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riages, Deaths. &0., to seems insertion
In the TELEGRAPH, roust invariaidy
be accompanied with the CASE.
Advertisements ordered in the reign.
lar Evening Edition are inserted in the
morning Edition without extra charge.
Thursday Morning, August 7, 1862.
la Town.—Gov. Alexander Ramsey, of.
nesota, was In town on Tuesday, on a brief vita.
to Ws relatives and friends. The Governor is
looking remarkably well.
Pollan. —ln ibe Post Office today, a small
amount of money An bank bilk The owner
can have the Fame by proving property, paying
charges and calling at the Poet Office. •
Bunt rem Doren.—Several volunteer compa
nies from a distance arrived yesterday, and
went into quartets at Camp Curtin. Additional
arrivals may now be expected by every train,
as most of the companies throughout the State
recruiting under the nine months call, have
been filled to the maximum standard.
Yoramlaza n TOUR owl conwzr.—We will
state for the benefit of those interested, that
from this county joining a regiment
outside of the county, thereby deprive their fami
lies of any portion of tits relief fund of Dauphin
RIOEIVRD mama Bomar.—The First City Zon
eves, Capt. Awl, were marched .yesterday
from Camp Curtin to the residence of B. P.
Belker, Esq., in this city, where each member
of the company received the sum of fifty dol
lars out of the bounty fund subscribed by our
Tao GSRMAN BUM, is the name of a new vol
unteer company now forming here, under the
auspice. of several of our principal German citl
sena. A large number of names have already
been enrolled, and more are being added daily.
Rolle for signatures can be found at Wagnells
tavern, Second and Chestnut streets, Martin
Erb's, and the bakery of Mr. Geo. Dress, hi
Second street, below Mulberry.
- reassembled yesterdaymorning and was
opened with prayer by the Rev. Mr. Ornik
shank. Several interesting reports were pre
sented and considerable discussion took place.
The discussion In the afternoon was on Normal
schools, and the course of study to be used
therein. We would recommend an attendance
of our citizens.
THE ANDEIII3ON TROOP.—This troop of Penn
sylvania Cavalry is now with Major General
Buell, in the vicinity of Huntsville, 'Northern
Alabama. Captain Palmer, who has ben sent on.
to increase its force, has openedan offide 'hi the
Pennsylvania railroad building, corner of Third
street and Willings alley, Philadelphia. The
additional men required are to be raised in all
parts of the State, as was the case with the
original company last fall. A certain number
has been alloted to Dauphin and Lebanon coun
ties. Only young men of inteligence, spirit and
good character will be taken, General Buell
having stipulated that they shall be of the same
stamp as those now in the troop.
litaßl7lll3G.—Recruiting Continues to go on
very briskly, and most of the companies will
be full before the 01. se of the present week.
The contemplated theft has given a new
impetus to the busineas, and many are now
coming forward and enrolling their names who
hardly dreamed of "going for. ,ta soldier" - ra
week ago. Tho advantages of.cualisting are
manifest. Those who enlist now receive the
bounties offered by the United !abates Govern
ment and the County Bonnty,.While those who
are drafted receive no bounty whatever. Fill
up the ranks, boys, and don't wait for the 'disi•
grace of being drafted.
IMPORTANT Ananst-2'he Publishes and Editors
0/ the Pa&lama Union in the custody of thelfili
lary Authoriiia,--Brlg. Elea. Wad/net:lth, Provost
Marshal of the District of Columbia, accom
panied by a lieutenant and two privates, ar
rived here at 8 o'clock this Morning by .the?l
Brain from Baltimore, and, acting under the
orders of the Secretary of War, immediately;
proceeded to arrest Messrs. 9. Barrett attd
Thomas 0. MaoDowell, publishers of, and
Messrs. Montgomery Forster and Driah
Loss, chief and local editors of the Patriot and
Wm, charged with making certain public&
tires of „a treasonable and inflammatory char
acter. The parties were arrested at their re
epective residences in tills city, bnt at the
special request of Oapt. Dodge, they were per
'ratted to remain at home with the under
standing that they should report themselves at
the Mayor's office at e o'clock this morning.--
At the hour indicated the party were on hand,
when they were conducted to the depot and
left in the 7.80 train for Washington. The
0 ,4 1, although not altogether unexpeCted
cheated quite a sensation in our city.
