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TERMS __SINGLY snanturronv.
The DAILT TYLAGRAPH ls served to subscribers In the
City at ti cents per week Yearly subscribers will be
charged $4 00, in advance
The Tereus:ten is also publistied twice a week during
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the following cash rates, viz:
Single subscr.bere per year Semi-Weekly:3l 60
Ten 14
" ..12 00
Twenty " " ..22 00
Single subscriber, Weekly.. ..... , „ 100
It subscribers order the discontinuance of their news•
papers, the publisher may continue to send them until
all arrearages are paid.
11 subscribers neglect or ref use to take their newspa.
el's from the office to which they are directed, they are
re3ponsible until they have settled the bills and ordered
hem discontinued.
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Weakness or the Rack or mhs, Strictures, Palos iu
he thins, Affections of the kidneys and Bladder, Organ',
Weakness, Nervous liability, Decay of thePhysiea
ors, Dyspepsia, Languor, Low Spiiits, Confusion of
itation of the Heart, Timidity Tremhlings,
Of Sight nr Giddiness, Disease of thcStomach, Mycelium
of the Dead, Throat, Ncse or Skin—those terrible (Ilse,
dare arising from the indiscretion. or Solitary Habits Si
Youth—those dreadful and destructive practices whirl
produce constitutional debility, render marriage intuits
and destroy both body and mind,
Voting men especially who have beconie the vtottmoi
solitary Vice, that dreadrut and destructive Habit whict
annually sweeps to an uutimely grave thousands of
young mon of the most exalted talent and brilliant intel
lect, who might otherwise have entranced listettiny
Senates with tho thunders of eloquence, or waked to cc
um the living lyre, may call with full nonlldence.
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ne aware of physical weakness, should Immediately eon
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or Paltry Humbug Certificalffs, attracted by the rennin
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All letters must contain a PostageStainp, to use on the
-eply. .
Dr. JohueOn member of the Boyal College el Surgeons,
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delphia and elsewhere, has effected some el the most as
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with ringing in the ears and head when asleep, great nee
011ftLICEN, being alarmed at sudden sounds, bashfulness
with frequent blushing, attended sometimes a‘ith derange
,ent of mind were Cured immediately,
,•dresses all those who having injured them
solves by rivide and improper indulgeucies, that seem:
and solitary obit which ruins both body and mind, un
hitting them for either businessor society.
TileS,. are some of the cod and melancholy eu;cts pro
duceo Dv early habits of youth, viz : Weakness of the
Back and Limbs, Pains in the Head, Dimness of Sight,
LOSII of Muscular Powtr, Palpitation of Op Heart, Dys
:mpsia, Nervous Irritability, Derangement of the Digestive
Functions, General Debility, Symptoms of r iumump•
lion, .kti.
' '
gIINTALLY, the fearful effects on the mind are slush to
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should apply immediately.
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plating . . ,
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eiltutional symptoms of this horrid disease make their
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-- •
Pennsylvania Legislature.
MONDAY, January 27, 1862.
The Senate met at three o'clock, r. M., and
was called to order by the' Clerk, who read a
note from the Speaker deputing the Senator
from Washington, (GEORGE V. LAWRENOE,) to
preside in his place during the day.
Mr. LAWRENCE took the Chair, when
The journal of Thursday was read.
Mr. STEIN presented a petition of citizens
of .Northampton county, praying for the pas
sage of an act relative to landlords and tenants.
Referred to the Committee on Judiciary.
Mr. RIESTAND presented a petition of citi
zens of Lancaster city, praying that the re
ceiver of taxes of said city be elected by the
Referred to the Committee on Judiciary.
Mr. LOWRY presented a petition of citizens
of Summit, McKean, Milicreek and Washing
ton townships, in Erie county, asking that the
Erie and Edinboro' plank road company be not
permitted to abandon a portion of their road,
unless they abandon all of it.
Referred to the Conimittee on Roads and
Also, two petitions from citizens of Erie
county, complaining that the officers of the
Bank of Commerce, at Erie, were guilty of
fraud and perjury, that they have robbed the
people of Crawford, Erie and Warren counties,
and asking that a joint committee be appointed
to investigate the charges.
Referred to the Committee on Banks.
