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Wednesdity Morning, February 19, IS6d,
Ina Hors Hue, to come off at the house of
the company, id Second street, next Friday
violuises to be the great social feeti
cdof the ieaSOICI, and every exertion is being
w d o to insure a delightful ovation. Tickets
me is demand, and the ladies are making ex _
to ,iy o pill:orations to contribute to the bril
liancy of the occasion.
SANFORDS OPERA House —This popular place
of Imliiou grows morn and more in favor with
t he public. The enterprising manager, Mr.
sisfoid, always obliging, has consented to re
repeat the opera La Somnambula t wo evening's
we t Lit coneequeoco of the bad state of the
wesilirr, many having been unable to get out
t ) oituess its previous representations. Thurs
,„„iag w.• are to have the Italian opera to
other with other novelties. We hear it spoken
that a oiled benefit is about to be given to
31, 01 ,ger Sanford I et le the closing of his season.
~tearr on hand Io the list.
RIVILE DEPRAVITY.—Two little girls, of but
nine or ten years of age, have for some time
pot been going from store to store, and house
t, tom, in the city, presenting a paper setting
,rth thr merits of a proposed charitable object,
ad s acittog five cent subscriptions. They
yesterthiy afternoon entered the store of a shoe
doter on Market street, and soon after their
dep.iriare were pursued by the proprietor, in
eons. gum e of his missing a pair of shoes,
which he perceived they must have stolen.—
Tnes enteroi an alley and eluded his search.
Othrr parties state fa.:ts showing that these
girls, )4 ung Bs they are, are not less aban
doned to indecency than to dishonesty. They
doubtless have older and shrewder confederates
The BENEVOLENT SOOLIITY. —"The poor ye have
always with you." This is scriptural truth,—
strong and practical. Every day life proves it to
us. It is (Air duty then to provide for their neces
si iis. All of us, even those in affluent circum
stances, know well the stringency of the times,
the importance of economy and retrenchment
hi nil of our expenses. We also know that a
large nuniber of mechanics, laborers end others,
who heretofore have "earned their bread by the
sweat of their brow," have been thrown out of
employment, and have consequently no work
by which they can earn an honest livelihood.
Many in our city, who heretofore were above
want, have been this winter supported by the
halness of their friends and benevolent soole
'ell Of these latter, the Union Beneyolent
.uciety has done, and is doing, in an unonten•
iou• manner, a great deal of good among the
suffering poor. The city is divided off into
small citadels], each of which are,.under the
immediate superintendence of a committee of
the society, who visit the needy and deserving
almost daily and minister to their necessities,
The society deserves a most cordial chpport
from our citizens, and we trust every one will
lead a helping hand.
TURKEY.—The paragon of poultry is in full
perfection now. Its pervades the market.
Everybody buys him, tint everybodi 'is 'not
competent to cook him. Opinions differ, and
have always differed. NB to the best mode of
dressing him. Boyer says it is rank heresy to
boil him ; `Stivarin recommends that he be
stuffed with truffles—a loud-smelling, wormy,
leathery, indigestible species of fungi—and
meted ; another Frenchman recommends a
lining of chestnuts, and an old English cookery
book tells us to " fix " him after this fashion:
"Take and dune your turkey on the backe
and bruise all his bones ; then season with
stilt and pepper, grasie beaten, and put into
him good store of butter ; he must have five
hours bakinge." The last prescription is
worthy of the Vandals.
The true Christian way to prepare a turkey
into fill him with internal improvements in
the shape of a rich compost, compounded of
bread, eggs, thyme, pepper, salt, a little lemon
peel, and a very little butter. Then roast him
and SCINt Linuip with a gravy made of his gib
lets, ettteia, II and thickened with a spoonful or
two of flour, If there Is anything better than
a direr tut from the tender bosom of the
creature, or his „ second joint," the savor
thereof is unknown to us. As to his pedal
iextreuiities, when buttered, Cayenne peppered,
s . ad, net to put to,, line a point upon it, " dew
' filed," they are, gastronomically speaking, a
big thing."
