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    advantageous point, and delivering their fire
with considerable effect. But from all the
divisions or our army they were closely pur
sued, a galling fire being kept upon their
The enemy had now been driven beyond our
former lines, and were in full retreat for
Corinth, pursued by our cavaby.
The forces engaged on both sides, in this
day's battle, are estimated at about seventy
theusmd each.
Additional Details.
CAmo, April 10.—An arrival from Pittsburg
says the enemy, in making the first attack on
Sunday morning, carried the stars and stripes
and wore Federal uniforms.
Geo. Bragg is reported killed.
Provisional Governor Johnson, of Kentucky,
is wounded and a prisoner.
It is stated that Gen. Prentiss escaped in
the confusion of the enemy's retreat on the
second day of the fight.
Our total loss is about 7000. This is the es
timate of military commanders who were in the
engagement. Of these about 2000 were taken
rlsoners and the balance killed and wounded
in the usual proportions.
Gen. Wallace of Illioois, was reported dead,
as it was thought impossible that he could live.
He was, however, living on Wednesday, and
improving. He was shot back of the ear, the
bullet coining out at the nose.
Gen. Idadeck passed Cairo to-day, en route for
Five thousand prisoners are expected to-night
from Island No 10.
Every preparation is making here for the re
ceptlou of our wounded at Pittsburg.
CHICAGO, April 10. —The special despatch
from Cairo to the Tribune says :
We are just beginning to get some reliable
details from the great battle at Pittsburg from
several gentleman who were on the field alter
the fight. From their statement we gather
the following :
General Prentiss' brigade, consisting of the
61st Illinois, 17th Wisconsin, 24th Indatia, and
71st Ohio, were attacked while eating their
breakfa .t. by what seemed to be the entire rebel
force. Prentiss had no artillery ; his brigade
was cut to pieces and forced to retire, and Gen
eral Prentiss and many of his men were taken
At twelve o'clock, the entire line was fiercely
engaged, but in full retreat. At 4 o'clock P.
M., the enemy had taken Schwartz's battery
of six guns, Dresden's battery of four guns,
Waterhouse's battery, and also two Ohio bat
teries, the, names of which are not given.
Thousands of our soldiers had taken refuge
under the bank of the river, and utterly refused
to fight ; in fact, they could not, as the officers
and men were mixed in inextricable confusion.
The army at this time seemed utterly defeated.
At this juncture, the gunboats Lexington and
Tyler opened a tremendous fire of shot and
shell upon the enemy and kept it up every half
XXXVIIth Congress—First Session.
Mr. Summa, (Mass.,) presented a petition for
the employment in the suppression of the re
bellion of all classes without respect to condi
tion or color.
Mr. Wlisos, Mass., introduced a bill amenda
tory of the fugitive slave act.
Mr. Hows, (Wis.,) offered a resolution that
the Military Committee be instructed to inquire
what troops have been or are being mustered
into the service of the United States as home
guards, who are still in service or who refuse
to go beyond the limits of their own State.
Mr. UNE, (Ind.,) said that the War Depart
ment were already mustering out of service
this class of troops.
Mr. Hows said that he had heard this morn
ing that aJnie troops from Maryland refused to
go over the State line.
Mr. GRIMES, (lowa,) said that some of this
class of troops were being now enlisted. The
resolution was adopted.
Mr. FesrEa, (Conn.,) introduced a bill for the
collection of agricultural statistics.
Mr. HENDERHON, (VIA).,) offered a resolution
that a majority of the Senators now in the
Senate and duly elected, shall constitute a
quorum. Referred to the Committee on the
. Mr. Ricakanros, (Ill.,) expressed the desire
that the house go into committee on private
Mr. Wasusuux, (Ill.,) suggested that the
House take up the bill for the relief of Gen.
Grant, which was assented to and the bill
passed. It reimburses him $l,OOO which
amount, while serving as Quartermaster in
Mexico, was stolen from his trunk, without ne
glect or default on his part. -
Mr. %towns, (R. 1.,) from the Committee on
Elections, reported a resolution that William
Vandever has not been entitled to a seat in the
House since he was mustered in the military
service of the United States as Colonel of an
lowa regiment since September last. The re
port was ordered to be printed.
Mr. STEVENS, (Pa.,) moved that the debate on
the bill abolishing shivery in the District of Co
lumbia close one hour after the consideration
of the same be resumed in committee of the
whole on the state of the Union
Mr. CoLvAx, (lud.,) moved to amend so as
to extend the debate two hours in order that a
speech might be made on the southern side, if
Mr. WADSWORTEI, (Ky.,) wanted to know
what the gentleman meant by saying the south
ern side.
