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' ll A RRIBBII ftG, PA.
I mlay Afternoon; Febrdary
AND LIGIEMIA43.—Se7erBI flashes of
lighth iug and reports of thunder occtirrea bete]
Dr i, o the rain this morning, which weather..
w b e p eople say indicate a speedy return of .
pernsineut spell of dear and pleasant weather:
flurry it uv
110BBERT AT MIDDLIBTOWN. — The bediretd
and news emporium of Mr. George Lennart.
DOT died pot at Middletown, this county, wig
1 1 04 i ti iously entered list night sod robbed of
8 qiiiititits' of augers, tobaCto,
Die roblwrs first tried to effect en entrinee
thrJuelt the front door, but Mont an thli two?
forced a window in the rear.
COST OF 'JUN BLIND ENpuhs....- The pupil
of the l'etinaylania Institution for thet. Baud
giveaYill a grand concert at Brant's Hall,
I D !Ilia ely, to morrow evening. Limns
t „,[ ly pupils will be present. on the occasion,
mud programme embraces a valietz qr• •
lila wogs and choruse.3..„./44. ithorigtentai
of which entertaining.
k • •
SNNATE CHAMBER 7411 , ' Yan d S om ely ded
wool lust Saturday in honor of the birth-day
o f ii'a•Lir ;tan On each side of the Speaket's
ch.,ir, over the entrance to the recess,. are
Fus pOrNied large and beautiful American flags,
awl over the dais of the Speaker and the door
leading to the rotunda are the words of the
hr yr Lawrence, "Dos'r 01 1 111 TIP THE Sup."
Th, etf , ct is very flue, and reflects great credit
upon the patriotism of our friend, Capt. Brady,
Librarian of the Senate, at whose expense
the decorations were made.
RAILROAD AOOID&NT.—An aedlent occurred
on the railroad at the lower station In
liarii•tta, near Musselman's Furnace, last week
by which Mr. Tracing, the flagman of the local
freltht train, had his arm caught between the
bumps re whilst shifting some cars, and so badly
mashed between the elbow and the shoulder
joint as to render amputation necessary Within
four inches of the shoulder. The operation
weo performed by Drs. W. W. Rutherford, of
this city, end Henry Landis, of Marietta. The
wounded man is lying at Jobnstin's Hermitage
Hotel in Marietta, and doing as well as could
be expected.
SA/WORD'S OPERA House.—Grand Skaiing Car
nival.- -The principal attraction at this popu
lar place of amusement this evening is the irri
eistably funny and mirth-provoking comiedetta,
entitled "New Year's Calls," introducing a
grand skating scene on the stage, in which the
performers, Including "brudder bones," - will
ye examples of their proficiency in this ex--
hlllerating pastime. The skates used on the
occasion are those known as "parlor skates,"
which, on a emo th door, and. ,on the feet of
o racticed dieters, enab e them' to perform move)...
eats as graceful and elegant as if they were
hod with the bona fide steel, and on ice. The
exhibition will be a decided novelty in our city,
ad we have no doubt there will be a full house
. .a the occasion.
THY ILLUMINATION in our city last Saturday
ening, although not as general as was ex
cted, was still of a character to reflect credit
.pen those who participated in it. A number
.t private residences were illuminated, among
hich we may particularly mention those of
.e Executive mansion in south Second street;
ames M'Cormick, Esq., In Market street;
ames M'Cormick, Jr., in Walnut street ; Wm.
erbeke, lo Walnut street; James W. Weir, at
.e Harrisburg Bank ; John A. Weir, in Second
treet, and Thomas H. Wilson, in Second
'rest. The Truck house of the Mount Vernon
?:ode and Ladder company, Quartermaster
"ikon's trace, and Gross & Ross' Drug store
Market street, and the Brady House, were
i so handsomely illuminated and attracted
oeb attention.
TRIED FOR DESERTION.—The last number of
Ice 1.,,A1,1ang Chronicle, states "that a man was
Hied and sentenced to death, for de-
Camp Curtin, at Harrisburg—but,
. Nas n , t, in the enemy's country, and
try dangerous in fact, the sen
t' • r , n,1n2i1." We fear that our usually
nod extemporary has been victimized
by -k.:: urcncy to this statement. We are
/ 1(4 that the State of Pennsylvania has
any law which provides for the
d• stn to cases of desertion. This is
I only in the "articles of war" which
pr.,rn IL, United States army, and as the
it imp Curtin do not yet form an
parti ni of that army, it is evident
lbt, for, that no such sentence as that stated
. Y ( 'Aide could possibly have been passed
DS a e,,ert Martial at that Camp.
r).NNuN NOT 60 DICADLT As WINE. —W endell
P hillip, in his address at the Music Hall, some
do! since, said " I know a soldier in the
ar flo: of the Potomac who was picked up in the
itrttt, of Philadelphia one year ago a complete
11.kan confirmed inebriate, but who was, by
ake lore of a soldier and the charity of a Boa
s home, placed once more on his feet. He
st Ball's Bluff, and three times with nn
l el musket charged upon the enemy. He
None of the six who heroically defended and
Insllght away the body of the fallen leader of
that blood fight. The Captain of the corn
to which he belonged died in his arms,
heiving the last words of consolation from his
Il k Ile was afterwards conspicuous in the
I l k
until the orders were given for each
on e to sek his own safety. Removing some of
his apparel he plunged into the inhospitable
ri ver, and after great exertion landed on the
6SPo6ite bank, seven miles below the encamp
14eht• Nearly ex hausted,chilled, half-clad, half-
I t a ,'‘'ed, he finally leached the camp. The Cap'
,``, l4 of the next company to which he belonged
1114edlY kid to him, pouring out a glass of wine:
n 'e give You this ; you will perish without
'I thank you, sir,' said the soldier, but
would a oner face all the cannon of the enemy
w/hi halts that glue of wine.'
