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vertiseinents, Husiness Notices, Mop
tinges, Deaths, dm., to Beene, inoertioi
in the TELEGRAPH, =net ifiviirlably
be accompanied with the CABIL
Advertisements ordered in the regu .
lar Evening Edition are inserted in the
morning Edition without extra charge.
Thursday Afternoon, September IS, 188 a.
WANTED.-A young man who can write a
rapid and fair hand, to assist at copying
manuscripts. Address, JAMI4B, Harrisburg P. O.
Was Tan.-21 white girl to do general house
work. None need apply who cannot produce
recommendations. Good wages will be paid.
Apply at this office.
A filosnans Colman, by- the name of
Samuel Bush, of Chester, recently cut two of
his lingers off to escape the draft, and when told
that would not exempt him, he hung himself.
The world Is well rid of such men.
Tn Freer Crrr Zotrevcs did not get off yeater
day, as we reported, with the prisoners in their
charge, owing to the arrival, of other' captured
secesh, They left (or were to have left,) this
morning at 11 o'clock, with a large number of
prisoners in charge for Fort Delaware. The
full company of Zouaves left in charge with
these prisoners,
THE Houma for the oil in the Venting() region
of Pennsylvania'frequently strike veins of salt
water. About three weeks since, Messrs. Phil.
lips, Frew & Co., of Oil City, when boring near
their wharf, struck a wall which flowed some
five barrels daily, and has since increased to fif
teen barrels of salt water, so strong, it is said,
as to crystalize as it flows from the vat. This
is auspicious of the day when the salines of the
Venango will rival those o Onondaga and Ka
CoL, DANIEL Lsezons, of the 100th regiment,
was at the United States Hotel last evening,
and was en route for home, New Castle, having
left this afternoon. Col. Leasure was in the
terrible three days' fighting before Richmond,
in which he bore bim4elf with great gallantry
until he was wounded and compelled to retire
from the field. He expects to be able to take
the field in a very short time at the head of his
regiment, although he received a ball in his
leg. We trust that his expectations , will be
speedily realized, because he is a gallant (dicer.
Tim KIITIVIONE Gomm of Girard, Erie county,
of ninety men, arrived last evening, after being
detaintd twelve hours on the road, by a freight
train off the track on the Williamsport and
Elmyra road. This company was recruited in
less than a day. The officers are as follows
Captain—A. W. Couse.
First Lieutenant—J. C. Rockwell.
Second Lieutenant—C. D. Pickett.
Lieutenant Pickett was the Sergeant-at-Arms
of the last SOO6B, and if he makes as good an
officer in the field as be did in that body, neither
his followers or his county will have cause to
Tex Oraurr.—The management is continual
ly bringing fin and new performers, and each
member of this company is procured regardless
of expense. The singing and dancing of the
females receive the most enthusiastic applause.
Miss Julia Edwards, modest and attractive as
ever, is a sweet singer, and her new song, "The
Clarion now sounds to the fidd," is received night
ly with rapturous applause. One song from
the charming Miss Julia Edwards is worth more
than the admission fee. Mr. Edwards has been
fortunate in the selection of his troupe, all of
whom possess talent and attractions of a supe
rior order.
Ax IT= sort Boys. —We see it noticed that on
a neighboring railroad' recently, a boy appar
ently under twelve years of age, traveling with
a grown person, lit a cigar and happened to be
smoking it when the conductor came round for
tickets. As the one held by the boy was a half
price ticket, the conductor remarked that the
directors considered all smokers as men, and
and required the boy to pay full price. The el
der traveler was accordingly obliged to pay thS
other half of the price for his young companion.
The fast youths in this and other places will
take notice, or they may be caught in a similar
as yet heard of no movement in this city, on
the part of those interested in the colonisation
scheme of the President. In almost every other
locality of importance, the subject is engaging
the attention of the colored people. The expe
dition will sail about the sth of October, and
will be composed of about five hundred negroes.
The expedition will land at Chiriqui, on the
Isthmus, two hundred miles north of Aspinwall
and the Panama railroad. If no objection Is
made by the Chiriqui Government on arrival, a
landing will be made in Chiriqui Lagoon. If
objection is made, or if the mining and agricul
tural prospects are not good,the colony will go
elsewhere and settle ; in the language of the
paper of permission from this Government, "at
any point within the tropics." SenatOr Pome
roy has a letter from the President charging
him to "maintain the honor of the Republic
The expedition will be well supplied with
provisions furnished by the Government, which
will be dealt out as rations during the voyage,
and thereafter until the first crop shall have
been gathered. It is the intention to make the
colony speedily self-supporting.
The Government will give each adult unmar
ried man twenty acres, to every faintly of five
persons forty acres, to of over five
persons eighty acres.
Coal crops out in places, andinceprove most
valuable, as the article ie now carried in large
quantities to Aspinwall from Pennsylvania. The
country is well adapted to-cotton, corn, cocoa,
rice, settee, and fruits, and potatoes grow wild.
getuitor Pomeroy has received more than one
thutspuld letters, from all parts of the North,
written by persons making inquiries or offering
to Its the expedition.