. -
' arm itm atit —'"- ---Our country friends re
sponded handsomely this morning to the appeal
for vegetables for the tick and wounded . nt
Camp Curtin. SOME) ten or twelv e large clothes
baskets and tubs full of potatoes, squashes,
corn, beets, onions, cucumbers,
&c., were sent
in to the - Ladies Relief society by the following
farmers of this vicinity :—J. W. Vanhorn, 3.
Idish, B. Olewine, A. Reel, W. Rummel, s.
Grove, A. Bates, G. Hinkle, and J. Hite,_ '
There were also contributions of apple butter,
corn starch, farina, sugar and milk sent in
some of our citizens.
A committee of ladies went up to camp this
morning, with two wagons laden with the
store of, good things, which' were fhb
hands of the stewards of the hospital.
It gives us much pleasure also to state, that
the society received sometime ago, throtigh
the hands of J. C. Bomberger, Esq., $ 21145 '
which had been contributed for . sit* and
wounded soldiers by the engineer, agents And
others, connected with the loal fre
between Hanish* Lan**, r . '
the:Rolm, pat:Wally, on the 4th of ,701/-
" Bre Tome."—The " him*" thing, not
oa ice, now-a-days, is the bounty extended to
volanteers. Boys secure it pan. may.
Lightning never strikes twice in the ate
Tim HABSIIIIIIM CITY Gnente—Capt. John
J. Ball is recypildnit a company to hear the
above name, for the nine months' service.
He is an active, intelligent, and patriotic gen
tleman, and, from hisipopularity and mei gy,
we doubt not but that he *ill soon have his
roll filled up. He has erected a tent in Market
rquare, for the reception of recruiti, and young
men about en lyting cannot join a better nom-
—One or two hudired patriotic young ladies
—for three years or daring , the war—to take
the place of about that number of young
men—hale and hearty—now in the various
Dry Goods and Grocerfy stores of this city, so
that the business will not be Interfered with
by the young men answering to the late call
of the Preaidentfor troops. Applicants wil
pleace notify the proprietors of the stores that
the business will not lack attention. Now is
the time for the young ladies to show their pa
triotism. Who will be the first?
The lisw Oats scsa 80LD11215. The call of the
President for 800,000 troops, to be raised by a
draft of the militia, and to save for nine months,
is in addition to the same number of volunteers
recently called for by him to serve for three years,
or daring the war. In case the .first 800,000
are not forthcoming by the 16th of this month,
then in the State where the deficiency exists, the
draft is to be make for the fa quota required
under both calls. Thus in Dauphin county, for
instance, our quote is foi five companies of vol
unteers, and we presume Elie companies of
drafted militia—if but two hundred and fifty
volunteers, are ready by the 16th of August,
then the draft will be for seven hundred and
fifty, the latter to serve for nine months, and
so in propgrtion for a great or less number.-
Those, therefore, who volunteer before the 15th,
are entitled to the bounty offered by the boy
eminent, which is $lOO, one•fourth ($25) to be
paid at the time of being mustered in, and the
other three 'fourths at the end of the term tor
three years, the close of the war ; in ad
dition to which, the Government offers another
bounty of $3 to $5, and one month's pay in
advance; and the city will also give a bounty.
of fifty dollars—so that each volunteer will have
at least $9O in hand when he is mustered into
the service, to leave with his family, if he has
one, or to use in any way he may choose..
Those who are drafted, however, receive no bounty
money, and are entitled to no other advantages
than thl honor of serving their country, and
the regait‘i monthly pay and clothing allowed
to the volunteers.
Written for the Telepaph.]
Ho I far a draft, boys, stern and clear 1
But not of sparkling wine,
That drowns the soul, and hide the tear
Start forth in beauty's eye;
Nor draft that sets the brain on tlre
With belre.deeprintid-tiame.
I sing not this, nor thus deiire,
To taint old Freedom's name.
Our draft is at a fountain, where
The blood of man is poued
In ceasless streams—nor sigh nor pray'r,
Can stop its rolling, tide 1
We draft not from a goblet deep,
That's filled with dregs below—
That seals the drinker in a sleep—
Eternal tears and woe
The draft is for the steady arm,
The fearless soul arid eye—
The men that shrink' rom no alarm,
And, dauntless, danger meet !
Let it spring forth; this draft, and bring
Incentives for our cause—
And as its stern decrees we sing,
We justify its laws
• • , Aug. 6, 1862. w.
A' - Card to the Public.
