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vertisements, Business Notice., Mar
riages, Deaths, ate., to -came Insertion
in the TELEGRAPH, must invariably
be accompanied with the CASH.
Advertisements ordered in the rev'.
Jar Evening Edition are inserted In the
morning Edition without extra charge.
Monday Afternoon, September 22, 1862
WANTED.—A young man who can write a
rapid and fair band, to assist at copying
manuscripts. Address, JAXES } Harrisburg P. 0.
A COMPANY OF Hsu for the war is being re_
oruited in l Lancaater county, who have adopted
the name of the "S. B. Thomas Guards," in
honor of the Deputy Secretary of the Common
HALF NOTES. —One dollar bills on the Bank
of Northumberland cut in halves are circula
ting freely in that county. They are redeemed
by the bank as if whole. The practice should
not be encouraged by other backs, as we be
lieve it is wrong.
ON Sunday morning of last week, at so
early hour, a party of men from Sunbury dis
turbed the house of George Hoey, about a
mile from town, which resulted in the killing
of Thomas Morton by Hoey, by a shot gun
wound in the back. Hoey was arrrested and
committed to prison for trial.
A GUTMAN who left Frederick yesterday
morning, says that every house, stable and
barn, within twelve miles of the battle field, is
filled with our wounded. A large number are
at Frederick aid Ilagerstown. In some places
booths have been constructed to protect the
wounded from the weather.
TEE rouownto are the officers of the militia
regiment composed of Centre, Carbon and Blair
county troops :
Colonel Wasum, Harrisburg.
Lieut. Colonol Smut, Centre Co.
Major BRADT, Cambria Co.
Surgeon—JOHN M McCoy, Centre Co.
Ant. Surgeon—JOHN B. kirroamm, Centre Co.
Orta or THE German Comma located in Cincin
nati, has adopted a stringent rule, by which he
will acknowledge no one as a citizen who left
the German States without having first rendered
the military service which is demanded of all
citizens of that country. It is well known that
thousands of Germans left the Fatherland pur
posely to escape the draft at home, so that
those who thus run away from one duty, just
jump out of the fyring pan into the fire.
lassuovs Wortummt.—The employees in the
blacksmiths' department of the Pittsburg, Fort
Wayne and Chicago railroad shops, Allegheny
city, have unanimously resolved themselves into
an association to support the families of any of
their number in the event of their being drafted
into the service of the United States. In some
of the large shops mulmanuractories in this vi
cinity, the adoption of the same plan would be
productive of the most beneficial results. We
submit it for the consideration of those inter
Hortiunslicanza.—On Friday night of week
before last, a man named John Clinton was
found lying on the railroad track, at Industry
Station, Beaver county, with his throat cut
from ear to ear. The murderer to hide his
guilt bad placed the body on the track, think
ing that the next passing train would mangle
it to such a degree that no trace of the mur
der would be apparent ; but he failed in that,
for the train in passing had only crushed the
arm of deceased, thereby disclosing the fact
that the man had been actually murdered.
Ms 18= EMT. PENNA. Mrtm.s..—This regi
ment is one of the very best which has march
ed from the Capital. It is made up of four
companies from Bradford, two or three from
Luserne, and the balance frem Columbia and
Montour Counties. The field officers are all
men of ability and military experience. Col.
Johnson has seen more than a year's active ser
vice, and bears the soars of the battle-field.
Lieut. Col. John F. Means has had many years
experience as commander of a battalion of State
Militia under the old mills system, which was
much more perfect than our later militia
system. Major Samuel H. Newman, for
merly a Captain in the 106th Penn. regiment,
who gallantly led his company through seve
ral battles, the last of which was at Fair Oaks,
and on account of bad health was compelled to
resign command of his company for a time, is
an officer who will never shrink from duty, and
who has the ability and experience to render
efficient service to a new regiment. The men
of this regiment left their homes under the call
of the Governor for the defence of the State,
but without hesitation, while the battle was
raging fiercely at Sharpsburg, they marched di- 1
raptly to Hagerstown by order of Gen. Reynolds,
to order to reach Williamsport in time to aid
in preventing the enemy from crossing the Po
tomac, but the enemy had suoceded in crossing
he night before their arrival, and have made,
their way back with their shattered army into
Virginia. While these men have been prevent
ed by the retreat of the enemy from participa•
Ong in an engagement, they are entitled to
the credit of having done their whole duty.
