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vertisements, Buslnes■ Notices, Mar.
Riegel', Deaths, to., to secure Insertion
In the TELEGRAPH, must invariably
be accompanied with the CASH.
Advertisements ordered in the regu.
lar Evening Edition are inserted in the
morning Edition without extra charge.
Tuesday Afternoon, September 10, ISO.
Ksocrus, the inimitable musician and profes
sor of music, le off to the war, so that those who
depend upon him for teaching must wait for his
into Camp. This really splendid company only
lacks a few men of being full, and we commend
all who desire to serve under a dashing and
brave officer to enlist at once in this command.
We had the pleasure of meeting Daniel S.
Dougherty, Esq., today, halhe capitol grounds.
Among the bold and eloquent defenders of the
Government, he is the equal of the most emi
nent. He is en route on professional badness
to the north, rn portion of the State
mantown In town to day, as a volunteer in an
swer to the call of the Governor for troops to
resist the late threatened invasion. He is con
nected with the U. S. Quartermasrer Depart
ment in Philadelphia, bat could not resist the
appeal of the Executive for men to defend the
Tim PIIMMULPIIIa. Home GUARD, fifteen hun
dred strong, reached this city to-day, and after
marching through our principal streets, halted
in the capitol grounds where their presence cre
ated the greatest enthuslaem. They are a splen
did body of men, fully armed and equipped for
immediate active service. They will reflect
credit on the State wherever they are detailed
for duty.
Oaz Of UM unmans of the camp in the
Capitol Grounds, was related to us by a soldier
yesterday. When the newsboys reached the
ground with the morning papers, and began to
cry "Moasnto Tersomon," the soldiers eagerly
purchased the paper ; but when the other news
boys called with the "Patriot and Union," the
soldiers shouted "away with the tory organ"—
"get out with the Jar Davie organ"—"send
the paper down south," &c., &c. until the in
nocent boy who was attempting the sale of the
tory organ was actually compelled to leave the
camp. We give the incident for what it is
worth, as being related to us by a gentleman
and a soldier of veracity.
Panning, as usual, are prominent in the pre
sent great uprising of the people of Pennsylva
nia. Yesterday we had a call from Samuel
Biddle, of the Pittsburg Gaulle, who brought a
splendid company to the State Capital in an
swer to the summons of the Governor. He Is
as brave as he is accomplished, and will lead
his men only where honor and: 'victory are to
be found. Charles Wight, of the Pittsburg
Chronicle, is a high private in the same company,
a position as open to honorable service as the
highest grade is the army. We congratulate
our cotemporaries, and trust that they may bear
with them back to their more peaceful pursuits,
when the war is over, honor and fame in the
largest sense.
splendid company at the Penna. Depot last eve
ning, and upon inquiry learned that it was the
Germantown Guards. The following is a list of
its officers :
Captain—Marks J Biddle.
Ist Lieut.—S. P. Grata.
2nd Lieut. —J . C. Jones, Jr
The Guards come to Harrisburg prepared for
immediate service. They were fully equipped
In dark blue blouses, pants, caps and overcoats ;
knapsacks, wool and gum blankets, haver
sacks, &0., fio., and with five thousand rounds
of cartridge. The company is composed of some
splendid looking men, and altogether, it came
to the State Capital more completely fitted for
duty in the field than any of the new levies
which have yet arrived .
—Persons who are conscientious against bearing
arms are exempted by the Constitution of this
State, but must pay an equivalent for such ser
vice. The oath, or affirmation however, which
they are compelled to take, is of a searching
character. This is it :
STATE OF PENN'A, County es:
Before me, Commissioner to superintend
Drafting for raid county, personally appeared
—, who being duly —, did depose and
say, that he conscientiously scruples to bear
arms, believes it unlawful to do so, whether in
leaf -defence or in defence of his country, or oth
erwise howsoever ; that the scruples and belief
above stated, have not been formed lightly,
but carefully, deliberately, and conscientiously,
and are now declared and professed not for the
purpose of evading the military service of his
country in the present exigency, but because he
solemnly and religiously maintains them, and
In his conFeleace believes that it to his bounden
duty to act in accordance with them on all °c
essions, and under all circumstances.
Tim SIQNB or UNION.—The following extract
from a business letter addressed to Messrs. C.
8. Bailey & Brother of this city, is from one of
the heaviest business houses in New York city.
