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    11)aity geitgrapt,
Forever float that standard sheet I
Where breathes the foe but falls ',before, ae,„
With Freedom's soil beneath Our feet, ,
• And Freedom's Winner streaming o'er ,
Monday Morning, March 12, 1862.
We alluded, a few days since, to the subject,
of military promotions, and the power to fill
vacancies, as both the promotion and that
power now exist in the volunteer forces • of the
armies of the. Republic. Since then, while
pondering the subject, our attention ' has been
arrested by several facts, which it is important
that the public should know and understand.
Promotion in the regular army was a monopoly
controlled entirely by the' graduates of the
West Point Military Academy, through which ,
no galltsnt sertice, no deed 'of daring, or no life
time of devotion by the private soldier, could
break. He might as well attempt to pierce the
rook of Gibraltar with' his bayonet, as seek tn
tivale regular officer in his grade by emulating
his gallantry or even excelling his efficiency.
The thing was impossible, until the' noce4dtiele
of this war authorized the, raising .of some
twelve or fifteen ;regiments, to be attached to
the regular army. When thoSettiimente Were
organised, the commissioned, lothers Were
fesigited nicesiarify, from graduates , of,. West,
„with the eioeption of that of second
lieutenant, Which, by order of Oen. deffierim,
then Elticretary War, ; wag left vacant, to„ ;be
pea. by appointment from the ranks of such
noncommissioned officers as had earned the
position by fairend manly conduct' On the field.
The romitof thus leaving the position of second
lieutenancy open at the organisation of these
new regiments, will be to encourage the private
With the truth; that the highest, grade in the
army is within his mob, if he evince the merit
cud exercise the (mirage to win the petit of
honor. This idea of promotion from the ranks
is of French origin, and was carried out by
Napoleon with the most satisfactory results.
A French soldier sees in the highest position in
the army a poet . which he cad reach, if he
S weep the talent and , display the ardor to win
that sliace. With the English soldier,; and in
fact with the soldiers of every nation, excepting;
those of Pronto, the case is different. Heitker
soritoe or' deeds entitle him to promotion.
He may become maimed, sickened and Cualitted
for'all service Still thereis no other honor
rtcognition'for'him at the hande of his govern
ment, but a couch in a hospital, or . a crutch,
with a pension large enough to fttrnish
with tot:4lool3'mnd grog. Renee the enthusiastic
devatidn of , the French eoldier, and hence, too,.
the desertions which so frequently occur , in all
the other armies of Europe.
The °ionic law of the Reserve Corps of
Pennsylvania, invests the soldier in the ranks
with the power of electing his ovin officers and.
Who - fill* any: VadaincyhY such election, Which
may «milt 'b; the thousand casualities of war.
Bye decision of the Attorney General of Penn
sylvanbitthat orgathclaw remains in force M the
regiirtiAtio4 the 4f f isarve Corps, now on duty as
a *O4 at the armies of. the Republic. All ,
vaosneles of officers can only be filled by the
sleeken' of the men themselves, a fact whigh,,it
is .ged,, by the spirit of rivalry and the. in
fluences of corrupt .competition, has 'made it
impossible for the men to agree. in numerous
instances, thus leaving Many'vicancies . yet urr.
filled. This, of course la an evil with which the
=Nunez of creating officers and tilling vacancies,`
has nothing to do, and bre reflection more upon ,
the chiertiption Ulating in the army, threat ie.
upon any system , for its organization and dis
cipline. In the case of the volunteers outside
of the Reaetve Corps, the manner of' fillhigya-,
oppolti 'o6xeOt because in those troops
Congreler has empowered the Governors of-the
various states todll ' any vacancies thus °coin"-
ring, by ippointment: Thus for instande the
Governor of; Pennsylvania has the exclusive
power of filling all vacancies occurring in all
regiments recruited and organized by this state,
except those cemprishig the Reserve Corps. The
restintlon before the legislature seeks to confer
this power with respect to,the Reserve Corps
also, and It is on this point that adifferencs of
opinion ;exists, such as we noticed in these col
umns etew days since, a difference. which-has
already been sufficiently discussed, as to make
any further reference to it entriely. unnecesiari.