We notice among them many prominent and
influential men, lawyers, merchants, &c. As
captain of one company, we notice E. 0. Good
rich, Ed. of the Bradford Reporter. Of another I.
N. Evans, a lawyer of Bradford, as Lieutenant ;
Jas. Medals°, a lawyer end coal operator, and
in the ranks ; N. 0. Elsbree, Register and Re.
corder, Hon. H. W. Tracy, canditate for Con
gress, 0. L. Ward, Esq., attorney at law, M.
H. Case, candidate for District Attorney of
Bradford Co., with many others of the best citi
zens and business men of the northern section
of the state. We hazard nothing in writing
that in case of actual invasion, Pennsylvania
could readily muster one hundred thousand of
the beet of her citiaane for her defence, at the
tap of the drum.
iiincllbronana will be moved from Chambers
burg aid Ragerstown every day until the mill-
tie have all been returned to their homes.—
The removal of all these troops will of course
involve much labor.
Foa ms 84m.—Capt. J. J. Vaughn is now
in this city, having received orders to recruit for
the veteran 84th regiment. Capt. V. has had a
large experience as an officer, and is fully capa
ble to lead a company. We recommend him to
those who desire to enter the service.
OIATION.—Each member is earnestly requested
to send this day to the rooms of the Society a
tin can to be filled with tomatoes for the use
of the sick and disabled soldiers during the
coming winter, a lady member having gener
ously offered to have them filled on Tuesday,
the 23rd inst., provided the cans are furnished.
ALMOST EVERY DAY witnesses some drunken
brawl in or near a notorious rum shop in Third
street, and yet this place is allowed to continue
in operation, all the same as if it was decent
and orderly. To-day the whole neighborhood
of Third and Walnut streets was annoyed by
the profanity and viulence of two inebriates,
who reeled from this liquor-hell—but it has to
be endured, because there seems to be no cor
rection of the evil. It is about time that the
neighbors petition the Judge of the Quarter
Sessions in this respect.
ABILIST OF A DMITIRTER- —Corporal Gratz of
the City Zouaves, arrested a deserter from the
Rebel army, serving under Gen. Lee, last even
ing at Bridgeport, and brought him to this city.
The prisoner alleges he deserted from) the rebels
at Harper's Ferry on Monday night hot. He
is a ragged looking specimen of humanity—
filthy in person and desperate in mein. If he is
a deserter, the first duty he should have per
formed after leaving the rebel ranks, was due
to his person in the way of cleansing, for his
filth is alone sufficient to condemn him in the
eyes of clean people.
The SURGEON /X CRAM of the wounded now
in this city, is constrained to appeal to the
ladies of Harrisburg for supplies of lint. The
quantity used in the various hospitals is im
mense, while the supply seems to have been
falling off for the past few days. Will the
ladies, old and young, see to it, that our hos-
pitals are well supplied with the necessary
article. The lint can be deposited at David
McCormick's, Market street, adjoining Adams
Express office, who will see that it is conveyed
to the different hospitals. Let this appeal be
not neglected.
rived here last evening. The regiment is
commanded by Col. Jeremiah Fritz, and num
bered about 860 men, fully uniformed and
equipped, and presented a very creditable ap
pearance. On leaving on Capitol hill, they
were drawn up in line and . were addressed by
the Colonel, who stated that he reported to the
Adjutant General's office, and was informed
that their services were not required, and that
they would receive transportation to Philadel
phia at nine o'clock this morning. The recep
OC VOID news woke rvosivoil oy uutP irkputent
with great dissatisfaction, as the men desired
to go forward to the scene of action. The re
giment was recruited in the short space of one
week. They were very enthusiastically re
THE ORD= ton HOSol.—Yesterday afternoon
orders were issued to break up the military
gimps on the Capitol grounds, and prepare
transportation for the purpose of conveying
the men to the different localities in which they
had organized in obedience to the summons of
the Governor for services on the border of the
State. The scene on the Capitol ground was at
once one of activity and preparation. Soldiers
were busy in packing their knapsacks; arms were
gathered and returned to the Arsenal, and In a
very short time the men were on the march to
the depot. One train East left with a large num
ber of troops early in the evening, and other
trains were to follow during the night, in differ
ent directions, laden with the same diacription
of freight.