•14 i4"C.'l"i I • a envoi ur
t - lettiljart 4 September. 181061
• 1,
m.--At one o'clock : -this morning we
dsomely serenaded by the Hummel&
i, which was duly appreciated.
err AGO, while the junior i wlitor o
.....inbtirg (Union county) Friss Wad at
New Berlin, he discovered two bine cranes in
Penns creek, and shot one, which measured,
from tip to tip of wings, six, feet, and from the
toes to the bill five feet end one inch.
Tea Rooms of the Ladies' Belief Association
will be open every afternoon at four o'clock,
for the reception of lint, bandages, bags, &c.
A new requisition has been made upon the so=
clay for these articles for the relief of wounded
soldiers now lying at or near Hagerstortn. It
is hoped that the society will meet with prompt
encouragement --- •
Eau }lnman—We learn that Capte. Hun
ter and Elsenhauer, and their companies, have
already had ,a taste of, the hardships of war, the
poor fellows having been marched to the Jones
House, in Harriebnrg, wheat they were com
pelted to eat a eplendid supper on the evening
of their• snivel. What barbarity.--Reading
ond company Revenue Guards arrived in this
city last evening. This organization was fully
clothed, armed and equipped, at the expense of
the Collector of the port, who commands the
First Company in person. The following are
the names of the officers of the Second'Compa
ny : Captain, Wm. 4 Steel ; Firstlieut., Geo.
Phillips; Second-Lieut., J. J. Bnohey.
Samoan's Omits Efousa.—Sanford is drawing
large audiences The town being tall of stran
gers, seek out nightly, and tho scene
presented them is just in accordance with the
times. The new song, The Praise of;_McClellan,
as sung by Mr. Batchelor, demands a repetition
nightly; while the songs and Jokes by the
other members are highly appreciated. The
Countryman's visit will be repeated, togeth
er with the Troubles of the Poetoffice, to-night.
Visitors attending would do the managers a
favor by securing the ready change for their
tickets, thus avoiding the rush at the doors.
IT Is A. qIIINTION with some of our plain
people, who make their loyalty a test in every
thing that relates to the crushing out of rebel
lion, whether it is in order for an o ffi cer,in the
United States army, to devote his leisure time
to feting rebel prisoners, carrying thew around
from one saloon to another, and making as
!much " fuss" with them, as if their blades
'were never at the throateof loyal men When
a rebel officer is paroled, 110--ftiould depart or
'he should swear allegiance:in:a government he
has attempted to destroy. When he fails to do
;this, those who brought him, subject themselves
to a suspicion which should never attach to
loyal men.
DXATH ON a Somma---Jacob H. Books, a
private In the 9th Peonsylvania Cavalry, Com
pany 0, Capt. Harris, under Col. E. C. Wil-
flied in a hospital at Louisville, Ken
tucky, September, 1862, aged 29 years. The
deceased was a resident of Port Royal, Dau
phin county. His body arrived at Middletown
on Monday afternoon, and was committed to
ita last resting place on Tuesday. The deceas
ed was a brave man, and a short time before
his death, saved the life of Col. Williams, and
'for brave deeds on the field of battle, he was
loved and respected by all, but more particular
ly by the Colonel, who had his remains placed
in a handsome metallic coffin and forwarded
home at his own expense. His funeral ser
mon was preached by the Rev. D. A. L. Laver
ty, of Middletown. Ecc. /3 : B—" There is no
discharge in that war. •
A PRIBIENTATION.—The' First City Zomtves,
Co. A, 127th Regiment P. V., Capt. F. Asbury
Awl, made a street parade yesterday, and went
through their evolutiona before the thousands
of new troops, encamped on Capitol Hill.. Their
perfect discipline and soldierly bearing excited
univereal applause.
The gallant young captain knows how to
instruct men, and has brought his company
to such a state of discipl,kne and soldierly
knowledge as will make them the peers of
regulais. They have duriUg the past six weeks
performed the delicate duties of Provost Guard,
at once with decision and courtesy.
After the, drill as the Capitol grounds, yes
'terday, Captain Awl was presented with an de:
gent sword, through private Geo. W. Fenn, in
&short speech on behalf of the company, which
was as modestly received as becomes a soldier.
The Zonavee are of Harrisburg's best war =ile
ajai, and we shall watch their movements with
pride. It is understood they will twit be
vellevetchere to join their reginient, already
;engaged with the enemy in M'Clellan's Army.
IN TEI mixer ow TEI TOYER= Or Wan, the
,following =plait. lines will find a response in
many &heart. How many little cheeks are
pressed on the window panes, wishing the
labeent ones home again, who WI never rdurn,
, :toho have made a am:rifles of thanesivestkatthei; chit
ken may inherit tie Mesabi of thirty Whin men and
women have crowned their years:
Three little forme in the twilight gray,
Scanning the shadows across the way ;
Rix little ages four black and tyro blue t
"Briinfitrof love analuipPinesi too, ..