On.flus imbject of 'the power which was 'con
ferred On the Governorsof the various states, by
the &re of oitilireim of the 22nd of July, 1861,
relative to, appointments to fill vacancies in the
volunteer army of the Republic, 'Governer
Curtin, on the 26th of February ? 1862, iemed
general order; in which he Ries Ahe iule .of
senioriti in all such cases. Whit t is, all vac an,
des occurring in commands below the - rank of
field officers, will be followed 14' the 11 401 4 146 il
of seniority, 'except in special ;cases, which
may becresanted through.the Colenels of the*
regiments : " ',This same order also fLies . thir rule
in tepid ''t6-'second lieutenants, glut .was
adopted a ls(the,cirganisation of the fifteen no,
mente oirsgrdare :Oen. Cameron. It leaves
all second lieutenant:lies vacant, to be filled by
the appointment froth the rank of such . non
oommilisiOned 'officeras may earn the promotion
by galltg4.Bervice. It lab:rule calculated to
excite the.emulation and 'the gratittide of the
eddier'l YikaB it is, rigidly. adhered ta,,it will
make a eirm ee the means of ;ailing:forth the
highest aniudin the country, and Koreaript
rivulryikelit6SAMtOlt pOliefiliplol4,c rcis
We print to-day, the defence of Alexander
Cummings, whose name has been connected
with certain alleged frauds in contracts, for fur
nishing the government with munitions of war,
clo . .g, subsistence and transportation for
t ... Oar readers will remember that' the
1 7ture of Mr. Cummings, has been before the
'nary for several months in no very enviable
light, and that he has been charged with dis
honlafty in the speeches of members of Con
gress, in the correspondence oi.Washiuigton let
ter writers, in the editorial of newspapers, and
in every way possible to damage and damn
him,- have his-public acts and private reputa
tion been assailed. Those who pursued Mr.
Cummings thus relentlessly, had other objects
in•view4han the destruction of one man's char
rater, a work of itself sufficient to 'gratify porn
.on lmred i t tid •vintilciiveneas. They ) hoied
that „w hile they were striking at him, their
poisoned shafts would carry their venom
through the - person of Mr. Cummings to others
whom: they: dared not personally assail,but whom
they n o ime desperately desired to di3strOy-
Thus while 'these assaults were understood and
scorned, 'they could - only be answered by ki.r.
Cummihge who was compelled to withhold his
reply until within a few weeks since, owing to
his severe illness and absolute confinement to
his room, a fact which his yretched enemies
turned:to good account, by perverting his - ii
lence into a report that he had gone felEar - opt),
there 'to escape the
,pdium of his acts and 'the
punishment which was his due. All this miff-
Weiner*. was used to swell public clam&
against the man ) and create suspicion in regard
to his officialdisbimaement of the monies of the
gelvemment; 4mi:the accounts of Mr. Cum
mings had been fairlyadjusted lathe Treasury,
and when any member of the committee
whose ohairMan intently sought to blast his
character, rardd have informed himself of the
trusfacte ire the case, as to the positive rectitude
of the conduct pursued by Mr: Cummings;
The statement which we present this after
noon is a plain and unvarnished aeries of facts,
sustained by the oorroborated evidence of Abe
'4padq'ig twoCepar,linents and, the eertificate
.of adjustment of the'properaccounting officers
of the government. AU this was proffered to;
the committee that, charges Me. Cummings'
with misatanagennent,a4 fraud, but it was re-'
;W. li,wwkrejected and 'warded off ; doubt
less i because the truth> in this instance would
have affected the veracity of certain members of
that committee, who had- been delighting their
peculiar friends with a relation of the proceed
ings of the. committee and the rich develdp
meats its. report would 'Wake ; and Mine to
mainiain their assertions, the foulest slanders
,that'ever, Were uttered 'against the reputation
of ,any_man,. were. allowed. to take an official
shape against Alexander Cummings: file de:
fence however clearly establishes his inno
cence. establishes the fact, too, that he
was not only' the subject of .malevolence so far
aiithe misrepresentation of facts Were concerned,
but he has clearly. convicted . the committee
which,so mifairly, resolved' on' his destruction,
with, having garbled and misprinted his own
written letient. ' .
Me submit the defencebf Mr. Cummings
frankly to our readmit. Me statomeatel or.te;
serve the greatest credence, while he himself Is
entitled ,to credit for the coolness : and courtesy
with.which he deals with those who gave him
,such just came for ire and indignation.
We learn from our Cleveland exchanges that
at a meeting of the Forest city Union Associa-•
0012, held at their rooms, in the city of Cleve
land Nun& 4, 1,862, the . following resolutions
were. unanimously adopted : •
Resolved, That the hest thanks of this A.eso
'elation are due, (as are the thanks of Ameri
can citisene,),and are hereby tendered to Gen:
Simon Cameroni' for his able; energetic and
patriotic services rendered to his'country while
Secretary.of War. -
Rearm', That •we have full and unlimite d
Confidence in'the ability, and zeal,.energy and ,
pattiotlimi of Gen.'Cismeron, and' sincerely re
gret•that lie has'resigned the station of Secre
tary of War whichliOhai filled with honor to
himself and fidelity to the nation:
Resolved, That Association , tenders to Gen.
