, nocturnal paint!
the heid awl Delhi; ditnneee of afillit; Wildness, nodes n
the shin house and brunt, blotches on the lead; Moe d
extremities, pregtessing with 'trittintful fantail , roll hi
lest We palate oi the mouth or the , banes of the nose fill
In, and iheeiciffin of Mill awes Waxes' become a horrid
olipan of conmineration, till death Puts a 'period - to his
dreadful sufferings, by sending him to " that Undlecov
vered Country from whence no traveler returns." ,
It la .a niektaaftWy fad that thouteunie all victims SO
this terrible disehie, owing, to the pushilfulhiess of ' igno
rant pretenders, who'by the case of that Dots" Poison,
Ma awry, tutu the constitution and make the raddee o.
We miserable.
Trust not four . en, or health, to the care of the many
Unietumed and Worthless Pretenders, destitute of knew=
ledge, name or character, who copy Dr. .ohuson's ridver..
verideemente, or style themselves lo the newspapers,
regularly llducated Physicians incapable of Curing, they
keep you trifling month after mouth taking their finny
anti pi:Awl/oneness cot. fpounds, or as Meg as the smallest
fee can be obtained, and in despair, leave you with ruin
ed health to sigh over your galling leav e you
Dr, Johnston %the only , physician ,dverusing.
His credential or diplomas always bangs in ter °thee.
Kin retnedies or treatment'are unknown to all others,
prepared Imm a life spent to the great hospitals of .11u
rope, the - drat ku coOulltrl,eno ,M9se Pri
nt, p rac ti ce then any other Phyracian in the , worid.
indorsement of the Press.
rho Meny iholii=o ll hued at the institutton year al
ter year, and the' numerous important Surgical (opera
tions perfortned by D. Johnson, witnettssed by the re
porters of the "Sun osClippdr," and many Gail' pa
pers, notices of which have appeared agate and ..guts
before the poblic t beeides hi standing as a gentleman ot
character and responsibility, is u so Indent guarraotee
to** alllleted-
Skin DisoB4os 4peidily Cured.
Persons writing should be articular in directing their
Mters,to his Lattlititticn, in the Glllowing manner ;
Of the Baltimore Lock Hospital, Baltimore, /Id'
COAL Oil Lamp Shades, Wicks, Chim—
neys, for sale low by .
NICHOLS k BoWldea,
°Oa Corner Front and Market streets.
(JR newly replenished stock of toliet
andFaso, °cods is nustirpassed at this otth.and
cooliderS SS:skein satislactton; ure,sroutd res
pectrully invite a sall.
MrtrUel area, mkt doois east of loartb stsM4 SOUtb
Ada. . . . .
. .
HEW FISH every Tuesday and Friday
st)oler WIES'd smote, comer of %Jul am. 4l
n ono,
"INDEPK.N 1 1 11 N 9 IN A!
C t - co a im
Corner Front and Market Streets,
1.) ESP PCTIVELY invite the attention
116 o' the public to their large and well sele.-ted
doe. of
We now otter for sale •
Stewarts, Loverings Golden Syrup,
White and Brown Sugars of all grades,
Green and Black Teas,
Coffee, Spices and Flavoring
' •
We invite an examination el our superior
Unequalled In every respect by any in the market, to.
tether isith ail kinds of
. Ste., &c., &c
We have the largest assortment of ,
In the city; also, ail kinds et
Call and examine at our old stand,
Corner Front and Market streets.
ASOLID Concentrated Extract of Bee
and Vegetables, convertible immediately 1..t0
nourishing and delicious Soup or Beef Tea.
Highly approved bi - a outliner of our Physlolaus who
use it in our hospitals for the suetenance for our
liiationowl FOE ill/1.-Out up ooe•etth part of a
cake of the extract, pour on boiling water, about a
pint, morenr leas, according to the strength dashed In
a few minutes it will be entirely dissolve].
This admirable article condenses into a compact
form, all the substantial and nutritive properties of a
large bulk of meat and vegetables. ' The reailneas with
which it dissolves into a rich and palatable sari, or ten,
which wattle require hears of prepamdon, are .rdl
to the nsnal method, is an, advantage is many eltuagots
of to obvious to need urgimg.