cononorat 'Oti." POrnmiL—this well
kaolinea cOmPany of singers
will own ' - stria of concerto at Bra
if. 414 onevening next, and - continue
WOOii= 7 The reputation of this
'Punks is well established to Insure
theca sootatilkiet our city. They haVe with
t .. ..MI Mrs. Emma J. Nichols, et led
*lke .
.., an Songstress , whose beauti
All Pam. will be remembered with
at oui:ressiers who attended
.tbe tild , ' Whip they were here
twopillbeipa. Thitiefteil lady will &PPM'
a , y v illiiii in a magnificent, full wart
dr= !Ilia *4:Mean Elizabeth more than
hl atto& *iv ego, the particulars of .
" 4 1 6 01
'''' win be :Mated. at each concert. Mrs.
ikli a , fikteppeadiobeiother lady of extraordi-
what* is also with them, and
Itsd T. iikeiliiir r ibe celebrated basso. Read
Ikeir adVisiisialent is another part of this
pskeei, sod go Mot them.
Tel, MOM DM= Ix nta CAR& —Andher
Ant ffssesp—/nAtturday's TALEGRAPH we re
ported the death°, a drover, whose name was
isoncised to be Boss, and who was found amu
let.' and 'the railroad' depot in
Pittsburg, jeiti-keilved-tabere in tinibes
Issisiad-a , ow ng to the difficultyin
gelling *Apemen; be adjouseed the inquest
mikll this afternoon. It has been ascertained,
however, that the deceased was not named Boss,
but C. Garwood, also a drover, and a partner of
R. A. Boss. There was a third partner in the
firm, J. Breisbach, and the three were in Pitta
burg recently, with a lot of hogs, which they
sold to Joseph Scott, agent of M'Clellend &
Logan, of Baltimore. They received $lOO here
from the agent, on account, and were to receive
the balance on delivery of the hogs. Dreisbach
went home west, after shipping the hogs, and
Garwood and Ross went on to Baliimore. The
former was found at the depot, in this city, in
the condition described, but Ross has not since
been beard from. There is some mystery about
the affair which 'Leeds clearing up, and the
Coroner will endeavor to draw out all the facts.
A post inertem examination of Garwood's body
has been ordered, to ascertain the cause of his
sudden and fatal illness.
Since writing the ',hove the Pittsburg Chroni
cle says that a son of Mr. Garwood has arrived
at Pittsburg from Warsaw, Ind., after the ver
diet of the Coroner's Jury, will take charge of
his fathers remains, and forward them by ex
preset to his late home. The young man states
that his lather was subjsct to violent attacks of
the colic, which occasionally rendered him
speechless; but he is at a loss to account for the
other suspicious circumstances connected with
the tragic affair.
IN nuit 'HARRISBURG Balms.—Last Saturday a
drove'', named Newman Ell wood, from one of
the Western States, arrived on the opposite side
of the river with a drove of cattle and horses,
and plat up at one of the taverns, with the
Intention of remaining there until this morning.
Some time yesterdiy afternoon he visited the
city, crossing the Harrisburg Bridge on foot,
for the purpose of
.transacting some business
with lir. Win. Metzger and other of our city
butchers with whom he was acquainted. He
remained here till towards dark, when he start
ed on his return to the opposite side of the
river. After paying his toll, and as he was
about entering the bridge, on the right hand
side, he discoverd a man who seemed to be
watching him with no good intentions. The
drover, however, proceeded into the bridge,
and had advanced only a couple of rods, when
he heard footsteps at some distance behind
him, which he at once concluded were those of
the man he had seen at the entrance of the
bridge. He stopped a moment to listen,
bat the sound of the footsteps had ceased,
and were oaf - teemed when he himself
continued his progress. Not relishing this
state of affairs, the drover crossed t 3 the left
hand side of the bridge, and continued on
I quickly, anxious to be at the end of his journey
as soon as possible. He had not proceeded far,
however, until he again heard the approaching
footsteps at some distance behindfilm, his follow
er having also crossed to the left hand side of
the bridge. The drover, previously apprehen
sive, was now fully satisfied that some mis
chief was intended, and as he had a considers
sum of money about him, and no means of
defence, he leaped from the foot-walk into the
wagon track, through which he rapidly re
traced his steps back to the city, having
concluded to remain over night at the
White Hall Hotel. But before he reached this
tavern, it seems he repented of his timid
ity, and returned to the bridge, resolving to
cross at all haszards. He accordingly re-enter
ed the bridge, after paying his toll the secont
time, and proceeded unmolested until he reach
the other side of the Island, when his ears
were again greeted by the sound of approach
ing foot steps some distance in his rear. As
'upon the previous occasion, he stopped to lis
ten, but that instant the footsteps lilac' ceased,
and he could hear nothing except the ceaseless
sound of the dark rushing waters beneath him.