Having read a paragraph in the local col
umns of the Patriot and ffilion,:thitimorning, to
the effect that the names of those who were
announced as having enlisted from the office of
the TlLuaraanzo Tsrsoniru, vrerespurioul, and
not employed reguiarlY in that establiihment,
we take this method of correcting a falsehood,
and putting the patriotism of the employees of
the TKLIORAPH properly before the public. At
the time we enlisted, we all held regular and
steady situations in the Tntenaain offlceoitua
dons wkich we freely sacrificed at the demand
of the country for our services in aiding to put
down rebellion. Ili giving up those situations,
we were assured , by the authority of Mr. Sag
ner, that every one of us thus enlisting, on our
return to Harrisburg, should at once be re-em
ployed in our old positions.
We would have called on Hr. 11. J. Jones,
the local reporter of the Union, and aaked him
to make this explanation, but learning that he
is ataint in answer to an important mimmons
of the government, we mate the explanation
in our own behalf.
B. B. Dann, Jonas D. Crow,
H. 0. Thnunan, J. ELTON WHIT:MDT,
L. H. PsTromiott, Gm. W. Banos,
J. E. Follow.
Mr. Thos. Forster, one of the employees of
this office, who enlisted in the Russel Guards,
is out of town, and consequently, his mums
could not be obtained to the above in time for
tht% evening's paper.
The remaining employee, Mr. James Bat:-
Tinge; enlisted in the Eighteenth IL S. In
fantry, and is with his company in Columbus,
Ohio, which will also account for the absence
of his name to the above card.
TH3 MAN who will neither enlist himself nor
ontribute toward the enlistment of others,
don't desire to enjoy_ the blessings of free gov
ernment: Re 'should 'etnigrate to Austria,*
Turkey. The man who thinks more of lifs
in a freemumtet. l'eAnde*such
a creature with the D ;6Piroeld
11Ptiatikatnia 41100:telegtitglirtnuteatip itiorning_ August 7, 1662.
or The very best. medicines now in use
among us are those prepared by Dr. J. C.
Ayer & Co., of Lowell, Mass. He is a gradu
ate of the Penn University, whose connection
with that celebrated College of Medicine has
conferred more distinction uprn it, than its
Diploma has, upon hini. His r, medies have
become household" . *Ords nut only in this
country, but in almost every region - of- tbe
earth'ibhabited by inan.- - extraordinary
fame has-arisen:from . their e'xtraordihary . vir
tues, and, these aKe . 'gertifiet by men .Of
highest station... We ptffilish in our -issurfto
g, a document signed by the Mayors 4 the
Mexico, Peru, Chili _and Brasil, each of whom
certify that iliek.p4siciiitls land druggists of
theirrespective localitziesAave, given .their as
surafieiof-ihe ririlitilfsoifeffectsitindimperior
virtnes'of Dr. Ayer's preparations This is evi
dence which should satisfy tlie'most sceptical, of
their efficacy, and we beg our readers to refer
to it. Especially do they speak with glowing
Praise of his'S'arsapaillls."--the beneficial effects
and truly remarkable cafes that have been re
alized from'its use:.--.filite York Sunday Time.
Sold by C. A. Banvart, D. W. Gross & Co.,
C. K. Keller, J. M. Lutz, Dr. Riley, F. Wyeth
and dealers everywhere.
Davis a Prironer . —From all accounts the gallant
Seventh Pennsylvania Cavalry, Col. Wyncoop,
has suffered severely in their engagements with
the guerillas in Tennessee. The to:following ex
tract front .8 letter written by private George
Swartz to his brother in this city, gives us some
very unwelcome intelligence respecting a por
tion of this fine regiment. The letter is dated
at Camp Puffield, Tallahorna, Tenn., July 80,
and the extract reads as follows :
" Not having an opportunity of sending you
a letter for three weeks on 'account of our com
munication being out' off hy . the Rebels, at Iduf
freesboto,,lthOught now being tbaethe road is
open, I would drop you a few lines informing
you, that I am still in good health.
Onr company [company I. Capt.' C. C De
vise] since I last wrote you, has been badly cut
up, and we can hardly number a corporal's
guard. We had a very severe fight with the
Texas Rangers under Col. Stains atManchester.
George Herener, froth Carlisle, was shot dead.