The men who have promply answered the
summons of Gov. Curtin, even if they never see
any other military service will have a lasting
satisfaction. It was no fault of theirs that they
did not get face to face with the enemy. They
are not to blame that they did not get into bat
tle. They were here for that duty, ready to go
to the border or beyond it—and for that they
deseve all honor and praise.
found 'sorrow that we record the death of Capt.
James S. Colwell—of the "Carlisle Fencibles,
Seventh Regiment, Pennsylvania Reserves—
who fell whilst gallantly leading his men in
the battle of Wednesday. In the beginning of
the war he volunteered his services to his coun
try, and was present with and participated in
all the severe battles which will immortalize in
history the names of the Pennsylvania Reserves.
As an officer, Capt. Colwell was conspicuous for
his undaunted courage and coolness under eve
ry circumstance, and always commanded the
love and confideno.) of his men. In private
lite he was known as an accomplished gentle.
man, an erudite lawyer, and a faithful friend.
His appearance was one of dignity and noble- .
nese. A tall, slender and erect figure, with a
striking and expressive action, told the manner
of man that dwelt within. A forehead high
and full, and an eye of fire and mouth of stern
resolution, showed him to be a marked, intel
ligent and daring soul. But he has fought his
last fight and 'no sound shall awake him to
glory again.' Bravely and generously he strove
to uphold our blest ensign, dimmed with the
blight of disunion and shame, and he lived to
see the demon of secession writhing beneath the
heal of Liberty and the flag he loved so well
unfurled aloft in triumph to the breeze. His
last efforts will be appreciated and a grateful
people will delight to do honor to his name.
Capt. Cormium was a native of Shippeneburg,
and a law•partner of IL P. McCune, Egg. He
was widely known in his profession, in which
he occupied a foremast rank. He was about
forty years of age and leaves a wife and several
flennoilluanta 11104 dtgraph, Alcintrap - Afternoon 227 . 11362.
SANFORD'S °puts Hausa—The forward march
on Third street nightly, are the throngs that
visit this Institution. We may well say, what
would the people do with themselves after
dark if it were not for Sanford. He nightly
presents a great bill of entertainment—one that
commands the attention and respect of all who
witness the performance. The soldier's heart
is gladdened with the loud inspiring airs.—
Father, mother, brother, all have compliments
bestowed upon them. The music at Sanford's
is in accordance with the times. The selection
of songs, the fame, the Jokes, the bonmote, &c.,
are all gotten up in a Virginia manner, and
never fail to make a hit. By all means, to
spend an evening, go to Sanford's, and take
your ladies, as this is the only place in the city
where ladies frequent.
An accident occurred about three o'clock on
Saturday afternoon on the North Central rail
way, which resulted in the breaking up of five
or six cars, and the detention of the regular
trains for about three hours. It appears from
the statement of a gentleman who was there
that a freight train bound south had in its
centre an old platform car loaded with bark,
and when at the point of accident that car broke
in the centre and fell on the track. The train
was going at the usual rate of speed, and four
or five coal cars and one house car loaded with
flour were piled upon one another and nearly
all broken to pieces. The car containing the
flour was crushed and its contents scattered
over the road. No personal injury was sus
rained as far as could be ascertained. The pas
senger train south, due in Baltimore, arrived at
that point at itszsual time, but the road was
so blocked up that it could not proceed. For
tunately, the accident occurred at a sidling,
which was cleared after a labor of three hours,
and the train due at halt-past six reached Bal-
timore at haf•past nine. The track was cleared
of the wreck during the evening, and yesterday
the trains were again regular.
HARRISBURG /AYR thocK Hamm for the week
ending Sept. 18, 1862.—Total receipts of live
stock of all kinds at Harrisburg Stock Yards
during the week-1866 Beef Cattle ; 720 Horses;
940 Sheep ; 2040 Hogs. The sales this week
were only a few small lots, owing to. the large
stock remaining In the eastern market from last
Beef Cuttla Beef Cattle.
A. Adams 16 R. H. Cochran 86
Dr. J. R. Purnell 80 S. A. Adams 17
M. Crossland 17 A. Greenwalt 17
Average from $8.20@t54.00 per 1001 gross.
S. J. Drnsback, %V hogs-----@.s4 per 1001
gross. _ ,
8. E. Adams, 128 hogs—®s3Bo per 1001 b
gross. 326 sheep were sold an 50 per bead.
Read. I Head.