The glooin and loneliness of the situation, with
the attending circumstances, was well calcula
ted to inspire feelings of dread in the bravest
heart, yet the drover proceeded onward un
til he was about midway through the bridge,
when amen suddenly jumped in front of him and
struck him violently In the breast with a knife, or
some other sharp instrnment,which penetrated
to s considerable depth, causing a profuse flow
of blood. This was quickly followed up by a
blow on the head with a club or billy, which
caused him to fall almost senseless against the
th poo e ke t ta hr iz olt -
between side of the bridge, where he was held by
f h ou te r five tia hundred ntrifiedhis
in bank notes, the proceeds of a recent
sale of cattle. After securing this booty the
robber made his escape in the direction of the
,Gamberland aide of the river, and has not &tee
been heard of.
When the drover had somewhat recovered
from the immediate effects of the attack, he
retnrped to the city, and this morning made
frifqhputtion of the OCCUMMOO at the mayor's
oaks, giving such a description of the robber
irobabiy kid to his emit.
b 1
geaalssuna remtborsrtr.—Tbeforsy-eiaheh
anniversary of the Harrisburg Bible Society
was celebrated on Sunday evening last, in the
Methodist church, in Locust street, and in the
Preshyterlan church, in Pine street. Discourses
were delivered by the Rev. Messrs. Wood.
Moore and Terrence, and collo:I:Cone were taken'
up in behalf of the Bible cause.
The fullerstug reports were presented by the
Board of Managers and the Frew:war :
We celebrate:fhli evining, the forty-eighth
anoktreivell bf theibirrliburg Bible Society.—
For alrantbalfires cent mcy tes our association
heart stelaik,lthiukti i eklove
we rejoice in the privilege of preventing to-night
the congratulations of thelliwudlktite member
sbiplof the society,
rk all true friendsi ofsat the
growing* i the Apt , that
manifesto increasing vigor and efficiency as the
semitcentennial annivfirsary of it s establishment
dramsdef." " • '
Diring the past year, several incidents of
more khan interest in t e history, of our
tiociet3abkve ' beciarrtig: 'PhitAxst of these was
the assembling of thsPersyrania Bible Society
in out midst, hi ths, mo tit f iineotasttn ac
cordance with an' tidn' e rifled the
board of managers by our association. Thia
inst. tion wait addressed to them immediattily
after our last anniversary, and was at once nor
di: ate . Not long afterwards our Na.
iron snob form entiAdititiro ,
Mori . 'as, in tbd judgment of some, rendered it
impracticable for the parent society to carry, out
itryintention of celebrating its anniversary in
our midst. Other counsels, however, prevailsd,
and the meeting.was held with very happy 're
sults. Delegates were in attendance from the
extreme eastern and western parts of the State,
and the great and good causeOn whiph we feel
so deep au intttest, ceived a new impetus, and
its friends here assembled were inspired with
fresh zeal.
The vast army -that responded so patrioti
cally to our country's call for defence against
the wretched traitors that were plotting its
ruin, has opened up a new and wide field for
usefulness -to our association. In many in
stances, the families from the midst of which
these soldiers went forth were not supplied,
with the word of God in a form suitable for
convenient transportation ; in others, amid.
the hurry and excitement of preparation for
the march, this best of traveling companions
was forgotten. And so it came to pass that a
very large proportion of the soldiers quartered
in this vicinity, from time to :time, were-found
to i e destitute of- the Sacred ligriptures. , To
meet this want, after exhatistiffk our supply
on hand, application was made by our asso•
ciation to the parent society for grants of books
for distribution among the soldiers. This ap
peal met with the pipet generous response.
The Sacred Scriptures, in the English, German
and Welsh languages, were distributed among
the soldiers in large numbers, and were almost
invariably received with eager interest, and
warm expressions of gratitude. For want of a
suitable person to superintend this distribu
tion, there were, no doubt, some regiments,
temporarily sojourning in the camps hear our
city that were not properly supplied with, the
Word of God. For the last few months, how
ever, the Rev. Mr. Davis, who has been em:
ployed by some lovers of the truth in our
midst, as a colporteur in Camp Curtin, 'has
added this to the list of his daily duties, and
we have reason to believe that now no sol
dier leaves our camp for the seat of war with
out having been offered a copy of the Word of
The last annual meeting of the Dauphin
fi t
count Bible Society was one unusual inter
est... or, the iitst time in its history, the la
. . mdfffe at sebtittna of - thehmuntry at
tended, In the capAcity of delegates, upon its
deliberations. From our own society .the at
tendance was very large and we have reason to
believe that new life was infused into -more
than one of the auxiliaries' by the spirited and
instructive discussions of that occasion. The
next anniversary of the county society will be
held at Dauphin, in the month of November,
and the board entertain the hope that it may
be still more numerously attended and more
useful than the last.
