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H rs I U , PA
Monday Afternoon, September 15, 1862.
COL HARRY C. LONONRCKER, than whom there
are few abler soldiers, is in this city, and, we
believe, is to be intrusted with the command
of a brigade. He is the man to lead brave men
HARRY DAVIE, the artist, has enlisted in the
Anderson troupe, or as it is now called The Buell
Body Guard, for the war. His panorama has
boen packed and placed in safety until after the
war. This highly patrioticateps of Mr. Davis is
worthy of all praise.
Is THERE ARE any Union men who are half
ready to despair, let them for God's sake be
silent and do not by their miserable croakings
discourage those who are fighting or otherwise
working for the country. And, if they must
look doleful, let them either shut themselves
up or wear their wives' or mothers' Tells over
their faces.
Is we PERMIT the family of the absent sol
dier to suffer, we forfeit all claim to the pro
tection we receive from the interposition of his
strong arm between us and our invaders. It
is no mere charity on our part to sustain those
dependent on him and dear to him. It is but
the performance of an act of absolute justice
and solemn duty.
SANFORD I —Notwithstanding his position ,of
Captaincy still holds his port at the Opera
House, and appears with the Troupe. On and
off the stage, we know no better now than
Sanford ; his power of character and delinia
tion is without doubt the b .st ever opened in
this City. As a performer and a military man,
Sanford is excellent. Go see the Captain to
FATAL Acctom.—On Monday morning last
between 3 and 4 o'clock while two bands, Solo
mon Clink and John llarvey, at the Connells
vine, (Fayette county) depot were shoving a
truck, preparatory to staving the train, the
engineer, unconscious of their presence, run the
locomotive up, striking the truck and knock
ing them both down. Clink fell on the track,
the truck passing over his neck killing him in
stantly ; Harvey was badly hurt, but is still
CARBON COUNTY is responding manfully to
the summons of the Governor for forces to de
fend our southern and south-west borders from
invasion. The people of this county have aL
ready contributed a large number of men who
are now in the field, but they were not satisfied
until they had responded to the second call in
a manner at once to prove the Inexhaustible
numbers and unbounded seal for the support of
the National and State Governments.
Ws publish for information the distance from
Harrisburg to Martinsburg, with the principal
intervening towns :
From Harrisburg to Ckrlilse .18 miles
ft " " Shippensburg....4l "
" " Chambersburg ...62 "
" " Greencastle 68 "
at "
" State Line 68 "
It "
" Hagerstown......74 "
ol " " Williamsport....Bo "
" " Martinsburg, Va.. 95 "
THE NIGHT PA.TROLE which is about to be or
ganized by order of the City Councils, promises
to be a useful and most efficient body. The
public have long felt the necessity of such an
organization, and at this time, when the city is
crowded witli strangers, some such an organi
zation seems absolutely indespensible for the
safety and protection of the people and their
property. We trust the matter will receive the
hearty support of our good citizens, as one in
which all are interested.
There is, according to the census, 738,268 of
an excess of males over females in the United
states. The fact is noteworthy and ought to
quiet the apprehensions of those who feared
thl war would cause an undue preponderance
of women after peace was declared. No mat
ter how bloody the war may be or how long it
may last, it cannot make away with three-quar
ters of a million of lives. The waste of life
may make the excess nearly even, but even
hen we shall be better off than in England,
where the females are in excess by nearly a
million, and the social. problem of the day is
how to provide them with husbands or occupa
ending Sept 11, 1862.—Total receipts of Live
Stock at Harrisburg Stock Yard during the
week-L-1680 Beef Cattle ; 2970 Hogs ; 1284
Sheep, and 1212 Horses. The sales this week
on Friday were :
Beef Cattle. Beef Cattle.
W. Ross sold 34 Myers & Bro. sold 50
W. Tinner sold 34 Holmes & Co. " 40
W. Williams sold 50 M. Stephens - " 70
M. Shoemaker " 17 Gordon &Gloss " 60
J Canister "17 Haselwood " 18
at prices ranging from 3 20 to $4 per 100 lbs.