Su* tenders of aid, speak volumes in an hour
like this, and it is on such feeling that we must
rely for the strength that is to render the Union
hereafter endurable
"It makes us sick at heart to realize that
rivers of the first blood on the continent has
already flowed ; and now the rebel invaders are
at our own doors.
"But by the grace of God there are yet un
called two millions of men, and untold wealth
ready to unite with Pennsylvania for her de
fines and preservation.
"There is a movement here to offer at once
to Goy. Curtin, 10,000 returned militia, who are
well drilled, armed and equipped for immediate
We can answer our kind friends that Gov.
Curtin now has in the field some fifty thousand
armed minds, and therefore not until the dan
ger Is greater will we require the aid of New
York to delve our borders. Nevertheless we
are gadded for the present tender.
0 .
liscrue of the Executive Committee of the
Ladles Union Belief Association is requested on
Wednesday, Sept. 17th, at four o'clock ?. st., in
their room at Dr. Bally's.
Y ming, arrived in this city at B o'clock last eve
ning. They are a fine body of men. After re
porting themselves at headquarters, they were
ordered to return to Middletown to await fur
ther orders. Our neighbors in Middletown are
awake to the emergency and deserve great credit
for their prompt response to the Governor's call.
Tax Ray. EDWARD MoKaa, late Catholic pas
tor of the united wishes of Chambersburg and
Carlisle, bail been appointed by his Excellency,
Governor Curtin, Chaplain to the 118th Regi
ment. Penn'a Volunteers, attached to General
Corcordin's Brigade. We congratulate Colonel
Heenan and his command on this appointment,
as the Rev. gentleman is highly qualifird for
the position both by literary endowments and
patriotic devotion to the great cause which has
enlisted the sympathies of every friend and
well-wisher of the Constitution.
&PORTANT AJUIEST.—One of the guard com
poeed of the First City Zouaves, :lade a very im
portant arrest last evening. Just after sun
down a resident in the neighborhood of Oyster
Point noticed five suspicious looking individu
als making what he supposed a reconnoissance
amost too careful for mere casual sight hunters
and suspecting that all was not right, he has
tened to the camp of the Zouaves and gave in
formation of the fact. The guard immediately
started on a double quick, keeping it up until
they reached the point, (5 miles) when they
succeeded in arresting two of the party of five,
the other three having fled. The prisoners
were brought to this city and confined. It le
suspected that they belong to Stonewall Jack
son's forces. They will of course be properly
disposed of after a fair examination.
Annan To Sormass.—A correspondent w rites
to the Middleburg &lista, to give to inexpert
enceksoldiers some hints for the preservation
of health, from what he has learned in the field.
After warning the new recruit that the enthu
siasm of the first week will soon tone down to
stanch realities, which he must meet and face
as a man—that be cannot live as carelessly
about his health as he can at home, where warm
rooms and comfortable beds and well-cooked
meals are at his service from day to day, and
that he must act the physician for himself, to a
great degree, and be watchful against any pre
disposition to disease, he prcceeds to give some
special directions as follows :
"They consist of a programme of articles to
be taken by the recruit when he goes into camp,
or to be sent to him by his friends, when he
shall have reached a point where he can be ad
"Let him have with him two pairs of well
knit socks, two Arm woollen shirts, a large
crash towel, a piece of Castile soap, to be used
as often as possible in bathing the entire body ;
a woollen cap, sometimes called a smoking
cap ; two large old-faahloned silk pocket band
kercetefs, which may be used to hang from the
neck, as a protection against a biasing sun, or
as a bandage for wounds. He should also have
constantly with him a supply of Cayenne pep
per, such as Is obtained from the drug stores
under the name of 'capsicum.'
" The benefits arising from the use of this
latter article are incalculable. A single pinch
in a glass of fiat warmish water will nullify
the effects and the uncomfortable sensation
from having drunk too much water during the
day, will help the sentinel keep awake at his
post at night, by warming and invigorating
the whole system. A good pinch eat en at each
meal, or when a cup of tea or coffee is drunk,
will add digestion, assist in preventing acidity
of stomach, and is besides a great antagonist
of the diarrhoea, dysentery, Aux, and "
ness," which are the great ecourgesof the army.
A level teaspoonful of the capsicum, taken dai
ly in eating or drinking, or both, or two fla
gon' full taken two or three times a day, will
do more toward warding off the fever and ague
than ten times the cost in rum and quinine.
