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vertimencents, Business Notices, Mar
riages, Deaths, Bo.; to mauve Insertion
In the TELEGRAPH, must invariably
be accompanied with the C ASH.
Advertisements ordered in the regu
lar Evening Edition are inserted in the
morning Edition without extra charge.
Saluda) Memo% September it, 1862.
LIGHT, the Lebanon balloonist, is eugaged in
Maryland, making ascensions for the edification
of the Marylanders.
Gu'riau SHORTER.—The days are getting per
ceptibly shorter, and the nights of course longer.
The latter are delightful, and we have not re
tired a eight within a week past without bless
ing the man that invented sleep.
A LADY NOMINATION. —The Republicans of the
county of Segadehoo, Maine, have nominated
Jane R. Shaw fg Register of Deeds. Miss Olive
Rose some years ago held the same office in Lin
coln county, Ohio. In New York State, in 1860,
a lady was chosen In Genesee county, Diet k of
the Board of Supervisors.
ANOTHBR Nsw COUNTRaFirr.—A dangerous
counterfeit note of the denomination of $5.00 on
the Mechanics' Bank of Pittsburg was in circu
lation in this city this morning. It can be
easily detected by the word five on the face of
the note being printed in green, while the
genuine is printed in red.
Tan Pass SYSTEM, as it was established by
Mayor Kepner, is working to good effect, al
though some few individuals have been put to
a slight inconvenience. These passes are only
issued to those non-residents who visit the city
on business, or in extreme cases to those who
are compelled to leave the city on the most
urgent private or public business.
Ilnuozons.—By au arrangement between the
pastors of several of the churches of our city,
the usual services will be suspended in their
churches tomorrow evening and a Union prayer
meeting in be:talf of the soldiers and the coun
try will be held in the Methodist church in Lo
cust street, at half past seven o'clock.
sion very generally prevails that under the new
Tax Law all confectioners, grocers, &0., will be
required to take out a license.—This is errone
ous. Section 66th provides that " when the
annual gross receipts or sales of any apotheca
ries, confectioners, eating houses, tobacconists
or retail dealers shall not exceed the sum of
one thousand dollars, such apothecaries, con
fectioners, eating houses and retail dealers shall
not be required to take out and pay for licenses,
anything in this act to the contrary notwith
&ATI Fara.—The next State Fair will take
place at Norristown, Sept. 80th, Oct. let, 2nd
and 3rd. The most liberal arrangements are
being made with railroad Companies, and some
of the most important roads have agreed to
carry freight free. Excursion tickets will be
issued at reduced rates. The Railroad rates
will shortly be published. the premium list
is very large, and the locality accessible by the
Norristown and Philadelphia Railroad, and la
so by the Reading Railroad. Quite a number
of article have already been entered by exhibit
era. From present indications the Fair will be
one of the largest ever held in the State.
IMPORTANT TO SOLDIERS. —Every soldiar should
keep in hie knapsack a card, upon which should
be plainly inscribed his full name and address,
with his company and regiment. Last week
two cases oocurred in which soldiers were
brought to Washington, from the battle field—
one UI and the other wounded--both too low
to ascertain those particulars from them. They
died, and the hospital authorities were deprived
of the opportunity of apprising distant rela
tives or friends of their decease. In another
instance—a fine lad killed in battle—all hope
of tracing his relatives was gone, when, by
mere accicent, a little Bible, presented to him
by his mother, was found between the cloth
and lining of his old coat. That little volume
disclosed the name of the boy.
CANTONS? CANTEMS I—The militia of the
City, now under arms to march have not
been furnished with canteens. We understand
it is not the intention of the military authori
ties to supply them with this necessary article.
At moat of the camps water is a scarce article,
and as the citiren•soldiers have no means to
keep a supply on hand, there has been and is,
especially during the hot hours of the day, very
much suffering in consequence.
It has already produced some sickness, and
should the troops be subjected to activity,
might prove serious. The militia should at
once be supplied with canteens to some extent
at least. As the military authorities will not
supply them, we suggest to our readers, that if
they have a relative and friend doing duty over
the river, and wish to do him a service, that
will be gratefully remembered all hie life, send
him a canteen.
to learn that Captain James Gowau's cavalry
company is so nearly full that there le no doubt
of its being filled to-day to the maximum num
ber. The Captain has made it a point to receive
none into the corps but hale, hearty, athletic
wen, good riders, accustomed to the care and
handling of horses. Captain G. himself has
bad large experience in this line, and also in
the care' and management of large bodies of
men, as a contractor for many years on various
public Works, a school which is sure to develops
a man's qualities as a manager. His invariable
success demonstrates his fitness for the duties
to which he proposes to devote himself. We
predict that the service--volunteer or regular
willhave few better commanders and no better
company. That they will acquit themselves
well In service we confidently anticipate. There
may be yet a chance for a few more recruits.
Today is the last opportunity to secure the
IT Raman last night, just sufficient ti) cool the
atmosphere, and give us a splendid breeze to
day. The weather now, if not favorable for
agricultural pursuits, is at least in fine cundition
for military operations.