James Adams and S. Overton were also shot,
but wißrecover. J. Flattery was shotthrough
the foot, and is doing well.:
_The worst of all, Capt. Davis and twenty men
were out on-picket duty, when thirteen hued
red' Rebels surrounded them and took them all
prisoners, except seven of us, and marched them
off to Chattanooga, •where , the whole of our Brd
Battallion is confined. We can't muster five
hundred men in our whole regiment fit for
Since writing the above, Mr. Henry Lutz of
this city has received a letter from his son Hen
ry H. who is a lieutenant in Capt. Davie' com
pany, which gives a list of the captured party
as follows :
Capt. , C.:O. Davis, Harrisburg, Pa. .
lst Sergeant, Geo.-W. Hoover, Carlisle.
Corporal, Isaac Keith, Bucks county.
• James Adams, Mt. Carmel, North
umberland county.
Privates, John Blany, Interne county.
" Wm.. Davis, '• Si
" Daniel Early, Plymouth, do.
. " Wm. L. Gibson, Harrisburg.
" Fred. S. Hilbish, Perty county.
" Peter Talar, Wilkesbarre
" Robert Stokes, do. - .
" Michael Messner, Pottsville.
" Andrew Dufford, Butler, Butler co.
" Augustus Zimmerman, Mt. Carmel
Northumberland county.
MEET,-Whenever the President of the'United
States or the Commander-In-Chief;-shall order
a draft from the militia for public Service, such
draft shall be made in the following manner :
When the draft required to be made shall be
a number equal to one or more companies -to
each brigade, such draft shall be made by com
pany, to be determined by lot, to be drawn - by
the commandant of the brigade, in the presence
of the commanding officers of the regiments
composing such brigade, from the military forcei
of the State in his brigade, organised, uniform
ed, &c.
In case such draft shall require a number
equal to one regiment (to a brigade), it is to' be
determined in the same manner. . _ ;
. In case such draft shalt, require a larger mini.:
ber than the whole number composiog the mid ,
tary force of such brigade, such additional draft
shall be made of an equal number &Whittle milk
tar) , roll of the ununifurmed militia of .each ,
town or ward , filed' With the city,Village or
town clerk, &c.
When such a draft is ordered, all males r&
siding in regimental districts are compelled to
enroll themselves; the enrollmerit is then to be
filled (in cities) in the county'clerk's office. On
the day appointed the mayor or e,upervisor of
the ward, in presence of the regimental nom
mender of the district, draws by lot from this
list a number of names, In accordant, With, the,
number called for by the - draft. Any ; maleAhutt
drawn may provide an able bodied man as
substitute, who is then taken in his stead.
persons of the required age are exempt from, a
drafting, except clergymen those incapaci
tilted by reason of bodily ailments: 'llteloici
militia law of the United Stela, passed* 1791,,
exempts the Vice President, judicial and execu
tive officers, memberaof oOngrese; custom house
officials, post officers and officials connected with
the mail service, inspectors of ports, pilotsand
mariners in actual
A MODBL MiTAßLlsmitw t —Among the many
improvements lately made in our city to which
we can , point with pride as an evidence of pros.
parity and as a determination' on the part of
our business wain; rio lohiniktO remain behind
the " light house," is the completion of Eby
it Kunkle's large brick building at the corner
of Market and Fifth streets, which is alike
creditable to the owners and ornamental to that
part of our city.
The building is not only one of the largest,
devoted to the grocery btipinese, outside of New
York, but the stock chillengea competion.—
Without going into detail, we may safely say
- -
that the firm keep . en hitnd everything :`usually
kept in a grocery store; (liquors excepted,) and
thatthey sell at very small profits. Their
clerks are civil and accommodating, and have
strict initriictioni under no circumstances what.
ever. to misrepresent or take 'advantage of any
customer kgeneral invitation is extended to
the public to visit the new 'building and exam
ine the extensive stock,_ whether they purchase
or not..
NNED Tomatoes and Green' Corn, at
IL/ JOHN Wro.S. myl
Ili TEL' „ ,--A lar e
VIE-vicerrotte g—#. II PPIY iust
Nttitmor.- *kw.
AT C WOriinies and .tinnonT.