gross for Beef cattle, the sales of Hoge were
A. D. Bond 256 hogs Geo. Emrich 219 hogs
B. E. Adams 95. " J. Robinson 100 "
G. Gordon sold 139 hogs average(g,, 4 20 per
100 lbs gross making total sales this week of 380
Beef cattle and 808 hogs; the following droves
of beef cattle were in market this week:
L. Wheelor, .... 15 Mr. Stephens ,, —... 70
L. Cowen, 16 J. McCollister, .... 72
Guckenheitner & W. Tamer, ........ 84
Bro., 115 W. Wi11iam5,,,,,,. 60
Gordon & Glass, .. 60 E. Halton, 48
Myers & Bro., .... 60 Wilson & Bro., ....114
Holmes &Co., .. . . 40 J. Haselwood, 18
Redd & Steel ....113 E. Williams, 222
Shoemaker Co. 130 J. Moss, 33
W. Boss, 48 P. Pearl, 46
Capt.Hutehinson,l.B2 Thos. Duffy, 88
Bea PosTposen.—The sale of the Beal Es
tate of Samuel Wollower, as advertised by his
assignee, has been postponed from the 18th of
Septejaber to the 11th day of October next, at
which time the sale will possibly take place.
Sept. 13, 1862.
An old saying, that "WAR KNOWS NO SUNDAY,"
has been fully verified here to-day. As most
of your readers know, we left our beloved homes
yesterday evening about six o'clock, as the First
regiment of Pennsylvania militia, composed of
mechanics of every trade, lawyers, printers,
business men. Believing business to be of mi
nor importance, when our country and our own
state are to be assailed by foes worse than
savages, we left with a determination, knowing
full well that we were not well drilled in mili
tary tactics, yet most of us could shoot a bullet
at theacnemy as well as the raw militia of the
rebels. We arrived three miles from Chem
bersburg about 12 o'clock in the night. Here
the locomotives ware detached and run to
Chambersburg, as a necessary precaution. Our
gallant Colonel, M'Cormick, rode on the loco
motive, and soon returned with an order that ten
rounds of ammunition should immediately be
distributed to every man, and that the guns
should be loaded at once. This order aroused
every sleepy man to action, and all of us were
anxious to know the cause of this preparation,
but as a soldier has no business to ask questions,
weprepared ourselves at once to obeyorders. The
rattling of the ramrods had scarcely commenced
when another order was issued, that the appa
rent danger had passed away, and that it was
unnecessary to load then, but the boys gene
rally had already commenced, and most of the
pieces received their proper charge. ' After this
the cars were dispatched to this station, Camp
M'Clure, about two miles above Chambersburg,
along the Franklin Railroad, and here we are en
camped on a splendid farm belonging to Mr.
Messeremith, the Cashier of the Bank of Cham
bersburg. As a matter of necessity much prop
erty is destroyed by the occupation of two thou
sand men and upwards, for we found another and
a large and flue body of men under Brig. Gen'i.
Charles Campbell on the ground; but Mr. M.
found no fault with the conduct of the man and
quietly remarked that every thing he possess
ed was at tee service of the Government. This is
the true doctrine and I wish to God we had
more men in Harrisburg like him; and still we
have as true and loyal men at home as can
be found any where, but we must also ac
knowledge that we have traitors in abundance,
who have as yet given little or nothing in sup
port of the government or for the support of
those who are now left behind by husbands
and sons who are battling to save our com
mon country from ruin.
The men were engaged most part of the day
erecting sleeping apartments. We were com
pelled to ride here in open cars with the doors
and windows or the greater part knocked out
and as the night was very cold a large num
ber.caught a beautiful cold. Add to this a few
cases of diarrhea, and we have the effect on the
health of the men during our first days cam
paign At five o'clock we had the first dress
parade, and it would have done you good to
have seen the Ist Rejoiment of Pennsylvania
Militia on that occasion. Without scarcely any
drill at home, all the companies went through
the manual with little trouble and I can assure
you that many regiments have left Camp Curtin
after six weeks drilling with less military knowl
edge than the raw Militia of Harrisburg and
Cumberland county exhibited to day.
The Regiment has been equally fortunate in
the selection of its officers. Colonel McCoimick
makes one of the very best officers that could
have been commissioned. With a few days more
practice he will rank with most any volunteer
colonel in the field, and his men all like him-
Lieut. Col. Robert A. Lamberton will also make
an excellent officer. Without much practictal
military knowledge, he has gone to work in
earnest: You can almost constantly see him
with "The Regulations" in hie hand, studying
hard to qualify himself, and all who know him
feel satisfied that he will put the boys
"through." Our two Dauphin colonels will ,
be an honor to the military profession. I will
notice the staff officers hereafter.