There should always be carried in the knapsack
a large piece of gate perdu cloth, to spread
upon the ground at night for the soldier to
spread hie blanket on when be goes to bed. TO
these suggestions may be added the injuntioni
to eat, as far as possible, regularly, to shun
'tattlers' tents, with their detestable pies and
cakes, and their poisonous preserved meats, as
one would shun a contact with the leprosy ; to
maintain, in short, a perfect system of living
just as far as duty in camp will allow.
" If my friend who may read this, and who
has buckled on his armor for the cause of his
country, will treasure the hints I have thrown
out, and act upon them, be will add a hundred
per cent. to the probabilities of his returning
to his father's house, that knew such keen an
guish and bitter mourning when he was called
to leave it."
atm Boss, MUM Pumas, 127th Beg.
P. V., Sept. 14, 1862.
At a meeting of company D, 127th Regiment,
Penn's Vol., Boards Guards of Harrisburg, the
following preamble and resolutions were
adopted :
Wm's., It boa pleased a kind Providence
to remove from our midst one of our brother
battlers in the cause of jostle,
ng, in the full vigor of manhood, and after a
few weeks elekness ; and whereas, at the time
he was called away by Him who doeth all
things well, to render an account of his past
actions while upon earth, he was hasardhig his
life in• respond to his country, therefore
.Readved, That in the death of hums A. Har
per this company feels the loss of a kind friend
and a true soldier whose memory we cherish.
Resolved, That we tender our heartfelt sym
pathy to the family and Mends of our deceased
brother ; but, we must-submit to the kind will
of Him who doeth all things well, and to whom
we must look for consolation in the hour of
a copy of these resolutions be
(printed) sent to the family of our deceased
friend and that they be published in the "Tsui
GRAPH" and Patriot lir Wm, Harrisburg.
Sant. J. R. KEENE, Passissir.
0.8. WM. R. %nue, &ornery.
&MT. ben OSNIO, c am. P m;
thus. B. liammi HENRY Lao,
3. Or ram"
iltunzglintnia Watt etiegrapt, etteobag 7tfitrttoon, September 16, 1882.
M. S. BEATY, President
SURGEON GEOEXiII L. PONDS hag been detailed
for duty in the Twelfth Reserve, P. V., and
leavers for his regiment to-day. He is a surgeon
of large experience, and we congratulate the
Twelfth on the acquisition of so able a gentle
man. Surgeon Potter was in North Carolina
when our troops occupied that St.tte, and while
there won the respect and esteem of all with
whom he came in contact.
THS cm still presents a warlike appearance.
Notwithstanding fora week past troops have been
constantly pouring ever the river, the greets were
crowded with them to day. Since yesterday
morning the arrival of sharp-shooters from the
Interior of the State has been incessant. Great
trains were constantly arriving to-day, filled
with those eager riflemen from the country.
Upon arrival, they are fed organised into regi
ments and sent to the various points on the
line. The citizens not on military duty are do
ing all they can to make the defenders of the
city comfortable. The ladies are very active
in preparing provisions, lint, bandages, &c.
They are fully as zealous and spirited as the
To the An'toted.
The undersigned would respectfully in-
form those who are *Meted with Rheuma
tism, Dyspepsia, Consumption of Liver and
Kidney, Coughs, Fevers, and all diseases
arising from impurity of the blood, that she is
prepared to furnish Mrs. Westhoven's German
Vegetable Medicines at very moderate rates.
I have also on hand a quantity of invaluable
Salves for Sore Eyes, Frozen Feet and Piles.
References can be furnished as to their won
derful efficacy, whenever called upon. There
need be no apprehension in regard to my com
petency in administering it, as I have had it
on hand for the past six years. As they are
now sold at reduced prices, no family should be
without them over night. They can be bad at
any time at my residence, in Pine street, be
tween Second and Front.
Ann dim MRS. L. BALL.
Mae. BALL :—I take this method of testifying
to the efftcacy of your valuable medicine. My
child had Convulsion of the Bowels, and I heard
of your curing children of that disease. I then
gave it a trial, sud my child was restored to
health. When I commenced to use it my child
was three weeks old. I then used your Infant
Cordial until my child was six months old, and
my husband and I believe that your medicine
was the means of saving our child's life. 1 live
two miles below the city.