E. Williams, 80
Capt. Hutchinson, 201 1
J. Peare, 46 1 1
Hencliman&Wilson 108,
J. Haynes, 821
R. H. Cochran, 86 1
W. G. Gordon, 16
C. Scully, 17
A. Adams, 16
Dr. J. R. Purnell, 80
0, Kyrr, BO
Glass & Gordon, 84
Hart & King, 18
v. auluvummer t am
Smith & Haley, 80
Thos. Duffy, 82
H. M'Clain, 18
J. Rothchild, 58
P. Duffy, 20
Mr. Boyers, 84
8. Myers, 18
We says received a large assortment of hoop
skirts, from 76c. up to $2 60. A large assort
ment of linen and needlework collars, and col
lars and sleeves, at all prices. White cambrics,
jacconetts, nantucks, brilliants, and plain and
figured Swiss muslin; at all prices. The finest
lot of embroidered French cambric brands ever
brought to Harrisburg—of infant's waists we
keep a large assortment. Ladies' and gentle
men's linen pocket handkerchiefs, ladies' stock
ings, gentlemen's one half hose, and children's
stockings of all descriptions and prices. Twenty
pieces of carpet to be sold cheap. Kentucky
jeans, sattinetts and cassimeres for men and
hoy's wear. We received 60 dozen suspenders,
at all prices. 60 dozen cotton handkerchiefs,
with borders, and a great many other notions
and small wear. S. Lawr.
The undersigned would respectfully in
form those who are afflicted with Rheuma
tism, Dyspepsia, Consumption of Liver and
Kidney, Coughs, Fevers, and all diseases
arising from impurity of the blood, that she is
prepared to furnish Mrs. Westhoven's German
Vegetable Medicines at very moderate rates.
I have also on hand a quantity of invaluable
Salves for Sore Eyes, Frozen
. Feet and Piles.
References can be furnished as to their won
derful efficacy, whenever called upon. There
need be no apprehension in regard to my coo.
petency in administering it, as I have had it
on hand for the past six years. As they are
now sold at reduced prices, no family should be
without them over night. They can be had at
any time at my residence, in Pine street, be
tween Second and Front,
Aul3 dlm
Mae. Bars :—I take this method of testifying
to the efficacy of your valuable medicine. My
child had Convulsion of the Bowels, and I heard
of your curing children of that disease. I then
gave it a trial, and my child was restored to
health. When I commenced to use it my child
was three weeks old. I then need your Infant
Cordial until my child was Biz months old, and
my husband and I believe that your medicine
was the means of saving our child's life. I live
two miles below the city.
PATRIOTIC and able bodied young men
who would avoid belag drafted, and who wi h to
Juin me of the noblest regi Dents in the Oeld, and be
commanded by a captain of fifteen months sertioe, who
sustain.' Mo. highest reputation as a, temperate
and christen °dicer, should at once enter on. HI., Capt.
W. A. kohinson of toe gallant emrenty. seventh kegs.
meat, P.V., now corning in the grand army of Major
General duel, Tennessee.
Apply to W. S. ;beau, Paper and Military Et Me, Mar.
bet street, or to Ser. T. H. Robinson, Front airk et above
Market. an2B dtf
Government sizes.
A 101 l
supply constantly on band, will be sold low, for
Thu cash
company claims no right to patent, and there
fore sell at less price, Mamma their goods inferior to
none,Balls packed In 100 lb. kegs in prime shipping
order. NoCULLOUGH, itSAD kW-, •
impLl6-lm OA Lowe alma, New TorS•
W. Trego,
hook & Ivory,
M. Ryan,
J. lielmy,
IR. Morris,
1 3. Plecher,
R. Robinson,
M. Jennings,
J. Drisback,
A. Warren,
A. J. Gift,
E. A. Davie, 41
L. Adams.
A. tyreenlPatt, If
G. Pomoletooe, 88
J. Myers, 88
Geo. Wolf, 16
W. Walker, 20
R. Br Moues, 20
' K. McKinney, 80
To the Afflicted.
gin abnertismtnts.
IV em 2bvertistments
Corner Front and - Market Streets,
14 ESP F CTI V ELT invite the attention
IA of the public to their large and Well selected
deo of
We now offer fo r t gale'
Stewarte, Loverings Golden Syrup,
White and Brown Sugars of all grades,
Green and Black Teas,
Coffee, Spices and Flavoring
We Invite an examination of our superior
unequalled in every respect by any in the market, to.
gather with all kinds of
&a., &0., &o
We have the largest assortment of
la the city ; also, all kinds of
Call and examine at our old eland,
raceots & BOWMAN,
Corner Front and Market street'
SIX leachers are wanted in the township
or Swatara. None bat competent teachers need
app'y. school term of live months aeration. Salary
VP per month. • For further p tretculars apply to
septiB d2wat2te flighspire Dauphin Co.