''Olt e4:I4IDICRABLZ terubour young laddie
and lasses have had a good time tiding down
bill, at the Capitol Park, on sleds, boards, or
anything that would glide over the icy streets.
kerning, noon and evening the youth of the
toNn, turned lorsie from the confinement of
the school room, with sleds in hand, congre
gate on the bill, and you may rest assured
14 3' hare a " high old time." The joyous
leugh of youth rings out on the cold, frosty air,
Mal e fun and frolic beams from every eye, and
the bloid, heated by exercise, paints the rose
os every cheek. We would not condemn the
Illehins for this spot t, but they should be care
leit they hurt Borne of the members of
With the
swn party ae they coast down the hill
rapidity of a locomotive. No, we
lay. 'let 'em slide." When we have etood
! az irig upon a crowd of frolicsome girls and
ueYe enjliug this sport, we have been carried I
I A to the time when we were a boy, and
Wh oa, as the moonbeams glittered upon the
enil t'A 6110 W, giving it the appearance of a
°vet lake, we used to slide down the hill in
the meadow to the rear of the old homestead,
4 ' lll
Balled it " bully fun ;" while a thousand
IliGther EttiOCiati(llll3 crowd upon the memory.
i 4 Bad a thing that we ever cease to relish
• o boYhcori sports, simple, innocent and
youn! But as we aide further down the hill
ill time wa are apt to cease our love for aliditip
down the hill in winter. We say, boys and
the "go It while whoopyou 're young," and amid
lions and you
of your ecanpardone *m
to elide down the hill while the ice lasts.
PennoPtuania Watip greltgrapb, tUtbntobnp, Morning, februarp 19, 1862
Tits CITY YISTIIRDAY. — Great Rejoicing.—The
jubilant feelings excited among our citizens by
the reception of the news of the victory of Fort
Outlaw') last Sunday evening, Its' confirmation
yesterday, together with the additional glorious
news of the capture of Savannah, culminated
this morning in a grand; spontaneous; public
demonstration, which for a time fairly shook
the city to its centre, and made the streets re
sound with the merry Peals of joy.
At an early hour the gorgeous 'flag of our
Union was unfurled from a hundred fitg-staffs,
and displayed from the windows of a number of
private residences throughout the city, giving
the streets a gala and picturesque appearance
that was cheerful to look upon.
About ten o'clock Ulman's famous battery,
preceded by a fall brass band, arrived in the
city, and took a position with their field pieces
on the public grounds in front of the State ar
senal, where, after some preliminary arrange
ments had been made, the company proceeded
to fire a n -tional "salute of thirty-four gnus.
The report of the first gun had scarcely ceased
Its loud reverberations among the surrounding
houses, when first one of the church bells, then
another, and another, until finally every bell
in the city joined.its sonorous peals to the.gen
eral clamor:of rejoicing—arousing the entire
population, and producing the wildest excite
ment generally.
The House of Representatives, in session at
the time, adjourned over one hour, the mem
bers, doubtless, not being able to stand the
pressure of the excitement, and concluded to
" go in" themselves.
After the firing of the salute, the artillery
company, preceded by the band, favored our
citizens with a street parade, and attracted
much attention by the soldierly-lit e appearance
of the men, and the precision with which they
executed various military evolutions. A drum
corps, with fifers, from Camp Curtin, also pa
raded the streets, and constituted no inconsid
erable amount to the general demonstration.
Altogether the demonstration was highly
creditable to the city, and especially so to the
few gentlemen towhose exertions alone, we are
indebted for the bell-ringing feature of the oc
casion. We have witnessed many previous
intpromtu demonstrations of this character in
our city, but never any in which the citizens
showed so much heart-felt gratification and
genuine enthusiasm. Joy was manifested on
every countenance—it seemed to overspread the
city. The deep-toned guns, and the sonorous
peals of the bells conveyed the glad tidings of
the victories into every household. To-night
the theme will engross a thousand happy fire
sides, end the prayers and thanks that go rt., to
heaven will have nothing formal about them.
The Union arms have regained their prestige.
