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Saturday Morning, June 21,1882.
A Giariaal Excite:loz or PILISONSIIB is about
to be made, and it is believed that the arrange
ments are partly arranged for thatpurre se, The
country will rejoice at this fact. It will revive
the hopes of warty a heart, long prostrated with
the dreadful fact that some ot its loved ones
were suffering in the loathsome prisons of the
south, alike the prey of disease and the object
of southern malevolence and brutality. Nine
Out of eVery ten prism:tens held by the federal
government, provided they re-enter the traitor 1
amity alter they have been exchanged (in the 1
event of no parole being exacted), will do so
under different feesinge from those, which
prompted them first to take up armaagainst the
government. They will be impressed with dif
ferent ideals of national strength and northern
power. • The section of country which the south
ere people have been taught to despise, will be
represented to tbe traitor army, on the return
of these rebel prisoners, in its true Impede, not
alone for ite boundless resources, but for othe
unconqurable devotion with which the pf9ple
of the north cling to the government of, the
Union. While th is must jie the representntion
of the rebel prisoners, the story of our own
soldiers, with the memory of all their suffer
ing and the marks of persecution still clinging'
to them all, may haves tendency to,change the
sympathies of those in the north;who have been
persisting in their claims of generosity and
manhood for those who are leading in the re
bellion. Every soldier returned from a ;south
ern prison, will add new strength and argu
ments to the struggle to put down treason.—
His voice will go to swell the general indigea
don not only against the cause but also against
the object of rebellion. His testimony will cor
rotoraie the charge that the whole effort of the
rebels is directed to the enslavement not only
of the black, but of the white man also, when
his condition is such that his poverty may be
supposed to leave him no defence against such
a claim on his labor. Nor is this all the benefit
that will be derived from a general exchange of
prisonerr., if we m-y judge from the condition
and capacity of the rebel prisoners who have
came under our nqtice. Our own people will
be of a.service to us, that will outweigh any
benefit we are supposed to derive from holding
and feeding large numbers of rebel prisoners.
Therefore.we are in favor of the exchange.
A New ENLISTMENT BILL ; introduced into
• Congress by S nator Hale, of New Hampshire,
provides that hereafter, on the issuing of a
proclamation by the President, calling for ad
ditional troops, every slave that shall enlist by
virtue of this act, shall be immediately and
absolutely free, from the claim of all service,
except that which he submits himself to by
such enlistment. Of course, this proposition
will elicit a howl from the dough-faces. The
idea'f setting a man free, or of striking the
chains from It slave, in lieu of the services of
that slave to assist In rescuing the land from
anarchy, will not snit the northern men who
advocete a repudiation of the taxes growing
out of the expentiee of the war to save the
Union. • If this bill passes, it will add to the
Union forces an element of strength against.
which the south never dreamed it would be
coalpeliqd to contend. The fact that the rebels
were dieappoiuted in the aid they were prom
ised and expected to receive from the Breckin
ridge Democracy, vine terrible to bear, but the
fact test a rake which the people of the south,
have degraded, and. for whoseenslavement
the rebellion was organised, the fact that such
as three will be summoned to scourge treason
back to its dew, will prove a terror to the
traitors that will malts , the rebelliou of short
duration. Whatever of evil or of terror to the
south, which may. grow out of rebellion, the
people iu that section have themselves and the
dough-face Democracy to thank
Lanni Down •um Buoy/mann mes Hon.—lt
is reported that two hundred able-bodied slaves
in Maryland, owned by . timiters la the `Vest
River district of Anne Arundel county, have
laid down their hoes and refuse to be held in
bondage•any longer. Ilm;y offer violence to no
one,,but they refuse to be oompelled 'to work
for others, without compensation. This spirit
is believed to .be spreading among the whole
slave population In the State. Slaiery may
thus abolish itself in Maryland=saving trouble
and expense.
GIUMAL Dix, when a member of Buchanan's
cabinet, gave orders to shoot any man who:at
tempted ,to haul down, the American flag.:
Gleam' Butler improves upon this precept.
Instead of shooting down the offender he hangs
him up ; and that, too, directly under the flag
staff the shnotity of which he violated. A year
and a half passed, but the punishment came at
made the following nominations :
Ocerew— William H. Stewart.
Sandor—llarry White.
dumbly--John W. Huston.