May with her Oleg sed-thou'ghtful brow,
Gentle face beaming withamiks Just now;
Willie, the rogue, so loWingand gay,. • -
Stealing sly kisses from door May; ,
Watching for pa.
Nellie, with the. ringletcof smany, tine,
Cosily nestled between the-two,
Pressing her cheek to the window-pane;
Wishing the 'absent one '
Widchlicitior pa.
iow ihni,giane at the passers_by I
" He's corning atlasti'f they gaily cry ;
" Try again, my peta I" exclaims mama:mi.
And Nellie adds, "There's the twilight Aar?
Watching for ' ' •
Jaelt node and emdte..llll.idith buly-feet
He lights the lamps o th e ir
_pot "'Ts
That sweet little penile latetrti-PuJZa
May, and Willie, and.golden.haired4e -
Watching for pa.
Soon joyous ehon_tefrcnit the window-seams -. ..!
And %ger ;tatter of childish** ;
Gayantuneal ring ..t4ro„gh,the ha
A manly roles responds*, the all,
= Wagons liapie,
--Tim libnrth Ward .131tiaide ploise
this evening at seven o'clock, at Alderman
kralaughlin's office. • • -
You are hereby notified that in obedienest with
the resolutions: passed at our last drill, the com
pany will meet is the lower markdt house on
Thurs:!ay evening, the 18th 4ast.,•at 7 o'clock,
for drill, when other imPortaut businetis will he
disposed of. It is desirable Out every member
be punctually present,- :Exempts from militia
duty residing in other" wards, who have not
cormeoted4hemselvtle with any military orgrin
ization, ameerdially invited to attend and unite
with us.' Irsisranta Efumisk Jg . , Capta'm
DAPT. Cliosos A. Bnoows.—A report reached
this city to-dfivth .the (debt chit Capt. George
A. Brooks,' company D, Forty-sigth . P. V., wse
killed. His body will sills* liere:this afternoon.
Capt. Broolte weep ptiltete . in Capt. M'Cor
mick's compaiy, the Leihiri dreis, hi the three
months iseridee; and immediately , after, his re•
turn, recruited * company, the VeOeke Rifles,
attached it t*C4,)railite'sl'OitiNditit regiment,
in which potaton he servedt 'iota, he met his
death. .He was 'with his coMpany in , all the
important liAties in w hi* regiment en
gaged—participated hi the first=ateutult at Win
cliSMter—wati at Front Royal to repel the' at
tack of Jackson, and
... ,(04red 'the rear of
General Banks' masterly retreat through the
Shenandoah Vanity. tAlter that retreat he again
marched.over the. valley to Culpepper Court
House, and at tbe battle of Slaughter
idountain, in consequence albs) abeence of his
Filet j.i`eilieliatit on other duty, and• the illomp
of his sebond, Capt. Brooks himself left a tick
bed, to lead his men into the field, -resolved
that they should ittit_gb Without, s tile direction
of an officer with whom they were acquainted.
In this hloijai.incounter, the field officers tof
the 46th were all disabled, when the command
of the regiment fell_ upon Capt. Brooke—in fact
he found' himself in command of 'the entire
right wing, in which position, by the coolness
of his direction and the gallantry , of tiis,daring,
he won the applause of all who followed his
leading. in this engagement he was himself
wounded, while only sixteen of his company
escaped with their lives, the others having all
fallen into the jaws of Reath. ,
In this enoneSftoll, It It not out of 'Place 'to
mention that Capt. Brooks, from time to. time,
corresponded With the.Titiinuaii: His letters
from the:army were always read with *tenet,
and as a writer, (with the advantage of being a
practical printer,), was:very populex with ottr
Just two weeks ago Captain Brooks left his
home,, his wife saidlikionly child, and Listened
forward to the head •:)f his shattered yet nn ,
daunted command. Be had scarcely recovered
from his wounds—he was yet weak and weary
from the effects of the brunt of battle, but with
a mind glowiog with ardor and a heart fall of
hope; he hurried from his precious loved Ones
to join his gallant oUrnpanions, and once more
bear his arm in the glorious fight for liberty,
for law; and for government. In that'fight he
fell—in the defence of liberty he perished—and
while liberty survives_ may his name be remem
bered with-gratitude:- -
LaDID Mum ROW SMELT. —The ladies
named will send to the reception room, Mrs.
