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A 11 li i ,!" li I: , Ft G , P A
Thurvimi November
Mtmv orrionss.—.Blank pay tolls and fur
loughs handsomely printed accouling to the
army regulations, on fine white and durable
paper, are for sale at this office.
Oleo -Veo.x.ows.—The semi-annual shesion of
the Grand Lodge ei Pennsylvania, I. 0. of 0.
F., commences' me Monday morning at Philadel
phia. Grand Master D. Washburn, presides.—
Lodge No. GS of this city is represented in the
session by Mr Washington Barr.
Trim }Toulon° SOCIABLES will give a grand
soiree ttt Exchange Hall next Friday evening.
The Sociables are a clever set of good natured
gentlemen, who know how to get up such mat
tax and we have no doubt their soiree will be
one of the most recherche clamant, of the season.
Tickets 50 cents, to be had at the door.
119 D Ills ARM BROKRN.—A son of Mr. E S.
German, of the Religious Book Depository, Se
cowl sti eat, while being swung around on Tubs
itt arms length by a colored man, in a
peke manner, had his right aim broken' at
e li.w joint. He was immediately taken to
~„ 0 c ,,,f Dr. Roberts, who reduced the frac
tire, lie is now doing as well ,as could be
, vectra .2wler the circumstances.
`OI.I,IFIC, FustinAL.—A volunteer compaily.
au Camp Curtin passed through Third street
dt an early hour yesterday,lfonning the es
r to the remains of one of their compatriet
i,"lnis, which they were taking to the depot
t ;, r trauvortatiou to the relatives of the de
craw& The men wore the ensignia of mourn
in,g, and their slow, measured tread to the sound
of a muffled drum, formed a very, solemn and
impres•ive scene.
Ls Tows.--Lieut. Wesley. Miller, of the
Seventh United States Infantry was in town
yesterday, looking• remarltably. well. The
Lieutenant is stationed at Fort Columbus, New
York harbor, and is on a visit to his father
Lieut. Colonel Stephen Miller, of the First Min
nesota Regiment, who is still confined to his room
at the Pennsylvania House in this city by 'an
illness contracted in the army shortly after the
battle of Bull Run, in which he gallantly par:-
lions.—Mr. James Miller, of Peach Bot
tom township, York county; Pa., left his home
on Saturday morning, November 17, and has
not been heard of since. lie is about thirty
five years 'Of age, five feet nine inches'high,With
black hair and whiskei s. Had on when he left
home a dark monkey jacketaml brown pants,
much worn, and 'Wait 'ri'dlog`a . bap
mate, slight
ly lame. For several years he has been subject
to spells of mental derangement, and his friends
are much distressed at his absence. Any infor
mation addressed to has slater Mary - A.. Miller,
Bald Eagle, York county, Pa , will be thank
fully received.
THANIGGIUNG Day.—To-day one week is
the day set apart by Governor Curtin as a day
of solemn thanksgiving to God, for the many
blessings which Ile has bestowed upon us dur
ing the year now rapidly' drawing to an end.
When we take into c)nsideration the various
and multiplied dangers through which we have
passed, and contrast our position
_with that of
our misguided brethern who are engaged in
this wicked rebellion, we can hut acknowledge
that we have much for which we should be
thankful. For though the gloom of war hangs
like a dark shadow over our land, yet we are
happily spared from the horrors attendant upon
the presence of contending armies. The seat of
the war is far removed from our borders, and
our land has been blessed with abundance.
Then let our hearts go out to God in praise and
thanksgiving, for His mercies, and let us unite
in the prayer, that peace and happiness may be
speedily restored to our country by the defeat
and dispersion of the rebels and traitors who
are now arrayed against us. Indeed the events
of the past six months conclusively show the
whole tendency of the contest to be in favoi of
the Union and against the rebels.
Camas P LEAMVA.—Did you ever study the
cheapness of %cane pleasures ? asks some esecel
lent writer. Do you know how little it takes
to make a multitude happy ? Such trifles as a
penny, a word, or a smile, do the work. There
are two or three boys passing along—give them
each a chesuut, and how smiling they took? .
they will not be cross for some time. A poor
widow lives in the neighborhood, who is the
mother of a half a dozen children ; send them
half a peck of sweet apples, and they will be
happy. A child has lost his arrow—
to him—and he mourns sadly ; help him find
it, or make him another, and how quickly will
the sunshine play upon his sober face. A' boy
has as much 118 he can do to pile up a load of
Wood ; assist him a few momenta, or speak a
pleasant word to him, and he forgets his toil,
and works away without minding it. Your ap
prentice has broken a mug, or cut the vest too
larg e , or slightly injured a piece of work.—
Sap, "You scoundrel," and he feels miserable ;
bet remark, "I am sorry," and he will try to
do better. You employ a man—pay him cheer-.
fully, and speak a pleasant word to him, and
he leaves your house with a contented heart, to
light up his own hearth with smiles of gladness.
