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Forever float that standard sheet 1
Where breathes the foe but falls before us,
With Freedom's soil beneath our feet,
.And Freedom's banner streaming o'er nal
WedleiflaiiuTrning, Maiich 5, 1862,
Th. movement of troops is Steadily advancing
from this state - to snob points ai,are,lndicated
by the Wai Department. Since the order ,of
(lateral hi'Clellan, issued to Svernor Curtin
lasteweek, for ;inch troop
. att Weire i tn'emiclition
to march, three TegireeptibaVe;been i sent for
war:d,,and either to-day or to-morrow, another,
Colonel. Meredith's, will start' in the same di
redtion. The authorities here are dependent
friefatilitles 'moving troops on those who
haVe in charge the business of transportation.
As fast as this is furnished, Pennsylvania can
contribute the men she now has in camp.
In obedience to an order of the War Depart
ment, the light artillery batteries of Capt.
Ullman and Capt. Waif were , changed into
Infantry corps, and. have been attached to 'Cot
mereqith's regiment. The neceieity which
made this ohange absolute, was ctneerfully so—
oepted by the men and the companies . thus
mustered into another branch of the service
will have the same opportunity to distinguish
thenaselves as Infantry as they .could have bad
as Artillery.
Arrangements have been made which will at
once ate; elerate and secure the organization of
all the troops now in. Camp. Curtin into regi
manta, •an arrangement by which the rights
antithe services of every man engaged in the
recruiting of men will be protected and so
ktumledged. It seems, however, that some
"Arguer-eyed individual is dissatisfied with
this arrangement, and attempts, through the
columns of the Patriot, to show that great ex
travagancewas indulged by the state, because a
certain ntimbir of men were engaged in recruit
ing for acertainnumberof regiments whose men
in the aggregate only amount to sufficient to form
three regiments. The wrong which Argus discov
ers lain paying men for recruiting soldiers, while
,sWarfi i tisiqn never , extended to the cause
that made this recruiting necessary, a cause
which. Is traced to such leaders of hisown party
as Min C brecirinridge,Jesse D. Bright, James
Buchanan, and other luminaries of the Demo
cratic creed. "Argus" never entered his iirotest
against Bright drawing his pay 'when he was
expelled from the Senate as a traitor, nor did
he proAest eget*. a certain Lieutenant-Colonel
drawing hie pay also, while he was lounging
throighithe streets of Iluntingdon and Harris-,
burg uselasit4en as he is now. This see
!DLO's? moat in ones neighbor's eye and failing
to extract ihts.beam from ones oiva eye, is a pe=
ouliaritTgf Woo who delight to fintkfatdt.with
,il,4reo of 'lt t .tyal, men to, crush this rebellion.
Gm Clintamr, while at.the headpf the War
Department, visted, the Department of the West,
and one of the conclusions he then arrived
at, ;Wit the )irnieeessaty delaY in the opera
tioni Of our troops in Keniucky. He had no
fait,h,ln the_boasted superiority of the rebel
force,: and then at once favored and advocated
an immediate' advance in that State. But he
wee over-riled. The border states Union men
claimed that there was an immense force in
Kentucky. Gen Cameron denied the clarm,
and'addhced indisputable facha to show that an
advance or a demonstration would prove that ,
the rebels were in greatly exaggerated num
bent: and that their'force could not withitand
the attack of the army of the Department of
the West. Late events have shown , that Gen.
Cameron was correct. Since we haie obtained
pos#elOi of Bowling Green, it , has been as
certained by. careful inquiry on the spot, that
the rebel force there at no time exceeded
thoosandinen, and that the extent and
,137: Of their' fortifications have been
greally,exaggerated. With this comparatively
small force the rebels held in check, for dreary
months, our immense armies in Kentucky.--
• - , 41D- 4 42g4
We had eighty thoepnd. men on the single
line tOnitirille` to BoWling Green, but their
paralysis sennied t 6 &raid&
Wiefl thewar hi ended,' and victory crowns _
the bin:Mere of our armitx, the people, will. be
better able to , judge, than now, whose policy
was bust productive of success, and whose dis-'
comment and vigor could beat estimate the
extent and surest crush the Wilence of _
_ rebel lloo. • . t.•
Haws imintune South eihibita another humil
iating fact .with regard tci:oui blockade Wirich
if trill, deinandi searching * investigation and.
the *net severe punishment. It is stated that.
the rebelioteameir Nashville had run the blOck
ade soils 'now safely moored •at Wilmington,
North Ci4blina. This is the craft on which tile
English government lately expel:Weds° much of
theirm#ral care and attention, permitting, it
to sail from one of their ports, while a United
Staterwar4ests# , Was detained until the pirate
cotddieibtrie. Thitt fact aroused our indigna,
tion itn L
eemented our hatred for the British.