PROF. A. D. TRUPSRB, who has been teaching
a class on the piano torte in this city, has left
for the locality of danger, to do what he can in
repelling the enemy. His pupils must wait for
further instructions until he returns from the
Tits CITIZENS OP DAUPHIN are actively engaged
in forming a militia company, which is to be
commanded by Rev. Alexander D. Moore, Pres
byterian minister. From what we have heard
of this company, we are convinced that it will
be among the most efficient in the service
A WOlllO7 called at a grocery store, in one of
our neighboring villages recently, and in pay
ing for some articles purchased was offered some
postage stamps for change. She declined
taking them, saying : "I don't want any more
stamps, for I got some yesterday, and, to keep
them from being load, stuck them on the side
of the house, but the devil of a one could I get
off this morning.
A FIGHTING F.umx.—Capt. Wm. Blakely, of
Kittanning, District Attorney for Armstrong
county, is raising a company called the Arm
strong County Dragoons. Capt. Blakely leaves
a large and remunerative practice for the sterner
duties-of the field. He is the last of six brothers
who have entered the martial arena—all of
whom are alive and in actual service—fighting
for the Stars and Stripes.
Gardner Tyler, widow of the late Re-President
John Tyler, has arrived at Fortress Monroe,
Virginia, en route for the North. Mrs. Tyler is
a Northern lady, daughter of the late Colone 1
Gardner, of Long Island, owner of the island
known by his name. Miss Gardner, at the time
of her marriage with President Tyler was one of
the belles of New York fashionable life, and her
marriage with the then President of the Malted
States created a great sensation at the time.
She now returns a widow, with six small chil
dren, to the scenes of her childhood.
SANFORD', Orme Mon.—The evening is set
apart for the benefit of Mr. Sanford. A huge
bill is presented in which the Beneficence will
represent many parte, appearing in comedy, tra
gedy and opera. The friends of Mr. S. must
avail themselves of the opportunity of witness
ing the entertainments here, or the season may
terminate in a few nights, as the entire com
pany have enroled as a military body and have
preferred to respond to the call when immediate
action is required. Mr. S. has been tendered
the captaincy of several of our volunteer coin.
panies, also a Quartermastershlp, but be prefers
remaining a private, retaining his whole com
pany ete the same. This will be a musical com
pany, and the soul-stirring airs which will be
sung by this choir will be inspiring to the brave
volunteers when en the field of duty.
LADIES' Maori 11,masr Somerr.—The ladies
named will send to the reception room, Mrs.
Dr. Bailey's, Market street, by 101 o'clock,
On Monday, Scpt.l6—Homemade Bread and Butter.
Mary Bell, Mrs. Joseph Curzon,
Mrs. F.Bernheisel, " Peter Attieks,
" T. A. Aldred, " C. Beatty,
" Fanny Awl, " E. Brenizer,
" Mary Ball, 6 ' Eliza Bishop.
On Tuesday, 16th —One Pair of Stewed Chickens
will be sent by
Mrs. Barnitz, Third at. Mrs. James Colder,
Rachel Burnsides, " Wm. Dock,
" Elizab'h Bowman, " Elizabeth For,
" Emma Bailey, " J. J. Shoemaker,
" E. H. Oornyn, " I. M. Kelker,
" H. Crisswell, Miss
On Wednesday, Sept. 11—Soup and Fruits.
Mrs. Wash. Harris, Mrs, William Foltz,
" John Boyd, I I Fry,
" Joseph Black, " T. H. Garretson,
" M. Dougherty, " Martha Bonmfort,
" W. B. DeWitt, " Richard Hummel,
" Christ. Ehrman, " Henry Gilbert,
On ?intraday, Sept. 18—Stewed Chickens.
Mrs. R. A. Lamberton, Mrs. C. J. Reese,
" G. H. Small, " Jane Wagner,
" George W. Felix, " Dr. Wiestling,
" Richard Nolen, " Mrs. Davis,
" J. G. Marts, Miss Darindo Keefer,
ing resolutions were passed at the Congression
al Conference of this district, and ordered to be
published in the TRAORAPH. They breathe the
right spirit, and need no comment at our hands
to render the same acceptable to the loyal men
of the district :
Resolved, That the war for the preservation of
the Union, the enforcement of the laws, and
putting down of rebellion, is one in which all
loyal men are interested, and which demands
our moat zealous and steadfast support. That
we will spend our last dollar and abed our last
drop of blood, before it shall cease without
having accomplished the restoration of the na
tional authority and the establishment of the
national peat* and power.
Resolved, That the administration of Abraham
Lincoln has been firm, wise and patriotic, and
is eminently worthy of our confidence and sup
port ; that he has faithfully struggled for the
enforcement of the laws, and in all his actions
never departed from the Constitution. Poster
ity will do him full credit, when peace again
blesses the land.