As you pass along the street, you meet a famil
iar face—say, "Good morning," as though you
felt happy, and it will work admirably in the
heart of your neighbor. Pleasure is cheap—
who will not bestow it liberally ? If there are
Milks, sunshine and flowers all about us, let us
hot grasp them with a miser's fist and lock
them up in our hearts. No. Rather let us
lake them and scatter them about us, in the
( `A of the widow, among the groups of chil
in the crowded mart, where men of bust
-4%, congregate, in our families, and every
7,be'i, We can snake the wretched happy,
discontented cheerful, the afflicted realigned,
to do tan
i xceedingly cheap rate. Who will tefiu3e
oeep rof
"kraa. ehlB " Ww 'readv diet=t
4 9 1 4440 th e
. ,
A CAXP ABOtISHIIO.—Camp Crosaman, near
Huntingdon, the head quarters of Gen. James'
Mountain Brigade,, has been abolished. , The
Huntingdon Jewimil saps thatlast Week v a.)? or
der was reteived•from the Secretary of , ar t by
Col. Iligray, ordegingpm to 411 out his regi•
nient from the troops at Camp &sum, and
the balance of the troops remaining after ;his
regiment has been completed. to be forwarded
immediately i to Harrisburg. The Journal adds
that the troops' were in high spirits over the
welcorne news, having become completely tired
out with their protracted stay at that place.:
COURT PROOERDINOB. Court. met 014 cecipek
The following additional true bills Have ben
found.hy the Grand Jury :
, Com. vs. Joseph M'Allister, astanit on 4.lth
Martin. Continued.
• obin. vs. John
_Care, charged with larceny,
on oath of Jamesqpx.
COM. Vl3. John,Johnson, larceny, on oath of
Andrew Swartz.
Corn. vs Charles Miller, larceny, on oath of
Ludwick Wells, -
Com. vs. Prod, Keeney, assault and battery,
on oath of Geo. Slough.
Com. vs. Moses Johnson, larceny, on oath of
John Kacy.
Com, vs. Ellen Heard, arson, on oath of
Amelia Still.
Com. vs. Catherine Allen and Mary Main,
charged with keeping adisdrderly bawdy lkoese,
on oath o}• James Lewis. Tried yesterday. "got
guilty, but directed Mary Main to pay the
costa. •
Com. vs. Eliza. Foster, charged with keeping
a . dliorderly house, on bath of Tames Le w is.
Tried yesterday. Not guilty, but directed to
pay' the-costs.
The case of the Com. vs. Jane Bowman,
charged with concealing the death of a bastard
child, was continued.
Corn. vs. Joseph Swartz, charged with assault
and battery on oath of Christ. Evy. Not guilty.
Com. vs. Mary Tagg and Samuel Hoover,
charged with an assault and battery. Not
guilty, and Samuel Hoover psi casts. r
Com vs. F. P. Manse and Harriet Muse :as
sault and battery on oath of Wm. McKinido.
Jury out When our report closed.
Miss Grace Hubley—one of the most highly, es
teemed and useful ladies of Larictriterwas 'ter
ribly and perhaps fatally burned by her clothes
taking fire at the residence of her, sister, 'Mrs.
Jenkins, in that city, Tuesday morning. , It
. that Mrs. ..lenkbp . ,fieing absent on a
visit to New York. Miss Hubley had caused a
fire to be made in a low open grate, on first
floor, with a view'of having the house properly
warmed upon the return home of her !Miter,
who was expected to-morrow. While standing
in front of the grate, her dress accidentally
caught fire, when she ran out into the open hall.
She was seen by .a servant,, 3iho -losing her
presence of mind, ran outlnto the street scream
ing, the person of Miss Hubley in the meantime,
becoming enveloped in fire, the Current through
the open hall adding intensity to the flames.
NeWton Lightner, req., who chanced to p ass
just after the alarm was given, rushed in and
threw his overcoat over the person of the un
fortunate lady, which no doubt , Bayed , her
from beinr burned to death on the spot. Other
aid arriving, the flames were.finally, extingaish
ed, with the aid of a hose, and Miss Hubley
placed under the care of Drs. Ehler, itlee;and
Muhlenbergi who did all within the reach of
human means • to alleviate her' sufferings—to
save her life being at once considered hopeless,
the entire surface of the person having been
badly burned. Miss Hubley was still alive yes
terday afternoon, but no hopes were enter
tained of her recovery. •
Tns maw rimer last night admonishes as of
the advent of winter, and soon we shall have
the Icy King holding supreme sway. He is a
hearty old fellow, this Winter "King—jolly,
vigorous and decided—a blusterer, to be sure,
but we forgive him that, for the sake of the
host of compensatory qualities he possesses. He
brings with him, sociality, mirth,' festivity and
merry-meetings. Open-handed Hospitality at
tends him, and holds court at the fireside, at
the groaning board, and • in the convival snug
gery. He binds more firmly the links of good
fellowship, and surrounds Home with inew
pleasures and gives it , flesh attractions, He
delights us with the sleigh ride, for whiCh he
spreads his royal, snowy ermine, without spot
or blemish, over which we .glide; leaving our
cares behind on the wind, which he dashes
laughingly in our faces. He brings in old
Ohristmes, with his thousand delights, his
bonitY, his charity, his affectionate remem
brances, his fun and his good cheer ; who
brings together those who have been long
estranged, and opens anew the flood-gates of
feeling, and cements the bonds of friendship.