Our sons, fathers, and countrymen are either
proud in victory or prouder in death. The
shame of our flag has been washed out in
blood ; the rivers of the garden of our Conti
neat carry the sails of the Union, and agony
and gloom are tenants of hundreds of disloyal
dwellings. The soldier, the sailor—perhaps
the slave—looks up. Our banners are blessed;
our bayonets arebristling—let "Secesh" stand
from under.
Buasmaas ABOUT. —The meat shop of Faux
Boma, Butcher, in South street, near Second,
was burglariously entered Monday night last,
and robbed of about sixteen dollars of meat,
and a small quantity of silver change in the
money drawer. The robber effected an en
trance to the establishment through a win
dow on South street, bat made his exit by the
door leading to a small alley running between
South and State streets. Strong suspicion is
attached to an individual well known about
the establishment, as being the robber, and it
is not unlikely that developments will shortly
be made that will warrant his arrest.
thiaqDRAID FELLOW, From can Bump:rt.—The
glorious news of the Union success at Fort
Donelson, and the defeat and capture of rebels
in all quarters, we hope will be ratified in the
capture and suitable disposition of the princely
rebels Pillow, Floyd and Buckner. Wuen bad
men and bad measures are promptly card for,
we can confidently expect peace and happiness,
and instead of wasting our substance in war,
we can take advantage of the new goods at the
cheap dry goons store of Unica & Bowman, cor.
Front and Market streets. m2l.
Two Huractin Pacts of beautiful new spring
calicos; a large lot of bleached. and unbleached
muslin of the best make ; bide checks, at
14 cents per yard ; white stockings, at 14
ceuts ; another lot of those good white, rib•
bed stockings ; pocket handkerchiefs,
at 14 cents; children's pocket handkerchiefs,
with border, 5 cents ‘, shirt breasts 12i,
15 and up to 87f cents; 25 pieces new pal,'
stuff ; undershirts and iliairerstrery cheap ;
cotton and woolen seeks; at all prices ;
40 closet woolen stockings, for children, 14
ceets; 1 pod bleached muslin 12} cents ;
all wool rich merinos, all colors, at 62 and
75 , Cents. sing bought the balance of the
snook of *city wholesale house of plain and
figured Swiss muslin, brillants, white cam
brics, Nansuck and Victoria lawns, suitable for
dresses, as those goods will be very scarce and
dear next summer now is the time to buy. Our
stock of Furs at cost. S. Laws,
Rhoads' Old Stand.
Tux LATIUM' NEws.—Bargains l Selling off
the entire stock of winter goods below cost,
via : Woolen, merino, cotton and canton flan
nel, under shirts and drawers, 40 and upwards;
woolen mufflers, woolen and cotton Hose,
104 and upwards ; silk ties, 18 and - upwards ;
suspenders, 12 ; also fine shirts; $1 00(4.1 26;
actually worth $1 50®l 75 ; collars, all linen,
121, and night shirts, 60 ; also a large lot of
monkey jackets, all wool, from 75c®$1 00 ;
also a large lot of Union shirt breasts, 10o.;
fine bleach muslin, yard wide, 150.; also
bleached m nail n ,6c., and fine Irish li nen,lB®2oc.
per yard ; Brooks, Clarks and Coal's enambled
spool cotton, 4c. Ladies and gentlemen this is
the place to get a bargain. Please call and ex
amine for yourselves, as one call will suffice to
convince the public, of the above ;acts. Also,
on hand a large lot of ladies' collars, .cuffs, un
dersleeves, which I will sell equally cheap for
cash. N. B.—Shirts, collars, &0., made .to
measure or from sample, on the shortest notice
and most reasonable terms. If you want a
bargain and a good fitting shirt, &c., just to go
James A. Lynn, at the Harrisburg Cheap Shirt
Manufactory, No. 12 Market street, rooms next
/ to Hummel & Killinger'a grocery store, Harris
burg, Pa,
Ikaideace No. 27 Mirth Second Street
I'eunsylvania Legislature
TUESDAY, February 18, 1862.