Whatwill the fact of the Nashville running the
blockadi elicit?
Irma donanosson that while a convention
of pii4terß '
ai Illadniond sere ',dismissing. the
proisletY of horning their Cotton: and tobacco,
the cotton factory there lowightl fire and Was,
completely destroyed. If thiiisti'ciogyCn on
a l n _ ax th i* . r . ol4 ll **__, ololllo9ll4l,94l4lo
•`IiR ~time_ to refs thereto
fully gratified.
It is now po=itively stated that the Commit
tee of Ways and Means, in Congress, will re
oct Tax Bill to the, House during
ithe present week. We trust that there is some
truth in this report, simply because the delay
which this subject has undergone, is represented
by our enemies es the evidence that the American
people will not submit to taxation. This impres
sion is put forth in localities where the disposi
tion of our people is little understood, and
where the misrepresentation will have a dam
=eging'•effect upon thli natioiael and
reputation. If it is believed that the : people
refuse to be taxed ; or if it is understood that a
tax law %net, be framed so nicely ancliinipar
-04c40 almost make its operation; %effect
ive, the result will be , the same on the com
mercial . and financial world, ; and end of
Wtidit he 'reached through either
of these misapprahertilions'of the truth. The
people of the country are not particular as to
theViricide of-id:Oh* Money Vo de'fray the ei
penses of this war. The fact that a great debt
icaccumnlating and that it must be liquidated,
is sufficient for them ~to know, and knowing
this, theyhave.a,right to demand of those who
are irepowsred to devise and fix revenues to
meet this debt, that as little delay as possible
be had in the premiieti. Every week's delay in
fixing an equitable ratio of taxation, adds 'to
the aggregate of our Indebtedness, and aug-,
C 1244 the. financial collusion 'inio which we
are fast veering.
In this matter of taxation we have attempted
to apologise for the delay until we haie been
suspected and charged with contributing to the
delay itself, by thus assisting to screen Con
gress from the appeals and the urgent demands
of the people tin this subject; We do ri i pt expect,
however, that it single newspaper article will
have any effect either way ; and yet members
of Congress would do well to remember that
this subject of taxation is better understood by
the pimple . at large, than . is that, of any other
matter directly connected with the suppression
of the rebellion. We have the resources and
the labor for their development, to meet any
possible amount of taxation, of course rated and
apportioned . % such a manner as to make the
soil, the interests and the industry of the rebel
states, in time, bear their proportion of such
taxation. In strict justice, the robels should
be compelled eventually to pay all the debt in-,
curred in their own suppression and chastise- .
ment, butin order to prove that the people ate
earnestly devoted to the Union, they are will
ing to share, this responsibility and contribute
equally to this liquidation. All that is de
mancled, is the rate and objects of taxation.
When these ate'determined, Congress will find
the people patriotically determined to contri
bute the last dollar and expend the last breath
in labor to maintain the government and vindi
cate its authority.
Since the above was written, we notice that
a general tax bill has been reported to Con
gresi. Its provisions in brief are published in
another column, to which we invite the.atten
lion of the reader.
On TSAR ago Abraham Lincoln was inangu
rated President. One year ago, to day, the
people of the south were inflated with the idea
and conviction that they had the power to dis
organize this government, destroy its author
itY, and bring the great free states of the "Union,
each of itself an empire, down to ' the feet of
the slave power, in abject submission and cow
ardice. One year ago, to-day, the boast was
openly made in.the streets of Washington, that
Abraham Lincoln would not occupy the White
House for one month"; That the Federal Con
grez iiv,ould never : again be convened in Wash
ington city. That the Federal Flag would not
survive to float from the dome of the Federal
Capital, and : that the free states, beaten, con
quered and humiliated, would acknowledge the
rule of Jeff. Davis, and submit to any demand
which the advocates of that usurper might
see fit to make on them, either for the right to
extend' the operations or increase the franchises
of,slavery. These were the boastings of the
skive power and its traitor adherents, one year
ago. Such was the faith and the confidence,
also, of those who secretly sympathized with
that power, and the opportunity among the
dough %mein the north, was even more greed
ily anticipated than it was , in the south, towel
come the usurpation of, the traitor chief, and
sigmatize with rejoicing the downfall of the
rightful authority of the land.