Mr. COLFAX as promptly replied that he
meant no disrespect to aoy one.
Mr. WADSWORTH objected to the term.
The SPEAKER called to order.
Mr. CoLrax remarked that he made his
motion with the view to accommodate the
other side, but as it had undesignedly given
offence withdrew it.
Mr. WADSWORTH. I make a point of order
in the language used by the gentleman from
Indiana. The Speaker rays that the chair sees
no reason why the gentleman from Indiana
should not use the language he did, but the
motion is withdrawn.
Mr. STEVENS' motion was disagreed to—yeas
67, nays 64. The bill was then taken up in
Mr. NIXON was in favor of the general prin
ciples of the bill now pending b.lfore the com
mittee recognizing the express constitutional
power to abolish slavery here, or making ajust
compensation to the owners.
Markets by Telegraph.
NEW YORK, April 11
'lour declined ; sales of 7,600 bbls. at $5 00
45 05 for State, $5 600565 for Ohio, and
$5 25(35 SO for Southern. Wheat dull and
unchanged. Corn adv,,ncing; sales at 60362 c.
Chicago beef unchanged; mess pork unchanged.
B a con steady ; sales 200,000 bbls. at 67 i c. for
Smoked aides. Lard thin, Whisky dull ; sell
ers offer 25c., with few buyers at 24c. Money
: i s plenty; exchange steady at 12 p. c. prem.
Stknks dull and lower ; C. and t. I. 55 ; 111.
c on . R. B. 611, 111. Cell. bonds 89, Michigan
Southern 44, N. Y. Can. 82g t Mliill, and Miss.
86 ; sales of $1.00,000 worth of gold at p.
c. prem.; U. 8. 6's, 1881, 934.
the impression that the oldest inhabitants can
not bring to their recollection a time when on
the 10th of April two or three feet of snow cov
ered the ground. Our heavy clerk thinks it ti
all owing to Pape's Essays on Southern rebels,
or the fact that Urich & Bowman have just re
ceived their full stock of spring dry goods at
the south-east corner of Front and Market
pail l eel**.
Friday Afternoon, April 11, 1862.
SWORN INTO OFFICE.—John Tway and Martin
Hower, supervisors• of the First and Second
Districts, and F. P. Ha3hnlen, clerk of the mar
ket, appeared before the Mayor this morning
and were duly sworn into office.
Tye GOVERNOR'S ANNUAL reception of the
members of the Legislature took place at the
Executive Mansion at 9 o'clock last evening,
and is described by those present as having
been a very pleasant affair.
ROBBERY AT THE DEPOT.—Mayor Kepner this
morning received a letter from a gentleman
named Thomas Heaton, of Loveland, Ohio,
stating that while passing through this •ity
before daylight on Friday morning of last week,
in the cars, he was robbed at the depot of a
carpet•sack containing a quantity of wearing
apparel and a number of letters from the Secre
tary of the United States Treasury, addressed
to him as special agent. He gives a minute
description of the clothing, and the envelope
containing the letters, the latter of which are
only valuable to himself, and is particularly
anxious to have them restored.
be gratifying to Pennsylvanians to know that
the Union gunboat Carondelet, which recently
made the gallant dash of running the blockade
by the rebel batteries at Island No. 10, on the
Mississippi, getting safely into her desired
position under a fire of forty shots, is manned
entirely by volunteers from the Pennsylvania
Reserve corps, M'Call's division. The quota
of volunteers from the division, for the gun
boat service, was sixty men, ten from each
regiment, and they left Gen. M'Call's headquar
ters on the Potomac, after inspection of the de
tachment by the General himself, on Monday
morning, the 17th of February. They are a
fine body of men, and nobly are they sustaining
the reputation of Pennsylvania. They left via
the Pennsylvania railroad, under charge of
Sergeant H. S. Fisher, Fifth regiment.
&mous °Arab* AFFAIR. - This morning,
while Senator Benson was engaged as usual in
the discharge of his arduous duties as chairman
of the Finance Committee of the Senate, be
was approached in the Senate Chamber by sev
eral individuals armed with a large bludgeon,
who, after of w Parliamentary demonstrations,
caned the Senator most handsomely. The
bludgeon, upon examination, proved to be a
fine piece of ebony, surmounted with a gold
top, elaborately carved, upon which was this
inscription :
Hon.. IssAo BENSON,
From the officers of the
Pennsylvania Senate.'
' All men are created equal."