Mr. IRISH, chairman of the Committee on
Estates and Escheats, reported, as committed,
an act to authorize W. G. Freeman, adminis
trator of the estate of William Coleman, de
ceased, late of Cornwall township, Lebanon
county, to sell certain real estate.
To Senate bill, No. 4, entitled, "An Act
relating to the lake and harbor defences of
Pennsylvania," were concurred in.
Mr. CONNELL read in place an act to pro
vide for the more correct and faithful assess
ment of real estate in the city of Philadelphia.
Referred to the Committee on Judiciary.
Also, an act relative to prothonotaries in the
city of Philadelphia.
Referred to the Committee on Judiciary.
Mr. STEIN, an act relating to landlords and
Referred to the Committee on Judiciary.
Mr. BOUGHTER, an act for the settlement
of the claim of Thomas Morley.
Referred to the Committee on Claims.
on arob
rating to roads, highways and bridges.
Referred to the Committee on Roads and
Mr. KETCHAM, an act to incorporate the
Hyde Park Cemetery company.
Referred to the Committee on Corporations.
Mr. SERRILL, an act for the relief of Chas.
Johnson, late Treasurer of Delaware county.
Referred to the Committee on Finance.
Mr. IRISH read in place, joint resolutions re
lative to Major General John Charles Fremont:
The resolutions were read, as follows :
WHEREAS, The policy of liberating the slaves
of rebels, declared and adopted by Major Gene
ral John C. Fremont when in command of the
western department of the army, is the only
policy compatible with success in crushing the
rebellion and restoring the integrity of the
And whereas, He was removed from command
while at the head of his army, in the field and
in the face of the enemy;
And whereas, A thorough and prolonged exami
nation of his administration while in command,
has failed to sustain the reports and charges by
which he was assailed, or to disclose any facts
calculated to shake the confidence of the coun
try in his prudence, courage and patriotism,
therefore be it
Resolved by the Senate and House of Representa
tives of Pennsylvania, in General Assembly met,
That in the opinion of this Legislature, the ex
igencies of the public service require that Major
General John Charles Fremont should be imme
diately restored to a command in the army.
The preamble and resolution was committed
to the committee on Federal Relations.
Mr. LAMBERTON called up Senate bill, No.
31, entitled " a further supplement to an act to
establish an asylum for the insane poor of this
Commonwealth, approved April fourteenth,
one thousand eight hundred and forty-five."
Passed finally.
Mr. CONNELL, called up House bill, entitled
" An Act to incorporate an.Athen.Tum associa
tion in Germantown, city of Philadelphia."
Passed finally.
Mr. CRAWFORD called up " an act for the
relief of Dickinson College, in the borough of
Carlisle, Cumberland county."
Passed finally.
Mr. LOWRY offered the following joint reso
lution :
WHEREAS, During the continuance of the diffi
culties which threaten our national existence,
the enormous expenses consequent thereon
must be borne mainly by the loyal part of the
Republic -
And whereas, Justice and equity demand that
the burdens of taxation, which now rest teeavily
on the farmer and the laborer, should be equally
divided so as to press lightly on the people, yet
yield much to the government ; therefore,
Resolved, That the Finance committee are re
quested when in conferrence with the board of
Revenue commissioners to present for consider
ation and respectfully to urge the incorpora
tion of the following suggestions in a tax bill
to be recommended to the House of Represen
tatives for enactment, viz :
The repeal of all laws exempting property of
any kind from taxation.
A tax on all kinds of tobacco.
The passage of a law for the more strict sup
pression of the sale of ardent spirits, wines, or
malt liquor without license, and for the taxation
of all liquors manufactured, kept, warehoused,
or in private vaults or in, transitu through this
State; said taxes to be increased on a graduating
scale accordiag to the amount of adulteration in
all liquors below proof, and confering on excise
ofll7:ers extraordinary powers forlhe discovery,
I testing and taxation of such liqucirs.
An increase of hotel, mercantile and profes
sional, and all other kinds of licenses.
A judicious system of revenue from stamped
paper, acknowledging and recording: of deeds,
wills, written contracts and other legal docu-
ments, and upon oaths and affidavits taken or
administered by judicial or executive officers,
clerks of courts, and commissioners, auditors or
arbitrators appointed by the authority of a
state or court, and from an increase of fees 'for
the issuing of every sort of civil writ or process.