—But one year has made a change in. the
dreams and the designs of traitors. They have
learned to estimate their own power less, and
have becoma , convinced• that the people of the
loyal states are not the cowards which they be
lieved th em to be , to become intimidated by a
treasonable demonstration, or an armed array
of traitors: The great truth has been estab
lished, and the world, acknowledges the fact,
that the loyal men of this government are able
to maintain all its power and enforce all its
authority. The rebellion has proven itself only
the effervescent malignanci of . desperate men,
incapable of anything but demonstration ; im
potent of itself as a belligerant,, and unable to
giYe 'force to any claim which it has Made, in
a fair, fearless and manly contest of arms. It
is the meanest of all the mean rebellions which
- wee ever inaugurated, because it has tyrants
foPleaders and demagogues fur advisers; and
as the" reiolution, which its adherents claim
for it, it is unlike all other revolutionary strug
gles described in history, as being the only one
which was ever precipitated for slavery.
x .
It wlli . niint require s anoiher year still further
to prove the impotency of those who seek the
destruction of the American nation. Their
dooin and their destruction are written on the
Course, of natural events, and will end as all
villanies end, in eternal • disgrace and damna
tion I
Tint Locum° Passe are claiming that the
Democratic (?) leaders have pursued a straight
forward r:tolicy, in relation to the war to sup
press rebellion. We admit the fact, but it has
been a straight-forward policy to aid the rebels
wherever an opportunity was offered.
Ix untra =mum= the rebels see federal
gunboats everywhere: A Memphis paper, the
a r titer,day, reported : nine of them some thirty
newborn. navigable water T little :mon
/aril fuiVedrivitigi
pennevtuattia Claul,ll trityrapth ottai2 4lV.V.rTting. Mara) 5, 1862
Pennsylvania Legislature.
TUESDLY, March 4, 1862.
The Senate met at 11 o'clock L. M., and was
called to order by Mr. Speaker Ham.
The journal of yesterday (Monday) was partly
read, when,
On motion of Mr. BOUGItrk Et, the further
reading of the same was dispensed with.
Several petitions,wsre.presented : and appro
Priately referred.
Mr. KINSEY read in place an act relative to
actions of ejectments.
Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.
Mr. MEREDITH, an act supplementary to
an act to regulate the taking up of lumimir and
flat-boats in .the.Ohio,= Allegheny and -Monon
gahela rivers and thew tributaries t approved this
6th day of_ March, A. D. 1849. •
Referred to the Committee on , the Judiciary.
Mr., LAiiiI3ERTON, a supplement'-to-an "act
to incorporate the Lamsonham bridge comptuiy.
Referred to. the . Committee 'cin 'Roads 'and
Also, an act toeprovide for the erection of a
poor-house in. Clarion county. -
Referred to.the Committee on the Judiciary.'
Mr. SMITH, (Montgomery,) an act to "extend
the act incorporating the Goshenhoppen mutual
fire T of Montgomery County,
Referred to the Committee Oorpetations •
Also, an act authorizing, aldermen: and' jus-'
tines of the peace in Montgomery to • take mg
nizanee and investigate oases of- inCendlin-
Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary:"
Mr. CLYMER, a further supplement 'to the
charter of. the city of Reasiing r prescri - hing•the,
mode of, filling vacancies 3 in the board , o
controllers of the Reading school district • •
Referred to the Committee on Corporations.
Mr. STEIN, an act supplementarylo an act
incorporating the,congregation of the 'United
Brethren of the town of Nazareth and its
Referred to the. Committee on Corp Orations.
Mr. BENSON, an act to provide for the col
lection of additional taxes in the township of
Clara, Potter county. ,
Referred to the committee on the Judiciary. , '
Mr. SMITH, (Philadelphia,) an act relative
to the payment of interest on the debt of this
Referred to the. Committee on Finance.
Mr. PENNEY, from the- Committee on the
Judiciary, reported with a negative recommeri
dation, an act to facilitate the despateli s of
ness in the courts of common pleas. ..
Also, (same,) with a ne s ative recominenda
tion, an act for the more convenient and.e*
nominal settlement of decedents' estates. .
Also, (same,) with a negative recommenda
tion, Rouse bill No. 115, an act' to. empower
Wiliam J. Duane to close a certain trust,
Mr. CLYMER. (same,) as 'committed,. an act
making Williamsport the plaei of holding the
Supreme Court for the Northern district;
Also, (same,) as committed, a further ;nipple
meat to an act relating to the lien of mechan
ics and others, upon buildings, apprOed" jUne
16th, 1836.
Also, (same,) as committed, House bill, No.
145, an act relating to co-partners and joint
debtors. .
Mr. SMITH, (Philidelphia,) (same,) 0 com-
mitted, an act supplementary :to an act,. zip:,
proved tie 27th dAy of:May, A. D. A 841 ,•
titled, an act to authorize the lemming Of
stock brokers, exchange brokers and bill, bro
kers, and to regulate contracts for the puiclusie
and salts of loans and stoat'. ' ,
Also, (same,) as committed, House
256, an act to authorize the arreetiif.
ional thieves, burglars, &c., in the, city of ishili
delphia. • - .