Nor sale by WM. DOCK, Jr; , & Co'
r 1110 canal trocEny store aid lipakyi• •
4ieests;' , Kikewn as 'Me trpdegriive• Lost , PrObirty,
situated Are miles above . _ Harrisburg, fronting east fin
the Pi nusylvaata panatella west on he sasquehanba
river road, be isppliee AreizWn. • -
" gr&ery - Stere, if sot die y' Lek. stand on tae
line of the cepalifi enlyAintled by one other. A large
uire barn astable has recently been built, so that evert
boat, team can b. locked up separately. .iBO pl , uty of
sheds, hey houses, corn crib, two store houses for grain,
ice hobie, bay scales, and indeed • very convenience
that ix necessary or carrying on the businese. The
place ta within three hundred yards of ths Rockville
depot, on Pennsylvania railroad, and and
Schuylkill railroad else.' 'Persons wishing to purchase,
plesee apply on the pointless, to
• A. P. 11E4RP.
At Mix, Lawsuit& Co., Pa.
Affords superior advantages for thorough and
sommplbmed female education. For circulars
and information,. apply to
A LL pertiOns are 'hereby' warned against de
LI predating or in any manner trespassing
on the Farm' of Mrs. O. Mish, adjoining the
city, end under the management , of , .the sub
Orr hiYe arrested several of these petty
thieves. and nuisance, and mad them pay.
pretty well for their sport. Hereafter I shell
not" only Punish to, the extent of the law,but will
publish' in the Telegraph and othei papers the
names of all, offenders,
Oct: 13, 1862,
VINES of this Monstei. among Natiire
V American Hardy Grape, for sale at the
Keystone Nursery. The clusters frequently
weigh a Mound and a half, arid the berries are
larger than the Celebrated Black Barn burgh.
The quality is
. also : . good—equal, at least, to
the well known Isabella. J. BUSH,
ArAF all desirable hardy native varieties, (and
they are the . Only class worth planting in
the open air,) for sale at the lisystone Nursery,
adjoining the city. •
Among them are some of the newer varieties,
such as Ddmare, DianO, Rehears, awed, Mina.
dine, Hartford, Prolific, Zee., 14bich have Bold ht
very high prides for small - aust w.ak vines.—
Strong, well likened and 'thrifty vines are now
offered at reasonable priests.
j...)1.1101 . BOILERS,
A••• madelefficient and permament
ALA ureangemilnla for Ike paxpose,.'we are now jire
pa"ep inimeS I BAH BOILERS of every kind, prompt
ly and at ressonaule rates. We shall use iron made py
Bail.. k Brother the reputation 'of which is second to
nose in the market.
None bathe hest Deeds employed. Repairing prompt
ly atl ended to: — SR dress • 'EAGLE WORKS;
cw r2tbratistmtnts.
sept l 2
Mnringer's Patent Beef Tea•
Oct. 13, 1862
A T Keystone Nursery.
Oct. 13,1862.
Bibles of oiderent styles of binding, at 900, it. Y. 6
11 SO, S.: . SS, IN, *a Radii°. tie, Pocket Bibles of dlr. ;
isrent Ats les end prices at SOBEFFER'S Beeksture.
febl.. y
RlO, Dandelion and other preparations
of coSte, freehand pure, for sale low, by.
se29 Corner Front and Market streets.
riNOBACCO, Cavendish, Congress and
X Twist, for sale low by
sun Corner Front and Market streets
DLN ro ELION Rio and other prepare
tons of Cord., for sale by
man Corner Front and. Market streete.
The New Commander of the Army
Major General Ambrcee Everitt Burnside, of
the United States Volunteer service, is in the
prime of lite, having been born in Libeity, a
small town in Union county, Indiana, on the
28d of May, 1824. He was nominated to the
West Point Military Academy, and his name
was enrolled as a cadet in 1842. He graduated
in 1847, eighteenth in a class •ot thirty-eight
members, and wasimmediately attached to the
2d artillery, with the brevet rank of second
lieutenant. In September, 1847, Lieutenant
Burnside was promoted to a full second lieu
tenancy in company C, 3d artillery, since ren
dered famous as "Bragg's Battery," Bragg
himself being then captain of it. With this
battery, Lieut. Burnside mart hod in General
Patterson's division, to the city of &Lexie°,
and remained there until the close of the Mqx
lean war. After this be served in New Mexico,
where be was distinguished in encounters with
the Apache Indians, being complimented in
general orders. ••
On the 12th of December, 1851, he was pro
moted to a first lieutenancy, in the room of an
officer who was cashiered. When the . presciut
Lieut. Col. James D. Graham.of the Corps of
Typographical Engineers was appointed United
Staten Astronomer in the joint commission tto
settle the frontier lines of the Tinited States
and Mexico, Lieut. Burnside was chosen to
fill the office of quartermaster, and in this ea
pacity he conveyed dispatches from Col. Girt
h= to President Fillmore, traveling twelve
hundred miles across the plains in seventeen
days, with an escort of only three men. After
serving a short time at Fort Adams, NewpOrt
harbor, Lieut. Burnside resigned. in 1853.