Aided to these, nominations were also made
for various county offices, which are spoken of
by the Indiana ebnertiean la high terms for
ability and integrity.
TERSZOB.ITAILT or War. has recently decided
that Civilians, in certain cases, may be env,
pi9 . ye4 in the general hoapitale, under pay, at
cooks and nurses. This' will be a great Wl
TER Samoan:sr or TEI TESMIIIILY amotuism •
taw from Istarylaadihat her quota of thi War
Tux i s r ea dy, Ws tathe second state in the
IJalon that , lum 'mOisthbs obligation, Pennol-
Tanta led off last week.
Several of our most respectable and intelli
gent friends from the rural districts, who have
lately been in the city with a number of the
citizens of Harrisburg, called on us this morn
ing and requested us to protest, in their name,
against the distinction Made in the manner of
admitting visitors to Camp Duran by the
guard In charge of the main eel:fenced. These
gentlemen allege that thilf* applied for admis
sion in a respectful and courteous manner, bat
they were refused' in a stern and l'.utie style,
unbecoming alike the soldier or the gentleman;
and that while they were thus abruptly de
barred from entering the camp grounds, others
were admitted, simply because they elbowed,
their passage thriaigh the guard The com
plaint stems to be igainitt otie Lient. , p lus+,
who is reported to haitattely made AdOnsilf
peculiarly obnoxious by his ungentlemanly
treatment of
,visitors,,while at the same time
ho.suffered otilers:to Ow. who siiprOkhid the
gate with something of the rudeness with
which, he . displayed to those making a cour
teous 40k:elk:in :for a • '
It is not necessary tO iefitse tiny man admit
tance to the camp, as long as the visit is de
tainted merelirto grattUin harmless cririositY.
Lieut. Roads shottld,rfircember-that the men
whoa he refuses admittance to the camp, are
tbe people. whops-7 11 -4 9 1 - . l i i ikr i g e f! ,an ao/t• they
have some little right.:4l. behold the rebel
tore who are putting the, to BO much expense.
Either reject all whO hilke no passes or admit
•therthllo Wititibut tinifitrinility of 11,135188.
the meantimiithstOtkilifiteiids trouble, who
come from distant parts - of the county or the
;State, to visit. Ckiniti Curtin for the pitzpose - of
looking at a batch of traitors, we advise them
'to procure panes of Captain Dodge, the corn
matider of the Calk)...
. ,
' The government at Washington is seriously
, •
embarrassed by the knOwledge which the rebel
leaden poseess of , the most Secret piens. No
,matter` what new plan be adopted, the rebels
,are sure to know of it before the first steps
have been taken to carry' it into "execution.
General Jo. Johnson knew of the proposed ad
vance of McDowell from Fredericksburg.several
days beftore the time appointed for the army to
bet out upon its marsh. The Washington Re
publican alludes to the embarrassments of the
government In this respect, and suggests that
the treason is somewhere in the families or
high officials. It is a notorious fact that the
rebellion has some of its most devoted support
ere among the aristocratic women of Washing
ton, and some of=them are the wives and
daughters of loyal men who sustain confiden
' tial relations with the administration. It is
thought that this is the avenue by which secret
information gram to Richmond. Ordinary spies
have no chance of ascertaining the military
plans of the government, which are, carefully
oncealed from even the warmest political sup
porters of • the administration. Nor are the
subordinates of the War Department permitted
to know anything that would be important in
formation to the rebels. This subject has oc
eupled the attention of the War Department
of late, and all leakir are to be stopped if pos
.YP.Mg 121 mcatzuatirs ARMY.
• The corr espondence of the Chicago Times
states that on the person_o&Colonel Washing
ton, reboil wan,fcluntl Ate cPEtiq °t° Find , ( Prtoot
list of the army of • thie-ntoinao, biciddliagi a
minute statement of ita,present organization in
ox'Pe,.divisions , and; brigedell• , The name of
every division commander and of every brigs-
Alerciftinetal was Prreql43'• give n , , with thl Warn s
/Ind n u m ber of every rag sen t lit ellen brigade,
and the approkintatestrabgth of each regineeut.