A tax per capita upon every man in the Com
monwealth. A tax on all incomes or salaries,
civil or military, above a fixed medium of fam
ily wants, on a graduated scale, increasing with
the income.
A tax on all money, hoarded or in the hands
of creditors, co-partners or agents, and on cir
culating notes or certificates, whether on inte
rest or not.
A tax on all bank notes, checks, bonds, cer
tificates of deposit, mortgages, obligations, or
any other evidence of indebtedness, whether
under seal or not ; on all stock in or of auy
corporation of this Commonwealth, at the cash
value thereof, and whether the same pay divi
dends or not.
On all stocks of any foreign corporation
owned and held by any citizens, or residents of
this State, except stocks of the United States;
and on all shares of any association, not incor
porated ; and on all foreign or domestic corpo
rations, or municipal indebtedness, either by
bonds or other evidences, which may be due to,
or owned by, or held in trust for or by any citi
zed, or resident, corporation or association of
or in this State.
A tax upon all legislation asked for or granted
to corporations.
An increased tax upon such charters as may
hereafter be obtained or applied for under ex
isting laws or laws hereafter enacted ; and on
all insurance companies transacting business
within this State; whether created by the laws
- of this or any other State in proportion to the
amount of business done.
A specific tax on the track, lands, depots,
rolling stock or other property of all railroad
companies, whether created by the laws of this
or any other State, and lying wholly or in part
within this Commonwealth. On all vessels,
ships, ferry, steam or canal boats, tugs or other
water craft on any of the waters in or adjacent
to Pennsylvania, or on any of its canals or
slackwater ; and on any interest which any
resident of this State may have in any vessels
or other craft of whatsoever description, whether
in the waters of Pennsylvania or elsewhere
and on any shares or other interest of any citi
zen or resident of this State in any steamboat
or other navigation company or association, in
corporated or unincorporated, doing business
upon the waters of this State or elsewhere..
_ . .
A tax on bills of lading, shipping bills, clea
rances and invoices.
A tax on all manufacturers and ,manufactu
ring companies, whether incorporated or not,
and on all shares in any such corporation or
association, and on all shares in any such cor
poration or "associatioil of this or any state
which may be owned by, or held in trust by,
or for any resident of, this Commonwealth.
A tax on al i l,_coal _banks. rar xniexes, 00...1
roactBrAfido mg stock of the same.
A tax on all coal, or iron ore, mined or raised
within this State, and on pig metal, blooms,
railroad, bar, sheet or other iron, and on nails
manufactured in this State.
A tax on all mineral oil (so called) which
may be raised or flowed, and secured within
this State, and on salt manufactured in this
State, or elsewhere.
A tax on all oil, coal and mineral land to be
levied on their milting in addition to their ag
ricultural values or value from location or other
A tax upon newspapers and telegraphic mes
sages, and on Railroad tickets.
A tax on tickets of admission to theatres and
places of amusement, and a tax on circus hor
ses and all animals and property owned in or
coming into this State for exhibition.
A tax on Dogs.
And that provisions be inserted in such bill
authorizing assessors to administer oaths, and
compelling each taxable to swear to, or affirm,
the correctness of the list of his taxable pro
perty, furnished to the assessor, and that such
list includes every article of taxable property
owned by him, and a just and true valuation
of the same, and making false swearing as to
such returns punishable as perjury..
Postponed for the present and ordered to be
Mr, KETCHAM read in place, a joint resolu
tion to authorize 'the Auditor General to re
open and re examine the account of Samuel D.
Brobst, former superintendent on the North
Branch canal.
This bill was taken up, and after a lengthy
debate was
Referred to the Committee on Private Claims
and Damages.
Mr. KETCHAM called up Senate bill No 28,
entitled "A Supplement to an act relative to
Courts in this Commonwealth.
After a lengthy debate the bill was postponed
for the present.
The Senate then
MONDAY, January 27, 1862.
The SPEAKER called the House to order
at three o'clock, P. M.
Prayer by Rev. Mr. Moore, of the First Meth
odist Episcopal church, Harrisburg.
The CLERK read the journal of Friday, which
was approved.
The SPEAKER laid before the House the
report of the Auditor General and State Trea
surer, relating to the claim of John Kelly, of
Lawrence county.