The Senate met at 11 o'clock and was called
to order by Speaker HALL.
Prayer by Rev. Mr. Wood, pastor of the Bap
tist church, of Harrisburg.
The journal of yesterday(Monday) was partly
read, when,
On motion of Mr. LAWRENCE, the further
reading of the same was dispensed with.
Mr. DONOVAN presented a petition of one
hundred citizens of Philadelphia in favor of
abolishing the curbstone markets.
Referred to the Committee on Agriculture,
, Mr. SMITH, (Montgomery,) presented a pe
tition of citizens of Montgomery county, pray
ing for a law to prevent cattle running at large
in said county.
Referred to the Committee on Agriculture,
Mr. BENSON, chairman of the Committee on
Finance, reported as committed,an act to pro
vide for the payMent of volunteer officers for
recruiting services.
Mr. CriAWFORD, (same,) with a negative
recommendation, an act to provide for the pay
ment of certain military expenses. .
Also, (same,) as committed, an act to provide
transportation for deceased soldiers.
Mr. CONNELL, (same,) as committed, an act
to provide for the adjudication and payment of
certain military claims.
Mr. McCLURE, (same,) as committed, an act
for the relief of John Ross, late superintendent
Of the Allegheny Portage road.
Mr. PENNEY, (Judiciary,) with a negative
recommendation, House bill, No. 86, an act rel
ative to collectors of taxes in the counties of
Westmoreland, Adams, York and Fayette.
Also, (same,) as- committed, an act to estab
lish a fee bill for Dauphin county.
Also, (same,) as committed, a further supple
ment to an act to consolidate, revise and amend
the penal laws of this Commonwealth.
Mr. KE L'CHAM, (same,) as committed, House
bill No. 120, an act to erect a poor house for
the township of Texas and borough of Hones
dale, in Wayne county.
Also, (same,) as committed, an act relative to
notaries public in Luzerne county.
Mr. CLYMER, (same,) as committed, House
bill No. 117, an act to ieduce the rate of pay •
meat for advertising delinquent taxpayers in
the city of Philadelphia.
Also, (same,) as committed, a supplement to
an act relative to the collection of taxes in cer
tain townships in Berko and Lancaster coun
Also, (same,) as committed, House bill, No.
109, au act to annul the marriage contract be
tween George Parker and Caroline Parker.
Mr. BOUGHTER, (Estates and Escheats,) as
committed, an act to authorize the Pittston
Baptist church to sell certain real estate.
Mr. lillBll, from the Committee on Ltates
and Escheats, moved that said Committee be
discharged from the further consideration of
"an Act confirmatory of conveyances of real
estate," and that said bill be committed to the
Committee on the Judiciary.
The motion was agreed to.
Mr. KINSEY, (Compare Bills,) presented a
report, which was read and journalized. '
Mr. LAMBERTON, ( Private Claims and
Damages,) as committed, joint resolution relit.
tive to the claim of Samuel D. Brobst, former
supervisor of the North Branch canal. •
Mr. FULLER read in place an act to requir •
the Auditor General to audit the account of
Thomas Gallagher, late Brigade inspeot*
Westmoreland county.
Referred to the Committee on Militia Systemi
Mr. CLYMER, a further supplement to an,
act to incorporate the East Pennsylvania rall n
road company.
Referred to the Committee on Railroads.
Also, an act fixing the commencement of
the term of office of sheriff in this Common
Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.
Mr. ROBINSON, an act relative to the claim
of James McKean and Marmaduke Rambo, of
Lawrence county.
Referred to the Committee on Private Claims
and Damages.
Mr. GLA. Z. an act relative to bankers and
pedlars in York and Montgomery counties. -
Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.
Hr. PENNEY, a supplement to an act to in
corporate the Cleveland and Pittsburg railroad
Referrrd to the Committee on Railroads.
Mr. SMITH, (Philadelphia,) an act relative to
certain streets in the city of Philadelphia.
Referred to the Committee on Roads and
Mr. NICHOLS, an act creating two addi
tional asse,soni in the first waid of Philadelphia
Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary
Mr. DONAVAN, an act relative to gas com
Referred to the Committee on Corporations.