'Also, (same,) with a negative recioniatinder:
Hon, a supplement to the act providing for, the
election of prothonotaries and other oiTti*;
passed July 2, 1839.
Mr.•KEICHAM, (same,) as oominitted,
act relative- to the appointment of collectors of
State and county taxes in the county, Of Ly.
Also, (same,) as committed, a supple**, to
an act to authorize the erection of 'a poor house
by the city of Carbondale, in the coteriti of
Mr. KINSEY, (Agriculture and . DomestiO .
Manufactures) as committed, an act to prevent
the hunting of deer with dovi in panonon
The bill relative to the controllers in the flrai,
school district of rertnsAvania, wila liken up
and passed finally- 7 yeas 20, nays
. 1Q • .
The for a temporal adjournment of the
Legislature was taken up and committed to the
Committee on Finance, by a vote of, yeas 18,
nays 14.
The nominations of apes JBaiola y, ER,
of Phil:a/1414 John. 14 4 D; o
Landaler, 4111.4 Ntiel rat., of Sari'
risbiiii; • to•'-Fe-tiiigaris - 1 5 eimsylviitia
State Lunatic Asylum, were continued.
The nomination of. Francis B. Penninum, o
Wayne bounty; to fill the unexpired term
G. Waterman, deceased, as a trustee of the
same institution, wae_confirmodp •
A few private Beri
ate Adjourned.
4, 162:::
The spEART,a ,ofilled the.,H.ow.e t9,000r4.0
The Clerk read the journal of yesterday,
omitting that part of the same which related to
petitions,' presented; the reading of which,
on motion of Air. OF:9NA, was df9e4ed with
The remaining part of tl# journal was sppro44
saccalarosaarios 07 THE RESOLUTION /pH LLTZIIR.
HOPS,INS, Caraaington,) moved the
reconsideration of the vote on the final passage
of. .the resolution relative to afternoon sessions.
moved to indefiniteli
poitpone tfie motion of. Mr. Hopxne) to recon
her., HORSDIS, (Washington,) explained.
Mr. BLANCHARD, After the explanation
of the gentleman. from Washington, (Mr. HOP-
Z.INS,) I withdraw:nay motion to postpone.
The question then recurred on the inotion,so
. .
On taking the quatton a - division was de
manded, and the question was determined in,
the affilmative.: . ; . I, J
The res - olution of yeiderday, providing for
afte;rnoon sessions, was _before the House.
. .
Mr. HOPKINS moved to amend the reeolu,
tion,as amended: jay . 1!4:. yompo : bi
out! all liftei: the words "consideration of,"
and*. inserting in lien thereof, the words "such
public bills as a majority of the. House may de
terrnine." •
On taking the question, a ; division was de
manded, when thirty-eight gentlemen arose in
the affirmative to thirty-three in the negative.
So the amendment of Mr. gorszta, (Wmh
ing ton,) was adopted.
Mr. VINCENT moved to amend by striking
out " afternoon " and inserting ".evening"
Mr. HOPKINS, (Washingtonj I rise to a
point of order. The House by the vote of yes
terday decided io fayor of. a .session at three
o'clock, to adjourn at six, and I ask the decision
of:the Chair upon this point. ,Is competent
to emend sny . propooltion,that,the House. has
incorporetpcl_sa aoimunoroter
The SPEAK.ERpro tem, (Mr. Ciauts,) mfittai t t
fin' felt bound to follow the decision of the
HILLS dozasumajm
,1219=i4 W 1;)
NOON ti,4mmorra
Speaker given yliaterday, and to decide that the
motion wis.bkorder
'Mr HOPKlNSAWashington,) and al r. RYON
then submitted an appeal from the decision of
the Chair in writing ; and
.On the question,.
" Shall the decision of the Chair be sus
tained ?"
The yeas and nays were .muired by Mr.
COWAN and Mr. ZEIGLER, and were as fol
low, viz :
Yaws—Messes. _Abbot, Arinatxong, Banks,
Barron, Bates, Beaver, Beebe, Bigham, Brown,
(Mercer,) Busby, Caldwell, Chatham, Cochran,
Cowan, Crane,. Winos; ...DAAnis. -Donley,
(Greene;) l)u ffieid, Elliott, Fox,
Free** ' Untham, grant, Gross, Rail,
litimi ery ffoffer, Kennedy, leirritart, Lichten
wanner, M.'Coy, Moore, Myers, Pershing, Fat
tener, Quigley, Ritter, ROES, (Lucerne,) Ross,
Of i ffi bi oti '
#P4l3el4Schrock,[44oi We* iShari
non,-Sizata ghester,) Smith, (Philadelphia,)
Strang, Tra cy, -Twitchelli -Vincent, - Wakefield,
Wildey ; Wimley,_WindltyWorleyand' Zeigler
Hopkhati (Washington),Hutch
man, Kline, Lam s Naiman, Ram
sey, Rex, Roarlaticirilick,'Tate,"Tritton, Weid
ner, Williams and Wolf --15.