Hut, alas i winter has 'another aspect to the
poor. To brings shivering and want
and gloom and dreadful anticipations. Hun
dreds, all about us, this morning, shrunk:from
the prospect with 'feai: and dolor, when•they
saw the white frost covering the ground,
as they thought of the empty coal-bin and the
little children, &eking shoes to . cover their
naked feet. Winter 11 a grim monster to such
as these, and we who love him, should try and
soften the feeling of the poor against him, by
robbing him of his roughness, and comforting
those, his embrace chills and pinches. The
poor are always with us, but this season, pov
erty abounds to an unusual extent, and those
who are blessed in basket and store, should be
up and doing at once, to ameliorate to the ex
tent of their power, the severity of winter upon
those who are out of work and bread..
The poor fellows, too; 'among the mountains
of Virginia, who are defending our rights and
cause, must not be forgotten. Warm mittens,
socks and under.clothes will be very acceptable
to them now that the snow is covering the
peaks of the Alleghenies and the Blue Ridge.
Let ladies' "hose companies" be formed at once
to knit and prepare these necessary comforts,
so that the poor fellows may know that we are
mindful of them. Our city is famous for its
, charity ;'there never was a better chance for the
ffla t ikir of it than now, and those who have to
t*. should do so with a liberal band, rirmem
beritig, It is more blazed to give than ‘re'
to tutsan.
Wattgg - 6 • • • • • •'• •
4 me,wa
Ph , ' r I '
#l-COM i ng NOR CA* 14 A/4 1 P0 •
. ,
F. Taggart, of Philadelphia, a native of Win
chester. Va., w/18 - on Theeday commissioned by
Gov. Curtin as Major •of the Second Pennsyl
va,nia,Cayalty, Co!, R. Butler Price, cormanding.
• •
REGIMINT OF Tseoasss. - Henry C. Hickok,
formerly Snperintndent of Schools for Penn
sylvania,. proposes to raise a regiment of Penn
sylvania School teachers. They should have
command of the cannon purchased by the
GARRISON FOR Fowl' Dmitwena. -- Colonel
M'Carter's regiment, formerly encamped at Leb
anon, but more recently at Camp Curtin, have
received or2clen;
,to occupy and igturison Fort
Delaware, on the Delaware Bay, below Phila
ADvANOR Lome, No. 38, L 0. of deal Tem-
. . ,
plars will be organized in the hall of the Ameri
can mechanics, fourth story of. Wyeth's build
ing, Market stieet n and Basberry alley, at half
past seven o'clock this evening. Ilespectable
ladies and gentlarci . en, not already connected
with the order, are, respectfully invited to at
tend and. join the Lodge.
Pamela. —Wore the . Mayor. —Win. Angtir—a
"bould Boger boy" •was arraigned for drunk
eness and disorderly conduct. Discharged with
a reprimmul.
John Iteiley—a delapidated looking Irish vol
unteer from Camp Curtin—was arrmigned for
drunkeness and disorderly conduit. , Recom
Mary Daugherty—one of the frail sisterhood
with very red cheeks and a very dirty dress—
was arraigned as a common vagrant. Recom
Two Bottoms Hum At a late hour on
Monday night, two soldiers of a Pennsylvania
regiment were badly injured'at a bridge on the
Northern Central gailway, near Monkton. They
got on the top of one of the cars in this city,
and though advised that it was dangerous in
mead on retaining the place. When they near-
Cd the bridge, a covered structure, they were
both knocked off. The train was checked and
theinjared men taken 'up - and taken to Balti
Tllll Wesmscrrou MAP oF urn U. S.—Persons
wishing to purchase copies of this new and ele
gant map have but a short time left them to
do so AS the agent intends leaving the city in a
few days. It is a richly colored andleautiful
ly illustrated roller map, 64x67 inches, drawn
by the most accomplished experts, and executed
by the best engravers that the country affords,
including those employed by the Coast Survey
Department and the D. S.3tint. Persorii wish-
Mg to see 'the map can do so by calling at this
office, where one is on exhibition. Orders so-
Halted. Price $7.00
STABBED wrrnA BATONEL-011 Monday night
a volunteer whose name we couldnot
belonging to one of the caValty cempanies sta
boned .44 %PIP -Pa,mgol?4; came to the city ,
arel: w .. hib ? -1 10°Pg'illIt4et street , in
front of the Arica Home, he was met by a
patrol guard, who attempted fo arrest and
carry him to Camp Curtin. The cavalry Ulan
at once produced his furlough to show that he
did not belong to their can* and of course re
fuied to follow them, when they. suddenly
closed upon him, and in his efforts to release'
himself he received a stab, from a bayonet which
penetrated about half an inch in his left side„
near the heart, which caused him to fall in the
sideway, where he lay for several minutes in an
unconscious state. He, was finally taken into
the drug store of Dr. Bannvart, who examined .
and dressed the wound, after which he was
taken charge of by a patrol of his own men,
and conveyed to Camp Cameron. Persons who
witnessed the conduct of the patrol guard
on this occasion speak of it in unmeasured
terms of condemnation. The cavalry man was
perfectly sober at the time, and his arrest under
the circumstaces was not only unwarranted, but
a perfect outrage.