The Honorable Senator at last accounts ex
pressed himself highly pleased with the affair,
and may we not hope his pleasure will increase
when, in returning to his constituents after
a three years campaign in defence of their
rights, he is welcomed with the hard-earned
salutation of " well done, good and faithful
Tun Doa Max.—Dogs are subject to taxation
by- the tax bill now before Congress. The
result will be the elevation of the dog standard.
The Spartans were accustomed to kill all their
chiliiren except those which were healthy and
well formed, and dog fanciers will now always
drown the whole of the litter, except they find
in it an unusually knowing specimen. When
dogs come to be such an expensive and trouble
some luxury, people will become much more
fastidious about the purity of the breed and
the value of the animal. As fur the seedy,
rough coated, 'gutter prowling, vagabond
"sports" which now infest our streets, their
race will become entirely extinct.
to provision made in the general appropriation
bill, the flag used at the funeral of Col. Wm.
G. Murray, by the joint legislative committee,
was presented at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon
to the mother of the lamented colonel. The
ceremony took place at the residence of Mrs•
Murray, at the corner of Second and Pine
streets, and was witnessed by Alderman Mag
laughlin, Mr. Perkins, Colonel M'Coy, of the
army, and two or three soldiers of the 84th
The following is Captain Brady's instruction;
also, the Speaker's letter, and the remarks of
Captain Brady on delivering the flag:
CAPT. WM. P. BEADY—Yon are selected to
deliver this flag. L. W. HALL,
Speaker of the Senate.
To Mas. Sam MURRAY—Thin flag was car
ried before the Senators and Representatives of
Pennsylvania when they followed the remains
of Colonel William G. Murray to their last
resting place.
Accept it, Madam, from the Speaker and
members of the Senate of Pennsylvania, as a
testimonial of the profound respect which they
entertain for the memory of that brave and
noble soldier whom you fondly, and can proudly
call your son. L. W. Hatt, Speaker.
Senate Chamber, Harrisburg, April 9. ,
Remarks of Capt Win. P. Brady, on present
ing the flag to Mrs. Murray:
MADAM:—Pardon the intrusion I make upon
your solitude and sorrow. I come not to cause
your deeply lacerated bosom to bleed afresh ;
but, if possible, to soothe the aching void. I
have the high honor to be the messenger from
the Speaker and Senators of Pennsylvania, to
present to you the highest emblem of the best
Government God has yet given to the world.
For this glorious emblem your brave and noble
son paid the highest estimate, and stamped it
deeper in the patriot's heart. He loved God,
his mother and his country, and as your heart
loved and cherished him when living, so will
every true American heart love his ashes and
cherish his memory. Take this for yourself
and those of your own.
Mrs. Murray received the flag with a simple
expression or thanks to the donors, and al•
though a sad memento, she doubtless appre
ciated the gift, and will cherish it as a sacred
Peungpluanta fatly telegraph, fritrav 'afternoon, avail 1 1 , 15.62
cluded a very interesting session at Nt.rthum
berland. The following resolutions, preceded
by several patriotic speeches, were unanimously
adopted :
Resolved, That we regard with entire abhor
rence and reprobation the unjustifiable and
wicked rebellion now existing in oar beloved
country, and do proclaim our unqualified loy
alty to the Constitution and the Union, and
our approval of the efforts of the National
Administr.ttion to restore unity and peace.
Resolved, That while we return uciteigned
and joyful thanksgiving to Almighty God for
the victories which His band has wrought for
us, we will continue our constant prayers for a
speedy and entire success in restoring law and
order throughout the whole country.
Resolved, That we deem it to be the solemn
duty of the church to express through all her
channels h• t. abhorrence of treason and disloy
alty, and to inculcate earnestly upon the peo
ple the virtues of patriotism, of subjection to
law, and of faithfulhees to constitutions
Resolved, That viewing the system of Ameri
can slavery as the main cause of all our na
tional troubles, we hail all lawful and constitu
tional measures for the abolition of this great
evil, and pray that they may be speedily suc
Resolved, That we will cheerfully bear any
burdens of taxation that may be imposed on
account of this war, and will in every way in
culcate this loyal and patriotic duty.
W. Hall, Speaker of the Senate, was yesterday
made the recipient of an elegant and costly gold
watch, presented by his brother Senators as an
acknowledgment of his many good social quali
ties, and the able, dignified and imp irtial man
ner in which he has presided over their delibe
rations during the session just closed. The
presentation speech was made by Senator Cly
mer, and was responded to by Mr. Hall in a
feeling and eloquent manner. The watch was
manufactured by the American Company, at
Waltham, Mass., and is a beautiful piece of
workmanship. It bears the following inscrip
HON. LEWIS W. HALL, Speaker,
The presentation of this testimonial has about
it an attraction other than that of the mere
empty compliment which usually attaches to
gifts for public men. The recipient is a gentle
man of that high character which at once dis
pels all thought of effort on his part to win such
a particular favor ; and yet his course, official
and unofficial, was such as at once to command
respect, win confidence and create friendship.