It affords us much - pleasure, also, to report
that the plan adopted at our test meeting of ap
pointing a committee of ladies from all our
churches, to call upon the whole community,
and give every one an opportunity of contribu
ting to the bible cause, has been crowned with
the most encouraging success. The last annual
report of our Treasurer, exhibited a revenue
during the year immediately precedit , g of
$126 67, whereas by the efforts of the ladies,
our revenues this year have increased to the
sum of $291 74. It was well that we had a
liberal contribution to forward to the treasury
of, the parent society, as we have had occasion
to make such heavy drafts upon its stock of
books for distribution, as above indicated. But
there is reason to fear that the Pennsylvania
Bible Society sadly crippled in its future
eperationa, unless its frii•nds enthusiastically
rally to its support, after the wants of the pa
triotic soldiery have occasioned such a heavy
drain upon its resources.
The Board has therefore determined again to
try the plan resorted to a year ago and which
proved so successful. Committees of ladies
have been, or will be, appointed, who will call
upon all our citizens during the present week,
and we herewith confidently bespeak for them
a kind and liberal reception.
Supposing that there might be some here
who would not be met by these committees, and
who desire to cast in their gifts to encourage
this noble cause, the Board propose also to take
up a collection at this time. "The Lord loveth
a cheerful giver." In the name of the Board.
Ottawas A. Has, Secretaxy.
The Treasurers statement of the-receipts - and
expenditures of the funds of the Harrisburg
Bible Society for the year 1861:
A. S. Fahnestock, Treasurer. Dr.
To balance of last account, 1860 $ 15 67
To cash received from fifteen collecting.
committees 260 60
Cash handed in by individuals . 825
Cash from the . Methodist Church 17 82
To cash to Dauphin County Bible So
ciety for 678 Bibles and Testaments
disposed of as follows :
To volunteers at Camp
Curtin, and such as
called at the deposi
tory 501 Testaments.
1 Bible.
To Pennsylvania gore
Pita' 20 "
To poor Sabbath
school. 42 4s
To poor individuals... ' 9
678 volumes
Valued at $ 50 00
Donation to the Dauphin County Bi
ble Society 241 74
February 28, 1882
WAR is an apprenticeship to all sortsof trades.
A soldier in Col, Cowdin's Pennsylvania regi
ment wrote home : ." I thought selling gro-•
ceries was the =tent of my capability; bat it
seems to me, timt c an budd y _ houses, dig
trenches, offi . „
ciate in the hospital ; and to-mor
row with a dry goods olerk,l cominelice "the
chimney of a new hospital."
iriontittp Afternoon, lebructrn 24, J 862
C. A.—A meeting of the Board of
Kuisgers of the Young ftleo's Christian Ass°.
°Wien will be held in their room, on to mor ,
row * Tu. sd ty evening, at seven o'clock. A
full ptendanee is desired.
*inn wag has resurrected the following
-\,upon names : —Wallach, of the Washing-
Star, says :—"There is a place in Pennsyl
'Shia, called Youngwoman's-town,. What a
I Oiroca of a place it mast be for 'fellers . There
IlaNalso a town in Pennsylvania, called Young
' ataaatown, sod is one of the greatest places for
Mitt a this aide of purgatory.
Smaintrrr or Haurr.—" There is no funeral
si d
to follow as the funeral of our youth,
whl we have been pampering with fond de
sires- ambitious hope, and all the bright ber
ries , hang in poisonous clusters over the
patit i 'of life." The importance of contracting
otorreht habits will apply in every action of our
livesfi forliost•nce it is a duty society demands
of .to d ress genteel, but we are not required
to .1' ow', our money. away on worthless goods ;
hen. ,it is important to purchase where we
oath t good goods for the least money. That
pi -„„ is llama & BoWass's, corner Front and
Mar .t streets.
Prsomrof beautiful new spring
rge lot Of tdeached and unbleached
the beet make ;- 'blue checks, at
14 cents per yard.; white stockings, at 124
centscents • another lot - of those good *bite rib
; bylies' pocket handliercbiefs,
at 14 cents; children's pocket handlrerchiefs,
with border, 6 cents ;
shirt breasts 1.4,
15 and up to 374 cents; 2 : s:pieces new pant
stuff ; undershirts and draweravery cheap ;
cotton and woolen socks, at all prices •
40 dozen woolen stockings, for children, 124
cents; 1 yard bleached muslin 14 cents ;
all wool French merinos, all colors, at 62 and '
75 cents. Having bought the balance of the
stock of a city wholesale house of plain and
figured Swiss muslin; brillants, white cam
brim, Nansuck and Victoria lawns, suitable for
dresses, as those goods will be very scarce and
dear next summer now is the time to buy. Our
stock of Furs'at cost. S. Lawv,
Rhoads' Old Stand.
Tlrli LATEST Naws.—Bargains ! Selling off
the entire stock of winter goods below cost,
viz : Woolen, merino, cotton and canton flan
nel, under shirts and rawers, 40 and upwards;
woolen mufflers, woolen and cotton 4' Hose,
104 and upwards ; silk ties, 18 and upwards ;
suspenders, 12 ; alko fine shirts, $1 00(41 25,
actually worth $1 500:1 76 ; collars, all linen,
124, and night shirts, 60 ; also a large lot of
monkey jackets, all wool, from 75c®.$1 00 ;
also a large lcit of Union shirt breasts, 10c.;
fine bleach muslin, 14 yard wide, 16c.• also
bleached musll6,6c.,alid fine Irish line n ,18420 c.
per.yard ; Brooke, Clarks and Coal's enambled
spool cotton, 4c. Ladies and gentlemen this is
the place to get a bargain. Please call ani ex
amine for yourselves, as one call will suffide to
convince the public of the above lacta. Also,
on hand a large lot of ladies' collars, cuffs, un
dersleeves, which I will sell equally cheap for
cash. N. B.—Shirts, collars, &c., made to
measure or from sample, on the shortest notice
and most reasoaable terms. If you want a
bargain and a good fitting shirt, &c., just to go
James A. Lynn, at the Harrisburg Cheap Shirt
Manufactory, No. 12 Market street, rooms next
to Hummel & Killinger's grocery store, Harris
burg, Pa. feblo.