More ttian this, thhielvalt also attached a plim
of the country on the Chlckahominy near Etch
mond, with the position of each division of our
army corretly masked on it. That it bad very
recently come into the rebel's 'possession was
evident from the fact that several of the divis
ions had moved their positions" only two days
before, and their changes of position were care:
fully noted on the sketch. The comPleteness
aud adcuraci of the entire document proved
that it could have entanated from no tyro in
military matters, and give 'ground for the pain
fpl suspicion that there is a traitor In the camp
who has access to the secret movements of the
Cfcrwatir-Otri s 14sw.—Voltaire relates,
that, in the gre,at battle, of Fontenoy, fought
1745, between the French on one side and
the English and their allies-on the other, when
the English _Quaid& hatiodMool AF*l.Ol4 l :
fitly paces -of the position of the French
Guards, the English. officers raised their hats
in salutation, which theFre_nch officers returned
in the same style. Iford Chat* Hay, who
'commanded the English Guards, them advanced
to the , front , and called out: `Gentlemen
the French:Guards are 17 To, Whlch Omit
trAuteroche replied: "Gentlemen of the Eng=
litit Guards, we never take the first shot ; do
you fire." -
&t the late battle of Fair Oaks, before Rich
mond, Gen. Richardson, who was thrown for
ward to the support of Casey!ti division, says:
• "Along towards the middle of the , day the
enemy, preceded .bra column of thirty thou
sand of the beat troops,• with the dashing corps
of G. W. Smith and Longetreet at its head;
cOtnmenced a furious assault upon •the moist
salient point of our whole Roe, vie., the re
doubtotuds entrenched Map of Casy's dill-
-"A singular tiroumstanoe occurred
in this battle; which deserves- 'articular men
don. The ilist leghninitrof- the enemrwhich
came into action'. wore- bind clothes like ' our
Men, and as they °Om intoaction opposite the
Bight-first Peemsylvinala reginattut,,CM.
they said: 'Do not fire, we lire Owen'S
Owen's regiment is one of Bimeys brigade on
rarleft .. • .
"Col. Ilfiller had his regimentat4mitina, and'
now recovered arms. The enemy: instantly
poured Ina deadly volley, by whiet i mm er was
Thileft 'wing of the Bighty-first poured
in their fire, by which that regiment Yell-in
tines. The: Colonel,` Lieutenant-Colonel, Major
and Adjutant &Hell; the balsam of the regi
ment fell and broke."
Lord Charles lifaY,and fieVoonttrlieteroche
Vera imung
of their day. G. W.. Smith - ma' Langstreet.are
.Ihcaced: . upon as among the ipre 'tits ihesalure of
lihe southern chissirtof our ta rn : lie 4 dhltis*
hs change:l.
Vennspluomo ID dilly cleltoraph, oßgiap iparning. June 21, 1862.
From the 107th Penn's Iteement
Correspoatleuce of tt.o Timeaums.]
Mr. EDITOR: I have concluded to trespass
upon your valuable columns, to inf rm our
friends what the Ut7th k doing down od the
"Sacred Soil." On the 28th of May, at the
time of General Banks' retreat, it was our di
vision, (Gen McDowell's,) tbat left Manassas
Junction and marched to Front Royal and cut
off the rebel Jackson. It was a distance of
fifty-six miles, and rained every day-during. the
march, and when night-fall arrived we Wynn
ached under trees or buslats. At Feld mont we
halted and received a two days' rations in our
havasacks and on we went through themoun
tains, and on Sabbath morning, June Ist, our
brigade (Gen. Duryea's) composed of the 107th
Penn'a. regiment, New York 105th, 104th and
97tb, made a charge thrdugh Front Royal,
double quick through mud ankle deep amidst
the booming of cannon. On making a charge
of over five miles up the south branch c f the
Shenandoah we found that Gen. Shields* mill
a i very ikinnigh iSith.:the r
a e
athkixffijon ofdackaott'S =The
itton i the right of tier brigade, arid the Men ac
quitted themselves with great credit to them
selves and tbe great State thatlbery represent.
As several members of my carripany (C) have
parents ,and relatives madding in Harrisburg
and D.tuphin county, I deem it proper*, give
you.this Short epistle .for .Pubileationlit thelt
Our brigade lays again in Eaetern
near Catilet's station on the Orange and Alex
andria railroad. The boys are well and enjoy
ing good spirit!, bnt co l tsideringthe long - and
forcetrnateheep.he isren waif not„ ea Mich
jaded as you would imagine, and ready at a
moment's notice to repeat the labor if needs
be. No one need tell mo that anything but
love of country and a. strong desire to get at
they enemy,. could .stimulate an army to
mike such a march and be in order for an en
gagement in one hoax afterwardsv;
But,'ldr. 'Editor, this is not - air the boys have
bet n doing. while .lighting ; the battles of our
country. They , have net fortotten'their dear
relatives they have left behind.