Wa hive received a very huge as-ortn:ient of
Hoop &Iris, all qualities and prices, from 75
cents up to S 2 50 ;25 dozen of Marseilles
Shirt Breasts, Collars and Cuffs to match, the
wliolti set, for 26 cents, worth 50 cents ; 10
boxes of Ribbon fur dress trimming, all colors ;
5 boxes of Belt Ribbon, all colors; a large ar,
sortment of linen and needlework Collars, and
setts of collars and sleeves; a large
of-white CambricS, ,Tacconetta, figured anti
plain Swiss Muslin, Brilliants, Nansooks. the
finest lot of embroidered French Canal,' ic Bands
ever brought tolHart isburg ; 4 pieces of striped
goods for Undersleeves ; 200 embroid red In
fant Waists at all prices ; 20 pieces .4 Black
Silk Lace, all prices, s /- yard whi., euitable
for dress flouncing or trimming of lace shawls;
Lace! Mitts at all prices, 26 cents up ; 40 dozen
of ladles and gentlemen's linen pocket Hand
kerchiefs. For wholesale customers we keep a
large assortment of •hoittery and notions, such
as Spool Cotton, Thread, Needles, Pins, Stock
ings,' Socks," etc., etc.,_ S. LzwY. •
Mate Or FbnaZe,
If youhhve beeneeffenne from a habit In dulged In by the
It Thi/Its them for Marriage,
. .And Ls the gre4.4 evil which can befall
See symptom9Anutnerated,kl aditerlisement, and if you
axe' : •
Cut out ihe adveriimment,
And solid for it at ones.
Delays are dangerous.
- Ask for nelzaboldhi
Take no other.
Cures guaranteed.
Beware of Counter feats and imitations. 016-4203
Wm. A. liatchaioes Hair Dye 1
The only Harmless and Reliable Dyer Known I
All others are mere imitations, and should he avoided
if you wish to escape ridicule.
GREY, RED OR RUSTY HAIR dyed Instantly to, a
beautiful and natural Brown or Black, without the leist-
Injury to Hair or Skin.
_ _
ded to WY: A. BAUM:F.OR Singe IS 9, and over 200,000
applications have been made to the hair of the patrons
of his fainoneDye.
Wii. DATCHELOIPS MAIM DYE produces a color
not to be distinguished from nature and is WARRIIINIIID
not to injure in the least, however long it may be contin
ued, and the ill effects of bad Dyes remedied. The hair
is invigorated for life by this splendid Dye, which is prop
erly applied at NO. 16 &Mil Street New 'York..
Sold in all tho cites and towns of the United States, by
Druggists and Fancy - GaAs Dealers
Theaenuino has the name." William A. Batchelor
and address upon a steel plate engraving, on the four
sides of each box.
Wholesale Factory,ll. Paxelay St.,
:Late 2:38 rollaway, New York.
New 2thvertisemtnts.
YARD on Canal Street, near Chestnut Army oppo
site the P. nnsylvatda Railroad Depot, la% es this me'llod
of Informing the citizens of Harrisburg an i vicinity that
he is prepared to do all kinds of marble and stone work
in a superior wiener, and on the Most reatociabie terms.
CRUSHED, coarse and fine pulverized
sugar, lowei than other place In town. Call
and examine, •- • ,11i.HuLS BuWilN,
jy2s farad; P:ropt and Market &Wets.
tiLACECt — N4 1
Axi.loo great, assorted liizog,jast received, and to
as a at Wholesale prima,
wYI nOCH. Jr.. k Co.
ANDY COLORED Pixer:ready cat, for
. coveringJE coking Gm
ies, Picture F. amee, &a..
union antothor new patter= for sale at 1
CIOLD PENS I—The 'largest and beat
Ur stock, irous $l.OO to s4.oB—warranted—at
n2O , 81187888 8 BCtOIIBTOR6.
ABBIT Metsl;'ii good article, for ' sale
ju low bi- AT EC pußvw,
N. h.. Cotner Southend Penn, and 17 South street, Philo.
Jy2l alms -
Keystone Park Agricultural Fair Grounds,
Williarnsport, Pa.,
FRIDAY, SEPT., I, 1, 4 AND I, 1865.
Premium Li.;t and Piize Banneropen to &Miters
from Me Canadas and British Provinces.
The managers flatter themselves that, al-
though the past exhibitions held in other parts
of the 'United. States have:bees eminently suc
cessful and entirely satisfactory to the public,.
the past 'experience will enable them to .Im
prove somewhat in the details of the arrange
ments, and in this connection they hope to
give greater facilities for 'the deliberate exam
ination and trial of horses intended for am.,
Williamsport is easily and quickly accessible
from all directions. Keystone Park is unequal
ed in its track for showing and training a horse.