- •
"Restrike ft:Mowing certificate" from doe of tie fire t
ladies in Utica, N.Y., who milted apse my agents In that
city (Br . Wm. Bristol & 00.,) and told them that she, of
course, did not wish her name made public, but if any
one should doubt the won liwftil efficiency of Da. Doyen
co's Golden Pills, they might refer any Lady to her as
she oonsidered it a duty, as well as a pleasure, to her
anowledge of their efficacy, as administered to her
daughter, a young I ady 17 years old. She was fast go
ing into: consumption—had taken cold—nature became
obstructed. Two boxes of these Golden Pills entire
ly cured her, and sue is now in rubast health.—
"We were particular in buying the genuine. Full and
enlicit : directions accompanying each box. Price 21.
Sold wholesale and retail by 0. A BANNTART, No. - 2,
Jones. Row, end .0. K. Rau e, 01 Market street Harris
burg, Pa. By sending either of them 51 00 throught be
Harrisburg Post Office the Pills will he sent confidentially
by mail to any part of the country; "free of postage."
N.B.—Look out for counterfeits. Boy no Belden Pills
of any kind unless the box is signed S. D. Howe. Ail
others is a time imposition and unsafe; therefore, as
you value your lives and health, (to nay nothing of be
fog humbugged - ont of your money,) buy only of thaw
who show the signature of S. D. Howe on every box,
which like recently been added on account of the Pine
being onsintertelted. The ingredients composing the
above Pills are made known to every Agent, and they
are safe, and will perform all claimed for them.
Sold also by, T. L. Lumberger, Lebanon ; A. J. Kauff
man, Mechanicsburg ; Marks, Lewistown ;B. Elliott -
Curtiss ;• S. G. Wild, Newvilla ; J. O. AM*. ShiPPOOB9
burg ; Spangler, Chembersburg ; E. T. Willer, York ;
J. A. Wolf, Wrightsville ; B. Stevene, Re/ding ; and
It. P. Hinter, Reading, and by "one druggist" in every
town and village in the United States, and by
Solo Propr War, New York.
e 3 tm
Will. A. Batehelor's Hair Bye
The only Harmless and Reliable Dyer Known 1
All others are mere imitations, and should be avoided
if you wish to escape ridicule.
GREY, RED OR RUSTY HAIR dyed instantly to a
beautiful and natural Brown or Black, without the least
injury to Hair or Skin.
ded to WIL A. BATCHMOR eitvte IS 9, and over 200,000
applications have been made tai the hair of the patrons
of his famous Dye.
Wm. A. BATCHELOR'S HAIR DYE produces a color
not to be distinguished from nature and is watutanran
not to injure in the least, however long it may be contin
ued, and the ill effects of bad Dew remedied. The hair
is invigorated (MU% by this splendid Dye, which la prop.
erly applied at No. 18 Bond Street New York.
Sold in all the altos and towns of the United States, by
Druggists and Fancy Goode Dealers
The Genuine has the name " William A. Batchelor,"
and address upon a steel plate engraving: on the fong
sides of each box.
Wholesale Factory, 81 Barclay St.,
Late 233 Broadway, New York.
By using that Sate, Pleasant, Popular, and Specific 'Rem
edy known as
Read the Adverhseznent In another oolumn, and profit
by it—
$291 74
Diseases and Symptoms Inumerated.
Cubit Out, Preserve IL You may not now require 1
But may at some Future Day.
"It gives health and vigor to the frame,
And bloom to the pallid cheek."
It Saves long Suffering and Exposure.
Beware of Counterfeits t Cures Guaranteed.
THE subscribers having erected a larg e
.1.„ building at the above place, expressly for the purp 0-
see above Indicated, beg to cat! the attention of the pub
lic, to the following
THE Risramumr, ou the first floor, with a dining room
attached, is fitted up in first-class style, and it will at all
Onus ha suppled with the best OYSTERS to be had in
the - Athintic cities, together with terrapin, ash, and all
kinds ot game in season. Oysters served tip in every
style, and meals to be had at all hours. The Ales of all
the celebrated breweries in the country constantly on
$291 74
The Teo-pin Alley, or Bowling Saloon, is in the rear,
and contains three alleys of modern construction, where
the lovers of this healthy exercise can enjoy themselves.
The Billiard Saloon ia upstairs—elegantly fitted up,
and contahni three marble top combination cushion ta
bles, equal to any made.
Harrisburg has long felt the want of a grand combin
ation of this kind, and as the proprietors are determine d
to cond . it le a quiet and- orderly manner, and do we
ll** their pewee' , to make it a faiddonatile - resort;
jall.dtt o geode° allit su 4 n l l lA h .
go BADDN & ono..