About four o'clock we were agreeably sur
prised by the arrival of the first Dauphin County
cavalry company. After leaving yesterday eve
ning they rode as far as Carlisle, where they
halted for the night and arrived here as stated.
The distance is 62 miles and we mud certainly
call this good traveling for a day and an eve
ning, with raw horses and many men unaccus
tomed to riding. The men and horses did not
seem to be fatigued but were In excellent spirits
under their popular captain, Ear Brans. Our
county can truly claim the honor of sending in
fantry and cavalry to the borders to repel inva
sion, while some neighboring counties were con
sidering the policy and the necessity of organi
Another battle must have been fought, and,
I trust, another victory gained, to-day. The
sounds of cannon were distinctly heard to-day
in the direction of Harper's Ferry, but of courso
the telegraph will advise you of the result. I
have direct information this evening that a
locomotive went to the state line to-day, within
four miles of Hagerstown, and that the rebel
pickets stationed there had all disappeared—
none had been seen since yesterday. Reports
also came from there that the rebels had at
tacked Gen. White at Martinsburg, and been
repulsed with severe lug.
I had almost forgotten to notice the enthu
siastic reception given ns by the citizens
on the route hither. The ladies of Mechanics
burg and Carlisle turned out •n mace to greet
us, and supply us with a 0001, refreshing drink
of water, than which nothing is more welcome
to a soldier.
We hear that the cavalry company met with
an equally enthusiastic reception everywhere—
that the ladies of Shippensburg provided every
thing abundant for man and beast. God bleu
all the donors, More anon.
lallatiNTS set out in favorable weather,.
A (or if waterei when dry,) in avow, Septeas ber
or Oetober, will produces fair crop the next summer;
Mien enough to pal for the oblate and pawing ; besidei
insuring an abunlant yield the following meson.
All the best variette k an eau at the_ Noyatone, Nor
eery, liarriebarg.
Permegluania Math) elegraph, Mantrap lifterttoon, September 15, 1862
AMUIo, M Lewis, E
Arnold, A Lynch, M A
Atchly, M J Lewis, M T
Adley, B Longnecker, J A
Adams, M E Lowdon, M
Addams, M Lona, Mrs
Atherton, N J Leger, E
Adams, B J SlCldurtrie ' A 2
Albright, J McCroaky, A
Bender, B McLimans, A E
Gently, C McNeal, Mrs
Bender, E McNeal, J
Banal, 8 McClellan, 8
Black, R A McComes, S
Binter, B Mese, A
Bickerton, A B Main, M
Black, 8 A Masoner, E
Boughter, M Martin, E J
Bower, A Pdeiley, C K
Boocks, M Miller, A E
Brown, M Michael, K A 2
Bspdbeck, B Matchett, M B 2
Braght, N J , Mager, E
Buchecher, A Megary, A
Cerrolan, M Madlam, C
Callagher, 8 Mager, A L
Cassell, 8 Mason, W
Clouser, B A Masoner, J
Color, A Miller, A.
Crum, E A Mann, El
Dawn, C J Moleon, A L
Davis, M Marks, 8
Devout, B A Major, M
DeSanno, E Matchett, A
Devingar, E Miller, A M
Duvall, 8 Moore, E C
Donahower, B Murphy, A B
Dunkin, D Muench, E
Duncan, B Qrth, lif H
Duncan, 8 Oren, M
Epler, N A 2 Peiffer, Pit
Elliott, 141 A Peepels, Id
Etnoyer, H Plouden, A
Etla, E Pope'', A
Fits, Al Pchvel, 0