The managers' - design to make this a horse
mart, worthy of its central position, and its
'extraordinary facilities.
A. E. If..APP, President.
H. E. TAYLOR, Treasurer.
W. F. LOGAN, Chief Marshall.
GEO. M. D'PIII, Secretary.
Of Imported Blood and American Breeds of
Will be held on KEYSTONE PARK, Agricul
tural Fair Grounds,
September 2,8, 4 and 6,1882.
Premium List and Prize Banner open to
Exhibitors from the Canada& and
- other British -Provirims.
_ lisntacz - TI) tma PARK.
The entrance to Reistone Park for visitors
on foot is by the Cater Gate, on Campbell
street.. The entrance for Horses anclGarriagei
is by the•N. R Gate on Campbell - street.
The gates will be open for the admission of
the public from si o'clock, A. x., until sun
down of each day.
The Chief Marshal and Superintendents of
the Exhibition , will meet at the President's
Tent at 8 o'clock, A. m.:of each day, to perfect
the arrangements for the day.
A Superintendent will accompany each set of
Judges, and point out the different classes of
stock to be exhibited. They will see that
Horses are provided with halters by their own
ers, and suitably arranged for exhibition each
Will please report themselves on, their arrival
in town at the, office of the Society, corner of
Third:and Elmira.' streets, in Tayloes
where-the Committee-of Reception will be In
seasiot "Tardsfirad
them 19 .thea ' and thalkainittel
to tfienrimni einility within their
Ohm 2 ve rtisements.
For the greater convenience of editors and
reporters for the press, a Tent will be specially
set apart for their use, and every facility will
be afforded them to obtain and transmit in
A Committee of Reception from the press
Will receive their brethren from abroad on the
field, and farther the purpose of their coming.
The Judges will ass alias at the Tent of the
PresiJent, on the ground, at 8 o'clock, A. X ,
Tuesday, to organise and fill vacancies in the
Board, should any occur. Tire report of the
Judges must be handed to the President's Sec
retary before Thursday noun. •
Will be furnishtd for visitors on the &id at a
moderate charge. A tent saloon for ladies will
be provided with female attendatits.
Ices, Coffee, Oysters, &c., will be supplied by
a.competent confectioner.
_ .
No Season Tickets will be issued. Single
admission to the grounds $0 2.6
Chileretrimder twelve years of age, half
Admittance to the seats opposite the
Judges' stand
Members of Public Schools; Seminaries
or Colleges, may commute for admis
sion with the Treasurer. *_
For a four or six home vehicle and driver,
-passengers being supplied with llckets, 1 00
For a two horse vehicle and driver, pait
sengers being supplied with Tickets... 76,
For a one-horse vehicle and driver, pas
sengers being supplied with Tickets.-- 60
For a horse and .its rider 60
Exhibitors will be provided' wit"" stalls. and
bedding for their stock, in the NEW BANNS
of the Society, and in stalls adjoining, to the
extent of their ability to provide the same, (if
notice is given on or before the .20th day of
August,) without charge ; so that horses may
be driven to the exhibition grounds and nerd
not be removed till the exhibition is closed.—
Gintin and hay will be 'furnished to those who
desire it, at market price. Arrangements will
also be made with public or private stable
keepers for exhibitors who make early requests
for the keeping of horses, and at a reasonable
In angrier dion of the Superior
Ofarod Griztuitously.
Competitors for premiums of $2OO
do do do do 100
do do do do 80 and over 80, 8
do do do do 80 and under, 2
Single Horses, under the saddle
or in harness, entered for exhi
bition, but not in competition
for premium and subject to the
call of the Mar5ha1............
Single spans, or Tandems,:or Tri
Six in hand
Premiums will not be paid on animals re
movelfrom the exhibition, nnl• es such rand
val has the special approval of the Chief Mar
shall, and premiums not claimed within thirty
days after tbe award, will be considered as for
feited. Premiums will not be paid on horses
which are unsound.
It is desirable that those, who intend to make
entries for exhibition should notify thil Secre
tary on or before August 20th, , that arrange
ments may positively be made for their accom
modation. Letters may -be addressed to the
Secretaryat Williamsport : amsport; The Treasurer will
pay premiums awarded at the business Tent, on
the ground at the close of the Exhibition, and
at his office in Williamsport during the follow
ing month ; or will forward any premium not
so paid, in such manner as the person entitled
4o , theisame,mardirect.— - -
CLAM No. I.—Thorough Bred Horses, Stal
Premium, Two'Hundred Dollars $2OO
Speed will be consideredin making the award.