New "Abrertiatmettts
House of Employment and Support of the Poor
TOEN CARE, Esq., Treasurer of Dan.
t-trin county, Pennsylvania, end Hz-ofticlo Treasurer
01 the House of muloyment and support of the Poor in
the County of Daophin afore•, aid, in an account with said
.county of I anphin, for the usuof said House of Employ
ment in said county for the year 1861, namely
T o casts received from the county of
Dauphin .or the use or the House
o Employment for the support of
the poor io the county aforesaid.
Pursuant to requisitions in (onion.
rutty to law, drawn by the Direc
tors of t - e House a.oresaid, upon
the County Oommeeleners of said t
county, respeC fully dated. Jan
uary Ist and October Ist,3B6l,Cti
Orders No. 67 and 878, i sued by
the County HOMMVIti h0r5....... 210 . 000 CO
,I*h r eceived from the following named
' persons, (or the use of the afore
said House, derived as heretics/ter
CI ted, to wit:
From John Rayser, Edq., one, of the
directo-s of sa'd Hoe e amormt of
Judgment against J. D. L0ndh....1138 87
T cash from Herry Brown, steward of
said House, for lime mid by him.llB 10
To caste, Herry row steward's', afore. -
said collected for boarding pan
'pe-a of tithe counties TS 00
To case,J. F. Peckom Iler, premeds tf
imill I-2W*
amount of cidere issued, la'lB6l,adep . • $
the dtrscters bi the House West. •
• aid, unpaid at settlement ms e
by the County Audito4s, Jan. 16th,
1882, to wit:
Order No, 120, Ellzab th Aarudt 2 00
44 140, Samuel Niebling- 157
", /53, Jona Bentz 77
44 196, Mrs . Stanly ....... ... 200
44 202, Ju li ana Willia ms 200
44 228, David Bryan. ... ... 77
4 4 272, Mrs. Steely 2 00
" 281, hlizabeth Aurndt....... 200
4 286, Sarah White - ' 200
44 286, Elizabeth Rhale.. 2 00
44 737, Juliana Williams..; .... 200
44 292, Eliza ..... 2 00
" 846, Cords i t Metz 200
4 4 547, Mre. Scanty__ . ... 200
4 4 357, Elizabeth Aurndt . 210
44 363, Juliana Williams - 200
44 386. Martin Erb 77
44 602, Mrs. 5tan1ey...........200
44 512, Louis Koenig.- ..... ICO
44 635, Mrs. Schreck. ..... . 2 Ou
4 - 647, Mrs. Stanley. ' 200 ,
44 683, Mrs. Szttrecir. ...... 2 00
44 694, Airs. Manley 200
44 613, Sloan St Boyd ' 860
44 : 615, W. 5i11y..... 77
4 ' 616, John Newcomer 77
44 645, sire. Echreek. 200
44 656, Mrs. Stanley. .._ 200
665, Mrs. Hatfield 4 00 ` s44 666, Ann McCarter 2 00
44 674, J. J. Wallower.... 9 17
4 . 576, J. F. Rutty......,.,--. 235 62
44 678, Jos'ab Buffing ton 4 00
- 4 683, Elizabeth %nerd 6 60
" 701, Mrs. Schrock.... 2 00
a 712, Mrs. Stanley 2 00
4 4 723,..,Ann McCarter 200
44 725; F. IC. Swartz '44! 45'75
44 , 728, George F. Mirth .... 82 50
44 781, Mr. Carchner.......... 75
44. 785, Wm. K toe, Bsq 10 76
736, John Jones 24 16
44 737, Anthony King - t 6 88
44 739, John He 55......... 20 00
44 745, John Weaver 16 00
By balance due in cash to John Care, Esg.,
as per settlement made by the teoudtyt
Auditors, January llth,lBBl $7B 18
By amount of orders issued from No. 1,30'748
inclusive, by the Directors of the Douse
of Employment, of the comity. o 2 Oau•
courtnemitolgJaanary DI, and end
-83.0f Decembey, 11181, both days M
inded, as atter( d In detail in order
• boos tif adi H sitie of Employment and
Support, toe sum& $7B 13,. amount oy
Order No. 154, ' , mime In error for oaf.
acce due at laic settlement, to John
Care, lag., accountant .• . • $9,909 96
By cash paid on orders Isethd la 1860,
by the threciora of the Poor, &c.,
unpaid at settlement, made by the
0 may Auditors, January 11th,
•• 1881, to wit
Order No. 490, Goo ge Manly . 3 00
" 619, Widow Forney 2 00
" 560, Nary Forney 200
" 614, Widow Forney 2 00
c 62, Widow Forney 2 00
" 663, Mary Forney 200
ss 690, Adam Breamer ..... 2to
I. 703, Muses 592
" 704, W. C. Smith _ 13 09
" 711, George Trullinger 29 01
713, John Kotler.-- ...... 119 28
" 717, Jonas Deiblor.... 797
-; 719, Sloan & Boyd__ 650
" 721, John A. Weir 645 96
722, Jonas Rudy ............ 80 62
723, E. 8. Zollioger 36 62
" 615, Mary Forney gOO
--$10,998 90
By Treasurer's commissions allowed
the Treasurer, to wit :
On receiving 1110,610 00 at 3 t • per ce 1— 13 26
Paying $lO4 02 at .34' per ...... 62 01
Bs,Dance due in cash by John Care, t
tresiuree as a.oresaid to the
county of Dauphin, for the use of
the House of smployrnent -afore; the sum of $142 49
We, the undersigned Auditors of the county of Dau
phin, Pennsylvania, el'cted and sworn according to law,
report that we met, did audit, settle and adjust accord
ing to law, the foregoing account of John Care, Esq.,
treasurer Of tne oounty of Dauphin. and ex-officio treas
urer of the House of kmployment for the support of the
oor in di t county of Dauphin, in account with the said
county for the use of the House of Emiloyment of said
county, commencing on the - first esp. of January, a d
ending n the third day of December, 1861, and the ac
counts as auove stated Is correct,
Auditors of Dauphin county, Penna.