Fenceler, A Reltsel, A
Forster, J hi Ramage, E
Fullerton, kt Reed, N
Frank, E Rhule, M A 2
Giest, N Right, F
Gensler, S Rolman, la
Geary, ki Ft Rose, M
Garverich, II E Bogel, E R
Garman, N Sauby, P
Gray, A Saul, 8 J
Gunter, B Scool, L
Grady, C IL Saline, K
Gordon, A E Sherman, T W
Greason, J A Shearer, N
Given, E B Seal, 8 j
Groff, N E Sharer, A N
Hartnett, Pa Shepler, E
Hosier, K E Short, M
Harrison, W H Shuter, M
Harman, Mrs Scheaffer, V
Hamilton, C Sadler, A A
Hagan, S Seig, A A
Henson, J A Seely, M E
Henry, N A 2 Siera, A
Hoffard, 0 Smith, S
Homan, E Snider, C B
Rocker, ki Simpson, A
Howard, la Snyder,MU
Holtaberger, L * Smith, B
Hoop, M C Stroh, B
Hooper, E Stickman, hi
Hoak, ki Stevenson, L
Hufford, M Stair, L A
Hoover, C Stevenson, PA A
Hughes, It , Stephens, 8
Johnson, A E Swope, A B
Jackson, 0 Stone, S
Jones, Al Thompson, E
Jones, C Thomas, X
Kammerer, A Umpbry, E
Kane, M Virling, M
Kugler, K Wagner, A V
Kernan, E Watkins, F
Kelley, C Wagner, IT J
Keech, H Wegener, Mrs
Kauffman, H Weaver, M
Kilirain, M Wetzel, M
Kessler, M D Wentze, S
Keller, L Weltmer, L V
Knipple, B Weidman, E
Kreieter, C Whiteman, A
Kuch, E Whistler, M B
Kompton, K , Wells, hi A
King, K Workman, S
Lewis, hi F Wolf, S
Laury, K A Ziegendoller, B
Landis, B Zimmerman, K
Armstrong, A Krepa, D
Ashmead, Lt. A S Kalb, C
Allen, S
Adams, Capt. Id B L 9 ln u 13dig: J
Alworth, J Ludo, Capt C
Amiour, Q Lantel, B
Bakel, T Ai Lightner, P
Barkley, F Lager, J
Baker, C H Laudrus, H J
Baker, J 8 Lanndria, H
Baird, T Lee, U
Barrett, T Leda, Mr
Baldwin, W II Laydig, J
Barry, J Lewis, J
~.. H.O
47.13:, 4_ . _
Ball, G Littlefield, W
Barr, E J Leger, J
Bailey, M Lowden, J
Beet, A A Lusinr, R
Beats, J Lowe, J P
Bean, P E Ltncks, J
Bender, B Lents, 0
Berkley, 0
..... Lynn, 3 IL
__ _
Bell, H Cuts; H B
Beaver, J A Loydd, B
Bechtel, 0 P McCullough, B
Best, J E McConnell, J . A
Bloom, D McCurdy, 3 .F.
Black, W A McCoy, T G
Bodine, Lt. L T 2 McClune, H
Boyce, J McFarland, J T
Booth, 8 McCarnzac, D B
Bowers, J C McPherson, W C
Bomb, A McGrew, J B
Bowers, C K McCullough, Cap. G W
Bowington, Capt. DJ McDonald, W
Boughter, J McDatan, W
Bruce, J McComb, T R
Brooke, G H McCullough, J
Brown, Lt. R McDonald, W R 4
Briggs, A B McGarry, E
Bricker, J H McFarland, J
Bretton., SG McDonald, W
Broughter iSt Haller, Mozmamey,x W
Bricker, L J Marbarger, a (Ship)
Brown, 0 H Mellowday, H
Brioers, Lt. G H Mattison ' C
Bretz, T J Mahlon J
Bryden, T B Matto,' J
Brandt, J B Mahlon°, J II
Bullock, C B Mayer,A
Burns, D 2 Mehlig, W
Bogher, C Idahlin, JR
Buzzard, J Mead, J
Bucher, 0 Miller, J M
Buchter, C Milltown, 3
Bussey, J Mitchell, 8 A
Caen; 8 Miller, J G
Churchman, Mr. Mike, J J
Carroll, F Miller, 3
Callahan, H Mitchel, G
Chase, J . M Minim), J
Callihan, B Miller, 0
(Anson, N A 2 Miller, W R
Camel, J W Rarely,. 0 R
Comedy, P _ • Miller, W
Carpenter, H Mitchel, J
Chadwick, J M O'Brien, R E
Cann, C Ober, J 2
Clarke, Lt. W D Patterson, J T 2
Cline D R Parsons, J
Clark, 0 P Panes, C
Cline, Capt. J A Pernell, J
Coleman, J Phngo, W
Conrad, B W Pennington, A B
Carnby, T S Pennyman, F B
Cochrane, Lt. W Parsons, A V
Cogen, jr., 1 Perry, A L
Cox, J Parker, B F
Cowden, W C Perry, J T