To the Citizens and Others Now
Within the City of Harrisburg.
In pursuance of the command of hie Ex
cellency A. G. Curtin, Governor of lids
Commonwealth, dated this day, to me direct
ed, I hereby forbid every able bodied man from
leaving the bounds of this city, upon the pain
of being arrested and held in charge by the
military authorities, under the instructions
given to them for that purpose by the Gov
All railroad companies and their agents, lo
cated at this city, are also hereby notified and
positively forbidden to carry off, or furnish
transportation for the purpose of carrying off,
any and all able-bodied men from this city.
The Provost Guard detailed for duty in this
city, are hereby directed to take care that the
above Proclamation be enforced.
WM. H. KEPNER, Mayor.
MAYOR'S °F ETA Harrisburg, Sept. 12, 1862
'THE Orphans' Court of Dauphin county
L bag appointed the Baba: raper auditor to oietribate
the balance In the bandit of the administrator of the
eitate of George giemoger, late of 1 ykene township, in
salt county, deo'd, on his tinal settlement of add estate
among the helm at law, of sad clammed ; and the
at tan o'clock
to the forenoon rf wild day, ibr the purpose of milling
raid distribution, when and where all persons tolerated
are requested to attend.
In the matter of the Sherint In Daupbta On. Com
mie of the Estate ,of Solo• mon Pleas, Vend. Ex.
m on,Lowdensiager. No. 28, an;. T,18132.
September 3.1882, ordered by tit., court that J. W.
Simo, to.l be a - p Anted Auditor to distribute the resi
due of the purchase money remelt:dug in the bands of
the ,heriff.
The undersigned auditor, wilt attend to the du'ies of
said appointment, at his whoa in Harrisburg, on
Tuesday the 23d of dentember, 1862, at 10 a. at.. when
and W 13 6 ,0 all verde?. tutxres.ed may attend.
sept.s-do tw-3, J. W. SIMONTON.
Lt ST.—Was lost ill the oars between
Lancaster and Sunbury. or at the repot at Harris
burg on Use morning of the 6th of September, a pocket
memorandum book, cont sluing sundry pa; ars among
which were one promisrary nole at 90 days, dated July 10,
1802, for $853.60, by N. O. Slate one do, at 3 months
for 6591.70, rated rep . let, 1862, by John Cooper ; alto
an acceptance by Young St oburion, dated o.teber
24th, 1867, fir three months $lO4O (now ver due,) all
in Savor of Christ lAng & Co. All persons are hereby
cautioned against a transfer of any of the above oblige.
Mona, aa payment has be. n stopped.
The contents of
said Memorandum Boils being of no use to any person
except to the subscriber, the finder will be liberally
rewarded by returning the acme to
septl2.dst 801 l T. H. LOIS, Lancaster. Pa.
Two Brick Houses and Loh
For particulars enquire of
jp•'~d'2tae3m Corner of Sernad aril Pine streets.
property of John Ford, of this city, late deceased,
amain ng of two bricx houses; the one to located on
south corner of Front and Locust creets, and the'Gther
on L :oust area. and joins the d at. The above prop
arty is pleasantly located and will be sold at public sale
In front of tbo Court Rause, on the 18th of Septembrr,
tatv. at 7% . o'clock, r. ts. Possesiton amen to end' next,
Teems made known at tale. Gt:ORGE. WELdit,
semB-dts adminiat-ator.
PRICES FROM $7 80 to $lO 00 EACH
.____,Address HENRY E. Lem" Lai:muter, Pa.
large apply of this Celebrated Co[feel est received
by Baal WM. WO" tr .k '
A Very choice lot, equal to the celebra
(imported) Yorkshire, mit recoltscl.
b 2B wn. (JO dCO.
CALL and examine those new jars for
Iralt,t • beat, ehearat and Wmpleat In bi market,
ter said by NICitULS & ta)aillitst,
Corner Front *to Market street.