About ten days ago paymaster Major D. F.
Watson, made his appearance and paid off the
regiment. I took the pains to ascertain the
amount each man of my Company seat hoine,
and summing it up, I found the amount reach
ed the handsome sum of three thousand .and
thirty' dollars. Thisi is independent of eight
members who were sick and in the hospital.—
This is indeed very gratifying as well as credit
able to the families having husbands and sons
in the company fighting for the Union. My
prayer is, God will protect them and all of ns
in this noble cause, and restore peace to the
country, and that we may return to our loved
homes and enjoy the benefits of a free and
happy people. • • -
Yours Respectfully, J. A. C.,
Lieut., Co. E, 107th Reg., P. V.
Mr. George Francis Train, on the 26th ult.,
in Ludgate Hall, thus concluded a lengthy
speech upon affairs in Mexico :
In conclusion, gentlemen, let . me observe
that America has four points In her political
compase—four cardinal ideas—each grand, preg
nant, national. The first is Independence—a
word that dues not appear in the Hebrew Bible
or the English Shekspeare. ThewordisAmer
jca ; we fought for it, we won it, we own it.—
The second is Liberty ! No , other land can
claim its fsme. Liberty abroad means despot
ism. In America it means liberty ! The third
is Union. We planted it, we cultivated it, and
the idea is concentrated in the detith of trea
The fourth point is an heirloom, a tradition,
a fine idea—know,n to all, and all- will fight for
it to the death. - You anticipate 'my point—it
is the Monroe doetrine: The President, forty
years ago, introduced. ten lines into his annual
message. Let me recite them :
; "The American Continents, by the free and
independent condition which they have Swum
ed and maintain, are henceforth not to be con
sidered as subjects for future colonization by
Any European power; and while existing rights
Should be respected, the safety and interest of
(he United StAtes require them to announce
that no future colony or dominion shall, with
their consent,• be planted or •established in any
part of the North Ametican Continent."
So wrote Piesiderit Monrcie in his .Congres
eional Message, Dec., 1828. Calhoun, of Car
olina' and Adams , of Massachusetts, were the
prominent men of his Cabinet. So North and
South were both well represented. Senator
Gass, repreisentina the Great West, endorsed
the doctrinejs 1868, and Mr. Seward, represent
ing the East, Jan. 26, 1868, made a powerful
•speech in the Senate on continent rights and rela•
Lions. " Sir," said Mr. Seward,-"I am wining
to declare.myself opposed radicallyoppoeed—
opposed at alt times, now, henceforth and forma
—opposed at the risk of all hazards and con
sequences, to any design of any State or States
on this Continent." •
The Seward of that day is the Seward of this.
The eloquent Senator is now the great Premier
who has confidence in his people, and his peo
ple have confidence him. lam one. of his
admirers, and I demand of,him, acme of that
people, to drive France out of Mexico, Let
tire Galena, the Monitor, and fifty gunboat
steam to Vera Crux, and speedily, too. France
must loose her grip from the throat of. Mexico,
of Napoleon must die.: Csesar bad his .Brutus
7-Charles I, his Cromwell—and the Emperor of
the French does not profit by their example.
Naturally jealous of seeing the Burtxm Princes
ititimate with the President.; disgusted at find
ing them fighting, the battle of. liberty with
McClellan, under-the impression thkt - America
was dying—showing how little he knew our
people—he has made a secret treaty with Pal
merston that will as surely overthrow both
Powers, and meet with the con tern pt it deserves.
(tarry out the programme of forcing bankrupt
European kings upon young raPublics in the .
Western world, and Napoleon may be the last
Bonaparte that will ever reign in France, and
the Prince r f Wales may be the last King of
England. You may hiss, or you may applaud
--1-you can neither bend 'me nor break me.—
(Hear.) The debate is on the square; mind
against mind, brain against brain. I have
given you some facts—some Ideas—and con
clude by saying to France, , take off your sol
diers from our Mexican soil, or we will make
Mexico the Moscow of the Third Napoleon I
(Loud cheers and applause.)
Lear Moszars or Gssr. Jon:ram—Major D.