Cameron its Vary best wishes for, his...future
welfare, .nd hope' hat his FIUCCOI4B in . public and
his piliate affair* will answer all his wishes.
Oider:ed, That the Secretary forward to Gen:
Cameron a goprof; the above resolutions, and
that they be entered in full on the journal of
the 4sBociat4Cni
The Forest City Union Aasociation is an or
pulsation similar to the Relief Committees of
New York and other large cities, and was
mainly instrumental in facilitating the success
lil.frEpwortitlon of tropPa, Yariqua parts -of
the ivesit,,tuld alio, in affording_the governdent
much valuable aid in conducting the war opera
tions in that direation. Under such dram-
Stances, the pasiagisoi these . reaolutions may be
cona*red highly complimentary.
IN THE GREAT Starloops *int RNMILION, we
need have no fear that slavery will get the
upper hand. GOD will take care of thai. The
doom of that monster iniquity is sealed. It is
bleeding to death internally. , No human pow
er can save it. fiom the.,grave toward which it
is madly ,hurrying. Circumstances* are doing
more to bring it:to an end, than could. be ac
cx,mplishccl by all tike, emancipation acts passed
between now and doOmsdny.
• When. the war is' ended the people of these
,St t atee will
,take good care that the pouw
Of„slaiery ,shall: not be restored, Upon this
question we , shall stand united. ' We shall lis 7
ten to no terms' of , adjustment that do not
leave 'Freedian- virttdu- master of, the field.—
Wnshall accept no arrangements - that do not
place the. "peculiar institution" in finch rela
to the Govarnreent,that it cannot do far
tic* into* But for the, present, let us look
ratherio tbe_rebellion than to slavery ; let us
remember that the freedom of twenty-five mil
lions of whites; es welfas, the freedom of four
mini ons o f woks,. is:lnvolved in the final
issue of the struggle.
Wane Breekinxidisf mM first accused of
fieadoi he asked a appengdee of pablioopinion.
ggyfamibliami4elowaskcsi- *evasion. of him.
11=miiithanixt-Mailp iitdsgrapt), *mbar -ItivrattitrThitYdrl7,`M3d
Those who assume that confiscation
lead to certain destruction, will ehange
their arguments, when the practical effects of
the tax bill begins to be felt by the people..
The support of the government hereafter will
not merely constitute the defrayal of the ex
penses of the civil list. That will sink into insig
nificanoe, when compared with other demands
whichwill be made upon the treasury and the
resources of the people. In the first place, the
civil expenses of the government will be aug
mented,notwithstanding Congressmenare prone
to reduce t]e cleriiial expenses of each depart
ment, without evincing the last dispositiowto
cnt down their own salaries. Added to this,
the iliterest on the ,ndlltons which are beling.
expended to citahrelaillioU, muftbe met every
.year ; while the of that debt Will press
hard for liquidation,.and must of course event
ually be paid. These .are additional etOensis.
They.occur at a time when trade and inechats
ism are not in the most -prosperona condition ;
and in Addition to all these demands on the
treasury, where will we derive thimeans neces
Barr to support a large military force; after the ,
rebellion has been conquered? It will require )it
least fifty thousand men to insure the certain
operation of the federal law in the rebel states,
for a term of years which ho man can nose.
Where h& the money to come from to pay
these expenses? . Whence are the means tobe
derived to 'rkirsiat also in aiding those who are
loyal to emancipate their slaves? Must it code
out of the west and toil and chberlesi struggle
of the white main 'I. These are questions that
never enter into the consideration of legielators,
-but we haven notion. that when the taxes are.
Wing Collected, these toiling; white men' wilt
begin to regard confiscation scarcely as un`i•
constitutional as some 'of our legislators now
esteem that question..
,There• is nothing:like
practical, operations for the production of
_practical results. • Nothing will so clearlY
demonstrate the influences and evils of staver,
ref the necessity of maintaining en army of. Aft;
thousand men to keep a fifth that number of
slave drivers froth destroYing the peace - and:
prOsperity of the country. ; . When such effects:
begin to startle the country, and when the
pressure of an• immente debt begins' to he felt
on the ribs and the wards of labor and business,
look out for something even more stern than
Front our Ironing Edition of Saturday'
he War in the. South-West
• -
NEW MAD R I D IS oxatp
Slrhicdah with the' . Rebd Gunboati
President Lincoln has just received atoeasage
from 13rig;adier Amoral litrong, saying:.
" Naw Memo la Oyu!"
- - Oswego, March 14..