Resolved, That in Andrew G. Curtin, Gover
nor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we
have a servant who has faltered in the dis
charge of no duty which contemplates the pro
motion of the prosperity of the people. His
course In contributing to the • support of the
National Government in its efforts to crush re
bellion, is universally acknowlged to have giv
en the Government its main strength, and to
the rebellion its sturdiest blows. As a portion
of the people of this great State we delight to
honor our Governor, alike for his personal qual
ities and official integrity.
Resolved, That the nomination of John J.
Patterson as the Union candidate for Congress
in this district, be commended to the consid
eration of the people as one deserving their
approval and support. As a bystander, he has
shown his ability by the faithfulness with which
he has discharged the legislative trusts hereto
fore reposed in him, and therefore we have
faith that, in the more extensive sphere to
which his election will call him, he will increase
his claim to onr confidence by the increased im
portance of his services, and his fidelity in all
things relating to his trust. That we individ
ually pledge ourselves to leave no honorable
effort untried to secure the election of our Con
gressional candidate.
Pasacame m nui Foram Szazer BIZEML.—
Bov. A. X. Shoemaker will preach in the Fourth
Street Bethel to-morrow morning and evening.
Pennogloania IDatig /telegraph, Batnrbap afternoon, September 13, 1862.
A • Simons Bumoa.—We heard it seriously
declared by a gentleman of respectability, in
one of our hotels yesterday evening, that a
story was afloat to the effect of a certain family
in this city having a secession flag in readiness to
hang from their dwelling should the rebels make their
appearance in Harrisburg, for the purpose not only
of securing the protection of their proyeriy, BUT TO
We have no comment to make on this declara
tion. Let the -people be on, the alert, and if
possible discover the nest of traitors !
ANOTHER SPY Cam:Tsp.—Last night about
10 o'clock, two gentleman of Dauphin brought
to this city a man who gave his name as Charles
Oold6mith, who had been circulating in the
neighborhood of Dauphin during yesterday,
taking a general tour over the mountains, and
views of the river and canal in that locality.
On being questioned as to his residence and
business in that region, he gave very unsatis
factory answers, which caused suspicion among
the citizens. He was captured on the Narrows,
about one and a half miles below Dauphin, go
ing on a double quick. He was brought to
this city in a wagon, in custody of a Mr. Young
and another gentleman whose name we did not
learn, and placed in the lock-up for safe keep
The undersigned would respectfully in-
form those who are afflicted with Rheuma
tism, Dyspepsia, Consumption of Liver and
Kidney, Coughs, Fevers, and all diseases
arising from impurity of the blood, that she is
prepared to furnish Mrs. Westhoven's German
Vegetable Medicines at very moderate rates.
I have also on hand a quantity of invaluable
Salves for Sore Eyes, Frozen Feet and Piles.
References can be furnished as to their won
derful efficacy, whenever called upon. There
need be no apprehension in regard to my com
petency in administering it, as I have had it
on hand for the past six years. As they are
now sold at reduced prices, no family should be
without.them over night. They can be bad at
any time at my residence, in Pine street, be
tween Second and Front.
Aula dim MRS. L. BALL.
Mae. BALL :—I take this method of testifying
to the efficacy of your valuable medicine. My
child.had Convulsion of the Bowels, and I heard
of your curing children of that disease. I then
gave it a trial, and my child was restored to
health. When I commenced to use it my ohild
was three weeks old. I then used your Infant
Cordial until my child was six weeks old, and
my husband and I believe that your medicine
was the means of gamine our child's life. I live
two miles below the city.
We BAITS received a large assortment of hoop
skirts, from 75c. up to $2 50. A large assort
ment of linen and needlework collars, and col
lars and sleeves, at all prices. White caaabrics,
jacconetts, nantucks, brilliants, and plain and
figured Swiss muslin, at all prices. The finest
lot of embroidered French cambric brands ever
brought to Harrisburg—of infant's waists we
keep a large assortment. Ladies' and gentle
men's linen pocket handkerchiefs, ladies' stock.
inge, gentlemen's one half hose, and children's
stockings of all descriptions and prices. Twenty
pieces of carpet to be sold cheap. Kentucky
Jeans, sattinette and °animates for men and
boy's wear. We received 50 dozen suspenders,
at all prices. 50 dozen cotton handkerchiefs,
with borders, and a great many other notions
and small wear. S. LIMY.
PURSUANT to an act of the General Ala
sembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, en
titled '"en Act relating to Elections in this Common
wealth," approved the 2d day of July, A. D., one thou
sand eight hundred and thirty-nine, I, JACOB D. BOAS,
Sheriff of the county of Daupldn, Pennsylvania, do here
by make known and give notice to the, electors of the
county aforesaid, that an election will be held in the said
county of Dauphin, ON THE SECOND TUESDAY OF
DOWSER, A. D., 1862, (being the 14th day of Uctober,)
at which time the State and County Moen, as lollows,
aro to be elected, to wit :
t.neperson to represent the counties of Delphi n,
North •mberland, Union, Snyder and Juniata, comps
lag the 14th Con_reesional &strict, in the Congress of
the Unite 1 States.
Two persons o repredent the County of Dauphin in
he House of Representatives.