In the Speaker's chair he was urbane, yet un
yielding in what he deemed right. On the
floor of the Senate, he was the equal of the
ablest, and the friend of the humblest Senator,
making his intercourse with Senators through
out his term of that prompt and practical
character which at once stamped him as one of
the most useful, incorruptible and indefatigable
men in that body. It was in obedience to
claims growing out of such conduct alidaccorn
plishmeiita that Senators deemed SPieaker Hall
worthy of this gift, and in response to the same
feeling, we cannot fail to commend the donors
and congratulate the recipient in the presenta
tion ceremonies.
DUI PREBBYTEItIr Colt 0/JIMMIE (0. S.) met at
Carlisle on Tuesday evening last, and was
opened with a sermon by the Rev. Mr. Niccolls,
of Chambersburg. Rev. Mr. Hays, of Middle
Spring, was elected moderator. There was . a
very large attendance of ministers and elders,
and the sessions of Presbytery were unusually
harmonious. Among the items of business
transacted of most general interest were the
Messrs. Bells, of Carlisle, Davis, of Middle
town, and Symmes, of Cumberland, resigned
their respective charges. Rev. Mr. Prideaux
received a call to Shellsburg, and Mr. Proctor,
late of the Presbytery of Winchester, Va., re
ceived a call from the churches at Dillsburg and
Petersburg. The installation services of Mr.
Proctor were fixed for the 12th and 13th of
June, and Revs. Messrs. Cattell, Murray and
Dinsmore were appointed to conduct the same.
Rev. Mr. Myers was dismissed to the Presbytery
of Baltimore, and Mr. Donaldson, a licentiate,
to the Presbytery of North River, (N. S.) Mr.
S. L. Fisher, a member of the Harrisburg
church, was received as a candidate for the
ministry horn the Presbytery of Newton. Mr.
Ferriday, also a member of the church here,
having passed all his examinations, was li
censed to preach the gospel. Rev. Mr. Fulton,
from Ohio, Rev. Dr. Wiry, (N. 5.,) Rev. Mr.
Black, (Meth.) Rev. Mr. Phillips, (Germ. Ref.,)
of Carlisle, were invited to seats as corresponding
members. Rev. Messrs. Niccolls, of Chambers
burg, and Brown, of Hagerstown, with Messrs.
Reed, of Chambersburg, and Blair, of Carlisle,
ruling elders, were elected commissioners to
the General Assembly, which meets at Colum
bus, 0., in May. These commissioners were
instructed to request the General Assembly to
appoint a place of meeting for the synod, there
having been no meeting last year on account of
the troubles in Baltimore, and consequently no
appointment for this year. The Presbytery
recommended Harrisburg as the place of meet
The fall meeting of the Presbytery was ap
pointed at Bedford—the Moderator to preach
the opening sermon, and Mr. Cattail the ser
mon on the second day. The usual June meet
ing will be held in Chambersburg. The Pres
bytery adjourned yesterday.
E. M. Mena has opened a fruit and provision
store at the corner of Second and Pine streets,
where can be found, at all times, the latest
products of the eastern merkets, he baying
made arrangements by which fresh goods are
received daily. (live him a call. See adver
tisement in another column.
igss Base.—A few days since Mr. John G.
Neuer, purchased from Mr. Metzgar, Esq., .a
fine heifer, which was slaughtered to-day, and
will be offered for sale at Mr. Neuer's stall in
the market house to-morrow morning. The
lovers of good beef should be on hand.
Members of the Senate
of Pennsylvania,
to the
As a token of their high
respect and esteem.
Tar. BANK BILL—The following bill, legal
izing the suspension of specie payments by the
banks passed finally both Houses last evening,
and having been signed by the Governor, is
now a L,w.
AN ACT requiring the Resumption of Specie
Payments by the Banks.
SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House
of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsyl
vania, in General Assembly met, and it is hereby
enacted by the authority of the same, That so much
of any act of Assembly as declares or authorizes
the forfeiture of the charter of any bank of in
corporation having banking privileges, or in
flicts any penalties or restrictions, or authorizes
any compulsory assignment for, or by reason of
the failure or refusal of any such bank or in
corporation to redeem its notes, and pay its
liabilities in gold and silver coin, since the
seventh day of October, anno domini one thou
sand eight hundred and sixty-one, be, and the
same is hereby suspended until the first Tues
day in February, anno domini one thousand
eight hundred and sixty-three, and all forfei
tures, penalties, or liabilities heretofore incur
red by any such bank or incorporation, by
reason of any failure to redeem its notes and
pay its liabilities in gold and silver coin be,
and the same are hereby remitted, and the
notes of the solvent banks of this State, which
were paying specie on the nineteenth day of
November, anno domini one thousand eight
hundred and sixty, and the notes issued by
any bank incorporated under the provisions of
an act, entitled "An Act to establish a system
of free banking in Pennsylvania, and to secure
the public against loss from insolvent banks,"
approved March thirty- first, one thousand eight
hundred and sixty, and a supplement thereto,
approved the first day of May, one thousand
eight hundred and sixty-one, and the demand
or other notes that have been, or may be
issued, and made a legal tender by the gov
ernment of the United States, shall be deemed,
taken and computed for alt purposes as the
notes of and balances due from specie paying
banks, from the said seventh day of October,
anno domini one thousand eight hundred and
sixty-one, until the first Tuesday in February,
auno domini one thousand eight hundred and
sixty-three, and all forfeitures or penalties in
curred by any bank or corporation for, or by
reason of their having used, treated or compu
ted the notes of such suspended banks of this
State as were paying specie on the nineteenth
day of November, anno domini one thousand
eight hundred and sixty, and the notes issued
under the provisions of the said act of March
thirty-first, one thousand eight hundred and
sixty, and the supplement thereto, as the notes
of specie paying banks are hereby remitted,
and so much thereof as prohibits any bank
from making loans and discounts, issuing its
own notes or the notes of other banks incor.
porated under the laws of this Commonwealth,
though not specie paying, or declaring divi
dends during the suspension of specie pay
ments, or from loaning or discounting without
the requisite amount of specie or specie funds
as aforesaid, be, and the same is hereby suspen
ded until the day and year aforesaid ; Provided,
That it shall be lawful for the said banks to
pay out the demand or other notes that have
been or may be issued and made a legal
tender by the government of the United
States ; And provided, That the banks of this
Commonwealth, incorporated in pursuance of
any law or laws thereof, may issue notes of the
denomination of one, two and three dollars, to
the amount of thirty per cent. of their capital
stock paid in ; said notes to be signed by or on
behalf of the president or cashier of the bank so
issuing the same ; Provided, That this act shall
be so construed as to extend to banks in
corporated under the provisions of an act,
entitled "An Act to establish a system of free
banking in Pennsylvania, and secure the pub
lic against loss from insolvent banks," ap
proved the 31st day of March, 1860, and the sup
plameirerthereto p Andpniandadfurilur, That so
much of the act of April sixteenth, one thou
sand eight hundred and fifty, section ten, article
thirteen, or any other act or part thereof as
provides that such corporations shall not be
at liberty to purchase any stock whatever to a
greater amount than one-third of the capital
stock actually paitl in, shall not apply to the
loan, or stock, or treasury, or other notes or
bonds of the United States or of the State of
SEO. 2. That the sureties of every cashier of
a bank in this Commonwealth, shall be resi
dents of the county in which such bank is or
shall hereafter be established, and no cashier
shall act in that capacity until the provisions
of this section shall be complied with under a
penalty of five hundred dollars, to be recovered
at the suit of any party suing for the same.
SEC. 3. That for the purpose of paying in
specie or its equivalent all interest that shall
hereafter become due and payable by this Com
monwealth, as required by the act of June
twelfth, one thousand eight hundred and
forty, the several banks who shall avail them
selves of the provisions of this act and who
shall refuse to redeem their notes in specie, on
demand, at any time within ten days upon or
after the time when such interest shall become
due and payable, shall hereafter when required
by the State Treasurer by notice in writing, pay
into the State Treasury in proportion to the
capital stock paid in of such bank within thir
ty days after the State shall have paid such in
terest, their rateable proportion of such premi
um for gold or its equivalent as shall have been
actually paid by the State, and in default the
State may sue for and recover the same by due
process of law.
Speaker of the House of Representatives
Speaker of the Senate
Approved the 11th day of April, 1862.
Nov Goons.—l am now selling off my entire
stock of goods at and below cost, or 26 per
cent. cheaper than you can purchase elsewhere,
viz: fine linen shirts, 75 cts. to $1 ; shirts, 50
cts., and 60 eta. with linen bosoms; night
shirts, 50 cts ; under shirts and drawers, 40
cts. to 87 eta., all wool ; monkey jackets, 50
cts. to $1; cotton and woolen hose 10 cts. to
16 cts ; silk ties, 12k, 15 and 18 cts ; collars,
8 Ms. to 16 eta, a piece ; ladies' collars, 4 and
5 eta.; cuffs, 4 and 6 cts. a piece ; under
sleeves, 18 cts.;
fine cambric at 13 and 18 eta.
per yard, worth 25 eta.; Marseilles bosoms of a
new style, and fast collars, 12f eta.; all linen
bosoms, 15 cts and upwards. If you want
cheap and good goods just go to James A.