WE mtvi received a large assortment of bop
skirts, from 760. up to $2 50. A large assort
ment of linen and needlework collars, and col
lars and sleeves, at all prices. White cambric*,
jacconetts, nantncks, brilliants, and plain and
figured Swiss muslin, at all prices. The finest
lot of embroidered 'French cambric brands ever
brought to Harrisburg—of infant's waists we
keep a large assortment. Ladies' and gentle
men's linen pocket halidkerahle63, ladies' stock
ings, gentlemen's oni'hiiif hose, and children's
stockings of all descriptions and prices. Twenty
jfeces of carpet to be sold cheap . Kentucky
eans, sattinetbs and cassimeree for men and
boy's wear. We received 69dosen suspenders,
at all prices. 60 dosen cotton handkerchiefs,
with borders, and a great many other notions
and small wear.
A. .7.. a OIP Pe
IT should not be forgotten that this
establishment is BUB in euoceestnl enervation, and
pa supply
RIES, 114., Sto., Ac., &C.
of as good qualities ankvarieted, and stgg reasonable
prices an they are sold at distant nurseries.
of the nursery—adjoining this etty -JOT% it advantage&
for transportation to .11 parts of the country, pommeled
by but few others.
desired,Ali delivered free of
charge,any a part of when
Bibles at dlifereut rtylt3 of 'Wading, at 000, /11 26
61 50, St 88, 84, lib and $ lO. Also Peaks!. Whirs of dr•
turret .tiles :lad prices at 9OEISVP2R'B Booludore.
fel)" , Y
OAL oil and goal oil lamps, . of. all
etples and else., for sals, by
su29 Corner Front and Market struts.
THE undersigned Commissioners of Dau
phin county, Pa., solicit proposals for the
rebuilding of seven bridges across Swabia
One at Lautermich'e Fording.
One at Union Depoeite.
One at or near Hummehitown, called the Bed
One at Hummeletown—the late Turnpike
One at Jacob Belun's Mills.
One near Felix Maley' s, called Island Ford.
One at Middletown, being the Turnpike
All the bridges were swept away by the late
Bidders will have the advantage. of all the
stone now remaining at the piers and abut
ments of the old bridges ; all of which will be
respectively the property of the contractors
All bide must be indorsed on the specifications,
which are printed and can be obtained at the
office of the County Commissioners at Harris
burg as early as the sixth of this month. Let
ting to be. done on the 17th day of September
instant, at two o'clock, P. M., at the office
aforesaid. Two of the spans, with the whole
of the flooring of the Leutermilch's bridge,
lies near the site and will be the property of
the contractor. JACOB BERM,
Jammu Mims, Clerk. septa-014mnd
Confectionery & Fruit Store,
Hatniinay, Pa.
And vegetables of Mt kinds, brought direct from th e
Wawa Markets, twice a week,sad purchased under my
personal supervision, thus eaabUdg me to sell a better
end cheaper article than any in the market.
sir orders from a distance attended to promptly, and
Roods delivered to any part of the city tree or ohmic
1113:0 CANNED FRUITi eaustantly on hand Give
me a call. Dew JOBS MIL
A RE planted by some experienced gar&
seta la Aftad, Ilegtatabar and October, In pro
forma, to any other setiga L aad wttb great ealarta.-4
A. mortmant at the isieteske Nargegf A zirgo.
1;i - gw aDvertistnents
Huusuirrias hunonvesie MILITIA,
Hartithwy, Sept. 10, 1882
No. 35.
In view of the danger of invasion now threat
ening our State, by the enemies of the govern
ment, it is deemed necessary to call upon all
the able-bodied men of Pennsylvania to organ
ise immediately for the defence of the State,
and he ready for marching orders, upon one
hour's notice, to proceed to such points of ren
dezvous as the Governor may direct,
It is ordered—
First, That Company organisations be made
in ac.•ordance with the number required under
the laws of the United States, to wit :
One Captain,
Ist Lieutenant,
2d Lieutenant,
80 privates as the minimum, and 98 privates
as the maximum standard of each company.
The company officers to be elected by each
&cond, As the call may be sudden, it is desir
able that the officers and member or each com
pany provide themselves with the beet arms
they can secure, with at least sixty rounds of
ammunition to suit the kind of arms in posses
sion of the soldier. Such persons as cannot
secure and bring arms with them, will be fur
nished by the government after their arrival
at the place of resdesvous.
Ihird. Each officer and member of the com
pany shall provide himself with good stout
clothing, (uniform or otherwise,) boots, blanket
and haversack, ready to go into camp when
called into service.