'Dr. Bailey's, Market greet, by 104 o'clock,
On Friday, Sept. 19-4 Rice Pudding.
ktre. Daniel Yoder, Mre, Jim. B. Thomson,
" W. Zeek, " Wm. Tarhattoa;
" Joseph Barbra, Mire Ameba-Shutt,
" M. Foray,
Jane Richardson
" Q. W. 13691,
" William gileg,
On Soturday, Sept. 20th —One pound Butter; one•
hat/ dune Eggs, one peck
, Mrs. R. J. Ron, Mrs. Dr. Patterson,
• " Alex. Roberts, " Dr. Porter;
" Jos. Royal, " C. J. Reese,
K M. Pollock, " Jane-Obieny
" PO*, D4vi W.4 11 4111er•
`Oa Mow*, Rept.-22d—Otutirltelfilionibielide Bread
&In Oxillitir__ fii# 4l l
Miss Alice House:, sirs.,Wooclall,
" Royer;
" - Mary -Pass,
" Fannie Holman, .' l .l Jane Swartz,
" Agnes Bowan, "
On Tuesday, ,Saps. 28d—Oas Pair , of Sneed
r ldro..William Wykoff, lire. Daniel. Urdoh,..
" Ddalel Willson, Jolin'yfailo,goV 4s
John Wilsoik; "'"".. Joh*Akilric,
H. A. Thoinioon, • " id . .. SheaBley
" J. Stewart. '-Er• 'ecyligituo Sayford,
On Wednesday, Sept.- 2t —Soap,. One. Westennellen
. .
fiffriLATAffkidluitb. 4111- Levi
" Nancy J. Porter, " L. Griffith,
• " Maria Groff," _Henry Handahew ,
' " 0;32141e],
" H. M. Graydon. ;"#*Vii . V.Vilikriu::
On 2huraday, 80. 26th-41.8rsad'LPuddiag.
Mre. E. Cunkle, Mra..
" Dr. Charlton, • • .hilialiNkti z
" J. C. Kunkel, 1- " 1 -N. N. MOISCII
" John Kinnard, Mrs. John Ilhtithil'
" A. -Kelkei. " Dr. Miles:
On Friday, Sept. 211alletsed - Ohickena'
Mrs. J. Murphy, Asa., Atria Nolen, •
" Mary Molts, , * j
j iAllisty Jones,
Thos, MulliSa; , Win. Jennings,
1 " Sa ra h E. '" J.O. Boingardner,
1 " SamnelJ. Jayne: " William Brady.
SatF44NAPAIRRi7 - 0. • tAIf4TV,44r,
_' . ~av°d'" .
4 0 ,561 1 4 0 4*, ; * RIP,
, m! ,
"1 .
TheefollowitltcomOlitteeldg ewe ae Oated•
• M , ° 1 4 ( tY p ; i 1 4: * WOld *r '
obi*" ova okibA *o.'/J;
Hf Thottholothevr, :- /thstiLirrEpply,
" — .ll c• ' l ' ' Agie‘licriialt. - '
• ' Wittieigray; Thuraiy •iia'l444:
I ,tdrs. Dr. Charlton, : 'Unto,. a lrl cks,
' Xstpkle,
• Becky, Foater.
figeaftei each Paw: 1 .1 81 *...9. 11 Friday; will
stain &abet of nostributorei-ar , tits foliiny,
' g we!& 3 4.P.40.M1C5. 1 4 hake Whindsh4.
-come contributftMends" who h a ve ' lwt
. called nponi mill , please - send in their
.49 *1h.. 1 4 11 1.F... EL, Oorpyll, 4 1 *Nlt
are-several baskets. and.liielmarea , tits
.. : ,. 7 -ladiee r tnireingiheits will idease
• •
- "*.,;b 7 :0.1%.* ' , Ailey. Scarilk
Harrisburg, Sept. 17th, 1862. j
liesokmd,,,That we, theollicers miters of
the first company Revenue Guards, Capt. Wm.
8. - Thoistas, of-the - city of Philadelphia, do most
hilly appreciate the generous canduct of Mrs.
Oliver "Mimeo It proildln i e, for us a dinner this
day l ,Ised the handsome manner fns which she,
ha dtinifit. And oiir thanks are hereby cor
dially extended to her for the iamb.
Resulted, Teat . the manory'df- her' kindness,
coming, from one with whom note one of us . was
acquaintedieltall go withal. in the day of b it
tle, and help us .in the conflict; that n thing
we can do shall be left. tunpne to keep the
homes'of such meothers in htrael free bora the
desecrating tread of the invader forever.
Resolved, That the officers of this company be
requested. to 'furnish Hrs. Oliver Bello/an whit
a copy of these resolutions and the roll of this
W. H. B. Comma,
' D. EL Houma,
" G. H. Aran,
ktmuutoutnia, Sept. 17, 1861.
Mu. Etozrolf:--The foll Owing electioneering
puff ' , clip from the " Patriot and• Union" of the
A Corner Y' 11011 MILLYILIBLIIKI.—Ottr Demo
credo candidate kir District Attorney, Mr. Auch
muty, brought a company to this city yesterday
from Millersburg for the defence of ' the State.
It was a fine looking corps, and is commanded
by a "gentleman, a scholar and &soldier." Mr.