A special dispatch to Ike Asia, dated; Cairo,
IStb, pays: 1 , 1 '•'
Ifeavy, cannonading was heard - to-day in the
direotion of New Madrid. The steamer Like
Erie;,Ne. 2, saysit was heard very•dlatinetivSt
COullibee, ,fyorn 4 0,10 o'clock this morning:
auto, Friday, March 44.—The rebels evacu
ated New4adrid last night, leaving's 'quantity
guns an stores, which they were unable' o
wry away. L . • •• -
,Some fighting took place yesterday between
their gunboats and our Beige •batteries, in which
we lost twenty ,killal.and wounded: A shot
frum one of their guns dismounted , one of obi
Papt. Carr, the,loth Illinois waikilled on
Wednesday night, while placing' pickets. - The
loes.of the enemy is not known, se they carried
oft their dead end wounded: • They were sup
poied-to runiber'6,ooo Men. - •• • -
Island MY. "10 is repOrted evacuated.
Col:-'John A:'l.ogan arrived here to-day from
Fort Vonelson. • ,
, ,
The steamer G. :W. Graham returned' this'
afternoon from Nesehville. . •
4 large number of St . Louis merchants who
went' up on her with goods •for sale have :re
tained; some having sold their goods ita sac
.Bank bills ,of loyal Staten ,and specie
are soare. Bvery shop -keeper is getting Treas
ury note3'everY day, whieh are eagerly. sought
Southern bank bills especially those of Ten
nessee, are abundant: The people of Nash
ville, however, are opidlY"being convinced
their worthleseuess. • :
Anzions'inquities are made for cotton, tur
pentine, rosin, and, althouglispecie was ofered,
nothing of the kind co ul d , be bad,. except MI
baled of cotton, 'siipO li e y a resident of Nash
ville on his own account.' ,
[usooND mezpAns.]
&r. Louts, Marchl4.=The following is a copy
of the official . Atapatch sent ; the 2 Secretary of
After Several 'da L irs' sklrasiihing, and a num
ber of attempts of the enenky's•gunboats; to di*.
lodge Gan, P9pe.'s 1 14tirrlat t Point „Pleasant,
the enemy has ev4ctiaied, his fort and entrepch ,
Itatving all, his artillerY,-
field. battenei, hints; wagarts,. mules, &c, and
an hniumie quantity, of military stores. • •:
Brigadier General.Ramiltonhas gccupied.the
This, way the- lgtst, stronghold of ithe
enetnY in this State, and no.rebel, flag hollow
flying in „ . . ••.• • . •
1 /Em 4l) / 1 /Pli/A•lmh . ls
Flour very quiet—Ohio $5 76. Wheat bet
ter—white ,S 1 370,1 50 ; red $1 8201 -88.—
Corn dull-6,000 bushels yellow sold as 52,10
54. ' Oats dull at 80036 c. Coffee firm. Pro
visions steady„, Mess pork $18:60014. • Lard
firm at Sic, Whisky. firm , at.26c.
• Naw Yostr., March 16.
• Flour heavy ; 6,000 barrels sold.. -Wheat
quiet ; 8,000 bushels sold ; red.: Jersey ' wheat
$1 41 ._CO±/1 heavy ,lo,ooo .bushels: sold ;
mixed 58.1@fifio. .Pork qujot ;.lard ,steady.--'
Whisky dulk, gdol 4*(4 guff 261 c. offered.—
Re m Ats P!, fl 10 4,4 batTelai Wit,* 17,621
bulww - • 80: 17 0-49441.- - 4, • t ualo , .1
Fro Washington.
The Article_ of War in Beferenoe to
Fugitivetlaves Approved.
Appointment of an Assistant Secretary o
The President on Thursday approved the ad
ditiOna article of war which goes into immedi
ate operation, ; namely ; prohibiting officers of
n oi pehithis in the military and naval service of
the United States from employing- any of the
force under th#RpeoivnAptippnandififttr the
-faffitipliNibm inirvici and
!Abet 814. ~ 7 5
'flie PlesittisiNksukao.piptedlohn UPsher
41ri - diikhiretfeffrotriry'bf the Interior
..Departwent, ,
I 0 0 • • .
New 7tbritrfisrunts.
.FOR •,ItENT.. •
riIHE" QOM occupied heretofore by C
1. P. Horn,. Dry Good !aerating. Possession given
immediately. Call at Kb LSI% & OTHEo,
"Hardware Store.
HAssioußa, Muth 15, 1882.
A STORE ROOM iu a good location on
Second street.. For particulars enquire of
No. 74 Mine. street.