Crass No. 2.—Thorough Bred .Mares.
Premium, One Hundred Dollars $lOO
Speed will be conidderedin making the ward.
Cuss No. B.—Stallions for general rite, 6
years and over.
First, premium,. • • $lOO
Second do 25
CLass No. 4.—Stallions for gerieral use,„,4
years and under 6.
First premium
Second do • . ' , 20,
Crass No. 6.--Stallions of 2 years and un
der 4. •
First premium, $BO
Second do 15
CLess No. 6. Mares with Foal
,by their ,
First premium,.
second= do ..
CLass No. 7.—Breeding Mares.
For the beat breeding-Mare; 4years and over,
First premium,' $6O
Second . do • 20 .
CLatat No. B.—Fillies, 2 years and under 4. i
First premium, $4O.
Second do . • 20
Onus No. 9.—Fillies,.l year and under 2.
First tpremium, ' $2O
Second do lO
Crass No. 10.--Colts, 2 years and under 4
First premium $26
On No. ILL-Colts, (SLillions or Geldings,)l
year and u nder 2
_ .
First premium, $2O
second do ....
Crass No. 12.—Matched Horses; (Geldings or
Mares.) - For the best span, 16 hands and over.
First premium, ' $6O
Second do 20
For the best span of . Matched ROMs, 14
.bandii, , and under 16. -
First premium, - $26
Second do 4, 10
Cuss No. 13.—Fancy Matched Horses, (Gel
dings orldares.) • '
First premium, $6O
Second do 20
Size, action and speed will be considered in
making-the award.
Cum Na. 14. Gentleman's spans of Driving
Horses (Geldings or Mares.)
First premium, $lOO
Second do 20
Size, action and speed will be considered in
making the award.
CLAM No. 15.—Family Horses (Geldings or
• • Mares )1'
For theliest Family Horse, four years and
over, driving, color, size and action will be con
sideredin making the award.
First premium,
Second do ...... .. .. .......... 10
I Cum No. 16.—Gentlemen's Driving Hones
(Geldings or Mares) 4 years and "our,
First premium,........... $5O
Second do 10
Driving; color, Bias, ended and , speed will be
considered in making the award.
Dims No. 17.—Saddle Horses.
For the beat gentleman's Saddle Horse.
First premiiim
Second do
For the best Isuly's Saddle Horse.
First premium
Second . do -
Cuss No. 18.—Farm and Draft Horses._
For the beet pair of Farm or Draft Horses.
First'premiam• - • sto
Second do . ... . . 4,74
Ciisitio. ; l9.;,aosiidngle Farm or Draft Horse.
.......... $l5
Second do $
',stir 2t brtrtistmento
CLASS No. 20.—Ponies.
Ponies, under 14 hands, driven double Tan
dem or TiVern.
First premium $l5
itoond do 10
CLAM No. 21
Best team six in band
CLASS No. 22
Bed Tandem or Tridem team
Will be awarded to the State (Agricultural
Society) other than Pennsylvania, which shall,
by its citizen", enter for zhihition the largest
number of valuable horses, a Prize Banner,
worth 1200.
Exhibitors with horses are required to use the
South Entrance gate on Cambeil street, in coin
ing on to and returning from the grounds.
Entries of stock may be made at the office of
the Secretary in Taylor's Building, until Mon
day, 9 o'clock, p. m., September let, when the
books must be made up for the Judges. The
exhibition of stock on the track will take place
precisely at the time specified in the subjiined
arrangement; and animals not prepared at the
proper time and place may, at the discretion of
the Judges, be ruled out of competition.—
Stock will be marked with cards furnished by
the Secretary, designating the class and No. 'of
entry; and during the exhibition they nilst be
placed entirely under the management of the
officals of the society. If sufficient time has
not been given, in the programme for the
Judges to examine any one class before the call
ing of another class, the firet named clams will
be examined on a vacant part of the ground
to be designated by tbe Chief Marshal. Ar
rangeutents will be made for the trial of Draft
Horses by testing their strength, docility, etc.,
at a load.
Owners or agents offering horses for premium
or exhibition will receive tickets of admi-sion.
Exhibitors are requested to leave eafficie•it
space around each horse or vehiee fur the
Judges to pass freely.