Auchmuty, In oonsequence of his taking the
field, will not be AWE if it is the intention of
the' State authorities -to 'hold the miiitia any
length - on time; to stump the county. His
friends will not forgethiw he canted assured,
and giving his3serviofew the cause of his dis
tracted country will be duly appreciated by
Comment on the above article would be use
less, had that " model" paper no other circula
tion ' than in klilliersburg. But as it is, it is
due to Bev. 0. W. Ayers, Capt. of the "Millers
burg Company" to say, that the article is a
wicked febriadion of fabiehood, and misrepre
Mr. Auchmuty, (now major) I have charity
enough to believe, is too much of a "gentle
mean, scbobir andholdier" ''to indict such un
just 'bombes!, having, two days previous to the
maretins 'of the company, declared the organi
zation a "grand fizzle"it, been thrown
intoe4l4ll/3101 by'it pir(eof dhisatidatmesi,end
mostly' those of the Major's political friends"
But nothing undaunted, the "Patdot Preacher,"
by the most incessant labor, succeeded in re
cruiting some fifty men at and with
those who "steer ,fronathis46sce, presented
the company, to the Governor for. service.
Nothing can be 'litii‘ritgittist Auchumuty,
in this matteirtlie did lie- duty, •Mid deserves
his share of praise: Bat had it not been • for
Capt. Ayers, the company would not now be
in the field; other gentlemen, likewise, deserve
much credit, butt have not time nor space to
particularize. As to the motives ottdie "load"
of the Pa6iot` '-erisi risers I viki '&IR-hie' public
to judge, and will onlysay e that the facts above
stated can be fully subetaptiated.
Tomo &o
To the 'Afflicted.
The undersigned would respectfully in
form those who are afflicted with Rheuma
tism, Dyspepsia,Consumption of Liver and
Xidney, Gough', Feverso `and all diseases
arising from impurity of the blood, that she is
prepared to furnish lffrs. Weistheven's German
Vegetablelleleaciget . .at very iffoderete rates.
have alißt 0n., - henrit guantiiii of invaluable
Salves foe Bore , Frew& Feet and
,cttn be ,friLnisked as toAheir won-
Oerful efficacy, whenever called upon.= There
need be no tegard,to my corn
s petency in administering it, as I have had it
on - hand for- the - past six 'years. As they are
now- etold redueetif Kip* no family should be
:withont theta over night. They can be had at
any time #!,,.my s. sesidence," Pine street, be
tween Second and Pront.
I AulB dlu
Mae. Maxi :—I lake this method of testlfyiug
ao the efficacy of your valuable medicine. My
hild had Convulsion of tbeßowels, and I heard
of your curing children of that disease. I then
have it a trial, and my child was restored to
?sealth. When I. commenced to use it my child
was three weeks old. I then used your Infant
Cordial until nig child was six months old, and
my husband and 1 believe that your medicine
)ivas the means of savinit our child's life. I live
two miles beloii the city.
, ~.
i Wm neva received a large assortment o f hoop
Skirts . , limn 75c. up "tos2 50. ' 'A large assort
ment of linen and needlework collars, and cob
lam and'illeeves, at all prices. White cambric'',
jaomnettei,iaantuclut, brilliants, and plain and
fig,ured bwitte muslin, at all prices. The finest
of of:ibubroidared French cambric brands ever
rought to Harrisburg—of infant's waists we
. keep a large assortment. Ladies' and gentle-
Men's linen pocket handkerchiefs, ladies' stock-
OW t E gt4ltt,eMs one half, hose, and children's
pocifingerbe:attlescriptioni and prices. TWenty
pieces pf , carpet to be Sold cheapi Kentucky
jeans, sattinetts Laud osealmered --for men and
boy's wear....WeleoeivadliOAktantenspenders,-
St all prices. fob: down
.cetttm l immiltercbiefs,
With borders, and agmat - anany, o th er notions
and saimll Wwit. .; . - . '': B.'Lwrm,
-Zino Xnurtiontents.
A LARUE ."ASEIO4TifENT' 'of Family
Bibles ut iihrotint styles of bilittiug, it 900, WIL 26*
.541, Also Pocket inks of W
ien= style tiott , prices 801161116 WE Bookstnre.
.. . • .. ..
riTRIOTIC and able bodied young men
who would a void tieing drafted, and who whit to
one of tim ablest regiments .M. the gad, and be
oommanded by a captain of Ahem months service, who
csistains the . highest reputation se a brays, temperate
ondelnistian Whoa, shoukt a moo eater co. it., Capt.
W. A. Robinson of the gallant birventrreventh Kegi.
neat, P.N., now nerving to the pant army of Major
fillnena lioelip..fli4neasse.
, BOUNTY - sl7l—slo2 IN ADVANCE.
I Apply to W. U. ;inner, Paper and military Ewe, ma
ke& street, or to . Foy. T. ii. Robinson, Troia stn et alio
lisrket. augg•citi
__ .
IHE nndereigned. Offers at (Private Bale
that .. , . _ _ .
II thus tavern stead, (now oomph 4 by 3.
. Weber.) 'Jammed la the . - adage of PrelP ooo l Dau
phin. county, Pa., on the Jonestcrion road, two salter and
a half northeast of iirexisburg. This stand ha an
excellent run of custom.