Lynn, at the Harrisburg Cheap Shirt Manu
factory, where he is selling off without reserve.
N. B.—Shirts, &c. made to measure, Room
neat to Hummel & Billinger's grocery store,
12 Market street.
Canna. ! CARPET ! Cearsr I—Having returned
from New York, I now have on hand, and I
am daily receiving from the New York auction
sales, a large assortment of goods, which I offer
cheaper than ever. 20 pieces of carpet, from 87i
cents up to 87 cents ; 40 pieces of beautiful
Curtain muslin, very cheap ; splendid black
silks at 75 cents, worth 90 cents ; good black
silk at $l, worth $1 25 ; black silk 82 inches
wide at $1 10, worth $1 37 • very fine black
Bombazin at $1 10, wor th $1 60 ;
mer sake at 60 cents a yard ; 10 pieces of
the finest Irish linen at 76 cents, worth $1;
1,000 hoop skirts, at 60 75 and $l, very cheap.
Great bargains in stockings; 20 dozen hem
stitched handkerchiefs, at 26 and 81 cents,
cheap. Wholesale buyers we respectfully in
vite to our large stock, all bought for cash at
New York auction. Having a buyer in New
York, we are daily receiving job lots from the
weekly sales, which we promise to sell at city
prices to wholesale buyers. 8. raw;
mBl-3 , Bhond's old stand.
cit Ina lOth inst.. at 5 o'clock, P. Y. DECO! Fume.
daughter or H. P. and Harriet RODEARKEL, aged B years
(The funeral will take place from the residence of her
parents, corner Fourth and Walnut streets at 4 o'cloo.
P. sc., Saturday the 12th of April. The relativet and
Mende are Invited t) attend without further nOtimi •
On the 10th Met , .;ndrew -layer son of Joseph and
Ma, y ler, aged 2 yeay a, 2 mi.nths and 15 days.
[The Wert' a of the family are i vied to attend the
funeral, which will take place tomorrow (Saturday)
afternoon at 2 o'clock. •
On the 10th inst., Aodiew Hauls, aged 26 years, 6
months and 19 day .
[ the fmeral wit take place from his father's residence
on Fifth street, to-morrow, (Faturday) morning at 9
o'clock, to which the relatives and friends of the family
are respectfu]y invited to attend.]
A SINGLE white woman to do house
r - 1 . work. Good reference required. n well recom
mended the highest wages will to paid. Call at the of
fice of David Mumma, Jr., Third street, Harrisburg.
Burn .c 8t
'OR the safe:y of consumers, we have
establis ed a co I Oil Depot at the corner of Iron
an i Market streets. all our oils are tested and we post.
Lively sell Lou.., except ouch as prove to be non-explosive,
clear. and free fr odor as tar as practicable. We offer
at present the following justly celebrated b. ands. Mag.
n Ito, Ito keen, Nabroaa and L weer, lower than can be
purehate elsewhere , n this place, either wholesale or
retail. a !so an sa ensive monument of lamps,
Sbade.., Gla.s Cones, homers, &c. Wa will also
chauge fluid or eamphene lamps, so as to be u- ed for
coal oat. Cali and satisfy yourselves, at
aprll Corner of Front and Market street.
BUCKETS, Baskets, Tubs, Churns and
all kinds of Cs tar and Wilow ware, for sale by
all corner Front and Market streen
TRIPOLI, Washing Blue,
S• Indigo, Bengal and Enigt :Lk, for sale by
& •{VSIAN,
all corner Front anu Market streets.
fI..AL OIL, Lamps, Shades, Chimneys
lower than any house In 'Harrisburg, Call aad
tsamins at
Wit tlesale and retail grocery, corner Front and Market
streets. all
COAL OIL. —Nobody can undersell us.
The best oil in Harrisburg ; warranted non.explo
siva, for sale by _ _
• Ij_ll3E1 j_ 113E best place to get Sugars and Sr up
of all kinaa, and at all prices to suit the put chaser.
all corner Front and Marizet streets.