The Judg.s will in all cases withhold premi
ums where the horse is not worthy or is un
sound, though there be no competition. "
Exhibitors entering colts of the age of three
years and under, shall furnish to the Judgee
evidence of the time of foaling—to be filed
with the Recording Secretary. Pedigree of
Blood Horses, and origin and age must , be fur
nished, if required, for every horse offered for
The Judges will report to the Board of man
agers not only the horses entitled to premiums,
but also those next in merit in each class, to
meet the contingency of any abjection which
may arise to the award. Alt horsen not obtain
ing premiums, which, in the opinion of the
Judges, deserve special commendation, will be
so reported to the Board of Managers .
The Judges, if not satisfied as to the regular
ity of the entrees in the respective classes, or
the ages of the horses as recorded in the en
tries. will apply to the Recording Secretary for
information, and should these be any doubt,
after examination, of their coming within the
regulations, or if any horse is of au( h a charac
ter as not to be entitled to exhibition in com
petition, they will report the facts for the coot
sideration of the Board of Managers, tha
such course may be adopted as the case may re
The several classes of horses upon exhibition
will be called for in the order indicated in the
programnie; and precisely at the hour named,
when a flag will be raised near the Judges'
stand with the inscription, "CLEAR THE
When the hour arrives for the exhibition of
any class of horses, the bell will be rung and a
flag will be raised to indicate the class to be
All horses entered will be at 'he risk of the
owners. The most effectual means will be
taken, through the agency of the police and
otherwise, to /paid and protect the horses ex
hibited ; but the managers cannot be responsi
ble for injuries occasioned by accident or other
Reports of the doings of the Exhibition will
be officially published.
Horses intende f for public or private sale
will be labeled accordingly, and a portion of the
ground will be designated fur their examination
and sale. The services of an auction , er will
be provided, and a time named for publio sales.
The beeretary will givt uotke of such intended
..ales, if early entry le made with him to that
effect. Such horses cunnot be withdrawn nutil
the close of the Exhit , ition, except by written
authority of the blanattets.
Members of the several Committees will be
recognis d by the following badges:
Class NO& 1812.—rhorough Bred borsos,Navy
Blue hibbon.
Class No. B.—Stallions, 6 years and over,
Green Biutioo.
Class No. 4.—Stallions, 4 years and under 0,
White Ribbon.
Claw No. 6 —Stallions, 2 years and under 4,
Green and White Ribbon.
Class Nos. 6 & 7.--Mares with foal and Breed
ing Mares, Orange Ribbon.
Chits Nos. 6 & 9.—Fillies, Black and Orange
Claks Nos. 10 & 11.—Colts, Green and Red
Ohm Nos. 12 & 18.—Hatch and Fancy Match
horses, Red and Whiie Ribbon.
ClassNo.l4. GenesSpausof Driving Horses,
Light Blue and Pink Ribbon.
Class No. 15 —Family Horses, Red, Whit.
and Bine Ribbon.
Ulnas Nu. 113 —Gentlemen's Driving Horses,
Blue end White Ribbon.
Clow NO. 17 & 20.—Saddle Horses and Pon
ies, Black and Wbitellibbon.
Class Nos. 18& 18--Farmers' Draught Horses,
Bed Ribbon.
Claus Nos. 21 & 22.--13 est Team, Pink Ribbon.
Board of Managers, Rosettes.
No feature of the Home Show is more pleas
ing to the managers, and we trust acceptable
to the public, than the facilities offered for the
transportation of horses and grooms to and
from the &thibition.
YORK. B. R.,
will carry visitors, horses and grooms free, one
way. The Lackawanna & Bloomsburg, Phila.,
Wilmington & Baltimore, and Cumberland
Valley, agree to do as other roads do. There
are other roads to hear from, which will, with
out doubt, come into the same arrangements.
Thus it will be seen that the State of 13nnsylint
nia is thrown wide opext to the exhibition. The
roads will collect fares on all horses coming to
the exhibition, and return them free on pre
sentation of the certificate that they have been
on Exhibition,and are unchanged in ownership.
The following is the form of Certificate referred
to above:
WIILLUOIPORT, Sept. --, 1862.
2b i.thwd Agents:.
This cerdtlea that -- has had on exhibi
tion and not sold Horses, at the First Na
tional Hone Show, held at Williamsport,
renna., on the 2d, Bd,4th and sth of' Septem
IkK:ad 0 1 T.