• One person for District Attorney for the cout.ty of
One person tor Couo Commissioner.
One person for Director of the Poor and Howie eY em
One person lb County Auditor.
One person for County surveyor.
Gne person forCcrtone-.
that the places of holding the aforesaid general election
in the several wards, boroughs, districts and townships
within the county of Dauphin, are as follows, to wit :
The election for the First Ward in the City of Harris
burg, shall be held at the Public &Moo! Mouse, at tne
corner of Mary's alley and Front street.
The election in the Second Ward, shall be held at the
Sebool House at the corner of Dewberry alley and
Chestnut street
The election for the Third Ward, shall be held at the
School House in Walnut street, between Second and
Front street.
The election tor the Fourth Ward, shah be held at the
Public School Bongo In State street, between Second and
Third streets.
The election for the Fifth Ward, shall tie hot.; at the
house belong to General John Forster, on the State road
leading fromthe reservoir grounds to the Pennsylvania
State Lunatic Hospital.
The election in•the Sixth Ward, all be held at the
School HouHe a Weal Harrisburg.
For the township of SuAuetianita, at Miller's (now Nis
lers) school house.
For the township of Lower Swatara at the school house
No. 1, in Bighspire.
For the townshsinp of Swatara at the Locust Grove Inn.
For the borough of Middletown at the Brick School
house, in Pine street, in said borough.
For the township of Londonderry, at the Public House
of Joseph Keiper, in said township.
For the township of West Londonderry, at the house of
Christian Neff, in said township
For the township or Coniswago, erected out of parts of
the townships of Londonderry and Derry, at the house of
Christian Foltz, (now Juo. S. Foltz,) in said township.
For the township of Derry, at the public house of Dan.
lel Baum, in Hummelstown, in said township.
For the township of South Hanover, at the public house
of George Hooker, in said township.
For the township of Esst Hanover, at the public house
of Maj. Shell% (now Boyers ) in said i township.
For the township of West Hanover, at the public house
of Jacob Rudy, (now Buck's,) in said township.
For the township of Lower Poston at the public house
of Robert Gilchrist, (now Sweigart'ss In said township.
For the township of Middle Paxton, at the publichouse
of Joseph Cockley, in said township.
For the township of Rush, at the house belonging to
the estate of the late John McAllister, dec'd now occupied
by David Bluest in said township.
For the township of Jefferson, at the house of Christian
Hoffman, in said township.
For the township of Jac &ECU, at the house notroocu
pled by John Birder, at Ettiler's mill, in said township.
For the township of Halifax, at the North Ward School
House, in the town of Halifax.
For the township of Reed, at the new School House on
DunceVs Island, in said township.
For the borough of Millersburg, at the Frame School
House, on the bank of the Wiconlaco creek, in the bor
ough afiresaid.
For the township of Upper Paxton, at the house or
Jacob Buck, now occupied by Samuel Buck, in said
For the township of Mifflin, at the public house of MI
ohael }interline, (now Beoj. Bordner,) in Berrysburg, in
said township.
For the township of Washington, at the public house
now occupied by Matilda Wingert, in said township.
For the township of Lykens, at the public house of Sol
omon Loudenslager, (now Heiser) in the borough of Gratz
For the borough of Orals at the public house of Solo
mon Loudenslager, (now Keiser,) in said borough.
For the township of Wiconisoo, at the School House No.
6, in said township.
I also, for the information of the electors of the county
publish the following sections of acts of the
Gen Dauphin,
(General assembly, enacted during the session of 1853
SO wit:
LONDONDERRY—PIace of Ration.
4.1t0 sections 1 end fk, Page 104, pamph l e t i mni , sp •
meet the 18th day of mu_ lee; Tie:—.Thet the elti
rate t hy tonal? g lAndOnder/7, to Ike gulf of
To the Alelated.
Nta Winatismcnts
Dauphin, formerly embraced in the Portsmouth election
district, together with such other citizens of said town
ship residing west of the public road leading from Port
Royal to Wiseley's mill, in said township, shall hereafter
bold their general and special elections at the house of
Christian Neff, In said township.”
Szo. S. That said district shall hereafter be known as
West Londonderry election district.
RUSH TOWNSHIP—PIace of Heelzoo
Whereas the place of holding the elections in tne town
ship of Rush, Dauphin county,was by law at School House
nnmber three in said township: and whereas, there is
no such School house, therefore—Section 1. Be it enacted
by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Centrum
wea‘th of Penntyinania in General dumbly met, and it is
hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That the
general and township elections or Rush Township, Dauphin
County, shah be held at the house belonging to the estate
of the late John 2dcallister, deceased, now occupied by
David lineal. Page 83 pamphlet laws, 1858.