Proprietor of the " names County
Republican degree id tell that . thitabliiiiment. The
office Is among the best "country offices" in the Stati;
his a good,run ..4,job and advertising patronage, and a
subscliption list of near one thousand. The present pro.
prietor Is also engaged in the mercantile business and
don , tihid time. to attend to both. The establishment
will be soli cheap.. Address JOHN °ARRAY,
mitrl44lBl* Millersburg, 0.
Bax.reitgas, March 11, 1862. f
BlDS•vrlif be received at tills, Office until
SATURDAY, March 22: 1862, ,
stitiibie for .
from 16 to 16 hands high; between 6 and 8
years of age, of dark colors, wall broken to the&
saddle, compactly built, and free from all de-,
fect,s. ' ' •
And for
• snitible for
from 161- to 16 hand's high, between 6 and 8
years'of age, 'of dark' colors, free from all de
tects, well brokiin to 'harness, and to weigh not
We than 1,100 *minds.
Every hone offered that doee not conform to
the specifications'abOve, will be rejact . cd.
•The'Goverrimerit - reeetirei the right to reject
all bids deetnectunkeasotmble.
Maj. 90Ftermaster•
• :NOTICE; •
VILE account of'Diviti C. Kellar,
AL nee of Henry IT: HOWaid, of Derry township, baa
been filed in the CoortUfl.Columon Pleas of Dauphin
'Oouncy r aud,will,be,eonfizmed on the Bret day of May,
002, unlesecausebe shOwn . to the contrary.
J. 0.,.Y0UN13f,
- • • • 'Prothonotary.-
jw . .. ,
5 BARRELS 'of fine ` ohoice . Apples,
I just:received and for'Sale bt . John Wise, whole
ide and retail Grocer and Conan:M.snel; hi 'Third. "gloat,
oast ,door. to Bradley's Barber shop near Walotth. • • .
mitig-detraite . . , -1 .
A ij HUM'SNURSE , cook and ohamber
210,. tittd, *bite 'Women preferred.' Apply next, door
- 9 Itr..Doughertrxoneectnet street. tasit•det:
. .
,et -books, Dankersri tlasee, Ladles' Cabs 9.ateheis,
Toweling ?satchels. We areiconstantly receiving
additions to our stook of the goods, and nee's
airily have Er Eine asilorlanent of ttte latest stiles. We
'reasectitdb, invite-persons. wanting to purchase any . of
the above articles to examine the stook--knowitig that
'Mater Mid/ or better goods cannot be found in -the
SELLEIR'S Drug and Panay Store,
91 Market street, one door east of Mouth steeet, south'
•NP.TIOE is!hereby given to the piti*,eus,
ofllar,slebtut, thit the undersigned has Antliorfsed .
Kern* to receive orders•for any of my matinfac.
tares'"Thebolleotingwillbe attended to. by the under.
aftrorders left ea above' will be promptly . at
teaded GEORGE. LAUER, ,
teb22-ddm. . • Pettivillei - Pa.
rittit imbecriktor, on terms
tacorible to purchasers, one 'hundred building lota
variorisly'situated In thitnorth•wastern 811,1 eastern
or tlie city . of •Harrisburg: Penn 'Street, Foster *veins,.
BoSs street, Ridge avienne;and on ".Stitio Strait:: eaht 'br
Paston oreelr, ,between said. creek and the thirrisburg
.For farther partteutarslnqatie of the subscriber . re
sidtog on : Pront street in mod city JNO FOB9TIIi.
Oar' 104. m
TbEfE rooms formerly occupied by Grose
(?4‘ OBEY, Mortne ample accommodation for the trans
aetleaelattah beldame. Apply to
. • • : . ' GEO. G. KUNKEL,
Can'sl etreet, between State and wamm.
008.L1 PO WDERA !
consideration of the hard , times, and
sell excluaivefi FOR CASH, r heirs . riidoeted„the
Oleo of Costae follows. • -
Lykens Valley Broked. 0 $2 90 per ton • •
It 714tge Egg 6 . 1.
_ 2 90 ~.a it
if 44 • &nail Bgg 2 . 9244 44
“ 4. Stove' .. 29D
_ No . 225 44
wistahurae " 90 ..
.Lorberry_, 2 90 : .•" 4.
.44 . 4.1 A Coal delivered by the ?AUNT Wszori. Cam ; It
on . 4o:wdSghedAtt the purchasers • dcor, and flit falls
stairs sksorritos, thisOosl wllil beroribited. ' • •
.t coal the best quality mined,' delivered free from
4*i:be stddin ontittiis, at VA LOWIEtr ' WHOLLIALS
. incil int . for DuponPs Celebrated Powder , a targe supply
alwa s On hard at lianntactureracliTteea;
xi* A.pvg 9 lot of apperlor baled Hay for sale.