After his resignation, he turned his attention
to the manufacture of a breech loading rifle :of
his own invention, known as the "Burnside
Rifle," a project which resulted in considerable
pecuniary loss.
Gen. Burnside then sold his establishment to
his brother-in-law, who has supplied quite! a
number of the Btunside rifles to the preseht
Administration. Subsequently to this, he was,
with Gen. McClellan, connected with the Illi
nois Central railroad, holding the position of
President of the Land Office Department.—
While residing at Bristol, R. 1., he married
Miss Bishop, of Prdildetice, and removed with
her to Chicago, upon being appointed to the Il
linois Central. He was also elected major:gen
eral of the Rhode Island , militia during his so
journ at Bristol. Shortly after removing to
Chicago, he was elected treasurer of the Central
railroad, and thereupon removed to this city,
from which he was summoned on the outbreak
-the rormillion, by Goeesnes Sprague, to as
sume thecolouelcy of the First Rhode Island
volunteers. This regiment did good service An
the first battle of Bull Run, ,its: colonel acting
as brigadier , general of, the second brigade, the
second - Aiiitlien: aft - 0i this hi was appointed
brigadier general of volunteers, his commission
being dated 6th August, 1861.
Of the celebrated: "Burnside Expedition" to
North Carolina, nothing need be said. At the
battle of Antietam, in September last, Genetal
Biunside's corps d' armee performed a highly im
portant part. It took the main road to Sharps
burg, onthe left, and encountered the most
determined, opposition in successfully execu4g
its part of the general plan of the battle. Gen.
Binniri'e had to cross the bridge over the An
tietam Creek; and dislodge the enemy, who
were in strong force and position on the opilo
site side. Twice his army made au attempt to
cross, and twice Was 'it repulsed, with hea'yy
lose, but the third attack, led by the general,
in per.ou, was successful, and the position Was
woe, though at a great sacrifice of life.
In October last, Gem Burnside was assigned
`to the general charge`of the defences of Har
per's Ferry, just recovered than the rebels af
ter ' been surrendered by Cul. Mille.
The 2d Mid 12th army corps were at the same
time placed under hie command On Octoher
26, whet at the army of the' Potomac began to
move, Gen. Burnside, with kits 2d army corps,
crossed the - Potomao in light marching order
immediately after Pleasanton's cavalry, and is
now in the advance. Gen. Burnside is a man
of very fine personal' apPearance t a rigid dis
ciplinarian and a thorough gentleman. His
present milk is that of a major general of vol
unteers. • Hain the ninth on the list and by
"virtue of his cdziudission Mona,' which Is dated
Marti 16, 1862, ranks all volunteer major gee.-
eralsaicept Generals Banks, Butler David
Hunter,Main II Morgan,' Hitchcock, Grant
and Mcoviell.--:-.Weto• York Commercial.
Bic., Sw., &c
A Revelation from Castle Thunder.
"Alexander Young, an aged man, sent from Ten
nessee, died in the Castle on Saturday."
Such i is the announcement that comes to ne
in the Richmond Examiner of last Monday aa a
tit commentary on the Rebel rule at Richmond.
Could' the walls of "Castle Thunder"—as they
seem to delight in terming it—reveal their
dread secrets, they would doubtless tell stories
of the horrors witnessed there such as to drive
the American people almost beside themselves
with tearful regrets that any portion of this
continent , could have witnessed wrongs hire
this as . the fruits of an accursed rebellion.