,` The' boildinip ars entirely new and very substantiaL
a well of never failing water near AO door, todothof
With a flue.variety of fiat and ornamental tress. The
?roFg ' , lithe Midalisip. -•
i for rb
terms ep., Odeon JOSH EMRICH,
Progress P. 0.
Y. I, 00(4 *Wag atitalanidnYhe liTstinoln.•
9lin' US newly 'replenished- stock of Toilet
aid Fano, Gawk es wierPlowd in this city y and
Mike& of reweesesatedeetea, we wouiell roe
WNW/ 12Weelaell. , , , . ir,EWia t ,
' el Warkeeretemitleortiewieret otreete . l !Mee, me
XTRAzfiiiiny fotitii superickr - Mind;
vat iwurhint is gy• 11 dif,,,, Just Iv
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gitilleble stresta.`
PIIRSUANT to an act of the General Ae
sembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, en
titled "• n Act relating to Elections in this Common
wealthr approved th e 24 day of July, A. D. one thou
aind eight hndred and thirty-nlne, I, JACOB D. BOAS,
Sheriff of the 'county of Dauphin, Permayivania, do here
by make known and• give notice to the electors of the
scanty aforesaid,lbit an electiOn will be bald in the said
county of Dauphin, ON THE SECOND TUESDAY OF
omosEit, A. D., 1862, (tieing the 14th day of Odober,)
at which time theAtant and County Ottloers, as fellows,
Cr to be sleeted; ien :
nevem= to represent thl counties of Da Thin,
blo, rb mberland, Onion, &nyder and Juniata, compos
tug the 14th Consremional d strict, in the Congress of
the Unitel MAUS:
• two persona to represent the County of Dauphin in
{he House of ftepronintatives.
'One pinion for District Attorney for the acuity of
One person for NILRif 001MIWISkill.r.
one person Poi' Metter of the Poor and Howe of em
One once ler County Auditor. ~.•
One person for County Surveyor.
ne.person fur Comae , .
Sunlit° places or holding the aforesaid general election
to the several wards, boroughs, districts and townships
Willem the county of Dauphin are as fame's, to wit :
The election for the First Ward In the city of Barrie
burg, shall be held at- the Public School Rouse, at tee
corner of Mary's alley and Front street. .
The election in the Second Ward, shall be held at the
School House at the corner of Dewberry alley sad
Chestnut st r eet.
his 4dectlon for the Third Ward shall be held at the
School House in Walnut Street, between Second and
Front street.
Toe election lor.thwYeurtb,Ward, shill fk held at the
Public School House in State street, between Second and
Third streets:
IfhieMotion for O. Fifth Ward, shall be W.: at the
bees belong to General John Forster, on the State road
leading Deaths resonate gromods to the Penlasylvania
State. Laotian Hospital.
Toe election in the sixth ward, shall be held at the
School House n west Harrisburg.
For the towmddp of Sn. Tiebacks; at 111ller's (now Nis
ley's) school house.
For the township of Lower Swatara at the school house
No. 1, in Highspire.
For the tewoshohiP of Swetera at the LOGOS% Grove Inn.
For the birmigh of Middletown at the Brick School
house, in Pine street, in said borough.
' For the township of Londonderry, at the Pnblio House
of Joseph Ketper, in said township.
For the township of West Londonderry, at the house of
Christian Neff, in said township
For the township of Conewago, erected out of parts of
the townships of Londonderry and Derry at the house of
Christian Foils, (now" In said hataililp . :
For thatownship of. Darn, at the public bodge of Dan
iel Baum, in Hummelstown, in said township.
For the township of South Hanover, at the public homm
of George HOcker in said township.
per the township of East Hiuover, at the public house
of Maj. Shell's, (now Boyer's,) in said township.
For the township of West Hanover, at the public house
of Jacob Rudy, (now Buck's,) in said township.
For the township of Lower Paxton, at the public house
of Robert Glicinist, (nowallweigartl,) in geld township.
For.the township of INlddle'Faxton, at,the pub Hammel
of JosephOookley; in 'said townittfp.
For the township of Bush, at the house belonging to
the unite of the late John McAllister, dec'd now occupied
by David Rineal in said township.
For the township of Jefferson,. at the house of Christian
Hoffman, In said township.
For the township of Jac n, at the house now teen John Inkier, at Blxier's Milli in said township.
• For the township of.Hanfax, at the North Ward School'
House, in the town ,of. Halifax.
! For the township of Bead, at the new School House on
Duncan's Island, In said township. .
For the borough of Millersburg, ia the Frame School
House, on the bank of the Wiconisco creek, in the bor
°ugh aforesaid:
For the township of Upper Fasten, at the house of
Jacob Buck, note occupied by Samuel Buck, in said
For hip.
the township of =Ma, at the publio,house of Ml
chain Interline, (now Benj. Bordner,) in Berrysburg, in
said township. . .
For the township of Washington at the public house
now occupied by Matilda Wingert , in said township.