M. Hayden, one of Gen. Johnston's aids at the
battle of Pittsburg Landing, publishes an acs
count of the last moments of that noted Rebel
chieftain, in the Natchez (Hiss.) Courier, as fol
Gen Johnston, elated, with the entire suc
cess of the , whole day, took the position before
the brigades of Bowen and Breckinridge, and:
gave the order " futbayonets." The last mo
ment I saw him before his fall he was harangu
ing his troops. The charge was made with a
shont,'aud the enemy &d Diu confusion. ' was
by the side of Bowen, and the Minie balls tie
so close.thatthey cliPped his. hair. I started
to the right to see what hed become of ;ChM
,. ere, When I met-Captain 0 Hare, -Who - .41
*punned thatfien: .ohlaston• was voiunlaz--
We followedlibn sown into the ravine, - Where
CAMP AT WmAvsmsvms,
FAmmatumm CODNIT, VA., June 16, 1862
George Francis Train Again.
*if found hizart*linins in the lap of Governor
Harris, who bad gently lifted him from his
I was told that the only and last words he
ever spoke were, some milittes after he was
shot, "Governor, I believe I am seriously
wounded." Preston, in an agodir of grief
threw his arms around him, and called alout
and asked if he knew him...
I caught hold of his handiind saw that he
was still breathing. We adialoistered a little
stimulant, but be w is totalltlincooscious, and
quietly breathed his last.
V sy ;o :I .
lit!!!!iiir livening lidliii":4;fesiglitliqf
•, , ,
SIM 1118titi3 riN
The Rebels Desperate and DLs-
The Pretended. llotonlere of Norfolk.
town= Manua, June 19
Every, thing remihnt.quiet -here and .at Nor
folk and Suffolk, and there is nothing new to
report . The, .weither IS sultry and unsettled.
Gen. Dix has returned from Suffolk, having
coropletect'Ans,laborsAn preparing and posting
troops, so as to cut off any opmmunication be
tween the Secessionists of Norfolk and the
Bebels itboire. T..- t iv; , -4 .,
By the arrival of the White House boat we
learn tbekaltirmishing i -iut;besus going on in
front of the army.
The rebels have assumed a more menacing
attitude, and will prohably, try to bring, ort
general engagement in front of their works in
order to draw our troops within the range of
their batteries,
Three deserters from the Third Georgia reg
ulars, who came in yesterday, reiterate the re
port that the rebels are becoming more desper
ate and greatly disheartened at thelr recent, de
Orders have been issued preventing any per
son not connected with the army of the Poto
mac from visit log the front under any circum
Under the proclamation of Roy. Plerpont,
to-morrow is the last day 'for civil' officets to
come forward and take the oath of allegiance.
Asnone of the city , officers in Norfolk have se
yet taken the oath, it is thought that some
trouble will be experienced in the matter.
The steam Are engine Hibernia has been
shipped on board the 'steamer. Thomas Swann,
and will leave for Baltimore to-morrow.
The pretended <Unionists at. Norfolk have
been acting in a manner of late to prejudice
many against the cause. Instead of remaining
quiet.and peaceoble, ! Gxey, into bralwa
and fights. Such men - ate Set down NI office
seekers of the public. General Viele has de
termined to punish the offenders.
Recognition of a Consul General
W.amoraw, June 20
The President has recognised Baron von der
Osten Sacken, counsellor, as Consul General of
Anemia, to reside at New York.-
General Saxton, military governor of South
Carolina, will leave for Port Royal next week.
Arrival of Sick and. Wounded Penn
Fifty-eight wounded and 178 sick arrived
4ere tbis morning from the general hospital at
Newport News. They are mostly Penney!.
- milieus and New Yorkers.
Nsw You", June 20
The propeller Osprey, from Providence, col
lided with a f rry boat in the East river this
Morning. The former was sunk. The captain
and crew were laved.
WmaYinzit, J'ulie 19
A number of 'sick and wounded. from Gen.