Colgrove, H L Plummer, Capt A H
Cole, A J Pifer, M
Callere, M Pleis, 0
Craig, C Pierce, W
Cubey, A M Pittman, B F
Craig, J Power, J or A
Crum, W 2 Pomeroy, JAI 2
Custer, W Al Prowell, J M
Crow, G W Price, J
Curtiss, Al Pussy, J
Cramer & Co., L P Prune, J B
Cunningham, J B Quiggle, W M
Crosby, Lt. F. B 2 Reber, D
Dasher, Jr , A Rankin, A A
Daugherty, H Real, 0
Davis, J Reese, W
Demming, H C Reed, W H
Dampmao, J H 2 Bhorer, J
Day, Reed, P R
Day, E A Headm J
Denniston, A Reninger, an, J
Davison, 0 9 Reichard, J
Dennell, AReynolds, W H
Dalzell, J B B Reynolds, A
Davis, H Reichard, W 8
Deppen, J C Riley, J
Dedford, P Riddle, J
Dean, G T Bicker, D
Deutsch, H Ringent, J
Diero, D B Ritz, W L
Dimock, L Rider, J
Dietrich, G Bobbins, C H
Dushman, A 0 Roller, 0
Donaghy, G W Runyen, G
Dobson, A Ruff, 8
Dunham, H Roush, J . E
Donaldson, J C Ruts, B
Dyer, J 0 Rowland, W H
Donahower, J Roberts, Capt 0 H
Dosey, W Bale, W
Dodge, J B Scutt, W H
Duncan, A Schnell, A L
E L B Scott, F
Ent, Capt., W H 2 Sansom, 1 F
Eager, J Balinger, A
Elder, H Scott, MaJ M
Evington, F Schmitt, 3
Etheringtan, J Santo, J
Eshelman, J Schaffer, P
Packenthall, Lt. J C Sabin, 0 L
Felly, T Schaffner, J C
Fieher,Lt J K Sand, J A
Fiery, W Sanderson, J K
Farley, I) Shilling, N
Fox, P Selores, B
Fritz, J Shunkwiler, D
Fuuck, A Shearer, H W
Fuller, J W 2 Seeger, A
Gast, J B Shrlvely, L
Gardner, 0 W Shoop, W
Gartland, P Shoemakey, A
Galbraith, W Shaull, L
Gentheltz, J F Shertzer, C
Gabagan, J Shaffer, P
Ganison, L hi Shugert, C F
Greagher, A Shuman, L
Garvicb, J Shanafelt, T M
Glades, E " Sentinel,"
Gardner, H Shafer, 0
Gamble, 0 P Shank, B
Gateman, F 2 Beal, Al
Goaher, G Shaffer, C B
Goff, F Shubert, A B
Ragan, 0 Schaeffer, ii H
Haveratick, W Smith, 8 B
Henry, A Sill, W
Haines, F Skeen, W (2)
Harris, W 5 Smith, 0 H
Hayter, J Snoddy, W W El
Hare, M Smith, J 0
Hayward, C Sieg, C
Hanley, A B Smith, W B
Hayes, J 0 Smith, C
Hess, G Smith, D id
Hess, W H Snyder, A
Herrmann, J F Slacker, A
Redden, N B Snyder, H
Heck, J B Smith & Harris,
Henry, W Small, L
Hite, 3 K Slagle, J F
Hinson, N 0 Siegal, C
Riney, G Southwick, J .
Heilman, W Spregelmier, H
Hopkins, A Spencer, F
Haliner, J Southwick, Lient
Horton, 0 Spriglemoyer, H H
Hoops, J F Sparing, B
Houghton, F Sphar, J
Hcirtley, W B Spharr, J K 2
Halton, F Shuson, J
Hooker, Sr. G Stahl, S
Heolton, W Swichard, E ii
Holton, F Sweigard, A
Holreteal J Stiner, 0
Hoffman, P Shoner, J B
Hoffman, D Swartz, J A
Hurting, A Stevens, J N
Hornor, G W Stephan, E
Houck, J 0 Stets, J
Harsh, 8 Stover, J G
Hudson, Dr Suits, J
nbbel, 8 Stephens, J S
Hughes, 0 D Thomas, D W
Hutchinson, J L Thompson, E 2
Hutton, .E E Tompeon, G
Huff, J D Terrill, L H
Hufferd, J Thomson, W E
Hush, El Talley, G W
Hudgin, 0 R Tomlinson, A
Hyers, G Tilestin, W
Huity, J D Trulluiger, W
Ingallely, R A 8 Gehling, W
zones, 11 Vertz, G •
Jones, Lt J 0 P Venn, L
Judson, 3 W 2 Waggle, G
Johns, 8 A Warneld, 0 8
Jones, B B Wareham, H
Jones, L Walker, 0 F
Jayne, W H S Walsh, F
Joquea, B Ward, L F
Jenkins, G W 2 Wadsworth, Brig Gen
Johnson, W H Walters, D
Johnson, J Al Warteld, W V
Kell, W Wells, J B
Keller, J Wertheimer, J
Keener, J Way, J.