I also make known and give notice, as In and by the
13tn section of the aforesaid act I am directed, "that
every person, excepting justices of the peace, who shall
hold any Office or appointment of profit or trust under the
government of the United States, or of this State, or any
city or incorporated district, whether a commissioned of
ficer or otherwise, a subordinate officer, or agent, who is
or shall be employed under the legislative, judiciary, or
executive department of this State or the United States, or
of any city or incorporated district, and also, that every
member of Congress and the State Legislature and of the
select and common council of any city, commissioners of
any Incorporated district, is by law incapable of holding
or exercising at the same time the office or appointment
of judge, inspector or clerk of any election ef this Com
monwealth, and that no inspector or judge, or other offi
cer of any such election, shall be eligible to any office
then to be voted for.,'
Also, that in the fourth section of the act of Assembly,
entitled "An Act relating to executions, and for other
purposes," approved April 16, 1840, it is enacted that the
aforesaid 18th Section " shall not be so construed as to
prevent any militia officer or borough officer from serv
ing as judge, inspector or clerk at any general or special
election in this Commonwealth),
Also, that in the 61st sectieu of said act, it is enacted,
that every general and special elections shall be opened
between the hours of eight and ten in the forenoon, and
shall continue without interruption or attourment until
seven o'clock in the evening, when the polls shall be
closed "
The special election shall be held and conducted by the
inspectors and judges elected as aforesaid, and by clerks
appointed as hereinafter provided.
No person shall be permitted to vote at the election,
as aforesaid, but a white freeman of the age of twenty
one years or more, who shall have resteledlin this State
at least one year, and in the election district where he
offers to vote at least ten days immediately preceding
such election, and within two years paid a state or county
tax, which shall have been assessed at least ten days be
fore the election. But a citizen of the United States who
has previously been a qualified voter of this State and re
moved therefrom and returned, and who shall have re
sided in the election district and paid taxes as aforesaid,
shall be entitled to vote after residing in this State six
months : Preoided. That the white freemeri, citizens of
the United States, Between the ages of 21 and 22 years,
and have resided in the election district ten days, as
aforesaid, shall be entitled to vote, although they shall
not have paid taxes.
"No person shall be admitted to vote whose name is
not contained in the list of taxable inhabitants furnished
by the commissibners, unless: First, he produces a receipt
for the payment within two years, ,of a state or county
tax, assessed agreeably to the constitution, and give satis
factory evidence, either on his own oath or affirmation, or
the oath or affirmation of another, that he has paid such
a tax, or on failure to produce a receipt, shall make oath
of the payment thereof ; or, Second, if he claim a vote by
being an elector between the ages of 21 and 22 years, he
shall depose an oath or affirmation that he has resided in
the State at least one year before his application, and make
such proof of his residence In the district as is required
by this act, and that he does verily believe from the ao
counts given him that he is of the age aforesaid, and Vv.
uch other evidence as is required by this act, whereupon
the name of the person so admitted to vote, shall be inser
ted In the alphabetical list by the inspectors and a not*
made opposite thereto by writing the word 'tax,' if lie
shall be admitted to vote by reason of having paid tax ,or
the word 'age,' if he stall be admitted, to vote by reason
of such age, and shall be called out to the clerks, who
shall make the like notes in the list of voters kept by them,
In all cases where the name ef the person claiming to
vote is not found on the list furnished by the commission
ers and assessor, or hls right to vote, whether found
thereon or not, is objected to by any qualified citizen, it
shall be the duty of the inspectors to examine such per
son on oath as to Its qualifications, and if he claims to
have resided within the State for one year or more his
oath will be sufficient proof thereof, but khan make proof
by at least one competent witness, who shall be a quail
fled elector, that he has resided within the district for
more then ten days next immediately preceding said
election, and shall also himself swear that his bons fide
residence in pursuance of his lawful calling Is within the
district, and that he did not remove into said district for
the purpose of voting therein.
"Every person qualified as aderesaid, and who shall
make due proof, if required, of his reeidlome and pay
ment of taxes as aforesaid, shall be admitted to vote m
•-••••• , 'W whieh he shell reside.
"If any person shall prevent, or attempt to prevent
any officer of any election under this act from holding such
election, or use or threaten any violence to any such oil
cer, or shall interrupt or Improperly interfere with him
in the execution of his duty, or shall block up the win
dow or avenue to any window where the same may be
holding, or shall riotously disturb the peace at such elec
tion, or shall use or practice intimidating threats, force or
violence, with a design to inductee unduly or overawe
any elector, or to prevent him from voting, or to restrain
the freedom of choice, such a person, on conviction, snail
be fined in any sum not exceeding live hundred dollars,
and imprisoned for any time not less than one month nor
more than twelve months, and if it shall be shown to the
Court where the trial of such offence shall be had, that
the person so offending was not a resident of the city,
ward, or district, or township where the said offence was
committed, and not entitled to vote therein, then, on con
viction, he shall be sentenced to pay a Mae of not less
than one hundred dollars or more than one thousand dol
lars, and be imprisoned not less than six months or more
than two years.