Mr. LANDON called up Senate bill entitled,
an act providing for the transportation of the
remains of deceased soldiers.
The bill was read.
Mr. IRISH. It occurs to me that this act
does not point out the mode by which railroad
companies aro to be compensated for the servi
ces contemplated by the bill.
Mr. 111cULIIRE, I suggest to the Senator
that authority for this, transportation may be
found in the fact that the Executive issues
passes on the different railroad for .military
purposes. The transportation of the remains
of decease 4 soldiers being included in the cate
gory of "military purposes," the State will be
made liable for this expense.
Mr. LANDON. There is a certain depart
ment connected with the soldiers, Mr. Speaker,
which has the care of the transportation busi
ness. Yesterday I was informed a member of
the army, in camp here, from one of the coun
ties I represent, had died, and his friends de
sired's, certificate of transportation. I went to
the proper department, and they said they had
no authority to grant any such certificate on
such a metier. They regretted this very much;
and upon the suggestion of that department,
this bill was drawn np to meet the emergency.
The expense of transporting in this particular
will come under the general auditry of bills for
army transportation.
The bill then passed finally.
Senate bill No. 70, entitled "A .supplement
to the act relating to the lien of mechanics and
others," came up in order on third reading, and
Passed inally.
Mr. CLYMER called up Senate bill No. 160,
entitled "A supplement to an act further to
regulate proceedings in courts of justice, and for
other purposes."
Passed finally. •
Mr. PENNEY called up Senate bill No. 96,
an act relating to the claim of Thomas J. Kee
nan, late prothonotary of the supreme court
for the Western District.
• Passed finally.
Mr. RETT.T,Y called up Senate bill No. 118,
an act to incorporate the American shaft com-
committee of the whole; (Mr. Imams iitthn
chair,) the bill was amended and so reported.
Laid over on the orders.
M. KE rcErAm 'called ut, an act relating to
notaries public in Luzenie county.
the bill was amended so as to apply to the
borough of Scranton, Luzerne county only.
Passed finally.
Mr. SEREtILL called up House bill No. 94,
an act to incorporate the New London associa
tion for the detection of thieves and recovery
of stolen property.
Passed finally
Mr. KETCHAM called up House bill No. 21,
an act to authorize the trustees of the proprie
tors' fund of Newport township, Luzerne county
to appropriate said funds towards the purchase
of a farm and poor house for the use of said
Passed finally.
Mr. CLYMER Called up Senate bill, entitled
a supplement to enact relative to the collection
of taxes in certain townships of Berke and Lan
caster counties, (extends act to Ruscombmanor
township, Berke county.
Passed finally.
Mr. DONOVAN obtained leave to record his
vote on the resolution passed yesterday thank.
ing our troops for gallant conduct in the field.
Mr DONOVAN voted "aye."
Mr. CRAWFORD submitted the following
joint resolutions relative to the adjournment of
the present Legislature and the re-assembling
of au adjourned'session
JOINT RESOLUTIONS relative to the adjourn
ment of the- present Legislature, and the re
assembling of an adjourned cession,
Winaski, The joint committee of both.
Houses, authorised to confer with the Commit
tee of Ways and Means, of Congress, and the
Secretary of the Treasury, in regard to the reve
nue likely to be required from the State of
Pennsylvania, after much conference was una
ble to ascertain definitely the amount and sub
jects of such taxation, until the revenue bills of
the National Government should he more fully
matured; therefore,
Resolved, That the present Legislature will
adjourn on Friday, March 21st, at one o'clock
s'. M. of said day, to reassemble in adjourned
session on Tuesday, June 17th, at ten o'clock
A. M. of said day.
Resolved, That the Committee of Ways, and
Means, or such sub-committee of its number as
it authorizes to act for it, be instructed to have
prepared printed, during the recess, is the form
of bills, ready to be acted upon by this House,
such tax bille r and also bills revising our laws
for the assessment and collection of State and
county taxes, as, in its judgment, may be
Referred to : the Committee on. the Judiciary.