WANTI:D.-21 White Girl to do all
khade of house work, must eome welL recom
menced. Apply at DAVID et'CORMLCIPS.
aprlu-d3t :taro ti
riIHE Citizens of the different cities and
towns throughout the mate, ara invited to compe
tition for the ptatte at which th • watt annual State Nair
shall be held. Propos ile coutanaing inducements and
advantages Wrenn> to the undersigned committee ap
pointed by the Exec ifive Committee, will D e received up
to and Incoming May leth next,. Communiratious should
be adds tassel to either of the following persons :
Thomas P. Knox,
Norristown, Pa.
dr1303 F. Kipp,
Northumbe land, Pa.
Joshua Wrii ht,
Washington, Pa.
Chas. K. Eagle,
Philadelphia Pa.
John P. outherr,rd,
John H. Ziegler,
Harrisburg Pa
Pittsburg Dispatch, York Gazette, Reading Gazette,
Lancaster Int .11tgencer, Easton Mips, Lycoming GA.
zette, Allentown Democrat, Noma own Register, rains
delphia inquirer, Pubic Lodger, Farmer stud Gardner,
Philadelphia, please espy three times aedsend bit to
JOiiv H. 2 etlGLErt,
rr 'burg Pa.
liE subscriber has just opensat the
corner of Seo.llll and rine streets, a new timer
store, wbeen he wilt bare tit ail times a large and fresh
supply of J'aUIT, li AND VILI dic AItTILILES gener
a ly luutid n nexter stirs,
in connection with the a cove, he :A IL continues to carry
on the bit posting be. Weis, and all enters left at the
sore will be promptly attended to,
aprll4l24* E. M. M
R. J. PETERS, Proprietor.
Corner of Forster and West Avenues,
(In the Rear of the Reservoir,)
Harrisburg, Pa.
hearthlig by ihe wee a, day ors ogle meal at reason•
ble raise. .tad stabling fur bortes, Etc . apr9-dlin•
VOlt SALE.—The stock, good will and
fixtures and lease or the Resturaut under Wyeth's
ash, klarrusburg. Apply on the premises or to
a24.a* Bre 4 street, West Harrisburg.
IIWO Frame Houses on North Alley
Enquire of Airs. MURRAY,
aprlo-att eon er of Second arAL Pine :Iv eels.
BEN to fi teen feet high, 25 to 50. cents
± each, 52 60 Co $5 per dozed' $lB to $3O per hun
dred. Lapr lib I liElloToN a N UkNKRY.
PLANTS $1 75 per dozen, smaller quau
titles cants each, at [minty] J. Alva.
CURRANTS $1 per dozen, smaller quan.
/0 coats ,ach. 11h to i uca .$l. 50 p,r cozen, smat
hr quahudes ;0 Lents each. .Ne, dile de Penman, $1 50
per dozen, atna ler quantities 15 midi each ; at
A FINE evergreen shrub, Jasninaum,
Nuthdiorum, lienolotuokles, H e gala Ewa, 2
to 87% cents each. English and Irish Yew, ,4e., %to
75 cents each. KtYAttislr. NUtizhxY.
AHANDSOME, vigorous growing dwarf
evergreen 25 to 50 cs am each, *2 to $1 per dozen.
,wriOy K.Y3I'ONS. NUitSo;RY.
Q 1 XT Y native and loreigo choice varieties
cf healthful gro,to, '0 5,0 ce..t3 each, $2 60 to
IQ per dozeu, $l.B to $3O per bun - rM, at
apr7) , is EY , IJ:•• E. NURSERY.
ALARGE assortment of all sizes, in
white and colottd of Me MO3t desirable makes, at
%terns R
sprSy ' Next door to the liarrisrm's
ABRICK HOUSE with six rooms, sit
tatted on St .te street between Front mod Snood.
Polka3sloi Oren immediately. Enquire of
onr7.olw• JaStiE WINGERT.
0 Railroad ComParlY, Nice No. 24 h. Fourth street,
rlidadelphia, April 8, 1862.
The Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of this Com
pany, and an election for President and six Managers,
will take place at the Moe of the Company, May 5111,
at 12 o'clock, Y. W. H. MeILEIANNEY,
agrT-did Secretary.
NAZARETH, Northampton county, Pa.
Easy of ;access from Harrisburg by railroad to
Easton, and thence seven miles by stage.
f5..3m* Principal
AND White Fringe, strong plants 50 to
75 cents each. KEYSTONE NURSERY.
New 2thveritistments
earner Front and Market streets.
New 2tbacrtistmtnts.