14aarnen KINDLINOSI.—There is something,
says a cotemporary, very fascinating about the
Bight of shoe making. The fact that we -watch
a cobbler at work with so much more in
terest than a tailor can only be accounted for
by the facts that leather "works up" so beauti
fully, and that shoemaking is a species of
sculpture or carving. We take comparatively
little interest in the scissor work of the toiler,
becaube scissors are a:•oOmplicatal, unerring
machine compared with that simple implement,
the knife used by the shoemaker. The latter
is so apt to slip and spoil the work that the
novice and the visitor watch its motions with
deep solicitude. Morevor, the bovine cuticle
being without "grain; and permitting the
passage of the knife with equal readiness in all
directions, the carving of it presents a much
more interesting appearance than does that of
any other product of nature that is used in
One thing especially interesting in shoe mak
ing is the marvelous smoothness and polish
which the warm iron gives to the leither, after ,
the artist has moulded it into the pedal form.
Another reason why the manufacture of foot
gear is more interesting than that of covering
for the upper works is that shoemakers. have
not spread themselves into big shore, slop-work
and wholesaling as tailors have. You still find
the best' of this kind of work done in little shops.
But that which suggested this notice of the fol
lowers of St. Crispin, and the co-workers of
Hans Sachs, was the fact that we have one se
rious charge to bring against the craft;!they,
will put their leather scraps in the skive o'
mornings. Whether they do it to get rid of
them or to kindle their fires, we know not;
but certain it is, that they by this means make
their establishments worse nuisances than; those
of bone boilers, distillers and other such noise
some manufacturers. As one starts ont , these
cold mornings, about the time whe&tuh dila
tory artiste are kindling their shop fires, the eye
and nose are , often sainted by ,a heavy soioke,
which blinds the one and disgusts the other.—
Perhaps on each occasion when a half mile of
street is *is 'rendered. uncomfortable, thig shoe
maker eaves about one cent g' the oPetatiorA
Ries pzonnd'the lip b R& 7, 1;11
> 'u
Brick, Portable or. as Fireplace Heaters. The
most powerful Healers known for warming Dwell
ings, qurches, Schools, Sec. Send to lama., GM.
slur agent at FlarriSburg; for . a full' distription
and'an. unparalleled Mass Of -testimani; '
Tint Cossitormrrn parlor coal stove with radi
c4ing and lOs 'batwing atttiblinvent, intro
duced one year ago, already ranks as the loading
istove for Piiirlore,'Sittingiltdoins Said 411
where a soft pleasant heat is desired; together
with a large assortment of other parlor and
cooking stoves of - the 'kat patterns to be had at
the store and tinware establishment of LYMAN
GEMENT, Market street. tf.
PEW, Fuss, FOBS.-$l,OOO worth of furs re
ceived from New York auction ; 100 fur capes
ane muffs from $3 up to $l2, worth double ; 25
doz. hoop L skirts for 60c., 16c.,and $1 254 100
cloaks for $2, $2 60, $3 60 up to $lO, very
cheap. A large assortment of traveling bags,
baskets and satchels; 100 pieces of splendid
dark calico at 8 and 10 cents a yard—of stock
ings we have a full assortment for ladies, men
and children, woolen and cotton, at 121, 18 and
20 cents; 361arge woolen blankets ; no pieces
canton, flannel, at 121 cents ; red, yellow and
white flannel, very cheap ; . 60 pieces of white
curtin fringes at half price ; beatitiful set flow
ers De Laines, at 22 and 26 cents ; reoeived a
new lot of shirt breads, beautiful styles, at 8;
Lewy's wholesale and retail (try good store.
Wholesale buyers we would; especially invite to
our large stock, to which we receive tidditiond ,
most every , day from New York auction. -;
•-ftesd the fo lo Mg' certificate" froth one of the Ars t
ladies in Mica; N. Y., who called upon my agents Janet
city (Er. .Wm. Bristol & Oo„) and , told them that she, of
course, did not nisi her name made public, but If any
me shoold doubt the won orfol effieie yo f lie. Davos.
co's Golden Pills, they might refer any Lady to her, as
she cons!: ered it. a duty, as well, as" a pleasure, to her
Knowledge of Bielr efficid-, as' administered tb her
daughter ; a young I ady 1T years o.d. . She was fast go
ing tato cons:mutton—bad' taken - coldLtultnlre became
Mistreated' Two • box4lthee° Golden Pills entire
ly cured her, and moo is now in robust health
"-We were particular in, buying the genuine. • Pall and
explicit directions accompanying etch box Price sl.
Sold wholesale and, retail by C. R. KELLER, (uruggist,)
91 Marko. street, (able 'agent for) Harrisburg, Pa. By
sending Nun $1 00 through .the liantsburg Post Office
the Pilie trill • e vent otinildentially by mail to any part
pf Abe country; ' , free of postage. '
N. 11.—Look out for counterfeit, 'Goy no Ogden nil
of any kind. anima the box is signed.S.lo.:lbiare. A I
others is 4 Woo Imposition aunt unewtel_thereforo,
you 'AWL your -aeon end health , ( 10,3 AY pouting of ,be
lag humbugged out of your money,.)4 buy only-4m
wbe show the signature OF S. P.' Howe on every boi,
widish liwispouttp, , ,w vddAft,-nenjount of the pow
oeing • esenftviniiett. Ifhe , co m p os i og the
above Pills ere made known to every Agent, ani they
are Wife; and will perform all claimed for them.