Acknowledged indenture— $1 00
Attendance in sick room, 11 months . 65 00
Appite butter and dried apples :.7 12
Apples.... ...... ........... 12 00
Attornies in suits... , ...... ............ ..... 46 00
Asylum for sopport Of insane poor 1,123 20
Ashes 4 65
Beds and bedsteads .. 47 00
Butchering. .....................28 80
Blacksmithing 102 80
Beef .... _ Mb 132
Balance on &count with 0. Hess 9 lit
Brick 49 15
Brickwork ............ ........ ....... ........ 24 00
Cattle4ls 00
Cow.. ..... ...... .... .... 80 00
Conveying paupers 172 64
Coiling and burial .... 207 813
Carriage hire to convey paupers 60 28
Conveying paupers .................... 9 10
Coma— 512 52
CasaMet and yarn 20 30
Cooking.... 48 00
Clothing. ........ .... .......... ........ ...... 70 40
Carpentees work 5 25
Deeds .. ...... ... .... 6 75
Meru hire 232 45
Farm implements 83 10
Fencing 68 74
Freight on fa01a55e5.............--• • • 8 85
Groceries ..........1,078 83
Horse doctoring... . . ......... ................. 19 49
Hats (1838-312 50,).... - ............. ....... 68 39
Hardware ......- • • • •
194 84
Horses .... 190 00
Herbs 1 75
Issuing orders ... - ........ ........... ........ 76 47
John Care (by order,). ......... ......, , .... 78 18
Liquor 27 76
Leather 34 18
Raking arrests_ 1 00
Making Clothes ......... .. . . 96 25
Maintaining and attending sick out of the home. 94 40
Jeclicine and drugs 120 38
Molasses. ..... ........ .. ............ 63 75
Mill repair.... 89 37
Merchandise ....... .. .. ........ ...• •• • • ...... 375 01
Platter .. . ...... .... ............. ..... •• . • •••• 30 14
Plumber's work ...... ... .......... ..••- -- 80 30
Printing 60 00
Rails and 1umber............................... ~.. 46 76
Saddler work ...... 187
Shoes . .... ..... .. .... 76 2.,
Rapport of outdoor paupers.. ..... .. ... .....1..: 995.00
Swine - 29 00
liihoilMaking and mending .......• •• • . , 44 37
80 P.9 9 7 PallPri, l2 ° R . T., 5931 1."' ,.. "1,* .." ' 64116
- '66 . so
Stationery, &o 17 96
New l- Aimertionttuts.
Shim work and toll.
Tinning ...... .
Surgical opera , ' •ns
Tax on insurance..
Turnips ...
Wagon maker's ork
Wheat ....
Henry Brown, as Reward -
Dr. Geo. F.MIB.b, (as physician,) 15 months'
salary 312 60
Simon Daniels, (as Director,) 1 r months' salary
and extra services........ ...
.... 97 60
Peter Rianop, (as Director,) 12 mouths' saltry
end extra services 43 00
John Raysor, (as Director.) 6 months' ralary and
extra services 33 26
.1. W. Frantz, (Clerk,) 12 months' salary and
extra ....
David Mumma, (attorney) year's salary
953 bushels of wheel. at 61 20 per bushel....
1,230 bushels of oats at 35 cents per bushel... ..
2,400 bushels of corn, in ears, at 25 cents par
bushel 600 00
2% bushebt of clover seed at 35 bushel__ 12 60
57 bushels of onions at 40 cents per beshe's 14 80
6,000 heads of cabbsge at 5 cents per head. 300 00
445 bushes of potatoes at 60 (mots per bushel._ 267 00
28 bushels of beets at 30 cents per bushel 8 40
5,100 bushels cacumbem at 20 cents per hundred '0 BO
42 loais of hay at 816 per load 030 00
10,411 pounds df beef at 6 coati pert ound 624 66
.13888 pound, of pork at 5 cent per round 318 30
638 pounds of veal at 6 cents per pound 34 23
65% pounds of calf hides at 8 cents per pound.. 688
1,501 pounds of beef hides at 4 seals par pound ,a 60 04
4,338 bushels of lime burnedat7 cents per bud,' 203 80
- 164 pasts, 64 anew, 48 roundabouts, 94 men's
shi ,
_chtldrees iddrta„.4l6,lmy's Santa, 28 boy's
ft pair shoes, 9$ women's dresses, 32
, acts, 421045te, 43 Clintiren's dresses, 25
a no, 82 children's skirts, 82 chemises, 16 comforts,
48 sheets and 42 chaff-bags.
HOUSE FOR MR 1861. •
Jan. 10th, Hobert IrGuire, (leprosy,) diarlaiii.