" In case the person who shall have received the second
highest number of votes for inspector shall not attend on
the day of election, then the person who shall have re
calved the next highest number of votes for judge at the
spring election shall act as inspector in his place.—
And in case the person who shall have received the high
est number of votes for inspector shall not attend, the
person elected judge shall appoint au inspector in his
place, and in case the person elected shall not attend, then
the inspector who received the highest number of votes
shall appoint a judge in his place, or if any vacancy shall
continue in the board for the space of One hour after the
time fixed by law for the opening of the election, the
qualified voters of the township, ward, or district for
which said officer shall have been elected, present at the
place of election, shall sebiet one of their number to fill
such vacancy.
"It shall be the duty of the several assessors, respec
tively to attend at the place of holding every general,
special or township election, during the time said election
is kept open, for the purpose of giving information to the
inspectors and judges when called on, in relation to the
tight of any person assessed by them to vote at such
elections, or such other matters in relation to the assess
ment of voters as the said inspectors, or either of them,
shall from time to time require."
Pursuant to the provisions contained in the 76th section
of the act first aforesaid, the judges of the aforesaid dis
trict shall respectively take charge of the certificate or
return of the election of their respective districts, and
produce them at a meeting of one judge from each dis
trio; at the borough of Harrisburg, on the third day
after the day of the election, being FRIDAY the 17th of
October, then and there to do s and perform the duties
required by law of said judges.
Also, that where a judge by sickness or unavoidable ac
cident, is unable to attend such meeting of judges, then
the certificate or return aforesaid shall be taken charge
of by one of the inspectors or clerks of the election of
said district, who shall do and perform the duties required
of said judges unable to attend.
Given under, my hand, in my office in Harrisburg, the
12th day of September, 4. D., 1862.
JACOB D. BOAS, Shoiff of Dauphin 00.
Smounoe Onion, Harrisburg, September 11th, 1862.
And a general variety of Leather Goode, just
FANCY COLORED Parer, ready cat, for
Coven,. 1 ooking Glasses, Picture Limes, &o.
Union and other new pattern for sale at
.INIKTENIVE assortment of glassware,
tumblers, jelly glasses, fruit dishes, azo., ac., or
alnds, received, and for ode very WIC.
anal Corner Front and Market streets.
illllB, Dates Primal', Raiewa, and ali
kinds or Nuts, at JOHNI Wlt3E'd atom Third and
inui. myl
6•900 Oure Name
POyNDEl fo U ros tra w
ve l: y ri l in ow e wh itgaT e
or rella i by PIK. [WOK JR.. & 00.
SMALL lot of of oice Dried Fruit, at
Omar front sad Market Street.
JERSEY HAM I—Ten tierces of these
iuguy celebrated sager oared hams, received alio
or MI in largo gurogitiox
WM,flooll,f r
ORAB OlDER.—Conatontly on hand id
16.0 Test superior snide Of iMen‘ CMS OEM.
WIC BOOK, Ja, a Out
New Ilwatisetrunts.
NOT a few of the worst disorders that
All allot manklA arise from the corruption Qatari
cumulates in the blood. Of all the discoveries that
have been made to purge It out, none have been Amid
which couldrqual in elect AMR% Column Erlitanr OP
SAimPARILI4 It cleanses and renovates the blood, in.
Mills The vigor of health into the system and purges out
the humor which make disease. /t stimulates the
healthy lunations of the body and expels the distirders
that g. ow d male in the blood. Its extraordinary
virtues are not yet widely known, but when they are it
will no longer to a question what remedy to employ in
the great variety of afflicting diseases that require an
alterative rem•dy. Such a remedy, that could be relied
on, bee long been sought for, and Bow, for the first time,
um public have me on which they can depend. Our
space here does not admit certificates to show its effects.
dut the trial of a single bed h will show to the sick
tba' it has virtues surpassing anything they have ever
taken. Sufferers from Scrofula, Scrofulous Swellings
and Sores, try it, and see the rapidity with which it
cures. Skin Diseases, Pimples, Pustules, Bleches,
Eruptions dk., are soon cleaned out of the system.
St. Anthony's Mrs . , Bare or Erysipelas, Vetter or Bait
Rheum, Em/d Head, Ringworm, ho., should not be
borne while they can be so speedily cured by Armes
ffypitillas or Venereal Diseacet is expelled from the
system by the prolonged use of this Ssassrssmi.a, and
the patient Is lift a• healthy as If he had never tad the
Female Diseases are caused by scrofula in the blood,
endue generally soon eared by this Errator or BARU.
PARKLA. Price slper bottle, or 6 bottles for $5.
For all the purposes of a family physic, take Arse's
Miasma rum, which are everywhere known to be
the lust purgative that is Mimed to the Americau Leo.
p!e Price 26 cents per Boa, or b boxes far $l.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYBR t CO., Low.ll, Alive. and
so d by Draggling everywhere.
5.41 by C. A. Banvart, D. W. Grose& CO, C. K.
ter,J. 51 . Lutz, Dr. Riley, F. Wyeth and dealers eve . y
Of every description and quality, you will dud
the largest assortment at
1210 Spruce St., Philadelphia,
Will be reopened on
ritiE course of study embraces the
Latin, Freud, and German languages, Music,
raying and Painting, together with the elementary
and bigner baldish:it of a inormagh English Education.