Extra. Each company organic, Abu to be
perfected as soon as possible ' and report the
name of o ffi cer in command, the number of
teen and the place of its headquarters, to these
headquarters, in order that they may be prompt
ly notified to move when their services are re
Fifth. Organisations, when ordered to move,
will be furnished with transportation by the
Sixth. On arrival at the place of rendeevous,
they will be formed into regiments or such
other organisations as the Governor, Com
mander-in-Chief of Pennsylvania, may direct.
Seventh. So far as practicable and as may be
found consistent with the Interests of the public
service, companies from the same localities will
be put together in such larger organisations
as may be formed.
Eighth. Organisations formed under the re
cent proclamation are earnestly requested to
adopt without delay such measures as may be
necessary to comply with this order.
Ninth. Organizations called into the field un
der this order will be held for service for such
time only as the pressing exigency for state de
fence may continue.
By order of
Governor and under-in-Cide.
A. L. Rueum, Adrt. Gen. Penn.
RIAD Qupinis, PlaminvANlA
311 .2 r
Hairisburg, 11 1
- No. 86.
By authority of the President of the United
States, fifty thousand of the freemen of Penn
sylvania are hereby called for immediate ser
vice to repel the now imminent danger from
invasion by the enemies of the country.
Officers in command of company organiza
tions as authorised by General Order. No 85,
dated Sept. Hp, will at once report by tele
graph, the place of their headquarters, so that
orders may be issued from these headquarters
for transportation to Harrisburg for such com
panies as may be ordered to move.
Further calls will be made for additional
forces as the exigencies of the service may re
quire. The formation of Companies under the
Gwen al Order of September 10, should continue
to be made as rapidly as possible uutil all thb
able-bodied loyal men of Pennsylvania are en
rolled and ready for service.
By order of
Governor and Oenunander-in-Ohief.
A. L RUMEX, adjutant General Penn's.
W ILL be sold at public sale;
On the premises, an ellepult ram situated in Lykene
Vp., Dauphin co., tee roadfronr Ilettlessearg to Pottsville,
running , hrongh the same. oontaining 106 acres, about
90 acres of with* are dear and the - balance is of the
best tlarder. The improvernsuta are a large double
a ,Large bank barn, wagon abed, carriage house and all
necessary out building. an apple orchard, besides
plumb; peer; to , a lorintsin pump of never
moutain water. 'Me lard In all bawd and in a high
date or entivat'on.
no. 2. about ill acres of land, adjoining the above,
about 10 . ores of which are demand the Wainer In
timber; !Marron emoted • large done
with about 40 vat; a large Bark noose, Eats House
and Currying *bop, mad all taker weameary
legs ; the bent tar to run by water Rowe... ;$ is one of
the bek t localitian for bait; este could be got ft ors 0
to 800 oord par year.
3. About 11 acres of land, of whieh about one
half is clear, all limed and in a good state or cultiva
tor, the balance is of the very boat oak and chestunt
No. 4. 39 1101 - 114 of land , adjoining the above, of the
best t mbar. •
No. b. 2T acres of woodland, adjoining the above, of
the best timber of different stools
Yo. d. 21 aerie of Unit. , land, adjoining the above,
an well timbered.
No. 7, Zi oar ea of Umber ILIA adlolning the above,
excellent chestnut and oak Umber.
No. 8 28 acme, adjoining the above, a well covered
with good timber.
No. 8. 48 acres, also adjoining gle above traine, well
cove red with all Moos of Food timber.
The ahoy, property will all be told at the same time
and place.
The above land Is Ina healthy country and within
• abort tatsnoa Of the coat reg eat, ware there is al•
ways the but Market la Psonsylvitnia. Pavane wishing
to see the above property am do sa ha call nig on John
Stone, on the premises, or us the solissribers.
Sale to comments at ,1 VoioCit. P. M.^i MILL an„
GEORGIZ BARAN, doMillimio•
RAVING this day, September 12, 1862.
purrtmes ti. bowies end webictrii attested to
tce avers stabler E f Ihank 1 mg ay, and bamint also
•bad trenelened to we f.s throat aandpiysmut,tbe
sixoncis and wand of the an* the Pak& wit
Jo:me take notke teat the uthisses wgi betesther be
trenoucted to thy name; all pennon knowing them
selves indebted to the th • proprietor, or thou, bavilli
Odom dawns the same, will piths* well on the subscri
ber ler settlement.
.Tbe .
.. bu nis dneee co ewl stook of elheatakte well be eondoeted
wit as k t i k er t:o t t otore o by =ac e d kept to. Ike ease _or outer
d reLmed.
septa-wit, WILLIAM F. MURRAY.