Kerr, B F Wells, W
Keyes, D J Weinland, M
Keller, J 8 2 White, W
Kennedy, J White, B
Kieff, B Wells, C
Ileigs, J P Whitmoyer, 8
Sister, J A H Weisaenborn, G
Eurg, A (ship) Weaver, JAI
llopenhafer, P J Whitcomb, H B
Kuhter, F Wight, IS
Knouse, W H WWII, N
Kronberg, Al Wilson,- WW H $
Moyer, C P Williams, W B
Mon* A J Wingert, J
Morland, H Wittenmyer, H
hioorhouse, Mr Wick, A
Moore, 3 Wise, W
Morris, Capt J 0 Wilson, B 2
Morley, T Willes, A
Myers, T Williams, J
Myers, J T Wise, B
Mustard, C B 4 Winan, W
Murphey, Col Wilcox, if 0
Mullen, G W Wioga rd, 0 W
Murphy Lt J Willis, W
htYleY, 13 Wilson, J . M
lifebinger, G R Woodruff, B
Novinger, J D Wood, W W
Norris, W B Woodf J
Orr, T H Woodward, R T
Olthetueler, Mr Wood, J B
Oswald, 11W WYI44, ,7 B 2
Over, AR TN* 8
Yates, W Zarger, J
Yundtt, W S Hefrlght, Capt. L
Yobey, JAt 2 Loy, J J
Yimonts, J D
Andreas, A King, G B
Alsworth, J W Lathrop, W B
Adams, T Lisingburg, 9
Brown, H C Lyon, G A
Byard, G Lewis, V W
Brice, A N Logan, W D
Brestle, J Landrus, II J
By le, J Lacier, J D
Britton, El Loyd, H
Butler, J Lenox, E P 2
Bible, W 2 Laughlin, A
Bingham, 0 G Lindsay, A C
Bell, J Little, B
Bonher, M lambert, H 8
Blain, L McNeal, J
Binder, J McOollough, J L
Boyer, F McElhinny, R H
Beal, J W McFadden, J B
Biddle, W " Mitchell, J I
Byard, G A Miller, I J
Boynton, J D Millen, G W
Barker, B S Martin, J R
Barnum, E B Myers, T
Barkley, G Neitrow, T
Berkman, D Norton, P
Barclay, C F Nagle, H
Brady, 1 Neylor, T
Baldoser, E Newcommer, J B
Cosgrove, T. Phillips, n B P EI
Cress, J W Patterso, S R
Crouse, r Powell, F M
Cole, C Petril, J
Cup, J Patch, 8 B
Coonfer, J Quick, H
Cleywell, 0 Rogers, W
Chelson, A Roland, H
Chase, J M 4 Reed, A G
Chatham, W M Rider, M
Champing, V B Biegard, W H
Cowder, J B Stone, J El
Carter, FJor G W Stewart, W W
Diethrick, F 9 2 Smith, P
Evril, S B Smalley, N a
Brand, J G Smith, 8
Evans, H Sadler, 0
Elliott, B S Shafer G
Fralick ; A Shirk, M B
Frost, 0 Sarver, D
Ford, J Searle, D W
Fowler, Scott, D W 2
Fry, G Scott, W.
Fellows, M Smith, W
Goon, N Sipes, W H
Giddings, J D Torbit, W
Gilbert, H Tinsman, A G
Gillispie, W K Thompson, H 2
Hemphill, W J Taggart, F
Hood, J 8 Tate, A B
Hood, W S Wirtz, G W
Hutchinson, B W Vandersyde, G
Hoons, J Vannes, C A
Hail, T Wack, S V D
Hoyt, C 8 Wilson, W 0
Joyce, F Wells, E
Johnston, J 0 Welsh J B
Johnston, A Warg, J
Kirkpatrick, ki Whitaker, J
Bonnard, J Young, A B
Kingsbury, 0 0
Persons calling for any of the above letters
will please say they are advertised. One cent
due on each.