The aceolnumeations are or eteelient character i ssid
well eateumusa aosourciaftriet . tta
home. Owing to tee
of CO per MI will be .de for the ensuing ' year.
Third Street, next door to the Telegroph Primus,
dwellings, churches, public
hultd:ugs„tactores, Au., titled up with gas, letri and
Mau pliatti s worsuran manner. Hydrants, Wash
basins, (Lath Tubs, Llfi and Vora) i'onms„ Water Oloset s,
Lead an' Iron e. for waver, gas sad eterm. .t share
of public patronage is respectfully solioited. Ali work
premptly attended to. royfteigim.
kllft uowly replenished stook of Toilet
anti Fanny Ono& is unauntaastal in Win city, anti
lending sainildeut of rendering natialsollon, wn would rein
peellully areile a oall.
91 Mersa street, twu Awns east ol.Vaurth street, south
VERAL Maohinists. Also a stou
boy In the olaet otlth shop Apply at the
jyls-dir tLAGLE 'JONAS.
ALL employees of the Philadelphia and
Reading Railroad Company, who may enlist in the
Service of the United states for the purpose of crushing
the rebellion now threatening the liberties of our coun
try are hereby asaured, that Weir respective situations
will be kept open and given them imm:d ate:) , on their
return; and that the fact of their volunteering to
deltoid their c.nntry in this emergency, will be eonsi d
erail headier as greatly is their favor tor promotion to
a ny mita] e pnginienn in the service of this Company. -
°MARLS.. SMITH, President.
Philadelphia, August Bth. 1662. sull-dlm
HE Updegrove Look Property, Canal
graesty sun Rockville House, situated eve miles
aoove Harri.burA, us now offered fur mile. See adver
tisement W Weekly or app'y to •
aullt-dejeulatlB6B W. P. HENRY.
tlik, largest and most extensive assort
ment of glees In the city, just received, and for
ale very low, by lllcaoLt # BJW MAN,
and Clo . rner Front and Yawn streets.
SUGARS of all kinds, white and brown,
lower thanaay house la town, by
liKauLl a BOWMAN,
au4 Cornet or Front and Market street.
RIO, Dandelion and other preparations
of core., fresh and pure Ow tale low, by
an 29 Corner Fro..t and Marltet streets.
flifiE general variety of goods for ad
Paging the
to be found at Keller's, is nusurpailseditn this city.
ire 91 Market street .
ghF all sizes, patterns and prices, just
IL" received red for sale by
elB WM. DOCK, Jr. s it CO
4tVery choice lot, equal to the eelebra
ea (t pawl Udall:dr% Ast received.
8 WM. - 00 , SCO
J. HALDEMAN will sell lots on
North strait and PearurOranta Ames 10
&Max to pnrchaeo. Apply corner Front and
Walnut streets. ben el an d
A FULL assortment of Pocket Bibles
A and Testaments for the soldiers, just ra
rINJBAOOO, Gsvendisb, Conrail and
JL, fie, for salt by
Omar Frost mad Mad strew.
Ntzu Mvertitenuitts
- -
IN pursuance of an Order of the
w O il rphans' Court of Dauphin county, will be exposed
Onthe 11th Day of October,
on them l. .
Ail 'nage and tract of land situate injFast
Hat over township in said county, be j a d e d by I go & o f
Jacob Peffiy, Henry Eckert, 4. cob Forty and John Lin
gle, containing one hundred ant twelve acres be the
same more or less, trie• NI tree el a largo two stem
stone eweuing house, and large tank bare, wagon abed,
corncribs, smoke beano and other buildinge, and
one other new two story frame dwelling house, with
basements So. There Is an exoelext sprig or neve r
fAiling water at each 01 the dwe tinge, and a good Maw
MAO at the atone house. This property is situ tte about
ha f a mile from the Harrisburg ant Auleteowa read, and
about thirteen miles from Harrisburg. There to a good
orchard of excellent fruit on the premises. end' about
ten norm of good timber lan I. Th. imolai 'der is tut •
der a high state of cultivallm en t fences In good re•
pair. Altogether this is one or the meat desirable
farms in the neighborhood
2. Almat the sane time and place, a certain tract of
land, situate in the same township, adjoining lands of
William Martz, John Weimer, Manly% Oreek and Adam
Hetrick, containing eleven acres, be the some more or
sea This land is licit timbered std is susceptible of
being made good farm lant, or meadow.
8. Also at the same time and place, a tract of unim
proved lawt, studs on the second mountain In the
same township, adjoining lancs,oi Michael Snyder and
Samuel Snyder, John Seim, Samuel Lingle ad others
centatuing twenty aces, more or leas. Thi land Is
well timbered.
Late the estate of Benjamin beim, dec'd.
Bale to commence at ten o'cloydc A M. o said day,
when attendance will be g iv- n and condition, of sale
made known by JuHN LINGLB.
Adailnistratbr of Benjandn Reim, deed.