Orphans' Court of Dauphin county
hatAnDonitaa tat =broths. c oaten& to deadbeat.
tttkkkeee balswe is Ike binds "oftoe adadoetmator of tbo
i-tateof Omni Ittamrarar, tats of 1 yams Mime P. to
itta molar, OA; 0 1 1 tot kat orathoomet of talc Made
&awn ins tats at law. o sad crammed and rao
aid tor Ms appolotel Wedasioe7. the Ara asy of
,Ctramber nett, it tin Cara kalorrimours. at iaa clock
,be tbreamrs of wady, Ibt the " of lleadit
laid oiomati dioradmitm, Moo and • lottrasorad
111$14.raraw 51's 4.• Meter.
Nan 2ilutrtismatts.
PURBIYANT to an act of the General An
sembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, en
titled " <l2 Act relating to Elections in this Common
wealth," approved the 2d day of July, A. D., one thou
sand eight hundred and thirty-nine, 1, JACOB D. BO
Sheriff of the county of Dauphin, Fenney.vania, do here•
by make known and give notice to the electors of the
county aforesaid, that an election will be held in the said
county of Dauphin, ON THE SECOND TUESDAY OF
OU WOES, d. D., 1862, (being :he 14th de) of uctober,)
at which time the State and County Officers, as follows,
.r to be ekcied, to wit :
no pers)ll repreLeikt th• cowries of
No ih mberland, Union, snider and Jun'al a, compos
lug tne 14th Consie<sional d strict, In tr ( onireaa of
the Unitel Slates.
IWO persons to represent the County of Dauphin in
the House of Ileprorentatives.
One p:rson tor District Attorney for tte ctanty of
One person •or (bunts. Commissioner.
one person for Director of the Poor and House of ern
One person for County Auditor.
One person for County Suite; or.
one person for moos-.
that the places of holding the aforesaid general election
la the several wards, boroughs, districts and townships
within the county of Dauphin, are as follows, to wit :
Tao election for the First Ward In the City of Harris
burg, alkali be held at the Public Scbool House, at toe
corner .t Mary's alley and Front street.
Tne election in the Second Ward, stunt be held at this
School House at the corner of Dewberry allay sad
Chestnut at. set.
The election for the Third Ward, shall ha held at the
School House in Walnut street, between Second and
Front street.
The election ior the Fourth Ward, shall be held at the
Public School Honse in State street, between Second and
Third streets.
The election for the Fifth Ward, shall be ink: at the
house belong to General John Forster, on the State road
leading fromtbe reservoir grounds to the Pennsylvania
State Lunatic Hospital.
The elcition in the Sixth Ward, a': all be held at the
School House n West Harrisburg.
For the township of Su quobanna, at Miller's (now NW
lers) school house.
For the township ef Lower Swatara at the school house
No. 1, in Highspire.
For the townshship of Swatara at the Locust Grove Inn.
For the borough of Middletown at the Brick School
in Pine street, in said borough.
For the township of Londonderry, at the Public House
of Joseph Helper, In said township.
For the township of West Londonderry, at the house of
Christian Neff, in said township
For the township of Conewago, erected out of parts of
the townships of Londonderry anti Derry, at the house of
Christian Foils, (now Jno. S. Foltz,) in said township.
For the tovrnstup of Derry, at toe public house Of Dan
iel Baum, in Hummelstown, in said township.
-For the township of South Hanover, at the public house
of George Hooker, in said township.
For the township of Bast Hanover at the public house
of Maj. shell's, (now Buyer's ,) In mild township.
For the township of West Hanover, at the public house
of Jacob Rudy, (now Back's) in sold township.
For the township of Lower Paxton, at the public house
of Robert Gilchrist, (now dweisart's,) In mitt township.
For the township of Middle Paxton, at the pub lichouse
of Joseph Cockley, in said township.
For the township of Rush, at the house belonging to
the estate of the bite John McAllister, doc'd now occupied
by David lineal in said township.
For the township of Jeffersou, at the house of Christian
Hoffman. in said township.
For the township of du ka I a s at the house now occu
pied by John Milder, at aster's mill, in said township.
For the township of Halifax, at the North Ward School
House, in the town of Halifax.
For the township of Read, at the new School House on
Duncan% Island, in said township.
For the borough of Millersburg, at the Frame School
House, on the bank of the Wiconisco creek, in the bor
ough aforesatd.