WILL be sold'atPuliliC Sale
d WEDNESDAY , March 19, 1862.
at Catip,pßieron-tusrlbe Poor house, all the litosber,
& " 1211 - )2'14- 80 4 camp,99l.ltfialsic. • .
"9.00 otpo. FEET OF .LIIMBEIR
morer less It will be sold in iota to anti foin t ekiligiii,
andwlthont rf.s..rne. ;' - ,
Coinninenceltf 10 , o'cioalcA. sr. By order of
Csitoigii-Elgbah Wintry, 11. 8.`1. 7
:.germs comb. • • - [merntelts]
j4A . LARGE --.o.23ofrrilfiElfr- Family
laltibtes of itilferent :stiles of blticiiiii;at 904E1 - 26
$l-60 F 2 $42 andsll.o.: . Abu) Packet 'Bibles otdif
tarsus. SkYles 'aid prices at • SOEMFEIVO Bookstore.
febrie r •
VICE Syrups, Loverings and other
gales brands, for eats by
MogoiS,di sow.mes,
ps corner 'Pont and Market streets..
j4t, ealn#Wite forlaUgo, as le at the wholesale F, A
11 0 retail . gr° o l7 igor - olf
'NICHOLS & Boit** ,
the Interior.
ir . _
Nen). thntrtise ute_
_SATURDAY, MAUR b, 1862.
Aley, M Bouts, L
Auslem, M Little, M
Haskins, L Laughmal
Badger, M - MelObbil_
Banks, M L McNeal, H
Bates, S A McLeere, 31
Beeson, F McNeal, H ,
Bengal, B . McCatfery, At A
Beard, S - A • McElree, It
Black, A Meredith, M S
Billmyer, N E Marquart, L
Birmingham, A - 2 Mack, M 0
Bigler, 134 Maginis, M
Bowen, E A Micbe, J
Bold, 0 J Miller, C J
Bohl, C Miles, 0
Breckville, K Maynard; B A
Brandt, H • Willer, r
Brown, A S Mactlen, S A
Brooks, C Menges, C
Brans, H . Mowry, F
Christ, E Moore, 0 P
Carney, A Y Nisley, C
Cassell; X 2 Nisley, E
Corcoran, M Nise o M i
Conrad, H . Newlin,S
Durush, K F Orris, J M
Deney, M A Ottinger, M
Demise., J " Parson, J
Deffenback, E Paterson, X
Dupuis, M Powers, E
Dunham, S A Palmer, M i
Duff, I Rice,M C
Dougherty, M Reichard, At
Early, L . Rah, S
Elliott, M E Reichard, C
ELlinger, M. 2 Rightmyer, M A
Fester, R A - Rowan, - S 0
Fieler, J Robinson,, S
Fockler, S L Ryan, E ,
Finfrock, A=
Sailer, ..- Sailer, B
Featherhoff, M Saul, M
Fensel, L Scott, S 0
Fackler, E ' Settles, At E
Fisher, K - -Saxon, M -
Foster, M Vir . Shaver, A
Flowers, S Scannell, M
Fortney, 0 Shofner, R
Fritnk, B Shoomaker, 0
Fought, M - Shearer, C
Funk, M 2 Shannon, X
Griestrohlte, A Sipe, A •
Greenvalt, M Smith, C
Groff, H Smith, EL
Griffin, E Slazeman, T
Hnghs, A Sommas, K
Huffard, S Stoflet, B '
Harrison, A ' Stine, E
Harvey, A Thome, E
Heller, E W - n Thompson, E
Hickey, C Thomas, E •
llines, M Tereon, it
Huston, C Turay, L
Hottabarger, L Tinley, A J
Holteberger, L Walters M
Hilton, J Welker, S.
Hoffman, L Wiliam', A •
Hoffman, L Wetzel; J
Hoffer, M E Wetherald, M '
Hyde, M J Wart, E
Jackson, C E A 'Whitamoyer, L
Kelly, S Welker, S
Belley, S Woodward, L B
Benneday, H L Woodhouse, J 0
Keller, M Young, T
Belly, P . Zeiger, F
Albright, J Fleming, GI '
Andreys, J H D Garay, E
Ander&n, Ja. Gilland, W L
Akins, W •
Gardner,'S 0
Hasehore, G E Gelssenlenohtei t i a.