Shields' command arrived bore' today. It is
stated that they are to be sent forward to
Frederick or_Harrisburg > Nothing interesting
has been announced from Gen. Fremont's De
Piretann,pitrA, June 20
Flour quiet—sales 2,000 bbis at $4 MO
4 62/ for superfine ; $4 7146 - 00 for extra ;
and $4 e4)(46 76 - for extra family,. the former
figure. For low grade small sales Rye flour,
as $3 26 ; and Corn meal at $2 62. Wheat
steady, and 6,000 bushels red sold at $1 20;
White ranges ttom $l3O to $1 87. `Rye comands
fifio. Corn Is in good demand at 68c. for
yellow. 8,000 bushels. Oats sold at 400. Mess
Pork is doll at $1102160. Hams have ad
vanced to 7(49c. : sides are dull at 6@6143.1
ti'mi shoulders at 4®4lc. Lard iiiselling freely.
41101:_jc., and.kegs at 8j 9c. Coffee firm
184-4021 c. for Bio and 21c. for Laguaira.
ougar is Steady ; safes of Cuba it 74071 c. Mus
covado molasses. iii4elling 26®29c., and
relayed at 26c. There is but little cotton here;
safes of low to good Middling Upland at nig
23c. Whisky firm at 26 } c;.; some holders ask
more. .
• Nsw YORK, June M.
Floor firm-7,5.00 bbis, sold,; • State.S4 Wel
4 20; Ohio $4 95%5; southern $4 Vie '
Wheat quiet-40,000 bus. sold ; Iffilw
club Si 'ICI 05... Corti qtdet-80.000 btis.
Sold, at 51C 'Provisions steady. Lard
steady C; . Whisky dull-at..24,42*
Reeeilit; flour- 1,327 bbls.; wheat 6,960 bus.;.
corn 17.854:
• Betamons, - June 20. 1 I
Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat steady.
exam ; Chita 6 earke.; - ..rd-
X0rr"560166c. Oats Wet- WhiskYdull.l427'
4Dr Ohio. Pinrialans 414 , Lard firm and ht
Etiolation of Otimberhad Gap
The Secretary of War received to-day a des
patch from Gen, Geo. W. Morgan, dated Camp
near Cumberland Gap, June 18th, S o'clock, a.
Y. It states that his army cn —nenced its
march at 1 o'clock on that morning to attack
the enemy at Cumberland Gap, but on their
arritid they tetra that he hod evacuated that
very important position, his rear guard having
left only about four hours before the arrival of
our advance.
Gen. Morgan praises the conduct of his Divi
talon and its arduous march through lk an ex
tremely difficult country. He says that hie
cannon were dragged np theirecipitons aides
of the Pi ountaitur by ti3e
aid of biathicluxi tactier,. tiro lin arKI Men tieing
emPiflnti- 1 11 )0 A VID.P 3 PeII of a *en piece. In
his tirn akirudibing with the
enemy WA trdtex, place but without any loss
on oar
als Spear, Bayard and Carter, and Colonel Da
Conroy, Brigade Commanders ; Captain J. T.
Foster, Chief of Artillery . ; Captain 0. Joslyn,,
Captain Lyon, Acting Topographical Engi:
ueer ; Major Garbon, AteistantQuartermaster ;
Captain.Q.,M. Adams, Commiesitry, of Sul &-
tone° ; Lierderlanfa ICI to.. Satinders, C. S. Me
dary, and Robert Montgomery, Aid de•Camp.
The steamer Elm City, with three hundred
sad fifty stet and wounded soldiers from Mc-
Clelien's army, arrived here to-day, bound to
Banos, Jane 20.
James Ayons, alias Smith, Late-master's mate
of the pirate Sumter, was arrested h. re last
night. He had just arrived from Surinam
xxrnlth 00141M88 -- Firsz Session.
Mr. Hanna, (lowa,) moved to have returned
•to the Senate from the House a bill for the re-
organization of the Navy Department. As ob
ject was to have reconsidered the vote by which
the Senate had agreed to the House amend
ments to the said bill. Adopted.
Mesas. - Knau and Fasszaras presented peal
tons for abankrupt law,
Mr. Moartru., (Me.,) presented a petition for
the repeal of the fugitive dive law.
lair. Da :tarns introduced a bill granting the
gala of osatain lauds to the Pod& Ball Road
Referred tothe committee OD thatimbject.
On motion of Mr. Mow= a resolutlon was
adopted inquiring into the asp:dimly of the
appointment of commis at the port,of t h e Black
Elea, recently opened by the RUBBiIiII govern
The bill to incorporate, he Guardian Society
of Washington wail pad.
Mr. Haze, (N. H. ' ) celled up the bill to re
peal the act passed June 2d, to prevent and
'punish frauds on the Government. The bill
Provides for a return office for the deposit of a
copy of all oontracte made by Government offi-
The Hones prooeeded to the consideration of
in-irate bills. .