For the township of Upper Paxton, at the house of
Jacob Buck, now occupied by Samuel Buck, In said
For the township of MIIDIn, at the public house of
ohael Er/towline, (now Bog. Bordner,) in Berrysburg, to
said township.
For the township of Washington, at the public house
now occupied by Matilda Wingert, in said township.
For the township of Lykens, at the public house of Sot
-0111011 Loudelitibupg, (now &IMO in the borough or Gratz
For the borough of Gnu; at the public house or SOle
mon Loudenslager, (now Keiser,) in said borough.
For the township of Wiconisco, at the School Mouse No.
6, In said township.
I also, for the ihformation of the electors of the county
of Dauphin, publish the following sections or acts of the
General assembly, enacted during the session of 1663
to wit:
Mao. motion 1 and 8, page thii, pamphlet laws, ap•
proved the 1d day of March, 1867, vic—.That the col
:ens of the township of Londonderry, In the county of
Dauphin, formerly embniced in the Portsmouth election
district, together with such other citizens of said town
ship residing west of the public road leading from Port
Royal to Nissley's mill, in said township, shall hereafter
hold their general and special elections at the house of
Christian Neff, in said township."
Rm. S. That said district shall hereafter be known as
West Londonderry election distriot.
Whereas the place of holding the elections in tne town
Ship of Rush, Dauphin county,wss by law at School Mouse
number three in said township: • and whereas, there is
no such School house, therefore—Section 1. Be it enacted
by the Senate and House of Beprewntatives of the Comisson
weaah of Pennsylvania in Genera/ Assembly met, and it is
hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That the
general and township elections of Rush Township, Dauphin
County, shall be held at the house belonging to the estate
of the late John McAllister, deceased, now occupied by
David Rineal. Page SS pamphlet laws, 1888.
I also make blown and give notice, as in awl by the
18th section of the aforesaid act I am directed, " that
every person, excepting justices of the peace, who shall
hold any office or appointment of profit or trust under the
government of the United States, or of this State, or any
city or incorporated district, whether a commissioned of
finer or otherwise, a subordinate officer, or agent, who Is
or shall be employed under the- legislative, judiciary, or
executive department of this Slate or the United States, or
of any city or incorporated district, and also, that every
member of Congress and the State Legislature, and of the
select and common council of any city, commissioners of
any incorporated district, is by law incapable of holding
or exercising at the same time the office or appointment
of judge, inspector or clerk of any election Cr this Com
monwealth, and that no inspector or judge, or other offi
cer of any such election, shall be eligible to any office
then to be voted for."
Also, that in the fourth section of the act of Assembly,
entitled "en Act relating to executions, and for other
purpoees," approved April 16, 1840, it is enacted that the
aforeadd 18th section " shall not be so construed as to
prevent any militia driller or borough officer from serv
ing as judge, Inspector or clerk at any general or special
election in this Commonwealth."
Also, that in the 61st section of said act, it is enacted,
that every general and special elections shall be opened
between the hours of eight and ten in the forenoon, and
shall continue without Interruption or adjourment until
seven o'clock in the evening, when the polls shall be
closed ,7
The special election shall be held and conducted by the
impactors and judges elected as aforesaid, and by clerks
appointed as hereinafter provided.
No person shall be permitted to vote at the election,
as aforesaid, but a white freeman of the age of twenty
one years or more, who shall have resided in this State
at least one year, and in the election district where he
offers to vote at least ten days immediately preceding
such election. and within two years paid a state or county
tax, which shall have been assessed at least ten days be
fore the election. But a citizen of the United States who
has previously been a qualified voter of this State and re
moved therefrom and returned, and who chair have re
sided In the election district and paid taxes as aforesaid,
shall be entitled to vote after residing in this that* six
months : Provided. That the white freemen, citizens of
the United States, between the ages of 21 and 22 years,
and have resided in the election district ten days, an
aforesaid, shall be entitled to vote , although they shall
not have paid taxes.
"No person shah be admitted to vote whose name is
not metalled In the lt.t of taxable inhabitants furnished
by the commissioners unless: First, he produces a receipt
for the payment within two years,,of a state or county
tax, assessed agreeably to the con stitution, and give satis
factory evidence, either on his own oath or affirmation, or
the oath or affirmation of another, that he has paid such
a tax, or on failure to produce a receipt, shall make oath
et the payment thereof ; or, Second, if he claim a vote by
being an elector between the ages of 21 and ffil years, he
shall depose an oath or Miro:eaten that he has resided in
the State at least one year before his application, and make
such proof of his residence in the district as is required
by this act, and that he does verily believe ftom the ac
counts given him that he is of the age aforesaid, and glv
nob other evidence as is required by this act, whereupon
the name of the person so admitted to vote, shall be Loser
ted in the alphabetical list by the inspect= and a nes
made opposite thereto by writing the word 'tax,' if be
shall be admitted to vote by reason of having paid Vita ,or
the word 'age,' if he shall beadmitted to vote by reason
of such smt, and abed be called mit to the clerks, who
shall make the like rethieliseiththst of voters kept by them.