Soli also by, T. L Lumberger,Lebanon ;A. J. Hates Alpchitnicsburg .; starki,•Lesristowg k l,l3. Elliott,
,4 - 115et.:13../O: Wild, Newvilbi .
Alt ,shippens.
burg ; J Spangler , Chamberaburg; E. T. I ler, YOrk ;
J A. Wolf, Wrightsville; 'S. S. Stevens, Reading ; and
. P. Hunter, Heading ; end by "one druggist" In every'
town and VIP 140 in the tithed States; and b.
•!, . • • . S. D. HOWE,
deb 4m Sole Proprietor, New York.
Win. L BatthelOr's Hair Dye!
The .only Harmless and Reliable Dye Known I
All others are more lunation., and stieuld be avoided
If you wish to escape rl iieele.
GREY. RED tiR Kent HAIR dyed instantly to a
beautiful and aatursillrown or lilac; without the least
injury-jo.Hair or Bkiq..
IrIEEFSH-SI.DALS AND DlPLGAtitliava been awar
ded to W. A. Baronnon ain ‘e 18 9, and over 200,000
appliritiOna bowl been made al the heir of the patrons
of biz famous Dye. . - .
Wtu A . BATCHELOR'S HAIR DYE produces a color
not, to al.ttnguishod horn nature and la WARaci n r t r i.
.notiointurala.tha least. however long i c t i, Ft z
_Y . . be
lied, and the (Ceuta of bad Dees retn mod The
prop. halr
i s le SfisjtVtisAPhlwlth; llYhle b
Is :
arty app ed l a No. If nd Street 'New Fork.
sold Ball thouiwoisMotitslAbe 13uA.1,41 by
Druggists end Fatioy Muds D . 1 1 , 1 w l re lUhtn „Thiscbetor
iiftd" " drtZlipoll' a 4 1; Tphileldgrairliti, on the Ibur;
1191 Wiltatlite li`adnitty tlrDarelay
Late 2.7.3 artiadway,,New . york.
Ff ~,71,!t2ht'd - VAP, ;
Prfplirepl by Comelitua.L..p t M. D.
INA.E I OI. I I' 6 1 11. k. I
'TE[E:¢om`binatiOn of lingredientB in these.
Pills are the reciter a long and eittaileive Mediae.
! flies Ao lnildliilpp¢ operanou,.andmrtain correcting
aliireegularitim,Paintuillieustrulabins, removing an eh
struCtione, whether from, cold or otherwise, headache,
paimin - the side, palpitation ot. the heart, whites, all , ner
vous alrentiong,,hysterica,..fatigee, pain in the back and
limbs hc., disturbed sleep, which arises from interrop
towornatorti. • ;
Dr. Cheeseman , s Pills are invaluable,
as they will bring
on the- mouthly period with regularity. Ladies who have
been disappo nted In the use of other Pills can place the
utmost cozilldence in Dr. Ohoesemsn's Pills doing all that
they represent to do.
2hereis one omdition of the felnate4ttem is which the
Pair snot be taken %Slithers! a PEW LIAR
wawa: vie condition referred to is REONANCY—
Lie result, ALLSCURRIAOR. Stied it the irrestielat to ten
dency of the medicine to restore the sexual Anthem to a
normal condition, that own the reproductive knees of thti
tare cannotmaist it.
Warranted purely vegetable, and free from anything
injurious. itspilcii-directionsorhich should be road, ac
company each box. Price EL Sent by mail on snalas
tng to Da. tkosnsuus L. OUNEINYAN, Bow 4,b81,. Post
Office, New York City.
told by one , Druggistln in the United States
* General Agent for the United States.
' 14 Broadway, New York,
To whom,all wkolokale orders Op*, be 04drosaed.
• ,
TIIST Published in's Sealed Envelcipe ;
eji2nae 8 ate : A.Lektuto onJbe biSTITO, Treatment,
and radical Cure of Bpermatorrhcea or :Seminal Weak.
.beese. l 4l 42lll 4TarY Fallidsksohlßaxael DebilAy,.andAmped.
'lntents lo Marriage generali t y, Heryoainiess, LoOsumptlon,
EptrOgy and : dental and — Aysical 'lncapacity, re
uul molt from Self:Above, . BURT.. COL VER.
VELL,II. - D,'Antlior - of t 5 e. Gresir.ikok et..k Boon
to Thousands-of sidtererk' . lent finder seal, in a , plain
envelope, to. any address, post paid, on receipt of six
'cents, or two. pelt* stamps, by .Dr.' CH. .T. C. KLINBi
127 Emery ,New York Pelt Office, 80x4588.
69, Market Street'
.1 below' Third
H. LE , E,
PARASOLS go •Aintio °AXES, furnish
Ste at LOW.Pat PRICE 4 Ulan otin be bought le soy of
the Eastern cities. Country merchants will. . do ntell to
call 4114 examine prices and quality„and convince Inept
esivetrof this fact.. . ang.23-e1Y:"
.•comit Ska-lblb OD WALNUT KS.