At a glance, the whole' story of the wrongs of
gallant Tennessee seem compressed in these
two lines. Not a convict ; not disgraced hy
crime, because for such his own State and every
State provides a place
,; but a- patriot, an "aged
man" transported, all the distance from Ten
nessee to Virginia to perish' beneath the shad
ow of the tribunal set up by Jefferson Davis,
hgcause his crime was a steadfast love for the
Union to which he had been devoted through
ilong life.
And yet these prison-keepers are the men
loptd in favor of the writ of habeas carpus, tender
of the rights of the citizen, tolerant of opinion;
the ones in whole behalf and whose name the
rebel General Lee came to offer relief to "dowir
trodden Maryland." Only when the "sink of
inquity" is cleared out at Richmond by the en
trance of the Federal armies, will the world
learn of the horrors that have been enacted un
der the rule of Jefferson Davis and Benjamin ;
only then will Maryland learn what she has.
really escaped by remaining in the Union.—
Bannon American.
THE Eriscoper. Cams OF THE Sou= .—Bishop
Elliott, of Georgia, announces that the union of
the diocese of Texas, Mississippi, Alabama;
Georgia, South and North Carolina, and Vir
ginia is complete, under the name of the Protes
tant Episcopal ChurCh of the Confederate States
of , America. The first General Council will
meet at Augusta, on November 12th.
rNA ,
of the Potomao
Religious Misoellatty •
Father and mother often, when the child
says "why 1" say to him, "Because I tell you."
Well, this is no real just reason, except so far
as this: that a child is not able to understand
the grounds on which the parent acts. The
parent is therefore presumedi to have a right to
enforce obedience before , the time comes when
the child can understand the reason of that
obedience. This may be carried too far. I
think it often is. Many parents, after the
child has arrived at years of discretion, insist
that he shall obey, because they say so. In all
such cases the parents are wrong, are unrea
sonable. Foi obediende should be intelligent
at the earliest period possiele ; and only before
that should blind- obedience be insisted upon.
It is remarkable that the Sacred Scriptures
should have succeeded in combining the two
apparently discordant views, God's terrible
avulsion from evil, his hatred of it, and his
patience with it and with them that committed
it. The impression of both is vividly presented,
that God will punish sin, and yet, that God
spares, and waits to be gracious ; that 'he is
slow to anger, and quick to mercy ; and yet
that he administers a government of justice,
and that iii.the end Ile will not clear the guilty.
The impression of God's terrible justice, and
judgment is made strong, and the impression
of God's kindness and love is made equally
It is important that you should have the
spirit of benevolence which Christ had, and
which his words teach yon to have, by which
the rights of all men, clear down to the bottom
of society, are made dear and sacred. When
you have that spirit, you will generally have a
criterion by which to judge of what is right in
specific cases. If you have not that spirit which
shall lead you to desire the welfare of the
masses of men, you will be arrogant, and proud,
and selfish, and worldly, and corrupt; butif
you have it, it will become an interpreter to
you as to your duty towards your fellows.
There is no such indignation at dishonor and
meanness and wickedness as that which dwells
in the bosom of God. It is said to' burn to the
lowest hell. Take a noble man and bring before
him some ineffable meanness, not against hire
self, but agaluet a helpless one, and he knows
what that expression means. He is so affronted
by the outrage that his whole better nature
stirred up within him. And if man, who is yet
selfish and drawn.toward the earth, can be so
aroused at the sight of such things, what must
be ate - tides that move through the heart of
God at the sight of the same thing !
Clatiees may le said to' be like fountains.—
The water, conveyed by a secret pipe, throws ,
itself into the air and falls down, sunned kid
radiant. into the upper shell. But that ciu
hold but little, and it runs over, and the next
shell catches it. Although that Can hold wore,
it cannot hold it all, and it runs over again,
sad the oext,shell (stokes it. At last the
reservoir at the bottom catches the whole.l---
That is broader and deeper that any of the ba
sins above it. No fountain can play that un-
dertakes to drink up its water, and give these
beneath none of it. In our community that
which, belongs to a class is soon strangled or
It is not enough that you should have a
finite line of convictions as to right and wrong.