OF all sizes, patterns and prices, just
received mud for Ws by
eIR WM. DOCK. Jr ;4 CD
R'HALDEMAN will sell lots on
North Street and Pennsylvania avenue. o
tho-e &ening to puasbase. Apply corner Front and
Walnut streets. .1311 dtf
GOLD PRINS !—The largest and best
stook, from $l.OO to s4.oo—awarranted—at
.lIBRICATING Oil for all kinds of ma
ohlnery, In convenient packages, for sale very low
jel9 oornor Front and Market street.
FOR RENT.--A house on South street
between &woad and Tbird• Enquire of
MU. &MAR suntsAY, Coe. St and Pine es. •
. tenth fiat
Nwßow) mall lot of
thee eclebrated Ham Jost molved.
grafi . WM. DOCK, Jr., • CO.
New 2enertisments.
DIIRSITANT to an act of the General Am•
sembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, en
titled "40 Act relating to Elections in this Common
wealth," approved the 2d day of July, A. D. one thou
sand eight hundred and thirty-nine, I, JACOB D. BO'S,
Sheriff of the county of Dauphin, Pennsylvania, do here
by make known and give notice to the electors of the
county aforesaid, that an election will be held in the said
county of Dauphin, ON THE SECOND TIIE3DAY OF
tOSER, A. D., 18112, (being the 14th day of October,)
at which time the State and County Officers, as follows,
are to be sleeted, to wit :
'lepers= to represent th 3 counties of Douphi n,
No th 'mberland, Union, Enstier and Junial a, compos
ice the 14th Congressional d strict, in the Conpreed of
'he Unites States.
Two persons to represent the County of Dauphin in
the House of Representatives.
One person for Distriot Attorney for the vainly of
One person for County Commissioner.
One person for Director of the Poor and House of em
One person for County Auditor.
One person for County Surveyor.
One person for corona^.
that the places of holding the aforesaid general election
in the several wards boroughs, alstricts and townships
within the county of Dauphin, are as follows, to Wit :
Tine election for the First Ward In the City of Harris
burg, shall be held at the Public School House, at the
corner of Mary's alley and Front street.
The election In the Second Ward, shall be held at the
School House at the corner of Dewberry alley and
Chestnut at. ect.
The election for the Third Wind, shall be held at the
School House in Walnut street, beareen Second and
Front street.
The election for the Fourth Ward, shall be held at the
Public School House in State street, between Second and
Third streets.
The election for the Firth Ward, shall be hell at the
house belong to General John Forster, on the State road
leading from the reservoir grounds to the Pennsylvania
State Lunatic Hospital.
The election in the Sixth Ward, snail be held at the
School House n west Harrisburg.
For thetownshtp of SuAuebanna, at Miller's (now Nis
ley's) school house. -
For the township .f Lower Swatara at the school house
No. I, in Highspire.
For the towniliship of Swatara at the Locust Grove Inn.
leor the borough of Middletown at the Brick School
house, in Pine street, in said borough.
For the township of Londonderry, at the Public House
of Joseph Helper, in said township .
For the township of West Londonderry, at the house of
Christian Neff, in said township
For the township of Conewago, erected out of parts of
the townships of Londonderry and Nrry, at the house of
Christian Foltz, (now Jno.S. Foltz) in said township.
For the township of Derry, at tbe public house of Dan.
lel Baum, in Elummolstown, in said township.
For the township of South Hanover, at the public house
of George Rocker, in said township.
For the township of EMU Hanover, at the public house
of Maj. Shell's, (now Boyer's,' in said township.
For the township of Weat Hanover, at the public house
of Jacob Rudy, (now Buck's,) In said township.
For the township of Lower Paxton, at the publics house
of Robert Gilchrist, (now Sweigart's) in said township.
For the township of Middle Paxton, at the publlchoume
of Joseph Cockley, in said township.
For the township of Rush, at the house belonging to
the estate of the late John McAllister, dec , d now occupied
by David ' , lineal in said township.
For the township of Jefferson, at the house of Christian
Hoffman. In said township.
For the township of Jac IC:"( n, at the house noWocou
pled by John Blxler, at Mxler's mill, in said township.
For the township of Halifax, at the North Ward School
Roue, In the town of Halifax.
For the township of Reed, at the new School House on
Duncan's Island, in said township.
For the borough of Millersburg, at the window next to
the north-asst corner on the east side of the n w School
House, situate on Middle street In the borough of Mil.
leraburr, in the county of pauptin.