Harrisburg "Pa:
,t LWAYS on hand a large assortment .of
La. BOOTS, SHOES, GAITERS, .to., or the very best
tnalities for Wies e gentlemeo,ltnd cbildrons' wear.—
rrlees to suit the times. All buds or WORE MARE TO
ORDER in the best style by superior' workmen !
REPAIRING doneatnhert notice.
oritle-fitr JOHN B. SMITH,. Haritailwr.
BBUTTER(good, sweet and fresh) in one
pound rolls, and &Loth EGOS in. largo , and small
gunntilksa taken at all times and , gash pal I or grpcerioa
styes la exchange. litegolar 1 rates alwaya paid
*nl9 WIC DOCK, JEL, & CO.
Opposite in. Court Muse.
" ALtottarAli.
OFFICE—THIRD Etim:ll4,RD:Yg:EufFLieteerEfs7sea7
1.4 'At
41114 ,siggltAtiti9l
44.41 I
,PROPOSALS,. endorsed "PROP&
SM 'FOR FITEta at the
office of the•undersigned Assistant Quartermas
ter of volunteers, 11. B. A. ' atHarrisbm - gi Penn
aYlwP..* m natal a m., pfFriday the,V2 day of
November -lust., for supplying ; the troops at
Camp Cur tin . with fuel, for a period not longer
'than foie "mentbs'l4 commence mile 27th of
November", 1861 Vfi!
Good, sound, merchantable hard wood for fu
el, green or'dry, in cords of 128 cubic feet, the
sticks to be four feetlong from point to curt".
Good • merchantable anthracite coal, of the
begg" size, in tons of 2240 lbs. The above to
e delivered' subject to inspection at Camp Cur
tin, near Harrisburg, Penna., in quantities as
required, and at periods not more frequently
than - three times in each week.
The contract to continue for the time above
specified unless sooner terminated by order of
the Quartermaster Genendof the United States.
The proposals must be accompanied by the
actual signatures of the pasties tendering, and
the actual signatures also of two sufficient sure
ties in the sum of three thousand dollars, will
ing to enter into bonds for the fulfilment of the
contractt--euid if these sureties be not known to
the undersigned—a certificate of some United
Statts or State Judge or Alderman of this dis
trict-ns to %heir sufficiency wig beirequired.
0- ~,,, oir ssiostissr..
Thri:titairigned . ptopOse to - deliver to the
United States, atCamp'Curtin, Dauphin county,
Pa, for the use of , the troops there stationed,
as pet advertisement of• Nov. 18, 1861, good
merchantable hard wood fuel (green or dry, as
the case May be,) at $ per cord (of 128 cab. ft.)
Goodimeaohantableitrithrseite coal (egg size,)
in tons of 2,2401bs ,at $ per ton. A. B.
Sureties :
C. D.
E. F.
Addressed to Copt: 7. 0. Wtratar;
A. Q. M., (Vol.) If. S. A.
Raaarsammt, Ps.
N. 8.--Lykena Valley Coal preferred.
. 'EWE and .Seoond, Mourni ng
Black and Purble Tanalse Cloth—Mlt and Wool,
Plain Black Oluiels'llair Cloth, Extra Qtality,
Blank and Purple Bog Volone Baps.
La Pin's Sootier guilty Merinos & Cashmeres,
Plain Black & B It. & Bray Worsted Poplins,
...a.,1 ,- iSitacklnabOetterad Kinellne Cloths, Now,
Purple and Blank Figured Cashmeres,
Llipiniiihttra 6 4 All Wool Detainee,
Plain Black Engillih Chintzes,
Superior snake of llipaccas,
Very Beatinake of Bombazines,
Blank k White All Wool Detainee,
• Turin Cloths,New Article,
Plain Figured Mobairs;
• , Second Mourning Chietwasi
Delaines, ke„ &0.,
Ettiti. AIM= FILM IN% Rip. FMCS,
• •do Pimple AMID Black do do
A great many additions of new and desirable
articles In the DRS:SSG-DODS LINICare made daily,
Lent 113 417-4 Thibbet Shawls,
Square do do
do end Loon French Blanket Shawls, •
Neat & Broken Bed. do do
• logllsk limps Valhi. (every shia,)
New Style Crepe Vette (very desirable)
. _ do .dranadine do do
Shroudiqg Flannels and Cashmeres,
do Parernettas and Coburn's,
Bleakl Gannildttil and G.lovaa, •
Grey Mixed GaudGeLta and Glovak
Mask Bordered Gan4keratdata (all kinds,)
Sdleand Oitton llosiery , (blark„)
j' ' -gillei t i r4 ll .ll4 c'B4" 7t emus '
Mors iris, (e La le for mourniogi)
Our stoat, of, MALL .HOOOS OF THIS HIND" is
onw complato and wa would .reatwaVully ask Itaa
!DSOaction 'buyeal.
•e 8 • Next doem la the awrelsburg , Bank.