For the township of Lykes; at the public house of Sol
omon Londenslager,(MacKeitier) in thetiorough of Grate
For the borough of Gratz, at the public house of. Solo
mon Loudensiager, (now Keiser ) ) inlaid borough.
For the township of Wiconisco, at the School House No.'
5, In said township.
paiso, for the information of the electors of the county
of Dauphin, publish the following sections of ants of the
General Assembly, enacted during the session of 1865
to wit:
also. sections 1 and 8, page 104, pamphlet laws, ap
proved the 18th day of March, 1867, vim—"Thatthe mm
lens of the township of Londonderry, in the county of
pauphin, Ramerly enbmoimi in the Portsmouth election
together with such other citizens of said town
ihip residing west of the public road leading from Port
Royal to leasley's mill, in said township, shall hereafter
hold their general and special elections at the house of
Christian Neff, in said township."
Sec. 8. That said district shall hereafter be anowala
Weei-Londeadsrryalectlon•distriot. -
Whereas the place of holding the elections in the town
ship of Rush, Dauphin county,was by law at School House
ninnber three in said township: and whereas, there is
no such School house, therelbre—Section 1. Be d enacted
by the Senate and Howe of agerseigagost of the Omission.
sseuthof PenisayitendiefetAblenerilb Ateasbly met, and it it
hereby . ' itiontei by -Me tot Lenity *rale same, - Mit = the
general and township ekotionsof Rush Township, Dauphin
County shali be hbldist the houie 'besieging MA. estate
Of the late John McAllister, deceased, now occupied by
David DiagaL, , P age 88 pamphlet laws, asss, a
• I also maxertiown'imd jets notice, 'as In and by the
13th section of the aforesaid act I ant directed, " that
every person, excepting justices of the peace, who shall
hold any office or appointment of prollt or trust under the
government of the United' States, or if this State, or any
city or incorporated district, whether a commissioned of
dcer or otherwise, a subordinate officer, or agent, who Is
or shall be employed under thelttgislative, judiciary, or
Executive department Of this State or the 'United States, or
of any city or incorporated district, and ale{ that every
member of Couplets and. the State Legislature, and of flu
select and common council of any city, commissioners of
any incorporated district, is law incapable of holding
or exercising at the santefime the office or appointment
Of judge, inspector or clerk of any election of this Com
monwealth, and that uts,i*pec . , tor %Judge, or other offi
cer of any suctrelehtinb, - lhall be eligible to any office
then to be voted for. tt _ • -' -
Mll6. L.. BALL
Also, that in the fourth section of the act of Assembly,
entitled q‘An Act relating to executions,' and for other
purposes," approved April 15, 18401 it is enacted that the
aforesaid lath section " shall not, be so construed as to
prevent any militia Aker orlwirdugh °Skier from sera ,
tag as, judge, inspector or thick *Ow general or mixdal
election in this Commonvreath.," ~
Also, thatin the nit faction of iiditel. it is enacted,
that every general and sinikirdelectituththail be opened
betiretm the hours of eight lipid ten In ,the forenoon, and
shall continue without interruption or adjourmenfuntil
seven o'clock in the evening, whin the polls shall be
closed " , , , ,
• Th e spacial election sbahlui hold and Oxidated - by the
Inspectors and judges elected as aide:aid, and by clerks
apponited as hereinafter provided: -
No person shall be permitted to vote at the election,
as aforesaid, but a white freeman of the an of twenty
one years or more , who shall have resided-th this Math
it led& one year, 'and -hi Choi:deaden district where he
ewers to vote at loot ten days immediately preceding
such election, and within two yew( paid a state or county
tax, which shall have been assessed at least tea days be
fore thosionion. But a odd= of the United States who
haa4neelously been a qualified voter of this State-and re
moved therefrom and returned, and who shall have re
sided lathe eiaCtiOn Wilfrici and paid taxes ilia aforesaid,
shall bet entitled' to , - vote after residing in this six
months : Provided, That the white freemen, citizens of
the United.liathes, between ilia ages of 21 and ZI years,
and ,have - resided in the election district ten days, as
aforesaid, shall be entitled to vete, although they shall
not lave paid taxes.
"No person shall be admitted to vote wince name is
not contained, in the list of taxable inhabitants furnished
by the cenamindiniem Was; rust, be produces a receipt
for the..laWileat, Youti*.,-.. tltolindra, of A ..state or county
fax, assesse d agreeably to the constitution, and gins sad:-
factory evidence, either AN,his own oath oretarmation, or
the oath or affirmation dr, wither, that he has paid such
a tax, or on failure to produce a receipt, shall make oath,
of the payment thereof; or, Second, if he Glenna vote by
being an elector between the ages of 21 an 22 years, he
shall depose an cath or affirmation that he has. =Mot in
the State at *Won ear before hisappllothon,,andoialre
Mich prelif- 'et , ante in the district • is' s renTred
WOO act,,and that he does verily believe from the ac
Omits given him that he is of the age of and giv-
Itch ether evidence as is required by this act, w beeeupon .
the name of the personae admitted to vote, Mall be inser
ted in the alphabetical list by the inspectors and a note
nada opposite thereto,by writing „the ward 'tax,' if he
thall be admitted to vote by rams ofilaving paid tax ,or
the word lige,' If he shall beadmitted to vote by reason
of such aga, and shall be called out to the clerks, who
shall onMeMelike notes in the li st of voters kept by Mem.