You must hate not only a conscience, blit
right conscience. It is not enough to think that'
you are doing right ; you , must know ,tbat you
are. A man , may have a conscience and be ; a
Brahmin, and not a christian, or even a reli
gious man at all.' A man may have conscience.
strong in himi and be a persecutor as Paul atri'
Torquernada, were. Their , consciences were
wrong, and they , were guilty. It is not enough,
I repeat, that you should have a conscience.;
your conscience must be hi in consonance With
the law ,of God:
We•are not to be indifferent to. other merrir
thoughts and feelings ; ; but we are to exercise!,
no authority over ther judgments, and to pre;
trounce no ctoidettination against them Weal*
they follow their own consciences. To theta
own Master they stand or fall. I give accou4it
of myself,. you give account of yourself, ,and
thdy give account of themselves. We all stand
in our' individuality. Let 'us `help, and not
hinder each other. Indulge in prejudices, bit
terness, and railing toward none. Let every
man have a fair chance to rim this race. Trip
no one ; hold no Cite ha& ; Speed all—for It is
once and for ever' !
The greatest profits of a virtuous manhood
are paid inside of a man. What 's i de's° chiefly,
is done for your manhood; for your conscience;
for your soul. God knows that you are going
to live after today and ; he sees la
road of exaltation in which you are to walk ;
he remembers that he it to. lift .you up and
crown you with eternal honors in heaven; and
therefore he takei care that he does not reward
your fidelity principally by that which builds
you up in your outward life, but by remunera
tions that shall last to all eternity. .
Consider the wanton'sacrifices, and tbedegree
of moral turpitude, of one that can go down,
against education ; against parental example ;
against sympathy with Christian companioius ;
against the whole array Of the means of grace ;
against all Sabbath and sanctuary privileges ;
against special ditine workings ; against God's
providences ; and especially against the long
suffering of God, that should of itself lead you
to repentance. What fineral march, what a
march to perdition; is some men's life.
There are thousands of men that go into
God's Word, and into that department which
contains the map of the vittue and vice,
to eternal life and eternal death, to whom it is
nothing. But send there one Who le waked . tip
in earnest to Make the voyage, andlhe 'moment
he sees its relation to the thing which he is go
ing to do, he says, "'mould give all: the world
for that." One does not care for it, and there
fore it is nothing to him ; the other does, and
therefore it is all important to him.
Ihere are some who are natural priests • and
when they are sanctified by the Spirit of God,
they'enter and abide in this consciousness of
the manifested nearness of Christ. There are
persons to whom it is a daily experience. Such
persons I call natural priests. They are gene
rally priests of the household. The best minis
ters are not in the pulpit. The pulpit has some
very good priests, but I think that the natural
priests of God in the household are the purest,
the serenest, the gentlest, the truest and the
Though there is no manifestationof_God to
the senses or to the reason, yet there tel. mani
festation of dim to tho heart, which ie precious,
clear, increasing and , abiding. There is given
to Christiana a very sweet, cletii,"ind satisfying
consciousness that Christ is near them ; that he
gritam litttuttitg . il II s.
Having procured Steam Power Presses, we are prepar
ed to execute JOB. and BOOR PRINTING of every
description, cheaper than It tan be dose at any other
establialunen t Is Hui, oestotry.l •
efir Four tines or ited constitute sae-half square
Right hues or more than tbur constitute a square.
Half riquare, one day . ....... $O 26
One Week 126
*6 One MO Lb ........ • • • ..• • 2 60
three moults
• six months 6 00
one yol •
One Square, one da% ... , .......... _lO 00
.... . ........ ...... 60
one week 200
One month 600
• three month= 05
• fix Mew h.- 11 00
• One yew' 20 00
air Business notices inserted in the Leeet Cisientn, or
before Marriages and Deaths, RIGHT ii.IENTS "FR LINE
for each insertion.
W Marriage ,- and Deaths to be okargoi as regular
NO 67.
loves,them; that , he concernp himself with all
their lite ; that he is arranging, prdidding,
nourishing, guiding ; and that he will do these
things to the end;
" Cast not away therefore your, 4;opthietace."