Laid on the table.
Also, the annual report of the Delaware and
Hudson canal company.
Laid on the table.
Also, a report from the annual report of the
Pennsylvania institution for the instruction of
the blind.
Mr. HARPER presented a petition from citi
zens of Washington county, for the repeal of
the act relating to brokers and private bankers.
Referred to the Committee on Banks.
COCHRAN, a memorial from the Cen
tral association of banks, asking for a law for
the suppression and destruction of counterfeit
bank notes.
Referred to the Committee on Banks.
Mr. ROSS, (Luzerne,) a petition from citizens
of Carbondale city, in the county of Luzerne,
praying for the repeal of a certain clause of
the ninth section of the act incorporating said
Referred to the Committee on Corporations.
Mr. HOPKINS, (Washington,). one from citi-.
zens of Windom' and East Bethlehem town-
An increase of collateral inheritance tax
Laid on the table.
ship, Washington county, praying that certain
lands be re-attached to the township of East
Referred to the ConiMittee on New Counties
and County Seats,
Also, a remonstrance from citizens of Wills
horo' against re-annexing the said lands to East
Bethlehem township.
Referred to the Committee on New Counties
and County Seats.
Mr. M.'COY, a memorial from sundry citizens
of Butler county, praying for the repeal of the
act relating to private bankers and. brokers.
Referred to the Committee on Banks.
Also,the memorial of Henry Pillow, John
Glem, Samuel Lesson and others, in regard to
a State road in Butler and Venango counties.
Referred to the Committee on oads, Bridges
and Canals.
Mr. BARRON, a petition from citizens of
Bogg township, Centre county, for a change of
the place of holding elections.
Referred to the Committee on Election Dis
Mr. BATES, a petition from sixty-one citizens
of Crawford county, praying for the erection of
a new county out of parts of Crawford, Penang°
and Warren counties.
Referred to the Committee on New Counties
and County Seats.
Also, one from members of the bar in Craw
ford county, praying that said county may be
attached to the Eastern district of the Supreme
Referred to the Committee on . Judiciary,
Mr. MYERS, a petition from citizens of Lan
caster county, praying for ,an appropriation to
the Ashmun Institute, located in Chester
Referred to the Committee on Ways and
Mr. TRACY, the petition of S. S. Henman,
of Monroeton, in Bradford county, praying for
the passage of a law divorcing him from the
bonds of matrimony.
Referred to the Committee on Judiciary, (lo
Mr. ABBOT, a petition from citizens of
Philadelphia, praying for an appropriation to
the ,A.limun Institute.
Referred to the Committee on Ways and
Mr. M'CLELLAN, one from citizens of Ches
ter county, of similar import.
Referred to the Committee on Ways and
Mr. SCOTT asked and obtained leave of ab
sence for Mr. BANKS.
Mr. GROSS, for Mr. MENOLD, a messenger of
the House.
Mr. MOORE, (Railroads,) as committed ; imp
plement to an act to incorporate the Oil Creek
railroad company.
Mr. COWAN moved that the rules be sus
a khc64 -- LtUurfrr - prOGeea uo LIIO
consideration of the bill.
The motion was agreed .to ; and the bill was
taken up and passed finally.
Mr. DONNELLY, (Philadelphia,) asked and
obtained leave to present a minority report from
the committee on the contested seat of Mr.
W/LDET ; which was read as follows :
The undersigned, being a minority of the.
committee chosen to try the contested election
case from the Twelfth Legislative district, of
the city of Philadelphia, respectfully reports—
That, by the act of the seventh of March,
one thousand eight hundred and forty-three,
relative to elections in the City of Philadelphia,
it is plainly stated that the qualified electors of
the city of Philadelphia shall vote for Governor,
Senators, and members of the_House of Repre
sentatives, and members of Congress, by deliv
ering to the proper officers, one written or
printed ticket, designating not only the name
of the officer voted for, but also the office.—
There is no such office as "Assembly." It is
"House of Representatives ;" and being so
designated by the statute, as well as the
Constitution, it is, to say the best of it, a ques
tion whether the designation should not be
strictly followed. I admit, that heretofore
committees, in the trial of contested elections;
have exercised a discretionary power, which
enabled them to look more to the intention of
the voter thau to the manner in which the
tickets are printed. But it may well be asked
whether this state of things should longer con
tinue. Acts of Assembly mean something or
nothing. If they disregard certain things to
tie done, they should be strictly followed; and
those who choose to pursue their own opinions
must incur the responsibility.