"small asserwhere the name of the person chiming te
vote is sot found'on tbe list furnished by the commission
erstadmisksworr Aoki Mei right to vote, whether found
rorStoll,,is objected to by any qualified citizen, it
be the ditty of the impactors to examine such per,
fir ostbqo te its qualifications, and if he clam to
lat redlati:Witidikthe State for one year or more its
will benutficient proof thereoc but, shall _ a pr
Test Masten* emnpreent winless, *he Wen so 9 f •
elector, that be has resided within th e of
marathon tin days next hmediatill T i r ing Ad.
*OM, and shah also himself swear
in pursuance of Ida lawful coiling
=sad withe did not remove Into said dintkit for
I ii= lis persoe quidided as armessid, and who-shell
ludo dee proof, ir roisa2 5 bit Madame am/ My.
*sit pt taxa us eforamideOlotbe adOlittat tO TOM - la
the_ thwerhiP, 'W O,Ol ' dilMg Alo obit relbrAl.,o
T -4 /q l 4 P. 02 16 4 1 4, : -'; 44.1 .4 14 00 19 Areet,
Ntm 2thatlslUents.
RUSH TOWNSHIP-r-Place of boa
No) 2beatioements.
any officer of any election tinder this act from holding sash
election, or use or threaten any violence to any such oil
Car t or shall interrupt or improperly interfere with him
id the execution of his duty, or shall block up the
dew or avenue to any window where the same may lig
lOU*, or shall riotously disturb the peace at such eke: .
don, or shall use or practice intimidating threats, force or
violence, with &design to Influence unduly or overawe
any elector, or to prevent him from voting, or to restrala
the freedote of Choice, such a person, on conviction, snail
be fined in any sum not exceeding five hundred dollars,
and imprisoned_for any time not leas than one month nor
more th an twelve months, and if ft shall be shown to the
Court where the trial of such offence shall be had, that
the person so offending was not a resident of the city,
ward, or district, or township where the said offence was
committed, and not entitled to_vote therein, then, on eon
"lotion, he shall be sentenced to pay a hue of not less
than one hundred dolhirs or more than,one thousand dol
lars, and be iniprisOned not lees than six months or more
than two years.
In case the person who shall have remised the second
highest number of votes for inspector shall not attend on
the day of election, then the person who shad have re
ceived the next highest number of
,votes for. Judge laths
spring election shall act as inspector in his place.—
And in case the person who shall have rowboat the high
estuumber of votes for inspector shall not attend, the
person elected judge shall appoint an-.inspector-In his
place, and in case the person elected shall not Mimic then
he impactor who received the highest number of Tees;
shall appoint a judge in his place, or U any vacancy abilib
continue in the board for the apace of one hour after the
time Axed by law for the opening of the election; the
qualified voters of the township, ward, or Idr
which said officer shall have been elected, present at the
place of election, shall select one of their number to ell
such vacancy.
It shall be the duty of the several assessors, respec
tively to attend at the place of holding every general,
special or township election, during the time said election
is kept open er for the purpose of giving information to the
inspectors and judges when called on, in relation to the
right of any person assessed by them to vote at suck
elections, or such other matters in relation to the apices
meat et veleta as the said inspe c tors, or either of- them .
shall from time to time require.'
Pursuant to the previsions contained in the 76th section
of the act first aforesaid, the judges of the aforesaid tits
teat shall respectively take charge of the certificate or
return of the election of their respective districts, and
produce them at a meeting of one judge front each dis
Wet, at the borough of Harrisburg, on the third day
after the day of the election, being FWD& Y the 17th of
October, then and there to do and perform th e &it. ice
required by law of said judges.
also, that where ajudge bysicknese or unavoidable ac
cident, is unable to attend such meeting of judges, then
the certificate or return afbresaid shall be taken charge
of by one of the inspectors or clerks of the election of
said district, who shall do and perform the duties required
of said judges unable to attend.
_ .
Given winter my Itand i in my office in Harrisburg, the
12th day or epteniber ' D•, 1562.
JACOB D. Mtn,' Sheriff of Dauphin Co.
Sintainla 0141014 Harrisburg, Sets.eteber I Ith, 1862. •
.E 1 B, C kk 00
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the body of the work. Many thousand new
authorities have been cited ; the repqrt of the
revisors of the Penal Code has been embodied
in the notes to the various sections of it, and_
the appendix contains for the first time, the
Acts of Congress for the Authentication of
Records, and the Statute of Fraudulent Con
veyances, with full and elaborate- notesof •ther
dedslOtia einlitiatory of them. The wore
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