Harrisburg, Sept. 11 1862.
No. 86.
By authority of the President of the United
States, fifty thousand of the freemen of Penn
sylvania are hereby called for immediate ser
vice to repel the now imminent danger from
invasion by the enemies of the country.
Officers in command of company organisa
tions as authorised by General Order. No 85,
dated Sept. 10th, will at ones report by tele
graph, the place of their headquarters, so that
orders may be issued from these headquarters
for transportation to Harrisburg for such com
panies as may be ordered to move.
Farther calls will be made for additional
forces as the exigencies of the service may re
quire. The formation of Companies under the
General Order of September 10, should continue
to be made as rapidly as possible until all tub
able-bodied loyal men of Pennsylvania are en
rolled and ready for service.
By order of
Governor and o.vnn4ander-in-Chief.
A. L. RUSIIIILL, Adjutant General Penn's.
Harrisburg, Sept. 10, 1882
No. 35.
In view of the danger of invasion now threat
ening our State, by the enemies of the govern
ment, it is deemed necessary to call upon all
the able-bodied men of Pennsylvania to organ
ize immediately for the defence of the State,
and be ready for marching orders, upon one
hour's notice, to proceed to such poinbi of ren
dezvous as the Governor may direct,
It is ordered—
Ars; That Company organizations be made
in accordance with the number required under
the laws of the United States, to wit :
One Captain,
lit Lieutenant,
2d Lieutenant,
80 privates as the minimum, and 98 privates
as the maximum standard of each company.
The company officers to be elected by each
&rend, As the call may be sudden, it is desir
able that the officers and member of each com
pany provide themselves with the best arms
they can secure, with at least sixty rounds of
ammunition to suit the kind of arms in posses
sion of the soldier. Such persons as cannot
secure and bring arms with them, will be fur
nished by the government after their arrival
at the place of rendezvous.
?laird. Each officer and member of the mu
pany shall provide himself with good stout
clothing, (uniform or otherwise,) boots, blanket
and haversack, ready to go into camp when
called into service.
/burth. Each company organization to be
perfected as soon as possible,
and report the
name of officer in command, the number of
men and the place of its headquarters, to these
headquarters, in order that they may be prompt
ly notified to move when their servioes are re
Fifth. Organizations, when ordered to move,
will be furnished with traiasporta tlou by the
Sztii. On arrival at the place of rendezvous,
they will be formed into regiments or such
other organizations as the Governor, Com
mander-in-Chief of Pennsylvania, may direct.
'Seventh. So far as practicable and as may be
found consistent with the interests of the public
service, companies from the same localities will
to put together in such larger organizations
as may be formed.
Eighth. Organizations formed under the re
cent proclamation are earnestly requested to
adopt without delay such measures as may be
necessary to comply with this order.
Ninth. Organizations called into the field un
der this order will be held for service for such
time only as the pressing exigency for state de
fence may continue.
By order of ,
Governor and Onwintatder-in-Chief.
A. L. Russian, Adlt Gem. Penn.
T . general variety of goods for a4l.
*feint the
to be *end at lieu.,'*, IS nnorpassed9 1 Markiin this
street ,
To the Afflicted.
The undersigned would respectfully in
form those who are afflicted with Rhenma
dem, ri Pala, Consumption of Liver and
Idneyfi=>ti aghs, Fevers, and all diseases
arising fro , impurity of the blood, that she is
prepared• to furnkh Mrs. Westhoven's German
Vegetable Medicines at very moderate rates.
I have also on hand a quantity of invaluable
Salves for Sore Eyes, Frozen Feet and Piles.
References can be furnished as to their won
derfal efficacy, whenever called upon. There
need be no apprehension in regard to my com
petency in administering-it, as I have had it
on hand for the past six years. As they are
now sold at reduced prices, no family should be
without them over night. They can be had at
any time at my residence, in Pine street, be
tween Second and Front,
Aul3 dlm
Ma& Bats. :—I take this method of testifying
to the efficacy of your valuable medicine. My
child had Convulsion of the Bowels, and I heard
of your curing children of that disease. I then
gave it a trial, and my child was restored to
health. When I commenced to use it my child
was three weeks old. I then used your Infant
Cordial until my child was six weeks old, and
my husband and I believe that your medicine
was the means of saving our child's life. I live
two miles below the city.