.120 A ,I E, I
3etween .. Philad 1 hia
'Lam Raves, Juaturi Saone, Wilutaissrowr, hitlnOT,
UNIONTOwy, •WaineNTOWEr; Mizaus, Lawniantan,
Gamma:rove lorsamsrowic Unzaits.
Moth, iittriltur;
D A r IVRA'I3 d .
The. Philadelphia Uopot being crontritily located the
Drayage will be at the bluest rates. & Conductor goes
through with each train to Muted to the wife delivery at
all goodsghtrnsted to the - line: Goods delivered at the
Depot Of
'FREED, WARD & FREED, No. 811 Mar et 'Meet, Phil. by 5 o , olook Fr: M., will be (..livered in
Harrisburg thepektonornies .
Tretelk(alWkyltilalOW es by any Othe .ins.
Perth:Mkt 4 atteittlom paid- , b Title 1t,.. to prompt and
apeody.dedtvery of all Harris bu r.c ..00ds.
TheAnderidgned thankful for pest patrol 4a hopes by
strict attention to. business to merit a con InanOo of the
isme. T. Pial'Haft,
Philadelphia and itoadin
elB-dlim Foot of. Market Sims ,ti trri;tberg
'IOWA% isktobr 4etitoilt
200 _
it ADO . 1 . 03:"W.F4YR, , 8L4011 1 COLORED.
1 1,3Eff8 threkd bming match_particularly for
Peaderttai.filites;iii-VEItYMONO, SMOOTH' AND
Eil&S3l.o: atreagthittnotlmpaired by washing, or
by frictidoof„qut gntei r le t hires, use !BrBol4'
Patent (MN •
and Brooks Patent Si: Cord; Bed Ticket,
Sold by respectable dealers throughout the country.—,
Alsoon cases or IIMA B IOLriOB byIIDT&e Agent .
no9-dem • at yesey street, New York.
• • CAMP STOOLS &c., &c.,
On hand and for sale n the very lsweet ratee for each.
Hair Mattresses and Spring Bottoms mado to order.
Repaired and made equal. to new, very reasonable, all ay
N 0.109, Market Street, between Fourth an i Fifth by
oca.9.2md J. T. BABNITZ.
Harrisburg Blind Manufactory.
ITIANWNDS made to ordik; and
repalriligMedW Mid expeditiously done. Per
sons at a distance can have their work done by-addres
sing a letter to the undersigned, Thankful for. peat pat
ronage be hoped, by Milos attention to business, to Merit
a continuance of the same. Mgr Satisfastaoll guaranteed
both so to prices and workmpg
fillißbeStAiduipand pronouncing Dic
&4o=rattipi, imasua ; Also: Worcester's'
ebsto ft vandal Quarto and
. soaakillegaaariaar9W44 B,l3
: wow/. r• : %Naar thelfatilabara Brake.
• FOR 8414 L
'ikty avid one Bailable as a
Aurinytlin omWrais a drait i zze.,
To( etategge4l6ooo4*oll44 Market.
and Want, Burke's Bow. 02064itit
- 11 - 1- 4 1 -1\ ItETW,IIEN HEIL JOEY
W,t •
4ND Llltcs,ll,POOL.'
..— -" 4 / I ''' , “ gIiEENISTOWN, (Ireland.) rhe
pool. N, ,, ar lora and Pedindelphin Ihmonerdp company
Intend t, span:nine their full powered Clyde-built .ren
CIIT _OF NEW YORE{, Saturday November le.; a.m.
1317RG; Sitorday November 23 ; CITY OF WAISIIING'
TON, - bi'arprAay,, Wevemtrer SO ; WIC" every Sal °Pear. at
Noon, from PNir 44, Worn) Irtv .r.. % 4sAL
Wie ar PASIMCII4 gai
do to [Andra 100,00 do to Loodoo ..1133 00
do to Palifl 00 do to P 4 rig 00
tko to Fkootori3Bs 00 1 do la Itimbore tS 00
Passougara .+lsotorWorded t0 .1 4.0 ,, te• Bremen. Row? -
Autwe-p, Aar., equaltylow meet
aar - lersubutielatillut to bring eukibtir Irtead • can buy
tickets here at thk ibikreiot nitit, to lies , Turk: V"""
•Liverpoot or Queenako**.llo.oabto, 075, 010ro Aad 3 - 145
'...§i.erase from thverp6. : l 14 00: 1002% Qa000000".
These ateameni base most:tor socitnoitsoJesione for
passengers. and Barry experieneM gorgeous. Th ey are
both in Water-Ugh, Iran 3ention, end nave Potent Fire
'Annitillators on bawl:
For further Information apolv In Liverpool to WILI .tlll
INMAN, Agent, 22 WA or Street ; la Glasgow to WIC
WM AN, 5 tit. Enoch Square ; Queenstown to C. AW.
D. 81 , :THOUR &00 ;in I owlon to SIVI & Mk_ Y, 61
King William 3t. ; In P.trl-: to JULIIB PECOUIt, 5 mace
de la Bourse ; in Philadelphia to JO IN G. it ALA, 11l
Walnut street ; or At. no Company! offices.