So th question waa determined im the affirm
,The qnestion then _mann& ;on the amend;
sent of Mr. VINCENT. It was...not agreed to.
On leave given. i, ".; . •
Mr. ARMSTRONG, from the Committee of
Wiys• and Ideans i reported; as omninitted,- bill
,entitled, t'AnAet to , provide for the ordinary
,expenses of the Government and other general
And space& appropriations."
. 'asked. , to- be discharged frozn
ItheAxamsitteeeon4lonsecilarsmisis. •
His request was granted. - •
Messrs. Ermorr, CALDWIELL, ,Canes and Boa
#ais, .severally -asked and 'obtained the same
Favor.. •:. ~ ,
The - House then. priiceeded consider bibs
. ,
on' the -' private , calendar, and a,-large numher
were read and laid" aside fdr se'cond reading,
when the House -Adjourned:
o r .
_.,..-,.... t ._ , , it ,,
1., G _ , ~
~, .
: ..•:.
Prom oar gventng billion of Yesterdai.
Aeoeption of a Foreign Miiiiter.
srEgimi - ot' PIiEiSMENT
Conhrmations of Militarfifomizations.
. „ . WOH.Xttoron,./tiarch4. •
4.. il3krtedalas. , pregented , .lilui credentials
pie President, and been,Teeeived , as minister
resident of the republic of Peru..... The latter , ln
his Fepli,,tinidAhat the United States :hid no
eulniclei4r animosities and-anyinterests which
conflict with the welfare, safety, rights or-inte
rests of any other nation. Their own-pros
Teri% 4 1 .0. PPinees,land -sggrandisement are
wspotogelyandiviyantageatiely through'
the,RXltflOr.9 l .4o,nanot.. (ply- of-poem:on-their
WA -peace among ally other nations.
Bit while flutlintted.-Btatesure - -thus-a friend
fo all other nations, they do not.seekto oon
ogat,thp.tagt ,thafg.theY,Loberisti.espeolat 4,enti--
uleAt t of,fripncishipifori, and , .:syinpathitse , vrith
those who 'like themselves, have forindeilltheir
Anstitutlons on the principles of equal righteof
wbietitheingtiolgpborg.of She:United Mannar°
al-Operating with them,inestablisitingelvilisa
tion and culture on the American. continent.
" &At Using the:gime* principles," , -saidAhe
PreOldont, ,!t tluttgoverixths.ilnited , Btates hr,olo4: 4 llsticsoss tbei.essured r that.
thisetovernment will deal justly, frankly,- And
if it be possible, even liberally withTerbovhose
liberal POllPliatO *wards the Unitedllitates
yon have so kindly expressed."
At will be recollected that the former minis
-tee -OM .Pgg -Weal dismissed, by Buchanan,
owning to the non-compliance of that Govern‘
mont with certain imperative demands of our
he address of President Lincolm-colkterine
expressions of friendship, indicative .of e•the
gek*.al policy of thoAniministration towards
The recognized. Gerhard Lars
son as. vice , poem of Aweeden and Norway, to
reside _apt Chrnago, • _ ;
The - Berate hrodordirmed Generals MfOler
-1001 P.u.; 3 11, .Ettiffifttle,i/WDowell, Smith,
Lewis, 'Wallace analsieel,...asi major. -10,nerals,
d the following : brigadier. 'generals.: • Speed,
Tennessee;of ,Coloeel .J.ohn Cochrane, of-New
arklo ;; Col._gse, of. ; Col. Air Arthur,
Ohio; Col.LisrainP,./owe, ; .Colonet•Waliaeo,
Ind.; Col. M'Cook, Ohio ; -Maine,
and b°l-. I AITY , ot..Pfmnecticut. _ .
pcpow4y_r4ox TENNESSEE .
famo l o4 l 7
The Battery Silenced anCi t thelieheis
Driven from their-Glum.
Ewzioniennemee ,
A Union Victory.