PARENTS, if you desire your children
to enjoy health and pleasure, yon most provide
the means for ttiem to ex , raise and enjoy themselves.
and for this there is nothing so good as one of these
It not only pleases the little ones and gives them healthy
exercise In the open air. but 'it saves the curies much
care, and answers the price of a cradle—the older chit
,ren lake care of the younser. The Doctors in-tal i that
children, to be healthy. mu - . 4 have exercise in the Ooen
air, and our venerable gran lmas assure us that. exerelae
in a little carriage p•eventl the baby from becoming
"dvergro wn'' or getting the "elites ima." They are
r!gbt. There is no two ways about it—tint there are
two kinds of these carriages—one kitd that are built in
Lancaster, and another kind that are not.
The Laneasterian Carriages are the Best
—the strongest and cheapest. Be sure and get One/
th..!y• are nitiell by PHILIP LEBZ SUTER,
S. Queen St. opposire Comney 's Tavern,
Lancaster, Penes.
N. B. These carrla,irs will be offered fir sale in Bar -
rieburg in a f w days. apr6-dat
of every
audrat all
Next door to the Court House,
Also a general assortment of TRUNKS, VA
LISES and CARPET BAGS, at the lowest
cash pricts. mar2B d3m
To No. 7, Market Square, ~
,4-14* below the Buehler ROAM
LIE has constantly on hand a large stock
ILL of
of all descriptions. Watches and Jewelry repaired and
warranted. apr2 dims
HAS removed hie Boot and Shoe Store
from the corner of llecond sod Walnut streets to
Next door to HIEN MIS Agriculture Stare, where he intends
to keep ail kindt or s a^d Oitoes, Gait rs, ho., eul a
large o• Trunk+, and everything in hi+ line of Liu.
sitess • and wilt be thirmlul to receive the patronage of
his old customers and the puh.i• in general at kis new
Own of business. Alt 1[11:10111 of wo•k made 1 order in the
best kyle and by superior workmen. rep dritig done at
short notice. [apr2dtf] JOHN S. SMITH.
HAS opened a paint shop in Strawberry
alley s , near Third a reel, two doors from the •• Pa
triot and Elruon" office,where be Is prepared to prompt
ly exe' ate all orders is tto bis care. fie Is els° prepared
to whiten c Wogs and centre piec s.
vg- Faints mixed for parsons desiring to do their ewe
painting, and sold by the pound.
apr/ d2w*
TEE Warehouse and Store formerly oc,-
1 espied by Gross & Kunkel suitable bar a forwarding
house and commission business, having a private siding,
and being situated on the can and Pennsylvania rail
road; there la every facility for doing a for warding bust-
suitabla for a wholesale and relit]. groom. Possasedou
given Immediately. Inquire on Ibe premises of
apr2-2wd* Canal erect between Rata and Wainsa
140.38, la Mak,
Market Street, Harrisburg.
HAS constantly on hand a large stock
Watches and jewelry neatly repaired.
4 N. B. Don't forget the platy oppotiVe the Jones'
House. atar3l.-43m
ripllE new frame house now being built
on State street oelow Second, snit be ftl.hed by the
Ist at April , including paving, gat end wets , pipes. as
ely to tiEOltitE C
nterl9-dtf No. 66 Market street.
A SHORT distance west of the capitol,
from ing on Grind and Hamm-sal Lane. Prices
11Th to $4OO. Terms reasonable by GE% C NUN,
mar2l-d.m No. 66 Market street
Consultations in Gorman and English.
Wholesale and Retail Drug - gist ;
Cor. Main and Frederick streets,
COUNTRYSTORES and Physicians
snppli d at city prCeS. ay
DES r PENS in the world, for 750, $1 25
$1 60, $2, $3, and $4, for sale at
100 y KILEFFE B)okstore.
JUST RECEIVED a large quantity of
superior Dandelion Coffee, which we will sell low
to suit the times ; also, pure ground in° Coffey and Tur
key Coffee all put up in one pound packages. Call and
examine at the wholesale and retail crone y store of
NICHOLS & nowmaisr,
corner of Prout and Market streets.
PLANI 8 $l. to $1 25 per dozen, at
&per) , KItYSTuNE NUBthilY
WEEK :SICK , with a geom.,/ vartety of Freak
Viewer sad Garden Seeds, roomed and nr sob at No.
91 Market street. KILLEa'd Drugstore.
broken loaf, tine and costae
pulverised and other swarm for sale by
Corner Front and Market streets.
A large supply of fresh Salad Oil, in
largo 'and emrll bo ttM , and of different brands
,ust received sad for We by
GUaltA. JELLY.—A. large supply just
maw by
DIARIEBFOR 1862.—A great variety
lit exceeding low prices, at
fiLOT of prime Cheese just received and
fer sale by NICHOLAS & BOW et AM,
Breit COrnarlfront and Market stream
Wg. DOCK, JR. & CO
WM. DOCK, Ja..t . CO