(NO. G. DALY., Agent,
16 Brlldway, Vew York.
Or 0. O. 7Atamormen. Atteet.. Harrlnhere.
ifirPes'• invagit FOIL Xtl —Hy er ler of the
Secietir , of ' , late, al - 1 4 asseegera le:ving the tia.ted-
Set tm are miatrtal to wo,:ure Pa soon,' b..fore going oo
board the St amer. JOHN G AOlgrr.
COAL 1!!
T HESE Weight Carts are eettitled by the
Sealer of Weights and Measures. Consumers can
weigh their Goal at their own doors. It is of great im.
penance during these har.t times for every one to know
that they 011 T ?MR PULL lIONFST WZIGUT.
Afarge supply of Oual always 1p be found on band,
BALT& CO'S WILINBARItH, all state.
LORRERRY COAL, (the gatudite.artttio,)
Sold by the oar load or single Um
Alt CAW of the bast quality, lieliverediree tram all im
purities AT PRIM To stir Till TIMM, by the boat or ca r
load, single, halt or third or lona and by tae buothel.
Harrisburg, Nov. 6, 1881 —y
$B, AND $2 25 PEE TON OF 2,000 LDS
() t F if FIC4 , No M r : ti lr e itl r e ae t t S l tre o r, yard irn,l
tout of
tail des* In
Familial and Dealers may rely upon ont tiding a drat-rate
article, and full ',Light, et the lowed. r4tet. th..krg
promptly atteoded to. A i her iv, tom made to par
etuutera paying for the coal when order d.
present price, $3 and 32 25 per :Dn.
Harrisourg, Oct. 23.—LI8ta
_ 'NEE subscriber is uow prepared to de
" liver to the tutlams of Hari burg either by the
Oar, Boat. Load or single Leo, the chuiauAt kind of Wilke
barro, Snnhury, Le hems Valley and Pinegrore
hauled out by tho Patent Weigh Girt, and fall weight
goarentoed. Orders left at my °glue, 9th and Market
will-receive prompt attention.
tVID ltelDaßldlCH.
Harrisburg Oct. 30. 1841.—lb:rd.
11/10SE who want the real Genuine Old
j_ Fashioned Pinogrove Coal from U Lorberry ?anal
(by the oar load or otherwise ) adely
& S. Rantoul °Mae.
THE undersigned I:aving • opened his
Manufactory or Shirts Ac. , at No. t 2 Weet Market
street, Harrisburg, Pa ' moe , respectrelly rehatit the
patronage and attention of the ladim . Gentlemen and
Merchants to the thilowiog assortment of goods alt of
which are our own manufacture :
NIGHT 81311IT8,
&c., ko. &a., &c.,
Aftbso the particular attendee of the Ladles to onr large
assortment of under garments he. , (from the latest. Im
proved London and Pans solely) LitiliN COLLARS,
COPPS, Bh,Thi &0., to great varieties, all of which being
our own manuaracture we will sell cheaper than can be
purchased elsewhere.
Persons dallying of furnishing their own materials, c to
have nutting, sewing &e., of every variety done accord
log Warder. All ofthe above named roods for Gents weir ,
we krill make to measure, guaranteeing to Bt, and give
entire satisfaction to the purchaser for style durability
and nt.terlal. All special orders will be promptly at
tended to upon the shortest notion and most reationable
terms. Also Merchants supplied upon the most reason
able terms.
P. S. Ladles wishing skirts or under garments of any
discription, can have them made to order by sending
sample of such kinds as may he desired. ,
No. 12, Market street,
an29-dem Harrisburg, Pa.
Rooms next door to Hummel & Hillingorhs (tracery
Ajarge assortment of Gentlexi?enaVugnist i giOcuiid s
'&0 ,in addition to the above ailindalwats r c heat, eaR
for cash
OR Sale at ,
Camp. Writing Cases,
Needle or Sewing Cases,
Shaving or Razor Cases,-
Toilet Cases,
Match Cases.
Pocket Ink Stands,
Pocket Mirrors,
Pocket Knives,
Pocket Combs,
Fine Combs,
Camp Mirrors
Bryer Pipes,
Tobacco Boxes,
India Rubber Tobacco Pouches,
Wicker, Leather & Platina Flasks,
Leather Drinking Cups.
Pens, Penholders, Pencils, Paper, aoeF.ovelepes. s
Soldiers will see at a glance that the place to set an
outfit in email wares is at. lie 91, Market greet
gar See "Fort Pickens" in the window.
QTATE Street near Third street a few
!kJ doors below Brady's Hotel, lierrilMarg. A flee
new Hearse Beady made cedins always on band and
neatly fi e wbed to order. Silver plates:etc. Terms rea
sonable. [ 3 u 30:030, 1 BAKER.
nets, Willows, Blankets. Coats, Caps,
Leggins, Drinking; Cups, &a.,
irOa seas BT
Win. S. suarsims.,
North Side Market Square, near Buehler's Hotel,
.49500"8. UCK
16a bags. Theq W rili ll yls sery enpKio ~
r,, ) bee::
sawed repredly Orr oar retail trade. far sale kw by
wilt DOOl4 k. , t 05.