Mr. CONNELL called up Senate bill No. 133,
entitled "An Act relative to railroad compa
The question. being on the section,
Mr. IRISH asked for an explanation of the
Mr. CONNELL. Ido not think I will be able
to make the Senator comprehend the effect of
the bill. If he desires it to lie over for examin
ation, I am perfectly willing that such a dispo
sition shall be made of the bill for the present.
To my mind, the original act is sufficiently ex
planatory upon ite-face.
Mr. IRISH. ram not familiar with the pro
visions of the general act referred to ; but it is
altogether probable that while certain sections
of that act confer privileges, others impose
necessary restriction& If this bill comes under
any of those restrictions, it should be amenable
to all of thrill.
Mr. SMITH; (Philadelphia„) A% bill strikea
me as one of the most eitraordinary I have
overload.' Itnuthorizes all the railroad com
panies of the State toaticept just so much, of
e general railroadtadealtMaribe`advmtageous
their interests and promote their
teller° and to accept or reject all that is of a
m etive character in that law. They may
leject all brit - those *Wit do not
increase their wealth. power and influence. My
*league says tlais bill explains itself. So I
think iqoait; that they may accept or reject
so muhh of the existing law as they please. It
tO mei.vidently a general bill to allow corn-
I panies to accept certain liberal conditions of the
law and' - to Prelude those which seem to operate
onerously or restrictively. -
Mr. PENNEY. It seems to me the Senator
from Philadelphia has exactly stated the objec
tion to this bill. There are a number of rail
rdad companies throughout the State who have
obtained their charters on certain conditions.
By the thee passage of this bill, those companies
would be enabled to retain all the peculiar ad
vantages they now possess, and mutilate the
ganeral law which was designed to protect the
pdblio generally. I move that the considers
tionof.the bill be postponed for the present.
The motion was agreed to, and the bill post
`On motion of Mr. LAMBERTON, the Senate
then Adjourned.
, TLUOIDAT, Feb. 18, 1862.
Vie SPEAKER called the House to order at
teh•o'clocki-A. M.
Prayer try , the Rev. Mr. Shoenndrer, of the
Second HAW Church, Hiiiilsbriag.
'lll5 Clerk read the journal of yesterday,
*hiWines* approved.
M. CRANE, in view of the fact that a sa
lute was to be fired at the hour of ten in honor
of ota victories at Roanoke Island, Fort Donel
sonteifitairditinsalt City, moved that this House
take ,recess ; tilLeleven o'clock. -
The rdetl,wn pie s_ agreed to.
The House was again called to order at eleven
Mr. CESSNA:.moved =that the consideration
of the bills.ort the private calendar be post
poned for the present.
The motion was agreed to.
JOIN satiournow 00NOR.ATIILLTORY OF trns vroro
i itu,ol:lß ANMY AND NAVY.
116, Chairman of the Committee
on Fed orai Aelations,- reported the following
• oint resolutions:'.
Basgf,vED By 4.he Senate and Rouse of Repreten
tafieesin Gen eral' Assembly met, Bcc., Ist . That the
General Assembly of Pennsylvania has received
with a . thrill of exultation to which no language
can gtie adequate expression, the glorious
tidings which have flashed-in rapid and danding
succession from the fields, of Mill Spring, Fort
Henry and Roanoke, and culminating in the
bloody Itut triumphant and decisive struggle of
Fort Donelson; and•tbat in acknowledgement
of the',ltoly patriotism and unflinching valor
which have reflected new lustre upon the Amer
lain name and given those fields to history,
they do hereby tender to the officers and men
who hive so nobly sustained the honor of our
flag, thieori, the heart-felt thanks of the people
of thiMate.