"In all cases where the mile of the person claiming to
vote is not found on the lint famished by the commission
ers and uffillitge, or hie. right to vote, whether found
041610 n or not, is objected to by any qualified citizen, it
shall bothitcluty of the inspectors to examine Bach per,
sea on oath. es to lite.mmiltheations, and if he claims to
have resided within the State tar ehd you
bern e quail
by at least we competent witneol I ° the district for
elector, that he has resided withal'
immediately preceding said
than tea days nestthat hisAM bins • aogisoau oleo himself swear
i te g i h mer ip wow= of hsolaarbil =Slog is within the
mad Wachs did net remove into nail district for
the slarsosiof Teak, therein.
t . eerson . guallied es aforesaid. and who and
pmt aria amt. rwiArt al l biS fieffillinen and pep
asstmasa so efOrseekt, be admitted to vote in
th e tewsibip, ward, or distrke la which he stall rad&
is if my perms Shall prersat, attempt to prevent
Ntto 2lbutrtisemnits.
- - -
any officer of any election ender this act from holding such
election, or use or threaten any violence to any such om
cer,. or shall interrupt or improperly interfere with him
in the akeenkloll of his duty, or shall block up the win
dow or avenue to any window where the same may be
holding, or shall riotously disturb the peace at such elec
tion, or shall use or practice intimidating threats, force or
violence, with a design to Maumee unduly or overawe
any elector, or to prevent him from voting, or to restrain
the freedom of choice, such a person, on conviction, snail
be lined in any sum not exceeding live hundred dollars,
and imprisoned for any time not less than one month nor
more than twelve months, and if It shall be shown to the '
Court where the trial of such offence shall be had, that
the person so offending was not a resident of the city,
ward, or district, or township where the said offence was
committed, and not entitled to vote therein, then, on con
viction, he shall be sentenced to pay a tine of not leo
than one hundred dollars or more than one thousand
and be imprisoned not lees than six months or more
than two years.
In case the peon who shall have received the second
highest number of votes for inspector shall not attend on
the day of election, then the person who shall have re
ceived the next highest number of votes for judge at the
spring election shall act as inspector in his place.—
And in case the person who shall have received the high-
Mit number of votes for inspector shall not attend, the
person elected judge shall appoint an inspector in his
place, and in case the person elected shall not attend, thee
the inspector who received the highest number of votes
shall appoint a judge in his place, or if any vacancy shall
continue in the board for the space of one hour alter the
time fixed by law for the opening of the election, the
qualified voters of the township, ward, or district for
which said officer shall have been elected, present at the
place of election, shall select one of their number to fill
such vacancy.
It shall be the duty of the several assessors, respec
tively to attend at the place of holding every general,
special or township election, during the time said electios
is kept open, for the purpose of giving information to the
inspectors and judges when called on, in relation to the
right of any person assessed by them to vote at such
elections, or such other matters in relation to the anises
meat of voters as the said Inspectors, or either of them,
■hall from time to time require."
Pursuant to the provisions contained in the 78th section
of the act first aforesaid, the judges of the aforesaid dim
trlot shall respectively take charge of the certificate or
return of the election of their respective districts, and
produce them at a meeting of one judge from each die
trict, at the borough of Harrisburg, on the third day
after the day of the election, being t?itIDAY tea rah of
October, then and there to do and perform the duties
required by law of said judges.
also, that where a judge by sickness or unavoidable ac
cident, is unable to attend such meeting of judges, then
the certificate or return aforesaid shall be taken chira l
of by one of the inspectors or clerks of the electio
said district, who shall do and perform the duties req
of said judges unable to attend.
Given under my band, in my °Moe in Harrisburg, the
12th day of eepwmbor el. D., 186!..
.140 GB D. B Woolf of Dauphin Gb.
Simaav's Orium, Harrisburg, Sepunaber 11th,1862.
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revisors of the Penal Code has been embodied
in the notes to the various sections of it, and
the appendix contains for the first time, the
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