-Battles°, L Gabel, 0
Banvert, J Gregory, W
Barnhart, H F Gazett, W
Bane, J E L German, P
Baskius, L Gerscher, A
Baker, J Garman, G
Baur, G Gilbert, D
Barnhart, S, Gunkle, C L
Barbour, B Gratton, H G I
Beaty, J Grove, J
Barker, P Godshaw, 3
Bentz, J Gosseur,
Benner, S H Guard, C,s . '
Berrbrower, T A 2 Grundon, J
Becker, P Gray, J A
Bell, J Mayler, F.
Bittner, S L Harris, D
Black, A 8 • Hall; J'M
131itck, W Hays, W D
BOwman l C Harding, G M
&le, 8 HaVerstick, W '4'
Bisee, F T Hall / W J
Brnce, J PI Harmon, J
i BrinY, S Henry, B
Bryant, J B ' Elay,ll. : • ,
Bonds, D S Hall, G L Ff
Brown, R Hatton, G.W
Brinton,'Maj , Hammer, 8 P
Brenner, E M Herman, C
Brawn, B Heebner, C
Brooks, H Henry, J
Brame, A Hefener, G D
13ailkus, J A Renner, J
Brichter, J Heil, J
Burkey, P Heckman, W
Buiritt, J N Hildebrand, T M
Carlisle L II Hill, A D
Carl), 3 H Hoofnagle, J
Cart, J Hostetter, J J
Christ, J Howard, B -
Duals, A T Houck, L
Casatt, W Houston, J C
Oder, J N a Hoover, J L
Campbell, K G Houstono F 2
Chandler, W G Hoffman, J B
Coleinan, 0 Hoover, J 0
Collins, D • Fink, J P
Coodhen, JR Stopple, E
Connell, H P. Holder, D A
Coonrod, M ' ' -Houck, J
Connelly, J Hyde, H M
Cole - G W • Hummel, J
Cook, H Irvin, W 3
Curl; R W Irvin, N D
Cook, J W . Jones"! A.
Cregim, T ' Johnson, D F
CuPples, A; - Jones, J
Cumbler, G W Johns, D C
Curl, D Jacots, C H
Bulk . Jordan, F
Davis, J Krim, 8 8
Dorde3', P Kennedy, J
Dougherty, SD Keeney, P
Dine More, C Kofman, D
Dimptey, A Krieg, A
Dissinger, 3 8 Kneles, E
Duey, F Rollins, G
Donnell, J W Knouse, D
Dougherty, W F
Dcineldson, J J
Drum; J S
Dougherty, 0
Earle; 0
EiChelherger, A
Early,, J •
Eichelberger, J
Engle; J E
Eyster, W
&nick, 8
First,, J R.
Fellett, W V
Foarci; F -
14 .‘Cilejt; W
PelnAllS, 3 M'
Kiser, W
Knight, E 0
Keef, R
Link, A
Landis, H W
Lewis, C
Lego, A
Lingle, L L
Lesser, H
Lewis, E P
Lenhart, J
Lstighner, H
. Leonard, ld 0
....„,..._ Nero
xoaer is________:
Lowe, E S .......—......---
Shroeiser, J
Bl'Coy, H
Sellers, G W
Wlttne, H Shugar, B
itClintock, H
biaillip, A S hambarger, O F
Sheary, J
M'Coy, F Schuman, F'
Irani, H Shindle, a
WDonnell, P Sheffer, F
kriliin, J 0 Slump, hi
M'Graw, W Shreve, S
Mason, C P Smith, A W
Magee, F I Snoddy, J
Marquart, J A
S Snvder, E
Meacham HH It Sliker;A.
Marquent, J A Smith, H L
Makin ' 3 M - Smith, a P
Magahse, J . Shieke, J
Mahood, A. Sines, H
Miller, J a Siegel, F
Marquart, D Slatery, id
Maker, N Switch, B
P Snyder, S
Miller, W Smoot, a W
Mickley, 11l . Sellers, C H
Miller, G Id Sonb, iti id
Miller, J F Strah, F •
Miller, H W 'Sterrett, J x
Minnick, J Strickers, L H
Moore, I Sullenberger, W a
biaeszner, 3 Sullenberger, 13,
Murdock, C Stadler; J
Morris, J L Stouffer, J
Murdock, A Stukie, J
Murray, G. Stine, C
Musart, L Siel, S
Noonan, J Stewart, T G 2
Neklich, D Striby, J
Newcomer, C F Swoyer, F J
Newcomer, J K Sweeney, J H
Neff, J [ship] Sutton, jr., NA.
Otiss, L 2 . Thompson, J 2
O'Brien, W Tarlets, L
O'Connell, D Taylor, H T
Parley, J W Thomas, S A
Parker, A T Thompson, A
Peck, W Talley, a
Peters, P R Thomas, H
Peters, E P Trevor, J
Perry, J T Thomas, B
Pruicoast, 0 S Truly, H.