Resolved, 2nd. That it is not among the least
gra.tiryjng fade connected with the recent tri
umpbrof our arms, that the navy of the United
States i which had already contributed so large
ly by its prowess .upon the seas in giving us a
naMmtd a posi,tion among the great powers of
thi smith., should have done so much in the
present struggle to testify its unshaken loyalty
to j ai :l:dell, aid; to indicate its ancient and
w earned"renown:
vai &I. 'That while they thus testify to
the anssivant - of rthose . hard-iought fields their
seMkt i af the great service rendered to our cont
ra/a try, they desire to give a tear to the
m•• es of the martyred dead, who have
s. ed their devotion to the _cause_ of freedom
by - Offeiingf their lives, and to tender
theftjimpa o ,thies to evprilOyal heart and home
ie Adaeljjed by the calamities - of
w • .
4tk.2hat.ths Governor to requested
to 'forward copies of these resolutions to the
oomnatuling often of the several divisions of
our army and navy that have participated in
the engagements referred to therein, with the
request that they may be read in the presence
of their respective commands.
The resolutions were severally read a second
time and agreed to.
On the final passage,
The yeas and nays were required by Mr.
WILDEY and Mr. CESSNA, and were as follow,
YEAS — Messrs. Abbot, Alexander, Armstrong
Banks, Barron, Bates, Beaver, Bighan. Bliss
Boileau, Brown, (Northumberland,) Bushey,
Caldwell, Cessna, Chatham, Cochran, Cowan,
Craig, Crane, Dellone, Dennis, Donley,
(Greene,) Donnelly, (Philadelphia) Dougherty,
Duffield, Early, Elliott, Fox, Freeland, Gamble,
Graham, Grant, Greenbank, Gross, Hall, 'Lip
per, Henry, Hoffer, Hoover, Hopkins, (Phila
delphia) Hutchman, Josephs, Keine, Kennedy,
Kline, Labar, Lehman, Licbtenwalluer, M . Clef
lan, PS'Coy, 21'0/Hoch. fdldakin, Iti'Manus,
Moore, Neiman, Pershing, Peters, Potteiger,
Quigley, Ramsey, Rex, Rhoads, litter, Ross,
(Luzerne,) Russell. Ryon, Schrock, Scott, Sel
lers, Smith, (Chester,) Smith, (Philadelphia,)
Tate, Thompson, Tutton, Vincent, Wildey,
Williams, Wimley, Windle, Wolf, Worley,
Ziegler and Rowe, Spahr-83.
So the resolutions passed finally.
Mr. PERSHING (by instruction of the Com
mittee of Ways and Means,).presented the fol
lowing resolution:
Reseleed, That the commissioners of each
county be requested to inform their respective
.Representatives of the number of families of
volunteers (and the number of persons compo
sing each family) who receive aid from the
county, and the amount paid each family per
week ; and the aggregate amount paid by the
county up to this date • and that the Clerk be
directed to have circ ulars printed to be for
warded to the respective counties, to be re
turned with the information requested.
The resolution was read a second time, and
agreed to.
Mr. BIGHAM submitted the following pre
amble and joint resolutions relative to an ad
journment of the present session of the Legis
lature :
WHEREAS, The joint committee of both
Houses, authorized to confer with the Commit
tee of Ways and Means, of Congress, and the
Secretary of the Treasury, in regard to the reve
nue likely to be required from the State of
Pennsylvania; was tumble to ascertain definitely
the amount and subjects of such taxation, until
the revenue bills of the National Government
should be more fully matured, therefore,
Resolved, let. That the present Legislature
will adjourn on Friday, March 21st, at 10
o'clock r. at. of said day, to re-assemble in ad
journed session on Tuesday, June 17th, at 10
o'clock A. N. of said day.
Resolved, 2d, That the Committee of Ways
and Means, or such sub-committee of its mem
bers as it authorizes to act for it, be instructed
to have prePared and printed, during the recess,
in the form of bills, ready to be acted upon by
this House, such tax-bills and bills revising our
laws for the assessment and collection of state
and county taxes as in its judgment may be re
Being joint resolutions, they were laid over
for one day, under the rule.
The House then proceeded to consider bills
on the private calender, and were engaged
reading the same the - first time, when the hour
of one having arrived the House adjourned till
8 r. m. to Euish the private Calendar.