For the township of Upper Paxton, rat the house of
Jacob Buck, Ina occupied by Samuel Buck, In said
For the township of Mifflin, at the public house of Mi
°heel Enterline, (now Benj. Bordner,) In Berrysburg, in
said township.
For the township of Washington, at the public house
now occupied by Matilda Wingert, in said township.
For the township of Lykens, at the public house of Sol
omon Loudenslager, (now Keiser) in the borough of Gratz
For the borough of Gratz, at the public house of Solo
mon Loudenslager, (now Reiser,) in said borough.
For the township of Wiconisco, at the School House No.
5, in said township.
I also, for the information of the electors of the county
of Dauphin, publish the following sections of sots of the
General Assembly, enacted during the session of 1558
to wit:
also L sections 1 and 8 page 104 , pamphlet Uintaap
"MetetijNie'tig#, or Londonderry, in the county 01
Dauphin, formerly embraced In the Portsmouth election
district, together with such other citizens of said town
ship residing west of the public road leading from Port
Royal to Manley's mill , in said township, shall hereafter
bold their general and special elections at the house of
Christian Neff, in said township."
Sao. 3. That said district shall hereafter be known as
West Londonderry election district.
111J8H TOWNSHIP—Race of Roam
Whereas the place of holding the elections in the town
ship of Rush, Dauphin county,was by law at School House
nnmber three in said township: And whereas, there Is
no such School house, therefore—Section 1. Be it enacted
by the Senate and House of Representatives of the C 0161710111-
WeataiofPennsykania in General Assembly met, and it is
hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That the
general and township elections ot Rush Township Dauphin
County, shall be held at the house belonging to the estate
of the late John hie allister, deceased, now occupied by
David Ritual. Page SO pamphlet laws, 1868.'
I also make !mown and give notice, as in and by the
18th section of the aforesaid act I am directed, " that
every person, excepting justices of the peace, who shall
hold any office or appointment of profit or trust under the
government of the United States, or of this State, or any
city or incorporated district s whether a commissioned of
ficer or otherwise, a subordinate officer, or agent, who is
or shall be employed under the legislative, Pidicau7, or
executive department of this State or the United States, or
of any city or incorporated district, and also, that every
member of Congress and the State Legislature and of the
select and common council of any city, commissioners of
any incorporated district, la by law incapable of holding
or exercising at the same time the office or appointment
of judge, inspector or clerk of any election ef this Com
monwealth, and that no Inspector or judge, or other offi
cer of any such election, shall be eligible to any office
then to be voted for."
also, that in the fourth section of the act of Assembly,
entitled "en Act relating to executions, and for other
purposes," approved April 16,1840, it is enacted that the
aforesaid lath section ‘, shall not be so construed as to
prevent any militia officer or borough officer from serv
ing as Judge, inspector or clerk at any general or special
election in this Commonwealth."
Also, that in the elst section of said act, It is enacted,
that every general and special elections shall be opened
between the hours of eight and ten In the forenoon, and
shall continue without interruption or adjourment until
seven o'clock In the evening, when the polls shall be
The special election shall be held and conducted by the
inspectors and judges elected as aforesaid, and by clerks
appointed as hereinafter provided.
No person shall be permitted to vote at the election,
as aforesaid, but a white freeman of the age of twenty
one years or more, who shall have resided in this State
at least one year, and in the election district where he
offers to vote at east ten days immediately preceding
such election, and within two years paid a state or county
tax, which shall have been assessed at least ten days be
fore the election. But a Gideon of the United States who
hail previously been a qualified voter of this State and so
moved therefrom and returned, and who shall have re
sided In the election district and paid taxes as aforesaid,
shall be entitled to vote after residing In this State six
months : Protrickd, That the white freemen, cithsens of
the United States , between the ages of 21 and 22 years,
and have resided in the election district ten days, as
aforesaid, shall be entitled to vete, although they shall
not have paid taxes.
"No person shall be admitted to vote whose name is
not oontained in the lint 01. taxable inhabitants furnished
by the commissioners unless: First, he produces a receipt
for the payment within two years, of a state or county
tax, assessed agreeably to the constitution, and give satis
factory evidence, either on his own oath or affirmation, or
the oath or affirmation of another, that he has paid such
a tax, or on failure to produce a receipt, shall make oath
of the payment thereof ; or, Second, if he claim a vote by
being au elector between the ages of 21 and 22 years .he
shall dopese an oath or affirmation that he has resided In
the State at least one year before his application, and make
such proof of his residence In the district as is required
by this act, and that he does verily believe from the ae
annul given him that, he is of the age aforesaid, and giv
uch other evidence as IS required by this act, whereupon
the name of the person so admitted to vote, shall be lama ,
awl in the alphabetical list by the Inspectors and a note
reads opposite thereto by writing the word 'tax,' If he
shall be admitted to vote by reason of having paid tax ,or
the word 'age, ' if he shall be admitted to vote by reason
of such age, id shall be called out to the clerks, who
shall make the like notes in the list of voters kept by them.