Patterson, L H Troutman, A
Pease, S D Tredrick, W L
Post, C B Torrence, jr,, w p
Pierce, J Todd, J
Price, N Torley, J T
(bier, L Trederich, L
Quigley, G • Turgeon, J B
Ramsey, W Urich, S B
Rainer, 0 W lJsaw, J
Rhorer, G Urich, S F •
Ramsey, H NE Weimer, A
Reel, A Walker, F
Reese, W Wagner, F N
Remoehl, A C Wagner, J
Ress, 0 yv . Warner, R
Rapor, lif Warner, H
Reed, J Weaver, F
Reeser, B lif White, H
.Riblett, J Ways, J
}Robinson, 8 Weber, L Ai
Rosendale ' J Weiman, J
Roberson, W Wein, J T
Ruth, B Weidle, a
;Robinson, 8 (ship) Wideman, T
Rush, D G Wilson, C D
Robinson, 8 Wilson, a H S
Bunk, -3 D Williams, H
Rudy, F • Wilson, J P 2
Rose, J Wilson, T
Roberta, J Wilson, J
Ravage, A H . Williams, 0 5
Salsbury, D 0 Wilhammer, M.
Scott, la 2 Womas, J
Soimble L 'F' .(ship) Worlverton, WEI
Scott, E G Wright J A
Sawl, J H Wyant, IL
Scott, A W Wsran, J
Scott, J 0 Young, OF
Sheesley, J Yeager, J H
Eibeills, P Yorld, L
qbeger, P Young, S
Snyder, L Zwager, A.
, S
Aiken, W Host'peck, P
Adains, Z hinsley, S 8
Bergenhiser, L Knouse, D W
Bowman, J H Kolb, S
Bushman, T Kunkle. M
Blown, J Lamson, A J
Brush, .D S Langan, M
Blue, W Lark, J
Balien, W M'Casey, M
Culver, W M.' (iinness, J
Chatham, .7 M'Kean, J W
Craig, D P M'Cionigle, D 2
Ct#nfeld, J A Modeller, J. W
Cardiff, E Munich, J
Catlin, 0 E Mason, L F
Canham, 0 Matereo, L
Dieffenback, J 8 Massman, H •
Dorman. A Martin, E T
Deck. W Meyer, 0 F
Ellinger, .T Perry, 0 H
Ftederick 0 Puillips, C A
Foster, Bobbins, J H
Fox, E G Rainert, A
Fite, 'J . W Relnard, A
6liaff, - W 2 Seaton, L
Gistin, H A Sitze, G
Graham, J Smith, E A
Golden, M Tinklepongl, E
Gisiord, G W ITheopher, G
/MBank G Vanvalin, J W
Hershman, J C Williams, T J
Hosvard, J L Wenn, P
Hemphill, J Wimeland, A
Mader, J D White, J C
Haile% W B 2 Whitmore, S C
Persons calling for any of the above letter,
will please say they are advertised. One cent
due on each.
CATT. Witt, E. SEES will remain a few
days to receive recruits for Gompanv D Her" th
Regiment. now stationed it Annapolis, Md. apPl9 at
the . Farinere Hotel, B. G. Peters, Market street.
marlo dlw
V!) excuse for having Boots and Shoes
.A.l not blackened. Blacking that will give a polish on
wet Or grellpg boots. Just the thing for ,no tuna,
everyone canaot afford two or three pairs of haws Or
boots. Call and examine, at
21 corner Front and Market streets.
rillHE account of Henry G. Heisey, exec?"
lL for of Joseph Mark of Conning() township , d°°
ignee or Edward Hahn, has been filed in tis
Court of COMM= Pleas of Dauphin county, and will 1 : 4
confirmed on the first day of may, 18a=, anti be
shown-to the contrary. J. C rOUSer
snalE-d2t-arlt Prothonotsrf•
GARDEN SEEDS.—Junt a received a
flirgojnYolee of choke Garden ttede--coprieing
a greater 'variety of imported and home growt h tit"
his eVile been offered in this city. Those who ovor
desire to purchase, can depend upon gettin is
g the best .
the. weed, at the wholesale and retail grocery store ot
- •
iiirParticalar attention paid to Printing, Rang and
Binding of Railroad Dislike, Manifests, Policies,d acre,
Drafts, Via. CARDS printed at 14 $3, an 5 Per
thous aod in elegant 111/10,
NAZARETH, Northampton county, a'
FAS] of:moss from Ilarriairarg by railroad t°
Malt*, end tuna) seven miles by stage •
Rear. =WARD EL RElOli err Prizad s
15.8 m•