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Calttmo: a, Jan. 17th, 1862. 1y24-2md•
AND Dt;aLLEEtS in Fancy Goode, Per
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Petroleum, lltmainalmg vil , smeriur_to any:coal .m 1;
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riIERS thread being made particulirly for
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Orchestra Chairs, 50 cents.
Seats in Private Boxes, 75 cents.
Entire Box, . _ _ *55.0%)
Doors open 6} o'clock ; Commence at7l o'clock.
Re-engagement of the Celebrated Cantatrios.
Ethiopean Comedians, who will appear in their
Ethiopean Drawing Room Soirees, original with
Mr. and Mrs. Bordwell.
To concludo with the Burlesque Oostra, in three acts, of
Arnini (Dinah,) Mrs. A. Bordwell
Liza (Susanab,) F. X. Arnold
Dame TreEso (Aunt Polly,) Bordwell
Elvini (Jumbo,) his let appearance in Opera,
I. A. Paine
J. A. Arnold
Count (Dan Tucker,)
Alessio (Lazy Joe)
Seats min hn Beeured to anvat,te duriug the OpOra.
Bni Office open from lo to 12 e. x.
Harrisburg, February 12th, 1862.
Proposals will be received at this office milli
12 o'clock, a. , the 19th day of Febru try, 1862,
for furnishing for the use of the United States
army, at euch times and in su,:b quantities as
may be required to be delivered prior to the 10th
day of Haroh, 1862, the following subsistence
300 Barrele mess pork.
300 Barrels extra mess beef.
50,000 Pounds pilot bread in barrels, in good
flour barrels.
260 Bushels first quality new white beans, in
good dry barrels.
5,000 Pounds prime rice, in good flour barrels.
10,000 " Rio coffee, in barrels
16,000 " light yellow sugar, in barrels.
1,000 Gallons beet quality pure vinegar .
1,250 Pounds best quality adamantine candles,
tell weight, one-fourth in sixes, and
- three-fourths in twelves
4,000 Pounds good hard brown soap, full
62 Bushels clean, hue, dry salt, in good
tight barrels.
Samples must accompany propetale of all
articles, except meat—all the articles to be of
the best quality, securely packed, and in per
fect order for transportation. Bids will include
packages and delivery at the Commissary's
stores at this place.
The meat will be inspected and passed upon
by parties from this office on the part of the
United States. All the stores will be carefully
inspected and comp , rect with the retained &sta
ples. Each bid must have a printed copy of
this advertisement pasted at its head, and mast
be specific in complying with all the terms.—
Payments to be made la such funds as may be
on hand. If none on hand, as soon as received.
Proposals to be endorsed, "Proposals for Sub
sistence Stores," and directed to
Capt. and C. S., Vol. Service, Harrisburg.
UNION it A Uit A.NT,
THE subscribers subscribers having erected a larg e
A. building at the above plate, captaincy for the par..
Sea above indicated, beg to Tutu the attention of the pub
lic to the following :
The ItserrAintorr, on the Bret flo Ir, with a lining room
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The Billiard Saloon is up stairs—elogantly titled -
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Harrisburg bee Killeen the want of a grand combin
ation of this kind, and as the proprietors are determined
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they hope to receive a liberal Snare of public patronage.
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I AZARETN, Northaglptol;k ciiputy Pa..
hoiiaccess from Ifarristnici yy: , A fi roa d
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in.itut* Rev. EDWARD H. RWOa4,
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reliable iistural Labeleviting Oti (Uairatited bee
ftasu rw3 ldt add acid ,) add equal to operm or lent in the
ket.:„Refer to 4.t. 6,ar,..d ...ell, machinist mean
, and &kers who are Wog it. .
ken! for Labile Oil Oompany, Hardware store ow
tbe Wort House. }ft-2w ,
" 8 CA ' (X)ALPANIO, ...-- •
L riiir:i4u7nruiteat *4E 4 . past ; pro, PNQ 4+:
800106 ...--- • a.
n. 20 801.1KwIlto
AI[AY 1 HAY 11-50 tons superior baled
Hay, for sale wbolesal• sad retail. by
• JelOM M. WHIM&