• , IWasuzsaroki yarch - 3. -
The fellowing,despatch Waa. received at tto
Naiy department to-night :
...HON. GIDEON WILLIN:—Chiro, March-6,-1882:
Lieutenant : - cominanding„Shirk• titbit 1:1114. ,
meat, arrived from .gie.i.rentiessew river,- and
brings fall despatches from Lieutenant .corn-1
maittlinA, ; Gwin,, of. the ; gunboatTyler 2 'ts' syn
opsis of which is, that the gunboats proceeded
up to Pittsburg, near the Mississippi: line, -
w#eresi rebel_battery wag opened upon--them,'
connoting of six guns, one of themLbeing rifled;
which were soon silenced by the gunboats.-
XleetY. mketitit 4 o l :landed nude( efiver - of
tkegunboats, a nd charged.mpon the ,eneinyi
driving them some distance, until •they-were
stropgjy, teikfm cad, :whew:ear 4;ollT:withdrew
to the, beeria , ..::Thtta.,:three -rebel= reginienta I
opened upon the gunboats, but were -repulse:l l
with great slaughter. • ,
The,uas,ualtissim. eurside amounted to five
killtid:fuld*ealiCtulti ftye wotulded. Liettte
nen* Commanding Gwin and Shirk ; With their
commands, have behaved with great gallantry
and :iticiguiimat„ -
A1: 1 .09 ( 49R: for total dicers has lust taken
place in Harding cizeilty,Xenn., which resulted
in two hundred votes for the Union and thir
teenfor *laden.
A. #..Roare,. nig Officer
• _,AlfWaYOlurillarela
Liverpool via Halm
The steamer Norwegian has arrived, with
Liver o ool dates, via Londonderry, to the 21at
The Europa, from Boston, arrived at Liver
pool on the 17th, and the City of Washington
and Glasgow ' from New York, on the 20th.
The general political news piesenta no fea
tures otlat,ereat • •
The sales of cotton for four days were 41,000
bales—the markets closing firmer.
Breadstufra dull; provision steady.
Console closed on Thursday at 9298 for
In response to the O'Donoghttee call for In
formation relativa ta,Veitakirtiztning the south
ern blockade tli. sailard said he was. unable to
supply theietum,,and even it able itmonld bi
-very injudicious torproduce it. Mr. Haliburtcin
intends asking in the House of Commons on
whatterMs the Americans retain pussessien of
a portion of San Juan.
litsnam,.Feb. 20.—Tbe Journal Espana de
wands a monarchy for Peru by universal suf
Roma, Feb. 20.--The police hue made'inimy
arrests. A proctamation of Abe national com
mittee has been , secretly posted, -comicilling
patience. It is believed that assurances have
been given -4. hat the French troops Will not
leave Romp. The patrols prevented_ a :demon
strailoii on the anniversary of the capture of
goo TO 4000 Fus, FLOUR VI VA 3 I
4 Woolen 111111 with a Stock of Goods Taken
• -
GitAnnrrows, Va., via Washington, March 8.
. .
From 600 to 1,000 barrels of flour, belonging
to:the rebels, have been seised and stored here.
A woolen mill, oWned by Davis, which has
been marmtittoring clothing, was also seised,
with a considerable stock of goods.
Richard Washington, a brother of the elate
John A. Washington, is now confined at Bar-
per's Ferry.
Nothing of importance transpired in our lines
last night or, yptiftlay:.
Our national interests in this section appear
to be in prosperods progrestion.
From Fortress Monroe.
Foamless Norma, MalchB.
, .
,There was no flag of truce to-day, and cork%
sesuently there is no news from the liioutb.
The expected released prisoners have not
tern heard from.
Feu. Wool has refused to permit any more
SISOIVELS going sumo.
Whei - Constiintion on ,her way, up , to Newport
News was fired on by the rebels, but not dam
NElwi.LeUi bY Te/E4MIPIu
. Partansummt, March 4.
Flour dull and prices -drooping—sales of an,
perfme at-$5 76 ; extra $5 60(40 95; extra ,
family $5 75; recelptslight. Bye flour steady
at $8 25; and Corn:mealat $8 00. There is a
faik inquiry for wheatc-40i.01103400e1s red stad ,
at $1 83@$1 84 ; 1,04:10 bushela : ofAye sold at
78®74c. Corn dull arid . loviei--salep of hew
yellow; rip 54.11®55e1 NW; itO d d "tftqn*4- r i
5,000.1)08110th of Pebnailvania ield at ii7i.;'
Delaware 38@89c. Pennsylvania Cloverseed
good demand at $4 25054 50. a:j eer firm:
smitllatdes of Rio at ; Lagnitie at 220.
Provisions dull—sales of-200 . barieldniesit Pork
at $lB 60(414 00 ; Lard at /8/10.
vapeed to 29e.