Harrisburg, Hept. 2,1662. Maw,. wt,
Lebanon "Democrat" please oopy till sale, and send
bill to this office immediately for collect'on.
FALL 4 1:2) 7 6 .121
IT ahould not be forgotten that this
establishment 39 mil in successful opereatlon, and
can supply
RIES, &c., &c., &c., &c.
of as good qualities and.varietlea, and atas reasonable
prices as they are sold at distant nurseries.
or the ours try—adjoining tbecity,,gives it advantages
for transportation to ski parts of the country, possessed
by but few others.
Eir All articles, when desired, delivered free Of
charge, in any part of the city.
want( Jaffult
HAN.V.I.North 2r - t l et a L f tly d thzocouCzlbyYtia.rp foot
Fueter, of
Ima enabled to supply the publle with e
ozamaita - COAL.
Orders irespsetfally whetted—which, if left at the
Oa*, toot of North street., or at the Aloe of Wm .
Dook, Jr. It 00., wilt roaeive prompt attention.
A141.6.81111PU8. A 9 1) RABLE
WILL be offered at public sale, on
Thursday, the tllth day of Septangni, it 2
o'clock, at Bnuit's Etall in the airy of liarrisbiug.
Thirty-three awes of lend with an excellent aun*
home and barn and outbuildings, idruhreh - Peetly te.
the City of Harrisburg mud partly in sustain to tradllp.
This property is situated on the South of Elniontele
town turnpike, • portion of whio'a hta a bauUtilitil
location on a bill, directly facing the city of Harris
burg, to be sold in three acre lots.
Also slot or pime ofgronnd 'Malted io Market Scum •'
adjoining lone& Home, having a front of 117 feet and
extending bans 15734 fret to dl ;om all e y, th ere o n
erected s two story brick house with two story back
brick building and stable, having the use of s three
that allay on Market &piers, being one of the moat
desirable situations for business er private tecdenee in
the city. Possession given in let of October _ext.
Conditions of sales are to per cent. of the purchase
money to be paid on the day of sale, the balance of the
one half of the purchase money when the title La
made, and the balance in two equal 4110 ma papillats
with interest, from tea time possession isgiven. 'robe
secured by bonds and mortgago,
• A plan . f the th , i e acre leis ian 1. , tree at the boot
and big,e store of A. Hummel, next door to tie Couit
House, Harrisburg.
ue attendance will be given by
kxecutor of David Hummer, decl,
jy2b-d a
ALL kinds of tfecond Band Clothing,
boots and shoes, bought and sold at the Auotloa
store, Second Street neat to Mate Capital Bank. Pla
tabs, rode knives and gcm blanket?, a ilr.t rate artil -
lery bridle and spivs Ibr an officer for sale, No. Sti Bee
and West. W. BARB, Auctioneer.
VOR the safety of consumers, we have
A: established a Wit Oil Depot at the corner of Frou
ime Market streets. All our oils are kited and we posi
tively sell none except both as prove to be nou-exploalve,
clear and free from odor as far as practicable. We offer
at present the following justly celebrated bi ands. Yap•
mita, Rolinson, Nabrona and lowlier, lower than can be
Make elsewhere in this place, either wholesale or
retail. Also an olleilitlYB assortment of Lamps, Chim
neys, Shades, Glass °Cones, Bunion, &O. We will alio
change fluid or camphene lamps, so as to be used for
coal oat. Call and satisfy yourselves, at
NiCHOLS St bo Oi max,
Corner of Front and Market street.
Bibles 01 different styles of binding, at 900, $1 1:0
$1 00, :8,14, 10 and $lO. Also Pocket &bras of et.
tenet styles and prices at BOBATBERIS Bookstore.
COAL oil and coat oil lamps, of all
styles and Mies, for sale, by
imams & BOWMAN,
Oorner front and Market streets.
and everything In the line, jam received in large
tuantities and air tale very low by
Wel. DOCK. dr., &
NEWBOLD HAMS.—A small lot of
these et lebraed Mom just received.
era' , Wit. DOCK, Jr., A C.O.
PUKE Cider inegar, which we warrant
to be made Solely from cider, jostreeeleed and t or
sale low by hilt7l3ol'Se COWMAN,
3012 rant tatter. ,
TOBACCO and segars of all kinds, flu
x sale by NIOHOLS & BOWMAN,
Oorner /rout and Market Streets:
examine those new Jars ter .
inn beet, ohearat and n'mploat in in narkni;
C A Lt, allt he.
mama is EQWIII4,bI,
fo r stile by
1,19 career Front and Mark* PIMA.
li/MBi uhaeee irom Now X or.
just received and for sale low by
Corner Front and Maraca acrym6„.
D BOAP, sonaathing beita
thou Hui Wee Household Soap. jug recolead aai
for sale by N/CHULS# BOWMAN,
Owner host and 111 , ellet, +trial
large WAY of We allebtezed Cogeel ma Emma
WY. DOCIF Jr., k rch.
g o OLD PENS I—Ahe Lageot and bast
stook, from SAO to
gallfting i poourcas.