The undersigned, therefore, in view of the
fact that the majority of the committee have
decided that the designation of the office voted
for by the use of the word " Assembly," is
good under the Constitution, and the statute
enacted under it, respectfully submits that it
behooves the present Legislature to enact such
declaratory provision as will hereafter prevent
any question being raised as to the meaning of
the fundamental and statute law of the Com
The report was laid on the table.
Mr. McCULLOCH read in place an actincor
porating the borough of Freeport, in the county
of Armstrong.
Referred to the Committee on Corporations.
Mr. TRACY, an act to annul the marriage
contract between Stanley S. Henman and Mar
tha, his wife.
Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary,
Mr. GRANT, an act to enable the commis
sioners of Butler county to adjust certain
Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary,
Mr. SMITH, (Chester), an act to incorporate
the New London association, for the .detection
of thieves and recovery of stolen property.
Referred to the Committe on Corporations.
Mr. TATE, an act to prevent hunting deer
with dogs in Columbia county.
Referred to the Committee on Agriculture
and Manufactures.
• Mr. ROSS, (Luzerne,) an 'act to repeal a cer
tain clause of the ninth section of the act to in
corporate the city of Carbondale.
Referred to the Committee on Corporations.
Mr. BROWN, (Northumberland,) an act to
incorporate the Dewart Academy of Northum
berland county.
Referred to the Committee on Corporations.
Mr. COCHRAN, an act for the suppression
and destruction of counterfeit banknotes.
Referred to the Committee on Banks.
Mr. DENNIS; a further supplement to the
act incorporating the city of Philadelphia.
Refereed to the Committee on Corporations.
Mr. COWAN, an act to re-audit certain ac
Referred to the Committee of Judiciary, (l 0
Also, an act to extend the provisions of a
certain act of Assembly, relative to selecting
sites for school-houses in Chester and Delaware
counties, to Warren county.
Referred to the Committee on Education.
Also, an act to incorporate the Allegheny
transportation company.
Referred to the Committee on Corporations.
Mr. CESSNA, an act to provide for the pay
ment of a direct tax.
Referred to the Committee on Ways and
Mr. BROWN, (Mercer,) moved that the House
proceed to the condemnation of Senate bill No.
14, an act authorizing Michael C. Trout to sell
certain property of the Sharon Iron company.
The motion was agreed to, and the bill passed
Mr. ELLIOTT moved that the House ad
Not agreed to.
Mr. MYERS moved that the house proceed
to the consideration of House bill No. 32, an
act authorizing the Reading and Columbia
railroad company to borrow money.
The motion was agreed to and the bill passed
r. KENNEDY moved that the House pro
ceed to the consideration of House bill No. 34,
a further supplement to the act incorporating
the Duncannou, Landisburg and Broad Top
railroad company.
The motion was agreed to, and the bill passed
Mr. STRANG - moved that the committee be
discharged from the further consideration of
the act relating to taxes on unseated lands in
Tioga county, and that the House proceed to
the consideration of the bill
The motion was agreed to. -
Mr. COWAN moved to amend the bill so as
to extend its provisions to Warren county.
The amendment was agreed to, and the title
was amended in accordance therewith.
The bill then passed finally.
Mr. SMITH (Chester,) moved that the House
proceed to the consideration of House bill, No.
35, an act to incorporate the American Engra
vers' company.
The motion was agreed to.
Mr. WILDEY moved to amend the bill by
inserting the name of John M. Butler, as one
of the corporators.