NEw Yoax, March 4
State.flour has declined 6 cents, closing dull
barrebi soldtate $5 -40@$$A6; Ohio
$6! 90g$6 00 ; .Southern $6 96@$$8 .
Wheat haws declining tendency—sales'lmlln4
poitant. Oorn'heiivy-160,000 bushels sold it
611 c. Beef quiet; Rork steady , ; Larcletegulyat
74(413fc. Whisky firm—market closing unset
tled and excited-sales at 80c. Receipts flour,
11,494 barrels; Wheat 700 bushels; Corn 17,163
bushels. Stocks dull.
dhica,go and Rook Island 651; Illinois Central
63k; Michigan Southern $471; New York Cen
tral 83k; Reading 421; Milwaukee and Mississ
ippi 871; Missouri sixes 524 ; Tennessee 61 ;.
United States Treesnry sevens 99} ; United
Stales sixes $lB 81; Coupons 93 ; Ditto regis
tered 93j; Exchange on London firm at $1 1B;
mid quotations nominal at 1 02. .
morning,-ICererm4Ta, infantdanghter of Hem,.
0. and Mary Ann Delon!, aged 8 months and 8 days.
"No wonder each beauty was claimed in the airy."
-This morning, March 4, 1882, Cnanss Mune; aged
67 yems.
, [ihe Mends of the family are respectfully invited to
attend the funeral from his late residence in State
street, on Thursday afternoon at three o'clock.] lt*
04 the 20th Inst., in Nast Hanover township, Dauphin
county, sirs. fdawaiutur Tunas , aged 83 years.
IF person whti — fotuld lay -pooleet
wiitrittinuithe nabbed' mu* tontabled,'
I tV " lt
tuey , Amy keep tits money ibr ;heir trouble, and no
quesilorts asked; J. it. EDT.
. m4.d3t
_ltenkens' Cases, Ladies' Cabo, Fetch.*
Ladiek Traveling ratchet. We are constantly receiving
additions to our stock of the above goods, and mecca
earli4 have a tine assortment of the latest styles.. We
reepeatially invite - persons 'iranting to itiarchtute any of
toe ahove articles to examine the stook—knowing that
a gredter variety or better wads canto; be found in the
city. . .
KELLER'S Drug and Fancy Store,
91 Market street, cam door east of Fourth steeet, south
m 4.
A 711.32 LZOTUBS ON nu
Will be delivered in
'Oa Wednesday Eveningoirarclisth,lB62
Rev Charles, G. Amee o
44 , Ziga6et#,Jutpoia:. tallisaar and strangers are re.
In tad to attend. Doors open at T o'clock.
Election Proclamation
rcompliance with the charter of the city of
Harrisburg, notice is hereby given to the
qualified voters of the several wards of the said
city, that an election for persons to fill the
various offices of the said city, will be hell at
the following places, on the third Friday of March,
being the 21st day of said month, 1862, bet w, eu
the henna of 9 o'clock, A. as., and 7 o'cloek, P.
Y., of said day :
In the First ward—the qualified voters will
meet at thellchool House on the corner of
Front street and Mary's alley, in said city, a ri d
vote for one member of Common Council,
person for Constable, one person for Asseb..-.r,
.one person for Judge, and two persons for
spectors of election, in said ward ; and School
In the Second ward—the qualified voters I, L I
meet on said day at the School House on tL e
corner of Dewberry alley and Chesnut st ,et
and elect one person for Common Cut
person for Constable, one person for
one person for Judge, and two persot.s for fn.
spectors of election, of said ward ; and cLool
' In the Third ward—the qualified voters wiJ
meet on said day at the School House, co , L r
of Walnut street and River alley, in 131;4
and vote for one person for Commcil !,
one person for Constable, one pers. ar for s-.„.
ier, one person for Judge, and two p,r,ou-
Inspectors of election, of said ward ; and Sel,e.
In the Fourth ward—the qualiti-,I ,
will meet on salt day at the 5cb ,,, ,1
West State street, and vote for one p
Common Council, one person for C
One person for Assessor, one person
and' two persons for Inspectors of C.
said ward ; and School. Directors
In the Fifth ward—the qualified
Meet on said day, at the dairy of J ini F
Comer of Ridge road and North av,q,u,
vote for one person for mem].) r ~1 r
Council, one person for Constable, ohe I ,
for Assessor, one person for Jud .-.
&pone for Inspectors of election of , I
and School Directors.
In the Sixth ward -the qnslifti v.
meet at the School House on Brut; I -tr--
cif Ridge avenue, and vote for (lie j -
Constable, one person for Asses, t , r ,
for Judge, and two persons for
election in said ward ; and School II r. ,
At the same time and places, it, ...