"mall cases where the name of the person cto
vote Is net found on the list furnished by the col=on
era and assessor, or his right to vote, whether found
thereon or not, is objected to by any quainiede
citizen. is
shall be the duty of the inspectors to eranden per
e claims to
son on oath as to its qualifications, ankif
or have resided within the Slate fora ars - Yeas more
out shall make proof
oath will be sufficient proof ther..s, b e quali
fiedmess who oh
by at least One competent ,
resided with in the district for
elector, that his sos- -- ,„„llemoy preceding said
more then to.. days next iliat his bona fide
election, end shall also himself swear
inl camag
residence in pursuance of 111 ""
district, and thatihe:liudiereist.not remove thin said district for
the lasTes• of nos
aformild, and who shall
Even' Pon"
uake fine proof, if requirodi of his residence and Fay
attmesid, shall be adndtted to vote in
mast of SOC es
um/ ammi ady, ward,or dis:skit In WO he shall reside.
gay petnon If>ffill prormt. cc lOWA to lomat
Wtm 2thertistmatts.
any officer of any election under this act from holding Mllch
election, or use or threaten any violence to any such filn
car, or shall interrupt or improperly interfere with him
in the execution or his duty, or shall block up the win
dow or avenue to any window Where the same may be
holding, or shall riotously disturb the peace at such elec
tion, or shall use or practice intimidating threats, force Or
violence, with a design to influence unduly or overawe
any elector, or to prevent him from voting, or to restrain
the freedom of choice, such a person, on conviction, snail
be lined in any sum not exceeding eve hundred dollank
and imprisoned for any time not less than one month nor
more than twelve months, and if it shall be shown to the
Court where the trial of such offence shall be had, that
the person so ofilinding was not a resident of the city,
ward, or district, or township where the said offence wait
committed, and not entitled to vote therein then, on con
viction, he shall be sentenced to pay a line of not less
than one hundred dollars or more than one thousand dol
lars, and be imprisoned noViess than six months or more
than two years.
In case the person who shall have received the second
highest number of votes for inspector shall not attend on
the day of election, then the person who shall have re
ceived the next highest number of votes for Judge at the
spring election shall act as inspector in his place.—
And in case the person who shall hive received the high
est number of votes for inspector shall not attend, the
person elected Judge shall appoint an inspector hi his
place, and in case the person elected shall not attend, then
the inspector who received the highest number of vote*
shall appoint a Judge in his place, or 11 any vacancy shall
continue in the board for the space of one hour alter tips
time fixed by law for the opening of the election, the
qualified voters of the township, ward, or district for
which said officer shall have been electeA„ present at the
place of election, shall select one of their number to all
such vacancy.
" It shall be the duty of the several assessors, reepeo
tively to attend at the place of holding every general,
special or township election, during the time said election
Is kept open, for the purpose of giving information is the
inspectors and judges when called on, in relation to the
right of any person assessed by them to vote at such
elections, or such other matters in relation to the assess
ment of voters as the said inspectors, or either of them .
shall from time to time require."
Pursuant to the provisions contained in the 76th Beak*
of the act first aforesaid, the judges of the aforesaid die
trios shall respectively take charge of the certificate or
return of the election of their respective districts, and
produce them at a meeting of one judge from each dis
trict, at the borough of Harrisburg, on the third day
after the day of the election, being FRIO Y th of
October, then and there to do and perform the duties
required by law of said judges.
Also, that where sludge by sickness or unavoidable ac
cident, Is unable to attend such meeting of judges, thee
the certificate or return aforesaid shall be taken charge
of by one of the inspectors or clerks of the election of
said district, who shall-do and perform the duties required
of said judges unable to attend.
Given under my band, in my office in Harrisburg, the
12th day of teptember, A. H., 1862.
JAf 013 D. B US, Sheriff of .Dauphi*
fluszow's OFFICITy Harrisburg, September llth, 1862..
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