Mr. JOSEPHS moved that the further con
sideration of the bill be postponed for the
On the motion the yeas and nays were re
quired by Mr. JOSEPHS and Mr. WILDLY, and
were as follow, viz:
ims-=Messfs..Abliot, Bates,SOileau,Caldwell,
Cessna, Cochran, Cowan, Crane, Divins, Donley,
(Greene,) Donnelly, (Philadelphia,) Freeland,
Hall, Hoffer, Hoover, Hopkins, (Philadelphia,)
Hopkins, (Washington,) Hutchman, Josephs,
Kline, Lehman, Lichtenwallner, M'Culloch,
M'Manus Neiman, Peters, Potteiger, Quigley,
Rex, Ritter, Russell, Ryon, Schrock, Scott,
Sellers, Shannon, Smith, (Chester,) Strang,
Tate, Tracy, Tutton, Wakefield, Weidner, Wil
dey, Williams, Wimley, Windle, Wolf and
NAYS—Messrs. Brown, (Mercer,) Dennis, El
liott, Rapper, Kennedy, M'Clellan, M'Coy,
Moore, Pershing, Ross, (Luzerne,) Smith, (Phil
adelphia,) Ziegler and Rowe, Speaker-13.
Mr. RYON moved that the House proceed to
the consideration of the bill No. 23, an act to
authorize the election of but one supervisor in
and for the township of Rahn, in the county of
The motion was agreed to, and the bill passed
Ur. CRANE moved that .the House proceed
to the consideration of House bill No. 30, a
further supplement to the- act to erect the vil
lage of Honesdale, county of Wayne, into a
The motion was agreed to; and the bill passed
Mr. HAP PER moved that the House proceed
to the consideration of House bill No. 20, an
act relative to penalties on the Cumberland
The motion was agreed to; and the bill passed
Mr. ROSS (Luzerne,) moved that the House
proceed to the consideration of House bill No.
21, an act to authorize the trustees of the pro . -
prietor's fund of Newport township, county of
Luzerne, to appropriate said fund toward the
purchase of a farm and poor-house for the said
The motion was agreed to; and the bill passed
Mr. ZIEGLER moved that the House proceed
to the consideration of House bill No. 40, an
act relative to the collector of school taxes in
Jefferson county for the year one thousand eight
hundred and sixty.
The motion was agreed to; and the bill passed
Mr. SCOTT moved that the House proceed to
the consideration of Senate bill No. 5, an act to
refund to Samuel J. Walker certain moneys er
roneously paid , by him for collateral inheritance
tax on'the estate of Joseph T. Marshall.
The motion was agreed to; and the bill passed
Mr. PERSHING moved that the House pro
ceed to the consideration of House bill No. 36,
an act fixinr , . the place of holding elections in
Clearfield township, Cambria county.
The motion was agreed to; and the bill pasded
Mr. BROWN, (Northumberland,) moved that
the House proceed to the consideration of House
bill entitled, "An Act to incorporate the Sha
mokin and Bear Valley Coal company."
The motion was agreed to, and the bill passed
Mr. WINDLE moved that the House proceed
to the consideration of House bill No. 25, an
act authorizing the trustees of the Methodist
Episcopal church of Downingtown,to grant and
convey certain real estate.
The motion was agreed to and the bill passed
Mr. FREELAND moved that the House pro
ceed to the consideration of House bill, entitled
an act to allow the taxes on a certain island in
the Susquehanna river to be paid to the county
of Dauphin.
The motion was agreed to, and the billpassed
Mr. DUFFIELD moved that the House pro
ceed to the consideration of House bill No. 22,
an act to provide for the appointment of fence
viewers, in the city of Philadelphia.
The motion was agreed to; and the bill passed
On motion of Hr. COWAN, the House
ham tinting flu.
having procured Steam Power Pressea, we are prepar
ed to execute JOB add BoOR. PRINTING of every descrip
t on, cheaper than It can be done at any other establiah
meat in the country.
Ilkir Funr lines or less constitute one. half square. Eight
roes or more than four constitute a square.
Half : , quare, one day
one week ....
if one month...,
Id three months .
I< six months..
fi one year.....
One-Square, one day
one week....
-" one month...
f !three months
six months.
" one year
Sir Bnsiness notices inserted in the Lroxi Column, or
before Marriges and Deaths, FIVE CENTS "1T fx” . Q. fnr
Na 20
Marriges and Deaths to be charged as regular •
From our Morning Edition.
The United States Brig Perry.