Stevan, (Pa..) from the Committee on
Ways and 'Means reported a bill Increasing
temporal* the duties on imports and. for
Miler rupees& Referred to the committee of
the whole on the state of the Union, and made
. the Ramial order for. Wednasdat nett,
I Ncm 21wertiements.
TRAYED OR •BTOLEN.--On yekteraas
Crinuality)niternoon, a Black Tarr* finit 'with two
*world teat, mornewo oohs aid bran; loot, gnawer a to
lire name of ...Nene Biy," Any inkniaation which mar
td ti bar recovery inay be left at Ma once, or at
bn Wilier a Orinny io'ner Th ird and North AMMO,
d a liberal reward gives.
.141204 it
LB. Sugar (Refined and Raw,)
100 orall grades and Sled , just received and
nut biocide! the lowest mu ket vices.
.W 0 WY. '4l CM, JR., k 01.
Rumens, June 20
AK ZWI3SIT Xt. 313 Is
Numbering 18 Star Performers,
ehaste :,and Varied. Entertainthent,
Ai maven by them at 114 r Opts House hi Phltadel•
phis. The pa,fbemanca commis of
New Songs, Bailees, Burlesques, Original
JOkcs, Boatlid Ballads, ix, 4s.
. MOM; to ell the Pest Performance ever presented to
the paella.
news open at'l* &clack, commence it 1 , Veleck
taets for eat at nit, they prieelpel Hotels and ilmde
t.- a, end at-the door on the evening or performance.
A la- Gentlemanly Ushers will be In attend ace to any
duct I &Ake to Seats. THOS. G. FUNCTON.
o.d6t. • Agent.
aL,9, e Jars for putting up fruit, the
VII celebrated billvflat patent, cheap, simple and if
feetow, warranted to rye a afainks jest received and
tor sets by - Tarnow& zuwnee,
Jolt Corner Wont aid Market stmt.
ÜBRIOATING Oil for all k , ada of ma
jj- chintzy, is awrreotieol packages, tor ub very low
OM Owner Front aid li.rket street
:CALL and examine those new jars for
Fruit, ttto beg, ohioipitt and Wmplest In In market,
for Ws by : frlCtitakt at BOWMAN,
Jel9 Corner Front ruto "Market *keel.
lialifENßY C. SHAFFER, Paper Hanger,
hag Jost :Openitit'larke, new' earl 'well . selected
tick oFWall Paper - ind Window 'etudes, at Ms new
store NO. 11 Market tercet, next to Hummel k It Wingers
grocery near the Bridge.
'. lll er Pre hanging personalty attended to. MI work
Jeri dim*
CHOICE FIGS, in 1,4‘ tb Cartoons, just
recetved and tar sale by
3 1 3 2 Corner Frent and Market streets.
K'ICU BRIS. D R (3:13T0 fir Abb . TAite
try bov Patera 111.41rtlea, , ,
A SMALL lot of .onoice Dried Fruit, at
wicaois & BO VILOT
At 4 Aorripi Front and Market di,if
iwalmania_kitW, had bola. aid
NAB., fir 349 im :7 NICHOLS Dr
. virtir 0 Ivor Fr mt. amrifirkittetreets_t.
4 0 0TIONIoite a variety of useful
NET You', June 20
1: KW) Al) 41. A 4 , i .N.J•Cdif :V 4 IC/ 41
iNtto aiibectistmente
11 1.. —The &Tenet mdent Cotp, t ,
;,,,cIKKA H
inanattetOuge, Couuon Second st-ty w examine a Ants,
eet In Co.n, : L
NBEDAy, JULY 9th. at 9 o'zna,a A
as Male and Six Female 'jewelers are on net holding a prsrmsona, ze7ennt.:
0 03 ,ad unless examined a , Altly in tb,:,
day , t n preseuce of tne d rezt -5 It is 1 ' •
n e m : may that appbcsals who - .assn. •5 '
ennasnastswely, without * profess utt tl
obtala Is at this el . 1 11301141011.
These underrins sts-t best exam r
1.1 and paid •es, actively ant •
Prlncipa's 350, and the Others f,n f s4. -;
CoirstaLL Max, 31, 1362.