Voters of the several wards will
person for City Treasurer and thr,
Given under my hand at th,:. NitiVrl l
March 3d, 1862. WM. H. K
VERY beet qualities aml styl,
at 123‘ cents per yard. Very ti
matins more than a yard wide at 12,
:msr&dtt \
vor lam Invoice of c 01Cla Gar •an •
greater variety of Imported and ELM. •
has ever been offered In this city.
diets to purchase, can dep.cia up s,
the world, et the wculetaie aua ra all .r
DOc!; _
A NOTHER lot of fine
m a . Fweet Oranges, Lcmona, NeK
Stireet Potatoes, Stc., .1
feb29-dBt• Corner Third pvld a s:. r
ANTED.—A white wnw.c.
Inquire at the WILLIAM TAL d it
street, next to the Dauphin De;oslt
.Building Stone, Building StJne,
IRBT CLASS Lime S:ono ! ,r ;, : 1 i
i purposes. i'm de at the f r..: 17 a-:-. -- - ,-
el , and will deliver them bluaeliate
InUlh Pr:CO. ,i , t.:28 P.::
teb27-dlw Key,: :. : ,rlr.
1 jr,24
, K. P. H. ALLA.BACE, '.-ur . 4—'l. i', .-
1.. - ust, iitspatikaixiirec of Mineral '?'At.,, l' , ...,..... ;1., ,
ti that obviates every abire.,,or. lc !.
licial Meta, embracing partial, ha if ar. , l A , ~. •- c c
pope only, of pure and indo,truoi .1, mu. • . ... r.
no ereirkien Mr the &mourn u ration of iii.,l 1 - t
and therefore, no allenvive oder from tn. , br , .: ~ , • .
talin media their construction, there C 111: ', 1, ..,
action or metallic taste Hence tltr und,r ~• :.
noyed with sore towel, headache, &...-. v.l. .
North Second atrvet, Harrivbarg.
. ,netl2,dlv
'WANTED, by a young man, A
in a groce.y tore ; nas som, e
blitilisetio and would with to lean it thor, zL.
saw much an object WI employment Ap..
feb23d6N Walnut Ftre2t between Fort.,
lb LET.—The commodious Ir. ,
On Market itquare, adjacent to the ". •
(Calverley's Hotel.) CELtz:.
Ilaanuttnta, Feb. 24,1863.
THE undersigned Auditors alp l• • '
the Quirt of Common Pleas of Dau. Lin
distribute the balances in the haudi of A.. ,
and Charles P. kuench, aLalsnees of J,
and John Wallower, Jr. and cf ice dr. : • .
Son, amongst the credit on, hereby ir ,v ,
will meet at the office of David F leming.L.
purpose aforesaid, on Palsy, the 7,h : •
11162, at 10 o'clock A. N-, when ant. where
tended are requested to attend
D. FLEMI`‘..
J. W. rIYoN
TN PURSUANCE of an order ,t
JL )11aas• (Mart of Dauphia county, will :s -
eats; on
SATURDAY, the 29th day of Marc!.. -
at the Public House of Beni unto Gee , ey ;
Dauphin county, at 12 o'clock M., the fk , riz
tate, TIE: A certain tract or piece o idol fi
West Hanover township, county s'oregal . '
Lads of George W. Finney, Ann Finney ! t
laming twenty-nine and a half acres. A P a •
of ground in Linglestown, Lower Paxton f
ad by Market street, and by property of
the west and William Cassel, on the e , s , . .
200 feet deep and 60 feet front on Market -or. ."
Is erected a two story frame house and
WO the esttte of Fameel Stewart F inney ,]n
Attortance will be given and coniiiii -
known by AARON BOMB
Trustee, An., to sell raid estate of 61 .1
..1110. RD:GLAND, Clerk, 0. C.
11X forwarded by Philadelphia and Read ,
Central, Cumberland Valley and Ponnsylva , • Canal.
•RADLING AND DRAPING to and from ail p , r"
olty to the different Railroad depots will dor,
very lowest rates.
YAM:MISS removing will be pro aria:. t
Orders eft at Brant'e European Efot .1, nr
S. Zollinger; will receive prem '''-
aignments of *r. , ,vot respectfully solw ited
an 2 'Mrs 11.And,ne I e'
ii WORD."
Gold and Silver Pencil and Pen
In the market, is to be found at
BAllllllBi Cratow,
trimmers, o.
Suitable for Mace Pies for oblevlitv.oobycß.__ll__jEt. A, co
cOICE Syrups, Loverings and other
ohms brassy for sate by. -
ns corner Frans and Market MVO&
Nett) .2buertizemento.
nAsasuinm, Feb. 12, 1862
C1., 1 $