Successful Passage of the Potomac
The United States brig Perry, which for some
months past has been anchored just below Al
exandria, fitting out for sea, was put into r,ad
bless in the early part of last week, and on
Thursday night ran down past the rebel bat
teries in tow of the Pussey. She was not fired
The repairs to the Island Bell were com
pleted at the yard on Saturday, and taking on
board Gen. Sickles and some officers of his bri
gade, she ran Jown past the rebel batteries
on Saturday night without being fired at, and
after landing her passengers at Liverpool Point,
laid by until Sunday night, when she returned
to Indian Head. Ou her op trip, six shots
were fired at her by the rebels, none taking
The rebals appear to be enlarging and
strengthening their works at Cockpit point, as
if to make the Ocouquan their main line of de
fence on their right wing.
XXXVIIth Congress--First Session
Mr. SHERMAN', (Ohio,) presented the petition
of the mayor and authorities of Springfield,
Ohio, relative to the national armory.
Mr. HALE, (N. H.) from the naval commit
tee, made a report in relation to the answer of
the Secretary of the Navy to the resolution in
regard to the Morgan contracts.
Mr. WADE (Ohio,) offered a joint resolution
in order to develop, concentrate and bring into
effect the mechanical resources of the United
States for the suppression of the rebellion and
future defence of the country.
The resolution authorizes the Superintendent
of the Census to perform such duties under the
direction of the Secretary of War, and collect
such war statistics as in the judgement of the
Secretary of War may be right and proper.
On motion of Mr. FMENDEN, (Me.) the latter
part of the resolution was modified so as to
read: "the Superintendent of the Census is
authorized to furnish the Secretary of War
with such war statistics from time to time as
the Secretary of War may deem necessary
for the use of the department."
The resolution as amended was passed.
Mr. HALE (N. H.) offered a resolution that
the Secretary of the Navy be requested to in
form the Senate what was the cost of the ship
of-the-line Pennsylvania, how many cruises she
has made, and when the ship Alabama was
built, what cost; whether she was fit for a sail
lug vessel, or can be altered to a steamer. Laid
Mr. Wascat, (Mass.) introduced a bill for the
more effectual suppression of the slave trade.
Mr. ICING (N. Y.;) presented a resolution
from the legislature of New York instructing
the Senators from that State to vote for the
abolition of the franking privilege. Referred.
Mr. WADE (Ohio,) called up the resolution
Making au addition to the joint rules of both
Houses, to wit: that during the present re
nellion when any member of the House or sen
ate shall rise in his seat and state that the ex
ecutive department of the qrovernment desires
immediate action on any matter pertain
ing to the suppiession of the present re
bellion, the Hone or Senare, as the case
may be, shall go into secret session and proceed
to the consideration of the measure proposed,
and the debate thereon be limited to five min
utes to each speaker, and the vote be taken be
fore the adjournment. Any breach of secresy,
unless the injunction be removed, shall be
punishable by expulsion, if by a member, and
if by any officer of the House, be punishable as
the body in which it occurs, shall impose.
Mr. WADE, (Ohio,) modified the resolution
so as to strike out the limitation of debate
to five minutes, though he had spoken five
Mr. SUMNER, (Mass.,) offered an amendment
that the question of secret session shall be sub
mitted to the body in which it is proposed,
and if the majority decide in favor, it shall
go immediately into secret session without de
After some debate, the resolution was laid
over till to-morrow.
The case of Senator Bright was then taken
Mr. LATHAM, (Cal.,) made a speech in de
fence of Mr. Bright, and again.t political pro.
scription. Without concluding the subject, the
Senate went into executive session, and subse
quently adjourned
The House then went into committee of the
whole upon the state of the Union, upon the
West Point Academy bill.
Mr. &Imams, (Ky.,) addressed the House on
the state of the Union. He opposed the
emancipation of slaves.
Mr. RIDDLE, (Ohio,) made an anti-slavery
speech, contending that the administration was
behind the spirit of the time.
Mr. SHEFFIELD, (R. 1.0 censured such radical
opinions. Congress had no right to interfere
with the President in time of war. This pro
miscuous debate was closed by resolution.when
the military academy appropriation bill was
read and reported to the House without amend
ment, and passed.
The consideration of the executive, judicial
and legislative appropriation bill was resumed.
F. A. CONYLING moved an amendment that
no provision in the bill shall be construed as
giving authority to any Senator or Representa
tive to receive more than two mileages for this
Congress. The chairman ruled the amendment
out of order, as independent legislation.—
Without concluding the action on the bill, the
House adjburned.
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