THE Proprietors of the
crNr , bare deVermiced rezardles, - _
free, Ow lb* benefit of guttering t 1 .1;;:,
tbeir most Instructive and i tereg e L
rime sod Its Dialoolldcatiore. serr,, u ,
tare Dect• beef Mesh , ' 01, locbgr•gtm, kk..„
promise, Loss of °porgy and V. , .1
nisi 'Evils, and U:1011.3 nal • ( lir, 19
fel tea, Excesses of Maturity. o• L a
ossty sod Nature's law. Thet,
bar. been the means or etdutitsi,z
atd will be forwarded Tree c.Lc -
stators, by ad !residue SECHErA.
ASATCSIT AYD Stuotaxi, 663 Br.radway
.00-0 y
CHEAP Oil for all kiud6 7 ,
rand large ira , lz.g.,
d 11 , 4, s:
Corner Fro t
, A.RGE and extetsive
Glopmare, al.
ambient, Presersl g Ja , .,
Just rocelvEd awl far sal,, by
Orrics Comw All y o .
Harris Lu-y. .1 .1, •
SEALED proploals, el,l
rations," will be recei‘ 1 t
at his office until 12 x, oi, I tic •
for supplying complete arrht
all United States troops or
that may be hereafter !neat- I
Said rations to be deliveltAl at
may be designated by the pr.
his requisition,
Bide must state the prig._
ass Above.
A contract which miNt.
bond and approved yto'
perfonnanco within thretol, r .. A
of acceptance of wi.l b•.
lowest responsible bidder, for tot..
(8) motrotbs, from July 1. , 3t 1 ,, 62
terminated by the 15 Court'
undersigned res.2lve- ta •
all tAteasonabie bids.
, Jane 20
Marine, Fire and Inland iran,p,rtai::
Central Agency at liar-
OF PHII-11::
Incorporated 114 •
Capital and A55et5.....51,209 000
Arthur G Coen.;
Satatial P. Afnitb, e• tr
Jab]] It Pier. Elcbs• 1 a A .
E. Bowen, D •
gamin, Ge >rice I. flag, ~ • -
Trotter, FAlward L
A ,
andersigaed u t.r pr. , l o
of C 4.111.,
0111 e
Moo .•r..1 Ws!, .t •;715,..r,
a, :
)elO ,1 I ,
Nam Strte, R,v7 9.
NJFFERS for e the 1.L74.::-t
&A sheet Ir n Vi,re H •L, •
aar Priers lower than .t A
nt. The ZU7LO:II v. •C. r
Nn spin it oav led. A 1 rk. , r, A
L G. Whitman.
HENRY 131.1()\VN
TTAVING opened a
YARD Oti Canal threet, roc t
VW the Pt onayttanls ttailpes•l
thi clt.t !a; ilsrr
he hi preparol to :o at , kt.(l; t r t•-•, - •
in at ourrsor : • •
16 , 0 d2ots
IF the beat pattarna, G
1 Mammy 012 bti d U LynlA
*factory, Market street.
A NICE assortment.
Gilbort's Tia sal bet
Katie t.
*OhfE of the best patter; ~
aro to be bad A. tee Ghee , 11. ,7
.4 , aahmant ot.Lymact Gi nc•t, vt, .•
rpHE subscriber will liar..
.L Peas, Bets and other r. .
every Tuesday and Frnt.y.
Lemons, Pine app'ei, BralLoa 4 , sk' t
f John %Vibe in it rd near Wat,
tiarber stop.
machinists and 813c,;,..a2;ti ,
in 920411.4 II 4Kr1,11
THESE HAMS are cured •
And are decidedly the most d, -.ocr
wired in the =v.:et. Ta=y r. - . 1
and cast litilo more th,u hall '•• 7 . •
my 23 _
Citkß •
YerY superior article of ~.. •
!lower and Garden mev:,
A CUOIC F E L° I:t Vb uf it
Market street.
QUGAIL Cured Canvalzs,L
choice lot just rerinvea -3 ' R
' Ol cc
C,rDer Pry` -1
IWIRE GRAClStitti 11,0.
j: just receiYed and for AEi L;
iLLI Mar-
F'"'; CRACK fire .;,,
received and :or 'Il ep oy
N 1,1101 8 6:
Corvr Nront Msr,c
Lemons and
otLyei a zd fcr,Kla Icoff by
' • - . Corner Front sud
Corn• r
Capt. to i
NU F .ki."l . E