Confidence involves an element of courage. It
is not merely passive rest, but a spirit' of 'oar
tainty. It is a moral courage And high mind
edness that does not fluctuate according to the
change on the surface and in the app aranga of
things. A person that, having this spirit, he
lloes in God, and God's purposes in this world,
is never daunted ; is never discouraged ; is
never otherwise than courageous. .
dated at Corinth, Oct. 12th, written by Chester
D. Howe, of Co. E, 12th Illinois volunteers, is
the following : Speaking of the recent fight at
Corinth, be says :
The finest thing I ever saw was a live Ame
rican eagle, carried by the Bth lowa, in the
place of a flag. He would fly off over the
enemy, then would return and seat himself
upon hie pole, clap his pinions, shake his head,
and start again. Many and hearty were the
cheers that arose from our lines as the old fel
low would sail around, first to the right and
then to the left, and always return to his post,
regardless of the storm of leaden bail that was
flying around him. Something seemed to 'tell
us that that battle was to result in our favor,
and when the order was given to charge, every
man went at them with fixed bayonets. and
the enemy Scattered in all directions, leaving
us in possession of the battle field .
A :outgo woman residing in Canada was bit
ten last July by a cat. The wound healed soon
after, but on the 10th ult. the girl died from
hydrophobia in great agony. We know two
little girls who are in the habit of nursing a
cat, almost daily. Let them take warning by
the fate of the Canadian lady.
From our Morning Edition
Application for entry of goods unaccempa
nied by consular certificates, must be . made to
collectors and not to the Treasury Department.
Cheek importers by pursuing this course will
saVe several days delay.
Fill s of Charleston papers of the 81st nit., to
the 4th inst, inclusive, have been received.
They contan nothing of especial interest.
Howell Cobb; with his brigade, has been or
dered to report to Beamegard at Charleston.
A sale of forty-six uegroes, principally wo
men and children, averag. d $5OB each- -
Cosnplainth are made of attrrupiKunder cover
of authority, to rob free negroes of their blahk
etti and carpets.
The .Mercury says the south should . not en
courage their expectations as to recognition.
The Courier discusges the evils tit rice, re
marking in cenclusion, if we permit them
to impose upon us again with their false pro
fes4ions the Yankees will. do us ihfinitely more
injury after the war has terminated than they
can - do Us while the conflict is rsging
This morning a hundred and thirty Bib rebrl
prisoners were brought : into this, city under
charoi of W. P. Garrett, and the , two compa
'Wes of the 8, cond district r. girnent, recently
reported captured. These prisoners have 'ad
been taken .within the past few days, in. land
about Warrenton. -
Included in the number are one colonel,
three lieutenant colonele, seven surgeons, two
'captain and three aecohd lieutenants. 'They
were all escorted to the provost marshal's office,
with a view of effecting their- immediate ex
Counterfeit 1. 'on the Farmers' Barak or
Bucks county, Pennsylmnia, are inchnulation
A Success in Western Virginia
Imbaden's Cavalry Routtd near IlloortFeld.
Wastanorros, Nov. 14.
The following dispatch was received 'at the
headquarters of the army:
CurOMNATI, Nov. 12.
Io ikor-Gensral H. W. Balleck, Genarolsin-
Chief:—Gen. Kelly, on the 10th inst., attacked
Ititboden's camp, eighteen miles south of Moor
field, Hardy county, Va., and routed him com
pletely, killing and wounding many, and cap
tured hie camp, with fifty prisoners, a quantity
of arms and a large number of horses, cattle,
hogs, wagons, &c. The enemy was entirely
dispersed, and fled to the mountains.
(Signed) . H. G. WEIGHT ,, ,,
Major-General Commanding.
Nsw Yosz; Nov. 14
An extensive defalcation has just been
discovered in the Custom House, and sixteen of
the clerics in the liquidating department
have been suspended on suspicion. The
amount of the defalcation is variously
stated at from a hundred and fifty thoustmd to
a quarter of a million dollars. It had been
carried on, by means of many entries, after
which the books of record were destroyed, to
prevent a discovery of the fraud.
Nsw YORK, Nov. 14:
The bark Mary Bently, from New Orleans,
reports that on the sixth inst., in lohg. 7144,
lat. 30 40, she saw a three masted steamer
painted black, with a red bottom. She sup
posed her to be the Alabama ; a gale was blow
ing and both bark and steamer were hove to ;
they parted at sunset. The steamer carried. no
flag or signal to indicate her nationality.
New YOBS, Nov. 14.
The government cracker bakery, at. the cor
ner of Morris and West streets, was burned
this morning. The loos amounted to $l5 000
, .
Bannosons, Nov. 14:
Flour is steady ; Ohio extra sells at i 7 bO.
Wheat is quiet, at a decline , of 2 ceata. Cmn is
Steady. Whisky is firm at 42c. Provisions are