" 6th, Wm. Revers, conenmPlion.
" 74d, Harrison Beaver. dropsy.
• 2411, Geo. Wooltbrd, consumption.
Feb. let, John Atkinson, prnemonia.
•• 9th, Peter Peasant, ••
11 28d,Heiry Ruth, consumption.
March 2d, Wm. Freeman,
• 12th, Mary Frances Lemmon, debility.
" 14th, Samuel Rotheeord, constnplion.
• " 17th, John Geiger, small pox.
•• ' 13th, Mary Bailie?, typbo'd.
•• 20th, Frederick Peek,
April 6th, Frederick Happin, mortification.
•• 7th, Martin Kittle old age.
" 7th, Abraham Pennington, consumption. •
•• 12th, Anthony Bubb, typhoid.
•• 15th, Geo. Fetener, debility.
•• 21st, John Towsou,lauasurca.
Hay 17th, Thomas Gilmore, bronchltke.
•• 23d, Joseph Harrold chorea.
June Bth, Jacob Shoemaker, dropsy.
•• 21st, Bastian Zeman, dellerum tremens.
July 14th, Samuel Redieger, old age
ng. 26th, Dania) Molter, (tonne) appoiexy.
• 27th. Gee. Grievuut, typhoid.
Sept. 30 h, Phebe Hale. (colored) typhoid.
Oct. 15th, F.lizabeth Luaus, (colored ) , debility.
" 20th, Jacob Weaver, coneumption.
Nov. let, Edwards, Injury.
.• 12th, John Truckleton. typhoid.
•• , 4th, the infant of Farah Frey, marasmus.
Dec. Bth, Mary Craig, (colored,) heart disease.
" 15th, David Silverthorn, contumstion.
Number of deaths in the county house tor the year
1801. ..... ......... ............ ....... .......34
Jan. 3d, Geo. Steward, Harrisburg.
•• Martin F. Wolf; from prison, (barn hurter.)
Feb. 9th, 2 children (twine,) Harrisburg.
" 19th, AIM Wingate
" 23d, the child or Mathias Bander, Harrisburg.
March Bth, an unknown man, killed on the railroad.
. 1 26th, a child killed on the railroad.
April 26th, Robert Scott, (onlored,) Middletown.
May 30tb, Jacob Zeigler Harrisburg.
July 41h,,Iyary Ann Irvine.
•• 4th, Eden TI181)11, Ranisermg.
•• 2Qthathe infant of Mary Burns, (In the cams)
" 27th, the infant of Mrs. Schrlach, narrlsbasi.
the body of an urhuovna min, Beirritablui.
••Bd, Hens Bosh, died on the road Teem Kerrie
Aug. 25th, the infant of,Ohriatian !ever, Haillaburg.
" 27th, the bo of au unknown child, Harrioberg.
Sept. 7th r the body el•tisa unanowneassi t ••
act. 29th, the eon of Jane Lee, Harrisburg.
1 . : oth, the infant of Ills I. Bennett, Harrisburg.
Dee. Bth, Francis Cook, burned, (colored,) Harrisburg
" 10th, Richard Boston, (colored,) Middletown
Died In the house
Brought far innermost
1111,208 74
Total !be the year 111a1
March ....
April .....
May.... .
July .-. ....
March ..
$66 27
July .....
511,200 47
Comers and goers during the year.— . ..... 2,821
March.— .....
Henry Brow), steward ; Goo. F. Mish p physician ; J.
W. Frantz, clerk ; J. P. Peek, miller and Joshua M.
Witetling, attorney
Attest W. num, Clerk sod Agent.
ALARGE LOT of Black Silks.
A Fine Assortment of Plain Dress Silks
Eng. Rep. Mourning Silks.
Small Bar Black and Purple Silks.
A New Stock of Mourning Dress Goods.
A Large Line of Irish Linens, at old prices
A Full Stock of Skeleton Skirts;
Best article ever manufactured.
A Fu'Mine ofGentstindersbirts and Drawers.
Furs ;
Now closing out the dock.
Balmoral Skirts ;
New article.
Marseilles Counterpaines ;
At old prices.
Allendale Spreads;
Large Line of Towellings.
Now open at CATHCABTS,
febl3-y Next door to the Harrisburg Bank.
THE SUBSCRIBER has removed the bal—
ance ebbs goods from Market street to Third and
Walnut, where he will keep constantly on band a dne as
sortment of Confectionary, Apples, Oranges and II emone,
Sweet Potatoes, Dried Fruits Hominy, Beene and Et loss.
Also Bio and Dandelion coffee, all kind of Nnts with otter
articles too numerous to mention. Thankful for _ Pan
patronage he hopes by strict attention to busin to
merit a continuance of it JOHN mar.
AA.. It is economical and highly detersive. It con
tains no Bain and will net waste. It is warranted not
to injure the lamb. Atlva Immwt an agreeable odor,
and in therefore` aultabia for every Ripon. Per
mile by WAIL DOCK, Jr. too.
62 10
88 14
4527 n
257 00
66 00
1,143 03
4116 60
..... 344
..... 116
$lOO 01
lfrO 7$
. 199 86
198 63
. 142 11
.... 108 00
74 46
. 82 90
. 104 67
138 81
136 78
189 99
1,8:9 48