Wa HAYS received a large assortment of hoop
skirts, from 75c. up to $2 50. A large assort
ment of linen and needlework collars, and col
lars and sleeves, at all prices. White catabrics,
jacconetts, nautucks, brilliants, and plain and
figured Swiss muslin, at all prices. The finest
lot of embroidered French cambric brands ever
brought to Harrisburg—of Infant's waists we
keep a large assortment. Ladies' and gentle
men's linen pocket handkerchiefs, ladies' stock
ings, gentlemen's one half hose, and children's
stockings of all descriptions and prices. Twenty
pieces of carpet to be sold cheap. Kentucky
jeans, sattlnetts and o.saimeres fur men and
boy's wear. We received 60 dozen suspenders,
at all prices. 60 dozen cotton handkerchiefs,
with borders, and a great many other notions
and small wear. . S. LIZWIr.
Male or lionale.
IP you have been auffenng 'rem a habit in dulged in by the
Y 002710 1 0 BOT.II sE.rEs,
It Unfits then far Mkt/Rage,
And Is ■he erealebt OVA' which can befall
See symptom. enumerated in advertisement, and if you
are a sufferer,
Cut out the al veriisereen
And send for it at Once.
Delays are dangerous.
Ask lOr Beinthold'a
Take no other.
Cures guaranteed.
Beware of Counterfeits and imitations. jyl6 -42 m
WM. A. Batchelor's Bair Bye !
The only Harmless and Reliable llyerKnown
All others are mere imitations, and should be avoided
Ryon wish to escape ridicule.
GREY, RED OR RUSTY HAIR died instantly to a
beautiful and natural Brown or Mae:, without the least
injury to Hair or Skin.
nIeTEEN I.I;•DALS AND DII'LOMAS have been awar.
ded to Ws. A. BATOCILOS since 18c.9, and over 200,000
applications have been made to the hair of the patrons
of liis famous Dye.
Wm. A. Bs'rellELOWn HAIR DYE produces a color
not to be distinguished from nature and is WARRIOR=
not to mime in the least, however long it may be contin
ued, and the 11l , trects of bad Dyes remedied. The hair
is invigorated for life by this aplendid Dye, which le prop
erly applied at No. 16 Bond Street New York.
Sold tu allthe cites and towns of the United Eltatea, by
Druggists and Fancy Goode De&lure
The Genuine bite the. name'• William A. Batchelor,"
and addrate upon a 4eel plot« eugrli.Vlnt, Oh the four
ado.. of each boa.
Wholesale Factory, el Harelay St.,
Late •288 Broadway, New Yank,.
gto 3tinertiomtnts
WE INVITE the attention of families
to our stock of i.ltour. We have just received
or the Choicest ( White Wheat) St. Louts Flour that
the Western Merritt affords
Wearuarantee every barrel or bag we eell to be strict
ly superior. [jots] WM. DOCK, JR., & CO.
at :1,. g
Napreasly manufactured for the soldiere.
AFEW Bozee good Cheese, the balanoe
of a large consignment, are offered at an unusually
low rate to close out the lot. To retail dealers there will
be an Ind ucement offered. Each bat sold will be guar
anteed asrepresented. WM. DOCK, JR., & CO.
NEW mackerel, in halves, quarters or
kits, just received, and for sale low by
Corner Front and Market **lett&
ate 29
And a•general variety of Leather Goods, just
received 04 BERGNER'S 8008 STORE
moFANCY COLORED PaEer, ready cut, for
covering looting elsEs!s, Picture B:ames, Atc.
n and other new patterns for sale at
EXTENSIVE assortment of glassware,
tumblers, jelly glasscs, feuJt dishes, &c., &0., of
Sol Jost received, and for sate very low.
Corner Front and Market areas.
IGS, Dates, Prunes, Raisins, and all
kinds of Nuts, at JOH'ki WISE'S Store, Third and
6.000 POUNDS Extra Prime Sugar
Oared dame far gale very low wholesale
or retail by sad. DOCK JR., & co.
A SMALL lot of °twice Dried Fruit, at
Corner Proot and Market street.
TERSEY HAM I—Ten tierces of these
justly celebrated sugar oared balm, received and
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ClDER.—Constantly on hand at
ja very superior article of MIL 0341
WV. DOUR. Jo. &
101R1hili Cheese from New York Dairies
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QM' er Frain and Market streets._
orPETMIVE SOAP, eoniethhag . better
then Harrbene s Honnebold Soap, jest received and
Jet Corner Front and Marken etre*